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Sail Date: January 2018
We just returned from a 7-day cruise on the Carnival Breeze out of Galveston. This was my first Carnival cruise, with all of my previous cruises being on Royal Caribbean. For comparison, the most recent Royal Caribbean ship we had cruised ... Read More
We just returned from a 7-day cruise on the Carnival Breeze out of Galveston. This was my first Carnival cruise, with all of my previous cruises being on Royal Caribbean. For comparison, the most recent Royal Caribbean ship we had cruised on was Liberty of the Seas, which still sails out of the port of Galveston and is the same price as the Breeze. I thought many may find it useful for me to compare the two in this review. The Ship: Something I noticed about the Breeze was that the venues themselves really shined. One in particular that we really enjoyed was the Red Frog Pub. They have their own signature beer called Thirsty Frog Red that was delicious. The venue also has it’s own pub grub menu where you can order some appetizer offerings for only $3. We tried several of these items and they were all delicious and a great value. The pub also has live music, sporting events, shuffleboard, foosball, and beer pong tournaments throughout the cruise. There is a great atmosphere here and it really does feel like you’re sitting inside a beachside pub in the Caribbean. There is a pub on Liberty of the Seas, but I think it really falls short compared to the Red Frog Pub on the Breeze. Something else we really enjoyed on the Breeze was the Tides Pool. The location on the back of the ship gives the pool a very unique feel as you can enjoy a beautiful view of the wake as the ship makes it’s way through the Caribbean. This pool was always the best spot to relax at sail away because it gives you the perfect view of the port you are leaving behind. Also, if you like the Thirsty Frog Red beer there is a self-serve station located in this area where you have the option to pour your own beer for a discounted price. It’s the best value on the ship in terms of alcohol. The Serenity Deck adults only retreat was another venue that I thought Carnival did really well. There were all kinds of unique patio chairs to lounge on and enjoy the sun or to sleep comfortably on in the shade. My biggest critique of this area was that it was often difficult to secure a good spot on sea days. That is really more of a compliment to the space, as it is difficult because so many cruisers want to enjoy it. If you stay onboard on a sea day you can have the whole place to yourself and it is very relaxing. Liberty of the Seas also has an adults area that is very nice, but I thought the Serenity Deck's unique and comfortable lounge chairs made it a little bit better than the Solarium on Liberty. The final ship unique ship feature on the Breeze was the Sky Course. This is a ropes course on the top deck that has several different obstacles to navigate across while attached to a harness for safety. The course is great for kids or adults and really was a fun challenge to complete. There were also two awesome waterslides that were pretty fast and definitely worth a try. Staterooms: We typically sail in interior rooms to save money, but we decided to get the balcony because interior rooms on the Breeze did not include a couch/sitting area like they did on Liberty of the Seas. This little area can make a big difference when two people are getting ready in the room. We could have just gotten an ocean view, which included the seating area, but decided to spring for the balcony. Being that the rates are nearly identical for both ships, this makes the base interior room on Liberty a better value in my opinion. The room was clean and well maintained. Food: The food was easily one of the biggest differentiators between the two cruise ships. In terms of complimentary quick serve food I really don’t think this one was close at all. The Breeze honestly blew me away with all of the options it had, especially on sea days. It features Guy’s Burger Joint, Blue Iguana Cantina, Guy’s Pig & Anchor BBQ, Pizza Pirate, and Sea Dogs. I can honestly say that Guy’s Burger Joint and Guy’s Pig & Anchor BBQ was as good as any burger or BBQ I have had on land. We didn’t eat much at the Blue Iguana for lunch, mostly because the other venues were so good, but we did have some great breakfast burritos there on several days that were good. To have those complimentary options was really great and I thought that was something that Liberty of the Seas fell short on. The options for quick serve lunch on Liberty were just some sandwiches or pizza. The buffet on the Breeze really left a lot to be desired and we really didn’t enjoy any of the food we had there. This may be because more of their budget goes towards their quick serve options, which I suppose I prefer. We barely ate at the buffet, but we did go check the offerings several times and ended up opting for another trip to one of Guy’s venues. The main dining room food was good, but we found it to be a little less consistent in quality than we had experienced on Liberty of the Seas. There were a few nights where we weren't overly impressed. We were also unimpressed with the Sea Day Brunch. Most of the items on the brunch menu are available on the breakfast buffet and you don't have to wait 30 minutes or more to get it. We had one meal at Cucina Del Capitano and thought it was very good. I am usually not a fan of specialty dining on cruises in general, but at $15 I think this restaurant is actually a pretty good value. Bonsai Sushi was also very reasonably priced and was very good. Entertainment: This is another area that really set the two ships apart. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily because one was significantly better than the other, but rather the way in which they approach the entertainment. Rather than focusing on bringing in outside entertainment for the theatre like Royal Caribbean does they had a cast that put on several different shows throughout the cruise. I honestly was expecting to think these shows were really lame, but they actually weren't that bad. They were good singers and dancers, but if that really isn’t your thing then you probably won’t enjoy many of the shows. It didn’t help that the theatre on the Breeze is poorly designed and there are several bad seats in the house that make it difficult to see the stage. In terms of the quality of entertainment in the theatre the Breeze wasn't even close to comparing to Liberty of the Seas. Liberty definitely has significantly more impressive shows with more variety in the theatre. However, what Carnival did really well was comedy shows. I thought this definitely helped to offset the difference in quality in the production shows. Every night they turn the Limelight Lounge in the back of the ship into the Punchliner Comedy Club. It really does feel like a real comedy club and there multiple comedians almost every single night. I thought this was a great touch and really added some late night entertainment as there were several shows each night both for families and for adults only. Carnival also offers things like Lip Sync Battle which was definitely fun and entertaining. They also had several deck parties at night that were a lot of fun, especially if you really like line dances. In fact, if you love line dances, you will love the Carnival Breeze. That's a guarantee. Conclusion: Overall it was a great cruise and I found it really interesting to compare Carnival with my experiences on Royal Caribbean ships. In the end I think they are much more comparable experiences than I was expecting, with a slight edge going to Royal Caribbean. This is mainly because the shows in the theatre are my favorite part of cruising, and Royal Caribbean takes the cake there. I also thought the ship design on Liberty of the Seas felt a little more open and spacious, as well as more elegant in design. The experiences between the two cruise lines, while different, is so comparable that I can't really say one cruise line was better than the other. Just put me on a boat in the Caribbean with food and drinks and I'm gonna have a good time. Note: The cruise director Schwartz was awesome on the Breeze and he's definitely an asset to Carnival. He was the best cruise director we have ever had. He really knew how to get the crown excited and always seemed to be present and enthusiastic for events. If I was to choose between the two lines in the future I think price would be the main motivator. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2018
The whole 7 day trip was extremely rough sailing.We had been in a very bad storm on the Valor that experience was the Breeze's best day. We were rushing from port 2 port long time cruisers were complaining about how bad it was and that ... Read More
The whole 7 day trip was extremely rough sailing.We had been in a very bad storm on the Valor that experience was the Breeze's best day. We were rushing from port 2 port long time cruisers were complaining about how bad it was and that they wouldn't ride the breeze again. Food was ok a lot of it was salty this included Guy's & Capitono. One coffee shop on the boat. There are not enough hand washing stations on this ship.We ended up having a ship full of extremely sick people. A huge bug was going around the ship it ended up being flu and strep after seeing a Dr. They locked down the cruise director and certain staff from interacting with cruisers.The staff walking around with facial masks. It was very aggravating becuz they didnt tell passengers of the sickness so they could try to prevent it. Room steward was great! Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2018
This was my second cruise with Carnival, and we had a great time as expected. The service was outstanding. Most of all we want to give a shout out to several crew members: Thuthisa and Sanja-servers in the Saphire dining room, ... Read More
This was my second cruise with Carnival, and we had a great time as expected. The service was outstanding. Most of all we want to give a shout out to several crew members: Thuthisa and Sanja-servers in the Saphire dining room, Glenn-server at the Red Frog Pub, and Arnata-our cabin host. These folks truly made our trip such a delight; we will deeply miss seeing them, and we will cherish all the memories of the laughs we shared night after night. I am not a big snob about decor so we can sum it up as clean and beautiful. The food was good. We stuck to eating mostly in the dining room, but we also tried Guy's burgers a few times, and we have no complaints. Carnival ships are all about having fun, and they do a great job of giving you the opportunity to stay engaged. As far as the cruise ports... I hated Jamicia. The Montego Bay port runs a racket for duping tourists. We asked for a cab to take us to Doctors Cove and were shown to a small bus that charged 7.00. Once on the bus and driving, we were informed that we would not be going to Doctors Cove. Instead, they were offering for 11.00 more than the 14.00 fair to a souvenir shop and back, they would take us all around to several places so that we can experience Jamicia to the fullest and we would also go to a "much more beautiful" beach than the crowded tourist destinations. At this point, you were already stuck paying 14.00, so it didn't sound so bad. What ended up happening was we stopped at a shop with a bunch of crap made in China, drove halfway up a driveway and looked at a former plantation house (but we never went up to the house), sat in a hot, crowded bus as we went through a part of town that was not safe for tourists, and ended up at a beach that we had to pay 5.00 each to get in and had broken glass everywhere and garbage strewn about. I highly recommend you book a cruise excursion. You've been warned. The Cayman Islands If you like to shop, this place is for you, but the island dollar is worth more than USD so prepare to pay a bit more for your souvenirs. The snorkeling part of our Pirate Boat excursion was canceled due to high winds, but we made the most of the open bar and had a good time nonetheless. Cozumel We had the most fun here. The locals are friendly, there is a lot of stuff to explore around the ports, and we booked a private excursion of horseback riding for over two hours through the jungle and to Mayan ruins. I can't wait to revisit Cozumel. Overall, I have no complaints about the ship or Carnival Cruise lines. As for the ports, we should have booked more excursions. Lesson learned. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2018
This was an excellent time for a Caribbean Cruise. Last year we did the same cruise, same ship, but this spa suite was three doors aft of the previous year. Special occasions again! -- Celebrated Birthdays and Wedding Anniversary! ... Read More
This was an excellent time for a Caribbean Cruise. Last year we did the same cruise, same ship, but this spa suite was three doors aft of the previous year. Special occasions again! -- Celebrated Birthdays and Wedding Anniversary! Dining was, so so. In other words not up to par. Menu choices in the MDR were not that great. The shrimp in the Shrimp Cocktail have shrunk to about a inch and a half including the tail. The Lobster Tail was on the verge of being over cooked. The Prime Rib was ---- ok. In the Lido Buffet the Menu choices were ---- well, naaaa Breakfast: Oatmeal got cold before you got to the table and would not melt butter. Bacon was not done. The omelets were wonderful! Lunch and Dinner: Too many Italian dishes. No meat substitutes ( Cottage Cheese and Fruit, Tofu, etc..) Roasts were over cooked, Ham was under cooked. Slim selection of vegetables. Deserts were fair. Guys Burgers --------- Best food on the ship!!!!! The entertainment was fabulous. The Cruise Director -- Schwartz was fabulous!!! Very entertaining. Don't miss all of the Lip Sync Battle, 3 or 4 different things going on Service was ok. Shore excursions were wonderful. The Mayan ball game in Cozumel with .lunch was very entertaining, Cayman by Land and Sea - a repeat excursion, Turtle farm, Hell, and the half submersible boat viewing the aquatic life was enjoyable. Due to the problems in Jamaica, we stayed on the ship. Already thinking on booking next cruise! Read Less
Sail Date: January 2018
My husband and I have sailed this exact itinerary 2 other times, but we were excited to travel with our grandson Lawson who would be turning 4 during the cruise. First off, we are pretty young grandparents 45 & 51. We are from Iowa, ... Read More
My husband and I have sailed this exact itinerary 2 other times, but we were excited to travel with our grandson Lawson who would be turning 4 during the cruise. First off, we are pretty young grandparents 45 & 51. We are from Iowa, and really looking forward to getting away from the sub-zero winter temperatures! We arrived in Texas a week early to visit 3 different groups of friends who live in Texas. We drove (17 hrs total) and Lawson really did great on the long car ride. I had prepared lots of activities, movies, and I-pad games to keep him busy. Finally the day to board arrived! We chose 1-1:30 check in and it went unbelievably fast. We carry everything on an off as far as luggage (we pack light), and were able to take everything directly to our cabin. We had a deluxe ocean view room on the first floor. I highly recommend this type of cabin for families with small children as it has one regular bathroom, plus a second small bathroom with just a jr. tub and sink. The room was plenty big, with lots of closet space. Lawson’s favorite thing was the deep window sill where he could sit and watch the waves. Our room steward was Dewa, and he asked which service we would prefer. We chose evening, but in retrospect I would have chosen morning, as we were always out doing something in the morning, but several times the evening cleaning times were when we needed back in the cabin to change, take a nap, etc... But Dewa did a great job, and was very accommodating. We chose our time dining because we weren’t sure when our grandson would be up for dinner from naps and such. It ended up working out great for our particular situation, but if we were traveling alone again, I would choose the late time. The first night dinner seemed chaotic, and service was very slow. The second night, we got seated in a section where Neil was the head waiter. We requested him every evening thereafter. He was attentive and funny, and went way out of his way to keep our grandson entertained, and happy. He also made a big deal out of Lawson’s birthday. One night when the waiters danced, he took Lawson up with him, and BOY did that little boy dance! I didn’t even know he had moves like that! The food was pretty good. I’m always happy to not have to cook or wash dishes, but it felt like the food quality had dropped a little from our other 2 cruises. There were a few extre wow things I loved, the mahi-mahi, the stuffed mushrooms, the pumpkin soup. I felt like the appetizers were better than the main courses most of the time. As far as ports go, we had only done Carnival excursions before. This time, I did more research, and booked things online through private companies. In Cozumel, we went to Chankanaab park. We did not do the dolphin swim, as I though Lawson was not quite ready for that. Even though there were 4 other ships at port that day, it didn’t feel crowded, and we had no trouble finding loungers with an umbrella. The Snorkeling was amazing for being right off shore! We saw tons of fish, some stingrays, and a Giant Lobster! We walked around and saw the Crocodiles, on the way there were a few parrots and an iguana. The sea lion show was very good, and Lawson even got a kiss from a sea lion. In his words, “I just want to stay here forever!” The cab ride there and back was $12 each way for the three of us. Chankanaab was $21 each for DH and I, but I got a coupon online for $2 off each. The sign said 3 year olds were $12 , but when we told them his age, they said he was free! Well, hey, ok! I’d say it was the best thing we’ve done in Cozumel yet. In Belize, we had booked through ShoreExcursioner the Shark/stingray alley, Hol Chan, Caye Caulker excursion. They subcontracted through Splash Wave tours in Belize. Let me tell you it was the most unorganized thing I’ve ever seen. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand about island time and all, but this was ridiculous! We got off on the first available tender, and they were there waiting for us, the we waited there for more people to show up, then they took us on a walk to a pop up tent they had set up to check everyone’s itineraries, take payments, and give people snorkel gear that didn’t bring their own. Then we waited, and waited, and waited some more. Turns out some of thier staff were back at the dock drumming up more business. So an hour and forty-five minutes after we arrived, we finally headed to the boats,.....where even though they had everyone’s itineraries, they had no idea who was going where! That took another 20 minuets and 3 boat changes to get straight! And I speak perfect Spanish, so language barrier was not the issue! Once on the boat we took about a 40 minute boat ride to what was supposed to be Hol Chan, but honestly, there were more fish to see in Cozumel. We snorkled there for about 45 minuets and then another 15 minute ride to Shark/ray alley. Now that was really cool and we got to snorkel with huge nurse sharks, a few ginormous stingrays, and the biggest sea turtle I’ve ever seen! The guides were really great about helping our grandson snorkel, but he couldn’t be talked into going into the water with the sharks. I think he was sorry later when he heard about the sea turtle. then about 15 minutes more on the boat to get to the island. I just feel like they wasted a lot of our time in waiting around that we could have been snorkeling or exploring the island. As it was, we had less than an hour on the island, and that included eating lunch. The cost for this excursion was $75 each, grandson was free, lunch was separate. Now Roatan, ah, Roatan will probably always be my favorite port. I have never had a bad time in Roatan, but this was the best ever! We booked the zip-n-dip tour through Victor Bodden and it was amazing! I emailed for info, he got right back to me with detailed information and didn’t ask for any deposit up front. We met his team right where they said they’d be, and everyone was friendly and helpful. We were taken in a nice van within 10 minutes of arriving by a great. driver. He took us straight to the zip line where other guides were ready to take us zip lining. They were great with our grandson, made us feel very comfortable and boy were thier zip lines fun. I’ve been zip lining like 5 times, and this was the best!they let you do any tricks you felt comfortable with, and didn’t push those who didn’t want to. There were i’m thinking, 15 or so lines, and by the last few our GS was going by himself! He had a blast! Next they took us through the monkey and sloth area. Very clean, and the animals seemed well cared for. There were more than just monkeys and sloths. There were parrots, deer, barramundi, and more. It was very nice we cot to hold monkeys, and sloths (so cute!) , and a parrot sat on our heads.. Then we left there and went to West bay beach. It is just yards up the beach from where Carnival excursions go. Even though it was sprinkling, our GS had a blast here, we could hardly get him out of the water! We had been to this beach twice before on Carnival excursions, and had gotten amazing massages right there at the “Carnival beach” So I knew they were great massages at a great price. We checked around there at Bananarama where we were, but the massages being offered there just didn’t look as good as what we had gotten before, and the prices were higher. So we walked down to the Carnival beach, talked to a security guard and got in to see Maidi who had given us massages the other two times! score! I knew she was good. We each got a half hour massage for $25 each, and let me tell you, this girl may be short, but she has some powerful hands! Best $25 ever spent! Some day I’m coming just to Roatan for a week! Back on the ship, our GS loved the waterslides. He was bummed that he couldn’t ride the big ones (you have to be 42”, he is 40” , but he has something to look forward to. He played in the little kids area for hours! On some of the cooler days we checked out the hot tubs, nice and warm. Although he only spent a total of about 5 hours in Camp Ocean, he really enjoyed it. On his birthday. we did a scavenger hunt, and when we returned, the entire staff had prepared a hand made card, a string backpack, a large stuffed monkey, and some candy for a surprise for him! It really made his day! In the dining room that night for supper, Neil brought him out a little cake with a candle, and our whole section sang Happy Birthday to him. We had brought some of those little blowers that unroll when you blow them, and Lawson handed them out to a few people around us. One lady even had a blower fight with him, it was awesome! For debarkation, we ran into thick fog and were delayed for hours. Honestly I felt sorry for the staff as now instead a of a little break, they had to deal with HUNDREDS of grumpy people that misses thier flights. We were driving, so no real biggie, but everyone was just sitting around the public areas with all thier luggage, so not a lot of fun. But we got more fee food, and it wasn’t terrible. All in all a great “adventure “. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2018
We chose these cruises, (Jan. 14 & 21) as we can get to Galveston fairly cheaply from Vancouver, and there was one new port for us (Montego Bay) so we went for it! This was our first cruise on this class of ship and there were some ... Read More
We chose these cruises, (Jan. 14 & 21) as we can get to Galveston fairly cheaply from Vancouver, and there was one new port for us (Montego Bay) so we went for it! This was our first cruise on this class of ship and there were some things we definitely liked. We loved that there were many areas to sit in nice comfy chairs, at tables with umbrellas. Usually there are only loungers if you're not a smoker - so this was a nice change! We always cruise this time of year and were very surprised at how many kids were onboard. We pick this time of the year since there are no holidays right after Christmas so usually there aren't too many kids - not the case this time! They were everywhere! Most disappointing was they were in all the hot tubs, except the Serenity area of course, but those were usually full so we only went in a couple of times. We don't do the shows so can't comment on them. We had early assigned dining and had asked for a table for 2. On the first leg, they had us at a table for 6 so we went to the maître d and had it changed to a table for 2 which we kept for the duration of this cruise and the next one. It was so close to the table next to us, it might as well have been a table for 4. Next time we hope to get a real table for 2!! Food was nothing exceptional - in fact we didn't go to the dining on several occasions since nothing on the menu appealed to us. We ate in Lido a few times, and tried Guy's Burgers one time. Must say it has gone downhill since our first experience with it. When we got there it was about 5:30 and they were only open til 6. There were no burgers ready and there were about 10 people in line waiting. We waited for about 10 minutes then they brought a tray of burgers and proceeded to slap them on buns and hand them out - talk about an assembly line!! They got our orders wrong and neither hubby or I could eat them since they were poorly put together and fell apart upon picking them up!! We ate breakfast mostly in the Lido since the couple of times we tried the dining room, our service and the food were not up to the standards we were used to. I ordered my eggs over easy and they were barely cooked at all! I don't mind runny yolks, but when the whites aren't cooked - yuk! Couldn't eat them at all. The next time I ordered the pancakes and again they weren't cooked in the middle. Hubby had the eggs benedict and salmon benedict a lot and he liked them. We did try the made to order omelettes a few times and they were always awesome!! We were disappointed that there were no movies we wanted to watch on the big screen - seemed to always be a kid friendly movie at the early time slot and we are not night owls so were never able to stay up for the later showing. We were very disappointed that the NFL playoffs were not shown on the big screen on the first week (I understand it was on the 2nd week but it was raining so didn't want to watch it outside). There was no sports bar onboard - so the only place to watch the games were in the red frog bar and there was very limited seating there for a ship this size! I'm used to being able to watch it in my cabin if I want - but they've changed the tv options onboard and there are terrible options to watch tv in the cabins now. Very disappointed in that! Our usual routine was for me to go to the casino for a bit after dinner every night and I did enjoy this - I think I broke even over the 2 weeks - had fun which was the main thing. We did a couple of ship excursions - one in Montego Bay, one in Roatan and one in Cozumel. All were very good. The weather wasn't the best on these cruises - but we still managed to have fun on the excursions we took. We did one independent excursion in Cozumel that we've done before - went to Nachi Coccum and really enjoyed it again. Our room steward was excellent! Even though when we arrived our beds weren't configured the way we had asked - they were fixed quickly! I did purchase the cheaper internet plan so I could keep up on Facebook and post a few pics. It was very slow! The Hub app that I had downloaded didn't work at all the first few days, but then it was ok if a bit slow. Not sure if I would do it again. We missed one port (Grand Cayman) due to weather - and while we were disappointed we had been there a few times before so we understood. Overall we enjoyed the cruises but everything just didn't live up to the standards we had come to expect from our previous cruises. We became Platinum on this cruise and did appreciate the little gifts we received - although what we're supposed to do with 4 of the new blankets I'm not sure! Thanks for reading! Terry Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2018
This my 7th Carnival Cruise Just decide to write this review of my recent cruise on the Carnival Breeze out of Galveston Texas. We had the deluxe Ocean view suite mid ship 1St floor. Overall the cruise was fun, But The hallway and ... Read More
This my 7th Carnival Cruise Just decide to write this review of my recent cruise on the Carnival Breeze out of Galveston Texas. We had the deluxe Ocean view suite mid ship 1St floor. Overall the cruise was fun, But The hallway and our room had a funky smell for the several hours, We were traveling with several members from our church and some family members from Fort Worth Texas and were all on the same hallway with our room all in a row, They also had problems with the smell. After a few Hour, we all went nose blind to the smell, by the end of the 2nd day. This the 1st trip on any of the Carnival ships that We experience really loud noise a night. We purchase the mid-price wifi service and was really disappointed It was slow. The guest services and photo employee were really busy helping cruiser installing the Carnival hub app on their cell phones a tablet, some cruiser never got connected and was given a refund. Install the Carnival hub app before you leave home to avoid the long lines at the guest service desk. Coming from central Texas I am spoiled by traditional Texas-style barbeque I was not impressed with Guy’s barbeque. The side, however, was great his Mac cheese was the bomb and the baked beans were off the chain, Slaw was just plain good. Guy’s burger was great as usual. The dining room staff was really good. Our room steward was OK. The 4x4 jeep excursion at Montego bay was good.I would not recommed this excustion to any with knee or back problems the 4x4 ride is rough.I would recommed that you gone on the 1:00 excursion to the hidden water falls when leveing the falls area late you get to see a great sun set. Plaining my next crusie on the Carnival Vista. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2018
We took a Carnival shuttle from the airport and that was by far one of the best decisions we made. We didn't know it at the time but it gave us priority boarding. We got off the bus and walked right on the boat. Had an umbrella drink in ... Read More
We took a Carnival shuttle from the airport and that was by far one of the best decisions we made. We didn't know it at the time but it gave us priority boarding. We got off the bus and walked right on the boat. Had an umbrella drink in hand by 11:00 a.m. It was a long wait for elevators on embarkation day but that lessened as time went on. Still some long waits throughout the week.The crew on the Breeze was amazing. We couldn't believe how polite they all were and remembered ours names right away. We felt so pampered. The food was outstanding and the lines were relatively short for almost 5000 passengers.The different options available made it hard to decide what to eat next! Of course you can't forget the soft serve ice cream, strawberry every other day! We did an excursion through Carnival and that too went without a hitch. We were most impressed with the cleanliness on the ship! The staff did an outstanding job keeping up with all the people on vacation. We traveled with some old friends but made some great new ones as well. If you get bored it's your own fault as the entertainment and activities has something for everyone. The cabins are more than comfortable. The only changes I would like to see is the music turned down a little on the Lido deck and some adult only swimming hours. Disembarkation was just as fast embarkation. Will definitely do a second cruise with Carnival!! Read Less
Sail Date: January 2018
Carnival Breeze Cruise 01/14-21/2018 (Noted That the Breeze failed its CDC/saturation inspection in December, but after reviewing the report, we saw that most of the failures were technicalities, not really health risk problems. It ... Read More
Carnival Breeze Cruise 01/14-21/2018 (Noted That the Breeze failed its CDC/saturation inspection in December, but after reviewing the report, we saw that most of the failures were technicalities, not really health risk problems. It seems it might indicate the staff is overworked or understaffed) Sunday 1/14 Shawn dropped me and our luggage at the cruise terminal and a porter took the 2 large bags and my walker. Shawn drove the car to EZ cruise parking then walked back to meet me (only 4 blocks). As a Platinum cruiser, also in a wheelchair, we got priority boarding. Got on at 12:30 (an hour late due to previous cruise’s debarkation delay). Helpful friendly staff and the wheelchair was quickly thru and up the ramp to the ship. Check in was extremely simple with the just checking our boarding passes then putting us thru the metal detector and out carry-ons thru the x-ray machine. New procedure on the Sail and Sign Cards which function as ID, Charge Card and Cabin key – you go straight on to cabin with cards waiting for us outside the cabin. I unpacked from our carry-ons while Shawn went to check on the deck 5 hot tubs. Starboard Promenade hot tubs were open so we put on our suits and headed down despite the chilly weather. We enjoyed the nice, warm bubbly tub until 2:30, then tried to get lunch but ALL restaurants closed early (2:50). We went to our assigned Muster Station, Upper Blush Restaurant on Deck 4, for the safety briefing and at 3:15 they announced food service WOULD BE CLOSING which irritated me because everything was already closed. The Safety Briefing was held in areas where people could sit which was a great improvement over standing out on the decks as they used to do (ad still do on other ships, according to other passengers) After the Safety briefing, they let us gimps out first but the elevators were crazy busy. Finally got to deck 5 and went to Red Frog Pub for pub grub – but there was only one server and he was overwhelmed (and possibly indifferent). Went to Lido after long elevator wait. Long lines for all food. Finally went to deli - Reuben and tuna sandwiches were yummy as were the curly fries and potato salad. Love the tasteful decor of this ship but miss the comfy couches usually found along the Promenade on other Carnival ships we’ve sailed. Back to cabin to unpack - walker finally delivered. Internet plan for one activated meaning only one of us could be online at a time. The Internet is 1Mbit/sec with a huge ping of about 1.5 seconds (very poor response). We purchased the “Value Plan” ($60) before the cruise (at a small discount) – it is supposed to be for all basic internet use which doesn’t involve streaming videos, Skype or other massive data use, but this seems slow. Some apps would timeout and fail instead of just being slow. Already had the Carnival Hub app – it includes lots of useful info like maps, what’s happening, menus, etc. We also paid for texting with other cabin mates for $5 each. Went to 3-forward atrium for a Cruiser Special rum drink and to listen to Kudos Strings - 3 violinists- excellent!! Lots of Beatles songs and song from movies. Weird sewer smell down near the elevators was yucky. Late dinner in Blush upper got our own 4 top! Servers Retno and Winaya both from Indonesia. I had corn chowder, poppers, flat iron steak and creamed spinach. Shawn had Cesar, fresh tomato soup, salmon and baked potato. The soups were hot and delicious esp. the chowder. The bread basket was varied: fresh French, rye and a cranberry walnut roll. The Caesar is good but strongly fishy. The steak was a small portion but perfect for me - cooked medium rare and served with a delish peppercorn sauce, small baked potato (perfectly cooked and great!) and 2 pieces of broccoli. Very small but good portion of creamed spinach. The salmon was fine, served with baked potato, carrots, and broccoli Caramelized phyllo for dessert was superb! I am glad they have reduced the portion sizes a bit – I like to order and try several of the numerous offerings and with smaller portions, I can enjoy them more. Back to the room for an early night. The bed was extremely comfortable!! Note: Schwartz, the cruise director, was a lively and popular character, beloved by kids and adults alike. 1/15 Monday at sea S up early to walk laps in the Promenade – did 8. Walking track around the outside of deck 5 is wonderful. Walking laps is a fun way to start the morning, and to watch the sun rise. Each lap is .387 miles The Hub app includes sunrise/set times and but not ship positions I used the slow Value internet. S took me for a lap on the Prom- windy on the pier side and 2 narrow points near the bow where the wheelchair didn’t fit. Sea day brunch at Blush started at 8:30 but they seated us early – yay! Had a coupon for a brunch drink - Breeze’s Bloody Marie’s are bloody awesome! And they do bread VERY well - the croissant was great. Had fresh squeezed orange juice (another good reason to go to Blush for brunch). Shared the fruit plate (pretty and tasty). S got pasta pappardelle “Principe di Napoli”- loved it. Delicate sauce with wide ribbon noodles, bits of ripe tomatoes and fried mozzarella. I had an omelet, cheddar grits and bacon. The omelet had spinach onions mushrooms and cheddar - 2 eggs, perfect size for my meal. Grits were creamy and tasty. Bacon was ok. Went for a tour. Spa and serenity deck were ok but $40 to have to climb stairs to the Thalassotherapy pool seems excessive. Serenity Deck has cool cubbies, chairs, hammocks and 2 hot tubs all for 21+-year-olds. Had to take Spa elevator up to 15 Serenity Deck, only stairs otherwise and no exit on 14 or 12 without stairs. The Waterworks looks fun for kids (and adults) but climbing is required. Went to Lido to cross back to the sports area but learned there is only stair access to 12 aft for the Ropes Course and mini-golf :-( so people in wheelchairs or limited mobility are apparently not welcome on that deck. Also noticed only high-top tables at the sushi restaurant making it hard for gimps like me. Loved that there are lounges as well as chairs on all the decks as well as some benches. Went to Red Frog Pub for lunch - after waiting a while, the server came by and took order for a drink but said food wouldn’t be available until 11:30 (despite all postings saying lunch 11am-midnight). Tried the Jamaican Sunrise (Skye vodka, peach Schnapps, red passion fruit, orange and cranberry juice) - very tasty! We waited until 11:40 but the server disappeared so we gave up. They were clearly understaffed. We did not return. Went to Lido and waited for Tandoor to open at noon. YUM!! Murgh Salan (chicken and chiles in peanut sauce) and beef kabob were my faves while Shawn loved the fish and the pea and tofu Paneer. The naan was great (warm and crispy) and most all the salads were interesting and tasty! One negative note: they had what looked like roasted ears of corn, but they were actually boiled & seared to look like they were grilled. Relaxed on the rear balcony for the afternoon then sat on deck 5 to see some of the Elegant Night outfits. Back to the cabin and got ready for the elegant night. Had a plate of chocolates and strawberries plus a form asking if we needed anything - asked for 2 more pillows and a bathrobe (got them when we returned from dinner), plus we let them know we only needed once-a-day room servicing – no turn-down needed. More people at Blush tonight. Shared our table with Kim and Sherry from OK. S had fried oysters (loved them), Cesar salad, wild mushroom soup (wonderful) and root veggies in a pie crust which was good but dry. I had the soup (excellent) and spaghetti carbonara which was great, with the hot Creme Brûlée for dessert - yum. Our tablemates were first-time cruisers and Kim was quite vocal about his disappointments with the cruise (many complaints) but finally seemed to realize he was being a downer and started reminiscing about his life in Austin in the 80’s. Back to cabin to divest our fancy duds. Also received a throw as a platinum gift. Really appreciated the extra pillows. Tuesday 1/16 Awakened by room service at 605 Got tray then Shawn headed out for laps - did 8. I fiddled with comp and had hot tea and toast - note: even Carnival can’t make gluten-free bread taste good. Shawn returned and I put on a swimsuit under a dress and we went to Blush at 8:10 even though they were scheduled to open at 8:30 - they opened doors at 0811 - this is a very nice departure from every other place opening late or closing early! Seated at the same table as yesterday so same servers: Natali, and Joseph We got orange juice (very diff from on Lido), iced tea, and fruit plate to share. S got pasta again (server remembered) and I ordered eggs Benedict with extra hollandaise. Nat asked if we wanted a Bloody Mary again and we agreed. It was delish and the lady who made it came by to make sure we liked it - said the secret was her magic she added! We appreciate that touch. S lived his pasta again. They brought my eggs B with 2 extra servings of sauce and it was wonderful, especially with the little serving of home fries. The small servings make sense and I appreciate them - it’s easier and better to order more if you’re still hungry than to waste food if there’s too much! Ate breakfast and went to the aft starboard Jacuzzi on the promenade. It was too sunny and had people in it, so we went to the port side Jacuzzi where it was windy but empty. The tub temperature was a little lower than the first day so we hovered over the hot jets for a half hour. Tried going back to the starboard tub, but it was no warmer so we headed to the room. Changed then headed to the excursion desk to ask about wheelchairs on the Cayman Crystal Caves Trip. They said probably wouldn’t work so they refunded the full amount. BTW passengers can’t get from aft to midship on deck 3 so plan accordingly! Up to Lido for frozen yogurt and ocean views. We were going to try the pizza but no slices were out and no one was around (despite the pizza place supposedly being open 24hrs) Wandered a bit and checked email. Waited for noon Sushi opening but they were open when we got there! Very nice, helpful server let us order to go so we didn’t have to use the high top tables. Order a Bento Box for me and Spicy Tuna roll for Shawn. (Not a place to go if you’re in a hurry) A lovely young woman brought our order and everything we needed to the table where we sat outside the Red Frog Pub. It’s worth noting that the server at RFP saw and ignored us before we ever got our food. The staff at Bonsai Sushi, on the other hand, were observant, helpful and plentiful! The Bento came with Miso soup (delish), salad with ginger dressing (nice), 6. Pc California roll with real crab, avocado, cucumber and fish eggs sprinkles, as well as 3 pc Sashimi (shrimp, tuna, and salmon) which I gave to S. Shawn had an 8 pc Spicy Tuna roll which was excellent - obviously and meticulously made by a pro! Went up to get tea and see if Tandoor had different entries - they did, so we share a piece of naan and some Peas and Fenugreek (Methi Matar Malai). Then back to the cabin. Trying to use the internet during the day is an adventure in frustration - SLOW!!! Not worth what you pay but... slightly better than having no access. The trick appears to be using it at 4 am. Since S didn’t like anything on the dinner menu, we went to Lido buffet to eat. Good shrimp and breading and the chicken Milanese were great. Afterward, we made our way to the Breeze Atrium 3 to hear Kudos Strings again - fun! 1/17 Wednesday Jamaica Up at 5:30 to get internet to work and prep for Jamaica! Room service arrived at 6 AM as requested. Actually, the food delivered was substantially different than yesterday. Despite being almost the same order, things changed. Yesterday, I got four slices of toast and two tubs of cream cheese as well as two bags of tea for the hot tea. The only difference in the order was that yesterday I ordered gluten-free bread – which was awful. Today I ordered wheat toast. I received one slice of toast, one tub of cream cheese, and one teabag though the order was for two people. Slightly disappointing. On the plus side, the Internet works well at 6 AM. S off to walk laps on Deck 5. Packed donation for Jamaican school and organized cabin for carpet cleaning (about which they notified us) Rain started so S came back from deck laps and we hit breakfast on Lido. Not many folks and no lines. Basic breakfast fare although the raisin French toast was nice as was the sausage gravy. I missed as the wonderful salsa which was available at breakfast a couple of years ago (on Liberty I think) Watched as we motored into Montego Bay. Gangplank on 0 Forward - a little hard in a wheelchair so we went to the Breeze Atrium on 3 to wait. At 930 we went to the elevators where a helpful crewman called the special elevator to deck 0 for us. S pushed me off the boat (in a good way) and onto the terminal where we were directed to our tour zone. Waited until 10 then out to a small bus with 23 passengers, Driver Seymour and guide Michelle Drove thru MoBay with running commentary. Saw markets, tons of yams, fruits, veggies. Saw cannons only ever fired by accident at Brit ship by Brit soldiers. Stopped at oldest church, Anglican or Episcopal. Bell tower is very loud when the bells ring as S found out personally. Looks like the church had not changed much at all relative to its colonial beginning, with the exception of the addition of steel-drum band equipment. Drove into the countryside on bad roads toward Kingston and stopped at Mt Olive Basic School. Kids aged 3-5. The children lined up on the stairs of the school and sang songs and spoke poetry to us. Then the tourists sat with them and took pictures. The teacher brought two over to meet me in the wheelchair and was followed by many more, so we took lots of pictures of gorgeous children being sweet. Toured the school; teaching English is a clear priority. Shawn tried to give one boy an item—big mistake. Almost started a riot, which the teacher quickly resolved by taking the item away. We gave a bag of school supplies to the teacher. The materials we provided (chalk, playdoh, and paper) seemed very appropriate, given the kids’ ages. We then drove up the road and most of the people took a walk in the rainforest up a hill to a local restaurant. I stayed on the bus because the hike was rough, but Seymour brought me a cup of coconut water to try, then he drove me up the hill to the gift shop area where peacocks roamed and a little burro posed. There was also an aviary with many different birds including a small eagle. Seymour brought me samples of all the fruits the rest of the tour group got: coconut with brown sugar, watermelon, papaya, and pineapple. Seymour and 2 men waited until our group got to the shop area then pushed me and my chair up a STEEP pathway to the restaurant area atop the hill. A little black cat was roaming but disappeared when the group started arriving. Once everyone arrived there, they offered samples of fruit punch and sugar cane, then let us go thru the buffet: sweet potato salad, yams, coleslaw, jerked chicken and pork, festival (like hush puppies), Ackee and salt fish (the national dish) and 2 homemade breads. All were delish! S loved the ackee n salt fish. Coconut drops were offered for sale $1: chopped coconut meat cooked with ginger and brown sugar - yummy! S had a Red Stripe lite beer and I had water. I was scared to let the man roll me down the ramp so I braved the stairs then rolled into the gift shop where I tried sips of rum drinks. Bought a Cuban cigar for SJ then back on the bus and eventually MoBay. Stopped at a “1/2 price gift shop” but we waited on the bus. Then back to the ship. Went to the cabin - carpets cleaned! Rested a bit then went to Red Frog on Lido for a drink. Got the Red Rum Treasure which was great! Looked for a seat with a view but it started raining so we drug a chair under the deck 12 overhang on deck 11 and enjoyed the view of Jamaica. Watched the rain and the view until the ship pulled out then had dinner on Lido- fish n chicken for Shawn and chicken and ribs for me. The desserts were lovely - some warm honey oatmeal cake and mousse for me, ice cream for S. Back to the cabin for a pain pill and to read. Fell asleep between 7-8 then went to bed at 9! Thursday 1/18 Grand Cayman Woke every 1-1.5 hours as the ship rocked and rolled. The wheelchair rolled itself across the cabin and the TV swung itself out. Got up around six and Sean tried to do laps around the deck. The driving rain at the bow drove him back to the cabin, wet and cold. Got to Cayman around seven, but the rocking and rolling continued. The rain stopped so Shawn went to do laps again while I tried to make the computer work – if Carnival wants to gift my platinum status with something for me, perhaps upgrading me to decent Internet would be the best! The wind around the bow was crazy strong—very difficult to walk against it. Captain made an announcement at about 730 that we could not safely tender into Grand Cayman, so the Breeze is headed to Cozumel early. After giving up on the internet, we went to Blush for breakfast - servers Joseph and Natali :-). J told Shawn, “No pasta today!” Shawn had smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel plus a yogurt and granola parfait. I ordered avocado toast with poached eggs and a broccoli cheddar scramble. Delicious. The Parfait had little yogurt and was too sweet (lots of honey, minimal yogurt) for S but I finished it for him. Back to cabin so Shawn can nap and I can get super frustrated by horrible internet. Sat on the balcony and enjoyed the ocean motion, then we went to 11 for the view and the breeze, but it was more a gale so we retreated to another spot to wait for lunch venues to open. At noon, we headed to 5 to try the Pig and Anchor but all the doors to the outside were blocked due to the wind. Finally got out an aft hatch and tried a little of everything offered at the P&A. I liked the pork butt and smoked beef and collard greens. S liked the chicken. The potato salad and Mac n cheese were ok but nothing special. Getting back indoors proved a challenge - we rounded the stern and went all the way forward to find an open hatch. Went back to Lido and made our way thru the hordes to check the kind of curry available at Tandoor. Finding a table was hard - lots of readers taking up dining spots - but finally parked at a bar table aft by the pool. Had some curry and naan then went for desert - S had ice cream and some key lime cheesecake while I had cheesecake and a mini carrot cake (which looked better than it tasted). Back to the cabin (1:30 pm and not yet cleaned) so I could warm up - lay on the balcony in the sun for a bit then went inside and got under the covers. Decided to go get pizza - asked for and received mushroom - it was good. The pizza was good, but minimalist in the extreme—very thin crust, very little sauce, and minimal toppings. That was good, though, in that it made the pizza very crispy and light, and likely minimized waste. Got a drink (Beachcomber) down at Red Frog mid ship on Lido. Heard announcements that tonight is Elegant night and saw that the comedy shows were canceled so have to rethink our plan for the night. Decided to eat buffet and not dress up - being stick-mud-people! Planned for Cozumel tomorrow. Drinking man, Sam from Missouri, with a Marvin the Martian tattoo on his calf joined us and talked for a bit after his wife pulled his chest hair. We went by the cabin to get a shirt for S and a coverup for me then down to the Breeze Atrium but no music- everyone taking portraits. We planted in the Piano Lounge to watch elegant outfits. At 6:10 we headed to Lido for dinner. I got a southwest chicken wrap from the deli while S got clam chowder, fish, and a Cesar salad. The amaretto cake was too chocolaty for either of us. Back to the cabin to rest before going to hear music in the Atrium. (Cabin STILL not cleaned) Rested for a minute and Volter came to clean so we went to the Piano Bar to read. Heard an announcement that there’s someone needing medical treatment so we are powering full steam to Cozumel - arrival 0100. At 8ish we went to The Atrium to hear Kudos Strings. Listened to faves like Stairway to Heaven, Devil went down to GA, Phantom of the Opera and more, while 2 little girls danced to the music! Back to cabin @10. 1/19 Friday Cozumel Woke at around 2 AM and we were docked. Got up at six and Shawn went for laps around the deck. My room service continental breakfast was brought at about 620 and was double or triple what was brought up the last time. It was great. NOTE: The carnival Internet is horrible. We paid for the middle – class version, the value Internet, and it is horribly, horribly slow. They advertise that their premier version is three times faster, but three times the pace of a snail is still a slow turtle so I can’t imagine that it is much better. I cannot recommend paying money for the service. Got the internet to work well enough to finish daily chores - only took 1.75 hours to do what would take 10 minutes at home. Packed up supplies for the orphanage tour. S came back from laps (40+ overall)! Went to Lido for breakfast buffet - great sausage gravy! Back to cabin to pack up, lather up (sunscreen) and ship out. Out 0 forward and saw all the other ships: Carnival Dream next to us, Regal Princess at semi- dock, 2 RC ships at piers closer to downtown. Got all the way to Three Amigos then realized I forgot the excursion tickets:-(. Shawn parked me and headed back. S back with tickets and we checked in with Give Back tour then went to the drug store. Shawn went in and found higher concentration Volteran plus Aleve gel but had to stand in line 35 minutes. Met tour guide David and got aqua happy face sticker. Ran to Pancho’s Backyard for a margarita - took too long. Got it five minutes before departure and took it with us. Back to meeting spot and group of 15-18 followed David to open-air safari bus. Climbed up the tall stairs into the bus. The bus hit the road bumps like a tank. First stop at San Jose Del Mar church. Only 26 years old, but cool stained glass windows. Not only the stations of the cross but also local history depicted. This was in sharp contrast to the church in Jamaica, which was an adopted colonial church. Then on to the City of Angels orphanage (Cuidad de Angeles) a charity of the Church of Christ which houses kids with surrogate parents in houses (2 parents to 5-10 kids per house, 6-18-year-olds). They have 5 acres of land with house-building ongoing. They are trying to raise money for that, education, healthcare, etc. Julio showed us around and gave us info. We saw only a few young people, and we did not interact with any of them. Back on the bus to Cocina Economica Los Chilangos (Chilangos which means “out of towners” because the proprietors are from Mexico City). Local food: Pasta soup, chips and green salsa (HOT), Homemade corn tortillas and a choice of entree. I had Deditas en crema chile poblano (chicken pieces). Shawn had Cerna de res entomatada (beef in tomato sauce) both with refried beans and rice. Lovely lunch then back to the pier. Went by the drug store and got then went back to Poncho’s Backyard for guacamole and rum punch. Back to the ship and a quick rest before heading to the port side to watch the drunks and late runners. Found a salt-encrusted window on deck 5 and saw a few drunks and almost no runners despite their being 30 minutes late! Schwartz the cruise director tried to chivvy them along with Chariots of Fire music but to no avail. We finally left Cozumel at about 6:10 pm. Went to 3 Atrium to hear classics by Kudos Strings. Then dinner on Lido as Guy Fieri’s burgers were closed at 6:30. We went back to the cabin to get a jacket and I wimped out. Shawn went back to hear Kudos Strings while I lay down. Read for a while - S back at 9 and to sleep. 1/20 Saturday Day at sea I slept until 6:45 while Shawn did laps. Got up but even before 0700 the internet sucks. Shawn back at 7:25 after 10 laps! Internet off and on Went to brunch in Blush and tipped Joseph (from the Philippines) and Augustina the Bloody Mary lady. I had filet and eggs with grilled tomato and home fries (extra béarnaise)- perfect! S had the pasta. Lovely meal!! Checked spa temps but both were tepid, so back to cabin to read/time Cs play, but S napped instead. Today, Volter came at 0910 of course! Said he’d come back later. He never introduced himself but knew our names. We timed Cs play then went to Lido for tea. S saw the Ropes Course was open so parked me on 11 and went up. I enjoyed the sun and breeze and ocean view. S came back as the Ropes had just closed for lunch (at 11:30) until 1:30. We went back and edited until 1:40, then Shawn went to Ropes while I fought the computer. He came back after an hour and showed me pictures of the hard vs easy sides of the course. Shawn did the easy and hard parts, which were all fun. The ‘hard’ side looked to be particularly difficult for people who were big/heavy. We went to 10 and split a burger then went by the shops for gifts before returning to the cabin. We read for a while then showered and packed up everything we could. Read a bit then went to Blush for farewell dinner. S had caprese salad, creole shrimp, and a baked potato. I had creamy mango soup as well as baked onion soup, then ricotta ravioli. S had a complimentary glass of Merlot and I had lemonade. Tipped and said bye to Winaya and Retno. Down to Atrium to hear Kudos Strings one last time: Bohemian Rhapsody, Only You (Patsy Cline), Celebration, and La Bamba. Back to cabin a little after 10. Finished packing all but the essentials and put out suitcases then to bed. 1/21 Galveston Alarm at 6. But it was 6 EST so we went back to bed a while. Up again at real 6 and Shawn went for 4 laps while I finally shed packing. Went up to Lido for breakfast but Shawn was disappointed - no gravy! Ate then back to cabin to get stuff, including walker! We were supposed to meet other priority departures in the midship restaurant at 8:15. Loaded up and headed to forward elevators which the ship announcements had said were for deck 11-12 and priorities only -ha! Waited 15 minutes because all elevators jam-packed. Finally got an empty elevator up to 12 then down to deck 3 where people were already exiting. Got right thru and got a porter to pick up luggage and take us through customs/immigration (no customs forms anymore. Porter dropped me and bags at F and Shawn went for car. Fast and easy disembark! Read Less
Sail Date: January 2018
The ship was big but not so big i couldn't find and do everything i wanted. Good food, nice people, Entertainment was good if not a little off key sometimes. I enjoyed it! This was my first experience in the spa and was very pleased ... Read More
The ship was big but not so big i couldn't find and do everything i wanted. Good food, nice people, Entertainment was good if not a little off key sometimes. I enjoyed it! This was my first experience in the spa and was very pleased with the service there as well. I would maybe like more room in the spa considering how many people were in there during any given time. The waiters in the main restaurant were very busy but did there job well. Food was a little over cooked at times but very tasty. The crew that worked on the decks had to work overtime with the rain and wind and they did a fantastic job as well. I never worried about slipping on the decks. Over all the cruise was very good. I have all ready recommended this cruise to someone else and am going to help them book it. Thank you Carnival for doing such a great job! Read Less
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Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 4.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 2.0 3.6
Service 5.0 4.2
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.0

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