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Pre-Cruise We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale one day ahead of the cruise. As we exited the baggage claim area at the airport we were approached by a man offering taxi service directly outside the door. He had some kind of taxi ID card, ... Read More
Pre-Cruise We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale one day ahead of the cruise. As we exited the baggage claim area at the airport we were approached by a man offering taxi service directly outside the door. He had some kind of taxi ID card, but no meter in his car, which was a very nice and expensive SUV. I think it was some kind of gypsy cab. The minimum taxi fare from the airport or the port is $10, and he took us to our hotel about three miles away for $18. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on 17th East Causeway, in a king room for $160. This hotel is quite nice and well-located for cruisers. I would rate it a 3-star. It has free Wi-Fi throughout and free computer internet access in the lobby, also a very nice free full breakfast. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance. This hotel is within walking distance of the entrance to Port Everglades. I would not, however, recommend anyone with luggage try to walk into the port and then to a pier. It is quite a distance from the port entrance to most of the piers, over a mile in some cases. The hotel offers a pier shuttle for $8 per person, but we opted for a taxi which cost $12 to Pier 29, the farthest pier from the port entrance. Embarkation Royal Caribbean recommends cruisers arrive no earlier than 1:00 P. M. We arrived at the pier about 11:30 A. M. and were aboard by Noon after a very smooth process. The only holdup was caused by Royal's silly concerns about people bringing alcohol aboard. In order to reap the most revenue from their customers, they insist upon thoroughly checking every carry-on bag that appears to have liquids during the x-ray process. Our carry-ons and those of many others were hand searched by very poorly trained staff. They permitted our sodas through, and insisted on shaking bottles of sodas and water in other travelers' bags. They also broke a wheel off the bag of a person preceding me by mishandling the bag. Some people had liquor and beer taken, for return on the last night of the cruise. After rummaging through my stuff, the security person was unable to repack my back, which I had to do before I could move on to the actual embarkation process. I find this kind of niggling a real nuisance. There is no safety reasons for it, just greed. Once aboard ship we headed to the Windjammer buffet for lunch. As promised, the staterooms were opened to passengers promptly at 1:00 P. M. The Cabin We stayed in room 8550, a balcony cabin and a one-category upgrade to E1 from our E2 Guarantee. The cabin and balcony were smaller than expected. The 13 year-old decor seems quite dated, as does that of the hallways. The room appeared to have a hideabed, and it had a TV and a small refrigerator, which didn't cool well. There was plenty of storage. The balcony had a full roof overhead. The cabin was quite clean. The bathroom included a very tiny circular shower with curved doors. This shower is not meant for large people or those with any kind of movement restrictions. Only a small person could bend over in this shower. The balcony door was extremely hard to move and was unlubricated. It seemed to have a bend in the middle of it. Maintenance cleaned the track somewhat and showed us how to lean into the door to offset the bend in the door, making it a little less painful to open and close it. The stateroom was very well sound insulated. We never heard even a peep from any adjacent cabins. Our room was hot when we boarded, but cooled down fine the first night. The next day the temperature kept rising all day. The maintenance staff was able to fix the cooling and it worked fine thereafter. Our cabin steward, Valerio, was very pleasant and eager to please, but didn't seem to understand some of our requests, despite our giving them to him in writing. He said he was unable to remove the mini-bar stuff, so we moved it to one of the closets. He did provide extra pillows and an eggcrate pad for the mattress, which was quite comfortable once the pad was installed. He was very diligent about working around our schedule to make sure our room was kept clean and well-stocked. Muster Drill The muster drill was held before the ship set sail and everyone was required to attend. Due to the recent Costa cruise ship accident the passengers seemed to pay very close attention to the information without the usual talking and goofing around. Passengers were shown how to use life jackets, but were not required to put one on. The Ship Overall this is a very nice ship, with a good design for the common areas, especially the Royal Promenade, or Centrum, which is several stories high and covers the center of the ship for quite a distance. This Centrum features a music party starting at 10 P. M. on some nights. The is really good fun and is very entertaining. The noise and commotion cannot be heard in the outside cabins. But, those inside cabins which face this area should expect to enjoy this spectacle when it is happening. The commons areas are very beautiful, well maintained, and do not look dated. Some parts of it are hard to navigate due to the design, but overall it works well. There is no outdoor movie screen, which was fine with me, as I find this feature to be too noisy and distracting. The large gym includes a great deal of cardio equipment, weight machines and many free weights. It was bright and well-lit and kept very clean. There are walking and running areas on the ship, and provisions for almost every type of sport or exercise, including rock climbing, inline skating and ice skating (skates & helmets provided). The Internet Cafe has no one attending it at most times, doesn't work well, and sometimes doesn't work at all. Various pricing plans are available. Cruise Critic Meet & Greet The Cruise Critic Meet & Greet was kind of fun during the first sea day. Some of the stuff was kind of silly, but about what we expected, and it distracted us from worrying whether or not my tux would be repaired in time for the evening's dinner. The Food The food is good, but nothing special. Serving sizes in the Main Dining Rooms are on the small side. We had traditional fixed-time dining and had requested a table for eight. On the first night our assigned table, as well as several nearby tables, was occupied by a large tour group. We were then moved to a large table at the entrance to the dining room without tablemates. The next and following nights we were seated at a table for eight with charming tablemates. The wait staff was friendly and quite attentive to our needs during the balance of the cruise. The casual dining is on the Lido deck. Inside is the buffet which consisted of a large variety of food of all types and ethnic regions available, with few repetitions. There is also outside a pizzeria and a grill with hamburgers and so forth. All of this food was good, and served at the proper temperature, but again, not excellent. If you want a Heineken beer, you won't find it on Princess. Unlike the rest of the world they don't sell it, so bring your own in your main luggage. The Casino The casino is equipped with all of the usual games. There were a couple of welcome nights when the casino was smoke-free. Otherwise it was very smoky, which seemed to spread to other parts of the Promenade Deck. Captain's Reception Crown & Anchor Society members (previous cruisers on RCI) were invited to a reception which took place in the ice arena studio. Staff were introduced and pitches were made for future cruises and excursions. Complimentary munchies and bad drinks were served. If you want a beer or a decent drink, it is "not available" unless you insist upon it, at which point it will become "available". Cozumel The ship docks at a newer pier, near nothing of interest, about two miles ($7 cab fare) from the center of Cozumel, where the tender pier and the bulk of the stores are located. We saw no evidence of past years' hurricane damage. Several empty storefronts in the downtown made it appear that the commerce formerly located downtown is starting to migrate toward the new cruise docks. And, there is a Senior Frog's 1/2 tiki bar, some snorkel and dive shops, and some souvenir stores adjacent to the pier inside an enclave which appears to be owned by the cruise lines. We taxied into the main area and purchased a few items and returned to the ship. As always, the same items for sale in the oceanfront stores are offered for much less a few steps down the side streets. Grand Cayman Our stop in Grand Cayman was scheduled for 11 A. M. to 6 P. M. Grand Cayman is a tendering port, and the tendering was slowed considerably by ocean swells. Passengers not signed up for a shore excursion must report to a lounge and get tender tickets, on a first-come, first-served basis. We were given tickets for tender number 12. The tender numbers are called in order, but the announcements can only be heard in the public areas, not in the cabins. We finally got aboard a tender at 1:45 P. M. for the ten-minute ride to the pier. RCI tenders dock at the new tender pier, where the line can profit from the many shops in the pier enclave. The other cruise lines still tender to the other, older, dock which is about a quarter-mile away and across the main street from the bulk of the tourist-oriented shops. From the RCI dock the short walk to the main shopping area is very hot and crowded and fraught with traffic dangers for the unwary tourist. It's best to keep one's head up and pay attention and remember that vehicles drive on the left side of the road. There were five shiploads of cruisers in Grand Cayman during our stay, making for big crowding in the dockside areas. It was very not, as it always seems to be there. The heat coupled with the crowding seemed to put a lot of cruisers in distress. The other lines had many passengers standing in burning sun as they waited in line to return to their ships. We had a very short wait to get a return tender as many cruisers were still coming ashore on tenders due to the earlier delay of the tendering queue. Falmouth, Jamaica This is a new stop for cruise ships, which dock at a two-ship dock built by RCI. It is a beautiful setting in a shallow bay adjacent to an old and quite typically run down Jamaican town. The RCI complex is not quite completely finished, but consists of a large complex of stores, ranging from high-end jewelry to local wood carvings and other craft items. Other shops are still being built. The shop personnel are not supposed to badger the cruisers in the fashion that is typical throughout Jamaica, but they manage to do so nevertheless. The prices inside the gated area are much, much higher than in the town which is directly across the street from pier entrance. There were a lot of police and security people in the old city, along with many merchants, hawkers and runners, all competing for the same customers. Here the Jamaican full court press is very much in evidence. We had a good time interacting with all of these people. For safety reasons, however, I wouldn't advise wandering more than about three blocks in any direction from the RCI entrance. I saw an armed police motorcycle escorting one of the tour trolleys, which seems like a great idea, given past tourist problems in Jamaica. In the days preceding our stop several ships had been diverted to Montego Bay due to high winds. Given the shallow nature of this bay cruisers should anticipate this might be happen with some frequency. While at Falmouth ice skating sessions were available at several times during the day. Labadee, Haiti Having been to Haiti years ago, and seeing it go further downhill in the meantime, my expectations for this port were very low. Labadee, however, is gem of a new port and was the highlight of our cruise. Haiti is a very poor and troubled country and RCI has done a nice job of shielding its cruisers from the poverty, crime and corruption. RCI has leased a peninsula of land which is surrounded by a fence on one side and water on the others. It is totally isolated from the rest of Haiti. Cruisers are not permitted to leave the enclosed area, and Haitians who are not working in the area are not permitted inside the fenced off area. The setting is very pretty in a rather shallow harbor. Many "excursions" are offered, all within the confines of the tourist area. These "excursions" are more in the nature of land and water based activities which one would expect at a park with a beach. There are plenty of restrooms, and a free tram which travels from one end of the area to the other end. RCI provides on-shore meals. There is a lot of shopping activity available in Labadee, with a focus on wood, metal and cloth crafts and artwork. Near the dock there are shops in cement block-type buildings. Further into the port is where the breezes die off, the heat goes up, and the shopping fun really begins, with a lengthy flea market with dozens of open-air huts. All prices are, of course, negotiable, and the sellers seem to ask at least 75% more than they are willing to accept. The star of the show in Labadee is the 2600 foot zipline. The $85 charge includes instruction on a short practice zipline on the ground and transportation up the mountain in open-air trucks and Land Rovers. People of all ages, at least some of whom were in their 80s, seemed to really enjoy it. There is a weight limit of 250 pounds, which is reduced when winds are a factor. This ride takes about least an hour, but only 30 seconds or so involves the actual descent. At the end of the ride passengers are slowed by springs in a somewhat abrupt fashion, and must hang from or pull themselves up by their shoulders for a brief moment. This might prevent people with certain conditions from participating. Other than that, it looks like great fun for one and all. Gratuities The RCI system for gratuities is a hybrid in that passengers can choose to have the ship produce vouchers in set amounts per day for the room steward and the wait staff. The vouchers are then charged to the onboard account of the passenger. Instead of the ship distributing the amounts to the staff, the cruisers are tasked with getting the vouchers to the employees. Disembarking & Heading Home A very good system is used for disembarking. RCI assigns a time for you to leave the ship which is based on the information you provide about your travel connections. If you don't like this time, you can select a different time. You can leave even earlier if you are able to wheel and carry all of your bags without assistance, in which case you do not put any bags outside your cabin on your last night aboard. We opted for a 7:45 A. M. debarking. We were directed to the gangway at 7:50 A. M., collected our bags from the customs area and were in a taxi enroute to the airport at 8: 05 A. M. The taxi meter read $15.30 at the airport. Air Tran had a foul up in their check in process, causing us to drag our bags back downstairs to a one-person desk for checking in. Overall Great fun for a winter getaway. Nice ship, well kept in the common areas and in need of cabins and stateroom areas redecorating. So-so food. Two good new ports. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
My husband and I just returned from the 1/8/12 sailing of the Navigator. We are RCCL diamond members and it has been about two years since we sailed on RCCL, electing to do more Celebrity and Princess cruises. The ship was in good ... Read More
My husband and I just returned from the 1/8/12 sailing of the Navigator. We are RCCL diamond members and it has been about two years since we sailed on RCCL, electing to do more Celebrity and Princess cruises. The ship was in good shape--we sailed on it three times before. The crew was great and everyone was friendly and provided excellent service. Our big issue was with the food, especially in the Nutcracker dining room. The food quality was fair to poor at best. The presentation of the food was bad as well--they just slapped it on our plate. One night featured an iceberg wedge salad--ours came with the outside leaves brown and soggy--actually rotten. These salads passed by the person who made them, the chef who inspects them and our waiter. We got the normal apology from the head waiter. Crab Cake appetizer--avoid it. After sending ours away, we learned these are cooked on shore and heated up--they were awful and everyone around us seemed to think so. Dry meat, even when ordered medium rare, was the standard fare for the week. The food quality and taste was much better in the Windjammer buffet. We chose to eat the last four nights in Portofino and Chops...Great service and food and really good wine selection. Lucky for us we can afford this option. It seems that as RCCL builds bigger ships--the food quality has gone done. Nighttime entertainment--they basically had one event per evening and we are late dinner people who hate those pre-dinner shows. They did have an innovative new game developed by a crew member called, "If you know it, Dance it." It was a hoot and we hope to see this spread to other RCCL ships. The audience had a blast. While any cruise is a good cruise, this one was average at best. We won't book on RCCL for a while and will stick to the higher end options of Celebrity and our other favorite lines. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
Pros 1. Smooth embarkation process. Got everything done and on to the ship in about 20 minutes. The secret to embarkation -- don't arrive early! The Navigator was scheduled to sail at 5:30 PM, and we arrived at the port at ... Read More
Pros 1. Smooth embarkation process. Got everything done and on to the ship in about 20 minutes. The secret to embarkation -- don't arrive early! The Navigator was scheduled to sail at 5:30 PM, and we arrived at the port at about 1:30 PM. However, our disembarkation process at the end of the cruise was troubling (see the list of cons below) 2. The first production show, Ballroom Fever was the best production show we have seen on any of our cruises: excellent choreography, singing, and dancing. The second production show, Now and Forever, was pretty good too. The "Your Three Tenors" show was great. The singers "Patty" and "Shy" put on a great cabaret type show. We also heard the ice dancing show was good, but did not attend that. 3. The Cosmopolitan Club bar is very nice. It sits on Deck 14 with sweeping views forward and to both sides -- and we enjoyed having drinks up there as the sun was setting most days over the Caribbean. We did not encounter anything quite like the view from this bar on our other cruises. 4. The ship is incredibly stable. We had pretty good weather, but, even so, there was very little motion. You could hardly tell you were on a ship 99% of the time. 5. The fitness center was great. Big, and seemingly never crowded. My wife always got an elliptical machine right away. Cons. 1. The food was on the Navigator was mediocre at best. The food just seems to get incrementally inferior with each cruise we take (Disney was the best, and Princess second best). Examples: You can't get a decent steak on the Navigator without paying for it. The eggs (scrambled and omelets) in the morning are pretty tasteless, and the hollandaise sauce on the eggs benedict tasted like it was made with some powder. The lunch and dinner buffets have lot of Asian food, but if you get tired of that the buffets are quite repetitive and uninteresting. We also ate once at the Chops Grille specialty restaurant, and the waiter was very attentive and the experience was fun -- but probably not really worth the money given that we have definitely had better steak on other occasions. 2. We were in cabin 2294, an Oceanview on Deck 2, and it was small but nice. The cabin had some minor flaws. The bed was up against the porthole, so you couldn't really look out. The closet door, when opened, was in the direct path of the bathroom door, so we had some pretty noisy collisions there. And, for some strange reason, our bathroom faucet would often put out really hot water, but when you adjusted it to try to get cooler water, the water would not cool off. That is aggravating when you are trying to brush you teeth! 3. The alcohol policy on the Navigator was the most restricted we have encountered. You could not bring any alcohol on aboard, not even one bottle of wine purchased in a local port. This is not in keeping with the policies of the other cruise lines, and we thought the Royal Caribbean policy was a rather heavy handed way to squeeze out a little more money. 4. The service was hit-and-miss. Our room steward, Leo, was fine, but the service in the restaurants was very slow at times. The staff also did not always greet you in a friendly manner, something we got used to on our previous cruises. 5. The décor of the Navigator is nice, but we often saw trash (bottles, paper), lying around the common areas (promenade on Deck 4), and sometimes we would pass through twice within a couple of hours and the same trash would still be there. 6. We like to have some educational content on the cruises we go on, something about the culture and geography of the region and ports of call. There was nothing really like that. Vito, on the cruise staff, gave some presentations about local fish and turtles, and kudos to Vito (we enjoyed his presentations), but we generally would like a little more than than a discussion of the local sea life. Both Disney and Princess had more. 7. Grand Cayman (GC) was one of four scheduled ports of call. GC has no cruise ship piers, so going ashore on requires the use of tenders -- and for some reason the Navigator did not coordinate this well. We anchored in GC for a six hour port call, but after three hours our tender number had not been called so we gave up any thoughts we had of going ashore. But the anchoring area was swamped with cruise ships (five of them at the same time), so maybe it was for the best that we did not go ashore. 8. Finally, our disembarkation process was peculiar -- and not in a good way. Guests were assigned various numbers up through the high 30's, and we were told to report to the theatre at a time associated with the assigned number to await the OK to disembark. The purpose is to stagger passenger offloading and to ensure that you don't get caught in long lines waiting to pick up your bags and clear customs. Our number was 29, and our reporting time to the theatre was 9:30 AM. Well, we showed up at 9:30, but they were running slow, and we sat there until about 10 AM as they called 24, 25, 26, and 27 for departure. Suddenly, they decided they were going to disembark all the remaining numbers at the same time!! So that meant that we, and well over a hundred other passengers, were now getting off the boat at the same time. So, after waiting to supposedly avoid standing in long lines, we end up standing in long lines to 1) get off the boat, 2) get our luggage, and then 3) clear customs. At least we had booked our cruise parking with Park'N'Go and their bus was right outside for us when we finally go through customs. But there were scores of other folks all waiting outside for other forms of transportation (cabs? busses? I don't know). Overall, we had a good time on the cruise, as we always do. We met some fun, nice people, and had some good times. But we just can't say that Royal Caribbean really had it quite together. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
My wife and I are avid cruisers; this being our 24th cruise since 1996, and while the Navigator did present some moments of pleasure-like the service staff, this was a very disappointing experience and we will never cruise on RCCL again. ... Read More
My wife and I are avid cruisers; this being our 24th cruise since 1996, and while the Navigator did present some moments of pleasure-like the service staff, this was a very disappointing experience and we will never cruise on RCCL again. Embarkation-the Navigator was stuck on Pier 29 in Port Everglades, which is off to the side of the main port area. There is a ONE LANE road leading to the ship, so it took us half an hour from the time we entered the port to the time we reached the ship. Then I dropped off my party and drove to the parking garage; taking the shuttle back to the ship. The shuttle did not have air conditioning, so I choose instead to walk back to the ship; I got there 15 mins before the shuttle did that I was on. Not a good start. The lines getting on the ship were very long and chaotic; at last 15 deep getting past the security. Once on the ship, I was impressed by the ship itself-although ten years old, it was in pretty good condition;some of the carpet was worn, but it did not look its age. Once we found our cabin, (no assistance like on Celebrity), we went up to the Windjammer Cafe, and that is when we felt like we were dipped in cold water and realized what the next seven days lie ahead for us. My wife and I have NEVER been exposed to such horrible food in our lives. Everything was either over cooked, too salty, or while one cannot do too much to salad fare, the meats were overcooked and dry. There was no sandwich station where one could get a tuna or egg salad sandwich the pizza was a doughy mess. This was a constant throughout the cruise. Well, we hoped that the dining room food would be better.WRONG-it was worse! Wilted lettuce for salads, minuscule starters, The first night I ordered the "Black Angus Top Sirloin", well what I got was a hockey puck- the same size, and blackened from wear and tear. This same hockey puck was served later on the cruise as a "NY Strip Steak" I even believe it was cooked at the same time and left over. Lobster was gooey and gummy-not firm like it should be. Any chicken dish was the same frozen chicken cutlet like you get prepackaged the supermarket- the only difference being the types of sauces it was dipped in. Desserts were spotty. My wife and I became afraid to enter the dining room. This brings us to another point-the service. While the waiters were attentive and overworked; our waiter Alexander was constantly getting orders wrong and sweating profusely, the kitchen itself was a disaster; most evenings it took 45 minutes to get our starters and and hour and 15 mins to get our main courses Enoiugh said- you get the idea. The shows also were spotty- the ice show was very good and the three tenors were also very good- but the production shows were poorly produced and none had the big production numbers that we loveThe sets and scenery were strictly high school level;we left after ten mins or so each show they had. The facilities were ok;the pools were very nice; with large jacuzzis, also in a major design flaw, one had to go to a different floor for a key to the locker rooms where the sauna and steam rooms were. Oh, back to the food; in amazing act of commercialism, there was a paper on each table in the MDR saying if you want to pay $14.95,you can order a REAL steak from the specialty dining room, if you do not like the dreck we have here. Further, the only way to get real orange juice was to pay $3.95 for a glass, or else you werr subjected to the orange or apple flavored water they had to offer you for breakfast. The ports were nice- Saint Martin, my wife and I took a cab ride to Orient Beach and had a lovely morning there, and then the ONLY good meal we had all week- lunch at a restaurant in Philipsburg; the beach at Labadee was nice, but it got overcrowded very early not enough chairs, we did nt get off the ship in San Jian. Also a disappoointment was the promenade, where the goods sold were shopping mall quality and the special salews were CONSTANT from day one- another marketing ploy. The shows presented there were decent,but of corse it was very crowded, which took away from the enjoyment. Overall, we cannot forgive RCCL for this mass marketing, in your face attempt at vacationing, especially since its subsidiary, Celebrity offers the finest cruising in the world in all respects. There are other cruise lines, go on them. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
We've been on 6 previous cruises, and my wife and I are wondering if we are turning into "cruise snobs"! We are Diamond with RCI, and we have enjoyed the Mariner three times when the ship was brand new...once with our grown ... Read More
We've been on 6 previous cruises, and my wife and I are wondering if we are turning into "cruise snobs"! We are Diamond with RCI, and we have enjoyed the Mariner three times when the ship was brand new...once with our grown kids. This trip was our "family" Christmas/reunion trip with our 3 kids, so we splurged and got the Family Suite on the Navigator. What a beautiful suite it was...big screen TV, walk-in closet, and our personal favorite: Christmas music piped in through the overhead speakers in the room. Now, if RCI would just enforce their own policies regarding cigar smoking! Let's be clear, I enjoy an occasional cigar, but I am very aware where the smoke is going. The fellow occupying the balcony below us didn't care, or didn't hear the coughing from the decks around him. When I addressed the issue with EVERYONE I could on board, there was a general sense I got that the employees go to some kind of class to be able to look you into the eye...say they understand and will look into it, then don't. All except our wonderful Concierge lounge gal...she was the only one who said cigarette smoking was allowed on the balconies, but NOT cigars. Unfortunately, she was only able to give us one day (our last) on our balcony without cigar smoke. You would think the Asst Hotel Director, Floor Manager, Guest Relations would know the rules as well. Oh well. Our "meeting" with the future cruise consultant was a joke. All he wanted to do is be an order taker, not an order maker. Overall, there had been a massive crew change just prior to this sailing, and we were forgiving of the two days it seemed for all of the "parts" to be working. We seem to be noticing some changes with the food. Aside from our Server being dreadfully slow, the portions are getting smaller, the choices seeming to be getting more limited, the bread becoming colder, and where is the oh-my-gosh TASTE that was on our Mariner cruises 5 years ago? We went to most of the shows, the Comedian got ill, but our private sessions with fellow poster "What about Bob" made up for any void in the humor dept. That's the fun thing about any adventure, you have to make the most of it, and let the magic happen! The Ice Show was just fantastic. It was interesting to hear our kids "review" of the differences between their first cruise on the Mariner years ago, and this one. They noticed the food quality issues noted above, plus the following...pool towel deposit garbage, drinks watered down, no service from the Windjammer staff to speak of, etc. We thought it was just us, and we were turning into cruise snobs. But, maybe RCI is looking under every nook and cranny for a way to save money. Be careful! Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
We spent 3 nights in Rome prior to taking a very convenient, comfortable 1st class train ride to the Port. The train terminal in Civitavecchia Northbound was awkward no escalators so down and up the stairs with 4 suitcases, I certainly ... Read More
We spent 3 nights in Rome prior to taking a very convenient, comfortable 1st class train ride to the Port. The train terminal in Civitavecchia Northbound was awkward no escalators so down and up the stairs with 4 suitcases, I certainly felt sorry for the older passengers. The Embarkation was rapid and quick took all of 15 minutes before we were having lunch in The Windjammer. Our room was very comfortable an inside 6th floor and our room steward was always very friendly and efficient. This was our 20th cruise but our 1st Transatlantic and we can say that the 14 days flew by and that sailing on the Atlantic at this time was very comfortable. We will certainly be doing more crossings. The average age was 75 we're 63 with the majority being return cruisers not surprising for 14 days in November. Dan Dan the Party Man the cruise director is certainly better suited to a party crowd such as Florida sailings. The night time scheduling did not take into consideration this age group needless to say that the 10:45PM Headliner Showtime as well as the 11:45PM comedian were poorly attended. The specialty acts: Il Divo and Motown revues were excellent. The least entertaining shows were the Ships own song and dance productions you can certainly get better entertainment watching TV shows such as Glee,Sing-Off or X-Factor. The ice skating show was a real highlight these performers on a moving small ice surface were beautiful to watch As previously informed on Cruise critic we did get in line 30 minutes before the show, when the doors opened it was a shambles resembled Black Friday store openings every passenger for himself surely a better way to proceed can be found. The ports visited were wonderful we took a ships excursion to Florence and Marseilles well worth the views and plenty of time to shop and visit. Barcelona and Cartagena were an easy walk to the main sections and enjoyable to soak in Old Europe. RESTAURANTS The Windjammer for breakfast and lunch was above par the choices were excellent. The idea of no trays actually added a sense of class the table waiters were very attentive. There was always a table to satisfy your tastes if you looked a little. The Nutcracker dining room was the principal weakness on this ship compared to other similar cruise lines. The food selections were inferior and the quality/preparation of the red meats was the worst we have had in 20 cruises. Surf and Turf usually means a whole small Lobster tail on other ships NOT a half a small lobster tail with so-so filet mignon.The choices of Desserts was even poorer. We ate 1 breakfast and 1 lunch in this Dining room sorely disappointed and looked forward to getting back to the Windjammer. Many passengers chose to eat Dinner in the Windjammer with a similar or better selection along with Jade that offered Sushi and atmosphere. We dined in the Chops steak restaurant the portions are exceptionally large the Desserts exquisite however the steak cuts and preparation we're not worth the extra 60$/couple. Captain Erick was the most present and prominent Captain we have ever had you could even understand his English Noon Message. He did take the proper decision of staying in Port 12 extra hours in Toulon due to high seas(15 to 20' waves) and therefore had to skip the Azores, security and health of the passengers is always Number 1.The Captain's night cocktail was better than other Cruise lines drinks and champagne for all for an hour. The Welcome party for Returning Guests could have taken place in a better Lounge than the ice skating rink.A Major weakness in all the dining areas was the attention to health and passenger sanitation. There are hand sanitizer stations at all the entrances however their usage is not enforced by the hostess who stands 20 feet away inside the Restaurant scrutinizing passenger dress code rather than the health and well being of all. Other Cruise lines enforce this discipline. The captain's answer at his talk was that the ship didn't feel responsible to police hand sanitization which was a major concern especially in the self serve Windjammer where all the salad dishes had nowhere to deposit tongs except back in the middle of the salad platters.Coincidentaly by the last 2 days the excessive coughing and sneezing of fellow passengers was very noticeable including ourselves. The Gym was very well equipped and plenty of different machines It was nice to see how crowded and well used it was especially in the early morning certainly reflects an older clientele. The lockers were disgraceful the original locks took everyone 5 minutes to open and close, replace these locks their only worth $4.The floor tiles were not slip proof and were even dangerous to walk on when wet. Half the shower valves were dangerous for scalding and impossible to adjust. We chose to self debark at 7 AM and we were waiting for our shuttle 15 minutes later a very smooth process. In closing this was our 5th cruise with RCCL The Navigator would now be rated as follows Celebrity a 10,Princess a 9,Carnival an 8 finally Navigator a 6 which is certainly far less than a few years ago. Would we sail this ship again YES if the price was as exceptional as it was this year. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
I have cruised on several Royal Caribbean cruises and I want to say that I am very easy-going and positive person, but this cruise was a little disappointing. Some on the ship said it was because it had just returned from the Mediterranean ... Read More
I have cruised on several Royal Caribbean cruises and I want to say that I am very easy-going and positive person, but this cruise was a little disappointing. Some on the ship said it was because it had just returned from the Mediterranean for several months and that Royal workers had told them, that many had left the ship and they were just placing people into positions to try to fill them. Whatever the reason, the ship seemed boring,and many workers seemed tired. Boarding and Embarkation were a breeze, but then upon boarding we went up to get something to eat and the dining room was closed and not open for another hour. The sail-away party there was not even music playing because they were not ready .... They scheduled the "sail-away party" and a parade on the promenade at the same time, and if you had early dining you had to chose between which of the three to go to.... After that there was no need to choose because there was nothing to choose from. No impressive shows, just pulling people from the crowd and doing very low-cost shows.Seemed to be flying by the seat of their pants alot. Same line dancing with the same people at the pool everyday, just very repetitive. There was little entertainment the entire cruise if you did not drink or gamble. Yes, they had a singing and dancing show but very boring. There were 2 things to not miss, the ice skating show and some said the adult comedian was good,but he was late, and I missed him. The magic show was good. One night the headliner entertaiment was ballroom dancing. I overheard others on the ship comment that this seemed more like a Celebrity cruise for the 55 and over crowd. I found that it was for either partiers and gamblers....... or the over 55 crowd and very little to do if you were in-between those groups who wanted good, clean fun. Many said they would switch to Carnival after this cruise just for something to do! I was there for the relaxation,and pool, and made the most of it, but would not book this cruise again. I want to put people at ease about Falmouth, it was actually very beautiful and nice. Not completed... but I was pleasantly surprised! We did venture out past the protected gate about a block but that was it, after that I would have felt uncomfortable if not with a group. I knew of one family that "tipped" a police officer to escort them around the town. There was plenty of police protection but really not much to see. We took a trolley for $15 a person and they tried to make it a "tour" but really they were pointing out old cemeteries with brick walls and at one point said "if you stand up on your seat and hold your camera above your head you will get a picture of the graves inside". But we saw a 20 min idea of how the Jamaicans live in and around that port and felt safe. Grand Caymen we did a tour apart from Royal Caribbean and had a great tour guide named Rueben. For $20 a person we saw 2 1/2 hours of Grand Caymen including Hell, The turtle farm, Discovery Cove with the dolphins and the Rum Cake factory. He told us many interesting facts and answered all our questions.....we really enjoyed him, and the tour! We then went to Margaritaville and had 2 margaritas and a plate of nachos and our bill was $57!!! Labadee was absolutely beautiful!!! Favorite port! We did see the hungry children behind the barb wire fence when we were eating and found a way to throw food over to the children behind one of the cement bathrooms way to the back...... So sad that the cruise ship is unable to give the leftovers to the people of Haiti who are suffering so badly. My favorite beach was just to the left of where the "private cabanas" are that people who are in the suites can rent. It was a quiet cove with beautiful beach, and wonderful for floating on a mat that you can rent for $12 for the day. Lunch was ribs, hot dogs,hamburgers. Lots of do if you want to be busy..... or great for a quiet beach day. Haitians are VERY pushy to get you to buy from their stalls. Labadee is a paradise created by Royal Caribbean. Went to the Circus parade on the 70's day of the cruise...offered during the week on the promenade with my teenage son and was absolutely embarrassed. It was 5-6 half naked men all girrating on the rails above our heads. SO INAPPROPRIATE for "family entertainment" and not in a bar, but in the promenade with 800 children aboard. Poorly done as it was just so inappropriate and obviously thrown together.... what did that have to do with circus or 70's??? Seriously a male-stipper show with all the sleazy moves..... and if I had brought my young girls to that, I would have been horrified.... I wouldn't take small children to this activity if your going...... The pool musicians were not that great, in fact the key board player was off quite often and I wondered if they had just grabbed him to fill in for someone. He would play off key and then just keep going as if no one would notice....really irritating and unbelievable at times. Having cruised on other Royal Caribbean cruises the food was o.k...... but not fantastic. Promenade food good. Johnny Rockets was not open for lunch and too busy after 4 p.m. so never got to go. We were on the ship for Thanksgiving and the only thing "Thanksgiving-like" was turkey on the menu that night....,no Thaksgiving activites other than drink-specials in the bars. We made many wonderful friends, had fun but as this is a review...i hope that now that Navigator is doing the Western and Eastern Caribbean the entertainment,performers and others will greatly improve. "Dan-Dan the party man" was the cruise director and I really think he did not live up to his hype. Personal opinion. You know,,,,,,having just read my own review I guess I was more disappointed than I wanted to admit. We made the best of it and met some great friends, but what Royal Caribbean offered us on Navigator did not meet up to the other Royal cruises I had been on before. It's a cruise....if your already booked you can make the most of it, if you haven't I would look at another ship in the same class. Mariner, Voyager, any were better than this one. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
We have sailed with Celebrity, Princess, Holland America, Regent, Crystal, Oceans, and Asamara. This was a great deal and we got exactly what we paid for. We drove to the port from across the state planning to arrive around 1:00 P.M. as ... Read More
We have sailed with Celebrity, Princess, Holland America, Regent, Crystal, Oceans, and Asamara. This was a great deal and we got exactly what we paid for. We drove to the port from across the state planning to arrive around 1:00 P.M. as requested. We were in a traffic line to the port for 1 hour, bumper to bumper and then finally arrived in one of several lines to give our luggage to the staff. It was raining and the lugguge was placed in uncovered luggage carriers outside and there were many. The men went to park the car and the lots were full. A parking garage attendant moved some orange cones to allow him to park. That was the 1st and last nice thing to happen all day. We, me, my daughter in law, and granddaughter waited under a roof top with the rain and wind blowing at us until the men finally caught a shuttle. It took them one hour to go park and shuttle back. To enter the building required going through security and we had all the paper work the guys would need to clear security. Caution here, there is no accessable rest room until you are through security. We were in line for quite awhile although the person who checked us in was pleasant but had to go clear across the big hall to get our keys. Arriving in our stateroom, we took a look around. No note about steward and no one around. Left a note on the bathroom mirror to clean the glass shelves and left for something to eat. Later the note was gone but the rings were still there. I cleaned them in order to put my stuff away. Room had an odor and I asked them to deal with it. They agreed and said they would take care of it. It was a moldy, mildewy smell with bathroom odor as well. Bring your fabreze. It never went away. On the balcony you smelled smoke as they allow it. In fact all the bars smell smoky and the Irish bar is the worse. It smells up the halls. They even smoke in the casino. UGH! Buffets have normal food for buffets and it really isn't very good although in the evening they seem to have the same food that is served in the Dining Room. Our table partners were great and Raoul and Jesus took good care of us. They were the only bright spot on service with the exception of dinner in "Chops". Too bad it costs $30.00 each to eat there plus the wine. We left an additional good tip because the service was spectacular. Food in the dining room was like any banquet you have to go to. Lots of beige things and mystery items. They really could use some imagination. It seems this crew needs training on simple courtesy. They run into you, cut you off, walk in front of you and never say excuse me, please or thank you. They are borderline rude in some cases. The comedian was funny and we watched the show in the room on the television. We loved the ice show especially the lady with the hula hoops. I think I saw her on "America's got Talent" We had fun because we are a family and the one ship excursion we took in Jamaica was super. We climbed Dunn River Falls and then went to the Dolphin Encounter. There is nothing like being in the water with a dolphin and she even gave us all a ride. As I said, this was a great deal and we got exactly what we paid for. Would I go again at this price, probably but not at their regular prices. There are better options. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
We flew into Rome the day of the cruise, had pre-arranged a private taxi transfer to Civitavecchia (RomeCabs - excellent service btw). Embarkation was quick and easy, less than 20 minutes. Note: if you want to change into bathing ... Read More
We flew into Rome the day of the cruise, had pre-arranged a private taxi transfer to Civitavecchia (RomeCabs - excellent service btw). Embarkation was quick and easy, less than 20 minutes. Note: if you want to change into bathing suit/evening clothes, etc, keep a carry on with such items with you, as luggage is delivered to the stateroom up to 9pm. We were told it would be delivered within the hour and were waiting. When we happened to leave the room, we noticed the luggage in the hall,but it was not within an hour. Although we were travelling with two teenagers, they did not partake in the youth club activities, so cannot rate those. In general, ship was in good shape and clean. Found all staff to be very friendly. We had a grand suite with a balcony, which was a good size for 4 people. Activities - we found the pool area too crowded, even the adult only solarium had young people at times. We did not use the pools at all, but I would say that two pools is not enough for a ship this size. We had no problem getting loungers, as there were reserved ones for suite guests. Shows - the ice dancing show was excellent. The other show we saw was a broadway hits show, it was good. Didn't see any other shows. Dining - we dined in the dining room every night. Our waiters were wonderful, very attentive, gave the kids soda (we purchased one soda package, Nutcracker lounge Loochya and Shekar were the waiter/assistant waiter. Food was good, portion sizes a bit small, but no complaints with the food quality. Windjammer - food was ok only, only free drinks were watered-down juice/lemonade. Coffee was awful and cold. It was ok for breakfast, but again, would prefer the dining room for that too if not in a rush for time. Johnny Rockets - good portion sizes (refills on the fries/onion rings), burgers were tasty. Cafe Promenade - great desserts here. also have small sandwiches, pizza, calzones. Only complaint is all the extras you get charged on, eg. bottled water, wine, espresso. Not having cruised before, didn't know what was included. I would suggest the cruise lines increase the prices to cover that versus all the extra charges. We ordered a bottled water package the first day, we were short changed on the amount of water bottles delivered to our room. Had to call down a couple of times, they told us to take bottles from the mini fridge and replace when ours arrived. They never arrived AND we were charged for the ones we took out of the fridge. The concierge was kind enough to help us sort it out with the beverage folks, however, when we got our final statement on disembarkation day, the charges had still not been reversed. Also, the gratuities are ridiculous. We went with the prepaid gratuities and it was close to $400. We didn't like how they allocated the gratuities so ended up leaving some extra for our waiters (and felt amount given to the stateroom attendant was far too much for what he did). also, our teens racked up quite a bit of charges in the arcade, so be aware (again, why isn't stuff like this included?). Shore excursions - we booked two through the ship, one privately on our own prior to our cruise. Be aware - many europeans on this cruise, we found them very rude, and pushy. Teen girls everywhere, screaming etc. No manners. Overall, it was a nice cruise, but in future, i would do more research on the ports, as we didn't even get off in Chania. sicily - visited the town of Taormina, used the ship's excursion. was ok, but not much time to shop on own, or get a bite to eat. Ephesus Turkey - another of the ship's excursions we purchased. It was good, felt a bit rushed (didnt' get to go into the roman theatre for example). Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
This was our 9th cruise and our 3rd on RCCL. We sailed on the Adventure of the Seas about 6 years ago, and our very first cruise ever was the Vision of the Seas. However, after that second cruise several years ago, we decided to cruise ... Read More
This was our 9th cruise and our 3rd on RCCL. We sailed on the Adventure of the Seas about 6 years ago, and our very first cruise ever was the Vision of the Seas. However, after that second cruise several years ago, we decided to cruise on some other lines and thus kind of hopped around a little. So, fast forward 6 years and now we are at cruise #9 and the 3rd on RCCL. Our experience this time was not as good as previous RCCL ships. However, for the most part this seems to be a chnage in corporate policy. (Example.. changes in the future cruise credit program and loyalty program.) Also, shows were pretty much ZERO dollar budget productions. The ballroom show is really bad. The only good show was the Celine Dion impersonator who won some British Game show. Other than that, you can skip pretty much everything. (And trust me, you will never see a member of the cruise director staff to tell you otherwise... I dont think this ship has many members of that department.) I think the cruise industry as a whole should drop the "soda card" program. They push it heavily on day one and two, and then the rest of the cruise the bar staff seem to resent the fact that you use it. You always get served last when you order in the theater or at the pool. We actually had a bar server tell us in the theater that we needed to order a paid drink and that it was "not fair" to have him go to the bar without a paid drink order. (I mean 4 of us in our group and the combined soda cards were $200 and thus had the mandatory 15% gratuity.. so, we paid a $30 tip on top of the soda cards but then the staff seem to heavily resent the fact that you come up and order a coke.) This seems to happen on a lot of cruises but this time it just seemed more widespread of an issue. So, why not just do away with the program? I mean if your staff is that opposed to it to the point that they are going to be kind of rude about it... then DONT SELL THEM....lolThe dining room service was OK. (Was enough that we gave the suggested tip, but not high enough that we gave extra.) It was not near as good as the two previous RCCL cruises we had been on.I though the food was fine. No issues there. We also ate one night in Chops and had a great meal. Well worth the $25 pp cover charge.Guest services were not really helpful and were pretty condesending. (As past cruisers with RCCL we received a coupon book for discounts etc.. 2 of them were for credits on internet service. Well, we never received that..lol.) See, the way I seen it was... I purchased an internet package of 60 minutes for $35. Also, I turned in my two internet coupons that should have given me another $10 credit on time. On our bill (which we check every couple of days) we had the charge for our $35 internet purchase. However, our $10 credit for the coupons never came up. So, after checking with purser desk we were told that the coupons would not take effect until after we had used all the minutes we purchased. So, after 4 or 5 days we did use all of our package minutes. However, no credit ever came for additional minutes that were charged at 0.65 cents per minute. I asked again, but never could get a straight answer. So, I gave up cause it wasnt really worth the trouble. BUT, THIS IS ANOTHER WAY that the problem is CORPORATE. (When we sailed with RCCL before, and on every other line we have been on... there was an "internet/computer" staff member who had posted hours. On this ship, there was no such person and the purser desk handled everything. (Or in this case did not handle everything.) So, that is a prime example of how it may be the fault of a changing POLICY and not really the fault of the ship.I mean if RCCL corporate told them to cut that position, then it stands to reason that other positions got cut as well. And thus, fewer staff are being expected to do their functions and now other functions. (And these little things get pushed aside.) But what they do not realize is that these little things add up to people as far as an experience goes.Anyway.. we had a good enough time to pay a future cruise deposit on board. But, BARELY. On other ships we have usually booked the future "open booking deposit" by 3rd or 4th day... On this one we literally waited until the last night since it sooooo much looked like a totally different cruise line than the RCCL we rememberd a few years ago. However, we decided to give them another chance and see if maybe it was just this ship and not the entire fleet.That being said.. it was an OK cruise. Not exceptional. (But, at the end of the day... it was worth what we paid for it.) So, I try not to expect a FIRST CLASS cruise shen I have paid for coach.Speaking of... (and even though this really isnt cruise related.... BUT.. PLEASE PLEASE folks... have a little compassion when flying long haul flights.. Just because you CAN recline your seat does not mean that you HAVE to recline it before even leaving the runway.) I mean the flight left at 10am... are you REALLY so tired that you immediatly think you have to go straight to bed as soon as you get on that 10am flight??? Again, just because you CAN lay back in the face of the person behind you does not mean that you HAVE to. (especially when you are only 5 foot 3 and the person whose lap you have just laid in behind you is 6'2. So please... just try to be courteous to your fellow travelers. (I mean, just a little waring even.. "Hey, I am going to recline a little bit, if you get uncomfortable please let me know." That works just fine. And after asking, NO ONE will have the heart to ask you to raise it. But this game of being 5'3 and laying down the second the flight attendant sits down and then staying in that position for 12 hours even if you are leaning up is JUST RUDE...lol Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Cruise Critic Roll Call Members: We had over 200 members on the active Roll Call and many volunteers organized daily activities for the big group. This made it one of the most enjoyable crossings we've ever experienced. We made ... Read More
Cruise Critic Roll Call Members: We had over 200 members on the active Roll Call and many volunteers organized daily activities for the big group. This made it one of the most enjoyable crossings we've ever experienced. We made lots of friends, who we hope to cruise with again. Embarkation: We arrived at 11:30 AM and stood in a relatively fast moving line (both outside and inside) for about 45 minutes. The staff was pleasant and helpful. Cabins were ready at 1 PM. Cruise Critics assembled for a Sail Away Party after the Muster Drill. Great fun. Ship: The ship was in good condition for its age and we eventually learned the large layout. We got to like the way the ship is laid out with an indoor promenade. Placement of dining room, show room, lounges and cafe was typical of large ships and better than Carnival. The ship is 15 decks high and rode the open seas very well. We had smooth sailing and very good weather for the crossing. Cabin: Our balcony cabin (#6322) was on the starboard "hump" and therefore slightly larger than others in that category. The location near the rear elevators was perfect. We were one deck above our dining level and near the elevators for a ride to deck 11 for the Windjammer Cafe. The cabin size is typical of ships this size. We used the balcony only a few times. The beds were comfortable. Linens and carpet were clean. On the negative side: The bathroom seemed smaller than other ships we've been on. We had a very slow drain in our sink. The TV was old and the programming was slim. No ice was provided in the cabin. We had plastic SOLO cups for glasses in the bathroom. Our stateroom attendant's name was not provided in our cabin and did not present himself on the first day. Stateroom Attendant: He kept the room clean but visited it only twice per day. He did not make himself know to us for a few days. I ran into him once during the entire cruise. He did provide 4 towels instead of the normal two. But we've had much better service on other cruises. Recommended tip for him. Dining: We found the Windjammer Cafe relatively clean but always crowded. The staff seemed shy but friendly. The breakfast buffet quickly became boring. Pastries were stale. Toasted bagels were like a rock. Had to wait in line for a cup of coffee. The omelet ordering process was tedious. Some food was cold. The eggs were a purveyor's ready mix product with food coloring added and quite watery - not fresh scrambled eggs. Bacon and sausage were OK. Waffles and French Toast were pretty poor products. The Main Dining Rooms (3 decks high) were nicely decorated and clean. Early dining was moved to 5:30 PM. The variety of meals offered were somewhat disappointing. They offered daily standards of Sirloin Steak or Salmon. The Salmon was quite good. The steak was deplorable. 3 at our table had to send it back and order something else. It needs to be removed from the menu. When Lobster & Filet was offered, the lobster was miniscule. We all laughed that a single shrimp would have made a better Surf 'n Turf. Overall the food was barely acceptable and has gone down another notch since last year's TA on the Jewel OTS. Wine was very expensive. A $16 bottle of 10 Year Vine XY Zin sold for $49 onboard including tip. It took 30 minutes to get a cocktail ordered and delivered to the table. They need a dedicated cocktail waitress and a sommelier for the dining rooms. Lunch in the main dining room offered a made-to-order salad. That was excellent. The pasta offerings were not good. Other items for lunch were acceptable. Cafe Promenade offered stale donuts. Johnny Rockets should be closed or made no charge. Alternate Dining: We dined at Portofino's and found it below the level we experienced on Celebrity ships. At $25pp we went there only once. My meal was average. Dining Room Staff: Our waiter and assistant were good, not great. Respectful and friendly. The head waiter interrupted our conversations often. He lost my bottle of wine, mis-marking it for another table who enjoyed it, I'm sure. Our tablemates had to convince him that a full bottle was put aside two days ago after it was opened and only sampled. He finally "bought me" another bottle. Extra tip for the waiter and assistant but much less for the head waiter. Entertainment: The CD was Mike Hunnerup from Australia and he quickly grew on us. He was fun and approachable. The staff, including Richard, the Activities Director, were friendly and helpful. Just one person had an "attitude" we didn't appreciate. The stage entertainment ran the gamut. Some poor, most mediocre and a few memorable. Individual singers tend to be poor. The variety was good however. RCL held a nice Meet & Mingle for us on Day 3. At my suggestion they had a few Bridge Tour door prizes for lucky members. Quest is a big hit and was held on the ice rink. Great adult fun. Ship's Staff: Captain Patrik Dahlgren is probably the best we've encountered on all the ships we've cruised on. He stopped at all the dining room tables for conversation and photos during the cruise. Very engaging. He's an asset to RCL. Enrichment: Did not enjoy Joe Condrill's lectures or Hohn & Donna Mollan's presentations very much. I've see much better on other cruises. We missed Jack Cochrane's (Cruise Critic member) lecture about water on day 7 because of a conflict. Don't believe it was taped either. We were disappointed we missed him. Facilities: The Internet Cafe is too expensive and too slow to use often. Library was average for cruise ships. Fitness facility was very good but no TVs on the equipment. Smoke in some of the lounges and part of the casino is still problematic. Champagne Bar was expensive. The Wine Bar on the promenade was way overpriced. Way too much selling on the floors all day. You ran into tables set up to sell goods and services everywhere. It is quite annoying. Seems that after early dining, your opportunity for after dinner dancing lasts just 30 minutes. No venue existed that played dance music from 7:30-9:00 PM for us. Ports of Call: We were happy to visit Tenerife for the first time. Ship's excursions were too expensive for the full day (5 hr.) tour ($99pp). A Cruise Critic member organized a longer tour on a private basis for just $21pp. We enjoyed it. Mallorca and Ajaccio were somewhat interesting. We prefer the Azores. The printed port information provided by the ship is almost useless. We bring our own maps. Debarkation: Needed luggage tags for an earlier time and had to wait in line at Guest Relations to move up 1 hour earlier. We walked off and found our (damaged) luggage in little time. There was no time to report a claim. The taxis would only take passengers for Rome and not local destinations like Civitavecchia. We took the FREE port bus to the port entrance and then walked to the rail station. Took about an hour. Overall: We notice RCL quality going downhill each year. Both for food quality and service. Cruise rates are stable but onboard charges keep going up. Ours was $950 this trip. Ouch! We may not use RCL again next year. Regards, Florida Rich... Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
My wife, who has cruised before, helped me pick out the Navigator of the Seas for our anniversary cruise, in late April of 2011. Things started out well, with a flight to FLL and a quick shuttle to the ship. We were greeted by the ... Read More
My wife, who has cruised before, helped me pick out the Navigator of the Seas for our anniversary cruise, in late April of 2011. Things started out well, with a flight to FLL and a quick shuttle to the ship. We were greeted by the porters, with a lot of flair and a great attitude. They got our luggage stowed into the carriers and us on our way. We arrived around 1pm and were promptly checked in, registered and on board... Check in was a breeze and we were greeted kindly and promptly... that is where the courtesy ended. We found our stateroom, interior on the port side of the 10th deck. Our room was nice, clean, but without stated 'robes' as in the guide book. Our daytime stateroom attendant saw us leaving the room and introduced himself, we mentioned the robes and he said he would resolve before that evening. The room was basic, with two beds pushed together to form a full, nice linens, a couch, small TV (with poor picture), small desk and average cruise bathroom (according to my wife). In-room safe is a nice touch. After the mandatory walking around and finding everything in the boat, we did the mandatory safety briefing... our luggage arrived at the room an hour or so later, and we were able to dress for dinner. Our wait staff at the formal dinner were ok, with us having to wait frequently for service on the drinks, and our meals were ok. We were not impressed with the food at the formal dinner service, not any of the nights. My steak was never cooked correctly, and the drink service was often quite slow. The buffet was pretty good food, changing each day and meal, but often the combinations of foods offered was odd. Side dishes often did not go with the entree's. At the pools, the adults-only pool area was swarming with children of all ages, and no one was resolving. The holding of deck chairs, though mentioned by multiple signs, was a big problem. We sat at the pool multiple hours each of the two cruise-only days, never to see a towel removed from an abandoned chair, meaning we had to arrive before 9am on the second cruise only day to even get a chair. Also, even though listed in the guide book, the documentation and by some staff members of the cruise line, the smoking area outside is tiny. There was no where to smoke and lay in the sun. Inside, smoking areas are plentiful, with every bar (almost) having a smoking section. Wait staff at the pool is horrible. We waited for over 3 hours for anyone to offer us a drink on day 4. When we went to the bar, service was ok, but not great. My wife attempted to buy us drinks at the bar on day 4 only to have the bartender wait on the people behind her, which when they mentioned that she was there first, they were told by the bartender that "I Know, what do YOU want?"We experienced similar lack of service at many of the bars, with waiters seating us but never returning to get us drinks, or taking our order only to disappear. It was pretty much go to the bartender or nothing. Entertainment was disappointing on most nights, but I think we were the wrong age group. The outdoor dance club on night 4 was fun, if too loud. The 'Quest' gameshow was awesome, a lot of fun. The 'adult' shows were attended by too many children and the 1am curfew for children is too late. Teens maybe, but having a bunch of 10 year olds running the halls and screaming in the elevators each evening until very late is inappropriate. The professional photographers did an ok job... We did also purchase the 'Classic Romance' package. It consisted of a bottle of champagne one evening, canape's before dinner (awful), vanilla bean cupcakes (in a plastic box, though very tasty), one room service breakfast (mediocre), and extra pastries the same night as your formal dinner (left in the room, very good). Price was around $100 and the price was right, even if the canape's were not. We had a good time on the cruise... even though the other passengers were rude (my wife was slammed into by multiple people in regular foot traffic without apology)... even though the wait staff was rude (a waiter nearly flattened my wife, without apology)... and the staff in general was rude (we never could understand our head waiter and he looked at us like we were stupid). We will cruise again... we just won't cruise with Royal Carribean... it was very apparent that we were not either 'skinny' enough, rich enough to be an 'elite' member, or haven't been with them enough to be a gold member. Thanks goes to the gold member who saw us being treated badly and bought us drinks, then went on to reprimand the staff and took it to the manager. That did correct some of the behavior, but only on one occasion. Good Luck Royal Carribean, you lost out on some major tips and expenditures... we are not the only ones taking our business elsewhere. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
I had some very shocking experiences on my last cruise. I inquired about all of these issues while on board, but nothing was ever resolved. Every time I spoke with someone I was either told to go talk to someone else, I don't handle ... Read More
I had some very shocking experiences on my last cruise. I inquired about all of these issues while on board, but nothing was ever resolved. Every time I spoke with someone I was either told to go talk to someone else, I don't handle that (I would go to about 3 people and after being told the same thing over and over, just gave up,) or wow, that's never happened before. I put all of my concerns on my comment card, requesting someone contact me, but never heard back from anyone besides a mass email thanking me for cruising. Below are some of my concerns:• During the formal evening our wait staff seemed to disappear after the main entree was served. After about 15 minutes a new waiter, (he never introduced himself) put down dessert menus at our table and walked off. He came back 5 minutes later and asked what I wanted. I asked what the flavor of ice cream was. He said, "I do not know." I asked what the flavor of sherbet was. He said, "I do not know." He then rolled his eyes at me, stepped away to ask someone, and came back and said "rainbow." I asked if this was the ice cream as well, he simply said "rainbow." At this point I was very uncomfortable so I just said OK. He came back with rainbow sherbet and mumbled something about our waiter being behind because of lobster night and he was happy to serve me. He plopped down the dessert and left. No one ever came back that evening to check on us. I never did find out what the specials were for dessert that night, or what his name was, but I did find out he was from Turkey. He always had a scowl on his face.• My room mini bar had 2 half drunken drinks. We only became aware of this because someone came into the room to check it, and he pulled out water that was half empty. He asked if we drank it, we said no. He removed it, and replaced it with a new one. He then checked the rest of the items and pulled out another used drink. We stated we had not touched the mini bar. He took the used items and left. He was very upset by this, as if we had done something. No explanation or apology. • Drawers in the room did not open and close properly. Many of the drawers were so worn that they had splinters and wood pieces sticking out. Railings on the balcony had rust on them.• Many bathrooms were out of order. They would either be locked or have signs stating out of order. None of the toilets were repaired during the cruise. By the end of the week there was at least 1 non-working toilet in each woman's restroom. In addition, many of the restrooms had an odor to them. Basically they smelled of urine.• Hallways were difficult to get through because of all the carts belonging to the room attendants. They were out most of the day. Maybe this is why the hallways had an old musty odor too.• Bar staff at the pool would not accept my platinum coupon for the buy one get one free drinks, because an edge had been torn. He saw me tear it from the booklet, but said he could not accept that. I ended up paying for both drinks, in addition to having to tip him the extra 15%• When I would order a drink, if I did not tip extra, the waiter would look at the tip area and walk off without a thank you. If I tipped a dollar extra I would usually at least get thank you, but in a rude manner• I went to get extra ice for a bucket of beers at the pool area. After standing for 10 minutes, the bar tender asked me where I got the beer from, and that I wasn't allowed to bring alcohol on the ship from outside. I was confused because I had bought them just yesterday at the same pool bar, and told him this. He claimed he didn't know of Bud Light bottles ever being sold near the pool, but would give me ice anyway. • You list the following perks for Platinum members but did not come through with them:• Exclusive invitation to Welcome Back Party: I was told this ship did not do this.• SeaPass Card recognition: I was never recognized at all, except at check in at the dock.• Priority check-in: I was told this was not available. • Private departure lounge with continental breakfast:I was told this was only for diamond members from one person, sent to the wrong location from another, and that they had never heard of such a thing from another.• Robes for use onboard: I was told these were not available. • Signature lapel pin: I never did receive this, nor did I get any gift like on previous cruises.Why list these if they are not available or do not happen. If certain ships do not provide most of the perks-they should not be listed.• The crown and anchor society ambassador was very unhelpful. She never asked me my name, she never asked me how I was enjoying myself and she never even referred to my status when looking into future cruises. I had to remind her I was a platinum member and that I thought I got discounted balcony rates. She said oh yeah, then gave me a discounted rate. When I mentioned my concerns she said had never heard of such problems, and that these things never happen. I finally asked for tape so I could tape back the coupon for the buy one get one free drink. She then said I'm sorry and gave me a new coupon, and to enjoy the rest of my cruise. Basically what I am saying is I am not used to such inconsistent service, especially not after my previous experiences on Royal Caribbean. The message you can take away is this ship was very inconsistent, and very different from my other experiences. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
After we booked the 4 night Navigator of the Seas cruise, we realized we booked over Super Bowl weekend. We figured that there would be a "viewing party" for those interested, but once onboard, we found out that this was a ... Read More
After we booked the 4 night Navigator of the Seas cruise, we realized we booked over Super Bowl weekend. We figured that there would be a "viewing party" for those interested, but once onboard, we found out that this was a special "ESPN SUPERBOWL AT SEA" cruise. Oh no. Having been on the Navigator only a year earlier, she is still in good shape, and she's a beautiful vessel with a lot to do. Unfortunately, RCCL's cutbacks were extremely noticeable. The menu's are EXACTLY the same as last year, and they are the same as the last several years. The date on the menus (in the bottom corner) was 2008. Sad that no new menus have been developed. The food was okay. Just okay. Nothing stood out as "fantastic". As this was only a 4 night cruise, there was no lobster, just steak one night, and shrimp another. Day 1 - We boarded and went to the Windjammer. I was surprised that the Honey Stung Chicken is now a boneless chicken patty. Last year it was fried chicken pieces, and was much better. This was a disappointment. As usual, the buffet was very sad and lacked inspiration. Why even have "JADE" on these ships? They never have any type of real asian foods. It's always a repeat of other items on the buffet like burgers, hot dogs, etc. We went to dinner (we had My-Time) and were disappointed that you could no longer pre-reserve a table for the entire cruise (even though we had 6pm reservations). You now had to request that section each night and they would try to accomodate it. We were lucky that they were able to accomodate it - but we were at a different table each night with the same servers (even though we were usually the first person in the dining room). They also no longer use the entire 5th floor for MY TIME. They only use half of the floor. They said that there are fewer people booking MY TIME, so they are using regular dinner seatings on the other side. I was on the cruise celebrating 2 birthdays. They were both notated in the reservation (I even verified the confirmation). They were supposed to celebrate one the first day and one the last day. They only celebrated the first birthday - on the second day rather than the first. They forgot the second one. Oh well. It happens. We went to the show that night to find that it was the ESPN cheerleaders, followed by ESPN commentators. We left that show. Not interested! We had 2 connecting cabins - 6506 and 6507. Unfortunately, the second cabin (6507) had plumbing problems in the bathroom nearly the entire cruise. We reported the issue and was told they would fix it. And, they did something to partially fix it each night, but it broke by each morning. The toilet wouldn't flush. We were told that there was an issue on the previous cruise with a guest flushing something that should not have been placed there, and they were having issues with that entire line and could not get it fully repaired. Room Service - Every night we ordered room service for a snack. Each night it arrived wrong. Either they forgot something, gave us something we didn't ask for, or gave us way too much (like 5 of one order instead of 1). Day 2 - We were at sea, so we planned to have breakfast and lunch in the Dining Room. They have revamped the breakfast menus. With NO Eggs Benedict!!! It is something that I look forward to on every cruise. I asked the server, who told me that they still had it, and he could get it for me, but it was being phased out - which is why it is no longer on the menu. WHAT? In the main dining room, you only have a few breakfast choices now. They push the "EXPRESS" breakfast - which is pretty much a similar menu to the Windjammer. Very disappointing. Lunch in the dining room was much better than breakfast. Day 3 - Cozumel. We took a taxi for a 3 hour tour and went to the local ruins (San Gervasio), saw the beach, etc. It was nice. Overall comments - You can definitely see the cutbacks at RCCL (and several people on board were heard complaining). From the cutback on Eggs Benedict at breakfast, the same menus they have had for years in the dining room, no shrimp on the lunch salad buffet in the dining room, no shrimp salad sandwiches in the Promenade Cafe, no chocolates on the pillow during turn down service (although that disappeared a long time ago), it's very disappointing to see cut after cut on RCCL. Another pet peeve is that they continue to allow people out of proper dress into the dining room. The first night, I saw tank tops, white undershirts, shorts, jeans, etc in the dining room. And I saw that EVERY night. Even formal night. It was a joke. The maitre'd should be policing this and sending people who can not dress appropriately to the Windjammer. At least have a tie on for formal night. Seeing someone dressed in a t-shirt and shorts in the dining room is very upsetting (and one Customer made a scene at the front door when he saw they were letting people in that didn't follow the dress code). THEY NEED TO POLICE THIS MORE - other cruise lines do!!! The cruise, which we had hoped to be a "fun" getaway turned into more of a "relaxing" getaway since we spent a lot of time in our room and on deck - just trying to stay away from Super Bowl activities. I'd go again, just never during the Super Bowl. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
Windjammer lunch was not very good. First night in the My Time Dining Room (Swan lake dining room), we were there for over two hours. They never could get my dressing right on my salad, so I ended up not even eating it. Hubby got vidalia ... Read More
Windjammer lunch was not very good. First night in the My Time Dining Room (Swan lake dining room), we were there for over two hours. They never could get my dressing right on my salad, so I ended up not even eating it. Hubby got vidalia onion tart, and it was good. Rolls were almost too hard to eat. I got some kind of white truffle oil linguine dish as my entree' which was VERY good. Hubby got prime rib. It was good. Dessert was strawberry pavlova. It was "ok", but I wish I would have gotten something else. We were not impressed at all with the parade on the promenade. The cruise director was annoying. Not impressed with the ballroom dancers, a couple from Russia. Day 2 breakfast in the windjammer was better than lunch, however, beware of the scrambled eggs. They are not good. Lunch in the main dining room, we got the catfish. It was good, as well as the oreo cheesecake. THe banana chocolate crunch dessert was not that good. Pool water was extremely cold, but we managed to get in and tolerate it somewhat. Large hot tubs are nice. Lava flows, strawberry daquiries were 7 dollars. Budweiser were 4.25 (not including fees) Second night was formal night, we ate at Chops. Service was very good. Ordered Beef tenderloin & eggplant tower. It came out bloody, so I got a salad instead. Hubby liked it though. Server also offered Hubby another appetizer. He got the crabcake. He said it was good but I did not try it. We don't know much about wine, but we described what we would like and the server chose perfectly! Ordered filet mignon well done. Server tried to convince me to get medium well. I said no. It came out perfectly and was delicious. Hubby ordered strip steak medium well. Came out well done, and he said it was too dry for him. We got the apple pie and the cheesecake for dessert. We were happy with our dessert choices. We went to the Dungeon, which was really cool, but we did have a weird security experience. After two whole days of ordering alcoholic beverages and no one asking for ID, we were approached by two security men in the Dungeon who asked for our seapasses. They took them and returned and asked for my husband's ID, and took it. (This happened even AFTER we had ordered drinks in there and was sitting drinking them) So they came back and said they couldn't tell it was him at first because he had GLASSES on in the pic on his seapass card. So apparently if you wear eyeglasses, and sometime wear contacts, you look like a completely different person--at least to the dungeon security!lol Day 3- We had room service breakfast. It's the same stuff from the windjammer, without the trip up there. We got room service lunch as well, after returning from the beach on Labadee. We got the fried honey stung chicken with sweet potatoe fries. It was very good. Better than anything we tried in the windjammer. The spinach and artichoke dip is very good, too. But take my advice and request EXTRA chips. We had dinner in the main dining room tonight. Better & quicker service than the first night-different server. We had some kind of garlic soup for appetizer. It was just ok. It had the texture of a grainy potatoe soup w/o the chunks. Hubby ordered rigatoni. The server said he was going to bring out lamb for him to try as well. I ordered chicken marsala. I was told the lamb dish was not good, but the rigatoni was (the rigatoni with the spicy sausage). My dish was just ok. It was basically chicken breasts with gravy. We ordered tiramisu for dessert. We did NOT like it. It was unlike any I've had before. It was really wet and sloppy. Later that night we went to Johnny Rockets. We really enjoyed it there. They automatically bring you a plate with fries and onion rings. I didn't care for the fries, but the onion rings were good. We also paid extra for shakes, but I would say to save your money and go for the oreo sundae that's included in the price, because it is just as good if not better (we had that the next night). The ventriloquist was good up until the part he brings a monkey out. I could have definitely skipped that part of the show. Day 4 we were in Montego Bay. We got a call from room service saying they were bringing up our order. I told them we did not order anything. It was from yesterday, so since we hadn't eaten yet, we told them to go ahead and bring it up. It worked out. We took a hot spot taxi to Margaritaville and ate there. I got the nachos with chicken, and hubby got the fish n chips. The fish was not very good. On Day 5 I went up to the windjammer to hopefully get some bananas and apples, but there were not bananas this day, and the apples were not in great shape. There were mushy spots all over them. I grabbed some yogurt to take to the room. It was not good at all. We had lunch in the mdr. I got some kind of chicken yakitori and it was just ok. Hubby ordered a steak sandwich. It was not a sandwich (no top bun) and not very good. We got the strawberry napoleon for dessert, and that was good. We caught the juggler act on the tv and he was good. His comedy was not funny, but he was talented in his juggling. Overall, I would recommend Johnny rockets, and chops grille. Stay away from the scrambled eggs. Beware that when you order a sandwich, it may not be an actual sandwich. I was disappointed with the limited ice skating times. We never did get to ice skate :( We were happy with our room, 8622, with a hump balcony. Read Less
Sail Date January 2011
My husband and I have always dreamed of taking our entire family on a cruise. This past Christmas we made that dream a reality...it's unfortunate we chose the wrong cruise ship- Navigator of the Seas. We read the reviews about their ... Read More
My husband and I have always dreamed of taking our entire family on a cruise. This past Christmas we made that dream a reality...it's unfortunate we chose the wrong cruise ship- Navigator of the Seas. We read the reviews about their food being terrible but there are no reviews to describe just how disappointing the food really is. For breakfast we ate in the Nutcracker dinning room which was good. Then the food begins to go downhill from there...The windjammer (free style- dining alternative) reminded me of a poorly ran Golden Corral restaurant. It seemed to serve the exact same food day after day. If you wanted a change of pace for Lunch you had to pay for it in their premium lunch spot- Johnny Rockets. Johnny Rockets did have great food and service with the exception of their shakes (made from a bag in a box). We ate in the dinning room for dinner and the meals were just Okay. I couldn't believe they served me Lobster bisque with no actual lobster in it just lobster flavoring! Oh and if you heard that you get served lobster on the cruise...better think again. We were not served lobster one time on this premium, prime time Christmas cruise. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. We brought my mother along and Lobster is her all time favorite food. I went as far as requesting it..."no can do". Funny thing is we received a menu that had lobster tails on it and when we ordered it, I was told we had been given the wrong menu. Okay, okay enough about the terrible food. Let's talk about our other experiences... When we arrived at the port the Porter told my husband if he tipped him well enough he'd ensure that our bags were properly taken care of. When my husband didn't tip him what the porter thought he should, he made sure to tell him so. I could not believe it...My husband told him he thought the tip was fair and we moved on. Well that must have been a huge mistake because our bags went missing the entire day and when they were finally found around 10:00pm that night, no one could tell us why they were not delivered and where they had been located. We do know that someone had to know because my mother's dirty laundry bag (from inside one piece of the luggage) was delivered to her stateroom...without the luggage. When the luggage was located it had been shredded to pieces. We were furious! The ship offered to repair it for our return travel but there was no offer to replace it. And then last but not least my recently turned 18 year old son had absolutely nothing geared towards his age group. He is still in High School and was not permitted to attend the teen activities as they were geared for 15-17 yr old without exception. When I went to Guest services to get suggestions their response to me was "he is an adult and should join adult activities to include the night clubs". They assured me he could not order alcohol. I was appalled! But just when I though I had issues...I overheard another guest complaining of the same problem ... only they had an 18 year old girl! One woman said her daughter turned 18 a few weeks ago and 25yr old men were hitting on her in the "adult lounges". This is a huge oversight on Royal Caribean's part and they are asking for trouble by not addressing activities for this age group. If you have children between the ages of 18-21 look out! There is nothing organized for them to do. Believe it or not we did manage to squeeze some good entertainment and RR between the drama and disappointment. Honestly, I can't say I would ever do another cruise with this ship. My husband and I spend a lot of money sending our whole family on this cruise...relatively speaking it simply was not worth it. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
We have sailed with RC 2 other times and felt that the food quality was passable. We decided to cruise with them again because it was a last minute decision and this cruise was available. We went without very high expectations regarding ... Read More
We have sailed with RC 2 other times and felt that the food quality was passable. We decided to cruise with them again because it was a last minute decision and this cruise was available. We went without very high expectations regarding the food. I have to say that RC did not disappoint us. The food quality this time was, at times, inedible. If they cannot cook lobster tails properly, don't serve them. If the quality of the prime rib is poor, don't serve it. I understand budget cutbacks to keep the cruise price down, but there is no excuse for such poor quality. The cream soups were mostly cornstarch and little flavor. The salmon was dried out. The food in the Windjammer was not much better. The selections were limited and not very good. I eaten in cafeterias that had better food. I am not that picky and understand cooking for a large crowd, but there is no excuse. This will be our very last RC cruise. I should add that everything else about the cruise was great. They have an amazing staff, good entertainment, and great facilities. It is just the food. I cannot believe the rave reviews I have read about their food. Did these folks have the same cooks? Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
We were a party of 9 on the Thanksgiving day weekend cruise. I have been on 40+ cruise and 9 in the last two years so I think that I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Will try to make this as compact and informative ... Read More
We were a party of 9 on the Thanksgiving day weekend cruise. I have been on 40+ cruise and 9 in the last two years so I think that I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Will try to make this as compact and informative as I can. Very Good 1-The ships design and layout. 2-The over sized hot tubs 3-Full sized glasses of OJ at breakfast. Sounds trivial but I hate those shot glass sized glass that some lines use. Good 1-Not a lot on announcements on the loud speaker selling things. NCL does this constantly. I didn't feel nickled and dimed as I did on NCL. Average 1-Food. It is what it is. Not really worse or better then the other lines I have been on recently. Nothing like it was years ago. 2-Entertainment. Again not a lot of difference with the other lines. Poor 1-Embark and debark were both not run well, lots of little things that added up to a less then pleasant time. 2-The employees were so so at best. Cabin steward did the minimum and forgot to put down the third bed as asked, had to call to have it done. Poor English skills and didn't seem at all interested in her job. While most everyone would say Hello etc, it was more from training then from any real interest. 3-Dining room was poorly managed. We had 9 people, the solution stick us at a table for 8 with an extra place setting and crowd us all in. We ordered a Vanilla cake with no singing for a Birthday, just bring it to the table and leave it. Got a Chocolate cake with singing. Very Poor. Casino. Most (but not all) of the dealers were unfriendly. Had a major problem with the management. I got some chips on my card and they entered the amount wrong, to the tune of $68,000. Took them two tries to reverse it and then they rang it wrong again, this time only a $100 off but want me to take extra chips instead of doing it right. Ask to speak with the manager and frankly he just blew it off. A complete lack of interest. I love the ship but it is clear that they are working the employees into the ground and it shows. It is a mass market cruise line and if shows, if you expect any special or even good, interested service good luck. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
* Background Information This was a 5-night cruise during the Thanksgiving week break. Not surprisingly, the demographic was very family heavy - over 900 kids on board and this was very noticeable. We were also traveling with family: ... Read More
* Background Information This was a 5-night cruise during the Thanksgiving week break. Not surprisingly, the demographic was very family heavy - over 900 kids on board and this was very noticeable. We were also traveling with family: two sets of grandparents (over 55), two sets of middle-aged adults (35-54), and 2 teens (13 and 16). Everybody has cruised before to varying degrees. As a group, we've been on Carnival, NCL, Princess and RCCL. My DH and I have been on 5. * Embarkation We all traveled on embarkation day from different points in Florida. No big problem, but it was a little slow checking in. I think part of this is because on previous cruises, we had the opportunity to fill out the health questionnaire while you are standing on line. We didn't get the forms until we were at the counter; hence, large family groups took up quite a bit of time with the boarding agents. Cabins were ready when we boarded and luck of the draw, we got our luggage with lightening speed! * Ship Info /Cabin Info I was looking forward to being "wow"ed as I had read so much about the dramatic RCCL ships. I wasn't. NOS is mostly in fine shape and seemed very clean. However, for me, the hallway and cabin dEcor was reminiscent of a chain hotel - dated colors and just not very pretty. Certainly not awe-inspiring. The Royal Promenade was nice, but it didn't seem as big and as glamorous in person as it did in pictures. Overall, I prefer the being-at-sea feeling of other ships to the being-in-a-mall feeling that the Royal Promenade gave me. I did like the dEcor and cozy feel of Vintages and Two Poets; most of the bar and eatery seating areas were comparable to other lines. The main dining rooms were the most attractive rooms on the ship -very pretty. Our cabin, a D2 balcony, was clean and had a spacious layout - as big as a mini-suite we've had on another line. As cruise ships go, I liked the showers with the rounded sliding door and handheld adjustable showerheads. The bed was rounded at the foot corners, which is nice when you're passing by it to get to the balcony or trying to edge your way around it in the dark, but weird when you're sleeping and your feet dangle off the corner. (My DH does that anyway at home, so he didn't even notice!) One small thing that leaped out at me as being in sad condition were the balcony railings; bare, cracking and unvarnished. Definitely not ship-shape. Except for this one detail and the Holiday Inn Express dEcor, I would've given the cabins a 5. * Activities / Entertainment / Kid's Clubs My DH and I are more relaxers then doers on sea days, but the offered activities seemed comparable with other lines. Members of our party enjoyed the usual trivia, bingo, and "name that tune" events. Entertainment was mainly comparable also, although I thought the production shows with the ships' singers and dancers seemed a little "chintzier" in appearance if not talent. We enjoyed some of the other featured performers more. One of the deciding factors when we opted for this cruise over other lines was the seemingly overwhelming number of things for kids. However, the teen programs were largely pronounced "lame". I do have a suspicion that perhaps our teens did not put themselves out there enough to take full advantage. I tried to look into Fuel, but true to their word, no adults allowed - I couldn't even get a peek "but do not worry, we take very good care of them!" My younger nephew and I luckily stumbled across a free hour at the arcade; other than that there was a charge for all the games, which was disappointing. I imagine that could rack up quite a bill for some parents! The kids did enjoy one open skate at the ice rink (bring socks and long pants), but found lines longer than they where willing to wait when they tried the rock-climbing wall. My younger nephew was very disappointed to find the basketball area largely taken over by "big" kids most of the trip, and he tried several times. I didn't venture up there, so I have no idea if they attempt to provide time slots for different ages and he just showed up at the wrong times or it's a free-for-all. * Service Generally, with very few exceptions, this was where RCCL shined. We found the crew to be very friendly, right up there with the best of any other. Cabin stewards seemed to be somewhat less present then we are used to from other lines. We didn't even see ours at all the first day and we had to seek him out several times during the trip, but he was very nice, we always got everything we wanted, and he even left us a complimentary bottle of champagne. We had My Time Dining but kept the same table with the same servers each night, as we were a group of ten. Our wait staff was excellent, friendly and attentive and took very good care of the kids, remembering and following up each night with their likes and dislikes. However, there seemed to be a very bad flow problem with the kitchen that was beyond their control - perhaps this is just My Time Dining. Some nights the pacing was fine, and other nights it was horrendous with terrible waits between courses. * Food & Beverage Royal Caribbean falls short here, IMHO. Having been on one previous cruise and reading many reviews, I wasn't expecting much - and it was a little worse than I was hoping for. I had maybe three items I thought were "good", all in the MDR. Everything else was cafeteria quality at best, or take-one-bite-and-put-down-your-fork at worst. We ate breakfast and lunch in the Windjammer, and I stuck mostly with cook-to-order eggs and salad bar. My parents seemed to fare better in the MDR for these meals. This is more of a service item I guess, and I can understand some reasons why they do it, but I didn't like having to ask for water/tea/juice/coffee as opposed to getting my own at the buffet. I wouldn't have minded so much if it didn't frequently result in lines and feeling like you had to take the lone glass of whatever was put up rather than what you wanted in order to get anything at all to drink. During our particular cruise, they also started running out of things that seem silly - like orange juice and butter! The rolls in the MDR on the last night had to be leftovers, they were hard as rocks. Starting on day 3 out of 5, we also started getting "sorry, we're out" for different requested brands of beers and alcohol at various bars. We actually overheard one Windjammer staffer mimicking to another all the things guests must say over and over "Can I please have orange juice with no ice? "Do you have any butter?". So it sounded like this could be a regular occurrence. Personally, I'd rather be charged more per night, if that's what it takes to find everything still available on every day of my cruise. * Port & Shore Excursions We stopped at Grand Cayman and Cozumel, and enjoyed both ports but did not use any of the ship excursions. Both ports are very easy to do on your own. When someone in your family becomes less mobile with time, you start noticing things you wouldn't have previously; the pier at Cozumel is quite long. Once we got off the ship and there was no tram or cart like they have at some ports, we inquired and the ship personnel on the dock sent my DH back up to Deck 5 for a wheelchair where he was then told no, you can't take a wheelchair off the ship. Lesson learned. * Disembarkation Other than the typically long wait for an elevator because of having bags and older people in our party, this was quick and easy. We liked being able to wait in our cabins, and we showed up at our designated departure lounge a few minutes late and were able to just keep walking right off. * Summary I decided to write this review largely because I think RCCL gets higher marks than they deserve here. After spending quite a bit of time on the boards as I always do before a cruise, I had hopeful expectations that this trip on Navigator of the Seas would be a much better experience then I had previously many years ago. But it wasn't. We also researched Princess, NCL and Carnival for Caribbean cruises offered during this same week. Although we ended up getting a better rate from our TA, at decision time this cruise was the highest priced per person per night out of all that we considered - in other words, the worst value. But we decided to chance it for the supposed "wow" factor people say the RCCL ships have, the activities for the kids, and the convenient 5-night length. To a person, even the kids, our party agreed they have preferred other cruises to this one. I am not saying anything as harsh as I will never go on RCCL again, but it is highly unlikely if we are the ones doing the choosing. I also don't want anyone to think we had a bad time - we enjoyed our vacation. But we feel RCCL's product is average at best. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Some cruise tips: Pack drinks (water bottles, juices, sodas, and liquor) in carry on and you can Check one bag of liquor and/or soda(you can do this on some ships) Pack candy and snacks for kids (you pay extra for these) ... Read More
Some cruise tips: Pack drinks (water bottles, juices, sodas, and liquor) in carry on and you can Check one bag of liquor and/or soda(you can do this on some ships) Pack candy and snacks for kids (you pay extra for these) Pack extra clothes if you don't want to pay to send your laundry out Don't sign up for the cruise line to pay out your tips. Get envelops and tip who you desire to in cash Pack a lot of cash - our boat's ATM machine was out of service most of the trip Note-ships will allow you to cash a check of up to $200 with id and your soc.sec number Get there early so you can eat and grab something to drink, they close down lunch rooms early and you will have nothing to drink for several hours - unless you had packed something in your carry on. Have a backpack with your bathing suit, sun screen, towel, and entertainment handy why you wait for your room to be ready Be the last one to leave the ship - it helps you to miss the crowds and lines. Get up early on the last day, eat breakfast and bring snack back to the room until its time to leave. Royal Caribbean, First off- boarding sucked! It was so unorganized, slow and just horrible for a family with kids. Getting off was better because we requested to get off with the last group. We had no lines, no hangups with customs and no problem finding our luggage. Has lots to offer. We went on the Navigator of the Seas boat and it was gorgeous. It had a rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, putt putt, roller rink (which was lacking) and tons of clubs. We enjoyed all of these and were pleased with them except the roller rink which was rather small. My older teen kids hated the kids camps on Royal compared to Carnival or Disney Cruises (the kids aged 13-16). The kids said the staff was rarely involved and the activities were boring and repetitive. Several times they told me that the counselors weren't even their to start any of the events. My oldest son used some of the activities he remembered from the Disney/Carnival cruise to do with his new found friends and some of the kids started to think he was a counselor. They even started to follow him around. You know the kid camps are bad with your child and their new friends spend time riding the elevators up and down for two hours! Also, there were horrible lines waiting for the elevators. So if you don't feel like being a victim to your elevator, pick a lower floor so walking down the steps is easier than walking up. Also, the rooms over the promenade suffered a lot of noise. They had an ice show that was great, and a Motown show that was really nice, but the other shows were subpar. The parades they had were wonderful and they did add a party feel with some of their impromtu entertainment in the common areas. What we didn't like was the feeling that the ship was nickle and diming us on everything. They had 4 restaurants that we had to pay extra to eat at. Also, the Johnny Rockets where the kids wanted to eat charged $4.95 per person - Huh? The formal dinners weren't that good and the over all service was subpar. We stayed in 2288 and 2292 which were great places to be because it gave us easy access to get off the ship without waits. Also, since it was a lower floor, when lines for the elevators piled up, we just simply walked downstairs. When going to Cozumel or Grand Cayman - skip the excursions offered by the boat. It's cheaper to do your research and get a cab to the places you want to go or haggle with the tour sales people at the port for excursions. We paid $16 for all of us in Grand Cayman's to get to the beach. In Cozumel we got better deals at the dock than in town, and there was only a $12 charge for all of us to take a cab to the beach. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
First cruise, pretty disappointed. The ship itself was great, very impressive. For a first time cruising, it was more than expected from a size, features, and looks perspective. The top deck was really cool as well. I think now ... Read More
First cruise, pretty disappointed. The ship itself was great, very impressive. For a first time cruising, it was more than expected from a size, features, and looks perspective. The top deck was really cool as well. I think now that the first cruise novelty has worn though, I'd be uniterested if I cruised on it again, but for a newbie it was different, like going to a new resort or country. Food was truly disappointing, no better than a meal at some senior citizen buffet. I was completely suprised by the lack of seafood on a cruise ship, went against everything I had heard. The navigator has buffets open for breakfast and lunch, or a sitdown option, but around these two timeframes only, otherwise you have to go to a small cafe for something to eat. The cruise was 4 nights, so 4 formal sitdown dinners. The first two nights, dinner was pretty good. so/so Prime Rib and really good Filet on the dress night. The 3rd was leg of lamb that was ok, and the 4th was a fried fatty strip steak, very similar to a steak that you get with a Steak and Eggs breakfast at a coney. All the appetizers, sides, and dessert were buffet quality at best. Desserts in general sucked to be honest. We asked for a table for 2, didn't get it, had to request it, so we got stuck in the corner. Didn't help the experience, but dinner with 6 strangers 4 nights in a row, not sure I would've enjoyed it more. You could pay a $20 or $30 upcharge to get better dinning which was garbage that they even offered that IMO. Not only pay pass on free dinner, but then pay more on top? Seriously? The dinner service was great, very friendly, other areas were too. I did get kinda sick of hearing about filling out surveys for everything though, but they did do a good job I thought, very pleasent people. A tip, check out the dinner buffet, than go check out the sitdown menu, might like the buffet better. They had some sushi one night, wish we would've just ate that. The entertainment was dumb. We're mid 30's and would not have paid to see one of the shows or entertainment the ship had, lots of bad lip synch and dancing. The comedy show was really bad, literally it was an hour of 1 line jokes my grandpa would tell, no stories, no routine, just awful. One positive was the ice show, that was pretty good, they had a guest performer, she was really good, wouldn't have gone otherwise, but that I enjoyed. Drinks were reasonable I guess. Some bartenders made them strong, others weak. I heard there would be daily specials, I never heard, saw, or were offered any. We had a cabin at the front of the ship, so ours was a bit bigger than most, great cabin to have. On the way home, there was some motion in the room, but no a deterent to having the extra room and view in my opinion. They had lots of bathrooms throughout the ship, but by the end, 30% were out of order, sometimes I had to walk up or down a few floors to get to one. The fitness center was great, lots of machines, no wait, top of ship, great view. The only other gripe, there were lots of American workers, and we were scooped from an American Port, why not have an American talk on the mics? It was hard to understand half of what was being said on the ship. Another tip, have room to buy duty free alcohol on the ship and bring it home with you. Incredible deal, but I had no room to bring it on the plane with me. My only regret! Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Ok, so this is our third cruise in a year and a half. The last two cruise lines we took were Carnival and Princess, so we figured, why not try the other of the big three?So here are our pro's and con's of this trip. We're a ... Read More
Ok, so this is our third cruise in a year and a half. The last two cruise lines we took were Carnival and Princess, so we figured, why not try the other of the big three?So here are our pro's and con's of this trip. We're a twenty something engaged couple that sailed on the 8/29 cruise. Embarkation- This was a hectic nightmare and the worst of our experiences getting on any ship. Hundreds of people cramming their way into the ship in total chaos. I don't know why Royal Caribbean would have only two small entry ways but they did. After everyone was done pushing and shoving, we somehow ended up on board. Staterooms- Ours was great. We like how we had a sitting area (unlike Princess) and the balcony felt more private. The shower door thing is pretty cool, much better than a plastic sheet. Our stateroom attendant was awesome and went out of his way to help us out. He seemed genuinely happy to see us. The Ship- The ship is the biggest either of us have been on. It was clean and had some great features like the ice skating rink and rock climbing wall. We really liked the adults only pool area, it was always less crowded. The dining room was easy to get around and didn't feel crowded. Johnny Rockets was our favorite place to go for cooked-to-order food. Service was always good there. Okay, since this is a review we need to address some con's. 1. Laundry - We didn't pack to heavily because we assumed there would be a laundry room on the ship. What a disappointment RCL. The other cruise lines had plenty of them. Why pay $20 just to do a few pieces of laundry? We weren't happy with this at all. 2. The DJ (DJ Matt or whatever his name was) - This guy needs to be let go. He played the same songs over and over and over. So badly, that we were kind of discouraged from going to the Dungeon disco very often. Whenever we would confront him about it he would wave us away. Seriously, plugging my ipod in would have been a better experience. 3. Food - As always, the worst part of the cruise. RCL was no better than the other lines. Food was poor quality throughout the ship, except at Johnny Rockets. What they serve in the dining room is the same as the buffet (which we ended up going to every night almost). Not much else to say, it was gross. 4. Programming - For some reason there weren't that many things going on. There was one or two pool activities on the whole cruise (not every day like on Carnival). We didn't see a lot of organized activities at all. A trivia game here and there. The shows on ice and in the theatre were ok, but we felt like not much was happening. 5. A couple problems with the ports. In Mallorca you're kind of forced to take a shuttle in ($10). When it was time to get back to the ship there were literally 2 buses trying to shuttle 2,500 + people back to the ship, while the other RCL ship in port had a dozen empty buses just waiting there. It was bizarre and a lot of people were ticked off by it. Our cruise was about 75% Italian. We didn't mind, although Americans would probably not enjoy the smoking or how they cut in line a lot. We met some other people, but less than on the other cruises, probably because of the melting pot that was Navigator of the Seas. Overall, if I had to rate it, it would be 6/10 or so. We had a good time, not a great one. We would probably do a cruise again on RCL, but maybe in the Caribbean. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
Great ship, great fun, great food, great ports of call. While Barcelona, Athens, and Alexandria were exciting, we found the smaller ports of call more to our liking - Rhodes, Villefrance, and Messina. Number one suggestion is to avoid ... Read More
Great ship, great fun, great food, great ports of call. While Barcelona, Athens, and Alexandria were exciting, we found the smaller ports of call more to our liking - Rhodes, Villefrance, and Messina. Number one suggestion is to avoid the ship shore excursions -- too pricey, you can do better on your own. In Turkey and Egypt, be sure to make it clear you do not want to be taken to carpet, ceramic, leather or papyrus making places. They are the foreign equivalent of car dealerships - "What's it going to take to get you on a carpet today!?" RCL could do a much better job of connecting to the culture of the ports of call in their menus beforehand a la Italian dishes, when calling Italian ports, Greek selections, when in Greece etc. A truly great benefit of both the Transatlantic and Med cruises were the enhancement talks about Digital Photography from Sandra Ettlinger. Wow, what a difference in the photos we and our friends ended up with. Check her out at Ettlingerproductions.com Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
I am a first-time cruiser who wants to shoot you straight about what to expect if you have never been on a cruise before. As I read through review after review, I felt like I really didn't get a good picture of what to expect. ... Read More
I am a first-time cruiser who wants to shoot you straight about what to expect if you have never been on a cruise before. As I read through review after review, I felt like I really didn't get a good picture of what to expect. Everything was either really negative or cruises are the best thing ever invented. I believe that most cruise ships probably fall somewhere in the middle. And most experiences will probably be somewhere in the middle. So here I go, hopefully I can give some other first-timer some helpful hints of advice. First of all, don't follow the check-in begins at 2 PM advice. We got to the port at around 11:15 am. The place was already hopping with activity. Check-in for us was a breeze--only took about 20 minutes from cab until we were sitting down to eat lunch at the Windjammer. First bit of advice--make sure you do the online check-in paperwork. It doesn't take very long and will save you a little time getting onboard. You will need to print off a couple of sheets of paper at the end and sign your name explaining how your account will be paid. Remember to pack a light bad if there is anything you will need before 4 PM or so. Hopefully your luggage will arrive by then. We were able to check in to our room a little after 1 PM. I think our luggage arrived around 3 PM or so. We had gone to check the boat out and when we returned our luggage was waiting outside. Lunch will be cram-packed on day 1. I believe the Windjammer is the only place open for lunch on day 1. So expect some lines and some waiting. We enjoyed the view in the back of the Windjammer looking back at Miami and parts of South Miami Beach. The room was actually better than I expected--and even a little roomier. We had a balcony. I would vote for this at all cost. I can't imagine an interior room or one with only a water view. The balcony makes your room feel much bigger than it really is. Also, you have a place to step outside and enjoy the weather, water and views. Pay the money--get the balcony. Hair dryers are included in the room. Bathroom is small--especially the shower. But hey, you are on a boat. Did have those sliding doors instead of shower curtains that many others have mentioned. Can't imagine how it would work with a curtain?? Plenty of storage room in closet and under bed to stow away luggage. Also had about 6 drawers to put things around desk area. Wife loved the lighting around desk when it came to fixing hair and makeup. Mirrors would move a little on sides to give you a full view. Also have full length mirror on one side of room, too. Big plus for me, bed was comfortable. Not great, but not bad. As I mentioned, better than I expected. A/C worked pretty well. I like things cool. Our room was always able to get cool enough for me. Now...on to the real nuts and bolts of the trip experience. Let me make a few comments about some of the basic necessities on a vacation in a tropical climate--pool and lounging. Pool areas are just okay. If you expect to be able to get in the water and paddle around--forget about it. First, the pools are very small--especially when you think about there being 3500 people on board. Second, the kids will take the larger pool over after about 11 am. There is an adults only pool/section. But that pool is really small. I guess the lounge areas are okay. The earlier you get out the better likelihood of getting a prime-time spot. Once you get up in the day, it will be elbow to elbow everywhere. I was not a big fan of this. It is also weird to think about the walking track going around the main pool deck area. At first, you may not think this is a big deal. But if you want peace and quiet, there is none. If you are on this deck, you will constantly have people either running or walking by you as you try and relax. Not a big fan of this either. I always ventured to areas away from the track. Lounge chairs are pretty (okay) comfortable. Definitely two classes of chairs on boat--padded and not. get a padded one, you are loving life. Get a regular one, not so great. Maybe my expectations were too high. I guess now is the time to interject my previous vacation experiences to compare. My family often goes to Destin/Ft. Walton area of FL to get some R & R--staying at beach front condos. I also had one great trip to All-inclusive in Mexican Riveria. We are definitely not luxury travelers--but not econo-line travelers either. I was hoping the pool area and lounge chairs would be better. Like I said, maybe my expectations were too high. I love to go on vacation and sit and lounge either by the pool or in it. Cruise ship does not make my top-10 list for this. Now, the views were stunning, the accommodations were not. Okay, let me move on the the food. We ate in the Nutcracker dining room each night. We were in a group of 8 and had a large table close to the windows. Once again, views were great. I thought dinner always took way too long to complete. Normally took our party over 2 hours to complete meal. Granted, I didn't mind socializing with my friends. But 2 hours and 15 minutes is too long for dinner...period. Food was good--nothing spectacular. One of the cheesecakes one night was fabulous. A scallop appetizer one night was excellent. Besides that, nothing really above-average. Now, clearly, the food is not bad. I don't understand how folks get on here and say the food is bad. No way under any circumstances. You can always find something decent to good to eat on ship. Besides the main dining, we ate in the Promenade area several times for snacks and breakfast in Windjammer once. Of course, we were off of the ship for almost two entire days on this 5-night trip. I will say this--lunch in Cozumel at Playa Coronas was my favorite meal. Ate lunch one step from the water and had some authentic Mexican food--chips and salsa and chicken/beef fajitas. Extremely good eats!! You will have no problems finding food to eat. Something will always be open or available. The entertainment that we saw was good. Didn't take in a lot of the shows. I will also put it this way--I didn't go on the course to seek out entertainment. My wife and I are more in to relaxing, enjoying time alone away from the kids. We both enjoy a good book as much as a comedy show or ice-skating. But if you are in to the shows--this may be the place for you. There is always some form of action going on--dancing, music, karioke, games, info sessions, shopping, poolside games, sports games, etc.... Almost seems like there is too much going on at times. Almost like you are being moved around from venue to venue and act to act to make sure you don't/can't get bored. I didn't get bored. I don't think you will get bored either. Now to the last one--service. Here is where I really struggle. Was the service bad--no. But I expected better. I think many workers were not excited about there jobs. For example, if you go up to the bar and ask for a water or soda, forget getting a smile or conversation. Is it because they don't get as big a tip if you don't order an $8 mixed drink?? Great question. Many service people were not very friendly to my wife and me. It was like they were going out of their way to wait on us. Excuse me, aren't I the one that paid for this trip. And paid a lot in my opinion. Maybe you think cruising is a bargain. I don't. Seems pretty expensive for what you get to me. Anyhow, back to the service. I kept hearing about the Golden Anchor service....Not sure I got that. Another area of concern for me is that I only speak one language--English. Many of the workers speak languages well that aren't English. Thus, communication was difficult at times. Once again, maybe my expectations were too high. It seems like the cruise industry seeks out the US traveler and customer. Most of the cruisers on our ship were US vacationers. I just expected the English to be better from the workers who were in contact positions--desk, bartenders, guest relations, waiters, etc... Lastly, I will leave you with one instance of poor service. My wife was wanting her normal Diet Coke to kick start the morning. So I notice one of the bartenders at his location next to the Promenade. I also notice that no one is around--usually 4 or 5 people always waiting to be served. Hey, great chance to go get my wife her Diet Coke. As I make my request, the guy tells me he doesn't open until 8 am. I take a look at the clock--7:58! I guess the ship shuts the pre-mix machines off until 8. Maybe they work like bank vaults with time sensitive locks!! BS!! He just didn't want to serve me. I wanted to go back and ask for a drink and see if he opened before 8 am for that tip??? But I didn't, I just walked over and got a glass of water. Gold anchor service at its best. Okay, I am getting off of topic. I am trying to mention some words of advice to first-time cruisers. In no particular order, I will throw out some other things I noticed: 1. Don't fly in the day of your departure. Why? Ask the lady next to me in the muster drill who had her luggage lost by the airlines. She was not a happy camper. And her husband wasn't either as he had to stand there and listen to her complain about her vacation being ruined. 2. Make out a plan about what you want to do each day--check the Compass. If not, you can become overwhelmed with everything going on. You also need to decide if you are going to be a morning person or a late-night person on your cruise. You definitely can't do both and have any energy. 3. Make spa appts as soon as you get on board if you want certain times. But remember that some of the deals will come later in the trip. Discounts can be had for evening appts and appts on port days. FYI, massages on the beach on port days are also usually cheaper than ship prices. 4. You always run the potential of bad weather on a cruise. My wife got sick one evening when it got rather windy and the boat started swaying one night. Can't really control that on a boat. This did not make for a fun evening. 5. Internet access is very expensive on a boat--55 cents a minute or some type of pre-paid package. Internet doesn't move quickly either (nice way of saying it is slow). 6. Pay attention to the dress codes for your trip. Many folks will always dress up for dinner meals. But you don't have to--the smart casual style is okay, too. Will be one formal night at minimum. Okay, this is getting way too long. Let me end by saying the Navigator was a nice ship. But I will never participate again. For the money I paid, I could have had twice that experience at a great AI in the Caribbean somewhere. But there is a first time for everything and I learned from the experience. I enjoyed my trip. I enjoyed getting away and spending time with my wife. But I also know that my vacation could have been much better. Sorry RCI, you will not get me as a repeat customer. In order to get me again for the price I paid, the service, the amenities and the food needs to be much better. Next time, you can find me soaking up the rays at a beachside palapa in the Mexican Riviera... Read Less
Sail Date April 2010
This was my 25th anniversary gift from my husband. A gift i will no soon forget. Let me start by saying if this had not been a spring-break week then my trip would have been great. Food was good, service was good, and ship is very nice. ... Read More
This was my 25th anniversary gift from my husband. A gift i will no soon forget. Let me start by saying if this had not been a spring-break week then my trip would have been great. Food was good, service was good, and ship is very nice. BUT, with over one third of this cruise being springbreakers it just ruined it for us. They took over all the common areas, pools,hot tubs, casino, bars. They were so drunk they were throwing up everywhere. They would bang into you and laugh. I think that RCL should have had more control on how much booze that they let them have. We saw several of them pouring liquor from bottles that had brought on board. They were bragging about how they brought there liquor on board in there mouth wash bottles. I thought all this was suppose to be check before you came on board. Both ports we were delayed because of several of them being so drunk they didn't come back on time and some even forgot which ship they were on. My husband saw several of the boys peeing in the trash cans. The hot tubs were always crowded with them sitting on top of each other. Please do not get me wrong I have a college son and I once was young but several of these students just got out of hand. I wish that my travel agent from vacations to go had told me this was going to be a spring-break cruise then I would not have booked it. We stayed in a balcony cabin on the seventh deck. The cabin was nice but there was a terrible smell all the time in the bathroom. Have been on several other cruise and have never had this. Handle to door to balcony was falling off and ac sometimes worked and sometimes not. Maintenance came up several times to fix it but continues to not work correctly. Plenty of room for our cloths and bed was comfortable. In center of ship so not to noisy. We had to go back to Cozumel to have one of the young men be brought to a hospital. He got badly hurt at 3:00 in the morning buy jumping into a empty pool. I cant image getting being a parent and getting that phone call. My prayers go out to them. Perhaps if RCL had spent more money on adding more security instead of trying to make so much money on the liquor that they sold these kids things would not have turned out so bad. Very disappointed in this cruise line and will not cruise again with them. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
Navigator of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.3
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.3
Value For Money 4.5 3.8
Rates 4.5 4.2

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