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For those of you that have not heard, Royal Caribbean's 'Oasis of the Seas' entered service in December 2009 and is the world's biggest cruise ship. She's not just a bit bigger than the previous incumbent; ... Read More
For those of you that have not heard, Royal Caribbean's 'Oasis of the Seas' entered service in December 2009 and is the world's biggest cruise ship. She's not just a bit bigger than the previous incumbent; she's significantly bigger, in fact 45% bigger (based on gross tonnage). She has sixteen passenger decks and can carry a staggering 6,296 passengers (max) and 2,165 Crew. She is more than twice as big as many of RCI's competitors' ships, 3.25 times bigger than the legendary QE2 and almost 5 times bigger than the Titanic. The ship should have just been named "Wow". The hardware really is 'amazing', 'breathtaking', 'awesome' and 'astonishing' or any other superlative you choose. There are 15 passenger decks labelled 3 to 18, but there is no deck 13. However the 'software' (service, food, entertainment etc.) also determines the quality of your experience. The 25,000 dollar question is how does the enormous size of this ship enhance or detract from the on board experience? How do the ports handles so many people embarking and disembarking? Is the ship just 'too big' for its own good? All will be revealed: General Overview There is a danger that reviewing the biggest ship in the world could result in the longest review in the world. However in order to make matters more manageable, I will only dwell on the important public rooms/spaces and those aspect of the ships design that are different from other Royal Caribbean ships. She is not just another cruise ship; her design goes far beyond traditional maritime concepts. She is a floating resort. Her public areas are even divided into seven 'neighbourhoods' and she even has a 'park', such is the scale of the vessel. RCI have taken all of the innovations featured onboard their 'Freedom Class' vessels (the former biggest cruise ships in the world) and greatly expanded upon them. Oasis's competition is not other ships; it is Disney World, Las Vegas and South Beach etc. Embarkation at Port Everglades was one of the fastest I have ever experienced at any port and that includes smaller ships which only carry 800 passengers. I went from 'kerb to ship' in around 15 minutes - quite remarkable. (My cruise was carrying 5,900 passengers of whom 900 were Brits.) Oasis is designed to spend her life undertaking one week cruises from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the Caribbean islands. She offers two alternating Eastern and Western itineraries, each with an ideal balance of three ports of call and three sea days. The three sea days are essential to explore the ship and take advantage of the facilities on such a big ship. In fact I would suggest that there is actually more to see and do on board the ship than there is in the ports of call. Two weeks, not one, would be required if you want to attempt to experience everything this floating resort can offer you. As a foot note, I would not be surprised if we do not see Oasis (or her sister Allure) operating in the Mediterranean in maybe a few years time. Onboard Experience 'Oasis' makes more use of new technology than any ship before her. In fact the 'Oasis' experience starts long before you board the ship. On-line registration of your personal details and the ability to print out your boarding-pass helps speed up the embarkation process. Many aspects of on board life can be booked on-line, in advance, from the comfort of your own home. These include excursions, entertainment, alternative dining, wine/soda packages and flow-rider (surfing) lessons, etc. Booking the entertainment in advance is a very wise choice. Passengers who book get priority over those that have not, to attend the major shows. Once you are onboard, your various bookings are all held on your Sea-pass card, which is also you cashless account card and room key. Crew members stand at the entrances to each show and use hand-held card readers to confirm your bookings and allow you in. Ten minutes before the start of each show, passengers who have not booked are allowed to fill any remaining seats in each venue. These may of course be limited, so In short if you have not booked in advance, you may not get to see the show you want. The smallest show, the comedy show, which is held in the intimate 'Comedy Central' lounge, definitely required booking. Onboard photographs are also linked to your sea pass card as well. You can put your card in a machine, in the photo gallery and view your photos and order them if required. You can even buy them on a CD for a mere $350 (yes, that's not a typing error). Strangely some photographs taken by the RCI 'paparazzi' are still printed out in the old manner and displayed on the wall and/or stored in one of hundreds of folders. You Sea-pass card has the number of your personal folder printed on it. Design The dEcor on board Oasis is the typical RCI mix of tastefulness and glitz, but never as over the top as Carnival. Many of the public rooms have familiar RCI brand names to make regulars feel at home. Much of the 10,000 items of art work onboard are contemporary in style (i.e. odd) with a '"wonders of our world" theme. Oasis is traditional in the sense that it has one main dining room, with two fixed sittings although 'any-time' (flexible) dining is also offered. There are also a number of alternative dining venues, some of which carry a surcharge. There is one large theatre, the Opal, but some additional entertainment venues including Studio-B (ice show) and the Aqua-Theatre (water show), plus a range of smaller lounges many featuring live music at times. Surprisingly many of the public rooms are quite small, with the exception of the Theatre and Main Dining Room. Unusually for a big ship, there are only two stair towers and banks of elevators. However the elevators are big and fast, with most being glass offering scenic views of their respective atriums. I did not have any problems getting around the vessel, but those passengers with limited mobility are bound to find the distances between the various decks and public rooms' changeling. The entire ships design is based on the premise that not every passenger will want to be doing the same thing, at the same time, in the same place at once. This concept largely works, except during the Royal Promenade street parties/processions when you quickly become aware that the ship holds a hell of a lot of people. The first night queues for the 'Opus dining room' were also enlightening, but by the second evening they were non-existent. However at other times I found myself wondering where all the passengers were. One evening I went in the Jazz club and there were only six people watching the band (and they were good). There was a Scottish Piper, Larry Lindsay, aboard who gave a lecture about making and playing bagpipes which was attended by only ten people. (This also indicates that RCI clientele are not big on enrichment). The different 'neighbourhoods' successfully divide up the passengers, who require different experiences, between the various public spaces. For example Central Park tends to attract adults and is quite tranquil, as of course does the 'adults only' solarium. The sports court with it's Zip Line and Flow Riders (surf simulators with real water) and H2O zone (children's water park) keeps the kids and energetic adults busy. Families enjoy the board walk together. The teens are well catered for with their 'youth zone' facilities housed under the Viking Crown complex on deck 15. Public rooms and Spaces Central Park may sound like a gimmick but it is unique and wonderful space. It contains 12,000 real plants and 56 trees. It is complete with pre-recorded bird sounds. I spoke to the gardener who told me that the automatic under-soil watering system was so efficient that they had to turn some of it off as some plants don't like too much moisture. Central Park is longer and wider than it looked in the original renderings. It is quite a tranquil area, mainly attracting adults, but was never over crowded. It is also illuminated very attractively. I found myself being drawn back to it time and time again. Quite a breeze can blow though the park at times; even though it is an enclosed space with just an open roof. Central Park is overlooked by many balcony cabins, giving the occupants a man-made vista opposed to a sea view. The park contains a number of shops and surcharge dining options: Chops Grille (steak house) Antonio's Table (Italian Dining) 150 Central Park (exclusive dining) and Vintages (wine bar). However there is also the relatively intimate 'Park cafe' a non-surcharge venue. This was my favourite dining venue for a healthy breakfast and lunch. The freshly prepared filled bagels along with fruit, cereals and yoghurt made a lovely breakfast. The 'choose your own salad', toasted sandwiches and soup made an excellent light lunch. Frank Sinatra and other smooth music was regularly played at a sensible volume and the staff were very efficient and friendly at all times. The Cafe was uncrowned for the first few days of the cruise then the secret got out. The 'Rising Tide bar' is a bar on hydraulics which travels between 'Central Park' and the 'Royal Promenade' directly below. As it is doing so, coloured fountains dance below it. Personally I think it is the one silly 'gimmick' on board the ship. It only travels once every an hour or two and on occasions the departures are cancelled (why?) It is not a thrilling ride and it's not particularly scenic one. I think the space would have been better used for a Park cafe and/or a Promenade bar that did not elevate. RCI's 'Royal Promenade' concept first appeared on board the 'Voyager' class ships in 1999. Essentially it is an enclosed street down the middle of the ship featuring a range of cafes, bars and shops. However Oasis's 'Royal Prom' is longer and wider than ever before. It also has an upper level of public rooms such as the 'Schooner Bar' and the 'photo gallery' which look down onto it. Perhaps the most striking improvement is that there are a number of giant skylights situated above it in Central park which allow sunlight to spill into it. This is unlike the Voyager and Freedom class 'Proms' which rely on artificial light to illuminate them. There is a vintage car in Oasis's the Royal Prom, occupied by two teddy bears (I'm no idea why) which I'm told is a 1936 Auburn Speedster. Shops/bar of particular note in the 'Royal Prom' were the cute 'Cupcake shop' which sells, you guessed it, pretty cupcakes. Sorrento's Pizza Cafe was ideal for a quick slice a fresh Pizza. Then there is the 'Globe & Atlas' British style Pub which was about as British as 'Disneyland' and lacked a decent draft ale. It was always very smokey. There was 'On Air' (karaoke and video games). And 'Bolero's (live Latin American music) which was also smokey at times. Replacing the tradition Captain's cocktail party, the Captain makes a welcoming speech from the 'Royal Prom'. He appears to hatch from what looks like a giant egg (O.k. it's a giant globe above the pub) which splits in two and grows a bridge, so he can walk on in out above the assembled masses below. It's almost a St. Mark's Square type experience and quite surreal. It's worth noting the acoustics in the Royal Prom are not at all good for amplified speech. At times during the week pop music was played so loudly in the Prom it was painful. This also happened on the sundeck, occasionally. The music was so loud that I even saw teenagers run for cover. The 'Boardwalk' is an area which appeals to families and has a 'Coney Island' feel. It was shorter than I imagined but impressive, nevertheless. At the end of the 'Boardwalk' is the 'Aqua theatre', providing a unique entertainment venue which cannot be found on any other ship. As you enter the 'Boardwalk' you are greeted by three full-sized wooden carved horses in different stages of carving and paint work. These act nicely as a visual introduction for the Carousel which is fun and frequented by more adults than children, including me. There is 'Johnny Rockets' (Hamburgers) the 'Sea food Shack' the 'Dognut shop' (yummy) and some shops. It makes feel as if you have wondered onto a set of movie about a fairground. Like in Central Park, many balcony cabins overlook the boardwalk. I must say that I was disappointed that the 'Boardwalks facilities shut early evenings. I would have been fun to explore the facilities after dark. I was quite surprised to find that the 'Boardwalk' is on deck six, where as 'Central Park' is on deck eight. I had mistakenly assumed from the original ship design/artists renderings that they were on the same level so you could walk through Central park and continue into the boardwalk. In fact they are two decks apart, although this is not a problem as the rear stair tower and elevators are between them. The Aqua Theatre is an open air amphitheatre at the stern of the ship with a kidney shaped pool of a depth of almost 18ft (the deepest pool afloat) and high diving boards. It is overlooked by two very scary looking 'rock walls' which are available for brave passengers to climb. The Aqua-Theatre hosts the regular 'Oasis of Dreams' show, which is a diving/ acrobatic/ synchronised swimming show. It also has coloured fountains which dance to music at times. However on my cruise (April 2010) there were some technical problems with the Aqua-theatre. The show was delayed for an hour when hydraulic platforms descended into the pool and the water cascaded out. The first three rows of seats (designated the splash zone) were flooded to above shoe height. Technicians struggled to drain the pool, but after an hour the show was able to commence. I must say once it got going, it was excellent show. Later in the week the 'Dancing fountain' show was cancelled for technical reasons. Originally RCI said that Aqua-pool would be available for guests to use for swimming and scuba lessons. This did not happen on my cruise. I noted that there was actually a shuffleboard area behind the aqua-theatre which is currently a restricted area. The Aqua-theatre has two enormous video screens. These are used during the shows and occasional to show children's movies in the afternoon. However they do not work well in bright sunlight. It would make more sense to use than after dark. It's a pity such a big ship does not have a dedicated movie theatre. Opus dining room The Opus dining room must be the biggest dining room at sea. It has three levels, the second and third being balconies looking down onto level one. As a centrepiece it has the RCI signature 'giant chandelier' above the captain's table and a very large avant-garde mural. The dining rooms levels are not linked by an internal staircase, but this is not a problem as outside each level is a main stair tower and elevators. However this does effectively make it three different restaurants, with the illusion of it being one. The opus is cleverly designed so that you are only really aware of the tables around you and not the entire 3000 or so other diners. The noise levels can get quite high, but this may be as much to do with the clientele than the acoustics of the room. I experienced several teams of waiters and all were very experienced, efficient and generally worked in a 'seen and not heard' a style which I prefer. Maybe because our table was all Brits, there were no long speeches or magic tricks etc. (I prefer my entertainment to take place in the theatre and not over diner). The food was generally served hot although I did send one lukewarm entrEe back. The changing daily menu had plenty of choice. Along with American standards (prime rib, Lobster tail etc.) is also had some quite exotic choices including Indian vegetable curries. Chicken and steak was always an option along with some healthy choices. The red meats were particularly good. However the fish was very disappointing. For example, the lobster and tiger shrimp were rubbery and lacking in taste. The portions were very large making it difficult for the average Brit to eat all courses. However the food was as good as you should reasonably expect from a large mass-market ship and better than many. Let's not forget that this is assembly-line food with much being prepared well in advance. The Windjammer Buffet The Windjammer buffet was surprisingly small for the size of Oasis and probably smaller than similar facilities onboard the Voyager and Freedom class ships. The thinking behind its small size is that there are other dining choices onboard. However passengers naturally gravitated to the Windjammer for breakfast and lunch, especially on the first few days. In addition it is the main restaurant which serves the sun deck, its pools and sports court. Most of the other dining choices are many decks below. The windjammer does offer some nice views of the sports court area and the boardwalk. However it does not have a 'lido' (outside) dining area. The food is displayed on various 'islands' and was of the normal buffet standard, although I did feel the choices were a little more limited than some other ships that I've been on. Lounges The Viking crown observation lounge is located on deck 17. On many RCI ships this is one of the highlights of the ships design, but on 'Oasis' the lounge only occupies a small part of the 'crown'. It is smaller that the equivalent lounges on some of the other RCI fleet. The views are more of the pools and Central park than they are of the sea. I rarely saw this lounge more than half full, as I think it gets forgotten being so high. It does have a stage which often host more 'laid-back' live music, with 'Dazzles' often having the more up-tempo music with dancing. 'Dazzels' is the most attractive lounge on the ship. It is on deck six and is has largely white dEcor with a mirrored ceiling. It has a large dance floor in front of a stage and behind the stage a large windows overlooking the boardwalk. It has an upper balcony lever with tables and chairs and smoking. I was impressed by the battery-illuminated drinks menus. The lounge is a more attractive alternative to the 'Viking Crown' and more conveniently located for many guests. Louder music takes place here in the form of a DJ or live pop band. At times this venue can get packed to capacity. The impressive Casino also allows smoking in one half. It also had a very curious display of colourful 'growths' in petri-dishes on the wall of an entrance corridor. It is probably one of the strangest items of art at sea, yet quite attractive. The Wrap around promenade deck was very sheltered by lifeboats (the biggest of any ship) and has a tunnel at the bow which you pass through to make a complete lap. The deck is marked-out with a jogging track and overhead signs display encouraging 'rhymes' to spur you on. It was not a good space to take an evening stroll and admire the sea view, but it was very good for exercise. There is no 'peek-a-boo' bridge viewing window; I suspect the various ships Captains have not been very happy with that concept. There is also no access for passengers on the bow, like there is on the Voyager and Freedom classes. There is no forward observation lounge as such, although there some nice views to be had from the 'Solarium' located high at the bow. The 'Adults only' solarium is a large glass panelled space, which has a partially open glass roof. It has a round swimming pool and its own bar and a bistro. Unfortunately, It is not a 'tranquil' area as you might think, it could be quite noisy and echoey. The four cantilevered whirlpools which are perched on the ships port and starboard sides offering great views. They are very popular, but the sound of their occupants laughing and talking is amplified by their shape reminding me of a 'roman Orgy' (but without the sex). Below the Solarium, there is an open air viewing area above each of the bridge 'wings' on deck 14. Although it is of course an extremely windy spot to be at, while at sea. Pools: The Pool and Sports Zone is found on decks 15 and 16 and includes four large pools and numerous whirlpools. The Beach Pool is saltwater and features a gently sloping sandy shore that leads to the pool. The Sports Pool is for lap swimming and water-based games. The H2O pools are for families. Entertainment Oasis must have the biggest entertainment budget and the biggest cast of any ship afloat. With the exception of the 'Headliners' show, which was the excellent Beatles tribute act 'Beatlemania', all the big shows are in house productions. The international hit musical 'Hairspray' is offered and is a full length (1 hour 40 minute) production with a cast of around 20. It is one of the few shows that I have ever seen onboard a ship theatre really is 'Broadway' quality. The singing in particular was good, which is not always the case onboard some ships. The Opal theatre and its scenery, lighting and sound supersede the quality of many theatres on Broadway and in the West End. 'Studio B' was almost identical to facilities on the voyager and Freedom class ships. It is an ice rink, although not full sized, with tired seating. It is used for passenger skating and performances of the ice show. The ice show, 'Frozen in Time' which is very loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales was spectacular, as RCI ice shows always are. 'Come fly with me' was essentially a theatre show featuring much aerobatics a hot air balloon and a aeroplane. Yet again it was light years ahead of what is offered on many ships. curiously the intimate 'Jazz on 4' and 'Comedy Live' lounges in 'Entertainment place' (deck 5) have minimal soundproofing between them. It is possible to hear the jazz band quite clearly through the wall while you are listening to the comedy show. One simple solution would be not to use both rooms simultaneously. Across the way is the 'Blaze nightclub (the dungeon like disco) who's sound can also filter into 'Jazz on 4' of an evening. In fact it is not uncommon to be able to hear several sources of music at once, in various locations onbord the ship, such as piped music in one public area and a live band filtering through from another area. RCI need to be more aware of volume levels and noise pollution. Cabins There are 37 different grades of cabins, many of which are similar to cabins on other Royal Caribbean ships. The cabin and corridor dEcor is rather 'understated' (bland) although this is preferable to 'garish'. The standard cabins are comfortable but not over generous on space. A small sofa is proved with a small table. The wardrobe space is adequate but not over generous. The wardrobe door is a rather poor design. It has a sliding door which covers half the storage space at any one time. There is little room to access the wardrobe door between the sofa which in our cabin was only a foot or so away from the wardrobe. The LCD TV's are interactive allowing you to check your onboard account and book certain cruise enhancements such as alternative dining. The cabin doors open outward (like those on the Celebrity Solstice class) into a recess so not to obstruct the corridor which gives a little more room in the cabin. The shower had a shower-head on a flexible hose, although the water pressure was quite low, and glass doors. The chocolates on the pillow commence several nights into the cruise (well that's 5,900 chocolates saved per night) and towel animal in the cabin were epidemic, but cute. There are some new cabin grades not been seen on any ship before? There are window cabins overlooking the 'Royal Promenade' as on the 'Voyager' class, but in addition there are window and balcony cabins overlooking Central park and the Boardwalk. For those with a big budget, the 'Loft suites' have two floors, with a living-room downstairs and bedroom upstairs. They offer the highest accommodation afloat. Having looked in one they are not worth the exorbitant fare in my opinion. Life Jackets A new innovation is that Life Jackets are no longer stored in the cabins, but on deck somewhere? Passengers now just watch a safety video en-mass in one of the lounges (their muster station) and are not required to even put a life-jacket on. Your compulsory presence at the safety drill is no longer recorded by the archaic method of crew members with clipboards and shouting out the passengers names. This is now done with portable bar-code readers and your Sea-pass card. My main concern with this procedure is that the passengers actually watched the video in silence but the crew members at the back of the room were laughing and talking. Ports of Call 'Oasis' does not tender and she is unlikely ever to do so, given the high number of passengers onboard. She if designed to embark and disembark passengers from her starboard side only. Much o the security functions like x-raying bags of passengers when returning to the ship in the ports of call is done on the shore-side rather than in the ships gangway hatches, reducing congestion. The ship makes extensive use of technology to assist passenger flow. The elevators have a 'gangway' button. If you press this it will take you to whatever deck the gangway for the particular port is located on, you do not need to know in advance. Interactive touch-screens around the ship display deck plans and the cruise compass (what's on information). They also display arrows pointing the direction of the gangway when in port. Too big? So is 'Oasis' too big? It is worth recollecting that five years ago, 90,000 gross tons was regarded as 'too big' by many of the cruising public. However this size and it is now regarded as a 'medium size'. Interestingly 120,000 gross tonnes then generally became regarded as too big. Personally I feel that the number of people onboard a cruise ship is largely irrelevant. What is important is how much space the people have each. There are ships that carry 800 passengers that feel more crowded than ones that carry 2,500 passengers. However passenger numbers do become very relevant during embarkation and disembarkation when every passenger is doing the same thing. Although I never tried to be the first off of the ship in port, I never saw any long queues to get on or off 'Oasis'. RCI's design clearly works very well. Each port of call also had a number of other large ships docked, as well as Oasis. The local towns were quite busy, but not unbearable so. You only had to travel a few miles from the ship to leave the masses behind. On disembarkation at Fort Lauderdale all passengers were off the ship by 9.30am - which is quite remarkable. I even got a taxi with ease - and no major queues. As for stability, surprisingly I did feel 'Oasis' roll a little (or to be more accurate: 'judder') in moderate seas, probably due to the high winds. The motion was of course was most pronounced on her uppermost decks. Irrespective of her size and the 'hype', she may be pretty stable, but she's no 'Queen Mary 2' in terms of sea-keeping. In conclusion, Oasis is a remarkable 'floating resort'; her design truly takes her beyond that of just another cruise ship. RCI entered service almost faultlessly. RCI have ensured that the crew are all excellent, unlike some new builds which enter service were a very high proportion of inexperienced crew. Her size and innovations means that she offers everything that the 'Freedom Class' ships do, plus many groundbreaking additions such as 'Central Park' , the 'Boardwalk' and 'Aqua Theatre'. These are not gimmicks; they are charming, exciting and very well utilised spaces. The different 'neighbourhoods successfully create different experiences for the different passengers needs. However just like a real neighbourhoods, on a ship this big you may not get to know your neighbours on first name terms. The ship is does NOT generally feel crowded, in fact I have been on many smaller ships that feel more crowded. Embarkation, disembarkation and the ports of call went remarkably smoothly with minimal queues. The food and service were as good as you could reasonably expect on a big mass market ship. The quality and consistency of the entertainment is some of the best afloat. There really was very little to criticize about the entire cruise experience. Although I did leave away with feeling that I had 'missing out' because I simply did not have time to see, do and eat everything on offer within one week. So is Oasis too big? My answer is a definite "No". Like Mount Everest, she's supposed to be big. I'd strongly recommend 'Oasis' to anyone that wants the ultimate floating-resort experience. Malcolm Oliver Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
Flew into FLL very early in the AM for the Saturday 5pm departure in April. Paid in advance for transfers to the ship, and since we hadn't cruised in over 10 yrs, was concerned about the embarkation process on such a large ship. Not ... Read More
Flew into FLL very early in the AM for the Saturday 5pm departure in April. Paid in advance for transfers to the ship, and since we hadn't cruised in over 10 yrs, was concerned about the embarkation process on such a large ship. Not only did we get there early, but the embarkation was so smooth, we were on the ship within 1-hr. My husband and I were completely overwhelmed by the size of this ship. Our cabin on the 12th deck (facing Central Park) was clean and somewhat roomier than expected, with sufficient storage space. Since I tend to get seasick, I wore the patch, but never needed it. Pool(s) were never too crowded with plenty of deck chairs. Had tickets to Hairspray and were blown away. Saw original on Bwy., and it was just as good if not better. Bit disappointed in food quality in main dining room and crowded Windjammer. Service in both was excellent. Disembarkation was perfect! Highly recommend the valet service. Didn't see my luggage until I landed in NYC. We just walked off the ship and didn't have to wait. Bottom line, I highly recommend this ship and would definitely go again next year. Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
Stayed at the Holiday Inn Express by the Port. Easy ride over from FLL airport and easy ride to the port by Cab. Arrived at 11:00 there was a slight delay boarded around 11:20 only took minutes to board. This ship is massive, we have ... Read More
Stayed at the Holiday Inn Express by the Port. Easy ride over from FLL airport and easy ride to the port by Cab. Arrived at 11:00 there was a slight delay boarded around 11:20 only took minutes to board. This ship is massive, we have been on 8-10 cruises, Freedom was our last, this ship is big. Book your room close to an Elevator, we were in 10570 just a few steps down from the Elevator, on deck 10 with a Balcony, room was great. Clover our attendant was great. Keep in mind this ship is 400 yards long, if your room is in the middle, you will walk 100 yards to get to the steps or elevator. All the shows were great, Park Cafe did have a great Roast Beef sandwich, breakfast at Park Cafe was great also. Windjammer was as expected. Our only complaint, the digital board which shows the menu in the main dinning room, vs. your ship room did not match, it was a day off due to our cruise being the first Western, they had been sailing Eastern. We skipped Wed. nights dinner and it was the best night to eat, as our room menu didn't match. Many People were upset, we complained, however they did nothing except told us to go to the Windjammer, you would have thought they would have at least offered us a specialty dinner. With todays technology that shouldn't have happened. Go to the dinning room and ask to see that nights menu would be our suggestion. Labadee, basically is for just sitting on the beach and enjoying the largest picnic I have ever been to. Costa Maya, and Cozumel were ok, however I commented that the pricing in Mexico isn't that great anymore because you can buy most of the stuff at your local store cheaper, as most what they have is imported from China, every store seems to be the same. The top two decks at the back of the ship are open to the public, they are not suites, you can go out and see the water show, or just gaze. The view from the viking crown lounge is amazing. The sports pool was the only adult big pool that is fresh water, and it seemed to be cooler, those pools get hot in the heat all day. Getting off the ship was easy, we walked off with our luggage and was at the airport in 10 minutes. Other than the menu goof, it was a great trip. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Let me start by saying, I had a wonderful time on this awesome ship. I have traveled on other cruise lines, but this was my first time on Royal Caribbean. I traveled with my husband, my mother, and my mother's husband. We are all ... Read More
Let me start by saying, I had a wonderful time on this awesome ship. I have traveled on other cruise lines, but this was my first time on Royal Caribbean. I traveled with my husband, my mother, and my mother's husband. We are all between the ages of 30 and 60. This was my mother's husband first cruise and let me say he was overwhelmed and excited. First of all we flew into Fort Lauderdale from Maryland on the day of the ship's departure. We didn't feel a need to fly in the day before since we had such an early flight and no weather delays foreseen. We took a taxi from the airport that cost $15 for the total trip. It was cheaper than Royal Caribbean's transfer fee of $15 per person using their van service. One regular taxi was able to fit four people inside the cab and 7 pieces of luggage in the trunk. My husband was frustrated because he felt the line for the taxi was unorganized and he is a stickler for things running smooth. The taxi dropped us off in front of the pier. Just looking at the massive size of the ship made our jaws drop. I couldn't believe how huge she was. What a first impression? From curb to ship would have taken 15 minutes however, we had a major catastrophe take place with my mother's traveling documents. Royal Caribbean would not let her board the ship with her birth certificate and driver's license which has her married name on it. Royal Caribbean said that as of November 2009 a marriage certificate or divorce decree must accompany this documentation. This was new to us because she traveled last year on another cruise line along with several others that was allowed to board with just those two pieces of documentation. Now it makes since to want to prove the link between the two names it's just that the transparency of this requirement is non-existent. They showed me on their website where it states this information, however it was way at the bottom and not included in the section regarding travel documentation. There should be an additional link that takes you to the paragraph concerning this matter. It was very confusing and the information they needed was almost impossible to get. Again to Royal Caribbeans credit they allowed my brother to fax them this information so that my mother could board the ship. We had been trying to reach my brother for 2 hours and Royal Caribbean had begun to pull her luggage off the ship and then he called 30 minutes before the gate was about to close and sent the information they needed. So to be on the safe side get a passport to avoid this hassle. At last we were on the ship, but I have to say our mood was a little dampened by the earlier fiasco. You enter in the Royal Promenade. It's like being in a mall. You don't realize you are on a ship. The Royal Promenade houses Sorrentos the pizza shop and Cafe Promenade the pastry and espresso shop which are complimentary food services. It also has Boleros,the Latin club; On Air, the karaoke spot, Schooner's Bar, Globe& Atlas Bar, In Focus, the photo shop, and a few other novelty stores. The Boardwalk area was fun and carefree. Lot's of music playing and kids activities. Not sure how comfortable it would be sleeping in the balcony stateroom overlooking this area with all the noise. This area had Johnny Rockets which has excellent burgers and milkshakes for a $4.95 cover charge. It also has the Seafood Shack which my family was disappointed in the fact they really didn't have seafood other than some fried choices. They felt they should have more seafood selections because most get the impression you can get all sorts of seafood from here which is not true. I enjoyed the barbecue ribs from here though. The Central Park area was quite and serene. At night it was romantically lit up with white lights. A cool area to walk through at night. We ate at Chops Grille and Giovanni's table which are located in Central Park. There is a $25 cover charge for Chops and a $15 cover charge for Giovanni's. The lamp chops at Chops Grille were excellent. Giovanni's has great veal chops and herb crusted garlic shrimp. Central Park also has the Park Cafe which is complimentary and stayed crowded. They have a lot of healthy choices and salads you can make yourself. They also have great roast beef sandwiches. The Windjammer had a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are so many places to choose from to eat that I only ate there for breakfast. The breakfast was average at best. However, my family went their for lunch and thought the food was okay. Mu husband loved the wingettes they had on a couple of days. The main dining room food was just okay. I felt the specialty restaurants were much better and worth the money. We only ate here on three night. We had a balcony cabin facing the ocean and thought is was kinda of small. We made room by placing our luggage under the bed and that gave us more space. We did bring a surge protector because there was only two outlets hidden under the desk. Also be sure not turn off the master switch which controls all the lights in the cabin and the air conditioning. My mother did that one night and couldn't get the air to work and was sweating bullets. The switch is right by the other switches so it is easy to make that mistake. We loved the bathroom and the glass doors. No more water on the bathroom floor. The shower stall is slim, so if you are on the plus side it could make getting in and out the shower a task. All the shows we top notch. I truly enjoyed Come Fly With Me and Oasis of Dreams. The talent of some of these folks are incredible. Also don't miss The Quest. I truly recommend pre-planning your activities and shows. We pre-planned and reserved all our shows. Only one show registed in their system. For the 1st show my husband and I was told to step aside because we did not register for the show. I told them I had and that it showed on our television earlier that morning. The guy could not get his computer to work because the systems were down to verify our information so he told us to get in the line for folks without reservations that way we could get a seat. We were livid. The next morning I went to guest services and asked how I could avoid this mishap in the future and they gave me a copy of our itinerary. Each time our reservations did not show up I gave them our itinerary and they let us in. We also did the zipline which was a blast. It goes by in 3 minutes. They were trying something new on this cruise. They did away with signing up for the flowrider and zipline in advance. It was on a first come first serve basis. It seemed to be working because the lines were short. Another neat thing about this ship was the face recognition technology. They had personal portfolios that kept all your pictures. Your portfolio number is located on your seapass card. You can also swipe your seapass card and see your pictures on the computer kiosk. Really cool. Overall it was great experience. Hardly anything to complaoin about except the fact that it ended to soon. I'm planning to go on Allure next year. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
ARRIVAL AND BOARDING Flew in from the Northeast and arrived at ship at 12:45pm. This is the first time we have not arrived a day earlier and stayed a day later; we will be returning to that plan from here on out. Seamless boarding, ... Read More
ARRIVAL AND BOARDING Flew in from the Northeast and arrived at ship at 12:45pm. This is the first time we have not arrived a day earlier and stayed a day later; we will be returning to that plan from here on out. Seamless boarding, minutes. No lines. The next thing we knew, we were on Deck 16 for a quick look see. Jaw dropping and at first a bit overwhelming. Walked around the deck really quite stunned. Walked into the Solarium - went OMG; three tiered from under the Bridge to the helipad. So many chair, cabana, pool, tub options; sun or shade; breeze or not. Walked to the back of the ship and up to the Windjammer. OVERALL TECHNOLOGY Near all elevators, dining, etc. there a touch screens to select Dining, Shows, etc. You touch Dining and all the restaurants appear with "capacity filled currently status" and another touch for the menu! Same as for shore excursions, shows, what's happening now, etc. 100% A+ innovation. And, it is in your room on the TV too but you have to use the keyboard. DINING Windjammer Buffet - We are not big eaters; like taste and variety. Last year Celebrity Solstice Ocean Cafe was an 8 of 10 with the Bellagio in Vegas a 10. On Oasis, although we walked around three times looking for two seats, we couldn't help but wonder where the "rest of the food was." Never went there again. We then realized that this was not the Solstice, there must be other options to the buffet, and we found them throughout the week. Others that we met during the cruise had similar sentiments. Alternatives to Windjammer: First place, Park Place Cafe. Second place, Solarium cafe (although same food generally as Windjammer without the massive crush of people), Third place, all the free eat establishments on Deck 5 Promenade. Biggest disappointment in alternatives was the empty Boardwalk eateries (JR and Seafood Shack) looked great, but why the heck pay for burgers and fries or fried clams and coleslaw? No one did; what a shame; it can't be cheaper to feed people at the alternate complimentary dining. Huge mistake by RCL and money is not an issue with us. It was the concept. And it was dead empty all the time. Main Dinning - This is the number one reason why the Windjammer is downscaled considerably; main dining/MTD is so much better than we expected and it was better than Solstice. Our waiter, Peter, and the crew in his area on level 5 dead left as you enter are not to be missed. You won't get him or that area if you don't book a MTD by mid-week. We did MTD and basically walked in at will; we eat later than most and spent 5-6pm in the Solarium almost all to ourselves - the best of the best secret with only a dozen other couples. The best part of everyday. Specialty Dining - Chops was excellent, although it took an hour to tell us they didn't have the bottle of wine we ordered. Other than that (just bring another comparable we thought, or a glass while we waited) it was very good, service, food and ambiance. Giovanni's Table was "the best." We really had no idea how we could eat after having the anti-pasta appetizer; we've never had prosciutto that melted, salami variety, etc. even half as good as this was even in Little Italy when we visit Boston. They also knew we weren't big eaters (there are lots of them) and they slowed down our meal so we could relax. TOP SERVICE and treatment. Late dessert for my wife, tops. SHOWS Stand Up Comedy - A+, not to be missed so you better reserve. So many disappointed people all week that couldn't get in. Two HBO rated comedians with a host, 20min per; gut wrenching laughing the entire time. Bought their CD's after; they were even sold out by weeks end. Frozen in Time - A, not to be missed so you better reserve. So many disappointed people all week that couldn't get in. Small ice rink, a lot going on and gets better and better. Early shows have less "falls" as the ice gets really cut and mushy. But great. Come Fly With Me - A, Really well done. Headliner Showtime - A+, Earl was great. Oasis of Dreams - C, sorry. Great design, ambiance, everything but a "theme" to the show. Way too much sync-swimming. Could have used a "slapstick clown" or an entire makeover to more music, lights, etc. Really disappointed in show, but the theatre is ready for the right one. Bring a towed if you have nice clothes, depending on the wind during the day you need to sit on a towel or you will have soot-butt the rest of the night (be careful on formal night especially). Hairspray - A-, really well done. For its age, very well done. ROOM We had a Junior Suite on Deck 11 which is midship (and the ship is in 4 quarters versus 3 thirds sections). Since we spend so much time in the Solarium or Deck 15, 16 next to the Solarium we would probably move forward. The room was great, clean, well attended. Hints, for every door everywhere when you think pull, push and vice versa; getting into the tub requires a high step big time; the vacu flush is directly in the middle of your lower back "behind" the lifted up seat (contortionist heaven); you can brush your teeth while "seated" so to speak; and finally, as you look up to the right of the door heading out of the bathroom it says WATCH YOUR STEP - then you trip on the 2 inch riser. Your TV is your automated access to the status of everything on the ship, shore, dining, etc. Stunning for the technically savvy. POOLS, HOT TUBS AND LOUNGING If you can't find a pool you like, a hot tub you like, a theme you like, people you like, service you like on this ship - stay home, it's you! The Solarium from an hour prior to 1st dining to 7pm is "to die for." ACTIVITIES Minigolf, basketball, etc. pretty simple. The FLOW RIDER IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TO BE MISSED - either to try or JUST TO WATCH. I tried three times with my wife filming every wipe out with such happiness and grin. I wish I had known about the lessons at the beginning of the week; I would have done one first and visited here daily for an hour or so. Hanging out on Deck 5 Promenade after dinner or in the evening was interesting people watching with musical entertainment and was almost an activity. PORTS Labbadee, Haiti - Very nice improvement from what other RCL's told us. Could be stunning, but it is not. It is definitely OK, the zip line is great to do and watch from the beach, the mountain coaster has incredible views, but the feel of the Caribbean is missing and the condition / cleanliness of all of the chairs, etc. is unacceptable. Other than the Oasis crew, the local service is really really uninspiring. And who got the deal on the ORANGE PAINT and used it on EVERY BUILDING? SUMMARY EXPECTATIONS - From Overwhelmed to Quite Comfortable We went from thinking it was too big, the passengers to old and some of the rude people to often to being quite a home, enjoying all of the passengers and just avoiding the rude people (just walk away and move to another spot). GOING BACK? Wouldn't have got off if we didn't have to. Yep, looking at the fall itineraries for Southern or Eastern. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
As first-time cruisers we found this ship to be wonderful! We found the boards' and members' reviews to be of great help and felt quite at home on embarkation. We boarded around 11:30 and roamed the ship until we were able to ... Read More
As first-time cruisers we found this ship to be wonderful! We found the boards' and members' reviews to be of great help and felt quite at home on embarkation. We boarded around 11:30 and roamed the ship until we were able to enter our room. Signs and help were everywhere to assist on embarkation. We contacted housekeeping and asked for a lounger to be brought to our balcony room. We had to call a second time, a few hours later, but did receive the lounger. Be sure and request a lounger! We made reservations ahead on-line. Be sure and do this as many weren't able to see the shows, due to the full ship. The shows were first class. We sat in the 2nd row to see Hair Spray. My hubby was blown away by the show! It appeals to all ages. I had seen it on stage and this production was just as great! We arrived 45 minutes early to all the shows. We had choice seats every time. We were irritated by the person sitting next to me in the front row of the ice show. He had a huge camera and constantly clicked. They say no flashes but people can still bring cameras and take pictures. The man behind him also took pictures! I wish they would ban cameras completely, once the shows start as I couldn't appreciate the ice show fully. The ice show also had an artist who held our breaths! I can't begin to review what she did....it was so creative! I loved the water show! We sat higher up as the first few rows are splashed with water. The swimmers are so talented. It was fun to read their backgrounds on the outside screens. I would have liked to have learned more about the ice skaters. I was afraid I wouldn't like the comedians but they were great!! Somehow they didn't need to resort to unnecessary vulgarity. We ate at the 6PM dining seating every evening. We are glad we did not do the My Time Dining. The two of us were put at a table with 7 other adults. We enjoyed talking with them at the evening meal and often we were near the last to leave. We really didn't mingle with many of the other people on board as there were many foreigners and groups traveling together. So I appreciated the meal time. For formal nights, men do need to wear at least a coat and tie. My hubby did not bring a tie and he was one of the few who did not have a tie. There were some tuxes. We had room service on our balcony for three mornings. What a pleasure! My hubby also liked the food in Wipe Out Cafe!! We went once to the Windjammer for lunch! What a mess! You had to hunt for seats and people were pushy! The food was nothing special and we didn't need the hastle! The Solarium was a haven for some peace. It was laid back and you could enjoy the beauty of the ocean. You could also get healthy meals in the Solarium. The main pools were extremely crowded. We don't enjoy being on top of people and we found spots in and around the Solarium to sun. We did not see many people use the cupcake store. You could get free desserts at the coffee shop on deck 5. We even tried the pizza at Sorrentos. Bingo was expensive. It cost $55 to play 4 hands and it was $72 on the last day. Of course, the person who won the free cruise didn't mind paying $72. Luckily I was so busy that I couldn't lost all my money in the Casino! They would announce that someone had won but you never saw anyone happy and shouting! Disembarkation was a breeze. You could walk off with your luggage and that is what we did! We left around 6:30 AM and were at the airport by 7 AM. I would strongly suggest you walk off with your luggage. Taxis were waiting and it was a breeze. It was easier going through customs than going through security at the airport. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We were very excited about going on the Oasis and had high hopes that RCCL's biggest would be the best. But we were disappointed. We had a fairly good time but this ship still has alot of issues that need resolving. Embarkation was ... Read More
We were very excited about going on the Oasis and had high hopes that RCCL's biggest would be the best. But we were disappointed. We had a fairly good time but this ship still has alot of issues that need resolving. Embarkation was a breeze, the new terminal is very nice and clean and we did not have to wait in any lines and just barely sat down when they called us on the ship. This was around 11:30. You enter into the Promenade and it is quite beautiful, after walking around a little we were told by staff to head up to the Windjammer for lunch. The place was packed, we walked around for 20 minutes and could not find a table anywhere and no other food venues were open, so we walked over to the pool area to sit and have a drink. At 1:00 we went down to check out our rooms and although we had an inside cabin, it was very spacious and nice. Shower was fairly small though. We met up with the rest of our party at 2:30 and we were starving but again the Windjammer was completely packed so we headed over to the Solarium and had to wait about 10 minutes but finally got a table and could have some lunch. We had late seating at dinner and the service was so slow we were there 3 hours. Our assistant waiter showed up once to give us water, never asked if we wanted iced tea or lemonade, which we did and then vanished for the rest of the evening. We had to keep asking other waiters and assistants waiters for water, bread etc. One of our friends is a Diamond member and when she and her husband went to the Diamond Lounge for drinks, they would not let her husband in because he was not a Diamond member. So basically they expected her to sit in the lounge and drink by herself while her husband stood outside. They switched our itinerary to go to Nassau first because of some repairs to the ship, which was fine, we were in port from 7 - 2. We got back on the ship around 1:15, again went to the Windjammer and it was again packed, no open tables, people standing against the wall holding plates and eating. So we decided to go to the dining room for lunch and guess what, it was closed. So we spent the next 20 minutes walking around the ship trying to find somewhere to eat that we didn't have to pay extra for. This is one of the big problems with this ship. There is not enough seating for all 6100 people that were on this ship for breakfast or lunch. The dining room always seemed to be closed and all the other places were packed. They have a computer screen where you can check the restaurant availability to help find a place to eat, but when all of them are full, you have no other options except to go to the pay places. That seemed to be the general theme of the Oasis, to push you towards all their pay revenues. By this time we were ready to just get off the ship, and we are not complainers, we actually tend to not sweat the small stuff and overlook most issues, but this was getting ridiculous. You pay twice the price to go on this cruise and can't get breakfast or lunch anywhere. So our diamond member friend went to Guest Services and had a long talk with the food and beverage manager as well as the hotel director. They gave her husband Diamond status so he could go to the lounge with her. They did have a talk with our dining team and I have to say service was much better after that in the dining room. They had no answers for the breakfast and lunch issues and were quite aware of the problems but had not found a resolution as of yet. We suggested opening the dining room on a regular basis and longer hours in the dining room to accommodate all the people. The Windjammer probably only holds around 1500 - 2000 people and with 6100 on the ship, they need to have other arrangements for people to have breakfast and lunch. We were told by other staff members that they really "stretch" the staff on this ship. Most of the staff has to help at the other venues along with the one they are assigned to and the show performers have to run back and forth between the shows to help at each one. Other issues the ship had was the Aqua show computers shut down 8 times during the show, they had activities listed on the cruise compass that when you showed up, no staff was there so the activity never took place. They advertised 2 shopping spree drawings but no staff showed up, so no drawing. They listed a raffle in one of the stores, but turns out you only qualify for the raffle if you buy something in the "expensive" store. Some of the activities listed required you to pay a fee, such as watching the bartenders make the specialty drinks, make your own cupcakes, the wine tasting etc. Lines for the flow rider, rock climbing wall and zip line were outrageous. We made the best of what we could, pretty much ate lunch in the ports or on sea days grabbed some pastries or a sandwich at a cafe and took it back to our room since there was no where to sit and eat. Ports were great and our tour with Bernard's on St Maarten was fantastic, I would highly recommend them to everyone. Maho Beach is a must, we stood under the planes as they flew over and also got sandblasted from one as it took off, It was great. So while the ship is absolutely beautiful, I had expected alot more service from this ship and was disappointed, I expected it to be the best of the best. We will stick to the smaller ships from now on. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
The Good: The Oasis has some great speciality venues. The Italian, family style, place was some of the best food and service we had ever experienced on any cruise. The technology in the ship was a leap forward. No more guessing what deck ... Read More
The Good: The Oasis has some great speciality venues. The Italian, family style, place was some of the best food and service we had ever experienced on any cruise. The technology in the ship was a leap forward. No more guessing what deck to head to on port days with the gangway button, and that was nice. The best new thing on the Oasis is the item they have the largest problem letting guest know about, the thermometer that shows how full restaurants are. That is on the touch screens around the ship and on the TV in the stateroom. Knowledge about that item would have saved a lot of frustration the first two days on board. Being a car guy, I enjoyed the 1936 Auburn on deck 5 as well. If you are a drinker, the bartenders in all areas had VERY heavy hands. The fitness center was amazing. State of the art cardio gear and lots of machines of all types. The running track on deck 5 was the best area to run on any ship I have ever even heard of. I had the best haircut at the Spa. It was stylish and well done, and my hair is not the easiest in the world to cut well. Normally we never see the head waiter at dinner other then him walking around talking. On the Oasis, our head waiter was working just as hard as the rest of the staff running food and pouring wine. He was amazing and made our dinners enjoyable. The waiter and assistant waiter worked very hard as well, but I just have never seen a head waiter actually work just as hard as the rest of the staff. The Bad: 6,000 people trying to eat lunch at about the same time is simply disaster. On the Nassau port day, we returned to the ship and changed just in time for the dining room to be closed. That showed us what happens when a thousand or so people all try to eat in the Windjammer at the same time. If you get your food first and then look for a table, your food will be ice cold when you finally give up and sit on the floor or just toss it all away in disgust. My party ended up in the Park Cafe with pre-packaged food and my wife had a soggy wrap that she tossed most of out. My wife had a great conversation with the head of food and beverage, and they seem eager to solve this challenge, but I just think the logistics of the ship don't support the number of people. So long spontaneity in cruising! If you have a bad show (our water based show had the media computer crash many times) you can't just catch it another night. Reservations are a must, and without them, good luck. Gone is the sitting at dinner and thinking, "lets see the comedy act tonight". You have to plan out every show and event in advance to get tickets. What? You want to see the water? Other ships I have been on have had nice places to relax in a chair and read a book on decks other then the pool deck. The Oasis took almost every square inch of the outside of the ship and turned them into cabins. Personal touch. There is just no way the staff will get to know the guest enough to add that personal touch. Even the staff seemed to miss this aspect of the smaller ships. The staff in the Diamond events seemed to open up and let us know they don't even know the rest of the co-workers they work with to any degree like on smaller ships. Due to this, we met a total of zero people in the diamond nightly event in the Blaze that said they will be returning to the Oasis. For the Flagship, does this mean Royal is going for the big city of cruise lines and not the personal service, intimate based experience? Can't have it both ways, and one has a higher profit margin. No Sommelier. We never saw a single one. We paid 14 bucks and change each for a wine tasting in Vintages that had 4 glasses, and one was a Beringer White Zen. When the fool running the event wants me to put a 5 dollar bottle of kool aid and try to tell him what I taste, I was not happy. The rest of the wines were not much better and we refused to ever go back to Vintages after that. If the staff there doesn't know anything about wine, how are we to take suggestions seriously? To get the bad taste out of my mouth, I went to one of the bars and asked for a glass of Zinfindel, and he didn't know there were non-pink versions of the wine. They need a Sommelier on the Oasis running tastings in Vintages. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Arrived in Fort Lauderdale on May 7 and we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 in the Tower rooms which was great (12 th floor with view of the Intra-Coastal Waterway and a perfect view of where the Oasis Of The Sea, docks.) We used Starz ... Read More
Arrived in Fort Lauderdale on May 7 and we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 in the Tower rooms which was great (12 th floor with view of the Intra-Coastal Waterway and a perfect view of where the Oasis Of The Sea, docks.) We used Starz Limo and Car service for pickup and departure at the airport, to the hotel and the ship. They were very reasonably priced, on time, and we found this to be much better than waiting around to get a cab, especially after you depart from the ship. We arrived at the ship on Saturday about 12:30 Pm and check in was quick and orderly. We walked onto the ship (Promenade Deck) and went right to the Eighth deck to the Park Cafe for those Roast Beef Sandwiches. We did wait about 5 minutes to get a table, but it was well worth it. We went to our Balcony room (mid-ship) about 1:20 Pm and met our cabin steward, Patricia. The rooms are just a little smaller with less storage space for your clothes,etc. A Real Problem here is that it took quite a while for the room to cool properly. Another poor feature is when you open the door to go out on the balcony, the air conditioning in your room shuts off, even when you close the door behind you. The door must be closed from the inside and Sealed shut before your air conditioning goes back on. The ship itself, is just beautiful. Central Park is located on the Eighth deck and is really a sight to see, especially at night. There are a number of pools, a really nice Solarium, and plenty of lounge chairs, but it does get very crowded on sea days aboard the ship. The night clubs were nice and the entertainment was excellent. The food in the dining rooms was really a bit above average than normal, and the speciality restaurants (although somewhat noisy, had outstanding food quality.) I do remember from an earlier posting that Formal night was on the SECOND and SIXTH Night. Most guys were in a tux or a suit, but people are starting to get away from that due to the extra luggage charges the airlines have imposed. If you are interested in eating at any of the speciality restaurants, make reservations about 3 months before your cruise. The shows on the ship were for the most part, were excellent. Again, you must make reservations months before you go on the cruise or there is a good chance you will not be able to see the show. For Diamond and Diamond Plus members there were drinks served on Deck 4 at Blazes between 5Pm and 8:30 Pm daily, which was very nice. On the Fifth day of our cruise, there was a very foul waste odor at the rear of the ship (inside) around the elevator corridors on deck 7 and 8, which lasted about a day and was gone, nothing said. Lower room balconys just above the Boardwalk could get a bit noisy from activity in that area. In summary this ship is really BIG and BEAUTIFUL and is worth experiencing but after this one time we rather be on the smaller ships. Thank you to all our Cruise Critic members who have been updating information on the Oasis Of the Seas, it did help us a lot in our planning of activities. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
just come back from a cruise on Oasis of the Seas, lovely boat, but having been on Independance of the seas last year was somewhat dissapointed. there were no enrichment seminars which I was really dissapointed with as on the ... Read More
just come back from a cruise on Oasis of the Seas, lovely boat, but having been on Independance of the seas last year was somewhat dissapointed. there were no enrichment seminars which I was really dissapointed with as on the Independance of the seas last year I had attended a digital photography course and got hooked. The only thing they had was scrapbooking and you had tgo pay $25! The gym was good but small compare to Independance, the spa was nice but pricy. we pre booked all shows and dining times on the internet before we left home, but we found the first night was somewhat chaotic, the shows for the later sitting did not start until 10:45, leaving you little time in between dinner and attending the show. If like my husband and me you are tired after your days activities, this left little time in the evenings to sit and have a drink and unwind. The food choice was very good, and I was impressed with the addition of a healthy cafe in central park, which provided really nice salads,soups, wraps etc, a welcome change from full on calorie laden food else where. the flowrider and sports deck were great, plenty to do for all., The last night was a total disaster, as part of our holiday deal with virgin our tips were pre-paid, basically they give you vouchers the last night with envelopes which you then drop in a box for your room attendant,waiter etc, but we had none, so we asked our room attendant who phoned guest relations, they informed him that we had been down to them and cancelled our tips. We had been nowhere near guest relations in the whole week. It took some two hours to sort this out, basically we were in room 7724 and the person in room 7224 had cancelled theirs and somehow it had been cancelled on our account!! They tried to tell us that it had been recharged to our onboard account, but could produce no paperwork to prove it! They tried to get us to use our credit card to recharge it but we refused as we could not be sure that they had charged it back to us. It was left that they would write a letter so that we had proof which would be left on our stateroom door (we would be getting up and off the boat by 8:30 am, anyway no letter there in the morning,and person who was dealoing with it was not on duty, so we had to disembark and leave as it was. When we got back home I immediately logged in to see activity on my credit card account to check what had happed, there was no recharge or thankfully money charged back. My husband then phoned Royal Carribean who pulled up our account and told us that it was now sorted out. Needless to say this completely ruined our last night on the boat. The rest of the trip was fine., Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
My husband and I both flew in on Delta from NYC on May 15th. Plane landed at FLL at 10:00am, got luggage and took a taxi to the pier. It was my 7th cruise and my husband's 3rd. EMBARKATION: Took 5 mi. to check in, terminal is ... Read More
My husband and I both flew in on Delta from NYC on May 15th. Plane landed at FLL at 10:00am, got luggage and took a taxi to the pier. It was my 7th cruise and my husband's 3rd. EMBARKATION: Took 5 mi. to check in, terminal is humungus. Got Sea Pass and waited till about 11:15 to board. WOW!WOW!WOW!: The Promenade (deck 5) was amazing! As we walked in all we do is say " This is incredible! First thing we did was to explore the different venues that I read about. We checked out every floor and took pictures of everything. We went to try out one of those delicious " Roast Beef " sandwiches everyone has been raving about. They were right, they are delicious..... CABIN Cat D5: At 1:00 we were allowed to go to our cabin. It was really nice. The bed was by the balcony. Plenty of space to store all the stuff we had in our luggage which by the way was delivered by 1:45. Met our room steward, DEXTER and introduced ourselves. He turned out to be the best, very attentive, courteous who always remembered our first names. SPA : Had the Ladies Night Special, and I must say it was a waste of money. I was more tense after I came out then when I went in.... DINING : We chose MTD and had made reservations on line for all 7 nights. Never had to wait for a table. We met 2 wonderful people Mom & Daughter at our Meet & Mingle group and decided to eat together every night. We always sat at a table for 6 so that we had more room. Our waitress RACHELLE was simply the BEST!!! We had a great time every night at dinner. The food was pretty good and so were the desserts. Only did the Windjammer maybe once for lunch and once for breakfast.(NOT IMPRESSED) Had room service for breakfast (GREAT) Johnny R. for breakfast (VERY SLOW SERVICE), Main Dining room breakfast (SO, SO) lunch ( GOOD) SPECIALTY DINING: : Only went to GIOVANNI's for lunch and all I can say is that it was the best Italian food next to my cooking! SHOWS : Oasis of the Seas was great, Hairspray was OK, the Comedy show was funny, the headliner started out boring and ended with a BANG! The Quest was hilarious. The 70's party was a riot.... PORTS : LABADEE was really nice, it felt like an amusement park. COSTA MAYA, it was raining so hard, we did not get off the ship. COZUMEL, we took a tour of the city & shopping. DISIMBARKATION: Very easy, by 8:30 we were already picking up our rental car. A member of our Cruise Critic, Meet & Mingle group, organized through RCCL, a SLOT TOURNAMENT which turned out to be so much fun! Mary, you are the best!! Oh yea, I almost forgot, we definitely made our contribution to the "CASINO ROYAL" We had a great time on our OASIS CRUISE. I am so glad I got to share the experience with my husband. There was so much to do, explore and enjoy. I honestly don't think we covered everything, but we definitely did the best we could, after all it was only 7 DAYS..... which flew by so quickly........... Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Day 1 Everyone talks about how quick the check-in process is for the ship. And it is, but you have to get through the security check first. It is just as convoluted as the airport security check and takes just as long. Everyone also ... Read More
Day 1 Everyone talks about how quick the check-in process is for the ship. And it is, but you have to get through the security check first. It is just as convoluted as the airport security check and takes just as long. Everyone also talks about how good the roast beef sandwiches and brownies are at Promenade Cafe - and they are. But before you choose that over the Windjammer, note that they don't have any sides for the sandwiches, and no drinks except coffee and water. A better choice upon arrival to the boat is the Park Cafe - they have some chips and other drink options. Also, if you are on deck 8 around 8682, note that your boat drill station is G1 will be at the Aqua Theatre. The sun was beating down on us and we had to listen to the captain issue a message, listen to it in several other languages, then watch a video. GET THERE BEFORE the drill sounds over the PA - then you will be in the shaded area, not the sunny area. I've heard the rooms are smaller on the Oasis than on other RCCL ships, and that may be true, but the layout is better. It's easier to get around. But this is probably because there is less storage space. This included some almost useless cabinets that were only between 3-5 inches deep! We had to be very creative in unpacking. On the plus side... the fold out couch is bigger, and folds out into a full bed rather than a twin bed. Since it is a new boat, all the beds are comfortable, if a bit stiff. On the Promenade, there is a really cool bar, Rising Tide, that elevates up and down between decks 5 and 8. We will have to try that next. The tables in the Opus restaurant are all smaller. Each party can have their own table rather than be forced to a table of 8 or 12 or more. My husband really liked that. Never the less, we became good friends with the table next to us - Hi, Mary and Ed! Day 2 - Nassau We did the Segway excursion. That was lots of fun! They taught us several things on the all-terrain Segways, and took pictures of us with our own cameras. The Spa on board is huge! My daughter and I did a Mother-Daughter massage. It was probably one of the best I've ever had. And I managed to cut off the spiel for the products without too much trouble. The Rising Tide bar (the one that goes up and down between 2 levels) was cool. We didn't get to stay long though, because they tossed us out to prepare for the Captain's reception. We enjoyed a really excellent dinner at Chops and went to the show, "Come Fly with Me". There were some really excellent numbers in this show: some popular songs from several eras, acrobats, gymnasts, people walking up walls, some creative video. My husband and I both enjoyed the show, and believe our 11-year old daughter would have too. But she was having a good time in Adventure Ocean and didn't want to leave! Day 3 - Day at Sea Late in the day, our ship was turned around to head back towards Nassau. Apparently we have a missing crew member. The ship is cooperating with the US Coast Guard in a Sea Search. Can't help but think that if anyone went into the drink hours ago, they'd be gone now. Have to search though. Not sure what effect this delay will have on the remainder of our trip. Things we did today: Improv Comedy Show (good), lunch at Johnny Rockets (burgers were a bit burned), couple of hours at the pool (ships movement made them all wave pools - fun!). DD and I took the Michael Jackson dance class. I'm sure we looked like complete idiots, but it was so much fun! We learned Beat It and Thriller. I just wish there had been an inside venue to learn in, as the sun was beating down on us again at the Aqua Theatre. One thing to note: Prior to your sailing, you can make your show reservations online for the shows with a cast of RCCL singers, dancers, gymnasts and acrobats, but you can't make reservations online for the comedy shows featuring comedians which are brought in just for the week. The Comedy shows are held in the Comedy LIVE theatre, which only holds 120 people. So, if you don't have a reservation, you are most likely out of luck. Be sure you make your reservation for those shows on board! To me, it seems odd to put such a popular show in such a small venue. Day 4 - Day at Sea Our day in St. Thomas was cancelled due to the search for the missing crew member. So today was a day at sea. DH and DD did the zip line (8 stories above Boardwalk). DD really enjoyed it and did it twice. She also did the flow rider. We have 2 more days at sea, so maybe I will try it one of those days. DD and I also did the cupcake decorating class. We made a dog. The class was lots of fun, and the cupcake quite tasty when we were done. I'd recommend that class. Tonight, the Headliner show was Kenny James. I was expecting a variety show, but his entire act was singing. I think he should have been in the Comedy LIVE Theatre (small venue), and the 2 comedians from last night, Rick Corso and Phil Tag, should have been in the Opal Theatre (large venue). Day 5 - St. Maarten We did the Afternoon Beach Break at St. Maarten. This was a very popular excursion. We enjoyed the 2 hours at the beach, and DD and I got sunburned. Just a reminder, when it is your turn, be sure to replace sunscreen often! DH and I went to Giovanni's for dinner. This dinner and the one at Chops have been my favorite so far. I recommend the upscale restaurants on the ship. We saw "Frozen In Time" in Studio B. Great show. All of the skaters are quite talented, the costumes were fabulous and the guest artist was great. Day 5 - At Sea We finally decided to try the Seafood Shack. We ordered 3 of the Fish and Chips and 1 appetizer. The appetizer came out at the same time as the food, and when it came out, it was 2 of the Fish and Chips and 2 appetizers. How could the waitress think that was right? DD finished her beverage before the food came out, but the waitress never brought her any more. And the fish was underdone. There should NOT be a charge for this restaurant! If RCCL is going to charge for this restaurant, the service and food should at least be on par with the Dining room! Instead, it was the worst meal we've had all week. We did complain, and they took care of the meal for us. But thought other cruise critics might like to know our experience with this restaurant so you can make your own decision. DD decided she would be in the Adventure Ocean Talent Show, but showed up 5 minutes late and they had already left for practice. I guess we have gotten used to a more relaxed attitude on the other ships because 5-10 minutes of tardiness would not have caused her to miss it on other RCCL (or Disney) ships. Went to play Bingo and found out that my 3 cards were competing against players with 100 cards on an electronic hand-held device. I had no idea until the game started. Lesson learned - if you want to play Bingo on this ship, spend the $$ for the electronic hand-held device! This was formal night (Lobster night) in the dining room, and food and service was good as always. Thanks Jasmine and Ramon, and Dani, our head waiter! Tonight's show was the "Oasis of Dreams" in the Aqua Theatre. It was rained out and re-scheduled for tomorrow night, same time. Very frustrating day. Guess I will be packing EARLY tomorrow so we can see the last 2 shows and get the luggage out before midnight. Day 6 - At Sea I finally tried the Zip line and the Flow Rider this morning. At the Zip line, I tried not to look down, and it wasn't too difficult since the ride is quite short! The Flow Rider is so much fun! I wasn't able to sit on my knees, but I think with a little practice, maybe one day... After that, I found a nice breezy spot by the pool to catch some rays for my last day on the cruise. After some lunch at the Park Cafe, we packed our bags because tonight was busy! DD and I went to see "HairSpray" before dinner. It was one song after another. All of the cast performed almost the entire 90 minutes. Quite a talented group. Several of the cast members performed at the Comedy Improvs during our at the days at sea. After dinner, we saw the "Oasis of Dreams" show at the Aqua Theatre. Besides being trained in high diving, two cast members were also in Cirque du Soleil Mystere. So the show was Cirque-like, with music, only without the singers. General Observations Shows If you don't want to see every show and want to pick just one or two, here's how I would rate them (1 being the best): 1) Come Fly With Me 2) Frozen In Time 3) Oasis of Dreams 4) HairSpray The above list only includes the shows you can reserve online prior to your sailing. We didn't get to see any of the Comedy shows (Rick Corso and Phil Tag), so those are not included above. Restaurants Windjammer - The Windjammer is quite busy for lunch on the first day of the cruise, and also for breakfast every day. It took a few minutes to find a table at breakfast, but we did manage to find one each day. I would like to see Oasis add an "Egg Man" - someone to make fresh omlets and other eggs, like they do on the Mariner and the Jewel. There were premade Omlets there, but they were not fresh. On the plus side, the Oasis had biscuits - my Mom would have enjoyed this, as that was one thing she missed on the Mariner. Promenade - I would like to see Iced Tea made available at the restaurants on the Promenade. And maybe some other food options, like bar food/appetizers at one or more bars. Boardwalk - You can already get doughnuts and ice cream elsewhere on the ship. I would like to see those replaced with maybe Aunt Annie's Pretzels or something Mexican. Workshops There are several workshops for adults only (Jewelry making and Scrapbooking). Adults only = 18 and older. I would like to see Oasis hold some Mother-daughter classes, as my daughter is 11, and that would have been something fun we could do together. Come to think of it, some Father-son basketball or table-tennis games might be fun, too. Just some ideas for Oasis to consider. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Got your attention? I don't see another 4 or 5 star review being of any use to anybody here so after the razzle dazzle has worn off this is what you're left with. The cruise I booked was as follows: 5pm departure Sun- at ... Read More
Got your attention? I don't see another 4 or 5 star review being of any use to anybody here so after the razzle dazzle has worn off this is what you're left with. The cruise I booked was as follows: 5pm departure Sun- at sea Mon at sea Tue in st Thomas Wed in St martin Thur at sea Fri afternoon in Nassau The following itinerary is what we got on the May 22 cruise without any forewarning from Royal Caribbean I might add. * Left 4 hours late in the dark, no sail away party. * Showed up in Nassau at 7 am Sunday morning, you know what's open in Nassau at 7am ? CHURCH * About ¾ the way to St. Thomas a crewmember jumped overboard and the ship was ordered to search for him so they turned around to search for him. Now, I'm pretty sure if a passenger had gone missing they would have kept going. * Tuesday still at sea searching the Atlantic for the jumper. * Wednesday- Skipped St. Thomas completely and went straight to St. Martin * Thur/Fri at sea RCI response? They don't reimburse anything and they reserve the right to change itineraries. We did get the $10 port tax back. First hand experiences: Embarkation: About 40 minutes Ship movement - barely noticeable Poor PA - in some spots Smoke - yes some bars in the promenade allow smoking this can be a big problem Computer glitches: Yes many problem, schedule times different from printed versions, missing reservations. Cabin ventilation / air conditioning: maximum setting barely keeps up Cabin size: adequate, nice shower with handheld sprayer, lots of drawers and shelves. Food- dining room excellent Windjammer - good luck finding a table. RCI screwed up on making this smaller. Why mess with a good thing? Entertainment - excellent Activities - same old stuff Loungers - people still camping out all day while they move around the ship I didn't see any pool attendants removing towels Crowds/Lineups: never went anywhere without there being a lineup. Anyone who says it never felt crowded must be from India. Disembarkation: Of course RCI is going to say that it is customs problem but RCI should take some initiative to fix this chaos. You find yourself in a mob of people hunting for luggage then a mob of people being misdirected to some customs line and eventually you find yourself outside smelling bus exhaust. There are no phones, vending machines washrooms or rest areas here and all sorts of security telling you to move along you can't stop here. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
My Brother, Mother, and I just returned this past Saturday (5/29) from a great week aboard the Oasis of the Seas. Having cruised with RCCL 5 times in the past (including 2 on Freedom), we are use to being on big ships. However, Oasis ... Read More
My Brother, Mother, and I just returned this past Saturday (5/29) from a great week aboard the Oasis of the Seas. Having cruised with RCCL 5 times in the past (including 2 on Freedom), we are use to being on big ships. However, Oasis really took our breath away......it was like turning a skyscraper on its side and floating it in the ocean!! With 5400 passengers on board, the most amazing thing about it is that you rarely ever see 85% of these people at any given time. Embarkation at Port Everglades was a breeze thanks to the new state-of-the-art terminal which was built specifically for Oasis (and Allure when it sails in November), and we were on the ship within 30 minutes of arrival. After dropping off our luggage in our room, we headed up to Windjammer Marketplace to grab some lunch.....only to encounter a mob of people (this was the only time we dealt with 98% of the passengers in one place). A recent review of this ship mentioned that there was standing room only in the Windjammer, and we certainly could ditto that statement!!! The seating area is smaller than Freedom's (why was that???), and we spent 30 minutes waiting for an unoccupied table. Touring the ship took the rest of the afternoon......Central Park is really beautiful with loads of trees, flowers, and shrubs. The boardwalk is amazing and reminded us of a Cony Island setting with the carousel, eateries, and shops. The Promenade was like walking through a mall.....unlike previous ships, it is quite wide and well lit with splashy colors. When it came time for the muster assembly drill, we were pleased that we didn't have to wear life jackets......not to mention that our station was in the Opal Theater and not outside in the heat!! As for eating, we had breakfast several times in Park Cafe which offered bagels and all the trimmings to go along. We ate 3 times in Johnny Rockets....which is always an entertaining experience with the servers dancing to hiphop music. We had 6:00 PM dining, and we sat with a family from Canada. They were talkative and friendly, and they made for wonderful table mates the entire cruise. Our waiter (Michael) and assistant waiter (Leroy) were wonderful, and we were treated with high class in the dining room each evening. The food was always tasty and was more than we could eat each night. We never tried the specialty restaurants (Chops Grill, 150 Central Park)....there was no need to since the dining room food and service met our expectations. I did get the Fillet Mignon (from Chops Grill) twice, and it was really delicious...very tender. Snacks in the 24-hour Cafe Promenade, Sorrento's, and Mondo Coffee Bar were plentiful and delightful. Our cabin was a balcony stateroom (9132) in the front of the ship. We had booked this specific cabin while onboard Freedom last May in the hopes to avoid any cigarette smoke/ash from anyone in front of or above us, and it worked very well. Grant it....the hallway seemed to be endless when going from the front of the ship to the back of the ship, but it provided us with plenty of exercise nevertheless. Our cabin boy (Lindel) was fantastic and always met our needs. I will say that we found the cabin to be smaller than on previous ships (more narrow). The closet was on the side of the bathroom next to the bed instead of being on the other side of the room across from it, and it made for quite a bit of congestion. We also found there was less closet space for storage as we have had on other ships. I guess when you try to fit 2700 staterooms on a cruise ship, something has to give!! A few interesting things to note about Oasis of the Seas: They have gone back to leaving chocolate candies on the pillows each night. As for pool towels, you have to check them out/in on the pool deck via your sea pass. There were no midnight buffets (RCCL has done away with them due to too much wasted food), AND shockingly enough, there were NO watermelon carvings OR ice carvings the entire week. My Brother said that Oasis is trying to be different from other ships...and I guess he has a point. On our days at sea, we spent quite a bit of time at the flowriders. The advantage of having 2 going at the same time is that unlike Freedom's 1 flowrider in which they switch back and forth from boogie boarding to standup surfing, each side of the ship did the same continuous activity without interruption...which made the lines move faster. Yeah, it got somewhat crowded, and yeah, there was only 1 observation area at each flowrider, but it seemed to suffice. The zipline was really amazing......stretching 10 decks high across the Boardwalk. As for the shows onboard, they were absolutely fantastic and incredible. I booked all our entertainment and shore excursions weeks before our cruise, and it worked out very well. The opening night with El Gaucho was great....especially his piano rendition of Malaguena. Come Fly With Me was totally amazing with all the acrobats and dancers. The Headliner Show featured Star Search grand prize winner male vocalist Kenny James in a variety of Motown songs. He was really awesome....as was the Oasis of the Seas Band which accompanied him. These musicians are truly the best in the business!!! The ice show (Frozen in Time) was colorful and delightful.....especially the guest artist sand sculpturor. Hairspray was incredible and done very professionally. Oasis of Dreams (the Aqua Theater show) featured Olympic divers and swimmers jumping from as high as 50 feet. One thing I must mention (that I wish someone else's previous Oasis review mentioned....because I couldn't find any information about it) is that the photo gallery has a new system of sorting out everyone's photos to prevent mobs of people from trampling all over each other in search for their pictures. Each family (or cabin) is assigned a photo gallery number on their sea pass. There are carousels with folders, and all you do to find your photos is to go to your assigned carousel and folder. There are lots of places in the photo gallery to spread pictures out for viewing....which made it very convenient. In some cases, they know who you are by scanning your sea pass prior to taking your photos. In other cases (like port photos) they don't know who you are. We found out that Oasis has a photo computer system capable of matching faces, and that is how some photos "mysteriously" show up in your folder.....what won't they think of next???? As fantastic as the week was, there was a very unfortunate incident which took place on Monday, May 24th. At 4:55 PM (on our way from Nassau to St. Thomas) the captain announced that someone had gone overboard, and he was turning the ship around to search for the missing person. Then during dinner at 6:30 PM he informed us that the missing person was a crew member who hadn't reported for work, and we were heading back towards Nassau to aid the US and Bahamian Coast Guards in the search. Well, at this point I KNEW St. Thomas was a no-go. Later on at 10:30 PM the captain made a 3rd announcement confirming our worst disappointment that St. Thomas was indeed canceled, and it was confirmed through the ship's security cameras that the crew member did indeed jump overboard. As a result of not going to St. Thomas, RCCL gave everyone a money voucher for a future cruise as well as refunded everyone's onboard account with $9.17 of unused port tax. We were released from the search at 1:00 AM Tuesday morning, but it was obviously too late to try and make St. Thomas. We've been there twice before, but we were looking forward to finally getting onto Megan's Bay Beach as well as all the great shopping in St. Thomas, so this incident was a shock and disappointment to everyone. We found out later in the week that it as an 45 year old assistant waiter in the dining room who had just come back from a vacation.....very, very sad. Getting off the ship was another breeze, and we were out of the terminal in 10 minutes. In spite of everything that happened, we still had a fantastic week, and we're looking forward to our already-booked cruise vacation back on Freedom of the Seas next year. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
First, a bit about us. We are from Topeka, Kansas. This was our seventh cruise, the third consecutive on Royal Caribbean. The earlier ones were to the Mediterranean and then Panama both on the Brilliance. We cruise every other year. One of ... Read More
First, a bit about us. We are from Topeka, Kansas. This was our seventh cruise, the third consecutive on Royal Caribbean. The earlier ones were to the Mediterranean and then Panama both on the Brilliance. We cruise every other year. One of my cruise rules is pick your destination and cruise that. I violated that rule. I'm tired of the Caribbean, but our son graduated from college and wanted this ship. We booked a year in advance. In many ways, this ship is a destination. It is indeed beautiful. We thought the ship was stable and the ride was smooth. Our cabin was very quiet. The cabin doors open outward, which make a bit more space in the room. The ship is loaded with helpful advanced technology you see and use and much more behind the scenes. First time cruisers should beware. From the embarkation and disembarkation at the terminal built especially for the Oasis, to bathrobes standard (?) in the room, from water and fountain shows to a zip line, this ship is unique. It is possible to, at least briefly, forget you are on as ship! The ship is big, but in many ways it feels small. Perhaps that is intentional. Our room felt smaller, but usually we have a pull down bunk for our son. This time the couch made into a bed. The Comedy and Jazz clubs are indeed quite small, and the Schooner Bar felt small and strung out. The Windjammer buffet is small, but it might be designed that way due to the nature of the back end of the ship. The theater felt smaller. Dining We ate in the main dining room every night. We thought the food was very good, but it is the menu you've expected and seen before. Still, it is good. The Windjammer IS crowded, but you don't need to eat there. We ate breakfast there only once and lunch there only after coming on board. We did not buy any food while on the cruise. There are many other great places to eat that are free. The Cruise Director's video on the ship's TV also points these out. * Solarium Bistro: wonderful breakfast. I personally loved the Muesli * Park Cafe: great breakfast of different bagels and various cream cheeses and breakfast sandwiches. We discovered this on the day we left for home! We wish we would have eaten there more. Lunch is quite good. (try the Roast Beef Sandwich) * Wipe Out Cafe: good hot dogs, burgers, pizza, (try the Pretzel hot dog!) * Cafe Promenade: cookies, deserts, sandwiches. The granola bars and brownies are quite good. * Boardwalk Bar: sandwiches, salads, corn dogs.(!) * Doughnut shop: doughnuts. I felt the filled ones are better. * Sorrentos: pizza (we never ate there) * Mondo Coffee Bar: sandwiches, deserts ( we never ate there) Public Rooms Very clean and comfortable. The Schooner Bar is often the site for the Trivia games, but it is always crowded and sometimes difficult to hear. Take care of your ship photographer pictures early. The photo area can be crowded. Sophisticated facial identification technology is here. Ask how to use the computer system, which is linked to your Sea Pass card. You could legitimately find pictures of others in your folder. Don't pitch them. Those folks will want them. Cabins Comfortable. Although it was supposed to be a bit larger, it felt smaller. The shower is, as always, small. The outlets under the desk were, to me, not inconvenient. The balcony was very nice and provided great privacy to read or enjoy the sea. I thought the balcony offered more privacy than that on the Brilliance. Entertainment The Oasis has redefined entertainment not just for Royal Caribbean, but, in my humble opinion, for the cruise industry. The shows are excellent. Story is King, not just people doing things. First, and this is CRITICALLY important, go online to the Royal Caribbean website, determine the show schedules, and make reservations for your selections well in advance of sailing. Nearly all shows can be entered only by reservation. That's OK with me. But, and this is also quite important, be in line for the show at least 20-30 minutes ahead of time and be in the line for those with reservations. Long lines will form fast. The shows are free but linked to your Sea Pass account. Your card will be scanned for admittance. Within 10 minutes of show time staff will let others in. If you are not there early, you could miss a show even if you have a reservation. Because of the large number of people on board, I understand and accept the need for reservations. To handle large crowds, it just makes sense. * Welcome Aboard Show: I didn't think there would be one, but there was. No reservation required. Good, but standard cruise ship show. * Come Fly With Me: The key word is FLY. Imaginative and well done. Great live band. The show reminded me of a Cirque de Soleil show I saw two weeks earlier. Hope they have the same guest artists for you. * Comedy Show: pretty good, BUT BE EARLY (15-30 minutes) even with a reservation. The venue is small. * Headliner: Good, but it was Motown and not my kind of music. * HairSpray: very well done, great costumes and sets, high energy, performed very well. See it. * Frozen in Time (from Hans Christian Anderson stories): wonderful costumes, great story, pretty good skating. If, during your show, the skaters go off, the rink darkens, and a waist high box is placed on the ice with a person behind it, then WATCH CAREFULLY. You will be amazed. * Oasis of Dreams water show: Again, there is a story, not just great diving, exciting high diving, and synchronized swimming. Be in line at least 30 minutes early for a good seat. Sea or weather conditions may cause cancellation. Ask around. You might be able to see a full rehearsal in the afternoon as we did. Other shows or events * Be sure to check out The Viking Crown and Dazzles for good music. * We saw two parades in the promenade. Check the schedule for time. Watch from the Schooner Bar level and area for a good view. These parades are extremely well done. The costumes and props were varied, intricate, and colorful. Both were well worth the time to see. * The Belly Flop Contest. I know what you are thinking. Ho hum. Been there done that, too crowded around the pool. No!! See this one! It is at the Aqua Theater and is itself a show. The technology of the Oasis makes this event a "must see". * Fountain shows. Several times during the day and night, there are different fountain shows set to music in the Aqua Theater. See them if you can. They are pretty good. If you've been to Vegas, you've probably seen the Fountains of Bellagio. These are a "baby Bellagio". They even have a version of Sarah Brightman's "Time to Say Good-bye", at least on our cruise. Excursions: Study the excursions on the Royal Caribbean website and book them in advance. Our tickets were in our room upon arrival. That is very nice! Nassau: We did the Nassau and Paradise Island Tour (NS48) . About 140 people took this tour. It was confused and crowded getting to our individual van walking from the pier. Once we finally were in our van, 40 minutes after we "officially" left the pier, the tour was good. The driver was informative, and we made several stops. Be ready to tip in a couple different places. We actually went into the Atlantis resort, which I was not expecting. St. Thomas: We skipped St. Thomas because of the crewman overboard incident. I was appalled by the insensitivity and selfishness of other cruisers because their vacation was "interrupted". However, Royal Caribbean did exactly the right thing. No matter who, no matter the likelihood of finding the person, no matter the probability of survival, no matter the circumstances, no matter the effect on 6000 others, human dignity made the decision easy to turn around and look. Royal Caribbean should not need to offer extra compensation for having the class to act with compassion, dignity, and according to regulations. We as cruisers come and go quickly, but the crew is there for months and is a family. Several of the crew were shaken. I visited with a young girl in Guest Relations about how the excursion refunds would be handled. I started by saying "I'm sorry for your loss ...". She was on the verge of tears and said she could give me a hug for saying that. Many others she had to smile at were demanding their own selfish interests. St. Maarten: We did the Sensation and Beach Break with Lunch (SM25). This tour was also large and started confused, with, again, tourists acting selfishly. Our driver was very friendly, but he did not say much. That's OK because we could barely understand him. The lunch on the beach was OK. We drove around the island a bit, but did not learn much about what we saw or about the island. This excursion was of very little value Service The service was good and friendly, but I think the staff is spread very thin. Even support staff smiles and greets. I know they are busy, but they always deferred to me in the hallway. OK, but I'm not that special. Embarking and disembarking VERY easy, fast, and well organized. You can easily see the airport from the ship and vice versa. They are close. Taxi for us to the airport was $15 including tip. A bit more tip would have been appropriate. General observations Sign your sports waivers on-line through the Royal Caribbean website before you go. Be sure to check-in on-line through the Royal Caribbean website before you go. The daily Cruise Director's show on the ship's TV is often informative. There were a few times events were published in the schedule or on the digital sign boards, but they did not happen. This made scheduling confusing. My wife and son did the zip line. I was ready to but did not get in line. I keep telling myself I would have done it. Many people did, but waiting in line for 30 minuets or so, in the hot sun, for an 8 second ride did not seem worth it. Our son had no inclination to do it again. He rode the boogie board flow rider once, after a long line, but had no desire for that again. I felt the ship is almost too big. We usually see or connect with the same people during a cruise, our son makes friends at the sports venues; not this time. Even so, we had a great time. I suppose the Neighborhoods and small venues are designed to create intimacy. We will gladly cruise Royal Caribbean again. We booked our 25th wedding anniversary cruise (to Russia/ Scandinavia - the destination first!) for next year, while on board, thus breaking our every other year rule Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We have just returned from a b2b taking in the western cruise first and then the eastern. I want to say that the ship fully lived up to expectations and even with 2 weeks we didn't get to see everything. I have read lots of posts and ... Read More
We have just returned from a b2b taking in the western cruise first and then the eastern. I want to say that the ship fully lived up to expectations and even with 2 weeks we didn't get to see everything. I have read lots of posts and could spend ages on the the small things that were a bit irritating but I'll just check through a couple of them quickly as overall they did not spoil our holiday. We went with the view that we would enjoy ourselves and we did. They charged for a couple of things on the account that we didn't have/do and it took several trips to guest services to sort them out. They were helpful but you are still left with an impression that sometimes the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Breakfast was the most crowded time of the day and we spent 2 weeks trying to find the best options for eating. Try to avoid the Windjammer and the Solarium any time after 9.30am and even room service has a fairly lengthy waiting time. On the whole the food was fantastic we ate in 150 Central Park, Solarium, Chops Grille, Johnny Rockets and the main dining room and each one was great - 150 was the best for the experience. The food was really rich and we couldn't manage the cheese course - share the wine pairing unless you want to stagger out! Everyone has mentioned the shows - they were excellent. The cast changed between the cruises and we saw the original Hairspray cast and the new Come Fly with me cast. The ice show was riveting and the sand artist lived up to expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed the comedy club even understanding American humour!!! As we were in a suite for those of you who are interested the Concierge Lounge was the best - a big thanks to Reyno and Julian and the bar staff Eugene and Indra for the wonderful service. We had a Grand Suite on the starboard side and it was plenty big enough for us. No complaints about the stateroom attendant Donna she was lovely. What really stood out for us was the difference in the other cruisers during the first and second week. We felt completely outnumbered by Brazilians on the eastern cruise particularly in the dining room on deck 4 where we were surrounded and lost out a little on service. The first week had a far more even distribution of nationalities and this was really nice to experience. Embarkation and turnround with the b2b was very smooth. Disembarkation turned out to be a bit of a bun fight with people everywhere searching for cases (including us)and long queues through customs. I will briefly mention the unfortunate incident with the member of staff who was lost overboard. This was tragic and I was very disappointed with the attitude of some of my fellow cruisers who felt this was a personal inconvenience and in one case complained loudly and publicly to a member of the waiting staff who listened very patiently and all credit to him for this. We did receive compensation (a quite substantial amount in our view)and our shore excursion was refunded. Our biggest disappointment was the service we received from staff on the ship when we tried to find out what was happening with our return flights to the UK with BA on strike. They were very unhelpful and although we were on a fly cruise package we felt abandoned and found out more information ourselves. We met other cruisers in the same situation and this was a big let down. Again we didn't let this take away from the whole experience and we are cruising the med with RC next May. A fantastic holiday and we met lots of great people. PS get the photo book it's excellent value. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Embarkation: Excellent, there were no lines to check in and we waited a few minutes before boarding. Amazing Ship very well designed. The only time you felt you were on a ship was on the pool decks, sport deck or in your ocean view ... Read More
Embarkation: Excellent, there were no lines to check in and we waited a few minutes before boarding. Amazing Ship very well designed. The only time you felt you were on a ship was on the pool decks, sport deck or in your ocean view balcony cabin. Don't worry about getting sea sick, the ship doesn't move. Best of the best: We have been on more than 15 cruises and the best 3 shows we ever saw were on the Oasis. 1) come fly with me (must see) 2) aqua diving show (divers appear from under the water and dive in and re-appear from outside the pool) 3) Hair spray (this should be on Broadway). Make sure you book your tickets (free) before you sail, the system works. Every crew member were a lot friendlier and more courteous than on other ships. Complains: 1) Less storage places in the cabins, they took away the 2 bedside tables that had drawers and storage under, the desk use to have drawers on both sides that was gone and on other RCI ships they had storage over the TV, now you have a large flat screen TV with no storage. 2) They made the Windjammer smaller, it was always very crowded and had to walk around for a long time looking for a seat, even the crew were surprised of this. They did have many other places where you can have breakfast and lunch for free. 3) the other surprise is that they made the shop (logo store) much smaller and not much to buy. Couldn't find a nice T-shirt or hat to buy, very small selection. Food: the food was OK, nothing special just like any other Royal Caribbean ship food. We didn't try any of the specialty restaurants. Public places: Central park.. excellent, Boardwalk.. excellent, promenade.. excellent, all other publick places were excellent including the pool areas, sport center etc... The ship felt crowded but was very clean. Would definitely do it again, one wek is not enough time to see the ship. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
My husband and I sailed 5/22-5/29. It was our best vacation ever! The ship was gorgeous and there was plenty to keep us occupied. In fact, there was more to do than we could possibly fit into a week. Room As advertised, check in was ... Read More
My husband and I sailed 5/22-5/29. It was our best vacation ever! The ship was gorgeous and there was plenty to keep us occupied. In fact, there was more to do than we could possibly fit into a week. Room As advertised, check in was painless and took under 15 minutes. It was 2pm and we went straight to our room. Our central park view (window) stateroom was small, but adequate, with a couch near the closet and bed near loveseat/bay window. There were only a few feet between the couch and closet, so I used the restricted space side without issue (I'm an average sized woman). Storage was abundant for clothes, sundries and toiletries, and suitcases fit under the bed. We loved sitting on the loveseat and people-watching before dinner. There was some creaking at night, possibly of the window. It didn't bother us enough to call maintenance - the ship's rocking put me right to sleep. Our stateroom attendant was great! She was usually around and said hello morning and evening and fixed up our room as soon as we left, so it was always clean/ready when we returned. Food/Beverages Dinners - We had my time dining 5 nights with reservations for all, but went earlier or later some nights without issue. We only waited about 10 minutes one night, because we requested a specific waiter whose section was full. They gave us champagne while we waited. All nights but one service was excellent (one night was very slow). Food was always very good. We also had dinner at Chops and 150 Central Park and loved both. The wine pairing at 150 CP was $75 each, so we shared it and there was plenty (the equivalent of a bottle altogether). We enjoyed the 150 CP 6-course gourmet meal immensely, but were too full for the cheese and fruit platter at the end (with the bread and flavored salts to begin and cheese and fruit to end, it is really an 8-course meal). Other meals - We had lunch at Giovanni's and were again very pleased. The prosciutto is sliced fresh and the best I've ever tasted. Some have reported very large portions, but we found them reasonable at lunch. The Windjammer was always full and it was very hard to find seats for breakfast or lunch. The food was fine, but there were better alternatives. We had breakfast in the main dining room and Johnny Rockets and enjoyed the made to order eggs and pancakes at both. Lunch in the solarium bistro was our favorite. It was nice to have healthier, lighter meals in the mix. Park cafe was also good for lunch and breakfast (yes, the roast beef is very good). We had made to order pizzas at Sorrento's and they were pretty good, but not our preferred type of crust. There were plenty of other places to get complementary snacks (promenade cafe sandwiches were good, pretzel dogs in wipeout cafe were so-so, corn dogs on boardwalk were tasty but greasy, chocolate covered doughnut was delish, soft serve on pool deck was a nice treat). Wine/soda packages - We got a wine package in advance and had a bottle with dinner each night. It really helped to keep our bar bill down, as did the soda package which we used throughout the day. Shows/Other Entertainment Scheduled shows - We scheduled all shows and dinners in advance to ensure we could do all. It can take a little juggling to fit everything in, so I recommended using the online reservation system. Although not our reserved time, we went to Oasis of Dreams the first night it was performed, because I'd read about cancellations and didn't want to miss it. There was a long line for non-reservation entrance, but it moved fast beginning 10 minutes before show time and we got in with a seat (many were standing for the show). It was absolutely excellent and included a lot of acrobatics I didn't expect, along with high dives and synchronized swimming. Our later scheduled show was cancelled due to rain, so I was glad we'd gone early. They moved our reservation to the following day, but it conflicted with a specialty restaurant we had reserved. Our favorite was the ice show, which we saw twice. Come fly with me was also very entertaining, although I would have preferred more aerial acts and less dancing. The performers in all three shows were true athletes and a wonder to see! Both comedians were very funny. Comedy Live is small and you cannot get in without a reservation (except a few midnight shows), so do it online in advance, if possible. We did not like the Headliner, Kenny James, and left half-way through (many did). We never made it to Hairspray. Other shows/activities - We went to Comedy Live for an improvisation show (cannot be reserved, but there were plenty of available seats), which starred some of the cast of Hairspray. It was a lot of fun. We also went to the 70's party on the promenade and had a great time. The Love and Marriage show and Sexy Legs contest were replayed on the TV and we saw parts of these getting ready for dinner - both were very funny. We rode the rising tide bar once, which was fun. We went to Dazzles, the Viking Crown Lounge (great view of pools), and a pub on the promenade a few times for a drink, but stayed near the doors where there was less smoke. We also avoided the casino due to the smoke (the smell was bad wherever you were). Usually if we went to the boardwalk during the day the performers were practicing at the aqua theater, so we sat and watched them a few times, along with rock wall climbers nearby. It was also fun to watch people on the wave riders, who really got slammed against the padded walls, so we decided not to try it. We also didn't try the zip-line, golf, or table tennis (I wanted to do all, but there was just so much else to do). Common Areas Central Park - this was our favorite place to just sit and relax with some wine. It was usually comfortable during the day, with a breeze and just beautiful to see, with not only trees and flowers, but sculptures and great architecture. The park is peaceful at night and has several specialty restaurants, so you see many people nicely dressed for dinner. Boardwalk - this was mainly geared toward children, but we did try the carousel once, which was fun. We liked the area mainly for the aqua theater. Royal Promenade - this was where a lot of activities were held and was a good place to shop. We saw both parades, which were fun, but people were very rude about getting in your way. Pools - they were crowded on sea days. Even so, we got two chairs together near the main pool most days for a few hours. People did come and go and there didn't seem to be much "saving." The pools were too small and crowded to really swim, but were a relief from the heat and a comfortable temperature. Most days there were not many children splashing in the main pool, so we didn't go to the solarium pool, because we found that area too hot (not much of a breeze with glass panels overhead). One day the ship was really rocking and it was like a wave pool, which was fun. Ports Bahamas - we went on a glass bottom boat ride, which included a tour on the way to the reef and a rum or fruit punch. It was a very pleasant ride and viewing the reef was one of the highlights of our trip. There were hundreds of beautiful fish, many of which we recognized, since we have salt water aquariums at home. At the end we were dropped at the straw market, which did not appeal to us, but I did want a new beach bag, so found a nice, inexpensive one quickly at the entrance and we returned to the ship through a very controlled area where ID was checked several times. St Thomas - unfortunately, a crew member went overboard on this cruise, which caused us to backtrack in a search, missing this port. We were disappointed of course, but it couldn't be helped. Luckily, this beautiful ship is a destination in itself and we thoroughly enjoyed our extra day at sea. St Martin - we booked the afternoon beach break at Orient Bay Beach. The drive over was comfortable on air conditioned buses and interesting. Although not a tour, you did get a feel for the area (plants, people, housing) on the drive there. Orient was a gorgeous, sandy white beach. We were only there a few hours, so did not engage in water sports, but did enjoy the complementary rum punch, swam, and relaxed on our lounges. It was a very relaxing afternoon. Note that there are women selling jewelry and other wares on this beach. A simply no thank you sends them away, but they do come back multiple times. Ultimately, my husband bought me two bead necklaces at a low price. Departure - this was as smooth as embarkation. We were off, found our luggage (easy with number coding), and were through customs in 15 minutes. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
This is my review of the cruise my family and I took aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time, after looking at all the enticing videos on the RC website. Please note, I will ... Read More
This is my review of the cruise my family and I took aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time, after looking at all the enticing videos on the RC website. Please note, I will be doing a lot of comparisons to Freedom of the Seas, which I've been on twice. Boarding the ship was painless, although there was some clogging at the initial card-reading machine. Once on the ship, we asked who the cruise director was. The answer was "Richard Spacey". Yes! This was going to be great. Richard Spacey is the best cruise director in the business. Minutes later we found out Richard Spacey was on vacation and wouldn't be cruising with us. No! We were disappointed, but Ken Rush did a nice job filling in for Richard during the week. We managed to drop our bags in our room before 1PM and headed to Windjammer for lunch. I had heard it's very hard to find a seat in Windjammer, but I didn't believe it. Now I do. I was shocked to discover that RC built the Oasis' Windjammer smaller than Freedom of the Seas'. After 20 minutes, we found a seat. Needless to say, we didn't eat there very often after that. When we got back to the room, we took a look at the cabin. We had a balcony, which seemed a bit more private than the one on Freedom. I also liked the chairs over Freedom's and the shower in the bathroom seemed a little larger as well. The big problem was the closet. It was placed alongside the bed, which made getting into it awkward, especially when several people needed to use it. We then went out to explore. Several improvements were made around the elevators. There is a light over the elevator when it arrives telling you if it's going down (red) or up (green). Each direction has it's own audible tone as well. I like that. In the elevators, there is a button named Gangway. When you want to get off the ship for an excursion, hit this button and it will take you to the floor you need to go to. Also near the elevators is a computer display showing you an outline of the ship and where you are. You no longer have to wonder which direction to go to get to your cabin. These displays have other functions, such as telling you what activities are going on at the moment. Scattered around the ship are little viewports. You look inside them and see something having to do with nature. They have kind of a 3D effect. Nothing spectacular, but I think they're nice. The ship is filled with beautiful artwork and decor throughout. Central Park is really amazing. It really feels like a park, with walkways, trees, and plants all around. There are even chirping birds, electronic of course, and live butterflies which add to the ambiance. It was nice to get breakfast at the Park Cafe and eat it while sitting on a bench in the park. Very relaxing and a completely different kind of environment than any other place on the ship. The Royal Promenade blew me away. This is where the shops and snack places are. The size of the Promenade makes you feel like you're in a mall. Literally. It is noticeably bigger than Freedom's. Sorrento's Pizza is here and the pizza is very good. The cookies at the Promenade Cafe are delicious too. They also serve milk. I liked the On-Air venue, which has big screen TVs inside and also outside facing the Promenade. I could eat a snack in the "mall", watch the people go by, and at the same time watch the French Open on TV. The Boardwalk is right in back of the Promenade. I rode the Carousel, which was fun, and got a caramel sundae at the ice cream shop. The sundaes they make are huge, so I had the girl make mine smaller. It was scrumptious! The pool deck is beautiful. Some pools are salt water, and others fresh. One side is smoking, the other non. I think the chairs in this area are the most comfortable of any cruise I've been on. RC moved the jogging track from the upper deck (on most ships) to its own deck on the Oasis. A lot of joggers and walkers made use of it. The only chairs on this deck are at the very rear of the ship, which is kind of a secret. The engine noise may be a bit loud, but I found it great for reading at night. The shows aboard Oasis are the best I've ever seen. "Come Fly With Me" showcases performers with outstanding gymnastic skills. The ice show, great on any RC cruise, did not disappoint. "Hairspray" was very well done. The show in the Aqua Theater was amazing, with world-class divers and acrobats executing all kinds of stunts. They did things I had never seen before. The Aqua Theater is a great place to hang out during the day. They have huge TVs with trivia questions and, on our cruise, we got to see the performers practicing their show. The food on-board is very good overall. We ate in the dining room every night and thoroughly enjoyed the meals. The staff was very attentive and did a great job of taking care of us. Same goes for the stateroom attendant. The activities on the ship are pretty much non-stop. I did the zip-line, which was a little scary, the Flow Rider (boogie board and surfing), ice skating, and climbing wall. I never experienced a long wait on any of these. If you are going to do ice skating, make sure to wear long socks or you will get a welt on your ankle! Getting off the ship for our St. Maarten excursion was a breeze. See my excursion blurb below for details on that. At the end of seven days, my family and I didn't want to get off. Granted, we didn't get to go to St. Thomas because of the incident with the overboard worker, but we enjoyed our vacation very much and will be talking about it for a long time to come. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Overall I truly enjoyed the ship. It was a completely different experience than any other cruise we have taken. My husband and I booked last minute for my birthday (I was able to get a Travel Agent rate rather inexpensively). In the end... ... Read More
Overall I truly enjoyed the ship. It was a completely different experience than any other cruise we have taken. My husband and I booked last minute for my birthday (I was able to get a Travel Agent rate rather inexpensively). In the end... I want to go on Allure! It was a big jump for me because I have never been on a Freedom or Voyager Class even. I went from a Radiance class- Jewel (my favorite still) to Oasis. It was a truly remarkable time, fabulous shows (we aren't show people), and great service. It honestly was not like any other cruise I had taken before. It is less of a cruise feeling and more of a grand vacation feeling. My review may be a bit all over the place, as I am using my pictures to remind me of what we did and when. I only have one true complaint. The bathrooms are very difficult to locate. The signage isn't the best. The bathrooms were huge and I never waited in a line.... But I had to run in circles to find them on the first few days. As soon as we boarded we headed straight to Sorrento's. I had two slices and my husband had his own concoction of a pizza made. We had a light snack and then went on exploring. We briefly walked through the Promenade. The Boardwalk was our next stop. It was just as I thought it would be. Then we wandered down to the Entertainment Place on Deck 4 and checked out Studio B, Comedy Club, and Jazz on 4, and the Casino. I didn't like that the Casino was all the way down and kinda hidden. If you didn't go looking for it, you would probably never find it. I don't gamble though we just like to stroll through to see the action. The Solarium- We headed over to the Solarium because that was my favorite place on the Jewel and Enchantment. This was very different. The Solarium on the Oasis is not completely enclosed. We enjoyed laying in a circular cabana for the afternoon. I have to say that we didn't spend as much time over the course of the week as we normally do. It was very hot in the Oasis Solarium; normally the Solariums were much cooler from our experience. Flowriders- My husband decided to give the Flowrider a try on Day 1. I was willing to but I had not worn a shirt that could get wet. Yes ladies, your top can fly off without a cover! My husband's bathing suit slid down to his knees on the boogie boarding :/ He started with the boogie boarding and had a blast. As the week went on, we frequented the Flowriders almost daily. We woke up early enough to eat breakfast and head over by 9am when they open. It was especially nice when we were in port- there were only 3-4 people in line during those times and we went on a lot. We tried to stand-up surfing. I fell immediately every time I tried it. It was fun, but tricky to get the hang of. By the end of the week my husband was able to stay standing for a few minutes before wiping out. Warning!!! The water flow is very powerful; I am small gal and got whipped around pretty good on them. I had quite a few bruises by week's end. I finally figured out how to "wipe out" in a controlled manner so I didn't get thrown around as much. This was my husband's favorite "thing" to do onboard. He is thrilled that there is a Flowrider on the Liberty (our November trip). Our Room- We chose an inside room (it was assigned to us by RCI, we didn't get to choose the exact room) we were on Deck 8, room 553. It was the first room in the hall on the left when facing forward on the starboard side. It was a nice size- actually the same size as the standard balcony rooms. We loved the convenience of the room; it was quiet (except on night 7) and comfortable. I was excited to see a nicely sized (bigger than the TV we have in our bedroom at home) flat screen TV. As soon as we entered our room I noticed the TV was giving us a strange message. We could not get it to work. We called for maintenance. My husband decided to play around with the TV; he yanked the cords out of the wall and re-plugged it in. Voila! It worked. BUT, I noticed something strange... we had extra options that I had not seen on previous cruises. Turns out the TV was "broken" because it was giving "Crew Access." This turned out to be a fabulous blessing :) I immediately cancelled the maintenance call!!! We were able to watch free on-demand movies every night while winding down. We would also get messages meant for the crew ;) It was kinda neat to know about what happens behind the scenes. I took a few pictures as proof! My only complaint about the room is that on night 7 there was a tremendous amount of noise. Our room had a crew staircase on one side and a connecting room on the other side. The ladies next door were very quiet; hopefully our nightly movies didn't keep them up. Being that night 7 is when everyone puts their luggage out for debarkation.... I think I heard EVERY suitcase go down those stairs. I was beginning to wonder whether the crew was simply tossing them and letting them tumble down. That's how bad the noise got at one point. I did not sleep at all that night. I was pretty cranky by the time we had to leave our room in the morning. Like I said, the room was great, quiet, and comfortable all week- with the exception of night 7. Because we had Crew TV access we found out that there was a medevac when we were in Labadee. I am not sure about what happened, but the Crew Information stated that "Thanks to all of the Crew Members who donated blood. In the end the Oasis Crew members saved a woman's life today. The doctors said she would not have survived the wait for the helicopter without the blood donations." Shows- We saw Hairspray on the first night and missed sail away (the boat left around 9ish due to work on the wave deflectors). This was the least favorite of all the shows. Don't get me wrong, it was a great show! Wonderful dancers & singers and stage sets. We just aren't the Broadway Show type. Plus it was an hour and a half; we got a bit antsy for it not being our "thing." My husband's favorite was the Frozen in Time- Ice Show; my favorite was the Aqua Theater Oasis of Dreams show. Over all we were blown away by the entertainment, nothing disappointed us. Everything kept us thinking "what next?!?" The performers were amazing. It was a nice touch to sit through the Backstage Tour. Not really backstage though, just a question and answer session with technical crew and a couple of the performers with a peak at the props on stage. This actually piqued our interest in seeing the Come Fly with Me show, which we originally did not plan to see. That one was great. Not your typical stage show. It had a bit of everything from aerial acrobats, to floor acrobats, to singing, to dancing! All in all, these performers work really hard and have to compensate for a rocking boat at times! Food- Okay, so I will break this one down in a few ways. We did My Time Dining; we love this option because we never feel rushed to go to dinner. We ate in the Main Dining Room on 6 of the 7 nights. We had Peter from Slovakia & Milton from Jamaica as Waiter & Asst. They were great :) They kept us happy and laughing every night. Peter had "hidden humor." He would throw in a joke or two throughout each conversation with him. He told us all about his wife, who is from the Philippines and is the greeter at the front of MTD. We ended up talking to her a few times on our way out from dinner. I enjoyed the food. I know some people complain, but I can always find something I like on the menu. I purchased Savor (the cookbook) the Headwaiter took it down to the executive chef for us. He signed it and stamped it with his RCI Executive Chef stamp. The headwaiter came by and had a conversation with us every night. This was a first; I don't think I have ever known who the head waiter was on my past cruises. He was very nice and would joke with us each night making me promise I wouldn't try any recipes in my stateroom and start a fire! We really wanted a picture with all 3 of them, but on the final evening they were slammed and we felt bad pulling them away from serving other people for a picture. Johnny Rockets: we ate there twice for breakfast (no charge) and once for lunch. I felt nauseas after lunch, but that's my own fault for ordering and eating too much :/ It was good, and we are glad we tried it. We probably won't do it again as it was rather greasy and we can eat Johnny Rockets here at home if we wanted (even though we never have). Park Cafe: Once we found out about this place we loved it. The sandwiches are great, the breakfasts were delish, and it was a quick eat right near our stateroom. One morning it was packed because we went right when they opened. Otherwise it was a great little cafe. This is where the "famous" roast beast sammiches can be found. I'm not a big roast beef fan, so I cannot really comment on their quality. My only complaint is the booths- holy moly! I sat in one on one morning and thought I was sitting on a fence. OUCH! Maybe it's because I have a boney tush, but yowza those were not comfortable. All the other seats were fine! Giovanni's Table- We don't typically do specialty restaurants, but we decided to as we thought $15 a person was comparable to a typical restaurant back home. Wow, this was a great meal ? We started off with the Antipasti and a Tomato & Mozzarella Salad. Then we had the Papardelle Alla Crema Di Radicchio e Pancetta. Yum! I wanted that pasta dish as my entrEe. My husband had the lamb and I had the steak. Everything was amazing. Best food we've had onboard a ship thus far. Windjammer- we only ate there twice, for lunch on 2 port days. The usual fare, although this time I was surprised with the amount of Asian dishes being offered. Not crowded at all on port days. It's situated beneath the Crown loft Suites, but above most of the other decks. We chose to overlook the aft area where the zip line and mini-golf were. Labadee BBQ- We enjoyed this. So many times there is a BBQ and it's just hamburgs & hots. I was happy to see ribs and beans and rice and a variety of other goodies. I thought the fruit punch tasted a lot like Kool-Aid! Good thing I like Kool-Aid :) Sorrento's- We liked this place for a quick snack here and there. Never a wait. Always open. Husband enjoyed building his own pizzas. I liked their creative pizzas. Forgive me, but I don't remember the names of the creative ones. Solarium Bistro- My husband had one lunch there. I didn't eat anything from here. It was mostly seafood and it had a bit of a fishy smell. This turned me off. A lot of people thought this place was great. I wasn't impressed. Perhaps because I am not a huge seafood fan. Promenade Cafe- Always packed! We were usually able to snag a table if one of us waited in line and the other scouted for a table. We usually did coffee and deserts here while we waited for Karaoke. Onboard Activities- We participated in EVERYTHING! We Flow-rode...? My husband zip-lined. I chickened out when I saw the height. It gave me an anxiety attack. We went ice skating to cool down. We went to every show. There was so much to do onboard. We had a blast!!! There were lines on sea days that cannot be denied. We used the Flowriders, ice skating, and zip line on port days to get the most of our time. Ice skating never had a wait or a line. Stargazing/ Astronomy- Mitch from the cruise director staff hosts this twice per sailing. He brings a group out to the helipad (generally a crew only area) and uses a laser pointer to point out the constellations and planets. The second session (night 6) was much better than the session on day 3. We saw the Southern Sky on the second session and I saw my own zodiac sign. He told us that we were the very first group he had ever taken out there that got to see Venus so well. We actually saw Venus, Mars, and Saturn all in a line. Mitch has a bit of sarcastic humor, but I like it. Something tells me he will be a cruise director one of these days. He has no problem putting himself out there! Karaoke- we're Karaoke junkies, but we don't participate. We LOVE to watch. I enjoyed that there is a dedicated Karaoke Lounge- On Air. By the end of the week we knew how early we had to get there to get a good seat. Globe & Atlas- Unfortunately, we didn't discover this place until the very last night. We knew about it but never ventured in. We spent the last hour there before heading to bed. Lots of action, lots of fun, and a guy playing a guitar. Everybody was singing along. I wish we had gone in earlier in the week, it was a blast. Meet & Mingle- We went, first time going to one. I didn't really talk to anyone because it seemed like a large amount of the group got to know each other fairly well at Duffy's the night before boarding the ship. We couldn't make it to that function because we had other plans. So we didn't know anyone there. I did see a few familiar faces from the Facebook page that was set up. The Cabin Crawl was great. We saw a Sky Loft Suite, Junior Suite and each type of balcony room. Ports Labadee- We had never been here before. We spent the morning onboard and got off around 11:30. We had the complimentary lunch. I bought a Labadoozie (later learning it was almost $10- ouch!). We wandered over to the handi-craft shops. I bought a wooden turtle because I collect wooden trinkets from the places I visit. The people weren't too pushy for me. They would call out to you, but if you keep walking they leave you alone. We swung around on a hammock and then decided it was way too hot to hang around. We're coming back in November onboard the Liberty; we think we're going to try the Dragon's Breath Zip Line then. It looked pretty fun (we'll see if I get over my fear of heights in the next 5 months!) Costa Maya- Another new port for us. We wandered around the port area and browsed through the shops. My husband bought a Corona Cowboy hat (that made his day). I really liked the pool with the swim up bar. We went back to the boat and put on our bathing suits and then hung out at the pool and had a few beers and nachos from Mamacita's. After the fact my husband expressed interest in seeing the Mayan Ruins... Oh well, the pool bar was a nice treat regardless! Next time we're in Cozumel or Costa Maya we'll see the ruins. Cozumel- We've been here too many times. We took a taxi downtown. Went for a walk and then headed back on the ship. This was the only day that we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We were in port from 8am-8pm and so a lot of things on board were closed. We napped and watched two on-demand movies. Debarkation- We left the boat around 9am. Easy to find our bags because they are lined up by numbers. Customs was quick and easy. I did not like the fact that there is only room for 3-4 cars (length) in the pick up line. We had my mother come to pick us up and it was so crowded in this small area that we missed her the first time she drove through. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Very nice ship and ammenities. However the pools and restaurants were very crowded. The shows were somewhat outdated and boring except for the Ice Skating show which was very good [although the rink was very small]. Food in the Opus [main ... Read More
Very nice ship and ammenities. However the pools and restaurants were very crowded. The shows were somewhat outdated and boring except for the Ice Skating show which was very good [although the rink was very small]. Food in the Opus [main dining room] and Windjammer [main breakfast and lunch room] was below average [similar to Golden Corral]. Example, the main course for dinner was Prime Rib, and the dessert was apple pie. If you wanted a good steak you had to pay $15 more in the Opus or $25 in the speciality restaurant, Chops. It seems like crusing is now divided into two, speciality meals for the affluent and average meals for the less affluent. Also, when you reserve your show time, the reservation shows a "Price" of "free" suggesting that in the future there might be a fee for attending some shows [since the charging mechanism is already in place]. Room was very good and of appropriate size with adequate storage space. Corridors were narrow and straight unlike in Freedom in which the corridors are winding making it more private and less monotonus. It was always difficult to get a table for 4 at breakfast, sometimes waiting for 30 minutes over someone's shoulder waiting for them to get up. Dinner was also very slow. Appetizers usually came 45 minutes after ordering, and with 2 children they were quite impatient after 30 minutes waiting, needless to say that the main course at 9:45 pm was usless for the children who were now almost asleep. The zip line is not as exciting because it is about 30 yards or 10 seconds long. The flowrider is wait 30 to 40 minutes minutes for a 20 seconds attempt. Private island port was great but imagine a Bar-B-Que with the sauce running out at 12:30pm, I cannot eat ribs without BBQ sauce. Regular Coke was also out if you had the beverage package for Coke like my kids had, although the bar was serving Coke to adults. It might be a thing with coke from a dispenser vs Coke from cans, and try explaining that to 8-year olds who say "daddy the guy told me I could not get any coke with my card, but the guy gave that lady a whole can of coke." Children might grow up to be cruisers one day. Most of the swmming areas were very rocky and lots of sea weeds making a Floridian uneasy with a visit to these beaches. The other ports in Mexico were not interesting, and there were 3 other large cruise ships [4 in all] at the Cozumel port at the same time, making it really overcrowded. It should be noted that RCI asks most of their guests to write a review and when I submitted this review they rejected it from being posted on their website. They suggested I read some of their pre-written reviews and consider re-writing this. This review is my personal experience and it merely indicates that Oasis is somewhat overated when compared to the screened reviews on their website. Note, there is about 5,000 people in at least 2,000 cabins but there is only about 10 rewiews posted for each sailing. We did have a goog vacation but not a great one. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
This ship, in my opinion was too big, too crowded, too expensive, and disappointing. I couldn't wait to see what it was like and found, to my dismay, that the shows have to really be pre-booked if you have any chance of getting into ... Read More
This ship, in my opinion was too big, too crowded, too expensive, and disappointing. I couldn't wait to see what it was like and found, to my dismay, that the shows have to really be pre-booked if you have any chance of getting into them. Out of 7 shows, I could only book 2 (now we are talking run of the mill after dinner shows) and they were at odd hours. I had a balcony suite. Much smaller than any I have been in. Bed uncomfortable; large lump in the middle. Had many bruises as I tried to maneuver around the cabin. Of course no shampoo, soap, lotion, shower caps, etc. anymore. The last two cruises I was on in Nov. and Dec. 2009 not longer left a chocolate on the pillow at night. The Oasis did but no big deal. Too many people. Too little staff. My advice: DON'T DO IT. It was my one and only dreadful experience on a ship, I call it the ship from Hell. I would not even go again if they paid me. I have cruised a whole lot in my life and I absolutely love the Independence the best. I can usually find something good about any ship but day after day just became more aggravating to me. The adult area is very, very warm and only has many, many hot tubs. No salt water pool like the Independence or the Navigator. Also most of the restaurants were speciality, in other words, you pay. People were constantly bumping into one another, my feet were black and blue, there were fights between families over seats (saved ones, the big no no anyway). The ship had no motion in the ocean so to speak. It was like riding on glass. For a seasoned traveller on big boats, sail boats, cruise ships, river boat cruises, it just didn't feel normal to not let the rocking put you to sleep at night. The crew was also grumpy as a rule; I think it was too much for them too. One nice thing about being Diamond however was that we did have drinks and appetizers every night before dinner and I learned to love "lemon drop martinis" and there was a breakfast room for the Diamond members. Otherwise the concierge hands were tied as far as helping get into the production shows. So, and a big so, if you book on the Oasis or the Allure, be sure your travel agent or you go in on your computer and book the reservations for the shows in advance. It was most disappointing and the RCC person I booked with failed to tell me this. So, that is my take. Guess I'm just getting old. Too much noise, not relaxing at all. More suited for younger families with children in my opinion. So I'm just giving you a heads up. And the price was outrageous to boot. I am paying less to fly to Rome, stay three days, get on the Navigator in Oct. for a TA than this one week in hell on the Oasis. Sorry RCC, I love the Independence, love the Navigator, Jewel, Radiance, etc. but a 6,000 passenger ship with another 2,000 crew is just not for me. BUT, I am so looking forward to Oct. and the ship I know from top to bottom with a gym that looks out over the sea (the Oasis was on a lower deck and it was more like a HS gymnasium. Ciao. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
If nothing else, the Oasis of the Seas is big. From the airport it appears as a massive intrusion to the ocean. At the pier you might begin to wonder if leaving port is necessary. Alas, the unending stream of activities presented onboard ... Read More
If nothing else, the Oasis of the Seas is big. From the airport it appears as a massive intrusion to the ocean. At the pier you might begin to wonder if leaving port is necessary. Alas, the unending stream of activities presented onboard reinforces the idea that this is not a cruise ship so much as a floating city. But does that defeat the purpose of cruising? The Oasis of the Seas is not to 2009 as Voyager of the Seas was to 1999. Sure, the idea of a Carousel on a cruise ship sounds impressive, but as it turns out many of the additional features are more gimmick than awe-inspiring. In fact, a good portion of the ship appeals more to the idea of amazing than amazing itself. Two rock-climbing walls as opposed to one, a Central Park which turns out to be more a second promenade with a garden, a bar built on an elevator. Oasis boasts "big", not "bold". The fundamental flaw with the Oasis is that there is no "central point." You might think the promenade is designed to be the focus, when in fact the sports deck is the busiest spot around. The "neighborhoods" on the ship do their part in ensuring that all 5000+ guests don't end up in one spot, but unfortunately it also detracts from congregation and socialization. Another major oversight in the creation of Oasis was a lack of magnitude. The ship itself is huge, it's easy to tire fast from trekking to different spots. But each and every element of the ship lacks impressiveness of it's own. The promenade, while wider than the Voyager and Freedom class ships, is only two stories in height, blocked off by the overhead central park. The theater is relatively small, as more show times lessen the need for big seating. Sadly this also means less variety of shows. The dining room is three stories in height, yet this is barely evident from any seat in the room. Throughout the entire ship it is obvious that the focus in the design was on making the ship big. First impressions are everything, and if a critique were to be based on only that than Oasis would be an A+. The closest feature to the loading bay is the boardwalk, where the Aqua Theatre resides. It is blatant that this is the most innovative new addition to cruising. Though it boasts the ability to serve as another pool, the highlight is the entertainment it provides. Two giant screens welcome guests aboard, while various crew and executives talk about the Oasis and its specs. Shortly after, fountains dance to different songs, akin to the fountains at the Bellagio. The boardwalk boasts a few restaurants and of course the world's only floating Carousel. Somehow RCI overlooked a need to make the boardwalk a more prominent focus. A nightclub nestled somewhere in between the specialty dining might have done the trick, but instead there is a single entrance to this area and the only appeal outside of a need to eat is the single show the Aqua Theatre features. Speaking of nightclubs, the Oasis of the Seas features four: Bolero's in the promenade, the two story Dazzles, Jazz on 4, and Blazes. Once again, while having four options for dancing certainly allows for more variety than most cruise ships offer, it detracts from congregation. None of the dance floors were suitable for a decent sized crowd, even the poor amount of seating offered up the idea that the clubs were not an important amenity. Unsurprisingly the only club which did occasionally fill was the well situated Bolero's in the promenade. On to events. Whether the sheer volume of people made it impossible, or RCI simply mismanaged, there was almost no organizational structure to the events aboard Oasis. A few certain highlights dominated the announcements while cruisers had to fend for themselves in terms of finding activities to attend the rest of the day. A couple 80's themed dance parties attracted a small crowd in Dazzles, while maybe 10-12 people enjoyed the Jazz band at Jazz on 4. Meanwhile at the Blazes nightclub, the dance floor bustled with the approximately 20 people the dance floor could hold, about 25 others sat throughout. Dazzles was evidently designed to be the major hotspot for sincere dancing, yet once again there were no prominent events held there. Of course there was no lack of the usual cruising activities. Bingo, the Art Auctions, and the occasional belly-flop competition rounded out the list of events on RCI's cruise compass. So it is worth mentioning that while lacking in creativity and variety, there were plenty of activities available to attend. This includes the shows. The "Oasis of Dreams" aqua theater show takes on a touch of "Cirque Du Soleil" style with a bit more action. This was easily the best show on board, though "Hairspray" was still the highlight. "Hairspray", the critically acclaimed Broadway musical, was performed with a veracity and talent which proves that RCI was taking their entertainment seriously. If not for the mere fact that RCI did not create the play then I'd recommend boarding purely to see it. "The Headliner Showtime", AKA "Revolution", is a concert style show which failed to emulate concert. A Beatles imitation group performed several Beatles songs which based on their performance and audience reaction could have just as well been listened to on an Ipod. The ice show, "Frozen in Time" took an odd turn halfway through when they stopped ice skating and instead focused on a captivating sand artist. This could have been to distract the audience from the fact that the skaters were operating above their pay grade. It was unsurprising after watching a good variety of mistakes to hear later that a former cast member was injured and taken out of the show. "Come Fly with Me" is the ship's farewell show. It's similar to the "Oasis of Dreams" in terms of stunts and style, though with faster music and slower pace. Neither impressive nor unimpressive, save for a few fancy trampoline tricks. For all the effort RCI put in to entertainment, it was difficult to understand why there was no Magic or Comedy shows. To be fair, they did have stand up performances in their comedy club, but none family friendly. In addition every show save for maybe Hairspray did not appeal to the family scene. Typical of Royal Caribbean, the food was nothing short of exceptional. Their dinners always ended with a want for more, and even their late-night pizzeria never disappointed. Their breakfast buffet could have had a bit more spice to it, but the variety of available food served its purpose. The single dissatisfaction that could be found with their food selection was the lack of a late-night buffet. The Windjammer buffet closed at 9 every night, and even their pizzeria shut down at 3. The single 24 hour venue was the Promenade Cafe, and the late night choices were lacking. Another oddity onboard the Oasis was a lack of a midnight buffet. Traditionally cruises feature one night of extravagant dessert and snack options at their main dining room, complete with ice or chocolate sculptures, but maybe due to the crowd it would generate RCI had none in place for the itinerary. Also disappointing in the area of dining was a lack of an ocean view in the main dining room. Certainly an ocean view can never be guaranteed on a cruise, but unlike many prior class RCI ships there were no expansive windows in place anywhere in the room. A few windows lined the outer walls, but most guests had to look past the jogging track or lifeboats to just glimpse the sea. What the Oasis comes down to overall is a gasp on first sight and a disappointment on board. RCI has failed to deliver on the idea that bigger is better in many regards. To this effect, they also create the conundrum that while the idea of boarding the largest cruise ship in the world sounds ideal, boarding a smaller ship is certainly not a step down. That said, you still might feel a bit bashful if the next time you're in port on another ship the Oasis pulls in next to you. Final recommendation: if this is your first time cruising, the Oasis might be a good place to start. It is in many ways a beginners cruise, with many easy online planning options, and a straightforward guide on the boarding process. If your desired itinerary matches the Oasis', it is likely the best choice. But if you're thinking about revolving your itinerary around the ship, you may want to reconsider. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
My husband and I had cruised five times prior to this cruise (on Royal Caribbean, NCL, and Holland America), both as a couple and with groups. Each time has been wonderful. After much anticipation, we flew into Ft. Lauderdale from ... Read More
My husband and I had cruised five times prior to this cruise (on Royal Caribbean, NCL, and Holland America), both as a couple and with groups. Each time has been wonderful. After much anticipation, we flew into Ft. Lauderdale from Milwaukee (via Atlanta) on Friday, May 21st. We settled into the newly-remodeled Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Beach Hotel, where we enjoyed a pool-side lunch at the Baja Grill before heading to Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub to meet our new Cruise Critic friends. (Good time!) On Saturday, we made our way to the Port to board the Ohhhhh-asis of the Seas. Check-in was quick and painless, and before we knew it, we were on board. We enjoyed welcome-aboard drinks in the Pool Zone. I surprised my husband by upgrading to an ocean-view balcony cabin, and he was delighted! Our comfortable room was in great shape, thanks to our lovely cabin steward, Marta Ortiz. Throughout the week, we treasured many moments on our balcony communing with the ocean and the sky. We also saw flying fish, which was a real treat. The full moon on Thursday night was magical. We so enjoyed exploring the ship and people-watching, and the ONLY time all week we really noticed any kind of a crowd was immediately following the mandatory drill. The ship itself is everything you can imagine and more: it is impressive, beautiful, and surprisingly easy to navigate. The experience as a passenger is both exciting (the music, entertainment, casino, and more), and relaxing (Central Park, the Solarium, and many quiet corners throughout the ship). We are big fans of Paul O'Shea (the piano player), the house band, and Carlos and the SP3 Showband (who were on board especially to entertain a large group from Brazil). We participated in a few trivia contests and thoroughly enjoyed the ice show, Hairspray, and the "Oasis of Dreams" aqua show (all without reservations, I might add). You wouldn't catch US zip-lining or rock-climbing, but we certainly had a good time watching other people participating in these activities! Without exception, the service was stellar. We can't say enough about the many crew members who added to our enjoyment of our week at sea, such as Alana in the Windjammer, Ruby & gang in the Schooner Bar, and Ryan in the Boardwalk area. (They do need to schedule additional help in the Royal Caribbean logo shop during peak periods; the one person working the register was always overwhelmed.) [Note: On Monday, we thought the captain and staff handled the very unfortunate loss of one of the crew members tactfully and compassionately. We are satisfied with the future cruise credit offered by Royal Caribbean to make up for missing our stop in St. Thomas.] We chose "My Time Dining," which suits us beautifully. On the two formal nights, we chose the Main dining room, and the meals and service were very good. On other nights, we opted for the Windjammer or another casual venue, such as Sorrento's pizza. Meeting the fellow passengers from all over was great. We truly had some memorable moments and made some lasting connections. When my husband turned to me on the last day and asked if I'd sail on the Oasis again, I answered without hesitation that I would, and he agreed. Disembarkation, while not quite as smooth as embarkation due to a few bottlenecks, was still quite efficient. We left our cabin, and within one hour, we disembarked, cabbed back to the Sheraton, and were checked into our room. Not bad! We enjoyed a great weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, taking in a side trip to the Everglades and shopping and dining along Ft. Lauderdale Beach. We certainly recommend cruising aboard the Oasis of the Seas if what you're looking for is an exciting-yet-relaxing cruising experience! Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We wanted to combine a trip to Florida with the luxury of a cruise and the Oasis of the Seas was the ultimate family luxury cruise. It exceeded the expectation of all family members from our grandchildren of 10 & 13, their parents in ... Read More
We wanted to combine a trip to Florida with the luxury of a cruise and the Oasis of the Seas was the ultimate family luxury cruise. It exceeded the expectation of all family members from our grandchildren of 10 & 13, their parents in their early forties, to grandparents in their 60`s. Our grandson never wanted to leave the children's club asking to be left there until it closed at 2am ( we allowed him a few stays till closure). Our grand-daughter loved the ice-rink & took her own skates and showed her prowess at twirling and jumping on ice. She also loved the zip-wire & flow rider whilst the older members loved the more sedate activities of the pool & mini-golf but we did try the dancing in the night clubs, sometimes the the early hours. The cabin was well fitted with everything that could be required but the case storage fell a little short and the 2 cases had to be stored under the bed but one end stuck out and we kept falling over it. Our son, daughter in law & 2 children (13 & 10) were also in an inside L cabin number 8443 and they found it extremely cramped. The did not have enough storage for all their clothes and did not unpack all the cases and there was no where to stow them either. Once the bed settee had been put up for the children there was no room to move around. A more roomy family cabin would have been better for them. We paid the full adult fare for the children and the adults via Virgin Cruises and felt this was the only dissatisfaction we had on the whole cruise as we couldn't upgrade either with Virgin or directly with Royal Caribbean Cruises. Food is never ending and plentiful and of excellent quality and a diet before boarding is a must as the waist-line does increase on leaving. Entertainment is to suit all tastes from the Diving pool shows to ice shows and theatre extravaganzas. The only down side is when you have to leave and say goodbye but with the promise that you will try to return next year. Our grandchildren have now been spoilt with the size and quality of Oasis of the Seas and demand nothing less than this excellence. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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