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The M/S Nautica This 684 passenger ship is well appointed, very clean, and well maintained with a crew and staff that are extremely helpful, friendly, and competent. With its dark paneling and heavy raised moldings it has the feel of an ... Read More
The M/S Nautica This 684 passenger ship is well appointed, very clean, and well maintained with a crew and staff that are extremely helpful, friendly, and competent. With its dark paneling and heavy raised moldings it has the feel of an elegant 19th century hotel. Oceania caters to an affluent and mature group of travelers so that there are no children running around. It sometimes feels, however, like a home for the aged. The staterooms seem a bit cramped and bathrooms are very small. This is particularly true of the space devoted to the shower. There are no "paparazzi" aboard with their intrusive cameras. No formal nights and a casual dress code makes packing for a long cruise much less burdensome. Itinerary From the perspective of the traveler, the itinerary on both legs of the cruise was very good. They could be excellent with some minor changes. The stop at Salalah, Oman, during the first leg could be eliminated since that port of call offers very little for the traveller. Much more significant was the very short time available in Cape Town, South Africa. Arriving mid-afternoon and disembarking before 9:00 am the next morning leaves little time to explore. A relatively simple fix would be to eliminate the stop at Fujairah, Oman, and add the time saved to Cape Town. Dining Dining experience in the Grand Dining Room was disappointing. Although the food itself was very good and nicely presented, it seems that the wait staff and galley are understaffed. Often there were long delays between courses. Many times maitre d's and sommeliers were used to help serve and clear tables when the wait staff fell behind. On occasion, diner's requests were misinterpreted or galley errors made because of the rush. The dining staff works extremely hard, but in their attempt to serve 24 guests per waiter, they were forced to rush about in ways that did not contribute to the relaxed and elegant dining experience expected. During the final week of the cruise, the situation in the Grand Dining Room improved somewhat. The dining experience in other venues on the ship was much better. Non-alcoholic beverages, bottled water, and most specialty coffees are free, but wine, beer, and all alcoholic beverages are very expensive. Entertainment While I fully appreciate the limitations of space on a small ship, the Nautica Lounge with its poor sight lines is not a very good venue for entertainment. Except for the two violin soloists, the quality of evening acts was acceptable but, in most cases, far from remarkable. On the other hand, the two enrichment speakers, Don Campbell and Terry Bishop, were excellent and added greatly to the cruise experience. The attempt to bring native and local entertainment aboard the ship was laudable, but more care should be taken in the selection of performers. At the very least an interpreter should be present to explain the performances of singers and dancers. The group from Reunion Island was most entertaining, the others much less so. Medical Service There were several complaints among guests about the high cost of medical treatment aboard. For example, our visit to the medical center for a minor bronchial infection resulted in charges of $1221.00. Others complained of unneeded and high priced medications. There was also some question as to the current credentials of the Doctor on board, since in 2009 his medical license was revoked by the State of Tennessee. As of December 19, 2011, neither the Doctor nor Oceania Cruises had produced evidence of a current license to practice medicine. Over 40 passengers concerned with this issue submitted a written protest to Oceania to which the Company has not responded. Until this question is resolved, many passengers who received medical services on board plan to dispute the charges made to their credit card on the basis that the charges are based on fraud. Despite Oceania's stated concern for the health and safety of their guests, they did not, it seems, sufficiently examine the credentials and background of the only person on board whose primary job is, indeed, the health of guests and crew. Internet Services The Wi-Fi service is much slower and much more expensive than comparable services on other cruise ships. It makes more sense to use the free, and considerably faster, internet service found in some cruise terminals (e.g. Dubai) or ashore at internet cafes. Tours promoted by the ship A number of sightseeing tours finished after sunset. They were very disappointing. It was difficult enough to view sights from a moving bus, and next to impossible to see anything of value after dark. Taking photographs at "photo stops" occurring after dark was futile. Tours sponsored by the ship are becoming prohibitively expensive, particularly those that are popular or have a unique or special destination. Pre-Cruise Information While the individualized Cruise Vacation Guide sent to passengers was very complete and useful, pre-cruise info was confusing and inconsistent even to travel agents. This was particularly true in regard to the need for yellow fever shots. On three pre-cruise calls to Oceania, I received three different answers. Oceania's use of an Irish bank resulted in a foreign transaction fee charged to my credit card when I made payments for the cruise. Nowhere does Oceania make mention of its off-shore bank and, in fact, the only business address given is in Miami, Florida. Summary It appears that Oceania Cruises is attempting to reduce its operating costs in many areas in order to cover its expenses and still remain competitive. The result is that the quality of its cruise experience has been diminished and it is no longer what one typically expects from a luxury cruise line. I would not recommend sailing with Oceania unless the projected itinerary was extremely compelling. There are many other cruise lines that provide more value for the dollar. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Fans of Oceania Cruises won't like this review, of our first with this line after more than 30 cruises with other companies. My opinion: Oceania is for people who want to pay a significant premium for a pretty standard product in ... Read More
Fans of Oceania Cruises won't like this review, of our first with this line after more than 30 cruises with other companies. My opinion: Oceania is for people who want to pay a significant premium for a pretty standard product in exchange for the ability to say they cruised with a higher class of company. For them, it's worth it. This itinerary, close to perfect, took us to a number of places on our bucket list: Israel, Suez Canal, Upper Egypt, Jordan, Oman and Dubai. When the price was reduced from astronomical to merely very expensive, we signed up. Since we don't expect to come to these places again and wanted a quality experience, we also signed up for overnight ship's tours in Israel and Egypt and a two-night package in Dubai at an added cost of $3,994 for two. So we paid a whole lot and expected a whole lot. Some Oceania devotees we met swear up and down that they hate big-ship cruising. Well and good, but they also ruefully acknowledge that the Nautica's small size (we had 637 passengers in all) means there is much less variety of things to do and places to be than on a larger ship. Lineups aren't common but we had a number of them. Nautica has small cabins and the tiniest shower compartment I've seen on a cruise ship. Public spaces are poorly planned and even more poorly used: the pre-dinner bar has but 50 seats; the only lounge with a panoramic view is tied up daily for bingo and afternoon tea; the show lounge has terrible sight lines; there are very few good places to sit and read; as someone on CC commented, a balcony is almost a necessity on this ship. Nautica is very nicely decorated, however: it really does feel like the English country-house the line aspires to emulate. The beds were very comfortable, the bedside reading lights excellent, the in-cabin hair dryer ditto, and the presence of hand-sanitizer stations all over the ship most welcome. However, activities seemed limited in scope and badly scheduled, entertainment was summer-stock-style enthusiastic but not compelling; as we'd read here on CC, the ship pretty much goes to sleep after nine p.m., no real surprise when Happy Hour stops at 6 p.m. and video rentals are free. The crew ratio (1.7) is high; sometimes so high that they bumped into each other. Friendliest crew we've sailed with, though. Unfortunately, the service itself failed to match: we avoided the whole central section of the dining room because the service there was so slow. Our stateroom attendant was willing enough but never seemed to comprehend our daily routine; she kept interrupting us doing one thing or another. Front-desk staff were intelligent and helpful. Bar and wine service was uneven, but always provided with a smile. The food, we were told, would be outstanding. It wasn't. Overall, fairly standard. The no-extra-cost alternative restaurants were good, but not good enough to rave about them. Open-sitting dining meant a larger dining room than the ship needs plus the requirement to introduce yourself to new people meal after meal. And the prices! Bottles of wine ran about 30 per cent higher than we've paid recently on other cruise lines, laundry service was of good quality but outrageously expensive; likewise virtually everything else you could buy on board. The automatic daily gratuity was $13.50 and the bar tab added 18 per cent. Surprisingly, we met a number of people on board who either thought this kind of thing was normal or hadn't thought about it at all. Either they were rich enough not to be concerned about value or not quite as sophisticated as some might imagine. Most egregious prices of all: shore excursions. Not physically comfortable going to Petra with its miles of walking, I reserved an Aqaba city tour, thinking that at $115 for a half-day, it must be pretty special. Not so: just a standard tour available from local operators for less than $50. A ripoff, basically. The Petra-plus-Wadi Rum tour offered by the ship cost a staggering $415 per person; my wife went with a group organized on CC and paid $199, though the dinner in a Bedouin camp provided on the ship's version wasn't included. The excursion manager seemed to have a script from which she never deviated. Information about tours was sketchy and not very helpful. Warnings about uneven ground or steps were enough to scare you off but not detailed enough to give real guidance. Our overland tour in Israel, for which we paid $699 each, was outstanding -â€" great guide, nice bus, fascinating places, opportunity to gain insight -â€" until we checked in at the Crowne Plaza in Jerusalem. Our room, like those of others in the group, was a complete disaster. When I book an overland tour with a cruise line I expect to pay more than I would doing it on my own; for that I want to have a thoroughly positive experience. I expect good quality in the hotels where we stay. On this count, Oceania failed miserably; reason enough by itself to avoid trusting this company in future. My outraged letter of complaint, demanding a rebate, has so far yielded nothing beyond some pretty words from the onboard manager. I have to say, though, that our overnight tours in Egypt and Dubai were excellent, just what I expected. The itinerary attracted us and it was just great. So, overall, wonderful places but a cruise line which failed to live up to its reputation. I doubt very much we'll be back. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
By the time I added the cruise cost and my final bill, I could have cruised the luxury lines for very little extra.  I would have had a suite almost twice the size and and forgotten how to sign my name.  Not to mention having to order ... Read More
By the time I added the cruise cost and my final bill, I could have cruised the luxury lines for very little extra.  I would have had a suite almost twice the size and and forgotten how to sign my name.  Not to mention having to order doubles to taste the booze.On the plus side, the staff was very attentive (though only one or two staff took the time to learn our names in two weeks, remember our desires (like real creamas we sat at the same tables with the same wait staff).  Destination staff was really lacking in attentiveness, responsiveness to problems with tours and general demeanor.Polo and Toscana were saviors as the dining room was at best hit or miss.  HAL and Princess do a better job at mass dining with no special orders allowed:  not even shrimp cocktail when not on the menue.Itineraries seem to be the saving grace for Oceania.   They are unique compared to others and the ship size for the money (though not cheap by any means) allows docking at smaller ports.Sea Dream II docked along side in Kusadasi.  A breath of fresh air.  I took some friends for a tour (having sailed SD many times, I knew the Captain, Christophe, Frank, and others).  Christophe took us on the tour and while in the spa treated us to a 10 minute massage.  I honkered down at the Top of the Yacht for at least one complimentary champagne (it was noon somewhere).  We almost jumped ship as there were a few cabins available and they were on their day 2 of 9.  Alas, the dog would not have appreciated us.  SD II....now we are talking small and wonderful!!Having done a few two week and longer curises, this was the first that I could not wait to get home.  Enough was enough.OH!!  We received a gift early in our cruise on our bed one evening:  a small tube of sanitizer....was that a clue or what.  No other notification from the ship but several cruisers had to have IV's due to dehydration.  I think the greatest profit center on our cruise was the doctors office!!OH!! The internet computer program on Oceania "sucks".  At amost a $1.00 per minute and slow as mollasses.  Silversea is only 40 cents a minute and twice as fast.  Oh, Well there is a Starbucks at almost every port with free WiFi.And to my predecessor's comment about the magician, Harry Maurer and the "lovely" Carol Ann, they were delightful and entertaining.  Besides, I wanted to see the 3 ring trick and the rope trick again and again.  The certainly outshined the social hostess singing (good voice lousy program).Speaking of quality, the cruise director Dotti, was always entertaining except for her growner joke about the 3 legged dog...(I gave that to her and she used it !!!) and her husband Tom, the comedian, were spectacular.  OK!  That should be enough flavor for one cruise and one review.ASHDOD AND HAIFA Israel is one of the most interesting countries I have sailed to. A full day walking tour of Jerusalem didn't even scratch the surface. When you go a local guide on a personal tour is an absolute necessity. Haifa is the gateway to the Golan Heights. GO GO GO! We actually left the ship in Ashdod overnighted at the Crown Plaza in Haifa and rejoined the next night. The local color in Haifa and the added touring time was well worth the cost of the hotel. Alexandria and Port Said in Egypt were overkill. They both are about 3 hours from Cairo and the National Museum (a must) and Giza to see the pyramids (once is enough and once is necessary). Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
My sister and I took this cruise together and she lives in Mississippi and I in Texas. From the beginning, Oceania sent everything to me. My sister never received one thing directly from the cruise line. I had to email or mail her ... Read More
My sister and I took this cruise together and she lives in Mississippi and I in Texas. From the beginning, Oceania sent everything to me. My sister never received one thing directly from the cruise line. I had to email or mail her everything which was extremely irritating considering how much we paid for the cruise. I have been on several cruises and each time it was with someone who lived in a different town, but all of those line were able to get info to each passenger individually. We had a terrible time getting to Istanbul - cancelled flights, etc. and we did not arrive at the ship until almost 2:00 a.m. We were completely exhausted when we boarded and the reception didn't give the escort our card keys so we had to wait for her to go back to the front desk and retrieve the key. We had a penthouse level suite and from the pictures on the website, we expected more than we got. The room was not very big and we were definitely disappointed. I thought the bathroom was a decent size as was the bathtub. I loved the size of the verandah, but the panels separating each verandah gave very little privacy and they rattled terribly during windy nights at sea. We called up someone from maintenance and they couldn't eliminate the noise which was very distracting. When we were getting settled in the room, my sister called to get one of the hypo-allergenic pillows that they advertise on their website only to be told that they did not have any. My sister is very allergic to down so we never went to bed that night which was approximately 72 hours without sleep. She was able to get one the next day. The other thing that bothered us was the noise from level 9 (the pool deck) when they moved the chairs around every morning at 5ish. It doesn't seem to be the brightest move to have the suites right under that level. After reading all of the rave reviews about the food on Oceania, we were so excited about trying the food. I can't say that I thought that it was better than other ships that I have been on. It was fine, but that is about all I can say. The only outstanding meal that I had was in Polo Grill - the rack of lamb was cooked to perfection and it was truly the best lamb that I have ever eaten. Pretty much everything else was mediocre. I did enjoy the pasta of the day prepared at Tapas on the Terrace. One of the guys made it to order each night. The sandwiches at Waves were also very good and the lemonade was excellent. The personnel on the ships were for the most part excellent. Our butler, Dimitry, was wonderful and our cabin stewardess, Maria, was outstanding. Nipat, one of the pool waiters, was so sweet that we wanted to bring him back with us. The security officers who check people on and off of the ship bordered on rude. I can't forget to mention Philippe, the reception manager. He was so nice and helpful and I really enjoyed getting to know him. The tender situation sucked! I have never been on a cruise where they make you get a ticket so by the time that we figured out that we needed a ticket, they stopped the tenders going to mykonos because of the rough seas. We found out later that this was the third time in the last three cruises that this had occurred. Seems like they should figure out some other alternative if it happens so often. That was the one place that I most wanted to return to since I know several people there and I wanted to visit. It was very disappointing. They also do not enforce the policy about saving deck chairs on the pool level. We only had two sea days since the itinerary was so port intensive. On one of those days, they opened the upper level sun deck and we went up there to sun, but on the second day, it was too windy for them to open that deck. We watched several chairs that had personal effects on them and no one sat in them for over three hours. My sister and I were not able to get a chair next to each other. I also hated the nickel and dimeing they do on board. I think it is ridiculous that they charge for soft drinks. You would think that at a minimum guests in a suite should get one a day. I don't have a problem with a charge for alcohol, but soft drinks? Especially considering how few children sail on this line. I love that the cruise is non-smoking, but we were able to smell the smoke from level 9 on the starboard side (one of the designated smoking areas) when we sat on our verandah at night since the window to that area was right above us. We knew that entertainment was not the strong suit of this cruise line so we didn't have very high expectations. We only went to one night's program and it was so bad that we never went to anything else. The string quartet at high tea was very good and we did enjoy listening to them. High tea was also very nice. We only had one spa service and that was a facial. It was very relaxing and the technician was very professional. We also enjoyed using the thesolatherapy pool that is in the spa area. The ship also has a decent workout facility and library. One final word on the cruise - the passengers. This was by far the rudest group of traveler that I have ever encountered. I thought that maybe we felt that way since we were not "a couple", but we talked to our neighbors, L and J, and they felt the same way. They spoke with one of the ship's employees (I won't mention any names in case it might cause the person trouble), and he/she said that it was the rudest group that had been on the ship since he/she had been employed there. If these people were as rude in port, then I know where the term "ugly American" comes from. The only thing that was entice me to sail with Oceania again would be the size of the ship, the no-smoking policy, and the staff and crew on the ship. Read Less
Sail Date September 2007
I travel with my daughter who was 17 at the time of this cruise. This was our 8th cruise. Our cruise experience is broad and we have sailed on ships ranging from moderate to luxury, from Alaska to the Baltics. This cruise embarked in ... Read More
I travel with my daughter who was 17 at the time of this cruise. This was our 8th cruise. Our cruise experience is broad and we have sailed on ships ranging from moderate to luxury, from Alaska to the Baltics. This cruise embarked in Venice. We booked everything ourselves including airfare and hotels. We stayed at the Hotel American in Venice and it was great. We arrived 4 days early to see Venice and that was more than enough time. Very crowded and expensive but you've got to see it at least once. Food in Venice is outstanding everywhere. Embarkation was the first time we ever heard the phrase "they don't work for Oceania" and we heard it plenty of times through out the cruise as an excuse for poor service. embarkation was confusing, we were herded all over the cruise terminal for no apparent reason. ONce on board we were told 'they don't work for Oceania and we have no control.' Once on board, the ship is lovely. Our stateroom was clean but no featherbeds, etc. Stateroom service was excellent. They leave bottled water in your stateroom and charge for it. There were two bottles of wine in our cabin with no card. I called the steward and they had no idea why the wine was there. There was no corkscrew. Turns out the travel agent sent it. It was Oceanias label, and when we took it to the dining room the first night they wanted to charge a $15 corkage fee. The wine steward offered to open it if I took it immediately back to the room. Our waiter told me that the wine servers are a different company and don't work for Oceania, hence they won't do anything for free (or even for good will). Dining is fine aboard the Oceania and the steak house was the best. We ate one night in the italian restaurant and thought we would die of old age getting service. The food there was mediocre. Everyplace else was terrific and the waitstaff was very friendly and efficient. The best place to eat on the ship is the buffet and eat outside looking off the back of the ship. Ordering wine here was difficult, waiting forever for a glass of wine that comes at the end of the meal. I complained to the buffet manager and he said they have no control as the wine people are independent contractors. So, the pool was very nice and they have double loungers. Not enough loungers and it was always crowded. Lots of people go out in the morning and put their stuff on the loungers and my daughter and I were actually yelled at by a man was saving loungers for his family members who still had two hours of bingo before they would come out! The poolside bar was nice and there were plenty of waiters to bring you drinks. EXCEPT, if you want a beer and a water and a coke, they will only bring you the alcoholic drink and you have to get the coke and water from someone else because THEY ARE A SEPARATE COMPANY! Shore excursions: book your own ahead of time. There were three people working the shore excursion desk and with one exception they were the most surly people on the ship!! Guess what?? They are also a separate, independent contractor. At one stop, I pointed out the window to a small town on the shore that was a few miles away from where the tenders landed and asked what town that was. The shore excursion lady wouldn't turn to look out the window; she shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know. The guy in line behind me laughed out loud and said how could she not, she sent a tour there. We have cruised enough to know that it is best to book our own excursions. Having said that, we had such fabulous tours when we cruised with Crystal in the Baltics that we thought we would have the same experience with Oceania. WRONG. We took the ships excursion to Rome; get yourself a private car and don't spend so much time in a bus and waiting around. On the drive to rome we spent nearly an hour at a roadside stop for a bathroom break, clearly the idea was to have people spend money there. We took the ship excursion to Pompeii; it was a half day tour and we spent exactly one hour touring the ruins. The tour guide was terrible; go yourself and spend more time because the ruins are extensive and there is more to see than the 3 places that every tour is trying to see at the same time.They did not offer a longer tour to Pompeii. If you go to Marseilles, do not stay in town. Take the train to Provence, or anywhere, but Marseilles is terrible. In Dubrovnik, take a taxi from the pier into town and do it yourself, was very easy. We were in Corfu for an afternoon and everything was shut down for the afternoon as usual. We hired a cabbie to drive us around the island; there is nothing to see there although there were some nice beach resorts that looked like they may be nice to come back to some time. As you leave the ship everyday, the crew tries to sell you water. Entertainment on the ship was much lower key than on other ships. This was fine with us because this cruise stopped every day except one and we were tired. There was also the most entertaining art auction I have ever seen!! This art company was apparently on its last cruise with Oceania and the lady running the show kept bitching about Oceania. They were taking the art off the walls all over the ship and trying to sell it. They took all the art off the staircases and left the wires and lighting dangling. What a mess! All over the ship, in the library and hall ways and dining rooms, the art was being stripped off the walls. So overall, it was a lovely ship with a great itinerary. Food was good and the wait staff was great. The wine people, the shore excursion people, the embarkation and disembarkation people and the art auction were all independent contractors and they were pretty much a big bunch of idiots. I have never paid that much for a cruise and I expected better. But now, let me tell you why I will never again sail with Oceania. They lost my luggage. I put our bags out the last night as we do on every cruise and the next day we were missing one of our bags; a medium duffel bag. We waited around for a couple of hours and were told by Oceania people on the dock that they would find it and deliver it to our hotel. We were spending the night in Barcelona and taking a flight out the next day. The luggage tags given to us by Oceania to put on our bags were marked with our hotel and our flight the next day. They said not to worry. The bag wasn't delivered to us at the hotel and to this day, 8 months later, we still don't have it. Do you know what Oceania headquarters said?? You got it!! 'They don't work for us and it's not our responsibility that your bag got lost.'They put me in touch with someone at the port in Barcelona that has our bag, but she stopped answering my emails. I have never had a cruise ship lose my luggage. Read Less
Sail Date August 2006
We embarked the Nautica in Venice on 7/28/06. We connected through Frankfurt on Lufthansa from the US. Our flight in Frankfurt left an hour late and two of our bags arrived in Venice before we did, but we didn't find that out until ... Read More
We embarked the Nautica in Venice on 7/28/06. We connected through Frankfurt on Lufthansa from the US. Our flight in Frankfurt left an hour late and two of our bags arrived in Venice before we did, but we didn't find that out until spending over 1/2 hour in the baggage claim office. However, all was found and we were jubilant. Oceania was a little slow, we thought, transferring us to the cruise ship. We were concierge level and expected a little more in the way of service in being transferred and during embarkation, but nothing extra in the way of service was provided other than a separate desk when we walked into the Nautica Lounge on deck 5. We were transferred in a bus and left sitting en route during a couple of stops with the A/C turned off. When we arrived to one check-in building, our bus driver just left the bus without instructing us to get off. Finally, we reacted on our own and departed the bus. We transferred through a building, scanned our hand baggage, walked out, and then boarded ANOTHER bus to be taken to the ship. By this time, after spending time at the airport looking for lost baggage and waiting to connect via the transfer provided, there wasn't a wait anyway so any concierge benefits provided were inconsequential other than being allowed in our stateroom before others were at 3:00 p.m. (it was about 2:30 at that time). In addition, typical of what we've found on other lines, there was no white glove escort to our stateroom. After checking in, we were handed our room key and left to navigate the maze through the Nautica lounge to find our cabin. When we first walked in, it kind of took our breath away because it was quite small. We adapted during the two week cruise. Being heavy packers, we found room for most of our clothing, which is saying a lot for the storage capability in the small cabin. We booked many of our excursions in advance--all of our tickets were delivered on a timely basis later that evening, and during the cruise, some excursions were cancelled. We were disappointed by the cruise lines' decision to cancel an Amalfi coast drive trip, which was one of the main points of the cruise for us. Most of the excursions were good to very good, they can be pricey, but what we've found is you get your money back in the comfort of the tour, the organization and lack of thinking you have to do in a non-English speaking port. Taking excursions independently is a matter of choice--we did both on this cruise. We found the service exceptional on the cruise. The food was good to great, depending on the item and how rushed staff were. Some nights, if the dining room was busy, food might not be to temperature or the service was slow. On nights that were slow, we found the opposite. We dined in the Polo Grill (chop house) three times. Several steaks were not prepared to order (medium) and were at least medium well--we did not complain as taste was not compromised. Steaks in the main dining room were cooked to order better, surprisingly. Toscana (Italian themed restaurant) was good, as we only ate in there one time. We didn't like the fact that some times to get a reservation in the alternate restaurants meant compromising to a sharing table. Many nights, after a long, exhausting day in port, we were ready to unwind with a private dinner. We cancelled several reservations in the restaurants due to this. In the main dining room, we like the eat at your leisure option, from 6:30-9:30 p.m. We received tables for two there as requested. Service was good to exceptional. We thoroughly enjoyed breakfast and lunches in the Terrace Cafe. Staff literally go out of their way to assist you with selecting items from the food bar (I like the idea of staff serving and passengers not handling all of the food) and helping you to your seat and retrieving drinks and water. Service in this location was the best we've ever experienced. The drawback for Oceania is that for the price paid, the best they amenity they have to offer is service, especially in the dining areas. The ship, while traditionally decorated in design reminiscent of a country club, and very well maintained, isn't any more fabulous than any other ship afloat. The boat rocked a lot in sea swells. Our cabin attendant was good, but no better than those we've seen on other lines. The cabins are small. Production shows are mediocre. Limited shopping on board with two highly priced boutiques. Average fitness room. Average destination services staff. You still pay for a la carte beverages other than tea/coffee. You still pay for tips. It is a matter of whether the perceived value--excellent service vs. other amenities--is worth it to you to sail on this line.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2006
Nautica Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 3.9
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 3.0 3.3
Public Rooms 5.0 4.4
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.8
Family 2.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.0
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 4.0 4.5
Value For Money 5.0 3.5
Rates 5.0 3.9

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