Sail Date: December 2009
We just returned home from the first cruise on Oasis of the Seas and, even though the ship is very beautiful and state of the art, we are disappointed and a little angry. The cruise was billed as a "Diamond Celebration"; however, ... Read More
We just returned home from the first cruise on Oasis of the Seas and, even though the ship is very beautiful and state of the art, we are disappointed and a little angry. The cruise was billed as a "Diamond Celebration"; however, unless you were booked into a suite, you were treated like a second-class citizen. We were... told "NO" more times than I can count, and "that is only for suite guests." We are only two cruise credits away from Diamond Plus status, but, after the poor treatment by many of the staff, it will be a long time before we book another cruise with Royal Caribbean. I was a raving fan. Not any longer. What a shame! Getting to Oasis was easy, but parking was not covered. We check in online so we were on the ship in about 15 minutes. We walked on directly into the Promenade. What a wonderful first impression. The ship is incredible. The Diamond lounge is one floor up and has a balcony overlooking the Promenade. It's a great view. And the super-automatic espresso machine did a wonderful latte. Oasis is big, beautiful, and wide open. I never felt crowded throughout the cruise; even the theatre was not the problem that you have on smaller ships. The bars are spread around the ship and cigarette smoke was a problem even in the dining room and many common areas. I was unable to hang in the casino because it was such a problem. Also, the air conditioning was pulled out of many areas because of all the open doors and the ship stayed hot. Strangely enough, Central Park always had a breeze, even though it is in the middle of the ship. The first night in My Time Dining was a bit comical and chaotic, but the second night we had a great team that we were able to reserve for the rest of the cruise. We ate in the Solarium for lunch most days, which is were spend most of our time on all the ships. Giovanni's was good, but they fail to provide the dessert that had been ordered two days earlier. Room service did a great job each morning for breakfast. We had a great wait staff in My Time Dining and the Head Waiter made arrangements to have a Gluten free pizza available in the dining room the last day of the cruise. It arrived quickly but was floating in onions... twice. I really think the second pizza was the first with more cheese... and onions. However, the steak and egg sandwich came hot, was cooked like ordered, and was very good. One of my favorites. All the lifeboats on deck 5 block the view from My Time Dining. The best view is from deck 4 in the dining room. Oasis also moved the track from the top deck down to deck 5, so, during dinner you get an occasional jogger by. Be sure to check out the concierge lounge, unless of course you're just a Diamond member. RCCL took that privilege away in September. Not just on Oasis, but fleet wide. Most of the venues on Oasis no longer have an ocean view. Almost all are interior to the ship. Thanks to our cabin attendant, Head waiter and waiter in My Time, Johnny Rockets staff and the team at Mondo's coffee bar for making my wife great mochas... I used the Diamond lounge super-automatic espresso machine for lattes. New machine. Perfect grind and shot. Just a note: the Cafe Promenade serves StarBucks and the other shops are serving Seattles Best... which is StarBucks, too. We didn't use the Windjammer much because of all the different venues available. The Solarium Bistro was convenient and overall they did a really good job with different salads, and a fair selection of hot items... and they guest to have an extra glass of lemonade. We were unable to get a reservation at Chops (our favorite), but, we did order a filet from Chops and had it delivered to My Time the last night. It was great. Thanks. Giovanni's on Oasis replaced Portofino's. It was good for lunch, but the tiramisu was runny and unappetizing. They did a better job at the coffee shop in the Promenade. There is not much that compares to Portofino's in the evening on the Freedom. Floor to ceiling windows and an incredible view of St. Thomas. The best tiramisu in the fleet. And that seafood skewer... the best of the best. You won't get any of that on Oasis. The headliner the first night was bad (second night was tolerable). We left early and went to the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is a great place and hard to believe it's on a cruise ship. You step into a carnival atmosphere complete with photo booths and ice cream shops. We ended most nights on the Boardwalk having a milkshake at Johnny Rockets(two-for-one for diamond members), and then a leisurely walk back to our room through Central Park. This was one of my favorite parts of the ship. It's has a wonderful living atmosphere. The ice show was the best we've seen on the ships. Royal Caribbean really goes all out with their Broadway style of entertainment. Most of their shows run about 50 minutes, but Hair Spray ran an hour and forty minutes including the ten-minute technical break. Theme of the cruise, "blah, blah... technical difficulties." As far as the Aqua-shows, the stunts were good and the tech is high, but it still needs something. We had a balcony room and the captain gave us a great view of a lagoon style beach with wooden cabanas. Turns out it was gated and available to only the suite guests. They did allow us, with an escort, to walk down to the beach and take a picture of the ship. Labadee overall is a great little beach break, complete with roller coasters and zip lines, but the temperature hit 97 degrees and was almost unbearable. We did have a nice afternoon walk down the beach watching the zippers come down off the hill across the water. Much of the technology was having major difficulties, especially the shows. The interactive TV in the stateroom was still not working well by the end of our cruise. Many of the TV feeds had video but no audio. There was only one free movie channel and it didn't work most of the cruise. I gave up on Pay per view altogether. They have added the ability to surf the Internet from the TV in the rooms, but it was not working either. The computer rooms on Oasis are small, crowded and uncomfortable, however, the speed was fast and I didn't even use all the free time I get as a Diamond member. The equipment in the gym is high tech, but the TV feeds were still not working at cruise end. We like to work out everyday of the cruise and the gym is an important part of our cruise experience. On the Oasis, they have moved it down to the sixth floor and separated the wet area from the workout area. The wet area is now part of the spa on the fifth floor. It is now available to suite guests and spa patrons. We spend our afternoons in the Solarium. We love being able to stay through the day with food service just steps away. There are fewer shady spots however, and when I find one, I like to have an extra towel to throw on the chair someone else has been sweating in the for the last couple of hours. On the first day I asked for an extra and the attendant refused. I walked across the deck and got my towels at a different stand. That afternoon, only the first stand was open to turn in the towels. The attendant apologized, as did her supervisor. On the last day of the cruise, the same two staffers refused me an extra towel due to the same suite rule. My wife had to get a customer service manager to contact the pool deck supervisor to get uss extra towels. We ended up with all the towels we wanted, and then some, thanks to the staff in Guest Relations. We did ask GR to give us a room tour and was told nothing was available to see. Too bad we missed the tour organized through CC. We heard it was great. We were booked on Oasis again in March 2010 to celebrate my 50th birthday. It has been cancelled and we will cruise with one of the other lines. We were on the Freedom in March 2009 and they stated the same towel policy as Oasis this past week. When we returned in May 2009, they had changed the policy because of cruiser dissatisfaction. They scanned your seapass card and charged you if you failed to return them. We went back again in September 2009 and had a wonderful time. Oasis was our fifth RCCL this year. I was blindsided this past week on the Oasis with the return of limits and hardnosed staffers, even thought they still scan your seapass card. Doesn't make sense. I expected a no hassle cruise with high tech that worked and a crew with good manners. The hype is that this ship had all the best crew. We've been on twenty-one cruises, and Oasis is our least favorite for customer service. Oh, and the bingo wasn't working either. LOL With all the hype and promises of Paradise and merry-go-rounds, I left very disappointed. "New" is not an excuse to give mediocre service. Big is no reason to cut Diamond benefits. The cruise was only four days long. And I was mad most of the last day, so, I should run out of personal experience tales soon. My wife did find a lady trapped in an eighth floor restroom near Central Park. She had been in there for about thirty minutes locked in one of the stalls. That was kind of funny. The lady and her husband thought it was too. What do you get when you mix a bad old COMPANY policy with two numb minded contract employees and an aggravated Diamond member on the Oasis? Eyes wide open. In September 2009 RCCL stripped Diamond members of many of the perks we were used to. One of which was no longer having access to the concierge lounge. We did slip in the first night to get a look. WOW! Two floors high with windows looking out over the Boardwalk. Because of the number of D members on board, we were stuck using, or not, one of two bars on the Promenade. Not near as nice as the concierge lounge on Oasis or the Diamond lounge on Freedom. The biggest part of the Viking Crown is now for suite guests. It seems to me that bigger is not always better. Freedom has my vote for best, and friendliest ship at Royal Caribbean. I do have to thank a thousand times the Guest Relations staff on Oasis for their help on Saturday morning. At seven am, when it was time to go to breakfast, my wife informed me that I had packed all of her jeans and put them out the night before. Thanks to the team from GR and retail, she was able to disembark in more than her Victoria Secret's. Freedom hit the mark with us three times this year. It's... like they got it right. In May and September, we didn't even get off the ship. She is my favorite RCCL ship. Oasis falls short in service and satisfaction as the biggest ship in the world. I just realized that we used 50,000 Rewards Points on the Oasis cruise. They took $1000 off the final bill. Now I'm feeling a little better. Wish I had used the points toward a junior suite on Grandeur. She's in Tampa through spring. 45 minutes and valet parking. My favorite port. Radiance will be there next fall. The overall Oasis Experiment... poor. Many of the D member benefits were stripped back in September on all the ships, which I am still unhappy about. Oasis is a ship with class... first class and coach class. If you book a ride on, book a suite, or take your own towesl. I walked on the Oasis like a kid on Christmas morning. I walked off realizing there really isn't a Santa Claus. I walked on the Oasis a "Royal Loyal" Diamond member. I walked off a dissatisfied customer. I did get to meet Lisa Bauer, Senior VP of Hotel Operations, in Central Park one night. She was very charming, and made me a little giddy. I did enjoy that. I sure hope she is not the author of the towel policy. We spent over $10,000 with Royal Caribbean on five different cruises this year alone. Next year... we won't. stbrown frequent cruiser Read Less
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