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British Isles cruise on Caribbean Princess will be our last Princess Cruise! From the start in Southhampton, London there were only problems...the embarkation was a 2 hour nightmare with "cattle-call" lines and a staff that were ... Read More
British Isles cruise on Caribbean Princess will be our last Princess Cruise! From the start in Southhampton, London there were only problems...the embarkation was a 2 hour nightmare with "cattle-call" lines and a staff that were not efficient at all. Usually cruise lines want to get you right on the ship, not Princess. I can comment openly that my family will never sail on another Princess cruise. The announcements as to why we were not leaving port to start our cruise were few and far between, and altogether lies. The captain would never say what the reason was, why we were still in port the day after boarding the ship. Finally...a bilge pump problem was reported...only after our friends in London emailed us with news that our ship made the London news that we were still in port with mechanical problems. Unbelievable. I won't give a view of all the ports, just an overview of the Princess "experience" on this particular ship. After leaving the port we were told that we would be skipping over Liverpool to get to some other ports for making up time for being stuck in port. Well...unacceptable is all i can say about that, being that Liverpool was one of the major ports that the majority of passengers wanted to see. The captain said for missing this port there would be compensation of a $75.00 credit for this, and that itself is insulting ...being that if you are missing a major port of call for ship errors, compensation should have been much more monetarily. Also, Edinburgh was missed due to not being able to tender in the rough seas. There ended up being 4 at sea days instead of 2 as scheduled. The main problem with this ship was that during these "non-scheduled" at sea days, there were no additional activities added to the revised schedule and there were hardly any activities on the ship to choose from. the main item provided was watching movies. No additional classes or lectures, no additional trivia sessions or exercise classes, and certainly no one present at the closed bars on board. Seriously people, if you have additional days at sea, you really need some activities to help those who want to do something other than sit in a movie theater. i believe i saw bingo offered twice during the twelve day cruise. Another problem was the entertainment--which i use that word "entertainment" lightly...providing a juggler on board for 5 consecutive nights in the atrium doing three shows a night for fifteen minutes each is not something people enjoy. The shows with the singers and dancers on the ship were very good, but a thirty minute show is a bit short, and instead of offering three shows a night, maybe two shows a night and a little bit longer show would be more entertaining. The entertainment on the ship at night was really lacking and of poor quality at that. When we were in the theater for our thirty minute show, there were no waiters taking drink orders like on other cruises. It was like they wanted to get us in and out quickly, and didn't offer drinks. The bars were empty a lot of the time too, with bar staff being scarce. Usually cruises want the passengers to buy drinks as that is how they make their money. Not so on this particular cruise. The casino was closed most of the cruise, if it was open it was only for a few hours at a time with not much reasoning behind it. during the twelve day cruise there was one poker and one slot tournament. For the salon/spa on the ship i did experience a great massage, but someone else in our group had a terrible experience. The costs were very highly priced (if you didn't catch a special on board) in the spa, and appointments were hard to get if you did not book prior to the cruise. I did get a manicure, and the salon (where the nails and hair procedures are going on) was a mess and really very dirty. The one problem, that not many people mentioned in reviews, about this ship in my view and others i spoke to was it felt like this ship was an older ship/cut in half/with an atrium stuck in the middle and put back together again. You could not walk from one end of the ship to the other without having to go up/down stairs. The elevators did not even go to all the floors. Depending on which elevators you got onto, depended on which floors the elevators serviced. The three dining rooms, all on different floors were confusing and hard to reach depending where on the ship you started from. Also, the cleanliness of the ship on the whole was just very bad. Our cabin was clean, unlike some other reviews that i read, but the windows throughout the ship were hard to see out of due to the filth. Our cabin did not even have a couch in it, usually there is a bed, desk, couch, table, and so on. This ship did not have half that in the room. I guess we were lucky and had a bed! I will say on a positive note that the crew on this ship were all very friendly. The crew work so hard and they all were very nice to us. The food on board was another story. Horrible sums up the food that was prepared on our cruise. On the last night our waiter tried to sell us cookbooks from the chef, and i really wanted to offer to buy someone else's cookbook to give TO the chef! One of the specialty restaurants on the ship--Sabatini's was really not edible. Our group asked for ketchup for the food, we thought the chef would have a clue...didn't help. The one saving grace on our trip was the Crown Grill restaurant which was the steak/seafood one. This was good food and really worth the extra cost. We visited this one three times during our cruise. Overall i believe that Princess has just cut costs too much with entertainment, activities, food, and all over honesty with the passengers. We had one good experience with Princess going to Alaska two years ago, but this trip was our last on Princess. We have cruised over 16 times and will never book again with this line. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
I recently travelled with my wife on a Princess cruise to the United Kingdom. It began in Southampton and was supposed to go around Ireland, Liverpool, Scotland and one stop in France. This trip was meant to be a celebratory trip for our ... Read More
I recently travelled with my wife on a Princess cruise to the United Kingdom. It began in Southampton and was supposed to go around Ireland, Liverpool, Scotland and one stop in France. This trip was meant to be a celebratory trip for our 35th wedding anniversary. There were countless delays. First, boarding the ship on embarkation day. The ship failed a security test, and then there were mechanical issues. Passengers were stuck at the cruise terminal for hours waiting without enough food. Once the ship passed another security test, the cleaning staff were delayed with the staterooms, so we could not enter our rooms. The dining rooms were chaotic as everyone was very hungry after waiting for about 4 hours in the cruise terminal. The ship did not end up leaving Southampton until 24 hours after the original departure time. We were unsure how this would affect the itinerary, and passengers were not updated very quickly. People were walking around the ship complaining about sitting and not actually cruising, and not knowing what was going on. The next morning (two days after disembarkation), we were told that Liverpool (our only stop in England) was going to be cancelled. They should have cancelled Guernsey or Cobh instead. This opinion was voiced by many, many people onboard. The food was fine (as it should be for the price). Nothing excellent. Entertainment staff continually made jokes about other cruise lines. Holland America was particularly picked on, which is ironic considering we had a MUCH more enjoyable time with that company and not a single complaint. The service from waiters and room stewards was great. Because passengers were on the ship much more than expected with cancellations and delays with the ports, the staff was unable to have the breaks they were entitled to. Other passengers were also taking out their frustration on the stewards, which we thought was so unfair. If you do go with Princess, be aware that their shore excursions are extremely overpriced. This information is not made clear ahead of time, and they have strict rules about cancellation. One trip in Greenock cost us $140 (for two people) to simply get a ride into Glasgow. We later found out that if we had done it independently, it would have only cost $30 together. We found out in time to cancel our trip in Invergordon (which cost $110) and paid $40 for the both of us to get a ride into Inverness AND shown Loch Ness. The weather was not great throughout the trip, but that should be expected in the United Kingdom. In Edinburgh, the weather was so poor that we were told we would be unable to tender into the port. This was a huge disappointment on top of the already cancelled Liverpool. What annoyed us, however, was that the decision was made by 7:30am when the weather could have improved in an hour or two. As a result, we had another day at sea. We got very restless and bored with the options available on the ship. We were continually thanked for our understanding, which obviously was not the case. As "compensation" (offered after Liverpool was cancelled at the beginning of the trip), they offered everyone onboard a "gesture of goodwill" in the form of $75 onboard credit. Quite frankly, this amount was insulting. My wife and I chose this specific trip to see Liverpool, Dublin and Edinburgh. All in all, we saw one out of three ports we really cared to see. We could have easily taken a trip around Alaska for a MUCH lower cost. When we returned home, we tried to file a claim for compensation by detailing all these issues. We were immediately and flatly denied any form of compensation. Princess is not a company that cares about customer satisfaction. They rely entirely on their passenger contract and care nothing about a truly enjoyable travel experience. Even with the baggage damage and lost property, we were offered nothing. The Princess passenger contract outlines that passengers are entitled to a maximum of $250 for these issues. We were given the run-around between Princess departments over the phone. We were assigned a particular compensation advisor and she was the one who initially denied us. We tried to speak with someone at the Property Claims Department and they told us they could do nothing as the compensation advisor had put a note on our file that we had been denied for any form of compensation. When we approached her following that, she said that we must not have called them (essentially saying we were making this up) and that we should fill out a "Missing/Damaged Luggage Report Form" which says on the first line "This request form does not constitute a claim against Princess Cruises." After three emails back and forth, she simply ignored our messages. We are beyond disappointed with our travel experience with Princess. These feelings were compounded with the customer service experience we had after. We asked for a credit to use towards a future Princess cruise as form of compensation, which would have ensured we would be on another Princess cruise and pay them even more money. We will NEVER go with Princess again, nor will we recommend to anyone we know. We wish we had read other passengers' reviews before we booked our trip. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
The whole experience of this cruise was dismal from boarding to find our luggage soaking wet in the stateroom to having the amateur crew 'entertain' us on the last night - chefs singing and IT experts doing keepy-uppy with a ... Read More
The whole experience of this cruise was dismal from boarding to find our luggage soaking wet in the stateroom to having the amateur crew 'entertain' us on the last night - chefs singing and IT experts doing keepy-uppy with a football. Well meaning and nice people but not the professional entertainment we thought we had bought as part of the package! We were held on this prison ship for over 24 hours at the beginning with very little information barring an occasional announcement from the Bridge saying that there was a technical fault. Amazingly, instead of making our way to Eire to catch-up with our itinerary, we then endured a rough passage to Guernsey where the tender was slow due to the weather it created long delays in both directions and afforded us just a couple of hours ashore. We then sailed off to Cobh a day late and were informed that our much longed for trip to Liverpool was deleted from the itinerary.No chance to let friends and families know our whereabouts or plans as they unfolded and much frustration and annoyance. We later fell foul of bad weather as we waited to be tendered into Edinburgh -once again with scant information from the Bridge, and set sail we knew not where. We should have known that there would be no creative solution to this event eg visit a different port. Instead we wandered aimlessly around the North Sea taking 2 days to reach Le Havre! Very lucrative for the on-board shops, casino etc... The food was very average, some of the 'entertainment' appalling and certainly not magical (those aboard will understand) and the ship's crew very distant. However, our cabin steward was lovely, the waiter and his assistant very friendly helpful and professional and some of the entertainers excellent - John the Juggler, Paul the Pianist, David Copperfield the Comedian/Singer and a Welsh lady singer/comic saved the day along with the band Superfly. There were 3 Formal nights when we had been lead to expect 2. We asked to be placed on a table for 6 and ate alone every night. Our guide on one of the excursions was so appalling that we complained and got a $49.50 refund! Upon returning to the ship in gale force winds we were held on the pier for over 15 mins as there was only one gangway open. The Captain's cocktail party was just an excuse to promote ships to come and neither he or any of his team made any attempt to engage with passengers. We berthed alongside a P&O ship in Le Havre and were not surprised to learn that their shuttle bus into town was free whereas the Princess Caribbean shuttle charged 16 Euros per person for the same journey. All in all a dismal experience and towards the end, people were heard to be saying 'only another day to go' as if their prison sentence were coming to an end. If this had been our first cruise it would have been our last! Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
We were all excited to go on this cruise we picked it because of the itinerary, we have never been to the southern islands before and this was our chance so we booked it. We had heard before that Caribbean Princess had engine troubles ... Read More
We were all excited to go on this cruise we picked it because of the itinerary, we have never been to the southern islands before and this was our chance so we booked it. We had heard before that Caribbean Princess had engine troubles before (3 times) but honestly thought that they would have fixed the problem by now. Well we were so wrong! Lets start from the beginning our transfer from the Airport to the cruise ship went off without a hassle which was good. Getting on the ship there was no problems and we were able to get to our room immediately. We booked a mini suite but it was far from what we expected they needed to call it a balcony room only, They said we would have a walk in closet it was the same size as the inside room closets. When we sailed Royal Caribbean our mini suite there was twice the size with a actual walk in closet and a large bathroom. Our room attendant Marlon was wonderful! I am 6'6" tall and I had a problem walking around the ship the ceilings were just to low and I found that I was ducking everywhere to make sure that I didn't hit my head. The problem with the ship also was it was to broken up, so many rooms that there was a hard time finding a quite space to sit. Once we were told that our cruise was canceled due to the engine breaking we were to spend two days in St. Maarten then head back to San Juan. When we got back to San Juan that is where everything fell apart again. They brought us back to the Pan American port which was a distance from Old San Juan and they didn't offer free shuttle to town until the next day. And I only think they did that due to an almost Riot outside to get a cab to town the day before. But they held us captive each day and we couldn't get off until late each morning. The food was just not good I have never been on a cruise that when I got back I have actually lost 3 pounds! The buffet area was like corralling cattle they have this space that is blocked off and crew member's stand guard and so many people enter and you cannot move. There sitting space was small and usually you couldn't find a seat so a lot of times we just ate outside. The food in the dinning room wasn't any better. The majority of the staff was good but the majority of the ones we had in the dinning room were clueless. I love using a steam room and sauna when I am on a cruise it is a great way to relax for me. The steam room was so hot that if you cracked an egg it would have cooked it 3 minutes or less I had to ask three days in a row to have them lower it as no one would go in because it was so hot. They need to pay attention to the showers also and clean the mold off of the tiles. The crew did there best to keep everyone happy but I have to say I feel sorry for them as the next two cruises are canceled so they are out of money and as we heard they do not get paid. Princess did refund our cruise but I think they could have done more a 25% credit for a future cruise is just not worth it! I cannot even fathom taking another cruise with them my vacation is hard earned and when you take it you want to do something just not sit in port and hear excuses from the line. They knew that they have had this problem with the engine before they should have fixed it. Disembarking was awful they, they were an hour and half behind they blamed it on customs. we decided to just get off the ship because if we didn't we would have missed our flight back. The paid transfer we had was awful they dropped you off across the street from the terminal. we were traveling with one in a wheelchair and one who is blind and we had to navigate with all of our luggage across 3 lanes of airport traffic. I don't think I will ever travel with Princess Cruises ever again and I do believe that goes with our party of Seven. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Booked a 14 day cruise in a gty mini suite expecting the worst mini suite on the ship. 4 days before the sailing, we were given room #L107 which is the Cancun Suite. We couldn't believe our luck and even though about buying a ... Read More
Booked a 14 day cruise in a gty mini suite expecting the worst mini suite on the ship. 4 days before the sailing, we were given room #L107 which is the Cancun Suite. We couldn't believe our luck and even though about buying a lottery ticket. I googled the room and found several complaints including noise and vibration from the gym which is located above the bedroom as well as the private balcony is overlooked by the observation deck and your not able to use it when the ship is moving. I can confirm the ceiling, walls and bed shake, vibrate and rattle worse than you can imagine and it starts at 6am every morning. The balcony is so windy they should play "gone with the wind" when they sail and you have the lead role and don't last long enough for the applause at the end. Yes it's that bad. Called customer service (lots) and after several days they finally admitted they have the same problem on other ships and shut the 3 treadmills above the bedroom off until 8am. 3 days passed and finally I was able to sleep until 8:01am. Only 1 customer service rep made any attempt to help which she did. The rest couldn't care less..... I'm not hard to please. When I cruise I like to sleep till....., maybe have a nap in the afternoon and sit on my balcony and watch the water go by. I like to rest and recharge the batteries. I like my food hot and drinks cold. That' really all I need to be happy!! I don't expect to be treated like a king and I can assure you that WE WERE NOT!! even though we were in a $11,000 suite. Caribbean singers are loud and in my opinion, terrible. Only 50% of the crowd applauded and the theatre was not full. 2nd week the game shows had the same questions, answers and one liners as the previous week. 3 comedians were great but most of the singing acts had people leaving after the 2nd song. The grill has excellent hamburgers and fries. Buffet was ok but not a good as NCL. Did one sit down meal as the 15 minute wait was really 50 minutes because they "forgot about us" then sat us beside the table where the left over bread and menus are. Had room service once and the food was ice cold. They show movies all day and they are very hard to see in the sun and very loud. Not enough deck chairs for days at sea. There isn't enough time or space to list all the negative stuff and I can say this was our worst cruise we have ever taken. Princess in our mind has really dropped the ball on great cruises. We had 10 ports which all were great. Be careful in Aruba. I found there were too many jewellery stores and we ended up with black diamonds on my wife's ears "that wouldn't come off"..... lots of great deals. Overall the in suite perks were great but would have traded that $11,000 suite for a balcony in a minute. I guess I know why it wasn't booked. Just google L106 or L107 and read the comments. Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
February 2nd, 2012 Mr. Alan Buckelew President & CEO Dear Mr. Buckelew, This e-mail is in answer to your request for feedback on our latest two cruises on the Caribbean Princess in January 2012. I hope you will receive these ... Read More
February 2nd, 2012 Mr. Alan Buckelew President & CEO Dear Mr. Buckelew, This e-mail is in answer to your request for feedback on our latest two cruises on the Caribbean Princess in January 2012. I hope you will receive these comments in a spirit of improvement for your company. My husband, Peter Homulos, and I are Platinum passengers with Princess. We have traveled with several cruise lines such as Norwegian, Regent, Azamara and Crystal. We have come back to Princess regularly because we thought the ratio price/service was reasonable. However, since Princess was bought by Carnival, we have noticed a significant decrease in the quality of life on board. Doing business We understand that cruising is a competitive business and that Princess wishes to clear a profit. But the pushing for sales on board now borders harassment. For the moment we put our feet on the ship, we are constantly, constantly solicited to spend money. All the so called "seminars" are a poorly disguised pretext to sell products, treatments, jewelry and commercial art works. We cannot attend a true seminar, informative and free of any sale pitch. On top of normal expenses such as photos, bingo games and casino games, fees apply for several activities such as core pilates and Creativity@Sea. We are invited to buy special deals on soft drinks, fudge, name it ! We cannot even eat in the dining room without having someone trying to sell us something: wine tasting even, special coffees, etc. Food The food on the ship is very good and you can praise your chef for he is no doubt facing a formidable challenge to feed such a crowd. He has managed to provide diversified menus in the Horizon court day after day and the quality of the fish, meat and fresh fruit was good. We have also enjoyed the food in the two restaurants, Sabbatini and the Crown Grill. Entertainment We have been very disappointed in the quality of entertainment. In particular, Ruben Ruiz, the singer from San Juan Puerto Rico, who was so awful that people left the Explorers Lounge in the middle of his show. The Flamenco guitarist was excellent, although the part of his show with maracas on the hips of his female partners lack a bit of good taste. The Princess cruise singers and dancers are a dedicated bunch and we hope you pay them well for they work very hard. The piano entertainer, Chris Turner, was a "sing along in a bar" type of pianist and was unable to play any classic pieces or even just relaxing ballroom dancing tunes. We found ourselves spending a lot of time reading in our cabin because the organized activities did not attract us: brain quiz, scrabble challenge, cards games and afternoon trivia did not give us the chance to learn much. Why don't you invite on board interesting speakers who could give us informative lectures on the history of each island and its key people? For each port we are visiting, an information sheet on the island is provided, but it is a very concise and offers only a brief overview of the island history. Slavery and piracy have shaped the demographic of the population and the rich history of all the islands in the Caribbean and professors from the West Indies University could provide fabulous lectures on board. Why don't you organize fun language classes to learn how to greet island people in their local dialect (Creole in some cases), and how to say basic sentences such as "Hello" "How are you?" "How much?" Surely, Princess could put together an entertainment package which could appeal to people who like to learn something. Loud, loud, loud! I think what really sent us back in our cabin was the fact that entertainments on the ship were loud, loud, loud. I am a swimmer and I would have really liked to lounge near the two major pools on the 15th deck but one of them had the cinema under the stars which was blasting the sound so loud that I could feel a vibration inside my body. The other pool had bands playing music, again so loud that there was no way to relax. Could you not arrange for this second pool to have only the soft music of your channel 48 on board? So my option was the Sanctuary. Why do I have to pay to get some quiet time on board? I have been to the Sanctuary more than once in our several trips with Princess. It is indeed a quiet area to read and rest but the pool is extremely small and the location of the Sanctuary is poor. Since it is on the very top of the ship, it is extremely windy all the time. In the Piazza, mid ship, between 5h00 p.m. and 7h00 p.m., we used to be able to listen to a live quartet playing classical music and relaxing ballroom dancing music while taking our aperitif before dinner. No more! On this trip, we had a circus acrobat or Pop music with Sugar Cane or a Latin singer with speakers so loud that we could not hold a conversation in the Piazza. The myth: "This is what people want." Are the current entertainments on Princess really what people want? Since Peter and I had chosen free dining option and were sharing table every night with different people, we have taken the time to ask other passengers what they think of entertainment on board. Most people we met were middle age and seek relaxing activities and pleasant time in the sun. So are current activities a good fit for people in this age range? It raises the question: what type of people does your company targets? Younger crowd? Families? Retirees? All of these groups? We understand that your company is trying to attract the widest range of people possible in order to be able to sustain your business but the danger of this wide casting net is that in wanting to please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one. It seems to us that the level of entertainment is set to please the lowest common denominator. Dealing with the passengers In general, all crew members were courteous and polite. However, on this particular trip, we experienced a very unpleasant event. We had signed for the Helmet dive event. We are both divers. A few days before the tour, we received in our cabin a health form to fill out. We filled it out honestly, stating our previous health issues. The form indicated that if the tour organizers had concerns about our health, a doctor would get in touch with us to discuss them. We expected to receive a call from the doctor but it never came. So, assuming that everything was alright, we showed up on the dock with the other passengers the morning of the tour. When our turn arrived to get on board of the tour, the young woman who was arranging the tour refused to let us join the tour. She pulled out our form and started to ask us health questions in front of all the other passengers waiting in line, stating out loud all medical private information my husband had put on the form. We ask her why a doctor did not contact us earlier as stated on the form and why they did not let us know earlier about their concerns since they had our forms in hand for three days. We were given no answers to our questions. The only answer we received from her and the Princess cruise representative who was there observing the scene was: "Sorry!" It was now too late for us to sign up for another tour that day. My husband was furious about the cavalier way in which we were treated and about the blunt breach of privacy. Further in the day, someone brought some complimentary chocolate to our cabin with a card saying they were sorry about the event. Unfortunately, chocolate won't do. Other small things in the way passengers are treated are getting very annoying. Very often, cruise director, entertainers and tour organizers ask the crowd: "How are you today?" or "Are you having a good time?" If the crowd does not answer loud enough, the organizer says: "Let's start again. Give me a more enthusiastic answer. How are you today?" Are they deaf? We are not in a classroom. Do not treat us like kids! The other thing is the poor jokes. We are tired of the dull joke about the flushing toilet. We respect and follow the dress code and we expect Princess staff to gently remind passengers who do not follow it that they should do so. So one night, we are in the Explorers lounge and we have next to us a man in top underclothing with spaghetti straps, shorts and sandals. Nobody reminded him of the dress code. Same thing on formal night in the Piazza. Escape completely! This is exactly what my husband and I will do in the future: escape completely. Escape from loud entertainment and seek a cruising company which will allow us to relax in a quiet atmosphere, learn interesting information and enjoy the company of people with whom we share affinities. On return to Canada, we talked about our future vacations and, unfortunately, we have decided not to return to Princess. Mr. Buckelew, I hope these honest comments will be of some use to you. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our views with you. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
I travelled with my family consisting of my husband, son (12) & parents both 75yrs. The service we received was nothing less than shocking! Service on the ship was bad, with restaurant's being overcrowded, never any hot water for ... Read More
I travelled with my family consisting of my husband, son (12) & parents both 75yrs. The service we received was nothing less than shocking! Service on the ship was bad, with restaurant's being overcrowded, never any hot water for Teas & coffee, and staff seemed to me that we were asking something out of the ordinary if we dared to ask for anything. There were only two towels in our stateroom, although there were three of us, and the curtains we asked for to separate the sleeping areas never arrived throughout the whole journey. Service at the main restaurant was slow, inattentive, and on some occasions rude. on one occasion the bread was brought to the table, only to be taken straight away from us, it was only one of the other waiters who told our server to return it, what a joke! HOWEVER, my main concern is this: we all knew that Hurricane Irene was due into NY, as we were all following it on tv, however, not once were we given an update by any member of staff, or more importantly, the Captain. My family & I we travelling out of NY on the 27th from JFK Airport. After speaking with family at home they advised me that due to the evacuation of NY our flight had been cancelled. I therefore went to to Front desk to advise that my flight home had been cancelled, they photocopied my flight details, told us not to worry & that they would look after us!!!, they then told me someone would get back to me or leave a message in my stateroom, guess what? they never did!! The following morning everyone knew NY was being evacuated, thus ALL airport were closed, and it stated quite clearly on all the websites that, under no circumstances, no one should even attempt to go to the airports!, once again Princess staff were made aware of this, there answer::: We could stay on the ship for another week (AND PAY AGAIN), OR GO TO THE AIRPORT, no other option, we once again stated that the airport was CLOSED, once again they said that this was not an option and we had to go!!!!, but, there would be a Princess representative to meet us on arrival at the airport.... THERE WAS NO ONE AT THE AIRPORT, not even the airport staff, it had been totally evacuated, in some terminals the doors were locked,. We were told to get off the bus.. END OF Once inside terminal 4, the airport manager asked us what we were doing there,as she had had to evacuate every employee from the airport, we explained that PRINCESS CRUISES had brought us there, once again she stated that it had been made paramount to everyone through various channels that no one should be at the airport, she too was also utterly disgusted with Princess's treatment, and the way they put there paying passenger's safety at risk. WE WERE LEFT STRANDED, ABANDOND, AND VERY, VERY, FRIGHTEND, with no flight, and nowhere to go. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER BOOKING WITH PRINCESS, I have cruised on many occasions, this is my first and only cruise with Princess, and boy believe me, Princess does not consider it's passengers, or more paramount, their safety. Once you have paid your money (It cost me and my family over £8,000), just for the holiday, not taking into the account what we spent on board, or the gratuities that were automatically taken from us! I have emailed Princess on the 1/9/11, to which I have had no reply!!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
We sailed on the Caribbean Princess beginning, July 19, 2011 with a group of 8 other family members. Our experience was unpleasant to say the least. To begin with, we contracted a Pre-Cruise and hotel package with Princess, ... Read More
We sailed on the Caribbean Princess beginning, July 19, 2011 with a group of 8 other family members. Our experience was unpleasant to say the least. To begin with, we contracted a Pre-Cruise and hotel package with Princess, and paid over $534 for this service. You can imagine my surprise, when we arrived at La Guardia Airport, and Princess was not there to meet us. After waiting for close to 30 minutes, it became clear that Princess was not going to provide the service that we paid for. I called 1-800-Princess, and sat on hold for at least 5 minutes. The Representative was unapologetic and indifferent. She told me that my husband and I would have to drag our luggage through La Guardia Airport, FIND an information booth, and have Princess paged. When I told her that this was unacceptable, I was put in touch with a supervisor. He was equally unapologetic and unconcerned about our plight. Excuse me??? We paid a large amount of money to Princess to avoid this situation from happening. We had already been at the airport for over 45 minutes now. Needless to say we did not put ourselves through that, and took a cab to the hotel. However, providing good customer service, is now how Princess chose to operate. This attitude of providing bad service, continued thought the cruise. It is clear that this culture and attitude has permeated the entire Princess staff. However, Princess knows good and well, that they left us stranded in the middle of La Guardia airport. What difference does it make what we spent to get to the hotel? We should have received an immediate apology, and reimbursement for the transfer that we contracted for, but was not provided. We booked a suite on the ship. It was cabin C750. When I pulled up an image on your web site, I was shown a drawing of a beautiful large balcony that comfortably housed a table and chairs and 2 lounge chairs. The web site clearly states:" Stateroom views are considered unobstructed, unless noted" This is a downright lie, and deceptive and false advertising. We were shocked to see our balcony had 2 pillars, that took up over half of the usable deck space. There was no way on earth of put a table and two chairs together, an have 2 deck chairs together. Not only were there pillars In the middle of the deck, but they had paint chipped off of them. Our view was totally obstructed, and non existent from the bed. The metal portions of the railing were covered with rust and mold. One of the lounge chairs was broken. Both had stained fabric. The stain on the table and chairs was pealing off. It was disgusting. We did not use the balcony at all. My comments below about the rest of the cruise experience, should tell you why I am sending you out cut up Platinum cards, and never again cruise with Princess. I had maintenance in the room 3 times. The drawers in the vanity stuck, and I could not get them closed. The bath tub was lethargically slow to drain. I found out that these complaints had been made by the past 5 occupants of this cabin. Why weren't they fixed after the first complaint? The light bulb over the vanity was burned out. The cut backs trying to save money at every possible place, were obvious and clear. I have not been on a cruise in many years, where health and sanitary conditions were not of primary concern. We have always been required to put on hand sanitizer by a staff member, prior to entering a buffet line or the dining room. This was not the case on this ship. People were entering the line at the Lido buffet, with unsatitized hands, and picking up food. It was gross an disgusting. There was no such requirement in the dining room either. We were not required or asked to sanitize our hands when we boarded the ship. There were people from all over the world traveling on the Caribbean Princess. God only knows what kind of germs they had on their hands. Princess has chosen to put our health at risk, in order to save a few dollars on hand sanitizer. It is outrageous. My husband became ill after eating dinner on the last night of the cruise. He was up all night, and on the airplane the next day with diarrhea and stomach cramps. I got into the outdoor spa 1 day, and ended up with a severe bladder infection, that I did not get rid of until I took courses of 2 different antibiotics for over 2 weeks. The food was inedible. Our local cafeteria serves better food, than the swill Princess provided. While I am not going to critique every meal that was presented to me, I am listing a few examples below: Breakfast on the Lido deck offered pancakes that were hard as rocks and pre-cooked eggs with hard centers. Dinner was no better. My husband gave up and stopped eating anything but bread after day 4. He ordered meat loaf the last night, saying "How can anyone screw up meatloaf?" Well, Princess managed to do so. My niece said that it looked and smelled like Fancy Feast Cat Food. I ordered a New York Steak. I do not know what I was given, but it was unlike any New York steak that I had even seen. It was a wafer thin piece of meat that was full of fat and grizzle. The salad dressings were so watered down, that they were unidentifiable as to what they were claimed to be. My husband ordered fried chicken, and asked for white meat. He was given a heavily breaded dark something...It was not chicken breast. The piece of meat was perhaps the size of my thumb, and did not look like any piece of chicken that I had ever seen. There was no bridge director provided, as has been the case on past cruises. The Princess Patter showed times twice a day for Bridge players to meet. The first day we went to the dining room to play, it was locked. The second day we arrived the dining room, it was open, but there were no playing cards.. I went to the front desk to complain, and was told that if we wanted to play cards, we would have to go the gift shop and purchase them. Are you kidding me????? I explained to the person at the front desk, that the activity was listed in the Princess Patter. Your representative told me quite curtly that this was a non hosted event, and the ship did not provide playing cards. What does a deck of cards cost Princess? Perhaps 10 cents. I am sure this was another way that the bean-counters at corporate Princess, managed to save another couple of dollars per ship per cruise. I have never been on a cruise before, where cards were not provided for announced Bridge play times. The showrooms were tiny and only held a small percentage of the people on the ship. We managed to get into one show, and gave up after that. People were packed like sardines into this room. They were standing and sitting on all of the stairs, blocking any possible chance to leave the room. When we complained to the staff, we were told that there was nothing they could do about it, and left the stairs blocked. This must violate every safety and fire regulation on the books. I am sure that I am not telling you anything that you, yourself has not authorized or dictated. Cutbacks this severe and universal, can only come from the highest level of management. I do not consider it to be a fun vacation, when I am, crammed into small show rooms, served lousy food, and placed in a sub-par cabin, with an obstructed filthy balcony. We paid over $6,700 for this vacation, and were disappointed at every step of the way. Unlike cruises in the past, we could not wait to get off and escape. I would have NEVER booked this cabin, had I been informed that it had a useless balcony. What Princess has done constitutes false advertising, and outright lies. They lied to us and screwed us. Princess has become a 3rd rate cruise line, who obviously does not care about attracting return passengers. I complained to Princess, asking for some type of compensation. They refused. We are Ptatinum members. We have taken our children and grandchildren on 3 Princess cruises. We were told by Princess, that they would take our complaints and show them to the proper people on the ship. As for an apology or compensation, there was none offered The Princess slogan is Escape Completely. They left off the last two words....into Hell. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
We booked princess for the second half of our honeymoon because we had heard it was on the level of celebrity, which we loved! It fell far short of our expectations in every way. Embarkation was ok, just a lot later than any other line ... Read More
We booked princess for the second half of our honeymoon because we had heard it was on the level of celebrity, which we loved! It fell far short of our expectations in every way. Embarkation was ok, just a lot later than any other line out of puerto rico...No one boarded until 2pm and there were still lines at 5pm of people trying to get on the ship. We showed up at 11am and waited until 2, which wasn't bad because we had a seat, but I'd have been so mad if I showed up at 2pm and was still in line at 5 since our boarding passes indicated we should show up after 2 for a speedy boarding. After embarkation was the normal, go to the Lido and get some lunch. Very bland food, below average and far below all other cruise lines including carnival. Talking to other travelers who were captain's circle members (princess exclusive cruisers) they said everything including the food has gone downhill since Carnival had taken over... possibly milking the name and letting it go under? Holland America Noordam (also owned by carnival) still had fabulous food and service as of March 08. Back to the Caribbean princess, the ship was plain, less decorated and less embellished than all other ships. Two of the only positive advantages was Crooners martini bar (and Burte Stratton pianist) and the movies under the stars. Most of the food was barely palatable other than the signature dishes offered every night on the menu, those were ok, bland, but ok. The chef is italian, but even the italian dishes lacked flavor. The crowning moment of how dismal the food was occurred the last night of the cruise. I ordered Mango Strudel... imagine eating mango so overcooked it had turned brown, tasted like a bad chewy sweet potato and had been salted and mixed with sour milk. That's about what it was like. My husband was appalled, which of course we went to have our dessert at the martini bar at least the gourmet olives there tasted better as a dessert. That about sums up the food. Entertainment was lacking other than the pianist in Crooners bar. Skywalkers nightclub had an awesome location at the back of the ship, but played only heavy rap and R&B other than themed disco nights. This was not exactly relaxing or fun for even us (25 yr old newly weds). Also, nothing happens there until after 10:15-at least they could have light easy music or jazz until the hooligans show up, but it was obvious in every single way that princess was cutting costs everywhere, but not exactly cutting cruise fare. Service was ok on deck and in the dining rooms, not great, but ok. Room service for us was horrible (Mercy was our woman). She was friendly enough, but after the first night, any clothes that were on the bed when she came to make it up got randomly thrown on the floor or on a chair. Maybe we were spoiled in the past, but every other steward on other ships neatly folded them as she had only the first night. Also, no towel animals. They have a demonstration but that was it. Most disappointing of all NO Chocolate buffet... but considering the dismal food in the dining room and lido, maybe I wouldn't want this chef's attempt at a chocolate buffet. Oh another thing with lido food-it was generally re-makes and left overs from the night before. Breakfast had last night's dinner rolls and breakfast had yesterday's afternoon french fries. The beds were the most uncomfy ever, I preferred sleeping on the floor and most of the time in a pool lounger the next day from all the tossing and turning. Something always fell asleep- If I was on my side, it was my arm (the bed is that horrible), on my back, my butt, on my stomach I couldn't breathe. I could go on and on about the downfalls, but bottom line is princess is being driven under by unhappy staff, bad food, mediocre ships and entertainment. Next cruise for us will be back on Celebrity or back on Holland america. Norwegian and Royal caribbean are also still considerations, although the other two are leagues ahead in food and service, which to me is half the reason to be on a cruise! :) Read Less
Sail Date November 2008
This was supposedly the first itinerary for this ship and there were a great deal of teething pains. I traveled with my husband and fifteen year old son. The embarkation in Brooklyn was very quick, we got there around 1 pm and were on the ... Read More
This was supposedly the first itinerary for this ship and there were a great deal of teething pains. I traveled with my husband and fifteen year old son. The embarkation in Brooklyn was very quick, we got there around 1 pm and were on the ship in about fifteen minutes! The cabin was a huge disappointment. It was listed as a minisuite, but it was more like a deluxe balcony room. There was a foldout couch for the third person, the usual beds and the bathroom had a tub. The room looked like it was decorated in the 1970's. It was in need of a huge face lift. The couch was very stained, the carpeting by the balcony was coming up to the point where the tacks could have gotten in your feet. We are all non-smokers and the smell of smoke was coming in our room several times each day throughout the cruise. The beds must have been bought from Alcatraz when they closed. The pillowtop on my mattress at home is thicker than the entire mattresses on the bed. The foldout couch had wooden slats you could feel. There were two tv's and two remotes that operated each tv, that led to a lot of yelling when a channel was changed on the wrong tv. The tv had the usual fare, the first day we must have watched Hairspray five times, they had the usual Princess channels, a few cartoon networks and two movie channels with only four movies or so a day. It seemed like the majority of the cruise was over 65, there were about 300 children and couples that were in their 30's. Not too many teenagers or 20 year olds. The activities were sparse, especially if you are used to Carnival which usually has ten things going on at once. There was maybe a trivia game, some board game, a bingo and at night, music, dancing and karaoke. One activity that I really enjoyed was, instead of singing karaoke, you sang with a live band playing behind you. I was one of the few that tried it, and it was really fun, the band was great and they would sing back up on the choruses. The only problem was they had a very limited list of songs and they were almost all by male groups, and being female, I sing more female songs, but I managed to get through Summer of 69 without people leaving. A few of the movies under the stars were ok , but they ran out of blankets every night. The food was by far the worst I have had on a cruise. Even the sit down dinner wasn't good and the buffets were mostly not edible. They served a lot of lamb and veal, which a lot of people do not eat, and on German food day they were slicing meat off a pig head, which really was disgusting. They even had something called squid ball soup for breakfast one morning. We mostly had the pizza and burgers and room service sandwiches. Some nights room service took over ten minutes to answer the phone. This cruiseline nickels and dimes you to death, everything is extra, the only free drinks were coffee, tea, and milk. Everything else is extra, so we had to purchase drink stickers and upgrade my son's so he could have hot chocolate and soft serve ice cream, all of which are included on Carnival. They really pushed the booze, and we are not drinkers so it got annoying to hear entire drinks lists and keep saying no. The first port was Halifax, we went to Peggy's Cove. Peggy's Cove is beautiful, it's like going through a time warp and being there a hundred years ago. The tour guide was good and the scenery is breathtaking, wear good shoes, the granite shore line can be slippery. We were supposed to have a city tour but there was a mistake and we didn't get it, so we were refunded 25 dollars each without having to ask. St John's wasn't too interesting as a tour but the changing currents in the waters were amazing. The tidal changes are so big that the current reverses back and forth each day with amazing rapids. Bar Harbor was very unorganized, no one seemed to know what bus to go on and we had to stand for a long time. Noting the age of most of the people and having back problems myself, this was difficult. We went to Acadia Park and stopped a few times to take pictures, the views are amazing from there. We also got a lobster bake, which I thought would be a picnic thing but it was in a restaurant, my son ordered the steak and it was disgusting, about four inches thick and mostly fat. In Boston we elected to go on our own and take the trolley, you get on and off when you want and there is one every fifteen minutes. My favorite was the north end which is where Paul Revere's House is and the Old North Church. It was amazing to be where history happened. If you like Italian food, stay in that area, there are tons of restaurants and gelato stores. If you want a cold drink, the little stores are a good bet. The area had a charm not evident in the newer parts of Boston. Overall it is a beautiful city with quite a bit to see. They take the Red Sox very seriously there so I would not advise wearing a team logo from another area. As soon as I said I was from NJ, I was immediately asked if I liked the Yankees, I really don't follow sports so they were much friendlier after that. Newport Day was rainy and foggy so we elected not to go on the tour. The crew for the most part were nice, the entertainment staff were great, except some of the people had thick accents which made trivia playing difficult. Our cabin steward was extremely nice and did a great job. The customer service people were not very nice. I had misplaced my dvd's and thought I had forgot to pack them, due to back pain, I wake up frequently and watch movies on a portable dvd player until I can sleep again. I asked them to rent me ONE dvd, which I would pay for, but they refused because I didn't have a suite. I was pretty peeved at that, especially after Gavin Macleod on tv says they will solve any problem. I also asked an employee if she could just look under my lounge chair for a second because I couldn't find my card. She said maybe after the movie and walked away. We did the walkoff disembarkation, which went quickly, and I was more than happy to get off the cruise and sleep in a comfortable bed. Read Less
Sail Date August 2008
This was my 8th cruise . Celebrity 1, Royal Carib 3 and Carnival 3. Embarkation - Best so far. Very quick. Half hour from curb to room. Cabin - Mini suite on Dolphin deck.. Family of 4. Nice size room, nothing special. Pull out sofa ... Read More
This was my 8th cruise . Celebrity 1, Royal Carib 3 and Carnival 3. Embarkation - Best so far. Very quick. Half hour from curb to room. Cabin - Mini suite on Dolphin deck.. Family of 4. Nice size room, nothing special. Pull out sofa bed had nothing more than a foam pad... no mattress - not too comfortable. The queen size bed had a bar going down middle... VERY uncomfortable! Nice size bathroom, tiles kept lifting off floor. Cabin steward was great at least. Food - One word GROSS! Squidball soup for breakfast! What is that????? You have to pay for ice cream by the pool and espresso/cappuccino at dinner is not free either. Venues - Way too small for number of people on ship. You had to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to get a seat at any location that had entertainment. Ports - Booked cruise because because of St. Maarten - Never made it, went to Tortola instead because of "operational issues" We were down one engine (and still not working. Also, when entering ship after Port visit, they make you walk up steps that are covered with rugs to accommodate the wheel chairs. VERY UNSAFE - You cannot grab the steps under your feet. Comfort - Air conditioning not functioning properly due to lack of engine. Ventilation of cigar lounge is poor. The overwhelming smell permeates the surrounding hallway. Same with Casino. Pool - Chlorinated water...NOT fresh water. So much chlorine that it faded the stitching on my sons bathing suit. People are allowed to bring drinks into the hot tubs!?! Drink waiters not too quick to take your order or bring drinks. No "free" drinks such as fruit punch, lemonade, iced tea, coffee/hot tea out by the pool area., only water by the bar in jugs. Iced tea is available in the buffet dining areas if you can find a fountain that is working. Ice machines not working 90% of the time, you have spoon ice cubes from a bucket. VERY UNSANITARY. Cruise Directors Staff - With the exception of Kelvin the rest of the staff was rude and very unfriendly. They never got the party started. This was a highly confrontational group. In addition, I had to kill (crunch) a huge bug with my shoe in my cabin. I flushed it, I should have brought to the front desk, my mistake. Horrible vacation, would never book another Princess Cruise again. Read Less
Sail Date July 2008
Since this cruise had so many problems with it, I thought that I should give an honest review of our recent cruise aboard the Caribbean Princess which departed from NY and visited the Eastern Caribbean on July 1st. This had been our forth ... Read More
Since this cruise had so many problems with it, I thought that I should give an honest review of our recent cruise aboard the Caribbean Princess which departed from NY and visited the Eastern Caribbean on July 1st. This had been our forth cruise and our first with Princess. Prior to do this, I had heard all positive things about Princess Cruise Line - only some of those things turned out to be true! The cruise started with a change of the itinerary and no information coming from Princess. My travel agent had to make the call for me to try and get some factual info on why they changed the itinerary. I had heard this same thing from many, many other passengers about the lack of info coming from Princess. It turned out that the ship was running on one less generator and therefore the entire itinerary was changed. As a result of this mechanical issue, they decided to scratch one of the major islands St. Marten and substituted this with an island that virtually had nothing to do on it. They also changed the allocated time-frame that we were supposed to spend on each island. The air conditioning was cut back to compensate for the lack of electrical power. It was some of the poorest planning that I have ever seen and the worst communication from any company that is supposed to cater to luxury cruisers. You arrived at Puerto Rico at 5:00 at night and were told to be back onboard at 9:30 pm - no time to do anything. This was then repeated for every other island that we visited. If that was not bad enough they overbooked the cruise by adding 300 extra people to this cruise. THIS WAS A MAJOR PROBLEM! By having so many passengers onboard meant that you could not get into a restaurant, casino, pool chair, elevator etc. I was considered as Open Seating Dining which I was told that I could eat anytime at any restaurant that I wanted. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. On the first hour of the first day, I tried to make reservations for any of the restaurants and was told I could get 5:00 or 10:00 reservations and that both specialty restaurants (pay extra fee) were already booked as well. I ended up making such a scene with the head maitre d (spelling??) that to keep me from making a bigger scene in front of a large crowd he added a table into the primary dining room for me and 6 other passengers just as angry as I was. You could not have your desert because you would not get a seat at any of the shows. One night, an older gentleman, dressed in a Tux was literally sitting on the steps to the right side of me. A disgrace! Later that week they started to simulcast the shows up to the outside movie theaters by one of the pools - even the comedian made jokes about this. One show got cancelled 30 minutes into it and no explanation was ever given. Another act was so poor that by 30 minutes in, most of the passengers walked out. Because the ship was so over booked you had to rush to do everything,,,, you had to get to the pool no later than 8:00 AM to get a lounge chair. There were some positive things that I will say. The ship was spotless! My cabin steward was outstanding. The food at dinner was pretty good, but the buffets were average to poor. My children ran up a $60 bill for ice cream - go figure! The entertainment was terrible. Calvin the entertainment director was pretty good, but had no supporting staff. Entertainment at the pools was the worst that I had ever seen. They had one reggae band that wasn't all that bad, but played the same exact songs each and every day - the joke at the pool was that it was like ground hog day, over and over again. I do not mean to be venting so much but this was supposed to be an enjoyable cruise for me and my family. Given the state of the economy and with spending several thousands dollars for this cruise, I expected to enjoy myself, I was very, very disappointing. It seems that by looking at other cruise critic reviews about this same cruise that I was not the only one disappointed. I tried to contact Princess to let them know how I felt and was put on hold for 20 minutes on two separate occasions. Given the performance and lack of a response from Princess on these issues, would lead me to believe that they may be having financial difficulties and are a company that is desperate. The best advice I can give to others, is to look for another cruise company to book with. This was my first and last cruise with Princess. Very Disappointed! Read Less
Sail Date July 2008
My husband and I took our 15th cruise this past July. It was our 2nd with Princess. Our 1st was on the Crown Princess in October of 2006. While we hated the balconies on the mini-suites on the Crown Princess, it was a beautiful ship and ... Read More
My husband and I took our 15th cruise this past July. It was our 2nd with Princess. Our 1st was on the Crown Princess in October of 2006. While we hated the balconies on the mini-suites on the Crown Princess, it was a beautiful ship and for its passenger capacity (3100), it was very organized and very well run. We never knew there were that many passengers. It was because of this that we recommended Princess to our daughter and our son-in-law. As a gift, they decided to take us and my son-in-law's parents on the Caribbean Princess in July of this year. We were very excited, but apprehensive about going in July because of too many kids. We didn't worry too much though because our experience with the Crown Princess was that it was so well run and organized we expected the same thing on this ship. We were terribly disappointed. The embarkation process was the best we ever encountered, but that's where our enthusiasm for the ship ended. Our rooms, while very clean and very well taken care of, were very small. My son-in-law had asked for the best (covered balconies) on the ship and they were very disappointed in the size of the rooms. The location however, was perfect (14th deck, toward the back of the ship). The adult pool was at the end of our hall, up 1 flight of stairs, and the cafe was right there also. It was very convenient. However, the ship was so overbooked (3622), that my husband and I had to get up at 6:00 in the morning to get a chair by the pool. It is very frustrating to get to a pool only to see chairs being saved for hours with no one there. Our itinerary had been changed 1 week before we left and we were pretty upset. They had cut the hours we were to be on each island by as much as 8 hours. We were never given an explanation for this, but my son-in-law felt it was because of the fuel. If this were the reason, then they shouldn't have charged an "extra fuel supplement" on top of the fare. I felt it was very sneaky the way it was handled. Our 1st stop was Bermuda and, of course, because of the hurricane, it was canceled, which we understood completely (although my husband and I love rough waters). We assumed that because of this we would get more time in St. Thomas and Grand Turk, but this did not happen. We did get extra time in Puerto Rico, but that was it. Very disappointing itinerary. We had been in St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico before but this was our 1st time to Grand Turk - we were not impressed. We were told that where the ship anchors there are beaches, so, because of lack of time, we decided to forgo an excursion. Big mistake! The beaches were so rocky, in and out of the water, that you had to keep your shoes on if you wanted to be able to move at all. My husband actually cut his foot on a rock in the water. We really can't comment on the entertainment because we only got to see 1 show. Every time we waited in line to see a show in the Explorer's lounge, teenagers would push past us and we would not get a seat. My son-in-law, who was furious because my daughter is pregnant, called the ship CHAOTIC and that's exactly what it was. Even in the dining rooms and the buffets. They always ran out of cream, people had to wait 45 minutes to an hour to be seated (even with reservations), and quite honestly, the one show we did see in the Princess Theatre, which is by the way, much too small for such a huge capacity of passengers, was not very good. The only way we even got to see this show, was because we went to the show before it, and stayed! We were sorry we did. The food was the worst I've ever had on a cruise ship. The only good meal was the lobster and shrimp at the "Captain's Dinner" - it was delicious - and the pizza. The pizza is wonderful - needless to say, we had a lot of it. We only tried 1 alternative restaurant, Sabbatini's, and while it was good, it wasn't worth the extra $20 pp. The service however, in the dining room and our cabin steward, was excellent. The art auction, which we always go to, and love, had the most obnoxious and snobby director we ever met. He was rude and when my son-in-law and daughter requested a certain Howard Behrens painting be brought up for auction, they wanted a 100% guarantee from my son-in-law that he was going to buy it, and the comment was "You know it's $2900.00, don't you?" My son-in-law was furious. How dare they not only insult him, but it is an auction. You don't ask for a guarantee!!! My son-in-law wasn't going to buy it after that comment, but they did love the painting and I think for my son-in-law, it was a matter of pride to show this moron that he could actually afford to buy any painting he wanted to! We went to the movies one night, but could not get popcorn (because they ran out and then closed early) and even the ice cream was hard to get - and you had to pay for it! The bingo was not only much too expensive, but it was so crowded, that people on the last day got frustrated and walked away. We had to actually sit on the floor to play! The casino, however, was the best casino I have ever seen on a ship. Unfortunately, this cruise left a bad taste in our mouths for Princess. This ship was not run well at all and could not handle the amount of passengers onboard. I felt we were treated like a herd of cattle and the food was just thrown out there. I'm not sure we will go on another Princess cruise, but if we do, it will be in the winter! I do know we will never go on this ship again. Read Less
Sail Date July 2008
Please enter your review.I have been on 8 previous cruises and this my 9th on Caribbean Princess. I have 5 on Royal and 3 on Carnival. My husband and 31 year old daughter were with me. We were anxious to try anytime dinning option and ... Read More
Please enter your review.I have been on 8 previous cruises and this my 9th on Caribbean Princess. I have 5 on Royal and 3 on Carnival. My husband and 31 year old daughter were with me. We were anxious to try anytime dinning option and different cruise line. Embarkation was very easy and were on ship in about 30 minutes from parking to room. This and debarkation were probably the best thing about the cruise. I love to cruise because you feel so pampered. I felt nothing like this on this cruise. The dining staff were not one bit friendly Never told us there names or asked ours. It was like hurry you in and then out. The staff on the whole ship was unfriendly. There were a couple down right rude staff. I thought the ship was nothing special to look at. Had to theme and no where pretty to take pictures. You had to flag down a drink waiter to get a drink. Dishes piled up on the ends of our table in the buffet before anyone would pick them up. I was very disappointed with the food. I never missed a sit down dinner on Royal. From the appetizers to desserts couldn't make up my mind. Here I could find anything I wanted so nights so we went to buffet. That is my favorite part of the cruise, the sit down dinners. Not here. The soups were tasteless. Royals are wonderful. This was the most expensive cruise I have been on and didn't feel I got my moneys worth out of this staff. They can think they are a step above Royal, but I beg to differ They have a long way to go to come close to Royal. As far as the entertainment, Sarge the comedian, was great The production shows sucked When Simon Cowell on American Idol tells people they sound like cruise ship singers, I now know what me means. Actually some of those singers were better than the four main singers on ship. The dancers were very good, but the singers ruined the show. Also a mentalist, illusionist was on and he was very good also Same statement about size of theater as everyone else says. Way to small for ship Cant accommodate half the ship at one show. As far as ports they are great Always are. Grand Turk is pretty but nothing there but Margaritaville. It was beautiful. Bermuda was also very pretty. I will say I have never been on a cruise a did not enjoy, but the staff, entertainment and food on the ship were not up to my standards. I don't go on a cruise to eat dinners in a buffet ,but that is what it came down to. Then on six day of cruise they told up they ran out of watermelon and it suddenly appeared on 8th day. They ran out of pineapple, and of all things 7th day ran out of ketchup. Then they tried to push this homemade stuff on us that was awful. We come from the city that makes the best ketchup in the world Heinz in Pittsburgh, PA How do you run out of ketchup. They also had salsa in the evening snack buffet everynight and they ran out of nacho chips and tried to push potato chips on you. Very disappointing food service department. I love cruising and already have another planned and will NEVER go with Princess again. Read Less
Sail Date June 2008
The best that I can say about my experience on the Caribbean Princess is that I enjoyed the Twinings Green Tea and that the layout of the cabin was well designed. All other aspects of the cruise were an utter disappointment. The ... Read More
The best that I can say about my experience on the Caribbean Princess is that I enjoyed the Twinings Green Tea and that the layout of the cabin was well designed. All other aspects of the cruise were an utter disappointment. The embarkation process was chaotic. Once on board the ship, there was no welcome glass of champagne or any other semblance of a real greeting by Princess personnel. Our mini suite, while spacious, was not well maintained. Avoid cabin D719 at all cost. The sofa has the remnants of stains and the bathroom floor has missing floor tiles and always looks dirty due to embedded stains. When I attempted to turn over the sofa cushions, it was clear that the sofa had not been vacuumed in quite some time. The bedspreads are old, worn and also look dirty. The level of cleanliness was not up to par and our cabin steward, while pleasant, did nothing to go out of his way to be helpful. What I found most offensive was the overall lack of service and the attitude of most of the personnel. It was as if they were going out of their way not to be helpful. For example, the day before we were scheduled to disembark the internet went down for the duration of the cruise. Instead of giving a credit to those with unused minutes, they put a sign on the door advising the passengers to address any concerns with Passenger Services. After waiting on a long line at Passenger Services, a rude Princess representative told us we needed to go back up to speak to the Internet manager. (By the way, the room was locked and no Manager was to be found.) When we told her that the room was locked and that there is a sign advising us to see Passenger Services, she acted like she did not believe us. It was only after we went upstairs, removed the sign and brought it to her, that she said she would look into it. There truly is no Passenger Service on the Caribbean Princess. There is a "pass the buck" philosophy that seeks to get the passenger to do all the running around while Princess personnel sit back and do nothing. The food quality is institutional at best. The room service menu is very limited and the room service breakfast is little more than cold cereal, juice and pastry. On other cruise lines, such as Celebrity, you get a full room service breakfast when you book a minisuite or suite. There are no extra amenities which go along with the added expense of those rooms on Princess, just a bigger cabin. To get a decent quality steak, you need to pay for the privilege of eating at the Sterling Steakhouse. Again, don't expect the experience to be equal to that of a fine restaurant. The Caesar salad sits pre-made in a bowl and some of the lettuce was brown and wilted. The waiter we had acted had a condescending attitude and acted like he was doing a favor. As for the entertainment, the Princess Theatre does not come close to accommodating the number of passengers on board. On the last night of our cruise, we arrived 35 minutes before show time and still could not get seats. The theatre was crowded with people clogging up the aisles and the back of the theatre. (has anyone at Princess ever considered that this might be a fire hazard? Obviously not.) The caliber of the entertainment was sorely lacking- a bathroom humor comedian (great if you have a boatload of 5 year olds) who performed on 3 of the 9 nights and some other less memorable acts on the other nights. In sum, for the price range, I find that Celebrity delivers a far better cruise experience. They do understand the importance of good customer service. You can bet that my next cruise will not be on Princess. Read Less
Sail Date May 2008
Having returned 10 days ago from a 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Caribbean Princess, I wanted to provide potential cruise passengers with the facts about this line and their "customer service." 1. Princess is not ... Read More
Having returned 10 days ago from a 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Caribbean Princess, I wanted to provide potential cruise passengers with the facts about this line and their "customer service." 1. Princess is not competent to record reservations correctly. They made errors on our travel insurance, Captains Club membership, and the name on the Visa card that we supplied for our incidentals. When these items were brought to their attention, our requests for correction were ignored. 2. The "Concierge Service" for dining reservations is available certain hours of the day and will make reservations for only 2 nights hence. It's disingenuous to have a "concierge service" that is unavailable after 4:30 pm, which is the time most people return from shore excursions. Besides, when you try to make reservations, you can't because they have to keep half the dining room available for walk-ins. 3. The beds are substandard. Don't expect pillow tops or fluffy pillows. These are worn out, old mattress and lumpy foam pillows. If you have a bad back or a stiff neck, cruise with Holland America. 4. The staff are rude and can be nasty. At the time I was boarding the ship, the four security staff started chasing another passenger who was disembarking without using his ship card to "click out." Although I waited, they did not return in a timely fashion, and so I walked on and up to my room. About an hour later, I received a hostile call from the Front Office, commanding me in an angry, loud voice to "get downstairs and get your picture taken, right now!". Instead of hearing "please", "thank you" or even "good-bye", the caller abruptly hung up on me. I was shocked that this was the way Princess trains its staff--and that this was the type of impression they wanted to give at the beginning of the cruise. Although you may perceive this is an isolated instance, Princess personnel gave me a hard time during check-in, when their agent ordered me, a tired traveler, to walk back through the check-in area to "go back" in order to drop off a form that their staff had not picked up at the appropriate point. Staff aboard the ship are not familiar with it. Often the staff could not tell me where the exits were on certain decks and sadly, not all the elevators in each elevator bank worked, so you could be waiting for a long time for an elevator. To top it off, Princess gave us incorrectly color-coded luggage tags for our disembarkation time, despite our having filled out the disembarkation form on-line and again, in hard copy form after boarding the ship. When I asked the Front Desk staff for another copy of the survey so my husband and could each fill one out, I got a dirty look and the response, delivered in a surly tone, "we give one per cabin." Is this customer service? Apparently Princess has no standards or poor staff training. 5. The ship has a tiny library with a poor choice of books and no magazines. No daily newspaper is provided with the daily program ("Princess Patter") to your stateroom, since that would cost extra staff time and effort. 6. Princess makes you drag your pool towels back and forth. Apparently it is easier for the laundry to have the cabin stewards put them in your room than it is for the line to provide you with the staff/customer service to have them available poolside. This also means that if you want to use more than one towel, you are out of luck. And be prepared to get your own drinks, since there are very few staff who are available to serve drinks poolside. 7. Meal service is devised to save Prince$$ money. You get to carry your own plastic plate, napkin and silverware in the Lido, and even though there are supposed to be staff with beverage carts, you wind up fetching your own beverages because the staff are nowhere to be found during meal times. There is no ice cream dessert at lunch; instead Prince$$ requires a surcharge for ice cream ($3.75) and yogurt ($1.50). Smoked salmon and other items are recycled as "sushi". Choices at dinner are very limited, salads are unusually small, with skimpy,tasteless dressing, and even though the dining room is the only place you are served on Sterilite china, you are not trusted with a full silver setting or crystal salt-and-pepper shakers. 8. Other cruise lines provide their passengers with free souvenir tote bags, that you normally use to go to the pool or for shore excursions. Not Prince$$! Princess makes you buy them for $10 each in the on-board arcade, unless you brought your own, like some Holland America passengers did. 9. Don't forget to ask for nuts with your drinks in the night spot$! Prince$$ staff doesn't bring them, unless you clearly request them. 10. Take a good look at the doors, floors, and handrails in the common areas. I never saw Prince$$ staff wiping door handles and handrails down, cleaning the common areas, or vacuuming. Instead, I saw heavily fingerprinted doors and lots of food on the floor in the dining areas--probably because you have to carry your own plate and there is a fair amount dropped. The restrooms were cleaned about an hour after schedule, but the staff recorded the earlier time. The lack of cleanliness was the worst part of the cruise, particularly because Holland America's ships are sparkling clean, and their cruises are comparably priced. Bottom line: This is Carnival by another name. Forget Prince$$ and take your business to Holland America. Read Less
Sail Date January 2008
Let's start at the beginning. Jan. 24th 09. Confirmed flight #1063 Washington Dulles to San Juan. Instead of going to San Juan the flight goes to St. Thomas first. Mass confusion in St Thomas as all new seat assignments needed to be ... Read More
Let's start at the beginning. Jan. 24th 09. Confirmed flight #1063 Washington Dulles to San Juan. Instead of going to San Juan the flight goes to St. Thomas first. Mass confusion in St Thomas as all new seat assignments needed to be made. No one from Princess Cruise lines told us of the changes. (we had booked back in July of 08) Jan. 25th 09: We had been told the night before to leave our luggage outside our hotel room no later then 9AM. Luggage arrived at our suite (#E733) at 11PM that same day. That's 14 hours for a 3 mile trip. Once we got on to the bus for the trip to the ship we were informed that there would be a delay in our departure and that they would be taking us to the San Juan Convention Center instead. Now let's understand what 3600 passengers in the convention center must have been like (pictures are available) since nobody in corporate would dare to experience such chaos. We are now told that boarding would begin at 5:PM and ship would not leave until the following day. Everyone who was bussed to the Convention Center now needs to be bussed back to the ship. At 10PM there is still a "snake" of human beings (photos available) weaving through the parking lot."So lets go relax on the balcony" I say to my wife. Very nice balcony, 2 chaise lounges, 2 end tables, round dinette with 4 chairs all in teak. Very, Very nice. One problem however, the furniture had just been re-finished and was tacky to the touch and unusable for 3 days. January 26th 09: We had been confirmed for second seating in the "Palm" Dinning Room table of eight. Upon arriving at the dinning room we were told we had no table so we were seated with six other people who had no seating assignments. On the third day we were told via a note from the dinning room that we were now assigned table #4.Upon entering the dinning room, no one could find a table #4 including the dinning staff. The staff then proceeded to change a # on a table from #22 to #4 and that became our assigned table (6people). HELLO! We booked in July 08, remember? Throughout the rest of the cruise other problems came up all pertaining to the ongoing maintenance of the ship. A company by the name of "Maritime Industries" had been contracted to continue with this maintenance. On several occasions the "Promenade) deck had been closed do to maintenance. Workers were moving throughout the ship's interior (elevator lobbies and staircases) carrying long lengths of pipe. Work crews relaxing on the decks, enjoying their cruise, (photos available) dressed in their finest attire. Not quite the sights I expected to experience. My wife and I have always been GREAT supporters of Princess Cruise Lines. Whenever the subject would come up about cruising, our response was always one heaping praises upon that cruise line. Surely the best. After spending $7000 on the "Cruise from HELL" we feel we can no longer sing the praises of Princess Cruise Lines. We would find it very difficult to entertain the idea of ever cruising with them again. As it was in the beginning, so it is in the end. "SHAME ON YOU PRINCESS". Read Less
Sail Date January 2008
About 8 months ago, I booked the June 17-24 Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Caribbean Princess for my wife, 2 kids, and I. Our whole family cruises fairly regularly but usually cannot do it all at the same time. My wife has nearly 28 ... Read More
About 8 months ago, I booked the June 17-24 Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Caribbean Princess for my wife, 2 kids, and I. Our whole family cruises fairly regularly but usually cannot do it all at the same time. My wife has nearly 28 cruises under her belt and the kids probably half that. I go less frequently due to the press of my practice but have also gone on about 6-8. This cruise, however, was supposed to be special. It was part vacation and part continuing education for us as we all took part in the NWAS Anesthesia Update course. This was likely to be the last time we will all be able to cruise together as my daughter starts college in the fall and after that, our already difficult schedules will likely become so divergent that we will not all be able to be together. I really wanted this to be special therefore as mom and I were getting kind of misty-eyed about our kids growing up and leaving the nest. We flew from Maine to Cincinnati to Ft. Lauderdale pretty simply. We successfully retrieved all of our luggage and met the Princess people at the airport who escorted us to the Greyhound bus for transfer to the ship. The bus driver loaded all of our luggage and gave us a welcome spiel that included a definite plug for a tip. We were then dropped at the port to stand in a long line outside the terminal. Our luggage stayed on the bus to be transported to the xray machine and then would be loaded on the ship. It took about 30 minutes to make it through the line and about 45 minutes to make it to our cabin. This was rough on my wife who is a cardiac patient. The checkin desk was quick and perfunctory. Cabin: Was fairly normal and about the standard size. Our bed had some sag in it. My daughters drop down bunk seemed to suit her but my son had quite a time with his pull out sofa. It kept folding up with him in it which we found hysterical but he was uncomfortable. Veranda very small. Things reasonably clean. Our room steward always very friendly in the hall. Didn't do all that much for us. I have had bad experiences with stewards in the past so made sure he knew he was to always knock before coming in. Nevertheless, not only did he walk in once but went straight to the bathroom where my daughter was taking a shower. He got an earful from my wife and daughter. This is where we realized that my daughter's luggage was lost by the ship. It never did show up and she lost most of her everyday clothes and 2 Versace gowns. Fortunately, I had purchased Princess Travel Care insurance and I expect we will eventually get some money back although there is nothing quick about the claim process. The ship staff supposedly did a ship search but the luggage has never been found. This is the first time we have ever permanently lost a piece of luggage in all of our travels. My daughter was very upset and we had quite a time trying to buy her stuff to wear. Ship: Well maintained with a lot of paint crews. Never did see the captain. Security reasonable. No trouble getting on or off ship and the tendering was efficient. Dining: We ate mostly in the Horizons, Cafe Caribe, and the poolside hamburger place on the lido deck. We looked at Sabatini's and the Sterling Steak House as we are not opposed to paying the surcharges but the decor was not very remarkable and neither were the posted menus so we skipped it. We were a little surprised that the Scoops ice cream bar cost extra. The kids tried it and said the ice cream was OK but not remarkable. The bars and lounges were fairly standard. The coffee place did a good business. The lido food places worked hard and did have a good variety particularly on the theme nights. They did a very good job on German nights, for example. Rolls and breads a let-down, though, for a ship this size and the desserts were not very elaborate or interesting. Entertainment: Casino was large with poor ventilation. My wife is a real casino pro and yet they cleaned her out- first time I have ever seen her lose this much. She said casino people were efficient but not personable. Not a lot of people winning, either. I did the Susan Komen On Deck for the Cure walk. For those unfamiliar, all the cruise lines owned by Carnival have ships that take part in this. You sign up, make a donation, get a hat and do a 5K walk. Whatever proceeds are made, the company matches in donation. This time the cause made $1200. This walk always brings out the nicest people on board. Shore excursions/adventures/shopping: My son and I set up our own dive in St. Maartens on the HMS Proselyte. Strong current and choppy sea. Tough dive and only got a few minutes of video over the wreck. Got seasick afterwards and my son got a mask squeeze so had to quit after 1 tank. Were scheduled to dive the next day in St. Thomas but had to cancel. Dove again as part of Princess Cays excursion 1 tank dive off Eulothera Is. reef. Beautiful,lobsters, lionfish, great coral & gorgonians, lots of fish, no sharks, no eels- great dive. Kids also did banana boat ride which was a bit of a bust because everyone kept falling off. Shopping in St. Thomas always fun. They have cut down on petty crime quite a bit since we were last there which was nice. NWAS course excellent but Princess staff very rude to lecturers, waiters walking in front of them while they spoke. NWAS just recently told me they won't use Princess again. Disembarkation/ flight home: We made sure we were first off- we'd had enough. At airport, Delta has broken plane and tickets purchased through Princess First Choice turn out to be worthless on other airlines. We had to split up as I had patients the next day: I went Ft.Lauderdale to Laguardia, crazy cab ride to JFK, prop plane to Manchester, NH rented car to Portland, ME Jetport then drove home and got 3 hrs sleep. Wife and kids stayed over in Ft. Lauderdale Sheraton on Delta vouchers, flew out the next day to Atlanta then to Portland, ME. Luggage found its way home separate to all of us. Another bag missing that took us a week to track down. Summary: I took a lot of griping from my family about this cruise. My wife termed it the worst of 28 cruises she has taken. Read Less
Sail Date June 2007
This was our sixth cruise with the last few being on Celebrity. However Celebrity this time did not have the itinerary for the time period we were seeking. Our three grown children and one of the girlfriends also traveled with us this ... Read More
This was our sixth cruise with the last few being on Celebrity. However Celebrity this time did not have the itinerary for the time period we were seeking. Our three grown children and one of the girlfriends also traveled with us this time. This was not a Celebrity Cruise by any stretch of the imagination. By the end of the cruise we thought we had just completed a discount cruise on Carnival or lesser cruise line with upwards of 900 children on board ripping up the decks, filling the pools, lounges, the adult hot tubs, and forcing adults to stand even at the 10:30 pm shows in the theater. Listening to children scream and cry through dinner does not do much for the appetite, nor does it give better ratings to the shows. There were gangs of teens roaming the decks, shows and dining areas and some were rude and obnoxious and unyielding. This was not at all what we expected. One morning at 5am a "rogue tone" over the p.a. occurred, causing many to grab their life jackets fearing we had a major problem. The loud pitched sound jolted you from a dead sleep, and caused many distress. It took 10 minutes before the Captain came on the p.a. to apologize and advise this tone was a "rogue tone" and that they had no idea as to the cause, and to go back to sleep. The outbreak of the Norwalk virus was finally confirmed by the Captain on the fourth day while leaving St. Thomas, and had become obvious before this when you saw the ships staff pulling bedding out of cabins and spraying it down in the halls. With Norwalk on board, I was shocked that one of the most obvious means of transmission was overlooked, the keyboards in the Internet Cafe. There was no regular cleaning and no hand sanitizer upon entering the Internet Cafe. Keyboards in such a surrounding are compared to a toilet for germs. The number of passengers to contract Norwalk seemed high from what we saw. Even though I used every hand sanitizer I saw. I still contracted the symptoms of Norwalk which only became obvious on the day of disembarkation on the way home. Princess unbelievably disembarked those with Norwalk in the same immediate lobby area as healthy passengers. Our transfer bus to the airport had some of the poor individuals who had Norwalk on the cruise and who were confined to their stateroom for a few days as a result. Four days after getting home I was somewhat back to normal. It is not a nice feeling, but at least I made it home before being hit with the lion's share of symptoms. The plane ride home did prove a little stressful. It was the first ship we had seen this on. Embarkation. Many have commented in the reviews how well this goes. Ours was no exception. We flew down to Miami early Sunday morning (the day of the cruise) from Toronto on American Airlines direct which we booked on-line. Cruise line air tends to book you on a tour of U.S. airports to get you there, and as most travelers know increase your chances to lose your luggage. We were promptly met by the Princess rep at Miami Airport in the baggage area. Usually we just grab a taxi but this time due to the group size we decided to use the Princess transfer. This went well and we were on the ship by 12:30pm. It was almost as fast to go from Miami to Ft Lauderdale than it is to go from Miami Airport to the Miami Cruise Ship Terminal. Stateroom: Our balcony stateroom was ok,it lacked basics such as a simple dresser. The bathroom was even smaller than any other cruise line we have cruised with. Functional, but tiny, don't try to turn around in the shower. The balcony was larger than most (10' x 9') and was desperately needed for peace and quiet and to hide from the throngs of kids on deck. Our cabin steward Antonio from the Philippines, was excellent. We have never had a cabin steward that has not been excellent and who has not worked like a dog. Service: I expected the same level of service on Princess as we were accustomed on Celebrity; in most cases we were disappointed and Princess could not compare. Food and Dining: This was our first experience with anytime dinning and it worked well, however, we are impartial and can go either way for dining. The food was acceptable, and on a few evenings excellent. Not the best we have had while cruising. The tables were never set properly and silverware handed out like it was being rationed. The buffets were buffets and were poor to average and was set-up in a completely dysfunctional manner. As a result of the Norwalk virus the buffets were reduced to the ships staff serving everything including the pouring of ketchup. The room service was excellent and proved to be the safest way to eat breakfast. The public rooms were clean and well maintained. The Princess Theatre seemed adequately large for the shows. You have to get there early for a good seat, and to beat the children to a seat. Dining rooms were furnished nicely, however the Palm Dining room suffered from engine noises at the rear of the ship. The Internet Café was a story onto itself. The cost was overpriced at $75.00 for 150 minutes, however to make it worse it was extremely slow and this was clearly acknowledged by Princess due to satellite problems, The Internet Café Manager was arrogant and rude. When complained to about the speed of the connection he simply replied “if you are not happy don’t use it” He also advised that he believed that cruises should return to the days of old, when you go on holiday you get away from everything including the internet. The time purchased was burned up within a couple of days as a result of the delays, and even with a credit of and additional 60 minutes the slow speed burned this up in another day or so. We were only using the internet to send a few e-mails to family and not even to surf the net, and it easily killed the time purchased. All users should have been compensated with extra time for the horrible speed of this service. Formal Night: From experience I expected some people not to be wearing a tux, or a suit, or even a tie. There were people in the dining room in jeans. You would see people in shorts and T-shirts walking around the main atrium and other parts of the ship. It didn’t surprise me, as rules seemed secondary on this ship. It undermines the experience. Movies under the stars: The idea is great. However, seats were limited, and it was hard to find seats on the first two decks. Mini Putt Course: Is a joke. It is very small and shabby, considering its age of 2 years. Don't waste your time. Ports: St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Princess Cays, all were great as we were able to get away from the ship. We took a snorkel excursion in St. Thomas through Princess with The Dancing Dolphin www.thedancingdolphin.com and crew and it was the best we have had in all our cruises. This tour operator is superb. St. Maarten as always is excellent, Jet Ski rentals are available on the beach at Grand Bay just off the ship for $45.00 per half hour, and Princess Cays was the nicest beach day we have had. If you want shade book a cabana on-line as they sell-out fast. The Captain in his disembarkation address was honest and basically described this cruise as anything but normal. I would agree, and am still not convinced from what I hear that all Princess Cruises are as a big a disaster as this one. However, I will have to think real hard on whether I would consider Princess again. It is expensive to roll the dice after an experience like this with Princess. On the other hand we have never had an issue with Celebrity. Canadian Cruiser Read Less
Sail Date April 2007
We took our 2 sons with us on this cruise for my birthday and were very excited as I had booked 10 months ago and we received a 6 category upgrade to a BA cabin.We had previously been on Jewel of the Seas and loved it.I had booked on-line ... Read More
We took our 2 sons with us on this cruise for my birthday and were very excited as I had booked 10 months ago and we received a 6 category upgrade to a BA cabin.We had previously been on Jewel of the Seas and loved it.I had booked on-line with Princess and had asked for bathrobes, balloons. We had a a long embarkation at FLL and finally were on board. I loved the balcony room, however no bathrobes nor birthday balloons. the next cabin had heavy smokers so we could not sit outside or keep the door open at night as I have asthma. Oh well no big deal I guess.Our sons had outside cabins on Emerald deck which they loved. Dining- disappointed in anytime dining. We had problems getting in for 3 nights, including my birthday until I rang hotel services and complained. There were large holes in our bedding and the bedding stayed that way for 4 nights.I thought Princess was a step up from RCI. Buffet- Horizon buffet did not compare to the Windjammer on JOS and there needed to be juices available.I saw canned corned beef for lunch? Entertainment- lots of good comedians and not much else I cared for.What is with the Barnie song?Loved MUTS. Dining room service was a bit too rushed for us and I missed traditional dining. On the whole I was disappointed with this ship( too big and not friendly service) and Princess cruise lines in general and will probably be going back to Royal Caribbean. Read Less
Sail Date September 2006
I am/was extremely disappointed. I was told that Princess was one of the best cruise lines...that must have been before Carnival bought them. We sailed with others who have been on many Princess cruise ships but said they will not be ... Read More
I am/was extremely disappointed. I was told that Princess was one of the best cruise lines...that must have been before Carnival bought them. We sailed with others who have been on many Princess cruise ships but said they will not be anymore. Where do I begin? The food was horrible! It was the same food almost everyday, which many people got sick off of! For example, lobster tail was served...most of us would say yummy, but can I tell you I smelled it a mile away? My hubby didn't and ate a few bites and was very sick in addition to my next door neighbor in the next cabin. The best thing they have going for themselves is fresh pizza and hamburgers cooked fresh outside. I am NOT a fast food person, but guess what I had for 7 days breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes that was what I lived off of as the other food was not edible. They had an awesome ice cream shop- if you don't mind paying extra. Also, you pay for sodas as an fyi. Entertainment- Was very disappointing. They had a few semi-funny comedians. The "shows" were mediocre. I have been on other ships and this was the worst. Accommodations- The cabins were decent, but the beds were rock, rock hard. The toilets in the bathrooms smelled like urine and several other people on the ship echoed that thought, so it was not me. I say NO to Princess. They don't seem too interested in your thoughts or accommodating you. The service was mediocre..I ordered a drink a few times and never got it or they told me to help myself and serve myself! Trust me...do NOT go on this cruise line! Read Less
Sail Date December 2005
My husband and I have just returned from our voyage on Caribbean Princess - Eastern Caribbean. NEVER AGAIN ON PRINCESS!!! This was our 4th cruise, 2 on Royal Caribbean and 1 on Norwegian. Princess does not even come close to either one! ... Read More
My husband and I have just returned from our voyage on Caribbean Princess - Eastern Caribbean. NEVER AGAIN ON PRINCESS!!! This was our 4th cruise, 2 on Royal Caribbean and 1 on Norwegian. Princess does not even come close to either one! Our first mistake, purchasing 2 soda packages for $27.65 each. We felt the 4.00 per day charge was more than reasonable since we are both soda drinkers. Well, let me tell you, trying to get a soda on this ship was worse than anyone could imagine. No one, but no one would bother to take a drink order. You could die from dehydration before anyone would offer. They would look at you, look at your card with the soda sticker, and just kept on walking! I didn't believe what I was seeing. Even when we went to the bars ourselves to get a soda, they made you stand there and wait and wait. The 3 times that we did manage to get sodas from a waiter, they constantly brought diet even though we asked for regular. I began to think they did it on purpose; maybe they don't get a tip with the packages, I don't know. To say that service on this ship was beyond terrible, would be a serious understatement! Empty dishes on your table? You might as well just clear them yourself, because no one else did! I have to tell you what I experienced one day near the pool where they serve pizza on one side and hot dogs/hamburgers on the other. An elderly couple, clearly in their 80s, came to have lunch. The husband could barely walk, even with his cane. The wife got him into the chair and settled, and proceeded to go get their lunch. She had to make 2 trips to carry the food, because they don't supply any trays. After her second trip, my husband came back with pizza. The elderly man asks his wife, "I'd like to have some pizza." So she makes a 3rd trip and returns with 2 small slices of pizza. The husband says, "Why didn't you get more?" She answers,"Well I did ask the chef if I could have some more and he said "No, 2 was enough." Can you believe that? I was mortified. Finally, after they finished what they had, she had to make yet a 4th trip! The food selection could have been much, much better. One night the menu was called "Hunter's Delight" or something like that. Jokingly I said to my husband, "Oh I guess we'll probably have deer and rabbit stew." Well, I wasn't far off. One night we decided to eat in the dining room. We arrive around 8pm and they ask if we had a reservation. We told them we did not because we had "Anytime Dining." He then proceeds to tell us that we should have made reservations, and now we'll have to wait. So we ask what "Anytime Dining" was all about. He tells us, "Look, we have 3,000 people to feed, you should have made reservations." Room service was a joke. We pre-ordered breakfast each morning, and they didn't get the order correct 1 day! I ordered hot tea, received a tea bag, but no hot water. Coffee was lukewarm, milk for cereal was room temperature, orange juice was warm, specified butter, got margarine, ordered bananas for cereal, received none, every single day. Entertainment was a waste, except for Bert Stratton, and the Juggler/Comedian. The International Crew Show was a big joke. It consisted of 4 waiters and one of the ship's doctors each singing a song, and a very short, stupid comedy skit by a few other crew members. What a waste of time. The hypnotist was a complete bore, another waste of an hour. One of the biggest jokes was the Cruise Director playing up the Caribbean Princess Orchestra. When he introduced them, I asked my husband if I was missing something because all I saw was a pianist, guitar player, drummer and 3 empty seats. Well, finally, the 3 seats are filled with a trumpet, trombone, and a clarinet player. Better than that was they didn't play a single song! All the singers sang to a tape, the only music they played was when they introduced each singer. Thank God for our balcony and Stateroom Steward, Linda. Otherwise the whole cruise would have been a huge disappointment. Linda was the best. She made sure everything was just so, and it was. She kept our room immaculate, had our luggage repaired that Princess damaged, took care of our dry cleaning, and even offered to have her friend repair a night shirt that I ripped. The last night, we went to the Purser's Desk and asked that our gratuity ($140.00) be removed from our bill so we could distribute it personally. We gave Linda the whole amount because she was the only one that deserved to be tipped. We found many other passengers doing the same exact thing! In fact, after speaking with some of the others, everyone seemed to have the same complaints, lack of service, unfriendly crew, poor food. Movies Under the Stars is a great concept. It's a huge movie screen by the pool area and was quite fun. They walk around with popcorn and movie theater candy; however, make sure you get something to drink BEFORE they come around, otherwise your tongue could fall out waiting for someone to come by. St. Thomas was a bit of a disappointment. I knew ahead of time that they sold jewelry, but I didn't think that 99.9% of the stores would be jewelry. Neither of us were impressed with Meagan's Bay. Although touted as one of the top 10 beaches in the world, we thought Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda was much, much better. St. Maarten was okay. We did the Horseback Riding Excursion and really enjoyed it, but felt bad for the horses. Rough trails, loud factories, steep hills, etc. Princess Cays wasn't any big deal either. Rented a cabana, but if you don't get there early, you'll be stuck with one behind others where you can't see anything in front of you. The water where their cabanas are was very, very rocky and really hard on the feet. After you get passed that part, then the sand underneath your feet feels like muck. Yuck, it was disgusting. They provided a BBQ there, it was nice, however, your soda package isn't valid, what a surprise! The local vendors close to the beach didn't want to bargain, they claimed they have to pay Princess at the end of the day. In my opinion, Princess doesn't even come close to Royal Caribbean or Norwegian. Needless to say, NO MORE PRINCESS! Read Less
Sail Date August 2005
I want to begin by saying that both my husband and I consider ourselves positive people who try to start our day over when things aren't going as we wish they would. We found it quite difficult to be positive, however, on our ... Read More
I want to begin by saying that both my husband and I consider ourselves positive people who try to start our day over when things aren't going as we wish they would. We found it quite difficult to be positive, however, on our seven-day cruise aboard the Caribbean Princess, sailing May 28-June 4, as there was very little to be positive about. This was our first cruise, and while I doubt we will ever cruise again, I am writing to express both of our feelings of dissatisfaction with the vacation and to provide documentation of the experiences leading to these feelings. Embarkation: Our first complaint is the lack of clear communication at embarkation. We arrived at the embarkation gate at 11:15 A.M. There were no Princess crew members available to assist us, but a security guard told us to just be seated. As a result, we had no idea that we had to check our luggage. One half hour into our wait, we noticed that no one else had their luggage, and we asked another passenger. He showed us where to check our luggage in. We returned the favor by helping another group of people who still had their luggage 15 minutes later. As the gate continued to fill and crew members began to appear, they attempted to tell passengers what to do, but there was no P.A. system or message board, so we could never understand what was being called out to us. The crew seemed just as frustrated as the passengers. Stateroom #1: While our room, Lido 307, was clean, we had the following complaints: • Although Princess calls itself a 5-star cruise line, the linens are not 100% cotton. The cruise line representative who I spoke to three weeks before embarkation was shocked at this fact as well. My travel agent called in advance to let the ship know that I have an allergic reaction to polyester sheets. They not only failed to respond to the medical form she filed stating I would need cotton sheets, this accommodation was never made for me. I brought my own sheets. • We were originally registered for a queen bed configuration, but I made a change 2 weeks before embarkation to put the beds in a twin bed configuration. This change was not made in our room until after our arrival. • I asked for robes in the room. (Nor were there laundry bags) Our steward said we would not be able to get them until the following morning, May 29. The evening of May 29, I called the front desk because we still had not received them and Imelda was not answering our page. At this point, we received our robes. • Our room was incredibly loud. The main door to the Lido deck pool, bar, Pizza, and grille was located right outside our room, so there was constant, audible traffic. Also, at 6:30 A.M. each morning, the area above us began loud movements of setting up the restaurant level. The deck area just above us also had much audible traffic. Basically, it sounded like Grand Central Station. I will say that the balcony on this room was really quiet. • Loudness was brought to an optimum at the "deck party" on the Lido deck after the day in St. Thomas. • On Saturday night, I was on hold with room service for twenty minutes to get some hot water delivered for tea in our room, and I finally called the front desk who had it delivered to us. • Monday A.M., we had opted not to get the continental breakfast, just in case we were able to sleep in. We'd already called at 6:45 A.M. about the noise above us, which we were informed was the bar being set up, but we were trying to go back to sleep. At 7:20, a knock at the door from room service occurred. I thought that maybe the card we filled out the first day may have extended through the whole cruise, so I realized I better accept the service. Still in bed, I called, "Please, just leave it by the door." "But ma'am, you have to sign for it!" he answered. I reluctantly rose from bed, put on a robe, found my glasses, but when I got to the door, I saw two grapefruit halves and coffee, and said out loud, "That's not our breakfast." He looked at the tag, looked down the hall, apologized quietly, and left, realizing he had the wrong room. Spa: We decided we should take advantage of the spa to try to relax. We scheduled appointments for 4:00 P.M. and 4:30 P.M. massages. Our spa experience was terrible: We decided to arrive 90 minutes early to take advantage of the other amenities of the spa. Upon arrival at the spa, our key was taken, and we were told to make sure we were in the meditation room "down the hall" at promptly 4:00 and 4:30, accordingly. I asked where our robes would be, and they said to look in the lockers. We each proceeded to our locker rooms with our locker keys, and no one gave either of us further direction. I was not fully in to the idea of searching everything out in my robe, so I asked another woman in the locker room what to do. She looked relieved, and said, "I have no idea where the relaxation rooms are either. My masseuse told me to relax in one, but I don't know where they are. Do you want to go look for them with me?" When you're paying $109 for a massage, you shouldn't have to search out the amenities without help from the service staff. Together, we went in our robes to the main room and asked where the other amenities were located. A staff member pointed us in the direction, and I remembered the rooms from the tour from the previous day. Good thing, because the staff member didn't show us anything else. One of the toilets was clogged with feces, and the locker room was foul-smelling as a result. No sandals were provided for me (or for my husband), so I walked barefoot. I relaxed in the aromatherapy room that was gorgeous, but because the spa is located just below the basketball court, it was incredibly hard to relax. There was no calming music—bird sounds, Native American flutes, chimes, or other typical spa music—to try to cover up the buffalo-like sounds from above. The room with the stone loungers has bright lights that shine into your eyes. I made sure to be in the meditation room at 3:50, remembering how emphatic the staff had been that I needed to be there at exactly 4:00. I saw my husband in there, and he said the sauna and steam rooms in the men's locker room were not even warm. This room is far from a meditation area. It looks out onto a pool full of people, and the blinds were open. The delicious berry water was wonderful, but it attracted traffic from the fitness center passengers, and there was really nothing to deter these people from entering. The lights were bright, no calming music, no candles, no encouragement for quietness. No cool towels for the customers' faces. It was no better than a waiting room in a hospital. At 4:05, I asked a staff member whether they were running behind with the massage times. She answered, "Oh we're on time. She is probably cleaning the room right now." Another client was in the waiting room, and at 4:10, he asked the same staff member about his appointment. She had the same answer, "Oh it's still on time." The client's response was, "Not by my watch. She's late." Fuming from this whole spa experience, I asked to speak with a manager. This same staff person's response was, "Well, he's not in his office, he's up at the front desk." I answered, "Okay, well will you please get him from the front desk, then?" My masseuse became ready at 4:15, but I told her I wanted to speak with the manager before my massage rather than after so that I didn't defeat the purpose of the massage. She looked concerned that I was complaining about her, but I reassured her that I wasn't. In my robe, I was escorted down the hallway leading to the treatment rooms to meet Goran, the spa manager. I wanted to speak quietly so as not to disturb the clients having treatments completed—what a bad place to meet with a client who is complaining. I explained my dissatisfactory experiences as discussed above, and his answer was, "You are complaining about things that are unchangeable. I wish things were quieter, but I can't change that. The problem is you people who go to day spas at home, and you think you can get the same experience on a cruise ship. This is a ship, not land. I am sorry about the toilet. We must keep the steam and spa rooms cooler for people with high blood pressure. Now that you tell me about it, I can fix that. I can not change the other things." The steam and sauna rooms in the women's locker rooms were very comfortably warm, contradicting Goran's statements about blood pressure, unless they don't worry about this for the women. My husband said the sauna was warmer when he returned to it after his spa treatment. He gave me a choice to not have my massage, to leave, but I opted to stay. My masseuse was wonderful—Dolores. Miscommunication, Misrepresentation in Literature about Sports bar: My husband and I are San Antonio Spurs fans, so we went to the Churchill Sports Bar (that's what it is listed as in the literature), and when we asked if the Spurs game would be on Saturday evening the bartender said, "We don't show sports games in here anymore." I honestly thought he was joking…it's a sports bar for goodness sake! But when we peeked down in the bar that evening, there were no sports being shown on the TV On Tuesday evening, the next Spurs game, we called the front desk and pleaded, "Is there anywhere on the ship besides our stateroom that we can watch the Spurs game?" The clerk answered, "Yes ma'am, we have the Churchill Sports bar." "Really?" I asked. "On Saturday, we stopped by and asked the bartender if the game would be on and he stated that they don't show sports in there anymore. I thought he might be kidding." "Oh, he must have been kidding, ma'am," the clerk answered. "It is a sports bar." "So you're positive if we go down there, we can watch the game if we can find it on ESPN?" "Yes, ma'am. Just ask the bartender." My husband and I put on our Spurs shirts and caps, and headed down to the bar. Once again, there were no sports on the TV I approached the bartender as I'd been directed, and he said, "The cruise director doesn't like sports in here. It's a cognac and cigar bar now." "But the pamphlet says it's a sports bar," I persisted. "And we called the front desk and were reassured you showed sports on the TV's." It just so happened that James, the cruise director, was having a drink at this bar at this moment. I went directly up to him and told him our situation. He wanted me to give him the name of the front desk clerk who has misinformed me, and apologized for the fact that I got misinformation. My answer was that it is printed in the literature, and I didn't blame the clerk for getting it wrong. Two gentlemen behind us called out, "The ship's too cheap to get ABC or the main channels—we didn't get to watch our game either." Not wanting to start a riot, we quietly and disappointedly left. Dining Dinner on Sunday, our first formal night, we decided to go to a sit down area as opposed to the buffet. Upon arrival at the Palm, we were told it would be easier to seat us as a couple instead of with a group, and I answered O.K., if we could still sit by a window, which was what we had reserved. Our server was far from happy to have us at his table. The table was nice, but we really wanted to have it look out over the water, so we asked him if he could turn our table so that we were parallel to the window. He immediately shook his head, and explained, “You see, we have regulations about how far the tables must be from the window.” However when we looked around, we noticed that other tables were right up next to the wall. I guess he noticed this too, immediately stating, “I’ll ask the head waiter.” I started to tell him not to worry about it, but he kept walking. The head waiter came and said our request was no problem. He moved our table the 2 feet necessary, but I felt like we had asked for a really huge request. Our service remained bad this particular evening. Our water glasses remained empty for 15 minutes, and every time I tried to get someone’s attention for water, they didn’t hear me. We poured our own wine all evening. At dessert, our waiter’s attitude changed a bit. He seemed a little less busy, and he asked us, “How is your cruise going so far?” “Well, to be honest,” I answered, “we’ve found it difficult to get good service. The staff seems rushed and overwhelmed. It just seems that there are too many people and not enough help. Is the boat really overloaded or what?” He responded, “Passengers on this cruise eat all at the same time. It’s the problem with the Anytime Dining…everyone wants to eat at 8:00-9:30 P.M. Or maybe they go to the buffet and then come here. You come in at 6:00 and there is no one.” It was an odd answer. I felt bad for coming at 8:00, as if we were a burden. If this was so, we should have been told that we should come back later. On Monday night, we decided to try the Coral Dining Room, hoping for better service. The food was poor, including my main dish of mussels and pasta which included only 4-5 mussels in the whole plate. We had a hard time getting refills on coffee. The two other couples at our table were on different courses, and there was not attempt to try to catch us up to each other…rather, it was a rushed dinner for everyone. The waiter tried to take my plate twice before I was finished. The other two couples stated they were dissatisfied with their cruises as well. One elderly couple said they’d never take Princess again, and they cruise all the time. This couple explained that they were offered to take the same cruise in July and $500 shipboard credit if they would do so because the boat was overbooked. The woman explained that being made such an offer the night before departure was almost insulting. She also said that they were bumped from a suite to a balcony room. The elderly gentleman received no help from the staff getting back into his wheelchair, so the other passengers at the table helped him. The third couple at our table was also disappointed with their trip. We attended the buffet twice, and while the food was amazing, the thunderous thumping from the “Fun Zone” and basketball court above the Horizon and Caribe buffet areas caused us to feel unrelaxed and rushed. Customer Service: We met with Graham Kelly on Monday evening. The front desk had made a copy of my notes, so he had the gist of our complaints before we met with him. He was very nice, but said there was no way we could get our room changed because the ship was booked. He explained that the Caribbean Princess is modeled after two other Princess ships that have fewer rooms. He said that people complained that there weren’t enough people on board (can you ever imagine such a complaint), so this ship added rooms for 500 more people (or was it 500 rooms), while keeping the same sized ship. Had the ship had 500 fewer people, many of the problems we were encountering would have been avoided, I believe. What else could he do? I guess he could have offered us ship board credit or a free trip to the spa. We could tell he felt badly for us, especially when I explained I’m a school teacher badly in need of sleep after the last week of school. We did let him know that we’d be in contact with the main cruise line when we returned to shore. Stateroom #2 On June 1, Graham Kelly called us and told us that another room had come available and we could be moved. We took him up on the offer, and moved to Baja 522. Unfortunately, we were placed across the hall from five rooms that had doors slamming constantly, rooms of teenagers and kids. There were also several instances of kids running down the halls. Maybe signs should be posted on the doors asking people to hold the doors as they close so that they don’t slam shut. I guess some people don’t realize. Our new balcony was loud and smoky because people on either side of us smoked. You can hear the neighbor’s toilet flush and my husband, a typically sound sleeper, lay awake as our next door neighbors coughed all night. My husband realized he had left his swim trunks in the shower of the old room on Thursday morning. I called the front desk, and they said they had found nothing else in the room, but they’d check on it. At 5:00 that evening, his swim trunks were brought up to the room, but he went the whole day without them. Our new steward, Jefferson, was friendly and highly-available, making us understand that when Imelda did not answer her pages when we were in room L307, she wasn’t doing her job. Excursions and Activities: On Thursday, I called to find out if we were to receive a cabana on the Princess Cayes as we requested online two weeks before the cruise. We were told that we were on a waitlist of 207 people requesting the cabanas, and that if we hadn’t received tickets yet, we were not to receive one. I was taken aback. My husband is very fair-skinned, and we thought without proper covering, it would be a bad idea to head ashore. We actually enjoyed being on the ship this particular day as it was quieter and not full of people. The two nights we called for tickets for Movies Under the Stars, we were too late and we could not get reservations. It should be made clear that you must make all these reservations early in the trip in order to ensure participation. Sterling, the specialty restaurant, had no availability for reservations after Tuesday. Disembarkation: On Wednesday night, we received our disembarkation bag tags. They were silver, but I woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling that I should call to make sure they remembered we had an early flight (I called Passenger Services 2 weeks prior to the cruise to make sure they knew). The front desk clerk was annoyed that I was just now calling about this because we had been put with the silver group rather than one that we needed to be with. I explained that I had already called, but reminded her that we had switched rooms mid-cruise. She realized this was the problem after checking her computer, and asked if we could come down and pick up our new tags. We had just gotten ready for bed (11:00 P.M.), so I asked her to have them delivered to our room. Friday morning, we saw that they weren’t in our box, so out of curiosity, we went to our first room, and low and behold, this is where the tags were as well as our “Captain’s Circle” package. Had we not checked on this ourselves, we may never have received the proper tags. I certainly did not feel “taken care of”. I went to the front desk to let them know about their error. The clerk didn’t even apologize. Disembarkation was nuts. I guess this is inevitable with 3300 passengers. Before leaving the room, I could not find my glasses in the cabin where I thought I had left them, but then figured I must have packed them. Upon arriving home, I realized they weren’t in my bag and since they weren’t where I thought they’d be in the room, I am wondering whether they were stolen. I’ve already called the cruise line, and I’ve been told it will be 4-6 weeks before I’ll know because they send all lost items to California, they are searched through, and any potential matches from customer reports are then distributed to the passengers. Seems like a very complicated procedure for merely finding something a passenger left in the room and mailing it to them if the passenger calls. And for all I know, they were stolen. In conclusion, my husband and I feel very tired, disappointed, and resentful about our vacation with Princess. We each took sleeping pills every night to try to block out the noise, and sometimes these were helpful. We both find the fact that sleeping pills were necessary aboard a “five-star” cruise. We need to recuperate from a lack of sleep rather than from a fun-filled vacation. Read Less
Sail Date May 2005
TITLE-CRUISE FROM HELL AIRFARE TO PORT - Leave Columbus, GA at 6:15am Sat. morning connecting flight to ATLANTA GA no problems except had 35 mins to get to our next gate all the way down the other side of airport. No problem 5 mins to ... Read More
TITLE-CRUISE FROM HELL AIRFARE TO PORT - Leave Columbus, GA at 6:15am Sat. morning connecting flight to ATLANTA GA no problems except had 35 mins to get to our next gate all the way down the other side of airport. No problem 5 mins to spare. I like to cut things close lol. Then get into Ft. Lauderdale airport around 10:00am. So see rep of PRINCESS and SHE SAID-We couldn't board the shuttle until 11:30am. Again no problem, I'm used to waiting but this is my in-laws first cruise and they didn't know what to expect. I might also say my Father-in-Law was Wheelchair assisted most of the trip. Then starting boarding like a bunch of cows on the other side of the airport and get to the Port and go in to fill out paper work and get on the ship-around 12:00am and go to the buffet line to eat very HUNGRY. SHIPS APPEARANCE - Not bad for a new ship compared to RCLS-EXPLORER about the same. FOOD-Let me first start out saying i didn't try the P.C. dining, wanted the Traditional. The Service was ok but the waitstaff seemed not to care about how was your food or if u had any problems. I believe this stems from the way they are tipped by the passengers ahead of time $10 a day per person, includes room steward. Princess falls on the ball on this one. buffet LINE-Ok as far as buffets go same old stuff-breakfast, and lunch items. They didn't have a omelette table where they cooked your omelette u had to let them know what type u wanted-Bad-also u had to get GRITS by ordering a SOUTHERN thing. lol. ENTERTAINMENT- Again Princess failed. The Dancers and Singers fair seen and heard better. The Comedians 3 of them fair-Carlos Rogers must see though. M.U.T.S - The best thing PRINCESS has going for them. Saw SHALL WE DANCE good chick flick. Saw movies in Princess Theatre not bad but i can see movies at home. Bingo, horse racing, marriage show all average don't waste money or time seeing. The C.D. James Lay was anti-abortion jokes and dry sense of humor. The cruise staff didn't go out of there way to make u have the time of your life. PORTS- PRINCESS CAYS,ST. THOMAS,ST. MARTIN- Private island of Princess is a nice place if u like beach activities and they did have some shops to shop but if u want to EAT-DO NOT- They Had hotdogs,hamburgers, and ribs all out under the cookers and around the food was about 100 thousand -FLYS-NOT GOOD. I'm surprised no one got SICK. The other 2 ports ok for shopping and excursions-did BELL DIVING in ST. THOMAS at Coral Reef Park must do FUN. DISEMBARKATION-This is where the trip turned to HELL. We had early departure tags so thought get off ship earlier then the rest-NOT.THEY called 4 color tags at the same time and the RUSH was on. Get to Baggage claim trying to find luggage with 200 other people is not my idea of vacation. Then get though immigration-smooth then the TICKETED Transfer BUS to the AIRPORT. 30-45 mins later finally get on bus and Princess personnel very disorganized. Tell bus driver have 10:30 flight home-10:00 now no problem. Get to Airport at 10:15am and missed flight #1, then reschedule #2 12:30 standby,missed,#3-2:30 got to ALT 4:20 and Waited until 9:50pm to leave for Columbus-PROBLEM-Princess and all ships same time in PORT and AIRPORT cant handle all those people. I will never booked a early flight out or just drive. Princess NEEDS to get there Act together after u get off ship because i felt they DIDN'T CARE-they got there money and your on your own. This is POOR service. I will NEVER SAIL WITH PRINCESS or any her other ships, give me my RCL any day. Princess can learn a thing or two about customer care and SATISFACTION. A word to the wise-DO NOT SAIL CARIBBEAN PRINCESS OR ANY PRINCESS SHIP. The President will hear about this and they need to take immediate action so this never happens again. So take care my C.C. friends and enjoy this long and boring REVIEW, Tks dennis merrill-Columbus GA. Read Less
Sail Date April 2005
I must agree with simplyme. One of my sisters and I cruised on the Golden Princess last year and had a better experience. Two of my sisters and I went on the Caribbean Princess and were far from satisfied. To start with, the easiest ... Read More
I must agree with simplyme. One of my sisters and I cruised on the Golden Princess last year and had a better experience. Two of my sisters and I went on the Caribbean Princess and were far from satisfied. To start with, the easiest access to one of the adult only pools, the door by the spa, was locked for a day and a half, supposedly because it was "slamming and disturbing the spa patrons" while we went through some rough seas. When I complained to the pursers desk, they sided with the spa staff and did not make them open it. I work in the Safety and Security field and stated that this was a safety hazard, but they did nothing about it. The food was good, but the staff seemed more interested in talking to each other than clearing our plates or bringing the next course. We found dirty glasses left for 12 hours or more in many places on the deck. The morning after we received our luggage tags, which indicate when you will be able to disembark, I went to the pursers desk and told them I had an early flight and needed to leave the ship early. I was asked the time and said 9:20AM. I was told there's no way I would make that and I'd have to change my flight. I had submitted the information about my flight on line 2 weeks before leaving and was not informed there was a problem. I was told the ship doesn't clear customs until 8:45 and it takes at least another half hour to get off, so there was no way I could make it. As we were at Princess Cays and my cell phone had no signal, I attempted to go on line to make the change. After trying for 40 minutes, with the internet dragging (at $.35 a minute) and 2 crew members going in and out of the room working on another machine, my sister suggested we have breakfast and try later, when less people were on line. After breakfast I tried again. An hour later, with the same 2 crew members coming and going, they finally did something that made the connection better and the computers started to work correctly. All I could get was an 800 number to call to make the change. I called the pursers desk to have the charges for the internet removed, as they knew there was a problem and didn't tell anyone. I told the only helpful person I spoke to there, Brian, why I was on the computer in the first place and he checked my record. He told me the flight number I had been booked on and said the time stated "error"!! I told him no one notified me there was a problem and now I can't do anything about it. He placed the phone call for me, so I did not incur ship to shore charges, but forgot to remove the internet charge. When I got my bill the next morning and went down to the pursers desk, yet again, I was issued a credit for the $43.83, but was told it would take 2 to 3 weeks to show up on my credit card account. Funny the charges go through right away, but the credit takes weeks! And I had to pay a fee for changing my flight. The staff in general was not very helpful and I think it was deceptive not to inform anyone about the problem with the internet. They could have closed the room until the problem was repaired. The only person who seemed to care about our comfort and giving us any service was Gabor, our cabin steward, who did an excellent job and was the only person we gave a tip to, aside from that added to the bill, which we stopped after the 4th day. Also, the cabin was not as depicted on the web site. My sister was told when booking the cruise there were no upper berths, there would be a roll away type bed for the 3rd person. This was not the case. There were 2 upper berths and the cabin was much smaller than the floor plan shown. My 4 sisters and I will not cruise on Princess again, and our rather large extended family feels the same way. Read Less
Sail Date April 2005
Caribbean Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.5 4.2
Dining 4.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.5 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 3.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.5 3.3
Service 4.0 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 3.0 4.2

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