Sail Date: May 2010
This ship, in my opinion was too big, too crowded, too expensive, and disappointing. I couldn't wait to see what it was like and found, to my dismay, that the shows have to really be pre-booked if you have any chance of getting into ... Read More
This ship, in my opinion was too big, too crowded, too expensive, and disappointing. I couldn't wait to see what it was like and found, to my dismay, that the shows have to really be pre-booked if you have any chance of getting into them. Out of 7 shows, I could only book 2 (now we are talking run of the mill after dinner shows) and they were at odd hours. I had a balcony suite. Much smaller than any I have been in. Bed uncomfortable; large lump in the middle. Had many bruises as I tried to maneuver around the cabin. Of course no shampoo, soap, lotion, shower caps, etc. anymore. The last two cruises I was on in Nov. and Dec. 2009 not longer left a chocolate on the pillow at night. The Oasis did but no big deal. Too many people. Too little staff. My advice: DON'T DO IT. It was my one and only dreadful experience on a ship, I call it the ship from Hell. I would not even go again if they paid me. I have cruised a whole lot in my life and I absolutely love the Independence the best. I can usually find something good about any ship but day after day just became more aggravating to me. The adult area is very, very warm and only has many, many hot tubs. No salt water pool like the Independence or the Navigator. Also most of the restaurants were speciality, in other words, you pay. People were constantly bumping into one another, my feet were black and blue, there were fights between families over seats (saved ones, the big no no anyway). The ship had no motion in the ocean so to speak. It was like riding on glass. For a seasoned traveller on big boats, sail boats, cruise ships, river boat cruises, it just didn't feel normal to not let the rocking put you to sleep at night. The crew was also grumpy as a rule; I think it was too much for them too. One nice thing about being Diamond however was that we did have drinks and appetizers every night before dinner and I learned to love "lemon drop martinis" and there was a breakfast room for the Diamond members. Otherwise the concierge hands were tied as far as helping get into the production shows. So, and a big so, if you book on the Oasis or the Allure, be sure your travel agent or you go in on your computer and book the reservations for the shows in advance. It was most disappointing and the RCC person I booked with failed to tell me this. So, that is my take. Guess I'm just getting old. Too much noise, not relaxing at all. More suited for younger families with children in my opinion. So I'm just giving you a heads up. And the price was outrageous to boot. I am paying less to fly to Rome, stay three days, get on the Navigator in Oct. for a TA than this one week in hell on the Oasis. Sorry RCC, I love the Independence, love the Navigator, Jewel, Radiance, etc. but a 6,000 passenger ship with another 2,000 crew is just not for me. BUT, I am so looking forward to Oct. and the ship I know from top to bottom with a gym that looks out over the sea (the Oasis was on a lower deck and it was more like a HS gymnasium. Ciao. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
Got your attention? I don't see another 4 or 5 star review being of any use to anybody here so after the razzle dazzle has worn off this is what you're left with. The cruise I booked was as follows: 5pm departure Sun- at ... Read More
Got your attention? I don't see another 4 or 5 star review being of any use to anybody here so after the razzle dazzle has worn off this is what you're left with. The cruise I booked was as follows: 5pm departure Sun- at sea Mon at sea Tue in st Thomas Wed in St martin Thur at sea Fri afternoon in Nassau The following itinerary is what we got on the May 22 cruise without any forewarning from Royal Caribbean I might add. * Left 4 hours late in the dark, no sail away party. * Showed up in Nassau at 7 am Sunday morning, you know what's open in Nassau at 7am ? CHURCH * About ¾ the way to St. Thomas a crewmember jumped overboard and the ship was ordered to search for him so they turned around to search for him. Now, I'm pretty sure if a passenger had gone missing they would have kept going. * Tuesday still at sea searching the Atlantic for the jumper. * Wednesday- Skipped St. Thomas completely and went straight to St. Martin * Thur/Fri at sea RCI response? They don't reimburse anything and they reserve the right to change itineraries. We did get the $10 port tax back. First hand experiences: Embarkation: About 40 minutes Ship movement - barely noticeable Poor PA - in some spots Smoke - yes some bars in the promenade allow smoking this can be a big problem Computer glitches: Yes many problem, schedule times different from printed versions, missing reservations. Cabin ventilation / air conditioning: maximum setting barely keeps up Cabin size: adequate, nice shower with handheld sprayer, lots of drawers and shelves. Food- dining room excellent Windjammer - good luck finding a table. RCI screwed up on making this smaller. Why mess with a good thing? Entertainment - excellent Activities - same old stuff Loungers - people still camping out all day while they move around the ship I didn't see any pool attendants removing towels Crowds/Lineups: never went anywhere without there being a lineup. Anyone who says it never felt crowded must be from India. Disembarkation: Of course RCI is going to say that it is customs problem but RCI should take some initiative to fix this chaos. You find yourself in a mob of people hunting for luggage then a mob of people being misdirected to some customs line and eventually you find yourself outside smelling bus exhaust. There are no phones, vending machines washrooms or rest areas here and all sorts of security telling you to move along you can't stop here. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
The Good: The Oasis has some great speciality venues. The Italian, family style, place was some of the best food and service we had ever experienced on any cruise. The technology in the ship was a leap forward. No more guessing what deck ... Read More
The Good: The Oasis has some great speciality venues. The Italian, family style, place was some of the best food and service we had ever experienced on any cruise. The technology in the ship was a leap forward. No more guessing what deck to head to on port days with the gangway button, and that was nice. The best new thing on the Oasis is the item they have the largest problem letting guest know about, the thermometer that shows how full restaurants are. That is on the touch screens around the ship and on the TV in the stateroom. Knowledge about that item would have saved a lot of frustration the first two days on board. Being a car guy, I enjoyed the 1936 Auburn on deck 5 as well. If you are a drinker, the bartenders in all areas had VERY heavy hands. The fitness center was amazing. State of the art cardio gear and lots of machines of all types. The running track on deck 5 was the best area to run on any ship I have ever even heard of. I had the best haircut at the Spa. It was stylish and well done, and my hair is not the easiest in the world to cut well. Normally we never see the head waiter at dinner other then him walking around talking. On the Oasis, our head waiter was working just as hard as the rest of the staff running food and pouring wine. He was amazing and made our dinners enjoyable. The waiter and assistant waiter worked very hard as well, but I just have never seen a head waiter actually work just as hard as the rest of the staff. The Bad: 6,000 people trying to eat lunch at about the same time is simply disaster. On the Nassau port day, we returned to the ship and changed just in time for the dining room to be closed. That showed us what happens when a thousand or so people all try to eat in the Windjammer at the same time. If you get your food first and then look for a table, your food will be ice cold when you finally give up and sit on the floor or just toss it all away in disgust. My party ended up in the Park Cafe with pre-packaged food and my wife had a soggy wrap that she tossed most of out. My wife had a great conversation with the head of food and beverage, and they seem eager to solve this challenge, but I just think the logistics of the ship don't support the number of people. So long spontaneity in cruising! If you have a bad show (our water based show had the media computer crash many times) you can't just catch it another night. Reservations are a must, and without them, good luck. Gone is the sitting at dinner and thinking, "lets see the comedy act tonight". You have to plan out every show and event in advance to get tickets. What? You want to see the water? Other ships I have been on have had nice places to relax in a chair and read a book on decks other then the pool deck. The Oasis took almost every square inch of the outside of the ship and turned them into cabins. Personal touch. There is just no way the staff will get to know the guest enough to add that personal touch. Even the staff seemed to miss this aspect of the smaller ships. The staff in the Diamond events seemed to open up and let us know they don't even know the rest of the co-workers they work with to any degree like on smaller ships. Due to this, we met a total of zero people in the diamond nightly event in the Blaze that said they will be returning to the Oasis. For the Flagship, does this mean Royal is going for the big city of cruise lines and not the personal service, intimate based experience? Can't have it both ways, and one has a higher profit margin. No Sommelier. We never saw a single one. We paid 14 bucks and change each for a wine tasting in Vintages that had 4 glasses, and one was a Beringer White Zen. When the fool running the event wants me to put a 5 dollar bottle of kool aid and try to tell him what I taste, I was not happy. The rest of the wines were not much better and we refused to ever go back to Vintages after that. If the staff there doesn't know anything about wine, how are we to take suggestions seriously? To get the bad taste out of my mouth, I went to one of the bars and asked for a glass of Zinfindel, and he didn't know there were non-pink versions of the wine. They need a Sommelier on the Oasis running tastings in Vintages. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2010
I am 61, and my husband is 55. We are frequent cruisers. We know what we like - we like good service, good food served in a beautiful atmosphere, and nice amenities. Ambience and service are key to us. Embarkation - simple and efficient. ... Read More
I am 61, and my husband is 55. We are frequent cruisers. We know what we like - we like good service, good food served in a beautiful atmosphere, and nice amenities. Ambience and service are key to us. Embarkation - simple and efficient. But this ship is gigantic, and I do believe that once things get this large and confusing that staff should be placed on each floor to help passengers to their staterooms. We spent an inordinate amount of time looking for ours. As for the Oasis of the Seas, I think you can go just so far before you've gone too far, and this size ship may be a stretch for what the crew can handle. We were onboard during Spring Break - I didn't want to go at that time for that reason, but my husband wanted it to include our anniversary which fell on March 18. The ship was filled to capacity which I was told was 6,100 people. Royal Caribbean had promoted making reservations on RCCL's website prior to the cruise for all the shows - for everything. It was a nightmare. I made a reservation at their best specialty restaurant for our anniversary and my husband was told that we didn't have a reservation. I made a hair appointment for the first formal night because quite frankly, the size of the room was limiting. I have fibromyalgia, and I have a seat in my shower at home, so that tiny little cubbyhole didn't inspire me to do my hair in the room. I made the appointment on the phone on the ship on the day we checked in. Anyway, when I went up to get my hair done, the guy at the reception desk looked at me with a smug grin and said, "You're not on Deck 3 - that's not possible." And I said, "I guess I know where my room is - I'm on Deck 3 - it's on my card." I showed him my card. He then looked at his computer, gave me a very SATISFIED smile and said, "You don't have an appointment." So, there I am just before dinner on formal night, sitting in the reception area of the spa after being treated very poorly by this person in the salon. I couldn't take anymore - I just started to cry and cry and cry. (I know - crying seems dramatic, but there had been a lot of other problems prior to this one, and, frankly, I was overwrought.) There was a gentleman sitting across from me who said, "Are you ok - is there anything I can do?" And yes there are a few gentlemen left in this world. I said, "Do you work here?" And he said, "No, but I'll help if I can." He managed to get the spa manager out there. I told her what had happened, and she was absolutely furious. She got someone to wash my hair and blow it dry, but it truly looked worse than when I walked in - I don't think the girl who did it was a hair stylist. I was not charged, and the girl refused a tip. The manager said, "She did the best she could." That remark coupled with everything else sort of told me she wasn't a stylist. We were treated very poorly on this cruise, and I only need one more cruise on RCCL to be a Diamond member. RCCL had me under the impression that the more you cruised with them the better you are treated. I must have misunderstood. The outside cabins are tiny - I mean really, really tiny. They are claustrophobic tiny. The air quality in the ship was horrible - our room smelled like a locker room most of the time because of the air - apparently it's not circulated well. So we had all the smells from the bathroom, from dirty clothes, from me sweating out a horrible infection mingling in the room. I truly could not wait to get out of that cabin. If you should decide to go on this ship, be sure and get a balcony at the very least, and make sure the balcony is next to the water outside so that you can get fresh air. The cabin steward did little - he would not remove used glasses, empty coke cans - nothing from surfaces. Our room was the biggest mess - you really couldn't tell he did a thing except make the bed which I think is all he did. And the one garbage can in the room was tiny and would not hold much at all. There was no garbage can in the bathroom because there wasn't room for one. There was a tiny space for tissues and such behind a small door. The food on this ship was really not appetizing at all. My husband calls it mediocre. I call it just not good. And they repeated courses on different nights which I had never seen them do. I am now talking about what they refer to as the "Complimentary Dining." That means the food in the dining room - the BIG EVENT on past cruises - big beautiful dinners with nice new friends. Oh yes, the dining. I had requested early dining at a table of 10. The larger the table the better we like it. They placed us at a table for two next to a wall in the corner. I told the Maitre D' that I simply could not sit there every night of the cruise - that it would ruin the cruise for me. They took our complaint and said they would get back with us. Night number two came and still no changes. I think it was on the 3rd day that we received a note from the Maitre D' that they could not accomodate us. We also complained to "Guest Relations" with no response at all. We went to lunch that day, and it was on the second level of the dining room. Our regular seating was on the first level. As we left the dining room I told my husband I was going to talk to the person in charge there - it didn't hurt to ask, and it was a different person. This person immediately took care of our request and seated us on the second level at a great table for 6. We did give up early seating for late seating to get the table, but we had told Guest Relations we were willing to do that with no response. Now, here comes the rub. With so many alternative dining selections on the ship, people were running to and fro, so we never really made a connection with our dining companions. None at all. This was one of the most disappointing aspects of this cruise. Now, as for alternative dining selections. This is a thinly veiled attempt to get people's response to paying for meals on cruise ships. We had dinner in the Solarium Bistro on our anniversary which we understood was $20.00 per person, and before we got out of there our bill was $80.00. I don't drink, and I had the Coke package for the week. If this trend continues or is adapted by other cruise ships, the whole concept of cruising will be changed forever. And that concept was always that it was "more bang for your buck" because it's "all-inclusive" except for drinks. I got a cupcake thinking it was free and was charged $2.50 for the cupcake. And it was very dry and not good at all. The best value on the ship was the pizza - there was no charge, and it was always hot, tasty and filling. This ship has as many restaurants or more than a small town, and you have to pay at all of them. "Inclusive" venues were the "complimentary dining room," the Windjammer, Sorrento's (the pizza place,) and the Promenade Cafe where you could get cookies and little sandwiches. Quite frankly, the only thing I could find that was half decent in the Windjammer was the plain old hamburger. The best kept secret on the ship is the Solarium Bistro serving healthy choices which were much more tasty than anything in the Windjammer, and it was a free venue at lunch - a buffet. It was not free at night - that's where my husband and I had our anniversary dinner. Because we were under the impression that we had to have reservations for all the shows, we didn't even attempt the much ballyhooed aqua show because it showed on the website that no seats were available for any nights. Truth be known we could have probably just walked in. I can't imagine that they have anyone on that ship on the ball enough to transfer all those reservations to an actual hard copy on board. We did see a 90 minute production of Hairspray which was well done, but that was the only show we saw. Don't let anybody tell you that you don't feel crowded on this ship - you do. There were just thundering herds of people everywhere we went. It was almost impossible to find a quiet corner. We did like the Solarium area, and it was probably the quietest place on the ship. Let me say this - the dining staff, i.e. waiters, assistant waiters, etc., worked hard and did their best. And the casino staff was for the most part pleasant. I did encounter a blackjack dealer one night who became angry with the reaction of a high strung gambler, and after she had left the table, he said, "Some day I'd like to write a book and call it THAT'S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU GAMBLE, YOU *******." I thought it a highly inappropriate remark for the dealer to make. No matter what these ships do to sanitize, it doesn't seem to be enough. Instead of policing the passengers about sanitizing their hands, I feel there should be more emphasis on policing what's going on with the food, etc. behind the scenes. I stood and watched a bartender squeeze fruit into a drink with his bare hands. That's when I began to note whether or not food service people were wearing gloves - some were, some weren't. All of them should be wearing gloves. They are very thin and should not interfere with their ability to perform their jobs. I was getting sick by Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I had a horrible sore throat, and on Thursday I was developing a respiratory infection and had to see the ship's doctor and get antibiotics. The not-so-perfect end to a cruise filled with problems, hateful staff, hordes of people, terrible food, and what seemed like never ending hassles. If and when I cruise again, I will be backing up in size and tradition. I want a smaller ship (Voyager class was plenty big), I want the traditional dining with multiple dinner companions, and I want to know a few new people when I leave the ship. I usually have a bunch of addresses and email addresses when I leave a ship, but I didn't get the first one on the Oasis. This ship is impressive to look at, and if it was my first cruise, I'd probably be blown away, but if you are a veteran cruiser, I just don't see how you could like this one. Nothing we like about cruising was there. I'll be staying off this class of ship, and I hope they don't go bigger because they can't handle this crowd. Debarkation was handled well, but the nightmare began once outside trying to get a cab. You are much better off to secure transportation prior to your cruise so that it will be waiting for you. The lines were not to be believed - at least an hour long. Read Less
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