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We are seasoned cruisers and have been lucky enough to experience many cruises. This cruise appealed to us because we wanted to experience Costa Cruises and with the added bonus of a new ship. Our travel To Dubai Port was from London ... Read More
We are seasoned cruisers and have been lucky enough to experience many cruises. This cruise appealed to us because we wanted to experience Costa Cruises and with the added bonus of a new ship. Our travel To Dubai Port was from London Heathrow with Royal Brunei Airways and was uneventful and also unworthy of any positive comment. The transfer to the ship was pretty awful and unorganised. I think we have to forgive this because of innovation. we did not use any overnight hotel in Dubai. The Costa Deliziosa was very impressive in appearance and one could tell that the furnishings were all top shelf. Our Embarkation was very smooth and gave one a feeling of security and professionalism. The port and shore excursions were many and varied and if you wanted to pay through the nose for these they were freely available. However if you wanted to do your own thing without being herded and have numbers stuck on you, you could also please yourself. My favourite is: Taxi ! follow that bus.You must remember that the organised tours are provided to earn the company money. The entertainment and facilities were varied and of a good standard, although the thing that I was looking forward to experiencing Formula 1 simulator was broken for the whole cruise. Got to put that down to teething troubles. Our stateroom and cabin service were the best that we have ever had and for that reason alone we would revisit this ship. The dining experience as far as we were concerned left a lot to be desired but that is not to say that the food quality was poor. Our disembarkation went smoothly and was stress free. Overall this cruise was good value and attention to all detail via the purser's office was satisfactory. If I could improve this cruise in any way I would be hard pressed. I had expected quite a few hiccups because this is a new ship but they did not materialise. Full marks to Costa with this new cruiser. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
We have returned home feeling really let down. We have cruised with Princess, Cunard and P&O over the years, all part of the Carnival family, all different,but all excellent. Costa does not come up to their standard at all. The ship ... Read More
We have returned home feeling really let down. We have cruised with Princess, Cunard and P&O over the years, all part of the Carnival family, all different,but all excellent. Costa does not come up to their standard at all. The ship was only a few weeks old and the crew were making sure it looked at it's best, cleaning and painting every day we were on board, so much so that some days we were not able to walk on parts of the deck as they had portable scaffold erected to paint. Our stateroom and balcony was very good and was kept very clean as were all parts of the ship. The layout of the self-service Restaurant is very poor with food stations separated by long distances so that you had to pick up food in different parts then look for another part of the same meal by moving to another station, for instance salad at one place then look for tomatoes at another station. Often items had run out and the staff were very slow to replace them. On three separate occasions Liptons English Tea had run out and we were running from one drink station to another to find what we required. On one afternoon we were told there was no more on the ship!!! Food was a big disappointment to all the British and Germans we spoke to and everyone of them had decided they will never cruise with Costa again. The main Restaurant was very crowded, seats too close to each other; the menu was fair, until it arrived and then some of it was inedible. Alhough some area were non-smoking there was a lot more smoking areas than on other ships and consequently smoke drifted across non-smoking areas and being non-smokers we found this quite offensive. All other ships we have been on have laundry rooms on each deck allowing passengers to do their own laundry. The laundry charges on this ship was extremely high e.g. one shirt washed and ironed cost 5 euros. The 4D cinema, roller track, golf simulator and the GT simulator all advertised srongly in the catalogue we found to be at an extra cost. Drinks charges were also extremely high e.g. a small beer 5 euros, coke 2.60 euros, the cheapest wine was 18 euros all of this was plus 15% having already paid 7 euros per day per person which was a service charge and was compulsory. Shuttle buses to the Abu Dhabi mall were charged at 6 euros per person but on arriving on the dock we were told by the local tourist board that the buses were free. After some arguments with staff who insisted that Costa had purchased the use of those buses and refused me a refund. When I threatened to write to Costa on my return I received a refund on my bill the next morning which makes me believe that the buses were free - Costa had not paid as they would not have refunded my money if that were the case. Non-Italian speakers did not receive as much information as Italians. A prime example of this was the fact that on the morning we were leaving the ship we were informed by Virgin to be on the dock by 8.45 a.m. so we were a bit surprised to have someone knocking on the door at 6 a.m. followed by a telephone call at 6.15a.m. to say we should have been out of the stateroom but as no-one had informed us of the time we should have vacated how were we supposed to know. This is just one example of poor communication. We were very surprised to be having a farewell dinner on Thursday evening when we were not leaving the ship until Monday morning although some people were leaving on Sunday. We realised why this was the case because the people who were leaving on Monday appeared to be a nuisance to the Costa staff and treated as if we were intruding. On our last night we were unable to have the table we had enjoyed for the entirety and told we had to sit in another part of the restaurant which meant we were unable to say goodbye to the waiters who had looked after us so well. When we asked the head waiter where they were we were told they had been moved to other duties. We have never experienced anything like this on other ships. We were extremely happy we had only booked a seven-day cruise - we could not have coped with another seven!! Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
This was our 2nd time cruising with Costa and we were really looking forward to it as we had a brilliant time on the Serena 2 years ago(our 1st cruise!). It was nice to see more Brits on board and a good mix of Italians, Germans, French ... Read More
This was our 2nd time cruising with Costa and we were really looking forward to it as we had a brilliant time on the Serena 2 years ago(our 1st cruise!). It was nice to see more Brits on board and a good mix of Italians, Germans, French and various other Europeans. Cabin: We got our first ever balcony so we were well made up and we got our request of portside. Cabin was fresh and clean as expected from a month old ship and everything in working order. No complaints at all. Evening Dining: As always the waiting staff were excellent. However, we had not been allocated a table so we had to make a trip to see the maitre d to sort this and were given an early slot as we had hoped....however we did not expect to be sat with a Polish couple. They were lovely but coversation was limited to me and my wife talking to the husband and I felt sorry for his wife as she did not speak any English. Costa should not have allowed this - there were 15 Poles on board and they they put us on the same table as 2 of them. They came to the sit down meal only twice! Besides we wanted to share conversation with Brits and share experiences. We were missing our spice and one night they made us chicken curry which was nice(although they left the skin on). The food compared to the Serena was disappointing the rep suggested it could be the sourcing of the food in the middle east is not like the Med. Also no Pistachio ice-cream on demand - very disappointing! Overall, it was okay but not meeting my expectations of Italian cuisine. Our waiters Joneyl and Gerry were ace,however. Self-Service Restaurant: This has been described to a tee by the previous reviewer. Entertainment: We enjoyed the evening shows, however, it seemed towards the end they ran out of acts and cobbled together some shows like the 'Alpha Tours Folk Show' who were the tour guides used by Costa on the excursions - needless to say we didn't bother. More annoyingly was the Entertainment team who were constantly trying to rope you into some activity or other and bless them they were doing their jobs but trying to make me look like Bob Marley is not entertainment in my eyes. My wife got dragged up to play a game at the back end of the cruise in front of a grand audience of about 10 people to play 'Name That Tune' for Italian songs! Brilliant! I'm glad she didn't win as the prize was a Costa bum bag. Mixed bag for entertainment - some excellent shows like the acrobatic gymnast but followed by some lame stuff. Drinks: We saw this coming from last time so we made sure we got the X1 drinks package. You could have wine at lunchtime and evening meal. For £67 a person it was well worth it (wine, water and soft drinks)- better that the J2 that would have cost £225 for all day drinks - useless when you are not on board. At lunch the bar waiters who float were reluctant to come back to you as the service charge is already paid so they won't earn extra. I did see a lady complain as her bar girl didn't come back for ages and she wanted her drink with her food. Very naughty. Great drinks package and if you are willing to use your nouse(pick a different waiter each time), you are quids in apart from my liver... Customer Service: For some reason Costa were at pains to tell us that if your flight was not booked through Costa, you were classed as "Independent Travellers". We received absolutely no information from Costa or Virgin regarding our pick up from the port and transfer to our hotel, however, last time we booked through Virgin Holidays, they sorted everything out for us. The people working on the Customer Service desk were rude and unhelpful and refused to make any phone calls for us. Excursions: There was a wide selection of Costa excursions available, however, they were very over-priced. The Tour Office on board were unwilling to assist with any enquiries regarding the ports of call, shore-maps etc and only became helpful if you wanted to discuss or book Costa excursions. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
To Cruise or not to cruise? We pondered long and hard before booking a cruise, as we had never considered one previously. Sure, aged 14 and with my mother, I had travelled from Southampton to New York and back in the early 1960s, but ... Read More
To Cruise or not to cruise? We pondered long and hard before booking a cruise, as we had never considered one previously. Sure, aged 14 and with my mother, I had travelled from Southampton to New York and back in the early 1960s, but Canberra was a working ship, not one built for cruising alone. No, we never really fancied cruising. However, a package appeared that included a couple of nights at the Palms Atlantis in Dubai, plus an opportunity to visit a number of countries of the Arabian Gulf, and finally, a chance to see whether cruising suited us. I don't think we would done any of these things individually, but as a package of experiences, they proved irresistible. The final thing that sealed it, was the ability to upgrade to Premium Economy on the Virgin Atlantic flights. We arrived home yesterday after 10 days away, and we found our Costa "Jewels of the Emirates" cruise a very successful one. Reading the forums, the issue of drinks packages seemed to be crucial, and that was certainly a concern as, trying to ring fence the costs on a trip like this is important. Someone posted that their bill at the end of their cruise cost more than the cruise cost itself and we didn't want that to happen to us. We had some concerns about sailing on a brand new cruise after it had only had a shake-down cruise single sailing from Savona. This was not a problem as the ship functioned perfectly. Someone said the air conditioning in the cabin was not efficient - while our cabin was warm on arrival as the previous passenger had liked it warm, we simply adjusted it lower and standard temperature was 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The previous occupant smoked and remains of the smell were there, but soon dispersed. We were surprised to see the amount of passengers who smoked as we never see - or choose to be near - smokers at home. As the package included more than simply the cruise, the other elements need to be mentioned as well, in passing. The flights Virgin Atlantic services were outstanding, in both directions. The hotel before the cruise The Palms Atlantis hotel at Jumeirah took us totally by surprise. We expected not to be impressed as Las Vegas style places are generally at the bottom of my personal list of places to stay. The reality was different however. Staff were numerous and absolutely dedicated to the guests at the hotel. We were concerned because the package was bed and breakfast and we knew that food and drink are expensive at the hotel. Breakfast as buffet and massive and little was ever needed at lunchtime. Dinner was again buffet but was sumptuous. The entry to the attached aquapark was included and that was a major bonus as the place is the best I have experienced anywhere in the world. Besides that, the massive aquarium inside the hotel itself is awesome. Our supplementary bill at the end of our stay was about £400. That may seem a lot for 2 nights, but it includes a supplement to extend our stay on the final day when we were due to go to the ship at 10.30, but not have a cabin until 8pm. We felt a day spent at the hotel would be better than mooching, homeless, around a ship, with no access to luggage. This proved to be a wise decision and the cost to extend at the hotel was only about £60. We did have to pay about £20 in local currency for a taxi to transfer to the hip - a journey that would normally have been free, paid for as part of the package. On arrival at the port, embarkation was immediate as there were no crowds there, and we went straight to our cabin at 6.30pm. The ship, Costa Deliziosa, is beautiful, and without exception in our experience, the staff were excellent. The thing that let the cruise down was the food, something that all on our dining table agreed upon. There was always something that was acceptable, but the 'celebrated' chef - who was paraded around from time to time - clearly knew little about cooking meats. Being an Italian ship, perhaps pasta was his forte. Perhaps also, the fantastic Atlantis food set the bar too high for a cruise ship. To save bother, we booked the inclusive J2 drinks package a couple of weeks before leaving the UK. This cost around £450 for the two of us. Others on our table took other packages, but were restricted in times they could use them. We probably would have spent around £370 on drinks on the trip, judging by our receipts, but I should say we are not heavy drinkers, or even very regular ones. Anyone wanting to drink late into the evening, or drink alcohol during the day continually, would definitely benefit from J2. It was good with J2 to be able to go to any bar at any time, and have pretty much what we wanted - champagne included, until we were eventually banned from that on the last two days, when we tried to make what we used reach what we had paid. Cocktails on the ship are dreadful for anyone who knows what a Mai Tai, Planter's Punch, and even a Pina Colada should taste like. For the majority of passengers it seemed that quantity, not quality was what counted. We found it good to have the really excellent cappuccino effectively on tap in the bars, through the J2 package. I should say that at mealtimes, water from a machine, tea, coffee are all available free. We liked, however, being able to raid our minibar frequently for anything bar 'super alcoholics' as part of the J2 package. Passengers on the ship were primarily from the UK or Germany, though there were also many Italians there and a sprinkling of French and Dutch. Unlike the Costa promotional videos, most were not beautiful 30-40 year olds, but in most cases, rotund older - sometimes very old - folks. I speak as a virgin pensioner myself! We found ourselves on a dinner table with two fantastic couples though, and most evenings we were in fits of laughter. The view from our table was through the picture portal at the stern of the ship and it was great. Waiters were excellent; shame about the food, except the wonderful pistaccio ice cream. There were two Gala evenings, one at Fujairah where many wore dinner jackets and evening dress; one at Dubai, where the whole range from casual to formal was represented. I wore my DJ on this cruise for the first time in 10 years and loved the opportunity. Wine on the drinks packages was at best, insipid. Entertainment was not to our taste and we were in bed by 10pm most evenings as we were on first sitting - definitely our preference. The best entertainment was given on the evening the crew gave their show. The ship was not noisy for us - we were aft on Deck 8, cabin 8346 - so when we were early abed, we were not awoken. We rose early at 6am normally as we do at home, and saw some magnificent sunrises. The balcony of the cabin was a decent size. The bathroom is small, but perfectly formed. Advice was to bring no electrical equipment as there is just one socket, but my hand luggage was full of wiring. I used my netbook extensively [£100 for the Wi-Fi bill in all], and the cameras all needed recharging, as well as the iPod and phones. Neither my iPhone nor my Nokia worked as phones on the entire trip, so the Internet connection on my netbook was an absolute must. The Wi-fi is relatively slow, so the paid for sessions don't get much done. I used the 3 hour pre-paid sessions mostly to upload pictures to Facebook, and email friends and associates. There was also the need to use curling tongs [not me!]. So I would discount the advice on electrical equipment - though I never left anything plugged in while away from the cabin as the wires got a mite hot. The ship never seemed crowded, except when restaurants or the theatre disgorged. The ships itinerary was excellent, and the trips we bought were good value and well organised. Day 1 Sunday, Dubai Day 2 Monday, sailed at 1pm Day 3 Tuesday, arrived at Muscat. Very hot indeed. We took the City Tour including the Grand Mosque, which is one of the most beautiful religious buildings I have ever seen. We sailed in the evening. Day 3 Wednesday, arrived at Fujairah. We spent the day aboard as there is little to see there that would appeal to us. We sailed in the evening. Day 4 Thursday, arrived in Abu Dhabi. We did the city tour and the place is really very impressive. We sailed in the evening. Day 5 Friday, arrived Bahrain where we took the shuttle bus to the Souq, spent an hour there, then returned to the ship. There is a lot to see in Bahrain, but in reality I'd have preferred to have hired a car to get around as it is quite spread out. We sailed in the evening. Day 6 Saturday, arrived back in Dubai at lunchtime, and spent the day on the ship. Day 7 Sunday, we left the ship at 7am to transfer to the airport to fly home. Verdict Was the trip worth it? Definitely yes, as a package that includes Palms Atlantis. It is best to have the hotel part of the package at the start, not after the cruise. The weather was perfect, and baking hot - hotter than normal for the season. As a photographer, I found the whole package a dream - so much to see and capture. The sea was an absolute millpond throughout. The Gulf was something I fell in love with, and the local people were really great. The ship was fantastic, though the food and entertainment let it down. Staff at the Atlantis were incredible, and those on the ship were not far behind, especially our steward Kimma who was brilliant. Would we do another cruise? Probably not, as we feel too constrained even on such a large ship. We might try another line, if the itinerary is very specifically of interest. I don't think we are cruisers - we don't eat, drink, sunbathe or carouse enough. Would we go back to the Palms Atlantis? We have the brochures in front of us, right now! Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
We decided to book everything with Costa through our TA and through Costa website. This was good and bad. Good because of the flight/transfers because this way we had nothing to worry and because we got a deal that offered us the X1 ... Read More
We decided to book everything with Costa through our TA and through Costa website. This was good and bad. Good because of the flight/transfers because this way we had nothing to worry and because we got a deal that offered us the X1 drinks package (excellent for those who don't drink alchool like us). Bad because due to the Bahrein cancelation due to the unrest overthere the tour package we had booked suffered so many changes that we ended at tour desk more times than intended when booking tours online. Flights were with Lufthansa but because we had to go from Portugal to Dubai this was the schedule: 6AM OPO-FRA (2.5h) - 2PM FRA-DXB (5.5h). Getting to Dubai around 11.30PM we had another 60' to pass through passport control and then 45' of transfer (getting to bus and travel) to Port Rashid. With the checkin to Deliziosa going smoothly we ended up on cabin around 2AM but still waiting for our suitcases. Fortunately Costa had some snacks on the Cruise terminal while we were checking-in and the Pizza restaurant was open on-board. Got to a deserved bed rest around 4AM. After this we definitely deserved our vacations. The retirn flight was a little easier since DXB-FRA was around 2AM so we ended up sleep the entire return trip :). Deliziosa being just 1 year-old is a beautiful ship with excellent staff. Food was always available somewhere on-board and with good quality and variety. I think noone can say there are not enough eating options. The only really bad thing are the ice-creams (in an Italian ship we should expect Italian quality ice-creams and that doesn't happen). Entertainment activities are there for all tastes but as we would expect it's light entertainment. Quality light-entertainment. If you like that you will be very satisfied. If you don't you will be disappointed. We liked it but believe that some wouldn't. Others have called attention to drinking on-board. If you drink alchool you're doomed to a heavy bill. If not, and have the luck of getting offered like us the X1 package you're safe. Just buy Boys n Girls for those off main meal drink and you won't get a problem with drinking. On Deliziosa, Costa has some interesting, but priced, things. The F1 simulator, the Golf simulator with a tiny putting green on deck, the 4D cinema, the PS3 corner and the Samsara Spa. Though we didn't use any of them we think the Spa might be a good option and they were constantly publicizing sales for their products. The staff is really good. With 1 or 2 exceptions, besides being very gentle they're excellent workers that provide us and high-standard service. 5 star for all of them. Now, one last word for 2 things we didn't like on our cruise. 1st: due to the unrest in Bahrain, the stop there was cancelled 2 or 3 days before departure. Perfectly understandable. Less understandable is the way Costa re-arranged things. We were supposed to do: Dubai-Dubai-Muscat-Fujairah-Abu Dhabi-Bahrain-Dubai-Dubai. We would think they would either replace Bahrain with another port like Doha or do an overnight stay on the previous port (Abu Dhabi in this case). Well, they took an illogical potion of overnight in Muscat and thus postponing Fujairah and Abu Dhabi 1 day. The only reason I see is the eventually cheaper port stay in Muscat instead of on eof the other more logical options. 2nd: we booked a Dubai visit with Costa. We understand that usually, in these organised tours, the "guides" like to take us to some "friend-shops" for some percentual gain over sales. But when the shop we're taken is a Costa-Club member that Costa takes us without advertising it on their tour sale I think that's a new low-level for tour organisation. Luckily this only happened once and on the last day so we didn't even tried to bother with it. Oh... the general level of the tour guides was well below medium (at least the ones of got - 2 tours in Spanish and 1 in Italian). Everythong considered we ended loving our cruise and had great fun. Definitely recommended Deliziosa and this Middles East itinerary. DUBAI A must in every aspect. The contrast between new and old Dubai is breathtaking. Architectural highlights are everywhere. Burj Khalifa is just beatiful. Shopping heaven for those who search for it. Easily visited with cheap taxi (with taximeter always on) ABU DHABI The Great Mosque is a must visit. Ferrari World and YAS Marina Circuit are also there not to miss for the fans. And when the project 2030 is ready (first museums - Louvre - will open next year I think) it will be a top world destination for anyone with a little cultural interest FUJAIRAH Still can't understand why we stopped there. MUSCAT Very interesting. A very strict interpretation of Islam marks this country but it's capital is definetily worth visiting. The mountains from where this city grows are beautiful. Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
We must say the Air France flight was great, even though we have a change in Paris it all went really well. We arrived at Dubai airport and experienced our first stampede from our European neighbours; they just don't know how to ... Read More
We must say the Air France flight was great, even though we have a change in Paris it all went really well. We arrived at Dubai airport and experienced our first stampede from our European neighbours; they just don't know how to queue. We checked in at the port to get on board and the process was painless enough. Our cases turned up at the Cabin by the time we had eaten. We can only say that we had so little information on Dubai and how to get around and even where we were would have helped as we weren't sure how far the places of interest were. This was a common theme throughout the Cruise i.e.: if you took one of their excursions that's fine but! Try to get really useful information from them was impossible. We could have done with currency values, Average Taxi costs & whereabouts? Where we were when we docked as the Port map they gave us was worse than useless. We did take some of their Excursions and we had a nightmare in Mumbai, after negotiating the step up to the Bus which was at least 75cm (a difficult climb for people with Arthritic Knees) bearing in mind most people on the ship were 55-75. To keep jarring their knees climbing on & off some people choose just to stay on the bus and miss the sights. The main problem was that the buses PA system didn't work so we sat at the port gates for 11/2 hours whilst they waited for a new microphone. This turned up but was equally useless so went pressed on obviously we couldn't hear the guide so Mumbai was as much a mystery to us at the end of the excursion as it was at the beginning. The guide didn't even bother to gather us together when we could have heard her she just walked off with just a lucky few who were able to catch a few bits of info. This excursion was meant to be 41/2 hours it ended up being 81/2 we even missed our meal in the main dinning hall due to arriving back late. When we complained to the Tour Desk on the ship they were totally indifferent towards us. However we pursued our complaint by letter to the Tour Manager and we threatened to speak with her manager and in the end we received a credit for the trip. In general we found the Costa officers & management staff Egotistic & Arrogant it is of course very impressive that they speak so many languages but they manage to be arrogant in everyone and don't really listen to their customers, who after all are paying their salaries. The drinks were expensive but we bought a package for 99Euros which turns into 114Euros due to 15% service charge (which they still charge even when you get your own drinks which we had to a few times). The food in the buffet area's was very similar each day and very oily which we understand is the Continental way but 18 days of it get's to you. The Dinning room meals were very small and sometimes both we and our table companions found it difficult to find something to their liking. It should be said the Ports of call were great and this is what we signed up for but Costa never stop amazing us with their arrogant ways. We did feel that if we had sent our wallets & purses and stayed at home they would have liked that better. We put all this and more in their on board review but we don't think they listen to their customers and they will continue doing what they want instead of listening to their customers. An example of their arrogance is we had to alter the Itinerary due to the Indian government altering their visa requirements which meant we had to visit all the Indian port in succession unfortunately not all passengers had the new Visa so it would have meant some people missing out on some ports, this was not acceptable of course and the Captain moved the Itinerary around so that the requirements were met. Costa, had they listened to their customers that actually rang them in January to inform them of this could have handled this a lot better than waiting to when the ship was underway and people were concerned that they would miss out. This all caused concern etc when it didn't have to it also meant we spent extra days at sea. There was a Big Screen by the central pool and it was on all the time however all it ever played was Costa Promotional films. They did show a Charlie Chaplin silent movie one night. But like everything else if you wanted to watch a movie they had a cinema where you could pay 8.95euro each or you could watch a film in your room for the same price. It fair to say that we will never travel Costa again we have been on 25+ cruises and we can honestly say that Costa Line don't begin to compare with other cruise lines. Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
Costa Deliziosa Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 3.0 3.0
Entertainment 3.0 3.3
Public Rooms 3.0 3.7
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.4
Family 3.0 3.4
Service 2.0 3.2
Value For Money 4.0 2.9

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