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We promise to keep this short and sweet. We had a great time. Ok done........No Just kidding. We did have a great time, how could you not? She is an awesome ship; new, clean and one of the best crews we have had on a cruise. I have been on ... Read More
We promise to keep this short and sweet. We had a great time. Ok done........No Just kidding. We did have a great time, how could you not? She is an awesome ship; new, clean and one of the best crews we have had on a cruise. I have been on over 20 cruises and Judy over 10 so we speak with some experience. From the "check in" to de-embarkation, every thing went smooth as the seas that week. But let me start with the pre cruise. We flew down Fri. and stayed at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina. I had a need to be fulfilled - to see this behemoth come in and take pictures of her. Later, to find out she comes in at 4:30 am. Oh I am up, but what kind of lighting do you use to shoot a picture a half a mile away? Uuuuugh. I don't know, so you will some very dark pictures of her arriving. But it didn't matter she took my breath away when she came into the pier. Well the dinner we had the night before at the hotel really took my breath away when I saw the bill. It was very good they called it Asian fusion. I think it's a code word for very expensive little portions of very tasty food. But this review is not about the hotel. We got a good price on the room. You must bribe the front desk for a room with a view of the harbor and pier but well worth the $20 up grade. Oh wait a minute she also recommended the hotel restaurant. Just kidding. The restaurant was great and I'm sure the $200 bill for dinner was a good choice in case we weren't going to eat for a week on a cruise. Wow is that an oxymoron? Not eat on a cruise? Oh well back to the short and sweet review. We arrive at the terminal at 11:00 am there are over 1,000,000 people checking you in so we were on the ship by 11:10. No kidding a very efficient check in if you have all your pre docks done and a valid cc, you are in. Ok I'm kidding about the 1 million people but there were too many to count. One word to say about check in is "Awesome". I'm staying away from the work excellent. That would be a Princess review. If you have sailed Princess you will know what I'm talking about. So were on the ship in less then 10 minuets and I know you're all going to not believe me but they had a photographer take our picture getting on the ship. Wow what a concept take a picture of people and sell it later for like $20. I'm sure it was a great picture but we did not buy one. Sorry RCCL but stop ripping us off and taking my picture every day and night at dinner. Make a reasonable price and it might be worth it. I was going to buy the one he took when Judy and I were in the shower in our room but I looked fat in it. Well you are on the ship and the room won't be ready till 1:00 what should we do? Well I read that they have at least one bar so lets see if we could find it. Also the rumor of a place to eat was going thru my head so we searched high and low to find one of these. And voila' we found the Solarium. Grabbed a bite to eat and now looked for a map to find a bar and what do you know no maps!! But wait, they have computers the size of small nations all over the place and you punch in what you want to do and where to go and it maps it out for you. This was great and we used it every day at least twice. Oh by the way, I'm not sure but there has to be over 100 bars on the ship and if not over 2500 bar servers - so a drink is not hard to find and all were friendly severs. So day one was great. Now its time to sit back relax and enjoy sail away. Now this was the only time you felt like the ship has too many passengers on board. The upper decks were full and hard to get a spot closes to the rail. And I guess with over 5600 people on board this was bound to happen at least once. One other thing that was disturbing, RCCL had a few hundred "visitor" guests on board before sail away. They had on visitor passes and most of them were there for the free food and down right rude in the Windjammer. See what you get when you pay nothing to eat. It was nice to see them leave because if I had to spend a week with rude people someone's going swimming over the rail when were out at sea. We enjoyed sail away from our balcony I some pictures on my post for you to see. You can see the looks on peoples faces as she leaves she is a "wow" factor everywhere she sails and docks. At some point after sail away and before dinner there was a parade in the Promenade. It was loads of fun. The cruise director was dressed as Richard Simmons and mc'ed from the rising tide bar while the whole entertainment staff paraded down the street. Don't miss this - it was a lot of fun. We have late seating so at 8:30 we headed down to the restaurant for well, more to eat and meet our tablemates. It was a nice table for 6 next to the stage. Every night while you dined some entertainer would serenade the room with soothing sounds. Very nice touch and some very good performers. Just a side note I am an entertainer and musician and rarely, ever say I "heard" good entertainment. So when I tell you it's was good it was most likely, great. Enough said. Our tablemates were great. A couple from England and another couple from Mass. The couple from England were on their first cruise and the other couple were on there 20th or so. So if this is your first cruise it will blow you away but when you can compare it to others... well it blows you away. I enjoyed the dinners every night; the food was very tasty. The waiter was a little slow, but was very good. The only reason I say slow, dinner usually took about 2 hours and that's ok. But all the shows start at 10:30 so since the theater is about 2 miles away from the dinning room you had to catch a cab. Well run like your trying to catch a cab or wishing you could catch a cab, or the L train. This is one of the best dining experiences we have ever had. Kudos to the chefs and crew for feeding over 5600 people 3-9 times a day. We did eat at Chops one night. This was pre booked and pre paid so we could not change it. It was very good but not necessary. The main dining every night was good enough and you could order for an extra charge the steak from Chops and have it in the dining room. Here's a thought: when you book this cruise (and if you reading this review you must book this cruise), we did a lot of pre booking the spa and chops and if you don't know when you pre book, you also "pre pay". Well if you want to change anything like we had to do it was a small hassle. Now that relates only to the spa for us. But as I pointed out to the spa nazi we booked 3 appointments each and bought over $200 of their products. So make the changes without the attitude. We are spending over $1,000 here this week, so sorry we had to move one appt around. Just a little problem when you pre book and pre pay. Oh by the way, I was not happy about the prepay thing. I know they are trying to recoup the 1.5 billion on the cost of the ship, but I don't like paying in advance. Well unless you want to give me a discount. Now that's a word you don't here often on a cruise. As platinum members you do receive 15% off 2 spa treatments. The rates are higher so it makes it somewhat reasonable. The spa services rendered were great and the therapists were very qualified. One of them - well I keep calling her Billy Mays because she would try to sell you everything and she was good. She didn't know who he was and that made it funny to me. The spa is breathtaking and huge. One thing after you change and slip into some really cheesy slippers you have to walk down a stair case that has glass steps - very weird. Enough about the spa. If you like to spa and have an extra grand or two its worth a visit. We are spa whores. I hope I can say that. Sorry about the short and sweet thing. I said that in order to rope you in but I'll try to wrap it up in just a few hundred more pages. The CC meet and greet was a whole lot of fun. We had a great group of people from all over the world. We got our free white board magnet and the ship handed us some other nice gifts. The cruise staff raffled off some cool hats and books and great stuff. I did not win any so I think it was fixed. (not really but...) Well if the m&m was not good enough, DJTEXAS sets up a slot pull and cabin crawl for more fun. We saw all different cabins from an inside to owner's suite. So I didn't have to snap my neck peeking into rooms that are getting cleaned. This was absolutely the best M&M we ever went too. And DJTEXAS made it over the top. Thank you. Enough about day 2. After the cc stuff I found one of those bars and had my drink of the day. Nothing like single malt scotch in a smoke stack / crown lounge plastic cup. The rest of the day is a blur. Go figure. One 25oz scotch and I'm done. Day 3. We did the zip line first thing in the am. Lots of fun if you go on this ship, you must do this. It's free, very safe and exciting too. We then watched on of our cc friends do the flow rider. I have hundreds of great pictures of her surfing flopping, surfing again and then wiping out. She was a trooper and then we toasted Scotland for their great exports they produce. And then looked for something to eat. That day was Johnny Rockets. It was crowded, but moved quick. The rest of the day was enjoying the ship and the adult only area. What a concept no kids and a great buffet too. This is a buffet that has all healthy choices and one of our favorites for breakfast and lunch. The ship has so much to offer. You can stroll the Promenade or just walk around and look at over 7500 pieces of art. We took an art tour and had the pleasure of meeting one of the artists talk about her work and then a private viewing all her works in the art gallery. The art tours are well worth it and I think every week they invite other artists to join in and give private showings. This is a must do for everyone who enjoys art. There is so much great art on board, its nice to hear about it. The tours are fun and informative, take about and hour and they don't try to sell you anything. Day 4 - St. Thomas. We went to Megan's bay for an hour to enjoy the beach and back to the ship to enjoy the Solarium. The ship is very quiet when most of people went to town. But again I never felt the crowds. She's big enough for all to enjoy and not feel like you on Coney Island in the summer. Sorry to offend any Brooklyn people but you know what I mean. However the port had 5-6 ships in town. And that was a disaster. Very crowded downtown we could not wait to get out of dodge. Day 5 St Marten. One of our favorite places to go is Orient beach. We got off the ship at & 7:30 and were at the beach by 8. Now first thing I want to say is we go to St Marten when there are no cruise ships in town and have a great time. It's clean, safe and quiet. So when we got to the beach it was just a few people from the resort and peaceful. Well when the other 75 ships in port that day let off the masses and take people on day trips around the island, one of the stops is Orient beach. So now millions of people (dress like there going to I don't know, Alaska) encroach the beach like they're visiting the zoo and look around and gawk. So after a few hours we left and went back to enjoy the ship. Hey people it's a beach - don't dress in long pants and long sleeve shirts with sneakers. Enough said in case you didn't get the hint too many ships in these ports are of the only bad "things" about the cruise. My advice: go into port buy some crap and get back on the ship. She's well worth it. Another day at sea. I don't remember much. It's that drink of the day thing. Actually, it was another great day on the ship. We spent most of the day in the solarium. Great food, great hot tubs and most of all - no kids!! I'm wrapping it up soon here I promise. Day 7 Nassau. You get to port about 1pm. My advice don't get off here it's a crap hole. If anything, take a trip snorlking or anything to get you out of this town. The water here is beautiful so a water adventure would be spectacular. Here's the deal with Nassau. Our ship is berthed at the last dock on the pier. That day there were only 50 other ships in port. So you walk off the ship with the other 5000+ people, on a tiny sidewalk and all the other people from the other ships are coming towards your ship to see it and take pictures. So 5000+ going one way and 7 million people coming at you the other way. Does this sound like fun? We went to Atlantis for an hour had a great time. Yes I won. Here's an idea for RCCL. When I went to Atlantis to gamble they gave me a free drink. I believe it was a single malt scotch. I gambled on the ship for a few hours every day, no free drink. Hell I bought 100's drinks for the week. Oh wait and none were free. I had one free " Fu fu" crap drink at the platinum meeting of the crew. I have been on other ships where the bar was open for the meeting of the crew. Well now I'm a diamond so next time I might get one free drink. Unless they change the policy. Sorry to bash the cruise line on drinking but buy me one. And yes in case you didn't know they are like the 3rd Reich at every port making sure you don't try to bring on any booze. They make a guy empty his water bottle because it was open. Lighten up on the booze carry on. I buy enough at the bars. I like to have one on my balcony. You could see that the liquor store on board was not doing much business. Who the hell wants to carry booze on a plane when you have to pack in your luggage? Sorry to rant but I have been on ships even RCCL when you could buy a bottle and bring it to you room for a small fee. Ps yes I brought on booze and RCCL you cannot complain that I did not have a large bar bill. We did most of the shows. All were great. The diving show at the Aqua Theater is amazing to see. Especially when you are on a ship that is moving. The headliner show Come Fly With Me is a must see. I have a video of two of the main performers of that show in one of the parades. I will try to post it today. Well to wrap up. The cruise was great and we will book this ship again or the Allure soon. We love cruising and really love RCCL. Thank you for an amazing ship and phenomenal week. Ben & Judy Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
Since this was our first cruise, I am focusing on our personal opinions of this cruise as far as little details (which at times matter as much as the big ones) -- the bigger topics have been covered by others -- the ship is amazing in ... Read More
Since this was our first cruise, I am focusing on our personal opinions of this cruise as far as little details (which at times matter as much as the big ones) -- the bigger topics have been covered by others -- the ship is amazing in every way. I celebrated by birthday aboard. We had three couples total in our group. (6 people) We all had separate staterooms and spent about 1/2 total time together, and 1/2 alone. It worked out well -- make sure your friends agree at the beginning that "alone time" is ok. We enjoyed doing this with our friends as well, especially beach days and dining. It was a nice balance. The Beginning: Flew to FLL Friday 2/5. Stayed at Fairfield Inn. Very smooth, very nice hotel. Great breakfast at hotel. Cruise morning -- Took shuttle from hotel to port. Bad idea. ACE TOURS chartered a large bus which took forever and stopped at all cruise lines prior to RCCL/Oasis. Should have took a private taxi instead -- ask hotel to lend you a hand as opposed to ACE Tour Guy. Check-in at RCCL terminal was amazingly smooth. Agent was delighted we had followed the instructions by printing out documents on-line ahead of time. Sailed through check-in and boarding ship. Very nice reception from all personnel. Had drinks and lunch, and into cabin by 1pm. Bags delivered by 2pm. No issues, extremely smooth. Stateroom oceanview w/balcony: small, but lovely. Bed was very comfy, and plenty of outlets for curling iron and whatever else you need. (set by mirror in living room, set by bed, none in bathroom) We ordered water (750ml Evian bottles) ahead of time --great idea. Refilled them several times with ship tap water -- no issues, tasted fine. Used safe for valuables, and lots of hangers in closet. Suitcases fit under bed. The Middle: Boleros was a fun club for dancing several times. Windjammer had outstanding food (for buffet style). Park Cafe -- our favorite for complimentary food. Try the greek salad, the tuna salad and the roast beef sandwich. Wipeout Cafe -- good junk food (burgers, nachops, hotdogs, killer fries, etc.) We ate several times from all of above and brought food to poolside a couple times. Hung out most at Main Pool -- good scenery of all kinds (men, women, cultures, etc), and outstanding cocktail service. Note -- you cannot save chairs. Good luck trying -- they watch, and take stuff after 30 minutes of abscence. It's harsh but fair to ensure the best spots are not monopolized all day by people not using them. Had a fine dining evening at Chops -- absolutely perfect. The largest baked potato we've ever seen, the best steaks, and mushroom soup to die for. For you coffee drinkers who need a fix before getting ready for the day, hang your breakfast selections on your door by 3am, with a designated delivery time for morning. (do it each day) Enjoy an early pot of coffee and bacon, hashbrowns, fruit, pastries, etc. on your balcony before starting the day. A nice touch -- they call you when your food is on it's way to your room. We regret not going to any shows. Best of intentions, just never did it. Every port had shopping and plenty of taxis to bring you wherever you wanted to go. We did Koki Beach (on our own) in St. Thomas. LOVED IT. Bring cash for taxis and beach drinks and food. (a VISA logo does not mean they will take VISA -- "the machine is broke") Taxi's typically cost $10/person per way. Not bad for 6 of us in a private van. Loved the shops on the ship. Not bad prices and lots of lovely gift items. For you drinkers, all bars pour a mean drink. Be sure to tip well -- you won't be disappointed. Expect $8-$10/top shelf drink, $4-5 beer. Monitor your sea pass account in ytour stateroom. Watch for mystery charges and save receipts. Guest Services quickly reversed 2 questionable transactions for us. Stateroom attendant was awesome -- be sure to tip him at the start of the week generously and your room will benefit. (ice, fresh bed, towels, etc.) Enjoy the free ice cream -- cones available at 2 stations between main pool and kids pool, as well as Wipeout Cafe. My favorite place -- the Solarium. Adults only, great hottubs, great complimentary buffet -- with heathier breakfast fare (turkey bacon, bran muffins, etc.) Killer coffee everywhere on ship. (Seattle's Best, which is owned by Starbucks) Be sure to make dining reservations at least 2 days in advance for Chops, 150 Central Park, or Giovannis. They fill up. But, people do cancel, so you should be able to walk in -- but these are nice places, so it's fun to plan. Men -- no shorts allowed -- bring at least 1 pair of slacks. Ladies -- anything goes, as long as it's dressy/classy. Formal gowns were everywhere, but so were sundresses and "nightclub" wear. Suit jackets with collared shirts for the guys are ok if you're anti-tux. Bring a large beach bag or backpack to lug your stuff to and from the pool, as well as in port for shopping. Check out 2 towels before departing the ship on your at-shore adventure days....they may not have towels wherever you're headed for the day. All in all, the ship was awesome -- the service was consistently excellent, from bartenders, waiters, pool attendants, etc. Windjammer was always busy, but they will help you find a spot to sit -- so just ask. We used My Time dining, and only ate in main dining room once. I'd like to do that more next time -- but we liked to wing it most of the time. Worked out twice -- facility is lovely, large and nothing like a treadmill in front of a window watching the sea. Bring your earphones -- each machine has TV/stero. The track is on level 5, and is fun to walk/run. Be sure to stop at the aft/rear of ship and look down at the prop/wake. Breathtaking power. Also, be sure to go to the front and check out the helicopter pad. Take time to explore -- I know we missed neat things! Wi-fi -- make sure your phone has data roaming OFF. Purchase 60 minutes of internet access for about $30. Same for wi-fi signal. Do not waste your internet minutes in your stateroom -- the TV functionality is very slow for internet. Use the PC's in the card room on deck 14. The END: Do the Express Departure. (leave between 6am-7am) with your bags yourself. No fuss, no paperwork. Grab a cab to the airport. Fast, easy. Note -- no coffee anywhere prior to 6am except Windjammer. Grab a to-go. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
Let's get the negative comments over with first: I had a balcony stateroom - oceanview - the bed was right on top of the closet! You had to climb on the bed in order to gain access to the closet. Note that there are cabins where the ... Read More
Let's get the negative comments over with first: I had a balcony stateroom - oceanview - the bed was right on top of the closet! You had to climb on the bed in order to gain access to the closet. Note that there are cabins where the sofa is next to the closet and the bed near the balcony - this would have been much better, had I known about those cabins when I originally booked the cruise. Plugs to charge blackberrys and cellphones, hairdryers - you had to be a contortionist as you needed to sit on the floor and go under the desk in order to find the plugs. Who thought of this? Bad design. I did hear from other passengers that there was no privacy on the balcony rooms over looking the park. Me, I like to sit on the balcony and drink my morning coffee in my bathrobe - couldn't see me doing that on a balcony overlooking the park. For those of you who go to the gym - I found the gym very cramped, machines are on top of each other and there was little to no ventilation. I had a personal trainer for three days - there was really no place to train where you were not on top of someone else, or had to wait for machines. You are paying for the trainer's time and when having to wait for machines - time is money. I find the gym on the Liberty and the Freedom much, much better. I ate at Chops - always excellent. Gionanni's - food was very good as well. Sea Food Shack - food was good; Johnny Rockets -- it's a hamburger - food was good. The restaurant that I found the food inedible was 150 Central Park -- the chef over cooked the salmon, and some of the dishes were so salty they were actually inedible. For $35.00 a person I truly expected something much, much better. The cupcakes are outrageous! The ship is beautiful. Embarking and disembarking was the best experience I have had yet - very easy, fast and painless. The shows - wow! don't miss the aqua show - it was like a broadway production in the water. Seeing it once was not enough. The ice skating show was one of the best I have seen. All of the shows were fantastic. I didn't make it to the comedy show, but I heard it was excellent as well. My time dining - just walked right in -- never had to wait. Food in the main dining room - it's ok, nothing to write home about. Richard Spacey was the cruise director -- as always he did a phenomenal job! I think I've cruised with him about 5 times and it was a real pleasure to cruise with him again. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
This was my 7th cruise with Royal Caribbean and I have been on 1 Norwegian, 1 Princess, 1 Carnival, 1 Holland America, and 2 Disney. This was probably my favorite cruise so far! We booked a balcony facing the boardwalk and wanted to ... Read More
This was my 7th cruise with Royal Caribbean and I have been on 1 Norwegian, 1 Princess, 1 Carnival, 1 Holland America, and 2 Disney. This was probably my favorite cruise so far! We booked a balcony facing the boardwalk and wanted to choose a balcony facing the ocean. But because of the pricing we went with the boardwalk balcony. We didn't think we would really be able to see the ocean but we could actually see it quite clearly. We could also see some of the aqua show from the balcony which was cool as long with watching the zip liners, the festivals, and of course the belly flop competition. All of the food we had on board was outstanding! I recommend the Park Cafe in Central Park if you want great and healthy breakfast and lunch options. Our favorite was probably Izumi Asian Cuisine. The main Opus Dining Room was great as well. But overall, every restaurant was just fantastic! The shows on board were all great! Of all the other cruises we have taken Oasis had the best entertainment. The aqua show, headliners, hairspray, mosaic, and the ice show were all top notch. The Adventure Ocean Kids Club was great. My son had a fun time doing the cool activities they would do. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
Wow, what can I say? This is one amazing ship and at the end it has became my favorite cruise I have been on! We sailed during the cold wave that Florida so on the day we left is was very cold and raining. What that meant was once on the ... Read More
Wow, what can I say? This is one amazing ship and at the end it has became my favorite cruise I have been on! We sailed during the cold wave that Florida so on the day we left is was very cold and raining. What that meant was once on the ship we, like almost everyone else, wondered around the promenade and did not get to see the exterior public areas until later in the cruise. The promenade is like the Freedom class ships only wider and longer with the Rising Tide Bar at one end. Even full with people because of the weather it was crowded but not packed, we were able to get around and sight-see. We booked a Central Park view balcony room and here is my one major complaint on this ship. The cabins are smaller and in the case of the Central Park staterooms you have a view of the park which gets old after a day and across the way are other cabins. Beware you don't have privacy on your balcony and be sure to draw your drapes because everyone across from you can see into your room! We always book ocean views but because it was Oasis tried something new for a change but it was a mistake and would never do again. My wife likes the Freedom class ships better than Oasis because you don't get as much views of the ocean on the Oasis as you do on Freedom, etc. For instance at Chops, the steakhouse, which is in Central Park there is no views of the sea. What was a romantic dinner with a view of the ocean on Liberty becomes just another nice dinner in a decent steakhouse on Oasis. Also you don't have much view of the waterr from the sports deck. You have to go out of your way to enjoy a ocean view in the public areas. That said the Oasis is a amazing ship. Central park is pleasant to stroll through and Boardwalk is great. I have a eight year old son and we spent time on Boardwalk with the shops & attractions. When I was on the Liberty I was amazed at the ice show as it was the first time I had seen one on a ship and I wondered if anything would ever top it. The water show (Oasis of Dreams) on Oasis more than does that. It is unbelievable. I think it was my favorite moment of the cruise. Your in the middle of the Caribbean watching swimmers and high divers! Here's a tip: when they say splash zone they mean it; we went to the show on formal night at it was fun to watch men in tuxedos and women in gowns sit there in the zone and get soaked. The entertainment was first quality everywhere. "Hairspray" was as good as any road show of a Broadway show I've seen. We could have lived without the Abba tribute but the majority of the crowd seemed to enjoy it and the theater was packed. Here is another hint: If you go to the Aqua theater at night when there is no Oasis of Dreams show there is a not-publicized dancing water show! Another great use of the public areas on this amazing ship! We were lucky to have a table in the dinning room near the Captain's table and service was as good as on any cruise we've been on and the food was excellent. In fact we could have skipped Chops and just eaten in the dinning room every night! Overall the food was very good and tasty at every venue including the Windjammer which on other RCI ships we've been on has sometimes not been up to standard. The one exception was the Wipe-out grill, frankly is was pretty bad, skip it. This was Captain Bill Wright's last cruise as captain of the Oasis and we had to chance to meet him a number of times on board. He always took time to greet us and was very friendly. He's not as outgoing as Capt. Johnny on the Mariner (and I hear soon the Allure)but it was a real honor to meet him. I've heard Ken Rush has taken some hits on this board as cruise director. He was our director on the Mariner when it changed from Mexico to Pacific Northwest and handled that situation very well and was up to form here as well. We think he did an really excellent job at every show & venue we saw him at. The crew was professional and friendly. Our son goes to the Adventure Ocean and one of the crew there remembered our son from the Mariner in Oct! This is a great ship for kids as all RCI ships are. What we couldn't believe was that one of the waiters at Johnny Rockets (on the Boardwalk, again no ocean view)remembered us from being on the Liberty two years before! Being on the Oasis of the Seas was more than a cruise, it was an experience and one I will never forget. I'm trying to talk the family into the Allure but that shouldn't be too hard to do based on our time on the Oasis. It's a big ship but you never feel overwhelmed and your never bored. It became my favorite cruise ever. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
A long haul flight on a comfortable Delta flight from Gatwick to Atlanta was the beginning of a unique opportunity for our family to travel away together to spend quality time. Staying with friends in Atlanta first, then flying to Miami to ... Read More
A long haul flight on a comfortable Delta flight from Gatwick to Atlanta was the beginning of a unique opportunity for our family to travel away together to spend quality time. Staying with friends in Atlanta first, then flying to Miami to stay at the Hilton to experience some exciting fun time before travelling up the road to Ft Lauderdale all added to the excitement of anticipation. Entering the port, passports checked, and we were at the ship terminal. WOW! What a ship. We all just gasped as we took in the size! Interrupted by strong porters who took our bags we were directed to the check in doors. Security was a breeze as we had all our metal stuff in our carry-ons and straight into the "hall" Row upon row of agents all eagerly waited to greet us and issued our passes to us. On to the ship and we could not believe our eyes. We thought we had been directed to a giant shopping complex, not a ship. Taken to our cabins by smart staff, we unpacked and started to explore the ship. Having got lost a number of times and consulting the very informative interactive "maps" strategically place we eventually found our way around. It was sunset before we realised the ship was actually moving. On board we saw the sun setting between the twin rear bits at the back of the ship. Well ship is not the word, floating town more like. During our week we visited The Bahamas, U S V I, and St. Martin where we raced on America Cup class yachts. On board there was a zip line, kids pools, adult pools, jacuzzis, climbing walls, ice rink, roundabout and food - so much choice. A different place for each meal was the order of the week. Snacks were everywhere and ice-cream and soft drinks all included! We never say the children during the day. Such fun they had, they didn't want to go to bed. The service in the dining room was exemplary. Everything 5*. Staff throughout the ship always with a smile on their faces. The shows on stage were phenomenal. Far better than on any theatre stage we have ever experienced. When time came to leave, we discovered we had still not experienced nor seen it all, so we have had to book a return visit next year. Getting off the ship was a breeze. The ship took our bags from outside our room on the final night and we next saw them at baggage claim. How easy was that? The ship; Oasis of the Sea, is one ship that everyone would enjoy. It is almost a fantasy experience. One cannot believe all the great things that are there, and the cost? Well worth the money. There is so much to see and do, we still feel excited about our experience and tell all our friends in great detail with a card load of photographs to illustrate the story; most think we have started an agency to sell the holiday to them! Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
We, a Dutch family, went on the 9th voyage of the Oasis of the Seas. So everything was brand new. We were amazed by the size of the vessel. It looked more like a city. It wasn't difficult to find your way around the ship, because ... Read More
We, a Dutch family, went on the 9th voyage of the Oasis of the Seas. So everything was brand new. We were amazed by the size of the vessel. It looked more like a city. It wasn't difficult to find your way around the ship, because of all the interactive screens in the corridors, that had a navigation system. Even though there were over 5000 passengers on board, we didn't have the feeling that it was crowded anywhere. One item we didn't like was the design of the main restaurant. Because of the enormous capacity, the intimate atmosphere wasn't there. There were several "hidden" corners, from where there was no overview of the rest of the restaurant. All the extras like the Aqua theatre, Central Park, Boardwalk, large promenade were a real pro. Our balcony state room overlooked Central Park. We actually liked this type of cabin more than a Sea View Cabin, because it was really lively all day and evening. The Solarium Bistro restaurant was an excellent venue for us, because we like healthy food and there was a very relaxed atmosphere and beautiful furniture. The gym was much larger than on other ships. Also the Vitality Cafe was a very nice extra with healthy juices and very friendly staff. It was a great experience and we will definitely cruise with Oasis or Allure again in the near future. Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
We had booked this cruise over a year ago, and to be honest, I'm not a person that ever picks a cruise as a vacation option unless there is some serious itinerary in place - I get violently seasick, so I prefer land vacations... BUT - ... Read More
We had booked this cruise over a year ago, and to be honest, I'm not a person that ever picks a cruise as a vacation option unless there is some serious itinerary in place - I get violently seasick, so I prefer land vacations... BUT - we booked the Oasis because I wanted to see those trees growing in Central Park. I have never been as excited about going on a cruise, and I've actually been on some pretty good cruises... I had no interest in the ports, but I had extreme interest in the ship itself - and the ship did not disappoint! We went a couple days early because I was paranoid about potential weather problems (and boy, did I plan well this time). We went down on Thursday morning and spent a couple days in Delray. We also spent time in Ft Lauderdale (Johnny V's is one of my favorite restaurants). After seeing the weather that hit the mid-Atlantic this past week - we were SO lucky.... We had a rental car (Dollar), and they luckily had a return location located at the Port, so we picked up 2 of our group at their airport hotel (they came in Friday), dropped off the car at the return lot and got a shuttle directly to the ship terminal - so easy. We got there around 11:00 am, and walked right in, and right up to the check-in location. Everyone was so friendly, and so efficient. We were on the ship within about 10 minutes, and most of that was having photos taken. Once on the ship, we went directly to the Cupcake place to sign up for the decorating classes - I have no idea why that was so important to me, but it was and we totally enjoyed that class. After signing up, we went to Giovanni's for lunch - it was quite good, and the wait staff was excellent. By 1:00, we were able to get into our staterooms. We had room 7196 - middle of the ship, larger balcony - really nice room. I had taken the extension cord, and had no trouble with getting everything plugged in. The bed was near the bathroom, and the room was quite nice - lots of storage room, and we had a lot of stuff. I normally read about 8-10 books on a cruise, and there were too many things to do on this ship, and I only got 3 books read (most of which were done on the flights to and from). To rate the experience, I think the ship was amazing, the service was amazing, the shows were amazing and the food was good. We ate in the MDR all but one evening (when we ate at Chops) and everything I had was quite good - it's just that compared to the other areas, it wasn't at the same awesome level - it was just quite good.... I also spent some time at the Spa - great experience there. I had 3 massages and 1 facial - all were excellent (you get a discount when you schedule in volume - and I am still a relaxed puddle). I had never been to a Johnny Rockets - but the food there was great, and the service was - as everywhere else - amazing. Some of our group had some problems, so we spent some time in the Infirmary (I hope none of you get to know this), and they were very helpful and kind. DO BE CAREFUL around the Flowriders with slick decks - there are caution signs out, and they are needed.... Be very careful going down the concrete stairs.... We only did 2 excursions - a 5 Star Island tour in St Thomas which was quite bad (if you get Ronald - I hope you have better luck), which we reported to the ship - as did everyone else on that tour and the Butterfly Farm/ Marigot tour in St Martin - which was wonderful. I've been to Nassau too many times to want to really spend time off the ship, so we just walked around there for about an hour, then came back and enjoyed the ship... My favorite coffee place was Mondo's on Deck 6. My favorite place on the ship was Central Park, my favorite show was the Ice show (although they were all wonderful) and the entire staff on the ship was my favorite - they must have picked the best across their fleet! Getting off the ship at the end of the cruise was unexpectedly easy and fast. We went to the waiting area, and were getting concerned because things weren't moving as quickly as we had thought. Our flight was at 11:25 (and I'm one of those that has to be at the airport 2 hours in advance), and when they called us at about 8:10, I was afraid we would get stuck in a crowd. Oasis has it's own Customs area - so from the time I walked out of the room until the time I stepped in a cab (this includes walking off the ship, finding our luggage and going through customs) - it was 5 minutes. Unbelieveable! I would definitely go on this cruise again and I really loved the ship. It beat every expectation I had. Definitely be sure to go to the session where the Captain and the top management is there for information and questions - SO interesting...... And then I got home to 3 and a half feet of snow...... and no one to fix me meals or coffee. I don't like the real world...... Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
Oasis is a unique ship, and there are many facets of it that might not be obvious even to long-time cruisers. Here are a few "secrets" to make your next cruise on her even better: - Keep in mind that this is really a floating ... Read More
Oasis is a unique ship, and there are many facets of it that might not be obvious even to long-time cruisers. Here are a few "secrets" to make your next cruise on her even better: - Keep in mind that this is really a floating resort and not a typical cruise ship. That means the focus can be on restaurants, events, stores and activities, and not on "typical" cruise activities such as hanging out at the buffet, watching a show in the theater every night after dinner, or watching the sea go by. - It is actually quite difficult to see the ocean unless you have an outside cabin. The gym, dining rooms, pools, Central Park, Promenade and even the Boardwalk have limited or no view of the sea. It is even difficult to see where you're going in the Solarium at the front of the ship, which is enclosed in glass, due to the immense width of the area. - The one place that does have the standard "out on deck" feel is a little hidden (and not on any of the ship's maps). If you go to the port side (left looking forward) hallway on deck 14 forward, there is a button that you push which opens a door that lets you access the deck that is found on top of the bridge. This is the best place to see the bow of the ship (with the helicopter pad) as well as both sides front and back. The best place to view the sea behind the ship is on deck 5 (home of the running track with its professional cushioned surface). - Keeping with the floating resort theme, think of Oasis as a Vegas hotel like the Venetian. There are times when there are a LOT of people around (4,000+ during a big event on the Promenade), and other times/places where you can be by yourself (Central Park during a rain storm). - As has been noted, there are many restaurants on board (24 to be exact), and many of them are a great replacement for the Windjammer. The most hard-to-find ones are the donut shop on the Boardwalk, the Solarium Bistro in the front of the ship, the Wipe Out Cafe on the Sports Deck on the back starboard side of the ship, the Vitality Cafe in the spa, and the Izumi Asian Restaurant on the port side of deck 16 aft (note that this restaurant is unusual for a ship due to the fact that each item - including Sushi - is priced separately, like you would find on land). - An on-board phone (Royal Connect) is available which will allow you to stay in touch with your group no matter where they are on the ship. This is a wireless smart phone that includes text messaging, schedule information, and so on. This may be a better choice than the more common walkie-talkies that families use due to the fact that there are only a few channels on a walkie-talkie and 6000 possible users of those channels. - For a huge ship with a lot of shopping, there is very little in the way of sundries. Make sure that you have all the drugs, sun screen and food you want before boarding the ship. - Sign waivers for the zip line, surfing and more as soon as possible at the Sports Shack on deck 16 aft before the lines get long. - Buy of copy of the "Live the Oasis" guide book. This has a lot of great information and trivia about the ship, and is used for an on-board game show of the same name. - The photo system uses an advanced facial recognition system in conjunction with a personal folder to hold your photos (a typical photo wall for all pictures would simply be too big). If you do find a photo of yourself on the wall, be sure to take it to the photo desk and have them scan its barcode and your seapass card to insure that the system can group your photos together. - Be aware that there are many shows that do not require reservations, including the "Welcome Aboard" show, the Promenade parades, 70's night (don't miss this!), etc. Make sure once you get on board that the reservations you made online don't conflict with a non-reservation show/event that you want to see. Existing reservations for shows can be changed via the TVs in your cabin, and for restaurants by phone or in person. - There are many great features that have been added to the ship to aid the blind, including braille and touch signs nearly everywhere, and braille signs attached to the backs of the stair rails (near the ends of each rail) that indicate the current floor. - One not-so-secret aspect is clear if you read the reviews, which is that Oasis has a few problems. There are several changes in the works to fix some of the bigger problems with the ship, including the bad location of the outlets in the regular rooms (on the floor under the desk), the very unpleasant soot coming out of the stacks that routinely requires that the surf machines and zip line be closed (causing some potentially unpleasant rebooking problems), and issues with the TV booking software. The Chief Engineer told me that they are hoping to fix these problems before the summer season. - Finally, there are currently 39 "Small Wonders" art installations around the ship. These are 3D pictures in Viewmasters, objects in magnifying telescopes, and objects mounted on the walls. Try and find all of them on your own (some of the locations are quite obscure), but if you can't, a list of their locations is available on request from the Parkside Gallery. Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
We are two males who could be described as young at heart. We were both very excited about going on this huge ship. I have cruised about 20 times and have been through some messy embarkations and departures. So knowing that this ship could ... Read More
We are two males who could be described as young at heart. We were both very excited about going on this huge ship. I have cruised about 20 times and have been through some messy embarkations and departures. So knowing that this ship could carry 5,400 people, we were prepared for the worst. We left home at 9 a.m., not wanting to get to the pier too early. We drove. It was about a 3 hour trip. We got through the gate in a few minutes. We could see the ship and were told that the parking was right next to it. Dropped off two bags. The porter asked if we were starboard or port and I couldn't remember. He said it didn't matter, he would look it up. We entered the parking area. I thought it would be a garage but it was just a big parking lot. We found a spot very close to the ship. By this time we learned that this voyage was filled to capacity. Each window in the check in area had a deck number and each deck had about 4 windows. We started walking to the window marked deck 14 and were stopped. The woman asked us which deck and we said 14. She said 14 was a little busy so we should go to deck 7 which could handle us quicker. Deck 7 took us immediately. The people in front of us were Chinese and I noticed that their passports read People's Republic of China. We stepped on the ship about 15 minutes later. It was the easiest embarkation I've experienced. We were able to find our cabin right away. I noticed that many of the passengers were Chinese. We heard no English. Other than Chinese we heard a language I couldn't figure out. It was Portuguese. The largest group was from Brazil and the second largest was China. Later I met a woman from Hong Kong who told me that it was a week long Chinese Holiday. Ditto for Brazil. Went to lunch at the Windjammer cafe. It was at full capacity but we found a table right away. The food tasted just ok but RCCL is not noted for it's cuisine. We went to our lifeboat drill which was held in the Aqua Theater and then joined our group for cocktails and off to dinner. The late seating. A table for 10 with a very entertaining waiter from the Dominican Republic. There was a first night show but I don't really remember it. A very active day and too many cocktails. But I do remember exploring the ship. It was fantastic. I realized that we were going to do a lot of walking. We were aft so getting to the dining room was just an elevator ride 11 decks down. The elevators were more than adequate. But getting from the dining room to the Opal Theater which was forward was a long, long walk which we had to do every night. I noticed that my key card said Diamond and there was an envelope for Diamond passengers on the dresser. We found that we had complimentary cocktails every night at Blaze disco which was all the way forward just outside of the Opal Theater. We also had a private dining room for breakfast. We liked the regular dining room better. The service was excellent in all of the dining rooms. We found the Solarium Bistro which was our favorite restaurant for lunch. Health food. And the Solarium deck was the best for sunbathing and swimming. Adults only. Two of the shows were fantastic. Frozen in Ice which we saw twice and Oasis of Dreams in the Aqua Theater, the swimming and diving show which we were able to see only once. For Frozen in Ice we sat in the front row on one of the aisles. That was one of the points where the skaters entered and left the ice. My traveling companion sat on the aisle and in both shows a beautiful girl skater from the show who was supposed to stand beside the chair until her cue to get back on the ice, sat in his lap. He does seem to have those kind of experiences. The shows in the Opal theater were less spectacular. One show, in the Royal Promenade, a tribute to the 60's. They had the Village people, several Michael Jacksons and I think I saw John Travolta doing his white dance in Saturday Night Fever. It was spectacular. Very fast paced. The dancers were great and all of it happening in the Royal Promenade, you could reach out and touch the performers. One of the Village people took off his shirt and everyone was counting his ab muscles. It ended with all of the performers marching into what looked like a lifeboat in the fountain which then raised up into the ceiling. I would have to give this cruise a very high rating. We opted to carrying off our own bags which meant that we could leave the ship between 6 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. To get off we just took the elevator to Deck 5 and were directed to the gangplank. We were off the ship in 10 minutes. We didn't take any shore excursions, staying on the Solarium deck using the hot tubs and swimming pool and the wonderful Solarium restaurant was a highlight of the trip. Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
On Feb. 16 we traveled from Norway to Fort Lauderdale for a 4 nights pre cruising stay at The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina. This hotel is close to the cruise port, and is a 4 star and rather expensive hotel. But still nice. Sat. Feb. 20 ... Read More
On Feb. 16 we traveled from Norway to Fort Lauderdale for a 4 nights pre cruising stay at The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina. This hotel is close to the cruise port, and is a 4 star and rather expensive hotel. But still nice. Sat. Feb. 20 we boarded Oasis of the Seas. A smooth boarding process, took no more than 10 minutes. Coming on board Oasis was mighty. A huge ship, but still easy to navigate on board. Being divided into neighborhoods it was easy to find your way around. We had "My time dining", which is situated at the Opus dining room on deck 5. The first evening we were in a 45 minutes line waiting for a table. What`s this, we wondered. Not a good start. But it improved. The next evening and so on only a short wait before seating. But anyway, next time I go for traditional dining. The food in the main restaurant were superb. No reason to pay any extras for eating elsewhere. Actually I have no complains about any food on board. It was excellent. Our stateroom, Crown suite 1710, what a stateroom!!!! Expensive, but worth every $ spent on it. This 2 floor stateroom had a 50 `flat screen tv with bose speakers. Had beautiful art on the walls, colors on carpets and furniture were right and gave a delightful impression of the stateroom. Entertainment on board also excellent. The show in the new aft atrium pool was spectacular. Dives from far above to this small pool, it was nerve breaking. Every show on board that I had the pleasure to see was fantastic. The crew on board provided good service. Oasis takes about 6000 passengers, and on a sunny day at sea it can be a bit crowded on deck. With that many people on board the Windjammer cafe seems to be a bit small. But there are several places to eat your lunch, which makes this matter a small problem. The ports we visited, St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau were all nice. But my number 1 issue with this cruise was to explore the ship. My conclusion is that Oasis of the Seas is up running. It`s a beautiful ship, lots of things to do, and the 7 days fly away. We were on cruise number 13, and I think some things will be improved during the next weeks, but it was almost perfect. Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
We've been home from our cruise for two weeks and I've finally had time to tell you my thoughts. I'll start from the begining, we stayed at the Sleep Inn in Dania, cheap stay, room for six $179.00 a night. Jay at the front ... Read More
We've been home from our cruise for two weeks and I've finally had time to tell you my thoughts. I'll start from the begining, we stayed at the Sleep Inn in Dania, cheap stay, room for six $179.00 a night. Jay at the front desk was outstanding, free breakfast was above average. Clean room and a pleasant stay over all. Free pick up at the airport and free ride to the cruise port a plus. There was a Publix across the street where we bought lunch meat and fixings for a cold lunch. Try the Boars head lunch meat at the deli, very delicious. Don &Vinny's in the strip mall across the street was OK, not great. Geting on the ship was the easiest we ever had, Porters at curbside are plenty and leave you at ease knowing you're leaving everything you have with them. On our cruise, there seemed to be many passengers from Europe and the far East. Maybe it was just me, but a recent review from another cruiser wasn't far off the point when they wrote that the rudeness of fellow passengers was noticeable. Weather it was geting off an elevator or standing in line at the buffet, I was constantly either shoved out of the way or cut in front of. Park cafe, great, except sometimes the roast beef was sometimes to rare. I don't understand why the custom salad bar serves cold salads on either warm or hot bowls? They work so hard putting the salad together and they serve it in a bowl that has just came out of the dish washer. Panini's were excellent! Bars on board: Schooner's was excelent, ask for Al. Bolero's, nice if you can get a bartender. We went two different nights and each night there was 2 bartenders serving 100-125 people. Boardwalk: Johny Rockets, not as good as other RC ships, do try the corndogs, absolutley fantastic. Shows: Do see Oasis of dreams, outstanding, the trampoline portion is fantastic. Casino: OK, I don't understand why there is just two bartenders serving both smoking and non smoking, I actually waited 20 minutes for a drink more than one time. Pool deck: I heard there was a "chair patrol" no where to be found on our cruise. Main dining room: food was good, service was great, we had Ian from Jamacia. This was really a pleasant surprise. Overall, a good cruise that I will hopefully go on again. Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
My wife I were first time cruisers and did not realize what we had gotten ourselves into when we booked the Oasis! The day after we booked the cruise there was a special on Good Morning America and I was blown away at how big and beautiful ... Read More
My wife I were first time cruisers and did not realize what we had gotten ourselves into when we booked the Oasis! The day after we booked the cruise there was a special on Good Morning America and I was blown away at how big and beautiful the ship was. We went into the cruise with the attitude that it would be our best vacation ever and it didn't disappoint us one bit. First of all being first time cruisers we made two major mistakes to start the vacation, first we booked a flight on the same day as the cruise and secondly we had a connecting flight. We are from Minnesota and flew from MSP to Atlanta and were to catch a connecting flight from Buffalo, NY. We were to arrive in Ft. Lauderdale at 1:00 pm and with the delay were scheduled to arrive at 2:40 pm. Luckily everything went smooth after that and we were on the ship by 3:20. Complaints about the Windjammer are unfounded. Yes, it is buffet food and is probably not up to the standards of a sit down restaurant but I went there probably six or seven times including breakfast, lunch and one dinner. As busy as it was most times we easily found seating each time. One tip to remember is that you can check your interactive TV and see how busy each restaurant is. We ate at Johnny Rockets for breakfast twice (complimentary) and is was good. As far as the bars we spent most of our time in either Schooner's or down on the promenade in front of the Atlas bar. It was a great place to just "People Watch". All the shows were great! I probably was least interested in Hairspray but all the rest I'd give 10's to. I am not sure why anyone needs a wake up call anymore. I used my cell phone alarm for the couple of times we needed to get up early. If you are scheduled to go on this ship please go into it with a positive attitude. I can't imagine paying 5k for a vacation and coming out of it with negative impressions. Like I said in the beginning - go into it like you are going to have the best time ever and it will! Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
We went on Freedom just after it launched, wanting to experience the biggest ship in the world and loved it, however, we then wanted to do the same with Oasis - and were absolutely blown away. Don't get me wrong Freedom class is ... Read More
We went on Freedom just after it launched, wanting to experience the biggest ship in the world and loved it, however, we then wanted to do the same with Oasis - and were absolutely blown away. Don't get me wrong Freedom class is amazing, but Oasis is just a different class all together and the choices for eating, entertainment, etc, is just fantastic! You really won't be disappointed and spoils you for other cruises... We loved having breakfast at the Central Park Cafe, lunches here were fab aswell - the menu options and choices were just unbelievable. Its lovely to be able to sit out in the park while at sea and really enjoyed this part of Oasis. The Wipeout cafe is great for lunch when at sea as you don't need venture far from the flowrider/ sports deck. The Boardwalk area is also lovely. It has the old favourites of Sorrento pizza and Promenade cafe - always good aswell! Promenade Cafe is great for an afternoon cuppa and cake!!! If anything, you must try the Cupcake decorating class, it was so much fun. 150 Central Park was also an amazing meal and highly recommended. I loved the fact that you could pre-book your shows before you cruised. I know this might not suit some people but I thought it was really good to get to see the shows when you wanted to and not miss out - although we did miss out on the Comedy Show because we didn't book and were a bit disappointed. The On Air Club was well located on the Promenade and we ended up here at the end of the evenings entertainment and was always good for a laugh. All the entertainment was fantastic - the ice show, aqua theatre, Hairspray, etc. Always a sure fire good night is the Promenade Party - the Cruise Director Richard Spacey was amazingly funny! I could keep going on and on about everything fantastic about Oasis because it is just huge and fabulous, but you must just book it and go experience it for yourself, you really won't be disappointed! Oh but last recommendation - do try out the zip slide - its brilliant and I screamed the whole way as I'm afraid of heights but was determined not to miss out on an experience like that!! Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
Oasis is a MUST DO experience!!! Add her to your Bucket List Tips: Before, During and After Okay...where to start?> This is our 4th RCCL cruise and definitely THE BEST so far! My wife and I were anxious to see this beautiful ship ... Read More
Oasis is a MUST DO experience!!! Add her to your Bucket List Tips: Before, During and After Okay...where to start?> This is our 4th RCCL cruise and definitely THE BEST so far! My wife and I were anxious to see this beautiful ship prior to our cruise so while visiting family in Palm Beach Gardens we drove to Ft. Lauderdale and took some pictures. They didn't do justice - you MUST experience the gorgeous ship in person! {TIP:}I found a great website; www.MortgageMobile.com -800-433-8602 and coordinated sail away photos with Lou Gnandt the gracious owner of the business. We called him as we were leaving the port and he took some unbelievable and most memorable pictures as we set sail on our 7 day journey into the open seas! We usually book a day prior and day after the cruise to settle in and decompress accordingly for our cruising experience so (TIP:) we stayed at the Hyatt Pier 66 which has awesome views of the port where we took pictures and videos of the ships coming in and leaving. The staff at the Hyatt are awesome; from reservations, front desk (Lesilie and Louis, Bellman (Bobby, Paul, etc. to our room attendant "Francine". No airport or port shuttle offered but they do have a free beach shuttle and if you're as kind to them as they are to you I bet you can manage some extra perks if you ask! We took a private taxi/van which was arranged by Paul the bellman to beat the 300+ group that had buses lined up ahead of us so this was well worth a few extra dollars to us as we were so excited to get there in the 1st place! {TIP:} Make as many reservations as you can online at www.rccl.com for restaurants, private flow rider lessons, shows and sign all your waivers and order your own luggage tags prior to your cruise date - as early as possible! Emarkment is a breeze! {TIP:} If you dare to bring your own booze aboard (which is highly policed) use liter pop bottles. RCCL owes me my bottle of vodka back - hehe - You will board Deck 5 into the Royal Promanade...the WOW factor hits you...as you've read in reviews prior. {TIP:)I suggest signing up for the Zip Lining and FlowRiders as soon as you get on the ship..Go to Deck 16 AFT. A staff memeber told me that you can wait until Friday and stand in line and most likely will get a turn if you don't sign up. We did Rock Climbing, FlowRider {TIP}:(my wife had a private lesson which we booked online prior to cruising!)which were all incredible. {TIP:} don't be hungover when you do these activities on the ship as you won't enjoy them as much...if at all..or if you can even get up the rock climbing wall - Ha! I tend to party hard the first few days, get as much sun as possible then I slow down immensely toward the tail end of the cruise...so...{TIP:} do everything in moderation so you can maximize your time aboard and in the ports. I struggled to do the things we planned in St. Thomas as I had partied hard the few days prior - YIKES...not recommended. Since we'd been to St. Thomas 3x's before wasn't such a disappointment but still - MODERATION if you want to have the best time possible. {TIP:} We explored the ship prior to setting sail which worked out really well and afforded us a good command of where things were as we enjoyed each day on the ship. (TIP:} Definitley go to Deck 14, foward/port and locate the deck area where you can look out each side of the ship, front heliport area for the best views possible. {TIP:} We stayed in the BEST CABIN (we feel) on Deck 11 AFT overlooking the Boardwalk and Aquatheater. #11329 was PERFECT!!! We overlooked the ocean, got sunshine and we were up high enough so we didn't experience too much crowd noise from the Boardwalk activity. Plus, we could view all the Aquatheater shows and activities from the comfort of our private balcony. {TIP:} Decks 11 & 12 AFT have their own private lounge decks available which it seemed very few knew about the entire time were were sailing. We were able to have great pictures of our sail away ALONE taken by Lou at mortgagemobile.com, suntan during the daytime, enjoy Aquatheater activities and simply relax at night overlooking the vast open seas...Defintely your OWN slice of serenity there! Bless those in the Aquatheater suites because we had the same deck space for FREE! {TIP:} Check your Daily Cruise Compass the night before and highlight the things you want to do. If you think you can wing it you'll get caught up doing something else and risk missing things you really wanted to do {TIP:} See as many shows as possible. The enterainment is really great aboard the ship. Book HairSpray as early as possible into the cruise as my wife told me the main cast got off in St. Martin and there were no more shows afterward. {TIP:} Get a good spot for the parades and events that happen on the Royal Promanade - I suggest the piano bar lounge - Schooner Bar in the really comfortable seats overlooking the Royal Prom. but you have to get there early as there are people that just sit there all night long not doing anything and hogging the good seats. {TIP:} Regardless of the time you get to any pool to "save a chair" you cannot leave it open for more than 30 mins or the Deck Patrol will take your belongings off to allow others access to the chairs. P. Jules was awesome in accommodating my wife, myself and a few friends -= he's the BEST! We don't go on cruises to EAT or judge quality much rather experience all that is available. I will say that there are so many venues to eat at that the staff in the OPUS (main) dining room probably lost out on alot of money/tips because I know we ate at the Solarium for dinner - (Great), 150 Central Park (7 course experience, awesome!!!), IZUMI (Japanese cuisne, sushi) very good, Johnny Rockets and Seafood Shack - Very good and don't forget the Wipeout Cafe for chips, burger type snacks after port and ice cream if you want to enjoy that too. Opus dining food quality was below average if I was to rate it though. The servers are really great and really deserve a round of applause for enduring such schedule changes and absences at any time. PORTS: St. Thomas - you'll be coming into Crown Bay. We found a taxi that took us to the spots that we wanted to go to for $25/pp - My wife and I were married at BlueBeard's Castle so we always go there and take a few pictures at the spot were were married at. Then onto Coki Beach for snorkeling, shopping d/t and a tour of the island/ past Megan's Bay for great scenic pictures of the islands around St. Thomas then back to the ship by 3'ish. St. Martin: We rented a taxi from the port and got THE BEST tour guide. I don't have her card right now as we just got home last night but if you're interested in more information, pictures, comments feel free to write me at mrvago@comcast.net. {TIP:} Time Zone is 1 hour ahead of ship time so book with this in mind - and stick to the ship time and coordinate being smart. We went to MAHO BEACH - {TIP:} You may think it's FUN to stand behind the jetliners as the take off but I can assure you it's PAINFUL. I have videos to prove it. I swear I had sand in my lungs for a few days after I did and the intensity of the sand being blown against your skin truly is a feeling to be avoided! I hung onto the fence for one take off and was pelted by a small rock that felt like it cracked my skull..so Watch from the sidelines and don't be cool like I thoughtI would be to experience it firsthand! Bahamas: We walked around, shopped, walked some more to the public beach then back...walking...and walking...took some pictures and walked some more. Most people we talked to who went by water taxi to Atlantis thought it was spectacular but in my opinion I'm not paying $60-$100 to be told I can't sightsee the beach areas of the resort or whatever - so it's up to you. {TIP:} RESEARCH, READ REVIEWS and RESEARCH some more so you'll really be able to relax with confidence you know what you're doing, where you're going, etc. Ya' know the basic TO DO's and the DO NOT's. My two pennies: This ship is amazing. You nave to experience her for yourself. Yes...I did overindulge alot but I weighed myself this morning and I didn't gain a pound which seemed like I did but I guess the intense sun does tend to 'expand' things which is evident in some of the shot of my on the beach - OUCH - truth hurts!!! (oh..and so does being sand blasted with a sunburn) ENJOY and don't hesitite to get out there. The Oasis of the Seas is INCREDIBLE> and I do want to close with one last comment on the staff: We had the best time on the Oasis of the Seas because of the staff. They were pleasant, had sincere smiles, were quick to assist with answering questions or helping in anyway while aboard the ship. Very knowledgeable staff. Quick shout outs to P JULES: Beach Pool Attendant - AMAZING service! Ciao for now! ENJOY when it's your turn...Get on out there!!! Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
7 day Oasis, departing 3/13/2010 Group: myself, wife (ages 41), 2 daughters ages 13, 10. Residence: Houston, Texas Cruise: 4th —all with RCI. Priors: Voyageur of the Seas Western Caribbean 2008, 2009 out of Galveston, TX, and ... Read More
7 day Oasis, departing 3/13/2010 Group: myself, wife (ages 41), 2 daughters ages 13, 10. Residence: Houston, Texas Cruise: 4th —all with RCI. Priors: Voyageur of the Seas Western Caribbean 2008, 2009 out of Galveston, TX, and Sovereign of the Seas 1994 out of Ft Lauderdale. I will write this review from the point of view of assuming you have chosen to book an Oasis cruise and want to learn about other cruisers' experiences and downstream decision making. Thus, in short, I recommend the cruise, so here is how we planned ours. Departure. We flew IAH-FLL the night before as it is Spring break and the planes will be full with limited options for any problems with flights. We stayed at the Embassy Suites ($15 cab ride) using points, but would have been $220 or so for the night—breakfast included. Cab from the airport to the cruise terminal was $10. There is a CVS pharmacy down the street and several banks for last minutes items, and cash. From the curb to the ship really is 15-20 min as others have written. Day 1. The ship is big, new, fancy, and fun to explore. We had an outside balcony standard, and an interior standard for the kids across the hall. We immediately got in line on the Sports deck—took 1.5 hours—to sign up for Flowrider lessons and a zip line appt. I recommend the private Flowrider deal—its $60/person for a group of 8, and I think you can sign up on line and save time. Definitely book all of your entertainment shows on line in advance. Specialty restaurants also. We had lunch at Winjammer—same as all RCI ships. We did our 4:15 muster drill, 6pm main dining room seating, and later saw the Hairspray musical. Days 2-3 at Sea. This is great time for roaming the ship, enjoying the pools, going for a work out, trying the various unique features. For example, there is a free restaurant in Central Park—great for breakfast and lunch. The gym is ok but not forward facing as on Voyageur class. The Spa is a huge money grab pit—but aren't they all? The steam/sauna rooms are also now a surcharge service. On the 5th floor there is a jog track that wraps all the way around the ship—no shuffle board however. Another out of the way place is the 14th deck forward—you approach through the stateroom hallways portside and there is a doorway leading you to a forward deck and two winged balconies that extend to the sides so you can see the profile of the ship. In the same manner, there are hot-tubs extended over the sides forward port and starboard. The pool decking gets busy but there is room. The Solarium is very competitive for chairs—even more competitive are the forward facing cabanas. The Bistro restaurant in the Solarium serves eclectic health food. The boardwalk is fun for the kids. We passed on Johnny Rockets due to past experiences (why are we paying more for hamburgers?). The Seafood shack looks ok but not much different than the free food options (9$ for fish and chips?). The aqua theater is amazing—plain and simple. Day 4. St. Thomas. We opted to rent a car to explore on our own. To pull this off, you really need to buy a guide book—we used the Fodor's guide to Caribbean Ports of Call. This turned out to be more complicated than planned as the ship lands in the Crown Bay part of the marina, but Avis is located at the opposite end so we had to cab over there. We drove to Magan's bay beach—$14 or so for entry and parking. They have facilities, and a basic restaurant/bar under a paviollion. This is a great beach day, and it costs < half that of an RCI paid tour. Our car was $60 for the day—you have to drive on the left! Then we drove on the scenic overlook highways and had a look at Coki beach area. Next, we toured the downtown for some shopping—parking here is a problem, however. A Taxi driver nearly hit my daughter when trying to get into the car and then gave us a dirty look when we yelled at her to stop. I gave her quite the tongue lashing she deserved and she yelled right back like we were in NYC. Since it was complicated getting the car, we decided to head back at this point. Overall, this was our least favorite island. The beach was nice, but the island is mostly run-down looking (similar to Montego Bay Jamaica) and the rude taxi driver left a negative impression. Shopping was standard for a Caribbean island, but would rank Cozumel, and Cayman Islands way ahead. Day 5: St. Marten. Again, we rented a car for $60. This worked beautifully—10 mi walk from the pier in Philipsburg. This island is much prettier. We drove to the Butterfly farm for a tour, then lunch at a French Bistro on Grand Case Beach (French side)—Restaurant du Soleil. The butterfly farm is a nice alternative if you have had enough sunburn by this point. Certainly there are a lot of expensive adventure tours through RCI. Next, we circled the rest of the island and then parked to shop in downtown Philipsburg. It's a shorter day—due on ship by 4pm or so. Day 6: at sea—more of same options. By this point we were getting good at flow-riding so spending a lot of time doing this. We ate at Chops Grill—recommend. Day 7: half a day in Nassau. The weather was a lot cooler now but sunny—so not a good beach day. We walked/shopped downtown and then walked our way over to the Astradia Zoo—very nice. The have a unique parade of trained Caribbean flamingo's and other assorted wildlife—it's good for 2-3 hours. Then we took a taxi back for a little shopping then back onboard. Return: We opted for the RCI tour of the Everglades. The attraction was that we had a late 6pm flight so needed an activity and this one drops you off at the airport. Its about a $50/person tour. It's average at best. There is a lot of waiting on the bus and waiting to get on the fanboat—all for a 45 min ride that costs $22.50 retail. Then there is an alligator show, and back to the airport—no food included. I don't recommend this—better off doing things yourself. Final critiques: Pro: flowriders, overall service, dining room (appetizer/entrees), whirlpools, gym, crowd control not a problem, new ship/amazing designs, artwork, comedy show, water show, Hairspray, Ice show, Teen lounge/activities, Sorento's Pizza, photo service (well done, pricy), soda package (great deal for kids; adults should probably avoid the calories) Mixed review: Cruise director Richard Spacey: manic, energetic, but sometimes corny and unoriginal. Others: Windjammer, Zip line (free, but lasts < 10 seconds), Viking lounge—de-emphasized due to loft suite areas. Con: Instate computers filled with flaws, dining room deserts (universally poor on all RCI cruises), show Come Fly With Me, RCI tours 50-100% markup, $20 charge for losing a pool towel. Did not use: Dazzles night club (looks great but we don't stay up late), Adventure Ocean (our 10 year old wouldn't go, Spa (too pricey), Specialty Dining (other than Chops Grille which was great), on board shopping (maybe the Tag Heuer and booze prices are great but not my thing). Miscellaneous issue: the ship is so big it does present new problems. If you lose track of kids its hard to find them so need a clear plan of the day or 2-way radios. Consider a day bag to go to the pool with as its a long walk back in most cases. Would we repeat? Yes, but not for a while. Next up for us is Alaska for Aug 2010 (Radiance), and on this cruise, we opted to book a 2011 cruise on the Brilliance for the 12 night Med/Greek Isle tour—for Crown and Anchor members you get $200/stateroom credit and 2 cruise credits for doing this on the ship through their loyalty program. Prices paid: approx. $1500/person avg base rate x 4, airfare (IAH-FLL $365—2 with miles), $1300 onboard (7 bottle wine, flowrider lessons, everglades tour, photos, a few bar tabs), plus another 200-300 Island activities, car, etc. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
Tenth cruise. RCCL, Princess, Holland-America. All wonderful. Travel to and from was good. Busses proviced transportation to the Miami airport. Previously the Miami airport was in tne midst of additional construction and with all the ... Read More
Tenth cruise. RCCL, Princess, Holland-America. All wonderful. Travel to and from was good. Busses proviced transportation to the Miami airport. Previously the Miami airport was in tne midst of additional construction and with all the folks from cruise ships, it was a madhouse. Now, the construction is done and it was easy. Stayed at Bahia Mar in Ft. Lauderdale the day before sailing. Found the Pier 66 hotel folks mentioned, looks like a better bet with great view of the harbor. My reason for this cruise was to see this huge, technically advanced ship with all the ballyhooed features. Mission accomplished. Truly a marvel. As advertised, embarkation was a breeze, the 15 minute target was met. Disembarkation also a breeze. The cabin flat screen TVs are also good for finding out activities currently offered, what eating venues are busy or not, your shipboard account, Internet, and the bridge camera. Regular channel reception could be spotty occasionally. Without exception, the staff was friendly and helpful. We chose "My Time" dining, but got to the dining room at the same time each evening, got the same table, and the same wait staff. Just like assigned seating. Really liked the guys and had a great time with them. Had several issues with shipboard charges, went to the guest services desk, and they were promptly resolved. We do have a small issue with RCCL for what we called the "nickel and diming" us with on board charges. Save your Internet time for ports of call. Ten cents a minute ashore versus $0.55/minute aboard. At Chops Grille, we were presented with choice of two kinds of bottled water, both pricey, only to discover later that we could have had "tap" water out of a pitcher, as in the dining room. That was one of the charges that got removed from our account. On the other hand, the meat at Chops was about the best we ever had. Wine by the glass is quite pricey also, about twice what we would pay at a good restaurant at home. Ports of call were all places we've been to before, shore excursions about the same. At St. Thomas, the ship docks at Crown Bay, where the shopping area has been completed, and is quite nice. Still a cab ride into town. No tendering at any port. Entertainment was quite good at all the shows we attended. Well worth booking. Glad we did it. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
Our winter retreat began with an overnight stay in Ft. Lauderdale at the Hilton Marina. The view of the harbor was spectacular...the hotel beautiful. We ate at the China Grill..it was awesome. The staff was phenomenal (as well as the ... Read More
Our winter retreat began with an overnight stay in Ft. Lauderdale at the Hilton Marina. The view of the harbor was spectacular...the hotel beautiful. We ate at the China Grill..it was awesome. The staff was phenomenal (as well as the food)...we were celebrating my birthday and they truly made it special. Our bell man suggested we get up early in the a.m. to watch the Oasis pull in to port. I am so glad he let us in on the tip...it was wonderful. Our excitement for the ship was already immense but grew even further from that point. We sat on the balcony of our room, and enjoyed the view... Boarding the Oasis was truly a breeze. One step on the ship and you're in awe. We were greeted with Pina Coladas...Get the party started!!! We wandered around for a few hours to get the feel of the ship. It is very easy to navigate...so many things to see and do...I doubt we got to see it all even over a week's time... One of my favorite places on the ship was the Solarium sundeck in the clamshell. I think most people tried to get this hot spot daily. We managed to spend half a day at sea in one...very romantic and relaxing. The last evening, we were the only two people in one of the solarium hot tubs. Not bad for having over 5,000 passengers on board. The shows...top of the line. Cruise ship entertainers...first class. Our wait staff in the Opus Dining Room...attentive, informative, and friendly. Our cabin was always cleaned and tidied each time we ventured about. We enjoyed every piece of our ocean adventure. How could anyone have complaints???? We never felt crowded on the ship...the flow rider line moved quickly, we booked zip line times the first night without a problem. Rock climbing walls were available with little wait. The fitness center was state of the art...the walking track was utilized by many. Too many compliments?...Oasis is well deserving. Undoubtedly, the seven days came and went in a flash. Would we do it again??....Definitely. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
This ship was amazing! I sailed with a group of 42 people March 13-20, 2010. My companion has never cruised before, and I don't see how he could ever cruise on a smaller ship. It was spring break for Canada and there were almost ... Read More
This ship was amazing! I sailed with a group of 42 people March 13-20, 2010. My companion has never cruised before, and I don't see how he could ever cruise on a smaller ship. It was spring break for Canada and there were almost 6,100 people on the ship, which was the largest occupancy of the ship to date. You never felt the crowds at all on the ship, although toward the end of the cruise, the teenagers were becoming quite bold and rude. Looking back, I should have complained to management. There is a curfew for kids under 18 (1 a.m.!), but I frequently saw kids out and about at all hours. I think the management should have policed this and all the underage drinking better. Kids were running down our hallway at 3 a.m. Embarkation was a breeze. Plenty of open windows to check in, no lines at the metal detectors. It was crowded on the Royal Promenade when we first entered, but it was the only crowd that we encountered. There is a lot to do on the ship. I recommend perusing the Cruise Compass and planning the day ahead of time to make sure you fit in what you want to do. I wanted to go ice skating but never found the time. I waited too long to sign up for the zip line, so had a port day, but it was in the morning prior to arriving in the Bahamas, so it was not bad. The shows were all great. I liked Hairspray the best, and also the part of the ice show where they had a sand artist drawing interpretations of scenes from Thumbelina. I did not like Earl Turner as much (the Headliner show), but that could be because of my age. He is more of a Vegas-style entertainer who sings songs from the 60's. The older people I was with loved him. The comedians were very funny. The food was okay. I did not like the food in the Windjammer, so I did not eat there much. Also, the setup of the buffet tables was not conducive to being able to get food, and it was crowded. I did like the onboard computers that told you the capacity of various restaurants throughout the ship. Do not miss out on the paninis and roast beef sandwiches at Park Cafe. The pizza was also very good. I paid for two cupcakes (root beer and red velvet). The red velvet cupcake was delicious. The root beer....not so much. For activities, I highly recommend the Quest. It was so much fun. I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard. I enjoyed the Michael Jackson dance lessons as well. The stateroom was nice. We had a balcony and I will never again cruise with anything less. We slept with the door open and it was nice to hear and smell the ocean. This boat moved a lot. I was ill the first night and had to have Dramamine every night. I don't know if we had especially rough seas, or if the boat is always like this. For the most part, the staff was friendly, outgoing and very attentive, especially our waiter Arnie. I did encounter one rude staff when I did the zip line. I am very short and had a hard time reaching the floor when I ended my ride. The staff snapped at me, "What's wrong with you? Stand up!". It was so rude that I had to report it to Guest Services. What's wrong with me? I'm short! Instead of yelling at me, try helping me to get my feet under me. Our stateroom attendant was awesome. She did a great job and made a point to always smile, say hi and call me by my name when I encountered her in the hall. The ports were good. I went to Magen's Bay and Orient Beach. I did not do the excursions and saved a lot of money by just hailing a cab when I left the ship. I got some jewelry bargains in St. Thomas. Our waiter advised us to ship in St. Maarten (more than once). I wonder if he was paid to say that? I'm glad I didn't listen to him and did my shopping in St. Thomas. Some cons about the cruise: All the nickel and diming that is done, the TV schedule was all messed up and we could never tell when our shows were booked, the entrance to the dining room was right across from the casino and there was always a heavy smell of smoke while waiting to get into the dining room, Johnny Rockets (they got my breakfast order very wrong), wake calls never came or came in at the wrong time. It's a good thing I set the cell phone alarm on the last day, because the wake up call I set never came. There were kids in the Solarium and teens (many young ones) running around unsupervised by parents, the food at the Windjammer. Also, the nightclub was reserved one night for kids under 18 until 1 a.m. At 1, the club extended the time to 2. How was this possible when the kids had a 1 a.m. curfew? What are 12 year olds doing up without parents until 2 a.m.? Pros about the ship: clean and new, lots of interesting artwork (look for the bronze binoculars and take a peek inside), Live the Oasis tour and book, most of the food (especially at the Park Cafe), the shows, the service, lots of activities, the balcony room, the pools, Central Park, Embarking and debarking, the zip line and the cupcakes. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
This is my first time cruise and was not into cruising until I found out about Oasis of the Seas. I spent so much time watching it being built and following her crossing to Ft. Lauderdale. I went on 3/20/10 with my friend and we had lots ... Read More
This is my first time cruise and was not into cruising until I found out about Oasis of the Seas. I spent so much time watching it being built and following her crossing to Ft. Lauderdale. I went on 3/20/10 with my friend and we had lots of fun! The ship is beautiful and looks way better then the renderings in the brochure! From the car to the ship was in 10 minutes, I was really shocked that it happened. There was a total of 5,800+ people on board and it never felt like it! That was one thing I was really nervous about since I never cruised before. The only time it was busy was when a show was let out or the parade was going on, other then that it never felt crowded. The ship is very easy to get around, they have wayfinders to help you find your room or what's going on around the ship. Our room was a balcony room on deck 11, it was perfect in size, I read a lot of people on here saying its too small and not enough closet space. My friend and I fit all of our clothes in the closet. There were enough hangers to hang our shirts (about 20) and the little cubbies held my shorts, socks, and other items. The beds were by the balcony and was happy to have the couch by the closet to make it easier to get in. The closet doors have a "self close" function when you shut them which was neat. The bathroom was roomy for me, the shower was fine and the water can get really hot! There was a mini fridge but it was stocked with candy, soda and water that they will charge you if you take it, $3.95 for a bottle water?! go and get free water from the park cafe! Carl was our state room attendant and he was great! There was an animal towel on our beds every night and always a chocolate on our pillows. Our room was always taken care of right away and very quickly. He always had a smile on his face and always said hello and asked us how we were, asked if we needed anything as well. Thank you Carl, you were great! The food was good, I heard a lot of people complaining about it but we both like it a lot. I was expected to hate the windjammer but was surprised that it taste good, had no problems at all, even ate their for dinner one night! The cupcakes were very good and so were the donuts! The key lime one was really tangy but yummy. I didn't have the ice cream since they were basic flavors and nothing different (no cookies and cream, chocolate chip cookie dough) just plain with topping (which were extra), so I had the free ice cream at the wipeout cafe. The food there was good too, my friend loved the nachos. Pizza was good and Johnny Rockets was yummy, their onion rings were to die for. The main dining room was good, only ate there two night since there was so many other venues to choose from. But the service in the main dining room was outstanding! Every little detail was there to make you feel like our the only customer! Park Cafe was good, the lemonade was strong, but I like it that way. My friend had to water it down a little. The cupcakes were very good, I got a chocolate lovers and a coke-a-cola, the coke one was different, but I ate it all up. There was a lot to do on the ship, we were never bored. We liked the trivia games in the schooner bar with Peter. He was a blast! We did the stargazing one night and were on the helipad which was cool since your not aloud on there. We got to see the International Space Station fly by, The guy said that it was very rare to see and we were very lucky to witness that! We did a central park tour and was informative. Richard Spacey, our cruise director was awesome, he was super funny and very energetic! The comedy club was great, there were two performers. One was funny and the other had me belly laughing! My friend played the casino three nights and won twice, the slots really didn't pay off. Central Park was beautiful I really liked it a lot, it was very peaceful at night and pretty. The boardwalk was cool and so was the amphitheatre. The solarium was really relaxing and a great place to get away. I like the deck on top of the bridge, it was a great view. The elevators were sometimes slow but not a big deal, if I was a few decks away I would take the stairs so it was no problem. We went on the rising tide bar and it was fun, the water fountains on the bottom were really nice and was really cool to watch. The shows were awesome! I didn't see Hairspray because I'm not into musicals and I didn't get to see the Headliner show. But the rest were great! I loved the aquatheater water shows, they were fun to watch. We didn't use the fitness center, why work out when your on vacation? They played movies in the aquatheater when nothing was going on which was nice for the kids. We watch the belly flop contest and it was fun to see. Also saw the sexy legs contest which was funny! I noticed the cleanliness was very good, there were always people cleaning something and when it came to the pools, they were always a team at dinner time cleaning every little spec! Now to the ports. Our first stop was St. Thomas, when you got off the ship it was really beautiful until you head downtown. The whole area was run down, I saw two police officers holding AK-47s, when I saw that I was really nervous. The taxi driver tried to drop all of us down some lonely ally and a lady said she wanted to be dropped off at the post office and he said no, so everyone on the taxi was trying to bribe him into taking us there. Finally when he saw we weren't getting off, he compiled. The downtown was really bad, people all over and cars honking at anything that moved. Free roaming chickens everywhere and bunch of crazy people talking to themselves. We spent 30min shopping and had enough and went back to the ship for lunch. After lunch we wanting to go to Havensight for the paradise point skyride. The man at the taxi port told us what taxi to get on to take us there. We both asked just to be sure if that's where the taxi was heading to, he said yes. We got on and the taxi driver pulled off the side to collect the money. As he came to us we asked again just to make sure if he was going to Havensight. We asked and he just starting yelling like crazy, we both told him that the guy at the port told us that YOU were going to go to Havensight. He was really rude and told us that we had to catch another taxi (another $8.00) to get there. By that time I was pissed and ready to tell him off and to get my money back and catch a different taxi but my friend just told me to calm down and it was no big deal. Fast forward... we got to the skyride and it was ok, $21.00 per person to ride up a mountain to arrive at a non a/c restaurant with flys and humidity. Though the view was beautiful, so it was worth it for the view. On the way back we got a taxi heading back to the ship and what happened next makes me never want to go to St. Thomas again... as we were in downtown trying to get back to the ship the taxi driver stopped for this guy, which it seemed to be someone he knew and he told him to get in the car. Now the cab is separated from the rest of the back (A pickup truck with benches in the back). I then saw him take out a wad full of money, a lot of $50s and $20s and handed it to the guy in the front seat, then the guy gave him some bottles. My friend told me it was shampoo bottles and I know shampoo does not cost THAT much! I really think I have just witness a drug deal and felt really unsafe, I was hoping he really was going to take us back to the ship and not rob us! Right when we got back on the ship I felt safe and did not want to go back out again. Next stop St. Maarten. We got up early and watch the ship pull into port, I was still wondering if it was going to be as bad as St. Thomas but I tried to think positive. We paid $6.00 each for a water taxi to get to the downtown area, it was a good price and you can ride it all day. When we got there it was really nice, my favorite out of all the ports. Less crowded and more cleaner looking. The water was gorgeous and the people were more friendly, but we did run into someone really rude...we were walking down the street and my friend was taking pictures, well this guy comes out of a shop and says "please don't take my picture, I don't want to be in your picture". We thought he was joking and we both laughed and my friend said "nooo don't worry I wont" then the guy says "If you take my picture I'll mash your F****** camera!!!!" My friend and I both got real quiet and turned right around and headed back to the ship. We tried not to let it get to us since we were on vacation. Anyway we decided to go back out and head to the beach, it was nice, water was warm and it was very hot out, but hey, it's better then the cold! So St. Maarten was better then St. Thomas. Last port was Nassau, in our cruise compass we got the night before it said to be careful in Nassau because of the increase in crime rate, now I'm thinking "oh great St. Thomas all over again". We got their 50min early thanks to out captain and there were 4 other ships in port, carnival destiny, disney wonder, carinval sensation and the msc poesia. And man let me tell you we over looked all of the ships! It was so cool to see everyone stair at us and taking pictures. As we were pulling in, the cruise director from the Carnival Destiny went over the loud speaker and announce "There's the worlds biggest cruise ship everyone, I'm not impressed". I was laughing so hard because I know he's jealous that he can't work on Oasis. We got off the ship and had to maze our way through the crowd to get to the city. There were cars everywhere and it was very polluted and you couldn't breath, plus some parts smelled like urine. Once again people everywhere and there trying to sell you something. We wanted to go to the Queens Staircase which was a couple of blocks away, so we decided to walk there. Once you get to the back roads it gets quiet and lonely and we some some not so friendly looking groups in the distance, so we decided just to forget it and go back since there was nothing else to do. So to sum it up we had a great time, I know if I was on any other cruise ship, I most likely would not want to cruise again. But on Oasis you'll never get bored. There were always activities to do. We booked another cruise on Oasis next year and are going on a western one. I want to check out Royal Caribbeans resort in Haiti. Royal Caribbean has a new customer and I wouldn't want to sail with anyone else. Thank you Royal Caribbean for a vacation I'll never forget!!!!!! :D Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
My husband and I just returned from the Oasis of the Seas Western Caribbean. We really had a wonderful time and the staff were very nice and helpful. The Oasis is a beautiful ship and has many things to do all the time. You can never get ... Read More
My husband and I just returned from the Oasis of the Seas Western Caribbean. We really had a wonderful time and the staff were very nice and helpful. The Oasis is a beautiful ship and has many things to do all the time. You can never get bored! I am sure that we did not get to see the entire ship. We did the My Time Dining and never had to wait more than just a couple of minutes. We will get to our two concerns in a moment. First, our Stateroom attendant "Carl" was fantastic (We were on the 11th deck). He went out of his way to help us and we needed additional assistance because of medical problems. He always had a smile on his face and took care of any requests that we had. Since we did "My Time Dining", we paid our tips ahead of time but we gave Carl additional because he was so great! Second, our Dining Room Waiter "Hemant" (we were in the 5th deck dining room). He was very personable and took a lot of time with us. He let us try different entrees and desserts and really made sure we were satisfied with our meals. His smile and interest in us made us feel "at home" all the time. We also gave him an additional tip. The food was exceptionally good and do not miss the "Izumi" restaurant. It is the best on the ship. Third, I had a "BALL" with Shopping Shelby and her husband. Shelby works so hard with all of us crazy shoppers and always had a smile on her face and laughter in her voice. I do not know how she does it and has so much energy to put up with some of us. Any question or assistance, she was ready and willing to do. This is only our second cruise and I just found out how much fun it really is to visit the stores and pick up "all the free stuff". Yes, everyone it really pays off the go to her seminars and find out how to get great goodies in the ports. We did that plus go on some of the greatest shore excursions! AND believe me, you can win some really beautiful jewelry! Shopping Shelby can tell you how and it is easy! Fourth, embarking and disembarking was very easy for us and we had great assistance with getting our luggage unloaded and even the attendant helped us to get our luggage to our vehicle and loaded. We had parked at the dock and even that was no problem. It was even cheaper than Port Canaveral. Fifth, the entertainment was fantastic! Richard, the Cruise Director is so creative and really made you laugh and have fun!! If you did not have fun, it was really your problem. The shows were all first rate! After I had heard all the negative statements about the Oasis, I had just about cancelled but I am glad that I did not. The main thing that I had heard was that the staff did not treat you well unless you were in a certain level of room and that was incorrect. The staff on the Oasis were very very nice and accommodating so please do not believe what you read on Facebook! That is one point that I really wanted everyone to know!!! Now the part I really do not like to speak about but I must be honest. The CONCERNS! First: We sailed on the Freedom last year with the same level of room (Ocean Balcony). The room on the Oasis was much smaller and not really comfortable. I know that you really are not in your room that much but when you are, it would be great not to feel so couped up. I also know that this is "mute" point because they cannot refit the ship but did want you to know that you should consider a Junior Suite if you are concerned with claustrophobia. I would also rather have paid a little more if they had kept the rooms the same size of the Freedom, and less people. Second: Speaking of less people ... The ship was booked and it really was too many people to enjoy all the areas on the ship. And some of the passengers were very "RUDE" but I can understand with the number of passengers and trying to get around just in general. Again, would rather have paid a litttle more and had less people. Getting into and out the ports was not great with so many people. Positive point for the ports is that they did provide courtesy transportation from the ship to the entrance to the ports. We will definitely only sail on Royal Caribbean but will go back to the Freedom class of ships. Even though we had concerns, no one can be happy with everything on any cruise and the time you spend anywhere is what "you" make it. Just keep a positive outlook and have a great time! I wish everyone the best of everything and always have joyous and happy travels!! Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
My wife , children ( 6 yr. old twin boys) and I just returned from our wonderful vacation aboard the Oasis.I will try to keep to subjects not duplicated in other reviews and simply second the opinions more thoroughly stated elsewhere. ... Read More
My wife , children ( 6 yr. old twin boys) and I just returned from our wonderful vacation aboard the Oasis.I will try to keep to subjects not duplicated in other reviews and simply second the opinions more thoroughly stated elsewhere. Embarkation - as painless as possible. Lunch before seeing cabin -- rec. Park Cafe -- roast beef sand. is awesome and not too crowded. Cabin -- Boardwalk balcony # 9307 -- smaller than typical cabin on other RCI ships ( this is our 8th cruise on RCI) but was fine for the four of us -- we were rarely in the room. Steward Anthony was great -- all our needs were anticipated and met. I am 6'2" and 200 lbs. and bathroom was fine -- however, if you are much taller or have weight issues you may want to consider larger accommodations.Some noise from Boardwalk readily blocked by closing balcony door, but I did miss my full ocean view -- will book ocean balc. on next visit. First impressions -- pictures and words do not do this ship justice -- you really need to see it to fully appreciate what RC has accomplished. One of the comics on board ( laughed a lot!) commented that Carnival can only say " well, we have a water-slide!" This is so true! RC truly is the most innovative and cutting-edge company out there and the took many risks with this vessel and hit a home run! The over-all design is brilliant, intuitive and well executed.Other cruise lines will be playing catch-up for a long time.The neighborhood concept works beautifully in that it breaks the ship into unique, intimate spaces. Crowd control is well done-- we rarely sensed that we shared the ship with 5800 other passengers. Overall, WOW. Food - Very good, comparable to other RC ships. Ate at 150 Central Park and had an exceptional meal. For $35 you get a $150 gourmet experience -- do not miss!! The boys loved the corn dogs and ice cream available at the boardwalk.Our waiter, Suraj, and his assistant, Zeh, went out of their way to attend to the needs of our sons and the three children of our friends Elaine and Alex.The boys were always anxious to get to Adventure Ocean and Suraj did all that he could to get them fed and on their way without making the adults feel rushed -- thank you! Btw, I strongly rec. that parents with young children use the My Time option as to best accommodate the dining needs of the kids. Casino -- biggest at sea, split into smoke and smoke-less, never felt crowded. For poker players -- they have three computer tables, with 1-2 or 2-5 hold'em games. The rake is BRUTAL -- 10% up to $15 -- game would be unplayable if not for the loose/aggressive/wealthy international maniacs on my cruise -- had a lot of fun with some very nice people and scored a modest profit despite the unreasonable rake. Shows -- saw every major show and loved every one -- best entertainment in our cruise experience. All were kid-friendly except the comics. Kid's program -- the staff and facilities at Adventure Ocean are exceptional in every way! The boy's were entertained and educated ( Science Lab!) every day and we were completely comfortable that they were safe and happy. Kudos to RC for the design and square footage devoted to their young guests -- they went that "extra mile" on this amazing ship. Note: please consider tipping the Adventure Ocean staff at the end of your cruise -- no special mention of this is in the RC literature but I think it is clearly appropriate and well-deserved. Older kids-- even " I hate everything" teens seemed well-entertained and content-- you can feel confident that children of all ages will enjoy this cruise and that you will have much time to indulge your own needs and pleasures. Pools - Four major pool areas, ample lounges , although children's area often crowded as we all tried to keep an eye on the kids. Also, the children's area was shut down 3 times due to fecal contamination and the pools drained and sanitized. This was a real pain in the .... however, I am at a loss as to what Royal can do about this. They are at the mercy of the judgment of each parent to anticipate the toilet needs of their children and obviously some do not pay enough attention -- please be considerate of your fellow passengers. Sports deck -- teens will live here, zip-line a thrill, Flow-Rider very popular. Gym -- enormous - bigger than yours at home and state-of-the-art equipped. We did not use Spa. De-embarkation-- this sad day was a piece of cake -- well done RC. Negative -- we had requested a large table in the dining room to accommodate our family and our friends. We were put at separate tables the first evening and when my wife complained she was met with some resistance by one of the head waiters. However, the situation was remedied by day 2 by a second head waiter( thank you Christian ! ) who admitted their error and arranged for us to tour the kitchen as a way of apologizing -- a reasonable and appreciated solution. Staff- I found that the staff and crew of the Oasis were consistently friendly, cordial, helpful and efficient -- they appear to be the all-stars of the RC family. I asked many of them about their living conditions on board and found that the extra effort made on the passengers behalf is duplicated to a certain extent down below-- this is a more comfortable ship to work and therefore results in a highly motivated staff-- it shows. Overall, we were thrilled with our cruise on the Oasis and have already made plans to sail on the Allure, hopefully dragging along a bunch of our friends and neighbors. Find out for yourselves ASAP! 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Sail Date March 2010
Although a bit skeptical due to over 6,000 passengers and what we thought would be droves of people everyone couldn't be farther from reality. This was our 40th cruise on RCCL. And as much as I hate to admit it, Bigger is Better. ... Read More
Although a bit skeptical due to over 6,000 passengers and what we thought would be droves of people everyone couldn't be farther from reality. This was our 40th cruise on RCCL. And as much as I hate to admit it, Bigger is Better. The ship is stunning, still having the new car smell. If you were to blindfold someone and put him in the middle of the promenade, they'd never guess they were on the world largest cruise ship. Its spacious and thoughtfully laid out. Enough elevators never to wait more than a minute. RCCL really did their homework not missing anything on this monster ship. The boarding and disembarkation was seamless and took literally minutes to get on and off. Our luggage showed up within a hour onboard. A huge benefit to Diamond Plus members is access to the Concierge lounge where you can cooked to order breakfast and lunches besides the normal cocktail hour in the evening. A must, if available is the Chef Table dinner. At $ 75 a head, its worth every penny. A private room with max 20 people with a sommelier, waiter and the Chef explaining everything you are eating and drinking. Fabulous Caymus Family Wine was included. A real treat. Izumi was ok ... the soup was very salty and its a Ala carte menu so for the 7 of us including wine and sake was almost $ 200. Giovanni's was a nicer Portofino .. however they actually have Italians working as waiters. For $ 15 pp, worth it. Central Park 150 was another fine dining experience. At $35 a head plus wine, not sure if I'd do that again. Seafood Shack was good as was Johnny Rockets.. worth the few extra dollars. The real find was the Solarium dining room for lunch, a lite fare with salads, wraps and Asian inspired food. I missed the dinner there .. for our next cruise. We ended up eating in the dining room only 3 times which was very good. Shows .. Hairspray - Great Aqua Show - Great Temptation Tribute - Missed it .. saw it too many times Ice Show - slow start, great finish Main Show - Cirque du Soleil style - Good Comedy Shows - very good but you can't get in if you're late On Air and Atlas Globe Pub - Lots of fun The ship docked at a distant dock in St Thomas which was a bummer as no real shops around .. $ 4 pp to get to main street. Didn't get off in St Marten and took a quick stroll in Nassau. (It was fun docking at noon next to a small Carnival Ship .. The Oasis was the main attraction at the port) Rooms - We opted for the Owners Suite .. nice and roomy plus you get access to a private deck for suite guests only .. nice feature especially on sea days. My in laws had a junior suite and the sons had an Central Park view cabin, just what you'd expect. The Gym/Spa is on the 6th floor forward and your looking out of port holes instead of the big windows that I'm use to. Additionally some machines were already broken and the TV's didn't work. The Casino is split in half .. Smoking and non Smoking .. Not sure what it is but the casino is missing something I can't put my finger on. The Cruise Director, Richard Spacey seems to need a vacation ... if you want to play a game .. count the number of times you hear him say "Ladies and Gentlemen" ... got to be close to a 1000. Don't Miss - - outdoor movies in the Aqua Theater day and night - $ 2.95 cupcakes - Chef Table Dinner - Purchase the water option - Sorrento's make your own pizza - Go online before your cruise and make reservation everywhere. Saves you lots of headaches. It will be hard to go back to another class of ship after sailing on the Oasis of the Seas. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
I will start off my comments about the ship itself. Simply AMAZING! This was my 8th cruise, all with RCCL and at first the Oasis seemed overwhelming. So many different places and things. Once we caught our breath it was indeed breath ... Read More
I will start off my comments about the ship itself. Simply AMAZING! This was my 8th cruise, all with RCCL and at first the Oasis seemed overwhelming. So many different places and things. Once we caught our breath it was indeed breath taking. I am a 40 year old traveling with my wife and 2 other couples and the 6 of us would all agree the ship and it's activities were awesome. If you have been reading up on the Oasis, I will concur with many others. Getting on the ship was quick and easy(stepped on board around 11:45am) For the size and amount of people (over 5800 on the 03/20/2010 sailing) the ship never really feels overcrowded. Small exceptions when leaving events that had many people in attendance, but that's to be expected. The shows are outstanding and not to be missed. Oasis of Dreams in the aqua theater is quite simply a marvel, and mostly because you just have not experienced something like that on a cruise before. The other shows most people are more used to, but still spectacular none the less. The food on an overall basis was pretty good, we never really left the dining room any night and said WOW, but each meal was very good. We had main seating for dinner and did not visit any other venue for dinner. Common complaint is the lack of seating at lunch time at any inclusive eating venue. The windjammer is definitely too small for the amount of people. There are an overwhelming amount of places to eat on the ship. Wish that more of the restaurants could be included with cruise fare for lunch. We did try to spread ourselves around the ship eating venues for breakfast and lunch, not eating at any place more than once, other than the windjammer. Getting around the ship is easy. Well marked signage and the interactive TVs are a nice compliment to this technical marvel of a ship. The photo shop and the new way of viewing photos is SO, and I repeat SO much better than on previous cruises. Big plug for RCCL to go to this method on all ships in the near future. The activities are spread out over the entire ship and you need to keep your cruise compass handy so as not to miss something. The pool areas are well spread out and seem to offer a pool space for every taste. The flow-riders are great fun(my first experience on one) and the zip line is a short ride, but again, its on a cruise ship. The zip line was also my first experience with that kind of activity but a good way to say I have now done a zip line. Overall I would rate my week on board the Oasis as a 9.5 out of 10. Our dinning room waiter was great, but the asst. may have been new. To their defense they had 4 tables that all seemed to arrive for dinner at different times and hence we were all on different parts of the meal at a different time. This can't be the first time that has ever happened though, right? The ship does have a bit of an impersonal feel at times and the lack of a farewell show with video highlights of the week and some more time with Richard Spacey(fantastic and funny cruise director) was missed. Nowhere to put everyone for that show though so I understand. Our stateroom attendant was outstanding as well and always prompt and quick with his duties. If asked, would I sail again on the Oasis or Allure, the answer is a resounding YES. Would maybe wait till the prices come down a bit, but the ship offers so much and I like to have a mix of a restful and active week(hence taking cruises). Thanks for reading and happy cruising. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
I returned two days ago from seven nights aboard The Oasis of The Seas. My 11th cruise with Royal Caribbean and 23rd cruise overall. This has been my best cruise ever. So wonderful, in fact, that I and a friend are booked on the maiden ... Read More
I returned two days ago from seven nights aboard The Oasis of The Seas. My 11th cruise with Royal Caribbean and 23rd cruise overall. This has been my best cruise ever. So wonderful, in fact, that I and a friend are booked on the maiden voyage of her sister ship, Allure of The Seas, for a December 1-5 sailing. We came into Ft. Lauderdale the evening before the cruise and had two beautiful rooms at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. We walked to dinner at Casa Blanca where the food was divine. We used The Airpot Shuttle Service, by reservation, for transport as there were five of us, too many people and too much luggage for a taxi. The caliber of the entertainment on Oasis is amazing. In the show on the last night performers actually performed high aerial acts above the heads of the audience and "flew" out from the stage. The lighting and the sets and the costuming are indescribably creative and innovative. And let's not forget beautiful! The ship runs like a very well oiled machine. The staff is superb. The cruise director is the best I have ever seen. We saw a 90 minute production of Hairspray, a performance by Mosaic, and the incredible Aqua Pool show was brilliant with high dives of 50 feet on a moving ship, water ballet, platforms raising and lowering swimmers in and out of the water, and again aerial ropes and performances in the air. The casino was fantastic. I am now a member of the Casino Royale VIP Club with all types of gifts and privileges.........including cash the next time I walk unto a RCCL ship. My family had a fantastic time. My son-in-law was very impressed with the entire operation. He was experiencing everything from a very different perspective as he is the cruise director on a small, 5 star ship himself and had always called the big ships "cattle cars". Oasis changed his mind. The Youth Programs were very creative and well planned. Very well suited to a 10 year old and a 13 year old. In the Central Park area of the ship, that is opened to the sky and planted with live plants, they have piped in bird sounds to add to the ambience of the setting. Also a lovely sculpture garden. We saw two fabulous parades down the Royal Promenade on Deck 5. This ship has a donut shop and a cupcake shop, an ice cream parlor, pizza parlor, a candy store, specialty coffee shop, and many more that I am probably forgetting. Everyone in my family, except me, rode the zip line. The ship also has a flow rider for surfing. There is a long wait on line for zip line reservations. Reserve ahead. The dining room food was excellent. Chef's Table was gourmet at its finest, and specialty restaurant, Chops, was spectacular. Breakfast/lunch at the Park Lane Cafe in Central Park is a good alternative for a quick, light meal. Deck 8 is a great cabin location. Central Park and the Specialty Restaurants are on this deck. It also allows you to cross the ship from the Forward to Aft elevators without going down to the Promenade Deck on Deck 5. It is easy to get around on Oasis since they have omitted the Center bank of elevators. We had oceanview balcony cabins on Deck 8. The cabins are quite narrow, but well appointed. My cabin slept 3 with one on a sofa bed. On Oasis there is the option of connecting the balconies by unlocking a doorway between the balconies. This is a very nice feature for parties traveling together. There is a great $20 luggage option at disembarkation. You put your bags out at night, as usual, and you do not see them again until you reach your final destination. All you carry through Customs is your carry on. When you arrive at the airport, you go straight through the Security station with your carry on and your boarding pass, which you received in your cabin on the last night with your luggage tags, then proceed to your gate. Your luggage is checked through to your final destination. When I said 100% I meant it! This was perfection, I highly recommend this ship. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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