Sail Date: November 2009
I have sailed IslandWindjammers MS Diamant once and am about to cruise again with them. The itinerary for goes to some of the most pristine island nations in the southern Caribbean, St Vincent and the Grenadines ... Read More
I have sailed IslandWindjammers MS Diamant once and am about to cruise again with them. The itinerary for goes to some of the most pristine island nations in the southern Caribbean, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada both long known as yachtee destinations. Boarded in St. Georges, Grenada, the 101' schooner Diamant is berthed for twelve in six cabins with spacious ensuite facilities. Its unique horseshoe dining/lounging area on the fantail allows for outdoor dining and relaxation. Food is sumptuous and prepared by an onboard chef four times a day including a mid-afternoon Snacks and Swizzles (rum punch). There is room to walk barefooted and lay down on Diamant's teak deck to soak up the rays of the tropics with a book or Nook. Your Captain invites you to the helm if you so desire. With a crew of six you are pampered. Think , your own privately charted yacht at a reasonable price less than a seaside resort visit stateside for six days!IslandWindjammers itinerary takes it to unspoiled islands that include Bequia, Mayreau and Carriacou in the Grenadines. It also visits the Tobago Cays, an internationally recognized marine park where you snorkel with hawksbill turtles and in season can buy a ready prepared lobster picnic lunch from local fishermen. You may wish to do that, but your chef will have delivered the bar and a great meal to your picnic area already. Did I mention that IslandWindjammers' fare includes beer, wine, rum punch and sodas, in its price and unlike the megaships that confiscate alcohol brought aboard their ships, IslandWindjammers welcomes you to bring aboard your own favorite libation. Now about that teaching, when I go downisland I have time to wander to the local schools, deliver some needed school supplies I have brought with me and pickup a piece of chalk. I taught eager, uniformed, polite students and teachers for ½ day or more during my first cruise. It's a great feeling to help as well as a cultural experience in depth that you will not find on the mega cruise lines ever! I've already made plans to teach at those schools again plus I'm going to learn the game of cricket! Thanks Islandwindjammers for the stress free vacation of a lifetime. I look forward to that second sail. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2010
We did a tall ship sailing cruise on Island Windjammers Diamant November 2010. It was a wonderful week of snorkeling, swimming and exploring the Grenadine islands. The ship has 6 air conditioned cabins with private bathrooms. The ship is ... Read More
We did a tall ship sailing cruise on Island Windjammers Diamant November 2010. It was a wonderful week of snorkeling, swimming and exploring the Grenadine islands. The ship has 6 air conditioned cabins with private bathrooms. The ship is beautiful, the food was amazing and the crew is exceptional. Sunday - Arrived on the evening flight from Miami. Dinner waiting for us when we arrived at the ship. Monday - 5:30am start. Raised the sails to Amazing Grace and headed out for Carriaciou. We went ashore and made a deal with taxi driver Keith for an island tour that was very enjoyable and comfortable in an air conditioned van. Before taking launch back to the ship we stopped in at Ade's internet. Hour and a half sail to Chatham Bay for overnight. Great star gazing after dinner. Tuesday - 4:30-8:30 am sail to Bequia. 8 of us did a taxi tour with Terrance. This "taxi" was a pick-up with a cover over the bench seats in the back. The tour included a stop at the turtle sanctuary and Friendship Beach. Mac's Pizza for lunch - the lobster pizza with garlic was delicious! Rest of the afternoon was swimming and snorkeling at Princess Margaret beach and then swimming and rope swing off the ship. Wednesday - Sail to Tobago Cays. 8 or so porpoise swam alongside us. I mean only a few feet off the side of the ship. Lots of excitement and picture taking. In the afternoon we swam with giant sea turtles. This was one of the highlights of the week for me. Ended the afternoon on the other side of the cay with a beach bar and nice calm water for swimming and floating. Sailed to Mayreau for overnight. Thursday - After breakfast we walked up to the top of Mayreau where the church and school are for the spectacular view of Tobago Cays . We had a nice stroll down to Salt Whistle Bay. Lots of pretty views on the way down. We swam and then shopped at the t-shirt trees at the beach. A shower was on the way so we opted for a taxi ride back to the dock on the other side of the island. Had a very nice driver who told us his taxi was one of only 8 vehicles on Mayreau. Sailed over to Union Island in the afternoon where we went ashore in the launch and explored Clifton then ended the afternoon at Happy Island. Motored to Chatham Bay for overnight. Star gazing after dinner. We're pretty sure we saw a UFO. And there really wasn't that much alcohol involved in the sighting..... Friday - best snorkeling of the week was Friday morning at Chatham bay. Millions of fish and even a good sized octopus. 11am we put up the sails for the last time for our sail to Grenada. Spectacular sailing with the engines off a good part of the sail. A perfect afternoon! Put into Port Louis a little after 5. Captains dinner was followed by a walk around the large and very nice marina. Saturday - After a hot breakfast we were picked up for transfer to the airport for our 9:30am flight to Miami. A wonderful week that went by way too fast! Our crew was fabulous. They were all exceptional. I can't say enough good things about how friendly, professional and attentive they all were. We are already planning our next Diamant tall ship sailing adventure! Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
Friday, 06Aug2010: Travel Day (RDU-MIA-SJU-GND): Finally time to head to the Caribbean again to sail on a Tall Ship!! Traveled to Grenada (all day 6am to 9:03pm) and was met by the Island Windjammers driver at the airport. He took us to ... Read More
Friday, 06Aug2010: Travel Day (RDU-MIA-SJU-GND): Finally time to head to the Caribbean again to sail on a Tall Ship!! Traveled to Grenada (all day 6am to 9:03pm) and was met by the Island Windjammers driver at the airport. He took us to the Allamanda hotel in St George's. Checked in and meet up with friends, visited for awhile, took a quick walk on the beach, and then headed to room for sleep just after midnight. Saturday, 07Aug2010: Grenada: Awoke at 7am ready to start my vacation!! Headed to breakfast near hotel then went to grocery store to buy booze. A few went deep sea fishing. Just as we got back to the hotel it started to rain. By 10:30am we were ready to leave the hotel and decided to walk down to Garfield's Beach Bar. We made it to Garfield's just as the rain continued so we were forced to drink Carib and entertain Chester the bartender. Weather finally cleared so we headed to the beach (Grand Anse Beach) and floated in the water, enjoying the Caribbean Sea. At 7:30pm we headed to town to have dinner at the Nutmeg Restaurant. Alison our final team member had arrived while we were at dinner. We visited with her for awhile and then headed to bed about 11:30pm. Sunday, 08Aug2010: Grenada - Board S/V Diamant: What a way to spend my birthday, in the Grenadines getting ready to finally board the S/V Diamant. Woke up about 7:30am and went to Gibson's (again across the street) for a nice breakfast. Bruce and Maryse headed out for an Island tour and the rest of us headed to the beach. About 11am we decided to walk down to Garfield's Beach Bar for a few drinks and a few birthday shots! We headed to Port Louis about 1pm and got our first look at the Diamant. What a beautiful small ship, she is a 101 ft schooner with tons of character. About 4:45pm we headed over to the Diamant. The check in procedure was a breeze and we were all shown our Cabins within an hour of boarding. The cabins were great; each different with their own little touches. There is decent storage space in each but don't bring a lot and don't bring hard sided suitcases (there is no place for them); duffle bags or backpacks are the way to go. You're on a boat so the cabin and bathrooms are small but the layout is great in each. The ship has its own water purification system and the cabins have water bottles for each passenger (that stay with the ship). Near the back of the ship were two coolers that were kept stocked with sodas and BEER (we had Heineken, Carib and Stag) plus you had access to a house red and white wine at all times. Once we all settled in we just walked around the ship, chatted and soaked in the fact that we were back on a Tall Ship. We had dinner around 7:30pm and the crew even had a birthday cake for me! We spend the evening relaxing, talking and drinking beer and cocktails. Monday, 09Aug2010: Grenada - Carriacou - Union Island: Ship set sail about 5am; it was great sleeping to the sway of the ship! Made it to Carriacou about 10am and had our safety drill. We stayed on the ship for the morning, had lunch, and then headed to Anse La Roche Beach for the day. No one else around and no beach bars so the crew brought us a cooler with beer (and other drinks). There was lots of Technical Diving and we drank an insane amount of beer (between all 9 of us). I think by the end of the afternoon there were concerns on beer and ice stock ? Once we were all feeling pretty "happy" a game was created by John - "Redneck Bowling"; this provided us hours of entertainment! And yes we did take all the empties back to the ship, left only footprints. Back to ship around 5pm; we were all tipsy, a little sun burned, and ready for Rum Swizzles and Snacks. Eventually we all cleaned up and had dinner on the ship. We relocated to Chatum Bay near Union Island for the night. Stayed on ship for evening, there were tons of stars out, so amazing. Fell asleep on deck just staring at the stars. Tuesday 10Aug2010: Union Island - Bequia: Woke up at 7am and made my way to the deck for the morning sail. Was wonderful hearing Amazing Grace played while the sails were raised, has been way to long. As we made our way to Bequia we passed Moon Hole. Once we got to the main harbor in Bequia had a nice hot breakfast and then into town around 10am. We went into a few shops, bought t-shirts, and Kim got a really cool map of the Caribbean in one of the book stores, also visited the ATM. Headed over to the Whaleboner bar but they were closed so we had a few beers at the Magnolia bar to cool off. Back to ship around noon for lunch (it is amazing what Boston created in that tiny kitchen). We all stayed on the ship for the afternoon. There was reading, relaxing, journal writing and some drinking of adult beverages. Bruce and John fished off the ship. The ship's entertainment system has a connection for MP3 players so you can play your music thru the ship speakers; we had a Jimmy Buffett type of afternoon. Broke out the rope swing and jumped off the ship for some swimming/floating next to the ship. The Diamant has an awesome ladder for getting back on the ship after swimming, very easy to navigate and. We had a great relaxing afternoon with no agenda which was so nice. After swim we had Rum Swizzles, Wine, and Cheese; Boston also cooked up the Tuna that Bruce brought on board. We cleaned up, watched an awesome sunset, and then headed to Mac's Pizzeria for Dinner. Back to ship about 9:30pm. Some to bed early, others up front star gazing. Wednesday, 11Aug2010: Bequia - Tobago Cays - Mayreau: Early sail to Tobago Cays for a day on the beach. Another beautiful, sunny day and the Tobago Cays are breathtaking. We ended up anchoring near one of the many beautiful small islands and then took the dingy to a great little beach with picnic tables. Spent morning walking beach, taking pictures, laying out to perfect the tan, and working on our "technical diving" skills with our well stocked cooler. The crew brought us a picnic lunch ashore that was delicious. About 1:30pm we headed back to ship and then several of us headed over to Turtle Island to swim/snorkel with the Turtles (the ship provides snorkel gear for use at the beginning of the week, no extra charge). Some did a walk on the island and saw several big iguanas and land turtles. Headed back to ship for Rum Swizzles and Snacks and a few headed to "Johnny Depp" island which is where one of the scenes from the first movies was filmed. Once everyone back on ship we sailed to Mayreau. Had dinner and then we all changed into our "TGDT" shirts that Ester made and Kim provided glow-stick necklaces and bracelets. This was so we could keep track of the group during our "cultural walk" of Mayrue. Headed into town about 8:30pm and walked up the long steep hill to the top. Our plan was to "drink" our way down. We ended up visiting 3 bars with the final one being "Dennis's Hideaway". Back to ship about 11:30pm. Another great day!! Thursday, 12Aug2010: Mayreau- Salt Whistle Bay - Union Island - Happy Island - Carriacou: After breakfast picked up anchor and moved to other side of island to visit Salt Whistle Bay, which is a beautiful beach. We spent the morning on the beach just relaxing and floating on the blue rafts. Some hiked around and a few passengers walked over the hill to town. Back to ship for lunch then we sailed to Union Island. We went into town for quick look around and to visit the ATM. The entire group ended up at the dock at the same time to catch the dingy around 2pm. Instead of heading back to the ship we went straight to "Happy Island". They serve food if his wife is around, otherwise you just receive drinks. The rum punch on Happy Island is AWESOME and will make you very happy! Around 4:30pm we were not ready to leave, so the crew brought snacks to us and we continued to party on the island. We had so much fun! Rain clouds were around and there were a few rainbows (it could not get any more perfect). Somewhere around 6pm we all decided to head back to the ship as it looked like serious rain was coming. We packed the passengers and crew on the dingy for the very short ride back to the ship and wouldn't you know it, the heavens opened up and it started to rain in earnest. Once back on the ship we headed into the indoor saloon area, Kim attached her iPod to the stereo and became our DJ for the night. Eventually all the passengers and all the crew were on deck dancing to disco music. I can't tell you how much fun we had joking around and dancing in the rain. We eventually dressed for our "tacky Hawaiian shirt" night which we planned ahead of time. At some point (time blurs some) we did a quick move to Carriacou to anchor for the nigh. All through dinner (and after) the music, singing and dancing continued. Eventually people headed to bed but there may have been some late night swimming off the side of the ship ? What an absolutely wonderful day and night. Friday, 13Aug2010: Carriacou - Sandy Island - Grenada: Up around 8am. Most of us stayed on the ship to recover and napped through the morning. I believe Bruce and Maryse were the only ones who went over to Sandy Island. After lunch we started the trip back to Grenada. On the way back the Capt. shut off the engines and we truly sailed for about 2 hours. It was absolutely amazing. Bruch continued to fish and we just hung on the back on the ship just enjoying the sail. Brandon made his special "drink" for Snacks (think pina colada). Just to let you know how much fun we had, we were planning our next trip before we even docked and were e-mailing Island Windjammers about available dates. We ended up docking in Grenada about 5:30-6pm. Once docked, we cleaned up and proceeded with our "Pirate themed" night; which included eye patches, bandanas and tattoos. We did a quick check out with Natalie to settle our ship accounts and they provided us with a map of our weeks sail with the route plotted and signatures from all the crew. We had a nice Captains' dinner and all the crew came out so we could take pictures with them. We eventually ended up drinking (trying to finish off the booze we brought aboard) and playing stupid drinking games Saturday, 14Aug2010: Grenada: Awoke around 7:15am to see Kim off as she had an early flight. After breakfast, packed and slowly got ready to leave the ship (you have until noon). Spent the morning on the ship and explored the marina. Bentley picked us up at noon and took us to the Allamanda. Checked in then headed across the street for pizza. We headed to Garfield's Beach Bar around 5pm for a few final beers and then meet at 7pm for Dinner. We had a nice time chatting about the week and re-living all the wonderful times we had. Many Rum Swizzles were consumed (again). Left around 11pm but don't think I ended up in bed until 2am. Sunday, 15Aug2010: Travel Day: Up at 4:30am for Taxi came at 5AM for a 6:55 am flight. GND to SNJ to MIA to RDU. All I can say is WOW, what an absolutely fantastic vacation and I can't wait to be back on the Diamant. I am 99% certain that this will be a "yearly" pilgrimage for me and many of my friends. I cannot say enough positive things about Island Windjammers. If you are looking for a truly relaxing, unique, no frills vacation to small ports that those big "foo foo" ships could never get to, this is the trip for you. It does not matter if your single, a couple, going with friends, or going by yourself - you will have a wonderful time. Just be open to adventure and making your own fun! If there is something you want to do ask and the crew will do their best to accommodate you. When I got back home I made a positive vs. negative list and the positive list had about 12 items and there was only 1 suggestion (not really a negative). The ship is beautiful, well maintained, with a great crew. The individual room air conditioning is a bonus as well as the provided cabin water bottles. Ice was always available along with fresh water. Snorkel gear is included along with unlimited filtered water, sodas, juices, select beers and a house red and white wine. Fare also included crew tip (but I left more because they so deserved it), the night on board prior to sailing, and all port charges. This was a great intimate experience with a small passenger group for an amazing price. The captain was very flexible and willing to change plans (within reason if all agreed). It was very nice being docked on arrival and departure. I heard rumors that more sails were going to be added and that air conditioning was being considered for the indoor saloon area (this was my one suggestion). I would not hesitate in recommending this vacation to anyone with an adventurous, laid back soul. Get a couple of friends (or family) together and book tomorrow at Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2010
My husband and I (40 and 39, respectively) were on the Diamant last week, and I am almost at a loss for words as to how wonderful it was. Captain Stuart was hilarious, wonderful and planned each day with care. Our itinerary was loose ... Read More
My husband and I (40 and 39, respectively) were on the Diamant last week, and I am almost at a loss for words as to how wonderful it was. Captain Stuart was hilarious, wonderful and planned each day with care. Our itinerary was loose however - you could stay on the boat, snorkle, go to the beach, shop, go to a bar and always trust that the crew would be there to pick you up when you wanted to go to another stop or back to the ship. Bolo the steward was OUTSTANDING. He memorized everyone's coffee or tea preferences the first day and was always on hand with a cerveza - even if you were swimming off the boat! Paddle-boarding, kayaking and the huge inflatable "Relaxation Station" were also in the water off the boat, not to mention the rope swing! Our cabins were in ship-shape every time we returned - beds made and all clean. And Rumageddon (Rum Punch and snacks) at 4:30 PM was highly anticipated every day! The chef Barney was incredible. All of the food was delicious, and he even parted with a few of his recipes that I will try at home. Beers, sodas, liquor and mixers and snacks were always abundant. The most amazing part - the captain actually agreed to renew me and my husband's vows aboard the ship, with all the crew dressed in pirate gear as we vowed to stay together "until there are no horizons left to chase and the rum is gone." This was literally the best vacation of my life. We made lifetime friends with our shipmates - we really were like family by day two. I cannot recommend this highly enough! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2011
Island Windjammers is an awesome experience. We sailed once before with the now-defunct Barefoot cruise line so we thought we knew what to expect, but this was so much better. The S/V Diamant is absolutely pristine and the experience of ... Read More
Island Windjammers is an awesome experience. We sailed once before with the now-defunct Barefoot cruise line so we thought we knew what to expect, but this was so much better. The S/V Diamant is absolutely pristine and the experience of sailing with only 12 people makes it feel like a private yacht charter. The crew is professional, yet fun and flexible. The captain reviewed our options each evening and again each morning to ensure everyone got to do what he/she wanted. We were pretty much all of the same mind that we wanted deserted beaches and we found several. We spent relaxing days on the beaches with the option to go to town for tours if we wanted. We hiked, visited a turtle sanctuary, and explored the islands of Bequia and Mayreau. I opted one day just to stay on the boat and read a book. The days quickly settled into a relaxing routine of breakfast (more about the meals later), sail/beach/exploration if desired, lunch, then swimming/more beach/nap time, swizzles and snacks in the late afternoon and then dinner. One evening we all went into town for dinner and one evening there was an optional bar crawl. Most evenings, we were content to hang out on deck and get to know each other. I truly have never laughed as hard or had as good of a time as I did that week. Our group truly gelled and the crew only added to our great chemistry. The meals were much better than you would expect on a small sailboat...full breakfasts of pancakes, omelettes, scrambled eggs, bacon, eggs benedict, etc. Lunches were always inventive and intriguing...chicken roti, wraps, etc. Dinners were exquisite-grilled fish, steak, barbeque. There was not a meal served that I did not enjoy. At the end of the cruise, we all (including the crew) hugged and cried, feeling that we were leaving family. If you take only one cruise in your lifetime, make it this one. Full disclosure-this is NOT a fancy cruise. After the first day I never even bothered drying my hair or putting on makeup. We stayed in swimsuits, t-shirts and no shoes unless we were going on shore. We did clean up for dinner, but just to change shorts and t-shirts and that was optional! If you get seasick, take medication because the water does get a little choppy when you get further out. I had dramamine and another non-drowsy medication and I was pretty much fine as was everyone else. All drinks are included in your price including beer, wine and mixers. You can bring your own liquor on board if you want something else or you can tell the cruise line and they will have it in your room and bill you. You get a refillable water bottle in your room and a large water dispenser in the galley, which was terrific and GREEN! No plastic water bottles to harm the environment! If you want fancy, this is not the cruise for you...but if you want to relax and have an adventure, do it! Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2011
Let me start by saying I am a project manager by trade and, like work, I typically list and post it note myself into a frenzy on vacation, trying deperately to micro manage every second to ensure that I make the most of the trip. Sailing ... Read More
Let me start by saying I am a project manager by trade and, like work, I typically list and post it note myself into a frenzy on vacation, trying deperately to micro manage every second to ensure that I make the most of the trip. Sailing on the Diamant was...well...the absolute OPPOSITE of the traditional frenzied, tour and attraction laden vacation. This trip was a little slice of heaven. No rushing around or fancy dinners or tourist traps to be found. My entire trip was spent enjoying every second of what what living life should be: clean, fresh air, unspoiled islands where swimming with the turtles brings tears of joy and eating lunch by the sea with new friends that feel like old friends is an occasion to be savored. Life on the Diamant brings out the best of what it is like to be a child again, swinging wildly off the rope swing. It also reminds you that being an adult is not so bad, as a few of us stayed up late drinking beer and playing dice games, laughing wildly at our outrageous stories about "life as we know it". A pod of dolphins treated the Diamant to a game of tag. Small, milky white fish swam around our ankles as we tried desperately to hop on our floaties but couldn't because we were laughing so hard. Snorkling brought us face to face with schools of tang and the graceful swaying of squid. We soon had Ren, the Chief Steward, saying "Sahweet" at every meal (rumor has it that it is a gift he continues to give to future passengers). Our fellow passengers were amazing - all ages, experience, and life stories made for phenominal conversations, with the 6th degree of seperation being discovered amongst several of us. There was never a "missed moment" the entire week - some read, some took naps while others swam...some went ashore while others relaxed onboard. Every moment was exactly what we chose to make it...every moment was magic. I loved the "come as you are" atmosphere. I loved the food, the staff, and all the friends I made over the course of the week. I loved the fact that after one day of dramamine, the ship rocked me gently to sleep every night. I loved the fact that my sailing mates cheered me on so I could gather the courage to snorkel in spite of my weak swimming ability. I could list a thousand more things I loved about this trip but most of them are mentioned in previous reviews. My heart longs to go back to the Diamant... Read Less
Sail Date: February 2012
in general and who isn't even a very strong swimmer. But by the end of day 1, they had me. From the professional crew and the comfortable quarters, I knew this was going to be a great week. The Diamant is a wonderful little ship for ... Read More
in general and who isn't even a very strong swimmer. But by the end of day 1, they had me. From the professional crew and the comfortable quarters, I knew this was going to be a great week. The Diamant is a wonderful little ship for exploring the Grenadine Islands. Island Windjammers does a bang-up job from start to finish. Reservations are easy and questions are promptly answered. Transfers went without a hitch. They really go out of their way to ensure a care-free vacation. The Ship Seemed small to me at first glance, but once I settled in, I could see that there would be plenty of room for the 12 passengers and crew of 6. The ship is immaculate and very well taken care of. It's old school with gleaming wood everywhere. Right off the kitchen is the breakfast room/library. We had breakfast there each day and it was a good place to sit and relax if you wanted out of the elements. Also comfortable in the evenings to play games (dominoes were big on our trip) and just hang out. The front of the ship was where most of the crew activity took place; putting up and taking down the sails, etc. With plenty of places to sit and watch, it was a good place to take in the sights and catch some sun or to have that first cup of coffee in the morning. Perfect for star gazing at night. There's a nifty rope swing for those brave enough to try it. Some did on our trip. The back of the ship was my favorite place. Open, but covered during the day to keep you out of the sun, this is where we had dinner. Comfortable padded seats. A perfect spot for reading a book and watching the world go by. Unlike large cruise ships, you feel this ship move all of the time and it is wonderful to be lulled to sleep by the rocking of the boat. Cabins Once again, at first glance small, but realized soon enough it was not small, just compact. There was plenty of space for storing things. In fact we didn't even use all the little cubbies and hooks. The bathrooms were private with plenty of space for storage. Bottom line- air conditioned, comfy bunks and plenty of hot water for showers. What more could you ask for? Food and Drink Lots of variety. There was usually only one entree offered at dinner, but plenty of sides to choose from and always lots of fresh fruit and salad. Yummy desserts too! Philbert was a pro when it came to presentation and abundance, creating all of this in his little tiny kitchen. Every day we had a happy hour with snacks and swizzles (rum punch) and it was all delicious. One day we had a wine and cheese party which was especially good. The Captain had hand-picked the cheese earlier that day on the island. There was also a little breadbox stocked with treats if you were an early riser or got hungry anytime during the day. Drinks were included; rum swizzles, beer, house wine, soda, mixers and ice tea. You're allowed to bring your own alcohol on board, and some passengers did, but I was completely happy with their offerings. The crew actually brought lunch out to us one day on the beach. They also brought snacks for us out to Happy Island and always delivered cold drinks to us at whatever beach we might be. It must have been lots of extra work for the crew, but was greatly appreciated. Ports I won't go into detail on this. All I can say is new and wonderful places each day. Gorgeous beaches, quaint little villages and great snorkeling. The ship did arrange an excursion on Bequia which was well worth the $30.00 per person. 4 of us went and we got to see much of the island and visit the turtle sanctuary. Check out Island Windjammers website for details on their itineraries. These are places the big cruise ships never get to. Captain and Crew We had Captain Nervo. He was professional, but quite personable and very approachable. He was never too busy to answer questions and always encouraged our input. Since he was the one who originally brought the Diamant from the Galapagos Islands, he had wonderful stories about the ship and its history. He was fun to be around and I liked that he had dinner with the group each night. Each day he would tell us something about where we were and what the options were for the day and then asked us what we wanted to do. This is a hardworking crew. Very friendly and accommodating but they all had jobs to do and they were busy! I don't know how the crew manages to stay so fresh for each new group of passengers asking the same old questions over and over, but they do! They were a fun group and we got to know all of them pretty well as the week went on. A special thanks to Crystal for getting us on and off the ship with ease and taking care of our on-board accounts and all the passport stuff. Passengers The ship was full with 12 passengers, all from different states in the US. One couple was young, one couple was retired and everyone else was in between. Only one couple had taken this trip before and they were actually staying on the ship for a second week. We were all very jealous of them! What we all had in common was the love of travel and a spirit of adventure. One of my concerns going in was with such a small group, we might feel pressured, or at least obligated to along with group activities. That never happened. This was truly our own adventure. There were times that some of the people went to town while others went snorkeling. Some people wanted to swim while others were happy to stay on board and read a book. One couple had the ship arrange a diving expedition. Some people went out in the evening while others did not. You could do whatever you felt like and the crew was most accommodating. The atmosphere was laid back and casual. For the most part, the week was spent barefoot, in shorts and tee. Meals were communal and it was fun to get to know such a lively group and make new friends. We all exchanged email addresses and have passed around our pictures. Motion Sickness and Sun Yes, I got sick. Once. I was fine the first few days but on day 3 it seemed a little rough in the morning. Remember, I have no sailing experience and I'm sure I have no idea what "rough" really is. I think the crew was amused when I described it as rough. I was feeling a little queasy and got sick. Felt bad for about an hour. After that I took the medication and never had another problem. There is no need to test yourselves people! Just take the medication! The sun can be another problem. Do not forget the sunscreen! The sun is hot, hot, hot and will burn you so quickly. Nothing will ruin your vacation faster than a nasty sunburn. Grenada Grenada is an interesting island. We went in two days early and stayed 2 nights after the cruise. We stayed at the Grenada Grand Resort on beautiful Grand Anse Beach. The resort property is gorgeous with wonderful facilities. The rooms are better than ok but not great. Small things like closet doors that won't open or coffeemakers with no coffee available. Little things, but enough to make you notice. And when you try to get things corrected, service is very, very slow. You wait- and wait some more. None of this affected our trip though, and the good part is, this resort is so centrally located and on such a beautiful beach, we would not hesitate to stay there again. Right across the street is a supermarket for stocking up on supplies. In the mall there is also a place to get a nice pizza. We went to Coconut Grove one night for dinner and it was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed the rum punch at Garfield's too. Do not miss the downtown main market on Saturdays. One of the crew members has an aunt that has a booth there and we were lucky enough to find her and purchase all of our spices to take home. There is a bus stop right outside the resort. The bus will take you downtown and it is a wild experience to ride the bus. The island is full of friendly people and we always felt perfectly safe venturing out on our own. Hands down this was definitely one of my favorite trips. We travel a lot but have never done anything quite like this. For me, the best part was the ship. There is just nothing that can compare with the exhilaration of sitting on the top of the Diamant, on the open sea under full sail. I could have stayed there forever. And there lies my only complaint! Too short! With only 6 nights, and 2 of those nights being in port in Grenada, you're really only "out there" for 4 nights. By the time you get your sea legs and become accustomed to island time, it's time to go home. I understand Island Windjammers has taken care of that though. Apparently they now offer longer trips and are adding new ports to their itineraries. If you like ships and the sea, and beaches and islands, you will love this. If you like traveling with a small group, with people of a similar mindset, in a casual, laid back atmosphere, you will love this! Hopefully we'll be back next year to do it all over again. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2012
As a former Windjammer passenger - Mandalay on their BVI itinerary in June 2005 - I can say with pleasure that I got what I expected in terms of the Windjammer 'essence' but without all the juvenile stuff. This is a cruise for ... Read More
As a former Windjammer passenger - Mandalay on their BVI itinerary in June 2005 - I can say with pleasure that I got what I expected in terms of the Windjammer 'essence' but without all the juvenile stuff. This is a cruise for adults, but not in the swinger sense. I mean grown ups who appreciate a good conversation over dinner. Who are more interested in the wildlife than the nightlife. Who appreciate the exclusivity offered by the S/V Diamant. Although the Diamant can handle 12 (Seriously. Only 12 passengers) we only had 10 aboard for our week due to a last-minute cancellation. We - my husband and I - were part of a group of 6 who booked the same week, so we knew each other before our sail. The other 4 were wonderful sailing partners, and we were all boon companions before the week was out. The food was outstanding. 3 meals, plus Snacks & Swizzles left us happy but knowing that the diet started the day we got home. The crew was competent,accommodating and fun. Captain Matt - yes the same Capt Matt from the old WJ days! - was our skipper and as expected gave us a great itinerary, fun Storytimes, and generally kept us safe and happy. Our Steward, Ren, was a delight. Every request was greeted with a smile, a can-do attitude and humor in all the right places. Troy and Aubrey were the guys running the dinghy, hoisting sails and looking out for our safety (and Aubrey put on a verycreditable 'comedy show' for us too). Marlon, the ship's Engineer spent so much of the week doing maintenance on the boat I wasn't sure he was actually with us until Thursday! And Boston, the Chef, as noted before, was a creative force for Good in the Galley. The Itinerary was varied; lots of beach / snorkel time, a couple of town experiences (Bequia & Mayreau) and ample sailing. I only wish that they had multiple ships so that they could offer other itineraries! Still, even with that, the quality of the beaches we visited was so good that it could certainly qualify for a return visit. The boat itself is a treat. She fairly gleams. Sure the cabins are small - IT's A SAILBOAT! But they are clean, the bathrooms are private, the showers have great water pressure. The Saloon is comfortable, the Horseshoe a great place to hang out when the awning is up to escape from the noon sun and still enjoy the island breezes. And the foredeck is plenty spacious for the number of guests. All in all, I would rate the value for the dollar very high, and I would definitely do it next week! Read Less
Sail Date: May 2012
Itinerary 5/6/12 -- 5/19/12: Sunday, 5/6 -- Board Diamant Monday 5/7 -- Chatham Bay, Union Island Tuesday 5/8 -- Admiralty Bay, Bequia Wednesday 5/9 -- Wallialabou, St. Vincent (moved to Buccament Bay?) Thursday 5/10 -- Marigot Bay, ... Read More
Itinerary 5/6/12 -- 5/19/12: Sunday, 5/6 -- Board Diamant Monday 5/7 -- Chatham Bay, Union Island Tuesday 5/8 -- Admiralty Bay, Bequia Wednesday 5/9 -- Wallialabou, St. Vincent (moved to Buccament Bay?) Thursday 5/10 -- Marigot Bay, St. Lucia Friday 5/11 -- Rodney Bay, St. Lucia Saturday, 5/12 -- Rodney Bay Marina, St. Lucia Sunday 5/13 -- Soufriere (mooring between Pitons), St. Lucia Monday 5/14 -- Admiralty Bay, Bequia Tuesday 5/15 -- Tobago Cays Wednesday 5/16 -- Saline Beach, Mayreau Thursday 5/17 -- Clifton, Union Island, then to Petite St. Vincent, then to Sandy Island Friday 5/18 -- Sandy Island, Carriacou then to Port Louis, Grenada Saturday 5/19 -- Port Louis, Grenada Sunday 5/6/12 -- Met other passengers at Victory Bar in Port Louis and boarded Diamant. Crew: Capt. Matt, Marlon, Clive, Philbert, Brandon and Troy (Boston was also with us for a few days). Usual great snacks & swizzle and a buffet dinner. Monday 5/7/12 -- Left around 5 AM and anchored near Hillsborough, Carriacou to check out of Grenada then sailed to Chatham Bay. Took the new launch to the beach -- it is like being in the Cadillac of Zodiacs. Local bar, Bollhead allowed use of chairs. Spent day snorkeling, swimming and dodging the rain drops (it's not like we weren't wet anyway). Tuesday 5/8/12 -- Early sail to Bequia and passed Moonhole for photos. Shopping ashore (love Soldana, Bookstore, ship-making shops, new Oasis Art Gallery) and met up with group for lunch at Mac's Pizza. Lobster is out of season, so no lobster pizza, but the shrimp pizza was really good. Stop for ice cream then over to Princess Margaret Beach for afternoon on the beach. Wine and cheese night! Wednesday 5/9/12 -- After breakfast, sailed to St. Vincent to stop at Wallialabou (set for Pirates of the Caribbean). Walking tour with Speedy to some waterfalls and of course found a little shop to support the local economy! Moved anchorage to a lovely area -- it might have been Buccament Bay, but I forget. The resort on shore had white sand shipped in to cover the natural black sand -- I think the black sand is pretty cool myself. Thursday 5/10/12 -- Early sail to Marigot Bay in St. Lucia. Rainy day, so we all stayed in the saloon and watched "Groundhog Day" after lunch. Sailed past the Pitons. Once moored, went over to the yachtie shops and of course spent money. Great BBQ buffet tonight -- Philbert's own special sauce. YUM. Friday 5/11/12 -- We all went on an island tour with Murphy after breakfast and Matt moved the ship to Rodney Bay. We visited the banana fields, a rum distributor for a rum tasting and a rum buying soiree, Diamond Falls and Botanical Garden, the volcano and then up to Ladera for lunch between the Pitons. If you get the chance to do the rum tasting -- it was $3 US and then you went to another area where they had 15-20 bottles of rum set out with disposable cups and you just went at it -- whatever you wanted and however much you wanted. Since it was still early in the morning (around 10), we did try to behave and leave some rum for anybody that came after us! Several photo stops along the way back to Rodney Bay. Long day, but we saw lots and had great fun. Saturday 5/12/12 Matt moved the ship from Rodney Bay to the Rodney Bay Marina so the ship could re-provision, get laundry done, etc. Several of us went over to the Rodney Bay Mall to purchase tickets for the St. Lucia Jazz Festival on Pigeon Island (it's not an island any more -- they dredged earth up and it is now just a narrow drive). Did shopping (you'd think we were made of money!!). Walked to Spinnaker's on the beach for lunch and sunbathing/swimming. Launch picked us up in the canal to take us back to ship for snacks and swizzle. Several of us went to the Jazz Festival for dinner and entertainment. Dinner was from local vendors. We saw Kirk Franklin and Keri Hilson perform. If you ever have a chance to go to the Jazz Festival in St. Lucia -- don't hesitate. It is like nothing you could imagine and quite worth the ticket price. Sunday 5/13/12 After Capt Matt cleared us out of St. Lucia, we moved to a mooring between the Pitons for the day. Went to the beach for swimming and fantastic snorkeling from the beach and from the ship. This has been turned into a marine preserve and it is breathtaking. Another beautiful day in paradise. Monday 5/14/12 Early start to cross the channel to Bequia. Found a fairly calm spot, so had a late breakfast before continuing on. Got to Admiralty Bay around noon, just in time for lunch. Some went into town, some went to beach. Darn, I went to town, so I had to have another ice cream. If you haven't been to Bequia for a few months, you won't believe your eyes. They are totally remaking the walk way along the water's edge to Mac's -- even doing landscaping. Several of us went over to the Frangipani for dinner -- I would highly recommend their food. Tuesday 5/15/12 Early sail over to Tobago Cays this morning. It was a little rock'n'roll and a little flying food at breakfast. Brandon won the best balancer contest. Deck chairs, mats, noodles over to the beach for the day. Brought the grill over for a beach lunch -- cheeseburgers in paradise! Some went over to snorkel with the turtles -- it was a great success. It's Crazy Hat Night -- no crazy hat -- no swizzle! Wednesday 5/16/12 Left Tobago Cays to sail over to Saline Beach, Mayreau. Some took launch to Saline and some took launch to Salt Whistle Bay. Some walked from beach to beach. Some did everything! Wonderful BBQ buffet tonight for dinner. Thursday 5/17/12 Under sail around 7 AM for Clifton on Union Island. Spent a couple of hours wandering around town. Had a "who can buy the most useless thing" contest -- won by Rob. While in town, went to Costello's and spent some more money. After lunch, sailed over to Petite St. Vincent, Private Resort (it said so on their shirts). Picturesque island and beach. Several swam to beach from the ship, being one of the lazier ones, I took the launch. Had drinks at the Private Resort bar. We were not allowed to go near the resort so they could protect the privacy of their guests. Sailed over to Sandy Island for snacks and swizzle. Matt grilled chicken for dinner. Several of the Diamant guests decided to feed the seagulls the stale/soggy cookies and pretzels -- it was a feeding frenzy with the sunset in the background. Lots of stars tonight. Friday 5/18/12 A couple of us went over to Hillsborough for an hour or so while Capt Matt checked us into Grenada while the rest went over to swim and snorkel at Sandy Island. Drizzly morning, but the reports of snorkeling were good. Early lunch, then got under sail to return to Port Louis. Beautiful sail, beautiful day. Pulled into Port Louis about 4 PM. Had Brandon's special Rumageddon with snacks. Crystal came aboard to start the check out process. Matt grilled steak for the Captain's dinner and Philbert prepared the other delicious food. Had a surprise anniversary celebration complete with chocolate cake. "Sad"urday 5/16/12. Several had early flights home. Philbert sent everyone off with a hearty breakfast. Sad goodbyes to new friends with promises to keep in touch. Sad goodbyes and thank yous to the crew with the promises of returning soon. This was one of the best trips I have taken. The length was perfect; the crew were absolutely stupendous; I couldn't have hand-chosen a better group of passengers. I was lucky enough to be able to spend 3 days on Grenada before and after the sail at the Allamanda Beach Resort. Our Diamant (our private yacht) was classy and took us where we wanted to go. The food couldn't have been better -- I bet there was once at least 3 hours between eating. Thank you to Island Windjammers, the crew and fellow passengers for making this trip one of the best vacations ever! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
First time for us (man & wife) taking a cruise, we were wow'd every single day - getting to small places big ships don't/can't go, being flexible enough to proceed under sail (with ample power assist if chosen) rather ... Read More
First time for us (man & wife) taking a cruise, we were wow'd every single day - getting to small places big ships don't/can't go, being flexible enough to proceed under sail (with ample power assist if chosen) rather than always under power, swimming off the side of the ship (100'+ long), getting to know crew and fellow vacationers (crew of 6, + 6 staterooms which were fully booked, so 12 passengers), snorkeling in bays and coves if you wanted to, bask if you didn't. Great, great food but not a glutton's thing, more like fresh island fruit at every meal, differing main course selections mostly with island flair, rum punch along with afternoon hors d'oeuvres daily, included in the price is all the beer/wine you want to pack away (but except for one "Culture Walk" evening [read bar crawl], I didn't see a single passenger appear to be under the influence). Plenty of sodas, water, juice, of course. We worried about June "off season" & were met with almost perfect weather (one rainstorm all week, and that was short), not too hot, and with a choice daily of swimming here, walking there, sleeping in if you like - they'll launch the dinghy for just you if you want to go separate, but the attitude of all the folks on the trip was such that we all quickly became friends - no cliques formed, no cross word heard for a week - by anyone! Can I give it 6's on a scale of 0-to-5? p.s. You don't need to deal in Eastern Caribbean Currency, since everywhere takes U.S. dollars - just arm yourself with lots and lots of ones and fives and tens, since there are places that will struggle to break a $20. Exchange rate is 2.71:1 EC to US, and you should bargain in the local places to get initial prices lowered. p.p.s. If you're looking to shop at fancy places in port, get your money's worth in calories at the midnight buffet, gamble in the casino, watch a floor show, or wear something other than a bathing suit and t-shirt on most days, this is not the one for you. Take one Hawaiian shirt for the fanciest dinner they have, leave the long pants at home, take loads of sunscreen & reasonable amounts of insect repellent, and expect to enjoy!! p.p.p.s. I rated entertainment below 5, since "entertainment" is not part of the concept - that said, I rated it pretty high because I didn't want to be entertained. Read Less
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