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You will love this ship for everything it's not. We had a PH3 unit (deck 10 port side) and it was days before the admiral stopped purring about the makeup table, walk-in closet, endless storage, crisp linens, and even the shorter ... Read More
You will love this ship for everything it's not. We had a PH3 unit (deck 10 port side) and it was days before the admiral stopped purring about the makeup table, walk-in closet, endless storage, crisp linens, and even the shorter height chaise for under-tall people LOL. This suite was a big factor in our onboard booking of a 2013 cruise on this same ship. The ship has an elegant modern 'Park Avenue' decor ...tasteful and understated (except for the outrageous 'Martini Bar'.). You will love this ship for everything it's not. There is no 'photo hall' , no lurking photographers; no charge soft drinks and coffee; no bargain sales events, no art auctions, finally no hogging chairs on the pool deck as 'placeholders' get removed!..there is no tipping so serving staff are not running popularity contests..and finally there are no crowds or lineups. Almost. AVOID the main dining room the first night by eating at a specialty restaurant or the buffet. We had no trouble with 'anytime' dining with the longest wait being 3-4 minutes. The food quality and service is exceptional even at the Waves Grill on deck 12. The excellent musical shows had a small but talented cast. The other entertainment offerings were just OK. Marina has the only cooking school in the cruise industry where you can participate (vs watching). It gets better...One of our favorite Toronto chefs -Massimo (Mitsura restaurant) will be a guest chef on this same cruise in early Feb. Wow! Things you need to watch for: - there is an 18% service charge embedded in everything including the spa but it is kept like a quiet secret... so be sure to ask to avoid double tipping. I'm ok with the policy... just that it should be stated up front and on the chits. - every boat has a bit of smoke/ soot but I would not take a cabin aft of the exhaust stacks until they wake up and fix this easy to repair problem. -if you are tendering in you may be entertained by a less than expert tender skipper. The guy running tender #7 on our trip has line handlers shaking their heads and passengers chuckling about the water ballet as he's trying to park Lol - Piano bar service is spotty at times so head to the bar to place you order. You will like this ship! Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
As an ex-travel agent from the UK with over 15 years experience and 12 years teaching customer service this is my review: Having just returned from the Caribbean on the beautiful Marina and especially with the news of the Costa sinking. ... Read More
As an ex-travel agent from the UK with over 15 years experience and 12 years teaching customer service this is my review: Having just returned from the Caribbean on the beautiful Marina and especially with the news of the Costa sinking. Before our cruise commenced, we had a safety drill, well executed by professional crew. We have every confidence in the crew to deal with a similar situation - so don't be put off cruising. Slick embarkation, lovely friendly staff and wow factor decor on arrival. Cabin was superb, including the bathroom despite other forum moans. The bed comfort something else - absolutely superb. Food was delicious, excellent quality and well presented, though paperwork suggests need to book speciality restaurants you don't need to book in as Grand Dining Room excellent, sometimes had to queue which didn't happen on QM2 but this is bound to happen with the open style dining. Only disappointment was Toscana, air conditioning set too cold, lighting on our table poor which caused problems for some of our fellow diners, two diners didn't get menus, haphazard delivery of courses, one of my courses was almost cold, desert was delicious. Observations would suggest that although one waiter was on the ball, the rest of the team in our section were not and this caused some of the problems. Dining in the Terrace Cafe excellent standard of food equal to that of the other restaurants (except Toscana) but with self service which suited some of our US fellow guests as they could get more food! Convinced that much of one of the lower decks must have been set aside for lobster tanks as never had so much lobster in a 10 day period! On our cruise over 100 passengers on back to back cruises, some even on their 21st cruise with Oceania, so real community feel. Didn't like the gratuity system which basically adds automatically $26 per couple per day, plus 18% on any alcoholic drinks. Soft drinks, tea and coffee all complimentary which is nice but you pay for it in the high cost of the alcohol $22 for 2 drinks which were in fact too strong to drink. There was a happy hour but not everyone wants to have lots of alcoholic drinks. Entertainment excellent although could have been a play or musical put on instead of a same style show with a different musical theme. Age group on our cruise generally 60+, married, white affluent American/Canadian, lots of wheel chairs and zimmer frames but caused us younger passengers to smile especially when we witnessed two genuinely having a race!! Excursions expensive but one well worth money in Antigua - Eco-Kayaking and Snorkelling - couldn't have improved 100% fab! One not so good purely as purpose of trip was advertised as Catamaran and snorkelling with 2hrs sailing 40mins snorkelling for £54 each Dominican Republic visited independently - quite intimidating once at beach and worse still would not return to downtown - observations giftware hasn't changed with times and not really tastes of cruise market nor age of visitor consequently limited sales = more desparate sales people - can fully understand Oceania trip to private hotel/beach at $199 each as opposed to $30 taxi and lounger for 2 though different island might be better solution. Return transfers expensive at £199 pp when a taxi to airport with tour of South beach cost only $60 for two - this does let Oceania down as being a bit rip off. Staff throughout were excellent, pleasant friendly, smiling even cleaners! though there were a few who spoilt it for the rest as they were clearly boot licking for extra tips when effectively everyone has paid for service and a tip! Last day in terrance cafe was a bit sloppy but Otto Jnr Head Waiter NOT on duty in fact same team we had problems with in Toscana - examples no cutlery given despite asking twice, drinks banged down after finally getting them, plates normally removed between courses weren't, other tables weren't being cleared. Pity really because you are only as good as the weakest staff member. It didn't ruin our holiday by any means but it was disappointing because otherwise the service was excellent. Over 1200 passengers on board during our cruise and only 33 from UK - BIG COMPLAINT Oceania booking offers geared very much to US market, including WIN A FREE CRUISE currently being offered on new ship and despite the UK extra cost of getting to US and limited agents over here which offer line. UK. Despite this would definately go again. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
This was our 23rd cruise; the first on Oceania. We have sailed on Royal Caribbean, Princess, NCL, Holland America, and Celebrity. Oceania is not a line we can typically afford because we prefer to use that money to cruise two or three ... Read More
This was our 23rd cruise; the first on Oceania. We have sailed on Royal Caribbean, Princess, NCL, Holland America, and Celebrity. Oceania is not a line we can typically afford because we prefer to use that money to cruise two or three times per year, but this was a great deal and a great itinerary so we booked it. We learned a few things on this cruise: if you prefer balconies, stick with them. We would have been miserable in an inside cabin for 12 nights, especially with the movement on this ship. Also, size does matter. The Marina is about 66,000 tons, and after sailing on Royal Caribbean's Oasis and Allure, we really felt the movement on this ship. We had sailed on a small Princess ship in 2006 and loved it, but subsequently got spoiled on the larger vessels, so keep that in mind when selecting your cruise. Passengers: The average age appeared to be about 75. We met mostly Americans, along with some Canadians and Brits. We saw a total of 2 children. Passengers were very friendly. We also expected that the "country club casual" dress code would mean that we had to dress very nicely, but found that everyone dressed just as they would on any other cruise line. It was GREAT not to have formal nights! Embarkation and Disembarkation: Quite smooth. We boarded at 1:00 p.m. Cabins were not ready until 3:30 -- on other lines we are usually in our cabin by 1:00 p.m., but we went to the Terrace Cafe and had a great lunch. Disembarkation was smooth as well -- off the ship and into the car within 20 minutes. Cabins: Small, but elegant. The bed was very comfortable with luxurious bedding, and the towels are thick. Storage is adequate, but the closet is in a very awkward place and is difficult to access. The safe is a nice size; an iPad will fit, but not a laptop. The shower is horrible. It is the smallest shower I've ever seen on a ship. The bathtub is huge, but the separate shower has a rainshower head with nowhere to move out of the way, so you have to keep turning it on and off. Good luck if you want to bend over to shave your legs. The shelf is tiny; there is not enough room to put shampoo, etc. on it, so most things are on the floor, where you can barely get to them IF you are small and can bend over in the tiny, cramped shower. The shower did not drain well. The shower is the worst feature of the ship. The cabin was also cold at times, and turning the thermostat to the warmest setting didn't do anything. The noise in the cabin was nearly as bad as the shower. The first night, it sounded like a loose tin flap was banging above the ceiling. The next day, they fixed it, but it was very windy throughout the trip and the wind whistled through the balcony dividers and rattled them so loudly it kept me awake. There was also a lot of creaking, and on the last few nights, an irritating pinging kept me awake. We were told that the cabins on the Regatta are even smaller, so again, keep that in mind when booking. Unless you upgrade to a suite, expect very, very small cabins on this cruise line. Cabin Service: Adequate for the most part, until the last night. The refrigerator is stocked with free soda and bottled water, which is terrific, but we did have to ask for restocking a couple of times. We ordered juice from Room Service a few times and it arrived right on time with friendly service. Unfortunately, when we were at dinner the last night, our cabin stewardess dumped all of the sheets, robes, etc. on top of our good clothes, preparing for the next morning. She took the robes we were using, soap, shampoo, and everything else out of our cabin. We were not happy. On disembarkation morning, we went to an early breakfast, and put the "privacy" sign on the door to let her know we were not vacating the cabin yet -- it was 6:30 and we didn't have to vacate until 8:00 a.m. When we returned at 7:15, she and other stewards had their cleaning supplies strewn all over the room and all of the dirty linens were piled on top of our open suitcases. We asked for privacy to use the restroom and assured her we would be out much earlier than required --within minutes, and she didn't want to give us that privacy. She got angry, and when we finally asked her to leave, she told us that there "is no privacy on disembarkation day" and we had no right to hold her up from "turning the cabin around by 1:00 p.m." We tried to convince here that we just needed a few minutes, but she was awful. She finally left and yelled some name at us in a foreign language, slamming the door. We complained, and the housekeeping manager couldn't have been nicer, so we felt better, but we have never been treated so rudely on a cruise -- ever. The manager assured us she would be disciplined and this behavior is not up to their standards and would not be tolerated. The Ship: Very elegant, but it lacked a central meeting and people-watching spot, which we always enjoy on larger ships. The theater's seats are not very comfortable. We felt a lot of movement on this ship, and the sea did not look that rough; it was windy but no more than usual on this Caribbean route. Numerous passengers commented on this; we have been in much rougher seas with less ship movement, and that remains a mystery. The aforementioned noises were very annoying. The Internet on Deck 14 was terribly slow. Dozens of us complained. The Internet staff used every excuse they could think of, including interference from Cuba. The Internet in the cabin didn't work at all until day 8, and then it worked for that day and reverted back to dial-up speed for the remainder of the trip. Internet access is VERY expensive on this ship: 80 cents per minute is the starting point. I purchased 800 minutes for $400, and wasted tons of time the first several days getting bumped off and having extremely slow connections. The Guest Services staff was downright rude about it when everyone complained. I finally got about 150 minutes credited by the Internet Manager. On days 6 and 7 they tore out the ceilings in the passageways to install "more access points," "more bandwith," or "newer antennas" -- depending on whom you asked. After day 8, when I went to Guest Services to inquire about the slow Internet again, they just said that they were frustrated, too. No matter whom we asked, nobody was willing to tell us the truth. On day 10, contracted engineers arrived at our room to test our wi-fi connection and they told us the ship planned to upgrade the satellite, confirming that what they had was terrible. I used all 800 minutes plus the 150 doing about 300 minutes of work. For a new ship, this one just had too many issues and they definitely detracted from the experience; so much that we have cancelled a future cruise on this ship. Many passengers we spoke with had sailed on the Regatta, which is less than half the size of this ship, and loved the intimate atmosphere. I can only imagine, though, how bad the Internet is on a smaller, older ship, and I don't want to experience all that movement and ship's noises. Staff: the dining venues all had wonderful, cheerful staff. This was the best dining service -- in all venues -- we have ever had on a ship. The waiters genuinely seemed to like what they were doing. They couldn't have been nicer or more attentive. The reception desk staff, however, was completely unimpressive. If anyone had an issue, they just stonewalled or lied. We talked to several passengers who had this same impression. They need to promote some of their waiters and put them at the front desk because the Guest Services people were crabby, inattentive, and acted like they absolutely hate people. Dining: The main dining room is comfortable, pretty, and has great service along with great food. There are plenty of choices and the waiters were extremely attentive. The casual venue, the Terrace Cafe, also had fantastic food selections and service. A highlight of this cruise was the free lattes/cappuccinos any time you want one. The buffet selections were not vast, but they were really good. I am a vegetarian and I didn't have any trouble finding choices. The Waves grill, between the casual Terrace Cafe and the pool, has fantastic lunch food, including a surf and turf sandwich, and an ice cream bar that also serves malts, shakes, and smoothies. Cappuccinos, lattes, etc. -- all at no extra cost -- are served throughout the ship. The food and food service on this ship were by far the best we have ever had. The cruise fare included one night in each of four specialty restaurants. Red Ginger has great Asian food with wonderful service; Jacques has French food with fantastic service, Polo is a steakhouse with unbelievably good food and wonderful service, and Toscana serves Italian food -- the service and food was good there. One nice feature of the cruise is that the bar service was wonderful but we never felt like they were constantly hovering and pushing drinks on us. Entertainment: We enjoyed the comedian Tom Drake's shows. There is only one show per evening at 9:45 p.m., so we missed all the other ones because we were just too tired to stay awake. The cruise director, Dottie Kulasa, was absolutely fantastic. She made everyone feel at home, always took time to chat, and really made the cruise enjoyable. A guest lecturer from NOAA had some interesting presentations. We did not visit the Casino. Photos: There are no photographers on this ship. It was nice not to constantly be bothered by them; on the other hand, we always purchase our embarkation photo because they have the ship's name, date, and itinerary on them and we keep them in a cruise album, so we missed that. The Spa: Ridiculous prices. It is a Canyon Ranch Spa and you pay for the name - $182 for a 50 minute Swedish massage. I didn't even think about doing that. Shore excursions: Typical. A bit over-priced. After the first two, we cancelled the rest. Overall: There is not a lot to do on this ship, so it is definitely the right ship for those who just want to eat great food, have great dining service, don't need to use the Internet, don't need to be entertained, and want a very slow, relaxed pace. The Internet and cabin fiascos absolutely put a damper on our experience. The free bottled water, soda, smoothies, and lattes are nice extras, and you will sleep in a very comfortable bed. This line's itineraries are terrific. However, if you like more choices in entertainment, people watching, and a more lively, upbeat atmosphere, this probably is not the ship or the cruise line for you. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
My friend and I (two ladies) have just returned from the 12 day Caribbean Pearls cruise on Marina and found this cruise to be superb in all ways. Embarkation was quick and easy and debarkation was a breeze with no shortage of taxis as ... Read More
My friend and I (two ladies) have just returned from the 12 day Caribbean Pearls cruise on Marina and found this cruise to be superb in all ways. Embarkation was quick and easy and debarkation was a breeze with no shortage of taxis as reported in other reviews. We were at Miami airport by 8:45 am and that was with rush hour traffic. >The food was fabulous in both the Grand Dining Room and the specialty restaurants, and also in the Terrace Cafe on Deck 12. The lunches served at the Waves Grill by the pool had a diverse gourmet sandwich menu along with Angus Beef Hamburgers and Hot dogs. We enjoyed Pellegrino, Perrier and Cappuccino in all dining venues at no extra charge. Service could not have been better with crew members from many different countries anticipating our every need, all with smiles and greetings. They all seem very happy in their jobs, working together and helping each other, from the waiters to the captains to the maitre d's. We did find the wines and drinks to be a bit pricey once the 18% gratuity was added on, but Happy Hour between 5 pm and 6 pm offered 2 for 1 drinks and there were 3 specialty cocktails offered every day for $ 5.00 each. Free drinks and hors d'oeuvres were flowing however at the Captain's Cocktail Party. >Our veranda cabin # 8001 was great, at the very front of the ship; I was wishing I'd brought binoculars. I also would have liked to take the mattress, pillows and linens home with me. The bathroom has a full size soaking tub which we did not use and the shower space, although small, was adequate for our needs having a rain shower head on the top for hair washing and a hand held sprayer as well. Our cabin girl Tatyana was always visible and pleasant and kept our cabin spotless. !! There is a Guest Laundry on every cabin deck with a loveseat, table and flat screen TV along with the washers, dryers and steam iron. The one I used also had a lovely live orchid plant on the table. The machines no longer accept quarters, you have to buy tokens at the reception desk, one each for the washer and dryer at $ 2.00 per token and the detergent is supplied. >The library had an excellent supply of books, I read five good ones that I hadn't read and could have found more if there was more time. The casino has may penny and two cent slot machines so you can have some fun without losing your shirt. My only complaint would be that the seats in front of the slots are very hard and uncomfortable. >As for the entertainment, I don't understand the complaints in other reviews. The Oceania singers and dancers are very talented and they double as assistants for the many activities on the ship. The ship band is outstanding. We saw 4 shows and enjoyed world famous pianist Linda Gentile and the lovely soprano voice of Emma Sinclair (google them, you'll see they are top entertainers). No they don't have the large scale productions that you may have seen on other larger ships, but keep in mind, this is a small ship with a small stage, with just over 1200 passengers. I have been on many cruises with several other lines and you can always find people who are never pleased with anything and who just like to hear themselves complain. There were certainly some of them on this cruise as well. You know who you are!! > I also found the complaints about not enough elevators on Marina to be unfounded; 80% of the time the elevators were empty when we accessed them. Of course after the shows or coming off the tenders they were always crowded, but that is to be expected on any cruise ship. > The ship decor is subtle in taupes, beiges and aquas, with comfortable couches, expensive art work, sculptures, Lalique crystal and live plants throughout the public areas. The boutiques' selection and prices were far above my pocketbook, but I'm sure many of the passengers could well afford them. The Marina does not offer special sales as other cruise lines do. I will not comment on the ports because the ship itself is what I enjoy on a cruise, to relax, unwind and be pampered. Oceania is definitely a big step above other cruise lines, offering class and elegance. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
While I have sailed on Celebrity 30 times, I returned last week from my first cruise on Oceania on the Marina. We had sailed on Equinox 45 days earlier so it was interesting to compare the different products in such a tight time frame. My ... Read More
While I have sailed on Celebrity 30 times, I returned last week from my first cruise on Oceania on the Marina. We had sailed on Equinox 45 days earlier so it was interesting to compare the different products in such a tight time frame. My partner and I are both in our late 40's. We sailed in a "B4" which is the lowest veranda category but offers huge extended verandas. Its direct equivalent on a Solstice Class ship would be an extended veranda category "1A". The cost of Oceania was exactly $100 per person per day more than the Equinox sailing that same week. On Oceania, all coffees, specialty restaurants, soft drinks and water are included. Our first impressions on embarkation were underwhelming. There was one entertainment staff member to greet you and one staff person to direct you to the Terrace Cafe. One boards the ship directly into Marina's two story large circular atrium. It is an odd space reminiscent of a private bank -- lots of dark-coloured marble, lit Lalique panels on the front wall next to the glass elevators and twin curved staircases that meet in a central podium. The large chandelier and lit panels provide an unpleasant, ultra-while light making the space extremely over lit. The podium is raised a single step and is glaringly marked in yellow and black caution tape -- really an accident waiting to happen. Each and every time we descended the stairs, we called out "step" to each other so as not to go face first onto the floor. We walked though the public areas on deck 6 and I started to get a sinking feeling as we explored Martinis (the central bar), the Casino and bar and The Grand Bar itself (but more on that later). We went upstairs to the Terrace Cafe (lido restaurant) and I immediately thought: "You've got to be kidding". It is an amazingly low-ceilinged (we're both 6 feet tall) and claustrophobic space with tables placed tightly together and a crowded buffet area that provides poor passenger flow. We went outside to a grey and windy Miami afternoon and easily got a table. The tables are set up for you with placemat (changed for each passenger), proper silverware and crystal glasses. The buffet had a limited selection of the usual suspects on the steam table areas but the grill had a good selection of meat and fish that was made to order. Ten minutes later as I was sitting eating a perfectly cooked steak that was better than any red meat that I had on Celebrity last year, I began to relax. I went back foraging for dessert and was greeted by an excellent selection of pastries and ship-made ice creams. I then found the cheese cart -- a selection of French cheeses whose smell would knock you out at 20 feet. I paired it with some of the best baguette I've had in years (I live next to two competing patisseries) and had to get a crew member to wipe the smile off of my face. We were allowed into our cabins -- "plush" and "luxurious" were the first words that came to mind. Thick carpeting, a sturdy and comfortable sofa, dark woods and excellent lighting. The bathroom is dripping in granite and has a separate full bath and glass enclosed shower stall. After enduring Celebrity's Elizabethan Straw Mattresses for 38 days last year, the Oceania bed was a revelation. Four hundred pocket coils and memory foam, 1000 thread count embroidered linens with feather pillows and a down duvet -- unbelievable. The lighting was also excellent with bedside lamps that had a separate goose-neck type pencil light to focus on your reading material. The cabin was about 240 square feet with a 100 square foot veranda with comfortable padded chairs. Storage was not great -- while there was excellent hanging space with a light that came on automatically, the drawers were tiny, not full extension and hidden behind wood doors to make them more aesthetic and more awkward. Verandas are enclosed by railings -- no dirty glass wall to drive you crazy. Discussing food in general is risky as my "incredibly bland" may be someone else's "too spicy". I will begin by speaking of the food in objective terms. All the meat is U.S.D.A. prime, the cheeses (for the most part) are non-pasteurized O.A.C. shipped directly from France, the complimentary coffees in Baristas are Illy from Italy, burger and hot dog buns are made on board, burgers are chopped steak (not frozen patties), lobster is generously available in all specialty restaurants and nightly in the Terrace Cafe, Orange juice is, well, orange juice and not some watered down product. You get the point. Subjectively, I thought that the food overall was superb and put Celebrity to shame (exceptions to follow!). The red meat onboard is of a quality that is simply not available on the main stream lines. I ate at all of the Specialty Restaurants on Equinox and Summit last year (including Blu) and nothing matched Oceania's specialties. On Celebrity, I found the staff in the specialties simply pushing too hard -- actually telling me that my meal was excellent when it certainly was not. The china, silver wear and stem wear were absolutely stunning. Different tablecloths and patterns and glass wear in each of the restaurants - Christofle, Versace, Riedel -- you name it. I simply did not see a single water spot on any item in 10 days. I ate twice in the Grand Dining Room on the Marina -- the Captain's Dinner was fabulous whereas dinner on the second last night was frankly wretched -- below Royal Caribbean standards. Which begets the question: "what if most of my meals were in the GDR?" -- I might have had a very different view of Oceania. I was also concerned that any fried item onboard (except "Waves" ' fries) was always tepid at best and that all "hot" items in the Terrace Cafe that weren't made fresh for you were also thermally challenged. The pool deck provided comfortable padded chaise lounges with terry covers on them. Chair hogs, however, were out in full force and non-hogging rules were not enforced until the last day at sea. There is ample deck space on the upper pool deck -- Oceania would solve this problem by simply buying some more chairs. I missed the covered solarium from Celebrity but there is a small but nice sheltered area on the upper pool deck. Pool towels were scarce after noon and you had to ask for them. The gym was well equipped. The staffs were generally superb. Bar staff cheerfully got soft drinks and water without any expectation of a tip. Waiters were professional and knowledgeable in advising you what to have and more importantly, being honest in telling you what not to have. Cabins were cleaned by the time we got back from breakfast at 8:30. The Cruise Director was the delightful Dottie Kullassa who personally handed out beach towels and water at every port at the gangway and had a kind/funny/warm word for everyone. Fellow passengers were frankly fantastic. It is the first cruise I've been on in a while where I didn't want to kill anyone! You had to keep reminding yourself to say "hello" or "good morning" in elevators as most people were friendly, polite and eager to chat a bit. There are no annoying ship photographers onboard. The majority of my "problems" on Oceania relate to missed opportunities rather than things I particularly disliked. Entertainment was our main concern. I never go to the production shows but enjoy the many live music choices on Celebrity and HAL. It's not as if they roll up the sidewalks on the Marina after six, they actually package and wrap them and throw them overboard! If you're lucky, you may find one lounge that will have some live music. I really feel that an affluent and older crowd would appreciate dance music every night plus the some additional choices. Frankly, charge everyone an additional $10 per cruise (generating $1250) and hire an additional piano player and a small combo. Also, make the existing musicians work harder. Use the show band every night and have the production show singers do a few cabaret evenings. Now, as for the venue for pre and post-dinner drinks .... I don't think you could have come up with a poorer layout and passenger flow than that of the lobby, Grand Bar (which is neither Grand nor has a bar), Casino and bar and Martinis. Martinis makes it impossible to see the piano from most of the seats. The overcrowded lounge should have stolen space from the funereal lobby which is too large for the purpose it serves. The garish Casino and bar are on the port side of the ship whereas the entrance to the Grand Dining Room is on the starboard. Thus, the Grand Bar is basically an over lit corridor where people are constantly walking by and talking as you are trying to listen to music. The spaces should have been reversed (or the dining room entrance reversed) so that people walked through the casino on their way to dinner but also had a quiet place to listen to music. Or an alternative arrangement. I'm not an architect but I've been on a lot of ships and what is there now doesn't work But these are quibbles. Most reviews of Oceania have focused on the food and the experience is so much more than that. Oceania is indeed much more expensive than Celebrity on many different itineraries. But where the cost differences are minimal (as was present in our case), there is simply no comparison. While you don't always get what you pay for in life, Oceania provides absolutely superb value. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
My husband and I just returned from a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean on the Oceania Marina. He described the food as the best ever, and he is not a person given to superlatives. We both felt that the service was outstanding - the best ... Read More
My husband and I just returned from a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean on the Oceania Marina. He described the food as the best ever, and he is not a person given to superlatives. We both felt that the service was outstanding - the best we've ever had. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and seemed genuinely interested in serving us. We enjoyed all the speciality restaurants. Again, my husband, who is a meat and potatoes person, found something that he really liked at each of the restaurants. He fussed about going to all except the Polo Grill, and then enjoyed his meal at each one. We loved the Terrace Cafe for breakfast and dinner. Waves was perfect for lunch. We ate in the Grand Dining Room for one dinner and one breakfast and the service was outstanding. The food was about the same as we got at the Terrace. We liked the idea of country club casual. We appreciated that no photographers were slowing us down or insisting on taking pictures. The fact that soft drinks and bottled water were included was nice. The entertainers on the ship were talented and friendly. The one ship shore excursion that we took was good. Everything was well organized until we disembarked. That was the only snag of our trip and could have been easily avoided. We rode the elevator down in the terminal building. It was packed and we were in the front. We turned to the left as we got off and did not notice that everyone else turned to the right. There was no one from the ship and no one from security anywhere on that floor. We went outside and then realized that we had not gone through immigration and had not seen our luggage. When we tried to get back in, we were barred from doing so. I don't think the ship's person that stopped us believed that we had gotten out of the building without being stopped. He went to the door that we came out and saw that no one was there. He immediately got a security person in place. He finally found our luggage, but it delayed us about 45 minutes considering that we would have been able to get right into a taxi when we first walked out and it was 45 minutes later before we were finally able to get into one. We liked all the ports of call except for the Dominican Republic. I heard others complaining about that stop also. The concierge on Deck 9 was helpful. The cabin stewards were the best we've ever had. This was definitely an older crowd. The ship was very quiet. It was relaxing. I would love to go on Oceania again. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
We've traveled on Oceania before and are always pleased with the quality of fellow passengers. On any transatlantic, the average age is 75+. We were in a concierge veranda room, which gave us access to daily newspapers and last minute ... Read More
We've traveled on Oceania before and are always pleased with the quality of fellow passengers. On any transatlantic, the average age is 75+. We were in a concierge veranda room, which gave us access to daily newspapers and last minute reservations at specialty restaurants. We received one evening each per our contract but could book any morning through the concierge. Our favority was Toscana, Red Ginger, Polo and Jacques in that order, but all the food was excellent. The room was large and it was great having access to a computer, although the shower was tiny. Europeans often prefer bathing and this ship was designed in Italy, but the passengers were overwhelmingly American. We visited Key West before the trip, Bermuda, Madeira, Tangier, and landed in Barcelona. On Bermuda we purchased daily transportation passes near the terminal. The highlight was St. Georges, as it was too cold for snorkeling. On Madeira I booked excursions for 6-8 people (recruited people onboard) with Happy Tours and on Tangier with Tifo. Both were much better and cheaper than cruise excursions. Trip ended in Barcelona, so there were many sea days. The lecturers were horrendous and I gave up after the first day to play bridgeeven though this was my first time to ever play duplicate. The food was so good that I had to concentrate on not gaining weight and worked out in the futness room every sea day. The room for group exercises is so small that it reminded me of my shower. I didn't realize until halfway through the cruise that you can purchase fitness room tickets for all group exercises and get reservations before other PAX. The nightly shows were generally good expecially the song and dance events. The violin concerto was excellent except it coincided with happy hour and drinking passengers were loud with no interest in classical music. Overall a very good cruise. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
Having previously cruised in the owner's suite on both the Regatta and Insigna my wife and anticipated a new dimension in cruising as we booked an Eastern Caribbean voyage on the Marina. Since our last Oceania cruise the company ... Read More
Having previously cruised in the owner's suite on both the Regatta and Insigna my wife and anticipated a new dimension in cruising as we booked an Eastern Caribbean voyage on the Marina. Since our last Oceania cruise the company become apart of Apollo Management LP along with the Regency Seven Seas. With the exception on the Ikea inspired dorm like furniture in the stateroom, the ship is truly lovely. The library can only be imagined - wonderful. The furnishing the size/comfort of the seating in the public areas are perhaps the finest afloat. The crew was helpful and personable. The ships officers were aloof and offered no ship's tour of the kitchen or bridge so popular on other cruise ships like Silver Sea. The cruise director and many members of the staff were recovering from a sever case of bronchitis which quickly spread to the passengers including ourselves and traveling companions. Each bar check had to be individually signed with a common pen which was probably one of the ways in which the infection was transmitted between staff and passengers. Holland America doesn't require each chit to be signed and also had a staff member at the maitre d stand who would offer a hand sanitizer to each diner upon entering the restaurant. Our bout lasted almost a month and required a doctor's visit at home. Perhaps cruising during the winter flu seasons isn't advisable. The shows were apparently well produced by an independent company from Nashville, but only one was performed as a late afternoon matinee. The normal shows started after 9:30 pm which was too late for us as we wanted to participate in morning shore excursions. The matinee was almost filled to capacity and one would wonder why more aren't offered which would cater to the ages ( 60-80 ) of the ships passengers. Oceania is attempting to follow Cristal with optional all inclusive beverage and gratuity packages. We chose not to purchase the beverage package as we felt that it would be difficult to be identified by the wine servers in the dining room. We did take the gratuity package. Our room staff were fabulous and I inquired at the reception how much of our pre-paid was allocated to them. I was told that that was confidential. Not wanting to short change them, we gave them additional gratuities. Oceania should be all inclusive. Country Club Causal - My wife likes to dress up when we dine in the main dining room which is elegant and has the staff in formal style uniforms. Jackets are no longer required for the main dining room. We typically prefer to share a table with others, and many of the other passengers dressed as they were attending bingo night at the local Elks club. Shirts without collars, suspenders, sweaters without shirts, shorts, you name it. Not for us . Perhaps a section of the dining room could be reserved for those who want to dress down market. Other cruise lines have a blend of causal and more formal. Perhaps Oceania will be able to figure out their identity as a premium cost cruise line with a down market clientele. The food was exceptional. We enjoyed all venues with the exception of the evening meal on the Terrace grill where there was often a long line for the grill item of the night. I would be in line for 5-10 minutes while my wife would be at the table having her food getting cold. They should have wait staff take orders for grill items and serve them at the individual's table. The Muster Drill Given the Costa Concordia tragedy, I will finish with a few comments on the importance of muster drills. As a former holder of a US Coast Guard Masters License I have observed these drills with a critical eye. In recent years I have cruised on Crystal, Oceania and Silversea and all ships had full muster drills prior to departure. Having only been aboard only a few hours, the muster drill gives the passenger the opportunity to locate their life jackets, get familiar with them and become knowledgeable with the location and procedures of the life-boat stations. A critical aspect of the drill is that the crew station themselves on the stairways and hallways to give directions to the passengers. Since everyone is wearing a life jacket, the crew ware brightly colored hats which distinguish them from the passengers. The crew on Crystal and Silversea took their duties seriously and were easily identifiable by their hats. On the Marina during muster drill the crew were more casual about wearing their caps. The ships officers need to enforce this requirement and if the crew objects they should be replaced. The muster drill on the Marina did not assemble the passengers at life boat stations but in the main dining room. Apparently this was due to the fact that the ship doesn't carry enough life boat capacity for the guests and crew and instead relies on life rafts in canisters to supplement the life boats which will deploy upon contact with the water. I asked many officers and crew members how one was to enter a life raft and my questions were evaded. My guess is that once the guests have assembled in the main dining room a ship's officer will determine who gets to go the life boats - and depending on the sea state who will attempt to enter a life raft from the water (jumping fgrom the ship) or directly from the ships boarding ramp. Both the Nautica and Regatta muster drills assemble on deck at a designated life boat. Now in my seventies, I am not anxious to go thru a life raft drill and will chose smaller ships with full life boat capacity. If we cruise with Oceania again it will be on their smaller ships. We will look to Holland American for a up market value package and SilverSea for our all inclusive voyages. Oceania seems to be almost pregnant - it should be an all inclusive cruise line like Crystal or SilverSea or return to being an add on cruise. Hopefully Oceania will discover it's identify once again. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
I will begin by saying I have not cruised 50-100 times like many of the cruisers on cruise critic. But I like and know luxury and quality. Agree with some of the good things said about Marina, but also agree with weaknesses that when you ... Read More
I will begin by saying I have not cruised 50-100 times like many of the cruisers on cruise critic. But I like and know luxury and quality. Agree with some of the good things said about Marina, but also agree with weaknesses that when you leave always seem to stand out. I traveled with 2 other couples in a transfer back to Rome after the cruise and we all felt the same exact way, so I do not think I was being demanding or my expectations being too high for Oceania.. We literally walked on the ship alone. First time this ever happened. Was happy to not have the lines (we boarded after the rush, of course), but agree that no one was there to greet when you did board and provide some quick information (or champagne, perhaps). As others stated, cabins nice, small. Liked the granite bathroom and beds. Otherwise, amenities standard by our expectations. Do agree, the bed was most enjoyable after each full day of touring. Once boarded, we went to get a bite to eat after reading the elevator and picking a floor. No dining available. In between meals. We found this consistent on our ENTIRE cruise. We would tour most of the days since this was a port intensive cruise and by the time we would return (around 9 pm-9:30) were told every night to order room service. Not my style for luxury. We had a suite on Equinox and could have a lovely serving any time of day. This was consistent with our schedule every time we wanted a bite to eat. Room service is an option once in a while, but the rooms are small and confining and you get tired of eating in it because Marina was "in between". This even happened on short tour days. Right at 2:00 pm. Were unable to change or add to specialty reservations. They like the word NO on Oceania. Heard it ALL week, too. Like other reviewers here. Also agree that the staff seems to be more enthusiastic about the entrees. Lobster was tough every time I ordered it (3 times, then gave up). Did not like the effort of communicating to get food served to you at the buffet in the Terrace and agree that rude cruisers would just step in and demand while others waiting to be served. Change the policy. Service was poor many times and then excellent at others. Sporadic, not consistent. Excursions---plan your own. you will be disappointed and frustrated. Considering cost and what we heard from so many people on the ship. Felt sad for them. Always witnessed upset cruisers at the destinations desk. Very sad to see on such a cruise line! Entertainment-Better on the TV in your stateroom. Understanding that they are not know for their entertainment. I get it. Cabin Butler-Excellent. Room always prepared upon entering and spotless cleaning. This expectation fully met. Lidvidia was very accomodating, even though we are the easiest of travelers. Do not require much attention. One last observation-We had charges on our bill from a culinary class that was overbooked and we could not get in. We instead planned a private tour for this day and when we went to the desk to question, we were told to go to destination desk. Ok, no problem. Well, they made it seem like it was our fault and that they would start an inquest to see if the charges could be credited. Are you kidding me? The clerk made us feel like we were at fault. Even after clarifying and re-clarifying that it was their mistake. This is how we felt every time we asked for something. It was not like this ever on Celebrity, or Royal Carribean. Will try Crystal next time and, of course, continue the Aqua Spa Suite Class on Celebrity. They have it right. Fortunately, we like people and do not turn our nose up to having more friendly people on board with us as long as the service level does not suffer. Spa- No indoor pool or inside "relaxation/meditation" area on the pool deck. We like to use the spa amenities whenever we travel. Couples massage is one of our favorites. Steam, sauna, aromatherapy, together. No co-ed on this ship. We were intimidated by the extremely high prices charged for services at the spa. Understanding that is "Canyon Ridge". But, $400.00 something dollars for a couples massage (50 minute??), manicures, upwards of 80-90.00?? this we cannot understand. Nor, would I subject ourselves to the overpayment. We, instead, waited for the Waldorf-Astoria Cavaleiri Hotel in Rome and indulged in our "spa fix" at a much more reasonable charge for all services. Perhaps, this subsidizes the cost of sending 16 brochures/marketing pieces each month to your home address. not sure. All in all, nice cruise. Not the best ever, not the worst ever. Unimpressed. We did stay at the Rome Cavelieri for a few days after the cruise and was able to experience at the Imperial Club level what impeccable service levels should be. And what a view off the balcony!!! Worth every penny! We do not mind spending the money when expectations are met and exceeded. First time reviewer. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Let me start by saying that we had a wonderful vacation; and most hotels and restaurants could learn a lot from Oceania. That said, my husband and I took a 10-day cruise aboard Oceania's Regatta last year. (Western Caribbean) It was ... Read More
Let me start by saying that we had a wonderful vacation; and most hotels and restaurants could learn a lot from Oceania. That said, my husband and I took a 10-day cruise aboard Oceania's Regatta last year. (Western Caribbean) It was the vacation of a lifetime. The experience was unforgettable and we found Oceania to be "Perfection," as I entitled my review. For a year, we have told people that we would never consider any other cruise line. The 10-day cruise ended way too soon, so this year we booked a 12-night cruise aboard Oceania's newest ship, the Marina. (Eastern Caribbean) If you don't know: Oceania targets an older demographic and offers no activities or facilities for children. (YAY!) Its ships are mid-sized, carrying from 650 - 1250 passengers, so we experienced unbelievable personalized service last year. Dress attire is ostensibly country club casual (although it's amazing how many people don't seem to understand what that means). For these reasons, we selected Oceania last year. Because our experience was "perfection," we did not even consider any other cruise line for this year's vacation. Oceania's biggest failing is shore excursions. The descriptions provided are apparently written by the shore excursion companies. What we found is that the descriptions are often inaccurate. As an example: The desciption for the "Sail Away to Savannah Bay" says that, after a 45-minute catamaran ride to an island, you can snorkel or swim or relax on the beach. I booked the excursion thinking my husband and I would frolic on the beach and splash in the shallow water, while others snorkled. When we arrived at the snorkel location, we anchored far from shore. It was then that we learned that, to get to the beach, we would have to swim ashore! And back! My husband doesn't swim; had we known that, we would have chosen a different excusion. I got in the water and swim the length of the catamaran a couple of times and came to the conclusion that, although I could probably make it to shore, I was not at all confident I could make it back. Too, we would have to leave our personal belongings (cash, credit cards and a new digital camera) unattended on the boat (no lockers were provided), as we had no way to carry them with us as we swam to shore. Oceania says it "stands behinds its shore excursions" but they don't. We had fun, but weren't able to do what we had planned: frolic on the beach together and enjoy the shallow water of the beautiful Caribbean sea together because the description was not accurate. Therefore, we asked Oceania for a 50% refund and were denied. The other problem with the shore excursions: Oceania's lack of control over the quality of the excursion. In Dominica, we had booked "Dominica's favorites," as did many of our fellow passengers. So many guests booked that tour, that several buses were provided. With one exception, the buses looked fairly new, nice and clean. We had the exception. Our bus was filthy, old and poorly designed for adults -- especially seniors with all of our physical ailments. We were the second ones to board the bus. We chose a metal bench seat directly across from the door, thinking that the cross-breeze would keep me comfortable. We immediately realized our error, but passengers kept up a steady flow, filling the bus. By the time we were able to get up and move, all the seats had been filled so we were stuck. Here's the problem: The mechanics of the bus caused the floor to be stepped. (Think of where the transmission used to cause a big hump in the middle of your cars. No one wanted to sit in the middle because the floor rises up.) The floor had three levels to accomodate what lies beneath. The first step was where our feet where, not allowing sufficient space for the length of our feet! (We needed to have our toes amputated in order to fit.) I was able to stretch out my left foot, resting it on the next tier up, but our other three feet did not have sufficient room to accomodate the length of our feet. There was not adequate space for our legs, either. (I'm only 5'4; my husband is 5'9.) I have to wonder if the bus was designed for children. WE SPENT THE ENTIRE TOUR IN PHYSICAL PAIN! We took turns shifting hips; at one point, we changed seats: I moved to the outside and my husband took the aisle. At that point, I could no longer write in my journal (I had been taking notes of what the Tour Guide told us about the island), as there wasn't enough shoulder space. I had to sit with my arms forming a V and resting on the metal bar in front of our metal bench seat. This is an example of Oceania not having any control over the quality of the tour. Dominica seems to be a poor country. You can't expect them to give up the revenue associated with a bus load of tourists just because they don't have enough appropriate buses available -- but I can expect Oceania to inspect the buses and say "No, this is not acceptable." But they don't do that, so we spent the entire three hours in physical pain (less the time we were hiking up to the water falls). Again, Oceania claims they stand behind their shore excursions. They don't. I asked for a full refund -- we didn't spend $13,000 on a cabin plus liquor plus tips plus shore excursions plus plus plus so that we would experience hours of unnecessary physical pain. They did not respond to my request, nor offer an apology. (I know my end-of-cruise Survey was received.) In summary: Shore excursions are Oceania's weakness. I would advise against booking them. Go ashore and make your own arrangements. Last year, by the second day of the cruise, all of the pretty female drink servers at the bar knew my husband by name and what he drank. "Here's a cold Heineken for you, Mr. Bird." "Would you like another Heineken, Mr. Bird?" This year, most of the drink servers were male; they never (in 12 days) learned my husband's name or what he drank; and service at the pool was very inconsistent. Sometimes, they were attentive; other times, we would finally get up and get our own drinks. This holds true for the bar at the pool as well. One time, I asked for the check. The bartender acknowledged my request. I never got it. So I moved to a deck chair while my husband waited for the check. It was half an hour before he finally got the check for our two drinks - after asking a second time. We met our Butler the first day. We asked him to keep a carafe of iced tea in our suite for me at all times, as well as a bucket of ice. He did so. We also told him that we only need two things in the refrigerator: Diet Coke and Heineken. We asked him to make sure there is always cold Diet Coke and cold Heineken in the refrigerator. We ended up going to the Executive Lounge to get Diet Coke more often than not. Our butler went MIA on the third day; turns out, the rough waters made him "green around the gills." We also found that we're less than enamored with the guests this year. Because Oceania caters to an older demographic, a lot of guests are infirm. We too have walking challenges but are considerate enough (on the ship, at work, in public) to step to the side rather than hold up people behind us who can and want to walk faster than we can walk. Very few of Oceania's guests were considerate in this regard. A group would take up the entire passageway, moving excruciatingly slowly, and not step to the side to allow us to pass. Obviously, Oceania has no control over this; but one should be aware of this fact when selecting cruise lines. After sharing the pool at Margaritaville in the Grand Turks with a ship from Crystal Cruise Line, we decided "No more old people cruises." It was so fun to share the pool and bar with people of various ages; to see younger people actually play in the pool; young women on men's shoulders (ah! memories); beautiful tanned bodies; a few young children laughing as only children do. Again, we had a good time. Most hotels and restaurants could learn from Oceania. BUT: Service aboard the Marina was inconsistent and Oceania does NOT (regardless of what it claims) stand behind the shore excursions to the extent that guests might expect. For these reasons, among others with which I will not bore the reading public, we will consider other cruise lines in the future. Various guests consistently named Regent Silver Seas (which is all-inclusive, by the way) and Crystal as their preferred cruise lines. Next time, we'll check them out. Bon voyage! Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
IF you are looking for a cruise line with lots of parties, big time entertainment, lots of bars to "booze cruise", lots and lots of "stuff yourself mediocre buffet food and extreme high energy...".well this isn't ... Read More
IF you are looking for a cruise line with lots of parties, big time entertainment, lots of bars to "booze cruise", lots and lots of "stuff yourself mediocre buffet food and extreme high energy...".well this isn't your cruise line, so read no further. IF you enjoy peace and quiet, top quality food and service, good lecturers, fabulous High Tea and wonderful ports, this IS your cruise line and read on. We have enjoyed transatlantic cruising as we enjoy being with each other and can always find things to do. This cruise was excellent (with only a slight glitch that I will mention later). We really loved the size and wonderful style of this ship. Marina is beautiful in all aspects, from the lobby to the restaurants to the little nooks and crannies that make her what she is. We found that even at 60, we were still some of the youngest people on this cruise. Perhaps the 14 day excursion, perhaps the price or just perhaps this is the age group that is well travelled and sophisticated enough to enjoy this lifestyle. Many walkers and wheelchairs, that's for sure. The persons who we did come in contact with were delightful and shared many of the interests that we do. We enjoyed the cabin we had selected, which was a lower veranda concierge cabin, amidships (9086, deck 9). Although we used the concierge room once or twice (and it was excellent), I don't know that I would book again as the amenities everywhere on the ship were just as good. We have read complaints about the size of the drawers and the shower, but found everything ok with us. Yes, the shower is a bit tight (certainly the Solstice ships have this beat), but having a tub with bath salts beat it out! The shower pressure was great and we thought the bathroom very good for our needs. We always take a few light weight hangers with us, so we had no problems whatsoever with space for our three bags of clothes. The lap top computer was nice, but again, as a concierge amenity, could be done without. We thoroughly enjoyed the free bottled water each day as we consume quite a lot. Our room attendant was always there, making sure all our needs were attended to. We liked the Internet area and the Espresso bar (free!) and thought the Library area one of the best at sea! We did use the pool hot tubs and enjoyed it as well (the pool is also heated; nice touch). There are very few bars and lounges on this ship, but we did think they were great. The entertainment at each was well thought out and very pleasant. Now, let's get down to the food! We are avid foodies (I have been in charge of 30 restaurants and 40 bars in my profession). I KNOW how hard it is to have top quality food and service, especially onboard a vessel. We have tried all kinds of cruise ships (27th cruise) and truly think this is some of the best food at sea! Crystal, Holland America and Celebrity are the other ships we truly like, but this was very good to outstanding. Main Dining Room: The food and service in this room runs the gamut from okay to superior. As on any big cruiser, the service dominates how your food is going to come from the kitchen. We found the food product itself to be well seasoned and of superior quality than most ships. The food was not hot sometimes, but really depended on our server and the time we ate. IF we ate early (6:30-7:00 p.m.), our service was extremely good with all of the superior service you would expect (frenching the bread, attentive service, excellent attention to detail. IF you ate later and the servers had too many tables, most of this fell apart. Food missed, soups cold as they are brought out with your appetizer and left on the side stand). All in all though, we really enjoyed eating in the MDR as 90% of the time, they did a great job. The restaurants, all except La Reserve, are included in your fare, were truly outstanding. We ate each night at 7:00 in these outlets and found our food and service to be of superior quality. I have nothing bad to say about JACQUES, RED GINGER, TOSCANA or POLO GRILL. IF I had to put them in order of MY preference, it would be Toscana, Red Ginger, Jacques and Polo Grill. This is just my taste and in NO way lessens the quality of the meals we had. IF you ate in these outlets each night, you would have a meal as good, if not better, than most great NYC restaurants. We ate at LA RESERVE twice! This is a cost plus dining experience (about $120 per person by the time you are finished). They change this wine dinner each week, so we went to both. This DR only seats 24 persons and was never filled to capacity on our voyage (Too bad for those who missed it!). The seven course meal was outstanding, along with the wine pairings with them. The staff was superb in their service and deserves great kudos for the job they do! The buffet serves very good food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We never did get around to having dinner there, but enjoyed our other meals there. The selections, again, were of top quality. I especially enjoyed the cheese cart, with all of the wonderful French cheeses each day. Desserts and breads on most cruise lines are usually the worst part of the culinary experience. The Pastry chef on this line makes some of the best desserts on the sea. His breads, especially the croissants that are baked each day, were as good as if eating in a cafe on Paris! Finally, the pool grill, which I didn't think we would eat at much, was great. Imagine a Kobe Cheeseburger or a Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail Burger! Yes, they are there, along with handmade milkshakes (all at no extra cost!). Bravo to all of the chefs and service personnel on board! We will book again because of YOU! IF you want to have a really fun time and love to cook, want to learn, or just go and watch, please try out the Culinary Arts classes. Both Chefs, Noelle Barille and Annie Copps, put on a great 2 hour class that we really enjoyed. We went to three different classes and had a ball. I have a lot of respect for these two ladies, as this kitchen lets people put knives in their hands (Yikes). IF you want to enjoy yourself, while having top notch professionals teach and entertain you, this is well worth the price. Excursions: I will make this fast as there weren't too many. Bermuda: Not so sure what the hype is about Bermuda. We took and island tour and it was okay. Yes, the beaches are beautiful, but I, myself, would prefer the Caribbean. Funchal: Again, did an excursion through the ship and had a nice time here. Tangiers: Another excursion thru the ship and was truly surprised that I liked Morocco so much, It's a destination that I would like to go back to and explore more of the country. We stayed two extra days in Barcelona (which I find close to Paris as one of the best European food experiences). Stayed at the Hotel MAJESTIC, which was as good as any Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons in the world. Debarkation was a snap and our trip home through Delta airlines (booked by Oceania) was great. So my final IF....IF you want a great trip in the air, DO NOT USE AMERICAN AIRLINES!! ) Anytime we have used American, bad things happen, or the service and food is ghastly! Oceania needs to work with some other airline. Yes we booked through Oceania as they include the airfare in the price of the cruise. I would NOT do that again! We ALWAYS book our own air, and anytime we go on any cruise experience, we stay one day early in the port of departure, Didn't do it this time and it almost ruined our cruise. Won't get into lengthy detail, but just to say that American plane malfunctions forced us to be 3 hours late to Miami and we were told that we would have to find our own way to Bermuda to board the ship. As it happened, the ship left two hours late and we were able to board. It was the most stress we have ever incurred on a cruise, and I learned a lesson. THIS was the only thing that we thought was poor on the part of Oceania. Not the malfunction, but the way we were treated by their representatives at the Miami airport. Clearly NOT the service standard that we had hoped for. Thank goodness that the ships' crew shined on and our experience was saved. IF you worry about what this cruise line costs then you probably shouldn't be on their ships. I can only state that we felt every dime we paid out was well worth it and the Price/Value was extremely good for what you receive. Although our next voyage is back on Celebrity, we have booked for next year on Marina again. We look forward to the exceptional services that we enjoyed this time and hope that it will be as good the next. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Crossing the Atlantic on Oceania's Marina Looking for a real vacation with minimal running around and maximum of peace, quiet, water and sky, my husband and I decided to book a trans-Atlantic cruise. We were familiar with ... Read More
Crossing the Atlantic on Oceania's Marina Looking for a real vacation with minimal running around and maximum of peace, quiet, water and sky, my husband and I decided to book a trans-Atlantic cruise. We were familiar with Oceania's cruises from a previous Mediterranean cruise, and also we were very tempted by the much reduced price of trans-Atlantic cruises, when ships were repositioning from the Caribbean to Europe, or vice versa. Our choice fell on Marina, the newest ship of the company, a mid-size (about 1200 passengers) new vessel leaving from Miami and arriving to Barcelona 14 days later, after stops in Bermuda, Madeira and Tangiers. I am not sure what to praise first. Let's start with the ship. Very nice cabins -- we chose a regular veranda cabin with no butlers and other fancy appendages. The bathroom was incredible, I wish I had such a bathroom at home. All marble, separate tub and shower, many little drawers and shelves for all necessities. Plenty of storage in the cabin as well, a perfectly comfortable bed, a sofa, desk, TV, and wide doors opening on a veranda with direct access to the skies, the clouds, the sun, the moon and the ocean. Just plain luxury! The staff was multinational, and we ended up befriending the chambermaid, the waiters, the bartenders, the deck people, whose languages we knew or we tried to learn. The food was delicious, many choices of restaurants with no extra charge. My favourite place was the terrace opening from the buffet-style restaurant. Sipping my espresso there was the sublime restful moment of the day. Of course, plenty of chaise-longues everywhere to read or snooze, or chat with friends. Daily lectures on everything connected to our journey, entertainment, quizzes, music, I can't list all the amenities, there were so many. However, if you wanted quiet and relaxation, there were many little hidden places to enjoy your own choice of time. We loved coming to the highest deck with the whole wide night sky all around us. Every night we had a celestial show, with the moon, Jupiter and Venus changing places on the navy blue sky, among the ocean of stars reflecting in the ocean of water below. The three stops on the itinerary gave us insight on places we had not visited before. In Bermuda, we took the local bus and explored by ourselves the whole island, stopping for coffee or lunch, or just for an opportunity to do some walking, and then continuing on another bus. I am not going to describe Bermuda, probably most of our Trip-Advised have been there before. If not, please go. The colours of the houses and the flowers in the brilliant light are just amazing. Also there is a lot of history to investigate as well. People are friendly and helpful. Madeira, a Portuguese island, earns its name of Island of Flowers. Climbing on the side of a mountain, the capital city of Funchal houses one of the most colourful Botanical Gardens, as well as a captivating industry of home made embroideries. The views are superb, especially form the top part of the town with a wide view of the houses clinging to the sides of the mountain, the rich vegetation and the expanse of the ocean below with ships, sailboats and yachts adding their colours to the turquoise blue of the water. Our last stop was Tangiers, one of the main cities of Morocco. It was our first time on the African continent and we chose to take one of the ship's guided tours. A different world opened up, with crowded suks (markets), narrow alleys with people trying to sell you anything at any price you chose. Bargaining became a sport and, as expected, I ended up with some gorgeous local jewellery and long Moroccan gowns at seriously bargained prices. A young enterprising boy followed our group throughout the walking part trying to sell some copper bracelets. He was very cute and pushy in a polite way, and we all ended buying some from him, nice filigreed delicate bracelets. The journey ended in Barcelona. Many travellers probably chose to spend some time there, we had to return home, and so from the ship we were taken straight to the airport. Thinking back on this first crossing of the ocean, I am trying to think of my favourite parts. Of course, the ship, as comfortable and beautiful as can be. Of course the stops in places which left us with such memories of natural beauty and of exciting history. For my travel photographer husband, an immense richness of photography opportunities, of ever changing colours, shapes, shades, reflections... The best for me? The ocean, the sky, the clouds, the stars, being part of this immensity with no traffic, no noises, no overcrowding, no phones ringing. Just the ocean, the sky, the clouds and the stars. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
I admit I was prepared NOT to be impressed as we really liked "our" little REGATTA after five cruises and worried that something twice as big with twice as many passengers would be half as nice. In the end, and indeed from the ... Read More
I admit I was prepared NOT to be impressed as we really liked "our" little REGATTA after five cruises and worried that something twice as big with twice as many passengers would be half as nice. In the end, and indeed from the onset, I was instead very impressed and pleased with almost every aspect of the ship, her staff, cuisine, service and operation in general. I am not sure if MARINA is the best ship for the money in the world, but surprised if she were not. The Ship Predictable pile on a raft. One day someone will design a handsome new cruise ship. This ain't it. Funnel is surprisingly ineffective and there was a lot of soot deposited aft. Maintenance is good but the varnish needed redoing. Outside decks are spacious, ample and well laid with more space than I imagined and mitigating fears of crowding. However, this is achieved at the expense of losing the elegant teak deck furniture of REGATTA so that it's back to the cruise ship serried rows of loungers and except for the main lido, it's plastic underfoot. None of this looks as tidy and appealing as REGATTA and towels were often in short supply. Oh and I LOVED the miniature golf course despite of my preconceived notions other that it would impede on deck space. Finally a ship with stuff to do: shuffleboard, croquet, paddle tennis... HAL is a lousy basketball court and that's it. Only one pool but my goodness what a nice big one it is. Excellent. But where is the promenade or boat deck guys, what were you thinking? Interior is well laid out and familiar to the "R" ships which is good. Only real flaw: only two lifts aft where all the dining is situated and four lifts forward where they aren't as needed. So lots of good healthy stair climbing or long waits. Someone needs to reprogram the Stepford Wife lift announcement: it's a DECK people not a "floor". Decor is generally lovely, not sure how they managed such an elegant transition from the Edwardian of the old ships to something equally pleasing but more contemporary but they did and it works. Disconcerting changes in ceiling heights are very odd.... the dining room going from 17 ft. to barely 7 ft. at the entrance and deckheads are too low in the Grand Bar, Casino and Martinis. The Dining Room must rank as the most handsome space afloat with its 17-ft central ceiling and impressively restrained decor and colour scheme. Gorgeous. Martinis, our favourite watering hole on REGATTA, isn't nearly as cozy and effective on MARINA, though, with its central area a walk-through. Horizons is as close to a mid 1970s shipboard lounge out there, but it works and unlike the ones on the R ships actually used outside of tea. Cabin decor could have been a lot lighter, too much dark phony wood. Superb furnishings throughout although some choices will probably not hold up in heavy shipboard use, my chair in Toscana already had a wobbly arm. Library has the best selection of books afloat but what a cramped, impossible to use room it is... as boneheaded a layout as I've seen. Like trying to read in a dark, wood panelled phone box and totally opposite of the simply delightful libraries on the R ships. Food & Service Simply exemplary throughout. Astonishing really how good it is and even better than REGATTA which seems impossible although lots of familiar faces from her: they remember us and we remember them and we like that a lot. Everything was done in that subtle efficient manner that only high standards, supervision, training and experience can achieve and very, very few ships can accomplish. The head stewards and maitre d's WORK on this ship, too, and keep everything running like a clock. No waits for tables for two anymore, only a few longer than desired meals and genuine smiles and hospitality abound. Best crews afloat. The food is to die for, better than Queens Grill in fact, Jacques (the French speciality restaurant) is tres splendide, Polo and Toscana pretty much on par with REGATTA. Red Ginger wasn't nearly as impressive; the Asian extra cost restaurants on EURODAM and NIEUW AMSTERDAM are better. Oceania have introduced a new $50 per day all you can drink add-on which is good value and the choices are very good indeed. A few flaws We don't like at all the ever increasing "class" system on Oceania wherein what you get and how you are treated seems increasingly based on your cabin grade. Even embarkation times are staggered based on cabin grade although ours (later at 3.00 pm) proved far quicker and less crowded than the earlier ones but you miss embarkation lunch. You don't even get full breakfast room service in your cabin if booked in anything under a Concierge level cabin.... come on Oceania, you're a deluxe line and even Holland America Line can provide this to all. The level of attention from the Cruise Director etc. seemed also pure pandering to those in better cabins and you don't have a chance at the speciality restaurants other than your allotted once a cruise experience unless paying top dollar. It's not nice paying a lot for a cruise and still being made to feel Second Class at times. And trust me, a lot of the folks in the top cabins think they're really something thanks to Oceania's endless pandering and fawning. Single biggest negative was the incessant, annoying and en-ragingly intrusive loud "music" blaring forth around the pool 24/7. Astonishing that a line whose motto is "Your World Your Way" cannot fathom that in this age of iPods, one can listen to one's own music without enduring that of others (or better still listening to nothing but the sound of the sea we paid for!) and has banned all of the petty annoyances of cruising like yards of gold, art auctions, logo tee shirt heaps, pool games, on board photographers etc, can still foist this sonic refuse on all. It was horrendous. And gives one real pause as to going back. This simply has got to go! Oh and you gotta love the separate shower stalls in the otherwise superb and gorgeous cabin bathrooms (what a change from the airliner sized ones on the R Ships!): I think I was among eight passengers skinny enough to fit into it but at 6'2", the shower head was almost grazing my scalp. You need to soap up before getting in. Yikes. Who the heck designed this?! Overall, renewed my faith in Oceania and the ability of lines to get most things right. Shame about the half dozen design "why the heck did they do that" flaws but once they ditch the 1966 elevator music or worse the 1980 Miami Vice disco jazz poolside, we'll be back. This is a great product people! Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
This was our first Oceania cruise...primarily Celebrity and Princess previously. We chose the Marina for the smaller passenger size, the age of the ship (we like them new!), the advertised age of the passengers, and the restrictive smoking ... Read More
This was our first Oceania cruise...primarily Celebrity and Princess previously. We chose the Marina for the smaller passenger size, the age of the ship (we like them new!), the advertised age of the passengers, and the restrictive smoking policy. The Marina certainly did not disappoint! Rooms Our room had an extended balcony which made everything seem bigger. The showers have been discussed at length in previous reviews; they are SMALL, but we managed. The tub is a waste of space except to dry swimsuits (etc). I heard that they will gain glass enclosures in November affording a second showering option. That will make a huge difference. Other than that the bathrooms are beautiful with plenty of towels. This was the first cruise I didn't have to ask for extra. Same for hangers! The beds are very comfortable, drawers could be deeper but I found a place for everything. Food The food was comparable to any upscale restaurant especially in the specialty restaurants. We never had a bad meal or poor service. Loved the Waves Grill, fast, casual and tasty. Milkshakes and smoothies are a great addition! Tea every day was a wonderful option, most other lines only have tea on sea days. Entertainment Shows were good, about what I expected. We didn't check out most of the bands but what we did hear was adequate. Not a fan of the group in Horizons. Some reviewers have mentioned loud music by the pool, but we never noticed that. The cruise director (Dottie) was great, we enjoyed team trivia with her almost every day and her corny jokes make you smile. We spent some time in the casino and actually came out ahead for the trip! Ports/Shore Excursions We mostly took independent excursions, but the 2 we booked through the cruise line were good although a lot of money for what you got. Next time we will skip that. The port selection was fabulous, although St Barts on Sunday with most shops closed was a disappointment. But it probably saved us money! The whole tender experience (first 3 ports) was less than stellar but it allowed us to visit places we couldn't get to otherwise. Misc So glad we attended the Cruise Critic "meet and greet" the first full day. Met many amazing new friends which enhanced our experience. Loved that there were no formal nights, no photographers and no smoking in the casino and on the balconies. The crowd was primarily between 55 & 75 which suited us just fine, although we are at the low end of that range. Nice fitness center; deserted on port days (we didn't try the spa) and Baristas (coffee bar) was perfect for those mornings that I missed all the breakfast options. The only negative about the ship itself is that it shakes and shudders greatly when docking/anchoring and reversing the process. There would be no way you could sleep through that, at least not on our deck (7). We will definitely cruise on Oceania again! Just need to save up a little extra money. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
The Marina is new so it is clean but horribly decorated having a glitzy mishmash of styles, but overall very heavy in decor(e.g.,a main dining room in white and gold with ugly lighting).The cabins with verandas are spacious but the drawers ... Read More
The Marina is new so it is clean but horribly decorated having a glitzy mishmash of styles, but overall very heavy in decor(e.g.,a main dining room in white and gold with ugly lighting).The cabins with verandas are spacious but the drawers to keep clothing do not open fully and are deep so you cannot reach into the drawers. The bathroom is spacious but the shower stall is so small a thin person has problems showering. Very poor design. The cafeteria for breakfast and lunch are total disorganization with improper flow of people and poorly designed venues to pick up ones food. People are constantly bumping into each other which makes the use of the cafeteria very uncomfortable. Deck services are almost nonexistent. You look for someone to bring a towel and no one is in sight. Very rare for a ship with only 1200 passengers. I have had better service on ships with 2000 passengers. The French and Oriental and Italian specialty restaurants are quite good especially the French. The main dining room food is not good at all and the menus are not very enticing in spite of the fancy language used to describe each dish.The main dining room staff are very nice but not well trained.Breakfast can take up to one hour with one waiter serving beverages and another eventually coming to take your order. Dinner takes forever. Many waiters but little coordination to manage them. In general I would say that the food is at the level of a average coffee shop in Manhattan. The buffet in the main dining room which occurred twice during this cruise was of very low quality with cheap selections being offered. The passengers who took this ship gave one the feeling that one was in an assisted living facility on water. The elevators(which are very slow) were filled with walkers and wheelchairs)which makes it difficult at times to take an elevator. This is not directly Oceania's issue but this is what I encountered so if you are looking for a younger crowed, do you research. The cheap prices do seem to cater to a certain crowd. The ship is not very quiet. The cruise director should not read over the loadspeaker the daily activities since the activities are written in a daily newspaper distributed to all passengers in their rooms. THe background music on the ship is pure DIN of the cheapest quality. You get the impression that you are in an bus station or airport or a low class shopping center in the USA. People want to get away from it all and so called musical sounds constantly being played can be annoying. The entertainment is OK for people who are amused with glitzy repetitious shows playing the same Broadway tunes that are played on some other ships. Perhaps the entertainment moves around from one ship to another performing the same skits. I must say that the ports chosen were quite interesting:Bermuda,,Madeira and Tangiers. Kudos for this itinerary. Hope this reviews helps Oceania to improve and better its product. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Disclosure - This is our 13th cruise - we have cruised on Princess, NCL, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and Holland America in the past and enjoyed every single one of them!! Embarkation - No problem - not the fastest or slowest - after ... Read More
Disclosure - This is our 13th cruise - we have cruised on Princess, NCL, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and Holland America in the past and enjoyed every single one of them!! Embarkation - No problem - not the fastest or slowest - after taking the train from Rome, walk a few hundred yards and go inside the port - catch the shuttle to the ship at the bus stop near the (closed at the time) tourist info booth. Public Rooms - Not my personal taste in decorating and art, but nice. Cabin - Despite being near the elevator and stairs on Deck 10, our cabin was clean, comfortable, and quiet. Oceania provided robes, slippers and a cashmere throw to use inside or out. Our supplies (frig and bathroom) were kept well-stocked. Great location for getting around the ship. Some raters have complained about the shower size, however, neither one of us thought it was small and personally I thought it was somewhat bigger than on other cruise ships. Fitness Center - Did not use the spa, but used the fitness center - had no problem getting a treadmill or using the weights. However, it was not easy to find the toilet around there - it seemed like a maze to me - they hide it in a changing room. Enrichment - Attended a couple of lectures from a professor (sorry - forgot her name) on Roman History - not heavy, but entertaining and informative. Also attended a talk given by a well-known sportscaster - again, funny and entertaining. Dining - Excellent cuisine with the caveat that we did not eat in the Grand Dining Room, just the Terrace Cafe, Waves, and specialty restaurants. Also enjoyed the afternoon teas with live music. Entertainment - Con Molto was the best ship show by their singers and dancers; we also enjoyed the comic Tom Drake. Shore Excursions - We took three ship shore excursions - they were all very enjoyable and informative. In fact, on the day we were supposed to dock at Amalfi, the port was changed to Naples due to rough seas - the only ship excursion to actually go to the Amalfi coast (although not Amalfi itself) was the one we booked - Food and Wine Trails. Due to the rain we did not go the vineyard as planned, but had the wine tasting at the restaurant with that vineyard's wines and we were able to see the coast due to the drive to the small town we visited. The other two excursions were to Florence/Pisa and Taormina/Mt Etna. (Hint - if you are in concierge level, they usually had maps for the next port in the evenings in the lounge.) Debarkation - No problems here either. (Hint - if you are leaving out of Marco Polo/Venice and aren't able to check in for your flight when you arrive, there are very, very few places to sit, unless you want to buy something in a restaurant - be prepared to stand until check in.) Value for the Money - Overall just a little pricey - I don't mind paying higher gratuities on any cruise line for good service, and the cuisine was excellent, although not more than the cuisine "used to be" the few years we were cruising from about 1989 - 2000 or so. We would definitely go on Oceania again - just be prepared to pay a little more. Overall - A FABULOUS CRUISE - GO AND ENJOY YOURSELVES!! Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
We chose Oceania Marina for our first cruise to celebrate our 25th anniversary(we are in our 40s) Using Oceania air arrangements we flew to Atlanta then to Barcelona on Delta. We arrived in Barcelona on time and easily found a cab to ... Read More
We chose Oceania Marina for our first cruise to celebrate our 25th anniversary(we are in our 40s) Using Oceania air arrangements we flew to Atlanta then to Barcelona on Delta. We arrived in Barcelona on time and easily found a cab to the Hotel Art's where we stayed the 1st night. The Art's is located on the beach near many restaurants. We were on the 27th floor with a gorgeous view of both the city and beach. The hop-on-hop off bus gives you a quick method to see many "touristy" sites. Cabs are very easy to find. At noon we left for the port by taxi and arrived at 12:30. It took about 25 minutes to check our luggage pass through security and walk onto the ship. Service personnel were fast and friendly. The ship is new and beautiful with modern colors and free of the glitzy Las Vegas look of many cruise ships. (Wonderful art throughout) We ate lunch in the Grill near the pool. The lobster and filet mignon burger was delicious and perfectly cooked. The parmesan fries were addictive. Service was very attentive. Our PH2 was ready by 1pm. We meet with our butler Churchill at about 4pm. He discussed his service role and how he would work to make our cruise wonderful. How we utilized the butler; pressing clothes, breakfast in-suite every morning, in-suite specialty restaurant service (Toscana and Polo), evening canapies, wine service, port and tour advice, extra specialty restaurant reservations. The best kept secret on-board is the beautiful serenity deck, covered loungers, quiet and secluded. It is open to concierge and higher cabins, has 2 rarely used whirlpools and gorgeous views. We reserved 4 specialty restaurant reservations online and added two extra on-board. It was not hard to add reservations if you were flexible. All of the specialty restaurants were delicious, favorites include;duck and watermelon salad, seabass and scallops in Red Ginger, filet mignon, lobster bisque in Polo, everything in Jacques, minestrone, veal shank and spinach pasta in Toscana the bread was amazing in every venue(chocolate croissants!), steaks were tender and properly cooked as was lobster. We found the nightly menu specials to be of an especially high quality. (seeming to revolve around the fresh foods available in the port we were visiting) The main dining room offered open seating. We found there to be too few sommeliers in this venue. We waited 20 minutes to have empty wine glasses filled. Food was not hot when delivered, the waiter did keep up with our pacing and promptly removed each course and added the next. Wine lists were large with wines of varying price points and quality. Carry on alcohol policy is VERY liberal. The cooking class was fun and fast paced but very basic in technique. Oceania should advertise it in a way to let experienced cooks know it is intended for beginners. I cancelled my 2nd class. We never saw a walker or mobility scooter while on-board (a few wheelchairs). We expected a much older crowd but would say the average age was 60, with less than a dozen children on-board, a dozen honeymoon couples and many couples like ourselves celebrating important milestones. Cruisers were well traveled and very congenial. The CC "meet and greet" was well attended and I felt I knew 50 of my fellow cruisers by the 1st night. All of our tours were private shared-tours arranged on our roll call. Service standouts were our butler Churchill A+, Danny D. in the piano bar and Horizons, concierge Maria on deck 5, and Jose our cabin steward.The concierge in the executive lounge was helpful and knowledgeable. The ship was very clean and I saw service personnel constantly cleaning public areas, hand-rails etc. Our cabin was serviced 2 to 3 times daily and always well stocked and clean.The only friends against our 1st cruise being on Oceania stated that after setting the bar so high, other cruise lines would not measure up. Oceania met our very high expectations. We will definitely cruise Oceania again! Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
Oceania's Marina was a joy. We went on their 10 day excursion, Pearls of the Aegean from Venice to Athens with a different port every morning. It was a fabulous ship with excellent food and service. All the employees couldn't do ... Read More
Oceania's Marina was a joy. We went on their 10 day excursion, Pearls of the Aegean from Venice to Athens with a different port every morning. It was a fabulous ship with excellent food and service. All the employees couldn't do enough for you and seemed genuinely happy which is not the case on all other lines. We travelled with2 other couples,one of which have been on inumerable cruises and said Marina has raised the bar. Let me break it down: FOOD- Above average to excellent. Besides the Main Dining Room which is beautiful and the food and decor "above average" you have a choice of 3 "speciality" restaurants: French(great), Italian(great),Asian(very good), and Steak/Lobster(great). Advce: Make reservations 45 days in advance. Terrace Grill on pool deck was great also for casual buffett, both lunch and dinners. CABINS- Beautiful and quite spacious(282 sq.feet) with nice veranda. Drawer space numerous but narrow. Beautifully maintained. Despite some choppy seas the ship has good stabilizers and very little "rocking" to and fro. EXCURSIONS- Overpriced. We only took one and arranged all others in advance online. You can do much better especiallyif travelling in a group by checking out Trip Advisor or other sites. CONCIERGE LEVEL- Not worth the price. We were offered upgrade 5 days before cruise for $200 and were on 2 decks higher and midship which was worthwhile but don't waste extra $$ at time of booking. Service throughout ship was so good you don't need a concierge loung or free pressing of 4 garments on arrival. ENTERTAINMENT- Remember it's a mid-sized ship and you're not going to get Vegas quality entertainment but it's fine to sit and be entertained a bit after dinner. The casino on 6th floor was good if you enjoy gaming.INTERNET- This was the only criticism everyone agreed on. It was slow and quite costly(85 cents a minute) and hard to log on and off. Use a smart phone and purchase extra memory and don't use at sea, only in a port. Overall it was a wonderful cruise and ship. I can't see how anyone could complain about this ship unless they are complainers by nature. There were very few children and the crowd was in the 50-70 year old range for the most part but that varies by season, I suppose. Bravo, Oceania. I wouldn't hesitate to cruise with them again. Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
This was our first cruise and Oceania & the Marina have set a really high standard. There was some apprehension on our part about going on our first cruise & certainly a high level of expectation. One of the reasons for choosing ... Read More
This was our first cruise and Oceania & the Marina have set a really high standard. There was some apprehension on our part about going on our first cruise & certainly a high level of expectation. One of the reasons for choosing this cruise was the number of destinations & their locations. We need not have been at all concerned as the staff on the Marina soon made us at home. The embarkation in Venice was not plain sailing & due to a computer meltdown, there was a reasonable delay. It wasn't the smoothest starts but it was forgotten by the second day. OUR STATEROOM The room was beautifully finished and there was adequate room for three adults (our adult daughter travelled with us). It was a bit squishy with the divan down at night but daytime was fine & having the balcony was a big plus, especially when we were in port. The bed was exceptionally comfortable. There was sufficient space for all of us to store our clothes. We had read reviews about the bathroom & shower but really it didn't worry us. The design & fittings are first class. Our room was towards the front of the ship and was quiet & smooth & rarely would you know you were at sea. Everything was spotless. The air-conditioning was also just right. THE STAFF What ever Oceania are doing with their staff they are doing it right! The staff were incredible. No matter where you were they made an effort to be polite & pleasant to you. Nothing was too much trouble. Maria who looked after our room always had a smile & made sure the room was always ready. The waiters in all the dining areas were super & genuinely seemed to enjoy their jobs. THE FOOD Unbelievable! No matter where we ate & we experienced all the options it was first class. I have never experienced anything like it. The speciality restaurants provided experiences that are hard to forget. eg a two page menu of different olive oils for your bread in Toscana, the Italian restaurant. Or the birthday cake brought out for my daughter in the Polo Grill.I liked the less formal arrangements & at no time did we ever have to wait to be seated. The wait time for courses was also very reasonable for such a large number of diners. I also liked the fact that the staff served guests at the buffet as this was a health precaution THE SHIP Not having had the experience of sailing on other ships I can't compare but we choose a mid size ship & it didn't disappoint.It was modern, clean & the pool area & other public areas were a good size. Saftey was also a bit issue & the life jacket & emergency drills were taken very seriously. All tenders were done in avery organised & safe manner. The washing facilities, close to our room were very good & also appreciated THE DESTINATIONS This was one of the reasons we choose this cruise & we weren't disappointed. We were also blessed with unbelievable weather. To arrive in a different destination each morning was magic. Who could forget docking in Kotor? Everyone of the places had a different setting but that's why you go. We enjoyed them all-Dubrovnik, Kotor,Corfu,Monemvasia,Crete,Santorini, Kusadasi and Mykonos.SHORE EXCURSIONS We went on one to Ephesus & found it well organised & are glad we did it. Most of the excursions were a little pricey & we prefer at times to do our own thing, for instance in several ports we booked local taxis for several hours & did our own tours. ENTERTAINMENT We went to several show and enjoyed them but due to our high level of physical activity during the day, we were too tired and usually went to bed early. My only criticism would relate to the internet usage. It was too slow & too expensive. SUMMARY We had a wonderful time. Everything about the ship was fantastic & the fine weather was a bonus. Would we sail with Oceania again? Of course! Highly recommended & would do it all again, tomorrow, if possible! Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
Service I have never had better service aboard ship or on land than I had on this cruise. The staff appeared to have been instructed never to say "no," even if the request had not been made. When a few couples were early for ... Read More
Service I have never had better service aboard ship or on land than I had on this cruise. The staff appeared to have been instructed never to say "no," even if the request had not been made. When a few couples were early for breakfast at the Terrace Cafe, the staff opened it up for us unasked. When a passenger dressed only in a swimsuit started eating at a table in Waves, a server came over with a towel and asked him if he wouldn't be more comfortable with that over his shoulders. It wasn't a shirt, but it did the job tactfully. The Marina has a few wheelchairs for use solely aboard ship, yet a staff member let an obviously irritated and out-of-line passenger take one wheelchair ashore because the passenger thought he could visit a venue that might not have wheelchairs. Ship On all the Cruise Director's announcements he referred to "the beautiful Marina." That grew repetitious, but the adjective is correct. The Marina is beautiful and has just enough glitz to make an impression. Most of the artwork was too abstract for me, but I recognize that it was all in good--if modernist--taste. Marina is still relatively new, and it was shiningly clean. I noticed no spots on the windows or furnishings, but there were signs of wear on the carpet near my bed. The stateroom had all the storage space needed and was a good place to relax. One closet door needed fixing, and a workman appeared promptly when summoned by the room steward. The fix took some time, but the door gave no further problems during the cruise. I have read a good deal on these boards about the showers on the Marina. I am tall and wear extra-large sizes, and yes the shower stall was a squeeze, but I could shower. On the other hand, I expect better from Oceania than a shower stall that is a squeeze. Embarkation and disembarkation The shore staff in Civitavecchia was ready for us. Embarkation formalities were brief, there were no lines to speak of, and within a few minutes we were aboard, followed promptly by our luggage. Disembarkation in Dover was different. We were tagged to get off at 8:00am, but our group was not called until 9:30am. Our fellow passengers who had close plane connections were visibly anxious, and there were some complaints when those on tight schedules were permitted off the ship out of order. Despite repeated requests, some persons whose groups had not been called congregated at the gangway exit slowing the departure of groups that had been cleared to leave. The Cruise Director was active and high-profile throughout the slowed debarkation, which he attributed to a shore-side conveyer being broken. "Fifteen wonderful days cruising will be forgotten, and the passengers will complain about this," he sighed more than once. In one minor snafu on the part of the ship's personnel it was at first announced that passengers could wait in the public spaces, then all passengers were asked to gather in the Marina lounge, and later this was reversed to let passengers return to the (more comfortable) public areas of the ship. Food and drink We ate well aboard the Marina. I cannot think of a single complaint about the food. My vote for the best dining venue is Red Ginger, closely followed by the Grand Dining Room. The best single dish I had aboard was the grilled seafood in Red Ginger followed by any number of entrees in the Grand Dining Room, including the Veal Oscar. We paid extra for a wine dinner at La Reserve and thought it was not worth the money. One ate (and drank) as well in the other ship's restaurants. I think the Baristas bar is under-appreciated. The coffee was the best on the ship, and the espresso is as good as the best ashore. Baristas had all the snacks that are in the concierge lounge, plus biscotti and other items. The coffee-flavored custard was excellent. Baristas has an outside view not found in the concierge lounge, the Grand Bar or Martinis. During our one day at sea Marina laid on an elaborate brunch buffet in the Grand Dining Room. It was as usual excellent, but I could find no fruit. What I took to be a purely esthetic display of food was in fact a serve-yourself section of berries, melons cut into forms, and artistically arranged slices of mangoes, pineapples, kiwis, and the like. I almost felt bad about heaping the fruit onto my plate. Almost. The Oceania Web site says the House Select beverage package includes beer when drunk with meals. That is true but inaccurate since the House Select package does not include the Asian beers served in Red Ginger, nor does it include the draft Heineken at Waves. The publicity should be clearer on this point. Entertainment I cannot recall the name of a quartet from Ukraine which played in the sixth deck lounge across from the grand bar, and also during some lunches in the Main Dining Room. They were talented players who chose well-known pieces from the classical repertoire. I am usually too tired from touring to go to the Marina Lounge at night, but having heard the quartet around the ship I went to a program they had and it was excellent. I felt the group's appearance in the Mariner Lounge in the evening should have been better publicized in the Cruise Director's morning TV program. Physician Dr. Ian Gardener, the ship's physician, gave me outstanding treatment after I had a mishap while ashore. I needed X-rays, stitches, analgesia, and a corticosteroid injection for my knee, which he provided. Dr. Gardener also successfully treated a rash I had picked up in Rome, and identified another potential problem that my internist is following up on. Dr. Gardener is an interesting and well-informed person who I would have liked to have dinner with. Meeting him mitigated the unpleasantness of stumbling over a curbstone in Barcelona. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
We cruised on May 2nd, 2012, Mediterranean Tapestry, arriving a day early and stayed at Ledra Marriott for the night. It was a pleasant day altogether to relax, enjoy Athens a bit before embarking on our wonderful journey the next day. ... Read More
We cruised on May 2nd, 2012, Mediterranean Tapestry, arriving a day early and stayed at Ledra Marriott for the night. It was a pleasant day altogether to relax, enjoy Athens a bit before embarking on our wonderful journey the next day. Staff at the airport and hotel were very efficient, competent and friendly. We had transfer service to the ship, however, were given the option of having our luggage transferred, with us checking in at a later time, thus giving us more time to wander around Athens. This was a splendid service that was greatly appreciated. We utilized the Hop-on Hop-off bus to visit the various sites in Athens, before hopping off at the cruise terminal. Check in was superb, since we arrived at 3:30 p.m., with no line up. This was the beginning of a host of "no line ups" on this cruise. It took us maybe 10 minutes and we're on our way to our cabin. Marina is very beautiful, elegant and sparkling clean. Our cabin, situated mid ship, was very quiet and stable, we did not feel any swaying at all. The bathroom is very spacious, using granite flooring instead of plastic bathroom flooring which made for a very elegant feel. The bed and pillows were very comfortable, and linens luxurious. Balcony spacious, more than enough room to move around even with two big armchairs and a table. The only negative comment I have with our cabin was the alarm clock, which needed to be replaced three times before we got one that worked. Another observation, laminated trimming from the desk kept falling off, not once, but three times. I inserted the piece of wood back on the first time, then put it in plain view so the cabin attendant can glue it back on the second time, and when it came off again, I gave up. Strange to have fixtures falling apart for such a brand new ship. Public areas were nicely decorated, subtle and elegant. Public areas, including the restaurants gave me the impression that we were sailing half capacity, but when I enquired further, we were only short 100 to full capacity. Never did we have to wait for a table, either dinner, lunch nor breakfast. Tables were plentiful, there were never any line ups, be it for food, or disembarkation. Seating for the shows were also plentiful. Food was a little bit disappointing, compared to Insignia. For some reason, some of the food items were sometimes bland, or arrived luke warm. However, it was not so bad that we need to send it back. We enjoyed the meals at Terrace Cafe because it provided us with a wider selection of entrees, desserts etc. Service in all restaurants were impeccable. However, I do agree with another member's review in that the restaurant reservation staff member could have been a little more welcoming in her interaction with guests. Recognized a few faces from Insignia, which was very nice.Entertainment was superb - we only made it to the ship's own production, and all the lead singers on this cruise were very strong singers, can hold their own, and did a very good job in their rendition of the songs. Wish we could have seen the other shows, however, our time in port was so hectic, we're just plain tired. Ports of call were fabulous, and the process of disembarkation very smooth. Even on ports that needed tender was done so well, there never was any wait time. Well done. Amalfi/Positano port was very beautiful. Enjoyed looking at the ripening lemons, so huge it was unbelievable!! Our first stop was a visit to Ravello, super beautiful village with lots of ceramic shops. A very nice walk along the mountainside (again, not for the mobility impaired). Then, a quick drive to Pompeii for a one hour visit (not enough). For lunch, we stopped at Positano and the the view from our restaurant, Da Constantino, was so breathtaking, I thought I was looking at a calendar!! Food was very good as well. Ephesus, Turkey - a very worthwhile port of call. Enjoyed the tour with Ephesus Shuttle, visiting Private Ephesus - a must see, Artemission Temple, The house of the Virgin Mary, St. John's Basilica and Sirince Village, with lunch included. All in all, it was a very pleasant cruise. Can't wait to return. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
We had a great time on this cruise. The ship is beautiful and the food, as expected, is what differentiates Oceania from the others. The entertainment was better than we expected. We enjoyed it almost every night. There was one ... Read More
We had a great time on this cruise. The ship is beautiful and the food, as expected, is what differentiates Oceania from the others. The entertainment was better than we expected. We enjoyed it almost every night. There was one entertainer who's claim to fame was the "happy days" jingle. It was way overdone. Get over the 80's already! Food was excellent in all venues. This was a very port intensive cruise so we probaby did not get to enjoy all this gorgeous ship had to offer. The only tacky thing was that despite their marketing, Oceania did not offer really any complementary tranfers to town. In fact in one port, we could not get to the designated port so we docked elsewhere and Oceania bussed us to the port. Then we were abandonned! They published a bus schedule. We took one bus to town. Then we arrived for our return bus 15 minutes early. The local contact advised us the return bus had already left as it filled up early. Next bus was in two hours!! some folks took a return cab. So again, there is no complementary bus/transfer! Same thing with complentary clothes pressing. forget it! We booked a concierge cabin. The complementary pressing covers one article per person. Hardly worth the print cost in the marketing material. So again, don't count on it. Overall the ship and the food made this trip worthwhile. Regarding the shore excursions, way overpriced! Organize on cruisecritic and do your own! Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
This was a great cruise for my 60 th birthday. My wife and i were going to be back in Italy and we were told that Jacques Pepin was going to be teaching some cooking classes.This was great news since he is my wife favorite as well as mine. ... Read More
This was a great cruise for my 60 th birthday. My wife and i were going to be back in Italy and we were told that Jacques Pepin was going to be teaching some cooking classes.This was great news since he is my wife favorite as well as mine. This did not happen he did make a few appearance's in 1 or 2 classes and did do a cooking demo and signed books.Our room was fantastic as well as thestaff. The best restaurants were Red Ginger, Toscana,Terrace Cafe and Waves. The worst were Polo Grill bad service, Jacques good service ,food OK at best, Grand dining room OK food.The ports of call were great except for Livorno looking at a container ship for two days not a great view one day world have been enough. More time was needed at Sorrento, not enough time to see Carpi or Pompeii. The Bon Appetit Culinary Center was very hard to get a booking into. The people at Oceana did not have a clue at to what was going one , talk to five people get five different answers.The cooking classes if you do get in are great and worth all of the grief. The total experence was Great and overall well worth the price. If you are like my wife and i ,you might be bored because most of the people act their age, unlike those of us that 40 years old stuck in 55 year old plus bodies Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
Words are the least effective form of communication ! and for this cruise I believe that more so to be the case ? I believe the only way to explain my travel experience is to tell the tale with my limited vocabulary and trust it at least ... Read More
Words are the least effective form of communication ! and for this cruise I believe that more so to be the case ? I believe the only way to explain my travel experience is to tell the tale with my limited vocabulary and trust it at least gives the flavour. I have had many cruises with various lines ,and like many seasoned cruisers was ready to consign this form of vacation to the file marked "closed". This mainly due to the rapid deteriation in all aspects of what used to be a pleasant experience. I understand the financial pressures these companies are under , but when basic expectations are not realised , its time to say the fond farewell to the bygone age. I could detail my discontent with the cruise lines policies, like the premium I paid Cunard to sail with them in thier Princess Grill to be served fare more suited to a 3 star local restaurant, or my brother in laws tale of woe last week , sailing on P and O where the chefs recommendation at the gala dinner was fish and chips and mushy peas !!!! -- but its not a wailing excersise about companies who have lost their way , this is about "and now for something completely different " We flew into Paraeus on 31st May , and as we knew we were going to be late we,d booked into the Sofitel for the evening. So a slow liesurly stroll across the road from the airport and we spent a very good night here. The sofitel is a 5 star hotel and suffice to say they met and exceeded all expectations , including their wonderful buffet that we indulged in. Next day the airport bus to Paraeus ( 5 euro ? ) we stayed in a boutique hotel , the Phidias close to the port area. This hotel although basic , was extremely clean, had very helpful staff and operated a free shuttle back and forth to the port. Only point I would mention here is we enjoyed our time at Piraeus and next time we visit we shall be availing ourselves of this hotel and its remarkable tarrif ! Ship embarkation was painless and pleasant and we were allowed to embark early and avail ourselves of the ships amenities until the cabin was available. We lunched outside on the terrace and rapidly descended into the peace , serenity and tranquility we were to enjoy during the duration of this experience. We had a concierge cabin with the obligatory bottle of champagne on ice awaiting our arrival . The cabin was spacious and well fitted out , including a laptop for browsing away within the comfort of your cabin. The bathroom although cabin size , was excellent , luxuriously fitted out with bvlgaria toiletries, ample sized bath and a " real" shower with large overhead spray unit . Even whilst I was in the bath and my wife in the shower, at no time was the room steamed up , nor mirrors unable to use -- the balance in heat retention and steam removal was down to a fine art. But the star of the show , obviously , is Oceanias signature "sleep experience" -- the bed. I dont have the words to describe the bed , you lie in the bed and as your body descends into 1000 thread egyptian cotton cloud -- well I,m leaving that there anything more I would say would not do it justice ! The room had a large LCD TV with built in blu ray player, and dvd,s were available at reception for enhancing the in cabin entertainment. The choice of TV viewing was adequate and the movie channel screened a selection of latest releases which was excellent. Room service was excellent , rarely had you had to wait more than 4 rings for a reply and after 6 rings they put you on call back, only once this happened and the call back was recieved in under 2 minutes. The room service delivery was expedient and the staff -- well the staff , I,ll cover that later. The ship is of a contempary design and whilst I,m more traditionally oriented , I couldn,t fault either the layout nor the concept of the intention. What is evident throughout is the quality of the furnishings , seating, indeed everything within the confines of the ship, it oozes quality. I have been in more celebrious surroundings, grand ball rooms, reproduction theatre surroundings coupled with ornate artwork decorating the confines of the ship , but where Oceania excel is in they provide a comfortable quality that is both understated and natural, it really doesn,t take long to " shoe in " to this ambience ! Even the ship seems to contribute to the serenity of the experience, lying in bed , you could be on a land based hotel , there was no movement whatsover !! , of course sea conditions may have contributed in some manner but it wouldn,t surprise me to learn that the Marinas stabilisers were manufactured by some 5 star manufacturer. The library onboard is well stocked , and beautifully laid out , large leather armchairs with accompanying foot stools set beside large open fires ( actually I,m lying there , the fires are imitation but you get the picture ?) And no library hours -- open 24 hours , you don,t book out the items , you choose what you want and return on completion , such trust in the clientele , I hope and trust its reciprocated by the passengers ! The entertainment was just ok -- sorry Oceania ?-- but like all cruise lines this difficult aspect is rarely a success -- however it was satisfactory to the purpose and certainly no worse than that experienced previously on other voyages. The ship is immaculately maintained. Immediately on any restaurant closing, an army of staff appear, rigorously cleaning, sanitising and polishing in readiness for the next sitting. At no time in any restaurant did I see used crockery on tables nor anything other than spotless cleanliness. Hardly surprising I suppose that the prevalent novovirus was not encountered on this cruise !!!!!! Ok the important stuff I suppose ? The staff , - they say Oceania only recruit from 5 star hotels and ships, and after that much, much training to Oceania,s precepts -- I wouldn,t know how to describe the service ? It is REAL service. There is an efficiency , an effectiveness and more than that , a " gentleness !! " in the manner of the staff that I have rarely seen. And more importantly they seem genuinely " happy " in what they are doing. I could describe instances like the young blonde girl who worked the lunch time buffet service up on deck 12. She did not walk she glided around her station -- soft spoken, attending to all our table requirements in addition to other tables with an efficiency that would take others twice or three times the personnel to complete, and all with a softness that contributed to the Marinas ambiance. And whilst the way she conducted her duties were exeptional , her colleagues were not far behind her performance. All of the staff can only be commended for the execution of their duties and I am grateful to have experienced thier company. The food -- There are four sepeciality restaurants on the ship, all have little tricks ?, Red Ginger , before you commence your eating experience , you are treated to a chefs appetiser , some beans which you pop from the pod and savour. But before you start , on a china oblong plate resides what looks like a peppermint, the waiter says " and now for some magic" , he pours boiling water onto the mint and it expands vertically to produce your napkin awaiting your completion of the finger food ? And during dessert , your specialty tea. Choose from a dozen , its served in an ornate cast iron pot to accompany your choice of fare. Toscana- the italian resaurant , after ordering , the bread is delivered , such breads only dreams are made of, delicious and presented superbly , but the accompiant ? choose from about 20 virgin olive oils and balsamic of exquisite quality to accompany the bread. It goes on , these little tricks. The food in all instances was exquisite, superb and beyond compare. It was evident that all ingredients were of the highest quality and these were passed to experts in their craft to produce food of a quality far in excess of certainly my expectations. ( And I can be very " fussy " with regard to what I consider good food ) The breadth of food on offer was staggering and I did try to savour as much as possible ? At no time was the fare on offer found less than exquisite. I even once tried a burger and chips up on deck ( did I criticise P and O for serving fish and chips ?? ? ) But I couldn,t resist , I saw someone eating the meal and decided to try it. Well all I can say is it was the best burger and chips I have ever had ? , the fries wonderful and the burger ?, I asked the chef what he put in the burgers- all it is sir is prime black angus steak ground down, a little seasoning and voila you have a burger- yeah ok , should have known -- silly me. Oceania are one of the few companies who take on fresh food at all visiting ports -- this is evident in what ends up on your plate. I,m one of those rare individuals who can look at food and know how it will taste prior to savouring the fare. The freshness of the fruits , the seafood and all of the available food on offer was both a sight to behold and a taste sensation of the highest level. We met an italian couple who had previously owned restaurants and he had 50 years experience managing and running restaurants worldwide, they commented that the food on board was exquisite and certainly in London , we were looking at £200 per plate dishes readily available in the resaurants every evening. There are no photographers following you anywhere, there are no overbearing and continual requests to purchase alcohol from the bar, there are no announcements over the tannoy to advise activities , indeed any announcement is commenced with an apolgy for disturbing your tranquility. The best summation I can give is that on waking up in Barcelona for disembarkation in the port, I thought the ship had moved position to allow us easier disembarkation. It soon dawned on me that we had moved from Marsaille to Barcelona? I had so turned off I had lost tracked of time and place and readily accepted that Oceania would in fact have moved position to ease our diembarkation ?? Overall if someone had told me I had a hallucogenic slipped into my coffee on the flight out and I had experienced what I considered the best cruise experience ever , I would today readily accept that -- after all it couldn,t be real? Finally , just to make sure it wasn,t a dream -- we booked on board to go back first week in October, ( penthouse this time |)where I believe the ports are even more condusive to the overall experience ? For experienced cruisers disillusioned with the direction cruising is going, before throwing in the towel , try Oceania , you may just find that elusive grail of what cruising was supposed to be about ! Gentle waves, long days and pleasant nights ? Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
Recently returned from first Oceania Cruise aboard Marina and was greatly disappointed. This was the May 12 cruise from Barcelona to Rome heavily promoted by Oceania as a tremendous culinary trip with Bon Apetit chefs and the noted Jacque ... Read More
Recently returned from first Oceania Cruise aboard Marina and was greatly disappointed. This was the May 12 cruise from Barcelona to Rome heavily promoted by Oceania as a tremendous culinary trip with Bon Apetit chefs and the noted Jacque Peppin. I signed up for many of the cooking classes and was told early that some of market tours and classes were reserved for a special group...so did not get those. But I did sign up for four of the Peppin classes in the Culinary Kitchen, paid the fees, but was notified only on the day of arrival with a not in the cabin that the classes were canceled. I never received an explanation or apology. The food aboard the ship was good but not great. Red Ginger and Toscano were very good but Jacques (served a spoiled and rotten shrimp) and Polo Grill were only fair. The other dining areas did not match the quality of the dining that we enjoyed on Celebrity or Windstar. Windstar was clearly superior. Oceania touts room service but beware. While we enjoyed hot breakfasts on Celebrity and even Royal Carribbean the fare on Marina consisted of bread, coffee, juice, cereal or yogurt. The day time room service was no better. What Oceania is best at is over hyping their products and offerings. Don't believe anything they print without checking customer reviews. I believe their publications and largely gross exaggerations. Entertainment aboard Marina is second-rate. I have seen and heard better high school performances. On two occasions for us, customers were forced to wait in the steaming sun so crew members could wait for more paying customers. Disembarkation was a zoo. It was raining in Rome and Oceania was totally disorganized and of no help. We had to drag our bags through the pouring rain with our any direction from the crew. We wandered around to find the bus with no help from the crew. On the other hand, Celebrity in a similar situation placed our bags on the bus and unloaded them at the airline counters in Amsterdam. Oceania is not a top rate cruise line. More than half of the cruisers were talked with had complaints about other issues. I will not sail with Oceania in the future. Celebrity and Windstar remain higher on the list. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
Marina Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.5
Dining 4.5 4.5
Entertainment 3.0 3.1
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 1.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.1
Enrichment 5.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.5
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 3.9

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