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Ok so I found the Oasis of the Seas to be very large but infact to be a big disappointment. My wife and myself are big fans of royal Caribbean, I have been on a few cruises with them and my wife has sailed around 20 times with them. We ... Read More
Ok so I found the Oasis of the Seas to be very large but infact to be a big disappointment. My wife and myself are big fans of royal Caribbean, I have been on a few cruises with them and my wife has sailed around 20 times with them. We have never had a concern or a worry when ever we are on board untill this last cruise. The ship it self is very nice, I do feel its way to big and has a lot of wasted space but the details are great. You can tell it was built for looks and to be the biggest around but it wasn't built with common sense. We found that because th ship is so tall it doesn't take much for it to rock, infact all 7 days we were on it the ship rocked and the weather wasn't all bad. Also things like the the pool deck and central park deck are nice, the floors when wet are more like and ice skating rink. The biggest thing that made us feel the ship had issues was our bathroom, we ended up with an inside handycap room so we had a large bathroom with a large shower, however when you took a shower the bathroom would flood, and the rocking of the ship wasn't a big help/ My wife would shower and if I was near the sink before I knew it I was in ankle deep water because the drains weren't working right. We found a decent amount of mold around the flooring and after 3 days it smelled of a bad odor. With that said I have to say we were most unhappy with the crew overall. It seemed like everyone that we had to speak to just wanted to pass it off or blow it off. The first problem we had was with guest relations. We took an excursion from the ship in St. Thomas that was pretty much nothing we had read. We felt it was a waste of money and the tour people really treated the guest badly. We felt for nothing else just to speak our mind to prevent other people from having the same problems with it, The excurision desk was closed as usual so we went to Guest relations where we were greated but what seemed to be a person that almost cared. We explained the events and she took a few notes and explained she needed to contact some people but we would hear back. We waited 3 days before hearing back and got a responce of basicly, well we told them they did a bad job and thats it. I felt that I got the blow off but them so I called down to the desk because I felt she might have misunderstood somethings. Another employee said they cant do anything I will need to fill out a complaint form from the excursion desk, I said well this would have been helpful to know 3 days ago. As we visited different bars and things on the ship we seemed to be met with overall bad customer service and pissed off attitudes by the crew. We had a few bartenders speak to us like we weren't important because we asked for a coke and not a drink they get a tip for, even saw a feww eye rolls which to me is so uncalled for. Even ordered a couple specal drinks and found the bartenders had no idea how to make what was on there menu because some were so bad you couldn't even drink them. The dinning room staff was a joke, we didn't go to the dinning room the first night because we were still settling in but we went night 2 to be greated with questions on why we weren't there before. For some reason we didn't have a table number and when we asked they sent us all around to other people because no one seemed to be able to look it up. Once we got that all taken care of, we met of wait staff who seemed to have forgotten what customer service was. The asst. waiter was very good, but we were turned off from wanting to eat there because of the staff. The stateroom attendent was a nice guy but after a couple days we relaized he was just as lazy as the rest of the crew. We seemed to be the ones to keep everythig clean in the room and he just made the bed. There were a few other things that really floored us in a bad way but I am sure everyone got the idea of what this cruise was like. I expected more from the staff and the ship and there was never a wow factor, we are considering looking into other lines when planning the next cruise because of how we were treated this time around. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
It is with deepest regret that I find myself in a position that necessitates the time and effort to relay my utter disappointment for my recent cruising experience with Royal Caribbean on the Oasis of the Seas (dates- 17 Sept 2011 through ... Read More
It is with deepest regret that I find myself in a position that necessitates the time and effort to relay my utter disappointment for my recent cruising experience with Royal Caribbean on the Oasis of the Seas (dates- 17 Sept 2011 through 24 Sept 2011). This cruise was my second cruise, and has undoubtedly ruined any plans I would have had for future cruises. I had originally booked this cruise as part of a family vacation with 14 other family members and friends. I had great expectations for this vacation as the ship appeared amazing and we were assuming that we would receive first class service. Nothing could have been further from what we experienced. I had booked the vacation directly through Royal Caribbean and was subsequently assisted by Maria Umpierre, my vacation planner. My experience with Maria was fine; however, everything that followed was the catalyst for this letter. To begin, I had pre-arranged through Royal Caribbean to have the 'Grand Romance Package' for my girlfriend and I to enjoy upon our arrival, and I had intended for this to be a surprise. I was informed that I would have flowers, robes and a welcome bottle of Champagne and strawberries in the room prior to our arrival and was very disappointed that I had to call for the Champagne and strawberries, as someone had failed to deliver these to our stateroom. The packet for this package was incomplete, as it was missing the coupon for the breakfast in bed, which I subsequently had to contact guest services for. I was then directed to three additional departments, as no one seemed to know who I needed to speak to directly. Eventually I was able to reach a manager in the room service division, who delivered the coupon and gave me the appropriate instructions to acquire this service. The CanapEs and post dinner chocolates were delivered on both formal days TOGETHER in the mid afternoon. (Apparently the staff did not understand that one was pre and the other post dinner). In addition, I found that the guest services division seemed very unhelpful and at times rude (via telephone conversations) throughout the cruise. While we found the ship itself to be quite amazing, the level of customer service in general was deplorable. We would often at times find ourselves asking questions of staff members and having anything but friendly responses, and I would reiterate generally rude or indifferent attitudes. Note: (There were exceptions to this; however, not many.) For example our state room attendant Michael always had a smile and was very personable and accommodating. The second example was our wait staff at the family meals (dinner primarily) were also very friendly and accommodating. The quality and selection of the food however in the main dining area was mediocre at best. We had envisioned elegant and elaborate meals and were again disappointed by the overall presentation including the facility appointments. For one of the largest cruising vessels in the world we found ourselves pondering why more attention was not given to create the 'wow' factor. Our impression of a large percentage of the remaining staff in general was that they really did not enjoy their respective jobs and seemed indifferent to making our experience memorable. The most disturbing group by far were the bartenders. While we enjoyed many cocktails and a premium wine package at seemingly outrageous prices, the simple act of having the bar staff pour glasses of water when requested seemed almost a burden for most. This was particularly disturbing due to the fact that we were cruising in very hot climates and needed to remain hydrated. In addition, while most of the on board activities were enjoyable, I had a particularly bad experience with a staff member who was taking our sea passes at the Flowrider attraction. I had previously had a blue wrist band attached to my wrist by another attendant and had decided not to use the Flowrider. I asked this gentleman (unknown name) to please cut the band off as I had decided not to follow through, and instead of simply cutting off the band, he sarcastically asked why I wanted the band off. I explained that it was because I decided not to use the Flowrider and that I had paid for the cruise, and asked again that he simply remove the band. He rolled his eyes and made another unnecessary comment and removed the band. It became apparent that the level of customer service in general on this ship was lacking greatly and I had subsequently spent a great deal of money on perhaps one of the worst vacation experiences I have had to date. It is incomprehensible to imagine that in the state of our economy with as many people that are unemployed and eager to work that Royal Caribbean settles for individuals who seemingly do not want to work or do not enjoy the opportunities that they have. Perhaps it is a training issue as well? Having owned two small businesses I have come to value the highest level of customer service and make every effort to deliver this to my customers. I have always established a culture of caring and helpful employees in my own businesses, and I am shocked that Royal Caribbean has failed on the most basic levels to achieve this same standard particularly on the Oasis of The Seas. Lastly, as if to add insult to injury, our last experience upon debarking the ship on the 24th of September further demonstrates the non-existent level of customer service. Once we had cleared customs, as we walked out onto the sidewalk to find our shuttle to the airport we were greeted by a Royal Caribbean employee (unknown man) who was literally screaming at all of the passengers to move away from the door. He continued to walk among the passengers yelling (no exaggerations here) as people walked through the door. This was the first and last time for what I will describe as our "Royal Disappointment". Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
My wife and I have cruised many times and decided to give Royal Caribbean and try.  We picked the Oasis of the Seas 7/16/2011 cruise.  We are NOT complainers and look for the good and positive all around us which makes writing this ... Read More
My wife and I have cruised many times and decided to give Royal Caribbean and try.  We picked the Oasis of the Seas 7/16/2011 cruise.  We are NOT complainers and look for the good and positive all around us which makes writing this critique even more difficult. There is no doubt the ship is beautiful on the outside and the "neighborhoods" are a sight to see.  Other than that, there was nothing else positive for us to comment on and we hope we can share our experience to you for what it's worth.  We do not blame the staff as the issues we believe we encountered are managements responsibility. We arrived at the terminal at 10:15 and there no porters or cheerful staff awaiting our arrival.   Something we have grown accustomed to at every port, including Port Everglades. Nice waiting area in the terminal. No welcome aboard when boarding.   This is the first impression for guests and all it takes is a "Welcome Aboard!" from your staff. Instead we walked into the promenade deck with no one to greet us.. Dinning room staff were obviously rushed beyond the ability to serve properly. The Rolls were cold and the staff ran to our tablet so fast we didn't understand what they were saying regardless of language differences.  Drinks were poured as they were running.  No personalized service at all.  I understand they are busy, but it is obvious they are stretched too thin. Silverware was dirty at several locations.  There is no excuse for that. Food was sub-par as well as presentation. Room service eggs were cold, not just warm, cold.  When room service was incorrect even when the paperwork stated correct items they came back 30 minutes later with. Incorrect items.  The room service selection was poor. The Windjammer was always too crowded and dirty.  Once again, staff seemed stretched too thin.  Your own electronic boards would show the Windjammer full but pay-for restaurants available.  That alone should be a clue. We gave the Opus room a try for breakfast and once again were rushed to a table, bacon was cold and I could not believe when I was offered orange juice I was told it would cost extra?  It's not the amount. Of money that concerns us, it's the principle that you would even ask for more $. Understanding what was open to eat, and when, was not easy, even with the electronic displays.  Hours should at least be posted on the restaurant doors.  We saw many people going to places that were closed. It seems the system on this ship is setup that if people want to grab a burger or something to eat they either have to fight the Windjammer crowd or wait for-pay food locations to open. When people return from Ports searching for something to eat, there were few to no options to eat. There were not many announcements other than about two bingo shows.  I understand some people complain about too many announcements but there should be a happy medium. No cruise ship horn to announce arrival and departures at each port.  This is part of the excitement. We had  nice balcony however the room was smaller than we have had on other ships.  We did not like the idea of life jacket not being in the rooms.  Our muster station was in the Opal theater.   What if the problem was in the Opal. Theater? The elevators were crowded and the ship designers should have thought about something in the middle.  I heard a lot of people complaining to have to go from one end of the ship to the other for food, etc. Several pop places didn't work through the whole trip.  We had places tells us their carbonation didn't work and tell us the next "open" place was the other end of the ship, only to find issues with theirs as well.  Staff didn't seemed conceded or caring. The pizza was sub-par. We are used to being able to get hamburgers and/or pizza 24. Hours a day without charge. The few ice-cream places never worked completely and were closed at hours they should be open.  This was unbelievable.  The staff member standing next to the machines showed a lack of caring. The liquor drinks on the Solarium pool-side were obviously made by non bartenders. The announcement system (public address system) was terrible.  No matter where we were on the ship is sounded like cartoon characters from a foreign country.  Test them out and listen yourself. The material used on the decks had people slipping left and right?  That makes no sense. Smoking being allowed on balconies was not fair to guests that paid extra for balconies to enjoy fresh air...and we almost were burnt by flying cigarettes.  Lack of guest laundry services and irons forced guests to pay once again for amenities .  Guests pack for formal dining yet have no access to irons.  Would you believe laundry was lost as well?  More the reason to allow guests to do their own. Chops was in no way a fine dining experience.  From the lack of attention to the Luke warm food.  The first thing we were asked is if we wanted to pay for water?  Unbelievable. The photo area was a nice idea however if guests want pictures you should warn them it will be ready after 11pm on the last day otherwise we would not have selected any as our luggage will already be out the door. My wife asked to take a food tray to help her carry food to our room and was told she couldn't. Why not supply beach towels in the rooms? I will say this evening the wait staff went above and beyond to serve us and we appreciate the effort. I will also say the lobster was unfortunately overcooked in a "mush" state.  On the TV show for the Oasis it showed the Chef sampling the food; I don't believe this could have been the case. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
If you want mediocre at top shelf prices, Oasis of the Seas is for you. It looks like Four Seasons, but is at best Holiday Inn. The food looks like Sullivans, but is not. Even the "Specialty Restaurants" which cost ... Read More
If you want mediocre at top shelf prices, Oasis of the Seas is for you. It looks like Four Seasons, but is at best Holiday Inn. The food looks like Sullivans, but is not. Even the "Specialty Restaurants" which cost extra are below average. Basically the food is not good. One good thing though is the crew are very nice people, they truly are. Also, the exercise facilities are fabulous. As good as it gets. The overall feeling onboard is very pleasant, initially. Most passengers are trying to have a good time in view of all the money they hope they spent well. But by the time the cruise is over it is a different story. Comparing the dollars spent to other cruise lines, Oasis of the Seas is a terrible value. You pay as if it were the best of the best, and it is not. 5,400 passengers is ridiculous. Going ashore is like going to Disneyland on the 4th of July, a waste of time. The ship's "shore excursions" are not fairly priced. Our excursions were pathetic, as were all of the passengers I spoke to. Their electronic abilities are excellent when it comes to collecting your money. Outside of that, forget it. The Royal Caribbean website was designed by a cretin. Learning about your upcoming trip is difficult. Onboard internet is $0.65/ min. Trying to figure out what you paid for and where you are supposed to be onboard is difficult. I have cruised many other ships in the past, and would never consider Oasis of the Seas, or Royal Caribbean again. Never, ever, ever. For us it was a complete waste of money. We actually did not enjoy it. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
We decided to try this very large ship for a lark because I had read many decent reviews before booking. Unfortunately I didn't do enough homework about the very bizarre lay-out of this ship. It is extremely chopped up, very difficult ... Read More
We decided to try this very large ship for a lark because I had read many decent reviews before booking. Unfortunately I didn't do enough homework about the very bizarre lay-out of this ship. It is extremely chopped up, very difficult to orient yourself even after several days. Strangely it has few views of the ocean unless you go out to the EXTREMELY over crowded pool decks. If you think that you can have better luck by booking a very expensive crown loft suite that purports to be ocean front with a100 ft balcony, think again!! We did just that! This ultra deluxe suite overlooked a basketball court, putt putt golf course, the aqua theater, and the zip line flew right by our room! About 100 yards across from us was a 5 story high smoke stack and then beyond that we saw a glimpse of the ocean! No kidding, I guess this is why they so thoughtfully put binoculars in the room! Did I mention we were on the 17th floor looking down at the boardwalk through a long corridor of hundreds of interior balcony rooms? Yet we were considered ocean front! As soon as we checked in and saw the view of all of the above mentioned carnival I called the front desk and begged for another room explaining that the whole point for our vacation was to relax and have quiet and a view of the ocean, the foreign speaking gentleman at the front desk assured me that all rooms were occupied and that there were 6000 guests on board! This particular point of dissatisfaction with the ship can't really be blamed on RCCL. It is well known that this is the largest ship in the world. If you enjoy lots of drunk, rude, obnoxious, mostly people with no class from all over the world fighting to get food and elevators and any of the activities offered on board than this might be the ship for you! Also get ready to pay extra for anything that might make the trip somewhat more tolerable. The shows are over-booked! Not a problem if you book a very expensive suite, the concierge will hook you up with a special VIP pass! If not you probably won't get to see most of them. We decided to try anytime dining for the first time. This is a 3-ring circus! You still have to make a reservation and when you show up in the designated dining room on the 4th floor with no ocean windows, you will be stuck somewhere near a pole in the dark, rarely with other diners unless you bring them with you! The food is the absolute WORST food I have EVER eaten on any cruise! Don't even bother with the Windjammer, I have had much better hospital cafeteria food, and I am not kidding! The main dining room had horrible boring choices, hard cold vegetables, over cooked meat, rancid fish and not one decent dessert! On lobster night we waited over one hour for the main course and they brought me out a shriveled black lobster with the consistency of mashed potatoes! I almost never send food back but after one bite I knew it was truly BAD! I did get diarrhea that night! TMI? I will tell you that the restaurant called 150 Central Park was excellent! One of the best meals I have had anywhere and well worth the extra$35 per person to get one decent meal! We booked an excursion with the concierge on board for a speedboat and snorkel tour for Cozumel. When we arrived at the place we were told to meet we waited a half hour and nobody showed up. I found a RCCL rep who told us that company went out of business but that we could join another different snorkel excursion that was just then leaving! It was a good thing I started asking questions when I did or we would have had no excursion on that cruise! When I went back to tell the concierge about the defunct company so that he could take it out of his book he didn't believe me and as far as I know they are still selling this excursion that no longer exists! Do you like a casino on a cruise? I do! Well, Oasis has the largest casino outside of Las Vegas I have ever seen with a couple hundred slot machines at least! It has a large Marquis bragging that they pay out up to 99%! I can tell you that I have NEVER in my life seen cheaper, tighter slot machines anywhere in the world! I feel like the biggest sucker on Earth that I kept trying because I probably lost $1000 in those stupid cheating machines and for every $50 I put in I might see $2-5 come back! No kidding! I never got ahead once in the 5 days I played! Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
We are Diamond members and this sailing on the Oasis of the Seas on May 29, 2010 was the WORST cruise adventure we have ever experienced! It's taken us almost 4.5 months to be able to put into words our experiences on this horrible ... Read More
We are Diamond members and this sailing on the Oasis of the Seas on May 29, 2010 was the WORST cruise adventure we have ever experienced! It's taken us almost 4.5 months to be able to put into words our experiences on this horrible cruise. If this was our first cruise, we'd never get on another ship. The Oasis itself is a marvel and the technology on the ship was amazing. However, there were still many non technology-related glitches during our cruise. Here's a summary of our misadventures that added up to a totally disappointing cruise: Day 1-May 29th (embark): Security lines in the Check-In Terminal. One of the guards apologized for the long lines because two security scanners were sent to Mexican ports. We got stuck in a security line that joined up with another one at the machine - we received bad direction from the security staff and had to physically squeeze our way back into the line with no help from the security personnel. Once through security, the lines to check-in by deck were mostly empty, except for the Diamond/Diamond Plus lines. We stood in one of two Diamond/Diamond Plus lines and waited our turn. For some reason our line moved faster. When we reached the front of the waiting line and the attendant at one of the 3 counters in front of our line signaled us to proceed forward, the lady in the next line was obnoxious and wanted special treatment because she was a Diamond member and had waited longer than we did. We let her go. When it was our turn again, the next lady played the same game and convinced the assisting staff that she was there before we were and should go to our open window. What a bunch of stuck-up Diamond members -thank goodness the ship was so big we never ran across them again. All in all, it took us 21 minutes to check-in and started boarding the escalators to board, at approximately 12:45 pm. Not bad but many friends told us it only took them 15 minutes before they were actually on the ship. Once on board, we were directed to the Windjammer for lunch. The Windjammer was packed, crammed and the tables were so close together we had to move our chair every time some passed behind us. It was also very small compared to other smaller RCCL ships. But we do give credit to the staff for the wide variety of offerings, and all served so hot and attractively! The Windjammer sitting area was smaller than any Royal Caribbean ship that we have sailed on and very uncomfortable. We were able to get into our cabin at approximately 1:30 pm and the room was warm. We turned the air conditioning down to the lowest possible setting and felt only a little bit of cool air coming out of the small vents. We called Guest Services and they said they would send someone; no one ever showed up. When we met our cabin steward, he immediately called it in. To our knowledge, no one ever came. We checked out the ship and returned a couple hours later and the room was still warm. We called Guest Services again and they had no record of our calls. The cabin steward came by and he called again. The electrical switches were not marked and the cabin steward had to explain which switch controlled which light. We kept the curtains closed whenever possible and were very careful to keep the balcony door closed because of the whistling sound it made when it wasn't in the locked position. The door was poorly designed for comfort and noise. Throughout the week, the reading light over the bed near the balcony would blink on and off repeatedly. We called that in and the cabin steward also called it in but by the 6th day it was never fixed and was still blinking periodically. The cabinets in the cabin were poorly designed. The delightful wooden cabinets on the dresser were great for storing toothpicks - but nothing else. All week we heard about the $10M spent on art on the ship - wish they had spent the money on better air conditioning in the cabins!! MAIN DINING ROOM. The wait staff consisting of Ruivah and Haye was an outstanding service team that met all our needs. Their service made us go back every evening instead of finding alternative dining. However, our table, #244, was stuck against a column and it was a very crowded area (2 tables from the entrance). There was also some miscommunication with the other 6 people assigned to the table. We dined alone 3 nights at a table for 8. The other family had 2 18-month old twins and English was not their first language. They were a nice family but it was impossible to enjoy dinner as family members kept leaving the table to care for the twins - yes, the twins were also at the table in strollers. It was not a pleasant dining experience but we didn't want to hurt that family's feelings by seeking another table. Spa Cafe. Hours posted on the computer screen just outside the Cafe on deck 6 indicated the cafe was open till 11:00 pm on the first day, and 9:00 pm every night after that. We arrived at the cafe before 10:00 pm and there was no one there. The Spa Manager was nice enough to answer our questions and direct us to the Food and Beverage staff. When we called, the Manager said they close at 9:00 pm - a time not consistent with the computer information screens. Guest Relations arranged for my wife to meet the Director of Food and Beverage to discuss the situation. He contended that the screen did not say that but was still defensive when shown that the screen had incorrect information. He also said he would review video to confirm my being there but never got back to us. Aqua Water Show. It was terrific and amazing - the performers were so skilled and perfect. It was great to see the last show of the cast before the new cast took over during the next cruise. Congratulations on a fabulous show in fantastic surroundings! The only problem with the show is that 4 different scanners did not read our SeaPass cards correctly and we had to wait in line at the laptop before we could gain entrance. Day 2-May 30th (at sea): We enjoyed meeting other Meet & Mingle passengers and spent time checking out different parts of the ship. The huge solarium was disappointing with the limited shaded areas. The Solarium Bistro had very tasty food. We found the offering of so many eating places discombobulated. We seldom knew whether we were paying for food or not!! The Daily Compass was often wrong with events that were not held. We realize that this was printed daily but the information had not been changed in a long time. We showed up for 3 events that the staff was not prepared to host - amazing! And the lunatic staffer who wouldn't let us take the scrapbooking project out of the room until we finished it? How would we finish a "picture frame" of our shipboard memories until after the cruise when we had pictures printed? (She had NO scrapbooking knowledge nor experience!!) Day 3-May 31st (Labadee): We spent the morning ashore and the afternoon on the ship. Day 4-June 1st (at sea): We tried to enjoy the Solarium but it was too crowded and there were very few shaded areas. The cantilevered hot tubs were wonderful but there were no comfortable seating areas because it was located at a major thoroughfare between the pool and the solarium. Day 5-June 2nd (Costa Maya): We stayed on the ship to enjoy the amenities. Day 6-June 3rd (Cozumel): Ice incident. We were standing at the railing of our balcony and trying to converse with the crew of the Grandeur of the Seas across the pier. As we stood there, water and ice came tumbling down from above. I called Guest Relations who sent a representative immediately and saw the water on the railing and a couple ice cubes still on the floor of the balcony. He suggested that window cleaning was going on but there was no one above. The cabin was 2 decks below the back of the outside of the Windjammer Restaurant. I don't believe that your window-washing crews use ice cubes in the wash water! Elevator lunch incident. We decided to go to the Windjammer for lunch. Of course, there was no available seating, even sharing a table with other guests, so we took our lunch back to our cabin. In the elevator, a couple came in a deck below and forced his way toward the back of the elevator and swung his backpack around him and knocked most of my wife's lunch off her plate. She looked at the food on the floor and said, "We can pick it up and put on your plate before you eat it!" I said, "Lady, that isn't even funny!" As the elevator door opened and we left, they yelled as us: "You ugly Americans!" The caliber of guests was certainly the worst we've encountered on any ship. Accosted in Main Showroom Theater incident. I was accosted in the main theater by a drunk passenger who couldn't wait for my wife and I to stand up to let him pass and accidentally stepped on my wife's foot. He continued to the end of the row, circled the front of the theater and ended up behind us. I calmly asked him to apologize to my wife for stepping on her foot. He leaned forward from the row behind us, grabbed the back of my head, and told me "that's bullshit, bullshit, bullshit." Others around me said he also slapped the back of my head but I was so stunned I didn't know what was happening. I went to the theater entrance and asked for security. They finally showed up and asked if I wanted to press charges. I had no idea what that meant. Security personnel didn't explain that by pressing charges I would put him in jail and he would be put off the ship at the next port - meaningless since we were returning to Ft Lauderdale. They finally escorted him out of the theater as the performance was starting. Day 7-June 4th (at sea): We stayed in our cabin except for dining and couldn't wait to get off the Oasis! Day 8-June 5th (disembark): Disembarking was relatively easy. However, there were LONGER LINES for U.S. residents in the Immigration section than other foreign residents!! Not as many windows were open for U.S. residents. How could this cruise be improved? Watch out for people who are getting too much to drink. Selling drinks is great, but when their behavior interferes with other passenger, then that's certainly a situation the staff should be available to handle. Honestly? We don't care. We will never sail on the Oasis nor the Allure and it will be a long time before we return to Royal Caribbean. The ship was wonderful nd the activities were fine but the caliber of other passengers was just disgusting!! We've already been on another cruise line and have already booked a second cruise at Christmas. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.8
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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