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Cruising was myself, the over-planning mom, (35), my husband of 16 years (36), our 11 year old son, and our 7 year old daughter. We are a tight knit family that spends lots of time together. We have two cruises with Carnival and one Disney ... Read More
Cruising was myself, the over-planning mom, (35), my husband of 16 years (36), our 11 year old son, and our 7 year old daughter. We are a tight knit family that spends lots of time together. We have two cruises with Carnival and one Disney cruise under our belts, all short, 5 day or less cruises. So this was our first 7 day cruise, and first with Royal Caribbean. We booked this cruise in January of 2009 while Oasis was still being built, with an offer of ½ price deposit and $500 shipboard credit from the travel agency, we jumped on the deal. We booked an oceanview balcony stateroom on deck 9 port side—wishing for a family balcony or better but unwilling to pay the extra money. Cruising the "largest ship in the world" was a draw. The design of the ship was impressive and something we wanted to try. Along the way we almost cancelled—worrying about crowds, about the size of our stateroom, about coming off a magical Disney cruise and trying Royal Caribbean. We ultimately decided we'd never know until we tried. About a year away, we got the Royal Caribbean Visa Rewards card and was able to use the rewards to pay $150 down on the cruise, as well as receive an additional $300 shipboard credit, I'd highly recommend getting it if you've booked far in advance. With so much onboard credit, I didn't really want to have to pay for booking excursions in advance. However, there were two that the kids just couldn't miss while in Nassau, so I went ahead and reserved them pre-cruise. Embarkation was a breeze. We arrived at about 12:30 & hardly had to wait in line at all. About 15 minutes after we arrived curbside, we were sitting in the Park Cafe enjoying the famous roast beef sandwiches. (Yes, they are as good as advertised, we ate lunch there 5 of the 7 days!) The kids preferred the Wipeout Cafe, with its assortment of Tacos, Pizza, Burgers, Hot Dogs, and one of my favorites, the pretzel dogs. After this I was anxious to get the other shore excursions that I wanted booked, so I headed to customer service. That was the first mistake. After standing in line there for about 10 minutes, I was told I had to go the Explorations desk—an unmarked clock tower in the middle of the Royal Promenade. So I head over and stand around for another 10 minutes, only to be told that the excursion I wanted for St. Thomas was already sold out. Grrr. I was able to book the one for St. Maarten though. Our stateroom was ready by this time, so we went there to check it out. The balcony was smaller than Disney's balcony stateroom. Otherwise there was tight, but ample room for the 4 of us. Other than a couple of windy days, you could scarcely feel movement on this ship—I missed that at bed time. We had towel animals all but the first night, as my daughter had come to expect them and our room steward, "Janie" enjoyed seeing her reaction each night. The in-room account information is not really a good system at all—it did not allow me to book shore excursions on that first day (after standing in line for so long I was told that their computers were down), and our account balance never showed our total onboard credit, just a bunch of purchases and then negatives as the balances were taken back off the account. Very confusing and I was completely unable to figure out how much credit we had left without visiting customer service, and after my first experience there, I really didn't want to go back. So off to the main dining room at 6:00. There was an enormous line out the door. We stood there for a while, then someone announced that if you had a table assignment, you were to go on into the dining room. We did not. Grrr. So we stood in the line for at least 20 minutes, being about 7 back from the front of the line, and it never moved. The lady in front of us said she had already been there an hour. Frustrated, we decided to go elsewhere to eat and then get a table assignment when it wasn't dinner time. (As we were walking away I vaguely remembered reading that it should be one of the first things you check when you get your seapass card) Why they wouldn't go ahead and assign tables was a mystery to me. So we grabbed pizza at Sorrento's, explored a little more, then called it a night. On Nassau, my daughter and I took the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter excursion. It was fabulous! My daughter even got a special snow globe for her collection, which security later confiscated at the airport going home. (You CANNOT carry on a snow globe!) My son and husband greatly enjoyed the Segway tour, my 11 year old being such a natural at it that the guide let him ride his better model Segway. We enjoyed formal night in the dining room after hubby went down around 2:00 for a table assignment. The food was good—some things better than others. On sea days, my son lived at the Flow rider, and my daughter at the carousel. She and I went to the ice skating show and Hairspray together, and enjoyed both. The entire family went to the Aqua theatre show and the Headliner show, which was Mosaic, an acapella group. Both were wonderful shows. I have to admit though, the two sea days back to back at the end of this cruise got monotonous. By then we had seen everything on the ship, the daily scheduled activities were typically the same both days, and most we weren't interested in anyway. My kids went to the kids club several times and had fun, but wanted a bit more of unstructured play time instead of always having to participate in each activity. The boardwalk had a wonderfully talented face painter, but you better get there early because she can only paint so many faces in her two hour time frame, and if you get there too late, you'll be turned away. We enjoyed St. Maarten more than St. Thomas, even though the other shore excursion that we actually got booked ended up getting cancelled at departure time. We just shopped and went to the beach at both of these places. The only specialty dining that we did was the Seafood Shack—I'd equate it to a limited menu Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. The kids enjoyed corndogs on the boardwalk while hubby and I ate there. Again, it was just good, but nothing fabulous. So our overall impression of the ship is that it is, in fact, very impressive. Other than on the first day, crowds were never a problem. The size is proportionate to the additional people onboard. And despite other reviews I had read, we never had a problem finding a table at the Windjammer. The pool area did get crowded on sea days, but we would just hit them early, then leave by lunch time. Hubby and I strolled through the solarium one evening, and it was a wonderful space, but we never visited during the day. Our family all agreed that we did like Disney a bit better, but all in all, we had a wonderful vacation. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
We went on the Oasis, August 28th 2010. When we arrived at the port we were directed into a huge warehouse looking room, and waited in line for customs. This went relatively quickly. However when we got to the RC window there seemed to be ... Read More
We went on the Oasis, August 28th 2010. When we arrived at the port we were directed into a huge warehouse looking room, and waited in line for customs. This went relatively quickly. However when we got to the RC window there seemed to be a problem with our account. After looking at our papers for over five minutes we were moved to another window to see what our problem was. Was told there was a small balance due. Apparently there was an error on RC part, because it was taken off our account and we were told we could get on the boat. Took a bit longer than most people... When we entered the ship it was absolutely beautiful. We went for a drink and waited till 1 pm to go into our room. Our room was small but worked for our needs. Weird that they have no electrical sockets in the bathroom however they have a huge makeup mirror with a chair in the outer room. One of the first things we noticed in the room was that it was extremely warm. The master switch was on and our balcony was completely shut, yet the temperature in the room was warm. We had a balcony room overlooking the boardwalk, and our view was the top of the carousel!!! Not a good view at all. Our luggage was delivered by 130. We unpacked and on we went to look around the amazing ship. At 4 pm we were directed to the safety drill. Located in the main dining room. The Captain came over the speaker and informed us that due to Hurricane Earl that we would not be able to go to the Virgin Islands!!!! So disappointing.. They changed our port of calls to Costa Maya and Cozumel. They were also scheduled on different days than the original port days. By 1130 that night RC had refunded our excursions payment to our account. It was done by a cruise credit. Which you had to use or you would lose. Our room continued to have AC issues throughout the entire cruise. We went to cruise services several times, yet the problem was never solved. Made staying in the room and sleeping very uncomfortable. (At least 80 degrees in our room) The temperature outside was in the high 90's. We also had an issue with some sort of grinding noise.. Loud grinding noise coming from the floor below our stateroom... two afternoons this went on.. We brought this to cruise services attention and they denied having any work going on in our area.. However the second evening of the grinding we found a bottle of wine from cruise services in our room for our trouble. Nice touch... You will find that the entire week you couldn't feel the ship move AT ALL.. If you didn't look out the window you would not even know you were on a ship... Pool area was never overly crowded could always find a chair. My hubby loved the zip line... went twice... didn't see many people on the rock wall.. But the flow rider was always busy.. If anyone says the ship doesn't feel crowded with over 6000 passengers, and 2000 staff are lying. On the promenade deck at times it was just like the mall on Christmas Eve!! MY TIME DINING-I had scheduled before we left, our dining times to go along with our daily activities, however due to the port and at seas days changed I was needing to adjust our reservation. I called the restaurant and was told that we could not change our reservation. That we could just come and wait in line to get a table. (lines that could take over an hour to be seated) Because my time dining required pre paid gratuities the service was somewhat lacking. Waiters not at all friendly.. The floor the my time dining is on looks out to the running track, as the set time for dinner (floor below) had an ocean view. They also had entertainment, as our dining had none. The food was good but not great. WINDJAMMER- We ate there for breakfast and lunch most days, great variety in food, food was good not great. Although it got crowded we never had a problem finding a place to sit. JOHNNY ROCKETS-we went here one day for lunch and it was awesome, the onion rings where out of this world. Paid a small service fee but was worth it. We went one day for breakfast and it was of the same quality as the WINDJAMMER. Nothing special. CUPCAKES- LOVED THE CUPCAKES.. Enough said. $2.50 per cupcake but was very worth it.. WIPE OUT CAFÉ-pizza was the main offering and hot dogs. They only had water and lemonade to drink, and both times we went...they were out of lemonade. We didn't eat at any other specialty restaurant because of the extra fee, and from what we could tell a lot of people thought the same, many were empty each night. PIZZA-they had alright pizza but only water to go with it. PICTURES-for a ship this size they only had maybe five stations set up to take pictures, if you didn't get there early you had long lines to wait. However loved the set up to review your pictures. Having them on the computer was a great idea. SHOWS- Hairspray was absolutely wonderful!! Ice show incredible... Come fly with me.. Amazing... comedy show was good.. Small room to have it in... We went to every show offered and the entertainment was top notch. We enjoyed every show.. The only problem we saw was although you were told over and over again you could not save seats, people saved seats, and many people got upset because they couldn't get the best seats because others where saving several or rows of seats for people. RC was told on two occasions that we saw of the saving of the seats, and yet did nothing. Got ugly one night between two people. The other issue was that on the night we went to the outside show (aqua show) it was raining, and there is only so much covered seating, one of the best seats were reserved for the diamond cruisers. This in itself was fine, however 10 minutes before the show they opened those seats to anyone. However people like us that sat in the rain who had gotten there early had worse seats than people that showed up late and go the prime seats (out of the rain) because of RC opening those seats up late. STAFF-The staff was amazing, our state guy called us by name and did a wonderful job. Met several bartenders that made us feel very welcome every time we went in, and loved to talk to us, and answer any questions. Even though the drinks where a little high priced they didn't skimp on the liquor. These men and woman work their butts off for little pay, with a smile on their face every minute. The cruise director, Richard Spacey was awesome!! His "I love you" after each announcement was priceless.. EXCURSIONS- NASSAU-we had schedule to go to parasailing. So disappointing, the men on the boat where less than friendly, and made us go up with other people. Not worth the money. The town/shops didn't open till 10 am.. So there was not much to do there until then. Nothing special. COSTA MAYA- the area you go directly to after getting off the ship is bright with a beautiful huge swimming pool in the middle of the shops. However, as soon as you leave that area it is so poverty stricken. A hurricane had come there about three years ago and you can tell the area has never recovered. People were living in houses that you could see thru, most no electricity. It broke your heart. We went on a Jeep ride to a beach area where lunch was to be served. The place was very nice, the food was horrible.. The worst part was the bugs!!! You could barely sit on the beach because of the flies. There were also some sort of bug, was told later that it was like a horsefly. I got bit at least 6 times, one right before we left the beach that got me on my palm. My entire hand including my fingers swelled up three times the normal size!!! Later my arm also swelled up.. Extremely painful. It stayed swelled for over 24 hours. COZUMEL-We had been to Cozumel several times so we knew what to expect. We first took a short taxi ride to town, to only leave about an hour later. We could not walk down the street without someone grabbing you to go into their store.. It was horrible. We went on our excursion which was taking a boat ride to Passion Island. This was the best excursion EVER!!! We went to a private island with about 200 other people..And the island was huge.. No crowding there.... they had an excellent buffet, food was awesome and an open bar. The staff wouldn't let you lift a finger.... the water was absolutely wonderful.. And they offered a massage for only 35 dollars for 30 minutes right there on the beach.. heaven!!! Couldn't ask for a better excursion.. Over all we had a wonderful time, but would never again spend the money just to go on the Oasis of the Seas. A freedom class ship would have been just fine. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at littlebitmarque12@yahoo.com. 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Sail Date August 2010
We are a couple in our 50's from Australia doing our fourth cruise. We holidayed in New York & Canada and wanted to end our trip with a Caribbean cruise on the biggest cruise liner in the world. Oasis of the Seas was certainly ... Read More
We are a couple in our 50's from Australia doing our fourth cruise. We holidayed in New York & Canada and wanted to end our trip with a Caribbean cruise on the biggest cruise liner in the world. Oasis of the Seas was certainly big and flashy and a marvel to engineering. We saw too much of the ship being built and what it offered on the internet before going. We won't do that next time as we knew what to expect! After a few days when you get beyond the WOW factor, you begin to see the cruise for what it is. FOOD Food was a big disappointment! It was very average throughout the ship and catered for QUANTITY, not QUALITY. The only really good venue was the SOLARIUM on the pool deck which catered for a really healthy buffet breadfast & lunch although I don't know why they should charge a fee for dinner! Buffet breakfast in the main dining room & Windjammers was very basic and limited in the range of food. No chefs to order an omlette was disappointing. We tried room service for breakfast one morning and that was very limited in what you could order. The big DINING ROOMS did not offer 5 star meals for dinner which was disappointing. There were also too many dining areas on the ship which charged a fee. Apart from having lunch (and paying) at JOHNNY ROCKETS, we didn't bother about the others. I can't see why Oasis could not have it's own burger/hot dog/BBQ area for cruisers to enjoy for lunch. SORRENTO's looked good in Central Park but only offered a limited range of cheesy pizza's by the slice. I was expecting to see more Italian food such as pastas. ENTERTAINMENT / ACTIVITIES The shows were very good - Hairspray, Come Fly with Me, comedians etc. The show in the Aqua Theatre was not very well done. Other evening entertainment consisted of mostly music around the ship. There we no activities for people during the day which was disappointing. Only staying by the pool. This is the only cruise we've done that has not offered things to do 24/7. A few days we even had an afternoon nap as there wasn't much to do. Central Park was nice but there were not many seats for people to sit and enjoy. It was more of a walk through. The Boardwalk area looked great with the Carousel and shops but did not offer any entertainment there. eg. buskers for entertainment would have been great. SUMMERY Overall we had a good time. We experienced the mega ship but disappointed with the food and on-board activities. The staff were all great. Would I recommend this to others. Certainly but be aware of the drawbacks. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
We cruised on the Oasis of the Seas leaving Ft. Lauderdale on August 21, 2010. We knew that the itinerary was not really what we wanted, but we wanted to be on that ship, and we had only one week between one son getting off of work, and ... Read More
We cruised on the Oasis of the Seas leaving Ft. Lauderdale on August 21, 2010. We knew that the itinerary was not really what we wanted, but we wanted to be on that ship, and we had only one week between one son getting off of work, and getting my other son back to college. Overall this is a very impressive ship. Beautiful layout and even for her size, easy to find your way around (there are interactive boards to guide you), but we found the ship to really be too big for our liking. Even though there are so many people on the ship, it did not feel that way. We were always able to do whatever we wanted to do, but I do suggest booking as much as possible in advance. We wanted to go to a comedy show early on, and it was booked. We went down to stand in the standby line, and did get in, but it will save you a lot of time by booking what you want to do in advance. Every member of the crew/staff is excellent, friendly & helpful. We were told that the line picked the best of the best to be on their new ship, and it did show. So why were we not crazy about the ship? First some good things. When we first got on the ship we saw a bunch of people in Boleros. We walked over and someone told us they were waiting for their connect. What this is is an i-phone that is set up to use the ships wireless lan. So instead of having to carry around a walkie talkie, you could rent one. They were $17 for the week each, but they were very handy. Service was spotty at times, but overall worked great. If you do this, do it quick, they were sold out within 3 hours. Getting on and off this ship is a breeze. We never waited to get off. Just go down to deck 3, down the escalator, and out you go. Getting back on was just as easy. Just remember to keep your seapass card out that you have to pass through the scanners on the way back in. Also, getting off at the end of the cruise was a breeze. You have a number that is put on your luggage, and you are given a time. When our number was called, we walked off the ship, down the escalator to the terminal, went to the area with our number, got our bags, over to customs and out. I don't think it took more than 15 minutes from the time we were told we could go, until we were out by the busses. The bad? It seems like a lot of things that should be included, cost extra, or the extra cost seemed a little high. I get that you want to charge for premium coffee drinks, ice-cream and cupcakes, but I don't need to pay starbucks prices. There also seemed to be a lot of kinks that still needed to be worked out. The Aquatheater was down for most of our cruise. The sound system didn't work during our safety drill. There were numerous other times that things didn't work right. Below are some more comments. Royal Promenade. This is a very nice area, and we loved this area when we were on the Explorer and the Adventure of the seas. Lots to do here, but it seemed like the shops were small, with not a lot in them. There is a cupcake store, where you can purchase a cupcake for $2. It was fun to sit and people watch, but it never felt like the A/C was really working, we were always hot. Boardwalk. Again, looks nice, with the carousel and the shops. At the end was the Aquatheater. It was just always too hot to walk out there. You never felt any air moving, and when you walked outside, it was tough to breath. The Aquatheater was also broken for our cruise. It did start to work at one point, but broke again. We had been given a paper when we were boarding to let us know that there were problems with the Aquatheater. Pool area & sports deck. We did not like the layout around the pool area. On the other ships the decks are tiered so that you can overlook the pools, here they are set up so that you are at one pool or another. It was never too hard to find a chair, but again, the heat was brutal. All of the chairs that were under shade were always taken. Central Park. This was a real letdown in a way. It looks great, with all the trees and the winding paths. The overall problem was that during the day it was brutal to walk out there, there is no air movement at all. It does not get any better at night, where it is steamy. We commented about this to our bartender at Vintages, he said it was because the ship retains all the heat during the day, and then when it cools down in the evening, it just gets muggy. Food. The food is good. I would not say great, but overall it was very good. For breakfast & lunch we found that we liked the Park Cafe. The roast beef sandwiches are fantastic. We also did try Chops for dinner, that I will say was fantastic. We did try to get to as many of the eating spots as possible, and like I said, they were all good, not great. Rooms. We had a superior oceanview room with a balcony. It is small. Not sure how you really fit more than two people in there. Good thing for us was that our kids were in the next room. There is plenty of closet space and room if it is only two. We had been told that there was free internet from the rooms. Not sure where we saw that, but it was not true. You did need to purchase a package if you wanted to go on line. Spa. We decided to treat ourselves with a massage. We signed up right after we got on the ship for the next day in the afternoon. It was nice, but there was something being fixed somewhere, so all you could hear was a hammer banging into something. That did kind of kill the mood. Gym. This was just first class. All new machines, and we never had any problem getting on a machine. We did not sign up for any classes, but they did offer a lot (most for a fee). Entertainment. We did not like the entertainment on this cruise. We did watch Hairspray, and that was great. We also saw the comedy show one night, and that was OK. We had a real hard time though, finding things for us to do some nights. There was lots in the compass, but it did not fit into our times very well. We also never really saw any bands out by the pool, or any of the usual pool games. We played bingo one time, but that cost $48. A little bit too steep to play again. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
This was a trip for myself (19) my brother (32) and parents (52 and 55). Due to weather the trip was diverted from Western Caribbean to Eastern Caribbean. The Eastern Caribbean tended to be more for shopping and walking rather than the atv ... Read More
This was a trip for myself (19) my brother (32) and parents (52 and 55). Due to weather the trip was diverted from Western Caribbean to Eastern Caribbean. The Eastern Caribbean tended to be more for shopping and walking rather than the atv and zip lining we hoped for. However we still made the best out of it. There were a good number of shows that we attended as a family. Additionally we enjoyed the formal dinners. My mom is fairly picky and sometimes does not know what she orders. So when she ordered something and did not really enjoy it they replaced her dish with no problem which was a big relief. We made good use of the late night pizza eatery and ice cream shop. Since it was a family trip none of us really made use or visited the casino (more for fear of being lectured by our father). The highlight of the cruise was interacting with all the passengers and wonderful crew...not to mention the food! Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
First let me say that the ship is an engineering masterpiece. If you are interested in engineering, then you have to check out this ship. It is a floating resort. Beautiful construction and smooth. Never felt the engines or sea much at ... Read More
First let me say that the ship is an engineering masterpiece. If you are interested in engineering, then you have to check out this ship. It is a floating resort. Beautiful construction and smooth. Never felt the engines or sea much at all. :) The one problem with the design is that you can't get very close to the water unless you have an outside balcony. We felt like we were in a hotel; not on a ship. There are very few views of the water except on the 15-16 floors; way high above the ocean. We might as well have been in a hotel looking down on a beach. :( One problem with this boat is that the elevator traffic in the middle of the ship is way overloaded due to the fact the Windjammer, Viking Lounge, Boardwalk, 3 main dining rooms, Guest Services, sports deck, and casino are all aligned with the mid-ship elevators. Poor traffic design. This could be mitigated somewhat if they install upgraded logic on the elevator firmware to keep them from bunching up. But there is a lot of mid-ship traffic due to the design. There are definately some sound management issues that need to be re-engineered. The Champagne Bar and Schooner bar both open onto the Promenade. This means that the music in these three venues overlap and the ambiance is poor in the bars. Schooner and Champagne really could be walled off for better acoustics and ambiance. Similarly, the sound control between the Aqua Theater and the Boardwalk was not balanced. A few times, there was loud music playing mid-ship during the fountain show. The food was very good. Great selection. Great value. The crew was very helpful, nice, knowledgeable, and well intentioned. The shopping guide (Jennifer) was awesome. We bought jewelry and she saved us a bundle. Kudos to Jennifer! DEFINATELY work closely with her if you plan to buy any significant jewelry. She negotiated our price down another 15% from their "best offer". The entertainment was great. Hairspray, ice show, water show, acrobat show, comedy show ... all great. Favorite quiet hangouts: Vintages, central park, solarium, park cafe. However, there are some significant management issues. The fault is in the management, not the crew. Here are some things to watch for: Avoid "My Time" dining if you eat late. There are not enough tables for the late seatings and the staff cannot move people through fast enough. We often waited 30-45 minutes for a table after 8pm. If you like to eat early (6-ish), you should be fine. If you like to eat late, then stick with the 8:30pm standard seating. Avoid Chops. It is loud, crowded, and not the same service you would expect from a white tablecloth steakhouse. This is my third Chops experience on three different boats and FAR FAR worse than the other two. The steak was good. The side dishes were bland. The staff were aloof. The acoustics were horrible. We were seated 30 minutes late and then rushed through. Giovanni's Table was good food but terrible atmosphere. The acoustics were horrible. It was loud and busy which distracted from the food. It is supposed to imitate a family style Italian restaurant, but it just doesn't work. It just seems unnecessarily crowded and loud; not very pleasant. We had MAJOR delays getting off the ship. It took over an hour. Too many people bunched up after 8am. Baggage was a mess. They were not prepared to handle over 6000 guests. Try to get off early to avoid delays. During the last day seating on the acrobat show they let a lot of people stand in the back of the theater which was very distracting and rude. Whatever crew member made this decision made a big mistake. Lots of people were upset...both the ones that found out they had to stand and the ones who had to sit and listen to all the distraction. The Promenade was often over crowded in the evening and the Boardwalk was WAY under utilized. The back half of the ship was like a ghost town. What a shame. The views are great. The crew really should try to find more ways to pull more people back there. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
In most cases cannot agree with those who are complaining. If a complainer finds just one itty-bitty thing to squawk about then he/she will continue to search to find all the negatives. Everyone makes their own "time" good or ... Read More
In most cases cannot agree with those who are complaining. If a complainer finds just one itty-bitty thing to squawk about then he/she will continue to search to find all the negatives. Everyone makes their own "time" good or bad. Embarkation: No issues, we live on west coast of Florida, took Cruise Connection bus, dropped us at the pier at about 11:15, luggage on rack, proceed through security, to check-in and we were on the ship within 15 minutes. Stateroom: We had an outside balcony. The room itself was very efficient, really, how much more room do you want? Spent quality time relaxing on our balcony, especially with early morning coffee. Bed linens and towels were A-1. Crisp, clean, white, and nice cotton quality. Enjoyed the interactive TV, nice choices re movies, etc. Food: C'mon, if you are really a "gourmet" you probably won't be traveling with the rest of us. I'd say I'm a foodie, but not gourmet. If you could not find one thing to eat on this ship that you enjoyed, then you spent way too much time in your stateroom or with the complainers! If you had the time to observe that your DR waiter and his/her Asst DR waiter don't like each other, then you need some new friends to keep your attention. Public Rooms: All I can say is WOW! Colors and designs interesting and imaginative. Subdued and sedate in areas where you expect it (solarium for example) and exciting and outgoing (casino, promenade, H2O zone, etc.)otherwise. Service: Those we interfaced with daily called us by name by Day 2, others polite, helpful, and most of all cheerful. Only one surly staff member in the future cruise department - impatient and bossy to her fellow workers and no smiles or welcoming warmth to passengers (okay, maybe she had just been accosted by the "complainers" so we have to let this pass) Activities: The Daily Compass has every activity posted for every hour. From jewelry making, scrap-booking, flow-rider, shows,you name it. Richard Spacey was probably the best cruise director I've encountered. Lots of energy, quick wit, and huge smile. His TV productions were really a hoot too, especially his fake chest hair LOL! Shore excursions: We didn't do any, been there, done that. Enjoyed the ship. Miscellaneous: 6,000 other passengers - we didn't experience any time or place that made us feel we were with 5,998 others, not even in the Windjammer Buffet. Neighborhoods: What a concept. Enjoyed every one. Each day there is a Scavenger Hunt where you explore a neighborhood, return to the On Air Club after 1/2 hour or so, review your answers and have bragging rights for the day that you got all the points covered. The enhancement of the scavenger hunt is a guide book entitled "Live the Oasis" on sale for about $10. Even if you don't do the scavenger hunt, get the book it has lots of interesting information and facts. Follow the guide through each neighborhood and you will learn some of the tiniest of details put into this ship. We enjoyed the ship so much, we've booked the Allure for Halloween week in 2011. In summary, unless you belong to the 'complainer' group you should walk away saying what 98% of the other passengers say - 'UNBELIEVABLE' Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
Big ship with new things but no much that is of interest to us. We miss things that the Freedom and Voyager class have to offer that this one doesn't. We don't particularly want to pay more to dine, so all the added upscale ... Read More
Big ship with new things but no much that is of interest to us. We miss things that the Freedom and Voyager class have to offer that this one doesn't. We don't particularly want to pay more to dine, so all the added upscale restaurants were lost on us. We are not young folks who want risk the flow riders so two flowriders rather than just one adds nothing for us. The Zip line was a 45 minute wait, a five minute rigging and a 5 second ride. Kind of silly. The carousel was a 3 minute ride, fun but once was enough. The photo booth was broken the whole trip. The food available on the Boardwalk with the exception of the donuts and some corn dogs at the bar was all pay as you eat. There is nothing but pay restaurants and a bar on Central Park. Bring your sea pass if you go there. The aqua theatre was a very special facility. The shows were well planned and entertaining. But after you saw it once you would not really be interested in seeing it again for a few years. Interesting to us that RCCL has gone to free style dining so folks are not "forced into a schedule" but then force you to make reservations for every type entertainment offered. You have to book ahead and show up 15 minutes before show time or they give your seat away. On other ships you could choose to go the show after dinner or not. Here you either had to book a reservation ahead, sometimes pre book before you board, or find something else to entertain yourself. The theatre is about the same size as other ships and so I suppose they went this route because they didn't have a space large enough for all of us. We did find that the Wipe Out Cafe, Park Cafe and Solarium Bistro were nice additions. I think they take the pressure of the WindJammer since they are also "free" eating venues. The staterooms lack in a number of areas. If you want to plug in your hairdryer you have to pull out the desk chair, get down on your hands and knees and try to find the outlet under the table. Very inconvenient and stupid in our view. At first we thought there were no outlets at all. About half of the storage space in the cabin has been eliminated. The safe is so small it won't hold a No. 10 envelop without folding it. The vanity in the bathroom is about 6 inches wide, not wide enough to use for anything. Sink is very shallow. The area below the sink is now a garbage can rather than a shelf area. There is an "unprotected" shelf along side the toilet if you don't mind having things in an area that are subject to "toilet splash". Why would anyone store anything below and along side the toilet bowl!? Someone forgot to measure the width of a hanger when they built the closets. If you hang a shirt and try to close the closet door the shirt sleeve is pushed sideways and gets pinched in the door. The closet needs to be about 2 inches deeper. Go figure! We think that the photographers are not as experienced as those on other ships. Either that or they don't want to bother dragging out all the lighting equipment. Much of the lighting was poor and not as professional as other trips we've taken. I didn't have a hard time leaving the photos in the box. I purchased much less this time. Many had harsh lite and silly poses with your heads tilted back or to the side. Not natural looking. They said there were 16 places to have photos taken but we found about 7. We never did find a list anywhere of the locations so you could find them if they did exist. Zero enforcement of the dress code in the dining room. On formal nite lots of shorts, t-shirts and total disregard for the rest of us. Many families with children kept the isles busy with kids running in and out and dodging the wait staff. It was a lot like having dinner in the middle of a freeway! A fine dining experience is not usually a busy, bustling venue with folks dodging carts, kids and other wait staff. We've had much better dining on the other RCCL ships in this regard. Bigger does not mean better in every case. We think service suffered from the increased size. Entertainment was good if you could get in. We had to go as late as 10:45 some nites since space was so limited. Crowds were minimal in most public areas which was a surprise. Perhaps because there are so many places to be. The solarium area is outstanding. Never any competition for a deck chair. Very clean and neat area and age limit was enforced here. We liked the interactive boards at each elevator area but they were not always accurate. Telling you how busy any one venue is was only as good as the information that was submitted. We looked at Johnny Rockets and it had 90% availability but in the 2 minute walk to get there we had a 45 minute wait for a table. Something is missing in this area! We appreciated the change in itinerary to avoid Tomas. It made for a much smoother cruise and nicer weather. All in all we had a good time - not a great time. We will stick to Liberty or perhaps Adventures but likely not book Oasis or Allure in the future. We prefer the Promenade musicians and the narrower less congested Promenade area that has the street cafe feel rather than the Oasis Promenade with an Interstate median feel. We missed the ability to go to the show following dinner and then have the balance of the evening to visit other areas of the ship rather than have to kill 45 minutes to go stand in line to get into the show and then find that it was another hour after that before the next event was scheduled. Too much down time. We don't think this improved the cruise experience. At least not for us. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
We just got off the Oct 30th sailing of the Oasis of the seas to the western Caribean. Due to a storm (Tomas) we need to make a change and did not visit Hatti, but went to Nassau instead. We arrived at 10:30. After a very quick check in, ... Read More
We just got off the Oct 30th sailing of the Oasis of the seas to the western Caribean. Due to a storm (Tomas) we need to make a change and did not visit Hatti, but went to Nassau instead. We arrived at 10:30. After a very quick check in, we were given our sea pass and waiting in the waiting area for about 10 minuets before boarding started. We pre booked all our shows and tours, but needed to take care of a few items so we headed straight to the guest services desk. We tried to get the Iphone - but were told they were being serviced and would not be available for this cruise. There was alot of confusion. Some people in line were told to go to the third floor to pick up the Iphone. We asked if they had anything else (since we heard them tell someone else they did). After the guest services person searched for a while, she came back with (6) Cisco Cell Phones but could only find 2 chargers. we were told when the battery runs low to bring it to the guest services desk and they would switch batteries. Since there were 6 of us in three rooms, it was a little difficult. We then went to Chops since we were able to make a reservation for 5 over the phone, but since our son was under 13, we could not make a reservation for him (this doesnt make much sense). Chops said this isnt an issue and added him to the reservation. We had lunch at windjammers. It was Packed and difficult to find a seat. as other wrote, it is a better idea to go to central Park cafe or the solarium for food as they are not as crowed. We then went to check out the rooms. We had rooms 7602, 7604 and 7605 (two balconies and one with a window over looking the promanade for the Kids). I paid to have the room decorated but when we arrived there was only one that was decorated. I spoke to the state room attendant (that was great) and he said he only showed one room to be decorated. I went back to guest services and they said it was schedule to be done at night during turn down. when i got back, they were decorating the rooms. This is a good example of right hand not speaking to left and we found this to be the case many times on this ship. We then went straight to the Zip line. We got right on. Try to do this early or during off times since the wait can be over 1 hr to get on. Another issue we had - after the first day at sea, before arriving in mexico, we were told the ships time would roll back 1 hr. No one knew why since daylight savings would not be for another week and mexico was 2 hrs back (Not one). We changed the time and asked for a wakeup call at 7:00am since we had an excursion at 8:15 in Cozumel. The wake up call came at 3:00am in the morning. That afternoon, we recieved a second message to change the time back another hour. when we asked the guest services desk, they didnt know any thing about this. They also didnt know why we need to roll back an hour other that to say " thats what the Captain wanted". They did say the roll back caused their wake up system to go haywire and thats why we got the call at 3:00am. We did the Everyone Loves Rays excursion at Cozumel - This was fun. The place in 5 minuets from the ship and is in a small location off the main road. they really isnt a beach their to enjoy as they indicated, but the experience was nice. The sting rays were specific to this location (44 of them) unlike the cayman Island location. After the sting rays, we took a cab downtown and had lunch at Carlos and Charlys. They Kids Loved this and i Highly recond this for all the fun. We did the Mayan ruins tour in Costa Maya. This was not really for the Kids (14 and 11), but was a nice tour. two things on Costa Maya - You can rent cars right outside the Pier Gates - They have Jeeps and Buggies to rent. There is also a large swim up bar pool in the pier complex that was great!! we spent the rest of the day at this pool and really enjoyed it. Overall the Ship was very Nice! We loved the Boardwalk, and the Aqua Theater. We ate at chops one night and never felt that the ship was "crowded" other than Chops. We did all the shows and they went from good to Great. We loved the Dive shows and thought the show "Fly Away" was the best. There was some much more we did and i could right about(flow rider, galley tour, scavenger hunt, etc.). Please let me know if you have any questions about the ship or the tours we took. Wowed777@hotmail.com Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
We recently returned from our Oasis sailing which sailed October 30 to the Western Caribbean. We flew day down a day early and stayed at the W Ft. Lauderdale, GORGEOUS hotel, would stay there again in a heartbeat. Had dinner at one of the ... Read More
We recently returned from our Oasis sailing which sailed October 30 to the Western Caribbean. We flew day down a day early and stayed at the W Ft. Lauderdale, GORGEOUS hotel, would stay there again in a heartbeat. Had dinner at one of the best restaurants I have ever dined at, YOLO(you only live once)...about a $15 cab ride from the hotel but VERY worth it (Meatball slider, chopped salad, steak, carrot cake and bread pudding(don't miss this). Walked about half way back to the hotel to burn off some dinner and caught a cab the rest of the way back. Next morning had some coffee and pastries at the hotel and off to the pier... Check-In...arrived at the pier at 10:15...I can see how this system would work well if you were not arriving early but if you are, not the best system I have seen. There are 2 sides for check in...goes according to deck number...you go through security and then onto check in. You stay on the same side for check in as you do for security...this is where it went down hill. I do not remember the exact number but there was about 5 check in desks for each deck...that was pretty good, or would have been pretty good if there had been more than one open. So, now we have 3 or 4 lines for our deck with 10 or so people in each line and 1 check in desk open...woman directing people from each line skipping over one line a few times, etc...some very unhappy people with that. Finally after about 20 minutes they brought in more employees and the lines started to move. From there we went upstairs to the waiting area to meet some very pushy and rude employees at the pier who told us we could only sit here, not there, etc. We are platinum and had a group of 19...we wanted to sit in the 2 rows facing each other but they were just totally rude about it. Anyway, we waited about a half our and off to the ship we were HERDED...I mean someone should have really had a cattle prod here! I will rate things on a scale of 1-5, 1 being really needs improvement to 5 being amazing. Check in to on the ship: 3 1/2 About the Ship...first impression is not that different than others...just walking into the Promenade you don't see the magnitude of this ship. Once you get down the hall and you need to walk all the way to the other end is where you see how large it is. Try to get a room in the middle if you can. The ship was very nice, although being so large it made it hard to find people if you were looking for them. Loved the boardwalk and central park, great ideas for something different. Zip Line was OK, but you will spend more time in line, taking off all jewelry and being harnessed in for that 15 second ride than it is really worth. Carousel was fun but only needed to do it once. Pools were never too crowded, I was surprised by that...our favorite was the Beach pool, but people LOVE to save those lounge chairs all day! Everything was clean and in place and as is expected. Ship: 4 1/2 Cabin...we had a balcony cabin on Deck 10...all the way forward...this is where you see how large the ship is. What we did was go down to deck 8 and walk through Central Park and then down to deck 4...broke it up a bit and didn't have to walk through the smelly casino...even though I never saw much smoke, it just reeked of old smoke. Anyway, cabins are smaller, at least narrower. I like the closed not in the hall as I am not standing there while hubby is in and out of bathroom. The balcony was fine and the room was nice, but as others have mentioned the storage in the room, except for the closet is a joke and the placing of the outlets is ridiculous...I hope they don't ever rehire that engineer! The bathroom counter is the equivalent of a 2x6 with a chip in it for the sink with no storage...rest of bathroom was fine, oh except for my only real complaint about the room...no cold water in the sink so I got to brush my teeth in warm water all week...gross! Cabin: 4 Dining...Dinner arrangement: we had a group broken into 3 tables...one for a table of 8, another for a table of 4(2 in our group, 2 not) and a table for 9. Our 2 larger tables had a different set of servers than the table of 4...our servers were very kind and very sweet but could not get it together. Every night multiple orders were wrong and every night we were the last 2 tables out of the dining room...to the point that our other table that had different servers were leaving before we even finished our main course. And we did not order a lot of multiples so don't think that was the issue. We did not complain as they were very nice and did not want to get them in trouble it just made the dining experience not as good as it could have been. The food for the most part was OK...some very good some not so good but nothing that any of us had was excellent. We did eat in Chops one night and the food was wonderful but the service there was VERY slow...took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to get through...after 2 hours we JUST got our entrees. We did Johnny Rockets once night at 11:30 after a few drinks and food was very good and hot and fresh but too much food! We did the Seafood shack for lunch one day, food was very good and the service was fine and you got a lot of food for the money. Park Cafe had to be my favorite...ate lunch there a few times and breakfast there all but 2 days, food was simple but excellent and the lines moved quick and was easy to take to go if you couldn't get a table (best experience on the ship) we did the windjammer for breakfast and lunch one time...never again, can't stand that many rude people at once(actually had a girl combing her hair in front of me with hair going everywhere). We did the Wipeout cafe for lunch one day, the pretzel dogs are all that and then some and we did the dining room for lunch one day, very good and service was excellent but I just don't like to spend that much time at lunch. Overall Dining Experience was a 4, would be a 3 if not for the Park Cafe and the 2 quickie specialty restaurants. Shows...this was the highlight of the ship, but I HIGHLY recommend making reservations, especially for the comedy shows. We had almost 6,000 people on our sailing and I would say the comedy show only seats 100...people would line up for standby-by and hour early and only a few would get in...and it was FUNNY! Rating: 5 All the girls enjoyed Hairspray, all the men fell asleep. Rating: 4 Come Fly with Me...never got the whole story behind it but great to watch. Rating: 4 Diving Shows, we saw 2, the main show and then a comedy one, both were great...Rating: 5 We did not see the other shows but heard they were OK. The Promenade Parties were GREAT! Don't miss the 70's one if they have it...tons of music and fun! Our itinerary was reversed and changed due to a tropical storm near Haiti...no worries...any island is better than home! Cozumel was first, went to Isla Passion via Twister...what a blast, AMAZING boat ride along with your own tropical island for a few hours...free food and drinks and not too expensive, will do again. After that we hit Senior Frogs right on the pier...HAD A BLAST, drank too much and staggered to the ship! Next up was Costa Maya...not too much there, a few shops and a huge pool with a great bar and decent food. Spent the entire there and staggered back to the ship again. (I am seeing a pattern here : 0 ) Last stop was now Nassau instead of Labadee...we weren't really sure what we were doing until that morning and that is VERY unlike me because I like to have it all planned. We first stopped and the scooter rental place and rented a scooter for a few hours...I wanted to go to Atlantis, hubby did not as we had been there twice already this year but I did not just want to go sit at a beach so Atlantis was the best bet...he didn't want to ride the scooter over the bridge but I finally convinced him to go to Atlantis for a few hours...rode over with no problems, went to Atlantis, got a wristband and locker, rode the lazy river and a few slides and just swan in a few of the pools and relaxed. Rode back and took the scooter back and went to meet our friends at Senior Frogs...no one really wanted to drink so we shopped a bit and went back to the ship and had a snack and relaxed until dinner. Disembarkation...took forever and was very slow. Once off the ship you were good but they kept stopping and starting the process to clear out the terminal...they need to figure this one out...it shouldn't take an hour to get off the ship...if you call our number it should be time for us to get off the ship... Rating: 2 Overall it was a good cruise because we traveled with so many of our friends and made a lot of our own good times. The drinks were good for the most part but certain ones I would not get again. Things to note I did not see too much mention of was: at the boardwalk bar near the Aqua Theatre they had sandwiches, salads, chicken nuggets and corn dogs there throughout the day that made a great snack...the milkshakes are better in Johnny Rockets than the ice cream parlor...don't wait until after the farewell parade to go to guest services or you will wait in line forever, go in the afternoon if you have a problem...book in room babysitting as soon as you board or you may not be able to get it (the people that they sent were actually housekeeping staff for the ones that our friends used) and check out every area of the ship...there are some neat things to see...Central Park at night is awesome, and don't forget to visit my favorite waiter Rohan at the Rising Tide bar for a drink and a ride...cool bar and STRONG martinis! Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
We sailed on Oasis in October during one of our anniversary celebrations. Mostly the ship itself is a marvel and there isn't much one can find wrong with it.The service was good and by and large so was the food. Public areas were ... Read More
We sailed on Oasis in October during one of our anniversary celebrations. Mostly the ship itself is a marvel and there isn't much one can find wrong with it.The service was good and by and large so was the food. Public areas were enjoyable and walking through the Central park area and simply sitting around people watching was an experience.The boardwalk was definitely different from what one finds on other cruise lines and the Aqua Theatre is quite innovative.As large as this ship is, from day one, we never got lost once, which is amazing since on some other ships it takes a couple of days to get one's bearings.We enjoyed most of the shows which we had booked before the cruise together with dining reservations to match the show times.I recommend that everyone does that. RCI encourages it. reservations ahead of time will remove a lot of frustration once on board, especially if the ship is full.The bands on board were very good and since my wife and I like dancing, we had a good time. HOWEVER, there is one place, and this is on the Royal Promenade, which is always full of people walking up and down, it is called BOLERO and unfortunately RCI, decided that this place will be a SMOKING area. It is unfortunate because the music is great but the cigarette and cigar smoke coming out of the area encompasses about a hundred feet outside the lounge which even while walking by, one starts smelling it and the closer one gets to it, it becomes very difficult to breath.I think that it is unfair for RCI to have an area as popular as Bolero a smoking area. This sort of chases away the majority of non smokers from the area and maybe even from the ship(s) Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
We took our 11 yr old triplets on their first cruise. They had the time of their lives. As a repeat cruiser with RCL we had some comments, both good and bad. SHIP: The ship is impressive. Our week was fully booked but we didn't ... Read More
We took our 11 yr old triplets on their first cruise. They had the time of their lives. As a repeat cruiser with RCL we had some comments, both good and bad. SHIP: The ship is impressive. Our week was fully booked but we didn't feel that it was ever an issue. We did have to wait for the elevator more than we remember on other ships but was not really an issue at all. The flow rider area was great for the kids - we were there each and every day for several hours each day. The one complaint we had was the stench that came from what we could only assume was the burning of waste. At times we had to cover our faces or even get up and walk away because the smell was nauseating. Maybe a design flaw? We used the rock climbing wall and zip lines daily as well. Lines were fast moving and staff was great. Enjoyed the placement of whirlpools and even watched the sun set from one of them one night. We likes the 7 neighborhoods especially the Boardwalk. Room: We had adjoining rooms which worked out great for us. The bathroom seemed bigger although not sure. Sink was really small but the shower area seemed larger. No electrical outlets was an issue in the bathroom as well as the main cabin. What where they thinking only two outlets in today's day of cell phones and camera chargers, etc?? TV in both rooms had issues of not working properly or at all. Room was not kept as clean as it had on past cruises. Didn't see room steward really at all. Bed was super comfortable but sheets didn't smell fresh. Dining: Although we had a great wait staff, we where in a small "room" off the main dining area which was not so nice. Almost like an after thought. We missed the feel of being in a large room and felt sectioned off. We missed what was going on in the main room. Missed the singing and dancing in the dining room. We thought the food was good. Our kids ate everything from Duck to Lamb, Escargot, Salmon, Lobster, Shrimp. They loved every bite! The bread and rolls where to die for - although we had to keep asking for more each night. We did eat at Johnny Rockets one day for lunch which was good. Also enjoyed Sorrento's Pizza for some late night snacks. Missed the midnight buffets. Park Cafe was a nice change of pace - salads where fresh and made to order. Other: We liked the idea of the pictures being all digital and also that they checked to make sure our kids where with the people they where supposed to be with, Like the life boat wristband that they wore all week just in case. Getting on and off the ship was simple and smooth even with all those people. We have been away from cruising for way too long but are happy to say we were on this ship and are talking about when our next trip will be. We thought the ship was wonderful but ask if perhaps because of the size, do some of the little things get lost? We missed some of the subtle things that just seemed not possible because of the shear size. Might try one of the smaller ships for our next trip. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
So here we go, we traveled the Oasis of the Seas over Thanksgiving week. We traveled with a 7yo girl and 4yo boy. GETTING ON THE SHIP: We got there about 10:45 started the process, it was really quick. It would have been quicker but ... Read More
So here we go, we traveled the Oasis of the Seas over Thanksgiving week. We traveled with a 7yo girl and 4yo boy. GETTING ON THE SHIP: We got there about 10:45 started the process, it was really quick. It would have been quicker but I told them that both my kids were on antibotics for ear infections. They had us wait in the terminal until one of the nurses could come down from the ship and check the kids temperatures and find out what medicines the kids had been on. This took about 30 minutes. We then boarded the ship.Yeas, it is as spectacular as everyone says. We spent some time trying to fing the royal connect phones, which were not working. We then went up to the kids club to let the kids check it out. In the kids theatre they were issuing out DECT phones for kids in the 3-5yo club and younger. These were great b/c these phones can call other DECT phones, the rooms or any extension on the ship. These are the ones the crew members use. THE KIDS CLUB: I had a kids in the 3-5 yo group and the 6-8yo group. To sum it up my kids LOVED it. They had scheduled activities and put on plays and parades, made pillowcases and a million other things. The kids club is not open on the first day or night. When at port it is open all day to leave your kids there when you go to port, which we did not do but should have in Nassau, b/c all we did was quickly shop. At sea days the kids club opens in the morning at 8 I think then closes from 12n-2p unless you pay 6.95 for them to take them to lunch and play for those two hours. The club also closes from 5p-7p unless you opt for them to be taken to dinner. It is free at dinner. We liked to feed the kids but ran into problems when we had dinner reservations at one of the nicer restaurants at 6p as we had no where to take the kids. Fortunately we were able to move our reservation times to 7:30p with no problem. They also have a late night zome from 10p-2a. During this time they charge 6.00 per hour. My kids begged to do it so I let them do it one night and they loved it. CABIN: We were in 3837 DO NOT get this room! There was a compressor for something that kept turning off and on all night and day! This was a large interior room (LOL!) they are tiny. The bathroom shower is round and I am 5'4" and average weight and I was comfortable but any bigger and it might be a little rough. Make chicken wings with your arms and stick your elbows out, both of my elbows touched the walls. No bathtub, so al little wet showering the kids and we had some problems regulating the water temperature, would get hot then cold. Our cabin had the fold out sofa along with the bed. After the first night we had them not open the sofa. With the sofa open it leaves you about 12' between it and the desk, which means no where to dress the kids in the morning. All four of us slept in the bed and it was really big and comfortable so no problems. They also left the sofa closed and left sheets on it in case someone wanted to sleep on the closed sofa. Definately bring a power stip if you are going to plug in more than one thing as it is under the desk. No outlets in the bathroom. The BEST THING I did was bring two shoe organizers. One to hang on the door in the bathroom, to put all my makeup, hair stuff, brushes, hairdryer, etc...b/c limited counter and cabinet space. They do provide bar soap and a dispenser in the shower w/ shampoo. Also one to hand on the closet door to put all of our shoes in. The was the room is arranged there ia bout another 12" between the sofa and the closet so you can only reach stuff in about half ot it. DEFINATELY put the coffee table in the back of the closet as it you don't need it and it adds more room. It does have shelves in the closet which are nice and three small drawers in the vanity/desk area. They also provide a hair dryer. We took all of the stuff for charge out of the refrigerator and put our own stuff in it. We put their stuff on the shelf on top so the kids would not inadventently open it. Call in your room service, much more reliable then leaving the card on the door. We had coffee and milk for the kids delivered every morning, and it was forgotten a few mornings until we started calling it in. FOOD: Skip the Windjammer buffet. We did it twice and the food was good, and not too packed, but we did it when everyone was at port. People said it was a zoo otherwise. Park Cafe was THE place for us for breakfast. Oatmeal for the kids, a bagel bar, great breakfast paninis, and free. Lunch was also really good there, salad bar and great paninis and yes fantastic roast beef sandwiches. We did Giovanni's on the boarding day, we had reservations for 12:30 which was great b/c everyone else was going to the buffet. Service was good the food was ok. $10/per person for lunch. Skip the steak, it sucked, the potato leek soup was really good, antipasti, good, the kids pasta was severly overcooked, the kids would not eat it. The salads were average. 150 CENTRAL PARK $35 per person. service was good, server kept apologizing b/c they were really busy. The best part of the dinner was the tasting salts. Really cool idea. To me the food was just ok, not fnatastic but not bad. There was a table of 8 next to us that walked out of their meal b/c they hated the food. My sister and BIL liked it. CHOPS, $25/person, I think, was AWESOME. From the appetizers to the dessert it was great! The filet is by far your best bet, and don't miss the mud pie for dessert. By far the BEST FOOD EXPERIENCE was CHEF"S TABLE. 14 people a 5 course menu narrated by the chef that made t and paired with wine. The sommalier comes out and explains the wine to you and about the family who produces it and why it pairs well with the food. I can be a food snob and don't know hardly anything about wine, but man, those wines were good and the food was incredible. $75/per person and worth every penny. You also get a cookbook signed by the chef and a chef's table apron. The only way you can get into this is to email or call RCI. It is not advertised. IZUMI: Sushi was amazing. We asked the chef to just make a specialty roll for us and he called it the Firecracker and it was awesome! The champagne lobster roll was also really good. We did the hot rock. Fine for the experience but wouldn't do it again. Main Dining Room: The most painful experience. Two solid hours everynight!! The waiter kept telling us it was disorganized and when we complained to the head waiter he also apologized about the disorganization, and serice picked up a little But a solid two hours with young kids is a nightmare!! Food was nothingI care to revisit, soggy duck skin, over salted food. You know it is bad when the waiter tells you not to order a dish b/c it is too salty. Note to everyone, some people though it was fine. I have to remin myself that they are trying to serve a hell of a lot of people at one time, but i still want good tasting dishes. Apple pie was likeappleasuce on the inside it was soo overcooked. However all breads are made fresh on the ship and they were awesome everywhere! Skipped Johnny Rockets (can get it at home) and Seafood Shack (no point for me). Didn't do any other for pay stuff. Corndogs were good in the boardwalk and didn't try the pretzel dogs and wipeout. SHOWS: The were all incredible we say Come Fly with Me and THe Dive Show, both were amazing and everyone raved about the iceskating, and comedy show. I also heard not to miss the Scavenger hunt/quest they do with the passengers everyone said it was hysterical. So much to do so little time!!! Note, all restaurant experiences including Giovanni's for lunch were a solid two hours. A little extreme for lunch, we had to hurry the waiters along. Everyone talks about a disconnect with the ocean, it was really rough so we stumbled around the ship for about a day and a half and we felt very connected with the rough seas!!! It was so rough they deactivated the doors on certain decks so you could not go outside. All the way forward on Deck 14 is two small decks that are always empty. Also the solarium was a good view was leaving ports and the deck below it was always almost empty. The interactive touchscreens are awesome for finding your way around. The elevators have the day of the week on the floor. On deck 3 and 4 on the elevators always push down, b/c it was priority, no matter which was you are going! In your room you can check your reservations, change them, see how packed the restaurants are, check the menus and go over your seapass card charges. It is awesome! All on your TV. Never felt crowded on this ship. Absolutely recommend it to others. I know this was crazy long, but hopefully some useful info, I will add more as I remember it. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
It is always good to go see for yourself...1st of all the ship is beautiful, it is big but very easy to get around. Embark and Disembark was a breeze, although getting off the ship had thousand of people because many of us seem to ... Read More
It is always good to go see for yourself...1st of all the ship is beautiful, it is big but very easy to get around. Embark and Disembark was a breeze, although getting off the ship had thousand of people because many of us seem to wait for the last moment, I was surprise by how fast I got through custom and on the bus transfer back to the airport...Embark was about 5-10 minutes and the Disembark was around 15-20 minutes. The shows are great, make sure to pre-register for whatever shows you would like to see before you go. I saw all of shows, Hairspray and Headliner with Tony Tillman were two of my favorite, the other shows was nice, but the comedy show was just OK. Tony Tillman who played in the Headliner show was much funnier than those two comedian put together. The food was good...so many people come on the ship thinking windjammer is the only complimentary place to eat...when this ship have over 12-13 complimentary places people can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack, You will get a Restaurant and Dining Guide when you 1st arrive use it...I dine at all the restaurants and never had to wait on a table as they say early birds always get the good worms...so if you go early you will not have any problem in finding a table. They are two outlets on the right hand side of the desk with the mirror where you have very easy access to plug in any appliance. The Heat Wave live band was great...the only problem was Royal Caribbean cancelled their performance twice due to the weather on the last day, which I felt they should have bring them inside to play in the Royal Promenade instead of not letting them play. The staff was all nice to me, I had no problem with anyone of them. Labadee Haiti was the 1st stop on this trip itinerary, and it was nice to see how RC fix this place up so nicely...the only problem they have to work on adding sand on the lowly part of the beach, but further up the beach was nice. The biggest improvement for me was the Haitian not harassing people so much anymore, because they are now in open space like little shops and not in this one covered market, so that was a wonderful improvement for me, I was able to just go to their little stores on each side of the road and check out what they had...if you don't want to walk you can catch a free tramp up to the shopping area...RC really did a great job and I like that everyone didn't have to be crowded at one location to get their lunch...they had several areas with food and drink for everyone...what a nice improvement...I felt this was my best location out of all 3 stops. Cozumel my 2ND stop, it was OK, cold, rainy and windy the location Oasis dock. To really enjoy Cozumel you will have to at least get to downtown by taxi (it's about a 5min ride) or walk (it's about 45min), staying around the International Pier don't have much to see nor do, just several little shops. Costa Maya was my last stop...I was expecting the worse here because most people act like this place had nothing to see nor do, but I was surprise when I got there it was much better than Cozumel International Pier...1st of all they had a swim up bar the biggest I have ever seen, but no one was in it, it was to chilly, they had kids swimming with dolphin, I was expecting only 2 little small shops and was surprise when I saw over 25 shops...this place was OK, not as bad as people say it would be. I guess with this Labadee and Costa Maya you are just stuck in that small space and cant really venture outside of there, which in Cozumel you can go from that International Pier area and see more and do things. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Pre-cruise: Since we flew in to Ft. Lauderdale from California, we arrived the evening prior to the cruise and stayed at the Sheraton Airport and Cruise Terminal Hotel as it was conveniently located to both the airport and cruise ... Read More
Pre-cruise: Since we flew in to Ft. Lauderdale from California, we arrived the evening prior to the cruise and stayed at the Sheraton Airport and Cruise Terminal Hotel as it was conveniently located to both the airport and cruise terminal, hence the name. The place was not the jewel in the Sheraton crown to say the least. It was not quite a dump, but I would not recommend it unless it was a last resort. We would have preferred to spend a little more on a taxi and stayed on the beach or in an area where there were some restaurants and shops. There was nothing within walking distance of this hotel. Boarding: We were not looking forward to boarding the Oasis with 6000 other passengers but were pleasantly surprised at how fast a smooth it went. We have to congratulate Royal Caribbean for the efficiency at their terminal. Not only was it fast but we were given a free upgrade from outside to balcony without even requesting it. First impressions: BIG! At first while exploring some of the "neighborhoods" of the Oasis it was a little disorienting since many areas of the ship (especially Central Park) did not feel like a ship at all. It felt more like being in a courtyard/garden of an apartment complex. For my wife and I this was not a WOW experience but somewhat unpleasant. The ship did not have a crowded feel even though it was a full sailing. Once we went up to the pool deck it had more of a ship feel to it. Stateroom: Our cabin was typically spotless for RCCL ships and very pleasantly decorated. The enclosed storage ares were somewhat skimpy but we travel light so we had enough room for our belongings. The bath amenities were very basic (soap and a shampoo dispenser) for a newer ship. Our balcony was spartan with 2 chairs and a tiny table but it was fun to have one. We didn't spend much time there. Beds were comfortable. Food: Since we do not eat meat, we're not the best ones to critique the food. Most of what we ate was fair to good-the usual cruise ship fare. Our servers were great; probably the best part of the dining experience. Everyone we met in the dining room were friendly and helpful. We did the "my-time" dining which worked well for our schedule. We never waited more than 5 minuted to be seated and were seated in the same area with the same servers every night at our request. The buffet was nicely organized with food stations arranged by categories. It seemed to cut down on the crowds and waiting time that we have experienced on other ships that use buffet lines. The selection and quality of the food was good on most days. Entertainment: In short, it was the best we've had on a ship. Hairspray was every bit as good as the version we saw on Broadway. The comedy show was great. We didn't stop laughing for a minute though it may not be to every one's taste. It was definitely adult humor. The ice show was also terrific as was the water show. Just make sure and reserve seats as soon as you book your cruise. We did see some very upset people who were turned away from shows because they failed to book their reservation. Ports: This was the weakest part of this cruise. This may be so because RCCL figures that the ship is the real destination. We only had three ports of call. The first was Labadee. We've been there before many years ago and were surprised to see that it has been turned into a mini amusement park with a coaster and zip line ride. It was still an enjoyable day of relaxing in the hammocks and enjoying a swim in the warm ocean. Costa Maya had a quiet beach a short cap ride away. Cozumel had on and off rain so not much to do except shop when the sun doesn't shine. Disembarkation: Since we travel fairly light, we did the do-it-yourself early departure thing. Within 5 minutes we were off the ship and heading to our hotel to spend the day in Ft. Lauderdale. We highly recommend this option for people who can handle their own luggage and want to get an early start on the day. Ft. Lauderdale: We spent the day using the Water Taxi to tour the canals looking at how the other half lives. It was alot of fun to see all the canal-side mansions and yachts. For $15.00pp it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. We overnighted at the Westin on the beach. Our oceanfront room was very nice and we would recommend this hotel. When all is said and done, the Oasis is just another cruise ship, just bigger with more novelty. We enjoyed it overall but are not anxious to return for the time being. We have a been there, done that feeling about the experience. Is bigger better? Our answer is, not for us. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Well, just about everything I had heard about the Oasis was true. The ship is spectacular. Central Park was amazing, The Boardwalk was just like being "by the sea" and the Aqua Theater was impressive. We loved the kid-free ... Read More
Well, just about everything I had heard about the Oasis was true. The ship is spectacular. Central Park was amazing, The Boardwalk was just like being "by the sea" and the Aqua Theater was impressive. We loved the kid-free Solarium area. The Flo-Rider and Zip line were tons of fun. I didn't get the impression that the ship was full, as there were tons of empty pool chairs available during peak sunning hours. There was never a problem getting into any of the shows that "required" reservations even though we had none. I have to say 'Hairspray' was the best production I have ever seen at sea, it was on par with the Broadway production. The 'Come Fly With Me' and 'Oasis of Dreams' shows were very good, and anyone who has ever seen a Cirque du Soleil production will immediately notice the impact the Cirque productions have had on cruise entertainment. 'Come Fly With Me' could have used more up to date music than the 80's choices they made. The aqua show tried much too hard to be an 'O' of the seas. Despite their faults, I enjoyed both. We decided to skip the main dining room for the entire cruise. Upon checking the menu each day, we learned that, with the exception of escargot on the Captain's night, everything offered in the main rooms was available in the Windjammer Buffet, plus more. So here's the BIGGEST FAULT I had with the cruise. Absolutely NOTHING I ate during the entire cruise was HOT. Everything was served VERY warm. Not that I want to burn my mouth with every bite, I would like food to still be hot, when I return to the table. The quality was excellent, the selection was excellent, the presentation was excellent. I always dipped from the bottom of the pan to try and get the warmest food available, knowing the stuff on top would naturally be cooler. But by the time I returned to my table the food was barely warm. Oh, don't bother with the red velvet cupcakes at the bakery, while they look delicious, they're just red cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Certainly not using a red velvet recipe. I'm not certain I would sail the Oasis again. RCCL is, and continues to be my favorite cruise line, and I do have an aunt and uncle I would like to take on the Allure, but all in all, even guessing it was half full, it had too many people on board. It's not that it was too big, it wasn't, but unfortunately, with size comes passengers. So if you enjoy the crowds you find at a big mall, on a busy Saturday afternoon, you won't mind the crowds and throngs of unruly children on board the Oasis. If you avoid the mall on weekends, you'll probably be happier on one of RCCLs smaller ships. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
General: This is a ship, on a 7 day cruise, where you can have dinner at a single venue and never eat in the main dining room. That was our goal and mission was accomplished! We were warned about the service. Many of the staff ... Read More
General: This is a ship, on a 7 day cruise, where you can have dinner at a single venue and never eat in the main dining room. That was our goal and mission was accomplished! We were warned about the service. Many of the staff were moved to Allure. According to one waiter, he stated in ½ of the crew was moved to Allure - the service showed this! At best the service was poor and spotty. Some were good (if not great) and some were really bad. The classic one was the poor service at the Seafood Shack. Waitress was surly and then had the nerve to look over our shoulders as we signed for the bill (like she wanted to make sure we tipped her). Nickel and Diming. A well known feature of Royal Caribbean. The incessant hard sell begins at the Embarkation with photos, continues with the shopping and does not end. However Oasis goes to the extreme like leaving voice mails with shopping pitches and charging for Donuts in the Donut shop. How low can you go! Ship is BIG and well maintained. No mechanical issues or smells which was a big plus! Embarkation: We were very surprised at the ease of registering and getting on the ship. The security line was short and the registering went quick and we were let right onto the ship no waiting. All of this at 12 noon. For lunch we chose Johnny Rockets as it was empty. Certainly beats the usual zoo at the Windjammer. The Room: We had a D2 Balcony (handicapped) as that was all that was offered as we booked in December. This room had an extra 5 feet width with made a big difference. It made a big difference as to how I would judge the room if we had one of the narrow balcony room. Our stateroom attendant Mohamed did a great job. Restaurants and Food: Coffee. The worst ever had on a cruise. Does anyone in Management drink this?? Starbucks was the only thing that tasted good or the double espressos in the restaurants. Johnny Rockets. Usual hamburger fare. Service was good and the food was also good. Try them for breakfast if you like omelets or eggs, not crowded and food is better than Windjammer. Sorrentos. They claim to be a New York Pizzeria. Has anyone from RCI every been to New York? The Pizza is more like frozen Pizza you would bake at home. Seafood Shack. Mediocre food and really poor service. (see introductory comments) Giovanni's Table. We ate there for Dinner and Lunch. Dinner was better than lunch (lunch was good though). The Osso Buco was yummy the service was first rate. Chops. Usual steak fare. Rib eye and rack of Lamb are highly recommended. Service was mediocre. There were adjacent tables of 16 and 25 to us. We suffered as our waitress was forced to serve the three. Management is to blame here our waitress and her team should not be used to serve 43 people! Windjammer. We ate there for some breakfasts and one evening meal. Service was generally good. Park Place. We ate there for breakfast one day. Nothing was fresh. Eggs were cold and sitting there you feel very claustrophobic. Izumi. This is an Asian/Japanese restaurant. They serve Sushi, Sashimi, and various rolls. Also their specialty is their hot rock cooking. The rolls and sushi were very good and fresh. The service was outstanding as the restaurant is very small and the staff to patron ratio is very low. However the main dish the hot rock - was really BAD. I have usually never left a meal as I did this. Left over ½ of the beef, as it was just tasteless. 150 Central Park. The best meal and outstanding wine pairings was here. The service was the best seen on any RCI vessel. Food was top notch. The wine pairs (6 wines for $75 per person) were good. But 6 well poured glasses of wine/champagne/port was just a little much. Ports of Call: Labadee, Costa Maya and Cozumel. We have been there many times. We docked at Cozumel at the International Terminal. This means a $7 taxi ride to the shopping area. Still wonder why so many ships, RCI included, go to Costa Maya. There is absolutely NOTHING there to do. Disembarkation: We did the express at 6:15AM. WE left ship there about 40 in the line and we were in our car heading home at 6:34AM. Could it be faster? Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Review Prologue I am Alex and I am currently thirteen. Ever since I found out about the Oasis of the Seas in late 2009, I've wanted to go on that humongous cruise ship. Its features were ... Read More
Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Review Prologue I am Alex and I am currently thirteen. Ever since I found out about the Oasis of the Seas in late 2009, I've wanted to go on that humongous cruise ship. Its features were stunning, nothing that I had seen before. Compared to the only other ship I've taken in Asia, SuperStar Virgo, this is a masterpiece by any aspect - from design to public rooms, from cabins to ceilings, from the four pools to the Central Park - it was all too spectacular. 2010 was a traumatic year for me. But I could put all those sad memories to rest as I was headed to the United States in December, specifically to take the Oasis of the Seas. We were sailing on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary, our room being a Boardwalk balcony (we only found that out when we reached there). My family of five, which consisted of my parents, my two younger sisters, and I went along with our maternal cousins, aunts and grandmas. I've decided to sort the contents by category (dining, public rooms etc.) It took about three months to do this review due to work, laziness and stress but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it! Introduction After our break in Miami following our flights from SIN-LON-MIA, we headed to Fort Lauderdale to board the Oasis of the Seas. The ship was like nothing I've seen before - it was tremendously huge. I was truly overwhelmed. I believe I may have been too overwhelmed, because all my energy suddenly dispersed. It was too great, literally. This may have more or less affected my review. The embarkation process was fairly quick. Some minor problems we encountered here and there, but still quite quick. One thing I've noticed was that those below the age of thirteen would have to wear a wristband. I understand that wristbands are needed for staff to identify children's emergency station in the case of an emergency, however, the wristbands are sometimes a bit of a nuisance. Even though I am thirteen, I got a wristband thinking it would be useful, but it wasn't. As I had said earlier, the exterior of the ship impresses. The inside remains a mystery until I entered the gangway. There, I saw the Royal Promenade and the anticipated Rising Tide Bar. Everything that I originally saw on my desktop was true. After checking-in and settling down in our cabin (I would further discuss on this later), we headed to the Dining Room for our emergency drill. It was awkward having the emergency stations located in areas such as the dining room and the Opal Theater, probably because they needed to use safety instructional videos. A bit disorganized, but the video was useful. After which, we proceeded to do our own activities. From here onwards I shall now sort out my experience on Oasis by aspects. Dining (3) There were indeed a number of dining options onboard the ship, but for some apparent reason did not appeal to me. Maybe I am thirteen, but I have learnt how to appreciate food and I honestly felt that there could be a better variety. We opted for the My Time dining package, in which we could head to the Opus Dining Room, the main dining room, anytime between 5.30 in the late afternoon to 8.30 at night, if I am not wrong. The appetizers were, to say, interesting. Usually there would be a choice of fruits, soups or other simple platters to get the stomach going. Usually I had the fruits, which were fresh and juicy. Most of the soups, like the Onion Soup, tasted nice, too. However, there was one particular dish I would like to mention - the Raspberry and Pineapple Soup. I don't know if the Westerners drink soups that are sweet but shouldn't that be made into a drink? I was truly disgusted at such effort wasted on an idiotic recipe that has the strangest taste. Ever. I had mixed remarks over the main course. Sometimes, it would be lovely, like salmon, but sometimes it was too filling and not delicious. I usually ordered the healthy option, which I would explain later, because its description was better than the others. I guess that was Royal's way of making people lose weight. Amusing. Dessert was probably the best in the three-course meal. Fruits or Ice Cream, they excel in the art of confection. My favorite was the Sponge Cake- my first time ever tasting it. It was mouthwatering. The best food I had tasted on the ship - or maybe during the whole trip! I praise the chef(s) who made this so refined and better than the other cakes. Obviously, we could dine at other locations too. I chose complimentary restaurants that were included in the cruise fare, hoping to not cut my budget. Windjammer Cafe was good, but maybe because I somehow didn't have an appetite when I went there, I was not that pleased with the food. Sorrento's Pizza at the Royal Promenade was splendid - we could mix and match our own toppings for the pizza slices. We could also choose pizza slices already baked and prepared. It was delicious. Sadly, the Italian Sodas I tasted there were the worst I've tasted. I didn't know exactly what flavor it was, but it tasted ridiculously bitter. Maybe I'm young, but I definitely give a thumbs down for that. At Central Park, I would eat at Park Cafe that had sandwiches and desserts. The sandwiches were indeed very crunchy, and for a complimentary restaurant that is a big sandwich compared to what we have in Singapore! Wipe Out Cafe is another restaurant I tried out. It sold casual, American finger food meals. The most filling meal I've ever had, I had to say. The only specialty restaurant I tried out was the Seafood Shack. The Seafood Shack's menu was partially disorganized - the only had daily catches. Well then, I thought, I'd have the Grill Catch of the Day. What was served was good, but could honestly be better. Waiting time for dessert was somewhat long as I ordered it as take-away. At the Pool & Sports deck, they also served free frozen yoghurt. Oh, how cooling, even though it was 20 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I had an average of 2.5 frozen yoghurts a day, taking in the fact that I love it. On the contrary, there were not many beverages. Other than wine, beer and alcoholic beverages, they didn't really bother about non-drinkers that left me unsatisfied. I really wanted a mocktail, influenced by the fact that mocktails are served mainly in hotels and cruise ships. Although The Living Room and Fuel, the teen locations, did have mocktails I believe, they weren't available anywhere else on the ship. What a disappointment. Overall, good but could improve on the variety of food and dining options and the improvement of quality of food in the main dining room. Public Rooms (5) The Oasis is most praised for its state-of-the-art facilities onboard, which I agree with most. All the neighbourhoods were designed to suit their theme, all the rooms clean and well kept, and the facilities high-class and functioning well. My favorite in terms of quality is probably Central Park. Greenery on cruise ships is very rare, and the thought of putting such is not widely considered. However, Royal Caribbean really made a good job - I originally thought there would be air-conditioning, but there wasn't which makes it even better. It is both elderly-friendly and provides a relaxing atmosphere. I've got a slogan for it, too: "A walk in the park at Royal Caribbean". Ingenious. Another neighborhood that I personally enjoy best is the Pool & Sports Zone. I would explain further in the Spa & Fitness section. Small exhibits are also scattered around the ship, known as "Wonders of the World". These exhibits showcase either stereotypic once-in-a-blue-moon images or interesting items. I find this a great addition to the ship. Despite the great features, there is still one small, no, MAJOR problem - the toilets. For some reason, the toilets reek of a certain, distinct smell. Which is why I never use the toilets often on the Oasis. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the pipes or soap, but it still needs to be fixed. The public rooms, overall, are awesome. Cabins (5) I was also quite excited over the rooms on Oasis. There was such a variety. I was not in charge of the booking process, therefore, I did not know which room we were in. But apparently, we were not allowed to choose our type of room, or at least it was said to be, and that Royal Caribbean would give us our own room. It was still not a bother. We eventually got a Boardwalk Balcony. I praise the room. Some complained over the amount of space the bed occupies (which led to a 'conspiracy' that RCI had small rooms). However, this is actually a good thing. The room was well furnished, well kept and nicely organized. The beds were very comfy; maybe because I was tired each night from the activities I had for the day. Many complained on the small toilet. However, I thought it was good, compared to the only other cruise I've taken. It may have been small, in fact smaller than the one at the other cruise, but precisely because of the interior dEcor - bright and lively, instead of dark and uncomfy. Everything worked fine, amenities all good. This toilet is the only toilet that didn't have the distinct smell I mentioned earlier. Lounging at the balcony is also relaxing. One could view part of the AquaTheater from the balcony, but if you do want to get the full view, try the AquaTheater suite or the rooms nearer to it. Rooms in the Oasis, although felt small, are worthy for sleeping and resting. Entertainment and Activities - Entertainment Place (4) The facilities onboard the Oasis would obviously occupy most people's time. I had already discussed on the facilities and will move on to the organized activities and entertainment programmes. The daily newsletter on the Oasis describing the conditions, highlights and activities for the day was the Cruise Compass. The activity planner was the Daily Planner, the evening section separated as the Evening Planner. A bit confusing, but still fair enough. Maybe due to the massiveness of the ship, and my surprising lack of organization during the cruise, the activities seem to be little. There was the usual - art auctions, seminars, scavenger hunts, line dancing, fitness activities, trivia quizzes, parades and entertainment. What I think RCI could include to actually make it stand out include: • More fitness activities involving the use of the Pool & Sport Deck facilities. In which they hold more pool parties, some competitions on the FlowRider, golf course or table tennis courts. • Improve on the "parties". The parties that the cruise organized were horrible. They should have games for children to participate rather than laid-out games to play alone. They should also have some performances. This is for children who did not register for Adventure Ocean. • More social activities, such as handicraft making or "fashion shows" or anything that is active and fun. It seems that the Oasis really lacks D.I.Y. activities that most cruises, or at least what I think cruises should, offer. With the vast amount of space and the Workshop located at Deck 14 vacant for most of the time, it would be nice to hold some free activities to appeal to senior citizens. The activities I praise include fitness-related ones, entertainment that I would discuss later, Bingo and activities for the younger generation. Activities I think they could improve include scavenger hunts (instead of holding it at a remote starting point like On Air, it would be nice to start from the Pool & Sports Deck which could gain more attention. A bigger search area would be nice, too) and parties which I had mentioned on earlier. Now comes nightly entertainment. I would group them into four categories as RCI did: Theater Shows, Water Shows, Ice Shows and Comedy Shows. Spa and Fitness - Pool & Sports Deck (5) Honestly speaking, I have never tried out the spa services onboard nor the fitness center. However, I have seen other fitness options outside the Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness. The Vitality at Sea Spa, which is the biggest spa and fitness center at sea, is located on Deck 6 aft, so one may have to accept having to walk for a while. But one thing I could say is its interior dEcor. It was white - and it makes one feel relaxed. The colors blend perfectly, so at leas one thing I know is that the person won't feel uneasy due to the color scheme. There is even a kids and teens' spa called Y-SPA. From what I heard the spa and fitness center was good, but I was sadly unable to try out as I think I was too young (or that I'm just shy, not my usual self). Now, Royal Caribbean has broadened spa and fitness options on its ships. For example, those eating in the Opus Dining Room are able to enjoy a less-calorie selection of dishes. They stated the amount of calories. I don't know if it is accurate or not but based on my primary education, I could tell that slimming down does not mean eating less - it just means, having a lower calorie intake. Also to note is the Pool & Sports Deck' sports area. It is really gigantic and different from other ships. Hailing from the tropics I was not adapted to cold waters. When I step into the small lazy river in the H20 Zone, it seems icy cold. My father told me that RCI probably wanted not to use so much electricity, but a few days later, when I stepped back again, the water was hot and cozy. Strange because, when it was sunny the water was cold, and when it was dark the water was warm. The Jacuzzi is also quite comforting after participating in several activities. It was a really clever idea to have four pools catered to different people - Main for the typical swimmer, Beach to simulate beach waves, Sports especially for water sports and the H20 Zone for children. The H20 Zone is really catered to smaller, younger children. It would be nice for RCI to install better facilities such as, maybe, a water slide? As long as its not more unneeded sculptures that will be fine. That covers the Pool section. The Sports section is even more fantastic. You could really play a number of sports here. You could play football, tennis or basketball in the basketball court, have a round of golf on the golf course, take a jog or a professional run on the walking track (located at Deck 5), play table tennis in the table tennis court, surf on the FlowRiders and even zipline across the ship. It seems as if one could do almost every sport on the ship. I tried out the FlowRider, which was separated into four lanes - two for boogie boarding and two for actual surfing. Boogie boarding is a much easier way in which one lies down on the board and does stunts. I gave it a go and it was truly a lot of fun. The instructors were professional and clearly explained to us what to do. The current of the waves was so strong that it could push you back to the start if you fall off. Fear not, for there is a buffer that prevents any pain. Only one time it seemed as if the surfboard hit my head. Thankfully it wasn't a major injury, and this should be VERY rare because it seemed that the surfboard was thrown back first, then me. It was only minor and was gone soon. But I still can't believe the cruel irony that struck me. Seminars on how to cut down fats, relax and other useful fitness facts are held everyday. I'm not sure if RCI has cycling tours, but I am sure it also brings fitness to shore. All these coupled together makes the perfect fitness cruise. Family, Children and Teens (4) RCI is notable for its variety of family and children activities. Just a recap, children from five to twelve will be under the following age categories should they join the Adventure Ocean youth programme: • Aquanauts (3-5 year olds) • Explorers (6-8 year olds) • Voyagers (9-11 year olds) Toddlers aged three and below are given access to the Royal Babies and Tots community, while teens like myself could go to The Living Room, an only-teens (with the exception of trainers) hang-out spot., and Fuel, a nightclub reserved for teens and also includes a bar. Royal Babies & Tots, Aquanauts, Explorers and Voyagers' clubs are located at Deck 14, or the Youth Zone. Teens' clubs are located at Deck 15, the Pool & Sports Zone. My sister, aged eleven, signed up for the Adventure Ocean programme and commented that it was enjoyable and the staff were helpful and humorous. She praises the Adventure Science Lab, probably since she is a fan of Science. Art and music rooms are also provided. I checked the Adventure Ocean daily planners and I think it needs to have a bit more of outdoor interaction, considering the fact that most sports and games were held indoors. On Day 6, I had a choice between going to the AquaTheater to watch the Men's Belly Flop competition and the Adventure Ocean talent show. Coincidentally, the competition and several other activities were cancelled due to bad weather so I attended the talent show. I would like to note, despite this being a small matter, trying to show off a butterfly tattoo on a five-year-old girl. Otherwise the team of staff was pretty competent in doing the job. When it comes to 'parties', I got a shock. As I had explained previous, the parties were not up to standard. What's more, I don't see the staff allowing children to participate after they perform. It was a bit of a letdown, considering SuperStar Virgo, which had games and fun for all. Now to the Teens stuff. I was shy on the first two days so I didn't really go to The Living Room, the teens hangout spot on the ship. Only on the third day did I enter The Living Room and made some friends. The Living Room consists of nine Wii sets, a Foosball table, a bar catered to teens, a music studio, a miniature cyber cafe and a large television usually showing movies. It was my first time seeing a cruise ship with a teens hang-out, but as eventually I realized all major cruise lines carry such a facility. Nevertheless RCI's take was amazingly modern. The staff were professional. They were friendly and they knew how to take care of problems, although surprisingly, there weren't any. They also organized awesome activities, such as a parody of Family Feud, competitions on video games and sports such as FlowRider and Dodgeball, and other interesting activities. Also, to accompany the Living Room is Fuel. Although stated clearly on the map it is actually hidden deep. Only one door connects to it, which leads to a small room with another door that would be Fuel. Fuel is amazingly colourful. I didn't explore fully but from what I could see, teens must LOVE this place. I stress on the word LOVE, because it was a blend of art and technology. It only opens at night, though, but that's what make it all the more secretive. To conclude, RCI really did well with family activities and teen activities. I only hope they could allow the children to be more involved with ship facilities. Other than that, great I should say. Shore Excursions (4) We took a shore excursion in St. Thomas for turtle snorkeling. Apparently external vendors operate some of the shore excursions, which was somewhat disappointing with the perception that a cruise line so renowned should operate more of its own tours. Nevertheless, the snorkeling trip was fun. One could view my full review : http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g147405-d1475074-r95435778-Doubloon_Pirate_Ships-Charlotte_Amalie_St_Thomas_U_S_Virgin_Islands.html Embarkation (4) When we first boarded the ship the embarkation process was a bit slower than expected, but probably because of several arrangements in which we placed our sister in our aunt's room (due to the four-pax-per-room regulation) and RCI wanted to confirm the girl was indeed still with her parents. During our stops at the ports, I had no complaints. It was speedy and not stressful; you'd be out in the port by fifteen minutes. When we returned it was also slower than usual but I didn't blame RCI, and simply hope that they could improve on this matter. Service (5) When it comes to service, RCCI definitely excels. Their staff members were extremely friendly. I recall the Filipino waitress who served us during dinner; she interacted with us a lot and was very friendly. The headwaiter, too, was very helpful. They constantly ask us for our feedback, which is really an extra mile put forward. The staff members at the Living Room and at the FlowRider machines were professional; the housekeeper who took care of our rooms was helpful; it was all so amazing. I always love to see the staff interact with each other during the cruise, as that just proves the friendly atmosphere and the dedication they had put into their work. Value and Rates (4) It was of reasonable pricing, and taking in account that this is ONE OF THE BIGGEST SHIPS IN THE WORLD, the rates were actually quite good. Conclusion Disembarkation was swift. The staff at Port Everglades was really helpful in carrying our luggage. That marked the end of the cruise. All in all, maybe I was a bit overwhelmed at the start of the cruise which made the rest not too the extent that I was excited. I was still really pleased with RCI, and I would be glad to go back again. Four out of five. Recommended ABSOLUTELY! Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
This was our first cruise on a Royal Caribbean Ship. As everyone already knows the ship is huge. We had no problems embarking or disembarking. Both were accomplished in 15-20 minutes. What surprised us most is that the ship is not ... Read More
This was our first cruise on a Royal Caribbean Ship. As everyone already knows the ship is huge. We had no problems embarking or disembarking. Both were accomplished in 15-20 minutes. What surprised us most is that the ship is not luxurious. The rooms are small and plain. Your basic cabin. Bathrooms are very small and the shower is the size of the old telephone booths. We were not impressed. In the halls near some rooms we smelled toilet sewage. This smell was aft on the 12th floor but may be also on other floors. The food is OK but not spectacular. Service was excellent and everyone was very helpful. What was above par was the entertainment. You will not be bored! There is lots to keep you busy. We had had as good or better cruises on other ships but we would still recommend this one. Central Park is nice but a waste. Very few guests used this part of the ship. Not much to do or see. I was surprised that public toilets hand to be flushed manually. Most new ships are automatic. There are also charges for things that should be free. As an example, if you take watered down orange juice it is free but if you want real orange juice it cost $4.00. Doughnuts are free but Cupcakes cost extra. Whereever you go it seems the cruise line has their hand in your pocket. The TV had 8 channels, 5 of which were advertising products. The cabin was very small. There was no room to put your empty luggage. We had to stack them on the sofa. The safe is also too small. You cannot put the smallest netbook computers in it. Needless to say we were not happy with the cabin. Forget about using the internet. It is just too slow. I just gave up after spending $30.00 By the way, the cruise director asked everyone on board if they plan to go again on the Oasis or the Allure and no one raised their hands. We enjoyed the cruise but most likely would not take a second cruise on these ships. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
keep in mind that RCCL Oasis is my my second cruise, the first beeing RCCL Serenade of the Seas. 1. Cruise Director Richard Spacey is unmatched, I'm not sure why he is not a huge Celebrity making $20mill a film. 2. Ship ... Read More
keep in mind that RCCL Oasis is my my second cruise, the first beeing RCCL Serenade of the Seas. 1. Cruise Director Richard Spacey is unmatched, I'm not sure why he is not a huge Celebrity making $20mill a film. 2. Ship is gorgeous, very well designed. The only problem is that you need to understand which bank of elevators to take up to the room. If you choose the wrong elevator you will end up walking completely around the ship. The elevators are color coated and I only know this from watching a video on the RCTV channel 3. Food still needs improvement. French fries from the winjammer cafe are not up to par in my opinion. I've had better from the supermarket frozen section. The onboard Johnny rockets has better burgers (I think because they melt the cheese for you) and the fries are a little better. I'd also like some "authentic" caribbean food i.e. Jamaican or some Indian food. It seems that with much of their staff being Jamaican and Indian there would be a lot of choices in this area but it just does not exist. The steak from "Chops" restaurant is MUCH better than what you get in the dining room but it requires $25 extra per person The Sorrento's pizza is Absolutley Horrible! I repeat Horrible! I'm from New York and I know what pizza should taste like. I'd rather a really bad pizza but Sorrentos is indescribable. The only people that like this pizza are people that never had pizza. Trust me, the frozen supermaket pizza is better, dominos, pizza hut, is way way way better. If I were them I would change this as this is their 24hr food choice They have a sandwich bar that is also open 24hrs. The sandwiches are not perfect but they are good. Served on a crossoint so that helps with the taste. Deserts are usually mediocre at best. The ice cream is fine but some of the cakes are blah. I could go on and on about the food but what I think they need to do is pick about 7 to 10 cuisines i.e Italian, Jamaician, French, Indian, Cuban, Mexican, American etc and get a chef to master 4 popular "authentic" dishes from each cuisine. Turn this into a restaurant that is cheap i.e $4.95 per cuisine choice. THIS WOULD MAKE THEIR FOOD UNBEATABLE in my opinion. I would eat their every night. It would be even better if this were part of the free dining room options. Key word is "authentic" One more thing to note is there are about 20 bars on board and I mean 20. So you will never have to go far for alcohol. 4. Onboard entertainment was very good. Ice Skating Show, HairSpray, Come fly with me, Aqua theater shows (similar to the Vegas "O" water show. While RCCL show is excellent note that the Vegas "O" show is 100x better), comedy show etc. Games include: "love and marriage" which is like the "newlywed game" Quest: Kinda adult in nature and funny "Throw me a line" which is basically "Who's line is it anyway" Bingo Belly flop contest and more They also throw a 70's party in the Royal promenade with Dancing by The Cruise directory Richard Spacey and his staff. Pretty entertaining. I thought the Fairwell party in the Royal promenade what kinda lame especially after the 70's party. Cruise director also has a few funny skits that they play on the RCTV if you are relaxing in the room. 5. I booked a suite but I'm not sure if I'll do that again. The advantages are supposed to be priority boarding and leaving the ship but this only counts during the first and last day. This would be useful when you are at various ports since the line is very long. Also you get access to the concierge lounge where they serve free drinks and snacks between 5 to 8 pm. You can also have lunch and breakfast there. You also get to see all the shows without making reservations but from what I saw most people can get in without reservations anyway so I don't thinkt he extra money is really worth it. 6. Casino is excellent, the only problem that I have is the Smoking. They divide the casino into Smoking/Non-smoking sections but this is not always successful so it becomes annoying when you end up on the wrong side or if smokers drift to your side of the casino. I say just elimnate the smoking altogether. 7. Fitness center and Spa was excellent. Very nice equipment and treatment. My only complaint is that they are always trying to sell you something after each treatment. I spontaneously purchased $600 worth of pill that I was told was going to detox my liver. After arguing about my wife about it I returned them and the trainer didn't seem happy. I have high blood pressure and my wife reminded me about how I ended up in the emeregency room after taking products without consulting with the doctor. The trainer kept trying to convince me that it would not interfere with my medication but how would they know considering they are not doctors. My medication contains diuretics and their products contains diuretics. I assume that too much diuretics can be dangerous. Other than that the expericen at the Gym and Spa were great. There is also a pretty long track on board. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
I have read many reviews on this site that have provided my family and me with much useful information that has added to our cruising experience. I hope to be able to provide some useful information that will help others with their choice ... Read More
I have read many reviews on this site that have provided my family and me with much useful information that has added to our cruising experience. I hope to be able to provide some useful information that will help others with their choice of cruise and add to their experiences as well. As most of you reading this review already know, the capacity of this ship is over 6000 passengers. Therefore, there will likely be many different opinions regarding the experience. Those opinions will be influenced by many things, including specific interactions with people, choice of stateroom, particular table location and many, many other tangible and intangible things. I hope to give a balanced, honest, and open minded review, along with some helpful hints to help you enjoy your cruise, should you choose to sail on Oasis. First, a bit about us. We are in our mid 40s and were traveling on this cruise with our 5 year old daughter. This was our 12th cruise. If we have any pre existing "bias" it would be that in general, Celebrity is our favorite cruise line for its food, service, accommodations and amenities, while still being a relaxed and family friendly (especially during the summer) cruise line. Having said that, we have sailed on (and enjoyed) Princess, Disney, and RCCL previously, so we have some basis for comparison. We sailed on Oasis for one singe reason: To experience the ship. Since we enjoy cruising in general, we really thought we had to travel on this ship. We knew it would be huge. We knew there would be around 6000 other passengers on board. We anticipated that as such, there would be certain compromises (as with anything.) Overall, our experience was in line with our expectations, and exceeded them in certain aspects. Below are some details and suggestions: Embarkation: Absolutely the quickest and easiest of any of our dozen cruises. This is particularly remarkable considering the huge number of people boarding. It was seamless. Fifteen minutes (tops) from the curbside to on board the ship. I suggest arriving early. If you are traveling from outside of Ft. Lauderdale, if possible arrive a day prior. It takes away the pressure of flight delays and allows for a relaxing morning. There are plenty of reasonable hotels near the port. We stayed at the Marriott Fairfield. It was perfectly fine. Not a luxury hotel, but new, clean, comfortable and reasonable. They run shuttles to the pier in the morning for $8 pp which we used. However, if we do it again we will just take a taxi. It would be a similar price and quicker. Stateroom: I would call this average. We had an ocean view balcony on deck 8 near the rear bank of elevators. The location was fine. We usually have a higher deck but this ship is so tall that we really didn't feel like we missed being higher. Regarding ocean view balcony staterooms, if you can save a few $$ being on a slightly lower deck (8 vs 11, 12 etc.) it's probably worth the savings. The same might not hold true for Boardwalk or Central Park view staterooms however, since those areas begin on deck 6 and 8 respectively. We had 3 in our cabin and at first we though it would be hard to store everything, but once we started putting things away, we found space for everything. I recommend hanging lots of stuff. Also Eagle Creek "Pack-its" for folded items fit nicely in the shelves in the closet. They are also great for keeping clothes neat in the suitcase. If you haven't seen them, Google it. They are helpful. 3 suitcases fit nicely under the bed. The cabin is a bit tight with the couch pulled out as a bed. Hey, it's a cruise ship cabin. Some are better than others. These aren't the best, but they're fine. The cabins on Solstice Class ships on Celebrity are better. Our stateroom attendant was excellent. They will do a bag of laundry (however much you can stuff into a small to medium sized bag that they provide) for $25, ($20 with our Platinum member coupon.) They offer it on Wed and return the clean clothes on Friday. We thought it was worth it. Knowing of this service might allow you to bring a few less shorts, t-shirts, etc. Food: This is always the big one in cruise reviews. Opinions will be all over the map. There are many venues at which to eat, some complementary and others at additional charge. We had "My Time Dining." We prefer this to traditional dining. If you like eating at times other that the traditional early or late seating then this is great. You can either make reservations in advance or just show up without reservations. We had reservations and never had to wait. The line for "walk-ins" was fairly long on one evening, but the rest of the time it seemed pretty short. We found the main dining room food to be typical "cruise fare." It wasn't great. It wasn't bad. Some meals were better than others. It was perfectly acceptable, although the variety on some evenings seemed to be lacking a bit. Don't expect gourmet dining, but it should be more than acceptable for most tastes, even discerning ones. Just keep expectations in line. You simply don't go on the largest ship in the world for the food. Service was attentive, helpful and friendly although not as refined as on some other ships. Hey, it's vacation..relax! Of the alternative dining restaurants for dinner, we ate at Giovanni's, Chops and 150 Central Park. They were all extra $$ and all worth it. Again, not Michelin Star dining, but very good and a step up from the main dining room in all areas. One word of note: 150 Central Park has a set 6 course tasting menu with no choices of anything. So, keep that in mind if you are a picky eater or have dietary restrictions. Having said that, my wife didn't eat a number of the dishes on the set menu. She told the server about that in advance and they graciously offered her an acceptable alternative. The chef even came out to be sure that she was enjoying the offerings. So they can provide some flexibility on special request. However, don't expect a regular menu. We had the wine parings with the courses...6 different wines matched to the food. It's not cheap at $75 pp but the selections were nice, the pours were generous, and the experience was great. I recommend it if you can do it and like that kind of thing. We weren't disappointed. The one area that was below average in our opinion was the buffet. In general we don't really like buffets, but on a cruise they are usually convenient options for breakfast and lunch, especially with kids. This one was definitely lacking in selection compared to other ships we have been on. Surprisingly, there were no omelets or eggs to order at breakfast. It was basic buffet food, or less, at best. The good news is that there are so many other dining options on board for breakfast and lunch that you don't have to eat at the buffet if you don't want to. My advice is to explore all of the different options. They each offer something unique from the others and variety is one of the strong points of this ship. Entertainment: Overall, the entertainment was great. The cruise director, Richard Spacey is terrific. He is talented, energetic, and likable. Hairspray was great, very professionally done and really enjoyable. The skating show and Oasis of Dreams diving show were both unique and entertaining. The headliner was talented. They also have a late night comedy club for 18+ that is very similar to a Catch a Rising Star or Improv club. The 2 comedians on our cruise were very funny. The room was packed. Everyone was laughing. It was a great time. My most important advice is to make reservations online as far in advance as possible for all of the shows. If you chose not to go, no problem or penalty. If you want to change your reservation to another day or time, it's probably easy enough to do once on board. However, don't wait to make reservations until on board or you might be disappointed. You will probably be able to get into most things, but will have to line up in advance. Save the headache and do it from home. Kids Club: The hours were very flexible. The facility was large. The counselors all seemed very nice. Our daughter seemed to like it. The activities were fairly mundane. Nothing too special. It did provide an opportunity for the parents to do their own thing while the kids are safe and occupied. The club is open on most days from morning until 2AM. After 10PM it's $6 per hour. The Ship: It's all been said. The size and variety of offerings is really second to none (except maybe Allure.) Surfing, zip lines, rock climbing, 4 pools, a carousel, a Boardwalk, a Park etc, etc, etc. It's all on the website and written about ad nauseum here. The ship itself is the attraction of this cruise. That is why you go on Oasis. Also, despite the huge number of people on board, except for the pool on sea days, it really doesn't seem crowded most of the time. To summarize: Did we enjoy ourselves? Definitely! Was if perfect? No, but nothing is. Most importantly, would we do it again? We will. Next time we would like to do it with a larger group of more family and/or friends. It is a cruise that has something to offer most everyone. With a ship this size, serving so many people, you can always find things to be critical about. My suggestion is, try not to be too critical and just enjoy your vacation. We found most things to be good to very good, a few things were excellent, and a few were average. Nothing was bad. Take it for what it is and have a good time. If you think the buffet sucks, eat lunch somewhere else tomorrow. If dinner wasn't quite up to your expectations, tell the waiter and he or she will graciously get you something else. Then, try one of the specialty restaurants the next night. The positives make up for the negatives, and none of the negatives are really bad (in our experience.) This ship is really something to see. If you like cruising, you should try it. Hope this helps. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
Hello. This is my first review on this site. It is quite long so apologies for that. My wife and I are from Scotland. We have only cruised twice before this trip, once on the Carnival Victory in 2009 and once on the Oasis in Jan 2010. ... Read More
Hello. This is my first review on this site. It is quite long so apologies for that. My wife and I are from Scotland. We have only cruised twice before this trip, once on the Carnival Victory in 2009 and once on the Oasis in Jan 2010. This trip was a repeat of our second cruise and was to celebrate my 50th birthday. We flew directly from the UK to Fort Lauderdale prior to boarding the ship. Here is my summary of our holiday split down into various categories. Embarkation - I had one small problem that left a bad taste right at the start. I purchased some duty free vodka on the flight over. Knowing that the cruise line don't allow you to carry on alcohol I showed my duty free bag to a Royal Caribbean employee immediately upon arrival at the terminal and asked what I should do with it. He said that everything had to go through the X ray machine so I put the duty free bag on to the conveyor belt along with my small flight bag and then proceeded through the metal detector. Immediately a security officer approached me and asked if I had alcohol in the bag. When I said yes he asked me to accompany him to a desk. He asked me to empty out the contents of the bag and when I did he then thanked me and said I was free to carry on to the registration desk. I asked him how I went about getting my vodka back at the end of the cruise and he said " Oh no sir you don't. It's been confiscated. We don't allow any carry on alcohol ". I tried to explain that I wasn't trying to carry it on board and that his colleague had only just told me to put in on the conveyor belt. However this fell on deaf ears. I refuse to believe that this guy seriously thought I was trying to sneak this vodka on board cos if I was, having 2 bottles in a duty free bag and putting them into the X Ray machine was clearly not a clever way to smuggle them on. However at this point my wife told me to forget it and just get on board ship. Literally five minutes later we were on board so apart from this hiccup the embarkation was a breeze but it did dampen my initial excitement about coming on board. Stateroom - We had a balcony stateroom 6218 midship on Deck 6. We have been on board Oasis before so knew exactly what to expect. The shower is a bit on the small side but not really a problem. The room was very close to all entertainment and the main dining room on decks 5 and 4. So I would recommend this deck unless you want to be closer to the pools a bit higher up. The Ship itself - What can I say- It's magnificent, spotlessly clean with plenty of activities Dining - We chose Mytime dining and it worked great for us. We also ate in 3 speciality restaurants - Chops, Giovannis and the Solarium Bistro. All were very good meals but it felt a bit strange in the Solarium Bistro as the night we visited, there were only four parties in and we were all crammed together in one corner of the restaurant. Not quite the intimate experience I was looking for. If I wanted to be rubbing elbows with a fellow cruiser I would have gone to the Windjammer. In addition, we paid for these meals on line months prior to boarding and this already included a gratuity. So I found it a bit irritating not to be able to leave at the end of the meal until I had been presented with a bill for $0.00 which included a request for an additional gratuity. This really amounts to emotional blackmail and I believe RC should stop this practice. Entertainment- Top notch and the Cruise Director Richard Spacey is brilliant. I am a bit of a trivia quiz buff and it was strange to see some quizzes being repeated after only two days. When this happened I just put my pencil down but it was amazing to see so many cruisers suddenly getting 100%. What some people will do for a key chain. Excursions - Didn't do any I'm afraid. However at St Thomas we spent $10 each on a small ferry over to Honeymoon Beach on Water Island. RC do this as an excursion and charge an awful lot more. Fellow cruisers - With 6,000 people on board you are bound to notice some quirks. We laughed it off but for the sake of a review I would like to offer some tips to my fellow travelers. 1 / Elevators - Please don't rush and try to cram into the first one that arrives. There are 24 of them after all. And it is a good idea to let people off before you go in. It is much more courteous and common sense tells you that there will be more room. We saw people who failed to get off at their chosen floor because of this which was amusing to us but not to them. Also please remember that some of the lifts have glass backs so better to wait until you are safely back in your stateroom before scratching your bum. And if you have kids, don't let them near the buttons as they tend to press them all. 2 / Restaurants and other public areas - Please keep your voices down to a reasonable level. When I am dining with my wife I don't really want to hear about your colonoscopy treatment or your investments, especially when you are away over at the other end of the restaurant. 3 / Please don't hog the loungers by the pool or the seats in the Solarium by leaving a towel on. It's not very nice as there are 6,000 of us. If you are leaving the seat alone for any time, do the decent thing and give it up. We saw many people aimlessly drifting around the pool or solarium unable to sit down despite there being many empty loungers and chairs, albeit with a towel on. 4/ Alcohol - Don't bring any at the start of the cruise. Buy it in port and make sure to hand it to RC employees for safe keeping when re-boarding. You will get it delivered to your stateroom on the last night before disembarking Sorry about the length of this review. However it is a very big ship. I just hope some of it is useful. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
We travelled on the Oasis of the Seas in March 2011 as a party of 13 family members aging from 70 to 6. The overall experience was very positive - there is lots to like about the Oasis. On balance, however, we felt that it was perhaps a ... Read More
We travelled on the Oasis of the Seas in March 2011 as a party of 13 family members aging from 70 to 6. The overall experience was very positive - there is lots to like about the Oasis. On balance, however, we felt that it was perhaps a little "too big" compared to the Liberty of the Seas and others of that class. On Liberty, there were almost as many activities but it felt a little more manageable. We stayed at the Rodeway Inn in Ft. Lauderdale the night before. Nothing fancy but clean. The free shuttle on the day of departure was slow and we had to wait longer than we expected. I suggest you pay $2 per person for the "early" shuttle. Embarkation was very organized, quick and efficient. Getting back on the ship while in ports was apparently very slow near departure time, which we usually avoided. It was also very annoying that security to get back aboard forced us to give us half bottles of water every time we got back on! We stayed on Deck 11 which was one of the best decks. I would say Deck 10, 11 or 12 are the best locations if you want to visit the whole ship on a regular basis. The cabin was fine - small but very well designed. There were two plugs under the vanity which was fine for us (unlike other reviewers). There is another one by the bed. The pool deck was the only area where you really felt like you were on a ship with 6,000 passengers. It was very hard to get a lounge chair on At Sea days. They need to be more aggressive on removing towels from chairs after 30 minutes as they promise. Other areas are not too crowded, but it is quite hard to find and meet up with people. I would recommend walkie-talkies for a large group. The food in the regular dining rooms was fine. We did not try any specialty dining (other than Johnny Rickets for breakfast which we would not recommend). The Windjammer is small for the number of passengers, but there are so many other dining choices that we rarely ate there. The Solarium serves healthier food (for example, you have to ask for butter at breakfast) - this is where we ate breakfast every day, and often lunch as well. The Park Cafe was great, but busty at peak times. The cupcakes were very poorly recovered in our group (especially the icing). Donuts were OK, but nothing to write home about. You can get free frozen yogurt in the Wipe Out Cafe or the pool deck any time. We enjoyed the almost empty Viking Bar on Deck 17 a few times. The drinks are expensive but the view and ambience great. Hard to believe that they allow smoking anywhere in this day and age. Even though the casino was divided in half into smoking and non-smoking, the smoke is very noticeable all over. All of the evening entertainment was very good. The Aqua Show was excellent, as was Hairspray and the Come Fly with Me. We skipped the Headliner - a crooner from Las Vegas. The comedy show was so-so - one comedian was very funny, but the others were not. The sports facilities are great for the active cruisers. The Flowrider was a big hit, but I strongly recommend renting it for a private lesson (8 people needed for one whole machine). That way, you get a bunch of long turns and can have fun with the instructors too. Mini-golf (but the plastic balls were too light and course could have been more exciting), zip-lining (very tame), climbing wall, sports court, the list goes on and on. The skating was very popular - more time for free skating would be great. The gym is state-of-the-art. The running/walking track on the 5th deck is a big improvement over other ships. Great choices for active people. The wireless internet is expensive and slow (not as bad a dial up, but close). But worst of all, it was often unavailable completely which was very very frustrating. The ports on the eastern Caribbean are OK, but fairly bland. The ship leaves Nassau at 2pm, so there is not really time to do anything serious. We did not even get off in St. Thomas - enjoyed the deserted pool deck area. We did go jet skiing in St. Maarten which was fun. But there were six ships in port so it was very busy. A stop at Labadee would have been great. For disembarkation, we were in no rush to get to the airport so chose the "regular" system of leaving your bags out the night before and then waiting in the Opus restaurant at the appointed time. It seemed to be working well until we got stuck in an endless line-up to file off the ship. I would strongly recommend the self-service walk off program (take your own bags), even if you don't need to get off before 7:30am (the last time for walk off). Overall, we had a great time, but there were a few annoying things that would make us think twice about choosing this ship over the next size down. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
We went on the Oasis in March 2011. It is an impressive ship but loses the feel of cruising as it is too big!There are endless things to do and the shows are great but we found it too busy onboard to relax enough. Many many Brazilian ... Read More
We went on the Oasis in March 2011. It is an impressive ship but loses the feel of cruising as it is too big!There are endless things to do and the shows are great but we found it too busy onboard to relax enough. Many many Brazilian tourists ready with their elbows and just general lack of manners meant the buffet in windjammer wasn't worth the hastle! Avoid if you can, there are plenty of other places to eat though.The ice show and aqua theatre show are brilliant. The casino is large but is missing a couple more roulette tables when the Black Jacks were empty!We had a balcony cabin which was nice but seemed narrower then the Liberty of the seas cabin. Great food at the main dining room and good serviceOur general feeling of the ship is it is a fantastic achievement from Royal Carribbean but it is a bit like Vegas at sea rather than a cruise, it also suffered from just being too busy!Royal Carribean look after our age group really well (33) but this ship has too many people and young families onboard. We will go back to the Liberty size ship or smaller next time for a bit more sophistication! Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
THE CRUISE:Western Caribbean Originating/Terminating in Ft. Lauderdale with stops at Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Cozumel, Mexico. Weather was perfect, seas were generally calm. It appears to be a good time of year to go to the ... Read More
THE CRUISE:Western Caribbean Originating/Terminating in Ft. Lauderdale with stops at Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Cozumel, Mexico. Weather was perfect, seas were generally calm. It appears to be a good time of year to go to the Caribbean.THE SHIP:The ship was beautiful! It's new, it's clean, and I have to say that I was in awe of its size and of the Royal Promenade deck, which is the first thing you see when you come aboard...kind of like the same feeling you get walking into Disney World for the first time. Walking through the neighborhoods you wouldn't think you were even aboard a ship. Central Park has trees and flower gardens, and when the ship is moving a cool breeze blows through like a warm spring day. No real sense of motion while aboard just a slight rocking side to side every now and then.The Boardwalk is a nice family place to hang out with the kids if you have kids to hang out with that is. There's even a full size carousel for the kids to ride on and on our cruise it was always busy. The Royal Promenade is the place to people watch. Lots of shops, and things to see and do. I heard that we sailed at maximum capacity with almost every cabin at 3 or 4 persons each. The advertised passenger capacity is 6,000 but I heard the number for this cruise was around 6,200 due to the number of families aboard. THE CABIN:Our cabin was an Ocean view just in front of the first balcony cabins. It was a little on the small side and had very little closet/storage space for a seven day cruise. The bathroom was the smallest I've ever seen on a cruise ship, and I wasn't the only one who thought so because even the cruise director joked about it. The shower stall (more like a glass capsule) was so small you had to open the door to pick up the soap if you dropped it. RECREATIONAL AMENITIES:It would be impossible to experience everything the ship has to offer on one cruise. Flow riding, rock climbing, ice skating, zip lining, basketball, dodge ball, putt-putt, the list goes on. If you are looking to do something and not doing it aboard this ship then you are not trying very hard. One thing you won't find on this ship is a secluded spot to just relax and take in the ocean breeze. THE FOOD:Dining was a bit of an adventure. The interactive TV (more like a computer terminal) in the room has a screen that shows the occupancy of each food venue on board which usually influenced our decision where to eat by how crowded it was, which I will detail my feelings on this in my closing remarks. One thing I have to say about the OASIS is that there's no shortage of restaurants to choose from in both the free and specialty (extra cost) dining options, there's about 24 food venues aboard so whatever your taste, you can probably find something to satisfy it on the ship. I generally stay out of the specialty restaurants since the food is generally the same as the dining room and the ambience and fine china doesn't really justify the extra cost for me. For breakfast, the Windjammer is the main buffet and unless you got there really early or really late, finding an open table was nearly impossible. Johnny Rockets is a specialty venue other times of the day but serves breakfast for free and is seldom crowded, we went there twice because the food is made to order rather than kept warm under lights like at the Windjammer. Other off the beaten track breakfast venues are the Park Cafe which serves an egg McMuffin style sandwich and an egg burrito to die for, it's a quick, light breakfast venue that isn't usually that crowded. The Solarium Bistro is the venue for the health conscious eater, and we avoided it like the plague because I just don't do turkey bacon and it was usually crowded. The Opus Dining Room for breakfast was good but the buffet side was better than the sit down side, the latter being very slow and handing out small portions the only reason we tried it was because our dining room steward asked us to. Lunch was again decided by occupancy. Our favorite place was the Park Cafe but it was soon the favorite of many of the other passengers. They serve a roast beef slider that was so tender a delicious you couldn't eat just one or two. We did do the Solarium for lunch once the first day and it was very good, but it was too crowded the rest of the cruise. The Opus Dining Room was our daily venue for dinner. The wait staff was very friendly and efficient, and there was always a large variety of entrees available as well as a few items they offer every day, all of the ones we had were very tasty and if there was something additional on the menu I wanted to try they would always bring it out for me, which was especially nice on lobster night. Snacks were always available although I thought that the Sorrento's pizza was like eating freezer pizza. The Cafe Promenade serves specialty coffee (extra cost) but all the pastries were free and the was free coffee available over in the corner. There was always the Park Cafe to duck into if it wasn't crowded. Sort of an out of the way place to get a burger or ice cream cone is the Wipe Out Cafe on the Sports deck. For being in the kids section it was never too crowded to grab a quick snack like a pretzel dog or taco. ENTERTAINMENT:One of the advantages to a big ship is that more people equal more money for the entertainment budget which allows bigger name acts to be booked. The entertainment on our cruise was excellent. My wife said that the Broadway style production of Hairspray was excellent. I was there but I slept through most of it, and I can say that the seats were very comfortable. The headliner act for the cruise was Beatlemania which to me was just like watching the Beatles, except the guy playing Ringo was a bit on the portly side. I never went to sleep but when I closed my eyes it sounded just like the real thing. We wanted to go back but the line for standby was out to the casino. The other production show was Come Fly with Me, which was also very elaborate and entertaining. The ships cast of performers were very visible around the ship, and they were very appreciative of the compliments they received. The entertainment was adult oriented in the Comedy Club with two different comedians performing acts and an MC that was as just as entertaining as the main acts. We always seemed to miss the aquatic shows, they just seemed to be scheduled in conflict with other activities. Note: We booked all our shows in advance a few weeks before the cruise and some were already full. This probably needs to be done at least a month before if not sooner to get into all the shows.One of our favorite places on a cruise is the piano bar, its a great place to relax and get to know the other passengers. I didn't particularly care for the Piano Bar set up on the Oasis, it's out in the open and lacked the intimate atmosphere of other piano bar venues on ships that we have sailed on before. Its right next to the Rising Tide bar and with all the pedestrian traffic in the Promenade below it was very distracting. DESTINATIONS:In general, entry and egress from the ship was quicker than we expected it to be. Most destinations had a fore and aft gangplank open and there were several lines in use all the time. I do have an issue with the attitude of the security people. While not rude they were officious and not very friendly at all, I realize that they are used to dealing with all types of people and lots of them, but at least they could smile and welcome you back aboard instead of snapping "take your sunglasses off" when you are coming back hot and tired from a long day ashore. Labadee, Haiti was our first stop. A very nice landscaped facility with plentiful beaches and some of the best barbequed spare ribs I've ever had on a company owned island, or in this case a secluded peninsula completely inaccessible from the mainland due to several rugged mountains. The best use of this day is to swim, sail, eat, drink and relax in the shade or go down the mile long zip line that runs the entire length of the property. All the time the bay was discretely patrolled by armed guards, this being Haiti and all. The security for re-entry to the ship with metal detectors and x-ray machines in use was a little overboard in my opinion especially since it's an isolated company owned facility with no access to the outside world. I walked all over the place and I didn't see one gun shop or vendor selling any weapons of mass destruction or even a pocket knife for that matter. Dude, what's up with that?Falmouth, Jamaica is a newly opened port owned by RCL built especially to accommodate the new mega-ships. I think we were one of the first itineraries to dock there and it looks like it will be very nice but for now, none of the buildings are open yet, just a bunch of vendors on the curbs. We went on a shore excursion to the Green Grotto Caves and Dunn River Falls. Both attractions were very well maintained and both were interesting. A word of caution about the vendors at Dunn River, they are very pushy and abusive if you don't buy something from them, especially the video guys, they will hound you all the way to the bus to try to get you to buy the DVD. We tried to avoid the vendor area but were herded into the area by what we thought was a security guard who turned out to be in partnership with a guy who followed us until we bought a silly wooden statue which I gave him $8 for because it was all I had in my pocket. Never take your wallet out in front of them or you'll end up paying $20 dollars for the same piece of wood. While the wife was shopping I struck up a conversation with a lady that turned out to be the port manager and we talked about the plans for the terminal which when it is finished should be very impressive with the ability to serve two mega ships at a time. Security was still grumpy when we embarked...they need a vacation or something. This was our third trip to Cozumel, Mexico but the first time we went to the Tulum Mayan ruins. We had to depart very early and the cruise director's office had a special staging area set up for the group. We walked directly from the ship to the ferry boat which took us to the mainland. We were escorted to a waiting bus for the 45 minute ride to the National park. Tulum was the most impressive Mayan site we have explored and is located along the Caribbean coast situated atop a towering cliff with two white sand beaches below. We opted for the express tour which didn't include any beach time, but gave us a good overview of the site and the treasures it contained. The tour was exhausting and we opted to take the tram back to the bus which cost a few dollars but well worth it. We should have taken it into the park but underestimated the distance we had to walk and the crowd we had to deal with since we got there just before it opened. There were ten buses just from our ship and there were four ships in port. I was much more comfortable here than in Jamaica, there were vendors but they waited until you came to them before they went to work. We enjoyed this port of call the most, with the exception of the ferry ride home, when just about half the people on board got seasick. The attendant ran out of barf bags long before we got to our destination. Security again, this time armed with automatic weapons. Really? If they are so afraid of what we will bring on board why do they give us pointy steak knives in the dining room?SEA DAYS:Kudos to the cruise director Richard Spacey AND his staff for doing such a good job keeping the throng entertained. On this floating resort disguised as a cruise ship there's always something to do other than lounging in the sun, and it's a good thing too... here comes the negative... when you go to relax on the pool deck on a sea day you quickly find out that there is in fact 6,000+ people on the ship and it looks like every one of them is at the pool(s). They advertise the Solarium as being reserved for adults, but it is no better. Open lounge chairs are few and far between and finding two together is almost impossible. My wife got to go swimming while I protected the chairs we found, that's how bad it was, which brings me to the next point, beach towels. You have to check them out and back in or your room gets billed for the towel at $25 each.... there's only one place on the ship that dispenses the towels and that's on the 15th deck. If you go on a shore excursion and want a towel, none are provided at the gangplank, you have to trek up to the top of the ship and sign one out then protect it with your life while you are on your excursion. CLOSING REMARKS:As nice a ship as it is the Oasis is just too big for my taste, too many people, too many options, too may people, ooh I said that twice didn't I? I'm not into standing in lines and wading through crowds to get somewhere. When an event is happening, the elevators, and there are a lot of them, are completely overwhelmed. Unless you are lucky and are standing in front of the door that opens, you will wait ten minutes or longer to get to the deck you want to go to, remembering that the dining room is on deck three and the buffet is on deck 16 and both are located in the aft section of the ship, it's probably better to use the bow elevators and walk to the stern. I climbed the stairs at the Washington Monument but I'm no match for this ship. My preference remains with the smaller ships... as good a job as RCL does managing large numbers of people I much prefer the less crowded more peaceful setting of a HAL ship and now have a renewed appreciation for the traditional cruise ship style. I never had a problem finding a table on the Lido deck, didn't have to stand in line to see a show, and never had to fight for a lounge chair at the pool. I'm coming home to HAL, see you in December on the Noordam. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
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Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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