Sail Date: April 2019
We are a married couple in our 50's who sailed on Liberty of the Seas April 7, 2019. This is our 4th cruise out of Galveston. Embarkation: Embarkation was a breeze. We arrived at the cruise terminal at 10:30 A.M., handed our ... Read More
We are a married couple in our 50's who sailed on Liberty of the Seas April 7, 2019. This is our 4th cruise out of Galveston. Embarkation: Embarkation was a breeze. We arrived at the cruise terminal at 10:30 A.M., handed our bags to a porter, and found no line at security or the Platinum check-in line. We sat in the waiting area for approximately 15 minutes, and were on-board at the Hoof & Claw Pub by 11:00 A.M. having a pint. Unfortunately some heavy storms came through later in the day causing the captain to suspend the boarding process for a period of time. Our luggage was waiting in the hallway when we went to the room at 1:00 PM. Royal Caribbean seems to have really streamlined the luggage delivery process on our last two cruises. I don't know how they do it, but we were very pleased and impressed. Stateroom Attendant: Our stateroom attendant "Gevin" was one of the best we have ever experienced on Royal Caribbean. Anytime, and I mean anytime we left our cabin, he would go in and freshen it up. I'm not sure we had a piece of trash in our trash cans for more than a few minutes at any time during the cruise. It was wonderful taking an afternoon nap, stepping out for a few minutes, and returning to a remade bed. We called him the "Stateroom Ninja", because he was quiet, always in there without us seeing him, had the place looking clean and immaculate, and always had the ice bucket loaded with fresh ice. Dining: We ate every night at the 8:00 P.M. late seating in the Main Dining Room. I know food reviews are subjective, but we agreed the food on Liberty of the Seas was a substantial step down from the food we had in the Main Dining Room on Adventure of the Seas last April out of San Juan. While we enjoyed most of the items we had, several pieces of meat were very small and overcooked compared to our previous cruise. My lobster on formal night was so small, several of us took photos of it. It looked like a crawfish. It was no big deal and was actually pretty funny, but our waiter appeared horrified by how small it was and compensated by bringing several more lobsters. Like I said, we enjoyed most things we tried, but noticed a big difference between the food on Liberty and Adventure. Drink service in the Main Dining Room was excellent. We enjoyed Sorrento's Pizza and the offerings at the Promenade Cafe as well. We typically avoid the Windjammer like the plague, but did enjoy the one lunch we had there. As usual though, we had a difficult time finding any seating. Shows: My wife was thrilled to see there was a Lionel Richie tribute show. I had to admit it was pretty darn good with a very talented entertainer. The "In the Air" show was impressive. I would make an effort to see that one. We didn't see any other shows. Cruise Director: Jeffrey was a highlight on the cruise. I think he mentioned that he has been working for Royal Caribbean since 1989, and we found him very funny, informative, and entertaining. We found ourselves glued to the cabin TV every morning to watch his "Morning Rant" program. I loved all that he did for veterans on the cruise. He was a straight shooter who gave a lot of non-revenue generating advice which was much appreciated by this cruiser. Pools: Chair hogs were out in force on sea days. I'm not sure what Royal Caribbean can really do to fix this. Too many people for too few seats. We were unable to find chairs on any sea day at 10:30 AM in either the main pool or the Solarium. Honestly though, we don't care. I don't want to get up at 7:00 AM and stress about claiming territory on the pool deck. We don't like to sit out there all day. We store our belongings in a corner, climb in the Solarium pool with some cocktails, meet other cruisers and people watch. After noon on a sea day at the main pool area is like Thunderdome. We walk through the area every now and then just to see how many people can fit on a pool deck or cram into a hot tub, It has become part of our visual entertainment on a cruise. Cozumel: We hired a driver named Leonardo ("Leo") through Tours Plaza and did some bar hopping along the east side of the island. It was a beautiful trip with a lot of pretty scenery, big waves and fun bars. We hit Mezcalitos, Senor Iguanas, Coconuts, and Rasta Bar. I'd have to say Senor Iguanas was our favorite. It has good food, cheap beer, a beautiful view, and is run by two brothers who we enjoyed meeting. Leo our driver was fun to hang out with, plays on a local baseball team, and was clearly very excited to show off his island. Be aware that you need cash at the bars on the east side as there is no electricity and none of the bars accept credit cards. Grand Cayman: We took a mile and a half walk from the cruise pier to My Bar at Sunset House. It is a beautiful bar/restaurant that is built on the edge of the water. Reasonable beer prices, and very good Indian food. The walk was a little trickier than expected as there were portions of the road that had no sidewalks. We needed the exercise, but most would probably want to take a short cab ride there instead of walking.. Jamaica: We booked "A Place in the Sun" through Royal Caribbean. I usually don't book through the cruise line due to previous poor experiences, but I thought I would give them another chance. Unfortunately I couldn't find an online review of this excursion before taking it. Just for fun, here is the Royal Caribbean description of this excursion: "Depart the cruise ship pier in Falmouth in your air-conditioned coach and enjoy the scenic drive to Montego Bay, passing Great Houses, hotels and golf courses. Upon arrival at the famous Hip Strip in Montego Bay, browse along the row of shops; shopping for souvenir items. Stop in at Margaritaville to enjoy one of their notable concoctions on your own. Next, visit Doctor’s Cave Bathing Beach and stroll the world`s most famous white sand beach; the warm Caribbean waters beckons for a relaxing 3 hours. Let the sand trickle through your toes at the water`s edge, relax, take a swim or have an optional lunch at one of the 3 restaurants located on the beach." We were able to find the loading zone for the bus without any major problems. Just follow the signs in the cruise village. It was a long walk to the excursion area, and a bit of a mad house once we arrived to the departure area, but nothing we couldn't handle. The bus left on schedule at 8:35 A.M., but had the strong smell of cigarette smoke throughout it. After an unremarkable drive of about 35 minutes we were dropped at an awful strip center for a "shopping opportunity". We stepped over trash exiting the bus, and were directed through a dirty parking lot to a strip mall containing some sort of tourist shop located between a grocery store and an off track/sports betting parlor. This was not near the Hip Strip or Doctor's Cave Beach as advertised by Royal Caribbean. The local police car with emergency lights on that pulled into the parking lot while we there was a nice touch that kind of completed the whole crime scene feel of the location. I don't know what caused the police to come, and I really didn't want to know. It was a TERRIBLE stop. Why on earth they would make us burn 45 minutes of valuable beach time on this hell hole of a place is beyond me. I'm assuming the tour operator gets paid by the store owner to stop there, but it is just an educated guess. After the 45 minute strip mall from hell stop it was another 10 minutes or so to the drop off point at Doctor's Cave. We arrived a little after 10:00 A.Mm to the beach club. The $6 per person admission fee was covered. It costs $6 per chair and $6 for an umbrella. The beach club was very clean and pretty. Chairs and umbrellas were in very good condition. Food and beverage service wasn't too outrageous. ($5 Red Stripe, $2 bottled water, mixed drinks $7-$9). The only negative to be aware of is that when arriving with a large group on a bus, there will be a long line waiting to rent umbrellas and chairs. We were fortunate to helped quickly, but many others waited in a fairly slow moving and lengthy line. The bus loads up outside the beach club entrance at 1:00 PM sharp for the return trip. We'd have been much better arranging our own transportation to Doctor's Cave. Had I known about the shopping stop far from the Hip Strip and Doctor's Cave I'd have never done this excursion. We had been led to believe any shopping stop would be within walking distance of the beach club so we could skip it. This was an absolute waste of time. We would definitely do Doctor's Cave Beach again, but I would caution to check out the number of ships on the island before committing. The beach is much smaller than I expected. On Thursday, April 11, 2019 there was only one cruise ship on the entire island of Jamaica. I'm not sure this would be a good spot if several ships were around. Disembarkation: We were expecting the worse, and were pleasantly surprised by how easy this was. We've had some rough experiences getting off ships in Galveston over the years, but this one was wonderful. They were an hour ahead of schedule. We had a nice breakfast in the Main Dining Room, cleared out of our cabin at 9:00 am, sat in the Bolero Bar area for about 15-20 minutes, then made our way out the sliding glass door on Deck 4. It was about as quickly as we could walk to the luggage area. Our bags were there, and we waited behind one other couple in the customs/immigration line. The easiest experience we have ever had in Galveston. Overall, we really enjoyed this cruise. We found the Liberty of the Seas to be a well-maintained and luxurious ship. The crew did a great job keeping the public areas clean and tidy, and we appreciated the emphasis on providing hand sanitizer everywhere. Royal Caribbean seems to take the risk of norovirus very seriously. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2019
The ship was wonderful and easy to navigate. The ship was beautiful and clean and the staff was super. There are a few recommendations that I would give. 1st buy the KEY card, this gives you priority everything and a free meal. Buy the ... Read More
The ship was wonderful and easy to navigate. The ship was beautiful and clean and the staff was super. There are a few recommendations that I would give. 1st buy the KEY card, this gives you priority everything and a free meal. Buy the drink package and then find Roberta. She is the female version of Tom Cruise from the movie "Cocktails". She is so much fun and everything you want when you belly up to a bar. And buy the dinner package and experience everything. And when you get to dine at Giovanni's, which is the best restaurant on the ship, ask for Vitalii. My husband and I went to all of the restaurant's on the ship and he was the absolute best. I promise you that you need to ask for Vitalii for the absolute best service possible. The outdoor activities were so much fun. They had bands at the pool with fun contests. The water slides were so much FUN! I can just go on and on, but it would be best for you to just book it and see for yourself. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2019
We are a family of four with boys ages 7 and 9. We have been on previous cruises, this was our children's first time. I hope this review is helpful and offers some useful tips! Long review ahead: Booking: we booked almost one year ... Read More
We are a family of four with boys ages 7 and 9. We have been on previous cruises, this was our children's first time. I hope this review is helpful and offers some useful tips! Long review ahead: Booking: we booked almost one year in advance and chose the refundable deposit option online. I then watched for more deals, kept checking the cost savings, and ended up saving over a $1000 from when we originally booked. I called RC when I found these new deals advertised and they adjusted our cost without hesitation (I believe I did this twice). So, keep checking often! We rented a car when we arrived in Houston, we used to live here and wanted to do a few things before heading to Galveston. So, no airport shuttle transportation used to port on the way there. Embarkation: We took our included hotel shuttle (Holiday Inn Galveston on the Beach) to the port and arrived at about 10:20 am. We were on the ship within 20 minutes so it was a smooth process. We brought on board 2 wine bottles and 12 bottles of water, all needed to be carried on and not in your luggage so keep this in mind. As expected, the line to get into the Windjammer was very long, hot, and crowded. In hindsight, we would have waited a little longer to board to avoid this chaos (no one can go to their rooms until 1:00, gets crowded as everyone waits to get into the Windjammer for lunch at 11:30- with their carry on items). Tip: may be worth asking if your cruise has any large groups on board before you book. Ours did, they blocked off a HUGE portion of the Windjammer for them which caused limited seating for the rest of us on this day. They also did not have enough reserved signs causing friction between group leaders and other passengers. While we all waited for limited tables to open up, their reserved section had plenty of empty tables as they waited for others in the group to get on board at their leisure. This wasn't the best first impression of the dining experience. The size of the reserved section did shrink on the following days though. Stateroom: We booked a spacious balcony on deck 8 aft. Kind of far from elevators so it was quiet. This was an excellent location: 3 floors down from the Windjammer and splash away bay/pools, 3 floors above the royal promenade so we rarely needed to take the elevators. It's really not big enough for 4 people, keep this in mind. We did fit but it was tight. There is enough storage for 2 people, not for 4. Their family rooms with bunk beds did not come with a balcony (bummer). We did not want to pay for a suite. Balcony over space and storage was our choice. The bed was comfy, pull out couch ok. Pillows great. Decor is dated but fine. Water never gets cold, need ice daily. Fridge is more of a cooler. Travel hair dryer provided in a drawer. Shampoo/conditioner combo in shower, bar soap only. No outlets in the bathroom. If traveling with others, the balcony dividers appear to be able to slide open. So, if you do not have a connecting room, you can open up your balcony divider to make a huge balcony with your neighbor. Double check though, it just appeared this way. Tips: bring extra hangers, a non-surge extension cord because of only 2 outlets (they will confiscate surge protectors, must be cruise approved), and an alarm clock (not provided). Stateroom attendant will provide a corkscrew for your wine if asked so no need to pack one. Ship condition: Clean! The only noticeable areas in need of an update are the hallway carpets (stained/worn), room decor, and peach coloring in the hallways. Other than that she's really a beauty and the staff is always cleaning. Dining: We did not eat at any specialty restaurants. Windjammer had great selections, we really enjoyed all our meals here. The desserts were top notch. Our children will greatly miss the food! You can order omelets at breakfast and they deliver them to your table. It is VERY busy on port mornings so keep this in mind. Chaos, actually, but the staff tries very hard to keep everything stocked. Dining room: food was okay. They do have a children's menu. We only ate here 3 times because our 5:30 time was hard to make most days. They do have my time dining but we did not sign up for this for fear we would have to wait long with the kids. Our kids wanted the Windjammer anyway. We were displeased with the lack of attention other passengers paid to the dress code and lack of enforcement by RC. They do not allow shorts in the dining room...but they do. Whether it's casual night or nicer you will find adults and children looking like they came down from the pool. I guess I just don't understand how parents can teach their children to just ignore a dress code completely and do whatever you want. Please, don't walk into an upscale dining room with your althetic shorts, flip flops, and sweaty tshirt no matter how old you are. It's inappropriate. Your wait staff are in suits! Go to the Windjammer if you do not have decent attire. Pool area: 2 pools, one was heated (crowded), one was not (pretty cold). Multiple hot tubs for adults and for kids. Loungers are taken very early but we were not interested in baking in the sun. Finding a table wasn't that hard, just keep an eye out. Many older people come and go from these tables so we never had an issue swooping in to snag one no matter what time we got there. Splash away bay is great, we always had a hard time getting our youngest to leave! Even older kids (12ish) liked this area! Water slides at back of the boat were consistently busy, go in the morning or late afternoon for shorter lines. Must be 48 in tall and they do measure. They were hit and miss, sometimes fast and sometimes you stopped in the middle of the slide. Kids still loved them though. Tidal wave was very fun, must be 52 in tall and weigh at least 75 lbs. Combined rider weight needs to exceed 200 lbs. They do weigh questionable kids, saw some tears so don't set your kid up to be told no at the entrance. My son and I got a bit airborne on this ride so I can see why they are strick with the weight. Two kids cannot go together if not over 200 lbs. Flow rider was always busy when we were back there, but none of us did it. I do believe you need to sign waivers, saw the long line for this on embarkation day. The staff is constantly trying to keep the areas clean and the deck dry to minimize slippage but did see some little ones slipping. Self serve ice cream machine is outside, lines are long but move quickly. I think the longest wait was 15 min. Towel exchange is easy, they will charge for missing towels though. Need to check out and return with your sea pass card. We did not use the adult solarium, unfortunately. Activities: So much to do and for all interests. Our boys are hockey players so they wanted to ice skate. Look at the cruise compass for the times to get in line for tickets. We got in line 20 min prior and by the time they opened the doors the line was quite long. They then give you a ticket with the block of time to skate desired if still available. We were able to skate right away with the first group, didn't want it to interfere with key swim time! Mini golf was fun but can get busy during peak times of the day, no score cards provided. We did not see any shows. The outdoor movies were nice and they had movies that catered to different age groups on different nights. Arcade is nice with many games, kids went 5 times but it's costly. Air hockey tables got damaged one night, likely by kids leaning on them with their belts to get the puck but they still "worked" though badly scraped. Adventure Ocean: we went to sign our boys up but they did not want to go. I'm sorry RC, but the AO rooms leave little to be desired. They both looked at us and asked, "Do we have to come here?" So, they didn't. Had there been video games they would have been sold. Staff: Very friendly, no complaints. Lots of smiles and overall positive experience. Bars: We did not get a beverage package. However, if you do plan to drink quite a bit, I do think it is worth the price looking at our bar bill at the end of the trip. Drinks are expensive. My husband had quite a few especially on sea days, I had maybe 8 alcohol drinks all cruise (had my wine) and we were somewhat close to their buy one get one half off sale price offered on embarkation day (would have been about 850 for the 2 of us if we purchased on this day, gratuities included). We did get a few email blasts days before the cruise offering really good deals on these packages so I recommend you wait to purchase to just prior. Same for Internet packages. We did not purchase Internet though much to our kids unhappiness. If you do NOT get a drink package, know that a tip is added on your bill under "service charge." There is an additional tip line for EXTRA tip on there. We did not see this until the afternoon of the first sea day, they made quite a bit off of us that first day! Always had speedy service, used the squeeze bar near splash away bay most of the time. Longer lines at the main pool bars so beware. Royal Promenade: If you forgot any clothing item, you will find onboard unless you have a unique size. Some kids items but mostly adult sizes. No need to buy a lanyard in advance if you want one, they have a ton of options that first day. Very limited supply of necessities in the general store so I'm guessing they have more medicine in the infirmary? Just bring anything you could possible need with you especially if you have children. Sunblock is expensive so pack enough. I did not find any of the sale staff to be bothersome or pushy at all. Really enjoyed Sorrento's pizza. The promenade is one of my favorite areas of the ship. Tip: wait until the last sea day to buy any souvenirs, they have more sales. Roatan: View is on Port (Left) side of the boat. Gorgeous views, the prettiest of the trip while in dock. In April, they are an hour behind ship time. We hired Discover Roatan Excursions and Tours to take us to Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hangout then to Little French Key. We exited the boat by 8:30, met our private driver right where the instructions said he would be outside the port. New, clean vehicle. He gave us information about the island on our 30 min trip, had us wait in the shade while he waited in the long, hot, sunny line to get tickets at Daniel Johnson's (company had already reserved our tickets). We then waited about 20 min once we got our tickets, then we were able to hold sloths, have monkeys jump on us, and get in the cages with the parrots. Kids had a blast! We were there a total of maybe an hour and a half so either get there first thing or go in the afternoon. It gets VERY crowded due to the popularity. We were then taken to the boat dock of LFK, he got our wristbands, and we agreed on a time to meet in the afternoon. LFK is a short 5/10 min ride via small boat to the island. We loved every minute of it and highly recommend! We did the basic package and that was sufficient. We all loved the jumping platform and spent lots of time here swinging off the platform. Good snorkeling as well but mostly fish, no coral so kids enjoyed this at their leisure. Pizza was really good. So much to do we could have spent all day here, it was tough to leave. Absolutely gorgeous beaches and water, not too crowded because they limit the number of reservations. No issue getting beach loungers even though we got there just before lunch time. No pesky vendors are allowed! We did see monkey handlers walking around, oldest son couldn't resist again. We made the right decision to leave 30 min prior to our meeting time because we spent 15 min waiting in line to get off the key (mostly cruise ship passengers needing to get off at same time). Our driver got us back in plenty of time in a nice, cool vehicle. Because we were his only job for the day, we tipped him generously so if you go this route bring enough cash that has no rips or marks on them (banks there will NOT except US dollars even with small imperfections). Some small souvenir shops are in the port, they also except US dollars but same rule applies. Belize: This is a tender port, also one hour behind ship time this time of year. If you do not have a RC ship excursion booked, you MUST stand in line the morning of to get a tender ticket. We needed the first or second tender due to our non-ship excursion leaving time. I was in line by 6:30 am and there was maybe 15 people already in front of me. By the 7:00 time to hand out tender tickets, there were hundreds in line with some panicking they would miss their excursion times because they didn't get in line early enough. Your whole group does not need to be with you. RC could do a better job with crowd control, a passenger took charge and we all created our own line that snaked through the star lounge. However, this should not be a passenger responsibility. It's a good thing everyone cooperated. We used Belize Exotic Excursions for our snorkel trip to Shark/Ray Alley, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and then to the island of Caye Caulker. This excursion was about half the cost of the ship's version, they really up charge you on the ship with these excursions. While I'm not sure I would use this company again, we had a nice time and I loved snorkeling with the nurse sharks, sting rays, and seeing the beautiful underwater world of Belize. Our oldest son was in heaven seeing sharks. Keep in mind this trip is an hour by boat each way to the spot but we saw dolphins twice! Our boat was smaller and slower than others we saw, so that was disappointing. But, we only had 17 people on our excursion compared to 40-50 people on others we saw (that's a lot in the water with you when trying to stay with a group). We spent some time having a great lunch on Caye Caulker which is such a cute island, only bikes and golf carts allowed. Appeared that many dive enthusiasts were staying on the island (blue hole isn't far away I believe). We made it back to our port in time and could even shop a bit (more shops here). The last tender is at 4:30 but don't panic if you are in the long line at 4:30, they will not leave you there. We did not leave Belize until 6:00 or so because the tender lines were so long. Captain says this is very common. We were in line at about 3:30 ship time and it took us almost 30 min to get on a tender. Cozumel: View is on Starboard (Right) side of the shop but it's nothing special. Cozumel was on ship time. We took a taxi ($17 for the 4 of us) to Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Beach Club (must get reservations in advance, do not wait bc they sell out). Absolutely wonderful experience. We were shown to our own table as soon as we got there, did not want loungers in the sun so the table with shade was perfect. Assigned waiter. Beach is beautiful, kids found shark teeth and many shells. Pools were nice, great swim up bar, great food, inflatable water park for kids (extra cost). Other beach clubs had the inflatables but they looked FAR from the beach which doesn't make sense to me. These were close so our youngest had no issues swimming with his life jacket on out to them. Just a great day so all the positive reviews you read are accurate. You can also rent snorkel gear. A good mix of people: partiers, older people, and families. Great atmosphere for all and was not over crowded because they limit the number of reservations. Tip: always confirm the taxi cost before you get in the taxi. No issue leaving the club to get to port, taxis are waiting. Debarkation: We did self carry off the ship (early times). We did not do a RC airport transfer, so we could not utilize luggage pickup because by the time we would be allowed to pickup our luggage in the port our bus would be leaving (early morning leaving times reserved for RC transfers if you want your luggage picked up the night prior). Lesson learned. Elevators were impossible, so hubby carried everything down to the 4th floor where you exit the ship. It was a bit of a nightmare with all the luggage, our kids had to tough it out and roll the big bags but it only took a total of 30 min at about 8:30 am, so pretty smooth. All 4 of us had our passports and the line for this was a bit shorter than those who did not have them. We used Galveston Limosine and Transportation and it worked fine, $120 one way for the 4 of us. They do stop at Hobby Airport first before IAH but the coach bus was clean. I'm surprised at the negative reviews which made me nervous before our trip. They were very easy to find in port, zero complaints. Tips: Bring beach towel clips, it gets windy. We also used these on our balcony to dry our clothes, they never fell off the chairs even with wind on the balcony. Bring drink koosies. Bring ear plugs or a white noise machine/fan in case you have a noisy hallway or neighbors. Bring sticky notes and a pen (not in room) to leave each other notes. Bring watches set to ship time because your phone may switch to local time when in port. Bring extra money, they do have the tip envelopes to go above the gratuities you pay per person every day charged to your sea pass account. We did leave extra tips, it almost appears this is expected. They are left in your rooms and on display at the guest service desk. The last full sea day means long lines at the guest service desk. I went early in the morning with barely a wait so this is your best bet. Also, there is a small library on the ship so if you forget a book or get done with yours early, they have plenty to choose from. It's an honors system. We enjoyed our cruise very much and the kids want to go on another one so I think that says it all! We do dislike all the "extra" costs, but it is what it is. Keep in mind this is a family geared ship given all the kid friendly/fun activities this ship provides. If you are older and want a more adult feel, you will not get it on this ship. We also met a lot of people from Michigan due to the first week of April being our state wide spring break for schools. I imagine passenger makeup fluctuates with varying state and college winter and spring break schedules so keep this in mind when booking. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2019
This was our 4th time on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston. We chose this cruise again because it's close to home and we wanted a spring getaway. We love Liberty! She's a beautiful ship, the staff are always so nice and they ... Read More
This was our 4th time on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston. We chose this cruise again because it's close to home and we wanted a spring getaway. We love Liberty! She's a beautiful ship, the staff are always so nice and they keep it very nice and clean. Someone from the staff is always picking up, wiping down or sweeping. We stayed in an Oceanview Balcony cabin on the 7th floor mid-ship. It was great because being right in the middle you are close to either side of the ship. We ate in the Main Dining Room all nights except one. We ate one night in the specialty restaurant, Giovanni's and it was delicious and the service was excellent! We highly recommend it, the Filet in Giovanni's is the best on the ship anywhere. Our service in the MDR was excellent, the guys we had were so friendly and knew our likes by the second night. We loved them. I'm a little bummed they took away one of my favorite appetizers - the Banana Rum Soup, but all the food was great. We ate in the Windjammer a couple times for breakfast and lunch and also breakfast in the MDR. All of it is good and I always come back for my favorites everyday. I also enjoy the lattes in the Cafe Promenade, they make them very well. Pools were great as always, activities and entertainment was fun. The ice skating show always amazes me, especially skating while sailing on the ocean. They have some great talent! The Saturday Night Fever is one my favs too! We always enjoy Royal and will continue sailing with them as we have nothing but good things to say about them and their ships! Read Less
Sail Date: March 2019
We are a family of 5 (me, my wife, 2 sons (9,6) and daughter (3). We have been on multiple cruises to include Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival at different points in our life. For our makeup as we are now this was an ... Read More
We are a family of 5 (me, my wife, 2 sons (9,6) and daughter (3). We have been on multiple cruises to include Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival at different points in our life. For our makeup as we are now this was an amazing cruise. While the food and decor was not quite up to the Disney standard (it was not far off, and definitely much more return on investment for the price). Embarkation: We arrived the night before and stayed near Houston Hobby airport at the Springhill Suites (we had Marriott points so it was free). The hotel itself was fine, but the area around left to be desired. Our flight home the following week was late at night so we rented a car for the week so that we would be able to explore after debarkation. We drove to Galveston (approximately 45 minutes). This is where I made a mistake: I decided to try to drop the rest of my family off and the baggage then park the car. The line to drive up took a long time with the kiddos being able to see the ship. In hindsight I would have parked and walked with them because we parked at Galveston Park and Cruise which was directly across the street from the terminal (closer to the Carnival ship, but still very close). This would have saved me a lot of "are we there yets". We had prebooked parking and it was extremely easy. We stayed in a Grand Suite so we had expedited boarding and check-in. This was a nice feature. We checked in and punched holes in our Gold Cards (different color due to being in a suite) and attached them to our lanyards that we brought from home. Lanyards were key for our family and we liked that we brought different ones for each of us, but don't fret if you don't bring them they are for sale in the terminal and on the ship. I would recommend them and punching a whole in it to attach it. Note: There was a cold front when we were in Galveston so there was light rain and a high of 59, so we did not do outdoor activities on the first day. I imagine this would have been a good plan as discussed in many other reviews, but not an option for us. Once on we explored the ship a little, and then went with the rest of the masses to the Windjammer Buffet. The food here was definitely tasty. I have read lots of complaints about bland food, but we did not find this to be the case at all. We thoroughly enjoyed the food here and ate multiple lunches, most breakfasts (got room service on two days we had excursions, but more on that later) and one dinner (they had sushi that night). Finding tables in Windjammer especially on the first day was difficult. Luckily since we had our Gold Cards we could eat in either Giovanni's or Chops (depended on the meal and the day) with our plates from the buffet or order of a menu. This was a great and underrated perk of being in a suite. We could always find a table that was quieter, but still enjoy the choices from the buffet. Next we went to sign the kids up at Adventure Ocean (kids club). There are three different levels: Aquanauts (3-5), Explorers (6-8) and Voyagers (9-11). Due to age ranges all my kids were in different groups. This was not an issue for our kids, and they each made friends that they would chat with and hang out in the pool or outside of the kids club as well. **HINT: There were two different areas to check in (Aquanaut and Explorer Rooms). The Explorer room had a ridiculously long line, but the Aquanaut room had no line. There is no real introduction or anything at either room just a form that must be filled out. For Voyagers you can sign for them to sign themselves in and out. We told my oldest that he could not sign himself out, but we signed that authorization so that he could sign himself in. This was a time saver and a few times the other kids didn't want to go to the kids club and he did so he could go by himself to sign himself in. After that we explored the Royal Promenade and made our way to our room. The room was great for us. The balcony had two lounge chairs with a little table, and then two chairs and a large patio table where we ate a few times and enjoyed coffee daily before the kids woke up. Inside the room was a pullout couch where the boys slept and our room steward (Edwin) brought in a rollaway bed that we put beside it for our daughter. Then we had a bed to ourselves on the other side of the room that could be separated by a curtain. We had LOTS of drawers (so many we even had empty drawers even with 5 of us)! We had two sinks in the bathroom and a bathtub which was great for the little ones. We changed for dinner. I put on jeans (like every night except formal night) because it said no short pants and I am a rule follower, but as stated in other reviews outfits ran the gambit and anything goes. We went to our table which was by the window as I had requested and met our waiter Michael and his assistant waiter Joenel. They were both awesome! Great service. Joenel had our drinks waiting for us the next night so we could have our martinis while we read the menu. The food at the dining room was good. Was it the most highend, but it was good and if you take into account the number of people that are being cooked for during each sitting it was pretty darn good. Some of the presentation left some to be desired (shrimp cocktail is a bed of lettuce with 3 shrimp laid on it), but the flavors were good. We enjoyed all the meals we had there. My Family Time Dining: We selected the 5:30 seating so that we could utilize the My Family Time dining. I have not seen a good description of this in any of the other reviews so I wanted to explain this process. Starting the second night, you could tell your waiter that your kids were going to the kids club and they would ensure that they got their entire meal including dessert before they had to leave. Pickup was at 6:40 on the 4th deck (middle deck of the 3 levels of the dining room) outside the dining room. At 6:40 you take your kid(s) down to the counselor that was there and they check you in using a tablet then the parent can go back to their meal. We figured out that if we got to dinner around 5:40 this was about the perfect timing to ensure they got all their food, but not too much downtime after their meal before pickup. We also asked Michael to wait on our (DW and my) entrees until we dropped the kids off. This worked really well for us and gave us time to actually enjoy our meal too. If you don't use this pickup option, Adventure opens at 7PM. Adventure Ocean: All three of our kids loved their different areas. For the oldest group they seemed to play a lot of Gaga Ball (dodgeball, but you hit the ball instead of throwing it) and some other games. They were some more structured activities as well including facepainting and other activities. Having all kids enjoy themselves was a key part of us enjoying our vacation as parents. The boys did not enjoy their time at Disney in the kids club as much as they did here. Truth in advertising they were younger, but they all loved this so that is good enough for me. Pools: The pools were well maintained. My kids loved Splashaway Bay the best. It is a jungle gym with lots of spray and buckets and slides. This is right near the ice cream machine as well (my kids frequented this machine A LOT). There was a kid pool that was 2 feet deep, and it was great for my daughter to splash around and play in without a lifevest. There was a bar by all the pools so we frequented the Squeeze (the bar by Splashaway Bay) a lot. We had the drink package and for us we found it extremely beneficial. We definitely got our money worth. The two pools in the main pool area were too deep for my kids to touch, but we had them wear lifejackets that were readily available from Royal Caribbean by the towel stand. The screen here played the Final Four and a few movies, but most of the time it has videos from Chive TV (like youtube). The adult only area was good with two jacuzzis and a pool. This was a little crowded, but it was good overall. As previously stated by people: There is no food available on the pool deck besides ice cream so this was annoying, but not a major issue for us as we understood this limitation. Royal Promenade: There were lots of food choices at the Promenade Cafe (sandwiches, salads and baked goods) and Sorrentos (pizza, antipasto, desserts). The lines were long at Sorrentos, but they went much faster than they looked. There were different drinks at the different bars on the Royal Promenade. Note: Vintages has little to no choices that are covered by the drink package [you only have to pay the difference, but there are lots of other choices elsewhere that are covered]. My wife's favorite drink was at the Hoof and Claw Pub which was a mixed drink including strawberry, liquor and beer. It sounds odd, but it was delicious. Entertainment: We went to In the Air and it was amazing. It was really well done and had you on the edge of your seat at points. This was family friendly and my kids loved it as well. We also went to Encore (the ice show). It was also very good. It was fun and enjoyable and the kids also liked it. We chose to skip Saturday Night Fever as it is not for our kids and there were other activities we wanted to do. Other Activities: We did sports trivia at the Schooner Bar (where I got a great old fashioned and a brandy alexander), and Family Karaoke at On Air bar [where we had amazing service from Roger]. Roger always found us seats and ensured that my daughter had a martini glass full of maraschino cherries. We played mini-golf one day and it was fun. Cupcake Decorating Class: My wife and daughter did this class on one of the sea days. It was $30 per person, but since my wife was helping my daughter and not participating alone they only charge for one person. They had over an hour with the head pastry chef on how to decorate cupcakes and they made 6 cupcakes and were given two extras of different animals and colors. This was "the best $30 we have spent in a long time" according to my wife. Suite Lounge: This was a nice area to get away from the loud crowds. We went in there a few times during the day to play board games and relax with the view. Nightly there was a cocktail period with appetizers from 4:30-8. This was a great nightly routine to go get a drink and snacks (my kids loved the samosas so much they barely ate dinner on of the nights) and shirley temples for the kids. Excursions: We did excursions at Roatan and Cozumel. We chose to stay on the boat in Belize. We wanted to spend on day on the boat when it was in port to enjoy an empty boat. It was great. My kids were able to ride the slides continuously for roughly an hour without any lines. Roatan: We did Big French Key. This was a good excursion. It is a 20 minute bus ride to the boat that takes you to the island. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and we learned a lot about Roatan during the ride. Then it was a 4 minute ride out to the island. there are two different excursions out this way. Big French Key and Little French Key. Big French Key had signifcantly less activities than Little French Key, but seemed more mellow. They share a lagoon so you see the other group. I would recommend water shoes as there were a lot of rocks. Not required because we did not have them, but it would have been nice. The food was included, but drinks were extra. We wanted a relaxing beach day for the kids, and that is what we got with Big French Key but if you want more action Little French Key looked like a better option. Our kids just wanted to chase fish and ride the little zipline so this was great for our family. Cozumel: We went to Nachi Cocom. I had read all the reviews about how great this place was, but it seemed like it was too good to be true. I was wrong. It lived up to all the hype and then some. We got a taxi ($23 each way since we had 5 people) and it took about 15 minutes to get to Nachi Cocom. Upon arrival we had our picture taken, checked in and then were escorted to our Palapa (palm tree that grows big enough to be like an umbrella) and our 3 beach chairs and met our waiter Carlos. We rented a float that could hold all 3 kids for $20. Then we started playing in the ocean. Then the kids wanted to shift to the pool which was fine with us as there was a swim up bar with all drinks included so the kids got to have virgin Pina Coladas and Daiquiris, and we had margaritas. Around 1030 the kitchen opens and you can order off the menu. The food was very tasty and delivered to us at the table we found at the pool by Carlos. It was great. Perfect and relaxing day. They only let in 130 people a day so it is a big spread out area and it felt like even less people than advertised because of this. We paid about $130 for all 5 of us since our daughter was free. This was extremely well worth it, and we will book there again on our next cruise. In conclusion: This was an amazing cruise for us. Where we are in life we could not have asked for a better time or ship. It was large, but small enough to navigate with many options of activities and our room was great for when we wanted to come and relax. We are looking at booking this again for next spring break. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2019
The food and service were incredible. The ship is showing signs of age and will be refurbished soon. Entertainment and activities were on par with other ships. But there sin't seem to be as much live music on this cruise. One of ... Read More
The food and service were incredible. The ship is showing signs of age and will be refurbished soon. Entertainment and activities were on par with other ships. But there sin't seem to be as much live music on this cruise. One of the bands was really good but other that a DJ, not a lot of other good live alternatives. Some lines at bars at peak times, number of bartenders were good but some of the bar areas were small so not enough room for them to work efficiently. We did Chops the first night and it was probably one of the best fillets I have ever eaten. but then every meal in the MDR was exceptional. The Windjammer had a good variety every day with many new items at each meal. We have been on cruises where it was the same dishes every day and that gets old very quickly. Our Jr Suite was spacious and always clean (thanks Julian). It was close but not too close to the elevator. Noise was never a problem. Loved having a larger balcony and larger shower. The Casino was very smoky at times. People were wearing masks and covering their mouth and nose with napkins. A better air filtration system is needed or better yet make it non-smoking. the non-smoking section was a joke as the smell was just as bad there. Maybe even a non-smoking cruise!!! I am a former smoker but at times it really was a bit much. We did a private tour on Roatan through Victor Bodden Tours and it was great. At Belize we did the Lamanai Ruins. It was a great experience, but we tendered in just in time to run to the other end of the pier and arrived back with 10 minute to get onboard. So it being a 6+ hour excursion, we had no time to shop at that port. At Cozamel we simply shopped at the pier. Good variety of merchandise, but many of the shop owners/employees are, lets say aggressive in their sales techniques. We were on the ship before 1100 on embarkation day and chose to self checkout and were of the ship before 9 am on the day which was great as we has a long drive home. We parked at Park N Cruise right across the street, less than 5 minute walk from the ship. Good value and the car was indoors. All in all, was it the cruise ever, probably not. Would I do it again? I can be at the port again next Sunday!!!! Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2019
This is my second cruise on the Liberty of the Seas. I took my first one on her in May of 2018 and I thoroughly enjoyed that cruise, everything about it. This cruise was such a disappointment. I loved my cabin, I got the same one I had ... Read More
This is my second cruise on the Liberty of the Seas. I took my first one on her in May of 2018 and I thoroughly enjoyed that cruise, everything about it. This cruise was such a disappointment. I loved my cabin, I got the same one I had on the previous cruise, so I was happy. Many things have changed. I love to go to the library onboard, grab a hard cover book and read in my cabin. Liberty is doing away with the library, there were less than 50 books to choose from. I was so upset and I was told at guest services that everyone uses an E-Reader so they don't need that space any longer. Funny, I don't use an e-reader. On my last Liberty cruise there were lots of people in the library, checking out books and playing games. It was a wonderful, quiet place. Next the main dining room (MDR), the food is terrible and the portions are so little. I sat at a table with 4 other people, 2 couples, and it was the slowest, worst service I have ever had on a cruise and I have taken over 50 now. I had early dining, 530 pm and we never got out of the dining room until 730. The order went in but the food didn't come out and when it did it was terrible. Our waiter and assistant waiter could never get anything that was asked for to our table in a timely manner. We would ask for more bread, more water, more drinks and it would take 15 to 30 minutes to get them. The wait staff only had a total of 5 tables with 6 passengers each at them. The portions are ridiculous. There is hardly any food on the plate. Lobster night we were served one tail that had about 4 bites, when cut up. Everyone asked for another one but we were told that we had to wait until the whole dining room was served before we could get a second one, this was to ensure that every passenger got a lobster tail. That is an ordering problem. When you serve someone a item that has just four bites you should expect that this person will order another one. I started to complain and we finally got a second tail. The entertainment was lackluster, it seems that more attention is put into the Disney characters that do a 10 minutes show in the Grand Promenade nightly, then anything adult. There was one comedian who was excellent but that was about it. In the Windjammer there was a horrible odor. It smelled like sewage and many passengers commented about it. I stopped going for breakfast and went to the Diamond Lounge instead, no odor. There were so many little things wrong that it really made for a bad cruise for me. I was suppose to get $100 OBC, it was on my paperwork, but when I boarded the ship, my OBC was missing and after investigation with Miami office, it was never found, so I didn't get it even though I had paperwork proof. I spend a lot of time in the casino and I found the staff that took care of the machines to be very unfriendly and not helpful at all. I bought the WiFi package, I have my own business, and must keep up with it. Some times it worked, sometimes it didn't and it was terribly slow. RCCL advertises the WiFi as the fastest at sea and it wasn't even close to that. I spent lots of time just sitting and waiting for a connection. I loved the Liberty OTS last cruise, but there needs to be some changes. I hate when people say that cruise lines nickel and dime them to death but I felt that way on this cruise. It seemed that it was always about the bottom line, never about the passenger. As stated earlier I loved my cabin, my room steward and my Chops dinner but the rest was a big let down. I won't be cruising on Liberty again. Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2019
We chose the Liberty after seeing her revitalization when she was docked alongside us in Cozumel while we were cruising on the Allure. We had sailed on Liberty twice before in 2008 and 2010 so had a good idea of what to expect. The kids ... Read More
We chose the Liberty after seeing her revitalization when she was docked alongside us in Cozumel while we were cruising on the Allure. We had sailed on Liberty twice before in 2008 and 2010 so had a good idea of what to expect. The kids pool area was really the biggest difference in our eyes as my son was too short and I was too big for the aft waterslides. As a whole, service was mediocre with a few exceptions, most notably Kadek in Giovanni’s who exemplifies the outstanding service that first attracted us to RC fifteen years ago. Food selection in Windjammer wasn’t stellar and quality was along the lines of a university dining hall. Despite the MDR opening at 5:15pm Windjammer didn’t open for dinner until 6pm and strangely on sea days didn’t open for lunch until noon. This created ridiculously long lines at Sorrentos on the promenade which also seemed to open late at 11:30. Tendering in Grand Cayman was better than expected and debarkation in Galveston was a breeze as well. We didn’t appreciate RC eliminating Diamond Plus from the priority security line at the pier, which took us 25 minutes to pass through when we arrived around noon. Once through security RC lumped Diamond Plus, Diamond and Emerald members together into one “priority” check in line, another disappointment. We enjoyed our interactions with our cabin steward but strangely didn’t receive the normal C&A welcome amenities or the canapes on formal night. Not sure if this was a change that we were unaware of or just poor execution. Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2019
This was my second time on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston during Spring Break with this same itinerary. We obviously enjoyed it two years ago to do it again, and I would say this time was even better. We had a group of 9 people in 5 ... Read More
This was my second time on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston during Spring Break with this same itinerary. We obviously enjoyed it two years ago to do it again, and I would say this time was even better. We had a group of 9 people in 5 cabins this time. We drove to Galveston from the Dallas/Fort Worth area the morning of our cruise, so we did not have time in our departure city prior to the cruise. We parked at Lighthouse Cruise Parking, and their service and location was perfect. They had a shuttle waiting for us and our luggage and took us straight to the port. Embarkation was much smoother this time that last. For a full ship at spring break, they got us through security and on to the ship in very little time. It was well organized and they had many people eager to help. We walked onto the ship at 1:00pm and headed up to deck 8 to see if our room was ready. We met our cabin attendant, Liliana, who was working hard and did have our room ready. She told us they were a little behind schedule because they had replaced all the mattresses on deck 8 (new bed for us!). It was also topped with a very nice mattress pad which made for a great sleep. We put away our carry on and headed to Sorrento's for some pizza. It was much less crowded than the Windjammer buffet and had great pizza, olives, and salads. We struck up a conversation with a crew member and he asked about our dinner plans. We had booked the BOGO offer where you dine in specialty restaurants nights one and two, but we had not received notification of which we were eating in that night. I let him know our preference and what time we wanted to eat and he made a call to make sure it was exactly as we wanted. When I returned to my cabin, I had a call waiting for me confirming those reservations he made. It was an unexpected level of service that started us off great. Our cabin was a balcony on deck 8. It was my first time in a balcony. Our room had an adjoining door to my parents room next door, so we had a chair in place of a couch, which gave us a little extra room. We also had our attendant open the divider for our balcony so we had a larger shared balcony. The bathroom was typical of cruise ships, small but efficient. Our bed slept great. There were lots of hidden cabinets and places for our things. Overall, the room was well appointed, efficient, and well maintained. We had many good meals on the ship during the week. Most mornings, we had the continental (free) room service delivered to our room. It was nice to sit on the balcony with a pot of coffee and some pastries to start the day. On port days, we would go have breakfast in the Main Dining Room. We found out that many people didn't know this was an option every morning. It was not ever very busy and we enjoyed the hot breakfast and great service. We also would have lunch in the MDR port days. Some others in our party would go to the Windjammer buffet and they said the food was very good. With the ship so full, it felt pretty crowded in Windjammer, so I opted for other dining locations. My son would get milkshakes daily from the Ben and Jerry's. They were an additional fee, but totally worth it. We also grabbed sandwiches and snack from Cafe Promenade, and the food was good. On night 1, we ate dinner in Chops steakhouse. The service and food were great. I had the filet, which was cooked perfectly and tender. My father had the ribeye and said it was delicious. The appetizers, salads, sides, and desserts were also wonderful. We left feeling very full and satisfied. Night 2 we ate at Giovanni's Italian. It was our favorite meal of the trip. The manager welcomed us and told us we were family and he intended to make us feel that way. Our waiter was incredible. They wanted us to try ALL the food, so they brought us all of the appetizer and pastas they offered. We only had to choose our entrees. I had the filet again that evening and it was even better than Chops. My son had the Eggplant Parm and he devoured it. My surprise was how much I enjoyed the octopus appetizer. I had never tried it before and would not have if they hadn't brought us everything. Any item that we loved and ate all of, they would bring more. It was a warm and fun dining experience. I can't recommend them more highly. All other dinners were in the main dining room. We had My Time Dining and I made reservations for all nights at 7pm for the 9 of us. Our servers were Ana and Paula and they took great care of us. My son started loving curry when we traveled on Brilliance of the Seas and was disappointed to not see it on the Liberty menu. Ana found this out and let him know they made curry each night for the crew and he could have some (which he did). If you are a curry fan, be sure to ask for it. They made wonderful curry. Everything we ordered was very good. On formal night, I had prime rib with a side of lobster and they offered to keep bringing more lobsters. I appreciate the variety of foods from traditional to more exotic. The best appetizer I had was the burrata, which was as good as any I had in Italy. I found all food on the ship to be very good. We went to a few shows, but not all. Production value was very good. We liked the ice show a lot. Be sure to come early for a seat. It is a smaller venue and it fills up. The comedian was very funny. My aunt loved Saturday Night Fever and In The Air. My son loved getting to ice skate on the ship. He is a hockey player and brought his own skates. They have teen skating on night 2 and the open skating later in the week. This also fills up, so line up early. The climbing wall was fun and they have speed climbing competitions. Pools were full this week but many in our group still enjoyed them. This ship had many activities available like bingo, trivia, surf simulator, water slides, contests, and so on. There is truly something for everyone. On the last sea day, we did the Bottomless Galley Brunch. It gave us a galley tour, bottomless mimosas, and brunch. I had taken a galley tour on Brilliance that was very extensive, so I was surprised at how brief this one was. Still, it was enjoyable and the food was good. For our ports, we did Cozumel and Grand Cayman on our own and an excursion through Royal Caribbean for Jamaica. In Cozumel, we took a taxi to Nachi Cocom. Taxis are regulated and prices posted. It was a short ride to Nachi. We booked this several months in advance, which was a good thing because they were booked up. They only allow 130 people per day to visit. We had a beautiful spot on the beach with loungers, an umbrella, unlimited drinks, and lunch. They also had a big pool and hot tub with a swim up bar. For an additional fee you could snorkel, have a massage, or go parasailing. My son and uncle parasailed and loved it. The drinks were appropriately strong and very good. It was a calm and relaxing atmosphere. If you want loud music and a DJ, you should probably find another place. However if you want a day in paradise, visit Nachi. We enjoyed the meal in the restaurant. They also offered to bring us our food and let us eat at our spot on the beach. When we were ready to return to the ship, they got a taxi for us. I highly recommend this resort and I will return. In Grand Cayman, we booked the Rays, Reef, and Rum Point excursion with NativeWay Watersports. When we got off the ship, we found the white tent with independent excursions under it. Native Way did not have a sign, but after asking around we found them. Sharon welcomed us and got us connected with our driver. We were taken to the marina and boarded our boat for the day. We had a total of 25 people on our boat, which was far less than the ones with RC excursions. We started at Stingray City and had a great time. The crew was very informative and made sure we had safe and memorable interactions with the rays. They also took photos for us.The water was crystal clear and we had a beautiful day. After about an hour we went to a snorkel site. We were provided with snorkels, masks, flippers, and life jackets if we needed them. The fish were beautiful and the snorkeling was easy. We were the only family on the boat that had Rum Point and the others had Starfish Point, so we got to visit Starfish point as well. It was about a 20 minute stop and we did see starfish. The crew made sure that we knew how to handle the starfish in order to not endanger them. The crew seemed very concerned about making sure all the sea-life we encountered was handled in a respectful manner that did not harm them. We then went to Rum Point to be dropped off for lunch and the boat took the rest of the people back to the ship. Our meal was very good. I had jerk chicken which was better than what I had later in Jamaica. We also purchased mudslides, which were said to have been invented in the bar at Rum Point. At the designated time, Sharon picked us up and drove us back to the port with tales of the island. We had a memorable and fun day in Grand Cayman. In Jamaica, we went with the Royal Caribbean excursion called Blue Waters Beach Escape. It was an all inclusive excursion that included transportation, entry to the beach, lounge chairs, all we could drink, and lunch.There was not much shade on the beach and they rented out umbrellas or cabanas for additional fees. We found one of the few trees and set up under it. The beach was beautiful, but they were clearly packing as many people into the beach as possible. After we had our spot, they moved more chairs in front of us and set up umbrellas they had rented which blocked our view of the water. That was disappointing. We had a server that brought us drinks, but they were very small and not very good. We ended up getting a bucket of Red Stripe beer instead of mixed drinks after tasting them. We did get in the water some, but it was VERY grassy on the floor with lots of seaweed. We gave up on the water after about 15 minutes of trying to find a spot without vegetation. It was a windy day which made the water quite cloudy. At 11am, they told us to go eat. The food was weird. They had jerk chicken and curry chicken, but it was more bones than meat. They also had fettuccini noodles with hotdogs (odd) and a huge amount of bland beans and rice. We tried the food, but didn't eat much of it. We ended up getting an early shuttle back to the boat. Probably if our first two port excursions hadn't been so amazing, it wouldn't have been such a contrast. Still I found I much prefer independent excursions to ship excursions. My son (14 years old) traveled with me. He really enjoyed the ship. He does not like youth programs on ships, so he didn't participate in the teen program. He did do the teen night for skating and the teen rock climbing competition. The staff made him feel like a king. Anything he wanted, they made happen. It was hard to leave the ship the last morning because it felt like we were leaving family. Disembarkation was very easy. We did the self carry option off the ship. We all went down for breakfast in the main dining room at 7am and it wasn't crowded at all. We had a very nice final meal on the ship. About 7:45am we went to our cabins, got our bags, and walked off the ship. We were through customs and picked up by Lighthouse Parking by 8:15 and on the road at 8:30. Very smooth and easy. I look forward to having another great Royal Caribbean experience in the future. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2019
We chose this cruise because we live in Texas and could drive to Galveston. We stayed overnight in Galveston and ate at Shrimp and Stuff which was very good. We parked a the hotel and they took us to the ship which was cheaper than other ... Read More
We chose this cruise because we live in Texas and could drive to Galveston. We stayed overnight in Galveston and ate at Shrimp and Stuff which was very good. We parked a the hotel and they took us to the ship which was cheaper than other parking options. Below are the good and bad parts of the cruise: Good Parts: a. Two of three RCL excursions were awesome. We really enjoyed the Jewell in Jamaica and Stingray City. b. We enjoyed the juggler and the comedian on two different nights of the cruise. c. Ship staff were friendly and our balcony was great. d. Food in the MDR was above average. e. Able to bring on a case of bottled water and 12 pack of soft drinks without a problem. Bad Parts: a. Always had to fight for a table in Windjammer and lines for food. Avoid this place if possible. b. Jeffrey is not a good cruise director. c. People were hoarding good pool chairs. d. Beds were really hard but I brought a foam pad. Should not have to though. e. Sabor specialty restaurant was barely average. Read Less
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