Sail Date: December 2015
This was our second time cruising with Royal Caribbean, last time was on the Mariner of the Seas a few years back. Our most recent cruise was with Princes Cruises, so there were the inevitable comparisons here and there. Overall it was a ... Read More
This was our second time cruising with Royal Caribbean, last time was on the Mariner of the Seas a few years back. Our most recent cruise was with Princes Cruises, so there were the inevitable comparisons here and there. Overall it was a great vacation because, we made it so and decided to try to overlook many things during the cruise itself. First off, the cabin was not as clean as it could be, mirror was not properly cleaned, soaps were not replenished until we asked for more, and our trash was not even emptied the first night. When my husband approached our cabin steward to request our trash to be emptied and a few other things, the cabin steward seemed way too standoffish and left my husband standing there mid-sentence...we were not happy about that but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt "maybe he's tired" "it must suck to take care of so many people", etc ., but there were too many such instances during the week and we decided he's just a jerk and that's not enough to ruin OUR vacation. We also noticed that the staff was not as attentive as during our last cruise, we always appreciate a greeting here and there because we enjoy greeting them as well! But not here, some staff members just seemed tired or annoyed and not very much into the whole customer service or catering to the cruisers on board. Food was mediocre to say the least: Windjamer's offerings are bland and the same old, same old buffet choices. At the Sapphire dining room we sent our dinner back more than once and were offered to try something else in hopes of it being better, but no such luck. At some point we just decided to eat veggies and stick to salads, can't mess those up! -As a side note, the dining room staff were really great, too bad the food was not as great as they were :( . OMG, the food at the Promenade Cafe was horrible! Lame sandwiches and horrible pizza, and don't get me started with the bland desserts they offered (the same tasteless 4 or 5 choices every single day!!) No thank you! There was always someone eating there, either their taste buds are dead or they have lower expectations than most...or boredom drove them to eat maybe? The variety and quality of the shows was not really all that either, but it's a ship, so there's always that to keep in mind. The ports of call were all wonderful: Labadee, San Juan, St. Kitts and St. Marteen were all beautiful and there was plenty of relaxation happening everywhere. That alone balanced it out for us, with all the other sad offerings happening on board it was a great change to get somewhere where the food was tasty. That's all I can remember. Be warned that you might not be WOW'd as Royal advertises you will be...perhaps you will be during one of the port stops, but not on board anyway. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2015
Disembarkation was uneventful. Port Everglades is an easy port to navigate. We were onboard by noon and in our stateroom by 1pm. We were in a virtual balcony room #9303. Maybe it was just me but it seemed much smaller than a typical ... Read More
Disembarkation was uneventful. Port Everglades is an easy port to navigate. We were onboard by noon and in our stateroom by 1pm. We were in a virtual balcony room #9303. Maybe it was just me but it seemed much smaller than a typical interior room. The virtual balcony was interesting, (when it worked). We had the problem of not being able to turn it on and off with the remote. They changed the batteries but that did not work either. After a couple of days, maintenance came and shut it off and reset it. Worked fine after that. The ship was beautiful ! We spent a lot of time in the hot tub located inside the gym area. The first day the water was cool, the next day, lukewarm, the next day hot and a brown film was starting to form around the edge so we did not return after that. The spa was nice and all the staff very helpful. Plenty of chair space available throughout the day around the pool. My favorite area was the Solarium. For the most part it was quiet and one could nap there. First night we went to Chops Grille. I have been to other Chops before and this one left a lot to be desired. I was quite disappointed in the steak. Sort of tough and tasteless. Roomie had shrimp and the second one she put in her mouth was spoiled. The chef came out to argue with her that the shrimp was firm and good but it had an awful smell so she did not eat it. We were given a glass of wine on the house. The next few nights were in the MDR. We had my time dining which was nice. The first night in MDR we had a waiter that was not so nice. He spilled wine all over the roomie, left a mess of bread crumbs and ground pepper on the table throughout the meal and roomie had to go and find our wine bottle for the refill and pour it herself. We asked to be moved to another waiter on the second night. After that, all was good. Entertainment was hit or miss. Our favorite was The Latin Band that performed in Boleros lounge. They were very good but considering there were only seats for about 12 people and some around the bar, it was often difficult to get a seat. The dance floor was about 12ftx12ft so everyone was uncomfortable trying to maneuver. They had a huge lounge on the 14th floor called Cosmopolitan. Large dance floor, plenty of seating, a huge bar. This is where the DJ was. At any given time there were probably 6 people in there. It would have made more sense to put the live band there. People would certainly have lingered longer. The ice show was nice. The main shows were cheesy and the comedians should really get some new material. If you have seen one comedian on a cruise ship, then you have seen them all. Labadee was very nice, great beach, we went on the dragon tail coaster which was fun, San Juan is always a great port, as well as St Maarten and St Kitts. We took a tour with Beulah Mills in St Kitts. She is fabulous !! and really knows the area. Shopping onboard in the Promenade was a joke. Of course they have all the cheap items on the 5th day. After that, not much. Food and wine at Vintages were nice. Disembarkation was uneventful in Lauderdale. All in all it was an ok cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2015
`All the right fixes with the facelift she received in 2014, had a very good surgeon! .The Navigator is a very beautiful lady. Over all our trip was great, our 20th plus cruise, many with RC. There is a noticable change in perks that ... Read More
`All the right fixes with the facelift she received in 2014, had a very good surgeon! .The Navigator is a very beautiful lady. Over all our trip was great, our 20th plus cruise, many with RC. There is a noticable change in perks that used to be, but overall its still the best value for the dollar. Ships staff were friendly and we never felt slighted in any way, unlike other comments in previous reviews. I would avoid the mad rush on boarding day to the Windjammer and eat before you get on ship. This was the only day we felt the buffet to be too crowded and understaffed. There were many people waiting in the Windjammer for their room availability and not leaving their tables. For those of us trying to find a table this was frustrating. The food in the Windjammer is typical buffet variety and the staff was attentive when we finally found a seat. She sailed on time and the safety drill was fast and efficient, with a few missing cabins..they may have still been in the Windjammer.. Our room was 3rd floor aft in the new section of cabins. It was a little bigger with a very large window. Very quiet throughout the week. The cabin attendant was good, but we did notice that the vanity mirrors were not as clean as they could be. We mostly eat in the dining room for all meals. We did not do any specialty resturants spite the constant selling of those available. There has got to be a better way to promote the specialty dining without harrasing in the Windjammer while you are eating lunch (only eat there twice). Entertainment was ok, commedians were very good...Food in the dining room (anytime dining) was very good. Overall great trip..booked on the new Harmony for 2017! Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2015
I travelled on this cruise with my friend - we are both late 30s and have been friends since college. We both travelled in on the day of embarkation, so we did not utilize a hotel. That said, I've stayed in the Embassy Suites and ... Read More
I travelled on this cruise with my friend - we are both late 30s and have been friends since college. We both travelled in on the day of embarkation, so we did not utilize a hotel. That said, I've stayed in the Embassy Suites and Hyatt Place (both very close to the port), and would highly recommend both if you can get a decent rate. The ship itself is in great shape. Please don't believe any other reviews that say that the ship is in poor repair. We never saw any signs of wear. There are plenty of activities on this ship... we were never bored or in search of things to do. Make sure you look at the daily schedule so you know what is going on... bring a highlighter! The FlowRider was tons of fun - shout out to Amy and Alan on the sports deck! The service was also great. We had great dining room service from Aisle, our waitress. Our room steward was equally helpful. Dining was exceptional. The quality of the food and service were hard to beat. I'd like to see more free options on this ship. There was just the main dining room, buffet, and Promenade Cafe. It would be nice to see a hot dog stand similar to Boardwalk Dogs or a Mexican or BBQ place that is included. The entertainment was great as well. The acapella group was one of the best acts I've ever seen on a cruise ship. The Elton John impersonator was almost as good. The ice show was impressive as always. Disembarkation was easy - we were amongst the last off the ship because we had late flights. It took about 45 minutes to get through customs. All in all it was a great trip and I'd do it again! Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2015
This was our 16th cruise on RCCL and the very first on the Navigator of the Seas. We are Diamond Crown and Anchor members. We sailed from Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale and departed from the "older terminal". A few months ... Read More
This was our 16th cruise on RCCL and the very first on the Navigator of the Seas. We are Diamond Crown and Anchor members. We sailed from Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale and departed from the "older terminal". A few months prior we sailed on the Independence from the "newer" terminal. Things during check in just did not seem as streamlined as we found at the "newer" terminal. Long lines (even for Diamond) check in. Baggage drop off was also somewhat disorganized with porters reminding us we need to "take care" of them. Since we signed in around 1 PM we went immediately to our cabin with no wait. Once to our cabin we were really disappointed with the cleanliness of the stateroom. The floor had not been vacuumed, mirrors were all dirty or smudged and it appeared that the only preparation the cabin had was a set of clean sheets. There was no replenished supply items like shampoo and soap. I finally found the room attendant and had her finish the job of preparing our room. In all of our prior cruises on RCCl we never had this issue. It seemed much longer for us to receive our luggage once we were on board! We were kind of holding our breath at this point as to what the cruise would be like! Once underway things settled down and we had a wonderful cruise! Now there were the normal issues faced which I will relate in a moment. Our first stop was Labadee in Haiti. We had not been here for at least 15 years and were not really looking forward to the stop based on our prior experience there. Once on shore we found that there has been a tremendous amount of building and improvements made to to Labadee. It is a beautiful stop and we look forward to going again! The buffet served was excellent and a high light of the stop. Activities were many and well planned and thought out. This is a great place for visiting the beach and water sports. The shopping was just so so and the items being sold would be better classified as trinkets. This was really a great stop over all. Back on board we headed out for San Juan. There just seems to not be enough time to do anything here other than visit "Old Town". The shopping was good and the people friendly. Back on board, Dining in the main dining area was a frustration. We were not able to get My Time Dining and ended up on a list trying to get reassigned to a table for two. Just did not happen!!! Finally I went to the Concierge in the Diamond Club for help. She made some suggestions and they worked, we got our table for two from the Maitre'D! We also noticed at least 6 tables for two that were empty which really made us think! The food served was just so so and the menu the same as we had on the Independence. The quality just was not there. We were fortunate enough to have dinner in Chops Steak House one night and it was really first class! The service and food quality was super. We remembered how years in the past the food we had to pay extra for was the normal meal in the Main Dining Room! As another side note we also tried Giovanni's Table which was also EXCELLENT. Service and food quality was super...don't miss it if you get the chance. We ate a number of meals in the Windjammer which was consistent but unfortunately the food quality just was not there. It might be good to mention at this point that the crew seemed to all be happy and most acknowledged us with smiles and greetings. This went a long way with us. Most were helpful and really wanted to please us..WELL DONE! Next stop was St. Kitts. Really a laid back island with friendly folks. there is shopping right at the port (seems to be the only shopping) and there are a few good deals available. There are a number of independent island tours that you can take without booking ahead on board. Final stop was St. Maarten, our favorite place. There are great shopping deals here and a great beach right in town. People are great and glad to see you! Very enjoyable place to visit. As a general rule we do not take advantage of the entertainment on board i.e.. shows, ice skating etc. This ship (like other Royal ships) had a great "pool" band and combos. We enjoyed dancing on the fourth deck and the music played on the pool deck. We decided that we would let the ship's photographers take some pictures of us throughout the cruise. This was a disappointment to say the least! The quality of the prints was terrible. Coupled with the fact that each print costs $20.00!!!! In one of the scenes there was a life bouy with the name of the ship on it as a prop. We had our picture taken here and later discovered that although NAVIGATOR was legible the OF THE SEAS was rubbed almost entirely out! Just giving a word of caution here. You can also buy digital photos. Were were quoted $85.00 for 4 pictures...they change $5.00 for the external flash drive with the pictures in it. This might be a good place to mention that RCCL has done a great job with their Customer Loyalty Program, The Crown and Anchor Society. I appreciate it knowing that they care enough to do something a little extra for return cruisers/customers. It does matter. Arriving back in Ft. Lauderdale we discovered that you can carry your own bags off the ship. This worked really well for us... We walked off the ship at 7.30 AM went immediately to Customs and found there were only 3 customs agents clearing the ship but there was no line! Smooth as silk debarking! OK, I was probably a little more negative on this cruise than in the past but we still found this to be a wonderful trip overall and would certainly go again on this ship if given the opportunity. They have a great product but need to fine tune a few items on the Navigator.. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2015
This is our 10th cruise on Navigator. We have done both pre and post dry dock cruises on her, and one thing has remained a constant, it is a great experience. The crew is outstanding, they greet you warmly every time you see them. That ... Read More
This is our 10th cruise on Navigator. We have done both pre and post dry dock cruises on her, and one thing has remained a constant, it is a great experience. The crew is outstanding, they greet you warmly every time you see them. That goes for the maintainece crew all the way up to the Captain. The Senior Officers are visible on the ship, and if they have time will engage you in conversation. As far as the food goes in the MDR for dinner, it is good, not great. We have not had a bad meal n the MDR for dinner. We also ate at both Sabor and Giovanni's and the food and service were excellent. I would recommend both. The live entertainment around the ship was very good. The Headliners were OK. We have seen El Gaucho many times, so we did not go to his show, but the other headliners were good. As far as the Production Shows, the cast was excellent and the shows enjoyable. When it comes to the Ice Show, we have seen Ice Dancin 10 times and it is always a joy. This cast was particularly good. The Navigator of the Seas Orchrestra was very talented. We loved the drummer. We had a Junior Suite and it is our favorite type of accommodations. Our stateroom attendant w as there for our every need. Because of a medical emergency we had two extra hours in San Juan, and it was truly useful. Both St. Kitts and St. Maarten were beautiful. This time we did not get off the ship in Labadee, and we practically had the pool to ourselves. My only complaint was with our tour in St. Kitts. We did the Scenic Train Tour and we really felt it was a waste. That aside the cruise has been fantastic do far and we have two days left. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2015
Overall: We took the Navigator of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) to the Western Caribbean: Coco Cay, Cozumel, Grand Cayman starting November 22nd, 2015. We had about 25 family members, and I was travelling with my wife and three kids staying ... Read More
Overall: We took the Navigator of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) to the Western Caribbean: Coco Cay, Cozumel, Grand Cayman starting November 22nd, 2015. We had about 25 family members, and I was travelling with my wife and three kids staying in two staterooms (#9358, #9360). Apparently there are hard-core crusiers whose loyalty approaches religious ferver and then there is everyone else. So after my first cruise I fall squarely into the ‘non cruiser’ camp. The constant upselling, the rampant waiting in lines even after paying for ‘premium’ services, and the lack of any luxury put me into the ‘not a fan’ group. That said, my room was reasonable and clean, many of the crew tried hard, and as a family we had several amazing memories… though these were made because we were together, not because of the cruise. It strikes me that cruiselines have to cut prices so much because of competition that they basically lose money on the cabins, and have to recoup it during the cruise. The constant barrage of up-selling and add-ons is really wearying, makes the cruise unpleasant and ugly, and is really noticeable. It removes any romance or luxury from what is really an amazing boat sailing to wonderful places, so just considering the environment, it is telling that they cause you to forget about the sunsets and beautiful water and focus on them. I’d rate the experience as about a 3.5 out of 10. I should note, generally speaking I prefer exclusivity (and am more than willing and able to pay). I had wanted to upgrade to a suite, but as the room was a gift from in-laws, I didn’t want to disrespect anyone or break up the group. I believe we paid about $2700 per room (x2) plus 18% tipping ($1000), in addition to the $500 airfare (x5), and a hotel rooms in Fort Lauderdale of about $150 (x2). For that we had $500 in room credit, but with various drinks, dinners, excursions were out another $1000. So the total cost was about $10,500 for a family of 5 for a week. Of note: on the first day, I tipped the room steward $40, and two bartenders $20. I also tipped our 2 dining room attendants another $120 at the end of the week. The good: As many of my comments are negative, let me start with the positive. I hope I’m being balanced and fair, but also giving you insight as to what to expect without any particular axe to grind: • The room (Balcony Stateroom) was clean and efficient. It was a bit sparse, but highly utilitarian. The steward, Rolly, was unobtrusive, and kept the room very clean, organized, and in towels. That said it was an aluminum box without anything special. • Another high-spot was our dining room waiter: Apurv (“AP”). AP was funny, engaged, and able to follow through on bringing a cake to my daughter on her birthday (please note: I tipped heavily and paid for the cake). He was also able to handle the various family members coming and going, and a grandmother who was a bit neurotic. Many kudos to him. • The ship itself is a marvel. I enjoyed walking around and see every floor, every bar, every restaurant and shop. It was pretty cool. • Finally during an excessive line (more on this) a housecleaning woman, Elena B, who had no business helping us, stopped, asked what the issue was, and then stayed with us (and about 20 others) who were waiting. This is spite that it wasn’t her issue and she could have ignored us – as most of the staff were doing. Many kudos to her. And now onto the not-so-good: • Service. Service is horrible, generally speaking. After not buying a drink package, I quickly bought the most expensive option as service was so poor, I figured I need to get the special sticker for attention. I could not be more wrong. Bartenders seemingly slow roll everything, and the constant need to check (and recheck) your ‘seapass’ is maddeningly inefficient. There were times I would wait 20 minutes to get a drink – in spite of having only 2 people in front of me. This has to be a corporate decision as there are never more than 2 bartenders working even at hugely crowded hours (e.g. 1 PM during a cruising day). I went so far as to tip two different bartenders $20 and asked them to remember me, which improved service, but this was on top of paying $67/day for any drink. Also if you just want water or a soda… you have to wait in line. Christ on a stick! I paid, I understand 8 other people who also paid want Pina Coladas. Couldn’t their just be a vending machine where I could insert my card and get a drink/water (there are two hidden machines in the WindJammer, BTW, and so I often resorted to walking up 7 or 8 decks from whatever I was doing to get a diet coke, or water). • Excursions. I scuba dive, with my son. I had to register with the desk. Each time the line was 20-25 people deep. Finally at the last minute (4 PM the day before) I got to the desk at 3:45 and was only #3 in line, so I waited. And waited. And waited. After the line grew to more than 25, I started asking people at customer service. I went to the phone and starting calling various service people. All to no avail. The people at customer service (who were equally besieged) had no interest in helping us. Only when a housecleaning person, Elena B, saw me trying to start the computers and mockingly making announcements to the amusement of those in line, did she come over and ask what was wrong. She called a Manager, and after about 5 minutes, the person “Melanie” came to the desk @ 4:32 (32 minutes late). Instead of apologizing she yelled at us for not having an orderly line to the side. I haven’t been much tempted to punch a service employee as they have incredibly onerous jobs, but this was one time I almost changed my policy and essentially decided Royal Caribbean could ‘suck it’. Even then, just as illustration, it was 4:50 before I was helped for a 3 minute thing. Seriously. I had to wait in line for an hour, just to do something that should have all been done ahead of time (The cruise will say they need to see my PADI card, etc… but we had to fill out all of this information AGAIN – for the 3rd time—at the dive shop). o Incidentally, the diving in Cozumel was wonderful. In spite of a 50 minute ride in some heavy chop to pick up a random hotel passenger, the 14 of us had 2 excellent guides, and some really excellent cave and drift dives. • Tendering. In Grand Cayman we got a tender ticket. The process was horrible. Long lines (45 minutes) just to get off the boat, and from the time I left my room to the dock was just over 1 hour 30 minutes. Again, I get there are lines. But Royal Caribbean clearly knows that 4000 people want to go ashore, but have only 2 doors to get people off and away. My advice: avoid any cruise/port where you have to tender. I’m on vacation to relax, have a drink, soak in some sun. Not wait in lines for Royal Caribbean to get their act together. • Guest Services. We asked for our 2nd stateroom to be decorated on Thursday as it was our daughter’s birthday. It never happened, and hey wires get crossed, and even without said decorations she had a memorable day (again in part thanks to AP, the dining steward). So we paid for it ($47?) and got nothing. My wife tried to go to the Guest Services desk several times but the line was so long, she gave up. Finally on the last day she called (rather than stand in line) and the woman’s reaction was “Why didn’t you tell us?!” While I don’t think she meant to blame the customer, our response essentially, but much more politely should be interpreted “because your lines are so horribly long and inefficient that we’d rather bask in the sun than stand in your lines!” Ultimately we got the amount refunded, but I didn’t appreciate the attitude (which I heard twice, per above). • Royal Caribbean’s cheapness I’m an MBA and I well understand queuing theory. I also own my own company and well understand costs. But Royal Caribbean took it to parsimonious levels. For instance there is no shampoo in the rooms. Not a big deal, I have my own, but I noticed as I started to suspect that Royal Caribbean was desperately trying to maximize profits. Even things like pens, which you find in every hotel room, became conspicuously absent. When I noticed that they were closing bars, and never really had enough people to service people, I realized Royal Carribean wasn’t trying to supply an amazing experience but rather had sophisticated cost containment strategies in place, and were willing to sustain long queues, angry customers, and knew that people will endure frustration rather than complain. You should realize this when you book. It’s not immoral, but it is annoying. o Consider the picture ‘package’. They want $147 for 10 pictures, $250 for 20, and ultimately $417 for all pictures. That’s fine, if ridiculous, but they have signs everywhere saying ‘no cameras’ e.g. in the kids area, rock wall, etc… o Pro tip: If you are travelling in a group use 1 cabin number and just pay the $400+ and get all the pictures. • Excursions. Simply stated: Book your excursions on shore. The markups RC charge are ridiculous and again, I suspect, due to their need to recoup in other areas. The one advantage is that if you buy an RC excursion on tender days, you can go to the front of the line. Again, the implication being that if you buy through them, you can get reasonable service levels. o Pro Tip: Heck you can follow the Royal Caribbean people to the excursion and do it yourself for $100s less. And there are always numerous people on shore, just past the end of Royal Caribbean’s area who will offer many more things, usually for 25-33% less. o The Chica Itzen tour. Our boat was late leaving Cozumel as a family was late by 40 minutes returning from an RC excursion. Because of this (the ship waited for them) the captain blamed the family in announcing our late arrival into Grand Cayman… and ‘strong head winds’ (there were amazingly strong head winds). But what I found in talking to them was that Chica Itzen is 3 hours away, and so when you get there, RC says “you have 15 minutes” to explore something that people usually spend a full day at. The family said, “heck no, we’re going to explore for 45 minutes” with the result of being late. While I can certainly find fault with that family’s decision, RC too must bear some blame. And the captain using it as an excuse for our late arrival into Grand Cayman during that evening’s announcements (yet never going more than 16 KPH) seems petty and unfair. Again, I will let the circumstances speak for themselves, as this is conjecture on my part. • Wifi. My wife got the package because she wanted to continue with work, as she could. The wifi is operable… but s-l-o-w. It is frustratingly slow. Given that you can pay anywhere from $20-$40 / day, I would expect functional Wifi. o Recommendation: Don’t use the internet. You’ll be frustrated and it’ll just annoy you. Focus on your vacation. Also there are several shipboard terminals if you really need it. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2015
Let me start off by saying that my boyfriend and I were first timers. I am a big-time researcher and planner when it comes to vacations and family trips and I read everything I could about cruising and I watched YouTube videos for tips and ... Read More
Let me start off by saying that my boyfriend and I were first timers. I am a big-time researcher and planner when it comes to vacations and family trips and I read everything I could about cruising and I watched YouTube videos for tips and hints for months before the trip. This post is going to include tips that I did not read about (even though you may have). So if you want to stop reading now, know that I absolutely LOVED my experience on the Navigator and I can't wait to book next year's trip! Day 1 We stayed at the Hilton FL Marina which was good enough for one night. They had a shuttle service they used named Quick & Safe Transportation. They were very unprofessional when I tried to book my trip from the airport to the hotel. We ended up taking a taxi instead (about $25). They had a table at the hotel the day of our departure to take the guests to the various ships at Port Everglades for $6pp via shuttle bus. It was pouring raining so as luck would have it, the Navigator was the 4th of 5 stops. The entire trip took 45 minutes (we got on at 1:45p) because of the rain and there was MUCH traffic heading to all of the ships (6 in port in total). We arrived close to the ship and dropped our luggage with the porters in an outdoor, covered area however a passenger later informed us that his wife's luggage was soaked and she had to hang out most of her clothes to dry. My recommendation is that if it's raining, cover the inside of your luggage with plastic trash bags. Ours was fine however. We then went inside and waited in line (think Disneyland corrals) for about 15 minutes for the first security check-in, then 10 minutes to the counter. Since it was 2:30p when we arrived, I'm guessing it was quicker than those that got there first thing. At the counter, we then had to show our Passports, fill out a form stating whether we were ill, had our photo taken and SeaPass card given to us. On the way to the ship (after an escalator or 2) we had our official boarding photo taken. After that we boarded. Our room was ready (as evidenced by our key working) but the luggage did not arrive until after 5p. Day 2 We spent the day at sea. I read that you should get the Ice Show tickets on the first day but they were only distributed from 3:30-4:30p outside Studio B so I went to the Guest Services desk at 11a on this day. The tickets were all lined up on the counter for the various shows, you just had to select which time you wanted. Breakfast is over in the Windjammer at 11a. Lastly the World's Sexiest Man by the pool was a lot of fun. A 50-something year old beat out the young guys! Day 3 On the day before the Captain announced that the CoCoCay port was cancelled because of the poor weather making it difficult to tender (taking a smaller boat to land) so Costa Maya, Mexico was to be our new port. They sent a list of excursions that could be purchased on your television or at Guest Services but since I did not get a chance to do any research, I declined. They refunded RCI CoCoCay excursions of course. If you purchased a non-RCI excursion you were on your own. We hadn't purchased any. There was no tendering necessary and there was a trolley-like bus taking guests down the pier. At each port an RCI staffer has a station to take photos in front of the ship so you can view them later but we declined. I did not enjoy the Costa Maya port. It is still developing and there was construction going on. You could see a waterpark from the boat and our cabin neighbor said they rented a golf cart and drove around to see the sights. We just shopped for souvenirs. There is a bar and a pool, and a beach, but it wasn't a nice or big beach. More like something you'd see at a river. After our shopping, we went back to the ship for lunch and never came back. We finally went to the Main Dining Room this night (My Time Dining). Our table was 660 and our servers were Bovino and Anecito. They were great and brought us extra appetizers, an extra entre to try and an extra dessert. Day 4 Tendering was also not necessary for Cozumel, which was far more modern than Costa Maya. We did the Dolphin Push, Pull & Swim at Chankanaab Park. After checking in at the pier, and a 15 min wait, we piled into taxi vans for about a 15 min drive. Not only was this excursion the highlight of my trip, the park also had free Wi-Fi! I will post more on the excursion under the excursions review but let me say this...haggle, haggle, haggle for the photos if you do this. They ARE willing to make a deal. We ended up getting almost an 80% discount off the first price quoted. As for the Wi-Fi, if you have Google Hangouts on your cell phone, remember you will be able to make telephone or video calls using Wi-Fi. We did and it worked great! The shuttles returned to the port every hour so we left after the sea lion show because it began to rain. There are restaurants there, a coffee shop, and a zip line activity as well. Now here is the worse part of the trip. The ship was scheduled to leave at 3:30p. Once returning to our room (on the starboard side), we watched the people returning to ship. Every 10 minutes after 3:30 1 or 2 people would show up late...for 45 MINUTES!! Yes the boat left about 50 minutes after we were scheduled to be back. I thought boats left people! The only highlight to the experience was that about half the balconies on this side of the ship had people shouting down to the stragglers, whistling and clapping and booing (OK I was the booer). It must have been very embarrassing for those people but I cannot find any sympathy (more on that on Day 5). This night we attended the Ice Dancing and Love & Marriage shows which were awesome! I had read about the Ice Dancing and was not disappointed. It is a must-do. Being a novice I was curious how the L&M participants were chosen (I thought you had to sign up) but they are chosen from the audience. We also ate at the dining room on this night, which was the last time for us. Nothing against it. Our servers and the food was good. It was just faster/easier to eat at the Windjammer. Day 5--Thanksgiving We woke to the Captain's announcement that we were arriving to the port late due to headwinds and LATE ARRIVALS the day before so that meant possible less time at port. Also, tender tickets were available from 8-10:30a. To avoid the mad rush we lined up at 9:30a, waited a bit only to be told that tickets ran out and that we would have to wait until the Open Tender Call at around 12:30p. SERIOUSLY?! People with RCI excursions were allowed to get off without tender tickets, but if you had a non-RCI excursion you were out of luck. Luckily we didn't have any plans so we just ate and waited. Finally the call came at noon. The tender was comfortable (they have 2 levels and hold 300 pp) and it was a 15 min ride to shore. There were many taxi vans taking people to the various beaches so we took one for $5 to the Public Beach. I would not recommend this beach. It was very crowded. I've since read that Royal Palms Beach is the best. We went left of the beach instead of right (which looked more crowded) and found 2 lounge chairs and an umbrella so we set up camp in a less crowded area. About 15 mins later an older woman showed up and said there was a fee to sit in her chairs. We were skeptical at first but decided to pay. It was $10 for the umbrella and $5 per chair. It turns out she was sitting nearby so I guess she was monitoring her section of chairs. In the end it was worth it and the one time I didn't haggle. There were many rentals within an arms reach like jet-skis ($50), banana boat, climbing floats, and a floating trampoline. When leaving the lady actually helped us get a taxi van but there were plenty waiting to take people back to the port. Back at the pier there was plenty of shopping but only one place to buy alcohol (I don't drink but I was thinking of buying a souvenir). I felt very comfortable using my debit card in the shops, as I had only used cash before. There were very long lines waiting to get back to the various ships at port so be prepared. Also something to note, at Cozumel and George Town, the areas near the piers were gated off from the town. You had to show your SeaPass to come back to the port/shopping area. I guess this protects the passengers from possible criminal activity and the ships as well. On this night we did the Quest event which was the 2nd highlight to the trip. It's an adult (yes, ADULT) scavenger hunt type game. I don't want to give any spoilers, just trust me and GO. Day 6 This was a day at sea so I used this day to take photos of the ship that I didn't have already. It's also a good time to visit the Next Cruise office (need an appointment). I also picked up my official RCI photos. These were ridiculously expensive...$400+ for the grand package, so I just bought 2 photos for $20 each. There were deals in the shops (I purchased 2 watch/necklace/earring sets for $20 each). They called it "Black Friday" but I read that they already offered these deals on the last day. This day also featured the Belly Flop Contest at the pool which was fun. That evening the customs document and 3 luggage tags were left on our bed. Your luggage must be placed outside your cabin door by 11p so we packed instead of going to see the "adult comedian." Day 7 Our luggage tag indicated that we were a part of group 30 so we were scheduled to meet in the Metropolis Room on the 4th deck by 9:30a. After breakfast (which wasn't scaled back just because it was the last day), we arrived at 9:10a and were called at 9:20a. We showed our SeaPass card for the final time getting off the ship and were led back into the Port Everglades building to find our luggage. I had read that this could be unorganized but it wasn't that bad. There were clear numbers posted along the walls for the groups of luggage and #30 initially was not hard to find. The only problem is, only 1 of our bags was there, but I asked a porter and he showed us to where another #30 was posted, which had our other bag. Yes, that was odd. After that, you get in line for Customs, you show your Passport and you head out, which took about 15 mins in total. We found a taxi van that was heading to FLL airport and we paid $11pp. I'd say we got there at around 10:30a. Since our flight wasn't until 8:30p that night we had already reserved a rental car with Advantage for $33 so we picked it up (they're at the airport, not off-site like some of the other companies) and spent the day in South Beach, which was about a 35 min drive. We were thinking of a Ft. Lauderdale excursion but this was better. It was a place to keep our luggage and cheaper than all the excursions they offered. Plus I had never hung out in SoBe before so I got a chance to do it at my own pace, with my own transportation. General Tips -Do the Daily Trivia forms the library provides (about 6 themed trivia questions, Sudoku, and a word search) -Tip your attendant daily-on Day 2 I asked the Guest Services attendant to remove the $12/day tip because I wanted to do my own tipping. We actually are good tippers. We tipped $5/day our cabin attendant (plus a larger bonus at the end), $10/formal dining room server, $2 here and there for the Windjammer servers that took away our plates, and I even gave $5 on the final day to the poor guy that has to stand outside the Windjammer to dispense hand sanitizer. -If you use or know someone that uses a flat iron for hair, bring it to do a quick pressing out of wrinkles in your clothes -Not many do it but remember that food can be taken out of the Windjammer on plates -Lemonade is not available in the Promenade, only iced tea. And for a ship that leaves from the south, I was surprised they didn't offer pre-sweetened tea. -Keep your SeaPass out when returning to the ship. You may have to show it to get back into the port area, then again to go down the pier, and definitely to get onboard the ship. -When entering the ship, be prepared to have your glasses off for the identification scan, and your pockets empty, and your bags ready to be scanned to board again. Think airport except no need to remove your shoes. -Beverages in cups cannot be taken along the pier when heading back to the ship. We saw a few people rushing to finish their drinks. And obviously alcohol bottles purchased must be claimed. They return it to you on the last night. Don't try to smuggle it in your bag because I think the scanner can pick it up. -Fruit is not allowed to go off or go on the ship -I saw a few hats fly overboard so be careful -The washcloths are rough...just saying -My boyfriend insisted that I warn that the pillows are on the flat side. I was perfectly fine with them but it is my girlfriend duty to report this. Tips for Techies -Set up a Google Hangouts account for when free Wi-Fi is available. You can make calls using it without incurring cell phone charges -You do not need to turn off Airplane Mode to use your Wi-Fi but if you do, you will get a nice message from your cell company with a rate for your continued usage -The TV has HDMI ports and the standard A/V port (red/white/yellow) if you'd like to hook up a tablet to watch your own movies or your laptop -Remember to turn on the in-cabin announcement knob on your desk. Only the Captain's announcements can be heard in-room. Other announcements can be heard through speakers throughout the ship. -Google Wallet works on the ship but does not work internationally. We tried to pay for items at various ports and kept getting declined (luckily we had cash and credit cards). It wasn't until we tried to use the ATM at Chankanaab that we received a message that it could not be used overseas. OVERALL, I loved my experience on the Navigator but I admit I have nothing else to compare it to. I will also admit that I am not a picky person and don't set unreasonable expectations just because I'm spending a few dollars. I feel like I received first-class treatment but that's probably because I don't usually go first-class. If you are accustomed to that type of lifestyle and don't like this experience, maybe a luxury line is more your style. Have fun!! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2015
Just back home to Scotland. Ship was excellent as is norm but this time the theatre shows were so poor and amateurish and very little live entertainment at pool.I overheard some staff in windjammer talking about other staff and on the ... Read More
Just back home to Scotland. Ship was excellent as is norm but this time the theatre shows were so poor and amateurish and very little live entertainment at pool.I overheard some staff in windjammer talking about other staff and on the ramps to the tables where i had ti squeeze between them wirh my plate and some of them were miserable looking, again not the usual courtesy you get. The only other thing was the hard selling tactics on the ship from shopping to waiters directly asking us when we were going to order more cocktails!I did find out later from a female waiter at the bar that they are on commission!says it all. apart from that had a wonderful break but royal carribean needs to inform guests why they don't port for whatever reason.we were due first portvif call to Bahamas and by sheer luck I checked messages on stateroom TV where we were informed that it was cancelled.. Later managedvti find out that unsafe for tenders due to high winds but they should have announced this..other guests complained about this too. Read Less
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