Sail Date: May 2010
My husband and I both flew in on Delta from NYC on May 15th. Plane landed at FLL at 10:00am, got luggage and took a taxi to the pier. It was my 7th cruise and my husband's 3rd. EMBARKATION: Took 5 mi. to check in, terminal is ... Read More
My husband and I both flew in on Delta from NYC on May 15th. Plane landed at FLL at 10:00am, got luggage and took a taxi to the pier. It was my 7th cruise and my husband's 3rd. EMBARKATION: Took 5 mi. to check in, terminal is humungus. Got Sea Pass and waited till about 11:15 to board. WOW!WOW!WOW!: The Promenade (deck 5) was amazing! As we walked in all we do is say " This is incredible! First thing we did was to explore the different venues that I read about. We checked out every floor and took pictures of everything. We went to try out one of those delicious " Roast Beef " sandwiches everyone has been raving about. They were right, they are delicious..... CABIN Cat D5: At 1:00 we were allowed to go to our cabin. It was really nice. The bed was by the balcony. Plenty of space to store all the stuff we had in our luggage which by the way was delivered by 1:45. Met our room steward, DEXTER and introduced ourselves. He turned out to be the best, very attentive, courteous who always remembered our first names. SPA : Had the Ladies Night Special, and I must say it was a waste of money. I was more tense after I came out then when I went in.... DINING : We chose MTD and had made reservations on line for all 7 nights. Never had to wait for a table. We met 2 wonderful people Mom & Daughter at our Meet & Mingle group and decided to eat together every night. We always sat at a table for 6 so that we had more room. Our waitress RACHELLE was simply the BEST!!! We had a great time every night at dinner. The food was pretty good and so were the desserts. Only did the Windjammer maybe once for lunch and once for breakfast.(NOT IMPRESSED) Had room service for breakfast (GREAT) Johnny R. for breakfast (VERY SLOW SERVICE), Main Dining room breakfast (SO, SO) lunch ( GOOD) SPECIALTY DINING: : Only went to GIOVANNI's for lunch and all I can say is that it was the best Italian food next to my cooking! SHOWS : Oasis of the Seas was great, Hairspray was OK, the Comedy show was funny, the headliner started out boring and ended with a BANG! The Quest was hilarious. The 70's party was a riot.... PORTS : LABADEE was really nice, it felt like an amusement park. COSTA MAYA, it was raining so hard, we did not get off the ship. COZUMEL, we took a tour of the city & shopping. DISIMBARKATION: Very easy, by 8:30 we were already picking up our rental car. A member of our Cruise Critic, Meet & Mingle group, organized through RCCL, a SLOT TOURNAMENT which turned out to be so much fun! Mary, you are the best!! Oh yea, I almost forgot, we definitely made our contribution to the "CASINO ROYAL" We had a great time on our OASIS CRUISE. I am so glad I got to share the experience with my husband. There was so much to do, explore and enjoy. I honestly don't think we covered everything, but we definitely did the best we could, after all it was only 7 DAYS..... which flew by so quickly........... Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
My Brother, Mother, and I just returned this past Saturday (5/29) from a great week aboard the Oasis of the Seas. Having cruised with RCCL 5 times in the past (including 2 on Freedom), we are use to being on big ships. However, Oasis ... Read More
My Brother, Mother, and I just returned this past Saturday (5/29) from a great week aboard the Oasis of the Seas. Having cruised with RCCL 5 times in the past (including 2 on Freedom), we are use to being on big ships. However, Oasis really took our breath was like turning a skyscraper on its side and floating it in the ocean!! With 5400 passengers on board, the most amazing thing about it is that you rarely ever see 85% of these people at any given time. Embarkation at Port Everglades was a breeze thanks to the new state-of-the-art terminal which was built specifically for Oasis (and Allure when it sails in November), and we were on the ship within 30 minutes of arrival. After dropping off our luggage in our room, we headed up to Windjammer Marketplace to grab some lunch.....only to encounter a mob of people (this was the only time we dealt with 98% of the passengers in one place). A recent review of this ship mentioned that there was standing room only in the Windjammer, and we certainly could ditto that statement!!! The seating area is smaller than Freedom's (why was that???), and we spent 30 minutes waiting for an unoccupied table. Touring the ship took the rest of the afternoon......Central Park is really beautiful with loads of trees, flowers, and shrubs. The boardwalk is amazing and reminded us of a Cony Island setting with the carousel, eateries, and shops. The Promenade was like walking through a mall.....unlike previous ships, it is quite wide and well lit with splashy colors. When it came time for the muster assembly drill, we were pleased that we didn't have to wear life jackets......not to mention that our station was in the Opal Theater and not outside in the heat!! As for eating, we had breakfast several times in Park Cafe which offered bagels and all the trimmings to go along. We ate 3 times in Johnny Rockets....which is always an entertaining experience with the servers dancing to hiphop music. We had 6:00 PM dining, and we sat with a family from Canada. They were talkative and friendly, and they made for wonderful table mates the entire cruise. Our waiter (Michael) and assistant waiter (Leroy) were wonderful, and we were treated with high class in the dining room each evening. The food was always tasty and was more than we could eat each night. We never tried the specialty restaurants (Chops Grill, 150 Central Park)....there was no need to since the dining room food and service met our expectations. I did get the Fillet Mignon (from Chops Grill) twice, and it was really delicious...very tender. Snacks in the 24-hour Cafe Promenade, Sorrento's, and Mondo Coffee Bar were plentiful and delightful. Our cabin was a balcony stateroom (9132) in the front of the ship. We had booked this specific cabin while onboard Freedom last May in the hopes to avoid any cigarette smoke/ash from anyone in front of or above us, and it worked very well. Grant it....the hallway seemed to be endless when going from the front of the ship to the back of the ship, but it provided us with plenty of exercise nevertheless. Our cabin boy (Lindel) was fantastic and always met our needs. I will say that we found the cabin to be smaller than on previous ships (more narrow). The closet was on the side of the bathroom next to the bed instead of being on the other side of the room across from it, and it made for quite a bit of congestion. We also found there was less closet space for storage as we have had on other ships. I guess when you try to fit 2700 staterooms on a cruise ship, something has to give!! A few interesting things to note about Oasis of the Seas: They have gone back to leaving chocolate candies on the pillows each night. As for pool towels, you have to check them out/in on the pool deck via your sea pass. There were no midnight buffets (RCCL has done away with them due to too much wasted food), AND shockingly enough, there were NO watermelon carvings OR ice carvings the entire week. My Brother said that Oasis is trying to be different from other ships...and I guess he has a point. On our days at sea, we spent quite a bit of time at the flowriders. The advantage of having 2 going at the same time is that unlike Freedom's 1 flowrider in which they switch back and forth from boogie boarding to standup surfing, each side of the ship did the same continuous activity without interruption...which made the lines move faster. Yeah, it got somewhat crowded, and yeah, there was only 1 observation area at each flowrider, but it seemed to suffice. The zipline was really amazing......stretching 10 decks high across the Boardwalk. As for the shows onboard, they were absolutely fantastic and incredible. I booked all our entertainment and shore excursions weeks before our cruise, and it worked out very well. The opening night with El Gaucho was great....especially his piano rendition of Malaguena. Come Fly With Me was totally amazing with all the acrobats and dancers. The Headliner Show featured Star Search grand prize winner male vocalist Kenny James in a variety of Motown songs. He was really was the Oasis of the Seas Band which accompanied him. These musicians are truly the best in the business!!! The ice show (Frozen in Time) was colorful and delightful.....especially the guest artist sand sculpturor. Hairspray was incredible and done very professionally. Oasis of Dreams (the Aqua Theater show) featured Olympic divers and swimmers jumping from as high as 50 feet. One thing I must mention (that I wish someone else's previous Oasis review mentioned....because I couldn't find any information about it) is that the photo gallery has a new system of sorting out everyone's photos to prevent mobs of people from trampling all over each other in search for their pictures. Each family (or cabin) is assigned a photo gallery number on their sea pass. There are carousels with folders, and all you do to find your photos is to go to your assigned carousel and folder. There are lots of places in the photo gallery to spread pictures out for viewing....which made it very convenient. In some cases, they know who you are by scanning your sea pass prior to taking your photos. In other cases (like port photos) they don't know who you are. We found out that Oasis has a photo computer system capable of matching faces, and that is how some photos "mysteriously" show up in your folder.....what won't they think of next???? As fantastic as the week was, there was a very unfortunate incident which took place on Monday, May 24th. At 4:55 PM (on our way from Nassau to St. Thomas) the captain announced that someone had gone overboard, and he was turning the ship around to search for the missing person. Then during dinner at 6:30 PM he informed us that the missing person was a crew member who hadn't reported for work, and we were heading back towards Nassau to aid the US and Bahamian Coast Guards in the search. Well, at this point I KNEW St. Thomas was a no-go. Later on at 10:30 PM the captain made a 3rd announcement confirming our worst disappointment that St. Thomas was indeed canceled, and it was confirmed through the ship's security cameras that the crew member did indeed jump overboard. As a result of not going to St. Thomas, RCCL gave everyone a money voucher for a future cruise as well as refunded everyone's onboard account with $9.17 of unused port tax. We were released from the search at 1:00 AM Tuesday morning, but it was obviously too late to try and make St. Thomas. We've been there twice before, but we were looking forward to finally getting onto Megan's Bay Beach as well as all the great shopping in St. Thomas, so this incident was a shock and disappointment to everyone. We found out later in the week that it as an 45 year old assistant waiter in the dining room who had just come back from a vacation.....very, very sad. Getting off the ship was another breeze, and we were out of the terminal in 10 minutes. In spite of everything that happened, we still had a fantastic week, and we're looking forward to our already-booked cruise vacation back on Freedom of the Seas next year. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
We have just returned from a b2b taking in the western cruise first and then the eastern. I want to say that the ship fully lived up to expectations and even with 2 weeks we didn't get to see everything. I have read lots of posts and ... Read More
We have just returned from a b2b taking in the western cruise first and then the eastern. I want to say that the ship fully lived up to expectations and even with 2 weeks we didn't get to see everything. I have read lots of posts and could spend ages on the the small things that were a bit irritating but I'll just check through a couple of them quickly as overall they did not spoil our holiday. We went with the view that we would enjoy ourselves and we did. They charged for a couple of things on the account that we didn't have/do and it took several trips to guest services to sort them out. They were helpful but you are still left with an impression that sometimes the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Breakfast was the most crowded time of the day and we spent 2 weeks trying to find the best options for eating. Try to avoid the Windjammer and the Solarium any time after 9.30am and even room service has a fairly lengthy waiting time. On the whole the food was fantastic we ate in 150 Central Park, Solarium, Chops Grille, Johnny Rockets and the main dining room and each one was great - 150 was the best for the experience. The food was really rich and we couldn't manage the cheese course - share the wine pairing unless you want to stagger out! Everyone has mentioned the shows - they were excellent. The cast changed between the cruises and we saw the original Hairspray cast and the new Come Fly with me cast. The ice show was riveting and the sand artist lived up to expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed the comedy club even understanding American humour!!! As we were in a suite for those of you who are interested the Concierge Lounge was the best - a big thanks to Reyno and Julian and the bar staff Eugene and Indra for the wonderful service. We had a Grand Suite on the starboard side and it was plenty big enough for us. No complaints about the stateroom attendant Donna she was lovely. What really stood out for us was the difference in the other cruisers during the first and second week. We felt completely outnumbered by Brazilians on the eastern cruise particularly in the dining room on deck 4 where we were surrounded and lost out a little on service. The first week had a far more even distribution of nationalities and this was really nice to experience. Embarkation and turnround with the b2b was very smooth. Disembarkation turned out to be a bit of a bun fight with people everywhere searching for cases (including us)and long queues through customs. I will briefly mention the unfortunate incident with the member of staff who was lost overboard. This was tragic and I was very disappointed with the attitude of some of my fellow cruisers who felt this was a personal inconvenience and in one case complained loudly and publicly to a member of the waiting staff who listened very patiently and all credit to him for this. We did receive compensation (a quite substantial amount in our view)and our shore excursion was refunded. Our biggest disappointment was the service we received from staff on the ship when we tried to find out what was happening with our return flights to the UK with BA on strike. They were very unhelpful and although we were on a fly cruise package we felt abandoned and found out more information ourselves. We met other cruisers in the same situation and this was a big let down. Again we didn't let this take away from the whole experience and we are cruising the med with RC next May. A fantastic holiday and we met lots of great people. PS get the photo book it's excellent value. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
Embarkation: Excellent, there were no lines to check in and we waited a few minutes before boarding. Amazing Ship very well designed. The only time you felt you were on a ship was on the pool decks, sport deck or in your ocean view ... Read More
Embarkation: Excellent, there were no lines to check in and we waited a few minutes before boarding. Amazing Ship very well designed. The only time you felt you were on a ship was on the pool decks, sport deck or in your ocean view balcony cabin. Don't worry about getting sea sick, the ship doesn't move. Best of the best: We have been on more than 15 cruises and the best 3 shows we ever saw were on the Oasis. 1) come fly with me (must see) 2) aqua diving show (divers appear from under the water and dive in and re-appear from outside the pool) 3) Hair spray (this should be on Broadway). Make sure you book your tickets (free) before you sail, the system works. Every crew member were a lot friendlier and more courteous than on other ships. Complains: 1) Less storage places in the cabins, they took away the 2 bedside tables that had drawers and storage under, the desk use to have drawers on both sides that was gone and on other RCI ships they had storage over the TV, now you have a large flat screen TV with no storage. 2) They made the Windjammer smaller, it was always very crowded and had to walk around for a long time looking for a seat, even the crew were surprised of this. They did have many other places where you can have breakfast and lunch for free. 3) the other surprise is that they made the shop (logo store) much smaller and not much to buy. Couldn't find a nice T-shirt or hat to buy, very small selection. Food: the food was OK, nothing special just like any other Royal Caribbean ship food. We didn't try any of the specialty restaurants. Public places: Central park.. excellent, Boardwalk.. excellent, promenade.. excellent, all other publick places were excellent including the pool areas, sport center etc... The ship felt crowded but was very clean. Would definitely do it again, one wek is not enough time to see the ship. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
My husband and I sailed 5/22-5/29. It was our best vacation ever! The ship was gorgeous and there was plenty to keep us occupied. In fact, there was more to do than we could possibly fit into a week. Room As advertised, check in was ... Read More
My husband and I sailed 5/22-5/29. It was our best vacation ever! The ship was gorgeous and there was plenty to keep us occupied. In fact, there was more to do than we could possibly fit into a week. Room As advertised, check in was painless and took under 15 minutes. It was 2pm and we went straight to our room. Our central park view (window) stateroom was small, but adequate, with a couch near the closet and bed near loveseat/bay window. There were only a few feet between the couch and closet, so I used the restricted space side without issue (I'm an average sized woman). Storage was abundant for clothes, sundries and toiletries, and suitcases fit under the bed. We loved sitting on the loveseat and people-watching before dinner. There was some creaking at night, possibly of the window. It didn't bother us enough to call maintenance - the ship's rocking put me right to sleep. Our stateroom attendant was great! She was usually around and said hello morning and evening and fixed up our room as soon as we left, so it was always clean/ready when we returned. Food/Beverages Dinners - We had my time dining 5 nights with reservations for all, but went earlier or later some nights without issue. We only waited about 10 minutes one night, because we requested a specific waiter whose section was full. They gave us champagne while we waited. All nights but one service was excellent (one night was very slow). Food was always very good. We also had dinner at Chops and 150 Central Park and loved both. The wine pairing at 150 CP was $75 each, so we shared it and there was plenty (the equivalent of a bottle altogether). We enjoyed the 150 CP 6-course gourmet meal immensely, but were too full for the cheese and fruit platter at the end (with the bread and flavored salts to begin and cheese and fruit to end, it is really an 8-course meal). Other meals - We had lunch at Giovanni's and were again very pleased. The prosciutto is sliced fresh and the best I've ever tasted. Some have reported very large portions, but we found them reasonable at lunch. The Windjammer was always full and it was very hard to find seats for breakfast or lunch. The food was fine, but there were better alternatives. We had breakfast in the main dining room and Johnny Rockets and enjoyed the made to order eggs and pancakes at both. Lunch in the solarium bistro was our favorite. It was nice to have healthier, lighter meals in the mix. Park cafe was also good for lunch and breakfast (yes, the roast beef is very good). We had made to order pizzas at Sorrento's and they were pretty good, but not our preferred type of crust. There were plenty of other places to get complementary snacks (promenade cafe sandwiches were good, pretzel dogs in wipeout cafe were so-so, corn dogs on boardwalk were tasty but greasy, chocolate covered doughnut was delish, soft serve on pool deck was a nice treat). Wine/soda packages - We got a wine package in advance and had a bottle with dinner each night. It really helped to keep our bar bill down, as did the soda package which we used throughout the day. Shows/Other Entertainment Scheduled shows - We scheduled all shows and dinners in advance to ensure we could do all. It can take a little juggling to fit everything in, so I recommended using the online reservation system. Although not our reserved time, we went to Oasis of Dreams the first night it was performed, because I'd read about cancellations and didn't want to miss it. There was a long line for non-reservation entrance, but it moved fast beginning 10 minutes before show time and we got in with a seat (many were standing for the show). It was absolutely excellent and included a lot of acrobatics I didn't expect, along with high dives and synchronized swimming. Our later scheduled show was cancelled due to rain, so I was glad we'd gone early. They moved our reservation to the following day, but it conflicted with a specialty restaurant we had reserved. Our favorite was the ice show, which we saw twice. Come fly with me was also very entertaining, although I would have preferred more aerial acts and less dancing. The performers in all three shows were true athletes and a wonder to see! Both comedians were very funny. Comedy Live is small and you cannot get in without a reservation (except a few midnight shows), so do it online in advance, if possible. We did not like the Headliner, Kenny James, and left half-way through (many did). We never made it to Hairspray. Other shows/activities - We went to Comedy Live for an improvisation show (cannot be reserved, but there were plenty of available seats), which starred some of the cast of Hairspray. It was a lot of fun. We also went to the 70's party on the promenade and had a great time. The Love and Marriage show and Sexy Legs contest were replayed on the TV and we saw parts of these getting ready for dinner - both were very funny. We rode the rising tide bar once, which was fun. We went to Dazzles, the Viking Crown Lounge (great view of pools), and a pub on the promenade a few times for a drink, but stayed near the doors where there was less smoke. We also avoided the casino due to the smoke (the smell was bad wherever you were). Usually if we went to the boardwalk during the day the performers were practicing at the aqua theater, so we sat and watched them a few times, along with rock wall climbers nearby. It was also fun to watch people on the wave riders, who really got slammed against the padded walls, so we decided not to try it. We also didn't try the zip-line, golf, or table tennis (I wanted to do all, but there was just so much else to do). Common Areas Central Park - this was our favorite place to just sit and relax with some wine. It was usually comfortable during the day, with a breeze and just beautiful to see, with not only trees and flowers, but sculptures and great architecture. The park is peaceful at night and has several specialty restaurants, so you see many people nicely dressed for dinner. Boardwalk - this was mainly geared toward children, but we did try the carousel once, which was fun. We liked the area mainly for the aqua theater. Royal Promenade - this was where a lot of activities were held and was a good place to shop. We saw both parades, which were fun, but people were very rude about getting in your way. Pools - they were crowded on sea days. Even so, we got two chairs together near the main pool most days for a few hours. People did come and go and there didn't seem to be much "saving." The pools were too small and crowded to really swim, but were a relief from the heat and a comfortable temperature. Most days there were not many children splashing in the main pool, so we didn't go to the solarium pool, because we found that area too hot (not much of a breeze with glass panels overhead). One day the ship was really rocking and it was like a wave pool, which was fun. Ports Bahamas - we went on a glass bottom boat ride, which included a tour on the way to the reef and a rum or fruit punch. It was a very pleasant ride and viewing the reef was one of the highlights of our trip. There were hundreds of beautiful fish, many of which we recognized, since we have salt water aquariums at home. At the end we were dropped at the straw market, which did not appeal to us, but I did want a new beach bag, so found a nice, inexpensive one quickly at the entrance and we returned to the ship through a very controlled area where ID was checked several times. St Thomas - unfortunately, a crew member went overboard on this cruise, which caused us to backtrack in a search, missing this port. We were disappointed of course, but it couldn't be helped. Luckily, this beautiful ship is a destination in itself and we thoroughly enjoyed our extra day at sea. St Martin - we booked the afternoon beach break at Orient Bay Beach. The drive over was comfortable on air conditioned buses and interesting. Although not a tour, you did get a feel for the area (plants, people, housing) on the drive there. Orient was a gorgeous, sandy white beach. We were only there a few hours, so did not engage in water sports, but did enjoy the complementary rum punch, swam, and relaxed on our lounges. It was a very relaxing afternoon. Note that there are women selling jewelry and other wares on this beach. A simply no thank you sends them away, but they do come back multiple times. Ultimately, my husband bought me two bead necklaces at a low price. Departure - this was as smooth as embarkation. We were off, found our luggage (easy with number coding), and were through customs in 15 minutes. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
This is my review of the cruise my family and I took aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time, after looking at all the enticing videos on the RC website. Please note, I will ... Read More
This is my review of the cruise my family and I took aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. We had been looking forward to this trip for some time, after looking at all the enticing videos on the RC website. Please note, I will be doing a lot of comparisons to Freedom of the Seas, which I've been on twice. Boarding the ship was painless, although there was some clogging at the initial card-reading machine. Once on the ship, we asked who the cruise director was. The answer was "Richard Spacey". Yes! This was going to be great. Richard Spacey is the best cruise director in the business. Minutes later we found out Richard Spacey was on vacation and wouldn't be cruising with us. No! We were disappointed, but Ken Rush did a nice job filling in for Richard during the week. We managed to drop our bags in our room before 1PM and headed to Windjammer for lunch. I had heard it's very hard to find a seat in Windjammer, but I didn't believe it. Now I do. I was shocked to discover that RC built the Oasis' Windjammer smaller than Freedom of the Seas'. After 20 minutes, we found a seat. Needless to say, we didn't eat there very often after that. When we got back to the room, we took a look at the cabin. We had a balcony, which seemed a bit more private than the one on Freedom. I also liked the chairs over Freedom's and the shower in the bathroom seemed a little larger as well. The big problem was the closet. It was placed alongside the bed, which made getting into it awkward, especially when several people needed to use it. We then went out to explore. Several improvements were made around the elevators. There is a light over the elevator when it arrives telling you if it's going down (red) or up (green). Each direction has it's own audible tone as well. I like that. In the elevators, there is a button named Gangway. When you want to get off the ship for an excursion, hit this button and it will take you to the floor you need to go to. Also near the elevators is a computer display showing you an outline of the ship and where you are. You no longer have to wonder which direction to go to get to your cabin. These displays have other functions, such as telling you what activities are going on at the moment. Scattered around the ship are little viewports. You look inside them and see something having to do with nature. They have kind of a 3D effect. Nothing spectacular, but I think they're nice. The ship is filled with beautiful artwork and decor throughout. Central Park is really amazing. It really feels like a park, with walkways, trees, and plants all around. There are even chirping birds, electronic of course, and live butterflies which add to the ambiance. It was nice to get breakfast at the Park Cafe and eat it while sitting on a bench in the park. Very relaxing and a completely different kind of environment than any other place on the ship. The Royal Promenade blew me away. This is where the shops and snack places are. The size of the Promenade makes you feel like you're in a mall. Literally. It is noticeably bigger than Freedom's. Sorrento's Pizza is here and the pizza is very good. The cookies at the Promenade Cafe are delicious too. They also serve milk. I liked the On-Air venue, which has big screen TVs inside and also outside facing the Promenade. I could eat a snack in the "mall", watch the people go by, and at the same time watch the French Open on TV. The Boardwalk is right in back of the Promenade. I rode the Carousel, which was fun, and got a caramel sundae at the ice cream shop. The sundaes they make are huge, so I had the girl make mine smaller. It was scrumptious! The pool deck is beautiful. Some pools are salt water, and others fresh. One side is smoking, the other non. I think the chairs in this area are the most comfortable of any cruise I've been on. RC moved the jogging track from the upper deck (on most ships) to its own deck on the Oasis. A lot of joggers and walkers made use of it. The only chairs on this deck are at the very rear of the ship, which is kind of a secret. The engine noise may be a bit loud, but I found it great for reading at night. The shows aboard Oasis are the best I've ever seen. "Come Fly With Me" showcases performers with outstanding gymnastic skills. The ice show, great on any RC cruise, did not disappoint. "Hairspray" was very well done. The show in the Aqua Theater was amazing, with world-class divers and acrobats executing all kinds of stunts. They did things I had never seen before. The Aqua Theater is a great place to hang out during the day. They have huge TVs with trivia questions and, on our cruise, we got to see the performers practicing their show. The food on-board is very good overall. We ate in the dining room every night and thoroughly enjoyed the meals. The staff was very attentive and did a great job of taking care of us. Same goes for the stateroom attendant. The activities on the ship are pretty much non-stop. I did the zip-line, which was a little scary, the Flow Rider (boogie board and surfing), ice skating, and climbing wall. I never experienced a long wait on any of these. If you are going to do ice skating, make sure to wear long socks or you will get a welt on your ankle! Getting off the ship for our St. Maarten excursion was a breeze. See my excursion blurb below for details on that. At the end of seven days, my family and I didn't want to get off. Granted, we didn't get to go to St. Thomas because of the incident with the overboard worker, but we enjoyed our vacation very much and will be talking about it for a long time to come. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
Overall I truly enjoyed the ship. It was a completely different experience than any other cruise we have taken. My husband and I booked last minute for my birthday (I was able to get a Travel Agent rate rather inexpensively). In the end... ... Read More
Overall I truly enjoyed the ship. It was a completely different experience than any other cruise we have taken. My husband and I booked last minute for my birthday (I was able to get a Travel Agent rate rather inexpensively). In the end... I want to go on Allure! It was a big jump for me because I have never been on a Freedom or Voyager Class even. I went from a Radiance class- Jewel (my favorite still) to Oasis. It was a truly remarkable time, fabulous shows (we aren't show people), and great service. It honestly was not like any other cruise I had taken before. It is less of a cruise feeling and more of a grand vacation feeling. My review may be a bit all over the place, as I am using my pictures to remind me of what we did and when. I only have one true complaint. The bathrooms are very difficult to locate. The signage isn't the best. The bathrooms were huge and I never waited in a line.... But I had to run in circles to find them on the first few days. As soon as we boarded we headed straight to Sorrento's. I had two slices and my husband had his own concoction of a pizza made. We had a light snack and then went on exploring. We briefly walked through the Promenade. The Boardwalk was our next stop. It was just as I thought it would be. Then we wandered down to the Entertainment Place on Deck 4 and checked out Studio B, Comedy Club, and Jazz on 4, and the Casino. I didn't like that the Casino was all the way down and kinda hidden. If you didn't go looking for it, you would probably never find it. I don't gamble though we just like to stroll through to see the action. The Solarium- We headed over to the Solarium because that was my favorite place on the Jewel and Enchantment. This was very different. The Solarium on the Oasis is not completely enclosed. We enjoyed laying in a circular cabana for the afternoon. I have to say that we didn't spend as much time over the course of the week as we normally do. It was very hot in the Oasis Solarium; normally the Solariums were much cooler from our experience. Flowriders- My husband decided to give the Flowrider a try on Day 1. I was willing to but I had not worn a shirt that could get wet. Yes ladies, your top can fly off without a cover! My husband's bathing suit slid down to his knees on the boogie boarding :/ He started with the boogie boarding and had a blast. As the week went on, we frequented the Flowriders almost daily. We woke up early enough to eat breakfast and head over by 9am when they open. It was especially nice when we were in port- there were only 3-4 people in line during those times and we went on a lot. We tried to stand-up surfing. I fell immediately every time I tried it. It was fun, but tricky to get the hang of. By the end of the week my husband was able to stay standing for a few minutes before wiping out. Warning!!! The water flow is very powerful; I am small gal and got whipped around pretty good on them. I had quite a few bruises by week's end. I finally figured out how to "wipe out" in a controlled manner so I didn't get thrown around as much. This was my husband's favorite "thing" to do onboard. He is thrilled that there is a Flowrider on the Liberty (our November trip). Our Room- We chose an inside room (it was assigned to us by RCI, we didn't get to choose the exact room) we were on Deck 8, room 553. It was the first room in the hall on the left when facing forward on the starboard side. It was a nice size- actually the same size as the standard balcony rooms. We loved the convenience of the room; it was quiet (except on night 7) and comfortable. I was excited to see a nicely sized (bigger than the TV we have in our bedroom at home) flat screen TV. As soon as we entered our room I noticed the TV was giving us a strange message. We could not get it to work. We called for maintenance. My husband decided to play around with the TV; he yanked the cords out of the wall and re-plugged it in. Voila! It worked. BUT, I noticed something strange... we had extra options that I had not seen on previous cruises. Turns out the TV was "broken" because it was giving "Crew Access." This turned out to be a fabulous blessing :) I immediately cancelled the maintenance call!!! We were able to watch free on-demand movies every night while winding down. We would also get messages meant for the crew ;) It was kinda neat to know about what happens behind the scenes. I took a few pictures as proof! My only complaint about the room is that on night 7 there was a tremendous amount of noise. Our room had a crew staircase on one side and a connecting room on the other side. The ladies next door were very quiet; hopefully our nightly movies didn't keep them up. Being that night 7 is when everyone puts their luggage out for debarkation.... I think I heard EVERY suitcase go down those stairs. I was beginning to wonder whether the crew was simply tossing them and letting them tumble down. That's how bad the noise got at one point. I did not sleep at all that night. I was pretty cranky by the time we had to leave our room in the morning. Like I said, the room was great, quiet, and comfortable all week- with the exception of night 7. Because we had Crew TV access we found out that there was a medevac when we were in Labadee. I am not sure about what happened, but the Crew Information stated that "Thanks to all of the Crew Members who donated blood. In the end the Oasis Crew members saved a woman's life today. The doctors said she would not have survived the wait for the helicopter without the blood donations." Shows- We saw Hairspray on the first night and missed sail away (the boat left around 9ish due to work on the wave deflectors). This was the least favorite of all the shows. Don't get me wrong, it was a great show! Wonderful dancers & singers and stage sets. We just aren't the Broadway Show type. Plus it was an hour and a half; we got a bit antsy for it not being our "thing." My husband's favorite was the Frozen in Time- Ice Show; my favorite was the Aqua Theater Oasis of Dreams show. Over all we were blown away by the entertainment, nothing disappointed us. Everything kept us thinking "what next?!?" The performers were amazing. It was a nice touch to sit through the Backstage Tour. Not really backstage though, just a question and answer session with technical crew and a couple of the performers with a peak at the props on stage. This actually piqued our interest in seeing the Come Fly with Me show, which we originally did not plan to see. That one was great. Not your typical stage show. It had a bit of everything from aerial acrobats, to floor acrobats, to singing, to dancing! All in all, these performers work really hard and have to compensate for a rocking boat at times! Food- Okay, so I will break this one down in a few ways. We did My Time Dining; we love this option because we never feel rushed to go to dinner. We ate in the Main Dining Room on 6 of the 7 nights. We had Peter from Slovakia & Milton from Jamaica as Waiter & Asst. They were great :) They kept us happy and laughing every night. Peter had "hidden humor." He would throw in a joke or two throughout each conversation with him. He told us all about his wife, who is from the Philippines and is the greeter at the front of MTD. We ended up talking to her a few times on our way out from dinner. I enjoyed the food. I know some people complain, but I can always find something I like on the menu. I purchased Savor (the cookbook) the Headwaiter took it down to the executive chef for us. He signed it and stamped it with his RCI Executive Chef stamp. The headwaiter came by and had a conversation with us every night. This was a first; I don't think I have ever known who the head waiter was on my past cruises. He was very nice and would joke with us each night making me promise I wouldn't try any recipes in my stateroom and start a fire! We really wanted a picture with all 3 of them, but on the final evening they were slammed and we felt bad pulling them away from serving other people for a picture. Johnny Rockets: we ate there twice for breakfast (no charge) and once for lunch. I felt nauseas after lunch, but that's my own fault for ordering and eating too much :/ It was good, and we are glad we tried it. We probably won't do it again as it was rather greasy and we can eat Johnny Rockets here at home if we wanted (even though we never have). Park Cafe: Once we found out about this place we loved it. The sandwiches are great, the breakfasts were delish, and it was a quick eat right near our stateroom. One morning it was packed because we went right when they opened. Otherwise it was a great little cafe. This is where the "famous" roast beast sammiches can be found. I'm not a big roast beef fan, so I cannot really comment on their quality. My only complaint is the booths- holy moly! I sat in one on one morning and thought I was sitting on a fence. OUCH! Maybe it's because I have a boney tush, but yowza those were not comfortable. All the other seats were fine! Giovanni's Table- We don't typically do specialty restaurants, but we decided to as we thought $15 a person was comparable to a typical restaurant back home. Wow, this was a great meal ? We started off with the Antipasti and a Tomato & Mozzarella Salad. Then we had the Papardelle Alla Crema Di Radicchio e Pancetta. Yum! I wanted that pasta dish as my entrEe. My husband had the lamb and I had the steak. Everything was amazing. Best food we've had onboard a ship thus far. Windjammer- we only ate there twice, for lunch on 2 port days. The usual fare, although this time I was surprised with the amount of Asian dishes being offered. Not crowded at all on port days. It's situated beneath the Crown loft Suites, but above most of the other decks. We chose to overlook the aft area where the zip line and mini-golf were. Labadee BBQ- We enjoyed this. So many times there is a BBQ and it's just hamburgs & hots. I was happy to see ribs and beans and rice and a variety of other goodies. I thought the fruit punch tasted a lot like Kool-Aid! Good thing I like Kool-Aid :) Sorrento's- We liked this place for a quick snack here and there. Never a wait. Always open. Husband enjoyed building his own pizzas. I liked their creative pizzas. Forgive me, but I don't remember the names of the creative ones. Solarium Bistro- My husband had one lunch there. I didn't eat anything from here. It was mostly seafood and it had a bit of a fishy smell. This turned me off. A lot of people thought this place was great. I wasn't impressed. Perhaps because I am not a huge seafood fan. Promenade Cafe- Always packed! We were usually able to snag a table if one of us waited in line and the other scouted for a table. We usually did coffee and deserts here while we waited for Karaoke. Onboard Activities- We participated in EVERYTHING! We Flow-rode...? My husband zip-lined. I chickened out when I saw the height. It gave me an anxiety attack. We went ice skating to cool down. We went to every show. There was so much to do onboard. We had a blast!!! There were lines on sea days that cannot be denied. We used the Flowriders, ice skating, and zip line on port days to get the most of our time. Ice skating never had a wait or a line. Stargazing/ Astronomy- Mitch from the cruise director staff hosts this twice per sailing. He brings a group out to the helipad (generally a crew only area) and uses a laser pointer to point out the constellations and planets. The second session (night 6) was much better than the session on day 3. We saw the Southern Sky on the second session and I saw my own zodiac sign. He told us that we were the very first group he had ever taken out there that got to see Venus so well. We actually saw Venus, Mars, and Saturn all in a line. Mitch has a bit of sarcastic humor, but I like it. Something tells me he will be a cruise director one of these days. He has no problem putting himself out there! Karaoke- we're Karaoke junkies, but we don't participate. We LOVE to watch. I enjoyed that there is a dedicated Karaoke Lounge- On Air. By the end of the week we knew how early we had to get there to get a good seat. Globe & Atlas- Unfortunately, we didn't discover this place until the very last night. We knew about it but never ventured in. We spent the last hour there before heading to bed. Lots of action, lots of fun, and a guy playing a guitar. Everybody was singing along. I wish we had gone in earlier in the week, it was a blast. Meet & Mingle- We went, first time going to one. I didn't really talk to anyone because it seemed like a large amount of the group got to know each other fairly well at Duffy's the night before boarding the ship. We couldn't make it to that function because we had other plans. So we didn't know anyone there. I did see a few familiar faces from the Facebook page that was set up. The Cabin Crawl was great. We saw a Sky Loft Suite, Junior Suite and each type of balcony room. Ports Labadee- We had never been here before. We spent the morning onboard and got off around 11:30. We had the complimentary lunch. I bought a Labadoozie (later learning it was almost $10- ouch!). We wandered over to the handi-craft shops. I bought a wooden turtle because I collect wooden trinkets from the places I visit. The people weren't too pushy for me. They would call out to you, but if you keep walking they leave you alone. We swung around on a hammock and then decided it was way too hot to hang around. We're coming back in November onboard the Liberty; we think we're going to try the Dragon's Breath Zip Line then. It looked pretty fun (we'll see if I get over my fear of heights in the next 5 months!) Costa Maya- Another new port for us. We wandered around the port area and browsed through the shops. My husband bought a Corona Cowboy hat (that made his day). I really liked the pool with the swim up bar. We went back to the boat and put on our bathing suits and then hung out at the pool and had a few beers and nachos from Mamacita's. After the fact my husband expressed interest in seeing the Mayan Ruins... Oh well, the pool bar was a nice treat regardless! Next time we're in Cozumel or Costa Maya we'll see the ruins. Cozumel- We've been here too many times. We took a taxi downtown. Went for a walk and then headed back on the ship. This was the only day that we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We were in port from 8am-8pm and so a lot of things on board were closed. We napped and watched two on-demand movies. Debarkation- We left the boat around 9am. Easy to find our bags because they are lined up by numbers. Customs was quick and easy. I did not like the fact that there is only room for 3-4 cars (length) in the pick up line. We had my mother come to pick us up and it was so crowded in this small area that we missed her the first time she drove through. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
My husband and I had cruised five times prior to this cruise (on Royal Caribbean, NCL, and Holland America), both as a couple and with groups. Each time has been wonderful. After much anticipation, we flew into Ft. Lauderdale from ... Read More
My husband and I had cruised five times prior to this cruise (on Royal Caribbean, NCL, and Holland America), both as a couple and with groups. Each time has been wonderful. After much anticipation, we flew into Ft. Lauderdale from Milwaukee (via Atlanta) on Friday, May 21st. We settled into the newly-remodeled Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Beach Hotel, where we enjoyed a pool-side lunch at the Baja Grill before heading to Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub to meet our new Cruise Critic friends. (Good time!) On Saturday, we made our way to the Port to board the Ohhhhh-asis of the Seas. Check-in was quick and painless, and before we knew it, we were on board. We enjoyed welcome-aboard drinks in the Pool Zone. I surprised my husband by upgrading to an ocean-view balcony cabin, and he was delighted! Our comfortable room was in great shape, thanks to our lovely cabin steward, Marta Ortiz. Throughout the week, we treasured many moments on our balcony communing with the ocean and the sky. We also saw flying fish, which was a real treat. The full moon on Thursday night was magical. We so enjoyed exploring the ship and people-watching, and the ONLY time all week we really noticed any kind of a crowd was immediately following the mandatory drill. The ship itself is everything you can imagine and more: it is impressive, beautiful, and surprisingly easy to navigate. The experience as a passenger is both exciting (the music, entertainment, casino, and more), and relaxing (Central Park, the Solarium, and many quiet corners throughout the ship). We are big fans of Paul O'Shea (the piano player), the house band, and Carlos and the SP3 Showband (who were on board especially to entertain a large group from Brazil). We participated in a few trivia contests and thoroughly enjoyed the ice show, Hairspray, and the "Oasis of Dreams" aqua show (all without reservations, I might add). You wouldn't catch US zip-lining or rock-climbing, but we certainly had a good time watching other people participating in these activities! Without exception, the service was stellar. We can't say enough about the many crew members who added to our enjoyment of our week at sea, such as Alana in the Windjammer, Ruby & gang in the Schooner Bar, and Ryan in the Boardwalk area. (They do need to schedule additional help in the Royal Caribbean logo shop during peak periods; the one person working the register was always overwhelmed.) [Note: On Monday, we thought the captain and staff handled the very unfortunate loss of one of the crew members tactfully and compassionately. We are satisfied with the future cruise credit offered by Royal Caribbean to make up for missing our stop in St. Thomas.] We chose "My Time Dining," which suits us beautifully. On the two formal nights, we chose the Main dining room, and the meals and service were very good. On other nights, we opted for the Windjammer or another casual venue, such as Sorrento's pizza. Meeting the fellow passengers from all over was great. We truly had some memorable moments and made some lasting connections. When my husband turned to me on the last day and asked if I'd sail on the Oasis again, I answered without hesitation that I would, and he agreed. Disembarkation, while not quite as smooth as embarkation due to a few bottlenecks, was still quite efficient. We left our cabin, and within one hour, we disembarked, cabbed back to the Sheraton, and were checked into our room. Not bad! We enjoyed a great weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, taking in a side trip to the Everglades and shopping and dining along Ft. Lauderdale Beach. We certainly recommend cruising aboard the Oasis of the Seas if what you're looking for is an exciting-yet-relaxing cruising experience! Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2010
We wanted to combine a trip to Florida with the luxury of a cruise and the Oasis of the Seas was the ultimate family luxury cruise. It exceeded the expectation of all family members from our grandchildren of 10 & 13, their parents in ... Read More
We wanted to combine a trip to Florida with the luxury of a cruise and the Oasis of the Seas was the ultimate family luxury cruise. It exceeded the expectation of all family members from our grandchildren of 10 & 13, their parents in their early forties, to grandparents in their 60`s. Our grandson never wanted to leave the children's club asking to be left there until it closed at 2am ( we allowed him a few stays till closure). Our grand-daughter loved the ice-rink & took her own skates and showed her prowess at twirling and jumping on ice. She also loved the zip-wire & flow rider whilst the older members loved the more sedate activities of the pool & mini-golf but we did try the dancing in the night clubs, sometimes the the early hours. The cabin was well fitted with everything that could be required but the case storage fell a little short and the 2 cases had to be stored under the bed but one end stuck out and we kept falling over it. Our son, daughter in law & 2 children (13 & 10) were also in an inside L cabin number 8443 and they found it extremely cramped. The did not have enough storage for all their clothes and did not unpack all the cases and there was no where to stow them either. Once the bed settee had been put up for the children there was no room to move around. A more roomy family cabin would have been better for them. We paid the full adult fare for the children and the adults via Virgin Cruises and felt this was the only dissatisfaction we had on the whole cruise as we couldn't upgrade either with Virgin or directly with Royal Caribbean Cruises. Food is never ending and plentiful and of excellent quality and a diet before boarding is a must as the waist-line does increase on leaving. Entertainment is to suit all tastes from the Diving pool shows to ice shows and theatre extravaganzas. The only down side is when you have to leave and say goodbye but with the promise that you will try to return next year. Our grandchildren have now been spoilt with the size and quality of Oasis of the Seas and demand nothing less than this excellence. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
It was our first cruise (mother and daugther trip)and we really didn't know what to expect! The porter took our lugguage from the carb and we were checked in within 15mins. Our room was ready by 1pm but our bags didn't arrive ... Read More
It was our first cruise (mother and daugther trip)and we really didn't know what to expect! The porter took our lugguage from the carb and we were checked in within 15mins. Our room was ready by 1pm but our bags didn't arrive until 4pm... So if anyone wants to use the pool etc, pack a carryon bag with you. We booked all the entertainments and speciality restaurant online and the entertainments were all great, however, we couldn't book online for the japanese restaurant and they were full for the entire week on day 2 of the trip! The fancy restaurant 150 Central Park was good, but don't expect Michelin star standard, the Italian restaurant was aweful, I had to sent back the beef, and the table next to ours had to send back their soup (it was sooo salty). The main dining room's food was only average. We also tried the Solarium for dinner, it was average, nothing to write home about.... overall, don't expect too much with the food onboard. We tried the spa few times, and they are quite pushy on selling you products after our treatment. But, the treatment itself were good.... The port excursions were okay, on Labadee, we visited a 'so-called' village, but the villagers were all in fact "actors/actress", they don't even live there!! They are only here whenever the cruise ships are, so if anyone wants to see the real Haitian culture, don't bother joining this tour! Dolphins encounter at Cozumel were great! Must try! Overall we had a great time, service was top notch everywhere on the ship! We are going to try the new NCL Epic next time, hope its as good as the Oasis. I've uploaded the slideshow of our trip here: Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
My husband and I along with another couple, sailed with Oasis to celebrate our anniversaries in May. My husband and I got a great deal because we booked this cruise a year in advance while sailing Liberty OTS. So not only were we able to ... Read More
My husband and I along with another couple, sailed with Oasis to celebrate our anniversaries in May. My husband and I got a great deal because we booked this cruise a year in advance while sailing Liberty OTS. So not only were we able to book a balcony room, but we were given an onboard cedit for early booking. The Ship: breathtaking, we quickly learned to navigate around the ship based on the promenade,central park, and the boardwalk. We enjoyed taking the stairs EVERY night. There was always something to do every minute. We skipped the formal dinner nights after realizing from previous cruises, that you miss great shows and activites eating for 2 hours. We got dressed for our pictures, hit every last photo stand, returned to our cabin, changed clothes and ate at other areas. We loved the Wipeout, Park Cafe, Cupcake cuboard,Solarium bistro and the multiple areas to get frozen yogurt. The Wipeout had a frozen yogurt area that was away from the dirty hands of children playing by the pool.(thumbs up!)Park cafe had wonderful salads, the cupcakes were delicious,the doughnuts left a lot to be desired. They were dry. The corn dogs and popcorn hit the spot! A Carnival agent told our friends you have to pay for food on RC, Oasis made them into an even bigger liar. If you can't find a free place to eat of 24 dining options then the problem is you, not the cruise line. They even had fruit in the gym and a low calorie menu at the Solarium Bistro. Unfortunately, there were a few downsides. I didn't like the layout of Windjammer, it was too jumbled. We don't smoke and the Casino area was covered in it. We had to walk through it to get to other areas of the ship, and the smoke was terrible. The on air club, should have been built larger. We reserved seats for the comedy show but it was too cramped and small. I had to watch the show in sitting in my husband's lap. Some people did not control their kids. They were everywhere. We tried to find quiet cozy spots to cuddle, but everytime we looked up, someone's kid was watching us. Some people even brought their kids to the Solarium (adult only) area, and despite the warning from the cruise director, some people had their children at (adult only) game shows. People need to respect other adults' privacy. You may love your kids, but they are yours, we shouldn't have to see or deal with them. We met lots of wonderful people and big props to Oasis for candid picture shots. They grouped all our pictures without our seapass cards to identify us. Kudos for the personalized photo albums. I hated looking at thousands of photos of other people trying to find our own. It was wonderful to have all our pictures already in a folder. The photo back drops could've been more scenic. They were really boring. It would be nice to have a self service laundry area, we hate taking dirty clothes home.We loved the chocolates on the pillows and soft comfy bathrobes! Blankets by the pool on windy nights would be a nice add as well. We are Gold members right now, but we are well on our way to accumalating more points. I'm hoping for more perks for Gold members though. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
Day 1 - Boarding Boarding was quick and easy, especially cruising with a suite in the family. Royal provided maps of the ship at check-in which was helpful for those in the family who knew nothing about the ship. The Royal Promenade when ... Read More
Day 1 - Boarding Boarding was quick and easy, especially cruising with a suite in the family. Royal provided maps of the ship at check-in which was helpful for those in the family who knew nothing about the ship. The Royal Promenade when first boarding really is impressive. After dropping our bags off at the rooms (we had 2 connecting hump balconies and an Owner's Suite)we explored the ship for a while and ate at the Wipeout Cafe, which was a great first meal. The safety drill was painless, all the Muster Stations are set up in a common area (our's was in Studio B) and are without life jackets. The first dinner in the main dining room was good. The ship is very active at night and is one of the highlights of the day. The first night we had no problems as far as the rooms went. The screens near the elevators with dining options, maps, etc. are all touch screen and are a huge help. Day 2 - Nassau We didnt go ashore in Nassau although we had wanted to go to Atlantis to do Aquaventure but the price was crazy ($145 pp) and by the time everything was said and done we would only have about 3 hours of time on the slides. We spent most of today exploring the ship which was a lot of fun. Central Park was amazing. The added sound effects of birds, etc. helped set the mood. The Boardwalk was just as impressive, Royal did a great job of the theming, everything seemed to fit in place nicely. The Rising Tide was an engineering marvel in itself and the fountains underneath it were a nice touch Day 3 - At Sea Got some much needed relaxation time in the cabin and around the ship. Played some bingo (the prices were reasonable but got jacked up at the end of the week). Ate at Chops today, which was great but took a while to finish the meal due to the fact we were 7 people and ordered a lot. Karaoke in the On Air Club was a lot of fun and we made sure to do it a couple of times during the week. Day 4 - St. Thomas Great port, havent been there in years. We took a snorkeling excursion to Turtle Cove which was a great place to see (as its name suggests) turtles and had a pretty good reef. The boat ride to and from the cove was fun and we were back on board by lunch. The Windjammer IS smaller than it is on Freedom class ships but it didnt really affect how crowded it was too much. Day 5 - St. Martaan Went to Princess Juliana Intl. Airport on Maho beach. Was a lot of fun having planes fly only a few feet over our heads and getting sand blasted by planes taking off. One of the most exciting thing's ive ever done. Definitely recommend it. Days 6 and 7 - At Sea Two sea days was a great way to relax and not worry about waking up early etc. Slept til 2 pm each day. All of the shows were great, Hairspray was phenomenal and would have seen it again. The ice show was great and i was impressed. Having seen 6 other ice shows on other ships, this one was up there with one of the best. The aqua show was incredible for something done on land, let alone on a ship moving 25 mph. The fountain shows were great too. The AquaTheater was a great venue. I ran on the track every day for a mile or two. Just over 2 laps around the ship is a mile, which is unbelievable. The track's themed like a highway and has signs on the side that say "Keep your Pace" and "No Idling" along with directional signs like you would find on a highway directing you to exits such as the Boardwalk, Promenade, and Fitness Center. Final Thoughts In general Oasis was a great experience. Especially after following the ship for over 2 and a half years. It was everything i expected and more. Out of my 7 cruises there's no difficulty in saying this way THE BEST cruise i have ever been on and that you won't be disappointed. All the hype is deserved... theres so much to do on the ship that going on it for another week would be just as exciting as the first, i unfortunately didn't hit the Rock Climbing Wall, Zip Line, or ANY of the pools surprisingly. Theres so much to do that you'll never be bored, and promises to sum up to one of the best vacations you will ever take. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
This was our 11th cruise (6th on RCL). Our party consisted of two adults (50) and two young adults (19). Have to say the week went by too fast; this is truly an exceptional ship. Embarkation: The easiest ever. Got to the pier around 11am ... Read More
This was our 11th cruise (6th on RCL). Our party consisted of two adults (50) and two young adults (19). Have to say the week went by too fast; this is truly an exceptional ship. Embarkation: The easiest ever. Got to the pier around 11am and on the ship in 15 minutes. Very organized and friendly personnel. Room: We were in a Junior Suite and I cant say enough about how glad I was I upgraded from a standard balcony. It was the perfect amount of space for four adults and everyone was happy. Used the walk in closet as a changing space which worked out REAL well! We were on the 8th floor with Central Park and we loved the location...perfect for getting food from the Park Cafe. Room was ready at 1pm and luggage arrived by 3pm. Everything was very clean and our attendant was super. Ship: Oasis is BIG and beautiful. I loved the layout and found it very easy to get around. The info screens by each elevator were awesome and we always knew where we were. All areas of the ship were clean and the crew was the friendliest we have ever encountered on a cruise. Ken Rush was great. Shows: The BEST bar none. As good as shows in Las Vegas. Do not miss any of them! Food: In the main dining room food was just average. I have found this to be true for the past 5 years for all of the cruise lines we have sailed. We ate at Giovannis and found that to be very good. Pizza was very good also. Park Cafe was a favorite spot for us. We kept hearing how crowded the Windjammer was so we never did make it up there. There were so many places to eat, we never felt crowded anywhere else. Ports: We did not get off in Nassau..been there, done that. We took an island tour of St Thomas and visited Megan's Bay for a few hours. Very beautiful beach. However, the immediate area where we disembarked in St Thomas was dirty and the shops were disappointing. Whereas, the area at the port in St Martin was very clean and attractive with nice shops. We did a tour of St Martin and really enjoyed seeing how the locals live on both the Dutch and French sides. Disembarkation: We were able to get off the ship fairly easy. No big lines for us; we were in our car by 9am. Our scheduled time off the ship was 8:40am. Pros: Always something to do and great activity staff. Never felt crowded even though ship was at capacity. Shows...the best! Lots of pool side chairs available never had a problem finding seats. Cons: Pools were too hot and so were the showers around the pools. Very little air moving around the pool deck and it would have been nice to cool off in some refreshing water. I do think that there are way too many extra costs on this ship;however, I have found this to be true on all of the new ships. I paid more for this cruise (actually about 3 times more) that I have ever paid for any other cruise. Not really sure if it was worth it. Summary: I am very glad we went on the Oasis, but now having seen it, I doubt if we will sail on this category of ship again. We like feeling like we are on the ocean and if we had not had a balcony, we would not have even known we were at sea. That said, I would still recommend this ship to others as it is worth seeing at least once. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
We just returned from our Eastern Caribben cruise on the Oasis of the Seas. If you are a first time cruiser, this ship will more than likely be intimidating for you. This ship is huge and can be difficult to navigate if you're not ... Read More
We just returned from our Eastern Caribben cruise on the Oasis of the Seas. If you are a first time cruiser, this ship will more than likely be intimidating for you. This ship is huge and can be difficult to navigate if you're not good with directions. Because of the open middle concept you may have to go up or down a few floors to get where you want to go. As always on Royal Carribean, the service was wonderful, our steward could not do enough for us. The food was fantastic. After reading several reviews before we went, I will say this about the buffet. If you want to eat in the buffet you need to go when it first opens or after 9:00 pm. There are 6,500 people traveling on this ship and it can get crowded. Our cabin on the Oasis was overlooking Central Park, pretty much in the middle. The cabin was a nice size, we even had a king size bed which was a surpirse. The bathroom is larger but getting at the closet could be difficult for larger people. It is behind the bathroom and next to the small side of the bed. There is pleanty of room in it though. All in all we loved our cabin and had no problem getting to sleep at night it was very quiet. On the days people are in port, it was rather easy to get lunch in the buffet, until they started coming back onboard before sailing. You can get your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main dining room with no problem. We experience 150 Central Park for dinner on night and the menu was excellent. However, if you want the wine pairing it is $75.00 per person which to us is too extravgant. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can not drink a glass of wine with every course. They do not try to force you to take the wine with your meal, it is offered as an option. We also ate in Johnny Rockets on day while we were at sea and experience a small wait of about 20 minutes. The shows were great but remember if you want to see them or eat in a specialty restaurant book ahead to make sure you get in like I did. Many people were disappointed because they couldn't get into a show. All in all, follow the basic tips and you will have a great cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
I will start this review by letting you know that my wife and I are experienced cruisers. This was our 40th RCI cruise and we have about another 20 total on other cruise lines. The first word that came out of my mouth upon seeing the ship ... Read More
I will start this review by letting you know that my wife and I are experienced cruisers. This was our 40th RCI cruise and we have about another 20 total on other cruise lines. The first word that came out of my mouth upon seeing the ship at the pier was WOW! The first word that came out of my mouth upon stepping into the Royal Promenade was WOW! The first word that came out of my mouth upon entering our cabin (suite) was WOW! The Oasis will WOW you. I had read numerous reviews, seen videos online, and seen television specials on the ship, but none of them can accurately describe or depict this vessel. You must see it for yourself. To say the ship is huge is an understatement. It takes the entire cruise to explore it fully. On the final day we realized there were still areas of the ship where we had not been. There is so much to do and see that you will need a checklist to make sure you get it all done. SHIP OVERALL - A+ It's difficult to put in words the sheer beauty of this vessel. You realize why part of RCI's advertising campaign is "We build incredible". The Oasis is really incredible. The most difficult part of writing a review about the ship is deciding where to start and what to leave out. So suffice to say that everything on the ship is beautiful. I was concerned that finding deck chairs would be a problem. However, even on sea days there were scads of deck chairs available all over the ship. There were chairs available in the Solarium, around the pools, and on the deck above the pools. The only place I ever had a problem finding a chair was in some of the dining venues at certain times of the day. I do think the Windjammer needed to be a little larger. The only time we felt any movement in the ship was when we were docked at Costa Maya. Although, as soon as the ship set sail all of the movement stopped. I had read some reviews where some people had complained about movement on the vessel. Perhaps, they had some extreme conditions. However, we were on deck 17 and never felt anything. This ship is the most stable I've ever been on. We cruised with a party of 8 total. My wife and I, our three children, our daughter in law and son in law, and grandson. Ages 9 months to almost 50 years old. One of the things that amazed me was that there were things that appealed to everyone. The Oasis is not targeted at just one demographic. It has a broad appeal and offers something for everyone. CABIN - A+ My wife and I were in a Crown Loft Suite. Again, we walked in and said "WOW". Our suite overlooked the Sport Zone area and the Boardwalk. There was always activities going on outside but the cabin was quiet inside regardless of anything else going on. The cabin is extremely spacious with a roomy bathroom downstairs and another upstairs where the master bedroom is located. Our cabin steward did a tremendous job keeping everything clean and tidy. The bed was very comfortable. I believe there was some sort of mattress topper on the bed that made it the most comfortable RCI bed my wife and I had ever slept on. The A/C worked great. The shower in the upstairs bathroom had 3 shower heads, one of them being a rain type shower. There was plenty of water pressure. I highly recommend any of these suites. You will not be disappointed. DINING - A We had 2nd seating and ate in the dining room every evening except one. The food was excellent and service from Milton, our waiter, was awesome. We had our entire family including our 9 month old grandson. Milton made sure we had mashed potatoes and a banana at dinner every night for the baby. All of the wait staff doted over our grandson. We ate at Giavonnis Table on the 6th night and it was great. We also ate in the dining room the four times it was open for lunch. My wife and I enjoy eating in the dining room as much as possible so we also ate breakfast there except for twice when we dined in the Concierge Lounge, which was a real treat. Everything we were served was excellent. ENTERTAINMENT - A+ I know I am probably sounding like a broken record, but just like everything else on this ship, we were impressed with all of the shows. The "Oasis of Dreams" (Aqua Show) was absolutely incredible. The performance of "Hairspray" was done flawlessly. The Ice Show, "Frozen in Time", was magnificant. "Come Fly With Me" was like nothing that I had ever seen. It was like Cirque meets Broadway. It was a one of a kind performance that kept you captivated. There were a few small precision issues with the the singers and dancers but nothing distracted from the performance value of the show. We did not go to the Comedy Show because it was not family oriented. It would have been really nice to have a family comedy show. Ken Rush was our cruise director and did a great job. This was the fourth time we had him as cruise director and he entreats all of the passengers in a personable and professional manner. Ken was our cruise director on our very first cruise 16 years ago and he's always been consistent. Since shows were not performed every evening, we did not see him as much compared to previous cruising experiences. My personal observation is that the role of the cruise director seems to be changing somewhat with the introduction of this class of vessel. The daily shows that Ken hosted on the television (I think it was called "Morning Rush") were very informative and helped bring a connection between him and the passengers. SERVICES - A One of the things that really impressed me was the new photography service. Along with the the purchase of the normal 5x7s and 8x10s, you can actually build your own photobook of the cruise with up to 25 pictures that were taken by the ship's photographers and it's priced at $99. Considering that we have have been on a lot of cruises and I have this stack of photos piling up, this is a great deal. We actually ended up spending a little more on photographs altogether, but we have something much more meaningful with the photobook. Since we were in a suite and diamond plus members, we had access to the Concierge Lounge. Both concierges were attentive to our needs and responded promptly. We took advantage of the full breakfast service in the lounge twice and were well pleased. The Concierges treated us like we were important and nothing was an imposition to them. All of our attendants and waiters were superb. We never saw a poor attitude expressed by any of the crew members. The staff on board were very friendly and cordial. PORTS - A My wife and I had been to all of the ports before. The one that we were surprised at most was Labadee. WOW! There have been major improvements including the pier to dock the ship, concrete sidewalks from one end of the resort to the other, a private beach for suite guests, a roller coaster, and much more. My wife never seemed to like Labadee but now she's asking me to find cruises that are going there. Costa Maya and Cozumel were the same as always. We've been there a lot, but still enjoy it. COMPLAINTS - Minor to none Let me start out by saying you can always find something if you look hard enough. My family were not going on a cruise to try to look for something wrong. So overall I have no complaints. However, there were just a few things that I thought that could be improved. The Windjammer seems smaller than Voyager and Freedom class vessels and finding a place to sit can be challenging at certain times. I'm not sure who decided to make the casual dining venue smaller on a ship holding 50% more passengers. On several occasions we walked in and decided not to stay. One thing that could help is open the dining room everyday for lunch including embarkation day. The waiters would probably hate it, but it would be nice. There is no longer an afternoon snack available in the Windjammer. You have to go to the other dining venues and they get very crowded. The only place I saw that was never packed was the Seafood Shack. We actually ate there one day and enjoyed it. We went to the Wipe Out Cafe when we wanted an afternoon snack. I was not totally crazy about the venue but the food was good. EMBARKATION AND DEBARKATION - A+ The best yet. Totally painless and fast. We were on the ship quickly and off the ship even faster. RCI's new debarkation procedures are great. I even said WOW when we got off the ship. SYNOPSIS - A+ The Oasis of the Seas is by far the most incredible ship ever designed and built. Words and pictures do not do it justice. I've seen pictures of ships before that looked better than when you actually saw it in person. However, the exact opposite is true on the Oasis. Pictures cannot capture the full magnitude of this vessel. To fully take advantage of all that the Oasis offers, you have to rethink cruising if you're an experienced cruiser. The best way I can describe the experience is traditional cruising meets freestyle. There is flexibility where you can plan your cruise as you like, yet still the elements of the traditional cruise experience. I definitely plan on cruising on the Oasis again. If we could have stayed on for another week, we would have done it. The Oasis is ideal for honeymooners to families traveling together to groups who want to have individual experiences that differ while still having shared moments together. I highly recommend this ship. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
We just returned from a wonderful vacation on the Oasis of the Seas. Our voyage was June 12th thru June 19th. We had 2 balcony cabins on deck 12. This was our 9th cruise with Royal Caribbean, we've sailed with Carnival(4), Holland ... Read More
We just returned from a wonderful vacation on the Oasis of the Seas. Our voyage was June 12th thru June 19th. We had 2 balcony cabins on deck 12. This was our 9th cruise with Royal Caribbean, we've sailed with Carnival(4), Holland America(1), Princess(4), Disney(1), Norwegian(5), Celebrity (1) and Costa(1). None of these cruise lines can compare to Royal Caribbean. Royal is truly what it's name states. The Oasis of the Seas is magnificent and an amazing ship, it is a Resort at sea. With 6,200 passengers on board along with 2,200 crew, the ship never felt crowded. There were so many things to do and so many areas on the ship to relax. The food was excellent many venues to choose to dine. Entertainment was excellent, no one beats Royal Caribbean when it comes to entertainment. They choose the best. One week on this ship is not enough time to enjoy everything that this ship has to offer. This ship is a bit pricey, but it is worth every Penny. It is an adventure not to be missed. Oasis of the Seas is the biggest and best ship at sea. Embarkation and Debarkation was a breeze, I could not believe it went so smoothly and quickly. We are going on the Allure in December and look forward to another Great Vacation with Royal Caribbean. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
Our week on the Oasis was punctuated with the phrase "I can't believe it can be better". Each show was better then the first. From the Aquatheater to Hairspray to the Comedy Club to the "Circque" style aerial ... Read More
Our week on the Oasis was punctuated with the phrase "I can't believe it can be better". Each show was better then the first. From the Aquatheater to Hairspray to the Comedy Club to the "Circque" style aerial show...each was staged magnificently. The ship has so many little places to explore...just finding all of the art and different hidden treasures (scopes with 3D pictures) took more than the time we had in the week. There were over 6,000 people on the cruise, and it never felt crowded. Getting on and off at ports was so simple. No tenders! We were impressed with the improvements at Labadee as well. The food was very good. The waiters were attentive. We ate at Chops (which had good food, but the atmosphere of Central Park is not as romantic as the Chops on ships with the ocean view) and at the Solarium Bistro as our 2 specialty nights. During the day, we fond the Solarium area to be perfect to get lots of space, good food (best breakfast on the ship) and an area for adults. At night, we took advantage of the shows, of the Royal Promenade, and other night-club areas on the ship. I was very pleased to see that 50% of the casino is non-smoking, and is physically separated from the smoking part. The last thing is that there was NO movement of the ship. We did not feel the ocean at all while we were fact we felt movement more in port than at sea. So, we highly recommend the Oasis of the is unlike any other cuise experience you will have had. Rich and Judy Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
Travelers: My husband and myself (mid 50's - early 60's)- As others have previously said, check-in is extremely efficient. Getting there early is best. Early= 10:45 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. Cabin: Deck 10 Boardwalk Balcony - Our ... Read More
Travelers: My husband and myself (mid 50's - early 60's)- As others have previously said, check-in is extremely efficient. Getting there early is best. Early= 10:45 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. Cabin: Deck 10 Boardwalk Balcony - Our cabin was fine for the two of us. Jesus was our cabin steward and did an awesome job. We spent some time in our cabin, but not much. Of course, the bathroom is small. We thought the storage worked well. There was plenty of room for all of our belongings. Don't overstuff the drawers. At the lower bottom of the desk cabinette there was a mesh covering and we could see where someone lost a scarf that went behind the drawer. About noise - We were 8 cabins in from the aft (back) of the ship. If you are noise-phobic, a Boardwalk Balcony may not be to your liking. There will be times of great activity going on which you can hear. We absolutely loved it. We had a great seat for any show happening in the Aqua Theater! Shows:We booked everything online prior to going. All of our reservations were ready for us upon arrival at every show. While we heard complaints on ship concerning having to make reservations for each show, it is a very equitable way of handling being able to see the shows. You can get in 10 minutes prior by taking seats of those who are "no shows". Aqua Show - Do NOT miss. We saw Oasis of Dreams. They are working on another one called Splish Splash. There are a variely of shows taking place in the Aqua Theater. We loved the "dancing waters" shows they would do with music in the Aqua Theater. The big screen there is phenomenal! Come Fly with Me was spectacular as well. The choreography and acrobatic stunts coupled with great props, especially the taxi and airplane, kept you in awe. Hairspray was well done and the cast is unbelievably talented. Headliner Show in the Opal Theater changes weekly. Earl Turner was beyond high energy! The Ice Show features tales of Hans Christian Andersen. The skater portraying the king in the Emperor's New Clothes is a wonderful entertainer and skater! All of them did a great job, and I cannot fathom having to skate on such a small area and on a moving ship! A break in the middle features a sand artist. I had not seen anyone do this before. It was amazing. Summer Evening was a show the Royal Caribbean Dancers and Singers did one eveing in the Aqua Theater. It was fun realizing how different some of them looked from the character they portrayed in Hairspray. Great talent! Excursions: Dragon's Flightline at Labadee, Haiti. I can hardly express in words how magnificent this is!! The trial run they have you do was more nerve racking than the actual line. LOVED IT! We did the 7:30 A.M. one and it was great. Plenty of sun, but not too hot yet. We recommend it. They had ship's photographers taking pictures as we got to the bottom and these were the only photos we bought! Walking Art Tour - This is held at sea days by the Art Shop staff. Met at the Champagne Bar and walked down the Promenade. The sculptures in plain sight down the Promenade are so interesting. Around the ship are located telecopes which contain 3D pictures and binoculars that contain photos as well. These are done by two artists using photography and are quite interesting. We went down to deck four and worked our way up to the Art Shop on Deck 8 Central Park. Learned wonderful facts about the ship and it's art work and the choice of artists to display their work. Eating Venues: Everywhere we ate, we thought the food was flavorful. We ate at a variety of places for meals to just give things a try. Giovianni's Table $ We ate at one day for lunch and very much enjoyed it. I would have ordered differently seeing others meals around. I had the antipasta and baked shrimp. Nothing really that I would super rave about. Just for me, I think I should have been less adventurous and stuck to the Italian dishes I was more familiar with. Park Cafe is wonderful and easy for a quick lunch. We tried to avoid the usual lunch hour due to the small space and limited seating. Everything from soup to salad to sandwiches. Great desserts as well. Main Dining Room for breakfast using the a la carte area was tasty and hot. The service we received each evening from our waitstaff Pei, Ben, and head waiter Giorgi could not have been better! Windjammer - Busy and bustling as usual. We found the food to be very good. What a variety! Ate there one evening for dinner as well. Johnny Rocket's for breakfast is a good alternative. We had omelets and the raved about potates, which were good, but not over the top. Solarium Bistro - A healthier style of eating is featured here. We ate here for lunch a couple of times and enjoyed it. It was very quiet the days we ate lunch there which seemed kind of weird, since all of the other places are so active during the service hours. It was a nice change of pace. Rising Tide Bar was fun and novel to ride. Just had to do this once while enjoying an adult beverage! Hmm...I thought we did other things on this cruise besides eat! Doesn't look like it from our list of eateries! Pools: Since we were not traveling with young children, our pool place was the Solarium. If you are in the pool you are fine, otherwise, it was pretty warm in that area. You have to wear flipflops or water shoes of some kind to get from your beach chair to the pools because the surface was so hot it would burn your feet. I do not remember this being the case in any of the fleets other Solarium areas's we've been in. I think because of the number of hot tubs in that area, there is a lot of humidity that is trapped by the glass. Maybe ceiling fans or even surface fans to circulate air in that area would be helpful. General Thoughts: * We really enjoyed the touch screens around the ship. If you wanted to know a menu of a restaurant or what time an event is happening, no problem. So convenient! * We really appreciated having the Diamond Club available to us. This was our first opportunity to use one on a ship since RCCL changed the qualifications. Great perk that we truly appreciate. * The ship did not seem any more crowded than ships smaller in size. If a show or event was completed, then the usual crowd that any event brings was noticeable. We never felt as though we were waiting an unusually long time for anything. * It was interesting to hear people's perceptions of this large vessel. Some loved it and only now want to do Oasis class; others mentioned they are going back to the smaller class ship. The one distinction the Oasis has is that you somewhat need to plan. If you don't have your heart set on seeing a show and are willing to take a chance that 10 minutes prior you can get in, then the Oasis is not so different from other ships. Where we noticed there seemed to be the most unhappiness was those traveling in large groups - maybe 6 - 8+. Large groups are more challenging whether on land or sea. But my, can people get their dandruff up in a hurry! Would we cruise the Oasis of the Seas again? Absolutely! This is a phenomenal cruise ship that offers a ton of variety in eateries and activities. This cruise will rank as our most awing and favorite cruise since our first one that hooked us on cruising. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
Oasis 6/26 Sailing Review with Parents in Tow, Good or Bad? Finally getting a whole week onboard (I was on one of the pre-inaugurals) was something I didn't think I'd be able to do, but the pricing was right and the time was ... Read More
Oasis 6/26 Sailing Review with Parents in Tow, Good or Bad? Finally getting a whole week onboard (I was on one of the pre-inaugurals) was something I didn't think I'd be able to do, but the pricing was right and the time was right for the entire family and a friend to get a chance to be on her for more than a couple of days! Here's a little bit of background so you know where I am coming from. First, the parents are late 70s, mother has a hard time walking so we got her a wheelchair for use onboard and father's feet are deformed (has to wear special shoes, cannot walk very far at all so he got a motorized scooter for use onboard.) I am 49 and my sister is 48. She took a friend (52) and we had two separate cabins. We (mother, father, and myself) had a handicapped stateroom balcony while my sister and her friend opted for the inside. Having been on the ship for a couple of nights with other folks in November, I frankly didn't know what I would think of a week onboard. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the ship the first time around, but honestly wasn't sure if I or my clients would like it over Freedom class ships. Plus I had no idea of how the cruise would feel with all 6200 people on it and we were sailing this week at full capacity. So here goes: We flew down the day before (as always) and stayed at the Hyatt Place, Airport North. So so hotel even though I generally like Hyatt Places. Got up early on Saturday and was at the port by about 10:45 AM. Wheelchair assistance was right there for the parents and check-in was extremely easy as I had anticipated. We were allowed to board about 11 AM, but we got stuck in the wheelchair line despite being Diamond. That was not well organized because they had to bring personnel from the ship to the port to take you over. I was not allowed to push my mother myself. As a result, we ended up going with the regular crowd but it was ok. Of course our staterooms weren't ready until 1 PM, so we went straight away to the Park Cafe for lunch which was absolutely fabulous. There really isn't a better place to get lunch onboard in my opinion than there. I personally love their soups; they were simply wonderful the entire cruise. As soon as we could, we went to our stateroom and were pleasantly surprised at how large it was and how nicely organized it was for two wheelchairs and people who don't get around too well. Thank heavens for these staterooms, because without them, my parents would not have been able to do this cruise. The one thing that stood out to me was how incredibly nice everyone was in helping me with my parents, both the staff and complete strangers. After going to our stateroom, we did the obligatory tour, then went to find the iphones (more about them later). We had booked everything online prior to the cruise, so we didn't have to stand in line or fuss about the Coke cards. That was delightful! Took the parents to the front of the ship over the wingmen for the send off. That was the only place that was not handicap accessible and the parents had to do steps, but thanks to everyone, we managed to get them out there even though a took a huge tumble trying to get the wheelchair outside. PS...I thought this was off limits to everyone except for the Adventure Ocean kids but that was not the case this entire cruise. At that point we were starved and because of the hassle of taking the elevators every time we wanted to go up or down a floor, we ended up eating at JRs the first night. I think there were only about five other people there with us! It was good as always. Went to try a doughnut after dinner but they were stale and yukky. Tried to find that iphone people with no luck. We quickly realized that we needed to have something like that to keep track with the other members of the family. I know I said that the elevators were a hassle, but I must say that I was amazed the entire cruise at how undercrowded they were (much more so than any other class or ship). It was just a hassle with wheelchairs not being able to take the steps up and down one or two floors. We went to bed exhausted after being in the casino for several hours in the evening (I know, we shouldn't have been there!). Weather was great. Really missed having a "Welcome Aboard" show. Day 2 at sea started with breakfast in the WJ. By about 10:30 or so, it wasn't too crowded and was easy for us to get to. We finally found the iphone guys and rented two phones. They were super cool at first, but lacked your personalized calendar of what you had scheduled when and the ability to leave voice mail. That was the most annoying thing of all. Most of the time they didn't work either calling but we found out the last day that one of them was out of airplane mode and got a refund for it. Note to self and others: make sure that no one in your party knows not to touch the little round button at the bottom too much or try to make a call when the "other" menu comes up. Thought they were ok and most handy with the guest finder to locate the other person(s) but again, they weren't perfect. Sometimes they had my sister in the elevator when she wasn't or in a different stateroom (which she wasn't). The day was beautiful, so we took in some sun at the pool deck and in the Solarium. Despite what others have said, I found the pool areas to be just as crowded as the Solarium, yet we didn't have any problem finding deck chairs. We ended up going to the Wipeout Cafe for ice cream (it was wonderful!). It's a shame they took away the ice cream by the pool just so they could sell it elsewhere. I really miss having ONE big pool like Freedom/Voyager class ships in the middle. The bands don't play as much and it just seems to be missing something. The parents went to Hairspray later in the afternoon then stayed there for Bingo while I went and had a massage in the spa. Tip for all you spa people: they put the gratuity on the slip BEFORE I had a chance to say how much it was. Of course I used my diamond discount, but still, the price was $95! AND I had to sign the slip in front of the masseuse!!! I was flabbergasted! Tried to resolve that later in the day but it took THREE days to get that straightened out and they gave me another hot stone massage for free as a result. So I think there was a lot of confusion and miscommunication in the spa services. Be forewarned, Guest Services does not handle any spa issues. Those are all done by the spa themselves since they are contracted out. Went to Bingo to see if it was still as fun as it was on other ships, but it wasn't. Don't waste your time. The electronic packages are $55 EACH and without them, it's virtually impossible to win. RCL's bingos used to be so stinkin fun but now they are just plain money makers and no longer worth the money for what you win (tops that day of $300 for the last game). The evening's dinner was at Giovanni's Table and was ok, not great. We are not big gourmet eaters but prefer something like Olive Garden and this was much truer Italian. A little better than the MDR but I didn't feel it was worth the extra money. Nice ambiance, however. We saw Oasis of Dreams in the evening and it was spectacular! I didn't get to see it in November because they were having issues with the show, so that was something I was sooo excited to see and it didn't disappoint! Left feeling like RCI really did hit this ship out of the ballpark because it simply has something for everyone even though there were some things I really missed from the other ships. Day 3 at Labadee was another hmm, I don't know what I think about that preconceived notion. It had been about 7 years since I was last at Labadee and I remember it as just a beach like Coco Cay, nothing special, but nothing bad about it either. When we left, I was in awe of the place, not wanting to wait two weeks until my next cruise that goes here! RCI really has made tremendous strides in making this island a tropical paradise and much like a resort retreat. The zip line looked amazing except that I don't think some people in my next group (going back next week with a group on Freedom) will be able to go because of the low weight requirement. I was shocked that they said it was only 225 lb. or less. That takes a lot of people out of doing it. Oh well. The coaster looked cool too but I didn't get to do it this time because I had to parent sit. The food was excellent; it was a super day! Went to the MDR for dinner; really enjoyed the Chicken Marsala and what I call "cruise cake"...the warm chocolate cake that I love! Our head waiter let it spill that RCI is bringing totally open seating to the ships one at a time very soon. Wonder what they'll do about tippling? Went to the Love and Marriage Game Show then to bed. Day 3 at sea was interesting because we were following Hurricane Alex so it rained most of the day but we had room service on the balcony to begin with and that was lovely. Slept late then went to the casino for the win a cruise slot tourney and low and behold, the friend of my sister's who was with us won it! We were thrilled for her! Then on to the slot pull organized by Jim, a CC member. Thank you Jim for a fabulous time! We each made $75 in the deal and had a blast! I think we hit for about $1500. Too bad it wasn't just one of us! Stayed a little later in the casino then finally went to the Park Cafe to eat a bit around 5:30 PM. It was not crowded and easy to find places to sit. I must say how amazed I am that they ship doesn't feel nor look full even at full capacity. Really unbelievable. I would have never guessed that. Others have said so, but I really didn't think I would agree. I must say that I do agree wholeheartedly! Impressive!! After dinner we went to the headliner showtime and enjoyed that then back to the casino. Finally had enough of that and came back to the room to write this up. It's really storming out and we are being tossed around. It's incredible that this ship is so big but still moves. Not seasick though, just rocking a lot. Wonder why in the world we're going into this type of weather, but I guess the folks up top have some idea! I must say that the ship is wearing well for all the commotion in the ocean! Off to bed so I can finally get some sleep. I made a video of my tips that I will put on You Tube when I get back. Until tomorrow, ciao! Day 4 was supposed to be a stop at Costa Maya but at noon when we should have docked, we found out that we were going to skip that port due to the high winds and seas and were going to continue on to Cozumel! Oh my!!! I don't mind a day at sea, but I'm definitely not a good two day at sea person. The ship was really moving (still couldn't get over how strong those winds must have been) and I took Bonine to help my stomach. It wasn't nearly as bad as it would have been on other ships at all; I was really thankful that I was on this ship if I had to be on it for two days! Since it was crappy out, we found ourselves where else other than the casino for the majority of the afternoon. It was quite fun even though none of us did well. This part of the ship was very stable and I didn't feel too bad here. Had my second massage because of the spa's screw up and it was lovely BUT I really don't like the high strung sales pitch those spa people give. I paid enough for this and don't need to pay more. I also feel like if you don't have a perfect body, they slyly put you down. I had forgotten how they make you feel until I left. Note to self again: don't do the spa on these ships unless I shape up. That evening we ate in the WJ again, but I felt sick after that, so I took my mother back to the room and we all went to bed. The ship was really getting blown around. I can't imagine how those people who came over on her felt with the 100 ft waves! Day 5 was Cozumel. Thank heavens we were on land! I was never so happy to get off a ship by then. Too many days at sea for me! Went into the little shopping area by the port and bought a necklace for my mother. Grandeur was pulled in next to us. WOW do we dwarf her!!! I would not have wanted to be on that ship the last day at sea. Came back and saw Come Fly with Me in the evening. I thought I would be really excited to see this, but ended up not liking the music they chose at all for the show. I thought it was awfully dark music. However the performers were exceptional! Watched the digital caricature artist on the Royal Promenade with fascination. LOVED what he did. An amazing talent! Of course no day is complete without another trip to the casino, so we ended the night with some slot action. Day 6 was actually a refreshing day at sea. The morning started with the walk-a-thon for Make-A-Wsh that was lots of fun. Then we got to see the people from Big World, Little Family on TLC who were on the cruise with us. The wife, Amy, signed autographs with the boys in tow. They were wonderful! Apparently they went to Port au Prince and delivered backpacks by Nike to the orphans. Really a delightful family and they didn't have a suite! They were just "normal" people in their words! Refreshing!!!! Went to the Scrapbooking Workshop and really enjoyed that. Thought you got a great deal for no charge. I would recommend this to others. The sun finally came out and we were able to go to the pool and hot tubs. That made a world of difference because we had been so cooped up inside for several days. The day ended with the big Bingo (only my father played) and dinner again at JR. The Bee Movie was playing in the Aqua Theatre at night but was not well attended. Any time I have been to the Boardwalk with the exception of the shows, it was totally empty. I wonder if this is a huge waste of space but maybe I just didn't get there at the right times. It's too bad the Aqua Theatre is not used much more frequently; but again, there may be too much technology and gadgets installed to allow regular people to swim there. Disappointed that they didn't show the Cruise in Review video at all and there was no "Farewell Show." I miss that touch. We also never got to see that stars like others had because of the weather or it wasn't scheduled. Not sure of which. Day 7 departure was super smooth and easy, also as I had anticipated. My conclusions? Well I'm still not sure. I wish there was something like a TGIFriday's or an Olive Garden or another American restaurant onboard personally. I could care less about the Guess (teeny bopper) store that's coming on Allure. The Coach store is much more to my liking but without anything exclusive to Oasis, there's no reason for me to buy there when I have an outlet close to home. Even though there were more choices, they didn't suit us as far as taste was concerned. This was the first cruise that we never ate in the dining room more than one time and I really liked the fact that we didn't have to haul evening clothes for each evening. I still miss the big pools and a show every evening, even if it isn't top caliber. At least that keeps me out of the casino (or maybe that's their point) each night. The signage, interaction, and technology are amazing. Being a techno person by trade, that was awesome to note. Oasis definitely has something for everyone, which is a huge draw and it is gorgeous, hands down. BUT that being said, I can't wait to come back next week for my cruise on Freedom. Oddly enough, I find myself super excited. We'll see! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
RCI has figured how to board over 6,000 passengers with amazing ease. We we're through check in in less than 10 minutes. Off our flight at 11am, on the ship by noon! We explored the ship a bit and had lunch before we were able to go ... Read More
RCI has figured how to board over 6,000 passengers with amazing ease. We we're through check in in less than 10 minutes. Off our flight at 11am, on the ship by noon! We explored the ship a bit and had lunch before we were able to go to our cabin. Don't miss the Park Cafe in Central Park for the best roast beef sandwich. I packed my swim suit in my carry on luggage so I was able to change on go swimming in the afternoon before the pools got crowded. Chops Grill for dinner was delicious, we tried it the first night and hoped to go back, but we ate in the dining room the next night and enjoyed the company of our table mates/new friends so we ate dinner in the dining room the rest of the cruise. Patricia was our man server and she was wonderful. J J kept the drinks coming. The food was just okay in the dining room. We also had breakfast in the main dining room a few times, they offer a buffet or menu service, the Windjammer was always busy and sometimes finding a table was a challenge. The ship is beautiful. Lots of activities to do, it was hard to choose some days. You can book all of your shows on line in advance, otherwise the shows book up. We booked all of the shows and enjoyed them all. If you go do not miss the 70's night in the Promenade hosted by the most amazing cruise directer ever Richard Spacey, seriously this guy is so entertaining! This show was on night 6 after the late dinner and shows ended, over 4,000 guests dancing in the Promenade to great music. We did a couples massage, a little pricey but nice, but didn't care for the hard sell on the spa products that followed, this was a huge turn off. After spending $300 for the couples massage we were not interested in buying the lotions for another $150. Ports.....Labadee was a paradise. So pretty, and they provide a huge BBQ on the beach for the guests. Lots of chairs and attendants to help you. Use your sea pass card to buy drinks on the beach. It you're adventurous book the zip line, and do it ahead of time as it books up, and bring your sneakers for this. Hurricaine Alex prevented us from docking in Costa Maya, so we had an extra sea day. Cozemel.....we took a taxi to the recommended shopping mall, mostly high end jewelry and again a very hard sell from the merchants. We walked a bit down the main drag and we were turned off to the constant hounding from the shop keepers to come in, it was annoying. We did a little shopping and quickly hopped back in a cab to the ship, which was mostly empty so we got to enjoy the space without a crowd. Be prepared if you use your credit card your purchase may appear in pesos, not US $. Leaving the ship.....again what a breeze! RCI offers valet luggage service for $20 each, they take your luggage the last night and get it to your plane, and deliver you your boarding pass. You don't see your luggage again until you arrive at your destination. Getting through customs was easy and fast. We did see the sea of luggage in the warehouse, it looked well organized. Loved this ship, can't wait to go again! Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2010
EMBARKATION WOW! We flew in from Austin, Texas and arrived in the airport at around noon. The port is about a ten minute bus ride from the airport. Check in was AMAZING! It was the shortest wait time we have ever had for a cruise, which is ... Read More
EMBARKATION WOW! We flew in from Austin, Texas and arrived in the airport at around noon. The port is about a ten minute bus ride from the airport. Check in was AMAZING! It was the shortest wait time we have ever had for a cruise, which is a little ironic to me because we were boarding the ship with the largest passenger capacity in the world (and apparently our voyage broke another passenger record?). Our wait time in the terminal was less than five minutes with NO line. We were onboard by 12:30. THE 'FELLOW' GUESTS I DID NOT LIKE THE OTHER PASSENGERS! By far they were the worst group I have travelled with on a cruise. As an English speaking person, I can tolerate hearing anything but English for a few days, but seven days is WAY too much Chinese, Spanish, Portugese, and I have no idea what else. And it's not so much that they weren't speaking English, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THAT, I'm not a mean person like that, but what got annoying is that they were RUDE! Things like cutting in lines, jumping in elevators when you have waited forever to get in one, being loud, saving seats and then not speaking English when people try and tell them you can't save seats, stuff like that. AND THEN COME THE KIDS... SPOILED OBNOXIOUS BRATS! I don't think I'll say anything else on the kids except that I wanted to give some a few light slams now and then (well heavy slams all the time). THE ROOM We had Boardwalk View balcony 9329 (the very last balcony before the Aqua Theater). It was basically a standard room size with a balcony to the boardwalk. The balcony is not very private, but as we were not in the room most of the time, it was GREAT for watching the shows and people watching. The bathroom was a new design I'm guessing because I've never seen one like that. It was ok, just not a lot of counter space and a VERY shallow sink. THE NEIGHBORHOODS We visited all the neighborhoods except the kids area and the spa and fitness center. **Boardwalk** Don't miss the carousel, I never thought I would ride it, but I rode it so many times I lost count. The Aqua Theater and it's shows are also a do not miss (more details in 'entertainment'). There were lots of stuff for kids to do, especially on sea days (clowns, balloon animals, face painting, hula hoops, etc.). The restaurants are also pretty good, although most of them are pay restaurants (more details in 'dining'). **Central Park** By far my favorite neighborhood, I'm still awed by the real trees and flora that are growing there. The park is very serene and never crowded, it's a good place to walk from one end of the ship to the other or eat (more details in 'dining'). Just food for thought, some of the vines and trees and things are still pretty young so they haven't reached their potential, but it's still a BEAUTIFUL place! **Royal Promenade** If you have been on a Freedom or Voyager class ship, the crowds there are basically the same. This promenade is WIDE though; it's amazing and has skylights letting in natural light. The restaurants weren't really crowded, the shops got more crowded as the trip went on (so go at the beginning like we did, the selection is better and you aren't fighting people). RISING TIDE- Basically an elevator you can pay for. We did it just to say we did it. The bartender must have been new or something though because (1) she tried to say that our gold member coupon book thing was fake and (2) she tried to say my legit drivers license was fake (granted I am 21 and look like I am 16 but still it was real and she almost got rude about it) (3) Not only did she not take our coupons but she charged us double! So just be aware. **Entertainment Place** We did Studio B and Opal Theater for shows (details in 'entertainment') and lost $15 in the casino. It was strange this trip, we barely spent any time in the casino; I guess there was so much to do that we figured that we would spend our money where we would actually get something and not just throw it away haha. **Pool and Sports Zone** Another GREAT neighborhood. I'll start with sports zone. We did the zip line and the rock wall. ****GOOD INFO TO KNOW**** GO TO THESE VENUES ABOUT 15 MINUTES BEFORE THEY CLOSE. THERE IS NO LINE! We did this for both and never had to wait. We weren't able to do Flowrider because of the lines, and we didn't do mini golf or basketball/soccer because we figured we can do that on land anytime so why fight the people. Now for the pools. Even though apparently our sailing broke another passenger record, there were always plenty of deck chairs available (they may not have been right next to the pool, but they were there). We hung out at the beach pool (saltwater) a few times as well as the Solarium. The Solarium was ok, I really liked the atmosphere, but there were always a lot of people and it could be difficult to find two chairs together. The hot tubs and pool were usually crowded too. Also, beware of KIDS. They somehow managed to get in the Solarium at times and weren't kicked out like they should have been. Also, beware of the cantilevered hot tubs. They are not in the adults only area like they should be and there were always annoying kids splashing and messing around on our sailing. DINING As usual for Royal Caribbean, it was not that great, but I'm not surprised. I'll give you the low down on where and what we did for dining. ($) = for fee restaurants *Opus Dining Room- Our table sucked! We were way in the back of the dining room (it felt like we were at the front of the ship); we were not near any of the action, we could hardly hear what was going on when they were doing a dance or something. The food was ok, it's the exact same menu for any other Royal Caribbean ship. *Giovanni's Table ($)- A waste of money in my opinion. I thought it was DISGUSTING. The menu is in Italian (obviously), but as we are from Texas where we don't have fancy Italian restaurants other than Olive Garden (which this is supposed to be basically an Olive Garden at sea I've heard others say) so when we looked at the menu and what was in the dishes we had no idea what some of it was. When we asked our waitress what something was, she just laughed off and said "I don't know either; all I know is what the menu says!" It also took two hours (which was predicted and expected), however we were eating maybe 30 minutes of that two hours. I will say that the pasta dishes are halfway decent, as well as the dessert, although by the time we got to dessert we were so ready to get out of there that we didn't really take the time to enjoy it. Overall, a disappointment and I would rather take my cover charge and add a little and eat at Chops. *Park Cafe- The touch screens always say it is 'red level' crowded, but it never was. Yes its true there were a lot of people, but you never had to wait long. The 'Build Your Own Bagel' station at breakfast is a DO NOT MISS! Also, for lunch and snack, the panini's are delicious. I will say that for all the Roast Beef sandwich hype, I didn't find it very good. It was ok, but I would take Subway or somewhere like that any day over that. *Windjammer Marketplace- We ate here for lunch on two sea days, it was not very crowded (we got window tables both times). Do not eat here on embarkation day! We walked through just to see how crowded it was and before we got to the door we turned around and headed to Park Cafe. The food is basically like all other Windjammers I've seen, not great, but edible. *Johnny Rockets ($)- My favorite restaurant. I believe it's the only one that is worth the cover charge. *Seafood Shack ($)- We had dinner here one night. I'm not a big seafood lover but my travel buddy wanted to so we did. My food was pretty good, not great, but better than the dining room or Windjammer. I've heard the seafood is great though! *Boardwalk Donuts- Basically the normal Royal Caribbean donut with creative icings. They were ok. *Boardwalk Ice Cream ($)- Probably worth a cover charge, but not what they are charging. It was delicious though! If it were cheaper we would have gotten a lot more! *Cafe Promenade- Could be crowded but never a long line. Basically the same food as the usual Cafe Promenade's. *Sorrento's- Basically the same Sorrento's with a twist. They have a 'Create Your Own Pizza' station that is the best! I finally tried it out on day 6 and unfortunately never had the chance to go back. *Cupcake Cupboard ($)- Again, probably worth a cover charge, but not what they are charging. We had the Orange Cream and Root Beer, both were GREAT! BEWARE that they do change some of the flavors daily so if you see something you want, don't wait because it may not be there next time! Wow! Now that's a lot of dining options, and we didn't even have them all! ... One more thing about dining. All of our waiters/waitresses in every dining venue (with the exception of one girl in the cupcake place and the Opus Dining Room) were not very friendly. It's not that they were rude or anything like that, but they just were kind of there and that's it, they didn't say much. ENTERTAINMENT WOW! Let me give you a little insight about me before I detail the entertainment. I am about to graduate college with a music degree, so I tend to be critical of these shows, especially the music. I'm not big on the whole dancing thing, I can take it or leave it, as well as the ice stuff. *Oasis of Dreams (Aqua Theater Show)- So good we watched it twice (from our fantastic balcony! It was probably better than being on the bottom!) What the divers do is just amazing, especially from the REALLY TALL jump! WOW! And oddly enough, the music was my favorite part, which doesn't happen in these kind of shows. *Hairspray- I've seen it on land and this was easily comparable. It's not my personal favorite Broadway musical but if you like it then go see it. I would recommend it because I enjoyed it a lot! *Frozen in Time- If you have been on Freedom of the Seas and seen, you may be a little disappointed. This ice show is AMAZING don't get me wrong, but I couldn't help but compare it to Freedom's, and Freedom's was better in my opinion. One thing I didn't get was the sand artist. I mean she was GREAT but I don't see how her trade fits in with an ice show... just food for thought. We still saw this show twice so that should say we thought it was good. *Come Fly With Me- AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Again, I compared it to my favorite show thus far, Once Upon A Time on the Freedom and I was teetering on which I liked better and I think I finally decided I like this one better. I just liked everything about it, and the singers were SPOT ON (and that's saying a lot for me because that's what I find the most fault in in these kind of shows). We saw it twice and I would watch it plenty more times over and over if I could! *Headliner Show- They were the 'Unexpected Boys' or something like that. They were ok. They are good at what they do, but it was not something I found interesting. I wouldn't go back. *Splish Splash (The new Aqua Theater show) (we watched full two run throughs of their rehearsals)- Since we had the last Boardwalk balcony room before the Aqua Theater, we caught several rehearsals and some full runs of this new show. I think I may like it better than Oasis of Dreams. I would highly recommend it! It's hilarious and jaw dropping at the same time! DEBARKATION Since our flight didn't leave until 4:30 we decided to do the Sawgrass Mills mall tour thing. It was ok, probably not worth the money, but better than sitting in an airport all day. The mall itself is probably comparable to a normal mall, there are some high end stores there too. Overall I'm glad we did it, I wouldn't change a flight to a later time just to do it though (unless you REALLY like shopping haha). Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
About us: My wife and I are in our 50's. After this cruise we will have 13 cruises: 10-Royal Caribbean, 2-Celebrity, 1-Carnival My wife's sister and husband are also in their 50's and after this cruise they will have 7 ... Read More
About us: My wife and I are in our 50's. After this cruise we will have 13 cruises: 10-Royal Caribbean, 2-Celebrity, 1-Carnival My wife's sister and husband are also in their 50's and after this cruise they will have 7 cruises all with Royal Caribbean Accomadations: We had a D5 Balcony stateroom number 11174 Her sister had a D5 Balcony stateroom number 11176 Travel Day & Pre-cruise: We flew Airtran into Fort Lauderdale for the best price, but we had to fly in on Thursday. I used my Choice reward points for Cambria Suites in Dania Beach (just built) for the two nights prior to the cruise. I booked a two king bedroom suite. This was perfect for us for the two days. Cambria Suites was excellent they had a shuttle that picks you up at the airport, and a shuttle that would take you to the cruise port. My sister in law and her husband used that service. I rented a car from Ace Car Rental who has a location at the airport and a location by the cruise port with free shuttle service to the port. We needed the car rental to get around for the two days because there is nothing around the hotel. I also brought my tom-tom(GPS) which was very helpful in getting around the Fort Lauderdale area. We wanted to see the Grandeur of the Seas that was in port, but we could not get into the port area to see it. We drove to the S.E. 17th street bridge and saw it sitting in the port. Next we wanted to see the Elbow Room from the famous movie "where the boys are" and found it at the intersection of Route A1A and Las Olas Blvd. right on the Fort Lauderdale coast. We then ate at the Rock Bar which was right down the street on A1A. The food was just okay. But the view was excellent!! The next day the Cambria Suites had a hot breakfast for $8.00 per person. It was just okay, but the muffins were pretty good. Then we went to the Fort Lauderdale beach for the afternoon. The surf was a little rough and the water was a little murky, but the weather was beautiful we had a nice afternoon. We ate lunch at Flavors of Italy Bistro by the beach which was excellent. Later we went to a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale called Mai-Kai 3599 N. Federal HWY, FT Lauderdale. This place served Polynesian/Chinese cuisine and it was excellent. They have a tropical garden in the back of the restaurant. They also have a happy hour from 5:00 to 7:00PM. Cruise Day 1 Sea Day Finally the day arrived that we were all waiting for. We got shuttled to the port and arrived at 10:30AM. We checked in and within minutes we were sitting on the second level waiting to be called to get on the ship. They sit you in the order you come in, according to your status level. We are Platium level and were the first ones in that area. They called us onboard about 11:20am. When you board the ship you are on deck 5 in the royal promenade. The only word is WOW!!!! This is amazing. We walked though the promenade and directly up to deck 8 Central Park and again WOW!!! We went to the park cafe and I had my first of many roast beef sandwiches EXCELLENT!!!! The soups were awesome. The rooms were ready about 1:00pm. After unloading the luggage we went exploring the ship. The layout front to back is similar to the voyage class ships but longer & wider. The entertainment is towards the front of the ship and the dining is towards the back of the ship. The exception is the boardwalk area which is in the back of the ship. This area has both eating and the aqua theater. We went up to deck 15 which has all the pools and sports activities including the flow riders and zip line. I was active on the Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle threads. I organized all of the activities for the CC's during the cruise. The first thing I organized was the pre get together on the ship before sail away. I asked everybody to meet at the Sky Bar. Most of the people who signed up came to this. It was a nice way to break the ice coming on the cruise. After some great conversation and drinks we got ready for the muster drill. The muster drill was presented on TV in your designated area, but you didn't wear your life preservers. After that we got ready for our first meal. I'm going to list the entire menu each day because I could not find it before our cruise, and it would have been very useful to have because of scheduling a specialty restaurant prior to our cruise. Day 1 Sail Away Menu Casual Attire Appetizers: Smoked Fish Tapenade Vidalia Onion Tart Sopa de Tortilla Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup Chilled Watermellon Gazpacho Ceasar Salad Spinach Salad EntrEe: Pan Fried Pork Medallions Truffled Wild Mushroom Linguini Slow Roasted Prime Rib Grilled Mediterranean Quesadilla Pan Seared Golden Sea Bass Aloo Gobi Methi Desserts: Strawberry Pavlova Chocolate Cherry Cake Savarin Low-Fat Blueberry and Peach Cobbler Sugar-Free Chocolate Pot de Crème Ice cream - Sugar-Free ice Cream & Sherbet Alternate EntrEe's Liguini with Marinara Sauce Filet of Atlantic Cod Chicken Breast with Seasonal Herbs Black Angus Top Sirloin After diner we had our first show scheduled at 9:30 to 11:00pm Hairspray. I liked the show, but it wasn't my favorite it was a little drawn out. TIP: If you like the fruit tarts which are my favorite they have them daily in the Mondo Cafe in the promenade. Cruise Day 2 Sea Day We had our meet & mingle today at 10:30am in Dazzles Lounge. About a little over a quarter of the people who signed up for the meet & mingle actually showed up. Royal had two people there who started things off. They had a raffle for some small items. They then handed over the event to me and I did the adult and kid gift swap scheduled for this event and most of the people who signed up for the gift swap showed up. The swap went pretty good and it created an atmosphere where you would have to get up and meet other people when swapping your gift. I made a map to show where all the people from cruise critic were from. I told everybody some trivia facts about the threads like the number of posts the top 10 people made, the professions of people and some facts shared on the threads. After the M&M we went to the Park Cafe and I had another roast beef sandwich & soup. We stopped by the Solarium Bistro and tried the lunch it was okay. We then went up to the pool and had not trouble finding a chair to sit by the pool. We stopped by the Solarium pool and again had no trouble finding a place to sit. Tonight is the Captains Gala Menu Formal Attire Appetizers: Shaved Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon Shrimp Cocktail Escargots Bourguignonne Lobster Bisque Oxtail Broth Papaya & Pineapple Soup Caesar Salad EntrEe: Filet of Beef Shrimp Ravioli Grilled Seafood Brochette Roasted Duck Sautee Seasonal Mushrooms Potato Curry Desserts: Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle Double Strawberry Cheesecake Marinated Cherry Bake Low-fat Berry mousse Sugar-free Coconut Vanilla Layer Cake Ice cream - Sugar-Free ice Cream & Sherbet Alternate EntrEe's Liguini with Marinara Sauce Filet of Atlantic Salmon Chicken Breast with Seasonal Herbs Black Angus Top Sirloin After diner we had our second show Oasis of Dreams 9:00 to 10:00pm. This was one of the best shows that we saw. Cruise Day 3 Labadee We always love Labadee and enjoy the day on the beach. We haven't been to Labadee since they added the pier for the ship. This is a great improvement!! It was nice to walk on and off the ship. Royal did an excellent job!! We use to go to the end beach, but now the new pier is in that location. Now we take a right and go to the next beach. We always liked the barbeque. They had some jerked chicken that was pretty good. We ventured through the Haitian market place and bought some items. They also changed the market place for the better. They have the vendors lined up this street and not inside of a small building much better Royal!! My BIL and I went on the new dragon coaster. This ride winds up the mountain by the zip line. I ride was very scenic and fun, but organization for getting on the ride was very disorganized. We almost left without riding. We took our usual walk to dragon's point and then back to the ship for some yogurt and some time in the pool. We did not eat in the main dining room tonight because we had a Chops reservation at 6:30pm for tonight. The meal at Chops was excellent. I had the 10oz Filet and tried the shrimp EntrEe for an extra $10.00 fee. The shrimp entrEe was not good I do not recommend it, but everything else was excellent. As everybody knows you have to schedule all your entertainment and specialty restaurants prior to the cruise because after you board it is impossible to schedule anything. I would have not scheduled Chops for tonight because the menu in the main dining room was excellent and this is why I'm listing all the menus for this sailing. Tonight menu is Venetian Feast Casual Attire Appetizers: Caprese Salad Antipasti Scallop Risotto Creamy Roasted Garlic Soup Minestrone Soup Strawberry Bisque Caesar Salad Insalata Mistra EntrEe: Lamb Shank with Rosemary Rigatoni Pasta Garlic Tiger Shrimp Chicken Marsala Eggplant and Roma Tomato Bake Ragu Paneer Dhansak Dessert: Warm Chocolate Cake Rasberry Panna Cotta Tiramisu Low-Fat Angel Food Cake Sugar-Free Chocolate Mint Cake Ice cream - Sugar-Free ice Cream & Sherbet Alternate EntrEe's Rigatoni with Marinara Sauce Filet of Atlantic Cod Chicken Breast with Seasonal Herbs Black Angus Top Sirloin After diner I scheduled the 10:30 Stand-Up Comedy Show. This show was really funny. We were laughing from the time it started to the time it ended. I would highly recommend these shows. Cruise Day 4 Sea Day At 10:30am I had another Cruise Critic activity scheduled. This one is called a Cabin Crawl/Poker run. Most everybody who signed up participated. We started at the highest cabins on the 11th floor and worked down to the lowest cabins. We saw the normal inside and balcony cabins, but we also saw an inside Central Park Balcony Stateroom and it was very nice. The best cabin was the Aqua Suite. The suite had a master bedroom that you go out to the balcony and the living room was also connected to the balcony which you could watch the Aqua shows from. There was another inside bedroom that sleeps 4. They said the living room has another bed, but I would say 6 people would fit nicely. By the way winning hand was two kings. We had lunch again at the Park Cafe and I had another roast beef sandwich & soup. We stopped again at the Solarium Bistro and I didn't like it this time. We did some shopping in the promenade because we were starting to get too much sun. At 4:00pm I had another Cruise Critic activity scheduled. This one is call a Slot-Pull. Again most everybody who signed up participated. I collected $21.00 from everybody who wanted to play. We picked the wheel of fortune machine so that everybody would have 7 spins at max bet in order to try and activate the wheel. I was very exciting watching the wheel spin every time we hit it. After all was said and done we tripled our money!!!! Tonight's menu is Surf menu Casual Attire Appetizers: Summer Fruit Medley Crab & Noodle soup Chicken & Cabbage Dumplings Cream of Mushroom Soup Seafood Laska Guava & Banana Soup Caesar Salad Rainbow Salad EntrEe: Surf & Turf (filet & Shrimp) Lasagna al Forno Roasted Free-Range Chicken Asian Fried Tofu Pan-Fried Basa Filet Khoombi Bhonna Desserts: Passion-Berry Mousse Banana Crème Pie Coconut Crème Brulee Low-Fat Mango Pudding Sugar-Free Pineapple Parfait Ice cream - Sugar-Free ice Cream & Sherbet Alternate EntrEe's Penne with Marinara Sauce Filet of Atlantic Salmon Chicken Breast with Seasonal Herbs Black Angus Top Sirloin After diner I scheduled the 8:30pm headliner show which was The Unexpected Boys. This show was just okay. Adult Karaoke at 10:00 to 11:15 there were some really good singers. Cruise Day 5 Costa Maya, Mexico This was really our first disappointment. We could not dock because of the windy sea conditions in the port area so today was another sea day. They gave us back our port charges. I had a couple of neat things planned for this port, maybe next time. We hung out at the pool and later I did the Zip line on the ship. Note: before going to the zip line make sure your clothes are not wet and you have sneakers not flip flops. If you are afraid of heights they make you perch on the edge of the zip line and then you have to lunge out to go. If you are afraid of heights you might not lunge out FYI. Tonight's menu is actually day 6's Chef's Menu because tomorrow we will be in port late and they do the formal diner tonight when everybody is on board. Appetizers: Egg Plant and Kalamata Olive Tartare Seafood Salad Creamed Wild Mushrooms in Puff Pastry Creamed Asparagus Double Duck Consomme Roasted Peach Soup Caesar Salad House Salad EntrEe: Thai BBQ Chicken Breast New England Bay Scallops & Ziti Fisherman's Plate (lobster & Garlic Shrimp) Slow Roasted Aged Prime Rib Greek Style Vegetarian Moussaka Kabuli Chana Desserts: Cherries Jubilee Dessert Sampler Low-Fat Double Passion Fruit Cheesecake Sugar-free Red Berry Tart Ice cream - Sugar-Free ice Cream & Sherbet Alternate EntrEe's Ziti with Marinara Sauce Filet of Atlantic Salmon Chicken Breast with Seasonal Herbs Black Angus Top Sirloin After diner I scheduled the 8:30pm Show Frozen in Time. This show was excellent!! Later we went again to Adult Karaoke the singers were pretty good. Cruise Day 6 Cozumel, Mexico I planned a Day at Mr Sanchos. This is an all inclusive beach club. First you get a taxi from the pier to Mr. Sanchos about $14.00 for 4-people. When you first get there they put sombreros on you and take a picture. Later a girl comes around to sell you the picture $10.00. At this place you can either do the all inclusive or pay as you go, but as long as you are drinking and eating you can use their facility (they don't check too closely). I would suggest to pay as you go. The food was just okay. The beach was nice but a little murky because of the tropical storm/hurricane that passed through. We left about 1:30pm to go into Cozumel for some shopping. The taxi was a little more $16.00 for 4-people. After shopping the taxi was $7.00 back to the pier. I did something I always wanted to do by the ship in the port. The water always looks so good while you are walking back on the pier to the ship. Carlos & Charlie's has a slide right into the water by the pier. Down I went it felt sooo good. We went up to the pool and got some frozen yogurt and then we got ready for dinner. Tonight's menu is actually day 5's menu Anchored in excellence Casual Attire Appetizers: Fresh Seasonal Fruits House Terrine Crab Cake New England Clam Chowder Asian Style Chicken Soup Chilled Golden Delicioius Apple Soup Caesar Salad Focaccia and Tomato Salad EntrEe: Panko-Cilantro Crusted Catch of the Day Cheese Tortelloni Roasted Garlic & Herb Rack of Lamb Pan-Fried Cauliflower Cakes Slow-Roasted Double Cut Pork Lion Steak Vegetable Vindaloo Desserts: Ivory Chocolate Fondue Apple Pie a la Mode Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Low-Fat Caramelized Pina Colada Tart Sugar-Free Fruit Pillow Ice cream - Sugar-Free ice Cream & Sherbet Alternate EntrEe's Linguini with Marinara Sauce Filet of Atlantic Salmon Chicken Breast with Seasonal Herbs Black Angus Top Sirloin After diner I schedule the 8:30pm show Come Fly With Me. I'm glad I checked the Cruise Compass on this show because it was 9:00pm not 8:30pm. So always check your compasses even if you pre-booked all your entertainment like I did from home. The show was excellent. Cruise Day 7 Sea Day We didn't have much planned today, I asked the Cruise Critic Members to meet us at the main dining room for lunch. Only a handful of people came, but it was nice talking to everybody. The lunch menu for the main dining room rotates between the following menus: Menu 1: Grilled Chicken Yakitori Soup of the day Traditional Greek Salad Royal Caesar Salad Beef Tostada Salad Fried Chicken Tenders Grilled Open Face Steak Stanwich Grilled Turkey Burger Mushroom & Leek Quiche Moroccan Style Grilled Pita Singapore Noodles Chicken & Wild Mushrooms Pappardelle Desserts: Apple Parcel Decadent Chocolate Slice White Chocolate and Orange Flan Ice cream They also had fresh made salad in the middle of the dining room and pasta. Menu 2: (We had this menu on Friday) Spiced Roasted Pumpkin Salad Vietnamese Calamari Salad Royal Caesar Salad Soup of the day Asian Style Chicken Spinach Wrap Herb-Crusted Prawn Skewer Seafood Jambalaga Parmesan Crusted Catfish Grilled NY Strip Loin Open Sandwich Royal Burger Sweet Corn cakes Hand Pulled Smoked BBQ Pork Sandwich Pappardelle Carbonara Desserts: White Chocolate and Blueberry Cheese Cake B52 Melt Lemon Curd Cake Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart Ice Cream Sugar-Free dessert After Lunch we (my wife) started to pack. I went up to the flow rider and watched one of our Cruise Critic members (age55) do an awesome job in the flow rider competition (he took second place) We did some last minute shopping before dinner. Last dinner Feast of Nations Menu Casual Attire Appetizers: Moroccan Spiced Chicken Salad Shrimp Cocktail Spinach Dip Cream of Pumpkin Soup Onion Soup Chilled Raspberry and Pineapple Soup Caesar Salad EntrEe: Shrimp & Mahi Mahi Tempura Grilled NY Strip Steak Tomato Basil & Mozzarella Calzone Rice Biryani Roasted Turkey Potato Gnocchi Dessert: Chocolate Brownie Sanwich Key lime Pie Banana and Crunchy Nut Parfait Low-Fat Apple Cake Sugar-Free Key lime Pie Ice cream - Sugar-Free ice Cream & Sherbet Alternate EntrEe's Conchiglie with Marinara Sauce Filet of Atlantic Salmon Chicken Breast with Seasonal Herbs Black Angus Top Sirloin After dinner we met some of the C&C that we hung around with during the cruise Alysia & Kent it was great seeing you again and Jan & Tony it was great meeting you guys. We went to the final Karaoke and the top three were just great. I hoped this will help some of you who are trying to plan both the entertainment and the dining. The times we selected for shows were perfect for the early seating. We love sailing on Royal Caribbean all the staff was excellent. A special shout out to our cabin steward Marta, head waiter Johannes, waiter Edderick and assistant waiter Genuine. Cindy Dangel loyalty Ambassador was excellent. We really liked our cruise director Richard Spacey. We will be cruising again on Royal Caribbean somewhere!!! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
We were a group of 4 and began our adventure on the Oasis of the Seas as if this was our first cruise. We have been cruising since 1978 and remember the times when everyone was dressed in their finest and waiters served us with white ... Read More
We were a group of 4 and began our adventure on the Oasis of the Seas as if this was our first cruise. We have been cruising since 1978 and remember the times when everyone was dressed in their finest and waiters served us with white gloves and family style! Prior to our sailing on June 5th, I scanned through all the member reviews of past Oasis cruises and took note. They were so helpful in giving hints to the ship which enabled us to know our way around very quickly. So I would advise every reader to take some time and read through member's reviews. Embarkation was a breeze and we were onboard in approximately 20 minutes. As we entered the ship on the Promenade Deck we just stood there in awe! We then made our way to Central Park to have the famous "roast beef sandwich" at the Park Cafe which lived up to its reputation - delicious. Also the salads were very good. During the week we ate there several times. We then went to the Trelis Bar and had mud slides made by Carlos while waiting for our cabins. They were very good and was a favorite stop of ours throughout the cruise. At 1:00 p.m. we left and went to our cabins. One day while we were sipping our mud slides we spoke with the horticulturist who was tending to the plants. Staterooom - We were in cabin 12288 which had an ocean view and an outside balcony. Our cabins were very close to the elevators mid ship which saved a lot of walking. So before you book your cabin check the location in relation to the elevators. Overall the cabin was tight, even for two people. Only one person could be by the closet at a time and it was very tight to pass from the end of the bed near the sofa to get to the bathroom. The bathroom had a nice circular shower and great water pressure. We found it spacious and liked the cubby holes to put your toiletries in but our only complaint was the sink - why so low? Photographers - From boarding the ship to formal nights our pictures were not well taken. Whose mouth was open or who was turned the wrong way seemed to be in every picture, The new face recognition and folders are great improvements from the past but due to the number of people looking to have their pictures taken, we felt there were not enough photographers on board. They just snapped and went on to the next group. We usually purchase 4-5 pictures each but not this time. Entertainment - RCI has raised the bar on ship entertainment. We pre-booked all our shows prior to sailing. We saw Hairspray, Come Fly With Me, the Aqua and ice show. What amazed me was how comfortable the theater was during the ice show. All the shows were fabulous. The headliner show was a tribute band to ABBA which was great. I cannot comment on the comedy show since I went star gazing on the helipad with Mitch which was an awesome experience. Food - We had second seating and our waiter, Wilmer and assistant waiter, Leilani were excellent. They always greeted us with a friendly smile and a warm hello whenever we came to dinner. I personally did not like the table we were seated in. We were on the 4th floor dining room all the way in the back and on the starboard side of the ship. Our table had a banquette seating so that when you sat in a chair your vision of the dining room was limited. We had a problem with breakfast on Sunday. The male member of our group had a tank top on and they would not let him in the dining room. We tried to say that it was 9:50 a.m. and the dining room was scheduled to close in ten minutes but they would not let him stay and they kept insisting about the dress code. However, the group in front of us had a teenage boy who had a tank top on and they let him in. When we tried to question them why he was allowed, their answer was that 150 people lost their luggage, etc., etc. When we came to dinner that evening, which was the first formal evening, we took note of the "dress code" in the dining room. There were men with shorts and flip flops, as well as tee-shirts (with no collars) on. When we questioned our Head Waiter as to the dress code, he kept repeating about the 150 passengers who lost their luggage. Is this the standard RCI answer used? We all felt that the dress code should be enforced, whatever it may be, and if you want to wear shorts at dinner, go to the other food venues which have a "casual" dress code. In reading other member reviews, this lack of "dress code" has come up many times and RCI should pay stricter attention to what people are wearing in the main dining room and enforce the dress code for everyone. We ate in two specialty restaurants, Giovanni's and the Chop Grill which everyone enjoyed. We also had lunch one day at Johnny Rocket's (fries and onion rings were delicious). Had lunch at Windjammer one day - no problem in getting a table but some of us didn't like the food selection. Overall, the food in the main dining was nothing extraordinary. Customer Service Desk - We had a problem with our onboard credits which took a day to resolve. It was hit or miss at the desk in getting a representative who spoke English which we could understand. Cruise Director's Staff - Great cruise staff, from Ken Rush, to the bingo man - Elvis from Chile, We enjoy doing daily trivia contests, but had a girl who had problems with her English. She was difficult to understand, but nevertheless we had fun and almost won one day. Activities - On our last day at sea we bought the book, "Live the Oasis". Unfortunately we did not participate in this activity but recommend it since we met several people looking for the points of interest during the cruise and looked like fun. The pools were very crowded on our days at sea so we went to the solarium - adults only area. The glass enclosures made the area too hot and I was unable to take sun. It felt like a greenhouse. The pool in the solarium was small and the water very warm. It had sprays of water in the middle but the water was not cool. Keep your shoes by the entrance because the top gets so hot you can burn your feet if you go barefoot! Bingo has become very expensive and it seemed everyone who was winning had the electronic version at $55 per session. We took turns at buying it but we still didn't win! Didn't try the flow rider nor the zip line but we played miniature golf. A suggestion for miniature golf, purchase different color balls to make it easier to know which one is yours. The parades on the Royal Promenade were very colorful and the crew who participated made everyone have a great time. One girl dancing on stilts was great! She never missed a beat. Since we are beach people, we didn't purchase any shore excursions and found our own way. We felt the time in Nassau was too short since we had to be back on the ship by 1:30 p.m. Disembarkation - Being platinum card holders we were directed to a special designated area. We were not even seated when our number was called to leave the ship. We left the ship, retrieved our luggage and went through customs in twenty minutes. The fastest ever! Hats off to the RCI staff in the terminal. They did a great job and added to the overall cruise experience! Summary - It was a great cruise and we hardly felt like we were moving. The ship is beautifully decorated and the Captain's Talk should not be missed. During the talk they showed a video on the birth of Oasis and her maiden voyage to Ft. Lauderdale. Too bad RCI didn't sell the video - I am sure it would have been a huge seller. Almost forgot to mention the technology which enabled us to find our cabin, see how long the waits in the restaurant were and our individual calendars. Just amazing! Can't wait to see what the Allure has to offer. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
We had stayed the week prior to the cruise in Orlando and drove to Fort Lauderdale the night before our cruise and stayed in the Holiday Inn, which was a very pleasant hotel. We got the shuttle to the port and from the first sighting of ... Read More
We had stayed the week prior to the cruise in Orlando and drove to Fort Lauderdale the night before our cruise and stayed in the Holiday Inn, which was a very pleasant hotel. We got the shuttle to the port and from the first sighting of Oasis of the Seas were know we were in for an amazing time, she was beautiful, blue and huge!! The embarkation was a breeze, we were checked in and onboard within 15 minutes. When we walked onto the ship we were bowled over by her beauty- we had been on Independence before, which we loved , but this ship was on a much bigger scale. We walked round all of the decks and were impressed by the open feel of the ship, it is a very different experience. Central Park was wonderful, it has piped music of bird song and most of the speciality restaurants are there. We loved walking through there at night and having a pre dinner drink at the bar in the centre. We often ate at the Park Cafe and Yes the roast beef sandwiches are to die for! We also ate at 150 Central Park. The food was exceptional and the service 1st class-- I would say that if you book this restaurant be prepared for a dining experience and we were pampered and looked after really well. We loved the new wider Prom Deck, it had a few different shops and bars tham the Freedom class ships. THe Boardwalk deck gave the ship a fun and family feel and we really enjoyed the Aqua shows- we went 3 times!! The performers were so talented, diving from great heights, it was something really different. Mt husband also enjoyed watching the football ( it was World cup ) on the big screens at the back of the ship. Another restaurant we ate in was Isumi, which we really enjoyed. We had a Hot Rock meal which you cook yourself at the table- it was fun. We had booked "My Time" dining but to be honest this was very disorganised and we found that we were waiting in long queues so we asked to be changed to traditional dining- which we were on the 3rd night. The food in the dining room was very good with plenty of choices. The Entertainment on the ship was good. We enjoyed Hairspray and the Ice show, we had booked all the shows on line weeks before the cruise and this worked really well. The Aqua show, as I mentioned before, we exceptional. We loved the variety of causual eating places for lunch and variety of bars. We used to spend a lot of our time in Dazzles as we loved the atmosphere in there. We did not use the gym or spa but did look round then and both was very well equipped. My husband went on the Zip line, which was great to watch!! and he also loved the flow riders, he became a fan of them on the Freedom class ships. We had a balcony cabin which was very well thought out and comfortable and we were happy that the wardrobes were not behind the door as there are on Freedom class- they were much easier to access. The bathrooms were very well fitted too. The staff were all very pleasant and helpful and seemed happy to be part of this unique and new crusing experience. Our favourite port was Labadee. It was a fantastic day, lazing on a beautiful beach on a lovely caribbean island under a cabana, taking a dip in the turquoise waters, drinking ice cold beer and eating a wonderful BBQ prepared by RCI staff- BLISS!!. We did self disenbarkartion which was very easy , we were off the ship by 7am. Our only complaint about this holiday is that it did not last for longer- it was perfect and we will certainly book Oasis or Allure again-- we did not think the ship was too large or seemed overcrowded-- It was the holiday of a lifetime Read Less
Sail Date: July 2010
Our party included two 18 yr old boys and two 22 yr old girls. Although we all love to have fun, we are not the easiest group to please - isn't everyone a little high maintenance? With that said, I can honestly say that everything was ... Read More
Our party included two 18 yr old boys and two 22 yr old girls. Although we all love to have fun, we are not the easiest group to please - isn't everyone a little high maintenance? With that said, I can honestly say that everything was absolutely amazing. We did our best to see most of the ship, attend the shows, soak up the sun, and have a drink in each of the 13 bars (only got to 10). We have read some complaints about the ship: room size and configuration, crowded elevators, and lack of seating at the Windjammer. Guess if we had any complaints - these would be them. However, we only went to the Windjammer twice because there were way too many great places to eat on the ship; we took the stairs whenever we could (to work off some of that great food); and we didn't spend too much time in the room. Tip #1: Our room was on the back of the ship. We overlooked the Boardwalk and the ocean from the back. Highly recommend this location. We watched water shows, movies, etc. from our balcony. Tip #2: My Time Dining was great. Never had to wait (even when we didn't have reservations). Tip #3: Giovanni's Table is worth the extra $15 per person. Tip #4: Don't miss Come Fly With Me, Hairspray or the Stand-up Comedy. We love all three of these shows. Tip #5: The Center of the Solarium is very warm, find chairs on the side - may not be on the cabana chairs, but the breeze is great. Tip #6: There is a bar on the top deck where you can smoke cigars. It is a great place to hang out with a lot of breeze! (not big fans of any kind of smoke, but the breeze made it okay). Tip #7: St Marteen: Maho Sunset Beach Bar (where the jets land) was way cool. Great service on the ship. Best we have had (7th cruise). Enjoy!! Thank you for all of the reviews - they are so helpful. Read Less
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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