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My Mom and I sailed on the Oasis on August 25,2012. We are experienced cruisers having been on many lines and numerous times. Here are several of my observations: Being dropped off at Port Everglades was challenging this time as the ... Read More
My Mom and I sailed on the Oasis on August 25,2012. We are experienced cruisers having been on many lines and numerous times. Here are several of my observations: Being dropped off at Port Everglades was challenging this time as the port is under construction and the detour signage is quite poor. Cars are made to circle several times in front of the cruise baggage check in. They won't let you wait to pull in curbside, even if there is a car pulling out. Unless, there is a clear space, you keep driving around. The check in upstairs was very simple and quick. Very organized and well staffed. Once you get on the ship and find your on the Promenade Deck, you are left to figure out the location of the elevators and which ones you should use. Normally, when I get on a ship, there are crew members directing you. Not in this case. When we got into our room, we were very disappointed. The sheets looked like they had been just slept in and there was a wrapper and bobby pin on the carpet. I found a cabin steward who then told me where to find mine. She was very apologetic and later when we returned everything had been redone. The cabin was very small compared to others we had been on. The closet was about half the size of Princess Cruise Line's closets. We had to ask for extra hangers. Perhaps, if the closet didn't face the beds and didn't have sliding doors on it, they would be more manageable. Under the dressing table, to the left side, were two 110 volt outlets. Yes, under the table. A difficult spot to get to and even harder to see the outlet. These are the only outlets in the cabin!!!! The emergency muster drill was very simple. No need to trapse with your bulky life vest from your cabin. Instead you go to your assigned area, watch a video and are told that in case of a real emergency you will receive your vests at the muster stations. We had prebooked a set time for "my time dining" and really liked it. No need to wait in lines. We were seated almost as soon as we got to the podium. The only issue we had a few times were that the wait staff seem overwhelmed and somewhat inattentive. I wondered if that might be because you prepay gratuities for my time dining so, they weren't trying to impress you for an additional tip. The food was mediocre at best. The surf and turf was shrimp and fillet of shoulder. A cut of meat that not only have I never heard of but, wished I never even tried to taste. We were told that the menu was changing beginning with the very next cruise. Hopefully, that meant a better quality! The entertainment was top notch. Every show was wonderful and we were glad we booked them early and on line. The lines were quite long for those who did not plan ahead. The ship is beautiful and it never felt too large. We even ran into the same people on many occasions. The pool chairs were plentiful even with a full load and there were many spots to get away from the crowds. The aqua theater pool was used for the sexy legs, belly flop and other contests. That kept the pools open and uninterrupted. There could be more towel stations for drop offs and new ones. I think I only found one and there were lines. If you don't return your towels there is a fee automatically charged to your cabin. One major concern for us was the walking distance between getting off the ship and getting to the exit at each of the ports. In St. Thomas they had a few small golf type carts to take the elderly or people who needed extra help. However, in Nassau we only saw "one" small bus and it took awhile to go back and forth. Neither of these modes of transportation were announced and we only found them as we walked. I think RCCL should have better options for those that need help. All in all, we loved the ship and are still amazed at how many people it holds! Would like to try the new menu!!! Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
Perhaps I had overdone it on the research but when we actually got on the Oasis it was all so familiar it was almost something of an anticlimax!The last ship we sailed on was the Celebrity Constellation back in 2010 and I was keen to see ... Read More
Perhaps I had overdone it on the research but when we actually got on the Oasis it was all so familiar it was almost something of an anticlimax!The last ship we sailed on was the Celebrity Constellation back in 2010 and I was keen to see how they compared! We stayed a few nights at the Hilton Fort Lauderdle pre cruise and I cannot recommend it enough. Absolutely stuaggering customer service, cleanliness and luxury, it exceeded our expectations and was really excellent value for money. Please just go there! We got to the port at approximately 11 am and, as we drove up past the ship my othr half commented that it wasn't 'that big'.I must have talked up the size a little bit too much!Check in was organised and we were onboard a little before noon. And, suddenly there it all was....The Globe and Atlas, Sorrentos, all so familiar to me! I found the stateroom to be a big comedown sizewise after the spacious luxury of the Hilton but it is a ship cabin afterall. That said, the cabin was definately not as spacious as its counterparts on both the Constellation and MSC Splendida.'Crazy', I thought that tis is the biggest ship in the world with the smallest cabins, almost like they are trying to screw you!?'And trust me that was to become a very familiar feeling for the rest of the week! I had prebooked my speciality restaurants weeks earlier but was accousted by 3 different employees trying to get me to reserve more within the first hour of being on board!Politely explaining that and declining did notseem to work and I had to be very firm with one employee in particular!A very stressful experience when the trip was just beginning!The single worst thing about this ship which would dissuade me from sailing on another Royal Carribean ship was the hard upsell on everything. From the drink of the day to the awful tables of absolute tat on the Royal Promenade(cheap watches, baskets of plastic rubbish), they wanted more and more and more and would shout to let you know. It was really very offputting. Personally, I felt that really cheapened this lovely ship. I love my food and looked forward to that element above all others and that on the Oasis was really only average overall. We ate in the Main Dining Room on three evenings and found it varied widely in quality. The first evening, we were served very rare pork which I was afraid to eat. (The American lady beside me also expressed concern to the waiter)However, we had a lovely lamb dish and very good crab cake starter later in the week so I was glad we returned after all. Giovanni's and 150 Central Park were both unremarkable and Johnny Rockets pretty good. I would advise you, however, to avoid the Seafood Shack. My Chowder starter was good but the crab legs were s dry as a bone and the calamari pale, greasy and limp. The pizza in Sorrentos was decent. The best meal I had on the ship(and also throughout our entire 2 week holiday to the States was in Chops Grill. This is well woth the cover charge. We had gorgeous hot crusty bread with butter, crab cakes and spectacular fillet steak. It would have been perfect if it hadn't been for the OTT waiter requesting bigger tips and asking to be mentioned by name on the feedback forms......Ammmm, let me think.......No! The ports wre surprisingly good. much better for me than often described here. Labadee was beautiful and Jamaica spectacularly so. We did the tubing excurion there and would highly recommend it. The guides were great fun and kept us entertained with Usain Bolt stories(he was born in a nearby village.) The entertainment was just ok for me with the exeption of the really excellent comedy and ice shows.However, it wasn't just money RC seemed to be begging for at every opportunity but claps!I found it so tiresome that Amy the Cruise Director pretty much repeatedly telling us to applaud the performers before and after some of the shows!Maybe its just me but I hate that. If they're good, I'll applaud, I don't need to be told!!Amy is accompanied a lot in her tv appearances etc by the Activities Manager whose name escapes me now. In my opinion, he is a lot more personable, professional and natural than her who just struck me as somewhat insincere and loud!That may seem harsh but that was my perception of the situation. Though I enjoyed some elements a lot, what I will stay with me most about the Oasis is what you Americans call the 'nickle and diming' and for that reason I will not return. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
When we are traveling without the family, we prefer the all inclusive lines like Regent. But we were intrigued by the "world's largest cruise ship". This is an incredible ship. The atmosphere on the ship is more like that ... Read More
When we are traveling without the family, we prefer the all inclusive lines like Regent. But we were intrigued by the "world's largest cruise ship". This is an incredible ship. The atmosphere on the ship is more like that on a Carnival ship as opposed to Holland (as just an example). While it might not be for everyone, if you are cruisers like us, it is worth it one time just to experience the ship. We probably won't do it again, unless the whole family with grandkids is along. This is a great ship for families with lots of venues for kids and the children's programs seemed very well managed. Ship/Cabin: The ship truly is amazing. We were there during a holiday week, with every cabin booked and lots of families but the only night it actually felt a bit crowded was Thanksgiving night. For such a large ship, is actually very easy to get around. Keep in mind, however, this ship is huge and it is a quarter mile from bow to stern. If walking is a problem for you, consider booking a cabin near one of the two elevator banks, which are at opposite ends of the ship. We had an oceanview/balcony cabin. Nice, but nothing fancy. The bathroom was small, but functional. Don't expect any extra amentities. Shampoo and soap was all that was provided. The closet, however, was very spacious with lots of hangers. Balcony cabins open either to the outside or to an interior "Central Park" area. We were glad we had a seaview balcony. There didn't seem to be a lot of privacy for the cabins with interior balconies and after the first couple of nights, you rarely saw anyone sitting on their balconies and most cabins kept their drapes closed for privacy. Internet is available throughout the ship and was the best we have ever seen on a ship. And there was always someone available to help. In fact, staff throughout the ship was very helpful and exceedingly well trained. Embarkation/Debarkation: We checked in on line, which undoubtedly helped. But from the the moment the cab dropped us at the curb to the point when we actually stepped foot on the ship was no more than 15 minutes. Tip: We got there about an hour after they started embarkation and that may have helped miss the first rush. If you can carry your luggage off, you can debark between 6 and 7:30 a.m. They mean this literally - don't ask for help with your luggage. None is available and there are no luggage carts available. But with even large bags on wheels, many families, including us, took advantage of this option. We had a leisurely breakfast, collected our bags from our cabin, and 15 minutes later had cleared customs and were in a cab headed for the airport Luggage: It is tempting to leave your bags with the porters, but make sure you have a carry on with the clothes you plan to wear the first evening. We saw many people at dinner still waiting for their bags to be delivered. Dining: We skipped the regular dining rooms and ate in the specialty restaurants every night, so I can't comment on the dining room food/service. Tip: Make the reservations on line before you leave, particularly if you want reservations the first night of the cruise. This is true even if you are eating in the regular dining rooms but have anytime dining. The lines on board to make reservations were quite long and tended to stay that way all week. We had made reservations in advance for the entire week and were glad we did. The downside of that is your credit card does get charged as soon as you make the reservations. But we didn't have any problem changing reservations once we were on board for later in the week. We enjoyed all the specialty restaurants, but did have a couple of favorites. The Chop House was very good and service was outstanding. The overlooked jewel is the Solarium Bistro. This is a free restaurant in the Solarium area (see below) for breakfast and lunch. At night, there is an extra fee. Other reviews tend to pan this restaurant as not being elegant enough, but we found it delightful. At night, it has an open kitchen/bistro concept feel and a romantic atmosphere. The menu is designed to be healthy (which might turn off some people), but we found it quite sophisticated and on a par with the other speciality restaurants. A side benefit is there were always tables available so we never felt rushed and the service was outstanding. Best kept secret on the ship. There are lots of casual free restaurants on board for those who want to steer away from the formal dining room and specialty restaurants. There is even a Johnny Rockets on board - for a fee of course. Solarium: The solarium is the adults only deck area and is by far the best we have seen on any ship. We were always able to find a chair and the over 16 years rule was actually enforced. It was a delightful area to relax with a book and a drink. Bars: There are lots - just depends on what you enjoy so check them all out before you settle in on your favorite. But watch the bills carefully. We had an incident with a deliberate overcharge one evening that required a bit of work to get resolved. But once we took it to the main passenger desk area, it was immediately resolved. Shore Excursions: We've have cruised the islands many times so didn't take any of the excursions. Read Less
Sail Date November 2012
Entering and departure are a breeze. They have the process down to a science and are always on the boat in less than a 1/2 hour! Things changed unfortunately. The good... The ship is clean with great options. The stateroom was never ... Read More
Entering and departure are a breeze. They have the process down to a science and are always on the boat in less than a 1/2 hour! Things changed unfortunately. The good... The ship is clean with great options. The stateroom was never an issue. Blessed with an ever smiling attendant. The Deck Supervisor was attentive to a minor service issue. They unexpectedly decorated my room for my birthday, which gave me a nicely needed smile. My hats off to that hard working staff. Specialty restaurants: Just an insight as we have done this previously.... 150 /Central Park is expensive but a decadent experience. The up-selling of a cookbook DURING the meal was problematic during a 7 course meal. Giovanni's Table is delightful. Impeccable service, smiles, ambiance and more food than an Italy family could every want. Vintages is quaint / intimate if you enjoy trying new wines and embracing some quiet time. Wonderful staff. Dining Room / My-Time: Absolute disaster from previous experiences and ruined our cruise! (We previously enjoyed the staff and food). The staff was rushed, inattentive, and the food quality has diminished. A huge disappointment. A food allergy made me reluctant to eat there after a few times. I will simply put it as that. I reported the concern and was strongly met with opposition. The managerial staff was extremely negative. There was definitely more "up-selling" this cruise everywhere you went. Most of it just happens. I understand staff have no choice but they need better training and to be less intrusive.The ports... Nausau (stayed on the boat), St. Thomas (Magen's Bay is beautiful).. The downtown area is full of jewelry folks who stalk you, St.Maarten's is pretty also. I'm skipping Royal Caribbean next time due to the lack of customer service... Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Embarkation process in Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale)... We are a family of four... two adults and two children ages 2 and 6 After passing through security and registration we were directed to two escalators... Which went to to a ... Read More
Embarkation process in Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale)... We are a family of four... two adults and two children ages 2 and 6 After passing through security and registration we were directed to two escalators... Which went to to a second level, to the left and to the right. We noticed the signs for the right side for "Suite Guests..." Since we booked an Aquatheater Suite, without trying to flash our Gold Seapass card we picked the appropriate side escalator to the "Suite Guest Lounge". We were stopped by a customer service representative and told "Children are not allowed in the lounge"... Really???? The debate begins... I inform the woman that we paid the same price for our children that would be charged for an adult, why would you exclude children? Her reply was that "she doesnt make the rules"... We proceeded to the lounge regardless, I didnt pay $10,000 for a cabin to be told within first 15 minutes of checking in that our children were excluded and not welcome. This "premium lounge" was nothing more than temporary type partitions that divided you from "steerage class"... a little more comfortable seating and artificial trees, but that was it. (We are Platinum members on Carnival, last sailing on Carnival we were brought to an actual "suite lounge" with a continental breakfast). Dont get too excited about the "exclusive suite lounge". Next phase... they call boarding. As we approach the podium for the first presentation of our Seapass, a gentleman stops us because neither of our two children had colored wrist bands. Apparently this is something that we were supposed to know? On our sailing aboard Voyager of the Seas last year our daughter was issued a wristband (in case of emergency it designates their lifeboat station), but it was issued at the Adventure Ocean children's place. Now this guy makes it appear that we are a problem, he tells us we must return (in a line of chaos while pushing a stroller) for this wristband. He was advised to let us on anyway. The Aquatheater Suite... #8330, Port side of the ship. A1 category which is the largest of the 3 categories. Well worth the money for the space. The cabin itself is over 800 square feet with the balcony over 800 square feet as well. This was spectacular... We were quite impressed. It was in great condition and made us all very excited!! (Its a shame that Royal Caribbean doesnt put more information and photos of this suite on their website, we had to goto YouTube to actually see it) Royal Caribbeans website doesnt even have the floor plan layout, if you click for the "floor plan layout" it says "no image available". First port.. "Labadee" (Haiti...) This is advertised as "Royal Caribbean's private island", the weather was perfect that day. There are many different beaches on the island, as a suite guest we had access to Barefoot Beach which was exclusive to gold Seapass card holders only. What the ship offers that is one step better is a Cabana, for an additional charge of $175... We opted for this because our 2 year old takes a nap for a couple of hours from about 1-3pm, the 6 year old will as well most of the time. The Caban offered shade, a sofa, 2 lounge chairs, towels, a cooler with Evian water in ice. It was very nice... When this was sold to us in the Concierge Lounge, we were shown a photo that resembled the thatch roofed buildings on stilts found in the south Pacific. "This is great for the kids, the can walk a few steps down to the water"... When we arrived at the beach we were taken to a Cabana about 150 feet from the water, set back away. Hardly what was pictured. One of the ships Concierge reps (Francis... more on him later) was present for a short time upon arrival. At about noon... A group of "people" (best word for explanation at this point) occupied a Cabana set behind ours is conversing in Haitian French (I travel to Port Au Prince on Business often and this is unmistakable French... ) These "People" had a large "boombox" radio playing at a louder than desired volume... its playing a local island radio station. Their conversation had to be at a level that was louder than the music... which seemed to keep getting louder. These "people" were accompanied by two uniformed Haitian police officers... who socialized with them for more than an hour or two. To me, these "people" were local haitians that had some sort of status that someone allowed them into this exclusive area. The reason I keep using the word "people" is because my determination of them having a large boombox radio, having such a close relationship with the two police officers and the other minor details would lead anyone to believe that they were not ship passengers or suite guests. We spent the additional $175 with the expectation we would have a quiet comfortable Cabana... not feel (or sound like) we were in downtown Port Au Prince. The Concierge representative "Francis" told me that I was incorrect and these were "suite guests" and he knew exactly who I was talking about. He began disagreeing in an argumentative way, telling me their "were no police officers there and these were suite guests"... This brought me to saying "if you knew exactly who these "suite guests" are, wouldnt someone have mentioned the radio policy the ship has?" The next thing out of his mouth is "sir, there is no such policy..."??? Onboard the ship there are signs prohibiting personal stereos... this is also printed in the Cruise Compass that is distributed daily. He tried to tell me that this is "off the ship and beyond our control"... Really? Royal Caribbeans own "private island" that they provide all of the food, drinks and activities on? I requested a refund... it was denied, because I didnt bring it up immediately after returning to the ship. It was also stated that "this was already paid to the island and theres nothing we can do". The part I found interesting was that "Francis".. the Concierge person was not there for any of this, got defensive... told me there was "no reason to write a complaint report, because he was going to himself", really? worthy of a report but not a refund? Of the 2 Concierge reps, one was very good at what she did... The other, was defensive, argumentative and would always interrupt mid sentence. Our first day aboard we wanted to make some reservations at the specialty dining restaurants... we had already booked some shows ahead of time. When I asked this Concierge person if he could print out our reservations so we could determine when to schedule these restaurants, he told me he could not... about an hour later I receive a telephone message in our suite saying "he has this printed out and ready for us"??? Contractors... Many venues onboard the ship are contracted to third party companies. -Gift Shops , Vitality Spa and the Focus photography people... all third party contractors and not actual Royal Caribbean employees. We had many photos taken throughout the sailing... There are many options for purchasing them. From individual 8X10's for $20 each up to $449 for all of your photos (unlimited) and also on a computer CD. We opted for this all inclusive package... The system uses facial recognition software to group your photos together or you can provide your seapass card to the photographer which seems more reliable. On the last day of the cruise, we went to look at and purchase all of the photos... throughout the cruise you can visit a computer kiosk, swipe your card and see the previews. There was a great photo of my wife and son, I was curious to see it in print, full size and without all of the watermarks. Once we purchased the package for $449, (140 something photos) we sat down and looked through them. We noticed that this one specific photo was missing which brought us to realizing that a range of 8 photos from a formal night were also missing. We asked one of the photo people for some help and when we explained this she had a laughter in her voice like we were idiots and thieves... She said "so let me get this straight, you purchased the package... and are now coming back saying there are photos missing"? (making it sound as though we wanted free photos... even thought this is an "unlimited" package". When we showed her the photo on the computer kiosk she said "I remember this photo... I commented on how cute it was"... Talk about a "photographic memory"... 5,500 passengers... at a simple multiplier of just say 10 photos per passenger... she remembers one out of 55,000? I told her they were not in our folder... Within 5 minutes she miraculously finds the 8 missing photos (that is now determined we were trying to pull a fast one or something)... in someone elses folder. Of the 2000 folders... difficult to determine how. Final evening of the cruise... A summary statement of onboard charges was delivered to our suite later in the evening. Everything appears in order... As we disembark the ship, the final swipe of your Seapass card not only makes sure that you have actually left the ship but if you havent "paid your bill" the security officers stop you right there and send you to the Guest Services Desk. Sure enough... he swipes our cards in the reader and "bing bing bing"... Please goto the Guest Services desk, with a less than professional attitude. With a time constraint to make our flight, we didnt have a whole lot of time... certainly not to go stand in a line. At this point in the disembarkation process they have the lobby roped off basically to flow traffic in one direction. Dragging bags and pushing a stroller we goto Guest services (against the flow of people) I tried to get one of the pursers attention and said we werent sure why we were sent here, but we will miss our flight if we are in line for sometime. He told me I had to wait... and get in line. We could only guess that the credit card on file was flagged by our bank for international use. No explanation could be provided as to why this wasnt determined when the account was finalized that evening, why no one could have either called our suite, sent a note etc... that the only indication was when we were leaving the ship. $10,000 for the suite... $2,500 in onboard charges... $12,500 for a 7 day trip... We are simple people, we dont need to be pampered. We dont need to be told we are right if we are wrong... but this was definitely not the experience or treatment we had in mind. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
On this cruise, we were a group of 16 people. Our staterooms were Junior Suites, Outside Staterooms with Balconies, a Disabled Junior Suite, and a Crown Loft Suite. The ship is simply beautiful. The cabins were all lovely. There is ... Read More
On this cruise, we were a group of 16 people. Our staterooms were Junior Suites, Outside Staterooms with Balconies, a Disabled Junior Suite, and a Crown Loft Suite. The ship is simply beautiful. The cabins were all lovely. There is a very large variety of different dining options. Large Group Travelling: Royal Caribbean's reservation system is quite simply a mess from a large group reservation perspective. We had 8 staterooms, and each one was treated as a completely separate reservation. Booking shore excursions, spa treatments, and restaurants was nearly impossible through the website. Contacting Royal Caribbean was no help. They told my travel agent that she was not to help us with those things, and that we were supposed to get more excited by booking them ourselves. Most restaurants are unable to accommodate large groups, so it was frequently necessary to break us up into multiple, small tables. If we needed to change a dining reservation, we had to specify exactly which of the 16 people was now not coming. Getting a dinner reservation at Giovanni's (the Italian restaurant) proved to be impossible, despite numerous tries. Dining Room Service: Overall very slow. I had one evening where it took over 20 minutes from the time I arrived in the dining room until I received the Soda I had ordered- 3 times, from 3 different waiters who came by the table. It was not unusual for a meal to last 2-2.5 hours- far longer than I would anticipate, given the number of courses involved. Also, many of the restaurants do not have kid menus, and NONE of them had a kid cup, instead putting the kids' drinks in glass glasses. We experienced multiple spills as the 5 year olds in the group tried to deal with the glasses. Service at time seemed "forced", and they were only stumping for high marks on the bingo cards, rather than focusing on actually providing the best service. Individual restaurants: Chef's table- A highlight of our trip. We had a great time. Our server, Insham, is fantastic. They bent over backwards to accommodate us. 150 Central Park- Lovely dinner. Multiple tables required here. Chops- Fantastic Steaks, and possibly the best dessert of the entire cruise. Solarium Bistro- Good meals, and some interesting low-calorie options. Multiple Tables Required Izumi- The Japanese restaurant. Great Sushi. Multiple Tables Required. Giovanni's table- We only got into this one for lunches. Good food. Generally ample portion sizes. Shrimp was fantastic, but tiny portion size (2 shrimp) Seafood shack- Good lunch choice. My husband ordered the fillet of sole, and they filleted it at the table, after it had been cooked. Quite the fascinating show! Stateroom service: Some of our stateroom stewards were absolutely fantastic. (Mine was one of the awesome ones) Others not so much. I don't know if it's a seniority issue, or luck of the draw, but it seemed that some of them were far more attentive than others. Loft Suite (My brother stayed in 1730): Nice Size. Beautiful Suite. Overlooks the zip line directly, and the back of the ship, so it is not a serene view. He had access to a concierge on the 11th floor, and was disappointed at the lack of service in general. Quite simply, it was just a very expensive stateroom, with little additional service. Spa: Manicure and Pedicure were a universal disappointment, and not worth the price paid. Facial was just "ok", compared to others I've received at other spas. The massages were universally wonderful. The finish level in the salon portion of the spa is a disappointment, especially compared to other ships. It was quite simply, bland- beige tiled floors, and beige walls. No view, no pretty pictures, no interesting details, and plastic carts holding the salon essentials. Fitness Center: Well stocked with machines, and well maintained. My tall husband appreciated that he was able to use the elliptical trainer without bumping his head (which has been a problem on other ships) Embarkation, and Departure: Were lacking. Fortunately, we did not encounter long lines, but it was quite the process to get checked in and took nearly an hour for me to get everyone checked in. In addition, I had given them a credit card for my brother's stateroom (and we had pre-entered it prior to the date), and they still asked him for a credit card. So, I had to go to customer service to fix it. Departure- experienced technical issues with the equipment, leading to long delays in getting off the ship. The entire procedure seemed to be very poorly organized, especially in light of our recent cruise on Disney. Recommendation: Royal Caribbean needs to work on all aspects. The porters were brusque, bordering on rude. The cops out front were a pain, and unfriendly. This contributed very negatively to my experience overall. Kids Clubs: My 5 year old was delighted. The other kids rated the kid clubs a B-, 5/10, and C+, respectively. They were, in a word, disappointed. They were not impressed with the kid clubs, and were quite disappointed with the engagement level of the counselors, the activities offered, and more. Also, my 11 year old observed that the counselors had poor control over the kids, and the age ranges that they specify are too wide (3 years per group, so 9, 10, and 11 year olds in one group, for instance). My 11 year old who will turn 12 in a couple of weeks did not appreciate being grouped in with the fourth graders, as she is in 6th grade, and "above" it. This surprised me given how "kid friendly" the ship is. Shore Excursions: Mixed reviews. Choose carefully. I felt poorly prepared for two of mine- too much time in the sun, and not enough warning that lunch would be extremely delayed. The first experience was the Jamaica Swamp tour - lots of great animals, but I felt captive towards the end of the tour. The kids were hot, thirsty, and there was no way to buy a drink. The Mayan Mystery tour was great, except that there were no snacks or lunch until 4:00 PM. We were starving. My father did the private tour by car in Cozumel with his caregiver, and their assessment was that it was a rip-off. My brother swam with the dolphins, the kids did the zip line/river tubing tour, the extreme sports tour, and those all went well. Size of the ship- The ship generally seemed more intimate than its size would indicate. I did hear the staff members commenting a few times that there were 6000+ people onboard, so we needed to be patient. In my opinion, that is an operations management failure on the part of the cruise line. They need to get over the "size" issue, and work on figuring out the operations kinks. Elevators: There were ample elevators on this ship, and I experienced overall less time waiting for them than I had on other ships. Bonus points for having two very large double banks of elevators. Overall- My father had a blast. My family had an Okay time. Not sure that we'll bother to cruise on Royal Caribbean again, after this experience. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Just back from the march 23, 2013 spring break Oasis trip. We got in Friday and stayed at the Hyatt Place on 17th Street ( a great place to stay). We received an email from Royal Caribbean telling us not to arrive at the cruise port ... Read More
Just back from the march 23, 2013 spring break Oasis trip. We got in Friday and stayed at the Hyatt Place on 17th Street ( a great place to stay). We received an email from Royal Caribbean telling us not to arrive at the cruise port until 1:00 PM due to the Government cutbacks and less customs agents. We disregarded and went early anyway. They let us start boarding around 11:30 AM. Went to guest services right away to inquire about ship Iphones for rent and also to discuss my sons peanut allergy. Unfortunately I got Millicent as my guest services rep. Millicent has no idea how serious a peanut allergy is and I am to this day still waiting to hear back from her about whom to speak with and what to do for my son on this boat. Actually I gave up on Millicent about 6:00 PM that night. First off for the boat phones skip guest services and go up to deck 14 the card room to rent them ASAP. They run out quickly. Also the i-phones constantly go off network so you have to reset them. A bit of a pain but the only way to communicate on the ship. Rooms were ready at 1:00 PM. We stayed in cabins 8562 & 8564 connecting balcony cabins. Yerri was our attendant and he was amazing. Wish I could have taken him home. The dining room food last year on the Oasis was disgusting. I can happily say that they really have changed the menu and the food is much better. The only complaint I had was they got rid of the onion tart, always a favorite but they stopped serving it. We went one night to Giovanni's table. Have to say not impressed. The menu was limited and we really expected more. I had a better meal italian night in the main dining room. Shocking but true. The shows were fantastic and we had a fun time in the Comedy Club. The casino was a bit boring. I did not see many big winners, and overheard quite a few people complaining that the tables and slots were not paying out. Sorrentos pizza was great as always and my kids and husband have been having midnight cravings for it. The pools were crowded but they were very good about not letting people save chairs for hours and not use them. Back to my son's peanut allergy. By the time 5:00 PM (dinner was 8:30) my poor son wanted something sweet. Unfortunately I could get no answers from anyone about whether things contained nuts or cooked in peanut oil. I finally met Alain in guest relations. Alain told me if Millicent (the first one) was getting answers for me she would and be patient. I kind of lost it a bit with Alain since I had a hungry child and he told me at dinner the head chef would speak to me. Also Alin said the cupcake cupboard would make special nut free cupcakes for my son. Thank you Alain finally an answer. The cupcake cupboard was very nice. Took an order for cupcakes to made for my son and ready the next day. The woman in the shop was very nice and was surprised at the lack of information we were getting about peanut free food. A cruiser on the Allure (sister ship to Oasis) died from a peanut allergy a few months before and she said they take it very seriously. Obviously Millicent didn't get the memo. At dinner that night I asked to speak to the head chef as I was told. Our waiter (Ergdon) told us he would speak to the chef for us. I was annoyed. The head waiter then came over and introduced himself apologizing for the confusion. He explained that every food place we go we must speak to the chef directly about what my son can eat and only get food from the chef so there is no cross contamination. The main dining room chef was to busy so it was his job to speak on his behalf and the chef would cook all my sons food separately. Which was true, both my sons ordered chicken nuggets and they looked like 2 different meals. Both were good but you could tell the peanut allergy was fresher. The next morning the head waiter called our room and told us that the chef in the Promenade cafe (Audriana) was making a special batch of peanut free brownies for my son. Whenever he wanted them we had to see her and she would give them to him. Also while in the Bahamas he brought on Peanut/ gluten/lactose free packaged chocolate chip cookie for my son, so he could have them anytime he wanted. Thank you so much for understanding. One night at dinner they made my son a special brownie/ice cream sundae that was just the happiest night for my son. Ergdon and Vasheel our waiters were wonderful to us as well and I would recommend sitting at table 989 on the island to anyone. Kids club?Teen Club. First off in my opinion 12-14 year olds need to be supervised and do not belong in the teens club. They need some sort of activities to keep them out of trouble, and to socialize with other children their own age. Most kids are by themselves and go there to meet other kids. My twin sons are 12. To old for Adventure Ocean, which they have loved for years) finally the age for the Teen club. I go as guest services instructed me up to the teen club to sign them in and give the dreaded epi-pen to the staff. The staff was Gloria. Gloria tells me she does not take responsibility for the children or medication. Also the food she gets is for everyone and she has no idea if peanuts are in the food or not. The kids do what they want and she is the only one there and can not watch them. Also if my son drops the epi-pen and someone uses it I am liable. Are you kidding me. She is not helpful and my kids are upset they have been looking forward to this club. Down to Adventure Ocean I go. I explain the situation to them and they agree to take my children and the epi-pen no problem. They were quite surprised that Gloria would not take responsibility for them or the epi-pen. The funny thing is during the cruise many 12 year olds went to Adventure Ocean since they found the teens club boring since they did nothing there but hang out with no activities. Our ports were Bahamas, St Thomas and St Martin. We chose the Atlantis beach tour. Very disorganized. Have to say don't waste your money it was horrible. I had never been to the Atlantis and was looking forward to checking it out for a future vacation. Well after that tour I will not go back. First they heard thousands of people like cattle through the hotel and casino. Then they split you up into groups. We were sent to a horrible beach. Nothing like the pictures. It was at the end by the breaking rocks and the beach was on a hill with about 10 feet of sand. The water was very rough and my husband was flipped in the air and that was it for us. People are walking on the beach selling you stuff and trying to get you to ride jet ski's. We decided to explore the resort so it was not a complete bust. The fish exhibits and the dig were nice. Not worth the price of admission. For the price they charge this excursion is not worth it. Next up was St John. We chose the ferry walking tour with Royal Caribbean. After reading reviews about the regular $7.00 ferry and the possibility of missing the boat we felt pay more money to be safe. Again felt ripped off. The ferry was late picking us up. We waited in the hot sun for an hour and a half. Finally got on Captain Jacks ferry. The ride over was very nice and he gave us a well guided tour. When we reached St. John we were split into groups again and we went with our guide for the walking tour. After walking for 2 blocks (about 5 minutes) we were showed the public bathrooms and told to go explore. When we asked where Mongoose junction was we were told to take a taxi it was on the other side about a 15 minute taxi ride away. We chose to go to a lovely restaurant nearby and use the beach. We had a great time at the beach and decide to go explore after about 2 hours. Walking around for about 1/2 hour trying to find ice cream we got hot and decided to go back to ferry landing to try and get an earlier ferry back to St Thomas. When we arrived our tour guide was there and we asked him where we could get ice cream. His reply was right down the road about a block is mongoose junction they have ice cream there. We were angry because this is the same place he told us we had to take a taxi to in the beginning and it's a block away from the ferry. Give me a break. The ferry finally arrived and we went back to St Thomas. They served some rum drink and sold t-shirts. They also asked us to remember to tip them for a great time. Are you kidding me!!! Take the ferry on your own to St. John watch the time and remember Mongoose Junction is a block down on your left, no taxi needed. Next was St Marten. After reading many reviews we booked privately Bernards Tours. He charged us $175.00 for 5 people 3 adults and 2 children. He picked us up at the information center at 8:00AM. Our driver was sugar, and we were on a bus with about 20 other people. Bernards tours was the best tour of the entire cruise and funny enough the cheapest. Sugar took us to an iguana farm. He took us to LaPlaya on Orient Beach where we stayed and had beach chairs and umbrellas and 2 drinks per person included. We went to maho beach to see the planes. Absolutely amazing experience a must see. Sugar showed us the dutch and french side of the Island. Sugar also took us shopping at a discount souvenir place. I bought myself a cute bracelet for $7.00 and on the boat the same bracelet was going for $70.00 I could not believe it. Sugar brought us back to port at 4:00 PM for a departure of 5:00 PM ( We had some Carnival people that were leaving at 4:30). I highly recommend Bernards tours you will not be sorry. On another note Amy Flickert was the worst cruise director ever. She was barely seen and when you did see her she was boring. She added no excitement in any way. Maybe it was because she was done after our week, I'm not sure I can only say she was terrible and I have no idea why she is still employed as a cruise director. Even the Quest which is always a fun night she made so boring. She seemed annoyed at the people and stopped the Quest so people could figure out what they were supposed to do. Really please. It was also the least amount of people I have ever seen at a Quest, maybe because she didn't promote it or maybe because people knew she was going to do it and skipped it. I wanted to give her a chance after the bad reviews but seriously I have not found one good review on her and unfortunately understand why. All and all a wonderful trip on the Oasis. The ports need to be expanded but the boat is truly the destination. This was my second time in 2 years and so glad we chose this boat again. It's not to big there's just so much to do. Go on the Oasis and enjoy her splendour. Oh and make sure to go to the Park Cafe for a Roast Beef sandwich, yes they are that good. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
We sailed on The Oasis if the Seas on May 25th for seven nights. Our first night of dining was in the main dining room and the food was mediocre at best. While there are many venues from which to choose for breakfast or lunch, we found it ... Read More
We sailed on The Oasis if the Seas on May 25th for seven nights. Our first night of dining was in the main dining room and the food was mediocre at best. While there are many venues from which to choose for breakfast or lunch, we found it amazing that you could only get a fresh made omelet in the dining room or Wipe Out Cafe. The scrambled eggs appeared to be powder. Very difficult to provide quality food products when everything has to be prepared due to 6000 passengers!! Also the cruise line states that no shorts, swim trunks, etc are allowed in the dining room for dinner, yet we saw many people dressed just like that, and were not told they could not come in. If you do not enforce your own rules, what is the point.The specialty restaurants, especially Giovanni's Table was exceptional and well worth the $20.00 per person upcharge. Did not appreciate having to check out and return beach towels everytime you needed one. Had not experienced that on Celebrity, which is the line we took our last two cruises on, and a sister company to RCCL.Did not understand having to have reservations for each and every form of entertainment. The shows, the Comedy Club, etc all had to have reservations prior to attending. This is not a cruise I would recommend for any senior or any couple looking to escape the day to day grind. There were a great many children, and although there was a supposed adult only area, it to was not enforced.All in all we were disappointed with the overall experience, and will not be sailing on a ship of that size in the future. Read Less
Sail Date May 2013
The Good - The staff was excellent. the room was perfect. Embarkation and Dis Embarkation was handled well. The Bad - The food was barely editable. in fact on the last night I refused to eat it. it was supposed to be turkey, but it wasnt ... Read More
The Good - The staff was excellent. the room was perfect. Embarkation and Dis Embarkation was handled well. The Bad - The food was barely editable. in fact on the last night I refused to eat it. it was supposed to be turkey, but it wasnt real turkey, it was processed turkey out of a package, kinda a turkey loaf. the French Onion soup had no onions, no cheese, no crock bowl it was just soup out of a can served in a small bowl. The bed has a mattress foam topper, by the 4th day I was in agony, my back is killing me, I have been off the ship for 5 days and I am still in pain. Our room was on the 7th deck aft starboard side, our family was on 7th deck aft port side, (who the hell designed the 7th deck aft and why do you have to go up a floor or down a floor just to cross the elevator lobby?) but by far, the worst part of the trip was the smoking... they say that the casino is only 50% smoking. thats like only pissing in half the pool. there is no such thing as only 50 %. it was SO bad that you could not go into the casino, and one more than one night the smoke drifted past the aft elevator lobby, up past the Main Dining room lobby and into the dining room . The royal promenade was also filled with smoke from the night club next to the soda machine. and whos bright idea was it to put the smoking right at the kiddy pool area? I had a balcony, I hear its nice, but I was not able to use it because the people on both sides of me were smoking out on their balcony . Lets talk about the soda package.... I got the souvenir cup with the chip in it. and was able to find one of the hidden coke machines that wasnt out of soda most of the time... because of unlimited refills I tried a flavor I never had before, did not like it, dumped it out and the soda machine refused to let me have another choice for 15 minutes. it was a scavenger hunt to try to find where the soda machines were hidden. if it were me I would remove half of the soda machines from the windjammer and remove the ones in the kids zone, the arcade, and relocated them to every other floor at the elevator lobby where people could actually find them. The Oasis can hold 6200 guests and 2100 crew. try getting around the ship when everyone is running to dinner, or to get to the gangway or to a show. there was just TOO many people often times you could not get a elevator and when you did, it was full and you had to wait for the next one. Now for the excursions. Bahamas... skip it, a total waste of time and dangerous to your health. the bahama press (local newspaper ) reported 8 deaths in the prior 7 days of our visit. we toured the slums and back alleyways in constant fear of our lifes, NEVER AGAIN. St Thomas was nice but short as was St Marteen. they should skip bahamas and spend an extra day in St Marteen. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
We just got back from a cruise on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas ship out of Ft. Lauderdale. A week long, stopping in Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel. Pros were nice ship, clean, staff and service excellent (waiters, bartenders, ... Read More
We just got back from a cruise on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas ship out of Ft. Lauderdale. A week long, stopping in Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel. Pros were nice ship, clean, staff and service excellent (waiters, bartenders, photographers, housecleaners, etc). Entertainment was good with olympic level divers in an aqua show and comedians good. We enjoyed the casino at night. Food was good for breakfast, average otherwise. We did the unlimited drink package and it was worth it. We did the longest zip line over water, 500 feet up and about a mile long, at Labadee, Haiti and that was awesome. Decent fitness center but crowded. Onboarding and offboarding the ship was very fast and efficient. The best part for me was spending a lot of quality time with my wife and daughter, especially without phones/texting as wifi was very limited and international voice and data charges prohibitive. Cons were the 3 destinations were not good, especially Cozumel which was trashy touristy, very crowded and no decent food or beaches (that we saw). At each island the locals were waiting for the passengers and were very aggressive hawking their goods and services. We did find some cool souvenirs to remind us of the trip. The ship was too crowded for me, about 5000 passengers and 2000 staff. Took almost 2 hours for dinner due to lines and busy, but very nice, wait staff. On the cruise days at sea the five pools were all packed. With that many people, as you might imagine, there was every body type and bathing suit imaginable swimming in those pools. You literally could not fit into the pools on the days at sea due to the large crowds. Tough to find a poolside chair as well. We probably would not go back on this boat but are interested in trying a smaller ship that is more upscale cruise possibly on Celebrity. We thought Royal Carribbean was nicer but it was only better than Carnival per one of my daughters. Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
We ordered the bottled water package and could have done without it. The tap water tasted just fine. My husband also ordered the soda package and he did not use it enough to get his money's worth. There are just too many other free ... Read More
We ordered the bottled water package and could have done without it. The tap water tasted just fine. My husband also ordered the soda package and he did not use it enough to get his money's worth. There are just too many other free beverage options. Thumbs Up 1. Service in the main dining room, called the Opus, for breakfast and dinner. Service was outstanding. 2. Dinner in the main dining room. We were pleased with everything we ate, especially the chilled fruit soups that are served as an appetizer. There was a different fruit soup every night and we really looked forward to that. 3. We purchased the 'Central Park Dining Package', which includes dinner at Giovanni's, Chops Grill and 150 Central Park. The food was very good, especially the Mud Pie dessert at Chops and the Bittersweet Chocolate Cheesecake at 150 Central Park. Again, service at all 3 restaurants was outstanding. I'm glad we ate at these restaurants. However, we were always wondering what we were missing in the main dining room. If we had it to do again, we would probably eat every night in the main dining room. The whole experience of the main dining room, especially on formal nights, was something totally unique to a cruise. Eating at the specialty restaurants cost extra money and the experience was very much like what you would get at a nice restaurant at home. 4. Food at the Park Caf'. This was a great place to get a quick bite for breakfast or lunch. Never ate there at breakfast, but they had great sandwiches for lunch. 5. Food at the Caf' Promenade. Great sweets and sandwiches. 6. Room Service. My husband ordered a burger and fries one afternoon and was very pleased. Food arrived hot and as ordered. 7. Breakfast in the main dining room. You could order from the menu or choose from the buffet, or both. We would usually order from the menu and while we were waiting, would get fruit from the buffet. For the most part, we were always pleased. 8. Being able to swim laps in the Sports Pool. In the early morning, usually 6:30AM to 8:45AM, you could swim laps in the Sports Pool. I loved this because I could get my exercise out of the way and it was really quiet and peaceful. 9. Our room attendant. He kept our room clean and neat and accommodated any special request we might have. 10. Comedy Show (adults only). 11. 'Come Fly With Me' show. Singing, dancing and acrobatics. Very good. 12. Took advantage of early disembarkation where you carry your own luggage off the ship. We were able to have an early breakfast and then walk off the ship before 7:45AM. There was long line to go thru customs but the line moved pretty quickly. Thumbs Down 1. Waffles in the main dining room. Whether ordered from the menu or chosen from the buffet, waffles were always limp and soggy. 2. Only amenities in the room were shampoo and bar soap. No hair conditioner or body lotion. Not a big deal if you know in advance to bring your own. 3. Hair dryer. There was no on/off switch. There was a button you held down with your thumb to keep it running. If you took your finger off the button, it stopped working. Kind of hurt your hand if you had to use it for any length of time. 4. Slow elevators and not enough of them. They were really slow when lots of people were trying to use them at one time. Like, when a show let out, or when exiting the ship on an 'in port' day, or if you were going to or coming from dinner. We ended up taking the stairs quite a lot. 5. 'Oasis of Dreams' show. The diving was very good, but there was a lot of prancing around and posing by some of the swimmers/actors. A lot of the time the divers and swimmers were supposed to be in sync but weren't. Performance was very sloppy and sometimes boring. If you have ever seen a real Cirque show in Vegas, you know how it is supposed to be done and this show just didn't measure up. 6. Out of control kids running around the ship. Parents just let their kids loose and relinquished all responsibility and control. 7. Unfortunately, quite a large number of people have no idea about common courtesies and basic manners. This is not Royal Caribbean's fault but if you are thinking of cruising on such a huge ship with so many different nationalities and this kind of thing bothers you, it's better to be prepared for it. 8. There was one exception to the great service we experienced and that was in the Solarium Bistro, which is just a common buffet and not anything the least bit grand. I was sunbathing in the Solarium and I walked into the Solarium Bistro to get a glass of water. I was aggressively confronted and reprimanded by a ship's officer. He was very 'in my face'. I was told I couldn't be in the restaurant with swimsuit attire. He was extremely rude and I was made to feel like a criminal who had committed a major crime. It was an honest mistake on my part and I was not trying to flout the rules. In the main dining room on formal nights, I saw people in shorts and t-shirts and it was allowed with no problem. And yet, I get aggressively faced down by an officer for wearing a bathing suit into a buffet that overlooks many, many sunbathers? It seems the rules on attire are selectively enforced. Conclusion Overall we had a good time. But one cruise on this ship will be enough for us. It's a big ship with lots of people and lots of out-of-control kids. If you are looking for a cruise that's geared toward families with children, you will enjoy this one.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
We stayed at the Ocean Manor in Ft Lauderdale (Galt Ocean Mile)prior to and after the cruise. Its our favorite place there. Although the reviews are not great we love it there...especially the Tiki Bar right on the beach. ... Read More
We stayed at the Ocean Manor in Ft Lauderdale (Galt Ocean Mile)prior to and after the cruise. Its our favorite place there. Although the reviews are not great we love it there...especially the Tiki Bar right on the beach. Embarkation...what can I say other than WOW...got there at 11:30 ish...got checked in and went on the ship immediately...absolutely no wait...that was a great treat. Cabins were ready by 1:00 pm...Cabin was as expected and the room steward (Demetro) was very attentive...found some feather pillows as requested and made some cool towel critters...Penquin and a dog...made us miss our puppies back home. We did not use the main dining room at all...just the Windjammer for most meals. The food was not the best we have had...Our Princess trip to Hawaii was better. Breakfast got very repetitive...we are not ones to dally after a meal so it was pretty much eat and go. We did do a meal at Chops. Very good steak...tables were a little close...wife is very sensitive to perfume and the lady next to us wore so much perfume it was impossible to even smell the food...ended up leaving before desert...but its not a reflection on Chops...well worth the extra. Casino...we spent alot of time in the Casino. We were Casino VIP's and got treated as such. Instead of taking two vacations...a cruise...and Vegas...we combine the two. Had a really good time there. They provided alot of free drink coupons...had a lot of upscale wines...we had purchased the drink package before hand...with all the free drinks we got not sure if we got full value for the package...but no arguements here. HINT...if you enter the Slot Tourney and place high the first day...dont sit on your laurels...play every day to try to improve your score...it could pay off really well. Service was great there. Only caviat was reviewing my bill the next to last day and noted two odd charges with no attachments...went to Service Desk and they said it was for Tips charged by my wife with no signature...since I had prepaid the tips I said that was not possible...a drink waiter in the Casino had charged tips on the Seapass without our knowledge...they were removed with an apology. We made sure the waiters we used were tipped appropriately at the end. OK...On the the major problem we had. There was no cold water in the shower. It was scalding hot...so much so my wife burned her arm. We ended up using the sink...getting a wash rag wet and doing a sponge bath...there were three attempts to correct the shower problem but was NEVER resolved...very very disappointed especially with the hot and humid condtions we faced on the cruise...pity anyone who had our cabin after we did. Heard of other people with the same issue...is it time for Dry Dock already? All in all we love cruising. We really like Royal Caribbean...cruised on the Allure when it was new and will cruise with them again...but will check the shower the minute we get into the room. Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
The interior of the ship is beautiful, but the food is not up to par with all of the hoopla and attention this ship gets. It started with my meal in Park Café. I got the jerk pork wrap; be warned, you need to send a private detective out ... Read More
The interior of the ship is beautiful, but the food is not up to par with all of the hoopla and attention this ship gets. It started with my meal in Park Café. I got the jerk pork wrap; be warned, you need to send a private detective out to find the pork that was SUPPOSED to be in that wrap that was more tortilla and lettuce than anything else (other guests told me the same when we were talking about the food). Since that was "less than satisfying”, I got a Cheese Panini; the bread was so hard that I could only eat the cheese out of it. We ate at Izumi and because we are Crown and Anchor members, we were supposed to get 25% off the price of our food. No one ever mentioned it, nor was it automatically taken off when we received our check. I happen to see it in the room on our TV when we were checking benefits and specials. It’s a good thing I took a picture of that on the TV screen that day because, needless to say, that announcement was long gone when we went to guest services to ask about adjusting our bills to reflect the 25% discount that was rightfully ours. Breakfast presented an entirely new set of challenges: it took 3 attempts to find a bagel that wasn’t extremely crunchy or one you wanted to use as an anchor for said ship. They let them sit under the lights and if no one eats them, then stay there until someone is unfortunate and picks one up. Warning, there’s no grapefruit juice on the entire ship, so bring your own. If you desire a bagel anytime besides at breakfast (say you want bagels and lox for lunch), you’re flat out of luck " you can’t get one in any of the 24 restaurants on board and not even when ordering room service. Don’t even think about getting a decent steak in the MDR. Even cooked medium rare, it was terrible and tasteless. Another guest (one that holds that Diamond Plus status) sat at my table and about 3 nights later attempted to have that for his entrée. It was just as bad; so bad that when the restaurant manager visited our table, he informed him that someone needed to speak with the chef as this steak was TERRIBLE‼! One night I didn’t even find anything in the MDR for an entrée and was forced to settle for 3 appetizers to make a meal. Be warned, don’t get the (tasteless) grits and by all means, don’t ask for cheese grits. The waiters look at you like you’ve got 3 heads. So with help from a guest that told him to put cheese on the bottom in a bowl, then the grits and then more cheese, he left; he brought back the bowl of (unflavored/no seasoning) grits and about 8 slices of American cheese. That does not work. I thought, "hey, I’m going to start a new trend - losing weight on a cruise ship. We ate at the (fee) Seafood Shack and it was good and tasty. It gets me that we needed 2 separate checks for a meal and a beverage " keep in mind there was a spot on each check for "additional gratuity”. It almost took an act of Congress and God to get iced tea at breakfast. Geez‼!   Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
I was very excited to finally sail on this class ship after more than 15 cruises Fleetwide with RCI...While the shows were amazing.....I found a few things that left a bit of a negative impression.... 1. Not only a lack of public ... Read More
I was very excited to finally sail on this class ship after more than 15 cruises Fleetwide with RCI...While the shows were amazing.....I found a few things that left a bit of a negative impression.... 1. Not only a lack of public restrooms and locations but the small size considering the amount of passengers. 2. Unlike the sliding adjustable height of the shower heads on other RCI ships this one didn't have this much needed feature at all...very user unfriendly...especially for a shorter person. 3. Cabin sizes some of the smallest I've ever seen and lack of usable in cabin storage space. 4. Location and adjustability of the TV (balcony cabin) to the bed..making it a real neck sprain to watch TV. 5. WJ which is usually a favorite and we usually opt to eat dinners in this venue...was much too small..giving it a very crowded feeling....And having to feel that one of you has to stay and guard your table at all times..they tend to want to rush you out by taking plates even when it appears your still eating...The most rudest (feeding frenzy) dining atmosphere I have ever encountered. 6. And last but not least...The Concierge Lounge...This was our first cruise as C&A D+ level and we were so looking forward to it....however the two Concierge's assigned did "NOTHING" the entire cruise but sit behind their desk...never once meeting & mixing with their guests...unlike the amazing interactions we have had from the Diamond Lounge Concierge's we have sailed with on other RCI ships. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
A brief history: Together, we have only sailed with Carnival, on the Legend, the Sensation and twice on the Dream. We have always booked thru Carnival, and have never used a travel agent prior to our latest Cruise on the Oasis. We have ... Read More
A brief history: Together, we have only sailed with Carnival, on the Legend, the Sensation and twice on the Dream. We have always booked thru Carnival, and have never used a travel agent prior to our latest Cruise on the Oasis. We have always booked a Balcony and sailed for 7 days other then the Sensation booking which 4 days was all that we could talk our parents into for their first cruise. If you don't wish the long read, skip down to our Overall review below. Expectations: With the "You get what you pay for" mentality, and considering Carnival is typically priced at the bottom, we had the expectation that a Royal Caribbean cruise and especially on their newer Oasis class ship, we would experience a higher quality all inclusive cruise vacation. This is the basis for our review. The Ship - Oasis of the Seas: Without a doubt, this is one impressive ship with a nice variety of shops, activities, restaurants and many other venue's to suit your fancy. The double Flo-Rider, double Rock climbing walls, zip line, aqua theater, Ice skating rink, etc. the list goes on, are very nice additions. Food: We sampled the two different menu's at 150 Central Park while enjoying the Royal wine pairing the first visit which was fabulous and our servers were outstanding. Here we learned and and experienced different kinds of salts which was very interesting. Next we tried Chops Grill which was very nice, and we ran into our server a couple of days later down at Sorrento's who made a point to come over and greet us. We visited Giovanni's Table later and enjoyed yet another delicious meal, but we weren't especially pleased with the desert options. Yet again, our server was great. Like I mentioned above, we visited Sorrento's where my wife tried their pizza. She said that it was really nothing to write home about. Johnny Rockets, a 50's style and themed diner wasn't too bad either. The burger's were large so we weren't able to finish them. Our server was concerned that we didn't like them but we told her they were good but she decided to only charged us for one anyway. Keep in mind, 150 Central Park, Chops Grille, Giovanni's Table and Johnny Rockets are not all inclusive. There were other restaurants but we didn't try those. We ate at the Main Dining room twice which was a different menu and not bad at all. I want to say that I prefer Carnival's menu based on our two dinners there, but I can't since we only ate there twice. My wife however is steadfast that she prefers Carnival's menu, but she also loves Carnivals Chocolate Melting Cake. With that said, I imagine Carnival's or any other cruise lines menu would get quite old if that was the only cruise line you chose if they didn't change it up often. Unless we missed it, Royal Caribbean doesn't arrange your table napkins in various designs. A neat little touch that we missed. As a slightly hefty guy, I've been known to grab an ice cream cone when walking by the soft serve machines when sailing on Carnival. While near the not inclusive Ice Cream shop on the boardwalk, we asked if there were any free ice cream machines on board to which we were told no by one of the staff. So after purchasing Ice Cream from the shop on-board a few times, we find out near the end of our cruise that there is indeed soft serve machines by the main pools but only open from 11am-6pm. The Stateroom: We like to book Mid-Ship with a balcony and make sure there is only other rooms above or below as well as on either side of us and have so far had no issues with noise, this cruise included. The bathroom felt a little smaller in general but I think it was really just the shower that was smaller. On this ship, the shower has cylindrical smoked plastic walls with sliding doors. I swear people next door or in the halls thought we had a bass drum in our room with elbows and knees, and foreheads hitting the walls of the shower! All jokes aside, Carnival's old style shower curtain felt a little more roomy. The Ocean facing Balcony was definitely bigger than what we have had on Carnival but a lot less private. My wife felt that she had to close the curtains to change because she felt the neighbors could easily glance in the room with little to no effort. Our bed, two twins together was well worn and each twin was cupped shaped. We should have but didn't mention this to our room steward. My wife missed the Chocolate every night and was bummed that we only received two towel animals the whole cruise. I personally didn't care, but the thought is nice. Our room steward was a really nice guy who kept our room in good order. No complaints there. One bad thing about a room in the center of the Oasis is you will have a very long walk to either of the elevator areas since this is such a large ship. We did notice on our long walks to both ends of the ship, there were always vacuum's, carts etc. in the halls pretty much at all times. Reservations and Entertainment: Probably our biggest turn off, is the requirement of reservations to shows. With an unknown daily itinerary, reservations can force you to miss something you would have otherwise chosen to schedule for later. As silly as it is, we enjoy the Love and Marriage show. The same night we had reservations to the comedy show and had to miss it. Luckily they had one last Comedy show at the end of the cruise for those without reservations. Speaking of the comedy shows, I should really say show, there were two comics on board that had 1 family show and one adult show. I have to assume this as we were only able to have one booking for a comedy show where I would assume one comic opened while the other closed and this was the same show performed every night. Otherwise, why would I be limited to only one show. If it's space, I can understand because the comedy space seemed rather small. I think we are spoiled with Carnival where there have been more comics with more shows with no reservations. We did enjoy the show that we attended tho. The seating in the theater was a little cramped. For such a big ship, the Oasis fails in comparison to the Carnival Dream where it has bench style seating with mini tables every few feet between each row. The Come Fly with Me show was really good but the other shows seemed a little weak and borderline corny. The Aqua Theater was neat with some really talented performers. I'm not sure if it was soot from the engine stacks or something else, but the aqua theater seating was covered in small black specs that stained our shorts. We ended up bringing the pool towels with us to cover the seats to keep that from happening again. The wine sampling at Vintages was quiet, seemed secluded and very enjoyable. The attendant was informative and attentive. While we both wanted to do the Rock climbing wall, two of the three random times we wanted to experience it, it was closed. When we were finally able to sign up, it was fun and as I told the guy working, "That's rough on a fat boy!" I did ring the top bell by the way, but my arms were like jello when I was finished! My wife was able to get to the first bell and that was good enough for her. She said her fingernails were too long for some of the grips or pegs. I don't even want to talk about my 2 attempts at the standing Flo Rider! Looks like a blast and was fun to watch! A lot of those guys and girls make it look easy. I just knew I was going to shred it when it was my turn. I failed horribly but had a blast! The Soda sticker/Cup: On the Oasis, not sure if it is the same with other Royal Caribbean ships, they employ drink machines for you to use to refill your cups or you can have your server bring you drinks while you provide the sticker as proof you have paid for the service. There were always problems with at least one of the machines. Note: If you wanted to fill your spouses cup for them, don't think that you can fill the cup until the foam reaches the top and try to save time by removing your cup to fill theirs while you wait for the foam to recede. This will net you a penalty of 15 minutes. Just wait for the foam to recede and then continue filling the cup one at the time. My wife taught me this. When this happened she went to the bar and the bar tender gave her attitude when she asked him to finish filling up the cups. While we typically purchase the soda cards on our Carnival cruises, it is nice to have the option of bringing a case of your choice of soda on board with you there, where as you cannot on Royal Caribbean. Embarkation and Debarkation In the port, this little ole lady took our information and provided us with our Sea pass cards. I spent the cruise with my wife's picture associated with my card and it wasn't until halfway thru the cruise that I figured out that was why i was always asked for my name upon boarding the ship. Other than that, boarding was fast and seemed efficient. Debarkation however took a bit longer but from what we heard was not the norm for RCI. It didn't seem any longer than debarking with Carnival so maybe that is a plus for RCI. Overall: While we had a great time on board the Oasis of the Seas, we did not however feel like we received the best bang for our buck. This is definitely an impressive ship and we are glad we sailed on it. The staff for the most part was very pleasant. Just be prepared to come out of pocket a little more once you board if you wish to experience what the Oasis has to offer. What we paid for we enjoyed. We decided to not play at the casino or bingo which we normally do to help compensate. The bottom line is, we had a good time and enjoyed ourselves on our anniversary.   Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
This was my sixth RC cruise and with it being the first on Oasis I really expect a lot. The entertainment was awesome, Hairspray was so incredible. Staff was excellent everywhere we went. Our room steward knew us by name after our first ... Read More
This was my sixth RC cruise and with it being the first on Oasis I really expect a lot. The entertainment was awesome, Hairspray was so incredible. Staff was excellent everywhere we went. Our room steward knew us by name after our first meeting and was always such a delight to visit with. I feel like we were nickel-and-dimed to death on this cruise and I really lost patience with it towards the end. Even the main dining room had for-charge items now. And regarding the main dining room - we went once and never went back. I have never been in a restaurant more chaotic and unorganized in my life. None of the servers seemed to know which way was up. We ate at the Windjammer the rest of the cruise and always had a pleasant experience. I feel, oddly, that there was not nearly as much to do as on the Voyager Class ships that I have always cruised on in the past. There were times in the past when we would have to choose which thing we really wanted to do the most because there was so much going on. With Oasis, there were days when we could find nothing to do all day long and that was disappointing. Walking along Deck 5 was the worst. I felt like I was already on one of the islands with staff from all the stores constantly hassling me and putting flyers in my face. For future cruises I will be going back "down" a class in ships where I felt the over all experience was really a higher class. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
it was my 9th cruise, 7 on NCL, 1 on Celebrity. I came with high expectations to the "world's largest ship". First let me say, the facilities are amazing! The Shows are worldclass, you just cannot beat the entertainment ... Read More
it was my 9th cruise, 7 on NCL, 1 on Celebrity. I came with high expectations to the "world's largest ship". First let me say, the facilities are amazing! The Shows are worldclass, you just cannot beat the entertainment (water show, ice-skating show, musical, artistics, Dreamworks parade). I was a bit disappointed however by the service and coordination. I was traveling with a friend, it was his very first cruise and I kept telling him sooo much about how fantastic it will be. So on embarkation day we toured the ship, we were both VERY impressed by the facilities. A girl from the staff showed us around. My friend told her how impressed he was about the size, cleanlyness and offers the ship has and he was so surprised he cannot feel any movement at all (he was afraid of becoming seasick). The girl just answered "well, thats because we are still in port you idiot!" we were speechless. Gym is WAY smaller than on NCL Epic and the Spa way too small for 6.000 People. Only 3 little steam rooms, no windows to look outside from the Saunas, only 4 heated benches for this big ship... We had late seating 8.30pm. In November it gets dark around 5 in the Caribbean, so another 3.5hrs before Dinner. If I have a snack at 6, I wont be able to enjoy full dinner by 8.30. The first night we checked out the Buffet around 7 pm just to take a look. First of all - it looked like in a company canteen. No decorations, everything clean but not pleasing to the eye, very sterile. No ice scarvings like on Celebrity, no flowers or animals made of Melons, no Flowers...We went on to our dinner just to find out that EVERY item of the daily specials was EXACTLY the same as on the buffet - just in a better presentation. We arrives at 8:25 for Dinner on Deck 4 as printed on our roomkey. Waited 15 Minutes to get in as it was very crowded. At the door the guy said "you are on deck 3". We said the roomkey says deck 4. He just replied "well, we have reseated you, now you are on 3". I asked if he expects me to do another 15 Minutes wait on Deck 3 again (it was their mistake after all). He replied "you may as well go to the buffet"... Our table was party of 4. For 7 consecutive night, the "seasonable vegetable" at Dinner, no matter what we had ordered was Carrots and Broccoli. Our waiter and Bar girl were very friendly and, as I am allergic to garlic, offered me to pick already one day in advance my food for the next day which I highly appreciated! At formal night tha Restaurant Manager came, as every night, to our table, making honeurs, asking if everything is fine. All of a sudden he took my cuttlery starting to cut the salad on my plate and then started FEEDING ME with the salad in front of all of my friends. "Open wide, here we make you feel like at home with Mama" he said. Every conversation stopped, all eyes on my. I never felt so embarassed in all my life in front of friends and strangers. He certainly had a very strange sense of humor! Also the organization was far from perfect. With the late seating, you could hardly make any show as they all started at 10pm, so we had to tell our waiter every night that we need to rush and then have our 5 course meal in a hurry in order to get to our show. One night we wanted to do Karaoke which stared at 11pm. We arrived at 10.45 after Dinner, choose a song and wanted to sign in. "Todays enrollment is closed already" the DJ replied. We asked how can that be as Karaoke will only start in 15 Minutes from now. He said, we have many people who want to join therefore one must register by 10pm. We said, we have late Dinner seating and wont be done before 10.30pm. He said: well, then this is not your lucky cruise... I went to the Reception Desk asking for a customer feedback form. The attendant said, it will be given to you the last night of the cruise. I asked if I could have it now (3rd night) - he just said no! There was also very friendly staff too. We loved the Girl in Park Cafe where we liked to grab breakfast as it was not so crowded as the buffet. Our table waiter was very friendly - however mentioned every day that tips and positive feedbacks on the forms provided are highly appreciated... Resumee: Personally I would always prefer the freestyle of NCL. I liked the staff, organization and food much better there, staff in general much more helpful (even on large ships like the Epic). I liked the free Iphone App on Epic where I always had my bookings, reservations and all the menues for every restaurant always in my hand to choose. On Oasis, we did not have one single Deck Party the whole week. Not one motto Buffet (on NCL we had the midnight chocolate Buffet for example and on Celebrity the big sunday brunch till 2pm). Also besides the Solarium (which is inside) there is no quiet zone. In the afternoon the Band is playing in the middle of all 4 pools, so no escape, no quiet spot to relax or enjoy your own music with headphones without putting the speakers to a max level. I liked the variety of drinks in the softdrink package on Oasis and LOVED the touchscreen refill machines with their endless flavors. However, 4 machines (2 in the promenade, 2 in the buffet restaurant) for 6.000 Passengers is way too little. On Pool days, I dont feel like taking the elevator down to Deck 5 just to grab another coke zero... There is lot of things to improve organization wise. Did we have a good week - yes. The ship and the people we met were great. Would we do RCL again? Possibly, if timing, routing and price is right. If the same price at either NCL or Celebrity, we would certainly go for that again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
Background on my family and this cruise First Royal Caribbean cruise (been on Disney and Norwegian) Husband: 41 Me: 40  Daughter: 8  Oasis of the Sea, Western Caribbean  Aqua Suite 10th floor. First impressions: The ship is huge! ... Read More
Background on my family and this cruise First Royal Caribbean cruise (been on Disney and Norwegian) Husband: 41 Me: 40  Daughter: 8  Oasis of the Sea, Western Caribbean  Aqua Suite 10th floor. First impressions: The ship is huge! It was very exciting boarding this beauty. Check in was a breeze and everything was readily available as soon as we boarded. First stop was roast beef sandwiches everyone talks about. Very good. We were able to get in our suite right away as well. Like everyone says the balcony in the aqua suite is amazing. Enormous! I was a little disappointed in the bathrooms and bedrooms as they where both small and not so luxurious. I have stayed in suites on Disney and I found them to be much larger and better appointed (better furniture, etc). I do have to say our stateroom attendant was the best I have ever had. Food: The food was hit or miss. Some nights in the dining room were very good. Others not so much. I found the buffet to be horrible. I would rather eat the sandwiches in Central Park or get a burger from Johnny Rockets. Chops was very good and worth the extra fee. The Asian restaurant wasn’t great. I didn’t like any of their rolls. The Seafood Shack had good food choices as well. Entertainment: I can’t say too much on the subject of shows since I only attended one show...Come Fly with Me. I couldn’t really follow the story but it was still a great show. The acrobatics were incredible. We watched the aqua show from our suite and that was also very good. They did numerous performances during the week and some during the day. It was interesting watching them practice as well. We visited the casino several nights and were very lucky! Played blackjack for hours! The nightclub Blaze was also a good time. The music was a little dated but I’m from NYC so I’m used to being at the cutting edge. One great event they did was the Glow Party. They didn’t promote it too much but I’m really glad we went. I took my daughter and she loved it! Her best night all week! Ports: Corporate America. If you didn’t have a excursion stay on the ship cause all it was was Royal Caribbean shopping. We did the cabanas at Barefoot Beach. I don’t think it was worth the expensive. There was lots of shady spots so we didn’t need the cabana. Plus the upgraded lunch was awful. Cozumel we did Nachi beach. It was very pretty. At first it was frustrating checking in as they wanted cash and it says on website you can pay with credit card. After some arguing they allowed us to use our credit cards but only for multiple purchase. You couldn’t put one person on one card. Jamaica we did Good Hope estate and it was beautiful, the highlight of the ports of call. I love the Jamaican people. Concierge services: This is where I think Royal Caribbean is lacking. They have only two people services dozens of suites and diamond guests. It was always a line to talk to them. They didn’t do rounds to your rooms or leave you little treats like on Disney. You only saw them in the concierge lounge and only if you went to see them. They basically had no idea who I was. We had a issue trying to order food from the specially restaurants one evening to our room. They said it was formal night so it was too busy to do that. After some conversations we finally got it done. But everything was a struggle. We went to the lounge for breakfast one morning. Worst ever! It took 3 tries to get my food right ( egg white omelet with veggies, no meat, not so hard!) And my daughter never got her food. Also almost every morning I went up for coffee and it was out. How do they not have coffee at breakfast time? I feel that for what you pay for a suite you should get some sort of personalized service. This didn’t happen. Would I do Royal again? Most likely not. It was an awesome ship to see and was super well cared for but the service lacked. The food was just OK and the ports not very exciting.   Read Less
Sail Date January 2014
This trip was a gift with extended family and it was a fantastic vacation; however I’ll be booking my next trip on Carnival to go back to the Fun Ships! PROS: Fantastic entertainment – it was definitely the highlight of the trip! ... Read More
This trip was a gift with extended family and it was a fantastic vacation; however I’ll be booking my next trip on Carnival to go back to the Fun Ships! PROS: Fantastic entertainment – it was definitely the highlight of the trip! Central Park Park Café Roast Beef Sandwiches & Breakfast Sandwiches Premium Beverage Service only required for 1 person per cabin 21+; includes water and freestyle coke Johanna at the Pool Bar Lightening quick embarkation Fresh water pools Crowd disbursement – they have mastered it! Casino down and out of the way from families “Periscopes” throughout the ships – kids had fun finding them Carousel Hot room service CONS: Limited ports and excursion offerings No “central hub” of activities (Lido Deck) – I miss being able to easily find the party! No movies by the pool, only the Aqua Theater Fair MDR food and service; we stopped going after the 3rd night. Carnival is so much better! Too many for-fee services/venues Having to reserve all show times and dining Adults-only area didn’t suit me – it was like being in a hot sticky greenhouse with old people Average age was quite a bit higher than my age The strollers! Gah!!!!! This is the first time I’ve seen them on a cruise ship The elevators are slow and the algorithm is completely unpredictable Couch bed in room – oh my goodness you just couldn’t even walk around that thing when it was out! The entire room was a giant bed. Room Closet – it was so small I could barely get all of our stuff in there. We could hardly access it with the sliding doors and the bed was so tight up against it. Room storage – There was a lack of storage in general – barely any drawer space and those cabinets at the end of the vanity? Useless. Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
We have cruised many times and with many cruise lines, but never RCI so we decided to give it a shot on their large ship Oasis of the Seas. Below are the items I felt would be most helpful for someone making a decision to try this ship and ... Read More
We have cruised many times and with many cruise lines, but never RCI so we decided to give it a shot on their large ship Oasis of the Seas. Below are the items I felt would be most helpful for someone making a decision to try this ship and RCI. First and foremost, the cabin. We were in a Grand Suite, room 14660. For anyone who is a light sleeper or has any trouble with overhead noise, this is NOT the cabin for you. There is constant overhead noise of people walking, running, and sometimes bouncing basketballs. Beyond the noise issue everything else about the room is good. Nice room, good size, good storage, and good location to just about everything we needed. With the Grand Suite we did get the suite "perks" such as early embarkation, special sundeck and show seating, and concierge lounge access. Compared to our other cruising experiences these were far below what we had come to expect. While they were nice to have, not sure any of them were really worth the price of the suite. Would pick another line (specifically Celebrity) if perks are what make you happy. Next, the food. We were disappointed by the food. It was average at best and there was close to nothing besides pizza and the pastry shop available after 9pm without a surcharge. I would definitely call this the "nickel and dime" cruise. They have lots of offering but 90% is at a charge: Ice Cream, Candy, Johnny Rockets, Seafood Shack, Popcorn, Specialty restaurants, Starbucks all for a fee. We did the soda package, which was a waste. Always had to try to find a machine and most of the times they were out of ice or not working and towards the end of the cruise all of the flavors were gone. At night it was nearly impossible to get anything because once the buffet closed, 4 of the 7 machines were not accessible. Will always do the "bring your own" soda or buy as I go, it will still be cheaper. The dining room food was average but the selection was not to our tastes and the options we liked got really boring quickly. The only saving grace was our waiter Vein who was great. As for the buffet, we felt it was a limited selection and not all that good in the selection overall. Again, the food was average at best. If you like salad you will be disappointed as the salad selection is good but dressings were awful unless you like low fat or watered down dressing. After getting tired of the dining room and buffet, we tried both the Johnny Rockets and the Seafood Shack. Johnny Rockets (which we did on a buy one get one night so it wasn't too bad price wise) was a nice change, food was decent. Seafood Shack, was awful. All the seafood was chewy and in our opinion the sauces were awful. The ship overall was clean, easy to navigate thanks to the interactive touchscreens on every level, and big enough to never feel crowded. The outdoor areas were nice open spaces. Shows were good but other than those the activities were about worthless. I didn't find but one or two, in the casino, which were any good. Those of course you had to pay for. If you are going as I did thinking a big ship would have tons of fun things to do, you would be wrong. The dining room and cabin stewards were all pleasant. Bar service was sub par and most of the servers acted like they didn't want to be there, not welcoming at all. Overall summary.... would not do RCI or this ship size again. Get much more for the money on all other lines we have tried, especially when it comes to the perks for suites. This was over priced and in no area besides maybe the shows did they exceed any other line. I hope this helps. If you have any questions would be happy to answer them if I can. Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
Family of 3 who has taken 6+ cruises decided on trying one of the Largest Cruise Ships built for spring break to the Eastern Caribbean. I will list the pro's and con's. Pro's: Quick to embark onto ship, friendly and ... Read More
Family of 3 who has taken 6+ cruises decided on trying one of the Largest Cruise Ships built for spring break to the Eastern Caribbean. I will list the pro's and con's. Pro's: Quick to embark onto ship, friendly and efficient staff to check you in. Amazing stateroom attendant Mineno (clean cabins, attentive to our needs, friendly & professional) Great teen program (15-17 year olds)- my kid had the best time ever (a seasoned cruiser!) Pool area accommodated the masses - great at monitoring chairs (no saving chairs for hours here) Shows were amazing, every single one! Loved Hairspray, laughed at the comedians, enjoyed the water show and found "Frozen" to be a fun show, especially for the younger children. Giovanni's restaurant: Best food on the ship. Pasta - pure perfection. Steak - Perfect perfect perfect. Excursions: Did the Blue Lagoon (Nassau) Snorkel (St. Thomas) and Zip Line (St. Maartin). NOTE: The "PRO" is for the excursion owners NOT for RCI members to organized it (see below). Never felt like there were 6000 people on the ship Cons: Ship entrance: Ho-hum, you fell like you are entering a shopping mall, no sense of arrival or visual appearance of "you are here" welcome guest. Food: Up charge for almost anything. Shame on RCI. In the MDR they now offer a extended menu for their "exceptional" items. What? So what we have included is sub par? Also packages for other "speciality" restaurants were confusing and lead to distraction which, in my opinion, took away from the rhythm of the tradition of dining/getting to know your wait staff and the experience that surrounds it. Some of the specialty food stations (i.e. anything with the word cafe in it - we were sorely disappointed with the service). The Park Cafe however, food was great. The food lines: OK, here is what bothered me. No staff members communicated to the guests how to best wait in line. Some places were walk up to what you wanted, others had a line for beverages and another for food. How do you know? You don't, so you end up kind of standing around trying to figure things out. Signage would be great! Oh and don't bother waiting to see if a server asks what you need because they keep their heads down and make no eye contact. Consequently, there was a lot of cutting in line by people getting frustrated waiting and if you don't speak up loudly, you will not get service (and I am more the polite type so rather than ruin my day, let it go...) but I blame RCI management , improper training and poor organization for leaving me with a less than happy experience. MDR: Food ranged from wonderful to wanted to send it back. Pasta typically over cooked. Fish served overcooked and dry (maybe because it sits there in the stacked plates for an extended time). Staff very inconsistent. Our table servers were fair to good, however, the head server kept reminding us to leave "positive feedback" on the survey - by the end of the trip it really left a bad taint with "how is everything" be sure to leave feedback if you like us... after the millionth time "reminding" it was a turn off. (opposite of our wonderful cabin attendant who just worked very hard and showed A+ service by what he did) 150 Park: Just OK to good Chops: Better than 150, but oddly the steak at Giovanni's was better cooked (perfect medium rare) and more tender... Spa: (2 manicures and 2 pedicures in our group). Gals working were more interested in talking with each other and singing/dancing/looking around then giving attentive service. The 2 chairs (pedicure) were broken, one of my companions fell out of the chair when getting up and the response was oh, that chair cushion is broken and falls off - after the fact, thank goodness the person getting up was very agile. Instruments for manicure were what we use at home and items were sitting/dropped on the floor then reused - no sanitary cleaning :( Nail polish wore off at tips after one day (substandard spa nail polish). In room service: SHAME ON ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL FOR CHARGING ROOM SERVICE AFTER 12. Most of the Oasis restaurants closed by this time - horrible! Dancing/entertainment/shows and youth activities take place until at least midnight or after, teens especially come back to the room hungry. Ordered room service twice and food came late and cold (FYI just ordered burgers, come on RCI the buns were like stone on top like they sat under a heat lamp or something). Left a very disappointing feeling in our mouths and wallets (yet another up charge). Bummer, no midnight buffet. Specialty restaurants: Great food, great staff HOWEVER FOR THE PRICE I would not repeat nor encourage as I have for Carnival which charges much less and delivers at least same if not better (Giovanni's was the exception - food, even the steak was amazing). Windjammer Cafe: Food ranged from great to ho-hum. Very small for buffet. I think they want to encourage you to eat at the specialty restaurant so they don't offer the wide range we cruisers have come to expect. Pool side: A+ for having staff remove towels for those "saving" spots on sea days - people would come up first thing in the morning and place a towel and perhaps a magazine on a chair to save it for later in the day. If you leave your chair unattended like that, your stuff will be removed by the staff and I say BRAVO. Pool WAY TOO chemically treated. Eyes burned for two days from just a dip. Staff: Very, very inconsistent. No eye contact, improper training. No one knew answers to many things (you have to ask person XYZ) For example the shore excursion desk for the zip lines: Are there lockers there for valuables (they say not to have ANYTHING in our pockets) so leaving our sailpass card, passport, drivers license, cameras etc.. makes sense to know if there is a place for items to be stowed). Answer: Let me check (brings up your description on the computer, reads it and replies I'm not sure), really? Travel times, bathrooms, security, how long does this last etc.. Never ONCE got a confident answer from the excursion desk. Shame on RCI! This went on and on for every question we asked, what a waste of time and BTW they don't have a phone at the desk so you have to wait in line to talk to them in person. Carnival and Disney were immeasurably better - not even comparable). When we would ask how they like working on the Ship their first answer was when they were getting off (I leave June XX for 6 weeks or July XX for 9 weeks I can't wait - no mention of being happy or at least feeling good about working on the ship - I have never encountered so many staff members who seemed unsatisfied with their jobs - this definitely was reflected in the service. Activities on the ship: Just OK - did the flowrider (got very little instruction), to the guy working there with a small towel wiping off any water that splashed him I say BOO! He tried to stay as far away as possible from the water and no contact/help/instructions with people trying this for the first time. He seemed disgusted having to help people . Others were great and involved (kudos to the slender taller gal who made every effort to help us guests have fun at the flowrider) - again, extremely inconsistent. Zip line, just ok more about saying you did it than the fun of doing it. Internet service: Package offered. RCI again you FAILED us. Bought 60 mintues as DH needed to check work email - could not log on at all, took tech desk person 13 minutes to "help" log on, ended up that the server had an issue and guess what, we lost the minutes because the server "rejected" the password, tech gave us new password but no reimbursement of minutes. Service was Slow, Slow.... did I mention SLOW and was not worth it. Again shame on RCI for offering such a substandard service given today's technological advances. Tech guy "We are aware that the service is slow but we cannot do anything about it, we don't even really like this package...." What? We will go back to Carnival Cruise lines and probably stick with them (or try another cruise) before coming back to RCI. Trip was great (stateroom with balcony, great islands, some great staff, some good food). However, I would be very cautious to recommend this big ship overall, sorry.... Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
My daughters and I have cruised before on a variety of cruise lines. Most recently, we were on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas. The Oasis is twice the size and has many fun new features, but customer service suffered in many ... Read More
My daughters and I have cruised before on a variety of cruise lines. Most recently, we were on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas. The Oasis is twice the size and has many fun new features, but customer service suffered in many ways and the crowds could be a pain at times. First the positive aspects of the Oasis: We loved having so much to do. We were glad that on the 7-day cruise we had 3 days at sea. The ports were interesting, but the ship was the most fun. In particular, we enjoyed the many shows (and even some rehearsals of the water show while waiting to climb the rock wall), the rock wall, the zip line, the ice skating rink, the flowrider and the different neighborhoods. The Boardwalk always had something going on, as did the Royal Promenade. My girls liked the donut shop on the Boardwalk and we all enjoyed some pizza on the Royal Promenade. Our stateroom was near the middle of the ship and was in great shape. I really got a chance to enjoy the balcony on this cruise. I also have to comment that even with a huge ship, many logistics are handled really well. Boarding the ship was simple and getting on and off at ports was easy. The private island is also managed very well. They had plenty of lounge chairs in the various beach areas. The things that were annoying or negative included the following: While the dining room food is good, the service is average. We felt much more pampered on other cruises – with extra food, special tricks and just general attentiveness and discussion with the waiter and assistant waiter. We felt the same drop in attentiveness on the part of the room steward. It was not until the last day that we realized he had not even been bringing us the kid’s program information nightly. On our last (RC) cruise, the steward had also offered small bottles of shampoo and conditioner right away and keep us fully stocked through the trip. The kids programs overall were disappointing. My 10 year old tried the 9 – 11 group a few times but felt the activities were for much younger children. It might have helped to have divisions by grade since she is already in middle school. Another problem was the limited information on activities. The schedule is “loose” and without much description. More description of activities would also have helped with my 14 year old (the 12 – 14 group). Another problem was that some activities required kids to arrive early or right on time or they would be precluded from participating. This caused problems for us and at least one other family. It would have helped to have such requirements clearly stated in the descriptions. Finally, it is really frustrating that with the kids programs there is a presumption that families choose the early seating for dinner. My kids could never make the really fun stuff because we had the late seating and they wanted to eat with me. The schedule should accommodate both early and late seating families and it does not do a good job at that. There needs to be an indoor movie theatre and a better movie selection. 3D movies were advertised but there were only 3 and we could only make the showing of 1. There were a few showings movies at the Aqua Theater, but mainly for families with young kids and during the day. We had been used to having a dedicated movie indoor theater with at least 2 showings per day. Finally, after paying a lot of money to take the cruise, it is always troublesome how many ways RC tries to get passengers to spend more. On this really big boat, there were many more times when they added (or tried to add) an extra fee. I was furious to learn that going to the sauna or steam was not free (as it has been on every other cruise ship I have ever been on). I was told I could pay $99 for the week or $30 a day. The charge was justified by the explanation that “this is a really big ship”. On every other ship, when I have gone to the sauna I have been the only person there. Then there are the excursions that are outrageously priced. I decided to pay for all 3 of use to visit with dolphins and then learned that we could not take pictures, but could buy them at $37.50 each! Add in the cupcakes, ice cream, specialty restaurants, and you can double the cruise cost easily. Charge a little more upfront and ask for less throughout the cruise. It would be nice if every passenger got one voucher to a specialty restaurant. Instead, we ate in the main dinning room and felt somewhat less appreciated than usual. We had fun because we always do, but the Oasis experience is not perfect. There is a lot of room for improvement.   Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
We are experienced cruisers- 5+ on RCCL, 3 on Celebrity, 4 on Princess, 3 on Carnival. BE CAREFUL before you choose to book a cruise on this ship. It is not a typical cruise experience, and I would NOT recommend it for newer cruisers! You ... Read More
We are experienced cruisers- 5+ on RCCL, 3 on Celebrity, 4 on Princess, 3 on Carnival. BE CAREFUL before you choose to book a cruise on this ship. It is not a typical cruise experience, and I would NOT recommend it for newer cruisers! You already know that this ship is big- they say the largest in the world (though its sister ship, the Allure is slightly larger). The overwhelming size brings a few perks but more disadvantages for you as a cruise passenger. It is something to see once, if you do a lot of cruising and want to try something different. But this size ship is overwhelming- in fact so much so, that RCCL decided to make their next class of ships SMALLER. Our cruise had over 6,000 passengers and 2,100 crew- which is great for cruise line revenue, not so much for the people who such a small part of such a larger herd. And the crew said it is always full- they appear to fill it with family and friends of the crew, much like airlines allow their families to sometimes fill unused seats. So don't think you can easily find a "good time" to take a trip on this ship. Now for specifics- this ship cannot pull into just any port- it is a monster. And many ports don't want it- their infrastructure simply cannot handle 6,000 people plus more from other ships overrunning their little port towns. So RCCL limits the stops on these monster ships, in our case to a beach peninsula on the side of Haiti (which was nicer than it sounds), along with a stop in Jamaica that is at a remote, RCCL built pier at least a 90 minute drive to anything that will set you back $150 cab fare, plus tip. Even the stop in Cozumel dumps passengers 3-4 miles from the cruise port, south of town- though that stop only sets you back $20 RT to town, if you're not doing an excursion. They are taking the Oasis into drydock in England in December 2014- its now five years old- then are going to try mediterranean cruises. Why in the world would somebody book a trip to the mediterranean in anything but a smaller ship? There won't be many good port choices there, though they say a few are being built for them. Anyhow- a few of the features on this ship are very nice- including the central park, which is very well done, rarely crowded and a pleasant place to relax, even though once in there, you cannot tell that you're out on the ocean. Same goes for the main promenade- it looks like the inside of any suburban shopping mall. It has a Starbucks, which is cool, but that forces you to pay for Starbucks, since they have no to-go coffee cups anywhere else on the ship. The casino and the gym are largest you'll ever find on a ship, as is the pub, the theater and the pool areas. If you're a sunbather, you will appreciate the many different areas and levels where you can always find a deck chair, and this is the first ship I've ever been on where they actually clear off chairs after about 30 minutes, where so many selfish passengers like to throw towels and and a paperback onto 3 or 4 for their whole family at 9am to save them for their one hour trip to the pool after lunch. You can get a pair of deck lounges even on sea days at almost any time. Same with the gym- no problem getting a treadmill or elipitical- though the gym has the nasty habit of endlessly blasting their sales pitches for arthritis creams and the like, loudly over all the overhead speakers throughout the gym while you're trying to get in your zone and workout- even turning up my ipod/iphone music to full volume could not drown that nuisance noise out. Part of the cruise experience is meeting and talking with other passengers. This isn't as easy as one would think on this ship, because there are soooo many people, you rarely see the same ones twice. It seems that passengers and crew alike know there are alot of people, often think about it and try to stay in their own little worlds. This is the very first cruise in which cruise ship employees routinely walk right past you, don't acknowledge you, say hello or even nod their head. Many seemed like angry soldiers beat up from having to work too hard to help service so many people, week after week. Of course, the wait staff and housekeeping are more friendly, hoping for additional tips on top of the $12.00/day tips automatically charged to each passenger's account. The front desk never backed up much, but thats partly because they won't let you near it until they screen you for the reason you're trying to talk to them. Its like going through a phone tree when calling a big business. So whatever you plan to talk to them about, you have to say it twice. And they surprisingly said NO to a couple of things that are typically a courtesy- change in small bills, arranging to bill the tips for one of our guests to our account. So our impression was that this ship wasn't very well run- whomever manages things makes some poor decisions or simply cannot keep control over the magnitude of the operation. The food was disappointing- though this has become common on many ships, including Carnival and Princess- smaller portions, unimaginative menus, very bland food, few fresh vegetables. They try really hard to get people into the pay-extra dining, for $25-40/meal, and didn't seem to be succeeding at that very well. We went to the sushi place for lunch, which is ok, but I wouldn't get excited about it. We also went to Giovannis for lunch, which was good, but again, not anything spectacular. Johnny Rockets is cool once, for $6, if you need an infusion of high calorie burger and fries or rings and a shake. The rooms were typical- by chance we chose a pair of balcony cabins on Deck 7, midship right near the elevators. What a pleasant surprise. Down one set of stairs to the gym, up one set up stairs to the starbucks and indoor mall, up two flights of stairs to central park and the Park Cafe, nice for breakfast- which most seemed to avoid thinking that they charged for it. On this ship, its sometimes hard to tell when you're going to be charged and when its included. Hopefully thats not a trend, surely something some young business school graduate of theirs thought a good idea to try and maximize profits. Anyhow, if you take this ship, do not be afraid to get a room near the elevators- it rarely causes noise since they designed them to be past the stairs and around a corner from the room deck hallways- and there seemed to be plenty of elevators, most of the time. You don't want to pick a room toward the aft or bow of the ship, you'll constantly be walking halls the length of a football field. There seems little advantage to going upward when you choose a cabin (i.e., 12th or 14th floor)- except for the pool decks and the buffet, you'll constantly be having to go many floors down to get to where most spend their time. Decks 7 and 9 were obviously the easiest. Forget the suites at the aft of the ship- not the typical quiet, fantails as found on most ships- they overlook a pool that is for cast only, with occasional activities while at sea in which they spend several hours shouting through microphones trying to separate as many people as they can from the rest of the crowd- the belly flop contests almost sounded like spring break in Daytona Beach. Clearly not worth the money unless it doesn't matter to you or you just have to have the extra space and spend alot of time in your cabin. There seemed to be a surprisingly low percentage of passengers from the U.S. on this cruise, which left from Pt. Everglades/Ft. Lauderdale (which is functional, but problematic). Our guess was that about 60% of the passengers were foreign- from Europe, Brazil and China. More older guests than one would expect for a ship really designed for families with small children. Our 18 year old son did do the rock wall- which is very cool but only a 5 minute experience for a 20 minute line- and the flow rider- which again you wait to get onto then are rushed off the moment you fall, which is typically very quickly. The ice rink looked like little more than something for the ship to brag about (being replaced with some sort of bumper cars on the Quantam) and the zip line was short and lame. So some of the features that might attract families really are no big thing- and this ship seems to large to let children much wander around on their own. We reserved one of the production shows, only to have it substituted with a nice but washed-up Vegas singer. The water show was ok but evolved into little more than the performers diving into a pool, getting out and diving in again. The high dive from the top of the back smokestack was cool to watch. You have to have reservations for all shows, though they do let people in to fill the extra seats- which seemed to work for everything but the comedy show, which takes place in a room with no more than about 50 chairs. Bars. Plenty of them, standard fare and pricing. The Globe pub and a few others had some exceptional beer choices. For wine lovers, Vintages Bar in Central Park had some very nice wines for about $20/glass, but if you do that, ask when they opened the bottle- it wasn't real busy and it looked like some had been open for days or more, with only the low-tech air removal valves to try and keep them from turning. If you're Crown & Anchor Platinum or higher, save your "2 for 1" drink coupon (electronic) for this place, one time you can get two glasses of a really good wine for the price of one. Electronic coupons. Electronic everything. Though they do put a daily newsletter in your cabin, thats about it- most everything else is on the TV, or they want you to go on the internet- which is VERY slow and costs 50 cents/minute- about 4 minutes just to sign into your email. About halfway through the cruise they offered a flat rate $10 for up to 30 minutes wi-fi, which you can't break up- which seemed a little faster than the 1990s era computers they tucked into a few closet-like rooms on the ship. Disembarktation- another word for complete disaster. Getting off this boat was the absolute worst I've ever seen. I got off with the "walk off" option (no luggage)- to go get a rental car for the rest of our group (which at Pt. Everglades, is difficult- the Dollar facility isn't really in the port, is small, dirty and run by employees who spoke little english). Anyhow, it took me over an hour for the walk off option, where I left the ship at 0645. Here it was partly the fault of customs- they only had two agents for a cruise ship letting off over 6,000 people, most of them foreigners. They later added agents, but it was too little, too late. The ship's crew and local police shamelessly treat you like cattle at this point, herding you in long winding lines that don't flow very well and shout at you to put away your phones while you're spending an hour in line, with elderly people dragging huge suitcases to avoid having to wait or tip a porter. My family had disembarkation #8, which is in the second group with luggage due to get off- there are 64 possible assignments. It took them over two hours. They said that the ship was losing control of its crowd management. When we got on the ship the previous Saturday, we arrived at 11:00am and thought we saw people still trying to get off the ship. Well appears so, as the same thing was developing as my family finally got off just before 10:00am. Forget the jaunt to everglades for an airboat ride before our 2:30 flight- there just wasn't time. Especially if you're taking Southwest Airlines out of FLL- that terminal is incredibly underequipped and overcrowded, and the FLL airport looks like the Big Dig- maybe someday it will be nice, but now they're just down to one runway, all of the time, and that tiny little airport just cannot handle the hoards of people using this and the other ships. Unfortunately Miami isn't much of a better option. The Dollar rent a car should be your last choice- not sure why we used them, but never again. At FLL, the lady demanded to see proof of my personal insurance or buy theirs. I don't carry our vehicles insurance cards, of which we have four. I repeatedly told her that she was full of BS and she finally backed down. Scam. They must make a lot of extra $$ doing this. I've been sufficiently specific with criticism in the hope that it is helpful in helping others decide whether to take this ship. If it were priced the same as other cruises, I'd say go ahead and try it. To us, it was a noticeably lesser value and experience than the smaller (medium) sized ships that we're accustomed to. As I said, something to try once, but bring your patience, stamina, walking shoes and whatever you do, don't pay more for it than a 3,000 passenger ship, where you're likely to find the service better, the waiting less, better port experiences and overall, a more relaxing vacation.   Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
We just got off the Oasis of the Seas doing the Eastern Caribbean Cruise My wife and I stayed at our favorite hotel before the cruise – Embassy Suites 17th street in Fort Lauderdale. It is next to the cruise port, but has many ... Read More
We just got off the Oasis of the Seas doing the Eastern Caribbean Cruise My wife and I stayed at our favorite hotel before the cruise – Embassy Suites 17th street in Fort Lauderdale. It is next to the cruise port, but has many restaurants nearby (easy walking distance). The hotel also has a shopping center with a grocery store behind it. What makes this hotel so great is the free cooked to order breakfasts, its large suite rooms (great for families), the free happy hour from 5:30-7:00 pm, the large swimming pool with great lounge chairs, and the $8.00 per person shuttle to the port. This hotel is so nice we arrived two days before the cruise to get into the relaxation frame of mind. We had a group of 10 going to the port at 10:30 AM for the 15 minute ride to the ship. We were checked in immediately and by 11:30 we were boarding the ship. The Oasis is huge and magnificent. This was our 34th cruise of which it was our 27th on Royal Caribbean. The Positives: 1. The ship is beautiful. Nicer than any other ship I have been on. Breathtaking and better than WOW as Royal Caribbean states in their ads. 2. The shows were an 11 on a 1-10 scale. Make sure you pre reserve the shows on the website before you arrive to the ship. Only one show was just OK. The main show had 5 people who sing the bass and drums – the other 3 just sing. I had heard the same type of show on previous cruise, and I felt they were much better than this group. Some of our group left early after they started getting the audience to sing. We were not there to hear the audience, 3. Giovanni’s is a family style Italian style meal that was off the scale. Book this before the cruise. Excellent Meal. All 10 people raved about this meal and the service. 4. The main dining room meals were the best I have ever had on any cruise. Maybe it was our 5 star waiter team -- Sakda Paipan and his assistant Sebin. Our meals were cooked perfectly and served quickly. If we had to finish early because of a show, they accommodated us. 5. Our cabin steward, Derlen kept our cabin (10698) spotless and always would know what needed replacing before we asked. He was the first Cabin Steward my wife hugged because of the great service! 6. The Solarium Pool on every other ship was packed with old people. Not on this ship. It was very nice to get sun and shade with a great mix of young and older adults. The Negatives: 1. The ship was always late leaving and arriving based on the latest internet schedule. (Keep this in mind when you book any private excursions.) At the special Crown and Anchor Sail Away Party in Nassau we were supposed to leave at 1:45. We ended up leaving at 2:30. It was so hot we left the special outside location at 2:00. On other ships when they say we leave a 1:30 we leave. 2. Chops was a huge disappointment. We had been on other cruises and loved this meal so I booked it again on this cruise too as a gift to the group. As our group of 10 ordered we were told by the waiter several times he was going to bring ALL the sides for each end of the table. He brought out the steaks two at the time and then started with the sides. He only brought onion rings, broccoli, and mushrooms. I had to ask the manager for more mushrooms. By the time I started eating my steak it was cool. He never brought the other sides as he promised. I went back the next day to discuss the service and he said he brought all the sides. I guess all 10 of us just imagined the potatoes missing, the green beans missing etc. I quickly realized he was not a waiter that deserved to be in Chops. When we left we all said a meal in the main dining room would have been better. The head waiter in the main dining room heard our comment and passed it on to the Manager of Chops. We each received four chocolate covered strawberries from Chops as an apology. Sorry, but the poor service was a huge disappointment for all of us. 3. Johnny Rockets – My wife and I were seated outside at 11:45AM for a nice lunch by the Host. We never saw a waiter for 20 minutes. We just got up and walked out. I guess 11:45 - noon is not a good time for lunch there. 4. Debarkation – NEVER again will I go through this nightmare on this ship. As a Diamond Plus Crown and Anchor Member we normally are given a little special treatment. Just before we got on the ship I changed my 12:25 flight to the 10:20 AM flight. I had read we would arrive about 6:00 AM and be off at 7:45 AM. We were given #7 debarkation tags that were scheduled for 7:45 AM but was moved later to 8:30AM. At 8:30 I was getting concerned I was going to miss my flight so this nice RCCL lady agent at the door said for us to get in line behind these people next to get off so we could get off to make our flight. As we were waiting a curly haired RCCL man said we needed to go to the very back of the line. The lady was taking care of someone else and he was being forceful and very rude. I told him we were Diamond Plus members and we may miss our flight, but he could care less. By the time we picked up our bags we were herded into a Disney ride like queue line that was quite long for a Custom Inspection. There must have been over a thousand people in line ready to go through Customs. We missed our flight by 15 minutes. Had I gotten his name I would have done everything in my power to have him fired. In fact because of all the hassle the last day, it ruined my attitude about this ship. I HIGHLY recommend you walk off with your own bags. This was the first Debarkation I have ever done on a Royal Caribbean ship that was so late and backed up. Because of the Chops, Johnny Rockets, and Debarkation experience it ruined a great vacation. I love Royal Caribbean, but I would never feel comfortable in going back on this ship.   Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
This is our 10th cruise, 2nd on Royal Caribbean, 2nd from Port Everglades. We stayed the night before at the Embassy Suites on 17th street and highly recommend it. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the rooms were clean and the ... Read More
This is our 10th cruise, 2nd on Royal Caribbean, 2nd from Port Everglades. We stayed the night before at the Embassy Suites on 17th street and highly recommend it. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the rooms were clean and the breakfast was very good. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping in walking distance. We parked at the Park-n-go. We booked online and saved a big chunk of money. The whole parking process was easy and fast. We pulled up and they had us stop under a big tent to unload the cars. They then park the car for you, they do this because the stack the cars in so they can fit as many cars as possible. No worries, since they provide airport parking too the place is manned 24/7 and is well lit and has high fences. The check-in process at the terminal was odd to say the least. When we went through security they actually checked that the wine bottles we brought were actually wine by opening the bags and looking at the bottles. First time that has happened, I guess they are trying to crack down on smuggling. Anyway, we go to the Gold check in line and we notice that my son, who has sailed RCCL before, is not listed as Gold. No problem, we'll try to fix it (again, I did this three times before we left) when we get on-board. We then go upstairs to the waiting area. This is where we run into a lady who is just doing what she was told to do, keep non-Gold members out of the Gold waiting area, and she was very good at it. Since our sons card does not say Gold on it she says he has to sit elsewhere but we are welcome to sit there. Deciding not to abandon our son, we sat with him. While we are waiting we can hear some sort of announcements being made but the middle of the waiting area apparently has no speakers so we have no idea what is going on and can only deduce by watching the other people. We are finally told that we may board the ship so we head through the first set of doors and are promptly met by what would be the first of many lines. After five minutes of winding up the gangway we get on the ship. Once aboard we make our way to the Park Cafe, another long line, took about 10-12 minutes to get through that line. We are amazed by the roast beef sandwiches as well as the paninis and desserts. By the time we finish eating our cabin is ready so we head up to deck 11 cabin 328. Amazing balcony, amazing room steward Dwayne but a teeny-tiny room. I wrote up this cabin review separately. We were part of a group of 15 so we got stuck with 8:30 dining time. I will say that our wait staff Bongay and Marvin were terrific! The late seating is not accounted for in the scheduling of shows and entertainers. We had to get our reservations for the 10:30 shows, we couldn't schedule the early shows since they started near our dinner time. So we had to scramble to make it to the venue before they gave our seats to those on the wait list. This was very stressful and would have been impossible if not for our amazing wait staff. The good thing is that due to the reservations we did not have to wait in the line of people that did not have a reservation. The shows were neat but it was difficult to enjoy when you had to run to get there before they opened up to open seating and on top of that it was difficult finding seats together. The entertainment was fun too but by the time we finished dinner and went to the venue the band, singer, guitar player was only there for another hour or so. Do go see Ian in the Pub, he was fun and really interacted with the crowd. We did eat in the Wipeout Cafe for breakfast, 5 minute line. We made it to the main dining room for breakfast on the first day and did not have a wait. The main dining room is setup for either menu ordered breakfast (which I strongly recommend) or a buffet. On the second day we went back to the main dining room for breakfast and the line was so long for the traditional side that we decided to eat in the buffet side. We were able to finish eating before the people we were in line behind for the traditional side were even seated. Thinking that we'll just go to the Windjammer for breakfast since we were only eating buffet anyway we encounter yet more lines, about 5-7 minutes, and confusion. We were told to follow a waiter to our seats, yes they seat you in the Windjammer, but there were no seats to be found. We walked around until the waiter finally had us sit in a recently cleared table. Only one of us at a time went to get food for fear of our table being cleared and we would lose our seat. We tried to eat lunch in the Windjammer but the lines went down the stairs so back to the Park Cafe. This was the theme anytime we wanted to eat. Oh yea, do not eat breakfast at Johnny Rockets. The food tasted like it was out of the freezer. I was sure that the French Toast I ordered was from a box and microwaved. My wife said the same thing about her "omelette". One thing that really bothered me was the scheduling of the restaurants. Due to our late dining I wanted to have a later lunch, around 4 PM. Unfortunately, almost all of the restaurants were closed at this time. The only thing open was Sorrento's, Park Cafe, and Promenade Cafe. It got really old. If we ate lunch at the time they scheduled it would be 7 hours before we had dinner. Too long, especially for families with small kids. Do whatever you have to in order to get early dinner. Flowrider, zip line, carousel, and elevators, more lines, basically the theme to the cruise. They were fun but it was not fun waiting. The elevators: Whoever programmed them should be fired. We would see an empty elevator go flying by (glass ones obviously) and the next elevator would stop and it would be filled to the brim. Also, we would be on an elevator, many floors pressed, then the board would clear and it would say "priority". We just pressed our floor again and at every stop it would clear the buttons again. Don't know what that was about. Disembarkation was strange. We went to get breakfast and decided on the Park Cafe since we knew the Windjammer would have lines out the door and down the stairs. Food was fine in the cafe but they were out of coffee cups. I told someone and she said they would be replaced soon. I (along with many others) decided to use a soup cup for my coffee, the cook was accommodating and gladly gave out soup cups. Meanwhile the office in charge of the cafe was more concerned with how many danishes one of the staff was putting out and did not notice there were no coffee cups for about 10 minutes. When he did notice he put out a stack of paper cups. We then went to the Opal theater to wait and when we walked in the staff was taking away the danishes and coffee that were supposed to be out during the entire debarkation process. We waited for a while then my wife heard our number being called, good thing too since the boards did not reflect that. In fact, by the time we got to the Aft of the ship to leave those displays were even further behind and the people walking in front of us were stopped by a crew member who said that only numbers through 4 had been called when it was actually through 15. He walked off to check we walked off the ship. Once in the terminal we got a porter and told him our number, he took us right to our luggage loaded it up and made our way to the Customs line. We went through Customs and he took us to where our shuttle bus would pick us up to take us to our car. Once again the parking company was great. They had a line of shuttle buses lined up so we did not have to call or wait for a bus to come. They took us right to our truck and we loaded up headed to the exit. At the exit I handed my printed receipt, the attendant scanned it handed us three bottles of water and we were on our way. The trip was fun but I do not think I would have enjoyed the ship as much without the friends we sailed with, they are what made this trip fun. To me the ship alone is not worth the cost. I can not see sailing the Oasis again, though if we have enough people going in a group and the price is right we would go again...especially if they move the ship to Port Canaveral. Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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