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RCL obviously knew people would be skeptical about the size. Our room was great, and we had a regular rooom! You walk in and the bath is on the left - bigger than usual, the bed (VERY COMFORTABLE) in front, followed by a cozy couch and ... Read More
RCL obviously knew people would be skeptical about the size. Our room was great, and we had a regular rooom! You walk in and the bath is on the left - bigger than usual, the bed (VERY COMFORTABLE) in front, followed by a cozy couch and desk - if we felt lazy, sometimes we snuggled down and watched TV! - nice balcony overlooking Central Park. The "communities" are so well-designed and separated, so you can enjoy each one and yet easily move on, when you want. You forget you are on a ship, as you sit in Central Park, surrounded by trees and flowers, hearing the birds sing! It was a wonderful design to have the center of the ship open to the sky, yet you can stroll the Promenade beneath a glass ceiling, so if there happens to be a bit of rain, it doesn't stop the fun! We loved going to the kids area as they had so much going on. It is done top notch, by the way - the teen center and hangout is cool! The water sports are so amazing that you want to go to watch, even if you don't do any of them. The first day, we dozed in the wonderful swivel chairs in the adult solarium (a great feature for when you want adult time), watching the ocean. Then, refreshed we had to ride the marry-go-round - the Boardwalk is so much fun! The shows are great (except the comedians - need new ones, please!)! The spa and fitness center was very nice, but watch out in the fitness center - the floor is not all one level and you can trip by some of the machines. The food was wonderful - we did anytime seating - we never had to wait and no matter where we went, they knew we were honeymooners and we got our own table! The restaurants on the ship were really good, but we did only one - the Italian (Giovanni's) for Christmas, which was great!. We did only one because the dining food was really good! The buffet was nice, except breakfast needs to be taken up a notch; not bad, but not great. Getting off for excursions was so easy! Get into the elevator and push the yellow button. When the doors open, you turn and go off the ship! There is no finding out how to get to the other end of the ship - from any point, you go all the way to the left or right, by the rooms, and go all the way down the halls to the other side - sometimes it is fastest! They need new photographers - the lighting was awful and the poses standard. We were disappointed and didn't buy any. The staff is great. A well-thought out ship - so much to do, yet doesn't feel busy and overwhelming; if you want quiet time, it is easy to find. I highly recommend it. It is a lot of people, but RCL knew it would be and ensured their ship design allowed for it. When we sat in our favorite lounge (Viking Crown) at the top of the ship, it was cozy, quiet, and intimate and we knew it was the best choice for our honeymoon! Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Sail Date: Maiden Voyage on December 5, 2009 Embarkation/Disembarkation: These two processes are so streamlined that you spend less than 15 minutes coming and going. So for those who have firmly and negatively said no way...this is not ... Read More
Sail Date: Maiden Voyage on December 5, 2009 Embarkation/Disembarkation: These two processes are so streamlined that you spend less than 15 minutes coming and going. So for those who have firmly and negatively said no way...this is not valid reason for not sailing on this magnificent ship. First Impressions: as you drive up to the ship it does not initially appear to be bigger than the Freedom class. However, this is deceptive once you get closer...she is a beauty and BIG! Walking in on the Promenade level leaves you breathless and all you can say is WOW! In fact, we kept saying it over and over again like a broken record. The champagne was nearby and flowing a focal point on that deck was the Rising Tide bar; it was rather like a Star Trek encounter. Everything looked and felt new although a number of special guests had already experienced her we were going to be and were the ones to be spoiled in the days ahead: thank you Crown & Anchor & Royal Caribbean for our many gifts! It was hard deciding which direction to turn to but we headed up the stairs towards the BOARDWALK! The floor above gave us a vantage point and a sense of direction. For those who think they will never sail the Oasis class because of the crowds consider this ship because of the 7 neighborhoods. There are so many places to be and so many options that we never felt overwhelmed. Of course, on the maiden voyage, the number of passengers was reduced but even then at full capacity I don't think crowding is a cause for concern. Dining: the options are endless! However, not everything comes without a cost but it's well worth splurging. For breakfast, try Johnny Rockets with its good ole American style food at no cost. Also on the Boardwalk you can find the "Seafood Shack" and that extra splurge was worth it...we did lunch. The downside if there is a downside is that there is no air conditioning just fans. Central Park has three new dining features - Giovanni's Table, 150 Central Park and Park Cafe. We loved the last two but Giovanni's Table had a rather negative attitude via their host/maitre that seemed more consumed by his reservation system than coming by and being gracious. If you want a romantic meal do not come here as the acoustics were horrible! The menu reminded me of "Italy" but do not be swayed by the recommendations...select what you really want. We had the antipasti plate and the freshly sliced prosciutto was delicious, the crab ravioli was disappointing but I love the meal. FYI, the restaurant serves family-style which is a nice way of sampling lots of different dishes. 150 Central Park was beautifully and elegantly decorated. The prix fixe menu was unique; be ready to have your palate stretched and do keep an open mind. Chef Keriann truly is innovative and who would have thought of having a beet sorbet as part of a sampling menu? I look forward to sampling some of her other offerings someday and she is also from my hometown! The specialty martini sounded rather bizarre but was a delicious concoction; kudos to the creator. We felt as though we were getting our vitamins via our martini and our recommended dose of vitamins. All in all dine here with a very open mind. Our favorite eatery in this neighborhood was the Park Cafe! The roast beef sandwich was the best I have ever had and we managed to sneak over here more than once. This cafe also offered other sandwich offerings, two different daily soup offerings, a salad bar that you could have created with different offering daily and of course a selection of yummy looking desserts. The Promenade had the same Voyager class options from Sorrento's Pizza and the yummy Cupcake Cupboard. You never can go wrong with any of the optional choices. The Windjammer has altered its menu to include more offerings for the Asian cruisers; I saw fried rice and salmon for breakfast. A plus is that the bacon is so much better now that is if you like crispy bacon. All in all, I prefer not eating in the Windjammer. Main dining was our choice for dinner and we had a wonderful waiter and assistant waiter: Wilson and Christopher. We felt bad that we were not there every night since we had reservations at Giovanni's Table and 150 Central Park! Entertainment/Activities: I highly recommend booking your entertainment options prior to sailing! However, it appeared relatively easy to book events once onboard. We loved the ice show, the Nelson Twins, the Aqua show despite the downpour at the end and the production show. It was nice having a "Broadway" option via "Hairspray" as an alternative to the usual show options; grazie mille! Improvements: Kudos to Royal Caribbean in improving the photo experience. Our Sea Pass cards now come with personalized id numbers allowing you to view your photos at Focus and then easily find your own photos contained within a folder. Gone are the days when you had to fight fellow passengers and paw through photos to find yours. THANK YOU isn't sufficient enough to express my gratitude to eliminating this once horrible experience. New Items The touch screens available on each deck (mid-ship) allow you to find your cabin, check on activities, the availability of the various dining spots etc. made our lives so much easier. It is really hard to get lost now! NO MORE SHOWER CURTAINS! Thank you for eliminating those we were in a D1 hump cabin but had the opportunity of touring other cabins in our cabin crawl one of the most impressive was the aft Aqua Suite! The Grand Suite which is normally impressive paled in comparison. Sadly we did not have an opportunity to look at a loft suite...someday perhaps. Also in the shower is a foot level stand which makes shaving your leg so much easier. The casino is so much better now that there is a smoking vs. non-smoking area! The spa area, Vitality is humongous and very welcoming with more of a relaxed atmosphere. For adults only, the Solarium area is an "oasis"...one afternoon I came across a complimentary upper body chair massage. The cantilever hot tubs now come with a large screen tv! In closing, I highly recommend experiencing the Oasis of the Seas for the many options available. Have an open mind and be awed and have your "WOW" experience; trust me you will say that more than once. Also, make sure you have time to claim your childhood...I rode on the carousel! Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
My name is Wendy (aka Capt Data). I am 55 years old and have MS. Due to the MS and a forces injury I use a scooter on board. It is a shoprider Length is 48 inches and width is 22, weight 176 lbs. Traveling from my hometown to our nearest ... Read More
My name is Wendy (aka Capt Data). I am 55 years old and have MS. Due to the MS and a forces injury I use a scooter on board. It is a shoprider Length is 48 inches and width is 22, weight 176 lbs. Traveling from my hometown to our nearest international airport takes 2.5 hrs. I left on the 29 Nov to catch my flight on the 30th. I used my normal shuttle bus to get to Winnipeg, MB and stayed overnight at Four Point Sheraton which is attached to the airport. On my flight down I did not have to pay for my two bags. My scooter and elbow canes of course did not cost anything to fly and received no damage. I asked for gate checking but my scooter was not waiting for me when I arrived for my 5 hour layover in Chicago. They gave me an over sized wheelchair and no help except to the gate. This was very hard on me and as a result I did not make it to dinner with the other Cruise Critic members. For my overnight I stayed at the Ramada Airport/cruise port. It was ok as it had free transport to and from airport and cruise port which I used. They also offered a free breakfast (hot/cold buffet style). I eat a nice supper with King Crab and lobster, my two favourites. I left for the cruise port at 10 am (vis h/c cab). I had tagged my bags with my rm which was 12310 (balcony OV, not H/C). I ask for H/C when I book but the girl said only Gty were available for this trip. I booked at 35 days out. The cab driver slowed down while approaching the cruise port so I could see the ship. I did B2B 1 Dec Labadee and 5 Dec (Maiden Voyage). Because of the B2B I am now Diamond. After arriving at the port I noticed the sign boards above showing people where to go. There is a separate entrance for suite guests. Diamond Plus does not get to go in there you must be in a suite. . I gave my bags over to the porter after tipping the taxi and him. Terminal 18 As you enter the terminal there are signs directing you to your deck check-in. The terminal is fully accessible with no problems at all. This was not required in my case because when I entered on my scooter I was met immediately by a young man who asked my room number. He showed me where to go and moved any offend ribbon for me. I was first in line so it took 5 minutes. They take your pix right there and their camera moves so you do not need to try to stand (which I can do easily). They asked me to fill out the med form which I did with a yes to cough. I have a cough due to taking meds so they let me pass without and problems. The lovely young woman handed me my cruise card and a tote bag. All pax will be receiving one this year for the first season. This bag although very light, fit nicely on my scooter and would be my beach bag for the cruise. Mine was green, other colours were yellow, blue and a reddish colour. From there I was directed by staff to three elevators at the back and would go up to the second floor waiting area. This waiting area is dived by your level and groups. I met the Cruise Critic group up here and we enjoyed and hour or so wait while they cleared the ship for the first time for real (all previous sailing were only out to sea and back). This one was going to Labadee and back. We were informed that they were doing a complete check this time and it was the first real one. So everyone had to be accounted for. While we waited I took a stroll over to the washroom. They have a large H/C washroom and change room (infant). I also noticed a play structure for the kids who might get bored otherwise. It was in use by a few children. There were no staff there so you must watch your own children. The waiting areas are by your C&A level. Starting with those who were on the last voyage , then Diamond plus, Diamond, Platinum, and final gold. We were a group and we boarded at the same time as Diamond Plus as we had several members who were on the last voyage and others who were Diamond Plus. Entering the Oasis of the Seas As reported many times now you enter on deck 5 the Promenade. It had an archway of balloons and champagne or mismos were served as you entered. I also noticed that the Promenade Cafe was opened. There was no large crowds here as you could go in any direction. They also had two entry points so even less crowded. The ship It is hugh so if you have any difficulty with walking get a scooter or wheelchair. Even with a scooter it still took a few minutes to get from one end of the ship to the other. Since it was not quite lunch time I decide to explore a little. I found the Guest Services tucked away near an elevator (very accessible with a lower counter for those who need this option.. Sorrento's was just opening up. The Rising Tide was at the top for now but would soon show what it could do but not serve drinks for the first couple of days. It was nice seeing the show under the Tide play out. It is easy to find things the first days because as you enter or leave the elevators there are computer panels. On the bottom of them you can pick your language but they automatically revert to English when done. They have choices on the first screen I have pica and will post. You can find your room, any restaurant, venue, entertainment or place. It is touch screen so it is easy to operate. I even used my cane on one from a seated position to see if you could use an adaptive device and it worked. When another pax seen me using my cane to reach the top part of the screen he came over to help me. I explained what I was doing and he thought that it was great that someone was doing this as his mother was on board in a wheelchair after a stroke. I decided to start with Central Park as I had heard so much about this place. It was decked out for Christmas. The beauty in this place is some of the little quite areas and the restaurants in the area. This included 150 Central Park which I did go to on night. They have two menus only one with beef only and one with a lobster tail. It was very good. I did have a few problems with Central Park which got addressed within a hour of my observations. I could not get to Park Cafe or the Coach store as tables and chairs blocked the only ramp to the area. I called out to the Head person in Park Cafe and he came out. Showing him what had to be done I left. I came back after lunch and it was now accessible. On my way back out someone had moved their table back to the other place blocking me in. The head guy came out and spoke with the person and they moved the table. The Head waiter said that they were getting signs to be placed there so that it won't happen again. The signs should be there in a couple of months. The Promenade and Boardwalk were easy to get around in with my scooter. You can easily wee the Aqua show while sitting in your scooter or wheelchair too (and you are not in the splash zone of the first three rows). On the promenade there is a Clock tower that if you booked your entertainment on line you have to go here and get your sea pass card updated as this is your ticket into the venues. My table for the Main Dining Room was near the door and easy to get to and leave from. Scooters are parked just outside the Dining Room. The halls are not very wide and there were several scooters parked outside including mine. I could still get by all of them with slowing down (I am a speed demon). There are 24 elevators and none were crowded except the last day. They have a button for the Gangway when you go to ports. Press it and the last stop is where you get off. If you use a scooter or wheelchair once here you look for the elevator that is held by a staff member for you. It will complete your journey to the gangway. This prevents everyone from use the elevator for the H/C. Coming back on you just use what elevator that is available. I found that sometimes this is crowed in that people will push to get on ahead of you after being out for 4 hours they just want to get to their rooms and drop stuff off too. Excuse me worked most times. I have a no salt diet which the first two days was not honoured. I spoke with the Mait'd before hand but the order was screwed up. They finally got their act together. Dinner the first night was very slow and we got cold snails (yucky). We sent them back but the second ones were just as bad. The next night they brought us the snails piping hot even though we did not order them. They did this for many people. By the third day they starting getting their act together for dinner. I always per-ordered my dinner the night before so it started working the way it should. The pool area is easy to get around on a scooter or wheelchair. The Beach pool is easy to get in the water as you can drive to the water. I have a pix of my scooter at the waters edge. They do have the lifts if you require them but you must ask staff for them as none were out the first trip. For the second half of my trip I was in 7100 (OV). The only thing you see is the helo pad. This room is terrible as you can here the waves hitting in the night all night long on the first couple of days. It also has a lot of movement up and down so if you are prone to sea sickness get a different room. This room is right up front of the ship. Disembarking. I went on the excursion to the Air-boats. I went to meet everyone but there was a mix up as I use a scooter. I got separated so I got my bags and found the bus myself. I was the first one there. The excursion was fun and they do lift you in and out if necessary but they will tell you it is not wheelchair friendly for this part. The second part is easier to do but you have to find an area of clear sight. The baggage area is while marked with numbers. It was very easy to find my bags including my canes. I did not have to go to two different areas to pick up my stuff. Customs is split into two parts with several agents on each part. It is broken into US Citizens and the rest of us. I got through in less then 10 mins. I would rate the Oasis as excellent for the disabled. The staff do co-operate and aid you when you need it in the Buffet and at the venues too. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
My family and I (11 of us) spent 12/19 - 12/26 on the 3rd cruise on the new Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. It was simply amazing. This cruise was the 14th that we have taken, mostly on RCC. Not to bore anyone with info that they can ... Read More
My family and I (11 of us) spent 12/19 - 12/26 on the 3rd cruise on the new Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. It was simply amazing. This cruise was the 14th that we have taken, mostly on RCC. Not to bore anyone with info that they can read on the RCC website but most days on the ship, you would be very hard pressed to believe that you were on a cruise ship. We had dinner at Chops one night (which was fantastic). Chops is on the deck with the Central Park which is to the sky. Sitting is Chops, we looked out the window and saw trees, bushes, and flowers blowing in the wind....increadible. This is a ship where the ports really don't matter because you really don't need to get off the ship. Getting on and off the ship was a breeze. We carried our luggage off and from our room to the car, going through Customs, wasn't even 10 minutes. Also, the only line of the ship that I ever saw was for Bingo. In short, the Oasis has reset the bar for cruising. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
We were just awed - nothing was left undone - I expected a lot of glitches because of this first sailing but there were none - the food was good - the people and staff were friendly and helpful - the weather was just right - this ship ... Read More
We were just awed - nothing was left undone - I expected a lot of glitches because of this first sailing but there were none - the food was good - the people and staff were friendly and helpful - the weather was just right - this ship lacked nothing - you want to play golf -you play golf - you want to play ping pong you play ping pong and if you want to eat well there is more on this ship to eat than you can imagine. We were just a little disappointed with the Chops Restaurant this time - Mel's steak was tough and he had to send it back - the service in that room was not the best - and this is unusual because Chops is one of our favorite dining experieces when we cruise. But all in all -you go on this ship and you will just enjoy yourself tremendously. We had a balcony where the sun came in the afternoon and you didn't even need to go on the deck to lay out -it was right there outside our room. I do hope we will go again on this ship although the new one which is even supposed to be bigger the Allure will be out I believe by the end of the year..so maybe......we'll go on that one....would be very nice....cruising is the only way to enjoy a vacation. Lillian Hammer a many time cruise on Royal Caribbean Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Royal Caribbean really served up the WOW as promised here on Oasis of the Seas. I'm still in WOW mode and I have been off the ship for almost a week now. Embarkation was a breeze great direction throughout the terminal we got into ... Read More
Royal Caribbean really served up the WOW as promised here on Oasis of the Seas. I'm still in WOW mode and I have been off the ship for almost a week now. Embarkation was a breeze great direction throughout the terminal we got into Terminal 18 around 10:45am was on the ship shortly after 11:00am. Got Sea Passes in short order then went to a holding area then was pointed toward the ship you come into the ship on the Royal Promenade where unlimited free champagne was waiting for everyone. Went to the Windjammer to get something to eat after meeting with the Critter Clan. Let me say something about the Windjammer here-best service I have ever received in a buffet situation. Great service great food. They really stepped it up here on Oasis. Good flow in lines and it rarely felt crowded. Sadly this could not be stated about the dining room where in my experience service was poor and impersonal. We had My Time Dining and it felt like Their Time Service. Poor service and food in Opus got a better steak in the Windjammer. But again this was just my experience. We dropped off our carry on in our cabin and went out to the pool deck. Our room was ready around 12:45 Chen did a great job as our room attendant. Very nice young man and left treats and surprises in out room every night. Muster drill was really a breeze. Sit down and watch a video. Then go. The Oasis in spite of its size was the easiest ship to get around in my experience as a cruiser. By every elevator was a touch screen that had any and everything you could do on ship, dining, things to do, shows,shops every venue on board listed. You just touched the screen on the venue you wanted to go to and then touched MAP IT and it would give you exact directions on how to get there from where you are at. On deck 7 though where our room was you would have to drop one floor or go up one to get back and forth if you come in on the port side. Shows were world class. Saw them all. Ice show was the best and family friendly. Aqua Theater show was also very well done. Hairspray was well done but not really family friendly in my opinion. Scott Record was great as the headliner. Ken Rush as cruise director though I thought did a really poor job. Serious lack of communication on what was going on activity wise. We had a invitation to a past cruiser event on board ship. But our invitation stated this was for Diamond members which we are not. It was not clear that all past cruisers were invited to this event. Felt kinda ripped off on that one because of lack of clear communication. Captain Bill was the one giving out most of the communication on board ship did not hear Ken at all. Cruise Compass was delivered mid afternoon on that day not night before. Printing problems were blamed on this. Hey its a new ship I understand But that also doesn't excuse a cruise director for not being very personable when every deck hand and regular staff say hi to everyone passing. Again that's just my opinion your experience with Ken Rush may have been different. Captain Bill Wright is really the heart of this fine ship. Great presence on board very friendly and approachable. All the neighborhoods was great and it was really like being in another world. Take a walk with the one you love through Central Park at night for a great experience. Music was great on board the Austarlian jazz group was exceptional every group booked on board was top notch at what they did though. Opportunity here would be this-we were up on the pool deck (which was great and never felt crowded) the DJ started to crank it up and was shut down after five minutes because the music was drifting down into Central Park and bouncing off the walls which interfered with the string quartet playing for around 40 people down there. They really need to schedule the music so it doesn't conflict with what is going on in another venue. No way acoustically they will be able to have music on the pool deck and Central Park at the same time All in all a great experience lots of freebies including Inaugural Oasis beach towels as well as a Collector Coke Bottle and lots of other freebies. The ride on this ship was great did not have the usual sway feeling once we got off ship. Last thing I want to say was even with the ship booked with over 5000 people plus crew it never felt crowded. Went to a parade in the Royal Promenade and actually could see the parade with a ton of people gathered around. They really did a great job with using the space to make things flow here. Debarkation was well organized and we were off the ship within 1/2 hour after going to our station in the dining room Great ship you really need to go on it just once for the experience Labadee looks great but it was my first time there. Other I traveled with stated it had changed greatly. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Our first live view of Oasis was from several thousand feet up on an Air Tran 717. It was amazing, and even more so about half an hour later as we pulled up to the terminal. They really do build incredible. Pictures and live shots do not ... Read More
Our first live view of Oasis was from several thousand feet up on an Air Tran 717. It was amazing, and even more so about half an hour later as we pulled up to the terminal. They really do build incredible. Pictures and live shots do not do this ship justice. Seeing is believing! We were fortunate to be on the naming ceremony cruise. Check in was incredibly simple. For the one night we stayed in a Boardwalk Balcony and had great views of the ceremony. Seating was open in the Dining Room and we enjoyed a great meal with a fabulous dessert presentation. Since we were staying on, we were required to meet in the Dining Room the next morning with other back-to-backers. We were escorted off in small groups and led to check-in. There was only one slight problem here, but it did not ruin our cruise in any way. When we checked in the previous day, the worker in the terminal told us we would be staying in the Boardwalk Cabin for the 4 night cruise. He was mistaken. We were given new Sea Passes for our Ocean view balcony, which we also loved. Our only problem was that we had unpacked completely since we were told this would be our cabin for the entire 5 nights. The Boardwalk cabin was already booked, so we turned this into an advantage by getting our stuff moved down the hall to the new cabin before anyone else was allowed in theirs, which is usually 1:00pm. We then set out for lunch and more exploring of the Oasis. Food: We absolutely loved the Park Cafe. Fresh and delicious, both for breakfast and lunch! It was never crowded when we were there, which was a lot! The salads could really become a habit if you enjoy them, and the breakfast paninis are incredible. We ate in the Windjammer twice for breakfast only. It was good and plentiful. One morning we ate breakfast in the dining room and were not really impressed. The food wasn't as fresh as it could be. We ate nightly in the dining room. The menu hasn't really changed at all, and we enjoyed our favorites. We booked one specialty restaurant this trip, Giovanni's Table. It was really nice to be able to go to lunch there and the $10 surcharge is well worth it. We also enjoyed the pizza from Sorrento's and the sandwiches from the Cafe Promenade. Cabin: Even though all balcony cabins are the same size, the Boardwalk Balcony cabin seemed smaller. The closet being directly to the bed seemed to cut off the room. In the D5, the couch was next to the closet and that seemed to give the illusion of more space. We found the storage to be plentiful for the two of us. The outlet is underneath the vanity, which we liked. Not so much clutter on top that way with cords, etc. The beds were very comfortable and the decor tasteful. The bathroom is pretty much the same, just newer! Entertainment: It was so wonderful to be able to reserve this online prior to our cruise! We decided to see the Ice Show and the Aqua Theater Show. They scan your sea pass card and you go find a seat. There is a separate line for those with no prior reservations. Both shows were fantastic! I also heard great things about Hairspray, so there is plenty to see. The night of the naming ceremony we went to the Comedy Show. It was pretty good for the first time out. Blaze is not to be missed afterward. They have great music going in there until very late. The nightclub in the Solarium is outstanding too. Great people watching! We made a good donation to the casino this cruise as well, which was very large. Labadee: This was our first trip here and we loved it! The zip line is something everyone should try at least once. It was a terrific and relaxing day and we can't wait until we return there in June next year. Crew: Very nice and very willing to please. Always a "good morning" and friendly smile. The Captain and the CD were very visible throughout the cruise. Cruise Critic: We had a very large group of Critters on this sailing and it was great to meet everyone from online. A Meet and Mingle was arranged, but there was a miscommunication with RCI. We were unable to go to the second meeting that was the "real" M&M. We are trying to figure out a time to cruise again on Oasis or Allure with our two teenagers. They would absolutely love this ship as they usually cruise with us and love it as much as we do! It's a fantastic ship and we found it very easy to get around. The keel of Oasis was laid on my birthday in 2007, and I was glad to celebrate this year's on board this amazing ship! Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Hello Everyone! Back from Oasis of Seas Inaugural and its taken me a few days to catch up on things as my daughter also arrived this week home from college in Florida. But, I wanted to post a trip review for all of you so here goes: ... Read More
Hello Everyone! Back from Oasis of Seas Inaugural and its taken me a few days to catch up on things as my daughter also arrived this week home from college in Florida. But, I wanted to post a trip review for all of you so here goes: Pre-Cruise- We left BWI on Thursday and arrived at the airport only to find our flight out delayed ...but it wasn't a long delay and soon we departed and headed to ATL- our first stop, from there we headed to FLL., and arrived at approx. 3pm. We checked in at the LaQuinta- overall a good place to stay but it does need some renovations- the elevators took a long time and creaked every time it closed...kind of scary. The rooms were adequate but sure nothing fancy, although beds were fairly comfortable. I don't think I would stay here again though. I was not feeling tooo well- my stomach was acting up. Perhaps it was just all the anticipation of the upcoming cruise but I just rested up the rest of the day. We met up with friends of ours the next day who were also staying there and going on the Inaugural with us- it was so nice to see them again- we had met them on our Freedom Cruise. We decided to take a walk and within a short distance was a nice shopping area with several food places- TGIF, Red Lobster and a few others. Friday evening we had our pre-cruise dinner and 21 of us came, it was great and it was at Sal's Italian Restaurant- rt nearby our hotel- The meal was fantastic!! Some of our gang though said it was hard to find and arrived a little late but what the heck we were on vacation and about to have the most exciting vacation of our lives!!! Embarkation Day!!! We arrived at the port at 9:05am- yes I was one of those early birds!! I just couldn't stand to be there later and I was so looking forward to getting my first glimpse of ship- which when we did I just cried. All the emotion and planning of the last 2 years was just so emotional when I saw her for 1st time. My DH and daughter were laughing they just thought it was so funny. Oh well. We were allowed to check in 9:30am and it only took like 10 min. and we were headed upstairs. We were given yellow oasis inaugural bags along with planner for the week. Already free gifts- I liked that alot! We headed up escalator and took our seats. There ended up being over 600 passengers who were doing the B2B and so they headed to a spot in the terminal near us. Then the long wait to board began.....we found out later that there were people still on the ship that had refused to get off- as they were apparently told that they didn't have to get off if they were on the b2b which was not true. The ships' manifest HAS to read 0 before embarkation can begin. It took awhile, but we were FINALLY able to board about 1245pm after all the diamond +, diamond and platinum members boarded. We enetered mid ship on the Royal Promenade and our mouths just dropped to the floor!! Yep, I cried AGAIN!!! It was just beyond words and so beautiful!! We were handed a glass of champagne and welcomed warmly onboard by the staff. Stateroom Accomodations- We had a D1 balcony on hump and there were 3 in our party. Myself, DH, and 12 yr old daughter. The room was a bit smaller that I had anticipated and it really was a tight fit for the 3 of us. Since my older daughter couldn't join us I decided it would be ok to have Rachel- my 12 yo just take the sofa bed. It worked but I would never do it again. The room was lovely though- beautifully appointed furnishing and bed sooooo very comfy and I slept great all week. The bathroom very tiny but again you just have to make it work and we did. Our balcony was big and very nice and we enjoyed coffee and breakfast out there every morning. Our views were simply incredible and amazing. Ship Itself- The ship is simply incredible- it is a huge ship but the way they have the areas appointed make it very cozy and comfortable. I never once felt crowded or closed in and just loved the 7 neighborhoods...my favorite has to be Central Park- it is simply breathtaking and was all decorated with live poinstettias for Christmas!! On this neighborhood you will find 150 Park Fare- which we decided to cancel our reservation for due to the limited menu and opted for Giovanni's Table- The meal was very good but I don't think I would eat here again..it is served family style and it just didn't have the charm or atmosphere like Portofino's has!! Just my opinion. There is also Chops Grille- and we also ate here our last night---it was simply incredible and fantastic!!! We did have some problems with our reservations--we had reserved online prior to our cruise and when we cancelled our reservation for 150 Park Fare- the computer system cancelled ALL our dining reservations!! They do need to get this worked out but for us, it was fixed promptly. The Boardwalk and Aquatheatre areas are great as well and when you enter there you really do get a sense of just how big the ship really is. The pools were also very colorful and very fun. THe beach pool was by far the most popular and most crowded. Our cruise critic group organized a zipline challenge and we all got to try this and it was alot of fun!!! Ports- We enjoyed our time in St. Thomas- went to Coki Beach- which has some of the best snorkeling we have ever seen and the most beautiful stretch of white beach as well. In St. Maartin- we went with ships excursion to Orient Beach and this was just as beautiful. We had an amzing lunch and our tour guide was simply fantastic giving us lots of local information on the island and such. We did some shopping before heading back to ship. In Nassau, however I had a major problem....when we left the ship my DH was in front of me and I in back...I was walking on the pier and I did not see this huge cinderblock in front of me due to all the people and I tripped over it falling and landing face first on the concrete. At first I thought I had broken my nose...there was a lot of blood and I was so scared. My husband quickly called for help and in minutes I was back on the ship getting 3 stitches in my nose - but luckily nothing was broken...just had a bad fall and scraped up my leg pretty bad. I am healing now and we just stayed on the ship after all that. THe medical facility though is incredible and very much advanced with the latest technology. I got to see that first hand. Dinner Experience- Our waitor and asst waitor were the best and our meals we really enjoyed. There were some nights that the food tasted better but overall we thought the quality of the food was very good. Our service also was quite good as well and were very pleased. They really do work hard and go out of their way to make your dinner experience the best it can be. Everyone had a smile and was just as pleasant as could be. Debarkation- The debarkation process went very smoothly although they were behind schedule a bit. There is no more colored tags...they go by number now and were were supposed to have been in the 7:30-7:45am group but didn't leave till almost 8:30am. But, it was all good we were in no hurry. We had planned to stay 1 extra day in FLL and so we headed back to the LaQuinta for our last night stay. It worked out well...we all got to rest and catch up on some sleep and arrived safely home the next day. Final Thoughts This ship is simply incredible and just beyond words. When we left and were walking down the gangway off the ship I turned around and cried again!! Yes, I am a huge softie I know but it truly was a trip I will never forget. We had received a special gift every night-and that was really a special treat not to mention everything we were able to see and do. My only regret is that my oldest daughter couldn't be there to share it with us. We would love to plan another trip with her....perhaps once she graduates from college. I highly recommend the ship and the minor things that went wrong can easily be fixed. The shows were amazing and a true joy for all of us. I can't wait to begin planning for our next trip!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Oasis of the Seas Inaugural Sailing December 5th - 12th 2009 # of Passengers on Inaugural Sailing: Approx 3,700 Embarkation: Embarkation was a mess. The check-in itself went very smoothly, from curb to check in with ... Read More
Oasis of the Seas Inaugural Sailing December 5th - 12th 2009 # of Passengers on Inaugural Sailing: Approx 3,700 Embarkation: Embarkation was a mess. The check-in itself went very smoothly, from curb to check in with seapass in hand was 10 minutes total. We arrived at the Pier at 11:35am. What happened next is where it all fell apart. Once we headed upstairs to wait to board we showed our seapass to the staff directing people and since we are Platinum we were sent across to the other side to "wait under the orange and white umbrellas". Well, what we didn't realize was that this was the special section for suite guests only. So we got to sit there with all the suite guests, and then had to wait for all suite guests, diamond plus, diamond and B2B cruises to board before platinums could board. It was very unorganized and chaotic; hopefully they will figure this part out. Boarding the Ship - First Impressions: We boarded the ship on deck 5 right onto the promenade right in front of the Rising Tide Bar and Guest Services. The Rising Tide Bar is a magnificent sight as you are boarding. We immediately headed to the dining room to change our dining from Main Seating to My Time Dining. This was accommodated quickly and effortlessly. We also bought our wine package at the dining room there. We then headed up to the Windjammer to check out lunch at the buffet. They had a great selection of lunch items but the Windjammer feels crowded and I felt like I was always dodging people as I navigated the food stations. Seating is plentiful if you head to the very aft of the Windjammer overlooking the sports deck and Boardwalk. We then strolled around the pool deck and headed up to the Solarium at the front of the ship. The solarium is terrific! They have these great cabanas you can use that are like beds. The pool in the solarium was really warm and there is the Solarium Cafe, which is like a mini Windjammer during the day, then becomes a specialty restaurant at night. We then headed down to the Spa and Fitness Center. The fitness center is so amazing; they have so many different pieces of equipment and some very high tech machines. The Spa is really nice and big also. Two small gripes though, they have no steam room or sauna in the locker rooms like on all other ships. The only steam room and sauna they have is in the Thermal Suite which you have to pay for ($30 pp for a day pass or $150 pp for a week long pass), and the Thermal Suite is tiny, they only had 4 hot stone loungers if I recall correctly. Next we headed out to check out the Boardwalk and the Aquatheater. The Boardwalk is a cool concept but I honestly think it's a lot of wasted space that won't be that popular. There is a build a stuffed animal shop, a candy shop, and a toy shop that were never busy. There is a doughnut shop that had OK doughnuts; they seemed a little too dry. The Seafood shack was never very busy and personally I don't think you get very much food for what you pay. Johnny Rockets is also out there, we ate their one night, again it was just OK, I would have rather ate at the dining room or Windjammer. Central Park was by far my favorite place on the ship; it really is a sight you have to see to believe. You don't feel like you are on a cruise ship at all, it really feels like you are strolling through a park with all the different restaurants and shops and places to sit and relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Stateroom: Our cabin was room 6668 on the starboard side of the ship right next to the elevators and stairwell at the aft. I HIGHLY recommend this location and this deck. Deck 6 is the lowest level of ocean view balconies and it is very convenient to everything. One deck down to the promenade and My Time section of the Main Dining Room, Two Decks up to the Central Park, Board Walk and Aquatheater is right around the corner outside and the Spa and Fitness Center is just a short-long walk to the front of the ship. The room we had was a D8 Ocean View Balcony room; the room feels smaller than on previous Royal Caribbean Ships. The closet is in an inconvenient location right by the couch (or bed depending on the room). The bathroom is really nice and feels a lot bigger because they have rotated the whole bathroom 90 degrees. The TV in the room is HUGE, like a 37" LCD flat screen which swivels out from the wall. The TV has lots of interactive options on it from menus, to shore excursions to restaurant availability, and much more. The room got very warm at night even with the A/C turned all the way down it was too hot to sleep with anything more than a sheet over me. But the beds are VERY comfortable pillow top mattresses. The pillows are very uncomfortable compared to other Royal Caribbean Ships I have been on; feather pillows were only available to suite guests so I suggest bringing your own pillow if you don't want a neck ache. Entertainment: The entertainment on the ship is incredible. All shows require you to have tickets reserved on your seapass card. They scan your card when you enter the venue to ensure you have a "ticket". The first night of the cruise we saw the aquatheater show "Oasis of Dreams" which was great. They do all kinds of high dives, synchronized dives, synchronized swimming, acrobatics and more. They did a great job on the show and I was always on the edge of my seat. After the show they did a water fountain show, similar to the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. Hairspray is a 90 minute long version of the Broadway musical. It was simply AMAZING! Royal Caribbean went all out when they put this show together; I have never seen such a high quality show on board a ship. I would book the Oasis again just to see this show again. The third show is "Come Fly With Me" and is in the Opal Theater. This show is another great production which has a lot of aerialist and very technical aspects to it, kind of like a cirque du soleil show. Don't miss it. The comedy club on board had a few different comedians and they were very good as well, I suggest going to the 12:30am late night show for a good adult laugh. There is also an Ice Show called "Frozen in Time" in Studio B. We did not have a chance to get to it but I heard good things about it from others on board. Sports Deck Activities: The zip line was really fun, but a very short ride, nonetheless still very cool. You are only allowed to do the zip line one time during your cruise so make it count. Flow Riders (yep two of them) were fun as usual, I tried the stand up surfing this time and I actually could stand up on it for a little bit, but then did the fall of shame. They however, really need to put the divider up on the boogey board flow rider because the lines although short, took forever because all these kids would be up there doing all kinds of tricks and their turns would last like 2-4 minutes because they were so good so the lines moved very slowly. The mini golf course is fun and a lot of people made use of it. We did not do the rock climbing wall this cruise but they have two of them and they both looked great and had multiple levels of difficulty. Dining and Bars: They have a lot of work to do on getting their specialty restaurant reservations process worked out. We had a lot of issues with this. First issue was at Giovanni's Table, we went there at like 2pm to make a reservation in person. The guy checked the computer and confirmed us for 7pm that night. We later got a call at 5pm saying they would be unable to accommodate us that night. So we went and talked to the manager and he apologized and said he could get us in the next night. Next issue was with the 150 Central Park restaurant. We went there on Wednesday afternoon about 3pm and asked if we could get a reservation that night. The lady said they were full at the moment but she took our name down and told us she would call us and let us know if they could squeeze us in that night. We never got a call from them, so we went up there at 7pm and the restaurant was almost entirely empty. When we inquired at the desk they said that could not get us in that night and that they didn't have any record of us being on a waitlist. (Funny, since I watched the lady write it on their reservation list earlier that day). The Rising Tide Bar was very cool, it was never crowded and there were never lines for it. Sorrento's Pizza was very good as usual, and a new feature on Oasis is that you can create your own personal pan pizza. The Champagne Bar is beautiful and the Schooner bar is a great place as usual. The main dining room had great food as usual and the My Time Dining experience is my favorite on Royal Caribbean, they do a really good job with it. We had the same waiter every night and usually the same table. The entire deck 5 dining room is dedicated to My Time Dining. Debarkation: Debarkation went VERY smoothly, we actually were off the ship at the time they said we would be on the sheet of paper we got the last night of the cruise. We were off the ship at 8:45am and found our bags right away and went through customs like a breeze, they just collect the immigration forms from you and that's it. No waiting in long lines and going through the intense process where they swipe your passport, ask you questions, etc. We grabbed a taxi and were at the Fort Lauderdale airport to pick up our rental car by 9:20am. Overall it was by far my favorite cruise ever. The ship never felt crowded and we never had a problem finding a spot up on the Pool Deck. This may however have been due to the lower number of passengers on board. There ship is nearly sold out in January so time will tell how things go with a ship full of people. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
This time only a short review, it's christmas eve and I am too lazy for more :-) This was our 9th cruise, 3rd this year and 2nd to the Carribean. Had been on Carnival Miracle to the Eastern Carribean before, see ... Read More
This time only a short review, it's christmas eve and I am too lazy for more :-) This was our 9th cruise, 3rd this year and 2nd to the Carribean. Had been on Carnival Miracle to the Eastern Carribean before, see http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=22241 Embarkation: Came by car to FLL, took the rental car shuttle to terminal 18. Free of charge, quick and easy. Embarkation was not done in 15 minutes as promised, but the 25 minutes from entering the terminal to get to the cabin were still quite OK. Took longer than necessary due to very unqualified employees at the checkin counters. There were not too many people (fortunately) and they had lots of counters open, but they have to train the people to know what to do. Total chaos, at least it felt like it. Ship: Wow, isn't that what everybody says ? Have to agree. Bigger is not always better, but for our taste it has much more advantages than disadvantages. Enough descriptions around what to find on the ship, so I skip that. Loading and unloading people to/from ship was besides disembarkation (more later) always well organized and took much less time than on most smaller ships we have been on. Food: Had My Time Dining and in general like the concept of going to the dining room whenever we like. Have been there only once during this cruise and had no wait at all to get a table for two. Waiters and all employees in our area where surprisingly unfriendly, stressed and hectic. We did not like the menue that evening and did not like at all the menues we checked the other days, so we never got back there. Tried to remove the gratuities due to that for the dining room stuff, but that is impossible with MTD. Unfair I think, because this time there was nobody who earned the money.... Had most meals in Windjammer buffet and liked it. Always something to our taste. Also used Sorrento and Park Cafe sometimes, both nice. Had none of the pay restaurants this trip and did not miss it either. Entertainment: Big Big surprise ! We are usually not easy to impress and do not like most of the entertainment we have seen on ships so far. Different this time. Only exception was the show we thought would be the best: Headliner Mosaic. Great performers, exceptional voices but the choice of titles they performed was horrible. We were so disappointed! Only the additional song at the very end (Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling) was very good. Shame that this was the only one. Frozen in Time, the ice show was fantastic, especially the special appearance of the Ukraine sand artist. Come Fly with me was much much better than we expected, the choreography was in parts just plain superb. Very good choice of songs, great singers, dancers and artists, very good technical effects. The comedians were funny and good. The Aqua show was much better than we thought, and the Aqua theater is really something very special on board a ship. Did not like the parades on deck 5, did not see Hairspray. Casino big and Las Vegas style, lots of slots and table games. Just the concept of the Poker tournaments is a flop, they have no SitnGo just a "tour" where you qualify for later tournaments to win "big prizes". Nothing I look for on a ship, so I did not participate. Disembarkation: Express disembarkation started to work quite well, were able to leave the ship by 6.45 am But the immigration process was horrible. Probably not directly RCCL fault, but they had by far not enough counters open, the people working there were extremely slow, so it took forever to get the people moving out. Had still enough time to get to MIA, using a GO Shuttle for 52 USD for the two of us, took only maybe 25 minutes due to low traffic on a Saturday morning. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
I love small ships and had sworn I would never sail on the Oasis of the Seas. But, when "Make-A-Wish" offered us to sail with them on the inauguration overnight cruise, we relented. Wow, what a ship! The Oasis is like no other ... Read More
I love small ships and had sworn I would never sail on the Oasis of the Seas. But, when "Make-A-Wish" offered us to sail with them on the inauguration overnight cruise, we relented. Wow, what a ship! The Oasis is like no other ship ever created. My overall impression is that RCCL does not want you to know you are on a ship. The seven "neighborhoods" create towns, parks, shopping malls, water parks and outdoor fun centers without you ever knowing that you are on a cruise ship. It is generally modeled after Las Vegas and Disneyworld, and you have to make an effort if you want to see the ocean. The cabins are outstanding. The spa is reminiscent of Canyon Ranch or any other large, luxurious spa. The gym is as large as LA Fitness and packed with tons of brand new weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals and other assorted goodies. They did not scrimp on cost anywhere on the ship. We arrived at 11AM at the port. It was myself, my wife and my son. Check-in was a little disorganized, but then again we were among the first travelers on this ship. Although we were guided to the "suite" check-in, it still took over ten minutes for our attendant to check us in and get our card keys. After that, we were given cards with a "group" number on them and then guided to that group before boarding the ship. There were only two gangways open and they were filled to capacity. After a few minutes our group was taken to the gangway, where about a hundred other people were waiting to board. In all, we finally stepped on the ship at 11:25AM, and this was before the big crowd arrived. There were only two gangways boarding 5,000 people. We had a Junior Suite with ocean balcony. It was a very large cabin, and larger than Junior Suites we've stayed in before. The walk-in closet was almost bigger than some cabins we've been in before! Another couple we were traveling with had a regular cabin with ocean balcony. Their cabin, contrary to the junior suite, was smaller than most regular cabins we've been in before. We ate lunch at the Solarium and it was delicious. They serve healthy and vegetarian food at the Solarium, including sugar free desserts. Very tasty and a great way to eat! We then went to the Windjammer Marketplace buffet for some regular desserts. We also had breakfast the next morning at the Windjammer. This is the main buffet restaurant for the ship, and it is huge! Very reminiscent of Las Vegas style buffets, with all sorts of salad, meats, vegetables and desserts. Excellent food and plenty of tables. There were pools and Jacuzzis all over the ship. We counted six large pools and at least ten Jacuzzis. They were not busy on this cruise but I'm sure they'll be busy on the week cruises. The Aqua Theater also becomes a pool during the day. They were supposed to have a show at the Aqua Theater in the evening but it wasn't working so that was cancelled. Dinner was served at the Opus Dining Room, which consists of three separate dining rooms, one above the other, with an open area between them. The service was excellent and the food was amazing. They had a very limited selection since this was a special cruise, but the presentation and taste was wonderful. The Boardwalk is a new concept on a ship. It's totally "outdoors" and designed like an old fashioned pier town, complete with a carousel. About 4 or 5 decks of cabins with balconies overlook the Boardwalk, and it all gives a very homey feeling. There are a bunch of restaurants, ice cream store, donut store, bars and games. At the end of the Boardwalk is the Aqua Theater and two, 200 foot rock climbing walls. I wish we had time to climb. They sure looked like fun! "Central Park" is a few decks above Boardwalk, with the same type configuration of cabins overlooking the park. RCCL says there are over 10,000 plants and trees in the park, and I believe it. The park is lined with more stores, bars, restaurants and fun shops. Overall, this is an amazing ship! If you are expecting anything close to any other ship you've traveled on, be aware - this is different. RCCL tries hard to make this ship a land-based destination rather than a sea-going cruise ship, and you have to work hard if you want to see the ocean. (except for your cabin, if it's ocean side). I still prefer a smaller ship, but I'm glad that I had the opportunity to spend an overnight on the Oasis of the Seas. It's a ship that has to be experienced. Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
I was one of the lucky travel agents that won the booking contest which gave us one night on this marvel of human engineering on November 19-20 before she goes into service for real on her inaugural voyage December 12, 2009. The new $75 ... Read More
I was one of the lucky travel agents that won the booking contest which gave us one night on this marvel of human engineering on November 19-20 before she goes into service for real on her inaugural voyage December 12, 2009. The new $75 million pier built exclusively for this event delivered. 60 agents got us on board pronto. The experience reminded me of black and white movies when people were riding in a car and the backdrop was pasted and cut into the scene. It felt like the Atlantic Ocean was pasted and cut into "some" scenes and that is the only way you could ever possibly know you were on a ship! It truly was a city unto itself. Upon arrival into the Royal Promenade, way bigger than any promenade on other classes of ships, you really felt the elegance and luxury that money can buy and knew you were in for a really really big treat! With a vintage boat tailed Auburn greeting you, followed by a dedicated cupcake shop, I was in no hurry to find my way to my cabin. One venue was more special than the next, for instance, Sorrento's Pizza now has a dedicate station so you can make your own pizza; On Air, the karaoke bar has layers of neon ticker tape motif at the entrance that makes you feel like a star the minute you walk in; Boleros lounge is designed to be hot and magical; Dazzles nightclub is exquisite with a two story view outside behind the bandstand that is breathtaking. Ladies, what does over a billion dollars buy? Attention to detail for half the humans on the planet...Finally, in those bank teller canister shaped showers the expanded the shape and built in a bar so the ladies can have a ledge to shave their legs! The suites were over the top incredible. I think my favorites were the Aqua Suites, only 6 on each side, facing the Aqua Theatre and ocean like private balcony booths at the opera with lots of room and chairs for friends. The two story suites were elegant and a unique experience. Although beautifully appointed, the balcony staterooms were smaller than freedom class ships. I love the new color scheme with aqua everywhere. The marble surrounding the carpet at the entrance to the three story dining room was an exquisite aqua color shimmering in a way I have never seen before. The dining room had great artwork and it was a thrill having dinner when no one had ever used a fork or spoon or glass in that dining room previously. All was pristine and the staff was so gracious. I thanked them for showing up for work today! The specialty restaurants were surprisingly small. I take large groups on ships and with my Italian background, dinner with 20 is usual. They are not designed for groups at all, unless you are happy to be in the same dining room at the same time. Most tables were for two or four. 150 Central Park was elegant to die for, Chops Grille was very spacious, Giovanni's Table was quaint and I was flipping over the prosciutto slicing machine from Parma! They were not open for dining while we were on board, so I will have to wait until I take a week long trip January 2 with a few friends. The Solarium Spa was beautiful and the whirlpools outside the most incredible I have ever seen. Huge double whirlpools, overlooking the ocean with flat screen TV's to relax with. The gym...state of the art. Some machines looked they were from NASA...I have no idea what they are or how you use them, but you could get a private fitness consultation in two dedicated booths at any time. Vitality Spa? It's own restaurant and so zen sprinkled with aromatherapy you know no matter what service you get, you won't want to leave when it's over. Children and their families from Make A Wish Foundation were on board with us and a private concert for them by Rianna was wonderful. We watched from the Aqua Theatre on huge screens that did the job. I don't know what the noise level would be in the balcony staterooms over the Boardwalk, but that is where the action is. The balconies over Central Park are the "uptown" staterooms and look over the specialty restaurants in quiet elegance. If you have been on Voyage or Freedom class ships, you would probably expect one long promenade..this had one on top of the other on top of the other. Rising Tide bar, a marvel of design; Technologically more advanced than even the Navy, near every elevator is a huge touch screen so you can see what is happening on the ship, where you are, how filled up the restaurants are, and it gives you directions to where you want to go. I could go on and on, but that's enough for now! Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
We arrived at Port Everglades around 11am. The new terminal 18 is nice, wide open spaces, plenty of room to accommodate the number of guests that will be sailing on Oasis. Layout is more logical than in some other terminals I've ... Read More
We arrived at Port Everglades around 11am. The new terminal 18 is nice, wide open spaces, plenty of room to accommodate the number of guests that will be sailing on Oasis. Layout is more logical than in some other terminals I've been in. We began boarding Oasis around noon. Boarding is done on Deck 5, the Royal Promenade deck. While boarding the first thing I noticed is that the outdoor space on deck 5 is limited to the jogging track, and is barely wider than the 2-lane jogging track. No deck chairs or space to enjoy the outdoors on this deck. There are no muster stations outside that I could see, apparently all muster stations are inside the ship, so no more baking in the afternoon sun during muster! As we walked onto the ship we entered directly in to the Royale Promenade. Very wide, spacious, and beautiful, but I'll write more about the promenade later. We wanted to head to our cabin to drop off our overnight bags. Our cabin was 9156, port side, forward so we headed to the elevators towards that end of the promenade. We were pleased to see there are 6 elevators on port side, 6 more on starboard, so 12 elevators at that end, and same at the other end, so 24 elevators that we saw, there may have been more. We got to deck 9 quickly. One cool feature at each elevator bank is an interactive screen. You can touch the screen to "Find your cabin" (enter your cabin number and it shows you on the map where you are, where your cabin is and how to get there), or you can view that day's Cruise Compass, or find a restaurant, etc. It's a very cool, and very handy feature! We had to use it more than once to find our way back to our cabin! LOL Once at the cabin the first thing we noticed is that the cabin doors are offset from the hallway a bit further than on the Freedom or Voyager class ships, and that is to allow room for the door to open out, rather than in. What genius! This small change seems to make a big difference inside the cabin. We entered the cabin and it seemed basically the same as any other standard balcony cabin on a Freedom or Voyager class ship. Right away we also noticed that the bathroom door opens out into the cabin, rather than into the bathroom - what a difference that makes! The bathroom, while probably the same physical size as those a Freedom or Voyager class ship, just seems larger since you don't have to deal with the door opening into the bathroom. It may be an optical illusion, but the bathroom counter seemed narrower and the sink smaller, but it was adequate. As on other ships, very limited storage space in the bathroom. It also has the same basic curved shower stall, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is a little bigger - not by much, but a little bigger. That may not mean much to some, but for a "fluffy" guy like me, every little bit makes a difference! On Freedom if I dropped the soap I had to open the shower door to bend down and pick it up, not so on Oasis, so it is definitely a little roomier. (And the ladies may be happy to learn that there is a foot bar towards the bottom where you can rest a foot, presumably that will make it easier to shave the legs - like I know anything about shaving legs! My only disappointment is that the shower head, while basically the same style as on Freedom or Voyager class, no longer slides up/down on a pole, it is at a fixed height. But, still very adequate, and the hot water definitely gets hot. The cabin itself has the same basic layout, it seems to be slightly longer but also narrower than Freedom or Voyager class balcony cabins. A carry-on size bag on wheels barely, and I do mean barely, could be pulled through between the foot of the bed and the wall. The closets definitely seem smaller, so for all those who like to take lots and lots of clothes (pointing at myself for one, took over 20 shirts on Freedom at the end of October!), be forewarned, there is not as much closet space here! The closet doors slide open, rather than bi-fold out into the cabin, so I found that to be nice. But, the closet doesn't seem to be as deep so there is definitely less storage space there. There is also less drawer space in the vanity area where the desk, TV and such is located. On Freedom/Voyager class you had drawers on either side of the desk, here there is only 1 set of 3 drawers. I was shocked to find that electrical outlets are nowhere to be seen on the desk area. But, after some searching, we finally found them hidden under the desk, which I felt was very inconvenient. You had to crawl up under the desk to be able to see what you're doing to plug something into an outlet. Bad design choice in my opinion. But, at least there are outlets that are functional, just a little inconvenient. Our balcony was nice sized, seemed comparable in size to the one we had on Freedom 2 weeks before, but a little narrower since the cabin itself is narrower. Was pleased to see 2 comfortable chairs and an actual patio table on the balcony - not a cocktail table, a regular height table you could actually eat at if you ordered room service and wanted to eat on the balcony. Kudos on the balcony table! When we boarded they handed out a booklet on the features of the ship, and it was a "walking tour" type booklet. First was to make your way up to the Solarium on deck 16, forward. So off we went. The Solarium is on 2 levels and very nice! Lots of open space here, a bar and a bistro cafe as well. They had these large "cabana" type covered chairs, very cool. We next made our way to the open deck where we could look down onto the pool deck. Plenty of deck chairs on 2 levels. However, space seemed cramped. There aren't wide walking paths like on Freedom/Voyager class, so it seemed a little cramped, but still comfortable. On 16, mid-ship, there is the Mast Bar on Port side, and the Sky Bar on the starboard side. Windjammer is on 16 more aft, and behind the Windjammer are the basketball courts, mini-golf, flow riders, and the zip line. The zip line just crosses the Boardwalk area, so it's a very short ride. While there we stopped in the Windjammer for some lunch. Very nice, but it is definitely laid out differently than we're used to seeing on the Freedom/Voyager class ships. Honestly, it felt rather cramped, not as much open space or seating area. However, there are many dining alternatives on board so hopefully it won't be an issue. The food was good, basically the same type of food as we've had in Windjammer on any other RCCL ship. The Viking Crown Lounge is on deck 17 directly above the Windjammer. It looked nice, but didn't seem to have that intimate feeling as in the Viking on other ships. It also was not quite finished, men were still busy doing tile work and touchups in a couple different areas there. The main pools are on deck 15 - I lost count of how many pools there are! One has a "beach" area where you can sit in lounge chairs in the water. The adult pool areas and kiddie pool areas are on opposite sides of the ship. Those without children may appreciate that more than those with children. On deck 15, mid-ship, is the Sand Bar and Pool Bar. More aft is the teen's area, Living Room, Challengers arcade, Fuel disco, etc., and behind that is the sports courts and Dunes golf. We went down a deck or two so we could see a Crown Loft Suite and a Royal Loft Suite. Both are very nice! The Royal suite is HUGE! Very large, wrap-around balcony with a hot tub. Master bedroom upstairs is very nice, large projection screen TV. Master bath is very large, I think I counted a dozen of us in there at the same time and there was still room for more. Words of caution ... don't shower in the master bath of the Royal Suite while in port! There are windows floor to (almost) ceiling, overlooking the aft end of the ship. If at sea, no big deal, but if in port you'll be giving a free show! Work was not quite finished in some areas, and the Royal Suite was one of them. I opened the door to the downstairs bath and there were 2 men installing tile and fixtures. On deck 10 (and 9) is Dazzles, a 2-level dance bar, and very nice! Dazzles has very large windows that overlooks the Boardwalk so it has a great view. Central Park is on deck 8, very lush. There you will find Chops Grille, Giovanni's Table, Park Cafe, Vintages, and more! My only complaint is that it seemed cramped. The sidewalks are narrow and this could limit the amount of traffic that could walk through at the same time. Deck 6, more forward, is the upper level of the Royal Promenade, and here you'll find the Diamond club (but we didn't get a chance to go in), the Schooner Bar, Focus (the photo gallery - where it appears all pictures will be in binders for viewing), and the Loyalty Ambassador/Future Cruise booking office. Note on the pictures ... I can see this area getting very crowded with people wanting to find/purchase their photos. This makes the option of using your Sea Pass when photographers snap your pic even more important - that way you can go to Focus, put in your Sea Pass card and pull up all the photos associated with your cabin and have them printed. Deck 6 aft is the Boardwalk, with the Carousel, donut shop, Seafood Shack, Johnny Rockets and the Aqua Theatre. Very nice area with lots to do for kids and adults alike. We got to see some exhibition diving in the Aqua Theatre pool at one point during the day, it was cool. I heard there was a synchronized swimming performance, but we didn't catch that. Deck 5 is the main Royal Promenade - very nice and spacious. The layout is definitely different from the Freedom/Voyager class. Bolleros is on the Royal Promenade, as is the On-Air karaoke bar. Schooner bar is on the 2nd level of the promenade. Champagne bar, also on promenade, seems rather understated as compared to other ships, but is still nice. The Rising Tide bar is cool and we did ride it up and down once, but there were some hiccups with it ... when we first boarded the ship and watched it go up it made all sorts of unnatural noises of metal scraping against metal. A couple hours later and they had that resolved and no more worried looks on people's faces from the noise! LOL The Cupcake Cupboard was a popular spot on the Promenade, but we never got a chance to do a taste-test for ourselves. Cafe Promenade and Guest Services are large areas and seem to work/flow well with the volume of traffic. The Opus dining room spans decks 3-5 (aft) and is very elegant. However, it is not as open and airy as the dining rooms on the Freedom/Voyager class ships. It felt a little cramped as compared, but still very elegant. The Opal Theatre is on the same decks 3-5 (forward) - we never got a chance to go in, but I'm sure it's nice. Deck 4 is the "Entertainment Place" - lots of cool places. There are several clubs (Blaze, Comedy Live, Jazz on 4 club, etc.), and Studio B is mid-ship on this deck. On the Freedom/Voyager class ships, at Studio B you can't get from one end to the other, have to go up a deck to get past it, not on Oasis. A large hall on either side of Studio B to go around it, and that is entrance to Casino Royale. Casino Royale is easily twice, if not 3 times, as big as on the Freedom/voyager class ships. Plenty of room for lots of people in Casino Royale! After our tour we had to sit and rest for a bit, so we went to Bolleros on the Promenade for a cocktail. On Thursday night Rhianna was to perform at 6pm, and the ship was scheduled to depart at 7pm. Well, not sure what happened, but I guess Rhianna did not perform until closer to 7pm, so our departure was delayed. We went to dinner around 8pm. We had the shrimp cocktail and escargot for appetizers, and for entrEe we had the filet of beef with asparagus and mashed potatoes, it was excellent! I had the strawberry cheesecake for dessert ... and a piece of coconut layer cake, but it was sugar free so it doesn't count! LOL The service in the dining room was impeccable, the wait staff very attentive and prompt. After dinner we still had not left port yet, so we met up with some folks in Bolleros, visited with them and enjoyed cocktails. Around 11:00pm I looked at one of the gals and said I think we're moving. She stopped for a second and said, "Nah, I'm very sensitive about these things, we're not moving yet." I needed to run back to the cabin for another no-doze (so I could stay up later), poked my head out the balcony door, and sure enough ... Ft. Lauderdale was in the distance, we were at sea! We never felt a thing as the ship moved along! All I had felt earlier was a slight vibration that made me think we could be moving, and we were! After meeting back up with Rick and the others in Bolleros we decided to hit the Casino since it was now open. We tried our luck at a couple slot machines, but, no big winners here. Oh, well. We finally headed to bed around 2am. Friday morning we got up at 6am since everyone was supposed to be in certain areas of the ship by 7am for the live broadcast of Good Morning America (GMA). But, we had "motivational issues" and didn't get out of the cabin until after 7:30am. Unfortunately, they closed all the dining options from 7am to 9am due to the GMA broadcast, they wanted us all to be out and about. We hung out at the Mast Bar up on deck 16 for a while, then went in to the Windjammer to wait for them to start serving breakfast again. If you watched GMA and caught the gal doing the zip line, we were standing at the window in the Windjammer directly above where she landed! The Windjammer started serving again around 8:45am so we had a good breakfast, after which we headed back to our cabin to get our things together to disembark. We arrived back in Ft. Lauderdale around 10:30-11am, and they started disembarking at about noon. We can't wait to sail on Oasis when we have a full week to explore and enjoy the ship! Being on board barely 24 hours was just a tease for us, but I'm very glad we had this opportunity. My overall impression is that Oasis is phenomenal and amazing ship with lots to see and do. Based on my 24-hour experience, I'm thinking that I might prefer the Freedom or Voyager class ships, but I'll reserve final judgment until we get the chance to actually spend a week on Oasis in October, 2010! Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
I cannot begin to tell you all how much I loved the ship. It was even better than I possibly could have imagined. We quickly decided to go right to touring the cabins first since it was only open until 4. Some of the suites are beautiful ... Read More
I cannot begin to tell you all how much I loved the ship. It was even better than I possibly could have imagined. We quickly decided to go right to touring the cabins first since it was only open until 4. Some of the suites are beautiful and I would be happy to stay in any of them!!! The other rooms were to me just like all our other cruises. We were assigned a D8 and I know on their website it says it is the same size, but we all agreed that they appear much smaller...and there is definitely less drawer space. Don't get me wrong they are still great, but as girls..well we use that space!!! The closets now have a new self closing feature so no more banging in the middle of the night, they soft shut themselves, its kind of cool! And to be one of the best improvements was the cabin doors now all open out!! No more slamming the bathroom door into the front door. I loved the setup of the new balconies, you now have to really comfortable chairs and a nice table, a regular one not the short ones they have always had...in all my cruises I have rarely ordered breakfast to the cabin because there was really no comfortable place to enjoy it..but now you can take it out to the balcony on that table and really enjoy that ocean. The coolest thing we all agreed on was the new interactive sign on each floor. Get off the elevator..press find your cabin, enter the number and it tells you how to get there!! They also added a small arrow on each door right next to the number..all the arrows point to the front of the ship..so you will always know you are headed the right way. The sign is good for more things than finding your cabin though. Its basically the cruise compass. Ask it where to eat, where the shows are and it tells you what times and where to go and how to get there...It was the coolest thing, I have a video I will post soon. Personally I thought central park was nice, very beautiful and relaxing..it was a great place to go and read, relax and just spend some quiet time....unfortunately too quiet for me lol! I am sure many will love it though and use it just for those reasons! Now the boardwalk was simply amazing!!!! It was so lively and fun, I know its mostly for kids but its a great place to hang out if you really want to hang out because its just so upbeat all the time. Didnt care for the donuts...thought they were kind of bland..but thats my own opinion. Loved the aqua theater and the show was fantastic too, you will not believe what they can accomplish in that small space! The carousel was great and there is so much for kids to do there, I just loved the upbeat atmosphere of all of it. The windjammer was different than you are used to, you walk right into the serving tables which are in circles all around then you have to go past to get to the tables...my own personal opinion is that I did not care for it, but I also believe we are creatures of habit and do not like change so probably after a few cruises I would be used to it and like it more. The new restaurant additions are the best!! If you like seafood you are going to love the seafood shack! Wait until you see the selection. Honestly my group decided to forgo dinner so we could go to all the venue choices and try them instead. We figured we have all been to enough dinners since all but one of us was DP. It was a great choice. The new cafe has the BEST panninis...I can definitely see myself skipping the windjammer and going there for lunch...well there and the seafood shack. The pool area was one of the best I have seen. The two pools on either side, they have done away with the risers and no one will be complaining about the suite guests getting their own area, they are now on a different deck with their own private bar so the pool area is open to all!!!! The pool bar was great, was rounded and went around both sides, much larger with stools going almost to the center but they leave a large area in the center with no stools...much nicer for people walking up wanting a drink and now not having to ask other people to get thru them. I usually love the sky bar, but not so crazy about this one...now that's a personal issue because its mostly in the sun and I usually go to the bar for some sun relief...others may love this for the exact opposite reason. I have always been a schooner bar person..and I really did love the new schooner bar...but miss the old one. The one feature I do love about it is that it now overlooks the royal promenade so it is really nice and tends to keep it more lively. We went on the bar that goes up and down...its totally cool...but I will tell you what would keep us off of it is that it only serves champagne and soda...so bring the drink you want with you or you wont get it. But if you like champagne its a great place to be. Love the new boleros, it was so pretty and upbeat and its right in the middle of the royal promanade...the disco is down one floor and honestly the best setup of any disco I have been on...I have always hated the seperation of the dance floor from the rest of the place...now you can pretty much see everything from where ever you are, and they gave the smokers their own little section off to the side that is still a place where you can see everything but not close enough to bother you if you do not smoke. The on air club was amazing and again right on the royal promenade...I guess I keep using the word upbeat but honestly that is how they designed so many of these places. We did try the cupcakes friends on our roll call asked us to do it for them...and to be fair...it wasn't just me..there were 5 of us. We got the red velvet and the chocolate one...the frosting was super delicious...but none of us cared for the cupcakes...now with that said we ran into several people who loved...so its going to be subjective to your own likings. I am happy to say we made the new Oasis commercial! The camera guy just loved us...I had made us all rhinestone shirts and we could not have been stopped enough asking where we got them. We also had a couple of other items I had made when I post my pictures you will see them..I could have made a fortune selling lol. Ken Rush as always was a great as ever...you can tell me anything you want about cruise directors, but I love that you will see ken all over the ship. I have been on many cruises where you do not even see a CD...yet ken is always out and about. I also liked that I saw Adam Goldstein too...again I just feel that it is nice that the executives can come out and enjoy their own ship..he was up on deck with us when they were filming the zipline spot and had his kids there with him...I personally think it shows the customers that he cares too...I hate when people in charge are never seen..just my own personal opinion though I did go to the casino but only to see it, we got a very late start so they didn't even allow you to start gambling until pretty late and by that time we were so busy with other things I didn't have time to go back. We know people who did though (and won lol) and said they loved the new slot machines. I never found the internet cafe..but I meant to see it...and I also cant believe I never got to the concierge lounge, although we did find francois on the ship and talked to him for a bit. The staff were about as excited as can be..they all had such great attitudes and lucky for me several of them I knew already from other ships! I think they were all excited about bringing this awesome ship over. Oh yeah and in case your all wondering who I am...we were the girls holding the sign that sam champion came over and talked to! He loved us...we were told by all the GMA people to put the sign away they didn't want signs...and then we went up to the pool deck and he saw we made a sign and was so excited they asked us to move just to be there when he came on! Couple of other things I thought of, watch out for those light switches in the cabins. They have now apparently put one master light switch by the bathroom door and it controls all the lights in the cabins..now this is a good feature except for one thing....when my roommate went to bed the only light on was the light above her head when she hit the master switch...I could not for the life of me figure out how to turn the darn lights on, there were so many switches and the only one I could consistently get turned on was the one above her head since it was the one on when she hit the master switch...I talked to a few other people about this who had the same problem..most of us thought we lost power in our room because it even controls the bathroom light so as long as the master switch is off you cannot use any other switch in the rooms. If you are looking for plugs they are now under the desk, took us a while to find those too. They also put a small bar outside the main dining room so while you are waiting you can get drinks. Along with that they put a self serving wine bar where you can swipe your card and get some wine, prices started at $2 for an 2 ounces this way if you wanted to just taste the wine before getting a full glass you knew if you liked it or not. Then you could choose 4 or 6 ounce glasses and the prices varied according to the type of wine you were choosing. My overall impression of this ship is "WOW" I honestly loved every second on it. I didn't feel like it was hard to navigate or that it took a long time to get anywhere. So many new and exciting features it made me feel like I was new to cruising again. Even if you prefer the smaller ships (which I personally do sometimes) there is no way you cannot enjoy the time you spend on this wonderful ship and all that it has to offer. Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
Off the Oasis yesterday(Nov 29th) and would like to add my input to the many reviews and comments out there on the internet..For the most part, every venue and area of the ship has been addressed and by now most of you know what to ... Read More
Off the Oasis yesterday(Nov 29th) and would like to add my input to the many reviews and comments out there on the internet..For the most part, every venue and area of the ship has been addressed and by now most of you know what to expect.This is just my personal opinion of my short time aboard. We woke up Friday morning and looked out at the port from our hotel(Hilton Marina--from our tower room).My first impression of Oasis was it looked top heavy.Almost like it could tip over.. We arrived to the port around 10:30am Friday .It was really confusing where we were supposed to park.Went to two different gates and were told two different things.Each one sent us back to the other!! After a few minutes, we finally parked.I was surprised it was all open air parking.Maybe I'm just used to covered tier parking that we have had at that same port and others,but it wasn't a big deal.Went into the terminal to check in and the WOW factor began! I can honestly see how it may take a very short time from curbside to the ship.I have never seen so many check in agents.We got checked in(and had our seapass pic taken right then at check in) and had to go sit in the D/DP area to wait(since we weren't supposed to be there that early anyway).***note here,I did not see any priority check in area for D/DP--just suites,but I'm thinking you probably don't need it since there are so many check in lines.....we went upstairs to the D/DP area,which is near the nice "suites" area with the comfy chairs and sofas.D/DP area is nothing special,just place to wait.(that's ok,by me) They started boarding around 11:30,starting with the "suites" and then followed by sections 1(our area) and 2.........we used 2 doorways to get in.The ramps go on an incline so I can see where someone who has some mobility issues might have a hard time,but soon enough we were on board. You enter on deck 5 right into the Royal Promenade.When you remember to close your mouth(from a jaw dropping expression),you think say "oh,look at this, look at that".........this ship is NOTHING like any other.We started off by going to deck 16 to the Windjammer.My first impression was IT'S SMALL(considering how many people will be on board.There is another section of the WJ, which was closed to us at first,but opened later.Food was all the same typical food for the first day,inc the infamous honey stung chicken!! By now,we could drop our luggage off in our cabin.We had an ocean view balcony(#9182).Kinda small ,if you ask me,but good enough for 2 people.I really can't see more than that in one cabin. Storage was sufficient for 2 nights,but might get kinda tight for 7.The weirdest thing was the outlets.It was UNDER the counter.You literally had to kneel down to plug anything(inc the hairdryer) in and do it blindly because the outlet was on the side wall underneath.I don't know what they were thinking! Time to go back and explore........we started on the top and worked our way down. Deck 17----The Viking Crown Lounge...very pretty and hopefully will be a place where they will have entertainment at night.There was a piano so I'm thinking they might.This VCL does not have a 360 degree of the water like most VCLs,you see on other RCCL ships. Deck 16--Pool and Sports Zone--Windjammer.....Sky Bar,Mast Bar,Solarium Bar(see a pattern here?? haha)and the FloRider,ZipLine Deck 15--Pool,Sports and Youth Zone(for teens)--here is where all the pools are(21 of them!!). mini golf,etc........I think the mini golf area is kinda small.I like how it wraps around more on the Voyager class ships...The Solarium on this deck is really pretty and would make a nice relaxing place to spend time(which we didn't have).....we did eat in the Solarium Bistro for breakfast on Saturday and they offered healthier choices than the WJ. Didn't' look into the Teen area,but I imagine it would be a fun place for themDeck 14....Youth Zone(sorry didnt get in there either).This weekend was a case of so much to see,so little time...also located here is the Card Room.. ****NO DECK 13**** Deck 11/12...two deck concierge club with views of the Boardwalk down below.Bet this will be an amazing place to sit and enjoy a drink at night.The upper deck will be where they have the Chef's Table.The Library is on deck 11. Deck 10---just staterooms Deck 9--Dazzles--truly a fav place of mine,.They compared it to the Rainbow Room in NYC.It is 2 deck live entertainment night club.The band plays right in front of a ceiling to floor window that has an amazing view of the HUGE Crown and Anchor that sits above the Aqua theater.The room is full of twinkling lights,crushed velvet furnishings,mirrored ceiling and chandeliers.It's really nice! Deck 8--Central Park.LOVED IT!! I could spend a lot of time in here.All the foliage was something to see.I would have no idea I was out at sea if someone just transported me to the middle of Central park. The specialty restaurants and Vintages are here and it is like you are walking thru the park..We sat outside on a park bench and enjoyed some wine at night and had breakfast Sunday morning in the Park Cafe.Truly reminded me of my days when I lived in NY.We had espresso, fresh bagels and cream cheese.Like I said,I could spend the week,just hanging out in this area.Coach also has a shop here,but even though we looked,I am not one to go buy a Coach purse on board a ship. Deck 6--Boardwalk,Vitality at Sea,Schooner Bar,Diamond Club,Atlas Club.....When entering the Boardwalk area,again,you have to remind yourself you are on a ship.The Carousel is the first thing we noticed(and took a ride on!).....then checked out the venues in this area.Lots of yummy food.The ice cream shop where you can have them create your own flavor(think Marble Slab).....Candy Beach(lots of old time favorite candies in here).......Smile(portraits in costumes)..........Mark of a Sailor(temporary tattoos)..........Rock walls................didn't do this,but they sure look bigger than any ones I have seen on other ships.Pets at Seas(think Build a Bear)...........Seafood Shack(VERY popular place that filled up ASAP!)......food was ok,but nothing I would wait in line for again.Lots of fried items...............snack booths with corn dogs on a stick,nachos,chicken nuggets,etc................trust me,you will never go hungry on Oasis. and right at the end of Boardwalk was the Aqua Theater.Didn't get to see a full show.They were still working out some kinks.We did see some rehearsal acts and it was impressive,as was the water show with lighted water shooting up like you might see in Vegas.. Deck 5--Royal Promenade--You could spend a whole day here going thru all the shops and bars.....Liked Sorrentos where you could custom order a pizza and have it to go(and enjoy it on your balcony!!)...The Rising Tide bar was here too,but it wasnt working the first day(did the next but we never got back there).It will be a martini bar for the revenue cruises. Deck 4--Entertainment Place--The Opal Theater(we saw Abbacadabra here --BEST SHOW EVER)--it was like having ABBA preform.Also saw Hairspray(had to believe we weren't at a Broadway show)....also on this deck was the casino(HUGE)..........lots of new slot machine games(at least to me) and it looked to me,like they had quite a few gaming tables...................outside of the casino was the Jazz on 4,Comedy Live,Blaze(nightclub).......to me these venues look kind of small,but I didn't get down here at night to check it out more.............Studio B(ice show)...... Can't comment on the dining room because we didn't want to take 2 hours of our time out to eat there at night.I'm sure we missed other places too.One really needs a good week or two to see it all....... Truthfully,I am not 100% sold on whether or not,we would go back for a week.I like being a ship because of the ocean.More times than not,I didn't even see the water.You really forget you are on a ship.It is truly the destination(not the ports it is going to).However,Im sure families will have a fabulous time on it.There is so much to do for all ages. I wonder too,how the disembarkation process will go.While they had a lot of check in agents,it didnt seem(to me),that there were that many custom/immigrations booths when we got off.It will be interesting to read the reports when the ship is 100% full. I'm glad I got to experience Oasis,just prefer something smaller.Love the Radiance class with the all the glass......to me that is what cruising is......seeing the water! Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
* Background Information Married couple in our 30s. Travel extensively domestically and internationally. Have used other cruise lines in the past, but have learned that RCI has best served our needs and are willing to pay a little extra ... Read More
* Background Information Married couple in our 30s. Travel extensively domestically and internationally. Have used other cruise lines in the past, but have learned that RCI has best served our needs and are willing to pay a little extra if needed. * Hotel Info We stayed at the Embassy Suites for 1 night before the cruise. Heavily recommended for its location (proximity to port, but also to shops/restaurants), services offered (free happy hour, and free hot breakfast), size of room, and price. Only complaint I have with this hotel is that they kind of forced you to use their private car service to go to the port, which charged more than the taxis, plus stopped at other locations for pick ups. * Ship Info Most people know the basics of the ship, and most people have said the ship doesn't feel crowded. I agree, with the following exceptions. Windjammer needs a major addition/rebuild - something. Pools seemed to be a little more crowded. One more pool could have helped. Would be great if they opened up the aqua theater pool at least a day or two. Solarium pool should have been made to regular size. It was always jammed. Ice Skating rink seemed very full during open skate. Casino did have a non smoking side, but no divider, seems kind of useless to have a non smoking side. As others have said, Boardwalk is dead almost all day/night. They need to do a quick fix before drydock to change a store and/or pricing to get more traffic there. * Activities Where to begin? Zipline - Do it the first day or on a port day. You should be able to get multiple times in a row. Flowrider - Go early as well. If it is your first time, ask the attendant and they will show you what to do. Very friendly staff. Ice Skating - Be cautious and watch out for the amateur out of control skaters. Wine tastings, slot tournaments, cooking/bartending classes, trivia, and about 50 million other things. * Service See below for dining room service. Our stateroom attendant was great. Serviced our room twice a day and took care of us. On some of our past cruises the service was not up to par, this time everything was great. Bar service was typically quick, although at times the waiters were no where to be seen. The beer bucket special was in effect, which was nice, but they ran out of beer (Bud brands only) by the last morning. If you are going to offer a promotion, stock for it. Otherwise it is kind of like a bait and switch. One other thing, RCI really needs to have a buy on board bottle service for your cabin again. After spending the day with other cruise line paxs, made me jealous, but also just makes sense to do this. I am also still waiting for RCI to add at least one microbrew (non lager/pilsner/stout) beer. * Port & Shore Excursions We only booked one cruise line excursion. It was the Stingray snorkel in the Bahamas. For the price, it was definitely worth it. This was our first cruise line excursion, as normally we book on our own. We have always felt that the excursions would be too crowded and too expensive. We were pleasantly surprised. The boat that took us to the excursion was not overcrowded, nor was the swimming area. The excursion also included 1 non alcoholic drink. You could add alcohol for a small fee. On St Martin, we went to a beach for the day. In my opinion, this is the best thing to do on St Thomas & St Martin, as both have great beaches. On St Thomas we booked a private (non cruise ship)shared daysail. These are nice, but definitely read up on your reviews of daysail outfits to know what you are getting. There were a couple of hiccups with our daysail, but I would probably reluctantly recommend them. * Summary As others have stated, RCI is marketing this ship heavily to international passengers. There was a very large Spanish speaking contingent. Not sure why, but this did disturb some people. Dress for the cruise really ran the gamut. For people whose vacations are ruined by underdressed - get blinders. I have seen the trend for more casual over the past 5-10 years, and would expect maybe 1 formal night for a week long cruise to happen sometime soon. By the way, this doesn't bother me. I celebrate my vacation the way I want to, and everyone else should be able to as well. * Stateroom We booked a premium location normal oceanview balcony. The stateroom is as most have already described. The power outlet by the bed is a pain, while the others are not. I am sure that the reason for the bed outlet is for CPAP machines and other similar items. The bathroom was the standard, but ours did include all of the mini toiletries bottle normally reserved for suites. Night light in bathroom long overdue. The best improvement in the stateroom was the TV size and capabilities of the guest services menu. This needs to be rolled out to all ships. With the balcony, don't know why you can't close (latch) the door from the outside like you can from other ships to keep the a/c on. Also, master switch should be changed to NOT turn the A/C off. FYI - We were in the room so infrequently, would book an inside next time, unless balcony not a lot more. Wouldn't consider Central Park or Boardwalk balcony - lack of privacy. * Dining Food quality overall was good, but service spotty in multiple venues. Our assistant waiter at dinner never introduced himself, and seemed robotic in duty. Refills on water almost non existent. Waiter was more personable, but forgot part of order regularly. Just seemed to be too busy. Bar service in the dining room was a one time thing. You either ordered when you first saw the bartender, or you were not drinking. The food quality in the dining room seemed slightly better than normal, which was nice. Did Izumi, which is recommended for quality and cost. Also did Giovanni's Table, and while not disappointed, was not impressed. One thing to note, Giovanni's wanted to charge us a $12 corkage fee for a complimentary bottle of La Terre wine. Thought that was really petty. Tried using room service twice, but after waiting on the phone for 5 mins, hung up. Park Cafe was great as an option, needs more seating. Windjammer - a complete mess with a total lack of seating and subpar food. Basically a small step up from the Wipe Out Cafe, but you know walking into that venue that it is snack/junk food. Pizza is decent, but on par with airport pizza. Dining room breakfast and lunch have been improved a lot, but hours seem to be reduced. Johnny Rockets food was standard fast food, service was good. Seafood Shack seemed empty the majority of the time. I just think most people don't want to spend $10 for Red Lobster type food without the Cheddar biscuits, especially when fish and chips are offered at no charge upstairs. FYI - Seemed to see a lot more staff dining @ the specialty restaurants onboard. * Entertainment Where do I start with the options. We saw a lot of the shows and enjoyed them all. For all of the shows, a ton of standbys got in, so you can go to shows without reservations. The parades and parties also seemed to be a notch up on Oasis. We enjoyed the piper/singer at the British pub. We also participated in some of the trivia sessions and enjoyed that. But to be honest, we were so wore out that we were asleep most nights before a lot of the entertainment got started. * Disembarkation We did the express self disembarking. Easiest thing ever. As long as you leave when it states to leave, you should be curbside in 15 minutes. For those with checked luggage, it seemed to be organized quite well. Read Less
Sail Date September 2009
Embarkation was so quick and easy we were literally on the boat in 10 mins. We arrived at 11:30 and were in our cabins by 1:00. The ship is amazing with so much to do it was just beautiful. We were upgraded from an inside to a balcony ... Read More
Embarkation was so quick and easy we were literally on the boat in 10 mins. We arrived at 11:30 and were in our cabins by 1:00. The ship is amazing with so much to do it was just beautiful. We were upgraded from an inside to a balcony which was awesome!! Food: loved Johnny Rockets on board. Dining room service was good but our waiter was pretty uptight. Head waiter and drink waiter were great! The buffets were okay. Breakfast was huge disappointment there were no fresh to order omelette stations. No matter what time we got up breakfast was always dried up and cold nothing was fresh to order. Other than that everything else was great. Shows were top notch , loved Hairspray Ports: St Thomas we went to Coki Beach to try something different, big mistake it was very dirty with vendors and shady looking people we will stick to Magens bay or trunk bay from now on St Maarten was beautiful we ate at the blue bitch bar which was great. We took an island tour and the beach on the french side is much nicer. Nassau i really don't like this port we went to Atlantis which was way over priced. Overall Nassau is dirty and seems shady to me. Cruise director was awesome we had him before on the freedom ( Richard) Comedy show was really funny but it was repeated every night that was a let down since we love comedy. Disembarkation was not as smooth customs really held up people giving them wrong directions for lines an baggage Overall the cruise was amazing I think everyone should experience it at least once I think. Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
This was our 2nd cruise having adored the NCL Getaway earlier in the year. We were determined to try one of the Royal Caribbean mega-ships and being its last voyage before dry dock, there was a great deal on the Oasis. The cruise did not ... Read More
This was our 2nd cruise having adored the NCL Getaway earlier in the year. We were determined to try one of the Royal Caribbean mega-ships and being its last voyage before dry dock, there was a great deal on the Oasis. The cruise did not include a drinks package and we felt that, as we wanted to maximise time in all the destinations, we wouldn’t have time to make best use of it. However, the drinks were so disgracefully overpriced it wouldn’t have take much to make a drinks package worthwhile! Much of our opinion expressed here is a direct comparison to the fabulous experience we had with NCL in February. Our highlights: Central Park was our favourite place and we loved Park Cafe, although it was a shame the cafe closed so early (6pm). The performers (especially the violinist) were wonderful and we’d have loved to enjoy coffee and a snack/dessert whilst listening in the evening. Promenade cafe was also great but extremely busy, particularly as the buffet closed so early at 9.30pm. Solarium buffet is so underrated! Less choice but much nicer atmosphere than the main buffet. In the evening, it was still complementary and had partly waited service. Much better than the main dining room. Our best meals were at Sabor (which I believe is sadly being replaced) and 150 Central Park, both were incredible. All the entertainment was all exceptional. So much to do and see in so many wonderful venues. Embarkation and disembarkation were both quick and easy. Cabin was great, although we missed the coffee machine that NCL provide. The cabin was slightly narrower than the equivalent ocean view balcony cabin on NCL Getaway but the balcony was bigger. Toilet paper provided was cheap and nasty! Maybe this was to make it more flushable but suspect it was just to cut costs! A general observation of the ship’s design is that it is very inward facing and lacks space to sit and enjoy the view of the ocean. (We were spoilt with NCL’s Waterfront I think) That said, the ship is breathtakingly impressive with some amazing innovations. Our only major disappointments were the excessive drinks prices and the main dining room. Service was generally quick and friendly but the food choice, quality and temperature was mixed. The food on NCL Getaway was far far superior. The itinerary was great, although the ship docked a long way from anything so be prepared to walk or pay for transport/excursions! Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
I have done one cruise before with Disney and travelled with 3 friends, one couple who cruise often on Explorer of the Seas, and one complete newbie. Embarkation was a breeze, although our email we received days before said to show up ... Read More
I have done one cruise before with Disney and travelled with 3 friends, one couple who cruise often on Explorer of the Seas, and one complete newbie. Embarkation was a breeze, although our email we received days before said to show up between 14:30 - 15:30. We left our AirBnB in Barcelona at maybe 10:15, and were at the port shortly after. We snuck in with our friends who were in a junior suite although we were only in a CP View cabin and were given group one and told it would be a 45 minute wait or so for boarding to commence. But we were happy to have group 1. However maybe 10 minutes later they started calling group 1. By the time we made it to the elevator to the gangway they were already saying group 1-25!!! So really fast boarding. I am a complete newbie to the Oasis Class, but I did get a feeling the cruise wasn't by any means sold out though. Which would make sense at the end of the Summer season like this. The ship was impressive and lived up to the hype of the Oasis class. One thing I had read online and also that my friends who cruise on other ships also noticed along with myself is that the ship really is very interior focused, and even the few spaces on the main decks that do have windows/portholes for some reason have frosted or vinyl'd over glass. You could easily go a day on this ship and maybe only see the water once or twice. Even though the ship was two weeks away from a major dry dock and her amplification, she was in pretty good condition. Only a few niggles with the lifts sometimes not responding to button pushes. We did a few finger wipes in nooks and crannies in public areas and every-time were impressed with the cleanliness. Our cabin was fine for the two of us, although other than speaking with our steward(ess) about having our beds separated the first night, we did not really interact with her again. Dining was average in the main dining room if I am honest. It wasn't to Disney standards, and my Carbonara one night was particularly congealed which was disappointing. The wait team in the MDR were brilliant though. We also did Izumi which was great. And 150 Central Park, where the food was good, but the atmosphere and staff were a little lacking. Entertainment wise the main shows were great. Cats was a great production, but I do not understand why RCI thought this would be a good fit for the casual audience of a cruise ship. Many people left before the show even made it to the end of act 1, and even less came back. The Ice show was also great. Come fly with me made zero sense, but the cast were great. One night we ended up really enjoying which we hadn't expected to was the 70's party night in the Promenade. It just clicked and the place really came alive and everyone seemed to have a great time. Overall the service could be a bit lacking and maybe this is because the crew knew it was the end of the season and they have one more cruise after ours then a long dry dock. But that is really no excuse, in particular every time I used the Solarium Bar, I was served by the same server who seemed very unfriendly and uninterested. Shore excursions we did just one official RCI one which was Aix on your own, so it was really a commentated coach ride in and then we did our own thing (in the pouring rain sadly). Majorca was a great stop, although quick. but for me Cinque Terre at La Spezia was a highlight, stunning scenery and a great walk between two of the towns. Naples was foul, we took a train to Pompeii, but if I did another cruise that stopped in Naples, I would stay on the ship. Overall it was a good introduction to RCI, and great to be able to brag at having done one of the largest ships in the world, and the first of the famous Oasis class. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
This was my second time on oasis so I was really excited to sail on this ship mostly the cruise was fabulous with few complaints firstly in the evening I had to wait in a large queue for over thirty minutes before we were seated and when I ... Read More
This was my second time on oasis so I was really excited to sail on this ship mostly the cruise was fabulous with few complaints firstly in the evening I had to wait in a large queue for over thirty minutes before we were seated and when I tried to book a table for the next evening there was never a time available after 7.30.Next you are forbidden from using an iron in your stateroom which I understand but Royal Caribbean now charge you for every item you need ironed I believe they should make somewhere available that people can use in safety without having to pay.And finally from the minute you board they start the big sell with people approaching you at every time of the day selling meal packages, drinks packages watches etc please let people enjoy their holiday and relax.but I must say other than the few things I mentioned I enjoyed my cruise thoroughly in such massive ship can’t wait to se her after she gets the refit. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
Western Med cruise, very impressed. Ship was magnificent. Clean, good staff, food very tasty and lots of options for eating. Facilities were excellent, lots of entertainment of high standard. CATS show was on -have to be honest, did not ... Read More
Western Med cruise, very impressed. Ship was magnificent. Clean, good staff, food very tasty and lots of options for eating. Facilities were excellent, lots of entertainment of high standard. CATS show was on -have to be honest, did not get what that was all about! Aqua show was fantastic! Best thing for me, waking up in a different port each day and going out to explore. Catch a city bus for quick overview of city you are in. Advise to Royal Caribbean, why the need for kids club? If people cannot look after their own children on a FAMILY HOLIDAY, do not have kids. So sad to see these little kids being 'shipped' off as parents too lazy or inadequate as parents. More FREESTYLE machines please. Only 6 on ship and often not working. Should make the ice cream parlour complimentary as well. Boardwalk and central park were fantastic areas to relax in. Thumbs up. Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
Oasis of the Seas We have been cruising since 1998. We usually cruise on Princess but have also been on Celebrity and Disney. This was our first time on RCCL. We did not choose anything about the cruise, ship, itinerary or time of ... Read More
Oasis of the Seas We have been cruising since 1998. We usually cruise on Princess but have also been on Celebrity and Disney. This was our first time on RCCL. We did not choose anything about the cruise, ship, itinerary or time of year. We were invited to join a group of friends. Overall we enjoyed our cruise and the ports we visited. I research heavily on CC prior to a cruise so I’d like to give back to hopefully help someone else. Here are my thoughts: Embarkation Very smooth. I credit this not so much to RCCL, but to choosing to embark in Civitavecchia instead of Barcelona. Only 1/6 of the passengers embarked here which made for no lines. Ship HUGE! The largest we have been on. Motion was a non-issue. The first few days it did not seem like we were moving at all. The water was like glass. The last 3 days we had higher seas but still a very smooth ride. The ship did not feel like there were over 6000 passengers onboard. It is a beautiful ship. I fell in love with Central Park. Our cabin was on deck 8 so we frequently walked through it to get to the other end of the ship. Cabin We had a balcony cabin 8548. It felt small, but there was plenty of room to stow all of our belongings. I think part of the reason it felt smaller than Princess is because the bed is larger. We really appreciated the larger bed. Much more comfortable. The bathroom felt smaller too. I liked the shower much better on the Oasis. Especially the bar to use while shaving my legs. As far as decor, the furniture was stained and the cushions looked filthy. The ship is going in for an extended dry dock in a few weeks which explains the condition of the furniture. Having said that, it should not be allowed to get to this point before replacing. The balcony was average size with two arm chairs and a table. On Princess this category cabin would have had a footstool. I missed that. The dividers between balconies are not very private. Half of the divider is frosted glass with a wavy pattern. Shapes of our neighbors could be seen. Crew Wonderful overall. Most were very friendly and helpful. The one negative experience was at the service/pursers desk. On the second day we looked at our onboard charges on the TV. We saw that we had been billed for internet service. This was a surprise because I had purchased internet usage prior to the cruise. When we boarded we followed the instructions on the VOOM card in our room. We went to the the service desk to straighten it out. Fortunately I had taken a screen shot of the purchase. The man “helping” us initially acted like we were trying to get away with something. He kept say you were supposed to use the code that was given to you in your room. To which we kept replying there was no code given to us in our room. Nothing, nada. Finally a supervisor came over and quickly told him to remove it and to give us a VOOM code. Then as I was walking away I turned back and asked for a printed statement showing the removal of the internet purchase. The supervisor had to come back to show him how to remove it. HE HADN’T DONE IT! Thank goodness we didn’t need to return to the service desk again. Our cabin steward was outstanding. Food servers throughout the ship were efficient, pleasant and helpful. Entertainment Very good. There is no comparison between RCCL and Princess. Innovative performances - the ice show and the aquatic show were really good. We missed MUTS (movies under the stars) on Princess. We have watched the Academy Awards and football championship games in addition to movies over the years on MUTS. The smaller screens in the aqua theater on Oasis don’t provide the same experience. Food/Dining Realizing this is very subjective, here is our opinion. The food and dining experience was a big disappointment. Over the years we have seen food quality diminish across the cruise lines we have sailed. I understand trying to keep costs down, but I think there is more than that happening on Oasis. There was lots of pressure once onboard to pay extra to eat in the specialty restaurants. Because the included food was sub-par we were skeptical of paying extra for more mediocre food. Living in Southern California we have great dining options to choose from. In many instances not much more than the extra charge to eat in one of the “specialty” restaurants. We chose to save our money. The same food was served in every dining venue, with very little variation. The buffet had the most choices and was honestly better than the dining room at some meals. The dining room was in no way fine dining. It was like an average restaurant experience on land. Appetizers, soups and salads were lumped in the same course. We ordered everything at once, including dessert. For breakfast in the dining room we could choose a la carte or buffet. We thought if we chose a la carte the food would be cooked to order. No so! We watched as our server walked over to the buffet and plated our food from the chafing dishes. Bottom line, we did not starve, but we didn’t walk away impressed either. Final thoughts Because of the size of the ship we had to dock a substantial distance form the port entry in most ports. Only one port had a complementary shuttle service. We did our own tours in every port and had amazing experiences. It was difficult to find a quiet spot in the public areas. Because of this we used our balcony more than anticipated on such a port intensive cruise. The volume of the music...even in Central Park was really loud. The overall feeling was like being in a Vegas Hotel...especially in the Royal Pomenade. Lots of noise and sensory stimulation. Primarily for this reason I don’t think we will be returning to RCCL anytime soon. It is aimed at a younger demographic than us. It was fun to try a different cruise line, but for us, Princess is a much better fit. Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
Okay, the good news: yes, it is a cruise. Yes, there is plenty of good food. Yes, the rooms are cool, dark, and comfortable. Yes, the port logistics are pretty solid. Also, the Coastal Kitchen still very much rocks. Now, the nit-picky ... Read More
Okay, the good news: yes, it is a cruise. Yes, there is plenty of good food. Yes, the rooms are cool, dark, and comfortable. Yes, the port logistics are pretty solid. Also, the Coastal Kitchen still very much rocks. Now, the nit-picky things: - The Oasis is really starting to show her age, as most of the surfaces in guest rooms are quite warn. - The 14 floor is LOUD. You hear chairs scraping throughout the night if there is wind. You hear herds of teanagers stomping back and forth. Sleep works if you are a pretty sound sleeper. - The fitness center constantly smelled of cigarette smoke, due to bad ventilation. And now, the ugly: - The staff was much more curt than I am used to. I'm not sure if it's a European thing or not, but there was a constant tone of disdain and annoyance from everyone except from housekeeping and the waitstaff. For example, the concierge was even testy with me. And as someone who went with 2 suites, I would have expected then to actually want my business a bit more. There is of course the endless nickel and dining. But that's now in the category of "to be expected". But then there is some really lame ones -- for example, the shuttle to town in Marseille was 10 Euros per person, with your other option of staying on the boat. The transfer to the airport is very overpriced. It's a bus, and it cost us 80 Euros for the transfer. I paid in advance, because I thought my luggage would magically get to the airport in our cab. But, I carried our luggage, and rode a bus. Total rip off, since there were Taxis galore. Overall, I may do a cruise again with RC, buy not anytime soon. Read Less
Sail Date July 2019
This was our first Royal Caribbean cruise and we were attracted by both the opportunity to be on one of the largest ships at sea and by the . Before booking and then for almost every day before sailing we researched the ship, looked at ... Read More
This was our first Royal Caribbean cruise and we were attracted by both the opportunity to be on one of the largest ships at sea and by the . Before booking and then for almost every day before sailing we researched the ship, looked at other reviews and spoke with the travel agent about what to expect. We were concerned about a number of reviews that referenced a tired ship and about Royal Caribbean's reported practice of "nickel and diming" guests to extort as much additional money as possible. I absolutely have to address these issues because they are absolutely not our experience. The ship is overwhelmingly big but it is in beautiful order. Yes there is some upgrade necessary. If you are the type of guest who will obsess about handrails that have been bleached by the sun and are in need of sanding and re-varnishing then look elsewhere because your holiday may be ruined! Otherwise, have no fears - it's spotlessly clean, the staff are friendly and attentive and there is much to do. Not once were we approached about upgrades or trips, nor were we pushed for additional tipping or anything else. Embarkation is about a good as you will ever get - we were onboard enjoying our first drink within 15 minutes of reaching the ship and the staff were simply brilliant at their jobs. Reviews have also mentioned that Royal Caribbean have selected the itinerary for our cruise based on ability to make more money for transfers. We are talking about one of the largest ships at seas - it is naturally limited by the availability of ports to handle its size. We started at Barcelona, went to Palma, Marseilles, La Spezia, Civitavecchia and Naples. We paid for a bus transfer at Marseilles and at Palma and the charges were reasonable based on the journey and the fact that the service ran every 20-30 minutes throughout the entire day. No transfers are necessary at La Spezia (other than a short, free bus ride through the port) or Naples (the ship practically docks in the main street! Reviews we have seen have also criticised the Windjammer Restaurant (the main buffet restaurant) for quality of food and limited space. The quality and range of food in our experience was as good as that in the main dining room. We also, always, found somewhere to dine. Speaking with other guests it was clear they had similar thoughts and experiences. Perhaps the quality of the Windjammer explores its popularity? We thoroughly recommend that you try it - steaks, fish, seafood, curries, paella, cold cuts, carved meats, soup, burgers, fruit, stir fry, you name it, it is available and delicious. We tried to vary our venue for breakfast between Windjammer and the Solarium (deck 15) where exactly the same fare is available but with access restricted to over-18's. The Solarium is beautiful and often quiet so again no problems with the lengthy queues some reviewers have reported. Entertainment was great - we attended the Comedy show (an absolute must) and the diving show (very impressive). Less entertaining was the daily regime around the pool areas with a band playing a range (always the same) of reggae tunes. Tuneful this wasn't - the singers were woeful at the harmonies and the drummer was clearly building a shed. Contrast this with one day where we were treated to a genuine talent in the form of a violinist who was brilliant and who established an immediate rapport with the crowd, covering a range of tracks. She also played at night, sometimes solo and sometimes with a brilliant guitarist in Central Park - worth an hour of anyone's trip just to experience how good they both are. I have already mentioned the food - Windjammer excellent, main dining room equally so except for one occasion when my fish dish was clearly overcooked. We also dined in Sabor, one of the pay options - lovely food but enough to feed a small army! Sorrento's is excellent if you want a slice or two of pizza - it's on the Promenade deck (deck 5). Alcohol was a bit hit or miss - beers, wines, liqueurs and some cocktails were very good or excellent, but too many drinks were spoiled by excessive ice and flat mixers and Royal Caribbean really needs to step up to the mark on this - a glass full of ice and flat mixer spoils an otherwise excellent range of spirits. I appreciate that coffee can be a personal choice (and we are not into Starbucks at all), but this was disappointing. The cast majority of places simply offered coffee from a pot and it was dishwater. The exception was the Park Café on deck 5 - proper speciality coffee served with a range of sandwiches (try the turkey or the roast beef) and pastries - excellent. Again a few more places offering the same on a ship this size would be better. We did not take any of the Royal Caribbean excursions - we have previously visited Rome, Capri (Naples) and options for Palma and Marseilles are easily self-sourced. Marseilles is a must visit - the old port is spectacular. La Spezia was a real surprise - great shopping and dining and after a morning spent on these activities we took a private boat ride (23 Euro per person) to Portovenere followed by a boat ride of one hour around three neighbouring islands - fantastic and Portovenere has to be seen to be believed. Palma is excellent and we spent a great half-day wandering round the shops. We also took a hop on hop off bus ride round Naples - two routes for 23 Euro per person and lasting around 3 hours in total - a really great opportunity to see all of the city. Our cabin was an inside cabin on floor 9 - perfectly good, clean and bet and linen excellent. I enjoy running and can thoroughly recommend the Spa and Fitness area - I have seen reviews saying that it is disappointing that there are only portholes for viewing purposes - they are big portholes and if you want a view perhaps you are not putting enough effort into your exercise! All in all this was a fantastic holiday and we would go back tomorrow. We hope others have a similar experience, and if you are scheduled for a stay on this, in our experience you will enjoy every minute - do not believe everything you have read! Read Less
Sail Date July 2019
Our third time with Royal and first time in Europe, over all is good experience and port intensive cruise only one sea day. Got to build in your own off time to make it enjoyable. We explore all of the ports on our own using Rick Steve ... Read More
Our third time with Royal and first time in Europe, over all is good experience and port intensive cruise only one sea day. Got to build in your own off time to make it enjoyable. We explore all of the ports on our own using Rick Steve guide. Most of the port are pretty easy to explore your own and is much cheaper if you on the budget. The ship is huge and with 5000 plus people doesn’t feel very crowed. Make sure book your shows and reserved your dinning even for my time dinning. We found 2 or 3 place we really like and keep going back every day to relax. My only complaint was the food at main dinning room was bad, they give you large quantities but poorly cook. Some night we feel buffet was better option. All of the staff work very hard try to make you feel comfortable. Entertainment staff are great, but you can only pick few you really want to do and enjoy. You will not have time to do everything. Read Less
Sail Date July 2019
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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