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Sail Date: October 2010
Let me start with saying that I never write any reviews and I am not picky. In case if something really goes wrong I call customer service and usually all the problems are getting resolved. Any decent company that sucsessfuly functions in ... Read More
Let me start with saying that I never write any reviews and I am not picky. In case if something really goes wrong I call customer service and usually all the problems are getting resolved. Any decent company that sucsessfuly functions in this country will do everything not to loose a customer. By the end of the Western Caribbean cruise people were promised, I am sure carnival lost a lot of current and potential clients. I understand that some things go out of control because of the weather and other natural causes. But the good smart management and putting customers’ satisfaction above financial gain would bring any business more success. Apparently Carnival is too cheap to pay to qualified specialists or just prefers to be dishonest and unfair to it’s guests on board. English is my second language, so please keep it in mind when you read this. I only did this review to warn people about how their vacation can be spoiled by Carnival. My cruise almost started on the wrong ship. I was travelling with my mom and one other person. We got our keys at the airport after spending 1 hour in the line. Then we took a cab to the port. Interesting fact - the taxi from airport to port is $25. the Carnival shuttle is $16 per person and after waiting in line to check in, you would have to sit and wait even longer for a shuttle. No comments here, I simply don’t get it. So we took a cab, because it made more sense to us. We arrived to the port early. There were two cruise ships Breeze and Conquest. We just wanted to get rid of our carry on bags and walk to the bayside mall in Miami. Workers at the port were not helpful at all. I felt like a ship in the herd. We ended up going through all the checking points but the last one, to find out that we have to go outside to get rid of our baggage. So we walked outside where we started. We found the crew that was grabbing and throwing bags in a cart. one of the men offered to take our bags and demanded(!) a tip. I gave him a few bucks, but was kind of irritated by the way he acted so i watched for a minute. Nobody else tipped. At that time I was in a great mood and didn’t care about that little incident at all. I was exited and happy about the coming cruise and the islands. When we came back to the port hours later, we had to go through all the checking points again. At the last checking point right before you step on the board of the vessel, they checked our keys, the keys were not working. The guy started to issue new key cards to us, when I asked if we were on the right ship. He started to laugh at me and then looked at the keys and yelled how did you get here this is not Breeze, this is Conquest!" (wow! really?!) I didn’t even care about him cursing at that point, he started to run away and was calling us to run after him.We came to some office, where they told us, that our bags could go on the wrong ship. We were asked many times how our bags looked like, in spite of the fact that they had tags with our info and stateroom number attached. It was so confusing and unprofessional, I don’t even want to get into all the details.They also asked us about how the building and the hall looked like when we arrived the first time and dropped our bags. My mother’s blood pressure was so high, she had to take medication. We were checked 2 times and nobody paid any attention if we were going to the right ship. Also when they scanned my purse second time after we came back they asked me if i had a knife there. I said, I didn’t, and they let me go. wow! that is a security! Anyway, after all the craziness, we finally got to the right ship, and found our bags safely delivered to the right place, as I thought, they would. I tried to explain it to people in the office to avoid the panic. Instead of calming us down they scared us that our bags could get lost. they could just call someone on the wrong ship first, but instead they were sending them emails. that was just stupid! I was still happy when it was all over and was very excited to be there. The cruise ship was beautiful, new and clean - that was a big plus. The food was ok, barely any seafood in the buffet. People had to wait in line for very long time to get something different to eat. The same breakfast every day. The restaurant offered great menu, but it was taking forever to get your food. Our headwaiter was so slow. The only helpful person was his assistant/food runner. It seemed like he did all the work. The next day after embarkation we arrived at Key West. And it was nice, although it didn’t really have the best beaches, but the weather was great and we were just walking around the island, sightseeing. We left laying under the sun and swimming with beautiful fishes to other places we supposed to visit. The day after the KW supposed to be ‘’fun day at sea”, I thought it was our luck, because it was raining and we planned nothing but exploring the vessel. Around 12:30 we found out that someone on the ship got sick and we all need to rush him to Cozumel. at that point I was getting a bit upset, because when we arrived at Cozumel 2 hours after the announcement, we saw how cloudy it was, and it was raining most of the times. It was irritating because we shouldn’t even be there yet. And we wouldn’t if they could arrange a helicopter pick up for a sick person. so Cozumel was ruined for all of us. We got there late around 2:30pm and it was raining, all the fun places were closed, except for the mall. Even then I wasn’t loosing my hope. We supposed to be at Cayman Island in a day, and the weather is always good on cayman islands, at least that is what i heard from people on board. According to new itinerary we supposed to have another “fun day at sea” the day after we left Cozumel, but someone else got sick, so captain decided to rush us to the Grand Cayman. we got three at 1 am at night. The next day I woke up and saw the beautiful sunshine, the weather was perfect. No rain, finally! I was ready to spend all day at the beach. However at @10am they told us that it was too windy for boats to get to the ship in order to take us to the island, so we have to cancel it and go back to Miami. I was so upset, I almost cried. I decided to go to the lobby and demand some reasonable explanation. because I honestly didn’t notice any strong wind. if boats can not handle a little wind, the captain should always have plan B or back up island, or something. The lobby was filled with furious people. The guest services crew was useless. people were screaming “Refund! Refund!” Some guests were asking at least a free drink, others would be ok with a free wifi or on board credits. However nobody got anything! Nothing at all. People’s vacation was ruined and the company didn't do anything to make people happy. There were over 4000 people on board from all over the world. A lot of the guests didn’t speak good English. One poor woman in the lobby was trying to talk to some customer service representative in spanish. All she got as an answer was ‘’I don’t speak spanish, sorry”. My spanish is not good at all, but i could understand that she was just trying to find out what was going on. I demanded from that crew member to find someone who could announce everything in spanish. And - Surprise!- a minute later, they found someone who could speak spanish. People kept demanding refund, and the crew started to refund gratuity as partial refund without explaining that they were taking that money from poor room cleaners, bussers and servers. That means not just that they don’t care about their clients, but also that they couldn’t care less about people that worked for them. Or maybe the gratuity they collect doesn’t even go to the person that makes your bed and cleans your toilet for a week?… shameful company, full of empty promises. This is what we were promised, this is why I picked this cruise: 1 Miami 2 Key West 8am-4pm 3 Fun day at Sea 4 Cayman Island 8am-4pm 5 Cozumel 10am-6pm 6 Fun day at Sea 7 Miami This is what we got: 1 Miami 2 Key West 8am-4pm 3 Cozumel 2:30 pm-11pm was raining , we arrived to late to do anything fun. 4 not so Fun day at Sea, cloudy, rainy 5 Day at sea, arguing with customer service; cloudy sky after we left Grand Cayman waters, raining most of the times. 6 Day at Sea, no extra fun, cloudy, rainy. 7 Miami I personally think we all got only about 30% of what we paid for. I am a business owner myself and if for some reason i can not perform what i was paid for, I don’t charge. Because customer doesn’t care why i couldn’t do it. Than is what I call an honest business! I called their 1-800 number and tried to explain the whole situation, saying that I could pay 3 times less for going to Key West, after all it was the only place we visited and enjoyed as we supposed to. The lady was silent most of the time and then she told me she put a note about my complain, but they not gonna do anything in order to fix it. Don’t let Carnival ruin your vacation! Stay away from their cruise lines!   Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
This was our second European cruise, the first being two years ago on Princess to the Baltics. We have sailed in the Caribbean with Carnival and in Alaska with Princess. The Carnival Breeze was the best ship of all 7 cruise ships... ... Read More
This was our second European cruise, the first being two years ago on Princess to the Baltics. We have sailed in the Caribbean with Carnival and in Alaska with Princess. The Carnival Breeze was the best ship of all 7 cruise ships... The ship itself, while full with over 3000 guests, never felt crowded. We were able to get a dinner table with anytime dining without more than a 5 minute wait regardless of the time we came down for dinner. There was rarely a wait for the on board activities nor difficulty in finding seats for the comedians or Ovation theater shows. As one would expect, the ship is immaculate. It is very easy to navigate around the ship. The elevators were quite efficient, though we mostly took the stairs. Our inside cabin mid ship on the 7th level was adequate for our purposes(once the air conditioning was fixed on the fourth day). The bathroom facilities were comparable to others we have used on ship. The tv was okay though most of the non ship channels came in and out at random times. The movies were quite old with very few newer movies and no first run movies. We would have appreciated ESPN in the room as it was available in the sports bar. The beds were firm but comfortable. The food was the best we have encountered. We ate in the main dining room (Sapphire) 11/12 evenings and with only one or two exceptions found the meals quite satisfactory and superior to meals on other ships. We especially liked the Pasta Buffet for lunch in the specialty Italian restaurant. Guy's burgers were okay...a little disappointing though quite popular. The Lido Buffet was adequate and never seemed that crowded with the exception of a few mornings. The service with one exception was superb. All the stewards and restaurant personnel were extremely efficient, professional, and friendly. As to be expected, some of the restaurant personnel were geographically challenged when trying to find the assigned seating, but that was quite minor. The restaurant servers were as good as any in a fine restaurant. The room stewards were just as efficient and professional. Our one complaint was the failure to fix our air conditioning after three complaints (2 to the room steward and one by phone to guest services). Thanks to Olga, on the fourth attempt we were able to thaw out. Carnival gave us a gracious credit for the inconvenience. We also had a cut phone line on the first night, but that was repaired on the second day. However, Carnival needs to add personnel to the Guest Services desk as they were overwhelmed and the waits were often interminable. One other quick note is the public areas can be quite cool regardless of the temperature outside. The sports deck was amazing with a ropes course, full court basketball/soccer, miniature golf,water slides, etc. There was rarely a wait or difficulty utilizing. However, it was disappointing to our 17 year old that the court was closed after 5:30...We could not figure out any reason for this. The fitness center had plenty of machines available. Serenity (adults only area) was quite welcome and again the Jacuzzis were readily available though seating on sea days was problematic. The fifth floor Jacuzzis were the least busy. The 3D/4D theater was available after port excursions but at $8 per viewing per person we did not utilize. The entertainment was better than any other cruise ship. Of particular note were the two entertainers, a singer/impressionist and pianist, who were only on the ship for two shows each. The production shows are significantly more sophisticated than those on other ships. The comedians were quite good(though the British ones require some knowledge of British slang). We particularly enjoyed the comedian from New Orleans. At this point, I need to signal out the John and Calvin shows. The two have a comedic chemistry that is reminiscent of some of the classic comedic duos(and I am not exaggerating). The itinerary, which was a once in a season one(because it left from Venice and included Athens and Izmir) was terrific with the lone disappointment being the loss of 1 1/2 days of port calls. We lost a half day in Monaco (with which we had hoped to spend part of the day in Nice) and the full day in Marseilles (with which we had hoped to explore Aix en Provence). We did receive some credits for the loss of port time, but we were very disappointed at losing Nice and Provence. One other personal note, we could have done without Olbia and certainly would have appreciated a stop in Naples/Capri or an additional stop in Sicily as a preference. At this point, I want to signal out what made the cruise even more spectacular...the Cruise Critic Members who participated in the roll calls. Through the roll call message boards we were able to meet a number of terrific people, many of whom organized the port excursions at significantly less cost than the Carnival ones. These Cruise Critic members are what made the cruise experience even more special... Embarkation was a bit of a hassle as the computers went down and the wait was about one hour from arrival to boarding. The debarkation was not much better as most people apparently did not leave when there "number" was called, resulting in quite a cattle call at around 8:30 as well as a huge taxi line in Barcelona. Overall, a great experience and I would highly recommend the Carnival Breeze experience. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
Here are a couple of notes before I begin my review. First, I have sailed many times with Carnival, and am likely to do so in the future. Second, I have been on the first Carnival ship to get the FunShip 2.0 upgrade - the Carnival Liberty. ... Read More
Here are a couple of notes before I begin my review. First, I have sailed many times with Carnival, and am likely to do so in the future. Second, I have been on the first Carnival ship to get the FunShip 2.0 upgrade - the Carnival Liberty. Third, I traveled with my older children so there will be a few notes for this as well. It is interesting that much of the time I was comparing this ship with the Carnival Liberty. I would have to say, that the FunShip 2.0 experience wasn't really fantastic on that ship either. Maybe I was expecting more? Not sure but I wanted to feel like it was a newer, better Carnival and not just throwing a little makeup on the same old thing. To that point - I guess the biggest thing is I believe we definitely want "more fun". The activities were certainly limited, which I can understand on the big port days but what about the days at sea? There was really no difference between these and the older FunShips. Some specifics... Poolside: Typically is always good for some fun, great music, socializing, quirky contests of some sort. Really none of that on this cruise. Maybe it is more typical on Caribbean cruises. It would be nice if there was one place to go on the ship and know something was always going on. Not here. Movies: These were a nice addition - but I kid you not - one movie that we watched on the screen was literally cut off and ended about 15 minutes before the real end of the movie. No explanation, just yet another advertisement from Carnival which you will get sick of seeing if you go. I think you have to be on the ship to understand. Advertisements! Competitions between Blue Iguana and Red Frog: Since both bars are across from each other poolside, the Carnival Liberty would have little contests between the two. Just to generate excitement and maybe getting a drink one place versus the other. No competitions on Breeze - guess that is reserved for Liberty. Competitions mean a discount on this or that drink, with tallies to who wins. Something fun. Sports Bar: Luckily for us the UEFA Cup soccer games were going on during our trip. However, only one place was available to watch them, and this area was full of smoke. Now I don't mind smoky areas, but it was a little much. Oh well. Public Announcements: "I hate to use the public address system, and I told you I wouldn't, but..." I heard that tons of times. The whole Livorno stop getting messed up (read later) definitely important. A lot of the other ones were just rubbish and unimportant. When I am on a cruise, I don't like the cattle calls to everyone. You have a guide in your room that says what is going on. I don't need announcements about the daily art auction or a shop opening. Well now to throw some good things into the review, which is also important. Food: The mongolian wok is fantastic. Definitely more flavorful that most of the other wok grills I have been to on other ships. Tandoori was nice too - at the back of the ship and often missed. As already stated, the pasta bar upstairs was good for lunchtime as well. Don't miss the BBQ on the fifth floor, that is only open during "days at sea" for lunch. Otherwise it is closed! Dining room food was OK. Not bad, but not something to rave about either. Guy Fieri burgers were 5 times better on Liberty than Breeze. I speculate it is American Beef (Liberty out of Miami) versus whatever beef they had on Breeze. Staff: Very attentive, excellent. Nice and cordial. The gym personnel were great too, and always there for questions or tips. Spa was excellent as well. As mentioned, the poor Guest Services people were always slammed busy, and there weren't enough of them. Decor: Definitely in the right direction. Pinks and Purples of Carnival are gone. Question some of the lighter carpet colors though... they will get darker though as more people walk on them. Kids: My kids really enjoyed their respective kids clubs. There were not a ton of kids onboard, but according to them (and when they got back at night) they had a really good time. Entertainment: Very good. The dancers/singers did the same show multiple times, so you could pick and choose. I think they had a total of five shows throughout the cruise. Some days they did three shows spaced out in time starting at 5pm... they did bring on some UK comedians. Our cruise was 95%+ US residents. You could definitely hear the UK residents though because they laughed when the rest of us had no clue what was being said. "the woman weighed 13 stones" and other phrases that we just couldn't connect to what it meant. I think they were funny but I am not sure... As already mentioned in another review Carnival really screwed up our port schedule. They said "we booked this port a YEAR ago but they don't have a spot for us tomorrow". Hmm. I think if I booked anything a year in advance where people were counting on me I would follow up at least a few times as the date got closer. But they told us Carnival Corporate is working on it so it shouldn't be a problem anymore. Oh well. Marseilles stop was scraped, and Monaco was cut a half day short. We got "an extra day at sea" but I wish they would have hung out a little closer to the shore (the sea was really rough that day!) I think it was said in another review - skip Olbia stop. Waste of time. The rest of the stops were really good though. Would I take the Carnival Breeze again? Sure - especially since things actually went pretty well considering we were the "first paying guests" on the ship. Once other cruise directors get in there and feedback comes back, they can really fix up the small issues that are being pointed out. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
We sailed on the inaugural cruise of the Breeze June 3rd, 2012. While I am a fan of Carnival, I cannot give this cruise very high marks.. We found the food in the main dining anything but good. The buffet was not much better. The ship was ... Read More
We sailed on the inaugural cruise of the Breeze June 3rd, 2012. While I am a fan of Carnival, I cannot give this cruise very high marks.. We found the food in the main dining anything but good. The buffet was not much better. The ship was soiled within hours of its embarkation and remained that way for much of the entire cruise... While we really like the new look for Carnival, the colors seemed maybe too light for the kind of traffic a ship of this size it getting. In short, the carpet was dirty appearing the entire time even though the staff was continually trying to clean it. We also missed our last port at Marseilles due to Carnival not being able to dock in Livorno a few days earlier, which threw the remainder of our cruise schedule in limbo.. In essence, Carnival ported at Livorno the next day so we ended up with an extra sea day and no Marseilles port. Several people ended up with something resembling a cold with upper respiratory infections, and some said it was a type of flu that many including the staff were all suffering. In short, it was not one of our better cruises. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
I have just finished what I through was going to be an enjoyable cruise, however things did not turn out that way. It all began with some incredibly terrible service that I had received from someone in the customer contact center at ... Read More
I have just finished what I through was going to be an enjoyable cruise, however things did not turn out that way. It all began with some incredibly terrible service that I had received from someone in the customer contact center at Carnival from a woman named Belinda. Belinda wrote an email that in my opinion was rude and uncalled for and because of her my vacation began on a low note. If I had written that email at my work I would have been fired. I had high hopes for this cruise, as the Breeze is a new ship and I expected carnival to do something special for the sailing, they didn't. This is my second cruise with carnival and after my first experience I really shouldn't have given them a second try, but I hoped that my experience on the valor was due to the ship on not the company and I really did like the itinerary, but boy was I wrong. First off the embarkation process was a nightmare, none of the computers worked; we were herded like cattle around from one line to another. This was all shocking to me because we were in a Costa terminal, which is owned by Carnival, so I expected a smooth embarkation, you really could see the frustration in everyone's eyes, again not a good start. For a new ship, there are some design flaws that, to me bring down the value of the ship and the cruise. The ship was large and I would agree that I did not feel claustrophobic at any time on the ship, expect when I wanted to go swimming. There are only 2 pools on this ship for 4000 guests which were totally over run with kids, I cannot believe that there was no adults only swimming pool. I spoke to guests that were on the 6th floor balcony and they had many complaints. I spoke to a couple that had their room above the liquid dance club, this couple did not sleep the entire 12 days of the cruise, they did complain however the ship was full and could not be moved, their vacation was ruined. Also spoke to a number of people we had balcony room on the starboard side of the ship who complained because their room was above Fat Jeff's C-BBQ and smoking area. They could barely use their balconies because of the amount of smoke that was blowing in their faces. These areas should be at the back of the ship that way no one is inconvenienced. I would also say that even though the ship is brand new, in some spots it looks like it was just retrofitted to look new. One of the ladies I spoke to thought that it was an old ship, I do not agree with her, but still this ship should have no rust anywhere, at least not on its first sailing. The food I would say is adequate at best, except for the cutina del Capitano, a specialty restaurant that cost $12. The food there was excellent and there was a lot, so that I would recommend. I would say that there really was no variety in the Lido Marketplace, There was only 3 or 4 main course options, and at times nothing interested me. The majority of the time I ate at the sapphire restaurant, our waitress, Stanislava and her team was excellent. She always recommends food options, and each time she nailed it. One several occasions you would hear, man I should have listened to Stanislava. So I would recommend if you are taking this ship to sit in her section. If you are looking for food between 9:30 -- 12 then be prepared to wait in line. The only thing open between that time is the pizza place and it takes 15 min to make a pizza the size of a personal pizza. I once waited 20 min to get half of a personal pizza. I have never been so angry, what is carnival thinking about when they decided pizza is the best food option to have open all the time. It takes such a long time to make a pizza that it becomes so frustrating. On other ships they had a sandwich shop opened which makes more sense as it takes a minute to make a sandwich. So my advise is to horde some food from the buffet or just don't be hungry The Entertainment or lack of entertainment on the ship is where everything fell apart; the shows were just awful especially Divas. The singing and dancing were terrible, it had no flow; I would have walked out if I wasn't sitting in the middle of the row, so I learned my lesson and always sat at the end of a row or stood by the door. It did come in handy as I left 5 of the 7 shows I watched, only the marriage and the talent show was worth watching both of which were run by John the cruise Director. Speaking of the cruise director he was a hit or miss and be prepared because he loves to use the onboard speaker system. He teamed up very well with the assistant cruise director Calvyn however most of the time they acted like an old married couple, which became nauseating. John was also belittling Calvyn and constantly made jokes regarding him being gay. I am not gay and I was offended by this because it made him seem like he was less of a person, it was disgusting. At the beginning of the cruise I asked my friend what she thought the easiest job on the ship was. It was very apparent that it was being part of the entertainment staff. They were no where to be seen for most of the cruise and looked like only 1 or 2 where ever working and only in hour increments. There were no pool side contests, no ice carving, no games, nothing. Karaoke only happened on certain nights and no superstar live( karaoke accompanied by a band) because of technical difficulties, which was the theme of the cruise. Now I ask you how do instruments have technical difficulties, especially since you can see the band playing else where. The one thing that I did like was watching a movie outside on the pool deck, however the movies are from the 90's and they would stop about 2/3 through the movie. If I hadn't seen the move before I would have been up in arms. They classified Carnival Cruises as the Funships, but I feel that they are geared for people who are ready for bed at 10:00 or those who like to read. There is nothing to do on the ship after 10:00 unless you are going to spend money. I found myself bored all the time, thank god I brought my computer with a number of movies or else I would have gone crazy. The TV channels always cut out and they only showed sporting events in the bars. The only channels that worked constantly were carnival advertisement channels. We called to ask why they weren't in the room and they gave a lame excuse that the licensing was no expensive for them instead of telling us that there is more of a chance of people buying drinks at the bar instead of in the staterooms. They also showed movies on the lido deck, however they never showed the whole movie. One of the movies ended at least 15min early went to a commercial, then a new movie startyed showed for 20min and then shut down. If I hadn't watched these movies before I would have been outraged. The worst thing about the movies is that they were all old, no recent movies. There is a big push to spend money on drinks on board and believe me those costs add up. I watch more of Devin Young selling watches then anything else. Based on all of this my recomondation is to avoid Carnival at all costs unles syou do not want to have any fun. As I said I found the cruise to be very boring. My favourite days are usually the sea days as it gives you a chance to recharge your batteries and be entertained in the sun, on this ship and all of carnival's ship I find that there isn't much of entertainment. I have a list of complaints a mile long, too much to write in this review, the weird thing is that I tried as hard as I could to give slack since it was a new ship, but new ships comeout all the time and there should be no way a cruise should be this bad. I have been on RCI's Navigator of the Seas and they got me hooked on cruising, from now on I will stick with them, at least then I will know I will have a good time. Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2012
We started out out cruise with a 2 night stay at the La Ramblas Citadines Hotel. We arrived at about 8 AM on Wednesday and they stored our luggage and let us check in at about 11. It was more than adequate, it was clean, friendly, and the ... Read More
We started out out cruise with a 2 night stay at the La Ramblas Citadines Hotel. We arrived at about 8 AM on Wednesday and they stored our luggage and let us check in at about 11. It was more than adequate, it was clean, friendly, and the location was superb. It was just a few moments walk to the Touristic Bus and Metro. Our room overlooked La Ramblas. One downside was internet in the rooms was Ethernet, only wireless is in the restaurant / lobby area. I wish we had allowed ourselves one more day in Barcelona as it is an amazing city with much to see and do. The on and off Bus Touristic was the best deal going 2 day pass for about $39 a person cannot be beat.It takes 2 routes, goes every where you want to go and see all landmarks and attractions! Purchase online before you go! On Friday I was on the IPAD in the lobby at about 9:30 AM and on John Heald's Facebook page he said they were going to be ready to embark at 10:30. We were already packed so we got our stuff and hailed a cab. Once at the ship it was an easy procedure and we were on the by a few minutes after 11:00 We went directly to the room to drop off our carry on bags and proceeded to the Market Place buffet to eat. The food was pretty much your Carnival buffet offering. We only eat at the buffet the day we come on the ship, however we did notice they had some interesting offerings that we never got around to trying. (Wok, Indian food, ETC) We then set out to explore the ship and found it to be a very close sister to the Dream, but much better. We liked the soft colors, and bright cheery look every where, being only the second cruise out, the ship was just gleaming! This is the Gem of the fleet right now! We ran across the Thrill Theater and purchased unlimited tickets for $14 a person. There are 5 different films, we saw 4 on the cruise and got our monies worth. The Roller coaster was worth the price of admission. A 3 minute roller coaster ride can be a thrill, 15 minutes can blow you away! Cabin: We had a Cove Balcony, which I highly recommend. It is on the 2 floor and right next to the water, they are exhilarating. It is your normal 182 Sq Ft. cabin and well being new is always nice! Again great colors. Food: The food to us was good to very good in the Blush dining room and we were well please with the quality and selections. We were glad to see they added Shrimp Cocktail back on as a daily item though the shrimp go shrimpier! Our wait staff seemed to be a team that was all about business and not about relationship. Always in a hurry to please, but without any interaction. I saw other tables getting what we were more accustom to. Fen the Matre'D is a fantastic singer and performer. We were sat at table for 2 and asked to be move and he made no attempt to move us. Fat Gimmy's BBQ: Available on Sea Days, great food, very popular, you can encounter long lines and wait at times. Not to be missed if you like BBQ. Guys Burgers; I'm so sad we only ate there one time. They are awesome, probably a heart attack on a bun, but that is what makes them taste so good. With such long port days we only had 3 opportunities to eat lunch on the ship. Cucina del Capitano: (lunch for free)Good food if you can stand the torture. The Basket ball courts are right above this venue, and not well thought out. It sounded like a herd of horses stomping around above us the whole time we ate and was nerve racking. They said that they close the courts at night where you pay a $12 up-charge. People that went tell us that is not true, and they were tortured as well. BlueIguana Cantina: We had good Taco's and great breakfast Burritos there. Entertainment: I think because if the rigorous itinerary on this cruise, they really plan for people not to attend and really cut back on the entertainment. There were only 4 different shows and they repeated through the week. There was no longer a live band for the show but an electronic production that the singers and dancer sang to. But for the most part very well done and different. There was only comedy in the Punchliner Comedy Club on 6 of the 12 nights and we missed having a daily offering there. The Hasbro Game show was very entertaining and I think there were 4 different shows on the cruise. It was a fun time. There was a Violinist one night in the ovation theater but we did not attend as it is not our thing, also one night they had a Magician who performed very little magic and told mostly corny jokes. Overall I was not real impressed with the entertainment or the scheduling of it on this cruise. Ports: Marseille beautiful from a distance, very seedy up close and personal, it was either a culture difference or they are just rude people! Livorno: Florence and Pisa were fantastic Rome: amazing but very crowded, probably always is but worth it Salerno: Sorrento, Pompeii, and Isle of Capri Just beautiful and Pompeii is a must see if you appreciate ruins. Dubrovnik: Again Beautiful Venice: Amazing, romantic place to visit Messina Sicily: We went to Taormina and again just amazing beauty Mallorca: Went to Valldemossa, Sollar, and took the Train ride. The train ride I thought disappointing as the route is mostly overgrown and you mostly see tunnels, rocks and trees Casino: We lost as usual but got in a lot of playing time for our money, and that is entertainment. At least it did not gobble you money it digested it slowly! Disembark: easiest we have ever had! It seemed too easy! Overall the things that displeased me did not keep it from being one of the best cruises that we have ever taken. Carnival continues in my view to put out the most bang for your cruising dollar. The good things on this cruise far exceed the few things I am critical of. The Cruise Director and whole entertainment staff were awesome. John Heald is second to none, and there is good reason for him to be senior cruise director. George, Ryan, Joshua, Amy, 6-3, Alex were all great. Butch and all the comedian in the Punchliner were very funny. I highly recommend this cruise! The beautiful Carnival Breeze! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
We began our cruise in Barcelona, stay there beforehand or after, but it is a great city to tour! We could embark at 11:30, so we were there around this time. There was a long line, but it moved very quickly and were on the boat within an ... Read More
We began our cruise in Barcelona, stay there beforehand or after, but it is a great city to tour! We could embark at 11:30, so we were there around this time. There was a long line, but it moved very quickly and were on the boat within an hour from when we got there. The port terminal is nice and new and it definitely shows. Once we got on the boat, we went to our room, which was not ready yet, but we were able to get in. The rooms are GREAT! We had a balcony which was very spacious, had a beach lay out chair and two sitting chairs. We had a little bit longer balcony than other rooms because we were right next to the Aft. We had the king size bed which was great and the bathroom was very nice. It had plenty of room around the sink to set things there. There was also plenty of room to store our clothes in the closet and drawers. The TV was nice and Carnival has done a nice job of adding more channels to the TV (not that you need to be in the room watching anything!). They also added this self service tab to see how much you have spent on the Sign & Sail Card as well as what is on the menu for dinner. We then went to explore and found what would be one of our favorite places, Red Frog Pub. We went in there, got a drink, and they took our picture which would end up be displayed just for that day. We had a great time in there, they play live music in there and it was just a lot of fun. My husband loved the Red Frog beer. Then we went outside and hung out at the Blue Iguana Bar and the Red Frog Bar which is by the main pool The pool is very nice because it gives this shallow area where you can sit in, so you don't have to get soaking wet, but get a little nice refreshing coolness. Then we went and tried the watersides. There are two! The orange one was my favorite, but the yellow is just as fun! We also did the mini-golf which was harder than it looks. It was 9 holes and definitely recommended as well. Our dinner and service was excellent each night. The Chateaubriand was delicious! I still dream about it! I think the Melting cake is also a winner, but it seemed the desserts were a lot better than my last cruise because I rarely got the melting cake! We also paid money to go to the Steakhouse- Fahrenheit 55, which was good. I am not sure it was amazing, but def. a good steakhouse. I had the surf and turf which was good. The problem was, we left feeling disgusting because we were so full. The shows were actually pretty good on this boat. I think they have done a much better job of making them not so cheesy. We had The Brits, Divas, Latin Nights, and Motor City. Divas was definitely the best show, followed by Latin Nights. Motor City was okay and The Brits was decent. I definitely recommend seeing them all (especially on a 12 day cruise!), however, Divas and Latin Nights is a must. We also had this hilarious comedian and magician, John Lenahan which actually put on the BEST show of them all. I highly recommend if he has a show one night, go to it!!! We cracked up about his banana joke for the rest of the cruise. We also went often to the Punchliner Comedy Shows which were decent. We had 6 different comedians throughout the time of the cruise. There were two British comedians who were not as good as the Americans, but maybe we didn't get their humor as well as the Americans. They were funny....but not our cup of tea necessarily. We also went to the Punchliner Comedy Brunch Shows which the food there was EXCELLENT! Go! Another show was the Hasbro Game Show--I got up there the first night. This was entertaining and fun! If you get up there--more fun, however, even being part of the audience was fun. My husband really liked Guy's Burger Joint---I recommend it as well. I also liked the Blue Iguana Cantina tacos. The chicken and fish were good. I loved this boat, even though there were a lot of people on the boat, it never felt like it was busy anywhere. I never had to wait in line too long or anything. I loved that! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
Those of you who constantly complain do not bother to read my review. This was a vacation of a life time. The ship was new and beautiful and easy to navigate. We had a inside room on deck 7 which was in the high rent district with a low ... Read More
Those of you who constantly complain do not bother to read my review. This was a vacation of a life time. The ship was new and beautiful and easy to navigate. We had a inside room on deck 7 which was in the high rent district with a low price. Our cabin steward was the best that we have ever had. His name was Gregorio. He called us by name the minute that we went on board. I will never spend the extra money for a balcony or window again. I was worried about not having a window for 12 days but if was perfect. We were 3 to a room and it was fine. Are friends next door even would come over and sit at times and it was still roomy. The cruise was quite port intensive so the first few days we did not use the ship to its full potential. Our 12 yr old son loved the Water Works, Sky Coarse and Sports Square. We hardly ever saw him. Although at times it was hard to find 4 deck chairs together ( Due to the deck chair hogs )We managed. The food on the Lido deck was very good. I thought it was better then the Main Dinning room. The Guys Burgers was good, the arepas and burritos were excellent the Indian excellent and the Pizza was the best we have ever had on any Carnival vessel. We never waited in line for anything. Go to the back of the ship to get your food. People usually use the first one or two lines. There was never any line in the back. That is were the pizza and Indian food is also. The for fee Sushi was very good we ate there twice for a minimal charge 1 dollar for a piece 3 dollars for a roll. The food in the Main dinning room was mostly good only had a few Great! things. But if you are to tired from your port intensive day we learned they serve the same food in the buffet at night that they serve in the dinning room. We all decided half way through that we would only go to the dinning room on sea days. This was much more relaxing for us and we were able to enjoy the ships shows since it is kind of hard to do that with second seating. Bottom line if you can't find anything to eat that you like you are way to picky. I am a gourmet cook and I was pleased by the quality of the food that they served for over 3000 plus people. No body ever seems to remember that. The service on the decks was excellent fast and very friendly. I was even offered to have my plate carried but I declined. Coffee and juice was also delivered to your table for refills in the mornings.We also did the Chef's Table Dinner. It was excellent experience and worth the $75.00 extra charge. Entertainment was fun. This was more of a destination cruise for us. It is always good when you have a great time with the people that you are with. We did not do any excursions with Carnival. I am an experienced cruiser and chose to have private tour companies. I felt that the Carnival tours were very expensive and we did twice as much as the tours offered for half the price. We did have a transportation strike in Venice which was totally blown out of proportion. I am sure that you will here some complainers from that. All in all this was a excellent cruise for the money people do not realize that on other cruise lines you pay twice as much for the same thing. If you are one of these complainers my advice to you is to win the lottery and charter your own cruise ship then maybe you will be happy. But, probably not. Happy Sailing!!! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
We were booked on the 2nd sailing of the Carnival Breeze. I try and be very laid back in my critiquing but there is so much to critique about the Breeze. The embarking went every well and we were in our cabin and to the library by 12:30. ... Read More
We were booked on the 2nd sailing of the Carnival Breeze. I try and be very laid back in my critiquing but there is so much to critique about the Breeze. The embarking went every well and we were in our cabin and to the library by 12:30. Walking to the library you could see the soiled passage ways and steps from the previous cruise. I wondered how they would look after a number of cruises and lets just say after ours they looked even more worse for the wear. Our cabin #6477 had a very nice size balcony but there is little drawer space for 12 days. We were directly over the piano bar and near another of the night clubs and unless we relaxed with a number of beers it was tough to fall asleep with all the noise. Very poor planning on our part and on the design of the ship to have cabins above such noisy areas. We went to one of the shows and it was very entertaining but short...less than 35 minutes. The rest of our down time we spent with reading books from the library. Our balcony was one deck-up and down wind of the barbecue that was opened sea days and you could definitely smell it when we were out. During the sea days people as usual got up early and grabbed up all the beach chairs around the pool but a lot of them never were in use...just towels sitting on them. I read how the policy was to remove the towels after 30 minutes of non-use but We never saw it happen. Our dining room experiences were fantastic because of our waitstaff. Atmaja was a gem and we requested his section every night. The food on the other had left a lot to be desired. I'm not a big eater but I can honestly say I never left feeling full. We ate in the specialty steakhouse for our anniversary and the food was very good but the variety was just not there and the main dining room had a more varied dessert menu. The first day lunch buffet was fantastic, I just wish it had stayed as great the rest of the cruise. We were able to only eat in main dining room for breakfast on certain days and when we asked to a seat by the windows it was like we were asking for gold. When walking around the ship there were cups and room service trays laying out for hours, that along with the dirt on the floors made the ship seem unkempt. The one bright point was the itinerary, the only port we didn't like was Marseille and kudos to the staff for getting transportation rounded up for Venice when a 24 hour strike of public transportation hit. Our last night in the dining room was very nice and leaving all the friends we met was very sad. We had saved all the towel creations from the first night and wanted a group picture with them the last night. But when we came back from dinner they were all gone so that left a bad taste in our mouth. All and all not a bad cruise, just not one that left you wowed about going and spending your hard earned money on. After planning for almost a year it was a let down in many areas. The debarkation was a joke. The cruise director kept plugging for people to walk off on your own and when we left our cabin at 6:30 we had trouble getting thru the passageways and had to weave our way down. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
Carnival Cruises "fits" me. I love their food, their layout, their entertainment options, and was not disappointed. The new ship offered some great new choices, though I did see some planning that could have been better. With ... Read More
Carnival Cruises "fits" me. I love their food, their layout, their entertainment options, and was not disappointed. The new ship offered some great new choices, though I did see some planning that could have been better. With temperatures in the 90's, and 4200 passengers on board, the ship needed more than 2 swimming pools. While there was a therapeutic pool in the spa, it was an extra cost, and indoors - at least, they could have added one adults only pool. They did have more whirlpool hot tubs which I really enjoy. As usual we had an inside cabin, and we have learned to select the best location, 7th level, midship, so no noise issues, and fairly close to everything. The cabin was magically cleaned and sufficient for our needs, and television had enough ship and other channels for the time we spent there. I appreciated that we could get ship wifi, but I still resist overpriced slow internet, so only checked emails in free port wifi. The abundance of computer terminals if you did pay for the service was certainly an improvement. The food was excellent. The layout, however, left something to be desired. Omelette station is always busy, but it seemed foolish to place cold cuts, cheese, and pastries along the omelette line, with people having to cut in and out even if they didn't want an omelette. Lineups for pizza were long and no more calzones or sandwich bar. The hamburger stand and Mexican place were great. With the warm weather, I realize the ship wants to flog drinks, but I consume a lot of iced tea and lemonade. It would be good to have a station in Serenity and 5th floor promenade, rather than only Lido Marketplace. And really, who thought of putting the basketball court on top of the otherwise excellent Captain's Cuisina? Read Less
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