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Me and my mom just got back from our first Disney cruise on the Disney Fantasy and we went for the Disney cruise experience as well as for the warm weather since were from Connecticut. Embarkation Embarkation at Port Canaveral in Florida ... Read More
Me and my mom just got back from our first Disney cruise on the Disney Fantasy and we went for the Disney cruise experience as well as for the warm weather since were from Connecticut. Embarkation Embarkation at Port Canaveral in Florida went smoothly, me and my mom took a Disney Cruise Line bus from the airport to the port, the staff was friendly and helpful. Though the weather was cloudy and raining but we had great weather for the cruise. The Ship The Disney Fantasy is a beautiful ship, Disney spared no expense with detail, also very clean, and the staff is wonderful, always would go out of there way to help you and were approachable. Me and my mom stayed in a stateroom at the very back the ship on deck 5.It had a verandah, the room was very nice but I wasn't crazy about the flat medal overhang over the verandah deck which kept out the sun completely but its just how the ship is designed. Also, there are no queen size beds that turn into single beds on any of the Disney cruise ships, I have been on other cruises with other cruise lines and they have always had single beds available. My mom slept on the convertaible sofa which she said was not comfortable, and brought it to the attention of our room steward who made an effort to make sleeping on the mattress comfortable and also brought it to the attention of the Head of Housekeeping on the ship, the only alternative was a memory foam like pad which made the mattress somewhat more comfortable but wasn't great. Though I know the staff tried the best they could due to the circumstances. The split bathrooms in the room were also convienient. Our room was enroute through all of the of the kids club areas which on occassion there would be crowds of families and kids blocking the hallway as they were trying to get into the Oceanear's Club. The room was also directly across from the laundry room which I also wasn't crazy about even though I know a laundry room was on every deck. Areas on the ship for Adults As I've seen advertised by Disney Cruise Line that there are various adult areas on the ships where adults can hide away and escape from being around kids, I wouldn't say is neccessarily true. There was only one adult pool towards the front of the ship and by the middle of the cruise it was always crowded. Parents with children will still walk through the area even though there is a sign that says guests ages 18 and over are only permitted in the area, same as the other adult only areas. The adult coffee bar on the ship was nice but to be expected you have to pay extra to enjoy it which wasn't in the budget. And although there are adult areas on the ship, you will always run into kids, they are not always spending 24-7 in the kids clubs like I've heard advertisements for Disney Cruise Line say. The elevators were usually crowded with families so I usually had to take the stairs to different decks, also kids are running and having races up and down the stairs. But going on a Disney cruise, it's what you sign up for. Dining Me and mom just did the rotational dining and didn't eat in the specialty resturaunts (Palo,Remey) I enjoyed the rotational dining and liked how your waiters followed with you, they got to know you and you got to know them which made it sad at the end of the cruise. My mom didn't like some of the food and the noisness of the dining rooms compared to other cruises she had been on but I saw nothing wrong with it or the food. Though since me and my mom were the only ones traveling together, there were no tables for just two people and you had to sit with another group of people, luckily we got to eat dinner each night with a great couple who we got to know throughout the cruise so that was a plus.But in my opinion Disney is kind of being controdictive when they say they want adults to have a good time and have time to themselves but only have tables for families to sit together or large groups of people (in the rotatational dining) and at least there could be tables for two people. I also liked how they provided healthy and natural options which is not what I've seen so much for other cruises I've been on. I did try room service for breakfast the first day of the cruise but there wasn't much to choose from, only bagels, pastries, beverages, and cereal, no French toast or omelettes like I've had on cruises in the past from room service, so I always ate breakfast at the Cabanas resturaunt which had a lot of selection and variety, even Krispy Kreme donuts and Activia yogurt. Activities I loved the Buena Vista Theater that was on the ship, just like a normal movie theater and saw some great movies. The theater shows were wonderful and 100% better than on other cruises.Most every night there would be a family dance party that was scheduled and I went to two of them as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean Deck Party.The dance parties unfortunatly weren't all that great as they could of been.Only kids got into it while parents just sat or stood around, the least they could do was be involved. The Pirates of the Caribbean party was ok, the whole day was all about Pirates of the Caribbean, dinner involved a pirate themed menu which was great, everyone including staff dresses like a pirate. The deck party included a show which was good, the fireworks from the ship were great, but again after fireworks there was a dance party which no one participated in, just a lot of grumpy kids since it was past there bed time. A huge buffet was served in Cabanas and everyone pretty much just went to that instead. Me and my mom went on the Aqua Duck twice which was fun. The gym is small but has great equipment and I had a treatment at the spa which was awesome, loved it. Arriving at the Ports of Call What I liked most about this with Disney Cruise Line and haven't experienced it on other cruises is, if you have an excursion planned, they don't just have you get off the ship and into a random tour group where your excursion is. We were first told to meet in one of the lounges on the ship that was posted on our excursion ticket and one of the crew members would take the group off the ship and to the excursion tour guide, it felt safer that way.   Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
After years of thinking about it, asking friends, and doing research, we finally settled on the Disney Fantasy as the ship on which we would take our very first cruise. We are a couple in our 50's with one remaining child at home, a ... Read More
After years of thinking about it, asking friends, and doing research, we finally settled on the Disney Fantasy as the ship on which we would take our very first cruise. We are a couple in our 50's with one remaining child at home, a teen who would be turning 15 while on the cruise. The reasons we chose Disney Fantasy were multiple: highly recommended by friends, family friendly, Disney always does everything first-rate, and the fact there was a youth club (the Vibe) where our son could hang out and make new friends. I was a bit nervous about the experience (pre-cruise) not knowing at all what we could expect. But wow, wow, wow, was it ever amazing!! From start to finish, everything about this cruise was absolutely top-notch! From the accommodations to the staff, the food, the service, the entertainment, the Vibe teen club, the atmosphere, the cleanliness, the beauty, the excusions, it was just a wonderful, wonderful vacation for our family. Even the two other families whom we were paired with for dinner seemed like an absolutely perfect match for ours. To be truthful, at first I was uncomfortable with the idea of eating dinner with the same strangers every night (what if we didn't get along?) But we seemed well-matched and it turned out we got along great! As for the live Disney shows, they were fun show-stopping live musicals and the young people who starred in them displayed tremendous, energetic talent night after night. There were many other lively shows and entertainment as well, too many to mention! Now, on to the staff. The staff was courteous and friendly, and strove to attend to every need we ever had... Deck 11 was the popular place to be much of the time. From 24 hour self-serve soda and coffee machines, self-serve ice cream machines available much of the day, burgers, pizza, wraps, the huge Cabanas buffet (where we ate at most breakfasts and lunches), to the pool, the Aquaduck ride and the enormous wide-screen tv which overlooked it all playing one Disney movie or feature after the other. This is also where the fun, fun deck parties were had. (The pirate party and fireworks afterwards were so much fun!)...On the upper-most decks is where those over 18 went to sunbathe and relax. There were servers coming to you often, asking if you needed a drink (which were an extra cost, but we didn't mind as we're not drinkers). At the theater, there were several newer Disney movies being shown at no extra cost at various times, including "Frozen", "Saving Mr. Banks" and the newest "Thor" movie. In your room, all the other Disney animated movies and Disney/Pixar movies were available to watch on demand. (However, we spent very little time in our room, so we only watched a couple)...For dinner, we had second seating (dinner at 8:15) which I was concerned about, as our family normally eats around 5:00 and we hate going to bed on full stomachs. But it turned out to be a great experience which we enjoyed fully! We alternated between three different restaurants---Enchanted Garden, The Royal Court, and Animator's Palate. However, we had the same wonderful wait staff and table mates along with us for each dinner. There was also the option of paying extra to eat at Remy's or Palos' but we didn't do that. We indulged ourselves and ate a lot at these dinners to be honest, but hey it was a cruise! On your menu, you had several appetizers, soups/salads, main courses, and desserts to choose from (different each night) Some main dishes on the menu included lobster tail, beef wellington, steak, red snapper, barbecue ribs for example. As for the excursions, we had three of them. St. Maartens, St. Thomas, and Castaway Cay (which is a pristine island privately owned by Disney). Of the three, I didn't care for St. Maartens' to be honest. It is a poor island, divided into Dutch and French sides, Dutch being the poorer and more run-down of the two. We went to a beautiful beach (called Waikiki Beach) on St. Maartens, but it was marred somewhat by the constant presence of local vendors trying to get you to buy their wares, but they were only quietly intrusive to be honest. And as soon as you said, "No thank you", they would move on without trying to haggle with you. St. Thomas was lovely. We took the tram up high so we could overlook the island and the view was extraordinary! Castaway Cay was our favorite excursion. It is just beautiful, and the water is so clear and the sand so clean. You could snorkel there, float in tubes, take bike rides, etc. or just sunbathe on the sand. They even served an amazing, huge barbecue lunch there for us all including all the fixings: burgers, ribs, coleslaw, potatoes, chips, dessert, ice cream, soda, etc....As you see, I could go on and on about this trip and how wonderful it was, and I know I have left out so many great things. But I would encourage you and your familiy to experience it for yourselves. You won't be disappointed!! Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
This is a review of our Fantasy Western cruise 1/4-1/11/2014. We are a family of 4, with two boys ages 9 and 4. We have previously sailed on the Carnival Dream (Eastern, January 2012), and Allure of the Seas (July 2013). Because our Allure ... Read More
This is a review of our Fantasy Western cruise 1/4-1/11/2014. We are a family of 4, with two boys ages 9 and 4. We have previously sailed on the Carnival Dream (Eastern, January 2012), and Allure of the Seas (July 2013). Because our Allure of the Seas experience was only 6 months prior to our Fantasy sailing, I was very eager to compare the newest/largest Royal Caribbean (RCCL) ship with Disney’s newest and largest ship. I will comment on that throughout the review. EMBARKATION We embarked on 1/4/14. The weather was absolutely freezing in Orlando the day before but embarkation day was not terrible. Too cold for most adults but many kids were enjoying the pool that afternoon and sail away was fine. The announcement of the family when boarding is nice, definitely makes you feel special. Staff were very welcoming and nothing but helpful throughout the cruise. We arrived at the port at 10:45 a.m. We were on board before noon. It was easy to get checked in for the kids club in the terminal prior to boarding - we never waited at all. We went to Cabanas for a very nice lunch and then hit the pools. I highly recommend having your children dressed in their swimsuits when boarding and letting them swim before the rooms are ready. The pools opened at 1 p.m. They were never less crowded than during that early afternoon in Port Canaveral. SHIP The lobby was still decorated for the holidays during our sail week, and the open atrium/lobby is beautiful, as was all of the detail all over the ship. But with that said, after sailing Allure we felt a bit underwhelmed by the Fantasy. The main difference is that Allure has multiple huge indoor and outdoor “grand” areas for gathering and hanging out. The entire aft of Allure is open to the Ocean, including the bars and aqua theater and rock walls, and the public decks on both sides aft, as well as the entire Boardwalk area. Mid-ship there is Central Park, open to above. Then the entire Royal Promenade deck (Deck 5) with so many venues and large open area for parades and other activities. The only comparable places on the Fantasy are the main atrium and the pool deck. The Atrium is beautiful but it is just not big enough to accommodate the flows of people between dining seatings, particularly on formal nights. Felt quite crowded and chaotic before and after the seatings and during some of the popular princess character greets. But I was very impressed with how many characters were all over the ship all day. The pool deck when compared with Allure is just ridiculously tiny and crowded. Obviously I am not the first one to make this observation, but I cannot believe the size of those pools and deck compared to the number of people (and families) on board. On sea days it was just wall to wall bodies. Cabanas and Remy/Palo take up the entire aft area of the top deck, and then the forward area is the relatively underused adults-only area, leaving only a small space for the pools. By contrast, Allure’s pool deck area is enormous and has many different pools, splash areas, hot tubs and bars. The hot tubs on the Fantasy were a joke, way too small and crowded, and barely warm. We did enjoy the aqua duck and the other slide. But one observation - I wish they did not make children take off their life jackets to ride the Mickey slide. I wanted my child to have his life jacket on at all times just in case (I am still following the saga of Chase Lykken, the 4 year old who nearly drowned last year), and I had to keep removing the life jacket so he could ride the slide. Once I missed him coming off the slide and instead of coming over to me he tried to get in the Donald pool and did not have his life jacket on. We spotted him right away but it was scary and I did not want him to be without his jacket anywhere on the pool deck for just that “split second” scenario. We also were disappointed that the Mickey Slide always closed by 6 p.m., but in aqua duck was open until 9 or 10 p.m. Many smaller children are too short for the aqua duck so it would be nice if both slides were open later. I highly recommend riding the aqua duck at night to avoid the crowds. It is fun but not worth waiting 45-60 minutes to ride. CABINS We had a Category 7A (basically a 5A with an obstructed view verandah), Cabin 9652. We got this cabin for about $700 less than the cheapest Category 5 room. The verandah obstruction was not a big deal at all - barely noticeable (high, on the right side). Your view was only obstructed if you were standing on the very far right of the balcony. This cabin was a real bargain and I would absolutely book another 7A on the Fantasy. As for location, I would choose a different cabin because this cabin door actually opened up to the aft stairs and while that was convenient, it was very loud and you did not have as much privacy when opening your door. There also was a MidShip detective agency location right outside the cabin door so lots of foot traffic and noise there until late into the evening. But we did love being 2 flights directly down from Cabanas. Every morning we just ran up there and got food and brought it back to the cabin. Much easier than worrying about finding a table during morning rush. As most people know, the Disney cabins are larger than RCCL cabins and are set up with the split bathroom that better accommodates a family of 4. There is a curtain to partition the King bed from the rest of the room, which was nice. Our older son slept in the pullman bed and the 4 year old slept on the couch bed. Overall the room was adequate for us. It would have been nice to have the larger Cat. 4 with slightly more storage and space, but I’m not sure it is worth much extra money unless you have 5 people. DINING We had early dining only because the family we were traveling with preferred this. If we do another Disney cruise we will do late dining - 5:45 is just too early for us to eat, particularly after having a big lunch or having snacks in the afternoon. At home we normally eat around 7/7:30. I did the miss the lack of anytime dining on RCCL. Every day of the cruise is different - sometimes you eat a late lunch, sometimes a late breakfast, sea day vs. active port day, etc. and I prefer being able to eat when we want, not being locked into a particular dining time, neither of which is ideal (8:15 is a bit late for such heavy dinners). Food quality was generally excellent and better overall than RCCL. I was consistently impressed with Cabanas - every meal had “special” food that was beyond the normal buffet fare you would expect. Lamb chops, sushi, crab legs, etc. etc. Everything was excellent in Cabanas and the venue is beautiful, with plenty of room for everyone. The main dining rooms were all beautiful. My favorite was Animator’s Palate. Our dining rotation started with Enchanted Garden and we were in Royal Court 3 times. If I had my preference I would request the rotation with Animators for 3 nights. I was pleasantly surprised at the price of drinks. I thought prices were very reasonable and there were a lot of special prices too (like $3 Bloody Mary in the morning). The most expensive drinks were the martinis in the Skyline Lounge, but they were craft cocktails and very strong, and we got the “passport” there which was 7 drinks for the price of 6 during the week and they gave you the cocktail menu at the end. We ate one night upstairs in Cabanas because of timing issues. It was fine but fairly empty so it did not feel as special as the dining rooms. It was on the prince and princess menu night. I thought that menu was the weakest of the 7 nights. We were lucky to experience Palo brunch and Remy dinner. Both were absolutely first class experiences that I highly recommend. Remy is very pricey ($75, which includes a champagne cocktail at the beginning) but well worth it. Service was unbelievable, as was the food. I would do that again, it was truly special. For alternative dining, I would choose the Prince and Princess night (Night #4) for that as my first choice. The chicken fingers offered all week on the pool deck (at Flo’s) were the best I have ever had. I kept craving them! SHOWS Overall this is where I really enjoyed RCCL Allure more than the Fantasy. We saw all of the main shows. I did love the option of seeing the show in the afternoon on sea day because that freed up the evening. The shows were well done but obviously they were completely themed toward kids/Disney characters and were a bit cheesy. There is nothing wrong with any of the shows and people seemed to really enjoy them. But Allure of the Seas offers shows that appeal to families, as well as many adult shows. For example, Allure has an ice show, the Aquatheater diving show, and the Cirque-like show in the main theatre. But also has Chicago, the Headliner show, the Comedy show, and other smaller live entertainment. I love Disney and Disney entertainment, but I don’t necessarily want that night after night. If we did the Fantasy again we would probably skip most of the shows. This is not to say that there was anything wrong with them, I don't want my comments to be misinterpreted. I just do not need to see more than one similarly-themed Disney show per cruise and would likely not need to see any of them a second time. LOVED Pirate Night - that was a highlight for me. Lots of fun, and the fireworks overhead were amazing. KIDS’ CLUB The two 9 year old boys, 7 year old girl and my 4 year old all really enjoyed the kids’ club. The only negative that I found with it was that the food offerings (for dinner in the club) were extremely limited. Maybe that is not as big of a thing on Disney because most kids go to the MDR? On RCCL they take the kids up to the buffet if they eat with the kids’ club, which was a nice option. Overall big thumbs up on the club. MEDICAL My 4 year old developed a horrible canker sore and needed to get a mouth gel. We did not have to wait long once we got in there, but keep in mind that the infirmary hours are very limited. It would be closed for long blocks of time during the day (like 10-1) so plan accordingly. PORTS We had bad weather during a good part of the cruise, including a VERY rocky night after leaving Grand Cayman The crew said it was only that bad every other month or so on average. Fortunately nobody got seasick, but we were unable to dock at Costa Maya (a bummer, I was looking forward to trying out Tropicante, where we had reserved beach chairs with Steve and the food sounded great). Grand Cayman was great - we arranged our own tour through Captain Marvin’s. If you contact him you can book the special tour he does for Fantasy passengers because it is only a 1/2 day port. I HIGHLY recommend being one of the first one off the tenders so you can get to the meet up at Captain Marvin’s (easy walking distance) and maximize your time. The 2-stop tour took us first by van to the boat, then out on a boat to the Stingray Sandbar which was AMAZING, lots of interaction with the rays and cool photos. Then we got some time to snorkel at a nearby reef. Really nice tour and very affordable ($38 for adults). We sailed into a huge headwind and docked overnight at Cozumel. It poured and was fierce wind in Cozumel and many excursions were cancelled. We had arranged for a taxi for hire for the 9 of us (us and the other family we travelled with) and we ended up touring the island and going to the ruins (San Gervais). It was cool to see the ruins and the kids were mildly interested, but I would not book an excursion there with kids. It was nice to be with our own driver and not have to wait for an entire busload of people. That was pretty economical and easy to arrange online. Google Tours Plaza and Cozumel Driver for the Day. Very reliable. We got lucky that CC day was the nicest day of the cruise. We really enjoyed the island, although the snorkeling was not great (not much to see, other than the shipwreck which is WAY out). It was relaxing and fun and there seemed to be enough chairs. We went to the far beach close to the entrance to the slide. Not really warm but warm enough to swim and enjoy the beach. I have done two January cruises and had weather issues and rough seas both times. Rain and rough seas can happen, but the colder temperature were enough to keep me from cruising again that time of year - I will stick to summer! OVERALL The Fantasy was a great experience and we would sail DCL again if we got a decent price. However, if given the choice between another cruise on Allure or Oasis of the Seas and another on the Fantasy in the Caribbean we would do Allure or Oasis (we are sailing Oasis this July). I have nothing bad to say about the Fantasy, but the ship is just not as much of a “wow” as Allure/Oasis and I felt like RCCL did a better job providing both family-friendly AND adult experiences. There is never a lack of characters (obviously Dreamworks, not Disney) and other kid-friendly experiences on board RCCL, including character breakfasts, parades, kids’ movies, and a great kids’ club. But that is balanced with a much bigger variety of bars, nightclubs, live music, jazz clubs, comedy, and the casino, particularly at night. The adults area on the Fantasy is a smallish area that felt a bit like an afterthought on the cruise as a whole, although several of the bars were nice - Skyline Lounge was my absolute favorite venue on board. The Fantasy obviously is a ship where the vast majority of the focus is on families, with adults-only stuff being a minority of offerings. Allure, on the other hand, felt like an adult ship where there was a ton of family offerings. For us the balance just worked better on RCCL. Although I am a huge Disney fan and my husband and I have had Disneyland Annual Passes since before we had kids, I would not choose Disney Cruise Line if we had the opportunity to travel just the two of us. So that is my review! I hope it was informative. Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
A little background: I've been on 25+ cruises(Disney, Celebrity, RCI, Princess, Costa, Carnival, Big Red Boat, Cunard), my husband has been on 8 cruises, and our 4 year old daughter has been on 7 cruises. Our only other Disney cruise ... Read More
A little background: I've been on 25+ cruises(Disney, Celebrity, RCI, Princess, Costa, Carnival, Big Red Boat, Cunard), my husband has been on 8 cruises, and our 4 year old daughter has been on 7 cruises. Our only other Disney cruise was the Magic out of NYC in June 2012. Our cruise on the Fantasy, was absolutely fantastic! Let me say right off, I wasn't that impressed with the Magic. We paid top dollar, the ship was small (I don't like the small ships) and she was showing her age a bit. We booked the Fantasy while on the Magic and I knew I was going to love this ship! We flew Newark to Orlando a week before the cruise and stayed at the Art of Animation (which was nothing fancy, but decent value for money)....We went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and the Candlelight Processional, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, had breakfast with Jake (of the Neverland Pirates), and had breakfast at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and friends. It was an absolutely fantastic week....and exhausting! We were looking forward to relaxing on the cruise. We left Orlando Friday morning after breakfast and spent the day at Kennedy Space Center, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I had tried to get the "free" tickets from my NJ congressman but they never materialized. Instead we spent A LOT of money on admission, the extra tour of the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building), and some NASA souvenirs. We'll visit again but skip the extra tour since there was enough to do without it. We checked into the Country Inn and Suites....hotel was fine and very convenient to the terminal. I had pre-booked parking but once we arrived at the terminal we decided to park there since it was close to our 10:30 check-in time. As it turned out, this was unnecessary since they do not let you in the cruise terminal 1 minute before 10:30! Check-in was extremely smooth. We were given boarding group #2. I had pre-registered my daughter online for the kid's club so we went to the counter to get her bracelet. While waiting to board my daughter had her picture taken with both Minnie and Mickey and we walked a bit around the terminal. At 11:30 we boarded the ship. Having your family announced as you step on the ship is one of the nice little Disney touches. Immediately we went to guest services to book the Gingerbread House making class (limited availability) and to book the Princess Tea. At almost $300 for 1 adult and 1 child, I was undecided about booking the tea but decided to do it. I couldn't believe when I was told that it was only offered 1 time during a PORT day. Since we already had plans for the day, we passed on the tea. Stupid decision by Disney! A few minutes later we were up on deck 11 and my daughter was waiting for Nemo's Reef to open. This was the first cruise that she had worn her bathing suit to board (will ALWAYS do that!). Once our stateroom was open we went to drop off our few carry-ons. Wow, our stateroom was wonderful!! We had a verandah - which after using it almost NEVER convinced me not to get one again. But what was so surprising was the space - it was a big room, split bathroom was not really a big point for us, but the storage - about 7-8 drawers, and 2 closets with lots of hangers...!! This stateroom put our same category Magic stateroom to shame! We went up to Cabanas for lunch. Food was good. We then headed to the D Lounge where we met our group. I would highly recommend joining your cruise meet-up group as soon as one is formed. You'll likely get a lot of information there - especially for first time cruisers. I learned about the gingerbread house class through them and also about requesting a specific dining rotation. They also put together the FE exchange, a lot of meetings, some excursions, etc. It was very nice to meet the people I'd been interacting with for months before the cruise. After that we went back to our stateroom and met our stateroom host, Leon, who had all (3) our suitcases delivered to us pretty quickly. We unpacked, I hung up our magnets on our door, and our FE (our first time participating). Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. We had first seating, which at 5:45 is really too early, but the second seating is just too late. On our previous Disney cruise we had a table to ourselves (on other cruises we rarely ate in the dining room). It's our vacation-family time and I'm not much of a "small" talker but I thought it would be nice for my daughter to have some other kids to talk to. It was a good decision. We were paired with a nice family who had a boy (8) and twin girls who were a month older than my daughter. The girls did become very good friends even sitting together at a couple of the shows. Loved our assistant server. He anticipated what we needed and each night had our drinks waiting for us. The food ranged from not good to pretty good to the occasionally very good. I know food is subjective - my husband didn't think the food was good but most nights out of 3-4 courses, I was happy if 2 were good. On one occasion, I had 3 that were very good. Desserts rarely live up to my expectation on any cruise. I'm a chocolate lover and rarely is there any good chocolate dessert. There were a couple of nights that there was nothing that appealed to me so I had a Mickey bar - for the first time. I'm hooked. :-) I do like the trio option for desert - a little taste of a few different desserts. The biggest issue I had in the dining room was the number of times our waiter brought up the "excellent" on the comment cards. Not once, not twice, but FOUR times. (Our waiter on the Magic brought it up as well.) He told us about it on the first night (Saturday). He brought it up on Wednesday to make sure that he was giving us "excellent" service/food and asking if there was anything he could change. He brought it up on Thursday to tell us that we would be getting the comment cards "tomorrow". And he brought it up on Friday to tell us how important that we rate everything "excellent". In all fairness he was a good waiter (had Indian food specially made for my husband one night, did magic tricks with the kids, etc.) but that was just such a turnoff. The rest of my review by category: DINING: In addition to my comments above...We skipped dinner one night and had room service, which was good. Chocolate chip cookies were definitely good. Cabanas had a very good choice of breakfast items. The made-to-order eggs/omelettes better than the ones sitting under the lights. Worst thing: bacon. I have never had anything so tasteless! We only ate lunch in Cabanas the day we boarded. Lots to choose from then as well. Loved the shrimp (crab okay). Mostly we skipped lunch or had a late afternoon soft ice cream (addictive!) - or ate in port. Overall I thought the food was good. ENTERTAINMENT: The welcome aboard show is very lame - the characters were the highlight. I liked Aladdin and Believe, Wishes not so much. The farewell show was only saved by the woman ventriloquist and the characters. Frozen was shown in the Walt Disney Theater and we enjoyed that. (We found out the movies that would be shown on board from our FB group so didn't go see it before the cruise.) Overall the shows are good - I would not go so far to say they are Broadway quality (as some people do). I personally feel that I "have to see the shows" so I don't miss anything. :-) We did see Believe at a 3:00 p.m. matinee, which I loved having the flexibility of doing - the theater was packed. Liked the couple in the atrium who provided music nightly. Saw Monsters University in the movie theater (on the night we went to the matinee of Believe) but did not have enough time to see any of the other movies. KID'S CLUB: My daughter turned 3 on the Magic and would not go to the kid's club. On our next cruises 6 months later (NCL Epic, Carnival Breeze) and our cruise the this past June (NCL Breakaway) she went in those clubs and loved each of them. So I figured she would go on the Fantasy. She wouldn't. Supposedly the best kids club at sea and I can't get her in! Will try again in June 2015! ON BOARD BOOKING: We did a dummy booking - with the intention of booking June 2015 on the Fantasy for my daughter's 6th birthday. Current itineraries are only out through April of 2015. I'm definitely going to re-think the verandah thing.... PORTS: I've done the Western Carib before and didn't enjoy the Mexican ports so much. This time I loved them. And what a nice change from the Eastern Carib!! I only booked one excursion and we winged the rest (I'm a planner so I never do that!). In Grand Cayman we got an island tour for the 3 of us (total $40) that went to the turtle farm (one of my daughter's favorites), Hell (brief stop), and 7 Mile Beach where we had an excellent lunch at Calico Jack's and spent some time on the beach. Our driver/guide was really good and informative. In Costa Maya, we booked the Chacchoben Mayan Ruin tour with Native Choice. I NEVER book the overpriced and crowded ship's excursions but was really tempted in Costa Maya because we were only in port for 4 1/2 hours. My emails back and forth with Native Choice made me comfortable enough to go with them. It was an excellent choice and an excellent tour! We were 3 couples and 3 girls in a very comfortable van. The native guide was extremely knowledgeable. We arrived at the ruins ahead of the Disney buses and went to the farthest ruins starting in the back. We had the ruins all to ourselves. It was amazing. We made our way forward passing the throngs of people on the Disney tour. So glad we weren't part of that! (Our table mates DID go with Disney and paid A LOT for the 5 of them! We paid for $110 for the 3 of us, which was less than what they paid for just the 2 adults.) Oh...and one of the highlights for us was stopping at a stall at the side of the road where women were selling pineapples. Whole pineapples, juice, and pineapple slices and chili powder are available. We got the slices with the chili powder on the side. The pineapples were SO sweet and juicy and the combination of the sweet and the spicy from the chili powder caused a delicious explosion in my mouth!! We realized we had little cash for Cozumel, so went to guest services to ask where the ATM was on the ship. There wasn't one! I have never been on a ship that didn't have an ATM. The cast member told us (incorrectly) where we could get US$ from an ATM. Off the ship, we walked and walked and walked to that ATM, which didn't dispense US$. We walked and walked and walked back....and saw a sign at Senior Frogs that said they had an ATM with US$....which was broken! However, next door near the post office, we did find one and several other people in line in need of US$. We got a taxi and headed to Paradise Beach. There was a $2 per adult fee to use their facilities (beach/pool) and adults needed to spend an additional $10 each on food/drinks. The beach was really nice and we had a great time. When it started to rain we headed to the bar area near the pool. Once the rain stopped we went into the pool. It was a huge pool (I loved the loungers in the water). After swimming for a while we decided to stay for lunch. I had the Mexican platter which was an assortment of Mexican food (some I did not recognize), which was delicious. Too soon it was time to head back to town. We were able to do a little shopping before getting back on the ship. Castaway Cay was fun. We got off the ship as soon as we could. Beautiful Christmas tree was on the pier. Snapped a couple of photos with Donald Duck and a couple of family photos in front of Dumbo on the back of the ship. Boarded the tram to the family beach, Pelican Point. Got some loungers and headed down to the water. It wasn't very hot (mid 70's expected for the day) and the water was cold...! Beautiful, clear water with big fish swimming by. Best to just dive right in! We had a great time on the beach. BBQ lunch at Cookie's (or was it Cookie's Too?) was good. I love the day at Castaway Cay because for me it's "forced" relaxation! I really enjoyed the Western Caribbean ports. The only disappointment was the amount of time we had in Grand Cayman (5 1/2 hours) and Costa Maya (4 1/2) hours. Oh...and I forgot about the nightmare experience of tendering in Grand Cayman!! It took us over an hour to get off the ship once they got the tour groups off. If you're pre-booking your own excursion, be sure to take that into account! ACTIVITIES: There are enough activities for children on board IF your children participate. My daughter loved Nemo's Reef and the pools. As on our Magic cruise we spent a lot of time in line for photos with the princesses and characters. If you try to see most/all of them, it does interfere with the timings for other activities. (We never made the gingerbread house making class because we were on line for the princesses or somebody!) The activities for adults seemed to be mostly tastings (alcoholic with a fee). Of course, if I was sailing childless, I'd be fine to sit by the pool and read all day. :-) CHARACTERS/PRINCESSES: There is ample opportunity to interact with the characters and princesses. They had the princess gathering 3 times during the week. You meet 4 princesses at one time. The lines for this get VERY long and the princesses were there for almost 2 hours the first time! I recommend getting on line at least 30 minutes early. For all the other characters, we usually got on line 15 minutes before the scheduled time. My daughter loved doing this... I purchased princess dresses from the Disney store's semi-annual sale - great deal and my daughter loved dressing up. I loved the different outfits the characters wore at different times - Christmasy sweaters, formal for formal nights (although I was disappointed that Mickey was dressed in his captain's uniform and not the tux he had on the Magic). We didn't have any issues with people getting nasty on line nor did we have any issues with the lines being cut-off before everyone got to see the character they wanted. The cast members were VERY good about this. If the timing was 11:00 for 15 minutes, they didn't cut the line off until 11:15. Several times the characters went over the allotted time. I do have a thing about those autograph books though...just don't get it. Takes so much time and then....my daughter saw everyone else doing it and after we got a journal as an FE gift, she was hooked. Ugh! I was now one of "those" parents with the kid with the stupid autograph book. :-) FIRST TIME EXPERIENCES: FE: we loved participating in the Fish Extender gift exchange. My daughter loved coming back to our stateroom to see what was waiting for her. She even came all around the ship with me to distribute our gifts. A tip I'll remember for next trip is to save some gifts for the last couple of days. You get so much in the first few days that it was so nice to get some things towards the end of the cruise. Aquaduck: My daughter was tall enough to go but the cast member gave us such a hard time. He literally spent 5 minutes measuring her only to declare that she was too short. A piece of paper could not have fit between her and the bar. In the end, I went alone and really wasn't so impressed. It was quite claustrophobic and not something I'd do again. Pelican Plunge: Now THIS was cool! My daughter WAS tall enough to go. The cast member at the top was so nice and helpful to all the kids who went up with one parent. Parents went down first and he took care of sending the younger kids down. My daughter declared it "awesome" and wanted to do it again and again. Room Service: We were so tired one night - it can be difficult getting back from port and getting to dinner by 5:45 - that we decided to order room service. Service was prompt, food was good, and chocolate chip cookies were very good! Mickey Bars: How come I never had these before?? CROWDS: I'm sure the ship was completely booked. We never once had an issue getting a table at Cabanas or a seat in the theater. The lines for the characters and princesses did get long but we just allowed enough time to get to see them. MISC: I specifically booked this vacation so that we would see all the Christmas decorations at the parks and on the ship. We were not disappointed! The tree lighting ceremony on the ship was nice and all the decorations were great. I would definitely recommend a cruise and/or a trip to WDW during the holiday season! On the Magic we left a large Vinylmation and a Winnie the Pooh plate at guest services for signatures. This time I left a photo mat that turned out really well. As usual we over packed. With the new relaxed dress code in the dining room, I'm going to pack a lot less next cruise! Disney knows how to do it. The cast members are all genuinely nice, the ship is beautiful, and there are just so many extra "Disney touches" that distinguish DCL from other cruise lines. Our cruise was really not that much more expensive than going on the Oasis/Allure or a similar ship. DISEMBARKATION: Wonderful and so efficient! We were going to have something to eat at Cabanas but were cleared to disembark. We left the ship, got our luggage, went through immigration/customs, and were in our car by 8:30 a.m.! I'd definitely book an earlier flight home next time. Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
We were on the Fantasy December 28, 2013-January 4th, 2014. It was a fantastic time. I've been on the Disney Dream and I have to say, I liked the Disney Fantasy better, can't figure out why. The staff was great, the ports were ... Read More
We were on the Fantasy December 28, 2013-January 4th, 2014. It was a fantastic time. I've been on the Disney Dream and I have to say, I liked the Disney Fantasy better, can't figure out why. The staff was great, the ports were nice. I liked St. Thomas better than St. Maarten. The ship had to try for about 5 hours to port at Castaway cay, there were rough seas and very strong winds. The captain kept the whole ship informed as to the progress and would keep trying. They created a impromptu navigator to fill in the time while we were on the ship since normally everyone would have been on castaway cay. The entire Walt Disney Theater was packed that morning to watch Frozen since we weren't getting off the ship (great movie btw, a must see for any disney fan!). Great location to kids clubs, D lounge and other adult venues as well as Cabanas a few floors above. My only complaint is that you can really feel the vibration of the engines while porting but no vibration during sailing at sea which is good. But there was no creaking (we had a room on the 3rd level a few years ago that we literally heard creaking all night). The verandah was great to have and because we had booked both 6182 and 6184 we had the partition slid back so it became one big verandah. Beds were so comfortable and the pillows were amazing, I almost asked where I could buy one of them! Overall I would say it's a good choice for a room. The food was fantastic of course. We went to Palo one night and was not disappointed. Our waitress was wonderful. Bingo was always fun, I'm still singing the B-11 song (for those who haven't played Bingo on a Disney ship, it's a big deal when B-11 gets called)...... There was a very interesting show with a hypnotist (can't remember his name though) which was very entertaining. There was a magician who was just ok, he performed on January 1st I think. Maybe they can't get great performers on those holiday days..The rest of the shows were very good. Kids didn't really use the kids clubs as much as I would have liked. Not because they didn't want to go but because there was so much going on they didn't want to miss and of course the pools on board they loved going on. In regards to the aquaduck, the best time to go on it is in the evening during the pirate show. Nighttime is great to do it because of the flashing lights, and seeing all the people below enjoying the pirate show was fun too. We had so much fun that I booked the same week for this coming december new years eve week! Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
This was our first 7 day Disney cruise. And of course, no one does it like Disney!! Our stateroom host, Ederson was the best! He always knew what we needed before we needed it. We will never forget him and I am sure he will remember us for ... Read More
This was our first 7 day Disney cruise. And of course, no one does it like Disney!! Our stateroom host, Ederson was the best! He always knew what we needed before we needed it. We will never forget him and I am sure he will remember us for a long time!! The dining staff was very good, our Head Server Tiziana made it a point to stop by each table during dinner each evening. Onur the Server was exceptional always remembering our favorites while his assistant Ryan was so good with the children, showing them magic tricks and different folds with the napkins. Our cabin was spacious! There were 4 of us in the room and we had plenty of space for everyone. Our only fault with the cruise was the deck we were on....right above our room was the pool deck geez!!!!!! The kids start running at 7am and don't stop until midnight!! Also the Pirate Deck Party was very booming, we felt as if we were there ourselves when actually we were in bed trying to get some sleep. Our excursions were informative both at the ruins in Costa Maya and snorkeling in Grand Cayman. We choose to cancel our planned excursion in Cozumel tubing the underwater river because of the inclement the weather. Disney refunded us without any questions asked. We choose to snorkel with the rays at Castaway Cay everyone in our party from 11 to 63 enjoyed this event. We plan on cruising again with Disney in 2014!!   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
The last time we took a "cruise" was in 1970, my husband had a scholarship that was paying for the crossing between Rotterdam and New York , those days there was still an economy and first class, we were in the economy, two bunks ... Read More
The last time we took a "cruise" was in 1970, my husband had a scholarship that was paying for the crossing between Rotterdam and New York , those days there was still an economy and first class, we were in the economy, two bunks bed, metal lockers at water level. Yep, those were the days. This cruise was with the whole family, total eleven people , 6 adults, 5 grandchildren from 17 to 7. We were picking up the bill including on the ship expense and excursions. The day of embarkation, we were pleasantly surprised , we were schedule to check in at 12:15 by 1:30, we were checked in, had lunch and minutes from being in our cabins, no luggage but it is still pretty impressive. Overall, the ship is very impressive, from the bathroom, separate room for the toilet, great flow of water , not skipping on toiletries to the deck door moving up slightly when closing it to really seal the room, the rooms was roomy, we all had the deluxe verandah room. We loved Puri our stateroom host, so efficient, we would leave for breakfast and the room would be done, always asking how we slept, how was our day going, helping me with the laundry, he was the best, wish I could have take him home with me, he was assigned to the two other rooms, one with four and one with five people, they also were impressed , our room was easy to do, theirs was not, but it was still done in a timely manner. I quite like the restaurant rotation, we knew every night where we were going , our waiters were following us, Tom and Lenworth were so fine, great with the kids, efficient, polite, helpful, personal , they did not sound fake, even so, I know they must be sick of being nice, when the adults went to Remy, the adults only restaurant, they reassured us they would take care of them, all day long when we saw them for breakfast or lunch at the Cabanas, they always acknowledged us, said hi, asked us how our day was going, they were first class. The personnel on the ship is beyond nice, even the personnel who continuously clean , paint, wash the ship always smiled and said hello, truly for us the best thing about fantasy was the personnel. The food overall was good, not fabulous, I really appreciated the small portions, the little disinfectant wipes they were handing out at the entrance of the restaurant and how they tried to minimize the throwing away food. We ate at Remy, for 6 , 900$ later, quite fancy, they recreated the restaurant in Ratatouille , great food, a little stuffy but worth the experience, the chef came and talked to us numerous timed during the meal. We all felt very special. The excursions were good to okay, the weather did not helped, but overall the whole family thought Mexico was a dump and were happy to leave it behind , not likely to return there . Castaway cays island was fun, weather was cool around 72 but no rain, they tried hard to make everything a good experience. The clubs for the kids were under utilized to my surprise , our kids stayed with us most of the time. The first show we saw was so bad, the family did not go the to rest of them, even so the show Believe was quite good, we all enjoyed tremendously the ventriloquist , it was super. The characters were available very often during the cruise and anyone that wanted to take pictures with them , I think , got their fill. The only thing for my husband and I was the noise level at the pool side, but in reality, we knew it was a Disny cruise, and there was always area for adults only where it was quiet. My only pet peeve was the photography, at the end of the trip you can pick pictures , 10, for 149$, either 10 prints or a DVD, of course we wanted the DVD, unfortunately it was not allowed because they go by cabin, even so some pictures were taken under my card , they put some in my daughter folder, even after talking to the personnel responsible and guest services, we were forced to get the prints , we kept saying, since everything is under one bill we should have been able to get the DVD, I thought it was really trying to get every possible dime out of us, and after spending 25,000$ we felt , we should be able to get the DVD. That is really the only negative things , the boat is fantastic, the personnel unbelievably professional, they work hard and long hours. It was a great experience   Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
We are not new to cruising but this was our first Disney Cruise. We spent the pre cruise night at the Marriott in the Orlando Airport - what a great start to our vacation. We took the Disney Bus to the ship. An ideal solution as they show ... Read More
We are not new to cruising but this was our first Disney Cruise. We spent the pre cruise night at the Marriott in the Orlando Airport - what a great start to our vacation. We took the Disney Bus to the ship. An ideal solution as they show a film on what to expect - kept the Grandson mesmerized. We were a group of 7 and boarding was organized and shortly after arriving at the port we were on the ship and having lunch at the buffet. The ship was beautiful and immaculate as were the cabins. We loved having the two bathrooms (only one with a toilet) so we could both get ready at the same time. Disney sure knows how to do things perfectly. Dining experience was great. We loved moving to different dining rooms and having our wait staff go with us. The shows were great and our four year old grandson loved the children's club and sometimes he didn't want to leave. We enjoyed the entertainment - first class and the cruise director was wonderful. This was a perfect cabin - right near the midship elevators and stairs and yet we never heard any noise from them. We were on the 10th. floor below one of the grills and late at night I could hear them cleaning and moving things around from above. For that reason and only that reason we have booked on a different deck for our next cruise. It is always quieter to have a cabin between two decks of nothing but cabins. The cabin had ample storage, wonderful balcony and was immaculate. Disembarkation was a breeze and we once again hopped on a Disney bus for our transfer to the airport. Did we love it - Oh Yes, so much so that we are booked again for this year - and taking our 12 year old granddaughter for her first ever cruise! Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
Love Disney. I'm 53 and traveled with my 87 year old mother. Also along, but not in the same room was my 63 year old brother and his wife. We dined with two other couples who were childless as well. This trip was wonderful. There are ... Read More
Love Disney. I'm 53 and traveled with my 87 year old mother. Also along, but not in the same room was my 63 year old brother and his wife. We dined with two other couples who were childless as well. This trip was wonderful. There are plenty of places and activities for adults only. We chose cabins on the fifth floor that had the extended balcony. It was nice having the balcony, although I didn't spend much time out there. The entertainment is fantastic. We were around the corner from the movie theater. The only improvement that could be made would be if they would have more showings. One level down puts you in the balcony of the Walt Disney theater. The stage shows are amazing! Food....no complaints. Amazing can best describe it. The buffets are just as amazing. Free soda and ice cream 24/7. The weather this week was not perfect. This would not have been a big deal, but I was a little disappointed because I had high expectations because this was mom's first cruise and trip out of the country and probably her last. Had I been alone, it would have been barely noted. Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
I planned this trip 18 months in advance, booked it and planned like a crazy person. I was pretty disappointed when the price went down for a similar cabin by 1K after my paid in full date. Even though it was a holiday cruise it ... Read More
I planned this trip 18 months in advance, booked it and planned like a crazy person. I was pretty disappointed when the price went down for a similar cabin by 1K after my paid in full date. Even though it was a holiday cruise it didn't sell out and they put it on sale. I never really got that right in my head. Embarkation was fine, we got to the port about 10:40 am. All went well, we had to wait maybe 20 minutes before they called boarding group 7. We met up with our group at the bar on 3 next to the lobby. Kids changed into their swimming suits, we went up and got lunch. I would skip the pizza and burgers and go for cabanas. We didn't and weren't thrilled with the outdoor food options. Kids were fine with them of course. Made our plans for the week with tastings etc. The line for tasting scheduling was long and not well organized. They had 2 sets of print outs and only one computer. They need a new system for that. Sail away is very fun. Disney does a terrific job. Our servers were very friendly but dinner service was a bit slow for our taste. 2 hours is a long time. We mentioned one night that we needed to move quicker and they did pick up the pace, but I think you need to mention it every night if you don't want a 2 hour dinner. We were in cabin 2504, this cabin had some extreme noise from above on the 2nd night. We reported it to them and they said they would fix it while we were in port. We didn't hear the noise again until 2 nights later. We called about it and they immediately moved us to a new cabin. If you hear noise in your cabin, move the first time they offer, the noise will be back. They were very good about it, I suspect they have had problems. Our new cabin was 7530. Both cabins had door for connection, I'll tell you that you can hear everything between the connecting doors. I used ear plus which worked. Food was really good, not excellent but quite good. Cabanas was good, dinner good too. The salmon was the only bad dish, I sent it back and of course got a new meal. I would go with the recommendation of your servers. Shows were top notch, entertainment terrific. Don't miss the shows. The adult shows could be a bit more adult. There was nothing in them that my 12 year old hasn't already heard. The Mixology was absolutely the best thing on the ship. It's in Skyline Lounge with adults only and the best time every. Don' t miss it. What a bargain for $15. We used the Rainforest room, even though the first day they wouldn't sell me day passes. When I called back on day 2 they miraculously had found some availability. They were hoping to sell full week passes. 2 days was just perfect and I recommend it. My kids were"aged" up to Edge. They practically refused my 12 year old ( just a few weeks shy of 13) entrance into Lab. Said she was too old, wouldn't enjoy it etc. Really talked us out of it. My second daughter is almost 11 and they let her in Edge. So that's where they went, but they mostly just did their own thing together with friends they met. They went to movies, dancing, karaoke etc. They had a great time. We did a few character greetings, but it wasn't the main thing for our trip at their ages. We did Palo on the last night. It was a mixed bag The service was so slow. We had a 7:30 reservation and wanted to make a show and pack by 10:15. We finally had to ask them to pick up the pace so we could do all of that. Seemed like plenty of time to us, but they had to move us along. We were so pleased with appetizers, pasta etc. Out of 5 entrees only 1 person was pleased. The tuna was flavorless, and the steak was really just ok (not even as good as a typical steak house on land). They offered to get us new entrees but we were full and out of time. We had a few very windy days and 2 of our excursions were cancelled. Both Cozumel and grand Cayman had unusually windy weather. It was disappointing to have 2 excursion days cancelled. Disney can do nothing about the weather. Castaway Cay was a bit cool but we made the most of it. Costa Maya was really great. I thought Debarkation was a mess. The line was terribly long backing up into the lobby. I would not let them push you earlier than 8:30 because you just stand and wait. Enjoy and relax a bit. I'm glad we did the cruise, we loved it made some great friends and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I do not think I would jump back into a Disney cruise due to the cost. It's just so much more than a similar cruise on Royal Caribbean (we've been on 3 cruises with them including the Oasis). To me it' s a once in a life time cruise. If I found a great deal, I jump at it, I just wouldn't pay the premium price again. I know people on our sailing did find great deals. Wait for those.   Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
I am not sure what cruise line some of these other people went on. This was our 4th cruise and every one of them have been nothing short of phenomenal! This cruise was just my 16 yr old daughter and myself. I have been a single mom since ... Read More
I am not sure what cruise line some of these other people went on. This was our 4th cruise and every one of them have been nothing short of phenomenal! This cruise was just my 16 yr old daughter and myself. I have been a single mom since my daughter was 2 and I have saved and planned for each cruise and it is the best money I have ever spent. My daughter has chosen the cruise every time and plans to go on many more (she is now 18) Quality time together and met wonderful new friends on every one. This cruise we were sat at a table with a family from England. We are still friends today and are planning another cruise together in 2017. This is probably the best thing about Disney. The customer service is out of this world. They try to match the families with similarities when seating them for dinner. Our first cruise, they sat us with a family where the youngest daughter actually had the same birth date as my daughter. This time they were very close in age. The food has always been fantastic and I am a light sleeper and I sleep wonderfully every night on every cruise. The rooms are cleaned twice a day and I think it is great that the bathroom is split, one person can be showering while the other person goes to the bathroom or is getting ready in the other part. These cruises are truly for every age, married or not, children or not etc... I cannot think of anyone who would not enjoy a Disney Cruise. If you do not want to be around children, there are plenty of areas you can avoid them. If you have children and want some adult time, there are supervised activities without an extra charge. We have been on a cruise in December and 3 in October, having the Christmas and Halloween themes has been great as well. I have recommended Disney Cruises to everyone I know, even strangers. I have had friends follow my advice and they have went on more and are planning on more because they agree, the best vacation ever. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
May 2013 we decided to take a cruise to celebrate our 1st Wedding & 12th Anniversary in October, as well as my Husband's 47th birthday, but it had to be a Disney one according to our 6 yr old daughter. Fantasy's Eastern ... Read More
May 2013 we decided to take a cruise to celebrate our 1st Wedding & 12th Anniversary in October, as well as my Husband's 47th birthday, but it had to be a Disney one according to our 6 yr old daughter. Fantasy's Eastern Itinerary was a perfect choice for us. Embarkation: We did the online check in, saves you so much time from what I hear, we had a port arrival time of 10:45 11am, unloading luggage and parking the car (all was relatively painless and quick) the wait to get through security was a bit long, but it wasn't as bad as some say it is, with all the excitement (especially listening to the little ones detailing all the characters they want to see) around you it does go fairly quick, I don't think it was any worse than waiting at airport security. The check in process upstairs in the terminal was very efficient, fill out the medical form, verify id’s, get pics taken and sent on our way. We even got my daughter her Mickey band for the Kid's activity areas(no line up at the time) We were given boarding group 5, and groups 1 - 4 were called very quickly, so before we knew it we were walking down the hallway to the first of many photo ops!! DO NOT turn down an opportunity to get your pic taken by the pros!! Especially if you want to purchase the picture cd from Shutters at the end of the cruise. As we entered the ship they personally welcome each and every family, which right from the get go makes you feel like the special guest you are!!! We were welcomed aboard by Caitlin, who also does a lot of the kid’s entertainment activities and is one of the bubbliest girls I have ever seen (and she has super awesome hair). The moment we walked on the ship and had our first look around. WOW... I don't think we will ever forget it!! Beautiful ship!! There is so much attention to detail in the decorations and art work; I spent a few hours just wandering the ship admiring the art and pics. Our room was not ready til closer to 2pm but we had lunch at Cabanas, did some wandering around and amused ourselves til it was ready. Once we got in our room, hubby went for a nap and daughter and I went swimming! Our luggage was all at our room by 4 or so. Stateroom #10582 this cabin is mid-ship Starboard side category 4A Deluxe Family Ocean view Stateroom with Verandah on Deck 10(Sleeps 5). I also did a review on the cabin; we had a very comfortable stay in it. And it more than ample room for our many suitcases and purchases from Sint Maarten & St Thomas! We had the best stateroom Host Ederson…he made the most fabulous towel art and sometimes used the throw blanket, we never had any issues with our room not being taken care, we rarely seen him and that is the way we liked it. When we did happen to see him he had a smile and a Hello My Princess for our daughter. Shows/Entertainment/Activities: The Navigator is a must have each day, check the schedules and to make sure you do not miss anything. We attended all the shows we possibly could, we enjoyed each and every one of them; our favourite was 'Believe' and then 'Aladdin'. The Genie was the best part of the shows hands down!!! As for character appearances, we didn't find the wait times all that long (not like at the parks) For the Princess Gathering & Tinker Bell, we did have to wait about an hour or so, but it was so worth it. Best part though, as you walk through the ship you sometimes run into some of them, Goofy kissed my daughter’s hand; she thought that was pretty awesome(and she only likes the Princesses) Take advantage of any photo opportunity that you can, it definitely makes for some great memories! Pirate Night was a blast, so many people get right into it and it was so much fun seeing all the pirates!! You do get a pirate bandana which is a nice keepsake!! Fireworks off the starboard side of the ship, pretty incredible! Halloween celebrations on the High Seas, who would have thought!! My daughter’s treat bag in our room was full of nut free chocolates in the shape of bats, pumpkins, ghosts and witches. That was a great touch.. Thanks Disney!!! We brought along her autograph album from other visits to the park so we managed to fill it up and I had also brought along another one that I took to guest services to have all the characters sign it, as well as Captain Marco. You can bring anything that will fit in a Ziploc to have it signed. 2 per stateroom. Some brought Disney hardcover books, photo frames, scrapbook pages, pillowcases, t-shirts etc. Evening Dining Experiences: They were beyond awesome, we were seated with a family who have a daughter close to the same age as our daughter, and they hit it right off as did we!! As for dinner service we were on the 8:15 RAERAER(rotational dining in the 3 MDR with same servers each night) We had Valentin(head server), Henry(server) and Putra(assistant server). Putra went above and beyond each evening after our meal to make the girls origami animals. As well they always had their chocolate milk waiting at the table. My daughter has severe allergies (peanuts/tree nuts/whole eggs) so each evening Putra would inform me if she could eat the bread/rolls and if not he provided her with her own basket of safe rolls. Every night for dessert it was the Mickey Bars, as they are peanut friendly according to DCL reservations as well as the dining staff. Henry, as he detailed the menu & made his suggestions would let me know what could be a possible worry -food wise. If she didn't want something on her plate or wanted something different her wishes were always granted(just like being at home) She loves red peppers, cucumbers and grapes, Henry would get them for her even if they were nowhere to be found in that night’s service. Ketchup in the shape of Mickey on the girl’s plates, cutting up their meat or whatever required smaller pieces, even trying to get them to have one more bite, Henry and Putra to the rescue!!! We found the dinner service to be incredible; each and every choice we made came out hot and fresh. Maybe that was just luck but we had no complaints with the evening meals, good size portions, wide variety of choices and some lighter fare as well. We didn't find the late seating to be an inconvenience; it’s the same time as our meal at home, so it worked out fine. And I found the dining rooms to be less crowded actually, fewer younger children. By far Royal Court was my favourite dining room; we had a table in one of the alcoves right by a port hole, less noisy as it was towards the back, made for a very enjoyable meal. Animator’s Palate was especially fun the night our place-mats came to life, table location was okay, would have preferred to be off to the side like we were in RC. Enchanted Garden is beautiful, but our table location seemed crowded and as with AP would have preferred to be off to the side more. We were fortunate enough to be able to celebrate my husband’s birthday, our anniversary and our new found friends it was the wife’s birthday as well. With each celebration we had a special dessert, special song with some of the staff and then the awesome birthday and anniversary buttons!! If you do not like to be the centre of attention don’t mention your celebration!! You will not leave the table hungry you can request another entrée or appetizer or even another dessert( I couldn't decide between 2 desserts one evening so Henry brought both of them out to me) The guys both had another lobster entrée because 1 tail just wasn’t enough!! Food and Beverages: Cabanas was our choice for breakfast and lunch time meals, never had any issues finding a table, but that may have been timing or the fact we usually sat in the aft of the ship, most people tended to congregate at the entrance area tables. Pretty much anything you want to eat can be found; even the pickiest eaters can find something to satisfy themselves. Pizza, burger, hot dogs, Panini, wraps, sandwiches, fresh fruit and cookies (yummmm) can be found at Luigi's Pizza, Fillmore's Favorites and Tow Mater Grill mid ship portside on Deck 11. Then walk around to the port side and have ice cream for dessert!!! Beverage stations are located mid ship deck 11 both sides. The water is fine to drink, as it is filtered, I am very fussy about my water as I drink mostly water, I just wish I had brought a refillable water bottle with a wide mouth for ease of putting ice in it. So many ppl waste ice on board trying to fill up a small bottle) As well I wish we would have brought our own travel coffee mugs. They do have excellent coffee and the tea selection is very impressive. I did buy the odd alcoholic beverage for the keepsake glasses; I didn't find the prices all that bad. Pools: Yes the pools can get very crowded on sea days, but there are so many other things to do that you can find a time to come back when it’s not as bad. Mickey and Donald pool we did go in a few times, water was usually warm (other than when they drained them to clean them) Aqua Lab was rarely busy; we spent a bit of time playing in the sprays. Aqua duck was so much fun, even with the wait it was worth it. Look down when you take off, you can see the ocean! We didn't go in the hot tubs that much, usually very crowded with kids swimming in them, they have a glass floor to look at the ocean, and Mickey’s slide was a big hit with the littler kids, as they could go down it all by themselves. Nemo’s Reef looked like it would be a lot of fun for the little ones with all the different sprays and features. Kid Activities: Oceaneer Club & Lab are both secured areas even during open house they are very aware of whom is there and where the kids all are in the venue. Our daughter had so much fun at them, at times she didn't want to leave. Tinker Bell’s Talent show was one of her favourite, as well as pulling up a beanbag chair and watching a movie. Even in the kid’s area they were very aware of her allergies and made sure she didn’t come in contact with anything that may cause a reaction. Key to the World Card: This is how you pay for anything you want to purchase onboard, it is linked to your credit card or you can pay cash and they will put a limit on it. You also use the card to get off and on the ship at ports along with picture id if over 18, even children need to present their KTTW card. It also powers the lights and climate control in your cabin. I think the best thing about this card was the fact it has your dining rotation printed on it so you don’t have to think too hard about where you ate the night before!! Although your serving staff will remind you each evening where to be the following evening! You will also need all your sailing party’s card in order to disembark. Shopping: DCL merchandise of course, as well as a duty free and jewellery store. If you are a pin trader check around for their pin trading binders. Forgot something? chances are they will have it in one of the shops! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique: We chose the Crown Package with the Pop hairstyle, my daughter enjoyed the pampering and loved her wild hair They give them a sash, keepsake bag as well as nail polish, makeup and face jewels and finish it off with the Pixie Dust (takes forever to get out of her hair). Next cruise we are going to do the Royal Sea Package. The Fairy Godmother’s in Training were all so nice to us, one of them gave my daughter a Special certificate that was delivered to our room for having the same first name(uncommon name nowadays). Nice memento to frame from the trip. Castaway Cay: perfect ending to a perfect week. The family beach wasn't all that crowded if you ventured down a bit. We walked from the ship to the beach and it’s not that far of a walk, the trams were frequent; we were the only ship in at the time so there wasn't huge crowd at all. A lot of the activities had been cancelled due to the wind, but it didn't affect us at all on the beach. Pelican Plunge was enjoyed by my daughter and I…Daddy took pics! Didn't enjoy the food as much as we did on the ship, I am not much of a BBQ rib, burger kinda person but it satisfied the hunger! We bought a tshirt and towel as well as a few magnets to remember the day. I also mailed out a few postcards, which we are still waiting to get lol Staff: Without a doubt Disney worldwide has amazing staff, DCL is no exception. A good majority of the service staff can work up to 8 months at a time with 2 months off. That’s a long haul and yet they are still smiling. They truly go above and beyond to make your family feel special and valued. We had exceptional staff right from the moment we walked into the terminal until we drove away, we had the best of the best in service, smiles, friendly words and attention given to the smallest of details. Cruise Director Ray he’s the best!! Stateroom, dining, kids club activity staff, entertainers, guest services, photographers, sales staff, cleaners, maintenance, ship Officers….the list goes on and on…they are all part of the truly amazing staff found on the Fantasy. Not once did we experience any negative interactions with DCL staff & crew. (Although we did witness some pretty disrespectful cruisers when they were dealing with the staff, the staff members kept their cool and maintained their pleasant demeanor when most of us would have lost our cool) Interesting observation: There’s always someone cleaning, making sure everything is just right, in ports they were constantly doing upkeep on the exterior of the ship to keep it looking new. That was so impressive. Attention to detail!!! DCL takes celebrations, food allergies/intolerances, medical issues and any concerns you may have very seriously; everything is noted on your reservation and then passed on to the appropriate staff onboard. Disembarkation: You are given Colour coded luggage tags with a Disney character on them, place your luggage outside your room by 1030 the last evening of the cruise (don’t forget to keep clothes for the next day though. Yes some ppl do forget), and pick it up the next morning after breakfast in the terminal prior to Customs. Look for the overhead sign that has your Disney character, all the luggage is laid out according to stateroom #. Porters are there to help you if needed, extra charge but well worth it. The wait for Customs was about 45 mins, but once we were done we were at our car, loaded up and off in no time flat. Don't miss having breakfast in the dining room, it’s a great chance to say 'see ya' to the new friends and staff you just spent the last week withnand get some pics!!! Quick note on Gratuities. Unless you specify they are charged to your credit card and you are given a sheet of paper with this all details as well as envelopes for the Stateroom host, Server, Assistant Server and Head Server. Detach, put them in the envelopes then present them to them at your last meal with them. We added some extra cash and a little thank you gift for each of them. FYI For a 7-Night cruise it works out to be DR Server $28 pp DR Assistant Server $21 pp DR Head Server $7 pp and Stateroom Host/Hostess $28 pp Items that come in handy on the cruise: Wide mouth reusable water bottle, travel coffee mugs, autograph book and pens, a small bottle of laundry soap ( Single use box of Tide $1 in laundry room). Magnetic board for your door as well as magnets to decorate it, just makes it a little more like home! Lanyards with a card/money holder, tote/small backpack for the excursions. We can't wait to take another cruise with Disney and it will more than likely be on the Fantasy once again. I will be asking for our same dining room servers!! I would much rather take a Disney cruise then visit one of the parks any day!!! Having a child with severe nut allergies I didn't worry once about her food safety with all the special attention we were given by our dining staff. Even the Cabanas staff was so accommodating with her allergies. Well Done Disney Fantasy!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
Our seventh cruise and decided to take the granddaughters ( 7 years old twins). I thought it was going to be a cruise from #%@(^% with the Disney ship having no casino but as it turned out, I had the time of my life the wife and myself. ... Read More
Our seventh cruise and decided to take the granddaughters ( 7 years old twins). I thought it was going to be a cruise from #%@(^% with the Disney ship having no casino but as it turned out, I had the time of my life the wife and myself. The mother of the twins got sick for 3 days on the cruise so guess who were the sitters were. Lucky we had a balcony cabin sleeps four. Loved the Aqua Duck but the pools were a little crowded. The ship was extremely clean all the time, meals were top notch. . Twins had a blast, Disney knows how to handle large volumes of people, the terminal was smooth going, and quick.....Their private island is very well kept, and with trams for transport. every detail considered, and planned for. The twins met Mickey, Donald, all the princess's, they slept every night with smiles on their faces. They keep asking when is their our cruise   Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
we sailed as a family on the Disney fanstasy over fall break. We planned the cruise almost a year ahead of time. Our 10 year anniversary was coming up and trying to plan something that everyone would enjoy was hard. My kids range in age ... Read More
we sailed as a family on the Disney fanstasy over fall break. We planned the cruise almost a year ahead of time. Our 10 year anniversary was coming up and trying to plan something that everyone would enjoy was hard. My kids range in age from 18 to 4 with the middle one being 6. After reading lots of reviews we decided to go with Disney because of all the activites for different age ranges. All of the reviews I read had rated the kids clubs high and they did not disappoint. My little two (ages 4 and 6) loved them. When we would go to pick them up at 10;30 pm they wanted to stay! My 18 year old(daughter) meet some kids her age and there was plenty for them to do in the various clubs not to mention the fact that she could go to the adult only pool areas to get away from the kids. Since it was our anniversary we decided to treat ourselves and booked a concierge family oceanview stateroom. It was room 12528 .We loved the location on deck 12, very close to pool and ice cream/fast food station and also very close to the concierge lounge which was amazing. It is open from 7 am to 10 pm. They have continental breakfast, and amazing coffee maching that does everything from espresso to lattes to hot chocolate. during the day they have snacks, juice, tea etc . Two times a day from 5-5:45 and 7:30-8:15 ( and also from 4 to 5 on sea days up on the concierge sundeck) they have happy hour! full open bar with mixed drinks, wine, beer. Along with the lounge there are 3 concierge employees to help you with anything you need. My little boy got sperepated from us and Kamesha-one of the 3 concierge hostesses brought him to me after remembering that I told her I was going to take Hannah to see Minnie mouse. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
We had over all a great time . The flaws were no casino and bad kids club. The ship is big And has a big water slide called the aqua duck . We were entertained by shows and the pool.we were kept busy. Unlike most cruise lines the pool was ... Read More
We had over all a great time . The flaws were no casino and bad kids club. The ship is big And has a big water slide called the aqua duck . We were entertained by shows and the pool.we were kept busy. Unlike most cruise lines the pool was chlorine water. They had a main pool a pool for kids that had a mini slide and an adult only pool.the service was good because the room maid was nice and we would always see towel gami. Disney cruise has its own little helpful free app. The liternary was great. We stopped at castawaycay and comemel costa Maya and the grand cayman. They have activities from riding dolphins to going to caves to having a relaxing day at the beach. Disney offered flights and bus rides and made the whole event eseir at port and shore places. Now the cabin was very big.it was bigger than my child's bedroom. The bathrooms were very uasable. They separated the toilet and shower.it made it easier for us to me flexible by when my husband is pooping I can be taking a shower.rather then cramped all in one room smelling poop and hering farts.we had a nice big porthole with a couch so we could lay down and look out to sea. The stateroom was unbeatable . Another unbelievable thing is the food. For dinner everyday we would switch restruants.we would go to royal court to animates palot then to another restruant. For lunch we would eat at the buffet . Then breakfast was excellent and tasty. Like I said before the kids club was not good. They would only do things once in a while leaving my kid board. We'll as on the magic when my kid was 8 they did fun activities like scavenger hunts and dances. My child even had a girl freind for a week. We'll on the fantasty my kid just wanted to get out. But for adults you would have a great time spending time with your kids and they have some night clubs . Overall it was an amazing cruise besides the kids club. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
After sailing several lines my husband finally agreed to take the Disney cruise as we traveled with my twin sister and her husband. She (a Disneyland Cast Member) and I have always been huge Disney fans, whereas my husband was saturated ... Read More
After sailing several lines my husband finally agreed to take the Disney cruise as we traveled with my twin sister and her husband. She (a Disneyland Cast Member) and I have always been huge Disney fans, whereas my husband was saturated with Disneyland growing up and once every 10 yrs. is enough for him. His assessment of the cruise overall is that it met his expectation of Disney excellence in all areas from the moment of stepping on to leaving the ship. In fact, disembarking the ship was the low point as children crying and long lines to exit delayed the process. Disney themeing is thoroughout in over 5,000 pieces of art everywhere you look, it tells the story. Soft Disney music plays in the background, and the Characters leave you alone and stay to designated areas. Adult only areas were frequented and the general atmosphere was one of relaxation if you wanted it, or excitement, have it your way! Dining was really good in the rotational restaurants, but the Animator's 2nd time where you draw on the placemat and your character is animated on the screens during dessert brought smiles and joy to every face as we recognized our handiwork on screen. We saw it 3 times, so were able to take a picture of it when it came around again, a huge plus, and we got our placemats back afterwards. Our dining servers rotated with us, and we felt a friendship with them as they seemed genuinely interested in getting to know us. Alla and Maria were wonderful! Our stateroom attendant Nicholae was almost a ghost, room cleaned twice a day with lots of chocolates and towel animals daily. We also went to each of the Specialty dining opportunities, reservations only which we were lucky to obtain being first time Disney cruisers. My husband felt that the Remy Brunch and Remy dinner was the best dining he had ever experienced in his life, and that is saying a lot. And he discovered he prefers the French cooking influence over Italian at Palo. The ambience was subtle and tastefully created everywhere you look from china and crystal to furniture and wall coverings carrying out the themeing. We both felt the surcharge was worth the product, and would do it again. Senses Rainforest Spa experience was a little pricey, but we did this as a first time experience also. Honestly, we were so busy around the ship even on days at sea that we found it difficult to schedule ourselves free time to partake! Disney Pin Traders, everywhere! All the onboard shops have cast members with pin trading lanyards and several of the shops onboard have books to select from (rules apply, 2 trades per guest at a time). Also Officer's Pin Trading Night has 10 officers with lanyards giving guests delightful trading opportunity. There was also a family onboard with children who also traded with anyone who cared to, and the father had 3 huge books to select from, trading at his discretion. His children were "whatever you want"! Pirate Night with fireworks and Halloween costume night were also opportunities for guests to dress up, and yes, some of the costumes were very elaborate! Disney Cruise Line provided each guest a pirate themed bandana to keep and make part of their costume. Castaway Cay was the prettiest island we have experienced. Family snorkeling area had lots of fish, and Senenity Bay the Adult only area was peaceful and delightful. Who wanted to leave? BBQ lunch was typical and served in both areas. The trams took guests to different areas from the docked ship, and bicycle rentals were very popular. I do agree that if you are a Disney fan, it adds to the overall experience. I loved it and would welcome a repeat on any DCL ship anytime in my future. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
My family of four (Two parents, an 11 year old girl and a 9 year old boy at the time) went on our second Disney Cruise on the Fantasy, September 28, 2013. (Our first was the year before that. We also went on another in 2014 and are hoping ... Read More
My family of four (Two parents, an 11 year old girl and a 9 year old boy at the time) went on our second Disney Cruise on the Fantasy, September 28, 2013. (Our first was the year before that. We also went on another in 2014 and are hoping to go again this year.) Our experience with our first Disney Cruise on the Fantasy was personally my favorite. The food is fantastic, and our waiters were so friendly and kind! They made sure everything was to our liking. Our favorite thing there was most likely eating. We had breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and room service about every night. Not to mention some snacks and ice cream. Some could say the Disney Cruise Line is mainly for kids, but that is certainly not the case. There was something for everyone. They have stuff like mini-golf, basketball, etc for anyone of any age. They have clubs for certain ages. They have a a Nursery, the Oceaneer Club and Lab, the Edge, and the Vibe. The Edge and Vibe are for pre-teens and teenagers. Then they also have areas and restaurants just for adults. They have lots of games and such. And activities for the whole family. There are also some movie theaters. They have something for every age. Whether you like swimming or sunbathing, playing games or watching movies, or watching the ocean and watching for some dolphins! We saw some baby dolphins riding right next to the ship. :) Now to the restaurants. I have to say they are amazing! The Animators Palate is my favorite. The first of the days Crush the turtle was on the screen and talked to us. The other day there we drew characters and they put them on the screen and made them dance, skip, ice skate, and more! Enchanted Garden was beautiful! They have flowers of different colors that open and close on the ceiling. The Royal Palace is very nice too. And the food everywhere is great. The kids clubs are great too! The Oceaneer Club and Lab is super fun. They have a magic floor to play games on. They bake cookies and other delicious foods. They have arts, crafts, science projects, and tons of games. The Edge has a green screen. They do animation, and bake too. They also have scavenger hunts all around the ship! The Vibe I'm not sure about, but I heard it has a snack and smoothie bar as well as a pool. And one last thing to mention, as I could go on and on for hours, my family loves the Disney cruises. The crew members are so nice and helpful. But I recommend planning quite a bit for your first one to make sure to be on top of everything. There is a lot that goes on, but I recommend a Disney Cruise for anyone! Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
This was our second cruise with DCL but the first DCL cruise for our 11 almost 12 years old daughter. See the ship docked at the terminal as we were arriving via the Disney shuttle, we were bouncing out of our seats from excitement. We ... Read More
This was our second cruise with DCL but the first DCL cruise for our 11 almost 12 years old daughter. See the ship docked at the terminal as we were arriving via the Disney shuttle, we were bouncing out of our seats from excitement. We couldn't wait to be on the ship. Once inside the terminal, there were 2 lines - one for new passengers and one for returning passengers. As my husband and I are silver castaway members, we were prepared and ready to wait in the very long line for returning passengers. Some friendly cast member saw us and pointed us to the new passengers line. There were very few people in this line so we were able to breeze through to the pre-sail pictures and then onto the ship. The lobby is absolutely magnificent! As we were not able to get to our stateroom right away, we headed off to Cabanas and had an amazing lunch. Our daughter was very impressed with the different pizzas available. After lunch, we made our way to our stateroom - 5186. To my surprise, the room was much bigger than what I had thought. Since it was an accessible room, we didn't have the split bath or round bathtub. And so much storage space!! And the bedding was really comfortable too. The room had a couch that converted to a bed for our daughter though she switched to the Pullman bed after a couple of nights. It was quite rocky out the first night. The ship did rock back and forth and my poor daughter developed a really bad headache from it. She even skipped dinner because she felt awful. I felt awful as I didn't want her first DCL cruise to leave her with such bad memories. By the next day, everything was smooth sailing and she was fine and ready for all the ice cream she could eat. As our daughter was in this in-between age, she was able to go to either Oceaneer's Club or The Edge. We signed her in to both but she ended spending a lot of time at Edge. She made several new friends there and many nights she stayed until it closed. Our first port was Grand Cayman and my husband and I did venture to shore. Unfortunately it rained so bad that we ended returning to the ship. The second port was Costa Maya and my husband and daughter did the Dolphin Swim there. I was in charge of taking pictures as I refused to go into deep waters. My daughter had a blast with the dolphin. We are sure that had we allowed it, she would have taken the dolphin home. The third port was Cozumel and my husband and I just strolled along the streets while our daughter stayed on-board with her friends. The rotational dining experience and the food were quite exceptional. One of my husband's best food memories is the giant lobster tail for the Captain's Gala dinner. He had that plus another meat entree that night. Years ago when my husband and I sailed on the Magic, we had dinner at Palo's. What we remember most were the calamari and the chocolate souffle. Of course, this time around, we made sure we ordered those. The calamari was excellent. The presentation of the chocolate souffle was different but it was extremely delicious nonetheless. I could have lived off the souffle for the entire cruise. This was actually also the first time we went to Castaway Cay. When we sailed the Magic years before, the weather was really bad and we had to detour to Mexico instead. I'm not usually a beach person, but on Castaway Cay, I'm willing to be stranded there. It is so beautiful there and the water is so clear and everything is so clean. Unfortunately, my husband may remember Castaway Cay as the place he lost his sunglasses. On the the 5th night, Pirate Night, the fireworks had to be cancelled because the weather was really bad. The Pirate show had to be moved indoors as well. It was so bad that you couldn't walk in a straight line. Again, it got so bad that my daughter had one heck of a headache and didn't even want to take pictures with Pirate Mickey. Thankfully we were only second in line to get our pictures taken so once that was done, back to the cabin we go so she could sleep it off. Oh, what can I say about the shows? Excellent!! Aladdin was hilarious. Especially genie!! And of course, the adult entertainment was exceptionally funny. Sometimes I forget I'm on DCL, with some of the things people would do. Were there any negative things about our trip? Well, I had a little difficulty working the washer (they are tiny) but a cast member from housekeeping came and helped me. Oh, there was this one guy at the port excursions table. He was rather rude. When we asked about the activities at Castaway Cay, he just pointed to the little write up in the brochure. He didn't even try telling us about it. Other than that, we really didn't encounter too much negative stuff (except for the weather but that can't be controlled). Or maybe we just enjoyed ourselves too much to let little things get to us! One day soon, we hope, we can sail with DCL again!   Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
We felt that we had to write something as this was our 2nd Disney Cruise (first one 6 yrs ago on the Disney Wonder) and we had an absolute blast. A lot has been written about the ship but it is truly a beautiful vessel with an eye for ... Read More
We felt that we had to write something as this was our 2nd Disney Cruise (first one 6 yrs ago on the Disney Wonder) and we had an absolute blast. A lot has been written about the ship but it is truly a beautiful vessel with an eye for detail only Disney has. As we are adults traveling without children we adored Satellite Falls and the Europa district. The reason why we choose Disney is because of their food, their shows, their service and attention for detail only Disney has. The food in the main dining rooms is of superb quality and we loved it. On the contrary, our night at Palo was not that special as it was 6 yrs ago, The restaurant is too big and the food is good but not excellent. Especially as the food is already excellent in the main dining restaurants. Perhaps we are a bit spoiled as well with fine Italian delicacies close to our home. The shows are breathtaking although we missed the Soul show of Hercules that we adored on the Wonder and that was a bit more adult orientated and a bit less Disney character themed as the other shows. Our balcony cabin was excellent and there is truly a lot of wardrobe space to put your clothes in. And we don't travel light! Amazing! About the ports of call: St. Maarten was nice. At least the Dutch part. We didn't like the French side where (low season) a lot was closed, where the buildings were not that well maintained etc. St. Thomas is absolutely beautiful. High mountains, breathtaking beaches and very green! We definitely want to go back there some day. Castaway Cay is as always a fantastic retreat. We head straight for the adults beach and will only leave it for our barbecue lunch. To be honest it was low season, so guess the ship was sailing at a 70% capacity and that was just good, If it would have been fully booked I'm not sure if we would have enjoyed it so much (too crowded then).As Disney is usually the first one with everything we would appreciate free wifi onboard! Rates as on other cruise liners are too high. Especially as there is not even free wifi in the Disney terminal so we did not have the opportunity to download the new Navigator App they were launching softly. Think of the international guests Disney! And last but not least, try to put some signs in the room, on the balconies and in the hallwayss that guests (including children) need to be more quiet from 10 pm till 8 am. Children running in the hallways at 11 pm making a lot of noise is quite disturbing as well as shuffling chairs and tables on your balcony at 7 am. Nevertheless we booked our next cruise onboard and will be heading for the Southern Caribbean on Sept. 20th 2014. Sailing the Disney Magic. Can't wait to go! PS: We completely forgot to mention how amazing and beautiful the Spa is. You have to experience this! Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
I recently (Aug 31- Sept 7) took a 7 night cruise to the Western Caribbean with my family. I can't say for my parents, but I LOVED IT. it was definitely a memorable cruise, to say the least. Embarkation We rented a car in Florida, ... Read More
I recently (Aug 31- Sept 7) took a 7 night cruise to the Western Caribbean with my family. I can't say for my parents, but I LOVED IT. it was definitely a memorable cruise, to say the least. Embarkation We rented a car in Florida, so we took a shuttle from the car dealer (is that what you would call it?) to the port. A little hectic, but we all managed. once we got there, we proceeded through customs (which took maybe 15 mins TOPS). after customs, we had to check in. everything went really smoothly and we were on the ship within a half hour of getting to the port. i was amazed, as this was my second cruise ever (first on Dis) and this was probably the fastest embarkation ever. Entertainment There was DEFINITELY enough to do on the ship. The pool was "meh" at best, as it got disgustingly cloudy, crowded, and began to smell after the first few days. Yes it SMELLED. Horrible. The Aquaduck never seemed to have an overly long line, which was GREAT. unfortunately, we encountered 20+ mph winds, so it was closed 90% of the time. The shows were AMAZING. Like i can't even begin to describe them. the movies however, were 'meh". they showed the same movies over and over, and there were only 3 movies playing. they were Monsters Uni, Planes, and The Lone Ranger, playing on different days alternating between 3D and not 3D. i can safely say that i have seen Planes at least 6 times, and Lone Ranger 2 times. i wish i was kidding. Dining I loved having the same waitstaff each night. They were SOOOOOO nice and friendly. The only thing that i didn't like (but didn't hate either) was when the head waiter tried "setting me up" with the boy at the table next to us. it was funny, and the kid seemed nice, but it was awkward with my parents after. We ended up with a 6 person table with a 3 person party (due to error or something, i didn't mind) and that meant that we got a window seat every DR except for Animators Palate. The food on the first night was amazing and seemed to slowly regress as the days went on, so much that they had us eating "corn 3 ways" on the last night. it was probably the weirdest thing I've ever eaten. Excursions In Costa Maya, we went to a Jungle Beach Break. Awful. The beach was disgusting (there were plastic cups and food on the sand), and i got stung by a jellyfish. i know that it was not the resort's fault, but it sort of just killed the rest of my day. In Cozumel, we went on a Horse Back Tour. This was wonderful, even though we rode through a torrential downpour and were swarmed by mosquitos. Again, that could not have been prevented, but it was a wonderful excursion and the people were nice and cheerful throughout the tour. But my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE excursion was the Stingray City Snorkel Excursion in Grand Cayman. This was AMAZING. The water was so warm, the people so friendly, and the stingrays were just awesome. they would swim right up to you and you could pet them. they were, basically, "big, slimy puppies". It was just absolutely amazing. Sailing this was interesting. The first few days, there was smooth sailing, calm water, and bright blue sky. a few days later however, there was a "tropical depression", and that caused the waves to be QUITE rough. so, pretty much, you could constantly feel the ship rocking. For at least 2 days, you weren't allowed on the jogging path, as it flooded and the ship was rocking too much. YAY. Thats pretty much it! Fabulous vacation, but bit could have been better.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
This was our third experience with Disney. We have stayed at the theme parks twice and this was our first Disney Cruise. Disney does a lot of things right. Disney employees are always smiling and waiting to assist you. Embarkation is ... Read More
This was our third experience with Disney. We have stayed at the theme parks twice and this was our first Disney Cruise. Disney does a lot of things right. Disney employees are always smiling and waiting to assist you. Embarkation is chaotic and exciting, but went smoothly. We enjoyed the first two days at sea and had a chance to enjoy the amenities aboard the ship. Our two boys ages 10 and 9 loved the pool and riding the aquaduck around the top deck of the ship. Cabanas is an informal dining area on Deck 11 by the pool. There you can snack on breakfast and lunch fare while staying close to the poolside action, don't miss the raw bar where they have huge shrimp and mussels. My boys loved Flo's café on the other side of the pool where they could snack on pizza, chicken nuggets, sandwiches and desserts at there pleasure. Excursions are a bit pricey, but worth it. The Sea Blaster Snorkeling excursion on St. Thomas was well worth the $55 ea. We spent hours checking out coral reefs, stingrays, turtles and Casper the friendly barracuda. The Sea Trek Helmet dive on St. Maarten was very cool, it's basically snorkeling for dummies, my younger son was very tentative to go, but glad he did, especially when we looked at the pictures later. Castaway Cay is a great place to relax and take in the Stingrays adventure where you can swim with and feed the Stingrays. On Castaway Cay they hold a BBQ style outdoor lunch that was great, make sure to try the ribs, I started and couldn't stop. Back on board my boys signed up for the Aviators Club, but they found it a bit young for them (Ages 10,9). We dropped them there while my wife and I had a couples massage that was truly exquisite. They preferred to seek out characters for autographs and play mini-golf and basketball on the top of the ship when not in the pool. The entertainment aboard the ship is fantastic. We go to Broadway shows occasionally, and put these shows not far below in terms of talent and quality. We also took in the movie Planes, which was out in theatres at the time. The dining experience was great, we only went to the standard dining rooms and found the food to be above average and service extraordinary. The last night at Animators Palate was a party where they display the guests artwork to music on the walls of the dining room, we enjoyed that. Disembarkation was smooth, but bittersweet knowing we were leaving. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
BACKGROUND INFO Wow! What a great cruise! We are a newlywed couple who decided to spend half our honeymoon on a Disney cruise (both male, age 32 and 35), and what a great decision that turned out to be. HOTEL INFO Coming into Orlando ... Read More
BACKGROUND INFO Wow! What a great cruise! We are a newlywed couple who decided to spend half our honeymoon on a Disney cruise (both male, age 32 and 35), and what a great decision that turned out to be. HOTEL INFO Coming into Orlando from New York, we decided to stay at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel, as the airport is included in the Disney transport to Port Canaveral. The hotel is a very convenient choice to do unless you really want to do the Disney hotels (our usual choices). The hotel is nice, well kept and provides adequate (expected) service. We didn't make much use of their amenities as we mostly used them for the lodging. TRAVEL TO PORT OF EMBARKATION The Disney's Magical Express to Port Canaveral magically sweeps you from the airport to the port, and all the friendly Disney cast members courteously guides you along the way. It is greatly hassle free, something we value and appreciate. I didn't find it an expensive add on. SHIP INFO The Disney Fantasy is at the time of this review the newest ship in the Disney fleet, and certainly looks the part, too! The crew keeps the ship impeccably clean at all times, and your stateroom is made neat and tidy twice a day. The only thing we can complain about here, is other guests either throwing garbage into the sea, or on deck in places where its hard for the crew to spot. The common areas are plentiful, spacious, and themed down to the tiniest details. You will wander around the ship in awe for a couple of days before its full glory actually starts to settle on you. In fact, the amazing service and familiarity started acting like our "safe spot" once we got into the different ports. If we ever ran into something less likeable ashore, a feeling of wanting to get back to the ship asap quickly emerged. STATEROOM Our stateroom had a veranda, and we got it to "spoil ourselves" for the honeymoon. I was worried we wouldn't use it, but we did every day. It's quite nice to have your own outside area within your stateroom to enjoy the view and watch every different scene that floats past you outside the ship. Had it not been for the fact that staterooms with verandas are nearly double the price on the Mediterranean cruise we book for June 2014, we wouldn't have hesitated to get it again. Very little noise, only children and parents screaming at each other every now and then. DINING The Disney Cruise Line dining rotation is nice, and makes for a comfortable and easy "choice" each night. We opted out once for dinner at Remy, an experience you should try. It is VERY high class fine dining, so if you're uncomfortable being pampered, served by five-six different servers, every meal an artwork, and being surrounded in a quiet luxurious setting by other guests also wearing suits and nice dresses, then Remy is not for you. Probably the most exclusive dining experience I've ever had, and Gianluca (from Italy, yay!), our main server, deserved every bit of the 30% tip we gave him. Had it not been for the fact that we came straight from a mixology (drink mixing) class that same nice we would have also tried the wine pairing menu. Interestingly, the entire Remy crew was European, so we felt very much at home. At Palo, where we had lunch, the environment is slightly less upscale than at Remy's, but that does not need it's any less incredible. Food is ridiculously good, and so plentiful and beautiful to look at. I've never seen an all you care to eat restaurant like it before. Amanda, our server from Mexico, may have been the most memorable Disney server I have ever had. Not only was she a theatrical delight, but she brought surprise plates of food and desserts to us, and made us laugh and enjoy the brunch even more. I hope they recognize her, and push her upwards in the company. My only complaint with the dining, is that our table on the regular dining rotation consisting of only adults and no children, seemed to get far less attention than the tables that did have kids. I found this odd, having been a Disney server myself. I know that "happy parents" usually are good tippers, but I would never have left any table out of the extraordinary Disney service you are supposed to provide each and every guest. Oh well, it only meant I found the service adequate. I don't even remember the servers' names, and we had them for nearly a week! The food elsewhere on the ship is bountiful and at every corner. You get as simple or as incredible food as you would like. ACTIVITIES The ship has so many activities that you will find something you'll like no matter what your preferences are. We did minigolf, the spa, and participated in several adult quizzes that were a lot of fun! The days are so packed with fun things to do you just have to pick what you think sounds most fun, and do that. You can't do it all. Chocolate and wine tasting, and mixology class, is highly recommended. SERVICE Well, the Disney service standard is world renowned, and pretty much sets the standard for any other competing company. They all smile, and are always friendly, polite and helpful. I can't remember one single time I felt they didn't do well. The only place where it is a bit lackluster, is when reentering the ship from a port through security. When booking, we were asked (DCL website) if we were celebrating anything. I do remember mentioning this was our honeymoon, and thought they might recognize this in some way. Well - they never did - not at dinner, either. I saw other tables get attention for birthdays and other occasions, but they never said a word to us about anything. Maybe they were just asking for statistical and marketing purposes, and you have to tell DCL again later while onboard. ENTERTAINMENT Besides the first show which is an odd infomercial Disney mix about your cruise, and the tedious cruise director appearances ahead of any movie or show (I mean, he's funny, but does he have to be there every time?), the shows are Broadway worthy. They are that good. The actors are super good, and the entire theater is used on several occasions. Don't miss out on any of them. Also, they show all the latest Disney movies, and may even premiere one on the ship if they can. Often we basically ran back from a Port Adventure and straight into a show or movie starting up. Then you get a little break before heading to dinner. They also play live music in the atrium / lobby area, but I found that a bit cheesy and off. I did see some people dance though. PORT & SHORE EXCURSIONS I am very underwhelmed by the Mexican ports Costa Maya and Cozumel. Maybe we chose the wrong excursions, I don't know, but several of the experienced cruisers either just strolled a bit through the shopping areas or stayed on the ship. We probably will, too, next time. Snorkeling at Stingray City on Grand Cayman and hanging out at Castaway Cay were definitely the highlights! I have gone into a little more detailed in the port reviews. I do on the whole feel like they are less interested in catering to gay couples on these Caribbean destinations though, unfortunately. DISEMBARKATION Very easy, and we did the Express Walk Off. You get up EARLY, and drag your suitcase with you straight back onto mainland on Port Canaveral. The Disney bus brought us right back to the airport, and everything was a breeze. There was very little you had to do, except for customs which was very quick, too. SUMMARY Did I mention we booked another Disney cruise in the Mediterranean next year? It was that good. All in all, the seamless experience Disney provides makes everything incredible easy - and you actually start to forget what time it is. Being without a steady cell phone service and internet, and in incredible surroundings with a line of top notch experiences lined up all the time, sucks you in. Reality is slightly more bleak after this cruise. We can't wait to go back. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
We just got back from the Western Caribbean itinerary on the Fantasy, seven in our party between the ages of 9 and 74. Everyone had a phenomenal time. The ship was beyond belief as was the service. Our wait staff was comprised of Tumelo ... Read More
We just got back from the Western Caribbean itinerary on the Fantasy, seven in our party between the ages of 9 and 74. Everyone had a phenomenal time. The ship was beyond belief as was the service. Our wait staff was comprised of Tumelo and Ygel and they were outstanding. They truly spoiled us and became friends with us in short order. For comparison points, we did the Disney Dream in July 2011 and the ships are very similar. The Fantasy better utilizes the spaces that were fairly “dead” on the Dream with things like the Aqua Lab. • Emabarkation: Much better than it was 2 years ago, to a phenomenal level now. We went on the Dream about 4 months after its Christening and they were clearly working some kinks out with dealing with larger crowds. Back then the terminal was swamped and the doors didn’t open for onboarding until 12:45 or so. This time we got to the terminal at 10:35 for an 11AM scheduled slot, went right in, checked in within 10 minutes and sat down in a much less crowded building. Doors opened for onboarding at 11:30 sharp. We were on the ship with full bellies by 12:30 starting to wander around the ship. All bags were in our cabin by 3PM. • Itinerary I really wanted to do the Eastern Caribbean as I love St Thomas and never been to St Maarten but my son wanted to go to Mexico and a few people were leery of the 3 at sea days, so we went the Western route. o Grand Cayman --- did the Island Tour which was fine. The Turtle Farm went over big with the kids and Hell town was different. We shopped a bit after that by Harbour Blvd downtown. Pretty enjoyable day even if the island wasn’t as picturesque as I would have envisioned it. o Costa Maya --- it’s a dump. We did the salsa and salsa tour which had something for all age groups and wound up being fun, but the location of the “restaurant/resort” was questionable at best although the beach it was on was nice. All things considered I would have simply walked around the straw market there and maybe gone swimming at the little bar set-up they had at the end of the EXTREMELY LONG PIER. o Cozumel --- did the Mayan ruins tour. Very nice tour stopping off at San Gervasio ruins, a tequila factory, the beach, and the first settlement on the island. It was nice, relaxing, and a little educational. You also covered much of the island in the bus if you like to sight-see which we do. o Castaway Cay is Castaway Cay and will never disappoint, but Mother Nature may. We arrived to horrible skies and my parasailing at 10 was cancelled immediately. By 11:45 the grey skies led to black clouds and downpours. We got to the BBQ ahead of the rain and we ate comfortably and shopped a bit and dealt with the rain. A rainy day on Castaway is better than a sunny day on Costa Maya that’s for sure! • Shows They were outstanding. Alladin was the best, Believe was entertaining, and Wishes was OK but a tad cheesy. The entertainers were phenomenal. We had Kyle Knight, a very good magician especially considering I am usually not a fan of magicians, but he was great. Ronn Lucas was an amazing ventriloquist. And we were blessed with the physical comedy of Ron Pearson again just as we were on the Dream in 2011. He is a riot for the whole family. • Food The quality was always very good. Sometimes the menu was too “seafood’y” for me, but the downside was always personal taste, never quality. The new show in Animator’s Palate was unbelievably good. Very entertaining, great use of Disney magic! No complaints with anything even the quick serve stuff in Tow Mater’s was fine. And they had a somewhat unannounced buffet after the fireworks on Pirate Night. Didn’t really eat anything then, but there was a very nice spread there. Kind of wish I was hungry then. I mentioned them earlier but I have to again because they were awesome …. Tumelo and Ygel were the best. We were lucky to have them go through our dinner rotation with us each night. Great guys, great service. • Service Top notch at all times. Exactly what you would come to expect from Disney. Someone always is around to do something for you!!! • Disembarkation Beyond easy. We used the Disney transfer to the airport. We put our bags in the hallway the last night of the cruise and we didn’t see them again until we landed back home in JFK. No issues, no lugging things around. Too easy. Final morning we ate breakfast, got on line and were off through customs in less than 5 minutes. Walked off the boat and were directed to the proper bus and were at the airport in under an hour. Disney does just about everything better than anyone else. The service, the food, the aesthetics. Everything. Everyone left the boat with great memories and some sadness of a perfect week was ending. I guess that adds some incentive to book another one soon. And one other personal note, before going on the Dream 2 years ago, I HATED TO CRUISE. I had only been on Carnival before that, and yukkkk, I thought never again. A big party was going on the Dream at that time so I was guilted into going (Thankfully). Totally different experience. There is only one Disney!!!   Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
Our multi-generational family of four--Grandma, Mom, Dad, and 10-year old boy-- sailed on the Disney Fantasy to the Western Caribbean, departing July 6th. This was only my 3rd cruise(Grandma--2 Disney, 1 RCCL), but the rest of the family ... Read More
Our multi-generational family of four--Grandma, Mom, Dad, and 10-year old boy-- sailed on the Disney Fantasy to the Western Caribbean, departing July 6th. This was only my 3rd cruise(Grandma--2 Disney, 1 RCCL), but the rest of the family have been on many others (4 Disney, 2 NCL, 1 RCCL). Joining us were a family of three dear friends, first-time Disney cruisers, Mom, Dad, and another 10-year old boy. What fun for the children! Shuffleboard contests with the Dads were a highlight of the cruise! Flew into Orlando the morning of the cruise, hopped on the Magical Express at the airport (the only way to go!), and in what seemed like no time arrived at our ship. Embarkation was exceptionally easy---very little waiting and we were soon onboard. Disney embarkation is FAR AND AWAY better than any other cruise line! Our friends were pleasantly surprised when they were greeted and announced upon stepping onboard. Our Family Deluxe Verandah cabin was spacious--plenty of storage for a family of four and then to be able to hide away the luggage under the queen-size bed---what a plus! Dining was excellent--the buffet was the choice for many breakfasts and lunches, and the evening meals were just superb! Service was attentive but not overwhelming. We loved the show in Animator's Palate, loved the decor in the Enchanted Garden, but our favorite was the Royal Court.The children loved the Kid's Club --- our 10-year old looked forward to it for months because of his previous happy experiences on the Magic. He wasn't disappointed, however, on the bigger Fantasy, he commented that it was crowded at times. The Aqua Duck got plenty of attention The entertainment was first class---we couldn't help compare to other cruise lines--all others were lacking--Disney knows entertainment! We went to every show and thought the Aladdin show was spectacular! Disembarkation was easy---we were in the first group off, and finding our luggage (the part I dislike the most) was quick and easy. Out the door, greeted by the transportation people, and in a few minutes time all seven of our group were in a van on our way to two days at Disney World! In summary, the consensus was that Disney is the best for cruising! We did feel that the Fantasy was too large though--4000 passengers is too many for us. We all agreed that we liked the size of the Magic better. We capped our cruise with signing on for a future cruise on the Disney Magic. Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
I just returned from a magical week on the Disney Fantasy with my husband and 15 yr old son. We were on the eastern Caribbean itinerary, including stops in St. Marten, St. Thomas, and Disney's Castaway Cay. First of all, I ... Read More
I just returned from a magical week on the Disney Fantasy with my husband and 15 yr old son. We were on the eastern Caribbean itinerary, including stops in St. Marten, St. Thomas, and Disney's Castaway Cay. First of all, I can't say enough how beautiful this ship is. We have sailed twice on the Disney Wonder, and the Fantasy is better in almost every way. We were in a deluxe family stateroom with verandah, which was a first for us. The slight extra space made a much bigger difference than I imagined and was well worth the price. The round shower with the rain head was fabulous, a word you wouldn't normally use to describe a cruise ship shower. As everyone mentions, the split baths on Disney ships make getting ready with a family so much more hassle free. And who wants hassles on their cruise? We absolutely loved the newly imagineered Animator's Palette. The turtle show was cute (more so for younger children), but the animation show was a blast. Everyone in the room, young or old, was straining to find their creation dancing across the screens, then shouting in delight when they saw it. Magical! There were little improvements in such areas as the Walt Disney and Buena Vista theaters, adding an inch or two of extra leg room between seats. Honestly, as a taller woman with knee problems you'd be surprised at how much that meant to me! We also enjoyed being able to slip into the balcony of the Walt Disney theater from deck four, avoiding the crowds. Nice touch. The food was really good. Obviously there were some hits and misses, but I'm not going on a cruise looking for fine cuisine every meal. The Cabana's buffet was our least favorite dining, though the set up (individual food stations vs cafeteria style line on Wonder and Magic) was a huge improvement over the smaller ships. It was fine for a quick meal, but the food was just adequate. Though I did love that seating was always readily available. The pool area food was surprisingly good. Is it gourmet food? Of course not. It's tasty, fast food to munch on in your swim suit. And my son hit the soft serve bar every afternoon. My least favorite dining room from a design aspect was Enchanted Garden. I agree that Parrot Key needed replacing, but I'm not sure this is any better. We ate there three nights on our rotation and we were underwhelmed. However, the food in all the main dining rooms was, for the most part, very good. Highlights: beef Wellington, seared Tuna, most all pastas we tried, and the Tandori chicken appetizer at Royal Court for lunch. Misses: Salmon at Royal Court for dinner and the popcorn soup (tasted like burned popcorn). My one quibble with the food service is that there seemed to be less interaction between the severs and the guests on this ship than on the Wonder. The server shows were completely gone (I always particularly loved the one on the last night when they all carried flags form their native countries). While the servers did a wonderful job of well, serving food, there was definitely not the same level of guest interaction as we had experienced before. In talking with our server one night about the difference between the Fantasy and the Magic where he had previously worked, he noted how far away the galley was from the dining rooms on this ship. I suspect that is a big part of the reason for the change, but it's still a shame. We missed it. Other than that, I could go on and on raving about Disney service. It's obvious that the crew are well trained with an emphasis on fast, friendly service. Truly a delight!! For those of you worried about your teenager being too old (or too cool) for a Disney cruise, worry no more!! The new, improved teen lounge, Vibe, will keep them busy and happy for the entire cruise. On previous cruises, our son spent very little time in any of the children's programs, preferring to hang out with us. Not so, this cruise! He was in Vibe every chance he got. The inside portion is much larger and improved from the smaller ships. They even have their own sun deck with two plunge pools, lounge chairs, ping pong and foosball tables. I also felt very comfortable allowing him to roam the ship on his own. I don't think I would feel that way on cruises filled with partying twenty something's, rather than the family atmosphere you find on Disney. With the teenager happily occupied, my husband and I were able to explore the adult areas for the first time. We found the extensive outdoor area surprisingly empty! We spent several afternoons lounging in one of the pool areas (Satellite Falls was our favorite), not a child in sight - or in hearing distance. We enjoyed exploring Europa at night, with Skyline bar being our favorite. But our favorite after dinner spot was the Currents bar in the adult outdoor area, sipping a glass of wine under the stars, enjoying the cool Caribbean breezes. This, however, brings me to my biggest complaint about this cruise. Currents closed at 11 PM and most of Europa at midnight. The night club, the Tube, did stay open until 2 AM but wasn't exactly our style. That ship sailed 25 years ago (pun intended). With Vibe open until 2 AM, and the teenagers safely enjoying their new friends, it would be wonderful if there was somewhere other than the Tube for their parents to hang out. Here's a hint, Disney, most parents old enough to have teenagers, aren't into blaring dance music at 1AM. We've mellowed with age, shall we say! Every night, when the other bars closed there were plenty of guests still inside, only to be told that they were closing up. You're missing out on income here, Disney!! The main pool areas were the expected madhouse. But with only a fifteen year old with us, we just mostly avoided it except for occasionally getting food. The two main pools were very small and frankly looked miserable, packed with screaming kids. Fortunately as adults and teenagers each have their own pool areas, it didn't affect us at all. My husband and son did ride the Aqua Duck once and gave it a big thumbs up! As for ports of call, they were a mixed bag. Frankly, neither St. Thomas nor St. Marten impressed us. We did enjoy the 12M regatta excursion on St. Marten. We got to help crew the same sailboats used in the America's Cup races. Very cool! We did the Coral World land and sea package on St. Thomas and it was just OK. Nothing special. Disney's Castaway Cay was wonderful. Our day was cut short there due to a medical emergency on board the night before requiring the ship to detour to Nassau . (As a side note, I don't know if Disney was required to do this by maritime regulations, but we were quite impressed that they did, non the less. It was quite comforting to know that a company would value the well being of a single passenger over their bottom line. They also did an amazing job of keeping us informed and entertained until we arrived at Castaway Cay in the afternoon. Kudos, Disney!!). But the short time we had there was fabulous. The island is clean, the water is lovely. Simply a great way to spend your day! My son especially loved the snorkeling path. The fishing excursion planned for the morning had to be scrapped due to the itinerary change, but that just leaves us something to do next time! We are now planning a Mediterranean cruise in two years (on Disney of course). I imagine it will be on one if the smaller ships, as that is what is over there now. We will miss the beautiful Fantasy, but will still enjoy that magical Disney service. Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
Disney Fantasy Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.7
Dining 3.5 4.3
Entertainment 5.0 4.5
Public Rooms 4.5 4.7
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 4.0
Enrichment 2.5 4.2
Service 4.5 4.7
Value For Money 4.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.0

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