Sail Date: December 2004
This was my 25th Carnival cruise, and I have never been treated any other way than with the upmost service from Carnival in the past. This is the reason why I keep sailing Carnival. However, this cruise was a NIGHTMARE. I understand that ... Read More
This was my 25th Carnival cruise, and I have never been treated any other way than with the upmost service from Carnival in the past. This is the reason why I keep sailing Carnival. However, this cruise was a NIGHTMARE. I understand that there is no such thing as a perfect cruise, but one wrong thing after another happened, so I feel like I have to warn other future passengers about this ship. My mom, sister and I got to the Port of Miami at 11:30 and were in line by noon. The three of us literally stood in line for 3 HOURS!!! We didn't get on the ship until 3 o'clock. The main problem is that there are so many people trying to get on board without their papers filled out. Not only does the embarkation staff take their time moving the line along, they don't make those without their papers filled out step to the side. By the time we got on board, our entire day was wasted! We had fifteen minutes to grab a bite to eat until they called for boat drill. We had 5:45 dinner, and were too full to eat because we ended up eating lunch so late. I've never seen the embarkation process such a mess! The staff claimed that it took such a long time because 3500 people were boarding. When we first got to our cabin, it was so HOT! We called down to purser's and they said they would send someone down to fix it right away. After 6 hours, 3 more phone calls and some screaming and yelling, someone finally came. The ports that we went to were Belize, Honduras, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. I've been to Grand Cayman and Cozumel many times and they are both beautiful ports to visit. The three of us decided to book the Sights and Sounds tour of Belize for 9:45 a.m. We were very excited since we'd never been there before. When we got to our meeting place, we found out that the tours were running late. After sitting and waiting for 2 1/2 hours, we decided to go to the restroom. When we got back, my sister asked a Carnival dancer if our tour had been called, and she said no. After fifteen more minutes of waiting, I noticed that the 10 a.m. tours were finally being called. I went up to the social host and asked her why we had not been called first. She then proceeded to tell me that our tour had already left. At that point, we were furious! The social host rushed us to the tender boat, but after our 3 mile ride to shore, our tour left without us. We figured out that it took so long for the tours to get off because it was such a long tender ride from the ship to land. Plus, they allowed those that were not scheduled for tours to get on the tender boats first. Since we missed our tour, we decided to do some shopping and grab something to eat downtown. When I told the cab driver our destination, he told us that it was not safe to go downtown. He said that we shouldn't eat or drink anything and that we may be robbed, raped or offered drugs. When we hit downtown, we got out of the taxi and were immediately ambushed by beggars. We hopped back into the taxi and went back to the ship. The next day, we went to Honduras. When we walked off the ship, we wanted to catch a cab to go downtown. As soon as we exited the gate, about 10 men started touching and grabbing us. They surrounded us like they were the lions and we were the meat, and I started yelling at them to leave us alone. One man told us that he'd take us to town for $15. A little boy caught my sister's eye, shook his head, and said that that was too much. He said another man would take us for $10. Then, a police woman came up and started screaming at the men to leave us alone. She then turned to the three of us and told us that Honduras was not safe, and that it would be better if we went back on the ship. Carnival put our lives at jeopardy by taking us to Belize and Honduras. I am insulted that Carnival would take us to such poverty stricken countries like these. When we walked off the ship, it was so depressing to me to see how poor these people are. We were now REALLY looking forward to going to Grand Cayman. However, the tendering process to get to the island was absolutely horrible. We got our tender tickets at 10 a.m. and weren't allowed to get off the ship until 1:30 p.m. They then told us that the last tender to come back was at 4:30. Again, another wasted day! We only imagined how long the lines would be on the way back, so we decided to just stay on the ship. The staff, again used to excuse that there are too many people to get off the ship when we have to tender. At least Cozumel turned out to be our one and only beautiful day. Despite the bad weather and arriving an hour late, we had a great time. We ate lunch at Ernesto's and took a cab to Playa Azul. The first night we were on the ship, the three of us got little sleep. At 4 o'clock in the morning, we were listening to hammering and drilling noises from outside our cabin. I called the purser's desk and they offered us earplugs. The next night, the third purser came down to our cabin to listen to it. She said that she would check into it, and the next day sent us a bottle of champagne. The noises stopped for the next two nights, but started up again the fourth night of the cruise. I called the purser again, and they said they could do nothing about it because it was coming from a machine. By the end of the cruise, the purser sent us a letter giving us a 15% discount on our next cruise. Our service in the dining room was amazing. Carlos and Rosemary went all out to make our dinners as pleasurable as possible. The only thing not good was the food. I don't think we ever had a soup or main entree that came to the table hot. Cabin service didn't exist all week. Our towels were never changed, there was only one glass that the three of us shared all week and it took us 24 hours to get a bar of soap. I called housekeeping twice and they didn't bring anything. I finally hand wrote a letter to our cabin steward asking her for what we needed. That same night, we still didn't have anything because she didn't even come in to clean our room that morning. I've never seen anything like it! As a whole, the attitudes of the crew members were horrible. For some reason, nobody ever smiled and greeted us, and we got very few thank you's. On New Year's Eve night, all the officers and dancers partied in the disco. I know this is allowed because I've seen it on all the other ships. However, I found it extremely unprofessional that they sat up on all the barstools at the bar. Passengers couldn't even find a seat! I asked a dancer, nicely, if I could sit there, and she had quite a few comments to make to me. I would think passengers got priority to sit at the bar before the crew. It was unbelievable! I don't know who chose the staff on the ship, but the Carnival Team is not very nice at all. There are a few exceptions, however: Carlos and Rosemary (in the dining room), Third Purser Kelly Sekk and bartender Savio Tavares at the casino bar. They all gave us outstanding service! So, as you can see, we were extremely appalled and disappointed with the Carnival Valor. I wouldn't suggest this cruise to anybody. In fact, I don't think the three of us will be sailing Carnival again for a very long time. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2004
Carnival Valor - Maiden 7 day Caribbean Voyage - December 19, 2004 from Port of Miami. Cruised to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Overall: The ship gets high marks for pulling off a very good first cruise in terms of good looking ... Read More
Carnival Valor - Maiden 7 day Caribbean Voyage - December 19, 2004 from Port of Miami. Cruised to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Overall: The ship gets high marks for pulling off a very good first cruise in terms of good looking ship, good food, good entertainment, competent staff and generally good service. Embarkation and Debarkation: Unfortunately one of Carnival's weak points on many of its ships is the confusion and slowness associated with getting on and off the ship. This ship's first embarkation was chaotic, confusing and indeed too long. We got to the terminal early after staying at the local Holiday Inn Marina -- good overnight stay choice. Carnival's agents tried to force the enormous gathering of people to go on the "pick up your documents line" (as soon as you entered the building), which was serviced by only two agents. This was clearly for people that had not received any documents at all prior to leaving their homes ... not for the masses who already received documents from Carnival or travel agents. After waiting on this line for over 45 minutes, another agent overruled the first agent and moved us all to a general line and things started to move whereby we could go through security and get to the more than dozen agents waiting inside to check us in. After picking up our boarding cards, we were put in holding room and asked to wait another 30 minutes. Then things got moving and we were allowed to get on the ship. Total time to get on the ship, about an hour and a quarter ... and that's for those who arrived early. I still am amazed that cruise lines like Celebrity can and do get guests on board in as little it 20-30 minutes. Getting off the ship was also very slow. Everyone was held up by a few guests -- who for some unknown reason -- were being paged for well over an hour and did not respond. Funny ... this does not happen on other cruise lines. Ship's Decorations, Flow and Rooms: At 110,000 tons she's a big ship and nicely decorated. While there is the usual glitz and gaudiness of the newer Carnival ships, Valor is better coordinated in terms of colors, hues and styles of decorations in individual venues. This ship had a lot of "Americana" decorations in a number of public venues. The two main dining rooms, yes two for evening dining, are the "Lincoln" for the guests in the front of the ship and the "Washington" at the back of the ship ... also decorated in an American Historic theme. Elevators are a drawback on this ship. While there are enough, they are very small, and because of the lack of their size, cause backups at busy and non-busy times. We had a TBA balcony (assigned when we arrived) #8376 -- Verandah deck .... Deck 8. This standard balcony room is not as big as HA Oosterdam or Celebrity Summit and some other ships on which we have traveled. Room located toward the aft, port side. Rooms are decorated in medium cherry wood tones with coordinating fixtures. No real bedspread. More of a plain white duvet covers. Standard bath set-up ... small shower, though not as small as other Carnival Ships we have been on (Spirit and Legend). Ample storage. Small, narrow deck. Accommodates 2 chairs and small table. The view from these balconies from inside the cabin is not as good as other ships because of the configuration of the door/window area and the way the drapes are positioned. Unfortunately, our room was right under the Lido (Rosie's Restaurant), whose flooring is mostly Mexican ceramic tiles. We had very poor first few nights sleep because you CAN hear the food and dish carts being rolled along the restaurant's floor (from early a.m. to the wee hours). We finally got used to it and after day four did not have to sleep with pillows over our heads to break the noise. Would not choose a room in this location. In fact this is the first time in seven cruises that we did not pick our room in advance, taking instead the TBA option. Did so because Carnival wanted an extra $100 pp to pick the balcony room of our choice. The bathrooms had a selection of free toiletries ... which is pretty much standard on the newer Carnival ships. I got a kick out of the ceramic picture of Eleanor Roosevelt hung over the toilet. She was indeed a great lady. I think she deserved better positioning than over the toilet! Our stateroom attendant (Dean) and his helper did an excellent job! There is one crazy aspect of the design of this ship. You can walk from bow to stern only on two floors, 5 and 9. On all of the other floors the flow is blocked ... and I mean blocked. On every floor other than 5 and 9 ... when we got off the elevators we found ourselves blocked and lost. For example, if you were dining at the Washington main dining room (back of the ship) in the evening (on floor 3 or 4) and you wanted to walk to the Theatre (on floor 3 or 4) to see a show, you literally had to get on an elevator and go up to floor 5 walk to the front of the ship, get on the elevator, again, and go down to floor 3 (or 4) to get to the theatre. This is an annoying design flaw of this ship. Then again, maybe it is a necessary structural design given the ship's size and length. All week long people were complaining about being lost, trying to figure out how to find venues due to the lack of flow-through of many of the floors. Food: A highlight of this ship was the food. It was very good. Luncheon choices were abundant ... in Rosie's Restaurant you had a choice of a Mongolian "Hot Bot" station (You load all sorts of uncooked veggies, meats and seafood into a bowl and have it cooked with your choice of sauce). Great touch ... very popular ... but somewhat slow because your food is being cooked to order and there are only two chefs. Rosie's also has standard buffet set-up, with changing types of luncheon foods ... indigenous to various countries ... as well as one sandwich bar (creates all types of grilled sandwiches; a permanent Chinese food station and a Fish and Chips station, one floor up with all sorts of fried seafood. There is also a Pizza/calzone station ( 24 hours) as well as hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, etc. While Rosie's is designed for maximum flow, the lines for food were pervasive ... but what can you do when you have 3000+ guests to serve? There is a separate (square) dessert station in Rosie's which worked very well, equipped with servers to give you as many choices as you would like. The quality of the desserts was very good. They definitely bake with butter! The dessert chef's forte is cheesecake! All possible varieties of cheesecake were available throughout the week, as well as different varieties of Napoleons, among many other types of desserts. Each night at 11:30 there was some type of mini-food buffet service in Rosie's Restaurant. It was there if you wanted it. Evening dining in the main dining rooms was quite good, service excellent. Seconds were readily offered and each night our waiter voluntarily gave guidance as to what he considered to be good choices on the menu. Our table #349 (second seating) on the third floor, nearer the entrance was a table for 4. Our waiter, Claudio (from Chile) was excellent ... well-seasoned ... ever prompt, again giving guidance about best selections on the menu. Our head maitre d' was from Dublin, Ireland. Each night he treated us to his rendition of a Sinatra song. There were many times that he sang in which sounded very similar to Old Blue Eyes! Great voice and nice personal touch hearing Sinatra songs after each meal. He also had all the waiters and servers do a different type of dance routine each night making for an interesting and "friendly" atmosphere. The alternative dining room is a good one, pretty much standard fare if you have been on any of the other newer Carnival ships. We shared the huge porterhouse and 10 oz lobster tail. To us, it is always worth the $25 pp to have this meal. We enjoy it, and always take advantage of it on each ship. The only problem the night we went is that this dining room was way too cold in temperature. Most women were wearing their husbands' jackets. Also our wait staff was not well trained, were novices ... so the service was definitely lacking, which is not normally the case in extra-charge alternative dining. Pools: There are five small pools on this ship as well as a flume ride. One of the pools and flume ride were out of commission until the end of the cruise (they were leaking). The latter was great fun, many twists and turns and quite fast. Really neat. All pools are small. The one pool that I swam in (main Lido area), surprisingly had ceramic tile flooring instead of gunnite (cement) and was very slippery. Seating on the Lido (pool deck) is in tiers rather than at one level. This deck also has large plastic (semi-rocking chairs) as well as lounges. Different touch. Gym: Small, but fairly well equipped with good quality strength training and weight bearing equipment. They certainly offered a lot of classes, both paid and gratis. Entertainment: There were two major shows provided by the Carnival Singers and Dancers and they were great!!!!! In fact they were so good, they overshadowed the other entertainment and made you want at least one more show with these very talented people. Other entertainment included comedians and Christopher Allan Graves .... A Sinatra and Sammy Davis-type singer, who we have seen on other Carnival ships. Cruise Director: Our cruise director, Josh, from Philly was a pip! Very visible and really a stand-up comic in disguise. It seems to me that Carnival mandates that their Cruise Directors be off the "extraversion scale" (a good thing), be very visible and help ensure that all have a good time. This is not the case with other cruise lines where some directors are nonexistent. I think Carnival gets this one right. We've yet to be disappointed in any of their cruise directors and enjoy the entertainment that they manage and provide. Bingo: As is always the case, Bingo games are plentiful. What made it more attractive on the Valor is that every evening, before each show in the theatre, a one game Bingo was offered that paid $500-700. My type of bingo! Ports of Call: In Nassau we shopped -- as we didn't have as much time as we did in the next two ports. It struck me that Nassau may be benefiting from the Hurricane Ivan devastation that hit Grand Cayman. Unlike a few years ago when we last visited Nassau, I saw much more upscale shopping, more stores and a general hustle and bustle, as well as new construction, etc. In St. Thomas we went to the ever-popular beach at Magen's Bay. Was terribly crowded, the water was cloudy and while a nice spot, we could hardly understand why it is rated one the top ten beaches in the world? It is about a half hour cab ride if you go direct from the ship at a cost of $6 pp each way. Coming back, we made the mistake of leaving the beach at 4 p.m. and of course the bus had to make a stop to drop off others in the center of town and we ended up getting caught in the rush hour nightmare. It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to get back to the ship from that beach. In St. Maarten, we took the ferry directly outside the port to Front Street, which also dropped us right at Great Bay (just steps in back of Front Street). We walked a few hundred yards, rented covered beach chairs for $8 each and spent the day on the beach. We bought the ferry wristband (@$5 pp) and it allowed us to go back and forth to the ship (went back for lunch). This whole process was so simple and also gave us access to all the shopping on Front Street -- Philipsburg. We really enjoyed this and would do it again if we have this port on another Caribbean cruise. The water was a gorgeous turquoise blue, very clean. Warning -- do not sit in the first row of the beach chairs closest to the water as the vendors do walk by every few minutes hawking their products. Also take the time to walk several hundred yards from the ferry terminal to get away from the crowds. Our tablemates opted to go to Orient Beach, which they lamented was way over crowded and obviously the place that the crowds flock to. Great Bay was not as crowded and very enjoyable. Guests aboard: This cruise certainly attracted a very nice group of guests. While there were children aboard, there were surprisingly very few smaller children ... but many more teenagers who had many venues set up for them (their own nightclub, game room, etc.). Many guests opted to dress up on the formal nights; there were many men in tuxes. Summary: In the past five years we have cruised with Costa, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Holland America and Carnival (3 times). Unfortunately Carnival continues to get a somewhat older, undue rap for being the rowdy, party ship. That couldn't be further from the truth! From traveling on those other lines, often we heard fellow cruisers say they would never take a Carnival cruise. We often speak in Carnival's defense because we have had such a positive experience on all three cruises (Legend, Spirit, Valor). Because it was brand spanking new, a maiden voyage ... quite frankly we expected the worst and got a very good cruise -- one of the best we have taken so far! While we like cruising on a variety of ships with different cruise lines we continue to defend Carnival as an all around, pretty good cruise line that consistently delivers. In our minds they have really have only one thing to improve -- embarkation/debarkation. Go Carnival! Read Less
Sail Date: December 2004
My husband & I were on board for the inaugural cruise and we were disappointed with the service on the ship. We have previously sailed with Carnival and Princess with great satisfaction. We got the distinct impression that Carnival was ... Read More
My husband & I were on board for the inaugural cruise and we were disappointed with the service on the ship. We have previously sailed with Carnival and Princess with great satisfaction. We got the distinct impression that Carnival was trying to save money by cutting back on staff and the passengers suffered greatly as a result. There were long queues/line-ups for everything from check-in to buffet to purser to shore excursions to check-out. Passengers were so frustrated that yelling matches ensued which made everyone uncomfortable. There were no staff to address the concerns so everyone had to wait unattended. A few examples of what we endured: 1) We were told at the desk that no one could call an elderly couple we met when their tour was leaving the port because they had 3000 other passengers to watch over; 2) We had to spend 2 hours in a queue to pick up our passport on the ship simply to give it to someone else before we could go into port at St. Thomas...2 hours of our vacation time; 3) a fight broke out in a cabin on our deck at 1:30 a.m., and security did not show themselves for over 30 minutes when the fight was over and the fighters had gone elsewhere...fortunately no innocents were hurt; 4) the music was so loud in the buffet areas that my husband and I could not converse and we were sitting next to one another...forget about visiting the couple across from us; 5) debarkation was a nightmare. We were at our station at 7:00 a.m. All of the other passengers were there but no staff to be seen anywhere. We were able to get through this queue by 10:00 a.m., only to join another queue where we were detained until noon. Several people in our group had already missed their flights and ours was leaving shortly. When we went to pick out our luggage (we were in the early group) one piece was missing so we were delayed looking for that. We arrived at the airport minutes before our plane was about to take-off and there was another frantic rush. My husband & I are a young couple and we found there was far too much stress for us and for everyone else we spoke with on this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2004
This is a review of the Valor's inaugural sailing... Embarkation - I suppose this went as well as it could considering the number of people and luggage Carnival has to deal with. The whole process is pretty chaotic, however, my ... Read More
This is a review of the Valor's inaugural sailing... Embarkation - I suppose this went as well as it could considering the number of people and luggage Carnival has to deal with. The whole process is pretty chaotic, however, my suggestion here it to make sure you've filled out all the required information online before you go. There are 2 lines, one for those who filled out their info and a second for those who did not. Cabins - Typical of other Carnival ships. Well equipped stateroom with laundry services on most decks. We had an oceanview which was partially obstructed. However, we didn't mind too much and decided to stay the course instead of asking for a new one. Ship - Well done and quite nice. The Lido deck dining hall (Rosie's Restaurant) is lime green which was an odd choice. The decks are laid out very similar to other Carnival vessels. All in all, quite nice. Pool and Spa - AWFUL. Tiny pools, Spa was overcrowded and packed with children. The aft pool was supposed to be adults only, however this was not enforced. The pools are really poorly sized for 3000 passengers. Deck and Chaise Lounges - Excellent. Clean and plenty of lounges to choose from on decks 9 and 10. There are also lounges on higher decks including the topless deck. Vegas Shows - AWESOME - Best part of the cruise. Gym - Again, not sized well for a ship of 3000. Every time my wife and I would go to work out, we'd have to wait long periods of time to get on equipment. If the weather gets rough, forget about the gym, it will be packed with people. Casino - Nice and well designed. Disco - Pathetic. All teenagers and never more than 20 people in there at one time. DJ was horrible playing Salsa music more than 75% of the time. It's supposed to be a disco not a Salsa club. Food (Lido) - Very Good. We enjoyed the Mongolian Bar-B-Q, Deli, and Oriental Cuisine. The 24-hour pizzeria was excellent. On the last day of the cruise they have a chocolate extravaganza... This is not to be missed. The Gala buffet has great desserts. Food (Dining Hall) - We ate in the Lincoln Hall and had perfect service from our waiter, Eldin. He fully exceeded our expectations. Stateroom Service - Very good. Did not change the sheets often, but otherwise very nice. Overall niceness of the staff - 8 of 10. I was treated rudely by some casino staff as well as an information desk employee. Otherwise, all was excellent. Ports (Nassau) - AWFUL. We went to the Atlantis and stayed there for a few hours. This is pretty much the only thing to do in Nassau and considering the ship only docked from 8-2 p.m., it was quick. The shopping in Nassau is terrible compared to St. Maarten. Ports (St. Thomas) - STUPID THEN GREAT - Since the ship stops is Nassau first, it is required that all passengers go through US Immigration to leave the vessel. For me it was about 10 minutes. The immigration officer looks at your passport and waves you on. My wife however is not a US citizen and the process for her was almost 90 minutes. STUPID PLANNING BY CARNIVAL TO GO TO NASSAU FIRST. We then went to Coki Beach which was recommended by our cruise director. It's about a 30 minute bus trip and was not worth it at all. It's small, packed with tourists and the shop owners charge 15 dollars for a chair, snorkel and fins. We stayed about 15 minutes and headed immediately over to St. John. In St. John we went to Cinnamon Bay which was awesome. Beautiful beach which was isolated and picturesque. When docking in St. Thomas forget about everything and go straight to St. John. We took the Red Hook ferry for 3 bucks each way, and then a taxi for 4.50 each way to Cinnamon. Well worth it. Ports (St. Maarten) - EXCELLENT - When in St. Maarten take the advice of the discussion boards and do the following: (1) Go to the taxi stand and book an excursion around the island. This should cost no more than 20 dollars. The tour will stop at some picturesque areas, 45 minutes in Marigot and then Orient Beach. We asked to be dropped off at Orient, and the driver picked us back up. He then dropped us in the shopping district where we finished our day. Orient beach is not completely nude, so if you hear that it is...RUBBISH. As long as you stay away from the far right hand part of the beach you're fine. Every now and again you'll see a woman who is topless, but that's about it. Very tame based upon what I had read before. Wave runners were a huge bargain at 40 dollars for 35 minutes. Guavaberry Coladas on the beach were fantastic. OVERALL RATING OF THE CRUISE - 3 of 5. Too many people, too many lines, itinerary could have been better, amenities and activities were not as plentiful as they could have been. Ports were great sans Nassau, and the food was excellent. Might I add the beds were perfect and comfortable. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2004
Hi. I just read a terrible review from somebody that took this cruise in December, and I am sorry they didn't have a good time, but I couldn't believe the same cruise that we had such a wonderful time on, was the same cruise ... Read More
Hi. I just read a terrible review from somebody that took this cruise in December, and I am sorry they didn't have a good time, but I couldn't believe the same cruise that we had such a wonderful time on, was the same cruise she/he had a horrible time on. The difference between their experience and ours is like the difference between night and day. For us, it was a wonderful week, a beautiful ship and great ports. The reviewer I referenced above was "appalled that Carnival would put people's lives at risk by going to Belize and Honduras." Not to sound mean, but if this person did the slightest bit of research, they would have known what to expect. Everyone knows that both Belize and Honduras have poverty issues. Also, the thought of somebody choosing to go into downtown Belize City on their own just makes me shake my head, especially after being warned. Anyway, I love both Belize and Roatan, Honduras. However, I would suggest that one take an organized Carnival tour in Belize. There really isn't much for anyone to do in Belize City, and it probably isn't safe for somebody to walk around on their own. There is a little tourist village that is guarded, and safe, but once you leave that, you're on your own. Once you get out of Belize City, you get to see the beautiful jewel that the country of Belize is. We did the zip-line Canopy Tour, which I highly recommend to those who are up for a good adventure. It's not for everyone, it includes a good uphill hike, but for those that like extreme sports, it's a great choice. We organized our own excursion on Roatan. I never felt unsafe there. I felt that the locals were not threatening at all. Yes, there are a lot of people wanting your business, and they can be a little annoying, but they need to make a living, and all you need to do is tell them "No Thanks" and they will leave you alone. Like in Belize, it seems like most people speak English in Roatan as well. The excursion that we organized was a horseback riding tour followed by a beach break. It was great, and we fell in love with Roatan, and cannot wait to go back. We also enjoyed Grand Cayman and Cozumel, but not as much as Belize and Roatan. We found the ship to be wonderful, the crew to be very friendly and efficient, the food to be above par and overall, everything was terrific. We would do it all over again in a heartbeat. You cannot please everyone, but for the most part, everyone that we spoke to felt the same way we did. The alternative supper club, Scarlett's, was fantastic as well. Definitely worth the extra $25 a person for sure! If you want to have a good time and aren't uptight about visiting off-the-beaten-path ports such as Roatan and Belize, then I would highly recommend taking this cruise! Overall, I would assign this ship an 8.5 out of a 10 and the ports of call a 9 out of a 10. The crew gets a 9 out of 10 as well. Oh, and embarkation was a breeze for us. We did the FunPass thing, so if you do that, you get to go in a separate line than the people who don't have their info filled out. We got on board in less than an hour. Read Less
Carnival Valor Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.3
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.5 4.0
Enrichment 2.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.2
Rates 4.0 4.3

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