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EMBARKATION: The fastest that I've ever experienced. I stayed at a friend's in Fort Lauderdale the night before after flying from Pittsburgh. He drove us to Port Everglades around noon Saturday. Not only were there no lines, ... Read More
EMBARKATION: The fastest that I've ever experienced. I stayed at a friend's in Fort Lauderdale the night before after flying from Pittsburgh. He drove us to Port Everglades around noon Saturday. Not only were there no lines, I had to hurry to get all my documents in order. The whole process from the moment we walked into the building until we boarded was no longer that 15 minutes. Princess has this down to a science. THE SHIP: The Crown Princess is gorgeous. It's very tasteful & elegant. It is very large & somewhat confusing getting around until you get used to it. One complaint would be the elevators. There was a lot of waiting & one near the end where our room was, was out of order. Luckily I'm still young enough & in decent shape to take the stairs. STATEROOM: We had a balcony on the Aloha deck near aft, starboard. It was surprisingly a nice size room. The balcony seemed bigger than on the NCL Dawn; however, it may have been my imagination. The bed was comfortable, a little firm but comfortable. The bathroom while small was adequate. The shower was kinda cramped but was fine. One of the best features of this room & I guess other Princess ships as well was the walk-in type closed...the largest I've ever had on a cruise. We were able to put all of our stuff in there which kept our room clutter free. On a final note was the room temperature....perfect! I was concerned about temperature from other reviews but had no problem keeping the room cool. In fact, sometimes I had to turn the temp up because it got too cold but no way was I complaining about that. FOOD: Very good in most regards. There were some items that were kinda odd, but with the selection, I can't complain. The breakfast items were good also. The scrambled eggs weren't the best, but were ok. The waffles were the best! They looked like little stars & tasted awesome. I had them every morning. There also seemed to be a lot of seafood on this cruise. There was plenty of shrimp every night. Oh & by the way, there was plenty of seafood at the sail away buffet including scallops, shrimp & crab claws. We ate so much there that we skipped the dining room that night. The food in the dining room was good as well. We did have lobster along with prawns one night (both in one meal). I also ordered the Beef Wellington that night as well....totally stuffed! I'm not sure why so many people on here complain about the food on Princess. We had little complaints. This was my fourth cruise & none were totally perfect. This cruise was definitely at the top! ENTERTAINMENT: The performers in the theater were awesome. We saw two shows that were both outstanding. We also saw a comedian/magician....very funny & talented & also a comedian on the welcome aboard show who was very funny as well. THE PORTS: First I have to say that Princess was the fasted at tendering that I've ever experienced. They also have this down to a science. Cayman Islands (tender): We just went to the beach & relaxed so I really can't say much of great or bad about the island. It seemed that many of the other passengers we spoke to did the stingray tour & seemed to like it. Roatan (dock): Beautiful Island! Mahogany Bay is stunning! Whoever is going in the future is in for a real treat! We booked the Clear Kayak/Snorkel Tour. The driver there was long, approx 40 minutes but very scenic. Roatan is a very green, lush island. When we returned back to Mahogany Bay, we had enough time to do the Clip & Zip ziplining which is located in the back of where the shops are. We only did the 3 lines which is only $15.00 (the don't advertise that one & try to sell the $40.00 zip which is 11 lines). After we did that, my friend hung out at Fat Tuesday's & had a tall tropical fruity drink while I walked over to the beach. There is the ski lift that can carry you but it's not far to walk at all. The beach is beautiful. It's like another private island. In fact, I think it's nicer than most. Plenty of lounge chairs & the water was beautiful. There's also a beach bar & snack area which I didn't explore but seemed very fun. Cozumel (dock): We booked the tour to Tulum. Tulum is on the main land in Mexico. We took a ferry over there (approx 40 min) & then a tour bus (close to an hour). The ruins are incredible! Iguanas everywhere, turquoise waters from the cliffs & a nice refreshing beach. It was nice to take a dip after touring since it was so hot! If you go, bring a hat & sunscreen. Our tour guide was Armando & did an excellent job. Princess Cays (tender): Another beautiful island. We just relaxed, walked around, took pictures, had lunch at the buffet & swam. We spent most of the afternoon in the water because it was very warm that day. On our second day at sea, we picked up the man lost at sea from Cuba. The ship stopped dead in the water & a rescue craft was sent out to retrieve him. CONCLUSION: Princess is an excellent line & the CrownPrincess/Western Caribbean itinerary was definitely a good choice. I will definitely consider them in the future again. The weather was beautiful the entire trip, the staff including the wait staff, room attendant, cruise director & activities staff all do an excellent job. We met so many nice people that we hung out with & hope to keep in touch with them. You know who you all are! ? If any of you are considering this ship/itinerary or Princess in general, you won't be disappointed. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
We're onboard the Crown Princess, Quebec City to New York City. This is our 26th cruise, the first since 2006. We usually cruise Princess, Royal Caribbean and/or Celebrity. We've never split hairs as to which is ... Read More
We're onboard the Crown Princess, Quebec City to New York City. This is our 26th cruise, the first since 2006. We usually cruise Princess, Royal Caribbean and/or Celebrity. We've never split hairs as to which is "better". They serve the same market and in our view any differences are slight. Some general comments that cruisers may find helpful: 1. The on-board internet access is very good, perhaps 75% of the speed of our broadband service at home. We access using a laptop from our cabin. Wireless connectivity from our aft-balcony cabin is also very good. Cost if ~ 70 cents/minute, but they have packages available. a $100 package gives you 250 minutes, or 40 cents / minute. We are Platinum frequent cruisers, so my wife an I each get a $100 package for free. We haven't tried the internet cafe because getting online from our cabin works so well. 2) The Crown Princess weighs 113,000 tons and carries more than 3100 passengers. As far as I know, this cruise is close to a sellout. Most of the passengers are quite old (as am I): about 60 at a minimum and ranging upward from there. There are exceptions of course. No school-age children at this time of year. 3) You really notice the crowds, unlike previous cruises we've taken on somewhat smaller ships. Princess does a good job dispersing people throughout this big ship, but there's only so much they can do with so many people. Embarkation in Quebec City was a disaster. Hundreds of people there around noon (checkout time at most city hotels) and waiting for well over an hour. Even with preferred boarding because of our Platinum status, it took an hour and a half to get on board. 4) The food service is very good. Each meal, while not the best you'll ever have, is at least as good as what you would get when going out at home to celebrate a special event. The dining room menu is fine and varied. The Horizon Court buffet, while crowded, is also quite good in the choices available. Not a cafeteria arrangement, but food court islands, which we prefer. They have a lot of places to sit down, but you have to wander around for a few minutes to find an empty table. They no longer use trays, but have a large oval plate instead. Beverages, including water, are served to you after you sit down. 5) Getting a reservation in the two upscale restaurants aren't difficult, but arrangements should be made as soon as possible after boarding. Sabatini's has a $20 PP cover charge, and the Crown Grill is $25 PP. The Grill also has a further $9 PP lobster charge if you choose to go that route. 6) Two formal nights on this 10-day cruise. As on other ships, the formal nights are on the first (and only) sea day and on the next-to-last night on-board the ship. It has been our experience that while many people dress in formal clothes, doing this is far less commonplace than it used to be years ago. Otherwise, people dress nicely, and that's good enough. We decided to go to the upscale restaurants on the two formal nights. They don't require formal dress even though the main dining room does ask for it. 7) Cocktails are quite inexpensive. A premium beverage (I like Crown Royal) costs $5.75. A mixed drink (my wife likes a sour apple martini) costs $6.50. A 15% gratuity is added to any drink order. A beer is ~ $4. 8) The cruise lines are getting evermore aggressive in trying to sell you things. The picture they take when you board the ship used to be a 4" x 6" print that cost less than $5. Then it went to a 5" x 7" which cost a little more. Now, it's sold only as an 8" x 10" and it costs $20. They used to let you tour the bridge or the galley for free. That stopped years ago, supposedly in the interest of security. Now they let you do it again as part of a $150 package that takes you into all the nooks and crannies of the ship. They offer classes on computers, ceramics, scrap-booking, and a myriad of other things. A 50 minute class costs $25 and more. 9) The big ship rides in the water very well. We sailed through 35 knot seas last night. There was a little motion, but not much. There's no reason anyone should get seasick, because the motion is less than what one would experience onboard an airplane is light turbulence and no one gets airsick anymore. 10) The newer ships just going into service are built with many aft cabins, because they are very popular and sell out quickly. We've come to prefer an aft cabin whenever we can get one. The view is more expansive and there never is any wind. Read Less
Sail Date October 2009
Great ship, our second time on her in a year in half. Last year we did the Baltic on her. General tips. We used National Express Bus to get from Heathrow to Southampton. We booked the tickets ahead of time and it worked out fine. We also ... Read More
Great ship, our second time on her in a year in half. Last year we did the Baltic on her. General tips. We used National Express Bus to get from Heathrow to Southampton. We booked the tickets ahead of time and it worked out fine. We also reserved thru Priceline the Southampton Hilton that included a great breakfast. Only problem with Hilton is its way out of town. 10 pounds to get into town to the ship or for a meal. Still with the cheap rate we had at hotel we were happy with our selection. Booked a number of tours thru cruisecritic with other passengers. That worked out well. We were on our own in Guernsey, Dublin and Edinburough. Did not go to LaHavre where had another tour booked due to bad weather in the Channel. It was okay for us; it gave us another sea day, our last day of the cruse on this stop intensive cruise. The Grand Princess was stuck in the English Channel which we avoided and arrived late to Southampton. I wonder what happened with those passengers air fares. We made sandwiches every day while on the cruise for lunches so we did not spend any money while off the ship for food. In Dublin and Edinburough we did the HoHo bus. That was fine but if I had to do it over again I think I would have taken a cab to the new town in Edinborough after spending a lot of time at the Castle area. We booked our tickets for the castle ahead of time and that was great for avoiding the line there. Also we screwed up on our return to the ship in Edinburough. We shared a cab into town but then we weren't sure where the ships bus was to take people back or the time it was going to be there. Princess could have done a better job of making this stop known. Still I realize it was our screw up. Ended up costing 20 pounds for our return. Loved Irelands and Scotlands National Gallerys. We spent a lot of time on buses this trip. More than I typically like and all tours were fairly pricey. Still much less than Princess. Ecoach in Cork very good deal. Walk the grounds of Blarney Castle as opposed to kissing the stone. The grounds are very impressive. I don't recommend the Book of Kells in Dublin, too many rude visitors and they haven't figured out how to do crowed control. I posted a review at tripadvisor.com. The Causeway and the rope bridge out of Belfast were worthwhile. The history and culture experience particularly in Northern Ireland was eyeopening. Loved the tour audio by Monty Python Cast at Doune Castle. We even saw salmon jumping on our Cyd tour at Falls of Shinn, 55 pounds per person for Cyds tour out of Invegordon. Dunrobin Castle Falconry Display was very impressive. And the grounds. We had a lot of rain but it seemed to cooperate at most of our stops. Bring water proof shoes and umbrellas. I thought the entertainment was improved from the last time on the Crown. Movies Under The Stars seems like a dumb idea in cold climate but that minor minor comment. Met some great people on the cruise. We ate in the buffet more often than we planned and when it was full we simply asked to share a table. Food was very good in general. Dining room service was simply too slow. A couple time we left before even getting the desert menus. Maiterde did not even care in my opinion. They may of asked how everything was but if they looked at our table they would have seen our dinner plates had not been cleared, ie no desert. No more free cafe lattes in the dining room. Princess is no charging for them everywhere. Regarding our flight on Virgin Airline in economy I am 6foot 3. There economy class simply is not designed for someone my height. Short people who have not business doing so reserve the bulk head seats. You cant see the video screen like you should when the person in front of you reclines their seat. My legs did not fit under the seat;the only way I had even of chance of fitting was taking off my shoes. I had flipflops handy for our return flight and that was better. I wrote Virgin and did get any type of direct response other than some bs form letter. Sign of the times with airline travel. Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
Our adventure got off to a rocky start. We utilized Princess air. They routed us from Dallas at 5:45am to Atlanta for a (4hr lay-over). We went to Miami and were bused to Ft. Lauderdale. Total travel time ten hours for a flight form DFW ... Read More
Our adventure got off to a rocky start. We utilized Princess air. They routed us from Dallas at 5:45am to Atlanta for a (4hr lay-over). We went to Miami and were bused to Ft. Lauderdale. Total travel time ten hours for a flight form DFW that would have taken less than three. We were some of the last passengers to embark at 4pm.  We got to our cabin C243 just in time for the muster drill.Once on board, the Crown,however,  I must say ...she's a beauty ! My wife & I sailed the Celebrity Summit, last fall for 14 days in the Med. Trust me the Crown was superior to the Summit in every way! Cabins, cleanliness, Pools, public areas, MUTS, gym, atrium, pool food, shops etc...Cabin: We selected a forward veranda and the room was very well appointed, clean and functional. My only complaint would be the size of the shower. It was small. One tip on the 10th deck the balcony areas are larger than on the 11th.Another thing, I was under the impression that all the Crown's cabins were refited with the plush bedding. Not, so.It must be the cabins above veranda class. Ask for a waffle pad for your bed on arrival. They go fast.Only drawback is that about 50% is exposed to the deck above. Entertainment: typical  cruise production, good comics and bands, atrium entertainment was great.Food: Make no mistake, food on the Crown is excelent! Executive Chef, Giuseppe Pollara, has won 'best in fleet' for five years and it shows.Didn't eat at the premium Sabatini's or Crown Grill, ( no need food was that good in the dining room) but, others told me that they were execeptional. Much superior dining experience compared to the Summit offeringCrew: Staff was efficient & motivated. Under the direction of veteran Captain, Andy Proctor and the best hotel Director I've ever encounted, Mr. James Deering.Cabin stewart was very accomodating to our requests.Ports: We completed a back-to-back so the real action was on the 2nd leg.Ponta Delgada : Nice and small  Lisbon delighful , friendly, good food.. Seville-R. Alcazar & the church stunninly beautiful. Casalanca-Forgetaboutit Only thing of beauty is the Grand Mosque. Gibraltar-Great English fun-Don't miss the caves and apes. Barcelona - One of the finest stops in Europe, don't miss the Monstrat monestary. Amazing!Marseille- a real gem and gateway to Provence. Livorno-Cinque Terre fabulous! Malta-terrific, old port and finally Naples-Had private van tour of the Almalfi coast including stops in Positano & Ravella. Magnificent.The Crown Princess reputation as being unstable at sea is unjustified. We experienced 2 rough days at sea on the crossing and she was fine. Complaints stem from passengers who have never been on Transatlantic nor in the North Sea. I highly recommend the Crown Princess. Read Less
Sail Date April 2009
We arranged our own air and always opt to go in a day early in the event of delays due to weather etc. We were able to get a straight through flight from Cleveland to Ft Lauderdale a feat not easily accomplished these days. We were able ... Read More
We arranged our own air and always opt to go in a day early in the event of delays due to weather etc. We were able to get a straight through flight from Cleveland to Ft Lauderdale a feat not easily accomplished these days. We were able to get a hotel through Hotwire around 60% less than the hotels own site. We ended up staying at Sheraton Suites- Plantation. Very nice hotel accommodations. We had rented a vehicle for the day and therefore did not require transportation to the port. I do believe they have transportation but at a charge. Getting on the ship was a very easy process. In a matter of minutes we were in our cabins. The cabins were very clean and provided ample closet space. Drawer space was at a minimum but adequate with the shelves that were provided. Our cabin had a nice balcony which my husband likes as he smokes and enjoys going out there and having a cu of coffee. Me I can take any cabin as we spend very little time in the room. Our Cabin steward Henry always had the room made up we saw him very little but he did his job well and when he did see us in the hallway he called us by name. Of course he was rewarded with a little extra tip. We always opt for late seating dining in the traditional sense. Don't like having to make reservations or waiting. Our dining room was assigned to traditional dinners only and was not conveniently located. It was on 6th floor and you had to go to 7th floor and then walk or take elevator down to 6th floor. We were met each evening by our wait staff Urm from South Africa and Omar her assistant. They were great. Always a smile and willing to get whatever we needed. Often just bringing something to the table to just try. Dinners were wonderful. Served hot and if someone did get something they didn't care for it was quickly replaced with another entrEe. With 6 people it is always hard to get everyone to agree on things but in the case all of us thought the service and food in the dining room was great. The buffet was another story. The breakfast was the normal fair however the lines were long and disorganized. Finding seating another problem. The food was always cold and most of the time we ended up eating very little and waited to hit the hamburger & hot dog stand or the Pizza stand. We did on two occasions try the lunch buffet and again cold food that should have been hot and food that should have been cold, warm. We were just to lazy to get up to eat in the dining room as breakfast is served from 7 to 9. We did eat there the last morning and food was hot and good and no lines to wait in. It would be advisable to try and get there for breakfast and lunch if at all possible. We don't drink but the drink prices are average for cruise ships...expensive as far as I am concerned. I am sure some people got a surprise when they got their final bill for the week. One person in our party bought the soda card which was reasonable at $29.00 plus tip for the week. The only problem she could not get anyone to bring her a soda and had to go to a bar to get it herself. At one time she had asked the same waiter 4 times to get her one and only did so after she asked for his name. As we have been on many cruises and to many islands we did not take any of the ships excursions. In Princess Cay we did rent the clam shell with two chairs and a float. The water was cold but we made the plunge, We didn't need the clam shell as there was a nice breeze but if it would have been hot it would have been nice to have. Next stop was St Marteen. We went to a resort and used their facilities for the day. We were allowed to do this as my cousin is a travel agent and they OK'd us to use their chairs and pool. Next St. Thomas. We elected to stay on the ship as we have been there several times and really didn't need to purchase anything. Cab fare to town is $4.00 per person each way. My cousin and her husband like to shop at Grand Jewelers so they opted for down town and came back sporting more new jewelry. Felt they got great prices. The other couple hit the flea marked and picked up a few little gifts for grandkids. We hit the pool and enjoyed the sun. Ohio is cold you know so took advantage of the nice weather. First time to visit Grand Turk. What a nice surprise. It didn't cost us anything except for a cool drink. Nice beach,, chairs provided, nice pool with swim up bar and chairs, and music. Few shops picked up a couple of trinkets for the grandkids. Cant forget them. The shows on the ship were good. I don't know what people expect but the costumes were absolutely wonderful. The Cole Porter show was our least favorite but nice just the same. Great scenery We were busy every night. A show at 7 dinner at 8:15 and show at 10:30 a little dancing and then on to the casino to make my donation. There were many sessions of Trivia where you can find out how little you know and then there are those that know everything, I refer to it as a enlightening experience. The had games to play , Taboo, Pictionary, Outburst etc. Poolside games and more. This ship had more activities than any we have taken over the last few years. In fact I sometimes have gotten bored on other ships but there were so many things going on we couldn't get them all in. Getting off the ship could not have been any easier. Went to breakfast, then to our assigned room to await departure and was told to go ahead and disembark. Walked right off retrieved luggage handed card to customs agent, Walked up and got a taxi immediately to go to Ft Lauderdale Airport. $16.00 with tip per cab not person. I would highly recommend this ship just skip the buffet. Read Less
Sail Date January 2009
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Cabins 4.5 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 4.5 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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