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Didnt end up sailing as cruise cancelled because of Coronavirus. Extremely rude, grumpy drink staff. Spent one night on board. Buffet was so small with well below average variety of food compared to other cruises I've been on. Food ... Read More
Didnt end up sailing as cruise cancelled because of Coronavirus. Extremely rude, grumpy drink staff. Spent one night on board. Buffet was so small with well below average variety of food compared to other cruises I've been on. Food in dining room not good as well. Didnt get bread or coffee and having a drink card was a complete waste considering they dont serve cocktails or spirits in the dining room. Costa staff led us on to believe we were still sailing and very disappointing that the Captain didn't bother to make an announcement or an appearance at such a stressful time for passengers. Compared to other cruises it came out extremely well below average. Would not recommend Costa Cruise to anyone. Even in tough times staff should be friendly. They turned off air conditioning and at one stage NO soap in bathroom. If you asked a staff member where something was they didn't seem to know anything. Extremely disappointing, maybe a blessing the cruise was cancelled. Read Less
Sail Date March 2020
Having long wanted to visit the area of the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, La Reunion) covered by this cruise, we were pleased to find the one operator, Costa, who seemed able to include all these in a two-week, very ... Read More
Having long wanted to visit the area of the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, La Reunion) covered by this cruise, we were pleased to find the one operator, Costa, who seemed able to include all these in a two-week, very reasonably priced package in a circular cruise starting from Mauritius. We took the gamble of booking a reserved but unknown balcony cabin and were pleased to find it was no more expensive to book our own flights than pay for them via the cruise company, so we were able to spend a few days before and after the cruise in Mauritius. It was only after booking that we started to read the sometimes horrendous accounts of experiences on this ship on English-language websites including this one. So it was with some trepidation that we lined up to board on February 1st. To be fair, first impressions weren't great as we had to queue for nearly an hour in the heat under a canopy to check in, though there were accessible cold drinks during that time. Once inside , however, we were very pleased to find our spacious balcony cabin on Deck 6, with no restricted view. Suitcases went easily under the bed and generally there was easily enough storage room, also in the bathroom which is not always the case. The bed was quite hard but very comfortable and we slept extremely well throughout the cruise. The one disappointment in the room was the TV, most of whose numbered channels did not work or varied from day to day. It was only after a week that we discovered that channels like BBC World did exist on unannounced obscure numbers like 768 (!) which we came across purely by chance. Our cabin steward Juan from Honduras was always pleasant and helpful and kept the cabin clean. Part of our deal had been to leave open the dining time. To our dismay we found we had been allocated the 9pm sitting, but an immediate visit to the maitre d' on the first afternoon sorted that out and we had the earlier 6.30 sitting we wanted. We were allocated to a table for 8 which we shared with 3 Americans and later a Dutchman travelling alone. Fortunately we all got on very well and even shared a number of our own excursions. Opinions on our table about the food were mixed, but we thought that generally it was of a perfectly acceptable quality, the best dishes being the various pasta dishes ("primo piatto") and some very good desserts. Main courses were OK if less exciting. The theme over the two weeks was supposedly to showcase the cuisine of a different Italian region every night. Service was good and professional by the same dedicated waiters each night. Gustavo and Joseph were great in that respect and provided us with lots of "insider" information too! One annoying thing which Costa could certainly improve on is that there is no advance info on the dinner menu during the day, so you arrive blind and can't make an educated choice about your dining options on any one day. Our experience from previous cruises had taught us to avoid the buffet as much as possible and eat breakfast and lunch also in the main dining room. This was exactly the same here. Breakfast there was the same buffet choice each morning which was perfectly adequate but could have got repetitive for any more than two weeks, but was improved by a choice of British, American, Norwegian, Spanish etc. breakfasts which could be ordered separately. Lunch was by order and the only meal which on two occasions was very slow to be served. We only ventured up twice to the buffet for "special" lunches - a supposedly typical German lunch - so,so - and a Spanish paella lunch - quite good. On both occasions it was a nightmare to try to find somewhere to sit and eat. A small slightly quieter section of the buffet is set aside for the extra cost pizza meals which we used one evening and it was OK but no better than being downstairs in the main diner. There is also a special restaurant, the Medusa, on Deck 10 which tried to give off a very exclusive air. Mere plebs like us were not allowed in. I think it might have been possible to eat there for something like 40€ a head extra, though whether the menu was any different or better was hard to say. One issue which seemed to cause a lot of upset to some passengers was the way Costa charges for absolutely every "extra" - including items other cruise lines would consider basics, such as water with lunch and dinner or coffee after either (in the dining room). We were bombarded on board with offers for all sorts of drinks packages as well as the chance to pay extra for lobster, steak etc. Most fellow passengers seemed to be on one or more of these packages, but we didn't get one as you have to both buy the package for it to work. As my wife doesn't drink much, it worked out much cheaper for us to pay as we went e.g. for the odd cocktail, beer, lots of bottles of water and bottles of wine I got at dinner and made last for two or three days. While it is certainly galling to have to pay for a decent coffee after a meal and especially water with it, our view was that you have to work out the overall cost with the cabin and even paying for all these extras it still worked out much cheaper than other cruises would have been.(One piece of advice. Join the Costa Club on Day One. It doesn't cost you anything and you get 25% discounts on some drinks e.g. bottles of wine and 50% off some of the extra cost meals.) Our fellow passengers were the most internationally-mixed group we have travelled with before. Out of over 2000 passengers I was told only 18 were Brits with probably a similar number from the USA. So if you are an English native-speaker you have to adapt and quite rightly so. The largest group were French speakers, most of whom boarded in La Réunion. There were also many Italians and other Europeans. Announcements were therefore always in Italian, French, English, Spanish and German. As linguists, my wife and I had no problem with this. In fact it made it interesting to sit down at breakfast and lunch and talk to all sorts of people from several different countries. The multiplicity of languages does have some logical repercussions however on activities the ship can provide. It restricts the number and depth of "interest groups" which can take place. Despite this, we were pleasantly surprised that there was a very good craft group which met twice a day on ship days for about 30 minutes and my wife said it was very interesting and well run (by Corrado, an Italian with enough languages to keep everyone in line). Jean-Christophe, the resident destinations lecturer, gave good background talks on each of the destinations which he repeated to different audiences in English, French and Spanish. We only attended a few of the shows. mostly pleasant if not scintillating singers with mainly Italian, French and Spanish song repertoires. Also some quite good acrobats. The Osiris theatre itself is quite impressive over three floors and had very good sound and light effects. I went to quite a few of the quizzes, mostly picture-based questions to avoid the language issue. There was a good rep, Laura from Scotland, for the designated "English speakers" - which in effect meant everyone who was not French, Italian, German or Spanish. (They got their own reps as well). Otherwise information for each coming day is provided quite late each evening in the "Diario di Bordo". This comes in the various languages. However, what we did miss was a daily news print-out relevant to your home country in the various languages. All other cruises we have been on have provided this. Internet was available at the usual high cost, but we found we couldn't get the Costa system to work anyway, so gave up and just waited till we got to ports to log in. The gym was very adequate and mostly not too busy. I always like to walk round the deck and although you can't do that completely on Costa Mediterranea, you can manage an almost full circuit of about 500 metres on Deck 10 - easier in the early morning before all the loungers are out! The ship's decor takes some getting used to! It is very gaudy and completely over the top at times. So it's best just to laugh along with it. It is certainly geared up for lots of bars and dance floors. I found it strange, though not a problem, that all the main rooms, casino, theatre, restaurant were concentrated low down on Decks 2 and 3 with the majority of cabins higher up. Movement around was usually very good with an adequate number of lifts and disembarking at the ports was faster than I had expected. I can't say much about the ship's excursions as we just took the one which was really just a 20€ coach ride to drop you off for a few hours in St. Denis on La Réunion. Other people I spoke to complained about the cost of excursions and often their content too. We always try to be independent. The destinations were very good, also the fact that we had three overnights each allowing two consecutive days of sightseeing. On the Seychelles we drove our own hired car for the two days which worked out well. On Madagascar we had trips pre-booked with a local agency which took 5 of us in their minivan with English-speaking guide and were really enjoyable and instructive. On La Réunion on the first day we bartered with a minivan driver and 7 of us had a full day round the whole island and up to the Cirque de Salazie, fantastic views. So how to judge the overall experience? With the little niggles I have mentioned apart, I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a balcony cabin for the first time, managed to find enough activities to keep us amused, met some great people, were satisfied with the food and, dare we say it, rather enjoyed not being in a totally anglophone environment for once. Yes, it's true that Costa is not as refined as many of the other cruiselines and if you are a stickler for "refinement" you will be disappointed. But it does what it sets out to do pretty well and at an amazingly reasonable price, much lower than we could have found for any other cruiseline plying these waters. So would we go on Costa again? If the itinerary were right, certainly. Read Less
Sail Date February 2020
poor as already expected "If you go on a cruise for the first time you might find the Costa Mediterranea great. But in my case , i had been at a Royal Caribean Cruise before , and i had already this impression that Costa ... Read More
poor as already expected "If you go on a cruise for the first time you might find the Costa Mediterranea great. But in my case , i had been at a Royal Caribean Cruise before , and i had already this impression that Costa wouldn't be at the same level... and in fact i was not mistaken.... i was travelling at Costa Mediterranea from 14 to 29/2 and the reason was because i was very much interested in the itinerary, so i thought it was worth trying, It started right from the beggining , when i felt massified among lots of people that behaved like animals in the eating time . Costa Mediterranea has a poor buffet , in terms of quality , and organization . Sometimes was kind of chaotic the lunch time, no place to seat , food was not located in the same room , so we had to look for fruit or other in other corners /rooms. i also remark the rudness of the Cruise Director , an austrian member of the crew that was scolding an young man of the crew that was explaining to us how to access internet , and he was using a table , and this rude director said to him that the table was not there for this purpose ... even seeing that he was talking to us ...he didn't care we were watching his ruduness.. but the worse thing was still about to come: i bought 3 packs of 1 GB internet each , that costed 65€/each , and in my account board there were invoiced 5 packs.... one of it , it had been consumpted in 1 hour!!! when i was only reading my emails and sending some whatsapp messages/phone calls , it was not possible to use 1 GB in such a short period of time. I have claimed and explained this , but they didn't accept the claim by saying that they confirmed the 2 extra puchases had been made by my mobil phone, so i had to pay. One person of my group that only bought a pack of 25€ for social networks , was debited 110€ correspondant to a 3 GB pack , and he also claimed because he didn't buy that pack ... and they said that was a mistake , so the debit was cancelled. i understand that internet in Costa Cruisers doesn't work properly , so my advise to every passenger traveling with Costa is to not to buy internet packs on board or to check on a dayly basis and carefully the board account to avoid these problems and not to have unpleasant surprises. the only positive moment and service , was the entertainement shows in the evenings, they were good and well performed. However , this was not enough to have a global positive opinion , so i wouldn't reccomend Costa Cruise at all in particular Costa Mediterranea" Read Less
Sail Date February 2020
We selected this cruise and cruise line because of the itinerary as a visit to the islands in the Indian Ocean had long been on our bucket list. The only other cruise lines that regularly sail the Indian Ocean tend to be the deluxe luxury ... Read More
We selected this cruise and cruise line because of the itinerary as a visit to the islands in the Indian Ocean had long been on our bucket list. The only other cruise lines that regularly sail the Indian Ocean tend to be the deluxe luxury ships, such as Regent, Seabourn and Oceania, which are a bit out of our league pricewise so the Costa option was pretty much a forced choice. As a result we embarked on our cruise on the Costa Mediterranea with very low expectations and a high degree of trepidation, especially considering many of the highly negative Cruise Critic reviews and the poor image this cruise line seems to have with the self-appointed “ cruise experts” who rate the cruise industry! However, our fears were largely ill-founded and we must say that the Mediterranea exceeded our expectations in most respects. Admittedly, we had booked a Panorama Suite which entitled us to suite class privileges such as access to the only alternative restaurant on the ship essentially reserved for suite class passengers, so we accept our assessment of this cruise experience may be somewhat biased. Nevertheless, even though we may be accused of reviewing our experience through rose-coloured spectacles, we think Costa generally gets a bad rap and is by no means as sub-standard as many of the reviews suggest. In fact, we feel the cruise line has many qualities and innovations that their so-called more prestigious and more highly rated competitors can learn from. For a vessel that is one of the oldest in the Costa fleet, the Mediterranea is in pretty good nick. It apparently received an Euro 18 million makeover in 2018 and it clearly shows in the quality and condition of furnishings, carpeting, wall coverings, etc. throughout the ship. The initial impression on boarding the ship is somewhat overwhelming. Yes it is gaudy, bright, colourful and perhaps overly ornate with elaborately designed flooring, wall coverings, Venetian lighting, cornices and ceilings, but it is almost like sailing in a Rennaisance inspired art gallery! Beautiful framed prints of many of the Old Masters adorn the walls of the lounges, bars and restaurants, and interesting sculptures are strategically placed in most public areas. Even the passageways leading to cabins on all decks are covered with themed murals depicting much of Italian history and mythology. Yet it somehow seems to fit with Italian flair and bon homenie evident everywhere. As with most of the cruises we have taken over the years, our Mediterranea experience was much akin to the proverbial curate’s egg, some good and some not so good. Some of the positives of Costa Mediterranea include: • Dedicated concierges for each main language group on board. Being on a ship where English speakers were in the minority this was a special boon and made us realise just how difficult it must be for non-English passengers on the typical American cruise lines that make little or no effort to communicate in any language other than English! Laura, our Concierge was outstanding, ebullient, enthusiastic, always willing to help, and, as we were to learn from the ship staff concert later in the voyage, a Scottish dancer of note!! • Their embarkation process is very quick and simple with minimal documentation required. Essentially it just entails handing over one’s passport; everything else is already in one’s stateroom, including the Costa Card required for all on-board transactions, accessing and egressing the ship and, interestingly, for opening and closing the in-room safe. • Apart from a full range of standard and premium beverages, each bar throughout the ship is equipped with a coffee machine capable of vending a full range of top class speciality coffees, thus obviating the need for a typically overcrowded dedicated coffee bar found on most other ships we have sailed on previously. • Well laid out main recreation deck with three good sized well-spaced pools with plenty of showers to cool off. • Plenty of bars and lounges, all with dance floors, situated throughout the vessel offering plenty of spaces where one could just sit and chill or listen to one of the excellent on board entertainers. • In-lounge entertainers, solo singers, duos and trios, were invariably excellent. A special shout out to Pasqual who entertained passengers nightly in the Talia lounge, who in our view, was one of the most talented cruise ship singer/musicians we have yet come across. • Regular themed buffets on deck at lunch time, showcasing the fare from many countries including German, Greek, Italian, Spanish and British. A seafood extravaganza one day was especially good offering the best Paella we have ever had anywhere on our travels. • The ordering system in restaurants and bars is all on hand held tablets which allows each order to be immediately registered and sequenced in the relevant kitchen or bar. Quite unique. We appreciate that such systems are now commonplace in many upmarket restaurants worldwide, but it is the first time we have encountered such a facility on board a ship. • Service generally from stateroom butlers and attendants (Eutiquio and Jerico – great service guys), to bar staff and restaurant waiters - especially Sandeep, Khukan, Leslie and Joe in the suites only Club Medusa restaurant, with Maitre D Albert Jnr, pool attendants, and even Guest Relations and reception personnel, was invariably excellent – engaging, attentive and efficient. • A lot of credit needs to go to the hard working and highly visible Hotel Manager for the attitude and attentiveness of staff and for the efficiency of the whole operation. Of course, there were inevitably some negatives and if Costa could focus on addressing these, we feel their current reputation in the industry would be enhanced considerably. • Lack of alternative dining venues on board. Effectively, there are only two options, the buffet restaurant or the main dining room. As suite guests we had access to a dedicated suites only restaurant (The Madusa), but this offered essentially the identical menu to that offered in the main dining room (with a couple of additional standard options). This is extremely limiting and, on a two week cruise, very monotonous as the fare does not change all that often. The only other option is a fee paying Pizzeria that is situated in a portioned of area of the buffet restaurant in the evenings. Quite frankly incongruous for an Italian cruise line to charge extra for a basic pizza offering! To be competitive with other similarly sizes cruise ships, we feel the Mediterranea desperately needs at least one other included dining venue and at least one fee paying Speciality restaurant • The Mediterranea does not offer an anytime dining option which effectively means that passengers are limited to eating at either the early or late sitting each evening with no option to change between the set eating times. This is especially limiting on a ship that has no alternative dining venue. We like the anytime dining option that is available on most other cruise lines. We generally prefer to dine latish but not always at after 21h00 each evening! Some other general comments: Food: Generally Ok to good, but with no Wow offerings apart from the hitherto mentioned Paella on the open deck buffet one lunch time. We found the fare in the buffet restaurant to be well prepared but somewhat uninteresting with the exception of the varied pasta dishes on offer each meal time. We dined most evenings and the occasional lunch in the dedicated Club Madusa restaurant. Portions were small but very attractively presented. Appetizers, pastas and deserts were invariably good to excellent, but we found most main dishes to be bland and often overcooked. Meat dishes, especially pork and beef were often tough and unappetizing. Again highlighting the need for some alternative dining options. Itinerary: As mentioned, we chose this cruise primarily for the itinerary. We had visited Mauritius on numerous occasions so did not partake in any special excursions while we were berthed in Port Louis. Our primary interest was in the other islands to be visited. In the event we must say we were somewhat disappointed in Seychelles. We participated in one excursion – a glass bottomed boat cruise (major disappointment) which included a visit to the tiny Moyenne Island to see the giant land tortoise sanctuary, also a bit of a let-down as we have much larger tortoises in South Africa! We opted not to do another excursion while in the Seychelles and spent the second day of the Seychelles sojourn wandering around Port Victoria on our own. A mistake as, apart from an ornate Hindu temple and an impressive statue of Madiba, the town had little appeal. We probably should have opted for a tour of some of the other islands of the archipelago. Madagascar was very interesting. We docked at three ports that gave us a reasonable insight to life on this beautiful, impoverished island. In Nosy Be on the west coast we decided to do our own thing and just meandered around the town. At the next port, Diego Suarez on the north of the island , we took a three hour TukTuk ride where we viewed their version of Sugar Loaf mountain, some famed baobabs and one of the islands best beaches. A pretty hair-raising experience at times driving through some of the most pot holed (should we say crater) ridden roads we have ever seen. But we had a delightful driver, a university student who drives tourist tuk tuks to fund his studies. In Tamatave on the east coast, we took a ships excursion that included a sail down the man-made Pangalanes canal and a visit to a typical Malagasy village where we sampled their fresh fruit and sipped cool coconut milk. The experience of Madagascar was a bit of a shock to the system. The poverty levels are quite horrendous with more street children and beggars than we have ever experienced before including parts of the Middle East and southern India. Being one of the poorest nations in the world, it is a real third world experience with an economy destroyed though nepotism, maladministration and rampant corruption over many years. Yet the people are stoic and ever-smiling even though they exist, officially, on less than one US$ per day. As our charming, well-spoken tour guide wryly observed, “when you have already reached the bottom you cannot go any lower, so you may as well smile. Things cannot get any worse!” The island nevertheless has massive potential. It is rich in minerals and has immense tourism potential in a part of the world that still has so much unexploited opportunity for development. A new, more visionary Government is now, apparently, in power that is determined to stamp out corruption so, hopefully, efforts to raise the standard of living of its impoverished populace and exploit its untapped potential will start to be realized in the not too distant future. On the other hand, our final port of call was to Reunion, a return to the first world! As our tour guide said when we boarded the bus for our excursion “Welcome to France!” As a French colony Reunion inhabitants are considered to be French citizens in every respect and even qualify for the identical social be benefit structures that are operative in mainland France. We took a full day ships excursion that drove us through two thirds of this tiny island and included a journey through a lunar landscape of frozen lava, a distant view of the active volcano that had erupted only a couple of days before our visit, so we were prevented from getting too close to the eruption itself, followed by a typical Creole lunch. Concluding Comments: All in all, an interesting experience marred primarily by the monotonous eating schedule that is imposed on board. OK perhaps for a three to four day trip, but way too restrictive for a cruise of two weeks duration. The Mediterranea is beautiful ship with a deck configuration that makes it quite different from the sameness that typically characterizes the more modern cruise lines. However, in our view, it will never be able to compete with other cruise ships competing for the same mass middle market as it is currently structured. Costa already have a number of vessels that have a wider range of facilities that enable the cruise line to compete more effectively in this highly competitive market segment. We therefore strongly recommend that Costa consider rebranding some of their smaller, older ships to compete in the smaller, but more prestigious “Luxury Lite” segment currently populated by brands such as Oceania, Azamara and Viking. In the case of the Mediterranea this would not be too difficult as it already has much of the infrastructure that is more than comparable with its potential competitors in this segment, such as a plethora of attractive lounges, bars, well laid out entertainment decks and a full theatre. All it really needs is to reduce its passenger capacity to not more than 1800 to 2000, largely by converting one of its decks to provide for more suites – perhaps to include a few grand suites to cater for the really well-heeled , and to convert some of the relatively underutilized areas such as the disco lounge and Dionisio wine lounge into alternative themed restaurant dining venues. The main dining room could also be reduced somewhat in size to also provide space for additional alternative dining options. Also introduce an “anytime dining” option. Provided these alternative dining venues offer a range of relatively upmarket eating experiences, we are sure the Mediterranea would be more than able to compete in this market if restructured along the lines suggested. Read Less
Sail Date February 2020
When we first saw the prices of the cruise and the advantages of it all, it seemed too good to be true... BACKGROUND: We booked the 15 day Indian Ocean Cruise with one night in a hotel in Mauritius (with a *drink upgrade* stopping in ... Read More
When we first saw the prices of the cruise and the advantages of it all, it seemed too good to be true... BACKGROUND: We booked the 15 day Indian Ocean Cruise with one night in a hotel in Mauritius (with a *drink upgrade* stopping in Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion, and Mauritius) with the round trip airfare from London Heathrow for 2 people for $5739, wow this is going to be awesome! We booked it well over 8 months in advance through Logitravel with Iris Madico. Iris booked it for us and was responsive and helped us out with any questions we had.... what we hoped they would have provided was a warning about Costa cruise’s upgrading schemes, disgusting food, and horrid service! Almost immediately onboard we found out that Costa’s main objective was to take advantage of us and milk us out of as much money as they could. The package included: o round trip flight from London Heathrow to Mauritius airport o one night stay at Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel (4/5 star hotel at the port) o 15 days in a “premium balcony” cabin with a drink package (during booking there were only two types of cabins, premium and standard) o private transfer from the airport to the hotel o private transfer to the cruise o private transfer back to the Mauritius airport. The excursions were extra but we estimated 1700-1800 euros for 2 excursions in Seychelles, 2 in Madagascar, 1 in Reunion, and 1 in Mauritius. This sounded like a great deal. We wouldn’t have to pay for anything else besides tips, dinner/lunch off the ship, souvenirs, and incidentals. We got our own round trip flight from Los Angeles to London and a one night hotel stay near the Windsor castle in Eton, England to make our wedding anniversary a little special. Eton/Windsor was awesome despite the 30/40 degree weather. It was well worth the luggage space for a couple of coats and warm clothes! The flight out of London on our anniversary was delayed and our layover in Paris was delayed (due to transportation union strikes in the entire country of France.) *Air France/ air Mauritius was our airline* we put up with the inconveniences of the airlines and airports, Off to Mauritius! The Mauritius hotel and restaurant nearby was great. It was pricey for the dinner and drinks but well worth it after 24 hours of flights to get there. We woke up the next morning excited for our cruise. TRIP BEGINS DAY 1 We arrived an hour and a half before “boarding” to see only a few people waiting under a plastic canopy for their luggage to be tagged. We waited on a short line to check in and were given cool towels. Once we got closer to the end of the line we were super surprised to see everybody handing over their passports and the lady putting them in a big box behind her! We were called up and the lady asked to see our passports and looked us up in a computer and said welcome aboard. We asked, “Why do they have to keep our passports, and if they could take photocopies instead?” She said it was for visas for Madagascar and we will get them back after we leave Madagascar.... this was very strange and was our first notice that they will hold our passports for 6 days! We even asked Logitravel prior if we need to do anything for the visas. They told us “You will get the visas at the port when you arrive.” Nothing was mentioned by Logitravel that they would hold our passports. We noted the ladies name and asked her to be extremely careful with our documents. Once we were on board it was time for a late lunch. We made our way up to the 9th floor to the buffet. Once we exited the elevator the smell overwhelmed us. There was a mixture of all types of food smells. We just ignored the smell and began to survey the buffet to find something appealing. We had to dodge all the other passengers with trays and the workers with empty trays of discarded food with flies buzzing around. When we got in line we noticed a few people cutting in line, we didn’t care, we said there should be plenty of food to go around. We noticed only about 10% of the people using the watery hand sanitizer dispensers before grabbing at the utensils and touching all of them before grabbing the one they deemed fit. As we got saw the food we were extremely surprised at what an “Italian” cruise company called food. It was horrid, the food extremely foul tasting. We picked a few pieces of semi stale bread and a piece of chicken grilled chicken without any sauces. We barely got that down as the lady next to us was eating an apple and spitting out the skin directly on the table without a plate and left it there!!!! We said well hopefully the dinner will be better. After going into our room we were happy to have our own little spot on the huge ship. Once we went into the bathroom we noticed a disgusting smell of sewage coming from the toilet. We said “Oh no imagine after a couple of days on the cruise the smell will probably get worse!” We had to wait for our luggage to be brought up. We then said let’s just go get a drink and try and have some fun. When we got to the 2nd deck we noticed a long line at the customer service and tables set up everywhere with confused passengers asking questions and looking bewildered. We made our way to the main bar and asked for two whiskies. The bartender had this smirk on his face and said, “Can I see you Costa card?” We showed him and he said, “That those drinks are not included in your package.” We said “are you sure we got the all-inclusive cabin and drink package?” He replied, “You should go to the drink package table over there and talk with them.” We went over to a table and waited in line behind a couple that was furious about the prices and couldn’t understand why it would cost so much! Also the wife did not drink, but Costa makes the entire party to have the drink package, so the husband said ok we will go without it and walked away. We talked to a man and he showed us a drink package pamphlet riddled with all these extra prices for “premium” liquor and cocktails. The worse part was that there were drink packages for water! We asked, “Why there are drink packages for water?” He notified us that bottled water and water at the bar is not included with our package!” We asked, “What is the top package then?” He told us, “It is 740 euros a person for 14 days for the top drink package.” We were astonished it would cost that much! We settled for the second most which ran us a little over 150 US Dollars. We said “Wow we wished we would’ve known earlier so we could’ve booked the better package 8 months ago. Instead of taken $150 out of our spending budget. We also walked by the “internet/WiFi” table and noticed that the WiFi is not free anywhere on the ship!!! We got a booklet and saw it cost 100 euros for 3gb of data! We again wished we were informed by Costa/Logitravel of this ridiculous priced added expense. As we would have got a portable hotspot, paid for it in advance, or worked it into our budget! We went to a different bar and got a drink prepared by a rude bartender. We retreated to a table away from the bar and started to voice our frustrations to each other. As we were talking we noticed every other party doing the same thing! After our drink we decided, hey let blow off some steam and hit the arcade and casino. Once there we realized that the arcade is not free either. We didn’t even bother with the casino as we felt it would be rigged even worse than other casinos. We wondered what else we will have to pay on this “all-inclusive” vacation! Skeptical of the food we wanted to see the dinner menu for our free sit-down dinner. The Daily Diary told us it was the “gala menu” so we went to the restaurant to try and find a menu. There was nothing there and nobody in sight. So we went to the customer service desk and asked them for the menu for tonight’s dinner. They actually laughed and threw up their hands and said, “We do not have the menus!” We looked at each other and just said, “thank you.” and walked away. We got changed and ready for dinner and headed down to the restaurant 10 minutes early to see a huge group of people waiting to get in. We noticed some obviously overdressed people that seemed to be pawns in the Costa scam. They seemed like actors that were trying to instill a fake sense of class and excitement for the cruise and the dinner. Once 7:45pm came they just opened up the doors and people literally ran inside to their tables. We thought we would have a “dinning seating choice” but we were put up against a wall at the back of the boat where the boat rocked the most. We looked at the menu and decided that we both would have the Lentil soup. I would try the pasta and my wife would try the prawn. Once the lentil came out and we tasted it we knew we have been tricked again. It tasted like literal watered down puke and we only had one or maybe two spoons each. Our entrees came out and my wife’s shrimp stunk of bad seafood and was the skinniest shriveled up prawn we have ever seen. She didn’t touch a thing. My pasta was covered in cheese sauce that tasted horrid and the pasta was chewy with a weird texture. We started to get nauseous and couldn’t take the smell of everyone else’s food. We got up and walked past the waiter and he said, “Is everything ok?” We said, “No! We are not feeling well.” As we walked out everyone stared at us and we tried to not look at the bad eating habits of the people. We had a couple of drinks (made with the cheapest of alcohols) and retreated to our room. We were so upset but we were out in the middle of the Indian Ocean and felt trapped! It was nearly 11pm and we were so hungry so we decided to order room service (which was included free in our package). We looked at the menu and noticed there were only 3 free items. Everything else we would have to pay for. Also they could not bring us water so we had to pay for two sodas. Not liking any of the free choices, I chose the “il Italiano sandwhich” and my wife chose the vegetarian sandwich (after her bad prawn earlier). The room service guy came in and said in a subtle sarcastic voice, “How are you enjoying the cruise?” We said, “Its okay so far” to avoid a weird conversation. We gave him 3 US dollars tip and he left. To our horror, as we looked at the food we almost puked immediately. The vegetarian sandwich was soggy and looked like a mashed up mixture of a bad eggplant and other indistinguishable “vegetables”. The prosciutto on the “il Italiano” was even worse it looked like spam and had some weird clear gelatin attached to it! ****see attached picture and video***** We asked room service to take the tray away and almost cried with disbelief. We could not find any decent food to eat! We then started to ask each other if we should leave and book something else. As a numbers guy I started doing the math in my head and knew if we left it was going to cost us a minimum of $5000 (for hotel and flights back to Mauritius) plus the $7500 we already gave to Costa/Logitravel! DAY 2 We went to breakfast and survived on stale bread and croissants. We spent the day sunbathing and fasting as we could not bear to even walk through the buffet area! We decided we would pay extra for a pizza as we could not, and would not, sit down for another free dinner. We said to ourselves how Italians could mess up a pizza made fresh. When we got to the pizza “restaurant” we realized it is just a section within the buffet area! People were looking at the guys kneading the dough as two guys would walk up and tried to lure them into buying a pizza. We were seated and realized only one other person was there. I asked for a pizza that included cherry tomatoes and burrata cheese. The waiter told me that they ran out of cherry tomatoes! I said, “Really on the second night?” They didn’t give a reason and told me, “They could make it with tomato sauce instead.” When the pizzas came out they were running and watery. The ball of burrata was so hard I couldn’t even cut into it! When the waiter came over to ask how the food was I said, “It is a little watery”. He replied with a belittling remark, “Well that is because you ordered it with tomato sauce.” My wife and I just rolled our eyes and couldn’t believe that he didn’t apologize or try and correct it. We decided we have to get off the ship! We paid for the small amount of data and started to try and search for our escape. We were trying to get into our Chase banking app as it gives us great deals for travel since we are reserved customers. The WiFi was so slow we could not even use it! And worse of all our data package kept draining and we kept upgrading (racking up the money for Costa!) A number of other apps did not work so we went down to the “Internet cafe”. Once there, we put in our card and the computer seemed slower than our phones! We left very discouraged and we kept searching through the Expedia app. DAY 3 We went down to customer service desk the second morning to ask for our passports back and we were thinking of disembarking from the boat. The lady wanted us to sign a disembarking form right then. We said we will not until our passports are returned to us. She said we could pick up our passports tomorrow morning. We spent the second day on the ocean sunbathing and fasting again. We ate two regular margarita pizzas again and both were soggy. We spent the rest of the night researching resorts to try and get the best deal, since we were going to lose a bunch on this vacation. We finally booked: • 4 night stay “half board” in a resort in Seychelles for $1500 and spent an extra $400 for drinks and food. (The resort and the food were spectacular!) • We also had to pay for a flight back to Mauritius so we can get the flight we already paid for from Mauritius back to London. The flight straight from Seychelles was way too expensive. The price for two passengers in economy was $800. • We also booked an all-inclusive resort in Mauritius for $3000, which was fantastic! We also booked an excursion since we lost out on our excursions with costa! Day 4 We went down to the customer service desk and asked for our passports back and the lady said, “You can have them back on the day you disembark.” We did not want to argue so we just said we will make sure we get them back before we leave the ship. We skipped breakfast and got something from a nearby vending machine on land at the port. We went on our one excursion in Seychelles. It was such a relief to be off the boat! The tour was a lot of driving and boat rides. The lunch buffet on the island of Praslin was delicious and so refreshing! Overall it was a good time (9 out of 10). We arrived back at the ship at 7pm. We packed and went to bed without dinner. We dreamt about disembarking in the morning. Day 5 We went down to the customer service, paid our bill, signed the form, and took our own luggage out and never looked back! Summary In the end we spent….. 5739 US Dollars to Logitravel/Costa for the initial booking. 2243 US Dollars for the excursions we could not cancel, the upgraded drink package, the WiFi, the pizza, and other items. Along with the accommodations we made we spent well over 13,000 US Dollars! We could’ve done without Costa/Logitravel and stayed in the two very nice resorts for the 8000 US Dollars. Never going to go on a cruise again! Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
We had used Costa once and were not very pleased, the only reason we chose it again is because it was the only cruise that we found that would go to Norway on the dates we had available. The ports of call were spectacular, enjoyed the ... Read More
We had used Costa once and were not very pleased, the only reason we chose it again is because it was the only cruise that we found that would go to Norway on the dates we had available. The ports of call were spectacular, enjoyed the views, the fjords, nature, falls and train rides. It was a multicultural experience with people from a lot of nationalities. The food was average, being vegetarian, I had usually one option on the menu. On our last cruise with Costa, in South America, the pasta was superb, so I was looking forward to that, but was very disappointed. The menu was very weird. They need an italian chef to bring good pasta. Going to the buffet was a challenge for me because I had a walking disability and used a cane, and you had a station for fruit, another for salads, for deserts, for water, and for hot foods. So there was a lot of walking, and it was usually crowded and hard to find a place to sit. One day I felt like eating pizza and found out that they charge for pizza! and also for ice cream! (which was a free option when we cruised with Costa before) Being from USA we were not charged for water, but the rest of the passengers had to pay. Our server for dinner was I Nyoman Darsana from Indonesia. Great person, very polite and courteous. The programming was average. The best shows were the acrobatics and Mimes. The room cleanliness was average. The carpet was stained and needs to be cleaned (room 4181) The sheets and towels in general seemed old and grayish colored. Read Less
Sail Date July 2019
I do not normally write a review on cruises. I do always rely on my other half to do this. I have read so many bad and negative reviews about Costa which I was not very keen to sail with them this time. I have traveled a lol, done so ... Read More
I do not normally write a review on cruises. I do always rely on my other half to do this. I have read so many bad and negative reviews about Costa which I was not very keen to sail with them this time. I have traveled a lol, done so many cruises with Royal, Azamara, Cunard, Princess and so on. You just imagine how well they are by name. So I was quite worried to embark on Costa Mediterranea due to my experience with the best ones on the sea. I cannot praise to anyone to give a go, to try it at least once. It was amazing. We sailed this month and we went to the Norwegian Fjords. The ship was glizzy, beautiful though. It's like a Las Vegas Hotel if we want to compare to something. It's not new but no old at all. It has got that sparkle which it makes everything good to be on. We were for 10 days and we enjoyed everyday. We are definitely going back again. Also we have found out that Costa had a free shuttle from Amsterdam (from a station to the port, which no so many cruise liners do that.... On the other hand I just would like to pointing out few things.... We do feel citizens of the world, Costa is a multicultural environment and of course we do not expect everyone to speak with the same accent or this perfect English. Sometimes demand is it perhaps we do want this or that in our own way? Why cruiser just accept what it is without making huge fuss? The only problem is some the passenger itself which they do not know what it does mean respect. To be honest criticize and write a bad review to a cruise company is easy but sometimes we should ourselves understand why sometimes things don't go how we want. Perhaps we expect too much, we treat badly those people who are really working hard on board for us. Just be nice, try to see yourself on the other side and just think how you would like to be treated, perhaps your perception will change a bit. I can't personally knock anything down. It's us we should respect each other when traveling. That's my personal opinion. If you don't like it then you can go with Silversea, Seabourne, Oceania where you pay a high standard rate and you get what you really want. Sorry to be harsh but we just need to stop winging and criticise everything. Read Less
Sail Date June 2019
We wanted to go to Norwegian Fjords cruise for quite a long time so, when I saw this cruise on special promotion and checked its itinerary, we bought it the very same date. Itinerary is very important as many cruise ships just stop at ... Read More
We wanted to go to Norwegian Fjords cruise for quite a long time so, when I saw this cruise on special promotion and checked its itinerary, we bought it the very same date. Itinerary is very important as many cruise ships just stop at major cities where you should take local fjords tours, which are pricy as everything in Norway. This cruise had excellent itinerary, I could not wish to be better. First of all - it started in Amsterdam harbour, which is in about 40 min taxi from Airport. We took this opportunity to explore town of Harlem, with is absolutely beautiful and provides very different experience in compare to crowded touristic Amsterdam. Embarkation was fine except one of our suitcases was never delivered to the cabin and we picked it up by ourselves, staying lonely by the elevators :) First ship impression - WOW! we never saw such kitch before. Do not believe anyone, who wrote this ship design was impressed by Italian castles. It was rather impressed by Gipsy kings houses and made by people, who never saw anything produced in Italy :) Despite its design, ship is very well structured and its quite easy to get where you want different ways. On-board experience - Costa cruises do promotions on their cruises very often, so never buy their cruise full price. In return everything on board is PRICY. Drinks are expensive, photos - very expensive, paying restaurants - expensive and price for SPA is over expensive. As result service staff is busy whole day, trying to catch customers for their services. Looks like Stambul market a bit and annoying as well. On the other side, you can always say no, which let you control your expenses. Only thing you can not avoid is ironing, which is expensive as well, and they do not let you to iron things by yourself :) Its strongly recommended to buy wine and water package as soon as you are on board or in advance. Internet - Costa has great option for unlimited Facebook, Instagram and messengers for only 5 Euro per day. Dining - though buffet on the upper floor was mostly disappointing as mentioned in many reviews, menu breakfast and evening dining at the main restaurant was superb! Dishes were on top restaurant quality and we really put on weight during the cruise as could not miss any course, some times asking for the same dish twice for the evening! 5 stars to the chef! Our evening waiter really provided us top service possible. Same time room service was good at the beginning, but starting from the middle of the trip made it worse and stop doing anything, even cleaning at all for last two days. Probably he expected to get a tip after two days? Needless to say he did not get anything. For excursions we used local company called Norwegian Excursions which I'm glad to recommend. Unfortunately we decided to use Costa Excursions for Stavanger and Bremen and it was complete disaster. First of all you can not neither complain nor get any refund. Excursion desk is always full with unsatisfied customers, but its written in their terms - no refund in any case, except full cancelation of the excursion by local provider! Costa acts as local provider agent and in case you are not satisfied with your experience, Costa may provide you with local provider details and you may send your complains directly to them. Costa sold us Fjord trip in Stavanger, stating its going to be small boat cruise, you'll go behind the waterfall with this boat, while sipping Prosecco with nice music, observing fjord though its glass roof. In fact local provider gave us a transport ferry, which is not even close to the promised small boat and not suitable for any excursions at all. Needless to say, Costa did not provided any refund. Excursion in Bremen lasted only 2 hours, despite this day stop in harbour is over 6 hours - I think they just save on buses. Best solution was just to go to harbour shopping center with local bus. Fellow passengers complained on other excursions as well.. Some did not book any excursions at all, always choosing the ones in local ports - good idea! Ship has very good disco room, which starts to work as disco at midnight acting as teen zone before this time. Entertainment was mostly different dancing performances which is not in our style, though Roberto Sinagoga signing performance was really impressive. Animators team was great and do perfect job! Summary: If you buy your cruise with discount, avoid Costa Spa and excursions, there is good possibility to enjoy Costa cruise even with few cocktails every day. Tipping your cabin attendant at the beginning might be a good idea. Quickly on ports - Bergen - nothing to do except little old district and tourist fish market, If weather permits, take funicular uphill (buy tickets through internet to avoid cue) and hike up there - they have beautiful nature trails there. Stavanger - considered to be most beautiful city in Norway. Probably it is. We downloaded map of Stavanger graffiti festival and did our own city quest searching for different graffities - it was amazing! Alesund - Troll wall is not quite interesting, and troll road is a must! nothing to do in town itself, though we do good shopping of local tourist equipment in local outdoor outlet. Geiranger - Just took standard excursion, which should including mount Danisba (or something like that) and 7 sisters view point. Avoid hope on bus - it won't take you there. Olden - Piece of glacier you see is quite small though road to it is fun despite crowded. You can get there with Norway Excursions as well as take excursion in the harbour. Read Less
Sail Date June 2019
We picked this 9 night Norway Cruise for it's ports, not for the ship, as part of a celebration for our son's high school graduation. We splurged on a panorama suite for a little more room and services since there were 4 of us, ... Read More
We picked this 9 night Norway Cruise for it's ports, not for the ship, as part of a celebration for our son's high school graduation. We splurged on a panorama suite for a little more room and services since there were 4 of us, my husband, 18 yr old, 1 yr old and myself. We reviewed all Costa's shore excursions prior to sailing and through research determined we could do most of their excursions on our own or through another company for half the cost. We booked 0 excursions through Costa and did all sight seeing and excursions on our own. Ports: BERGEN: We easily walked from port to town while walking by colorful houses to Floyen Mountain funicular (lift/gondola). Once on top, beautiful views await with easy walking trails, friendly goats and playgrounds galore (don't miss the wooden one in the trees to the left when you get up there. There's a little zipline that's part of the playground too). Definitely a spot for all age groups. Go there early as the lines get long for the funicular. Cost was reasonable, about $20 round trip. You can also hike up and down at no cost, but it's not for everyone and I would rate it difficult because of the incline and length to get up there. HELLESYIT: we didn't dock. Stopped for an hour for the views. You could only get off IF you booked an excursion that took you to the next town, Geiranger. At the high cost, It didn't sound worth it. GEIRANGERFJORD: coming into this Fjord is the excursions. Save your money and wake up early (by 6am) and watch the majestic waterfalls and ridges roll by as they narrow while approaching Geiranger. At port, we checked out a few port shops along the water, walked around towards town (about 5 minutes) and walked backed. It looked like you could rent a boat there for a few hours. That would have been fun. It ended up being a very overcast day. We ended up back on the boat somewhat early for a nap. ANDALSNES: My favorite! I originally wanted to take the train excursions Costa had on the Rauma Railway but at almost $200 a person, I thought not. I found the train actually had a website of it's own, but the tickets were sold out for that date and time (Costa's excursions bought them out no doubt). So we rented a nice car for $60 and went to all the same places on the excursions, literally following the train as it paralleled the road we drove (a huge cost saving and so much better than fighting for space with all the other tourists). MUST SEE Trollstigen (winding, steep road with waterfalls to a beautiful mountain top park with easy trails to overlook). Come back towards town and drive up the other side along the Rauma River to Romsdalen. On your way take a side road off the beaten path for a few minutes. We saw moose and an incredible unattended roaring waterfalls. OLDEN: we took the local bus (turned school bus after 3pm) for a few NOK (maybe $10 per person round trip) to Briksdale Glacier. You must do this early to allow for time to get there and for walking the park and return before the buses stop running. There was no cost to get into the park, just for the shuttle cart (big golf cart) to bring you towards the top of the park to avoid some uphill hiking. We loved the 1 hour walk up and the challenge. Bring a raincoat or sweater, it does get cold (you're walking to a glacier). STAVANGER: We really wanted to do the Pulpit Rock excursions with Costa, but again $200 a person was ridiculous. You can do it on your own for around $40, if you're in port a full day. You just need to get up early and be off the ship to catch the 1 hour fairy over to Tau and bus to Preikestolen Mountain. Once there, you'll need to leave at least 4 hours for the hike (add more for decreased fitness level) and plan what fairy you need to be on to return to the boat in time. We missed this opportunity because we stalled getting off the ship. Instead I watched jelly fish swim along the boat docks as we walked into town with LOTS of SHOPPING. We eventually decided to WALK to the swords. I definitely recommend NOT doing this. It was easily a 4 mile/6 kilometer, 2 hour walk through the neighborhood, a park and along a highway, with nothing special to see, only to get there half starving, take a few pictures, with just enough time to figure out how to get a taxi in the middle of a very residential area back to the ship. DON'T DO THIS! Wake up early and get to Pulpit Rock. BREMERHAVEN: port is far away (20+ minute drive) to the city. We stayed on the ship. Language: They announce in 5 languages. It doesn't seem annoying as they do it quickly and efficiently. The cruise director will announce in the 5 languages as well. The crew generally understands english. The majority of the passengers I interacted with spoke only Italian or another language besides English. The boat: decor. Lots of colors, but very clean and tasteful. Hardly felt us mice through the Norwegian waters. Bars/lounges: didn't usually have to wait long when ordering directly at the bar. Sometimes lounge seat service took a bit. Bar staff was accommodating and willing to try to make what you wanted off the menu. Mark at the lounge was good at understanding drinks off the menu. Dont expect a typical Cadillac margarita as they don't squeeze the lime/lemon fresh, they use a mix which they say is lemon juice with sugar added. The best Margarita I had was with their fresh squeezed orange juice. They put the best duo singing band (2 guys) that play mostly American songs in the worst lounge. It's not a bad lounge it's actually really comfortable, but the walk way to the MDR and elevators separates the stage/bar from the seating so everyone is always walking through. Any of the ships other lounges would have been better for this. Theater: very nice 3 story theater. Lower level walk in on the first floor and multilevel (with stairs) highback chair seating on the others. All offered pretty good views of the stage with some piller obstructions throughout. The first two rows are reserved for suite guest, with no specific seats being assigned relating to your cabin. They can be taken 5 minutes before showtime by anyone. Staff does not monitor the reserved seating. The show's are about 90 % Italian related and they sing about the same in Italian. Tips: download the Costa app on your phones prior to the cruise. For some reason Norway would not let us download the app ( it was unavailable in your area). Butler Service: We did not receive an orientation from our butler (Julio). He never told us what services we could use him for, I believe in part due to the language barrier. We struggled a bit when we'd try to order drinks from him, but he always tried really hard to understand. We call an extension on our phone and they either take our request or more commonly, send the butler to find out what we'd like. One morning I ordered two hot chocolates with the person at the extention. The next day I ordered it at the extension and she said it was not included, even after telling her it was yesterday. She sounded irritated and said "mama is there anything else?". I said, I guess just orange juice. It was definitely included as we had their best drink package and butler service. Three days before cruise end, we were given a second butler that explained the services included. Club Restaurant: Medusa was the highlight of the service we received. Kind staff when dining with a 1 year old made all the difference. Kevin, Julie, Neal... made sure we got good service and were always chatting with the baby when he got fussy, many times avoiding having to leave as the baby responded happily to them. The food was usually good. I asked the servers what things looked better on the menu as it was hard to tell by the name what would be good. One night they had lobster bisque, it was anything but. More like cream fish broth gravy. I know they have limited ingredients to make a variety of things, but sometimes the food names on the menu are not exactly what we know that item to be. So just ask a lot of questions prior to ordering at the restaurant to avoid disappointment and food waste. Most servers are happy to explain if they can understand your questions. Restaurants/buffets: this cruise had very selective hours for their buffet. It seemed they were only open 2 hours for dinner and not until 6pm, if you were hungry between 3 and 6, room service was generally the only option. I'm used to having food available 24/7. Everytime I went to the buffet, I had to wait in line about 5 mintues before I could get any food. I also struggled every time to find a table. Pizza from the buffet area cost extra. They act like it's a specialty restaurant. Spa: the spa was complementary for suite guests. We were under the impression that we'd each just get one day at the spa, but was informed that we could go everyday by Christine (english speaking guest relations). The have a co-ed jacuzzi, just like the ones on deck. Each male and female side have their own turkish spa (steam room) and a sauna. They also have nice showers that have multiple side shower heads. Cabin Suite 6158 (Panoramic Suite): We comfortably fit 4 of us. Our 18 year old on the couch bed, our 1 year old in the provided crib and my husband and I in the big bed, which was easily a queen, if not bigger. The beds were more on the firm side, with a bit of pillow top mattress that was very comfortable. *Room disappointments We booked this based on Costa's websites layout of the room. It showed there was two lounge chairs on the balcony AND a table with 4 chairs. There was no table. So we were not able to comfortably have meals on our deck as we had liked (especially with the baby). It also stated a jetted tub was in the bathroom which is a another BIG reason we booked this room. For me to relax and to be able to easily bathe the baby. When brought to their attention the women at the service desk offered to give us a free phone call to pr travel agent. It wasn't our agents fault, we used Costa's website to decide on the room based on features THEY LISTED. Finally a supervisor called us and apologized saying they did remodeling and it looks like the website was not updated to reflect that. There was no offer to move us to a room that had those things or to credit us a bit for the inaccuracies. They did not make it right and I felt like we were bait and switched on the room. Especially having paid more for this suite to include those things. Intedore Drink Package: included all drinks $9 or under. Kids Activities/squawk club: I only know of secondary room for 3 and under. They have a nice clean space for babies to crawl around and play with electronic toys, legos, trains and foam alphabet. This room has a bathroom for changing and toilet. They had a variety of the same two electronic toys, however only one out of 7 worked. When I asked staff, they said they don't have a screw driver. I called our butler, he said the cabin steward might have one. An attendant for the squawk club came by and said the batteries die in a day. I said "wow, in 1 day?". He said "well in a few days". I explained they haven't been working since we got on board, that if they have toys they can and should work and all but 1 is working. He said he understood and would fix them. This is the only area my baby has to crawl freely. They stayed dead the entire cruise. Favorites: fresh squeezed orange juice, sligjtly larger rooms in comparison to other ships I've been on. Room steward (Noel) had great attention to detail, keeping the room fresh and clean. Club Restaurant staff were great. Read Less
Sail Date June 2019
From the beginning of the embarkation to the end I would have to say that we were sorry that we chose Costa. No communication had been given to us for getting to the ship from the airport. The phone number we were given was not in service. ... Read More
From the beginning of the embarkation to the end I would have to say that we were sorry that we chose Costa. No communication had been given to us for getting to the ship from the airport. The phone number we were given was not in service. We worked it out with a taxi at the beginning and end of the cruise at the cost of €100 each way. The itinerary was what we wanted and the tours were well done but for the language barrier. English was at the bottom of their priority list and messages were read after at least 4 other languages first. No one spoke English with less than a severe accent and making it difficulties follow. The crew was sour and rarely smiled. Our safety drill was a series of lining us up at the muster station. Pushed into rows of three, shoulder to shoulder I resented being touched by these serious crew members. Don’t touch me! Tell me. Oh yes, you can’t speak English. The food was mediocre at best. I’ve never lost weight on a cruise before. Communication and manners were lacking almost always. There were no substitutions in the dining room and vegetables were lacking. Any other cruise we’ve been on offer alternatives every day. The buffet was also lacking taste, variety, and tender meat choices. The same menus were offered every day. We could not have butter unless we asked for it and waited for someone to get it from the kitchen. Coffee was offered with breakfast and after that we had to pay for it at the bar. They actually have a drink pkg for coffee juice and water. Most of all, the waiters pushing past you with trays or reaching across you to serve or remove dishes was so rude. Whether you had to step aside for them as they rushed by or get shoved out of line as they filled the clean cup tray, the waiters were rude. Even in the dining room our orders were mixed up and waiters could not seem to serve plates in a mannerly way. They still reached across our faces to serve others. The entertainment was mediocre at best except for one singer and 3 acrobats. The dancers were not nearly what we have seen on any other cruise. Their poor synchronization accompanied poor routines. I guess what frustrated us most was the inattention to the English speaking guests with brief announcements which we did not understand. As well, the tour guides who could speak good English were few with a lack of ability to converse with us. Speaking of inattentive behaviour on the part of the crew, we were mainly ignored with little or no eye contact. The sour looks on most of the employees’ faces indicated a poor work climate perhaps and poor morale amongst staff. Wait staff never helped in any way but to clear dishes at the buffet. No smiles, no good morning, no ability to understand what you might be asking for, such as “Do you have hot cereal this morning, porridge, oatmeal, cream of wheat?” Our room steward was sweet and did his best with a stale-smelling stateroom. The pillows seemed to need washing and the carpets required a good shampoo. (So did our soap dispenser in the bathroom) Another warning is that the added 15% per day is a required fee. They do not regard it as a tip. In fact, they told us that we were free to tip individuals but we could not withhold any of the 15% per day charge for our severely poor service in the dining room. Speaking of money I’d like to say how angry I was at not being able to get an accounting of my charges. I had to have my husband with me because all room charges were put on his account only (even though we signed equal status for charges.) I was the one who booked the cruise, arranged for the tours, paid for our two watches that we bought, all on my Visa not my husband’s. When I asked them to change the accounting they told me that it could not be changed because of the system. All charges and payments would be under the man’s name in a cabin. Really, is this 1950? All said, our itinerary was ideal and the tours worth the money even without good tour guides. There was a lot of written information on each port to follow along. Within the opulence of this ship a number of disappointments seized us and threatened our joy of going to see the land of my heritage. But Norway out-performed this costa ship with its grandeur and awe inspiring beauty. Read Less
Sail Date June 2019
We have always said we wouldn’t cruise with Costa, but when this deal came up we decided to try it. Thankfully, this was a short cruise and therefore the suffering was limited. The pros were that the cabin we were assigned was nice ... Read More
We have always said we wouldn’t cruise with Costa, but when this deal came up we decided to try it. Thankfully, this was a short cruise and therefore the suffering was limited. The pros were that the cabin we were assigned was nice and quiet and the crew were very nice. Also, embarkation and debarkation were relatively quick. The cons are too numerous to list but they include an aggressive attempt to upsell everything, a 6 a.m. beer delivered to our cabin (and a couple of others), and the food in general. Costa has very little for vegetarians other than pity and disdain. I asked for the vegetarian menu and was promised one for the next evening. The next evening the waiter, a good man, gave me the vegetarian menu before being called away. When he returned, he took the menu away and told me it was only for people with allergies. It may have been a language problem, but I was not allowed to see the vegetarian menu again. One evening there was literally only one dish that was marked vegetarian and it was not a main, but a side of sauteed mushrooms. The buffet was not better, as the food was always lukewarm, including the salad bar. Our cabin, though the decor was dated, was comfortable and roomy, with plenty of storage including space for the suitcase under the bed. We had booked a balcony guarantee and received a premium cabin, 5192. We usually use a nightlight in the cabin, but the helpful gap between the door and the floor kept the room comfortably lit throughout the night. Fortunately, the head of the bed was not in a direct line with the door, so we were able to sleep. The incident with the beer came back to haunt us, as we noticed a spurious charge on our final bill marked “mini-bar”. We never, ever use the mini-bar, so we challenged this right away. At first we were told that a beer had been taken from the mini-bar, which we said was ridiculous since we had a drinks package and could get all the beer they would serve us. Then, after a 20-minute wait, we were told we had ordered a beer from room service. We mentioned the mystery beer delivery at 6 a.m. and after another 10 minute discussion, we were finally told it would be removed from our final bill. I asked for a copy of the new final bill but was told that it could not be done because Corporate had to approve it. We’ll see when the credit card bill arrives. The ship shows signs of age, and every trip to the public restrooms resulted in at least one unpleasant confrontation with a clearly non-functioning toilet. Which points out the greatest problem with this ship in my opinion, and that is the fact that 853 crew is not enough to create a comfortable and pleasant cruise experience for 2600+ passengers. We were happy we didn’t pay full price for this cruise, with our costs coming to just about 100 a day per person, but we felt really sorry for a couple we met who had paid 200+ a day per person. Read Less
Sail Date May 2019
We choose this cruise for its itinerary and a very competiive price. We have 21 cruises behind us and this was our third with Costa so we knew what could be expected and not. Embarkation in Dubai after 6 pm was very swift, no doubt helped ... Read More
We choose this cruise for its itinerary and a very competiive price. We have 21 cruises behind us and this was our third with Costa so we knew what could be expected and not. Embarkation in Dubai after 6 pm was very swift, no doubt helped by the fact that many passengers had already boarded the day before in Abu Dhabi. The ship may be a bit old but is kept tidy and is in a good condition. Our cabin ,a Balcony Premium, on the fith deck was perhaps a bit on the small side but quite okay and always kept tidy by our Philippino steward. .Announcements onboard are made in several languages and english is always one of them. In addition hostesses for english speaking passengers as well as german, french and spanish passengers were availble daily for those who needed assistance. We dined in the main restaurant on the upper deck, very noisy indeed. Slow service the first couple of nights but the service improved a bit during the cruise. Since our last Cruise with Costa in 2016 it they appear to have made cuts and waiter and assistant waiter are no more instead a single "food and beverage server". In our case he had three tables with18 guests. That our fellow passengers prefered 5 course dinners made the dinners rather lenghty. We had breakfast and lunch in the main restaurant most days and were fairly satisfied with both food and service. We tried the buffet restaurant at times it was less crowded. Food acceptable but nothing more. Entertainment in the main theater at best average, For those who like dancing a Costa cruise must be the right place with a lot of dancing opportunities in different lounges and on deck ,often at the same time Through Costa we took part in shore exursions in Muscat a sightseeing, in Salalah a visit to a beach resort, In Aqaba a visit to Petra, in Eilat a visit to a beach resort and finally in Katakolon a visit to Olympia. Pleased with all excursions and by and large pleased with our cruise although many things could for sure have been better.. Disembarkment in Savona was fast and we were off the ship in no time at all. A buss transfer purchased onboard took us to Nice for a couple off nights before returning back home. . . Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
Chosen this cruise line because of the itinerary offered and being an Italian passport holder I did believe to be proud of the italian hospitality offered and convinced friends to join on the Costa Mediterranea. A total catastrophy to say ... Read More
Chosen this cruise line because of the itinerary offered and being an Italian passport holder I did believe to be proud of the italian hospitality offered and convinced friends to join on the Costa Mediterranea. A total catastrophy to say the least!!! Never again will look or put a foot on a Costa vessel regardless on what they offer. A catalogue of mistakes, rudeness, could not care and bother attitude from all, especially from management, supervisors and officers as a whole. Informations as from the so called Head Offce never reached the vessel, comunication failure all round. Billing instructions even worst. Costa liner has become a 'bums on seat' category styled business, they attitude has totally gone astray and into deep waters. No customer skill or customer care in force. All what they want is: come on board, pay the bills and get out!!!!! Arrived in Dubai with BA flight at 08.00, presumably you could check in at 13.00, never advertise differently, the earliest they allowed you to, was 16.30, without a drink, snack or whatsoever. Had a special need individual with us, requested a wheelchair for at least 4 times, never arrived untill 17.20. By this time we were already stressed up. Taken luggages at 11.00am, yet never arrived in the cabins untill 20.45, just before dinner time. We were planning to visit Dubai, we hand up going nowhere expect on board. Lost the visit of Dubai sights!! Next day went to one of the bar for informations on non-alcoholic cocktails, prices and choices, was manned very rudly by an individual in the most abrat way. Complained to Head barman (Umberto) and had no confidence in him simply he was not responding enthusiastically and responsive to guest need. Blant as a tree trunk. Ordered via Costa website, water packages (3), never materialised even dough I had receipt from Costa on my mobile emails. Had to argue my way around. Restaurant food was very mediocre on majority of nights, very small or miniscule portions, mostly was cold or just about warm. Felt sorry for our waiter, because he was getting the hard times from the company failures. Gluten free diet was the worst ever experienced in 11 cruise taken in the past with other companies. Bread roll was like a chewing gum, soups were very watery, offered fish finger as main course, offered mini burgers or pizzas as glutel free mains. These dishes I dont even offer them to my granchildren which are 4 years and a 6 years old!! When decided to by a water package, reception decide to cancel it making my stressful time even harder. Every night in the main bar had discussion and disagreements with catering staff in respect to the totals showing on receipt, and being told the computer has made mistakes. How many naive guest have not checked and lost their drinks? Buffet food was always cold even dough they had proper utensils and not used fully! in numerous occasions had to ask chefs to change the food on offer and ensuring food was hot when it need to be hot!! A Russian originated receptionist and a night Italian male extremely rude in occasions. By the time we arrived in Muscat, I wanted to check out and return to UK, if I had the facilities of internet connection for flight search. Paid a wifi connection for the whole cruise, (48 euros) yet only used 30 minutes a day because it was not working properly, excuse was 'the satellite was not in good condition'. English breakfast tea, not available most of the days, had to beg waiters and given one bag at the time. Same goes to the decaffeinated coffee, you had to beg for getting a sachet. Public toilets closed most day at buffet time, when lunch session started. No facilities of hand washing, hence the contamination of dirty hand on board, not enough liquid jel for guest to use. A broken chair found in the casino and reported was never fixed for a least 4 days, very cleverly the chair was moved to another fruit machine. Lots of inconvenience for guest but very conveniently for the staff. Of course they are there to work but they are there to please and ensuring the guest needs are met. Worst of all, the service charge is a compulsary and very expensive item. £180.00 for the cruise each. The only saving grace was the entertainement team lead by Ariel, was very helpful, friendly, enthusiast, and above all very funny to all guest. Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
Having read so many negative reviews, we were very sceptical & even contemplated cancelling before sailing. Thank goodness we didn't. We have been on 13 cruises with different companies and this cruise was by far the best. ... Read More
Having read so many negative reviews, we were very sceptical & even contemplated cancelling before sailing. Thank goodness we didn't. We have been on 13 cruises with different companies and this cruise was by far the best. Mediterranea was scrupulously clean, the service in main dining room (Jayson) , bars (Little John, Chai) very attentive and prompt (after 1st day, your preferred drink brought to you). Our cabin 8131 was kept clean & our request for ice automatically delivered each day. Food was excellent - good variety and top quality in both Buffet & main Dining room. Never once got cold food as some reviews said. The English International Hostess Eve McAlpine was very helpful & went the extra mile to assist were necessary. Embarcation in Abu Dhabi was efficient & we were even given refreshments during the wait. Baggage was delivered to our cabin promptly. Our drinks package was activated on embarcation. Yes, announcements are always in Italian, but always repeated in English, German & Spanish. Excursions were well organised. Disembarcation in Savona also very efficient. We will most defenitely sail again with Costa. Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
My travel agent finally found an affordable trip to the UAE. It all went downhill from there. The dining options were minimalistic. There was only 1 option for dining other than the buffet. I was on a special low-sodium diet. The meals ... Read More
My travel agent finally found an affordable trip to the UAE. It all went downhill from there. The dining options were minimalistic. There was only 1 option for dining other than the buffet. I was on a special low-sodium diet. The meals were plain and EXTREMELY bland. I don't think the chef had ever heard of chicken stock, and definitely had no concept of herbs or spices. It was an Italian style ship that didn't have basil for pizza margaritas. The salad dressing on the buffet was so watered down you could drink it. Hunting for options on the buffet was an adventure to say the least. There was only one carving station and it was always out of whatever it was carving. If you wanted food after 9pm, you had to pay for it, burgers, fries and pizza. Even room service . All of the entertainment was in Italian, Spanish or from the eighties maybe. The club was for teens. Bingo and karaoke were only 1 night . This was my 10th cruise and worst cruise ever. The patrons and staff were overall RUDE. I went on a Italian/English tour, the spoke Italian for the first 30 minutes or more. Even after bringing it to his attention (Aziz) it didn't get better. I voiced this to passenger liaison Eve. She was told by the tour desk manager Christian, that because I was gifted the tickets the morning of the tour, my opinion didn't matter. The reason because I didn't purchase the tickets and register them with my name. I have never been so insulted before in my life. I spoke with several other North American guests and they felt the same. Royal Caribbean is my only cruise line after this CRAPPY CRAPPY Carnival Costa Cruise. If you were giving out free cruises that offered a mega-suite I wouldn't take it. Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
Upon boarding there was no one available to greet our group, no greeter to welcome us (that was probably our first clue to disaster). I got to my room, it’s clean but had a very musty smell so I needed to open the balcony to air it out ... Read More
Upon boarding there was no one available to greet our group, no greeter to welcome us (that was probably our first clue to disaster). I got to my room, it’s clean but had a very musty smell so I needed to open the balcony to air it out as it had a strong stench. Beds hard as hell and unable to control the temperature in the room. There were no English channels on the television only AL-jerze new, no CSI, Barnaby Jones, Murder she wrote or Matlock. There were no activites for people who spoke English. I have never been in a room which did not have a clock, therefore I constantly had to call the front desk for the time or go to the hall by the steps, just so not to be late for my excursions. Speaking of the Excursions I selected easy tours but there was a lot more walking which did not allow me to take in the views. I take cruises to determine which places I liked the most and would revisit by land but I was not able to make a decision being on the Costa Mediterranean cruise. Announcements were all in Italian which made me make several calls to the operator, as I did not know if the message pertained to me as something I should know. Customer Service Personnel was outrageously, rude and rather disrespectful. Here are two examples: I was standing in line at the customer service desk waiting for help, the lady overlooked me and addressed a man behind me like I was not there, so yes, I spoke up and in Italian she asked the guy to wait. She never said sorry. Another, example again I went to customer service for so clarification about my bill, the young guy was not clear and very impatience, so I said to him I am not following what you’re saying as your explanation does not make sense. I said I didn’t feel like I was getting good customer service. He said he's giving excellent customer service and he don't understand. I said it is your job to ensure I understand he said oh well and went on to the next person. So, I waited for morning. Food: The food on the buffet was cold, under cooked, no flavoring or seasoning. The food in the Dining room was not much better. The waiters were very slow at serving dinner then wanted you to hurry up because you are now interfering with the next service. REALLY. You’re slow so I got to hurry. REALLY. Then there was no food available after 9 pm, this is the first cruise that food was not available during the evening and early morning hours unless it was purchased (hamburgers and pizza) which should have been available as part of the price of the cruise. I would understand aa separate price if it was a specialty restaurant but not for something that should be available. SO, since I’m diabetic I had to ensure I brought some snacks on board, so my when my sugars drop, I had something available to bring my sugars up (this is a real issue for people with Diabetes). Drink Package: my understanding was it unlimited bottle water, can soda and selected alcoholic beverage including mix drinks but the bar personnel said they could not give me a bottle of water but could pour the contents in a glass (therefore, I was getting 8 ounces instead of a whole bottle or 6 ounces instead of a can. So, I had to drink it then order another. I was told if I wanted a can or bottle, that I would have to pay for them. WHY? Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
We were looking for a week of winter sun in February and chose Costa because of the itinerary, and location. We made our own travel arrangements and flew to Dubai on Emirates, and with a short transfer, we were at the port within an ... Read More
We were looking for a week of winter sun in February and chose Costa because of the itinerary, and location. We made our own travel arrangements and flew to Dubai on Emirates, and with a short transfer, we were at the port within an hour of landing. Embarkation was quick and efficient and our luggage was delivered to our cabin quickly. The ship was clean, all the crew we met were polite, and service was excellent. The other travellers were a diverse group from many different countries. Dining : We ate in the main dining room every night, the food was very good ( despite some criticisms I'd read before we travelled ) fresh pasta, wonderful mozzarella - made fresh on the ship - and well cooked and prepared meat dishes. Our server Emmanuel was polite and courteous. We had the Piu Gusto drinks package which included house wine with our meals and this was constantly topped up without us needing to ask, as was water. Entertainment : We did a morning back stage tour of the ship that was very interesting and well worth doing. The shows were of a high standard, and very enjoyable. There was music in every bar - and there were plenty of bars...and dancing, if thats your thing. Excursions : We didnt do any of the official tours so I cant comment, though we had no problem finding our own way round Muscat, and Abu Dhabi, visiting the Grand Mosque and the heritage village using local cabs. We also spent a day at a hotel pool in Abu Dhabi Saadiyat beach which ws good value and lovely. We would definitely travel with Costa again. Read Less
Sail Date February 2019
The worst cruise line ever! Rude and unprofessional staff in every department.The self serve Restaurant was always packed and we often had to wait for a table and the counters were also so busy that we had to wait in long lines for the ... Read More
The worst cruise line ever! Rude and unprofessional staff in every department.The self serve Restaurant was always packed and we often had to wait for a table and the counters were also so busy that we had to wait in long lines for the most unappetising food I have ever had the misfortune to eat !! The desserts were the same every day, both at lunch and dinner. In the main restaurant it was awful service and disgusting food at breakfast. The hot plated breakfast looked over cooked or reheated and most of the staff were clueless when we asked for anything. No waiters or Maitre ‘d introduced themselves or explained the menu items at dinner time as was done on all other cruise lines I’ve been on. The cabin was a disgrace, it looked like a cheap motel room from 1980. The balcony was unusable as it smelled of paint and cigarette smoke. To sum up, if you’re looking for a decent cruise with good standards, pleasant staff, good food and a nice cabin, don’t even contemplate Costa. It was awful! Read Less
Sail Date December 2018
DO NOT BOOK any cruise with Costa! I have never experienced a company before that care so little for their customers. I should have known that it was going to be bad. Before we even set sail they were impossible to contact. They do not ... Read More
DO NOT BOOK any cruise with Costa! I have never experienced a company before that care so little for their customers. I should have known that it was going to be bad. Before we even set sail they were impossible to contact. They do not answer the phone or reply to any emails. All I wanted was some information, apparently even that is too much for them! They ship's decor is ugly and old. Do not expect anything special. Cabins are even worse. Ours was again old and ugly and not maintained properly. Mold in the shower and in the light fittings that were falling down. Scratches and chipping all over the units and fittings.What looked like a blood stain was on the out door mat, which was next to the bed. Couldn't open cupboard under the TV without hitting it, the design is terrible. The balcony was totally pointless. The view was totally obstructed by the life boat, if this was the case then why weren't we informed of this whilst booking. I would have paid the extra money. The balcony is also in terrible condition. I understand a boat's exterior must be repainted to maintain it but the paintwork was the worst I have ever seen. Paint splashes everywhere. It was just disgusting to look at. Oh and the disgusting passengers smoking on their balconies ruined it too, what a waste of money. Don't expect to ever see your steward, never saw him once on the whole holiday. Dinning is horrific!!! The worst food you could imagine! Expect a lower standard that school dinners with 'chefs' that have no idea what is going on. I was served pink chicken and not one single person in that whole restaurant cared. Even with me telling them that they could have killed someone who didn't see it i.e. the older or children. Absolutely disgusting, the reply I got was 'I'll get you a new one'. Do you really think I want a new one when you can't even acknowledge that this a problem? The rest of the buffet food I can't even describe. Just awful. They serve things like chicken curry and don't label it that it contains bones! What an awful surprise and again just as well I am of an age to cope with it! I dread to think what could happen with children. For the last 3 nights of the cruise I ate potatoes and cabbage for my dinner every night. Costa seem to want to spend as little as they possibly can on food, you won't find any fruit that is ripe or even has a taste. The queues in the buffet are spectacular, especially at lunch time! Expect to wait up to 20 mins to get the burgers and chips. Oh and the most shocking thing I thought for an Italian cruise ship, you won't get pizza or ice cream unless you pay a lot of extra money! Also expect the other passengers to behave like complete pigs, 90 of them are absolutely disgusting because staff let them do what they like. Like I said no one cares. You can go and sit with you shoes on and put your feet all over the tables. What an appetising site. Don't expect to get a seat in the buffet dining ever! Also don't expect staff to help you find a seat. They will shrug their shoulders and walk away from you. I think the experience in the proper dining room is even worse. Expect to get shoved on a table with total strangers. Thanks Costa for again ruining my holiday with this! I don't know these people!!! I don't want to sit with them and make small talk!! The waiters will not explain the menu to you, you will have to decipher it yourself and try and get some sense out of them! Now for the best thing! All of the food on this menu comes from frozen! Nothing on it is fresh! And the staff on board will rave about this restaurant, it's amazing! NO IT'S NOT! It is terrible! The weirdest food you have ever seen cooked extremely poorly! A poached egg is a pumpkin cream, and that was the best thing on the menu. It's a nightmare. And there is no tea or coffee after your meal, and no will come and tell you that. We sat at our table for 30 minutes and no waiter even came to ask us what we were waiting for. It is even worse at breakfast, they literally have no idea what is going on. My Mum sat for 30 mins waiting for them to actually bring her what she ordered while the wrong thing just sitting in front of her. 4 times I asked for a table for 4 and was given a table for 8! Stop putting strangers on a table it is disgusting when you don't want that! When you order a coke the staff do not inform you that it is Pepsi not coke. I don't drink Pepsi so I am not paying for that! Also if you order something like lemonade or Fanta then they will bring you a diet version without telling you, again I don't want to poison my body with sweeteners but they don't care! So... in case you haven't guessed, my biggest issue with Costa is their staff. Staff do not say hello or speak to passengers as they walk round the ship. They purposely avoid you, it's disgusting. Lower level employees I actually feel a bit sorry for as they are just not trained. The people that work in the restaurants and bars have no clue. The bar staff kept walking past us not taking our order even though we were literally the only people there. There is never any cutlery available at the buffet and if you ask someone to refill it they will huff at you. Oh I am sorry I am asking you to do your job. The restaurant staff will pointblank refuse to meet your needs and any Costa staff eating in the restaurant will barge in front of you and I saw a woman shoved out of the way whilst getting cutlery. God help you if you have some sort of food allergy! I think Costa will try and kill you. I saw a young boy try to find out if there was mushrooms in a pasta and the staff couldn't answer him. Staff all stand and smoke openly of the lower deck. It is absolutely disgusting! People in chefs whites standing smoking in front of passengers, I dread to think of the kitchen hygiene if they think this is acceptable. Don't try and get any information about practicing your muster station, no one knew and we spent 2 hours waiting in our cabin. The next day we got the rudest letter telling us it is illegal for us not to do it! What on earth?! We tried to find this information out for hours. You are disgusting Costa, you need to learn how to treat your customers. The spa staff are so annoying, all they do is try and sell you treatments that are 6 times the price you would pay in a fancy hotel. They will accost you everyday. The worst staff are the ones that work on reception. Don't even bother standing in the queue for 20 mins to speak to them. They look at you like it is a hassle for them to even talk to you. Most of the answers they give will be a shrug and a blasé attitude. It is absolutely disgusting. In fact, it got the point that I was close to tears as I was so frustrated with them. All I wanted was an explanation but I got an answer of phoning when I get home! How can I do that when no one answers! Costa claim that all staff are fluent in English. They are not. If you ask them anything other than what is usual they will not have a clue what you are talking about. Frustrating does not even explain this. This is my biggest complaint of all, Costa do not know how to say sorry. Noyt a single staff member said sorry once. Never. They are not capable of this. They are robots that only care about themselves. How miserable we were every day was actually laughable. We spent so long complaining everyday that my family were bored of it and we had to make a pact to not complain to each other! I think that lasted 10 minutes! It was just one thing after another. It literally did not stop 24/7. Costa could not meet a single need on the whole holiday. It was like going from one ordeal to an other all day long. I am still so angry just thinking about it now. What a waste of £4500. On our return we managed to get an email address that would actually reply to us. Guess what?! They didn't care! Again no apology and basically denied everything that we told them. It is awful and so upsetting. They have absolutely no customer service. The emails were all copied and pasted and generally did not reply directly to what we said. Their grammar and spelling is awful too. Don't expect even coherent sentences or an address or sign off. No apology and no offer of even a little refund for what they put us through. Overall if you chose to have a holiday with Costa, Expect horrible staff Expect rude staff Expect untrained staff Expect rude passengers Expect terrible food Expect long queues Expect dirty rooms Expect balconies to have no views Expect to be angry 90% of the time EXPECT AN ORDEAL NOT A HOLIDAY! Read Less
Sail Date December 2018
chosen purely because of itinerary.Got off to a bad start when pick up bus at Nice Station didn't park where stated. First night on board,air conditioning noise in room was not put right until midnight.Next 2 days,no shower due to ... Read More
chosen purely because of itinerary.Got off to a bad start when pick up bus at Nice Station didn't park where stated. First night on board,air conditioning noise in room was not put right until midnight.Next 2 days,no shower due to thermostat non function producing only boiling hot water.Tried to fix but didn't work,no shower that evening.Next day,put new thermo,didn't work either and again no shower that evening. Was I offered other room,shower elsewhere etc Big NO is the answer despite my protestations.Got no response from reception,cabin management or English rep for Costa.Eventually fixed by reversing the taps.Offered bowl of fruit as compensation and bottle of Prosecco,NO Thanks.Long Queues at reception for two mornings resulting in most giving up due to lack of staff.No lack of staff on trips booking desk though???? One of the last stops we made was Al Fujairah.What a dump of a port,full of shipping for oil tankers,oil storage tanks etc.You really have no choice but to pay to get out and do anything.Must be visited due to cheap berthing costs we be my bet.Will be writing to Costa re compensation.( was offered 150 Euros by Casino,but only because of my extensive spend in the casino) Final port Dubai was docked at 8am,had no choice but to get off as first passenger as my flight home was at 11.55 am,because passport was taken by Dubai immigration with others and I was only able to disembark near to 9am with all my luggage to visit immigration which did not open till 9am then to locate my transit car to airport.All of this was pointed out previous day but no assistance given,nor any help when I was panicking to ensure I wouldn't miss my flights back home and connections.Reception desk on board was one of the most unreceptive both in assistance and in language that I have ever encountered. The buffet restaurant food was OK but like most,served on cold [plates which means when you find a place,your food is cold.Difficulty in getting a hot plate when asked.The coordination of programmes on board interfering with other programmes was hopeless as were the English announcements made over the tanhoy and during events on board where because of lack of the English language were incomprehensible.This company is not one I would recommend to anyone from UK.I had difficulties,yet I speak French fluently,enough German,Italian,Spanish etc to make myself understood.Pity they could not reciprocate.The best English speakers were the Russians and the Philipinos. I rest my case,never and which is why I tore up my 150 euro gift. Read Less
Sail Date December 2018
My family had wanted to take a Mediterranean cruise for years, and after completing six domestic cruises in the U.S., we decided to finally take a giant leap over the pond for a European cruise. Simply put, when booking with Costa, shame ... Read More
My family had wanted to take a Mediterranean cruise for years, and after completing six domestic cruises in the U.S., we decided to finally take a giant leap over the pond for a European cruise. Simply put, when booking with Costa, shame on me for not doing research; I was unaware I was booking with the European version of Celebrity Cruises! Upon onboard it, our first impression was that the Costa Mediterranea ship was beautifully ornate and visually impressive. Making our way to our state room began the awful experience. As written in previous reviews, there’s an extra charge for everything. The deck hallways leading to staterooms smell like stale arm pit, the carpet look water damaged as though previously flooded, and you choose whether you want to see your service person in the morning or evening. There is no in between service should a need arise. The buffet has limited up offerings, and even more limited hours of availability. The food was terrible and low quality. The formal dining menu basically offers up the same foods rotated or moved to different portions of the menu. By day two, I had an extreme case of food poisoning. The infirmary was closed more than half the day, and then it was over €100 just to walk in the door. Passengers are on boarding and off boarding at every stop, so there is a constant passenger rotation and confusion. The staff do not warm up to you, are unfriendly, and not customer service minded, but who could blame them when they are constantly dealing new faces every day. We had the opportunity of befriending a member of the staff, I will not mention where they worked, who shared the very low morale and dissatisfaction of many employees. Most cannot wait for their contracts to end. Two of our three excursions were canceled, the paid wine tasting activity we signed up for was canceled, the Internet service is extremely poor, and while we were away physically off board on our one excursion all of our remaining megabytes had somehow been used up! It took elevating to management to get resolution. I could go on, but in the essence of time, please seriously consider other cruise options. Read Less
Sail Date November 2018
I choose that cruise, because it was the only one for my date and location. The ship is pretty old, the cabin especially the bed and the shower were very good, but your hear everything from outside ... you have to pay for everything. ... Read More
I choose that cruise, because it was the only one for my date and location. The ship is pretty old, the cabin especially the bed and the shower were very good, but your hear everything from outside ... you have to pay for everything. The worst is the WiFi ...3 GB for 150€... The staff of the ship are very poor - they have to represent a high standard, but themselves have a horrible life on board (also the guest act not very friendly) On the ship we felt like sheep ... there is nobody familiar with you .. you have to stand quiet, as you get told where and when to go... if you want to do your own excursion, they block you, whenever they can... they are trained to sell you and gain extra money the ship is so old, water was dripping from the ceiling during the meals, at the sauna the roof is hanging down...... And on the ship you feel like in prison.............For us never again! Read Less
Sail Date November 2018
So a group of 7 girls decided to go on a cruise for one of our friends 40th birthday, only 2/7 people has done a cruise before so it’s an amazing idea on something different to do. We boarded at Barcelona, everything went very smooth, ... Read More
So a group of 7 girls decided to go on a cruise for one of our friends 40th birthday, only 2/7 people has done a cruise before so it’s an amazing idea on something different to do. We boarded at Barcelona, everything went very smooth, the check in staff were helpful and informative, so sat at the bar waiting to be called. After looking at the info the check in desks give we head into our room, collect the cards and walk out. We then go to reception get a drink, go for an explore, then head to the top deck. That’s when it goes slightly downhill, no one knows what to do next, we didn’t know about the entertainment information or the timetable as we were so excited to go exploring we seemed to miss the little pigeonhole right next to the door, I finally understood on the last night. Not Costas fault but it’s not explained very well once onboard the ship. Also being a group on girls on a birthday weekend I think there was a few more drinks flowing than normal. At 6.30 there was a safety demonstration which lasted about 20 odd minutes, then off to dinner for 9.15pm, that was a definite eye opener so very busy, the waiter we had wasn’t at all friendly (although we later found out they can work up to 8 months and that’s without a day off), even I don’t think I could plaster a smile on my face everyday. While dining in the main buffet Michael Jackson started blaring on the loud speaker, then up out of no where all the waiters start jumping about dancing. That was amazing as it comes out of nowhere!! Food was good, although the menu can get confusing as the waiter never did explain that you can order anything and everything if you choose. We all dance the night away and that was a great first night. Next morning with a slight hangovers and an early morning wake up call as someone managed to get locked out of their room and went off with another friend in another cabin, we all shower and up we get for a buffet breakfast. I can see from the choice of breakfast that they do try to cater for different nationalities but the breakfast isn’t great to be honest. I try some pancakes and bacon and that’s it. The coffee also isn’t great as unlike the bars where they have a machine and a milk frother they don’t have in the buffet, so water or orange juice is the way forward, also they don’t have a toaster, and the bread is rock solid. You could kill a bird with it. Off we go to marseille, hmmm next time I won’t bother as there’s not overly a lot to do there, walked around, saw some buildings, forced an alcoholic drink down our neck and back on the boat. lunch at the buffer, again it wasn’t too great, rock hard bread again, some warm focaccia, pasta, and a big lump of beef with potatoes, not great if you’re a vegetarian (I’m not, but 2 of our friends are). Go to dinner at 9.15pm, this time the waiters dance to some latin songs, ver well done again. Then another repeat of the night before, more drinks and dance the night away). The 3rd morning head off to the buffet again, this time no pacncakes, I don’t eat eggs so not a lot to choose from, I grabbed 2 pieces of French bread with cinnamon and some pineapple, that will do. We get off at Savona, 1 MASSIVE tip, other than supermarkets everything else shuts at 1.30 and opens back up at 4.30, unfortunately we have to be back on the ship by 4.30 so we spent an hour walking in a group of 7, with different people trying to find a restaurant just so we can get a pizza, it didn’t go down too well but got there in the end. Back on the ship, more drinks, a lot more passengers so the bar on deck 9 was a complete nightmare, then off we go again. Down to shower, off to the 9.15pm dinner, waited until 10pm to ask the waiter what time will the dancing be on tonight, he tells us there won’t be any, shame, so we all thanked him, 3 went off to bed, 4 of us decided to pop off to the casino. Within half hour our 50€ was spent and off to the bar we go. A few more drinks down our necks an the conversation turned to the bar staff. When we took 5 minutes out of our busy lives to see the amount they work, the stuff they have to put up with, and the hours they work on a daily basis, I’m so grateful for my life. The amount of time they’re away from home, they don’t see their families for months and months at a time. While we go on holiday they’re there at our beck and call when we want a drink or service. So thank you Henry and Danny for that night. So last morning just before we go to Barcelona, we set our alarms to make the restaurant breakfast. I do wish I’d gone there before but to be there by 9 is a bit of a deal breaker, unfortunately again we had a not so friendly waiter and had to be called about 3 times before he would come over to serve, at least it was nice. Back to the room to get our stuff as we had to be out by 10. We decided to go back to deck 9, as we started off from there a few more Prosecco to finish up the holiday, and off we go to the shops, pay our bill at the desk and get ready to leave. As they bleep mine and my roommates cats and unfamiliar buzz goes off, we’re not allowed to leave but everyone else disembarked, so back off to the desk to sort the cards out. Cards done and out we go. The 2 of us are last to pick up our luggage go through everything and my friend realizes she’s had some money stolen from her case. Do not leave any money in your case. There’s signs around saying the same so I don’t know what was going through her mind at that time when she left the case outside the door the night before. You HAVE to leave your cases outside of the room the night before for them to collect it. They advise to leave the cases the night before by 12 midnight and no later than 1am, but I witnessed them not coming until 3.30 am. Do not leave anything valuable at all. There’s always people workers and non workers wandering the hallways so could have been anyone. I also had stuff taken but luckily not money. Anyway other than the little hiccup at the end it all went well. I also missed the last day lunch as I was too busy booking my next cruise onboard. This time as a family, so hopefully the next one will be a little less partying and a little less hangovers. On the last note, be aware that if you suffer from rocking on land, It’s been 48 hours and I still don’t feel great and I’m still rocking and swaying. Maybe I was a little hasty in booking the next one but I’m sure I’ll be over it then. Read Less
Sail Date October 2018
We loved the Itinerary ( Enchanted Fjords), the friendly polite staff, the spacious beautiful cabins. (panorama suite). We had most of our meals in Club Medusa Restaurant... the atmosphere was great , the waiters were very friendly and ... Read More
We loved the Itinerary ( Enchanted Fjords), the friendly polite staff, the spacious beautiful cabins. (panorama suite). We had most of our meals in Club Medusa Restaurant... the atmosphere was great , the waiters were very friendly and polite ( Mr. Prasad Fargose and Mr Daniel Perreras). Mr Prasad Helped us to choose the meals that don't contain alcohol or pork . he was very patient with us and very helpful . he also helped our kids to find the meals they like and suggested alternatives in case they don't like what was in the menu . Mr Daniel was very friendly as well , smiling all the time and made our little boy happy everyday by bringing him his favorite chocolate milk . Mr Linnon, the restaurant manager was very helpful , he always came to ask if we were comfortable or needed any thing ... and asked how was the food . One day we asked Mr Linnon for Indian food and we got an Indian feast after two days...especially made for us . we were very happy and the Indian food was super delicious . Our teen son loved the teen club and made some friends there. He met some german and Italian friends who speak english . I also liked the magic bag offer for laundry ( 20 euro for 25 pieces). Costa doesn't have self launderette like Disney. Food in the free buffet restaurant was average ...Costa is Italian cruise but the buffet didn't have daily pizza or risotto or Parmigiana di Melanzane. The available pizza was mostly plain with some oregano . buffet was crowded ... difficult to find a table ...in summary food was average in taste and no variety. Shows were average ...the four elements show was boring ...shows suppose to be family friendly but female dancers were wearing thongs ...not acceptable for me . performers appeared one time with scary make up that really scared my children .We liked the clown show. My kids laughed a lot . we also loved the traditional Italian dance . kids club : I took my kids to Squok ( The kids Club) , the counselors assured me that they will speak english with my kids ...but that didn't happen . I stood in the corridor were I could hear but my kids can't see me . I waited for one hour and didn't here any english word . It was all Italian . my kids felt left out and refused to go there again . I understand that the majority were Italian children thats why I suggest that costa dedicate one hour at least of kids activity during the day to be only in english. Squok was small in size not like disney cruise clubs. our last cruise was with Disney magic . one problem regarding the excursions with costa is that the time of excursion is not announced until the night before the excursion ... so we couldn't plan our day until we receive the daily newspaper of the cruise where the time of excursion is written. I suggest that costa write the time of each excursion in advance I also suggest that costa put Indian as well as Lebanese food frequently in their buffet and menu. Disney magic did that . people love those cuisines . The staff were friendly ... we had no problems with them . the itinerary was great . Norway has beautiful Nature . one good thing about costa is that before we depart Norway , they organized tax refund service inside the ship. We booked a suite so we had free access to Club Medusa Restaurant ... had priority check in , priority when tendering in Geiranger, the exclusive drinking Package that include water bottles , 24/7 free room service with breakfast served in cabin if ordered, a daily fruit basket and reserved front seats in theatre. for internet, costa offers a social media package that includes snapchat , whats up , instagram and facebook for 28 euro for the whole cruise duration. ports Bergen it was a beautiful city ...we took the hop on hop off bus . We booked online from Stromma for both the bus and funicular ride. We found their famous red bus in the port where we exchanged our online vouchers for tickets. we took the funicular ride and went up to Floyen mountain . the view from there is beautiful . you will find there kids playground, a zip line and of course a troll statue ... also you can walk for 5 minutes to a beautiful lake ...you can rent bike or kayak Bergen is the wettest city in the world ...it rains most of the days so you should be prepared . Geiranger beautiful village , we took hop on hop off bus from Stromma . you can also walk around or rent electric car . Olden we booked neon sky lift shuttle with the cable car tickets as well as glacier sightseeing bus from the tourist office in the port. The sky lift is new . it opened in 2017, it is 10 minutes ride from the port to the cable car station then it takes 5 minutes to reach the top. on the top there is a modern restaurant and you can hike if the weather permits. down at the station , theres is a souvenir shop . Glacier sight seeing bus takes you in a tour around olden ... the scenery is beautiful with two photo stops . the tour takes about one hour ...try to set on the right side . you won't see glaciers ... just snow on the top of the mountains. when it was time to leave the port , Olden port workers put a good bye song... loud through their speakers and wave the Norwegian flags . that was nice Andalsness we took excursion from costa for Rauma rail way and the trolls wall . the scenery from the train was very beautiful . Try to sit on the right and choose the big window. the troll wall was just a black mountain with trolls statue near the souvenir shop. Haugasend I didn't like this city . we booked excursion from costa " the marvels of Akafjord" . it was boring and long and nothing new . they took us back to the fjord . we were sailing inside the beautiful fjords for more than three days so there is no need to go back there . the tour included a visit to a local artist who draw flowers on every thing ...boring . then a trip in a small ship to get close to a waterfall ...boring too because in Norway you see a lot of waterfalls everywhere so nothing new. yes this trip included a Norwegian lunch . I tasted the deer hamburger ...it was delicious but little salty. also the Norwegian coffee ...their bread . other selections were available too . Bremerhaven we took costa cruise shuttle to Bremen . it took one hour to get there and one hour to come back . we spent almost two hours as free time in Bremen . it is a beautiful city ... famous for Bremen musicians story. Read Less
Sail Date August 2018
Just very shortly: A cabin with a window means that the window looks at the side of a tender boat just half a meter away. It totally blocks all view, the cabin practically equals an inside cabin. We were given a shady explanation on ... Read More
Just very shortly: A cabin with a window means that the window looks at the side of a tender boat just half a meter away. It totally blocks all view, the cabin practically equals an inside cabin. We were given a shady explanation on some sort of a "lottery" for guaranteed cabins, which means that Costa can give you worse cabins you thought you had paid for. Quite interesting practice from consumer protection point of view. So avoid guaranteed cabins and cabins on Deck 4. Otherwise the cabin was clean, well maintained. There are many levels of available satellite internet services, we chose the one that allows social media use. It was unreliable, sometims totally out. The weather forecast on the CCTV is apparently not updated, unreliable. The buffet breakfast/lunch/dinner all are surprisingly poor as compared to our Celebrity and TUI experience. The restaurant seems to be too small for this number of guests, at the same time some service stations do not seem to be opened. The excursionas and the boarding are well organised. The shows/entertainment are fine. The service charge is hefty and I wonder how much of it is actually given to the personnel. Read Less
Sail Date August 2018
Costa Mediterranea Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 3.2
Entertainment 3.0 3.2
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.4
Enrichment 1.0 2.9
Service 4.0 3.7
Value For Money 4.0 3.6
Rates 4.0 3.9

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