Sail Date: December 2009
This cruise had a special meaning for us. Our 20th anniversary and my birthday all wrapped into one. We have been sailing with Royal Caribbean for many many years. And we have had good and not so good experiences. Well this one was ... Read More
This cruise had a special meaning for us. Our 20th anniversary and my birthday all wrapped into one. We have been sailing with Royal Caribbean for many many years. And we have had good and not so good experiences. Well this one was fantastic! Check in was awesome and fast. The waiting area was a bit disorganized but we were ok with that. Once we got on the ship we were taken aback. She was beautiful. Champagne there for us and music. We found our own way to our rooms, didn't need anyones help with that. The room was decorated for our anniversary. I was sooo excited. The room was nice sized, great shower, no leaking (lol). We were completely happy with our stateroom with a balcony. Our room attendant was always helpful never disappointed. Dinner was awesome, we had the 2nd dining time. Our waitress and asst. waitress were fantastic! The food was amazing. Never disappointed. We didn't see much of the entertainment. But hey, I really enjoyed The Nelson's tribute to Ricky Nelson. And the Aqua Theater Oasis of Dreams was just breathtaking. The back of the ship was NOT too windy and as I have read, my golf ball never blew away anywhere. Though, I wouldn't want to dive from those platforms. But that is just me. Hairspray was sooo fun. Ok sooooo all in all we had a fantastic time. Thank you Royal Caribbean for a special cruise on a special ship. We can't wait to come back! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
Normally I haven't liked the larger ships - too crowded, too impersonal, and as I stated before, the Radiance class was "just right". However, I must admit that I loved the Oasis. Tons of things to do, lots of food options, ... Read More
Normally I haven't liked the larger ships - too crowded, too impersonal, and as I stated before, the Radiance class was "just right". However, I must admit that I loved the Oasis. Tons of things to do, lots of food options, and I never felt crowded. Even the zip line and the flow-riders never were too busy. The crew had the scheduling of events almost down to a science. I especially liked the pre-booking of on-board activities, but that fits my personality where other who my want to fly by the seat of their pants may find that disturbing. Technically speaking, the Oasis was marvelous. From the beginning - Check in was great. As a diamond member, we were met outside of the check-in area and escorted to a separate area for priority check-in. There was a separate area for suite and diamond members, but we chose to mingle with the "Critter" group from CC. Once on board, we were greeted with champagne, and the promenade was so phenomenal, that we simply got lost in it all. I don't mean lost in the sense of not knowing where we were, the interactive maps outside of most elevators ensure that no one could get lost. What a technical advance over the other ships. NO LIFE JACKETS for the muster drill. We mustered in specific locations such as the Aqua Theater, or one of the cafes, and assuming you got there early enough, you could sit during a video presentation of emergency procedures. Event Scheduling - We had booked many of our on-board events prior to embarkation. Highly recommend that everyone plan to do that as well as many event booked up quickly. However, the event scheduling ON-BOARD was handled very efficiently. The nightclubs were used by the staff during the days to handle to reservation requests. Additionally, one could use the interactive TV to set up events. One drawback was when a show was canceled and you tried to reschedule it, the interactive TV thought that you had already attended or still had one scheduled for a future date. While on the interactive TV system, it was very convenient to be able to look at your personal schedule each day. Unfortunately, you could only ADD activities, not cancel them. On the Oasis, they changed the format of you daily compass. Now the compass had a separate afternoon and evening schedule. Again a nice feature. They also published on Day #1 a daily planner for the entire trip. This was great, especially if you wanted to plan your schedule so that you didn't miss a particular event such as the Quest or the Love & Marriage game. 5 Stars to event planning. Central Park - we had a cabin on the 8th deck and every evening my wife and I would stroll through the park. AWESOME. They even piped in some bird and cricket sounds. My DW doesn't want to stay on any other deck now. The only downside of Central Park is that some of the vegetation is not being maintained as well as it should. Many of the poinsettias were brown and needed pruning, but aside from that, the flowers and plants were lovely. Boardwalk - I yearn for one of the AquaTheater Suites. Their balconies are amazing, and the entire boardwalk area was fascinating. However, I understand that the ATS pale in comparison to even a Grand Suite insofar as the living space. The entertainment was the best I've seen on RCCL, though I must admit that the Nelson brothers were a little weak. "Hairspray" was super, the aqua show, though compressed due to equipment issues, was very good, and show "Come Fly With Me" was out of this world. Another plus was NO PARK WEST AUCTIONS. There was an art store on board, but that was very low key. Also BINGO was not over played either. All-in-all the cruise director's staff was great. However, the cruise director himself, Ken Rush, was very disappointing. Talk about a narcissistic personality - it was the "all about me show" anytime he was around. I'm glad he won't be on board when we sail on the Oasis again in April - yes we're sailing on her again. I do not recommend "My Time Dining" due to the fact that there are so many alternate food options, you almost feel that you're throwing your gratuities away. Out of the 12 days aboard, we only ate in the dining room 3 times. Rooms were a bit smaller. We were in a GS for the first 4 days, and then in a JS for the last 7. The GS was very nice, and the balcony was well appointed. Whereas the JS was very tight in the bath area and the balcony was bare. The room steward for the GS was great, but the steward for the JS was one of the worst we've had. As a side note, the service we received as a diamond member of the C&A Society was significantly different when we were in the GS as compared to when we were in the JS. While not quite a 2nd class citizen, I certainly felt that we were not given the level of attention that was warranted or expected when booking a suite while in the JS. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
Our first live view of Oasis was from several thousand feet up on an Air Tran 717. It was amazing, and even more so about half an hour later as we pulled up to the terminal. They really do build incredible. Pictures and live shots do not ... Read More
Our first live view of Oasis was from several thousand feet up on an Air Tran 717. It was amazing, and even more so about half an hour later as we pulled up to the terminal. They really do build incredible. Pictures and live shots do not do this ship justice. Seeing is believing! We were fortunate to be on the naming ceremony cruise. Check in was incredibly simple. For the one night we stayed in a Boardwalk Balcony and had great views of the ceremony. Seating was open in the Dining Room and we enjoyed a great meal with a fabulous dessert presentation. Since we were staying on, we were required to meet in the Dining Room the next morning with other back-to-backers. We were escorted off in small groups and led to check-in. There was only one slight problem here, but it did not ruin our cruise in any way. When we checked in the previous day, the worker in the terminal told us we would be staying in the Boardwalk Cabin for the 4 night cruise. He was mistaken. We were given new Sea Passes for our Ocean view balcony, which we also loved. Our only problem was that we had unpacked completely since we were told this would be our cabin for the entire 5 nights. The Boardwalk cabin was already booked, so we turned this into an advantage by getting our stuff moved down the hall to the new cabin before anyone else was allowed in theirs, which is usually 1:00pm. We then set out for lunch and more exploring of the Oasis. Food: We absolutely loved the Park Cafe. Fresh and delicious, both for breakfast and lunch! It was never crowded when we were there, which was a lot! The salads could really become a habit if you enjoy them, and the breakfast paninis are incredible. We ate in the Windjammer twice for breakfast only. It was good and plentiful. One morning we ate breakfast in the dining room and were not really impressed. The food wasn't as fresh as it could be. We ate nightly in the dining room. The menu hasn't really changed at all, and we enjoyed our favorites. We booked one specialty restaurant this trip, Giovanni's Table. It was really nice to be able to go to lunch there and the $10 surcharge is well worth it. We also enjoyed the pizza from Sorrento's and the sandwiches from the Cafe Promenade. Cabin: Even though all balcony cabins are the same size, the Boardwalk Balcony cabin seemed smaller. The closet being directly to the bed seemed to cut off the room. In the D5, the couch was next to the closet and that seemed to give the illusion of more space. We found the storage to be plentiful for the two of us. The outlet is underneath the vanity, which we liked. Not so much clutter on top that way with cords, etc. The beds were very comfortable and the decor tasteful. The bathroom is pretty much the same, just newer! Entertainment: It was so wonderful to be able to reserve this online prior to our cruise! We decided to see the Ice Show and the Aqua Theater Show. They scan your sea pass card and you go find a seat. There is a separate line for those with no prior reservations. Both shows were fantastic! I also heard great things about Hairspray, so there is plenty to see. The night of the naming ceremony we went to the Comedy Show. It was pretty good for the first time out. Blaze is not to be missed afterward. They have great music going in there until very late. The nightclub in the Solarium is outstanding too. Great people watching! We made a good donation to the casino this cruise as well, which was very large. Labadee: This was our first trip here and we loved it! The zip line is something everyone should try at least once. It was a terrific and relaxing day and we can't wait until we return there in June next year. Crew: Very nice and very willing to please. Always a "good morning" and friendly smile. The Captain and the CD were very visible throughout the cruise. Cruise Critic: We had a very large group of Critters on this sailing and it was great to meet everyone from online. A Meet and Mingle was arranged, but there was a miscommunication with RCI. We were unable to go to the second meeting that was the "real" M&M. We are trying to figure out a time to cruise again on Oasis or Allure with our two teenagers. They would absolutely love this ship as they usually cruise with us and love it as much as we do! It's a fantastic ship and we found it very easy to get around. The keel of Oasis was laid on my birthday in 2007, and I was glad to celebrate this year's on board this amazing ship! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
Hello Everyone! Back from Oasis of Seas Inaugural and its taken me a few days to catch up on things as my daughter also arrived this week home from college in Florida. But, I wanted to post a trip review for all of you so here goes: ... Read More
Hello Everyone! Back from Oasis of Seas Inaugural and its taken me a few days to catch up on things as my daughter also arrived this week home from college in Florida. But, I wanted to post a trip review for all of you so here goes: Pre-Cruise- We left BWI on Thursday and arrived at the airport only to find our flight out delayed ...but it wasn't a long delay and soon we departed and headed to ATL- our first stop, from there we headed to FLL., and arrived at approx. 3pm. We checked in at the LaQuinta- overall a good place to stay but it does need some renovations- the elevators took a long time and creaked every time it closed...kind of scary. The rooms were adequate but sure nothing fancy, although beds were fairly comfortable. I don't think I would stay here again though. I was not feeling tooo well- my stomach was acting up. Perhaps it was just all the anticipation of the upcoming cruise but I just rested up the rest of the day. We met up with friends of ours the next day who were also staying there and going on the Inaugural with us- it was so nice to see them again- we had met them on our Freedom Cruise. We decided to take a walk and within a short distance was a nice shopping area with several food places- TGIF, Red Lobster and a few others. Friday evening we had our pre-cruise dinner and 21 of us came, it was great and it was at Sal's Italian Restaurant- rt nearby our hotel- The meal was fantastic!! Some of our gang though said it was hard to find and arrived a little late but what the heck we were on vacation and about to have the most exciting vacation of our lives!!! Embarkation Day!!! We arrived at the port at 9:05am- yes I was one of those early birds!! I just couldn't stand to be there later and I was so looking forward to getting my first glimpse of ship- which when we did I just cried. All the emotion and planning of the last 2 years was just so emotional when I saw her for 1st time. My DH and daughter were laughing they just thought it was so funny. Oh well. We were allowed to check in 9:30am and it only took like 10 min. and we were headed upstairs. We were given yellow oasis inaugural bags along with planner for the week. Already free gifts- I liked that alot! We headed up escalator and took our seats. There ended up being over 600 passengers who were doing the B2B and so they headed to a spot in the terminal near us. Then the long wait to board began.....we found out later that there were people still on the ship that had refused to get off- as they were apparently told that they didn't have to get off if they were on the b2b which was not true. The ships' manifest HAS to read 0 before embarkation can begin. It took awhile, but we were FINALLY able to board about 1245pm after all the diamond +, diamond and platinum members boarded. We enetered mid ship on the Royal Promenade and our mouths just dropped to the floor!! Yep, I cried AGAIN!!! It was just beyond words and so beautiful!! We were handed a glass of champagne and welcomed warmly onboard by the staff. Stateroom Accomodations- We had a D1 balcony on hump and there were 3 in our party. Myself, DH, and 12 yr old daughter. The room was a bit smaller that I had anticipated and it really was a tight fit for the 3 of us. Since my older daughter couldn't join us I decided it would be ok to have Rachel- my 12 yo just take the sofa bed. It worked but I would never do it again. The room was lovely though- beautifully appointed furnishing and bed sooooo very comfy and I slept great all week. The bathroom very tiny but again you just have to make it work and we did. Our balcony was big and very nice and we enjoyed coffee and breakfast out there every morning. Our views were simply incredible and amazing. Ship Itself- The ship is simply incredible- it is a huge ship but the way they have the areas appointed make it very cozy and comfortable. I never once felt crowded or closed in and just loved the 7 favorite has to be Central Park- it is simply breathtaking and was all decorated with live poinstettias for Christmas!! On this neighborhood you will find 150 Park Fare- which we decided to cancel our reservation for due to the limited menu and opted for Giovanni's Table- The meal was very good but I don't think I would eat here is served family style and it just didn't have the charm or atmosphere like Portofino's has!! Just my opinion. There is also Chops Grille- and we also ate here our last night---it was simply incredible and fantastic!!! We did have some problems with our reservations--we had reserved online prior to our cruise and when we cancelled our reservation for 150 Park Fare- the computer system cancelled ALL our dining reservations!! They do need to get this worked out but for us, it was fixed promptly. The Boardwalk and Aquatheatre areas are great as well and when you enter there you really do get a sense of just how big the ship really is. The pools were also very colorful and very fun. THe beach pool was by far the most popular and most crowded. Our cruise critic group organized a zipline challenge and we all got to try this and it was alot of fun!!! Ports- We enjoyed our time in St. Thomas- went to Coki Beach- which has some of the best snorkeling we have ever seen and the most beautiful stretch of white beach as well. In St. Maartin- we went with ships excursion to Orient Beach and this was just as beautiful. We had an amzing lunch and our tour guide was simply fantastic giving us lots of local information on the island and such. We did some shopping before heading back to ship. In Nassau, however I had a major problem....when we left the ship my DH was in front of me and I in back...I was walking on the pier and I did not see this huge cinderblock in front of me due to all the people and I tripped over it falling and landing face first on the concrete. At first I thought I had broken my nose...there was a lot of blood and I was so scared. My husband quickly called for help and in minutes I was back on the ship getting 3 stitches in my nose - but luckily nothing was broken...just had a bad fall and scraped up my leg pretty bad. I am healing now and we just stayed on the ship after all that. THe medical facility though is incredible and very much advanced with the latest technology. I got to see that first hand. Dinner Experience- Our waitor and asst waitor were the best and our meals we really enjoyed. There were some nights that the food tasted better but overall we thought the quality of the food was very good. Our service also was quite good as well and were very pleased. They really do work hard and go out of their way to make your dinner experience the best it can be. Everyone had a smile and was just as pleasant as could be. Debarkation- The debarkation process went very smoothly although they were behind schedule a bit. There is no more colored tags...they go by number now and were were supposed to have been in the 7:30-7:45am group but didn't leave till almost 8:30am. But, it was all good we were in no hurry. We had planned to stay 1 extra day in FLL and so we headed back to the LaQuinta for our last night stay. It worked out well...we all got to rest and catch up on some sleep and arrived safely home the next day. Final Thoughts This ship is simply incredible and just beyond words. When we left and were walking down the gangway off the ship I turned around and cried again!! Yes, I am a huge softie I know but it truly was a trip I will never forget. We had received a special gift every night-and that was really a special treat not to mention everything we were able to see and do. My only regret is that my oldest daughter couldn't be there to share it with us. We would love to plan another trip with her....perhaps once she graduates from college. I highly recommend the ship and the minor things that went wrong can easily be fixed. The shows were amazing and a true joy for all of us. I can't wait to begin planning for our next trip!! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
Oasis of the Seas Inaugural Sailing December 5th - 12th 2009 # of Passengers on Inaugural Sailing: Approx 3,700 Embarkation: Embarkation was a mess. The check-in itself went very smoothly, from curb to check in with ... Read More
Oasis of the Seas Inaugural Sailing December 5th - 12th 2009 # of Passengers on Inaugural Sailing: Approx 3,700 Embarkation: Embarkation was a mess. The check-in itself went very smoothly, from curb to check in with seapass in hand was 10 minutes total. We arrived at the Pier at 11:35am. What happened next is where it all fell apart. Once we headed upstairs to wait to board we showed our seapass to the staff directing people and since we are Platinum we were sent across to the other side to "wait under the orange and white umbrellas". Well, what we didn't realize was that this was the special section for suite guests only. So we got to sit there with all the suite guests, and then had to wait for all suite guests, diamond plus, diamond and B2B cruises to board before platinums could board. It was very unorganized and chaotic; hopefully they will figure this part out. Boarding the Ship - First Impressions: We boarded the ship on deck 5 right onto the promenade right in front of the Rising Tide Bar and Guest Services. The Rising Tide Bar is a magnificent sight as you are boarding. We immediately headed to the dining room to change our dining from Main Seating to My Time Dining. This was accommodated quickly and effortlessly. We also bought our wine package at the dining room there. We then headed up to the Windjammer to check out lunch at the buffet. They had a great selection of lunch items but the Windjammer feels crowded and I felt like I was always dodging people as I navigated the food stations. Seating is plentiful if you head to the very aft of the Windjammer overlooking the sports deck and Boardwalk. We then strolled around the pool deck and headed up to the Solarium at the front of the ship. The solarium is terrific! They have these great cabanas you can use that are like beds. The pool in the solarium was really warm and there is the Solarium Cafe, which is like a mini Windjammer during the day, then becomes a specialty restaurant at night. We then headed down to the Spa and Fitness Center. The fitness center is so amazing; they have so many different pieces of equipment and some very high tech machines. The Spa is really nice and big also. Two small gripes though, they have no steam room or sauna in the locker rooms like on all other ships. The only steam room and sauna they have is in the Thermal Suite which you have to pay for ($30 pp for a day pass or $150 pp for a week long pass), and the Thermal Suite is tiny, they only had 4 hot stone loungers if I recall correctly. Next we headed out to check out the Boardwalk and the Aquatheater. The Boardwalk is a cool concept but I honestly think it's a lot of wasted space that won't be that popular. There is a build a stuffed animal shop, a candy shop, and a toy shop that were never busy. There is a doughnut shop that had OK doughnuts; they seemed a little too dry. The Seafood shack was never very busy and personally I don't think you get very much food for what you pay. Johnny Rockets is also out there, we ate their one night, again it was just OK, I would have rather ate at the dining room or Windjammer. Central Park was by far my favorite place on the ship; it really is a sight you have to see to believe. You don't feel like you are on a cruise ship at all, it really feels like you are strolling through a park with all the different restaurants and shops and places to sit and relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Stateroom: Our cabin was room 6668 on the starboard side of the ship right next to the elevators and stairwell at the aft. I HIGHLY recommend this location and this deck. Deck 6 is the lowest level of ocean view balconies and it is very convenient to everything. One deck down to the promenade and My Time section of the Main Dining Room, Two Decks up to the Central Park, Board Walk and Aquatheater is right around the corner outside and the Spa and Fitness Center is just a short-long walk to the front of the ship. The room we had was a D8 Ocean View Balcony room; the room feels smaller than on previous Royal Caribbean Ships. The closet is in an inconvenient location right by the couch (or bed depending on the room). The bathroom is really nice and feels a lot bigger because they have rotated the whole bathroom 90 degrees. The TV in the room is HUGE, like a 37" LCD flat screen which swivels out from the wall. The TV has lots of interactive options on it from menus, to shore excursions to restaurant availability, and much more. The room got very warm at night even with the A/C turned all the way down it was too hot to sleep with anything more than a sheet over me. But the beds are VERY comfortable pillow top mattresses. The pillows are very uncomfortable compared to other Royal Caribbean Ships I have been on; feather pillows were only available to suite guests so I suggest bringing your own pillow if you don't want a neck ache. Entertainment: The entertainment on the ship is incredible. All shows require you to have tickets reserved on your seapass card. They scan your card when you enter the venue to ensure you have a "ticket". The first night of the cruise we saw the aquatheater show "Oasis of Dreams" which was great. They do all kinds of high dives, synchronized dives, synchronized swimming, acrobatics and more. They did a great job on the show and I was always on the edge of my seat. After the show they did a water fountain show, similar to the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. Hairspray is a 90 minute long version of the Broadway musical. It was simply AMAZING! Royal Caribbean went all out when they put this show together; I have never seen such a high quality show on board a ship. I would book the Oasis again just to see this show again. The third show is "Come Fly With Me" and is in the Opal Theater. This show is another great production which has a lot of aerialist and very technical aspects to it, kind of like a cirque du soleil show. Don't miss it. The comedy club on board had a few different comedians and they were very good as well, I suggest going to the 12:30am late night show for a good adult laugh. There is also an Ice Show called "Frozen in Time" in Studio B. We did not have a chance to get to it but I heard good things about it from others on board. Sports Deck Activities: The zip line was really fun, but a very short ride, nonetheless still very cool. You are only allowed to do the zip line one time during your cruise so make it count. Flow Riders (yep two of them) were fun as usual, I tried the stand up surfing this time and I actually could stand up on it for a little bit, but then did the fall of shame. They however, really need to put the divider up on the boogey board flow rider because the lines although short, took forever because all these kids would be up there doing all kinds of tricks and their turns would last like 2-4 minutes because they were so good so the lines moved very slowly. The mini golf course is fun and a lot of people made use of it. We did not do the rock climbing wall this cruise but they have two of them and they both looked great and had multiple levels of difficulty. Dining and Bars: They have a lot of work to do on getting their specialty restaurant reservations process worked out. We had a lot of issues with this. First issue was at Giovanni's Table, we went there at like 2pm to make a reservation in person. The guy checked the computer and confirmed us for 7pm that night. We later got a call at 5pm saying they would be unable to accommodate us that night. So we went and talked to the manager and he apologized and said he could get us in the next night. Next issue was with the 150 Central Park restaurant. We went there on Wednesday afternoon about 3pm and asked if we could get a reservation that night. The lady said they were full at the moment but she took our name down and told us she would call us and let us know if they could squeeze us in that night. We never got a call from them, so we went up there at 7pm and the restaurant was almost entirely empty. When we inquired at the desk they said that could not get us in that night and that they didn't have any record of us being on a waitlist. (Funny, since I watched the lady write it on their reservation list earlier that day). The Rising Tide Bar was very cool, it was never crowded and there were never lines for it. Sorrento's Pizza was very good as usual, and a new feature on Oasis is that you can create your own personal pan pizza. The Champagne Bar is beautiful and the Schooner bar is a great place as usual. The main dining room had great food as usual and the My Time Dining experience is my favorite on Royal Caribbean, they do a really good job with it. We had the same waiter every night and usually the same table. The entire deck 5 dining room is dedicated to My Time Dining. Debarkation: Debarkation went VERY smoothly, we actually were off the ship at the time they said we would be on the sheet of paper we got the last night of the cruise. We were off the ship at 8:45am and found our bags right away and went through customs like a breeze, they just collect the immigration forms from you and that's it. No waiting in long lines and going through the intense process where they swipe your passport, ask you questions, etc. We grabbed a taxi and were at the Fort Lauderdale airport to pick up our rental car by 9:20am. Overall it was by far my favorite cruise ever. The ship never felt crowded and we never had a problem finding a spot up on the Pool Deck. This may however have been due to the lower number of passengers on board. There ship is nearly sold out in January so time will tell how things go with a ship full of people. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
We flew into Ft. Lauderdale a day early on our own. We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Ft. Lauderdale Beach. A perfect location. The hotel overlooks the Inter-coastal on one side and the ocean on the other. (Great pool overlooking the ... Read More
We flew into Ft. Lauderdale a day early on our own. We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Ft. Lauderdale Beach. A perfect location. The hotel overlooks the Inter-coastal on one side and the ocean on the other. (Great pool overlooking the beach.) Eat lunch or dinner at Coconuts across the street on the inter-coastal. The food was wonderful! Breakfast we ate outside overlooking the beach at St.Barts Coffee Cafe one block away. We then took a taxi to the port, very close by about 10:30 am. Check in was so easy. Much faster and more organized than some of the smaller ships we've been on. We couldn't get in our room until 1:00, but enjoyed sitting in Central Park and the Park Cafe while waiting.Great new way for a lifeboat drill. You don't have to have your life jackets. This ship is just absolutely amazing from the moment you walk in. It is unbelievable how beautiful it is. The different "communities" make it very easy to get around. We had a balcony room toward the front of the ship starboard side. It is definitely the side to be on. You can see everything from this side of the ship when you are docked in the ports. The room attendant was very attentive and personable. We had breakfast and afternoon cocktails delivered to our room almost daily. Room service was excellent. We had anytime dining. RCI wants you to make a reservation each night which kind of defeats the purpose. We like the way Princess does anytime dining much better, but this was OK. We found an excellent waiter/staff and requested his table each night. Entertainment was excellent! Hairspray, Come Fly With Me, The Ice Skating Show..All very professional and great. The theaters are wonderful. We had booked our tickets online. Do not miss the Oasis Show in the Aqua Outdoor Theater. I'm still in awe of how they are able to do this show on a moving ship! There are so many places to go and so much to do you can't possibly do it all. At night besides going to the shows we went to the Jazz Club, Latin club, Comedy Club, Pub and Casino. The Casino is huge and "very alive" almost all the time. One complaint..the smell! 1/2 is smoking but you can smell the smoke all through the casino. The Cupcake Shop and the Donut shop were delicious..key lime donuts, coco cola cupcakes. I want one now! One of our favorite places was Central Park and the Park Cafe. We ate lunch there everyday or at the Solarium up by the pool. If you don't have kids I would suggest staying towards the front of the ship. During the day most everywhere we went was on the front. It's so easy; just up and down the elevator to the pool,solarium, spa, Central Park. This ship has a beautiful Spa and my two facials were wonderful. Most of the Kids stuff is at the back of the ship. This was our 6th RCI cruise. We are gold members which you don't get anything for on this ship except a coupon book. But, it didn't matter to us. We were treated very well and all of the staff went out of their way to be friendly and meet our every need. We plan to go back next year! Oh yes, I left out one thing. Make sure to do the Zip Line, another first for a ship. What fun! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
Oasis of the Seas had seen an amazing amount of hype. I had EXREMELY high expectations for this super-liner. Not since QM2 had I had expectations like this. Where QM2 fell short (at least in its inaugural year) Oasis Exceeded all ... Read More
Oasis of the Seas had seen an amazing amount of hype. I had EXREMELY high expectations for this super-liner. Not since QM2 had I had expectations like this. Where QM2 fell short (at least in its inaugural year) Oasis Exceeded all expectations. This ship will now be the standard by which i measure all other ships I sail on. I genuinely didn't think she would live up to all of what she was billed to be. However I can tell you all- when RCL describes this ship as a "WOW" they are not kidding. I challenge you NOT to say it at least once every 20 min from the time you first see her, to the time you have finally explored all of her neighborhoods. Yes- she is big- but SO well organized. If you are lost- well just touch one of the interactive computer screens all over the ship and find anything you could want. Anything from how to get to your stateroom, or one of the amazing neighborhoods, to "what should I do now?" But seriously the ship is so natural and intuitively organized, you really cant get lost. The rest of the computer enhancements, from booking entertainment, shore excursions, specialty dining or other enhancements can be done on your home computer, or once you get on board from the interactive TV screens in your stateroom. She sailed with 700 less people than she could have due to the missing lifeboats she had to have removed for repair after the rough trans-Atlantic crossing. I can tell you the ship NEVER felt crowded- in fact I have felt far more crowding on ships like Caribbean Princess and Sun Princess. Service is AMAZING. I have like many others been seeing the cutbacks at RCL and other lines during these times. Well RCL put its best people (with one exception-later) and its best "keep them happy" philosophy on board. I have never seen such great service on any of the other (20+) cruises I have been on. YOU KNOW you have good people, when even in the buffet area crew members are tripping over each other to supply you with complimentary drinks, and servicing those of us with soda packages- not just people ordering bar drinks. This level of attention by the F&B department was also evident in the huge number of outlets including main restaurants, specialty restaurants, quick service food outlets and bars all over this wonderful ship. Quality of food was also outstanding in all locations. We unfortunately were unable to hit all of them in a 7 day cruise- try as we might!!! And now for the most pleasant surprise- Entertainment. RCL seems to have taken some lessons from Disney and REALLY beefed up their entertainment. From Broadway caliber performances of Hairspray, to 2 different Cirque-du-Soleil inspired spectaculars, there was so much to see. Add in some headliner entertainment on some nights, an AMAZINGLY funny group of comedians in the comedy club, some top notch musicians in the bars, a fairly good ice skating show, and atmospheric characters in the Central Park neighborhood, and you have a recipe for an entertaining week. Finally and full circle, the new neighborhood concept. It really works, the Royal Promenade, Boardwalk, and Central Park Neighborhoods are DAZZLING. The Pool and Sports neighborhood is really just a beefed up version of what some of her "little sisters" have already, but they are still impressive. As far as negatives- I have very little to say. I sailed on her second 7 day voyage, and was expecting glitches. If you take something as complicated as this ship and expect NO errors- you are kidding yourself. However the issues were very minor and typical for ANY cruise on a ship that is "seasoned" and "broken in". There were several issues where entertainment was not as listed in the cruise compass newsletter on board. I hope that as time goes on and everyone gets used to the busy schedules on board, less mistakes for entertainment timing and offerings will occur. My biggest negative issue was with the cruise director on board who seemed more interested in winning favor with his entertainment cast on board and less interested in being friendly with his paying guests. He was MC of most events on board, and I was sick of hearing about how important it was that the audience was more lively. He also seemed to like to lecture people on how they should feel or think, rather than allowing them to think for themselves and take it all in. As I said earlier it was evident that RCL put their best people on board to make a good impression- with the exception of Mr. Rush. OK enough of the small negative impressions. Overall Oasis is a true wonder of the Modern World, and I can hardly wait until the prices on her drop just a little (as soon as I got home I saw that pricing of her staterooms had increased overall since before I boarded)- so I can book on this amazing ship once again. THANK YOU RCL for a concept truly ahead of its time!!! Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2009
After reading some of the other cruisers reviews, I felt like i should clear up certain things for those of you who have maybe never cruised on RCCL or at all. Yes, there will ALWAYS be things that can go wrong, things that you are not ... Read More
After reading some of the other cruisers reviews, I felt like i should clear up certain things for those of you who have maybe never cruised on RCCL or at all. Yes, there will ALWAYS be things that can go wrong, things that you are not crazy about, but anyway here it goes: EMBARCATION: A BREEZE! Porters were everywhere collecting luggage as soon as you pulled up, and RCCL staff were directing you to the main entrance of the terminal. I arrived at around 11am and was on board by 11:10, no joke! After a light lunch and stroll of the beautiful pool deck, 1 o'clock came around and the staterooms were available to guests. By 1:15 my luggage had already been delivered! I was guessing that with the volume of people and the sheer size of the ship it would be well past 6pm before I could expect to have luggage delivered! STATEROOM: I had a Balcony cabin on deck 8, the beds were unusually comfortable and seemed a tad larger than the other ships I've sailed on (both with RCCL,and other lines) and the room was pretty standard in all other aspects. Balcony was about that on Freedom-class ships, as well as restroom layout. Only slightly negative thing were the pillows! Hard, and had a plastic like cover under the pillowcase, which I know is for hygiene, but still not very easy to get comfortable on.... ENTERTAINMENT: Honestly I'm not big on Broadway style shows, but i did see part of the Hairspray show and if you are into that type of entertainment, you would probably enjoy it. The Aqua Theater had a show that was good, but seems that they have not yet had a chance to fine tune it for an entire production. What i saw was pretty spectacular though. Very high tech and a true innovation for any ship! The Ice skating show was great, again very much like the ones on the Voyager and Freedom-class ships. I never made it to the comedy shows which was a bummer, but there seemed to be many shows at the comedy club throughout the cruise. Casino was HUGE and had just about all the games like black jack, poker, let it ride, slots, etc... FOOD: I tried the "My time dining" and thought it worked well. I also enjoyed the food from the Windjammer buffet. I'm not too big on seafood or steaks, so i didn't try the MANY specialty restaurants. There were many options from Asian, Italian, and Steak house style dining. The food, again, is the same as on all the other RCCL cruises I've been on, and for my taste, better than most cruise lines I've been on (which include Carnival, Princess, Norwegian), but not as good as Disney cruise line's food. Over 5,000 people on board? WHERE ARE THE CROWDS? Not ONCE did i feel that there were this many people on this ship. The ship is truly AMAZING! Not just for its size, but for the innovations that you will not find on any other ships, or even on land based resorts. The RISING TIDE BAR was one of my favorite places to sit and enjoy the ever-changing scenery, from Central Park, to the Royal Promenade. Boleros had the BEST Mojitos made by Adrian, and a nice place to hear live music from the band. Blaze nightclub was also a fun late night venue. The Solarium was just beautiful. Never crowded, always inviting. The zip-line is a MUST! Its not a long stretch but it is really a neat thing to do while on a ship! Strongly recommend express departure, i walked off the ship when I was ready. I can go on and on, but don't want to bore anyone! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2009
If anyone says to you - "Wow that is a big ship", well they are right. We don;t want to get too wordy as you know there are alot of critic reviews and the last thing you need is an essay! Here are the pointers: It is ok to get to ... Read More
If anyone says to you - "Wow that is a big ship", well they are right. We don;t want to get too wordy as you know there are alot of critic reviews and the last thing you need is an essay! Here are the pointers: It is ok to get to the port at 12noon ish, we did and we were on board in 10 minutes - no joke. It was smooth and organized. Carry on you own luggage and it is there in your cabin when you need it - don't fall for the bell hops at the port who want to take then for you. If you can do it - carry your own. Book your entertainment on line - you want a guaranteed space. BUT if you find yourself wanting to go another time - stand in the standby line - we always got a seat! Hairspray and Frozen in time the ice show are the BEST!! Go to the Aquatheater on off show times and you can watch rehearsals - fun. Bring LONG pants if you want to ice skate. Remember the specialty restaurants are free for breakfast ands dinner. Go to the Solarium restaurant - absolutely wonderful and the best food (free breakfast and lunch and 20 for dinner. The atmosphere is perfect! Ask for Lorraine the Solarium Officer - she is great! Simona has been promoted to Chops :( The coffee cafes are a fee but the deserts and specialty sandwiches are free Shopping Shelby the port shopping expert is a bit over the top. The lectures are long and repetitive. For a chance at a tossed out gift sit on here right in Studio B. Sit high for Come Fly with Me to see the best view of the aerials. A good view of the parade is the Cupcake Shoppe - get their early for the best seat. Another good view id at the Schooner Bar. Instead of the usual photo shoots - as for a personal photographer to do your pictures - this is worth the extra money. There is a LONG line for the Captain's photo. He is there both formal nights. I noticed more formals and tuxes than previous cruises - perhaps the inaugural season or the holidays. Read the daily Compass fully and use a highlighter to stay organized. Over all the ship was very pretty. It was huge but did not seem crowded. However according to the officers - there were only 4700 on board (holds 5400 double occupancy) Have fun! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
Scheduled to fly Southwest Airlines, Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. We were soon surprised to learn that SWA has a new "Early Bird Program"; allowing passengers to obtain their boarding passes much earlier than the previous 24 hour ... Read More
Scheduled to fly Southwest Airlines, Orlando to Fort Lauderdale. We were soon surprised to learn that SWA has a new "Early Bird Program"; allowing passengers to obtain their boarding passes much earlier than the previous 24 hour allowed - at a charge of $10 per person per boarding. Not too bad, especially for people catching flights directly from a cruise. Bussed to a new (at least to us) terminal in Port Everglades from the Ft. Lauderdale airport. We could see the huge ship while flying into Ft. Lauderdale and also while on the ground at the airport. Nice efficient terminal, we were soon aboard in the Promenade. Good planning for embarkation is obvious. Anyone who has been in any RCI ship that has a Promenade would feel instantly at home, but there are differences that need exploring. Forward and aft elevator banks are familiar, but you can't go from one side to the other on odd numbered decks. Thankfully there are very clear interactive directory signs on each deck by the elevators so we couldn't get too lost. Immediately above the Promenade ceiling is Central Park, with trees, shrubs, flowers and I think fountains surrounding skylights. Above Central Park is mostly open sky. Aft of the Promenade is the Boardwalk, with all the usual boardwalk amenities, including a carousel and small shops. Aft of the Boardwalk is the seating for the Aquatheatre. I just realized that I was just repeating what all the literature about the Oasis of the Seas will tell you. Go to and to see what is what aboard this beautiful ship. In general, I will only write about the things that we didn't like and think need fixing. Obviously, since the cruise we were on was the ship's first, not all the bugs had been worked out and probably what we list, have been mostly corrected. In the dining rooms, large bowls, instead of plates were used for serving meals. The bowls are extremely difficult to eat out of, plus after using a utensil, if you put it on the edge of the bowl, it will soon fall in. This might be acceptable for soups, salads and pastas, definitely not for meats, potatoes and vegetables. We asked the waiter if we could order our meal on a plate, the answer was "I don't believe there are any plates on this ship." The dining menus, particularly the breakfast menus are large and unwieldy. They are too large to hold in the lap and too large to place on the table. The slot machines in the casino mostly would not accept new $100 bills. The casino cashier was only issuing new $100 bills. It was necessary to find a machine that would accept $100 bills, place them in the machine and get a ticket out that was usable in all machines. Alternately, return to the cashier and exchange the $$ for tickets, if they had any preprinted. Obviously the casino cashier always had a long line waiting with people waiting with money problems. If there were no bill reader problems, the cashier might not be overloaded with customers. The air conditioning for the casino did not have enough air exchanges, even though half the casino was no smoking. The cigarette odor was overwhelming at all times. Sewer gas odor existed in many of the aft hallways during the cruise. The odors seemed to move from hallway to hallway. Some of the odors disappeared, only to return a day or so later. I'm sure this is part of the operating personnel learning the systems. The balcony cabins seem to be smaller than the equivalent cabins aboard the other classes of Royal Caribbean ships. Two people cannot pass one another while getting dressed. The circular shower was installed to allow more room than the other classes. A foot rest was included to help the ladies shave their legs. No temperature fluctuations in the shower water is a huge improvement. Another nice detail; the bath towels have a loop to allow hanging up after use. We used the Express Departure at the end of the cruise, carrying our own luggage ashore. There were absolutely no departure slowdowns, including passing through Customs and Immigration. Taxi fare to the airport is between $12.50 and $15.00 depending on the airline. We were at the airport two hours after getting up, including breakfast in the dining room. Not bad at all. Royal Caribbean really did outstanding planning in people movement. Read Less
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