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Sail Date: October 2010
She may not be the prettiest thing on the sea, looking more like a floating hotel than a cruise ship, but she sure is one of the most exciting ships! We waited two years to sail on her and we certainly were not disappointed. Oasis of the ... Read More
She may not be the prettiest thing on the sea, looking more like a floating hotel than a cruise ship, but she sure is one of the most exciting ships! We waited two years to sail on her and we certainly were not disappointed. Oasis of the Seas is quite the cruise ship, a destination in itself. A little background - we are in our mid 50's and mid 60's and were traveling with a group of 18 people. This was our 11th cruise. We sailed Oct. 9, 2010 on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary. We chose My Time Dining and had a balcony room, 8130 on Deck 8 near Central Park. We'll rate the cruise on various points with an A - F rating. Embarkation: A+ I've read reviews that embarkation is easy and it certainly is. We were on the ship within 15 minutes of arriving at the port. Check in is by deck - you find the signs to the deck our cabin is located at. All the embarkation clerks are not the same - I had to remind the check in gal to take our pictures for our Seapass card and she also forgot to give me a map of the ship. But she was pleasant and helpful. One note - make sure you take the welcome aboard photo after you check in. That picture is used for facial recognition for the remainder of the pictures you'll take on the cruise. One thing to mention - don't try to bring liquor or a travel iron in your luggage. A couple traveling with us never received one of bags. They went to Guest Relations and were taken to an area that had luggage that had been confiscated. They had tried to bring liquor in their luggage and got caught. They had to open their luggage and hand over the booze. They were also told that bags that had been x-rayed and had travel irons in them were also having the irons confiscated. Cabin: B We had a D8 oceanview balcony cabin on deck 8, cabin 8130 port side, near Central Park. The location was excellent as it was a quick walk to the Park Cafe for breakfast and lunch. One plus of this particular cabin is that there was no cabin on one side of our room, making it a quiet cabin, especially on the balcony. There were two reasons we did not rate this cabin an A. One is the size of the cabin - it's really small. Upon entering the bathroom is immediately to the right. Next is the couch and a useless table in front of it that we banged into the first two nights until we moved it next to the closet. To the right of the couch was the closet, which had plenty of storage room and plenty of hangars. There were about 7 shelves in the closet and the safe was also located on one of the shelves. The second reason was the air conditioning in the middle of the night. With it turned up all the way it was comfortable during the day, freezing when we went to bed and sweltering by 2 AM. It seemed the air conditioning went off in the middle of the night. It wasn't just our cabin - every one in our group had the same complaint and the cabins were in all different parts of the ship and on all different decks, so I can't say it was due to our location. Across from the couch is the desk. There are three drawers, one very small, and two deeper. There is a mirror and there are three plugs under the desk. (I suggest bring an electrical wall strip - it was very hard to get under the desk to use the two plugs. Having the strip will allow you to use the plugs ON the desk and you'll have more than two). There is a hair dryer in the top drawer - you need to dry your hair at the desk as there is no plug in the bathroom. There were also some narrow shelves behind cabinets on the left of the desk which we used for storing small items, such as deodorant, sunblock, small toiletries, etc. The bed was next to the balcony door, which for us was good and bad. The good was the great view from bed and the comfortable mattress - we slept so well! The bad was the long walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night - I can't tell you how many times we walked into that little table the first two nights. The balcony was small as well, with only enough room for a table and two chairs. Our in-laws were in the cabin next to us and we had the cabin steward open the divider between the balconies. The bathroom was also very small. There are shower doors instead of a curtain (which we first experienced on the Celebrity Solstice) but boy, was it tight in there. I can't imagine a large person having an easy time taking a shower. The toiletries in the bathroom were a bar of soap and the shampoo in the shower dispenser. If you need more than that - bring it with you. There was no shower cap, conditioner or body lotion. If I could sail her again, I'd get a jr. suite. We saw one and there was much more room. Food: B+ Food is always subjective, but with the variety of food on this ship, it is hard to find much to complain about. We ate all of our dinner in the main Dining Room with My Time Dining and were not disappointed in anything but the coffee (more on the coffee later). We had breakfast and lunch once in the Main Dining room during the entire week and were happy with those meals as well. Our cabin was on Deck 8 next to Central Park so we did eat quite a few meals at the Park Cafe which was probably my favorite food venue. For breakfast, there was oatmeal, egg sandwiches, cereal, yogurt, fruit cups and more. At the "Make Your Own Salad" area, a Make Your Own Bagel option. Also a juice machine with a few types of juice as well as a dessert counter For lunch and afternoon snacks, there are many different delicious paninis, fruit cups, the famous Roast Beef Sandwich (which was indeed delicious) and more. I loved the Make Your Own Salad option - a server takes the bowl size of your choice and you tell him/her what you want in the salad and the dressing of your choice. They mix it and put it in a fresh bowl and hand it over to you. At lunch this venue also offers a choice of flavored water, which was one of my favorite things on the ship. Another place we frequented was the Solarium Bistro for breakfast and lunch. This was all buffet style food but healthier choices. There were many interesting salad options here. The buffet food consisted of quite a bit of fish options, which are not my favorite thing to eat, but the shrimp was always great. They also had delicious wraps at lunch time too, particularly vegetable wraps. We tried the Wipe Out Cafe and the famous hot dog in a pretzel. It was awful. The hamburgers and hot dogs here were just okay - I found I missed the usual poolside grill. There was always frozen yogurt here, but watching some of the passengers manhandle the machine turned me off. We tried Johnny Rockets for breakfast once and were not impressed - our order was wrong and it was terribly hot to sit outside on the Boardwalk, all the time. Never ate a touch of pizza (just didn't have time), didn't have anything other than cookies once or twice in the Cafe Promenade (I tried very hard to stick to eating just three meals a day to avoid gaining weight). A few of us did the cupcake making class at the Cupcake Cupboard for $19.95. It was a fun class, lasted about a half hour and the cupcakes were delicious. If you are going to try anything extra, try the cupcakes. Regardless of the venue we ate at, this ship has the worst coffee I've ever tasted in my life and I was not alone in that assessment. The coffee was 10 time stronger than Starbucks. I resorted to asking the waiter to give me half a cup of coffee and half hot water and that also left me with undrinkable coffee. We traveled with a group of 22 people and only one person in our group could drink the coffee. Entertainment - A + I wasn't expecting much in the entertainment area, as a cruise is a cruise. But I was WOWED by the quality of the entertainment. Hair Spray was a Broadway quality show - not the second rate production I was expecting. We saw the first show by a new cast and they were just wonderful. The sets were excellent as well. Our second show was Oasis of Dreams, the diving show in the Aqua Theater. It was heartstopping watching the high divers on such a high platform diving into a small pool on a rocking ship. The divers were outstanding. There is also a comedy dive show during the week in the daytime called Splish Splash that you shouldn't miss. It is open seating for this and seeing it during the day makes you really appreciate how high those diving platforms are. Another thing they do in this area is they have Dancing Fountain shows during the day. These fountains dance to music - it is a neat way to spend some spare time in the Boardwalk area. Our next nights' entertainment was a concert featuring The Coasters. I got a kick out of the number of people (youngsters??) who had no idea who they were. Most enjoyed this show, but I did see some people walk out during the show. I enjoyed the show but it was probably the one I'd rate the lowest on the entertainment scale. Next show was the comedy show. The comics were very good, although the venue is was too tiny. And the NYC map on the ceiling of the theater was incorrect, too! Our fourth show was the ice show, Frozen in Time. A great show as usual but the addition of the Sand Painter was excellent. I heard the most comments on how amazing this was from other passengers through the rest of the cruise. Keep an eye in the Aqua Theater towards the end of the cruise - they show this sand painting on the large LED screens during the day. Finally, Come Fly With Me. Many people expected a Frank Sinatra tribute and boy were they surprised at what they saw! The acrobatics were excellent and the sets wee stunning - nothing like you'd expect on a ship. We happened to choose seats on the top on Deck 5 on the left and one of the acrobats flew on a zip line right to the area we were seated. The Cruise Director on our cruise was Richard Spacey. He was delightful. He did his famous "Evolution of Dance" routine, had a video he did about a Day as A Cruise Director that was hilarious (watch what happens when he flushes a toilet) and had a few video routines that played on the t.v during the day. Most of the entertainment venues around the ship also had good entertainment with the exception of a three piece group that played one night in the Viking Crown Lounge. The group (who I won't name) exemplified the term "Lounge Lizards" - they were truly awful. Service - B+ We had excellent service in almost every aspect of the cruise. The first night in My Time Dining, while the service was okay at the table they directed us to, we could barely understand the Assistant Waiter - his English was incomprehensible. He tried very hard, but we all had to keep asking him to repeat himself several times to understand what he was saying. On the second night, we were assigned to a table with two delightful servers - Medgi, our Head Waiter and Egi, his Assistant Waiter. We liked them so much that we requested their table for the rest of the cruise. I did hear complaints from quite a few passengers about the service they received in the dining room, though. It seemed that people with assigned dining had more complaints. Several friends said that their waiter or waitress seemed very unhappy doing their jobs - but we didn't find this to be our experience. We were told that two weeks after our cruise, 30% of the staff from the Oasis were flying to Finland to join the Allure of the Seas. And several of the employees we spoke to said their contracts were ending in November. I wondered how the service on the ship would be after after Oct. 21 and then in November with this much of the staff leaving the ship. It isn't easy handling 6,000 passengers! Our room steward was also very good. He was so inobtrusive we rarely saw him. We asked him to remove the items from the mini bar on the first day and he did it promptly. We had friends in the cabin next to us and asked him to open the balcony doors in between the cabins and he also did that promptly. The room was cleaned promptly every day as soon as we left for breakfast. We found most of the bar tenders and waiters at all the other restaurants we ate at to be very good as well. The only issue we had was with a bartender in the Viking Crowne Lounge one night when there was a Ladies Night two for one Martini Special. Three of us had ordered two martinis each. There was only one bartender and he couldn't handle the volume. He started making our drinks and then a woman who must have had one of the Loft Suites came in and ordered a certain type of wine. He stopped making our drinks and proceeded to run around looking for the wine she wanted. He actually left the bar in search of her wine. We were very annoyed - the right way to handle it would have been to complete our drink order and then take care of her. Excursions - B We only purchased one excursion, a Power Turtle Swim in St. Thomas. And of course, as usually happens to us, it was screwed up by the tour company. There were about 40 people who had booked the tour and half of us purchased the Power Snorkel. The boat that was on the dock to take everyone out did not have enough of the Power units. They split us in half and ordered a second boat to pick up half of us. Unfortunately, the program said we would be getting a catamaran, which was fine as three of us had physical issues and knew we could get on and off the boat if it were a catamaran. Low and behold, the boat we got stuck with was not a catamaran - the second boat they sent to pick the rest of us up was a pirate ship. Which was fine and fun except one of us could not get down the ladder they put over the side of the ship to get into the water. She paid a lot of money for a boat ride and was unable to snorkel. However - the staff on the boat, BONES, was delightful. They were a lot of fun on the excursion and guided us so we all got to see turtles. My only complaint was that on the way back to the ship, they gave us a very hard sell to buy their t shirts. Hard enough that they turned off the motors of the ship and kind of held us captive outside the cove where the ship was for a 15 minute presentation to their different t shirts. We finally asked if we would be back to the ship by 5 PM, as that was the scheduled time to be back and we had dinner reservations at 6 PM. Once we asked, they stopped selling and had us back to the pier by 5:10 PM - and made a little bit of fun of us for wanting to be back on time as well. They didn't have to get out of wet bathing suits, showered and dressed for dinner in less than 45 minutes! Evaluation of the Ship Itself - B + It took a day, but within 24 hours we all felt comfortable about getting around on the ship - i.e. we knew where we were going. I found the best way to figure out where we were was by breaking the ship into thirds - the promenade, Central Park and the Boardwalk. From Central Park forward we had the "adult" areas - the Solarium Pool and Bistro, the internet cafes, and our cabin. From the Boardwalk back, we had the Boardwalk and the Sports Deck. And the Promenade was the center of gravity for us. Some observations - the Boardwalk area was hot as heck. I don't know what it was, but the heat just seemed to settle in that area and no matter what time, day or night - it was hot. The Aqua pool area was a delightful place to relax. There was almost always something going on, be it Music and Dancing Fountains, watching the divers practice in between shows, and even watching video of the Sand Painter from the Ice Show on the big screens the last day and then their delightful Splish Splash show (no tickets required). The layout of some cabins and hallways is a little difficult to navigate, particularly in the very front of the ship. There are hallways that intersect in odd areas in order to put more cabins in every available space. One day two of us were in the Internet Cafe and a man walked in with a look of terror on his face. He had been looking for his interior cabin for 15 minutes and couldn't find it. We tried to assist him using the interactive screens and it took us quite awhile to locate his cabin even with the guide. If you decide to sit at the Beach pool, I advise you not to sit in the first or second line of loungers closest to the pool. Because of the slope of the side of the pool, if the ship rolls a little, the water comes right out of the pool and washes under the chairs. I was sitting in the second row of chairs when the ship pulled out of Nassau. As the ship started moving, the water poured out of the sloped side of the pool and washed all the shoes, drink glasses and anything else that was on the deck right back into the pool. It was quite humorous watching people jump up and run after their shoes as they washed away! And please - don't put your drink cups on the deck floor. Those went over as well, leaving a sticky mess on the deck. One thing many people complained about was the shopping on the ship. There was no place to purchase sundries and the shops are too high end for the average passenger. The logo shop had several sundries behind the counter, like aspirin, sunblock, etc. I never saw anyone in Pets at Sea or the photo shop where you could dress up and take pictures dressed like a roaring 20's dancer or a cowboy, etc. The candy shop was very overpriced for candy. I overheard many passengers complaining that there were not enough items for children. While there was a shop on the Boardwalk that had kids items, the shirts, hats and toys were overpriced. The Logo Shop had a terrible selection of items. I wanted a small ship model- all they had was a model of the ship so large that I would need half a suitcase to fit it into to take home. I did like the On Air Club being in the Promenade. It was great to be able to drop in to hear karaoke and some of the games that went on during the day at night as I was walking back or to my room. One thing that I didn't like was the Internet Cafes. These are located on several decks (I used the one on deck 7 forward). All these are is six computers set up in what seemed like half an interior cabin. It was hot and crowded and on the last day there was a line in the hallway of people waiting to use the computers to print their airline boarding passes. I had brought my laptop because I had to work on the ship but the wireless access in my cabin was too slow and it ended up costing me 10 minutes of time just trying to log in. And I tried using the wireless keyboard and the t.v. screen in the cabin and the keyboard was just very non-reactive - between two of us, we couldn't get the keyboard to work. (I found this exact same issue on the Celebrity Solstice - the company needs to figure out why the keyboard in the cabins just don't work well). The traditional big internet cafe would have been better. Two excellent innovations on this ship - the interactive directories near the elevators and the way they handled the photo gallery. The directories had interactive maps where you could input your room number or a ship venue and the map would tell you how to get there from exactly where you were standing. You could also check the restaurant availability and the cruise compass to see what was going on at that exact time . The Photo Gallery was very unique. On Deck 6, there were many kiosks that you could go to, swipe your room key and the pictures of you would appear right on the screen where you could place an order. There were also "notebooks" assigned to you with a location in a round kiosk. Your Seapass card had a number on it, and you'd go to the corresponding tower and then pull your book number out and your photos would be in the book - just pick what you want and pay for them. This worked okay for the most part as it is based on facial recognition and the first picture you take embarking. It's from that photo the facial recognition for the rest of your pictures are trailed to. For the most part this works - but we found that any picture we were in with a group of people were all in our photo book - not in any one elses. We were constantly cleaning out the pictures in our book and giving them to the others traveling with us. One thing that I didn't like was the fact that if they made your picture in an 8 X 10, if you asked to have it reduced to a 5 X 7, you still had to pay the 8 X 10 price. I do not have any 8 x 10 frames in my house to put a giant picture of us in and I was outraged that they wanted $19.95 for a 5 X 7 if I wanted it made smaller. Royal lost about $150 from us because we ended up not buying any of our photos since the ones we liked were all 8 X 10. Another great thing on this ship was the gangway process. The gangway has it's own button in the elevators. No need to try to remember which deck we were getting off at - just push the gangway button and - whoosh - you are there. Another great thing - no steps in the gangway. It was all ramps and for those of us who were physically challenged, it was a breeze! Disembarkation - A+ Because we had an 11:25 AM flight, we decided to do express disembarkation to ensure we would get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. With express disembarkation, you don't put your bags out of your cabin the last night - you walk off with all your bags. I was a bit apprehensive about doing this. On any other ship I've been on we've had to go down stairs when getting off the ship and I worried how I'd carry my heavy bag down steps. All I recall about getting off is the lines waiting on the stairway to get off. No need to worry about this on the Oasis, as again - there are ramps, no stairs. We lined up in the Promenade around 6 AM and at 6:15, the disembarkation process began. By 6:25 we were off the ship and waiting for our cab that we had pre-arranged. If I were to do this again, I wouldn't even bother arranging for transportation - there were plenty of cabs waiting. Another wonderful thing that Royal offers on this ship is Luggage Valet. For an additional $20 per person when leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, depending on the airline you are flying, you put your luggage out the night before and then never have to touch it again until you get home. Royal prints your boarding passes and takes the bags directly to the airport and your airline for you. The next time you pick up your luggage is at your airport when you arrive home. Not all airlines participate (ours, Southwest, did not) and there were some restrictions such as your flight had to be at 11:30 AM or later. But you couldn't spend $20 per person any better than not having to search for your luggage in the terminal and haul it to the bus or cab with you to get it to the airport. Overall Rating - A - Is there a perfect ship? No. Was this as close to perfect as you can get? In our opinion, yes. The ship is so innovate, not only in the design but in the little things, such as the simplicity and ease of the gangways. Royal Caribbean has thought of things for these new ships that no one had done before. I don't like sea days. In nine cruises, I've always dreaded sea days as I never felt there was enough for me to do on the ship. Not on this baby! I was never bored and I really would have loved to do back to back cruises as I know there were many places on the ship I never had the time to see. I am looking forward to the Allure in December - to see the difference in the two ships and perhaps have a look at the secret spots on the ship I never got around to. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
Pros; Beautiful ship. Easy to navigate. Spotlessly clean. Great pools which were heated properly. Food was really good in the main dining room where the service staff were exemplary. Park Cafe was fabulous for a lunchtime ... Read More
Pros; Beautiful ship. Easy to navigate. Spotlessly clean. Great pools which were heated properly. Food was really good in the main dining room where the service staff were exemplary. Park Cafe was fabulous for a lunchtime salad and coffee. The cruise director Richard Spacey was excellent. The entertainment was first class. I saw Hairspray, Come Fly With Me, the headliner Scott Record, comedians Joe Yanetty and Craig Carmean, a jazz quartet that played nightly. They have got the entertainment spot on. The ship was NEVER crowded except in the buffet. The Solarium is the most beautiful public deck area I have seen on a ship. Oasis of the Seas is truly magnificent and will leave you speechless. You cannot fail to have a good time. We went to Cabbage Beach and Atlantic whilst in at Nassau, we did Philipsberg in St Maarten and Magens Bay at St Thomas....it was idyllic. Cons; The number of passengers carried magnified the number of rude and thoughtless people you had to share your vacation with. From pushing in at the elevator to stealing your table at lunch, they are all there. You will experience people who live in their own selfish bubble who you will want to beat to death with the potato salad spoon. We dined at Chops Grill and had to wait 40 minutes for our entree without apology or free drink or anything. Then when I stiffed the guy on an additional tip (yes he already had an automatic gratuity) he was rude to us in the Park Cafe next day, throwing the salad tongues aggressively back into the display and slamming our salad bowl on the counter. I wrote him up in the guest survey. You will experience some very helpful and nice staff but you will also encounter cabin stewards who, when blocking the corridor partially with a trolley, will expect you to wait whilst they come through....yeah right. I am polite and I don't abuse people but hang on, I paid and you are the staff so step aside. You don't get that on Princess...ever. I have experienced happier staff I must say. When we got off at Port Everglades, the transfer to our day room hotel before our overnight flight was a disaster. We were off the ship with seamless efficiency and our baggage was in a neat little square numbered on the hanger floor so we got it in seconds without hassle. When we cleared customs, there was nobody there to identify themselves to us. We had to ask and ask until we found out that a young girl was the rep for Americas Transportation.com and that she would be sorting out our bus. We were told to go to the other end of the building and wait by the rest rooms where there was a strong smell of sewage. We waited with others for over 90 minutes. She was totally clueless and I think would struggle to flip burgers in McDonalds for a living. When a supervisor weighed in and finally commandeered a bus, they loaded everyone and didn't have seats for a family of four who then had to get off again. Come on people, you can count up to 50 without getting a stroke surely??? Essentially, Royal Caribbean International have done a fantastic job with the ship and they handle passenger flow on and off with breathtaking efficiency. The product they deliver will definitely please most people and will leave you feeling like you had your money's worth. It is, sadly, tempered a little by a small minority of pushy rude staff and a partnering with a truly incompetent transfer agent. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
After all the hype about the Oasis of the Seas we decided that we just had to give it a go. We had cruised before on the Navigator with my elderly parents and were very impressed with RCI. Our only reservations before boarding was ... Read More
After all the hype about the Oasis of the Seas we decided that we just had to give it a go. We had cruised before on the Navigator with my elderly parents and were very impressed with RCI. Our only reservations before boarding was "Would the ship be too big?" Check in and boarding at Ft Lauderdale was so quick and easy it was unbelievable. No queues. I recollect that we left our hotel in Ft Lauderdale by taxi at 11.20am and were onboard shortly after midday. Initial impressions are that the ship is enormous. It certainly is and it does take a day or 2 to find your bearings but once you get familiar things become easy. There were 5900 passengers on the cruise and I can honestly say that throughout the entire cruise you were never aware that there were so many guests on board never mind the additional 2100 crew. The superior ocean view stateroom with Balcony (D2) was first class, very clean and modern. Our only complaint would be that it was a little cramped although the bathroom was far better laid out than on the Navigator. The bed is positioned right next to the wardrobe which make sthe latter difficult to access and there isn't much room between the bottom of the bed and the wall. Nonetheless a lovely stateroom with adequately sized balcony. Our Stateroom attendant, Swifty, soon introduced himself and I can honestly say he was absolutely wonderful. He even had my shirts ironed. Wonderful Chap!! The ship is huge and there is so much to see although in 7 days I do believe we did not quite see the entire ship and all it has to offer. Suffice to say, it has something for everyone. If you want action and music it's there...likewise peace and quiet is also there ! We mostly dined at the speciality restaurants but on 2 nights dined in the main dining room. We had booked "My time" dining thus giving us flexibility. On the 2 days we dined in the main dining room the food was excellent and the service good but it was extremely busy and all staff were working their socks off. We booked a table for 8pm on one occasion and the other we just turned up. We probably had a 10 minute wait but no more. My only criticism of My time dining is you get different waiters each night as you will never sit at the same table. I found this hard when handing out pre paid gratuities at the end of the cruise. Who do I give them to? On future cruises I will give gratuities to whom I feel deserve them and not pre pay. I understand that many people are of the same opinion. The speciality restaurants were fabulous apart from one the Seafood shack. The staff were brilliant but the food not good. Fried, greasy and pretty poor! And I love seafood! RCI need to revisit this restaurant without doubt. Maybe they need some lessons from a good English Fish and Chip shop fryer! On a more positive note the "Chops Grille" was absolutely fabulous. We dined there on our first night. Truly excellent steaks. "Giovanni's" equally good with a range of Italian fayre. The "Solarium" restaurant was my favourite. I had bison for main course, delicious. All courses less than 500 calories. You would never had known. Absolutely fabulous. My son and I took breakfast there every day to keep our weight gain down to a minimum and it worked! My wife and daughter preferred the bagels and bacon muffins at the cafe promenade! Suffice to say that they put on a few more pounds than my son and I!! The final evening we ate at "Izumi" and enjoyed fine Asian Cuisine. Sushi freshly made was a delight. My only disappointment was the hot rock which was dry and disappointing but nonetheless an excellent meal. My only experience of the Windjammer marketplace was once at lunchtime and once taking breakfast there. The food was good but it is so busy!!! Enough said! The shows were up to the RCI's high standards. The Ice show was top class with skaters from all over the world. Unfortunately we missed the Aqua theatre show due to cancellation because of high winds. It was rescheduled to the following day at 5.15pm but we were engaged on shore in St Thomas. We did DIY on shore excursions which we prefer. We booked them via the internet in the UK and to be honest saves you a fortune. In the evenings onboard there is so much to do and plenty of space in the various bars and lounges. Evening time is very relaxing and pleasant. Disembarkation was a bit slow but we were in no hurry as we had booked to leave late and were stopping in Miami overnight in any case. The staff onboard was excellent and could not do enough for you. My only complaint is that you seem to being forever asked if you want a drink poolside and sometimes feel you are being bullied into having a cocktail! If I want a drink (which I often do) I am perfectly capable of asking and calling a waiter. I don't need to be pestered !! For a quieter sunbathing experience the Solarium area was delightful. This is a adult only area for those who want a quieter sunbathing experience. In conclusion we had a wonderful time on board the Oasis. A truly remarkable piece of engineering and a remarkable experience. Would I go again on the Oasis...My answer is YES. My advice to others is not to be put off by the size. It's worth the experience. Our next cruise is on the Azamara Quest in April 2011.From Singapore to Athens. Only 750 guests. From one extreme to another but I can't wait to try a completely different experience. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2010
I'll first start by saying that I'm writing this review to honor and thank all those who have written about the Oasis over the last year. I think I've probably read every single one of your reviews, enjoyed most and found ... Read More
I'll first start by saying that I'm writing this review to honor and thank all those who have written about the Oasis over the last year. I think I've probably read every single one of your reviews, enjoyed most and found plenty of helpful hints that made our trip even easier and more memorable. In no particular order: We sailed the Western Carribean but because of Hurricane Tomas we ended up skipping Labadee and adding Nassau on the end. Without a doubt I would tell you that my only major regret is that I didn't do the Eastern Carribean. Cozumel is okay (more later) but all in all everyone I spoke with agreed that the Eastern itinerary is much more enjoyable especially for first timers. Pre cruise advice and info: Go ahead and book all the dinner reservations and show reservations that are available prior to the cruise using the pre cruise planner. Many, many of the times are not available by the time you cruise and you'll be disappointed. I would advise signing up for each show so that even if you decide to change the time once you're underway you at least have options. Remember, RCCL let's you standy by for each show and releases seats 10 minutes prior to show time. They do swipe your seapass electronically to ensure you have a reservation. For me it worked every time. I would also recommend checking in on line so that all your documents are printed and ready to go when you arrive at FLL. Also remember to order your bag tags online as this really speeds up the process. We decided to park rather than take a cab (we live in the area) and the parking was very convenient and 15$ per day. There is a special entrance for suite guests (we were staying in the Crown Loft Suites). You are met immediately by a RCCL rep and they lead you through the very quick check in and boarding. We arrived about 1130 and were on the ship by about 1145. My advice when boarding the ship is go straight to the Park Cafe in the Central Park area for the famous roast beef sandwiches and other light deli items. It's one of the few things open and if you don't make it back later you wont' feel like you missed something. After lunch take a quick walk around the ship paying special attention to the Solarium (forward at deck 16) Central Park (mid ship at deck 8) Royal Promenade (Deck 5 and also the deck you enter and leave the ship on) and finally the aft area where the Boardwalk is (deck 6). At one the rooms are ready and you can go up and put your bags away and check out your stateroom. We stayed in the Crown Loft Suite and I can't say enough good about this room. It's located in a special card accessed area in the aft of the ship on deck 17. The room features a full bath downstairs along with a very nifty dining table (it moves back and forth so that you can stow it out of the way when not using it) along with a flat screen tv, full couch and reading chair. Your balcony is large and there are 20 foot floor to ceiling glass windows to enjoy the view. I would recommend the starboard side rooms as the view will be better while in port. There is a loft area upstairs with your queen bed, another flat screen tv that pops out of the ceiling on command, a dressing/slash make up area and a full bath with a two person shower. The shower also boats a ceiling mounted rainforest shower head as well. Really all very nice. Our cabin attendants were Cherry and Mari Sol and I can't say enough about how much they made our trip. They were always there when we needed them and suprised me on my birthday with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Other suite ammenities include access to the concierge lounge on 11. Three reasons to go. One, the best breakfast on the ship is available in the lounge cooked to order and served in a luxurious private club style. Second, there is a cocktail hour from 5 - 830 where all bar drinks are gratis along with nice cheese and fruit displays pre dinner. Take advantage of both, you paid for it and it's worth it. The last reason may seem mundane but had me returning over and over again. They have a machine that grinds and instantly brews the best cafe latte I've ever had. The machine is available 24/7 and saved me alot of extra money by preventing me from paying for specialty coffee in the other areas. Our concierge was Ricardo Mock and he was excellent (note to RCCL, consider having the concierges in the lounge for longer hours) Also included for suite guests is the ability to walk into any performance without reservations simply by showing your gold card. There is also special reserved seating in most all venues for suite guests / another big plus. Amenities for suite level rooms also include a cocktail reception with the captain and other officers. Go, it's fun and you will meet most if not all of the specialty restaurant managers that you'll be asking for help from later on. The shows: Hairspray was by far the best broadway style show I've seen hands down. I was suprised by how much we all enjoyed and everyone on the ship agreed. A must do for everyone. A very close second is come fly with me also performed in the theatre later in the week. Amazing, amazing amazing. The Ice Show is great, the aqua show was okay. Didn't make it to the comedy club although heard very good things about it. Did see the Love and Marriage game and it was a hoot. Richard Spacey is very great at what he does. At first you think he's a bit goofy but when you realize that he's working his butt off to make sure you have fun and he honestly likes to be there and do what he's doing you gain a great deal of respect for him. What energy, we should all be so blessed. The street parties on the RP were all great. Make sure you look at your cruise compasss (delivered to your room the night before) to ensure you get to do what you want when you want. The food: I'll start by saying we never once went to the dining room. I heard good and bad but can't say myself. We did visit Giovanni's (excellent, must order the hand sliced proscuitto and great value), Chops twice (best veal chop I've ever had including the capital grille) Vintages (a wine bar with spainish style tapas and a huge wine list)Room service from the suites menu (as a suites guest you get a very much upgraded room service menu which is really just awesome), Izumi for sushi (best spicy tuna roll I've had in a long time and the cooking at the table on the hot rock was very cool) and the piece de resistance was sitting at the chefs table. The chefs table is pre booked for 14 guests per evening and is served on the second floor of the concierge lounge. The fee includes a five course meal, four paired wines and a signed copy of the RCCL cookbook. The value is immense when you consider we were drinking 50 - 100$ bottles of wine and you had the executive chef explain in detail how he prepared each dish along with the sommelier who discussed each wine, how it was made, where it was grown and why it worked with the course it was paired with. An amazing experience for everyone but for foodies it's a must. Pre book it by calling RCCL ahead of time or see the concierge on day one to book it. Never, ever go to the Windjammer unless it's your only option. It's crowded and the food is okay. Do plan to go to the solarium for breakfast and lunch, simply perfect. Also remember that when all else fails, you can get a quick slice of pizza at Sorrento on the RP and small sandwiches and sweets 24 hours per day at the Promenade Cafe. We bought the water package, it was totally worth it. We didn't buy the soda or wine package and I'm glad we didn't. We had more fun ordering by the glass and trying a bunch of new and different things. Port calls We swam with dolphins in cozumel which was a very nice excursion. We had a small group, the dolphinarium is well maintained, very clean, well run and your groups are small enough that you get good quality time with the dolphin. We splurged and bought the photos afterwards because they were very well done but keep in mind that a good deal of negotiation can happen before you settle on a price. We did not go to Coasta Maya but instead hung out and enjoyed more of the boat. We walked in Nassau for one hour but got back on and did some more Oasis exploring. On departure we opted to sleep in and leave about 9am. It was a little disorganized at first but then picked up after a few minutes and we were in the car by 930 or so. If anyone from RCCL reads this I have just a few thoughts on making a great experience a spectacular one. 1. Guest services desk on 5 was not well organized. Lines were generally long, agents to assist were limited and I found myself being drawn out of my general haze of happiness when I waited for over a half an hour to see an agent when it appeared that there were a bunch of folks just reading their computers and generally trying not to make eye contact with anyone in line. Managers in charge, do yourself a favor and watch whats happening in your guest services area at 8 o clock on the last night. It's not pretty. 2. Consider other ports of call, especially with the addition of the Allure. 3. The interactive tv system worked very well and was impressive in it's breadth of offerings. One thought, it seemed that as you added and deleted reservations for spa offerings, dinners, etc the system didn't update itself thus leading to some confusion for us during the week. This is probably something fixed very easily. Final thought, all service organizations are about their people as much as their product. RCCL has done an outstanding job of picking the best people available from around the world to make sailing the Oasis the best experience possible. Good job and congratulations. Remember, these gentlemen and ladies work their butts off seven days a week with little time off to make all of us happy. Don't forget to say thank you, don't quibble over the gratuities or even adding something extra for amazing service. Richard Spacey said something at the end of the cruise that I thought was profound. There were over 8000 people on our sailing including guests and staff representing over 80 nationalities. Everyone got along, learned a bit about other cultures/languages/religions and had a great time along the way. The lesson is clear for us all. Again, to all those that posted before me and offered great tips and advice, thank you! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
the oasis is a beautiful ship. we(part of a family get together of 21)all had lots to do. Yes 10 mins. and we were on the ship. windjammer had it problems should be bigger to handle all but we really didn't have a problem. we found ... Read More
the oasis is a beautiful ship. we(part of a family get together of 21)all had lots to do. Yes 10 mins. and we were on the ship. windjammer had it problems should be bigger to handle all but we really didn't have a problem. we found the food stations to be a little confusing. But there was so many other places to eat we never really had a problem. our room over looked boardwalk we could see the aqua theater from our room which was fun. We usually have a balcony over looking the water,but we wanted to be part of the action. our rooms were good size suitcases fit under the bed. wish we had alittle more drawer space only 2 drawers but closet and shelves adequate. took a day or so to get our barrings but the key offs worked great we didn't need gps. But a little too big for me. If you got separated it might take 15 to 20 mins to get to them. really never any crowds again there is so much to do. Really did not like the solarium pool at all!!! to small and not a place to really swim. staff was wonderful but they have so much to do it is hard to chat and really get to know them. getting on and off the ship was never a problem lines went fast.Could have skipped Nassau not there long enough to do much. check out 150 Park AVE RESTURANT it was great,head chef is from the U.S.We found the food to be a 4 to 5. all in all a fun ship but I like rccl Freedom Class better Glad I did it she is one of a kind. PS remember book shows on line before you go Hairspray,Frozen in Time Come Fly with Me FANSTASTIC!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
Having booked this cruise two years ago we watched the making of Oasis with anticipation. This ship did not disappoint, never felt crowded, ease of movement for a wheelchair user etc. However RCL fell down with their administration ... Read More
Having booked this cruise two years ago we watched the making of Oasis with anticipation. This ship did not disappoint, never felt crowded, ease of movement for a wheelchair user etc. However RCL fell down with their administration department and the flight arrangements. It took an hour to book in because no details had been passed to the airline about the disabilities or that a child was flying within our group so the five of us were seated separately initially. Before boarding the transatlantic flight this was changed and we had two lots of two seats and one on their own, although from Newark to Miami three had to sit separately. Arriving at Miami no adapted transport had been booked despite assurances that this would be taken care of. Again for the transfer from the hotel to ship and, at the end of the holiday, ship to airport. No departure flight details were issued because of change of departure airport and it took a week of chasing these up on board ship to eventually have some information. Oasis should look at introducing a two week menu - to be served the same for both weeks was not really satisfactory. Staff were always friendly and we received good service apart from guest relations who just wanted to 'fob' us off. Said they would get back to us with the queries we raised but never did. The entertainment staff need to look at policing the rear seats in the theatre and Studio B which are supposed to be for disabled and a carer. We were not able to see a show which we had prebooked because any guestwas allowed to sit there and no spaces had been left for wheelchair users. All in all I am glad we went on this ship, it really was a fantastic experience and quite surreal to be sat in a park with birds and butterflies when in the middle of the sea and also to be riding a carousel while watching the sea at the back of the ship. I would not, however trust RCL to get the details right on another fly/cruise. Because of lack of adapted transport for trips we did not go on any organised ones and just got off at the ports for a walk round. My daughter and family did however do one at every port and had a great time. The computer notice boards were extremely helpful particularly with the ability to bring the operating buttons down to a wheelchair users height. Must agree with another reviewer on here though that the confusion of the time change for Mexico could have been avoided. Even the staff did not know what was happening and several people were having to go to guest relations to find out what the ship's time actually was! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
To celebrate our retirement my wife and I took back to back cruises on RCCL's Oasis of the Seas. The eastern and western Caribbean cruises are our 7th and 8th cruises with Royal Caribbean and our anticipation was high. We flew down ... Read More
To celebrate our retirement my wife and I took back to back cruises on RCCL's Oasis of the Seas. The eastern and western Caribbean cruises are our 7th and 8th cruises with Royal Caribbean and our anticipation was high. We flew down from DC a day early and stayed at Marriott's Fairfield Inns & Suites in Dania Beach. It is ten minutes from the airport, and about fifteen from the cruise port and Amtrak station. They provide a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel as well as to a group of local restaurants at dinner time, and have a pay shuttle available to the pier and the train station. The new cruise terminal is beautiful and embarkation was amazingly smooth. We were on the ship in twenty minutes. We had an oceanview cabin on deck three, perfectly amidships. It was a hump to either elevators, but we were equidistant from both the forward and aft attractions, so actually it worked well. The cabin seemed slightly smaller than on other ships in the fleet, but it was better arranged and we easily had space for all our stuff. The bathroom was actually a smidgeon larger and also better engineered. Flatout, the ship only felt crowded on embarkation, when all the "tourists" are wandering cluelessly around trailing their luggage behind them, and during events on the promenade, like the captain's gala when 6000 plus people are offered free champagne. We quickly learned to find a hiding place, like Vintages, the wine and tapas bar in Central Park, to avoid the crowds. Cruising out of Florida, there will always be folks of many nationalities. Frankly these folks are friendly, polite, and very interesting to talk to. What stands out as irritating are the "tourists" the folks this ship attracts who have never cruised before or just don't grasp things; like the necessity for the muster drill. They cluster in elevator bays and on gangways talking amongst themselves, obliviously blocking all the other passengers from getting to where they are going. With 6000 plus folks, things need to scheduled and allocated so everyone is not trying to do the same thing at once. So there are comedy shows, aqua shows, a Broadway show, the ice show, etc. that should be booked BEFOREHAND (ie: online from home before the cruise). Unfortunately this is something else the "tourists" don't get. And while there are always empty seats, and these are released ten minutes before showtime and I think everyone who lined up to get one succeeds in seeing the show, one still hears endless carping about "Well I didn't know I had to book this early... blah blah blah." All this info is on the website. Royal even sent me a schedule of the shows and restaurants beforehand. Don't these folks read their mail? But other than these odd fellow passengers, Oasis is a marvel. Being a "Continuing Cruiser" we went to two Meet & Mingle parties. After the second one a group of us met for a cabin crawl; folks volunteered to show off their cabins to anyone interested in taking a look. So we got a tour of every type of accommodation Oasis offered. Those balcony cabins overlooking the Aqua theater are sure nice, but nothing compares to the loft suites on deck 17. Two baths, upstairs bedroom, great views. Save your pennies. Of all the neighborhoods, Central Park was our favorite with Vintages and the specialty restaurants. The first week we ate at 150 Central Park. This is Royal's attempt at fine dining and it is impressive. Probably the most impressive course was the throwaway bread and salt at the start of the meal. There were five or six little spoons and our waiter came with a little container with compartments, each containing a different salt, red salt, black salt, fleur de sel, and so on. There was a yellowish one that tasted just like eggs. We were to spoon it on the sourdough bread. I would have been happy just to eat this for a meal. There was a fixed seven courses, some I thought I would pass on, but as I tasted each one, I was sold on it. Fine dining isn't for everyone, but we thought it was easily worth the upcharge. The second week we ate at Chops Grill, which is an upscale steakhouse like you might find in most cities. Nicely done and worth the money. It was also the only place we found crabcakes made entirely with real crab; the ones in the main dining room and the crab croquettes in Vintages contained some surimi. Pity. That brings us to the main dining room. The service was great, typical of Royal Caribbean, but the food was hit or miss. The Windjammer on Oasis is slightly smaller, most likely because of all the other venues. But it is packed the first few days before the other options dawn on folks. Unless you have a real hankering for honey stung chicken, eat somewhere else before sailaway. Like Yogi Berra used to say "Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded." The Solarium Bistro is free for breakfast and lunch. The Park Cafe, with its beef on Weck sandwiches, is always free, as is Johnny Rockets for breakfast There aren't as many activities as we have seen on past cruises; I don't know if this is just on Oasis, or if it is going to be a trend across the fleet. There were no morning trivia games in the Schooner Bar and some of the later ones were scheduled against other events. I think in general things were geared here for the younger more active set; dance parties, 70's and 80's shows in the Promenade, etc. There was always something going on somewhere, so I couldn't see anyone being bored. The cruise director, Richard Spacey is the best I have seen. Sharp, funny and with absolutely no inhibitions. Definitely the standard that I will judge all others against from now on. The entertainment was among the best I have seen on Royal Caribbean. HAIRSPRAY and the Aqua show are not to be missed. The ice show was based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen and to some extent was geared for kids. Do try and catch the comedians in the Comedy Club. I like comedy and was pleased when a comedian was one of the headliners as well. The Coasters, the old doo-wop group, was the other headliner show. The production show COME FLY WITH ME was amazing, and this from me who as a rule am not a fan of the singing and dancing shows. The props and the multimedia were used to great effect. I really recommend seeing it. Our first week was the eastern Caribbean: Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We've been to all these islands before. We were going to catch a cab out to the Atlantis resort at Nassau, but time got away from us and we just wandered around town instead. We had lunch at the Hard Rock which is blessedly air-conditioned. The building you have to pass through to get back to the port is a real bottleneck and needs some re-thinking. Life is short. No one wants to spend that much of theirs in a slow moving line in hot cramped space with hundreds of other anxious cruisers. St. Thomas we have been to many times, so we just took a cab to do some shopping and have lunch off the ship. Oasis docks at Crown Point, not Havensight, so that gave us a different view of the harbor. At St. Maarten we took the Butterfly Farm and Marigot shopping excursion. Well worth it. The French side of the island is nicer than the Dutch and the food is better, but the highlight was the butterfly farm. Willie, the owner, is British and has a dry wit like Hugh Laurie. I really recommend it. When you do a back to back you get some special handling. On the next to last day of the first week all the continuing cruisers met in the night club and were told the plan of the next day with free champagne and were offered first crack at reserving shore excursions for the next week. If I didn't have to rush off for some other activity, here is where I should have booked that Segway tour. At the midpoint disembarkation we met in the Champagne Bar and waited amongst the water, juice, and pastries until all the other passengers had departed. Then we were escorted off and taken through customs. They really just took our customs form, glanced at our US passports, and waved us through. We then sat in a waiting area for a few minutes while customs made sure all pax were off the ship, and then we were let back on. We had the ship to ourselves for a while but sought out a refuge when the luggage-dragging tourists began to re-appear. The second week we went to Labadee, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. The dock for Oasis in Labadee, which was under noisy construction the last time we were there, has been completed, so we did not have to tender in. Lots of other things have been added, like a Schooner Bar and all sorts of little venues. Also the suite dwellers have their own beach. This elitist stuff I think Royal Caribbean can do without but I assume this is to try and lure the luxury cruisers to their line. In this sense, Oasis and Allure are ships made to entice folks who have never cruised before. Heads up, RCCL, start with improving the food, then think about private beaches and dining rooms. In 2007 Costa Maya was seriously damaged by hurricane Dean and the damage to the beach, the palm trees and all the little structures is still evident to the areas adjacent to the cruise port. All the trees are small now, but hopefully will grow in time. The port itself has been restored and improved and Bandito's still has their lobster burritos. We had wanted to do a morning Segway tour of Cozumel, but I dawdled about reserving it so we ended up doing the souvenir shops instead. The last time we were there we took the Tulum tour which was really excellent, but we really saw nothing of Cozumel. We got back to the ship early and found hundreds of blue t-shirted travel agents from the Norwegian EPIC, which was also in port, wandering about the ship. It seems RCCL took the opportunity to show off Oasis to the travel trade. We chatted some of them up in the wine bar where they were being treated to the champagne and rum punches we see at the welcome back parties. They really liked the ship. Our real disembarkation was extremely smooth. We elected to carry our own bags as we brought only one 29 inch wheeled bag each. They call for the self disembarkers first, so we just walked off the gangway, handed over our customs form and got into our waiting van back to the hotel. We took the train back to DC the next morning. The Oasis of the Seas is a beautiful ship. The consensus of the younger and middle-aged folks was uniformly positive. It was a "wow" ship. The older folks, in their 80's say, generally thought it was too big; but this is likely a function of the distances between venues for them. The dining room is aft and all the entertainment venues were forward. Finish dinner and on your way to a show? You have to trek the length of the ship. So I understand where they are coming from. My wife and I really enjoyed all the innovations and may want to cruise on Allure someday. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
We had booked this Western Caribbean cruise some Fifteen to Eighteen months beforehand in order to join two friends from Canada who were also on this sailing; the itinery was to be Labadee on Haiti, Falmouth on Jamaica and Cozumel Mexico. ... Read More
We had booked this Western Caribbean cruise some Fifteen to Eighteen months beforehand in order to join two friends from Canada who were also on this sailing; the itinery was to be Labadee on Haiti, Falmouth on Jamaica and Cozumel Mexico. Falmouth was changed to Costa Maya Mexico due to Falmouth not being ready in time, our journey began on Friday 15th October in Manchester England with flights on Delta airlines to Atlanta and then on to Fort Lauderdale Florida. Both flights left on time and arrived early which meant we arrived at our hotel the FLL Hilton Marina situated by the side of the S.E 17th street bridge overlooking the port early too. On Saturday morning we were collected by bus as part of our Fly/Cruise booked with Royal Caribbean through Thomas Cook, all the luggage was taken by truck to the ship so no dragging it on and off the bus. The Bus driver was the Double of Morgan Freeman the American actor who related a little story to us about how a previous Elderly cruiser had asked if he was actually that person? He replied well I am driving Miss Daisy! The trip to the terminal building took around Ten minutes Once inside the building and through the x ray scanners it took around Fifteen minutes to go from the check in desk to being onboard the ship, once onboard we headed up to our Stateroom / Cabin which was a Superior ocean view D1 category on Deck 14 with a Large Balcony. The door to the hallway was closed and a sign posted telling people that the cabins would be available at 1pm so we headed up to Deck 15 and the Solarium Bistro for something to eat. After 1pm we made our way to our cabin 14202 to drop off our carry on bags. The Hallway/Corridors are Colour coded into 4 different areas on each deck, 2 port and 2 Starboard so you know which side and section of the ship your cabin is on by the Colour for your section of deck. Like some New cruise ships today the doors open outwards from the cabin which is ok until your neighbour is coming out at the same time, the cabin was smaller than we expected after all this is a Mega ship of over 220,000 tons! The cabins we had on the Brilliance and Vision of the seas were Bigger in size; we also noticed that the cabin was lower in height which we guessed was due to lower decks to get more decks in. Storage room also seemed a lot less and for two week cruises many people will struggle, also the removal of bedside cabinets in favour of two open shelves were not helpful. The safe was woefully inadequate in size and the smallest we have ever come across anywhere. The desk come Vanity unit was also narrower than those on the other two ships and whoever designed the plug sockets underneath could not have been a Woman! We had a power strip with us which was very helpful; we found the bed to be the most uncomfortable of any of the ships we had travelled on previously. The bathroom was quite big though and for some reason RCI have chosen to make the sink very low which is not good if you are 6 feet tall or over! It was too low for us and we are average height people. They however have excelled themselves with the shower cubicle with sliding doors so no more clingy curtains, again storage space is poor in relation to their other ships. Access to your onboard account via the TV was again very welcome as was availability for shows and the extra pay restaurants, shame the TV. programmes available were very poor and there are still no facilities like subtitles for Deaf people! We waited what seemed an age for our cases and one had arrived when we got back from the Lifejacket drill in Studio B, another niggle here they send the Highest deck passengers to the lowest part of the ship! Which causes utter chaos, we waited until around 6-30pm and having checked about the second case were told that Security had it and we had to go down to deck 2 in order to collect it. Having made our way down to deck 2 it was clear why security had the case! Along with around 200 others. We had brought our travel iron and they were taking them off everybody who had one, in fact there were 3 bins full! We were told it would be returned on Friday and we were given a receipt for it. The security people were also taking bottles of Alcohol from people who had tried to get it onboard, one of the papers in the cabin said that Alcohol confiscated on Embarkation day would not be returned! We have no idea how people stand legally on that one. Food on the Oasis we found to be very good and cannot remember a bad meal, we were on Deck 5 of the main dining room having chosen the" my time dining" option which also gave us the option of pre booking our table every night online before the cruise. The first night as you would imagine was chaos because there were 2 lines of people in the entrance to the dining room, one side for those with reservations and the other for those without! What made it worse was that the signs for each queue were badly sited and in the wrong place however that was rectified two nights later after someone complained. We did have a complaint regarding what was worn at times in the dining room, the daily paper was quite clear that bare feet, caps, shorts and tank tops were not allowed! Every night including the formal night's people were allowed in with shorts and caps!! Which seems to make a dress code pointless in our opinion if RCI are going to allow it. The windjammer Buffet food was also very good but the size of only 700 seats is way too small for a ship of this size of some 6,000 people, one of the staff made comment that it was because there were other places to eat onboard and once people found their way around things would improve! Well yes there are but when more than 1,000 people want to eat the Buffet 700 seats are not enough! Maybe the sushi bar next to the Windjammer should have been moved down to deck 8 in Central park where some of the other pay extra eateries are in place of the Handbag shop! In order to make it bigger. A complaint regarding the Windjammer was that it closed at 3-30pm yet on other RCI ships one side usually stays open, this meant people having to go down from deck 16 to deck 5 in order to get something other than burgers available at the Wipeout cafe on deck 15. For the energetic out there two and a bit times around the jogging track is 1 mile, there are also the 2 flow riders and the zip line plus the Mini golf. Room service appeared to be a little on the slow side with an average delivery time of 30 to 40 minutes but then again it is a big ship, though they were always very helpful when you rang to order. The Electronic interactive boards on each deck close by the elevators (of which there are 32, 16 forward and 16 aft) are a great idea because you can check which places were not so busy when you want something to eat or which shows were still available plus a host of other things. The Captain made daily announcements at around mid day to inform us of our position and expected times of arrival in port. The shows on Oasis were Fabulous to watch and we reckon the best we have seen on a cruise ship so far, the diving show in the Aqua theatre, the Ice show in studio B, Come Fly with me and Hairspray although we missed the latter due to the long queues at Dinner on the First night. The Headliner show was also changed mid cruise which meant we had to miss that too. There are numerous other bars and music places for people to go to but on the Royal promenade we found it annoying to be able to hear music from one bar while in another across the other side! Central park on deck 8 was wonderful to walk around with all the trees and plants and it was hard to imagine you were on a cruise ship though the floor was somewhat slippery when it rained. We even saw a small bird which has managed to find itself a home. The Boardwalk on Deck 6 at the aft end was busy when the aqua theatre was in use but most times we found it fairly quiet, the Carousel was used more by Adults than children and this was confirmed by one of the staff operating it. There are outside tables at Johnny Rockets where you pay for Burgers etc (Free Breakfast) but there is a mad rush to get inside once the rain comes. The kid's pools are well laid out and the indoor area at the front of the ship on Deck 14 is really large so we doubt they would get bored. Our stop at Labadee was met with great weather and after a few hours sunbathing we decided to try the Dragons zip line which starts off at 500 feet high and is around half a mile long and is the longest zip line over water anywhere, since returning home we have found out that Suite passengers have their own private beach there and the bbq lunch is also better quality though we enjoyed ours. Suite passengers also have their own private deck to sunbathe on at the front of the ship above the Bistro. The Second stop was at Costa Maya where we headed to one of the beaches before returning to check out the shops at the port, strangely the cab fare back to the port was less than the Bus to the beach! Cozumel was our Final stop and we had pre booked a Wrangler jeep trip with our friends from Canada, we met our guide a Mexican called Fred! He took us to our transport where 2 other people were also waiting, there were only 2 jeeps in the convoy and we followed Fred n his trusty little car. We headed over to the South of the island and the Punta Sur Crocodile reserve before heading to a beach where the other 2 ladies in our group went snorkeling with Fred; we had all elected to stay on the beach in the Hammocks. We felt a few spots of rain and the sky over towards the port was quite Black and it was raining very heavily there. On our way back we hit the rain which cane down quite heavy for about 30 minutes but finally it cleared around 3pm to nice warm sunshine. Our trip back to Fort Lauderdale was uneventful apart from a few thunder and rain showers, leaving the ship was as easy as getting on and from ship to collecting luggage was again around 15 minutes and it is certainly a very smooth operation by RCL, our only complaint was that we were of the ship at 7-45am and our flight was not until 4pm! Yet other people with earlier flights were on ship later than us? The flight home from FLL to Atlanta left on time and landed early but the Atlanta to Manchester flight was delayed 90 minutes, when we collected our luggage at Manchester both cases had been quite badly damaged beyond further use. Would we travel on Oasis again or Allure? Well yes we would, despite there being 6,000 passengers onboard and the few niggles that we found during our weeks cruise. At times it did not feel like there were so many people onboard apart from meal times but then you can get that on every ship. We would recommend Oasis to everyone to at least try once and marvel not just at the shows but at this magnificent piece of engineering, most of the time we hardly knew the ship was moving and it was only when you actually looked out to sea that you knew that you were. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
We sailed from FLL on 23/10/10 on our Eastern Caribbean cruise. We booked with Thomas cook who were great and ended up paying what I thought was a fair price, we didn't want the hassle of booking separate flights, hotels and ... Read More
We sailed from FLL on 23/10/10 on our Eastern Caribbean cruise. We booked with Thomas cook who were great and ended up paying what I thought was a fair price, we didn't want the hassle of booking separate flights, hotels and transfers etc... (Even though we all know we can save when it comes to booking these items separately). We had two nice flights with BA from Newcastle to Heathrow and then Heathrow into Miami. We had a bit of trouble with Miami immigration as we were told to stand in a line which was for US citizens only and when we got to the front of the Q this imigration officer who tyhought he knew it all told us to turn around and stand in the correct line, so my first tip is just follow the signs and do what you think is rite and don't let anybody tell you what to do when the left hand is clearly doing different things to the right. So when they finally decided we were just there to inject a few thousand of our English pounds into their tourism trade and then come home they let us through their boarder. When we got into the arrivals lounge we were greeted by a nice guy holding up a large table tennis bat with an RCI badge on it (we also saw a couple of other people who had the same sort of treatment with passport control). We were taken to our hotel by bus which was the Hilton FLL marina. Really nice hotel, if you go there ask for a balcony on the harbor side. If you are like me and can't sleep when over exited you will love waking at around 4-5am to watch the Oasis sail in along with some of the other cruise ships. This is the first time when you get to see the size of thing. IT'S MASSIVE. So the next mourning we gave our bags to the hotel and were then taken to the coach for what was a small ride to the terminal. Time and time again I am reading how good the process was of getting on the ship and once again it must not have been more than 20 mins from arrival to boarding the ship. We went straight to Windjammers for some food but it was as full as ever so didn't stay to long. We then went to explore this amazing ship and we must have lost a few hours in doing so as we got on the ship at around 12pm and we were sailing in no time. We had an Ocean view stateroom with window only so we went on top deck to watch us sail out but my family had a balcony so they stayed in their stateroom for that. The ship was just great. You had to keep reminding yourself you were actually on a boat. The different areas were all great. One of our favorites was central park. It was so nice to just sit out there with a coffee from the park cafe. I am not interested in sun bathing but do love fresh air and it was allot quieter there than up on top deck. Boardwalk was great and there were some really good dive shows in the aqua theater not to mention the belly flop contest which Scotty won hands down. The Royal prom was massive with the mezzanine level. We didn't do much in entertainment place and a word of warning has to be the casino which was the most smoke filled place I have ever been. I think my brother was as impressed as he was on the indipendance with the kids area, we saw him for the first couple of days but when he found some mates he seemed to vanish for the rest of the holiday. The sports and games areas were good with loads of stuff to do like table tennis, mini golf and basket ball. The Flo rider and zip line were up there aswell. For me the best area on the ship like many others has to be the solarium, with a place that is restricted to adults only you will never have trouble finding a chair and with it being encased in glass you can even go up there at night for a Jacuzzi and not be cold. Everything to do with food. We were in my time dining so went to deck five that night to Q for our table and amazingly got sat down within 5 mins, I know some people have been complaining of a full dining room but I think I would rather that than waiting to sit for an hour or two as there isn't enough tables. We were served by Rose and Christopher Fernandez who were on the balcony over to the right as you walk in on level five, these two were the nicest two members of staff I found on the whole ship, they were amazing and got lots of extra tip money from us. It was no problem in getting these two waiters even though we were on my time. As far as the different places to eat there was so much choice we didn't get round them all, We only went to Windjammer twice, don't go there its nothing special and its always crowded, Best place for breakfast is the opus or for a lighter option the solarium, best for lunch after that big breakfast is the park cafe for an amazing make your own salad and roast beef Sandwhich. tea time snacks are great on the promenade with sorentos doing a great pizza and wipeout on deck 15 (maybe 14) doing some really nice naughty snacks like natchos and hot dogs. Night time had to be the Opus, great selection great service and great atmosphere. Only place we paid extra for was Jonny Rockets, we wanted to see what was so good about it - best burger I have ever had, enough said. I think we would want to pay the extra for Chops and Giovanis the next time we go as it seemed to have very good reviews, We just felt all the places you didnt have to pay for were that good we didnt need to pay the extra, Staterooms. Ours was good. Nice simple ocean view with window and no balcony. Big enough for us but I can see why some people have complained of a small room. I think worst thing about the room was the stupid location of the only socket which was under the dresser, my tip for that would be to take a converter with a 4-way extension so the sockets can be on top of the dresser and not under it. My parents did have the balconey and i think it was a nice touch as the only crowded place on the ship was top deck and it was hard to get quiet time outside. I didnt like the look of the internal balconey cabins as it just didnt seem very private not to mention your view would never change, balconeys on central park were the nicest and also if you didnt mind the noise it would have been good to have a balconey over looking the aqua-theater. Ports of call. All in all I thought they were poor. If you don't want to buy expensive diamonds and watches then you won't be interested. paying to get into the more rural parts of the islands to discover their way of life if money well spent if you ask me. We did the underwater adventure in St Maarten which was great but be careful of sea sickness. The staff. All were great apart from guest services, I found them a bit rude and just wanted rid of you but that may have just been a one off, not a bad word to say about any of the other members of staff Bad things and things i would have changed. Before I critsise anything I want to say we have booked again for the Oasis and we have already upgraded to a balconey cabin. I think the boat was quite full, allot of people say it was and some say it wasnt but the indipendance felt allot quieter. DONT GO TO WINDJAMMERS!!! its the easy way out but for god sake the food is poor and the place is just so full. Next time we will be paying the extra to go to the nicer restrurants. If you dont want to shop in the ports then make sure you pay for an excursion in each place, dont just get off the ship and walk around without anything planned. No dought I have missed loads out but I dont want to ramble on. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
Embarkation: We were greeted with a smile by the staff members, they were friendly and professional. There was no line and we moved along very quickly. Our cabin was not ready, therefore; we walked around on the promenade and enjoyed ... Read More
Embarkation: We were greeted with a smile by the staff members, they were friendly and professional. There was no line and we moved along very quickly. Our cabin was not ready, therefore; we walked around on the promenade and enjoyed snack. Cabin: We had a balcony cabin #14290 with an ocean view which had more closet space, storage space than Freedom of the Seas. The bathroom was small. Our cabin steward was outstanding, very helpful, prompt and friendly. He kept the cabin very clean and made sure the towels were clean in our bathroom. Dining: The dining room, Windjammer and the specialty restaurants we attended were very good. The waiters and head waiter was very nice, concern, and made you feel as if they knew you for awhile. He would always give suggestions and if he knew you was allergic to certain foods, he made sure you had a menu to make a selection for the next day. The Ship: The Oasis of the Seas is a beautiful ship, but it is a little big for me. I really enjoyed Central Park. There was array of plants, park benches, places to dine, a winery, and romantic lights during the night. The Boardwalk was nice with several places to eat and entertainment. I was expecting more people to be in that area. The Promenade was alive with entertainment, shopping, lounges and to get a bite. The crew decorated the ship for Halloween which made it very interesting. People were dressed in all types of costumes and the crew. It was a sight to be seen. And the cruise director he was awesome. Entertainment: The shows were very good and I enjoyed them. Hairspray and Come Fly With Me was very good. The entertainment in the promenade was very entertaining and we enjoyed them. The pool area was great along with the entertainment. The youth area was beautiful and well organize. We explored this area along with one of the crew members. Disembarkation: It went so smoothly, it was scary. Excellent. I had a fantastic time and I recommend you try it before you knock it. Even though it is a huge ship, I'm going on the sister ship Allure of the Seas (10-16-2011). Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
After a week in Orlando with a 12 and an 11 year old, we were really looking forward to boarding the Oasis of the Seas and the kids were almost bursting with excitement. We weren't disappointed! The boarding process was relatively ... Read More
After a week in Orlando with a 12 and an 11 year old, we were really looking forward to boarding the Oasis of the Seas and the kids were almost bursting with excitement. We weren't disappointed! The boarding process was relatively painless, the staff and port officials being efficient, if a little humourless. We were quickly boarded and then needed to wait in the public areas whilst the cabins were cleaned and prepared. This was no bad thing but it would have been nice if a crew member had been on hand to explain the options. Once we got to our cabin we were really quite impressed. Although small, the best use had been made of the available space and the bathroom was really well set out and equipped. Everything was clean, spotless even, and the cabin smelt fresh and clean. Disappointed there was no curtain to separate the kids sleeping area from ours. The wife was not impressed. The interactive TV was a disappointment as it didn't seem to work and navigating through the menus was slow and eventually pointless. This meant that we couldn't reserve tickets for the shows although most were just turn up and go anyway. We did miss the comedy shows which was a disappointment. The ships restaurants were very good, the windjammer being our most popular venue as it suited our timetables and the kids were happy with the choice. The kids also visited the various venues around the ship where they could enjoy inclusive sandwiches, doughnuts and iced yogurt. My wife and I were happy with all the bars and found queuing hardly necessary at all. We also bought the drinks package for the kids which was well worthwhile. My wife and I ate out one night in the Chops Steak restaurant and were both very impressed by the food, speed and quality of service and the wine list. The decor was great too, made us feel like were were eating in a uptown New York restaurant. And the load Americans added to the image, which actually was great! There was loads to do with plenty of space around the pools, the adults only Spa areas, the Flow-Riders with 4 lanes in total, 2 for beginners (US!) and 2 for experienced surfers. Although there were queues they went down reasonably and the staff were attentive and helpful. Slightly aggrieved that our youngest was pronounced tall enough in the morning but too small in the afternoon! Oh well, he got over it by spending time climbing up the rock climbing walls which were huge and great to watch. Bit too tricky for dad though! Apparently the ship was sailing full but it didn't feel it, it always felt spacious and comfortable. All the queues went down quickly and there were always helpful crew members on hand to assist. The activities also included ice skating, table tennis, crazy golf and arcade games. I'm sure there were many others but we didn't go any further with the sporty side of things. The shows really were great, and the interaction with the crew and guests was fantastic. We entered several competitions and really did have fun. We also saw the Texas Tenors, winners of the Americas Got Talent competition. Very impressed and happy to see something we would otherwise never get chance to see. The cruise director (a Brit) really let his hair down and always seemed to be doing something. If he wasn't on the TV doing 'spoof shows', he was on deck just being mad. All the shows were aimed at entertaining the masses and were extremely successful. It helped with the American attitudes of encouragement, usually sadly lacking in the UK. There was a fancy dress show for Halloween which we weren't made aware of prior to boarding but the American guests (80% of the guests) were obviously aware and made a great show of it. The whole experience was one we would definitely want to replicate with or without the kids. On such a large ship its easy to get away from the hustle and bustle. My only concern is that on such a large ship, there will be limits as to where it can dock so the itinerary might suffer. But as an all action activity ship, with respite ares for kids, no problems! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
Cruise aboard Oasis of the Seas, 16th October 2010 - Western Caribbean. This is an account of our 2010 holiday, when in October we spent 16 wonderful days, split between 7 days in Kissimmee in a wonderful Villa, owned by our ... Read More
Cruise aboard Oasis of the Seas, 16th October 2010 - Western Caribbean. This is an account of our 2010 holiday, when in October we spent 16 wonderful days, split between 7 days in Kissimmee in a wonderful Villa, owned by our friend Mike Davies, and then 7 nights aboard the amazing Oasis of the Seas on a Western Caribbean Itinerary, followed by a post cruise stay in Fort Lauderdale. Ever since my wife Karen, and I, experienced our very first cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas way back in November 2004, we were hooked for good. It was not a holiday that we had ever dreamed or thought of doing, but we were walking past the travel agent's in our home town looking for something a little bit different, when we saw this holiday advertised for 7 nights doing the Med, visiting a different place every day for a sum of £594 per person full board, including RCCL Flights from Glasgow, (knowing what I know now, they must have been throwing it out the door at cost even then) Bargain! We thought so we went ahead and booked it! Even then the Splendour of the Seas, sitting at no more than 70,000 G.T. was gigantic and a sight to behold, and once we embarked couldn't believe our eyes! This ship had everything, 2 pools, (one indoor), endless entertainment, free flowing food and four star attention to detail. At the Captain's address on formal night, he welcomed us to his ship and amongst other things disgustedly informed us that Royal Caribbean's Flagship Voyager Class ship, once the largest cruise ship in the world, got its accolade ripped from them by the audacity of Cunard building of the 150,000 G.T. Queen Mary 2. he then said with cheeky grin that not to worry because Royal Caribbean had an ace up it's sleeve with commencement of a 160,000 G.T. cruise ship build for completion in mid 2006, and maybe expect a project of mind blowing proportions further into the future, of course at this time this meant nothing to us. Combine that with visiting a different port and 3 countries during our 7 day adventure and it was a holiday made in heaven as we don't like staying put in the one place. But the memory that will stay with me forever was the disembarkation morning, during breakfast and when everyone was mulling around waiting to get off, you could see genuine sadness every person's eyes. Nobody wanted the holiday to end and everyone was reluctant to go home. This is when it struck me how good cruising was, and how I wanted to find out more about it. But it wasn't until 2007 that we experienced cruising again. This was the year that we got married and decided that this was how we wanted to spend our honeymoon, and this time it was Navigator of the Seas. I am a bit of a techno geek and I wanted to try a bigger ship and heard that this 138,000 G.T. monster somehow had a street running through the middle of it! "How the hell can that happen?" I thought to myself. We had our cruise later on in the year in October from Southampton doing the Canaries and flew down from Glasgow. As we approached the dock this, 'Titanic piece of engineering' came into our range of vision and everyone on the coach just 'gasped'. There was no sinking feeling though as we boarded the ship. My first memory was embarking, and going up the aft lifts to Deck 8. I got out and was just taking everything in when I looked to my left I just stopped in my tracks. Before me was the Royal Promenade and it was massive and just something that should not be present on a ship! I just stood there gobsmacked and said "WOW!" So, it was these 2 instances that got me interested in Cruise Ships and in particular large and innovative ships at that. When on the Navigator we heard talk from the likes of the Dining Room Waiters and various other staff on the ship buzzing about this brand new and amazing massive ship that Royal Caribbean had in the pipelines. I came off that cruise excited about everything cruising and want to find out much, much more about different cruise lines, what their ships had to offer and sample as many as I could. Not long after that, the first publicity photo's appeared of this "Oasis of the Seas" 225,000 G.T. of ship with an open area down the middle of the ship with INSIDE Balconies and a Real Park growing in it. I couldn't hold my excitement and proclaimed there and then that we would be on that ship,' one day... After it got launched in December 2008, I kept an eye out on the fares hoping that I would get even an inside stateroom at the right price, but combined with the flights, it was an absolute fortune. It wasn't until July of 2009 that I found a C1 Inside Balcony Stateroom, looking over Central Park for a steal - it worked out around £550 per person, cruise only. Better than a mediocre Inside Cabin, so we snapped it up. This was for cruise only, so I had to package my own flights and accommodation. By this time I had coaxed 3 other friends to come with us to share this experience. To make this the best holiday ever for the 6 of us, I had an idea where to spend the first week in Orlando to visit Disney and Universal Theme Parks, then drive down to Fort Lauderdale to join the Oasis on the second week of our holiday, and this is exactly what we done. The first week we spent the week at the lovely Mike and Lesley Davies's beautiful Villa in Kissimmee. This was a perfect villa and a great way to enhance our holiday, because between the six of us, we got an extra week of our Florida holiday for around £160* pp, and that included car rental for the week. This I would recommend to anyone who would like to cruise from Florida in the future. The first week was amazing, but the second week was what I had been waiting for, for about 2 years, and all my expectations were about to be realised....... SHIP VISIT / CRUISE - OASIS OF THE SEAS, 7NT WESTERN CARIBBEAN DEP 16TH October 2010 Labadee Haiti, Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico When we drove near the ship, the first thing we could see was the AFT, with the open area where you could see the inside balconies and part of the Aqua Theater. I was immediately wowed, and bearing in mind that our three friends were all first time cruisers, you could imagine the sense of excitement in the car. Of course, my wife Karen's first comment about the ship was, "It doesnae look that big! I thought it would have been bigger than that!" it really does take a lot to exceed her expectations, but once she boarded i'm sure she changed her mind! The purpose built embarkation building at Port Everglades was amazing, and it lived up to its boast that it could check you in and have you boarded within 15 minutes - and bearing in mind there were 5701 passengers sailing on this cruise, that is quite some feat! Then it was time to board the ship! Where do I start to describe this amazing feat of engineering? Well, let's try and start from the bottom and make our way up to the top! Deck 3 is where the innovations start with the Studio B Ice Rink, and following the lead from the Voyager and Freedom Class, Royal Caribbean Ships being the only ships at sea that can offer this. Again wonderful productions were offered and revered by everyone. As we go up a deck to 4, to Entertainment Place, we have exciting venues such as the largest Casino I have ever seen at sea, Blaze, the nightclub for us young ones to dance away to the wee sma' hours, Jazz on 4, which as the name suggests offers the very best of Jazz Music, and then we have, Comedy Live, this is Royal Caribbean's new venture to bring 'well known' American comedians on board for a laugh a minute entertainment. Unfortunately, unless you are American, I very much doubt that you will find any of the comedians funny. American humour just isn't the same as anyone from the UK. Myself, Stuart and Tam went here as a prelude for a "boys night out", but we failed to generate a laugh from the comedians the whole time we were there. Some of the other passengers however, were a scream! There was one woman sitting not far from us absolutely peeing herself and slapping her hand on the table. Obviously she was American.. Deck 5 now, and the Royal Promenade, wider and more expansive than ever. In here you will find the usual features, such as Guest Relations, the English Globe and Atlas Pub (where you are allowed to smoke in and is very smelly), Champagne Bar and a host of other familiar venues. New venues such as the On Air Sports Bar, which has an abundance of Plasma Screens with major Sporting Viewings on, and at night it turns into a Karaoke Mecca for all those budding singers! Also in Deck 5 is the amazing Rising Tide Bar. this breathtaking innovation is a bar that slowly rises from Deck 5, up 3 Decks to 8 and into Central Park, which is simply mind-boggling in itself that it is in a ship in the first place, but I will get to this a little bit later on after I take you to ANOTHER amazing part of the ship, which is the Boardwalk I am mindful that I have used the word, 'amazing' quite a lot in this account of the ship, but believe me, there is no other expletive to describe this simply unbelievable piece of engineering. Deck 6 Aft, and again, the Boardwalk is another 'WOW' in this tour of the Oasis of the Seas. This area represents a traditional olde style seaside style boardwalk, complete with a Seafood Shack, Ice Cream Parlour, Johnny Rockets™ Burger Bar, Sweetie and Candy Floss shop and Smile photo shop where you can dress up in hundreds of different costumes and the photo is finished in the old fashioned Sepia or Black and White formats. Really good fun! There is also another first at sea, Carousel Ride to which I do admit to having a shot of, much to the embarrassment of my companions. Also on this Deck we have Royal Caribbean's Signature Rock Climbing Walls, but of course, on the Oasis there are 2 and are considerably higher than any of the other ship classes in the fleet. But if you tilt your head skywards there is another 'At Sea' first - the Zip Line. From Deck 15 you can fly diagonally over the Boardwalk with nothing below you except fresh air. Totally unbelievable! You think that is all that there is to be said about the Boardwalk? Then think again, because I haven't got to the Showcase Feature, (well on this deck anyway), the Aqua Theater. The 700-seat Aqua Theater is found on deck 6, at the aft end of the ship. The Aqua Theater has both a daytime water show called "Splish Splash", and a night time show called "Oasis of Dreams". Its 17-foot, 9-inch deep pool. Three pool lifts, lighting, and underwater cameras enhance the shows. The divers use 3 different locations--the 3 meter springboards and two spots on the huge towers--one at 10 meters and the other at 18 meters. Guests can watch the show live and on its two huge video screens. This is one of the best and awe-inspiring performances that I have ever seen at sea, and anywhere else for that matter! In addition to the water shows, the Aqua Theater has dancing fountains with four types of nozzles, including one nicknamed "gargoyle" that shoots high enough to hit the Crown & Anchor RCI logo over the pool. It also hosts the famous 'Belly Flop' Competition, and if you can imagine in excess of 700 people watching ordinary cruisers fight for the coveted title, it really is a hilarious sight to behold! Moving on now to Deck 8 any yet another amazing Royal Caribbean and Cruise Line first - Central Park. The Central Park neighbourhood is a beautiful outdoor park area. Flanked on both sides by 324 inward-facing balcony staterooms overlooking the park, shady Central Park features winding pathways, flower gardens, quiet seating, and tropical trees. On our cruise, as we were leaving Haiti, a massive thunderstorm of biblical proportions was occurring, and it was just surreal that we were in our balcony, overlooking the Inside the ship, with rain pouring down onto a tropical park, 3 decks down. In addition to the excitement of the park, it was also a place to relax and dine, with speciality restaurants such as Chops Grille, 150 Central Park and Giovanni's Table. But also there are bars to just kick back and relax like the Trellis Bar, Park Cafe and Vintages. And if you are in a buying mood, the Central Park is also the location of the Parkside Gallery, full of fine arts, and also for the discerning lady, the famous COACH Brand has a shop full of the latest fashions. The next major feature of Oasis of the Seas is the Pool Areas of Deck 15, which boasts 4 different Poolside and relaxing experiences. Firstly we have the Main Pool, which is pretty much a standard looking area, and to what you would recognise on any RCCL ship. Then we have the Beach Pool, which is quirky in the way that one side of the pool elevates up from the pool edge to the deckchair area, effectively submerging the first 2 rows chair legs in water for the 'beach effect', and it did look pretty cool. The third pool area was the, 'Sports Pool'. Here was where entertainment such as water volleyball, basketball etc, and water aerobics were held for the health freaks, and was enjoyed by many on our cruise. Again another very clever option. Lastly, the H2O Zone, where with our 3 year old we spent the most time. Calum absolutely loved playing here, and we were here at least a couple of hours every day where he had a number of water features to play with, including a large whirlpool where water jets propelled the occupants around for hours on end, and also water guns to where I was terrorised frequently with him, and other children spraying me with water. Of course I had to join in the fun and retaliate, and I didn't get escorted from the premises so that was a bonus! But in addition to all that at the Aft of the ship, we had not 1 but 2 Flowriders! This was the first time I had been on a ship with such apparatus and it was great fun. Being a novice at both surfing and boogie boarding I was regularly unceremoniously thrown off the boards into the surf, but it really was the best fun I have ever had on a cruise ship! As there are a lot of positives about this amazing cruise ship, but it has to be said that for a ship of this size there are bound to be some negatives. And the main one for me is the fact that you have to pre-book every headline show on the ship. Everything from "Hairspray" to the Ice Show or even down to the Comedy Club, everything has to be booked via the booking dashboard on RCCL's website. Which in theory is a good idea, but when you have booked to watch Hairspray at 1430hrs on a Sea Day when the sun is splitting the sky and you are relaxed at the pool, this gives you no motivation to get packed up, dressed and make your way down to a dark theatre to watch even a show as spectacular as this showpiece. In my opinion these shows should be shown at traditional times at night when you are ready to see such a production. At this point I am going to end my ship review. There are surely a raft of other things that I have not mentioned or even brushed upon the subject. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information. But in the meantime I have taken many pictures to give you visual appreciation of this wonderful ship to complement the review of above. Please take a look and I will be happy to hear your feedback! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000224120819&v=photos or look up John Mair on facebook please contact me on johnhmair@gocruise.co.uk to tell me about your experiences or feedback on this ship and the review itself. Kind regards, John Mair Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
Previous Oasis reviews didn't do justice to the great experience of sailing on this awesome ship! First let me give you some idea about the makeup of our group. I am a full time power wheelchair user who celebrated my 60th birthday ... Read More
Previous Oasis reviews didn't do justice to the great experience of sailing on this awesome ship! First let me give you some idea about the makeup of our group. I am a full time power wheelchair user who celebrated my 60th birthday onboard. The age range of our group was 24 - 69, with 2 others in our group celebrating 60-something birthdays during our sailing. Seven in our group flew in from Germany joining 4 of us from Florida.....3 of the German family members had never cruised prior to our Oasis cruise. We had first-time cruisers, 4 Gold C&A members, 2 Platinum members and 2 Diamond members. By the way, if you are a Diamond member don't miss the Diamond Club on Deck 6....very well located and very nicely set up. A big part of the Oasis experience is not only the great attention to detail that went into building this amazingly fun ship, but also the thought and planning that results in not feeling there are 6000 passengers onboard. We all made our own hotel and travel reservations prior to our cruise. The morning of departure we all arrived for check-in at 10:30 am. True to others check-in reviews, it was fast, friendly and efficient. We were onboard by 11:05 am. It's a nice touch having your SeaPass card photo taken as you check in. Note, remember to have your "Welcome Aboard" photo taken just prior to boarding so your ship photos will be filed using the face-recognition system. That means all your photos taken by ship photographers will be in a personal binder that is easy to find and view your pictures. FYI, there were at least 6 ship photographers taking "Welcome Aboard" pictures before you physically board the ship which was quick and cut down on congestion. We took the first couple of hours to explore the ship. Jaw dropping from the beginning. We had our first of many great meals at the Park Cafe....and yes, we loved the roast beef sandwiches. Spending time in Central Park throughout the week was always a treat. Entertainment: We made reservations for the production shows prior to sailing. I can't encourage you enough to do this. It saves you missing other things to enjoy onboard if you are trying to make show reservations during the cruise and perhaps finding shows sold out. I would give the shows we attended all 10s, using a scale where 10 is the best. We attended Hairspray, Oasis of Dreams water show, Come Fly with Me aerial acrobatic show, the Comedy Club and the ice skating show. Performers are top-notch in all shows and costumes and sets were great. One BIG tip, to get the best seats even with reservations, show up at least 30 min. prior to show time. The only down side for us was our early dining room seating for dinner ran too close to some of our show reservations that started at 8:30 pm. You don't want to rush your evening dining experience by hurrying off to a show. Due to a change in itineraries, some show times were changed, but all the changes were automatically changed for us and a message about this was on the Interactive TV messages area. Make sure you use your Interactive TV system throughout the week for checking messages and your onboard account plus a large number of other Interactive choices. Activities: Six in our group used the zip line, 4 used the Flowrider for boogie boarding and surfing, several used the exercise/workout area, and several walked daily. The walking track on deck 5 away from the pool areas is an improvement. The pools and hot tubs were also used and enjoyed by most in our group. A surprise to me was the lovely 2-deck solarium has a round small "pool" that is really not suited for swimming. However, with all the other pool options, it makes sense not to waste this great space with a large pool. As for the casino, most in our group didn't spend too much time giving Royal Caribbean our money :o) Oasis has lots of activities.....just enjoy and don't try doing them all. Staterooms: Our group occupied a variety of stateroom types. My husband and I enjoyed a Jr. Suite and loved the balcony, the walk-in closet and the in-room coffee and tea set-up. The balcony area and furniture were very nice. Remember to keep your Master Switch turned on if you want your A/C to stay on. Watch the "Welcome" message on your stateroom TV for this and other information. We had plenty of storage space and suitcases fit under the bed easily. Two others had balcony rooms and were very satisfied. One couple had a Central Park balcony and enjoyed it especially watching activity in Central Park. The last room was an interior that slept 3. There was a pull-out couch for the 3rd bed which was made up each evening by the room steward. Everyone seemed very pleased with the staterooms. Dining: With 24 eating options on this ship, it would be hard NOT to find something to eat. We ate at Johnny Rockets for breakfast and would recommend it. Two things....make sure to order "The Works" in addition to your breakfast order, and arriving for breakfast when it first opens is a good idea. We ordered room service once for breakfast and it was good. Nice touch that you simply order using the TV. We loved Park Cafe....my favorite for quick and yummy food selections. The Solarium Bistro is a buffet. We ate there once but since I'm in a wheelchair getting around and being able to see and read the food labels wasn't the easiest. Promenade Cafe and Sorrentos Pizza are still good choices for light fare or pizza. New addition at Sorrentos is a "Create Your Own" pizza area where the choices are plentiful and interesting. In addition, there are 4 ready made pizzas to order by the slice. We never went to the Windjammer because there were so many other choices. We ate at Chops and Izumi as the 2 per-person charge restaurants. We give both 2 thumbs up for quality of food and service. If you go to Izumi, do a combination dinner that includes hot rock cooking. We love Japanese food and it was outstanding, to include soup, sushi, hot rock and dessert sampler! We agreed as return cruisers and with so many food venues, the main dining room was fine but not over the top. We had 3 different evenings where service was extremely slow and uneven plus a couple hiccups by the waiter seemed surprising since they were so basic. No biggie though since we had so many other choices of places to eat. Ports of Call: We did some birthday shopping at St. Thomas and Crown Bay has a nice selection of stores. My wheelchair prevents us from doing excursions or going downtown. Everyone who went ashore in our group went shopping and enjoyed it. St. Maarten was a quick on and off the ship for my husband and me because we can only shop at the port. Others took the water taxi into town for some shopping and got a few small souvenirs. We didn't get off the ship in Nassau for the same inaccessible transportation reasons as the other ports. Also, in Nassau, the stores within walking distance of the ship mostly have at least 1 big step at the entrances. So we spend days at ports like these enjoying the ship almost by ourselves. Service: We have noticed in the past couple years that RC service has really been great and we never thought it lacking before that. The staff on Oasis really were great, friendly and seemed to go out of their way to assist the passengers. The service overall ran like a well-oiled machine. Disembarkation: Disembarking the ship at 7:05 am was as smooth and quick as it was for our embarkation. We walked right off the ship, got our bags and a porter, quickly cleared customs and were at our car by 7:30 am. Amazing! Summary: Do not stop, do not pass "Go," and do not collect $200.....BOOK a cruise on Oasis at your earliest convenience. It is the quintessential cruise vacation! We definitely plan to go on another Oasis cruise or an Allure cruise. Nothing compares to a week on Oasis of the Seas....except maybe a back-to-back cruise! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
Oasis of the Seas November 6-13, 2010 (itin done in reverse order due to Hurricane Tomas) Eastern Caribbean Ports •St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau •Ages: 51 and 59 - no kids. We cruised to celebrate my ... Read More
Oasis of the Seas November 6-13, 2010 (itin done in reverse order due to Hurricane Tomas) Eastern Caribbean Ports •St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau •Ages: 51 and 59 - no kids. We cruised to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday •Cabin: 9192 - D1 Balcony Overall this was a GREAT cruise. The ship is awesome - nothing like I have ever seen before. I will evaluate category by category. I will not review the ports as they have been reviewed many times. This cruise was for the ship and it did not disappoint. I would recommend the ship to anyone. Embarkation and disembarkation were the fastest and most efficient we have ever experienced. We used luggage valet and I would highly recommend this. It is well worth the $20 per person. Cabin The layout was a bit weird. The closet was next to the bed which made it hard to get into the closet and it had to be one person at a time - no room for two. The other item that has been discussed is the placement of the electrical outlets - absolutely ridiculous. You have to practically be a contortionist to get to the ones under the mirror by the balcony door. I am not sure how elderly people get to them, especially people with bad knees or a bad back. There are ZERO outlets in the bathroom. I also found the cabin seemed to be narrow in comparison to the Jewel D1 balcony cabins. But that may not be the case. Other than that, the cabin was fine. It was very quiet and in a great location. My parents had a mini-suite on Deck 7 - 242 to be specific. It was terrific...would recommend that if you can afford the extra bucks. Due to a flood on the previous cruise they had new carpet, bedding and some furniture I believe. Rumor was a broken water pipe. Supposedly it is on You Tube. Food Very mediocre. We were surprised by this but it did not make or break the cruise. The service in the dining room was also mediocre. We always had to ask for more water, rolls, wine, etc. The food was really disappointing in the dining room as far as choices went. Also the Windjammer was not up to par when compared to the Jewel of the Seas. Same for dining room food. JOS had much better food. Also room service (standard) coffee was simply terrible. So we paid for Starbucks at Cafe Promenade or Mondo Cafe. Also half and half were almost impossible to come by other than at Mondos. Our Favorite Area Solarium, hands down. It was nice and quiet, comfy chairs and covered. We made friends with Luis and Natalie at the Solarium Bar. They were a lot of fun. The Solarium Bistro also had healthier food choices and we enjoyed this venue a lot. We also really enjoyed Cafe Promenade which is open 24 hours. The small sandwiches are really good and the cookies were fabulous. Gym I worked out every day and also used the jogging track. This ship had the best gym of any ship we have been on. Ditto on the jogging track. The gym was never overly crowded and there is plenty of cardio equipment. Shops on Royal Promenade Very disappointing as far as RCCL logo items go. Not many choices and underwhelming. The other shops were just so-so in variety and just nothing to write home about. Pool Area We were not out at the pool at all believe it or not. The weather was not great and we decided we liked the solarium more for this trip. Entertainment We saw Hairspray, Frozen in Time and Come Fly With Me. All were simply spectacular and I can say this is the best entertainment we have seen on any of our cruises. Aqua Show was cancelled one night and the reschedule was not convenient so we did not see this show but I heard it was great. Cruise Director Allan Brooks - not our favorite and this was a bit disappointing but not a big deal. He was just not that funny and the only time we ever saw him was on television. It is a big ship so it is hard to be everywhere. He did close the shows at night and was funnier then. Please feel free to email me at lisa.hudson@hp.com if you want more specific or additional information. I am happy to share. Overall I would give this cruise 8 out of 10 stars. Would I do Oasis again, probably not but that has nothing to do with anything other than we did it once, and don't need to do it again. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
PRECRUISE:This was the 3rd of 3 b2b2b cruises. Sailed Grandeur on a 4 nighter out of FLL, transferred to Miami with SAS, sailed Majesty on a 4 nighter, returned to FLL with SAS, stayed 1 night at Sheraton FLL airport and used Royal ... Read More
PRECRUISE:This was the 3rd of 3 b2b2b cruises. Sailed Grandeur on a 4 nighter out of FLL, transferred to Miami with SAS, sailed Majesty on a 4 nighter, returned to FLL with SAS, stayed 1 night at Sheraton FLL airport and used Royal Caribbean transfer to FLL cruiseport. This was our only problem with the entire trip. Our Royal Caribbean transfer to the cruiseport was to pick us up between 1l:30 and 12:00. When they still weren't there at 12:25 I called RCC and after several minutes on the phone I was advised that they couldn't get them to answer the phone and I could take a cab and they would reimburse me. The Sheraton bellman told us that they were quite often about an hour late and that it would be a big bus. We took a cab and it was only $20 and we didn't have to wait while they loaded a large bus with passengers and luggage. ARRIVAL AT PORT: Arrival at port was smooth and getting on the ship was very easy, about 10 minutes total. Because of Hurricane Tomas passing by the Captain changed our Nassau port to the end of our cruise instead of the beginning of the cruise, which I think is a better fit for this cruise. We could spend the first two days getting to know the ship, rather than in port. SHOWS: We had prebooked our shows (these can be booked about 90 days ahead of time online) and we were glad we did. We did late seating for dinner although we prefer early dining because it seemed to fit with show times better. We heard a Diamond member who didn't know to prebook shows complaining about missing shows and having to stand in the standby line for the shows to try and get a seat. We did do the standby line for the Comedy show (we arrived 30 minutes early) and got in after a 15 minute wait. I don't think they prebook all of the seats eventhough they will close online prebooking. There shows are like Las Vegas shows. The Come Fly With Me Show is amazing. OUR CABIN (BOARDWALK VIEW): This cabin had the best of both worlds to me. It had a view at the back at the water, a view of the water shows (which we watched from our balcony) and a view of the activities on the boardwalk. Our cabin was third from the back of the ship and a long walk to the elevator, but we liked it. The activities on the Boardwalk were kid parades, Johnny Rockets waiters dancing, the diving show, clowns making balloon animals, and the carousel. OVERALL IMPRESSION: WOW!!! Shows, friendliness of crew, cleanliness of the ship, and the dining room. The public areas were above my expectations: LARGE and BEAUTIFUL. The ship only felt crowded in the Windjammer. We didn't return there we learned there were so many other dining venues that we didn't use the buffet and enjoyed eating at different venues for each meal and we only dined at free venues. (Windjammer, Dining Room, Promenade Cafe, Park Cafe, Johnny Rockets for breakfast, Solarium, Donut Shack, and Sorrento's. Sorrento's and the Park Cafe were our favorites. I truly forgot I was on a ship which is my only negative about this ship. It has very little outside deck space. From the pool and sports deck you are so high up you lose the feeling of the sea. Deck 5 has a wraparound jogging track, but it is behind the life boats and only has limited views of the sea and no sitting areas. Everything else was A+. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
Let me begin by saying that RCCL has revolutionized the cruising experience with this ship and here it goes: Check-in: arrived at pier at 10:45 A.M. on the ship by 11:15 A.M.. This included baggage handling, parking, checking in, taking ... Read More
Let me begin by saying that RCCL has revolutionized the cruising experience with this ship and here it goes: Check-in: arrived at pier at 10:45 A.M. on the ship by 11:15 A.M.. This included baggage handling, parking, checking in, taking the "Welcome Aboard" photo and walking into the Promenade. Cabin: Love the new design. The closet is positioned differently so that you don't get stuck in the hallway between the bathroom door and the closet. The flat screen is a plus. The bedding is awesome and plush! The balcony was good as usual.. Cabin Stewart: "Cat" was awesome. We had connecting balcony cabins. Our daughter's were next door and he really catered to them which is important to us! Lot's of "towel art" Dining: WOW! Ate at 12 different places. No lines no wait! The ship has touch screens everywhere that you can use to get "Dining" options with wait times all day long. Phenomenal! As mentioned made absolutely no lines at any of the dining venues. These screens also gave other important ship info, "Cruise Compass" , entertainment, etc. Dining at Opus was awesome. The staff was awesome! Waiter Ionut and Jarquin once again catered to us. Entertainment: Top Notch! Don't miss the Ice Skating, "Come Fly With Me", The Headliner show, (our Headliner was Earl Turner who was amazing) and "Oasis of Dreams" and the comedy show. "Hairspray" was well performed just not my cup of tea. However, it was a great show! Activities: Flowrider was awesome as usual and a great staff manning it. 10 to 15 wait time at peak time that I rode and 5 minute wait time otherwise. Zipline was very fast but great to do at least once. The wait line a little longer. We did it after we boarded and there was no wait! rock climbing was also great with very little wait times...... Putt putt- no wait time and fun family time. Pool deck: Incredible! Never had to search for deck checks. A few days got chairs near the pools without having to camp out for it.... The Solarium is the BEST place to be on deck. Great loungers and chairs. Ship: Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Enough said! The most amazing part is the way that RCCL has handled the crowds. Never felt like the ship was crowded. The flow is the best I have seen on any ship. As I said we have been on 30 + cruise ships and this is by far the BEST!!!!!! In a nut shell we are planning our next cruise on the Oasis and the Allure. We had another ship booked in February and July and we are going to change to the Oasis and Allure. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
Oasis of the Seas November 6-13, 2010 (itin done in reverse order due to Hurricane Tomas) Eastern Caribbean Ports •St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau ... Read More
Oasis of the Seas November 6-13, 2010 (itin done in reverse order due to Hurricane Tomas) Eastern Caribbean Ports •St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau •Cabin: 14288 I highly suggest you do not take ALCOHOL or an IRON on board with you they will confiscate your luggage. You will have to go down to claim your luggage. This happened to someone in our party. The ironing service is very reasonable- it was $1.25 per shirt. Overall this was a WONDERFUL cruise. The ship is awesome - nothing like I have ever seen before.. Embarkation and disembarkation were the fastest and most efficient we have ever experienced. Cabin I found the cabin seemed to be narrow but we were not in the cabin much as there are SO many things to do. My sister who sailed with us stayed in an Owner's suite which was absolutely stunning. Food We found the food to be comparable to the other ships we have been on. We were located on the first floor in the dining room which seemed to be loud and crowded. We chose to eat at the specialty restaurants- Chops was good, Isumi and Giovanni's were great and 150 Park was absolutely fabulous I highly recommend it. Sinsani was our waiter in 150 Park and he is awesome. My Favorite Area Central Park. It was nice and quiet and beautiful especially at night. Shops on Royal Promenade Loved the coach shop Pool Area The place to be- several pools, whirl pools, flo rider, rock wall climbing etc. Entertainment We saw Hairspray, Frozen in Time and Come Fly With Me and Oasis of Dreams. All were simply spectacular and I can say this is the best entertainment I have seen on any of our cruises. Overall I would give this cruise 9.5 out of 10 stars. I would definitely take Oasis again. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
My wife and I sailed on Oasis Of The Seas to St Thomas, St Maarten and Nassau in the first week of November. The first shock we had was the weather in Fort Lauderdale - it was very cold and did not get us in the mood for our cruise at all! ... Read More
My wife and I sailed on Oasis Of The Seas to St Thomas, St Maarten and Nassau in the first week of November. The first shock we had was the weather in Fort Lauderdale - it was very cold and did not get us in the mood for our cruise at all! Fortunately once we headed south the weather warmed considerably. Embarkation was a breeze - it would have only taken us 15 minutes from the time a porter collected our bags at the kerb until we were strolling down the Royal Promenade. As expected we were not able to get into our cabin straight away so we headed for the Windjammer to grab some lunch. Unfortunately about 2,000 fellow passengers had the same idea and consequently we were unable to find a table, so we ended up in Johnny Rockets (which has a $4.95 surcharge). As so many reviewers of Oasis have noted, the first thing that strikes you about the ship is its enormity. It dwarfs every other ship around, as you would expect with a 6,000 passenger capacity. However, apart from meal times, the ship doesn't feel crowded and everyone seems to be able to navigate their way around. The shows were excellent, the main dining room meals were delicious and the staff were, as usual, doing everything they could to make our cruise as enjoyable as possible. We had a slight itinerary change due to the lingering Hurricane Thomas but it had no effect on us. As usual there were some passengers that kicked up a stink as it affected their attendance to shows that they had pre-booked (big deal!), but most people were happy that we were avoiding some rough seas. Overall the cruise was most enjoyable, and having done that particular cruise to experience Oasis we were not disappointed. What a pity it is stuck doing the western Caribbean and Mexico, as it visits ports that don't really have a lot going for them unless you're shopping for diamonds and very expensive watches! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
We flew in on Friday night and stayed at the Cambria Suites in Dania. Great hotel, less then a year old. Hotel courtesy van picked us up at the airport. Took the 10:00 shuttle next morning to the cruise port. Arrived at the cruise port at ... Read More
We flew in on Friday night and stayed at the Cambria Suites in Dania. Great hotel, less then a year old. Hotel courtesy van picked us up at the airport. Took the 10:00 shuttle next morning to the cruise port. Arrived at the cruise port at 10:45 after dropping off other passengers at their cruise port first. Checked in and was on the ship by 11:15. When we entered the Royal Promenade all I can say is Wow!!!! what a beautiful ship she is. My husband and I went to the Windjammer Buffet for our lunch. The buffet got crowded very fast. We never ate there anymore during our cruise. Too crowded and there was better places to eat. After we ate we couldn't wait to explore the ship. Cabin: We were able to see our cabin after 1PM. We had a balcony ocean view on the starboard side. Our bed was by the balcony. From what we could see every other room had the bed by the closet. Be very careful when booking your cabin because the beds that are by the closet have very little space to get into the closet. Also whenever we pulled into port our balcony was facing the port side. We enjoyed looking over the balcony to watch the people get off and on the ship and we were also able to see the ship that was next to us too. Food: We ate breakfast either in the dinning room or Johnny Rockets(very good breakfast). We never ate in the buffet. We ate lunch most of the times in the Park Cafe. Loved their salads and also the roast beef sandwiches were delicious. Only once we ate in the buffet, again too crowded and didn't like the choice of food. We ate once in Sorrento's very good pizza. Dinner we had my time dining and after the first night we kept asking for the same waitress Niming she was fantastic. We are in Chops one night their steak was delicious and very, very tender. Would highly recommend eating there. Entertainment: Fantastic!!!! We saw Hairspray, Come Fly With Me, and Oasis of the Seas, also the Comedy Show. TIP..... Book your shows ahead of time prior to cruising using the pre cruise planner. By the time you are on the ship many of the show times are already taken. If you don't have reservations you will have to stand on the stand by line to get in and many people were very annoyed that they had to do this but if they would have pre booked then they just walk in after they swipe your sea pass card to make sure that you have a reservation. We also went to the Love and Marriage Game Show and the Quest Game Show. Both were very funny....Don't miss "Quest" the street parties on the Royal Promenade were all great. The 70's Show was the best.....especially the Village People..... Pool Area: We loved the Solarium area the best especially on the windy days at sea. We also like the beach pool. Only once we sat at the main pool because the other pools were too crowded when we went to look for a chair. Try to get to the pools early by 10AM if you want a seat. Ports: Went to St. Thomas, we booked a tour online with Godfrey Tours. Excellent tour company. We paid $20 each and they picked us up at the ship dropped us off in town to shop for 2 hours picked us up again and brought us to Megans Bay. We had 3 hours at Megans Bay unfortunately it started raining after about an hour and we had to wait around under the pavilion for the tour shuttle to come back for us. In St. Martin we booked a tour online with Bernard's Tour. We paid $35 they also picked us up at the ship we took a tour of the whole island French and Dutch side. They brought us to Orient Beach for 2 hours, we had 45 minutes to shop in the French capitol and then they brought us back to the Dutch side and if we wanted to stay and shop and make our own way back to the ship we could have. We choose to go back to the ship instead of shopping. Nassau was our next stop and we took the water taxi to Paradise Island to see the Atlantis Resort. Disembarkation: Very quick they gave you a number and when your number was called you got off the ship. Off the ship in less then 20 minutes. Overall I would give this cruise a 9. I would love to try it's sister ship the Allure the next time. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
We booked this cruise in 2008, well over two years in advance and before there were any reviews of the ship. But we were not worried because as Diamond members of Royal's Crown and Anchor Society we have been on many Royal Caribbean ... Read More
We booked this cruise in 2008, well over two years in advance and before there were any reviews of the ship. But we were not worried because as Diamond members of Royal's Crown and Anchor Society we have been on many Royal Caribbean cruises and ships. We made our own air arrangements to Miami International Airport and then booked transfers with Royal Caribbean. The airline changed our flight and departure time but the Royal Caribbean representative was waiting and looking for us when our flight finally arrived about 30 minutes late. After we retrieved our luggage our wait for the transfer bus was about 15 minutes. The ride to the pier in Port Everglades/Ft Lauderdale was about 45 minutes and we arrived about 10:20 AM.. The bus driver handed over our luggage to the cruise line porters for transfer to the ship. The terminal at Pier 18 that Royal Caribbean constructed for the Oasis and Allure is perfect to handle a large number of people. There were multiple security stations to screen carry-on bags, same types as at the airports. The terminal has more check-in windows than you find at many major airports and these are divided by cruise ship floor with a couple windows for each floor and separate lines for Suites, Diamond Plus/Diamond, and Platinum Crown and Anchor Society guests. It was early, about 10:45 AM, when we arrived for check-in but there was no wait at any check-in windows and it took us all of about 5 minutes. There were four stations for boarding photos if you want them and so that process was very quick. The waiting area is on the second floor and there were two escalators and two elevators. There is a waiting area for each category of guests; Suites, Diamond Plus, Diamond, Platinum, and other guests. If you arrive before boarding starts as we did, boarding is by category with suites going first, then Diamond Plus, Diamond, Platinum, and other guests. There are two gangways for all to use and 2 or 3 Sea Pass scanner kiosks for each gangway. For us boarding was delayed until about 11:30 due to a Coast Guard inspection in progress but when it started it was very quick. Lunch was ready but our cabin was not ready until 1:00PM. After lunch and a quick walk around some of the ship we headed to our cabin. There was no announcement at 1:00 PM that they were ready, we just went along with a bunch more passengers through the door to our cabin. The cabin steward came by a few minutes later, introduced himself, and left a business card with his name and phone number. The ship is truly amazing and not like any other you have been on or will you be on. I don't know what the total passenger count was for our cruise but the ship holds more than 5,000 guests easily and at no time did it seem crowded. I think it does not seem crowded because it is so big and it has activities for everyone; in the five "neighborhoods" on the ship. I would rate the ship an "A" minus and could easily rate it higher if it were not for a few "but's", or "if it were not for this" things I saw as not the best or needing improvement. We booked a balcony cabin on deck 14 and although it was very nice it had a few "buts". Although it was slightly smaller than balcony cabins we have had on other Royal Caribbean ships, it was about as good as any balcony cabin we have had. It had a nice big closet with two sliding doors, a safe, and storage shelves in the closet. But it had only two drawers in the cabin vanity. So while there was plenty of space for hanging clothes there was very little for storing things neatly. The cabin does have a nice lighted vanity mirror and some low wattage wall lights. The bathroom was very nice and had an automatic night light that was always on so you could use the bathroom day or night without turning on the main light. This was great for bathroom visits at night. But the counter space in the bathroom was limited, the sink was very shallow, and there was very little storage space in there for toiletries. The balcony was a nice size but our cabin was one of a few on the ship that have a partially obstructed view due to support panels for the floor above. The obstructions cut about 30% off of the 180 degree view a balcony normally provides. Had I known that beforehand I would have booked a different cabin. If you book the ship DO NOT book a cabin on deck 14 near the rear elevators. The 42 inch flat panel TV in the cabin was great but there was no TV guide and not much on TV other than ship information like the cruise director talking about activities, a channel describing port tours and shopping, and one showing the ship's position and camera. It also had ESPN, TNT, CNN, and TBS. There were pay per view movies, most costing $11.99, but only one free movie channel. However, we never knew what would be on that free movie channel because there was no TV guide. A very big plus for this ship is it has the most advanced electronics that you'll find on any ship. In the cabin you can not only use the TV to watch programs but also, order room service, reserve shows, book ship's tours, view your personal calendar of activities you have scheduled, view a listing of restaurants on board, reserve restaurants, AND use the wireless keyboard to surf the Internet. However, there are no written instructions for using the wireless keyboard and we were unsuccessful in getting it to work. We did get logged in to the Internet but could not get past a keyboard problem:the "num-lock" key was on and we couldn't figure out how to turn it off. Even a visit to the purser's desk was no help with this. The ship has WiFi Internet in cabins and all over the ship. It also has a couple places where there are terminals you can use to access the Internet. Four terminals are in the card room on deck 14 but these were on workstations that require you to face a wall and others could easily walk up behind you and watch what you may want to keep private. Another place for the Internet was on deck 7 at the front of the ship but this room had only 8 terminals in a small room, about 3/4th the size of a standard cabin, and the terminals there also offered no privacy. There are also a couple of Internet workstations in the Concierge Lounge, but none in the Diamond Lounge. Another Internet station listed on the touch screen I could not find as there were no directions to it. The ship has two elevator and stair wells, one forward and another aft, and they are labeled on corridor walls as the "Lobby". Each elevator well has 12 elevators, six on each side of the ship. So going from floor to floor was pretty quick and easy. Lights over elevators going up lit up in green and those going down lit up in red. But while it was very easy to find your way before you board an elevator you may have a problem if you board without first figuring out where you want to go. The information in the elevators tells you where the floors and Neighborhoods are located but there is not a list of what's on each deck. You MUST get your directions before you get into the elevator. One great thing is an elevator button for "gangway" so you know exactly where to go to get off the ship in ports. And when the gangway is open there is a lighted sign on the wall on deck 3 to point you in the right direction. Regardless, you will have a hard time getting lost on this ship. This ship has the best information stations that you could want. In each Lobby there is a very high tech interactive touch screen that is as good as doing a "Google" search for finding things and providing directions. The touch screens are about two feet wide and four feet high so information shows very well. With it you can find out what's going on ship and where; locate and get directions to any cabin or place on ship; look for a restaurant, lounge, show room, or any of the five neighborhoods on the ship. You just touch the screen's main menu for what you want and it will give you precise directions on how to get there by showing a deck plan for the deck where you want to go, and indication of how to get there by a broken red line from your location to your destination. If you need to first take an elevator or stairs it will tell you which floor to go to. The screen will also display upcoming activities from the Cruise Compass for the next 2-3 hours. So you don't need to carry a Cruise Compass with you or go find one. If you are looking for a place to eat it will display a listing of all eating places, complementary ones first, and the menu's for some places. And, it will also give you indication of current occupancy in the restaurants in terms of whether you will be served immediately or will have to wait. These touch screens are also located in/near eating places like the main dining rooms and the Windjammer Cafe Marketplace. The Solarium was nice but almost always crowded and it was hard to find a seat there, especially in the padded wicker seats in the shade. The Solarium is on the top deck of the front of the ship and is one of the few places where you can sit and watch the ocean. If you are one like me who likes to sit on the promenade deck close to the ocean and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean this ship is not for you. There is really no traditional promenade deck as that deck space is used as a walking and jogging track and the life boats all hang on that deck obscuring the view in all except a very few places. There are about 30 seats on that deck on the very back of the ship where you can watch the ocean being churned by the ship's propellers. Solarium Bistro is open for complementary breakfast and lunch and had good food selections for healthy eating. It has a salad bar, and hot food and soup selections. Unlike most other recently built Royal Caribbean ships the gym is not on the top deck just above or below the ship's bridge. Instead it is located on the front on the ship on deck seven with a stairwell to access the walking/jogging track on deck six. The gym has a full complement of exercise machines and free weights, plus spinning cycles. It was not really crowded when we went there and neither was the walking track. The gym did not feel as open because while it has four round windows on each side of the room, it does not have the floor to ceiling windows like Royal's other ships. One floor above the gym is the full service spa. The Sports Zone neighborhood is on the top deck on the back of the ship and has two surfing simulators, a zip line, a miniature golf course, a full court basketball court, and six ping pong tables. Whenever we went there it was easy to participate because lines were not long for any of the activities. The area was well used but not overcrowded. The Zone has a Splash pool for kids not potty trained and a staff person was there to make sure diapered kids didn't get into the other pools and water works. There were always empty lounge chairs around, even some child sized lounge seats. Further forward are two more pools and hot tubs including a huge hot tub on each side of the ship that extend over the side of the ship just like on Freedom Class ships. These area were also well used but not overcrowded and always had empty lounge chairs around. Royal has now increased the penalty fee for not returning towels to $25 per towel, at least on this ship. The Pedestrian Mall on the Oasis is different from the ones on Freedom and Voyager Class Royal ships because it is two stories. The main activities on the first floor are the purser's desk, the Promenade Cafe, a sports and kareoke bars and three other bars, and Sorrento's pizza. The second floor has the Schooner Bar and Lounge on one side and the photo shop, Focus, and the Diamond Club on the other side. So there are more places to hang out and enjoy or people watch. We were able to catch one of the parades there and some of the other entertainment like the Captain's party on the first formal night. One neat feature of the Promenade Mall is the Rising Tides bar which starts on the mall and rises up to the Central Park while you drink. You can enter and/or exit on either deck. One deck below the pedestrian mall is the Entertainment Zone which has the casino, ice rink, comedy club, a jazz club, and another club called Blaze where Diamond member's cocktail hours were held each evening. The casino is huge and has one side for smokers and the other for non-smoking with a huge sign at the entrance so you know which is which. Although you could smell smoke at the entrance, the non-smoking side did provide a better alternative to allowing smoking all over the casino. The casino has a good variety of slots, although not the same ones you'll likely see in Las Vegas, but good and also all of the table games including a poker table. Blaze was a great location for the happy hours because it was large enough for everyone but never over crowded. It had two tables with four hot and cold hor dourve setups. The Diamond Club by comparison was relatively small. We had an opportunity to go in the Concierge Lounge for Diamond Plus members and it was very nice with a view of the Boardwalk and Aqua Theater. Above the Concierge lounge is location for the Chef's Table. That's the place where for $75 per person you can sit with just 12 other people and enjoy a meal that the chef serves and explains how each dish is made. That's way out of my price range and I didn't consider the location, up a flight of stairs from the Concierge lounge, particularly exclusive. A better location would be the Pinnacle Lounge of Deck 17. It was a much nicer and more exclusive venue with a much bigger and better view. Central Park was a great place to go and relax away from most people and it offered the Park Cafe for complementary breakfast and lunch. The other places there, like Giovanni's Table, 150 Central Park, and Chops, require a fee to eat. The Boardwalk is a nice place and yes we did ride the carousel. In fact there were more adults riding it than kids. The free donuts are as good as Dunkin Donuts and I highly recommend the Seafood Shak. We had the grilled Cajun seafood platter and it was excellent. The main dining room, called the Opus and not to be confused with the Opal theater, is three levels, decks 3, 4, and 5. The top level, deck 5 is for My Time dining. The dining room is nice but I have seen better on other Royal Caribbean ships. I think the decor of the dining room on the Radiance class ships is better. The dining room had oval windows that appeared to have shades over them as I could never see anything out of them. So the room was not very light. We had a table for two and our service was great but we had very few other guests in our waiter's service area. There were two tables for four people on either side of us that were never occupied all week long. In fact most evenings there were quite a few empty tables and/or seats in the main dining room. The food was great with a couple exceptions. The lasagna was terrible and on the last evening my steak was cooked more than I wanted it. Otherwise the food seemed to be standard Royal Caribbean dining room fare, except there was no baked Alaska. The lobster on the other hand was great. So the ship's size did not appear to affect the food service. The ship has five shows that it is recommended that you make reservations for. While we made reservations, there were people who had not who showed up looking for a chance to get in if others were no-shows. When you make reservations there are no tickets issued. You show up at the show room at the reserved time and there are staff people there who use hand held scanners to scan your cruise card for entry. This worked great because you never had to worry about a lost or missing tickets; its all in the computer system. And if you forget what you reserve just look at your personal calendar on the cabin TV. One problem I noticed was there were seats reserved in the main show room, in the Aqua Theater, and in the ice rink for people in suites. But there were not staff people at those locations to direct people away from them. So when we went to shows people were complaining because they could not find a seat and yet there were lots of empty seats in the reserved areas. Other people were asked to move when they were not suites guests. The ship needs to do a better job with this. The best of the shows in my opinion was "Hair Spray", followed by the production show, "Come Fly With Me", and the ice show, Frozen In Time. We were told in a back stage tour that Royal has paid for a license to do hair spray for 2 or 3 more years and then they will consider whether to renew. Royal owns then rights to the other shows so they will likely be there for years. The Aqua Theater show was good but while the diving and synchronized swimming was good the story line it tried to portray was very weak. The comedy club just needs some better comedians. A couple people we talked with said they also left after the first comedian finished. This ship requires a change in mind set about meals. On most Royal ships passengers think in terms of the main dining room and the Windjammer buffet for meals. On this ship are there several options for all meals in complementary venues. One important piece of paper that you'll receive in your boarding package and/or in your cabin is a sheet of paper with all of the restaurants listed, their location, which meals they serve and which are complementary. I had read that the Windjammer was overcrowded for breakfast and lunch and you couldn't find a seat. We did not experience that at all on any of our visits there. We ate in the Windjammer as well as the main dining room and also tried the Solarium Bistro for lunch; Sorrento's pizza for lunch where you can order with your own topping; the Park Cafe in Central Park for breakfast, and the Seafood Shak for lunch. The food in all of the places was great and we never had to stand in a long line or wait for a table. The one big problem in these places was the self service coffee and tea service. They did not have the self service line set up properly for a smooth flow at that stations. The cups were not in the right place and the coffee and hot water urns ran out and you and to wait for refills. It would have been must better to have the servers at the station serve directly to cups. We had been to all of the ports before and so didn't do any shore excursions. We did get off the ship for a day at the beach in Labadee and there were no changes since our last visit there. The private island spot is very nice but I think that Royal Caribbean needs to invest in a mass infusion of sand to build up the beach on the ocean side of the island. Most of that side is too rocky to go in the water, even at the end where its permitted. So in conclusion, my recommendation is you must cruise the Oasis, or Allure, at least once. It is something that you must experience. The problems, "buts", I listed are minor and the positives far outweigh the few minor things. The food and service are comparable with what you'll get on other ships and don't worry about the size of the ship, and the passenger count, reducing the enjoyment of your cruise. There are far more restaurants, bars, and lounges than you'll be able to get to in a week long cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
Thanksgiving Week: November 20-27th, 2010 Eastern Caribbean - Bahamas, St Thomas, and St Maarten I just want to start by telling you that this ship is Incredible! It is huge and beautiful and RCI really thought of everything when ... Read More
Thanksgiving Week: November 20-27th, 2010 Eastern Caribbean - Bahamas, St Thomas, and St Maarten I just want to start by telling you that this ship is Incredible! It is huge and beautiful and RCI really thought of everything when they designed this ship. Now for the details: ARRIVING IN FLORIDA: Our family (my husband and I are in our early 40s and we have two teenaged sons (13 & 14) arrived the night before and stayed at the Renaissance Hotel near Port Everglades. It was a very inexpensive shuttle ride ($6pp) to the Port. GETTING ON THE SHIP: We got there a little before noon and boarding was very quick. We only had to wait behind one family and before we knew it they were snapping our "Welcome Aboard Photo" and we entered the Royal Promenade! Talk about smooth - my husband and I couldn't believe how easy it was to board. By 12:20 pm we set out to explore the ship (NOTE: There were signs posted that cabins were not available until 1pm so we did have to carry our small bags with us!) THE TEEN CLUB: As I mentioned earlier, I was sailing with my sons who are 13 and 14 years old. They went up to the teen area as soon as we boarded the ship and by the end of the first night were hanging out with a group of 10 other teens. In a nutshell: they LOVED the teen program! While we had dinner with our kids every night and spent all day with them when we were onshore, we pretty much didn't see them for the rest of the cruise. There were several "Meet & Mingle" activities for the first two days and they made friends with about 15 others kids their ages. All the kids spent all of their "free time" together -- either in their teen only areas (The Living Room & Fuel), the Pool/Activity Decks, or at one of the eateries on the Royal Promenade. Teens have a ship curfew of 1am UNLESS they are in the teen lounge which has a curfew of 2am. Let's just say that my sons made the most of every minute! CABINS: We were in adjoining rooms 9694 and 9696. These are balcony view rooms and seem comparable to other balcony rooms I've stayed in before on other cruises. Each room had two beds (hubby and I had ours made into one!) a sofa, and a vanity/desk area with a few drawers and a refrigerator. Bathrooms are tiny and the showers are round. You should bring a power strip if you are going to plug in more than two things under the desk since there are no other outlets. They do provide bathrobes, a hairdryer, bar soap and a dispenser in the shower w/ shampoo. The closet has two bars for hanging clothes and several shelves too. Our suitcases fit nicely under the beds who created extra space. Interactive TVs let you check your reservations, check out restaurant crowds, and review your charges amongst other things. We also had a wonderful stateroom attendants who made sure everything had a place. She also left some wonderful towel animals with our cruise information every night. POOL / SPORTS AREAS: The kids loved the main pools and my husband and I loved the Solarium area (ages 16+ only). The ship was sold out and it was sometimes hard to find a place to "sun" but we always found some place to keep out stuff and enjoy the hot tub even if it was a little shady. Get out there early if you want to tan. The Zip Line was crowded but popular and so was rock climbing. There were two FlowRiders on this ship which made the waiting time much better. (NOTE: We arranged for our sons to have a private flow rider lesson. It wasn't cheap @ $60 each but they both said it was one of their favorite moments on board!) FOOD: We found the food to be comparable to the other Royal Caribbean ship (Freedom) we have been on. We were located on the first floor in the dining room (Opus 3) and had the 6pm seating. The ship does hold 6,000 passengers and while there are places that you may find yourself alone, the main dining room is not that place. The tables are rather close together and we found ourselves weaving through tables the way you might have to do at a big wedding. Our servers were excellent. The waiter learned our names on the first day and our assistant waiter knew our favorite drinks and breads and kept them coming. While some reviewers complained of slow service we had quite the opposite experience. Our dinners were usually done between 7:15pm - 7:30 pm and that is with appetizers, entrEe and dessert. We chose to eat at two of the specialty restaurants- We had a wonderful lunch at Giovanni's (we especially loved the fried calamari!) and 150 Park was absolutely fabulous. (NOTE: 150 Park is a pre-determined 6-course menu - you try it all!) The Chef came out and met with us and our waiter was wonderful and really KNEW what he was presenting to us (my son said he described the food like the chefs who present their food to the judges on Iron Chef). It was worth the $35 charge. Also, while we didn't eat at CHOPS, my son was able to order their filet mignon and have it served in the main dining room for $15 (the Chops fee is $25). He said it was delicious and ate it along side the lobster tails on seafood night! The Windjammer buffet is a typical buffet. We did it twice and the food was good. Even at its most crowded, we were able to find a place to sit. Park Cafe was a wonderful spot for lunch and the Promenade Cafe had great snacks all day long. For a small charge, we also visited Johnny Rockets which was just as good as the one at home. Also the Mondo Coffee Bar made some great drinks. Our favorite spot however was the Cupcake Cupboard which even offers a decorating class on sea days! SHOWS: Before I boarded, the most frustrating thing about this cruise was the fact the shows required you to reserve your tickets in advance. I arranged for mine two months before I sailed and still didn't get all the times I had wanted. LUCKILY there was plenty of flexibility once I boarded. I was able to see all the shows I wanted to AND I saw two shows earlier than I had reservations for. What I thought would be a huge hassle turned out to be nothing. The shows we saw were all incredible. Best shows I have EVER seen at sea! Hairspray was fabulous as was Come Fly with Me and Oasis of Dreams (the Aquatic Show). They had to reschedule that show a few times due to rough seas but it was worth the wait. Hubby and I also loved the adult comedy show and we loved the improve show "Throw Me A Line" on the last night as well! SHOPPING AND BOPPING AROUND: I liked the shopping on the ship (having a Coach shop was a nice surprise) and I loved the new system of seeing your photos taken on the cruise. Everyone is assigned a binder and all your photos are placed inside it. Additionally you can view all your photos on a screen just by swiping your seapass card! There were so many bars and clubs on this ship that I couldn't name them all. On Air had karaoke late at night, Boleros had latin dancing, there was an adult club, a jazz club, a club called Dazzles that had themed nights (80s music was my favorite!), etc. Definitely something for everyone! Finally Interactive touch screens are located at the front and rear of the ship on each deck and make finding your way around effortless. Also the screens let you know what there is to do so you can never be bored! The elevators have the day of the week on the floor. And there is a gangway button on the elevator so you no longer have to guess which floor to go to when you want to disembark for a shore excursion! MY FAVORITE AREAS: Central Park for quiet time. Beautiful day and night! Royal Promenade for shopping and snacking. Solarium for relaxing; the Vitality Spa for a great massage! And the theaters for the amazing shows! The only NEGATIVE experience I had was on the last day of the cruise. We had signed up for luggage valet service and somehow our forms were "lost" and Guest Services said there was nothing they could do. There is nothing worse than having a relaxing vacation for 6 days and getting upset on day 7. I was persistent in my complaining that it wasn't acceptable and finally the Guest Services agent sent a supervisor from housekeeping (it was my stateroom attendant who took the form from the room) to speak with me. He then went with me to see the Guest Services supervisor, and he "took care of things" within 3 hours. Because of that one little glitch, I would give this cruise 9.5 out of 10 stars. I would definitely take Oasis again! Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2010
SHIP I had never been on a cruise before but my girlfriend had been on some with her parents, she told me she couldn't wait to see my face when I saw the ship.....she was right, I was speechless! I couldn't put into words ... Read More
SHIP I had never been on a cruise before but my girlfriend had been on some with her parents, she told me she couldn't wait to see my face when I saw the ship.....she was right, I was speechless! I couldn't put into words how big this thing is so I won't try...you just have to see it for yourself! It made most other ships look like lifeboats! The interior was just awesome, take some time to look at some photo's online! CABIN We stayed in a seaview cabin right in the front of the ship on deck 10. The room was very nicely decorated and of very decent size with a king sized bed and double wardrobe. All rooms have big flat screen TVs on the wall where you can look through all the days events and entertainment, book trips and shows and keep an eye on your accounts! (as well as watch TV if you want to miss what's going on around the ship) The woman who looked after our room was amazing and the workers who were doing the rooms around us were friendly too. We even tipped one of the ones who didnt do our room because he was so friendly and nice! FOOD STUNNING AND ENDLESS - enough said! All our waiters were brilliant and so friendly all the time! We were treated like royalty! Juanito, Jorvey, Vyecheslav and Hui are all legends! ENTERTAINMENT Constantly something going on whether its going to see a show or climbing a wall or surfing the flowriders (there are 2) or watching the international bellyflop competition (so funny) or proposing to your better half in the comedy club in front of 100s of strangers! The guest services woman Kristina and the comedy show compere Simian were fantastic in helping me set up my proposal, there really is nothing that the staff on this ship won't do to make your day perfect! All shows were brilliant and there was also karaoke every night for a laugh! TIP: BOOK SHOWS BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME TO AVOID LONG QUEUES AND DISAPPOINTMENT! 1 SMALL SNAG We cruised back to back and the transition day could have been a bit smoother. I would say Royal Caribbean need to review the procedure! Don't take this as a really bad thing as everything else was near perfect I just felt I had to put something down here to stop you thinking I'm a shareholder in Royal Caribbean! Basically we had to get off and back on but wait in the same queue as passengers who were going home which was a long process! OVERALL AMAZING holiday when all is said and done! Honestly cannot think of a better place to get engaged to my beautiful girlfriend! We have such good memories of our first cruise and met some very nice people who we are keeping in touch with! I came home with the best prize I could ever wish for, a beutiful girl who had agreed to spend the rest of her life with me! She came home with a nice prize too... jewellry is absolutely STUPIDLY reasonably priced in St. Thomas and St. Maarten! I never give anything a 10/10 so this holiday is getting an 11!!! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
We booked on the Oasis of the Seas for our 30 th wedding anniversary over a year in advance getting a reasonable deal by booking early. When we arrived at Ft Lauderdale to board the ship it did look large comparing it with the other ... Read More
We booked on the Oasis of the Seas for our 30 th wedding anniversary over a year in advance getting a reasonable deal by booking early. When we arrived at Ft Lauderdale to board the ship it did look large comparing it with the other ships around the cruise terminal. We boarded and initially it looked like any other cruise ship until we looked at the walls of glass elevators going up & down between the many decks on two locations. Upon entering our large stateroom we were pleasantly surprised at the size of the cabin and especially the bed (it was huge and very comfortable) The cabin was very well designed with fairly good storage, a sofa and a large flat screen TV. Bathroom was more than adequate and all was spotlessly clean service from the attendant was second to none, and could not be faulted. Fantastic throughout the ship the word to describe is just AWESOME you must see it for yourself to believe and appreciate the vessel. The royal promenade, central park, boardwalk, and the opal theater are all places where you need reminding that you are indeed on a ship! I have no complaints about any of the staff, the shows, and the food they were all fantastic. I did feel there could have been a little more going on for the days at sea which I find tiresome.My Neice and husband were on the ship we bumped into each other only three times in a week! My only criticism is that at peak times there were just too many people in on place at one times,(but you will always get a seat) the ship was at capacity. I would not go on the Oasis of the seas again for this reason but I beg you to just once to experience it as I did. IT WAS BRILLIANT, ENJOY. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
About Us - I'm in my 40's, husband in 50's traveling with 2 girls 5 & 8, & my sister, her boyfriend & niece & nephew 7 & 4 for Thanksgiving. The ship was fully booked this week plus 1250 kids on board, ... Read More
About Us - I'm in my 40's, husband in 50's traveling with 2 girls 5 & 8, & my sister, her boyfriend & niece & nephew 7 & 4 for Thanksgiving. The ship was fully booked this week plus 1250 kids on board, but it never felt crowded. We did early dining because of the 4 kids. Departure- We traveled from Texas, so we arrived the day before & stayed at the Extended Stay America on 17th. Great value for the $ & very close to port & numerous restaurants. We went to Mai Kai for a bday dinner & Polynesian show for my 8 yr old & had a great time. The restaurant can be expensive, but they have heavy 1/2 price appetizers (chicken, beef,shrimp, etc.) & drinks from 5-7. The show at 7 was $10.95 (my husband was free with a coupon from the hotel kiosk, & kids were free, so it was a great deal!) Great atmosphere, cool show - we ordered the most awesome flambed dessert experience I've ever seen during the show, very cool bathrooms, & tiki garden. Worth the trip! Embarkation - Embarkation was the easiest of any ship we have ever been on. We arrived at 11:00 & there were virtually no lines. We were on fast! Boarding pictures are used for the facial recognition system for all on board photography, so don't bypass the photos. Photography - Take advantage of the photographers on the ship at each location throughout the ship. We avoided them the first two days, not wanting to pay $20 a picture, then realized that you can purchase an Oasis of the Seas photo book for $99 that incorporates professional photos & stats on all areas of the ship with pictures that you've had taken in each neighborhood. The first day, we turned away the photographers at the Sail Away party. I was surprised to see a picture of my 5 year old grinning between our legs. Thanks to their facial recognition system, it appeared in my photos when I scanned my Set Sail pass at the photo kiosk. You only get to choose 1 family photo for each port, but there are numerous other spots for Boarding, Promenade, Central Park, Dining, Formal Night, Entertainment areas, etc. They are automatically grouped by area, so you can select which pictures to put in each section of the book. Cabin- We were in Cabin 8729, a B1 Boardwalk Balcony. I would absolutely book this cabin again. The view of the Aqua Theater was fantastic. You could also see the ocean behind theater, & a great view of the boardwalk. There was some evening noise from the huge TV screens on the back, but it was not unbearable - the kids didn't even notice. We loved watching the shows & Boardwalk activities from the balcony. Anytime we were in the room, it was great to open up the door & let the breeze in & hear what was going on outside. This was the kids favorite spot to sit out & eat late night room service snacks & watch a show. We had a really rough day at sea - winds at 30-40 mph & we could really feel the ship rocking. My husband gets motion sickness on every dinner cruise, sightseeing boat, etc. but it did not bother him. They actually deactivated the sliding doors on the top decks preventing people from going outside with a sign warning of "Dangerous Winds"! The water in the swimming pools was sloshing back & forth out of the pools. The shows in the Aqua Theater were canceled as the water was flying of of the pool flowing 10 feet up across the viewing area! That was something to see! They quickly brought up the floor to keep the water in. Dining Venues - We tried just about everything this ship had to offer. The 1st day I'd heard that the Windjammer was packed, so we went to Central Park. GIOVANNI'S was great - we sat outside & relaxed after boarding. Our favorite place on the ship was PARK CAFE. With our Cabin on 8, this was a great place to go in the mornings for bagels & cream cheese, breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, grits, & muffins. I LOVED sitting out here with a cup a coffee before the kids & husband were up! Also for lunch do not miss the Roast Beef sandwich. Everything they say about it is true. It's hand carved & has more of the consistency of tenderloin than typical roast beef. They also have salads, other sandwiches & soups. I never felt like I overate here. MAIN DINING ROOM food was very good. The first night, we felt service was extremely slow with kids. We complained & surprisingly, everything was much faster for all other meals & we had no more issues. Thanksgiving was the least impressive of the meals with traditional turkey, dressing & pumpkin pie. Hubby & I did CHOPS GRILLE - great steaks & 150 CENTRAL PARK. We really enjoyed the set 6 course menu here & did it with the wine pairing. The menu featured really unique items like lager soup with caramel corn accent - bizarre combination - but it totally worked! The wine pairings were fantastic. By the time we left I was very tipsy! You may be better off sharing the wine as it is a full 5-6oz pour per person per course! IZUMI was really different. The kids loved the concept of cooking on the rocks. We had a small glitch here as we made our reservation online for 5:30, but they don't open until 6, which caused us to have to rush to make it to our show, which was frustrating considering that this restaurant is extra $. Guest services sent complimentary cupcakes from the CUPCAKE shop, but being a baker, I was not impressed with the icing, although they looked great.(I complained about the reservation problem to RCI upon return (how can the times be wrong online when the ship has been operational for a year)& received a $100 onboard credit for our upcoming cruise!)They send confirmations to your cabin for specialty restaurants, but we upgraded our cabin 6 weeks before sailing & 3 of the 4 sent it to our old room. We did WINDJAMMER for lunch on our first sea day - it was really packed, & avoided it except for one breakfast. We also did various snacks like Pretzel Dogs at the WIPEOUT BAR, sandwiches at PROMENADE CAFE & MONDO's, etc. MONDO's in the Promenade has great late night desserts. The donuts on the Boardwalks were surprisingly good. Hubby & the kids did JOHNNY ROCKETS. It' really hard to go wrong on this ship with so many dining options. SHOWS- Definitely do all your reservations online in advance. I heard people complaining because they could not get reservations on board. I had the wrong time for the ice show, but was able to get in on standby with no problem. Come Fly With Me was really good & packed, so don't wait on that one, or the Aqua Theater shows. ENTERTAINMENT - There is so much to do here, so I'll just mention a few things. The kids did ice skating. They provide the skates & helmets. Make sure to bring a pair of long pants & socks to take advantage of this. My 7 year old did the rock climbing. Get there at the start of the session to avoid big lines. They will close the session right at the time designated, even if you are already harnessed up, so get there early. My daughter freaked out when this happened to her- they closed when the Belly Flop Contest started. They were really nice & wrote her name down. When we came back later, she went right to the front of the line. DECK PHONES - We were given a deck phone at Adventure Ocean because my youngest is 5. These were great to have because I could communicate with my sister (she also had one)& the room. I was really worried because the Royal Connect phones were not available this week, but the deck phones were free & worked great. I believe you can normally get these at Guest Services, however since they were at capacity, they were only available at Adventure Ocean. ADVENTURE OCEAN - We went to the open house on Day 1 to register the kids & I was very worried when they said there were 1250 kids on board. Surprisingly, the kids club was never really crowded! My kids did the Kids Club on the Disney Cruise last year, & my daughter did not want to get sent "where the kids have to go when the parents want to do things without kids". Amazingly, they LOVED the kids club much more than on the Disney Cruise. Sessions were very well organized with different activities from science experiments to crafts. There are 3 "sessions" through out the day, with the last one ending at 10pm. After 10pm, there is a charge. The girls were excited about going & did not want to miss special activities. My niece wanted to use her spending money to close out the club 10pm-2am in the Late Night Party Zone! She was up later than her mom! DEBARKATION- On debarkation day, we went to Park Cafe, for a last relaxing breakfast waiting for our number to be called. We were number 34 & were called at about 8:10, but left at about 8:30. They were a little behind schedule due to immigration - this is the first big line we encountered the entire cruise. We were off the ship & at the airport by 9:30. There was no line outside the airport, so we checked our baggage in very quickly. We went inside & were surprised to see a big line at the Continental counter! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
As cruise lovers, we booked the Western Caribbean swing on Oasis just to experience the ship. I wanted to see the architecture while the DW worried about all of the people. Following advice from Cruise Critic, I booked all of the ... Read More
As cruise lovers, we booked the Western Caribbean swing on Oasis just to experience the ship. I wanted to see the architecture while the DW worried about all of the people. Following advice from Cruise Critic, I booked all of the entertainment and dining options prior, which, I will admit, took a lot of the fun out of it. We love cruising because of the worry-free nature of it; go to the dinner, go to the show, it all works. Planning how to get this show in with that dinner just made it more stressful than I would have liked. That said, all the research paid off. We ate where we wanted and saw all of the shows without a problem. We dropped the rental car off at FLL only to find out that the free shuttle service to the port no longer ran. No problem as a cab was immediately available, and cost only $15 with tip. Arrived at the port at 11:30 and were on board within ten minutes. Everyone I've talk to feared check in and it was actually the fastest and easiest in our experience. We walked around to take in the sights and learn what was what. As usual, the rooms were available at 1:00. As is well documented, the ship is beautiful, stunning in places, well-designed and exceeded our already lofty expectations. Yes, the Windjammer is too small, but that led us to discover the Solarium Bistro which ended up as our favorite place to eat. The setting is most attractive and calming and the food was tasty and healthy, words that frequently don't go together. The cabin (10202) on the 10th deck was the typical balcony layout, but felt slightly larger than usual because of how the closet and desk were designed. If you moved the coffee table to side and used it as an end table, it seemed positively roomy. Even the shower had an extra little bump out in the back which afforded just enough space to allow one to bend over and pick up the soap that you dropped. There was even a bar to raise your foot while washing you leg. We had picked this room in particular because it was on the "bump-out" an architectural feature that made the balcony about twice as large as usual. However, while plenty big enough for lounge chairs, it was only equipped with two standard chairs and a small table. We pleaded with the steward and his supervisor, but they wouldn't change it (as we had on a previous RCI cruise with a similar situation). It made sitting on our balcony uncomfortable for long term reading and thus a waste on the extra money for that particular room. However, this proved to be really the only negative of the cruise. Entertainment - This was universally excellent, from Hairspray to the Aqua show and all of the others. It struck me that the real value of having all those fellow passengers was that it afforded the higher than usual quality of the entertainers. The venues all worked well but the Aqua Theater is probably the best setting for a concert that I have been to. Dining - The main dining room food was all good and well presented. The number of menu choices seems to progressively shrink (this time there were fewer salad choices than in the past), but we never had difficulty putting together an enjoyable dinner. We always opt for the late seating with a large table. This lets us meet new and interesting people from around the world and makes it not rushed when coming back from port. However with so many dining choices we only had four dinners there. We also ate at Chops which was excellent, as usual; Izumi, which was fun, with very good, but not stellar, Japanese cuisine; and our favorite, the Solarium Bistro. Quite simply, for dinner, this is a very attractive, up-scale restaurant with an incredibly diverse and tempting menu that followed through with superb tasting food. This proves that healthy food can be unbelievably delicious and attractive. I wish this concept would catch on elsewhere. Johnny Rockets was as usual and the roast beef sandwiches at the Park Cafe really were so good that this normally non-red meat eater had two. Ports - Labadee remains our favorite stop. If you are going to the Caribbean, how can you not go to the beach? This makes it so easy. Our fears of how it would handle so many people were unfounded; we got waterfront, shaded beach chairs with no problem. Even the food has been upgraded. The jerk chicken tasted like real Jamaican jerk chicken, not the sweet stuff usually found in the US. Costa Maya - Not much there if you don't like shopping (me). The dolphin show area looked pretty sad. However, we went on the Mayan temple tour to Chacchoben which was excellent. Informative, attractive, plenty of shade, no vendors bothering you with a comfortable bus and free drinks. In other words, just the opposite of what I had read. We recommend this excursion. Cozumel - Took the catamaran (motorized) to Passion Island. Great beach, comfortable lounges that look awkward but aren't, nice drinks, mediocre buffet, but great guacamole. Could have stayed several hours longer. Service - As usual, well done and friendly for the most part. Our waiter in the MDR was actually too fast, bringing salad and soup at the same time. Warmed up as the cruise went on culminating in a fun time after dinner one night with us all trying to outdo the other with table tricks. Steward was pleasant and gave good service, but didn't go beyond that despite efforts to engage him. Throughout the ship, everyone was helpful, smiling and friendly. Other - This cruise had a significant number of non-US passengers, which we find adds to the cruise. It is fun to talk with different folks from different places. Sometimes, however, that can lead to a lot of smoking. However, with the exception of the casino, which was universally gross smelling, even in the non-smoking areas and on the non-smoking days, we did not experience a problem. Despite the huge number of passengers, we never felt crowded, always found a seat and didn't have to wait in any long lines. The ship is simply so big with so many places to go that it just did not seem like there were 5000+ passengers on board. Indeed, there are so many things to do and places to eat at, and shows to watch, that a back-to-back cruise actually makes sense. One feature that hasn't gotten notice is the running / walking track on deck 5. No other features to get in the way, at 2.4 laps per mile, it is the best of its kind at sea. Disembarkation - Despite a delay caused by Customs, leaving was not a problem, A first for us was that the luggage tag had come off one of our bags and so it was not in the color coded area with our other bag. No problem, just went to a special bag area and it was right there. Went outside and got an immediate taxi back to FLL. The infrastructure is so well planned that the size of the ship just didn't seem to matter. Overall we went thinking this would be a one time trial but left so impressed that we are thinking of a back-to-back on the Allure (to see the different shows). It was that good. Read Less
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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