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The Cruise was 8 days aboard the Carnival Legend embarking from Tampa with stops in Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and Grand Cayman.  Our stateroom was located far aft on the Rivera Deck (1st deck).  This location was recommended by the ... Read More
The Cruise was 8 days aboard the Carnival Legend embarking from Tampa with stops in Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and Grand Cayman.  Our stateroom was located far aft on the Rivera Deck (1st deck).  This location was recommended by the Carnival booking agent as the low, rearward spot meant less movement in rough seas. We had a window view which was nice but I really would have preferred a balcony. The stateroom actually afforded more space than I expected and was quite comfortable The staff were excellent in all aspects of service, especially Divina and Edward, our assigned servers in the main dining room.  Our 6 year old was amazed that Divina called him by name upon our first encounter. The food quality was very outstanding. The molten chocolate cake served in Truffles is to die for.  All areas of the ship were kept very clean throughout the eight days.  Now on to the shore excursions.  Our 6 year old thoroughly enjoyed the kids club and was always asking to go visit for a few hours. The first stop was Cozumel.  I had low expectations that were greatly exceeded.  Upon leaving the ship, we found our way to the taxi area and were quickly on the way to Playa Corona with plans to stay thee for a bit and then move on to The Money Bar.  We never left Playa Corona.  The snorkeling was pretty good from the shore.  Right at the entrance to the ocean, there was a good sized pool like area our little one played in throughout the day.  The waiters don't speak much English and I don't speak much Spanish but we made it through ok. The service was great. With a 20% off coupon my wife brought along, we were out about $35.00 for the day which included a few beers, cokes, juice for the kido, and an order of Nachos which were quite delicious.  Including taxi fares, food and drink, as well as a massage, we were out about $70 for the day.  Quite a deal.  I really wanted to go to Chankannab park but with 3 other ships in port that day, I figured it would be way too crowded.  We got to snorkel the southern part of the park from Playa Corona. All in all a great day in beautiful Mexico. The next stop was Belize and I had great expectations.  We booked the reef snorkel and beach break excursion through Carnival.  I wish there had been more options as we didn't feel comfortable going about on our own.  The weather had not been too good in the days leading up to our arrival so visibility at the reef was minimal at best. I'm a little disappointed the tour operator allowed so many inexperienced folks in the water in those conditions. Many folks came back with minor scrapes, no big deal for them.  My concern is with the amount of damage that might have been done to the reef.  After snorkeling, we headed to Bannister Island and it was so so. The swimming area was alright and there were an adequate amount of chairs.  Looking for shells was fun.  I'd like to return to the barrier reef to see what it looks like in decent visibility. The shopping on shore was not for us. There were a lot of t-shirt shops and knock off goods to be found.  We enjoyed the Belekin shop the most. On to Roatan! For Roatan, I had arranged for a taxi driver for the day through Juan Carlos at Islander Tours. A few days prior to our departure, Juan Carlos e-mailed me to say that he would not be our driver and would pair us instead with Charlie. I was a little disappointed but trusted Juan Carlos based upon the sterling reviews I had read regarding his company. Juan Carlos greeted us at the port and introduced us to Charlie. I had told Juan Carlos we wanted to snorkel and he arranged a one hour excursion that was included in our price for the day.  Charlie got us over to Half-moon bay in about 20 minutes and got us introduced to captain Marvin. We were in a small fishing boat that was just big enough to accommodate captain Marvin, his assistant, and us 3.  It took about 10-12 minutes to get to the spot which I have to say was absolutely incredible. The reef never ended!  Captain Marvin guided us through the seascape and about 20 minutes into the excursion, my little one had had enough.  Captain Marvin's assistant brought the boat over to our location and took the little one on board. My wife and I continued on with The Captain until we couldn't swim any longer. Charlie was there to greet us once we returned to shore and it was off to the West End. We chose to start out on the free beach at the West End and decided we'd see how that went with the thought of going to one of the nearby resorts and paying the fee for use of their facilities if necessary. We never left the free beach area. The snorkeling from shore was great, the water calm, and the beach itself was magnificent. We stayed for about two hours and then met up with Charlie yet again. We asked Charlie to take us back to port as we wanted time to look through the shops etc. Charlie was very accommodating and stopped several times to snap pictures of us and even stopped in the middle of town to buy a coconut drink my wife saw a street vendor selling.  Less than $200 bucks for the day.  If I can find a way, I'm moving to Roatan. Last stop, Grand Cayman.  Having visited the Cayman's several times in past years, we knew exactly where we wanted to visit.  First up was Cemetary Beach via a rental car from Cayman Auto Rentals.  Their office location is within easy walking distance from the tender drop off point.  It took about 40 minutes from leaving our stateroom to hitting the road. Century beach was beautiful as usual. We stayed for about 3 hours then hit the rum cake store next to the turtle farm. After that, back to Georgetown to return the car and get some shopping in. If visiting the Cayman's for the first time, I highly recommend taking Stingray City excursion for a once in a lifetime experience.   This was one of the best vacation experiences I have had to date. In fact, we've already booked a retun for later this Fall and I cannot wait. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
If you like lots of activities and noise, this is the cruise for you. But if you are looking for a quiet place to read in comfort, forget it! This is my third Legend cruise out of Tampa to the same Western Caribbean ports. I knew what I ... Read More
If you like lots of activities and noise, this is the cruise for you. But if you are looking for a quiet place to read in comfort, forget it! This is my third Legend cruise out of Tampa to the same Western Caribbean ports. I knew what I was getting into before I booked. But the sale prices lured me and I forgot why I travel on Princess and Holland America lines. First of all a comfortable chair was not to be found on board. And the beds are hard and impossible to sit on for more than 20 minutes. In fact we bring foam waffle bed pads from home, so we can sleep at night. I realize that most younger folks are out enjoying the activities and the ships pool and/or bars. But I have been there and done that, this was my 40th cruise on many cruise lines. The main reason I return to this cruise is the itinerary. I love the ports and took two excursions, which were perfect: Passion Island in Cozumel and in Belize a catamaran to the reef and then a beach break on Bannister Island. The rum punch flowed freely on both excursions and the snorkel stop in Belize was great. I also like the Playa Mia beach break with lunch, which I did the last two cruises on the Legend. My next major issue was the noise level on this ship. Waiting to go into the dining room, the noise of fellow passengers conversations along with the entertainment was just too much. The stage shows also blast you out of your seat. I left the cocktail party for returning Carnival guests, as I could not take the noise. I know this sounds like I am little ole lady, but my Dad is 90 years old and very aware of the noise issue. And he wears a hearing aid! Enough said. It is a good 7 day getaway with great ports of call. Food is OK but steaks are tough. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
On the 17th of July 2011 we sailed out of Tampa on Carnival with the 7 day exotic Western Caribbean cruise ahead of us. Having sailed this exact cruise last year we thought it would be even better, as we knew what all was entailed this ... Read More
On the 17th of July 2011 we sailed out of Tampa on Carnival with the 7 day exotic Western Caribbean cruise ahead of us. Having sailed this exact cruise last year we thought it would be even better, as we knew what all was entailed this time. We have 2 girls ages 11 and 15 and they are experienced cruisers. This was the 6th time for them both. The Ship: The Legend is holding up well but the room stewards service, the food and the entertainment is falling off dramatically. The steward seemed to care for the girls room slightly better than ours. The "make up" came later each day, the toiletries were not refilled, we once we even had to wait, out of our room, for him to finish.. late in PM. The beach towels were not replaced as we had left some at the pool and the insinuation was, we packed them away, and no more for you! All the tips going right on your sail and sign card (or sea-pass) has the stewards assured, regardless of service, they are tipped well. $70 per cruiser. The food was not as tasty and some corners are being cut. The 24 hr pizza cheese is like latex and milk.. Definitely different. The portions are smaller, and in the Truffles Dining Room the fried zucchini is on every plate to "lift up" the smaller portions.. The dining staff, we found a little better, and seemed to tolerate your presence better, but still a few are not too friendly. The Entertainment was by far my biggest let down.. The bingo was a nightmare she called numbers that were not drawn and when someone won... they did not check out. The Bingo Lady said to a gentlemen seated in the Follies.. Come see for yourself what was pulled.. And then , like, too bad folks, it is game over.. Having already taken $25 a head for 30 minutes. The "come up and see if you can sing" has replaced most all the shows.. It is like Rep night in Spain for Brits.. You are now being entertained by the guests. A much cheaper route for Carnival I imagine and one I hope is quickly discontinued. Karaoke ad' nauseum .. And even when we thought a nice goodbye show was in store... 10 guests were singing.. if you can call it that. Not everyone likes "American Idol" folks, especially on a $1000 per head cruise in the middle of primetime summer dates. Cozumel is nice and orderly, Grand Cayman has all the money and does not need yours, Beize, you better have a tour booked and ½ price on-line away form Carnival, and Roatan is where Cranival is still choking out the locals... so go inland and spend some money. It is the best port. My biggest beef was the port times.. Say "in Roatan until 3pm" on the itinerary ..well that means back at the ship at 2 pm as we are sailing at 3 pm. Unlike last year, when the times we accurate and longer in port. The quicker we get you back, the more overpriced drinks we can sell you. You are preparing to leave the island at 1pm? Give me a break guys.. Loading at 2 and sailing at 3pm?? Do the long lines for the last tender or at the pier give Carnival a clue that it is too early to leave an island you have sailed for days to get too?? Overall, I would say the cruise line is still somewhat value for money but I noticed enough this time to give them a break (for the next few summers at least) and ask a lot more questions of Carnival before booking next time with them. The ship was sailing full and the prices much higher than in 2010 so I at a loss to explain the corners being cut.. profits I guess. Another ship to build. The credit card application and free $50 is a scam, never got the $50 bucks off this cruise as promised.. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
On July 17, my wife and I flew into Tampa via Southwest for our second Carnival cruise (third overall). As soon as we came down the escalator, we could see Carnival representatives ready to direct us to our bus. We made it to the terminal ... Read More
On July 17, my wife and I flew into Tampa via Southwest for our second Carnival cruise (third overall). As soon as we came down the escalator, we could see Carnival representatives ready to direct us to our bus. We made it to the terminal about 2:00, and we were happy that the lines were not long. We were on the ship in about thirty minutes. The dEcor is a little gaudy and dark, but well done and still colorful. By the end of the cruise though, I didn't care for it as much as when I got on. Also, a lot of artwork with topless ladies was here and there, which some people may not feel is appropriate. The layout of the ship for the most part was really easy to figure out. It was nice to be able to walk from one end of the ship to the other without changing floors like on some of the other Carnival ships. The Enchanted Forest area seemed like a waist of space, as it was just a hallway for kids to go through to get to the arcade. The jazz club and sports bar also seemed like they were never used. The floors here and there seemed to go up and down with metal strips on the ground here and there, so watch your step. And the whole time, the ship seemed to vibrate, even in port (Conquest didn't vibrate much at all). Serenity (the adult area), looked really nice for those who got there early (there was never an empty chair). Our cabin was a standard balcony room, which was enough for the two of us. My wife didn't care for the paintings on the wall, but I didn't mind. Some tips for your cabin would be to bring a six plug (the room has only one outlet), and bring your own shampoo (it took four squirts for a balding man). Our cabin steward was very nice and always just a phone call away. While our room was right next to the elevator, we almost never heard any noise from the hallway. We could hear our neighbors moving their balcony chairs around every now and then. Overall, very happy with our cabin. The dining room was really nice, but nowhere near as nice as our waitress (Elena)! If you are a nice friendly group and would like a waitress who is just as friendly, ask for her! We had early dining, as it better fit our normal meal time, and made it easier to plan our evening. The food was very well prepared with fresh ingredients. I didn't always like what I ate, but I could tell it was made with quality. We didn't eat at the steak house, as $30/pp is hard for us to justify when the two of us could both have a really good steak dinner for $40 in our home town, and if you want steak, you can get it in the main dining room any night. Overall, we were very happy with our dining experience. For our time on ship, we felt there could be more activities, as we boar easy. Maybe it was just geared towards younger or older people. The hairy man contest lacked hair (LOL) but was fun with the mixology contest (get a seat early). At night our choices were Liz in the Piano Bar (good for one night), or the comedy club. The comedians were really good, but again, get there early. Also, they had to repeat their performance their second night. The lounge was also standing room only for the adult comedy show. They really should move the comedy thing to the main theater and the Las Vegas style shows to the Firebird lounge, as those shows were always half empty. We watched the karaoke with the live band, but our ears were bleeding from the bad singing, so we left. One of the wait staff (didn't get his name) was great. He remembered what I had the first night, and checked with me as soon as I came in every time after that. In the future, we would like to see maybe a real play or a magician in the main theater. The marriage show was fun, and we think it should stay as is. Our first stop was Cozumel, where we did the helmet dive booked though Carnival. It was money well spent! The divers made sure we all got to touch and see up close local sea life. This is a tour that almost anybody can do. There was even a lady in our group who couldn't swim, and she loved it. Make sure to bring extra money for the video, as it is worth it! Our second stop was Belize, and we did the Xunantunich tour through Carnival. This is another trip I would highly recommend. While the trip was long, our city tour guide was very knowledgeable, and the trip went really quick. Sad to see the way they live there, and makes you grateful for what we have here in the states. Our other tour guide was very informative as well. Be prepared for climbing lots of stairs in the heat, but the view from the top of the main temple is un-Belize-able! After the ruins, we stopped in an outdoor (but covered) restaurant and the food (included in price) was really good. In Rotan, we just did the beach thing. After getting off the boat, you just head through the shops, and then turn right. It's about a fifteen minute walk to the beach, and it's free. While it was crowded, it was still a very relaxing day, went back to the ship for lunch, then some shopping. Our fourth stop was Grand Cayman, and as my wife had to do school work, I went it alone. So I walked up the coast to Eden Rock and went swimming. You can rent snorkel or scuba gear there, and rent a locker as well. Very pretty underwater. Debarkation was pretty slow to start with, and we wish we could have stayed in our room until our group was called, but once we were off the ship it went really smooth. Overall, we were very happy with our cruise, but not as happy as we were with the Conquest. With some improvements to the entertainment, and given more things to do, I think it would be worth while to go again. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
I will try to keep this as brief as possible without leaving out any important info I think you may find helpful. I've organized the review into sections: embarkation, sea days, onboard activities, entertainment, children's ... Read More
I will try to keep this as brief as possible without leaving out any important info I think you may find helpful. I've organized the review into sections: embarkation, sea days, onboard activities, entertainment, children's activities, dining, debarkation, general/miscellaneous, and ports. Embarkation: Very easy. We stayed in Tampa at the Hyatt Westshore the night before and took a cab to the port around 11:30. Upon arrival at the port, we went through security, which only took about 10 minutes. They opened our small carryon and checked our bottles of water but we also had water in two other bags that they didn't check. I guess it's random. We stood in line about 15 minutes to check in and from there went straight onboard the ship. Lido deck buffet was really crowded (as expected) but we were patient and managed to find a table and had a nice lunch. It is a little overwhelming at first because there are so many people and you don't know where anything is. The buffet is separated into different stations so you have to figure out which station you want to be at. But after the first day, it becomes easy to find what you want. We went to our room at 1:30 and it was ready. All 4 of our checked bags arrived by 3:00. Sea days: We spent the first night onboard exploring the ship and checked out a couple activities. We registered the kids for Camp Carnival and went to the family dance party. It was really fun, not too crowded. The first full day at sea was very relaxing. We mostly hung out at the pool and the water slide, which the kids liked (but didn't love- more on that later). DH and I spent a little time in the casino. It was never too crowded at any time we were there. The last day at sea seemed much more crowded. The pools were so crowded you could hardly move. Thankfully we're only at sea a couple days so we just made the best of it. We were able to play mini golf without any wait at all. But we never could get a ping pong table. Onboard Activities: There were activities scheduled throughout each day but honestly this is one area I think Carnival could improve upon. Many of the scheduled activities were art related or bingo related; neither of which are my cup of tea. But we went to a few onboard dance parties and they were fun. Medusa's Lair (the dance club) never seemed very crowded at all and the dance floor was usually empty for some reason. I would have liked to have seen more things like wine tasting, margarita sampling, etc.... like they have on NCL. There were a few times when I found myself looking for something to do. So I just ended up relaxing, which isn't a bad thing. One place I tried to check out a couple times was the Serenity area. It was always packed. I don't know you could get a seat there, let alone a clamshell or a hammock. I guess you have to get there really early in the morning and claim your space. Entertainment: Overall, it was pretty good. We saw 3 of the 4 stand up comedians. Of the three we saw, two were really funny and the other was ok. We really liked the juggling show from Edge. It kept the attention of the adults and the kids. One show my DH and I didn't like was The Big Easy. It was just too outdated and "lounge-act" for me. The first half was actually pretty torturous but the second half got better. I still wouldn't recommend it. But.... I have to say there were people around us who really seemed to be enjoying it alot. I suppose it's really just a matter of what you like. I thought most of the bar and casino singers were pretty bad. But it didn't ruin my enjoyment so I just sang along with them. Chilren's activities: My daughters looooooved Camp Carnival. This was their first cruise and our first with kids along so I really didn't know what to expect. I was very pleased with the variety of programs and also felt very safe leaving them with the camp counselors. I'm kind of a worry-wart but I felt comfortable and didn't worry about them while they were at camp. They had different activities scheduled every 30-60 minutes and enough variety to keep the kids entertained. My daughters wanted to spend most of their time there and didn't want to leave when we picked them up (hopefully that's more of a reflection on how much fun Camp Carnival was rather than a reflection of how much fun I'm not :-) Dining: My expectations were not very high. On my previous Carnival cruise, on the Sensation, I didn't really like the food too much. But this time, the food really exceeded my expectations. I had read so many reviews saying the food was just average. But I have to disagree. I thought the MDR was good every night. I enjoyed most everything I had and service was really good each night. There was a great variety of items, differing each night. It was great to be able to try things I wouldn't normally order in a restaurant. We also traveled with another family of 4 and they all agreed that the food was really good. The warm chocolate melting cake really is as good as everyone says it is. We only at in the buffet area on Lido a couple times for lunch but it was also fine. I'm not a fan of buffets in general but the variety was good and the food was fresh so I was pleased. Room service was a little disappointing. We ordered breakfast twice and both times they left items off of our order. Not a big deal but it's an area they could improve upon. Bar selection was good as expected. I stick to things I like, which are usually fruity, daquiri style drinks. I really enjoyed the Miami Vice, which is half strawberry daquiry and half pina colada. Very yummy! Debarkation: We had a 12:15 flight so we got early tags from guest services which gave us a "3" for general debarkation. At 8:30 we left our room and went to deck 3 (it was crowded everywhere so we just say in a corridor near the elevators) until our number was called to leave. We waited about 45 minutes for our number to be called and from there we were outside with our luggage in about 10 minutes. It's a pretty impressive process considering the number of people they have to get off and then back on the ship within a few hours. General/Miscellaneous: Overall, we had a great time and I'd do it again without hesitation. I would (and have) recommend it to friends and family. The ship is good size (not too big, not too small). Our room was really roomy. We had a queen size bed and the girls had bunk beds. There was enough room storage for all of our belongings in cabinets and drawers. The staff was generally very friendly. You always encounter a couple people who don't really seem to want to be there but most of the crew were welcoming and friendly. Ports: We booked all of our excursions privately and I'm so glad we did. I researched alot and I think I chose wisely. We enjoyed all of the excursions we booked. Cozumel: We took a taxi to Paradise Beach. We paid $14 pp for the use of a beach chair and the water activities. It was money well spent. The service at this resort is wonderful. From the minute we arrived, our waiter and waitress were ready to help with anything we needed. The resort is clean and well maintained. The pool toys were fun but I have to admit the water was a little deeper than I thought it would be for the toys. I would estimate the water was about 15 feet in the area with the trampoline, climing wall, and slide. Since it was so deep, we had the girls wear life vests which were provided free at the resort. We also used the pool area, which is really beautiful. There grounds are landscaped beautifully. We also had lunch and it was very good. I highly recommend the guacamole! The only negative is the sunburn we all got. I guess we underestimated just how strong the sun was. Belize: we went cave tubing with cavetubing.bz. It was a great experience. The cave area was really spectacular with beautiful formations. The walk to the tubing entrance was a little longer than expected (it was about an hour walk) but our guide informed us along the way of the various types of trees and foliage we were seeing. It would have been nice to have some water along the trail. He even let us try a little termite snack. I gave a polite 'no thank-you' but my DH and DD's gave it a try and they didn't hate it. I can't say enough about how great our guides were. They really took great care to see that we had a good time. We had Axel and Leo and they were especially helpful with our kids. In our group, the kids ages were 5, 7, 8, and 9. They kept them at the front of the group in the water and watched after them. After tubing we had lunch at the cavetubing.bz office and it was really good. The rum punch was especially good- strong but good. We had 10 people in our group with 2 guides. That's a great ratio and allowed us to feel a personal experience. Roatan: We went cave tubing with clip-n-zip. This was the best family activity I think we've ever done. I was nervous about it before the trip because sometimes I get a little scared of heights. But once I was there, it wasn't scary at all. It was just really fun. It rained during our zip but that actually made it extra fun. There were 10 people in our group and we had 4 guides. Again, they were great with our kids. The 5 and 7 year old zipped with a guide. I felt like they were in good, safe hands and I wasn't worried about their safety. There was a total of 13 zips and they were all really fun. I would encourage anyone to try it. Grand Cayman: We booked a snorkeling and stingray city tour with Moby Dick tours. I really loved this day. Grand Cayman is a beautiful island and the water is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Snorking was great, over a reef with lots of fish and an eel. Interacting with the stingrays was amazing. They felt like wet mushrooms! They were friendly and seemed to enjoy the interaction with humans, especially if you gave them a squid. The sandbar was not crowded so each person had time with the rays. On the way back inland one of the guides jumped in the water and brought out 2 large starfish for us to check out. It was an extra cool thing to see. Moby Dick is really first rate with their quality. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
We had a wonderful time,but as first time cruisers we were a little frustrated about several things. First, let me start off with the positives. THE STAFF ARE AMAZING!! They were always working, cleaning, setting up etc. For those who ... Read More
We had a wonderful time,but as first time cruisers we were a little frustrated about several things. First, let me start off with the positives. THE STAFF ARE AMAZING!! They were always working, cleaning, setting up etc. For those who wrote negative comments about the staff,, did you talk to them? They work on the ship 24/7 for up to 6-9 months with no time off. They work about 16 hours a day. When you get on the ship in the afternoon they have just finished cleaning from the cruise that came into port that morning. Please give them some credit, they were wonderful and friendly. Always saying hello, good morning etc... As for the staff that walk by and ask if you would like something from the bar? They are just doing their job and a simple no thank you works. We didn't think that they were too pushy at all. As for the price of the drinks, again, they were not as bad as we thought they would be. About the same that you would pay in a chain restaurant. The room. We had a family suite with an unobstructed balcony view of the ocean. Beautiful to look out on, when the ship isn't in rough water, which ours was for the first 3 days. It was small but spacious enough and the cleaned 2 times a day. The food. Although they say that food is out 24hours a day, it doesn't not mean all types of food. On our ship the pizza and ice cream were available 24 hours a day. The food was plentiful and although is wasn't the best I have ever eaten it also wasn't the worst. I am a little particular because I am a good cook. Having said this my husband and I gained 9 and 6 pounds respectively. Take the time to eat in the restaurant(not the one you pay for,we didn't so I cant comment on that one)The wait staff is friendly and take the time to get to know some things about you. Ask for seconds if you want and you can order things not on the menu. They will also make some changes to the meal if you request. Also if you want a soda card you can only buy it for the week. You can not buy it for just one day. We were upset about this, as you spend for days off the ship I felt that it was too much to spend for only the 2 days that the kids wanted soda, and they agreed. I think that the option should be given to purchase a weekly or daily card. I know these cruises need to make money, but really? Now for the frustrating things about the cruise. Everything is scheduled. We spend so much of our lives working with schedules, that when we vacation we want to do things when we want to. All shows are scheduled and all in the eve. or at night(we were too tired after being on excursions all day) Having them in the early eve. would have been better. The cruise director spoke broken English and it was hard to understand him. He had difficulty with translating some thoughts. Also he wasn't very enthusiastic and didn't seem to get people really interested in some of the group activities. The excursions. I booked all of our excursions on my own and I was thankful that I did. However, when you book them on your own, you get punished by having to wait until the people who booked excursions through the cruise go first. This is for the ports that you get tendered into. Another surprise. The ports of Belize and Grand Cayman, do not have ports therefore you anchor at sea and then take a boat into port. For Belize this is a 20-30 minute ride and for Caymans about 10-15. This takes time away for the time you have on the islands. While waiting to get off the ship, plan on doing just that, waiting. We spent about 10-45 minutes just waiting in line to get off the ship. We had 2 teenagers with us and the were getting antsy, I felt bad for families with small children. I don't know how they could improve this, but there must be a better way, or at least announce why we are waiting and the hold up. The hall you wait in is not air conditioned and it gets quite stuffy as well. As I said I booked our excursions separately and was grateful. We went on private excursions that cost not much more, and sometimes less then what the cruise was charging. The difference, small private, individualized excursions for just our family. We never felt like we were being rushed or herded along like cattle. In stingray city we got to hold the stingrays. I over heard people on other excursions say that because there were so many people that they were not allowed to hold them,, just the guides and then they could touch them. I felt bad for them , because what an amazing experience that was for my step-son and step-daughter. Overall, we had a wonderful time, but probably will not cruise again. We like our small island no schedule experience.Cruising is not for us, but if you see Kaman or Joel please let them know what a great job they are doing. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
THE SURPRISING CARNIVAL LEGEND! Our first (and, we thought, our last) cruise with Carnival was aboard the Inspiration 3 years ago, and it was a disaster, between bad food, terrible service, and a crew that could care less about the ... Read More
THE SURPRISING CARNIVAL LEGEND! Our first (and, we thought, our last) cruise with Carnival was aboard the Inspiration 3 years ago, and it was a disaster, between bad food, terrible service, and a crew that could care less about the passengers. The Legend, however, was a pleasant surprise...This was our 7th cruise with various lines, so I think we've been exposed to most levels of service. DAY 1-40 minutes after dealing with an amazingly rude traffic cop, we were on board, feeling welcomed and appreciated. We quickly tried the sushi and pizza and they were both good. Supper was restaurant quality with friendly wait staff. Bon Voyage bottles were delivered as promised. Good Start. DAY 2-at Sea. Tried the omelet bar and was very happy. Fresh ingredients under a trained hand made it worth the short wait. It was overcast with light rain due to a tropical system, so a great day to explore the ship. Not a lot of shops, casino was large enough to accommodate with smoking and non-smoking sections. Good idea. Went to the "Jazz Review" show. An extra hour's sleep would have been a better option. DAY 3-Cozumel. This was our third time there, so we opted for Nachi Cocom Beach. Free alcohol and a great lunch. 'Nuff said. We had supper at the Lido buffet and it was ordinary, at best. DAY 4-Belize. Went to the Xunantuinich Mayan ruins, booked through Carnival due to the length of the tour and the desire to get back on board ship in a timely manner. Our guides, Ken and Jake were fun, knowledgeable and friendly. There is a long bus ride which gives you a look at life outside the city, which isn't pretty. DAY 5-Roatan- We used Victor Bodden tours due to popular demand. Excellent people to work with. Our guide, Larson, knew all there is to know about the island and its history. The only "bad" stop was the butterfly garden. The island is beautiful! DAY 6-Grand Cayman. What used to be a shopper's paradise has now become expensive and haughty. What a shame! The best deal is Tortuga Liquors. At $10 for Captain Morgan and others, it's a steal, but stay away from Tequila and be careful of other pricing. Some is great, some is a rip-off. DAY 7-At Sea. A nice relaxing day, but a sad one, as we had to bid farewell to our servers, Jose and Lovelie. They were awesome. At times it seemed you only had to think of something and they were either suggesting it or already bringing it to you. Their personalities were genuine, their service superb. A "tip of the hat" to Justino, our steward, who always made sure the ice bucket was full and we were happy with his services. We certainly were. In summary, with all the talk about Carnival being the "budget" cruise line (with food and service to match), the Legend stands out as a great value. Admittedly, the entertainment is mediocre at best, the Lido buffet is ordinary, but the Truffles dining room for ANY meal is very good, the staff is friendly and attentive, and you get the impression they want you to come back. Holland America without the price tag? Not exactly, but a good experience none the less. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
First cruise ever, and what a time. Everything surpassed my expectations, from the room,the overall decor, food, dining room,plus the choices and times you could eat. Adults only area was great. Saw 3 shows including the finale and all ... Read More
First cruise ever, and what a time. Everything surpassed my expectations, from the room,the overall decor, food, dining room,plus the choices and times you could eat. Adults only area was great. Saw 3 shows including the finale and all were supurb.The staff - one can only choose one word FABULOUS. Will be keeping in touch with some of them. Embarkation process ok and the demarkation process was handled very well. One thing to keep in mind, if you, like me, are not a US citizen, it is important to be at the immigration point ON TIME, the demarkation process for everyone cannot continue until we are done with immigration. Activities, plenty to do, or not to do whatever takes your fancy. Plenty of excursions if you want to take advantage. Shopping is great. Please take advantage of the 2 formal nights, they are wonderful and so great to see people dressed up, like they used to. Overall the ship is fun, courteous, fabulous decor, and I will certainly travel with Carnival again. Only downside is the Premier Parking. Do not park with them. We are lead to believe it is undercover parking, not so, our brand new vehicle from the show room looked like it had been in the mud and dirt for a week, obviously taken off site and parked outside for a week. Have sent an email to these people. Beware of where you park your car. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
This was our 3rd cruise, and 2nd for Carnival. We had a great time, and knew what to expect from Carnival. Dinner is always good, we enjoy the Truffles dining room, we wish the Sushi Bar was open late night, or at other times than the ... Read More
This was our 3rd cruise, and 2nd for Carnival. We had a great time, and knew what to expect from Carnival. Dinner is always good, we enjoy the Truffles dining room, we wish the Sushi Bar was open late night, or at other times than the 6-8:30PM, because that is when we dine! The Comedy shows were good, Mike Panzeca is very funny, the adult shows are much funnier than the PG Versions. Our room steward this time was good, but we were so spoiled by Ramon on the last cruise, but we got clean towels, our nightly Fun Stuff brochure, and a room towel animal. The pools were crowded, and their are a lot of kids that parents "cut loose", but the splashing is ok,and you now have an option to have an adult only area to sun bathe, and chill called SERENITY. It is on the aft side of the boat and it looked nice, we did not spend much time there, as we stayed near our lido deck pool. I wish Carnival would handle the boat tenders a little better, they kinda give those of us that book independent tours the shaft. You have to go do to Follies lounge in the early AM and get a number to get on the tender boats, and one day you get the letter I (grouped in with everyone) and the next day you get a number to get on the tender boats to get to shore. They need to keep the numbering system in place, so folks can get on tenders early to catch early tours! They need more outlets, only one 110 V outlet is not going to cut it! The food is always ready to go when you are, the service is always good for drinks, the shows are entertaining, the casino is fun, the ship was very nice and maintained, all in all we really enjoyed the legend and all she had to offer! Day 1 Port- Cozumel, Mexico We booked our Dolphins Experience Excursion with tour operator Cozumel Tours with Johann & Sandy. We saved a bundle, and we got entrance to Chankaab park, the Dolphin swim, and all the park amenities for $64 per person. carnival charges $120, and others over $100 for the same deal, we were in the same group as those bookings! The Experience is great, lots of fun with the Dolphins, I suggest to take extra funds and buy their pictures, they are better, you can only take underwater cameras to the Lagoon, and you are too busy having fun with the Dolphins to take lots of photos. they do charge $30 per person for the 25 plus photos they will take of you. The Beach at Chankanaab is great, they have free life vests for snorkeling on the beach shores with a valid ID fr deposit. They have great tiki huts set up for Lunch and drinks. It costs $11 for a cab from the port to the park, share the ride with others, as 70% of the cabs are 8 person vans. The port is nice and has the best booze duty free of all 4 ports, plus their must be 50 plus shops to buy merchandise from in the port are alone! BTW, all of the ports have "Pharmacia" stores that sell just about any US prescription based drugs OTC. You can buy Vicodin to Lasix for 75% off the US priced drugs! Interesting to us! All in all Chankanaab Park was great, Cozumel downtown wad a little disappointing, but we highly recommend doing the dolphins here! This was excursion #2 for us and we booked with Hammerhead tours online thru Belize Excursions. We booked the Bannister Island excursion with Manatee watch, and snorkeling stop. The Boat, Carnival legend docks miles from the shore, so be ready for a long and wet tender ride to Belize City shore! We met the tour operator right at the Belikin beer hut next to the port, so that was easy, and the "knockoff Shopping" here was FANTASTIC. You can buy Tory Burch, Gucci, Ray bans, Vitton, and any top flight brand direct from stores at the port, for 15% of the retail US Prices. Our tour to Bannister Island was beautiful, again a lengthy boat ride to the island from port, 20 minutes, but the ISLAND is beautiful, and well worth it. The water is Azure blue, but the reef bottom is very rocky and has tons of broken shells, so wear water shoes here! The snorkeling was great, the water was rough from the winds, but the reef and location were great. The crew was great, you get fresh pineapple, watermelon, and bags of water for the snorkeling. All in all I rate the crew from Hammerhead very well, Mr Bigg, Patch, and Captain Roy were fun and eager to please! If you are in a hurry to eat, don't pick Belize port, as the Wet lizard, and Mamasistas are great places to watch beachgoers, get a drink, but food takes forever! Day 3 Excursion Stop- Isla Roatan, Honduras We booked online with Theris Dixon, and she was the best value of the whole trip! Cruise Critic tested and proven, her tour was the best value of the trip. You dock in Mahogany bay in Roatan, which is 100% owned by Carnival, and all the shops too! Anyway, the independent operators are shoved back over the hill, quite a long walk from the port, and made to wait outside the entrance to Mahogany bay entrance. Once we found Dixon Tours over the hill, we met Carla and Theris, and were on our way. Carla, took us everywhere we wanted to go, and she knew right were to go, and how to get us to the great spots, locations, and attractions. We went to Half Moon Bay and snorkeled in the calm clear waters of Roatan. We took a lunch break and had Conch Fritters, Lobster tails, and more on great lunch spot on half moon bay. We visited the Roatan monkey farm and had a blast holding moneys, taking unlimited photos, and feeding peanuts to the Limers, monkeys, pelicans, deer, parrots, and more. it costs $8 to get in, well worth it! She then took us to the top of Roatan, where we could see the North shore, and much of the island. We then went to West Bay beaches, best beach stop of the whole trip. We got in the azure water and layed out, all with her ready to take us to the next stop when ever we wanted to go! Then to Coxen Hole, North Shore, and all places Roatan. Carla gave and took us to many insider tips and locations all for $25 per person! WOW, if you go to Roatan, you must book Theris Dixon tours! Day 4 Excursion- Grand cayman Islands We booked with Moby Dick tours for Stingray City and snorkeling. Mark and his crew are great, they made the whole excursion worth while! They take you on a private bus to the marine, out to the Barrier reef to snorkel, and then over to Stingray city to have fun with 100 plus Stingrays. Moby Dick is always asking you and making sure you have a good time, and there was no rush, no paid for photos, only a great crew that would bring you a Stingray to hold, kiss, feed! The trip is nearly all day but so worth it! Book moby Dick tours, if you want to snorkel or see the Stingrays! Mark, the Captain and owner of moby Dicks gave us a lunch reco for a place at Port in Grand Caymans called Raccums. it has the best fish n Chips this side of the Atlantic Ocean. We got a 10% off discount for using moby Dicks, and then we went shopping in the port stores. Warning to those who will shop this shopping rich port,leave your self some time, the stores are very spread out in a mile area, so the Watler Terminal is great, but place like the Guy Harvey store are all the way in the South Termibal stores a good half mile away! Grand Caymans is lush and very resort driven over the other three ports, you will feel more in West Palm than in Roatan here! Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
Sailed out of Tampa on June 5th 2011. This was the 1st cruise for myself, DW and adult children DS and DD. We wanted one last "hoorah" if you will before our kids had families of their own and it could just be the 4 of us. We ... Read More
Sailed out of Tampa on June 5th 2011. This was the 1st cruise for myself, DW and adult children DS and DD. We wanted one last "hoorah" if you will before our kids had families of their own and it could just be the 4 of us. We could not have picked a better ship or itenerary. Embarkation was smooth and hassle free. We got to the ship around noon and were in line for the buffet on Lido by 1pm. Went to the room around 1:45 and it was ready and appointed nice enough. We had 4 adults in the room and it got a little croweded when we were all trying to get cleaned up for dinner but otherwise was like in any hotel room. Enough space to get by. We had an extended balcony and loved it what little time we were out there. I think we all would have been claustraphobic with an interior room. The balcony did give us the feeling of a larger room and we even moved a table out there to give us more walking space in the cabin. No issues with neighbors at all. Could smell smoke once in awhile on the balcony but never bad enough that it drove us inside. Our cabin was on the 8 deck just inbetween the aft and mid elevators and right below Lido. During the day we could here running and chairs being dragged but never during the night. Although one morning we slept in a little later than other days and DW could here them putting chairs out for the day. But overall very quiet. Food was good and plentiful. I dont pretend to be a critic or a "foodie" so as long as food was edible and available I and my family were happy. The buffet as I said was good. Nothing really made me say WOW other than some of the desserts, but if you went hungry for lunch it was your fault. MDR was fun and very good. Appetizers were ok. I was so looking for to the strawberry bisque after reading about it on here, but it did not overwhelm me. Once again good but not a WOW. Entrees were very good and consistent. Never had any complaints and our waitress always asked if we would like more and made sure we were happy with our selectiong. Once again the desserts were great. The Warm Melting Chocolate Cake was as good as all the hype as were many other selections. Ate at the Golden Fleece (steak house) and will definetely budget this in again on all future cruises. Loved it! Steak was as good as any I've had before as was the rest of the meal and service. Only did one excursion thru Carnival (Tulum) and the rest booked thru ShoreTrips.com. Enjoyed the Tulum trip very much. Had a great guide in Saul and he was very knowledgable about the Mayans. Said he was part Mayan, but who knows. The ruins and the beach are all breath taking and it was a very interesting drive out to the ruins. The worst part was having to stop at a little mall that is only open to tour buses. Everything looked factory made and cheesy. In Belize did cave tubing with VIV tours. EXCELLENT. A fantastic guide in Thomas. As we drove thru Belize City and the country he was full of knowledge and told us about the good as well as the bad of Belize. A very interesting trip to the jungles and mountains of Belize. I warn you though....Belize has NO SPEED LIMITS and our guide took advantage of it. Cave tubing was nice and relaxing and some very beautiful scenery. We got there before the Carnival bus did and we were there longer after also. Plus we tubed past the point they got out of the river. We had time to eat and do a little shopping there at the park as well. Much better value than Carnival's. Roatan was by far our favorite stop. Absolutely gorgeous island and the people were as nice as could be. We did zip lining with South Shore Tours. There property is located on the West end near West Bay. The view from the ziplines was breathtaking to say the least. We did 13 platforms, nearly 2 miles of lines with the longest over 1000 meters. The guides were more than gracious and patient with DW since she was not trilled we dragged her into this. We then went to West Bay. WOW talk about a nice beach. A lot of locals hawking their goods/services but that is to be expected. Not overly agressive just a lot of them. Snorkled a little while here and the reef here is a nice as the island was. In Grand Cayman we went to Stingray Beach and Snorkel with Tour Cayman. Once again seemed we had more time to spend at the stops than the Carnival groups did. Swimming with the stingrays was another highlight of the trip. Especially when we fed them and about 20 of them started swarming and swimming right up on us wanting food. Everybody was giggling like little girls. The service on the ship was fantastic. Even though the bartenders were EVERYWHERE I would rather have that than having to look for somebody when I was thirsty. They do tend to over do it with photographers but that may be because we didnt really have any interest in paying for the overpriced photos. And quite honestly I think the prices of photos were about the only thing over priced. The drinks seemed to be within range of most bars on a weekend. The entertainment was ok. Saw 4 different comedians and we would all pay to see 3 of them again. The other one not so much. The music was hit or miss. The lounge singers were horrible to the point you had to listen to them kind of like breaking your neck as you drive by an auto accident. In the piano bar the singer had a VERY deep Croatian accent. Nothing like hearing "Friends in Low Places" sung with a Croatian accent. Yet as bad as he was we found ourselves there most nights after dinner and having a drink and being entertained. The calypso band out on Lido during the day was very good and really enjoyed them as we lounged around the pool. The pools were nice and as expected a lot of kids, being the 1st week of June. We went to the Serenety Deck (adults only) once but found it to not have enough going on. DW and I enjoy people watching so the Lido pools were more to our liking. If it got to be too much we just went up a level and didnt get splashed on by the kids being kids. Overall this vacation would rank a 9 or a 10 in all areas for us. I dont think we could have asked for anything more and we are hooked. DS is already wanting to do this on his honeymoon and we are planning our next one as I type. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
Carnival Legend: Fun but our AC, bathroom vent and air circulation didn't work, "guest services" didn't fix the problem or offer a small refund. The room was unbearably hot and humid with poor air circulation; we were ... Read More
Carnival Legend: Fun but our AC, bathroom vent and air circulation didn't work, "guest services" didn't fix the problem or offer a small refund. The room was unbearably hot and humid with poor air circulation; we were sweating in our room all but one night. Below: Comments on room, ship, excursions, entertainment, food and customer service. Room Pro's: Comfortable beds, sofa & pillows, storage for suitcases under bed, plenty of closet and drawer space, nice TV, vanity area, room cleaned twice a day (cleaned when we came back from the excursions and again after dinner), towel animals, sheets turned downed at night, next day activities program set out at night, great view from the patio. Cons and Warning: As stated above the room was very hot and humid with poor air circulation. It got worse after the first persons shower and extremely humid by the third person's shower. A booking agent said that the rooms are air-conditioned and "You could get it as cold as you would like", which is a lie. When you call guest services they will tell you 74 or even 76 degrees is acceptable by their standard and "We are sorry it doesn't meet your expectations" and "we are sorry that it isn't to your preference!" I explained it isn't a matter of my preference, that room was far too hot and humid, that we paid for air conditioning and the room wasn't air conditioned, that I was sweating, it was stuffy, hard to breath and that I was thinking about sleeping in the hall or lounge to be comfortable. It WASN'T COMFORTABLE most of the time in our room, that isn't acceptable! Their policy says it is! We reported problems several times; we spent time on our vacation WAITING for a repairman three times. The third time the air worked for one night then failed again. The vent to move air into the room was never fixed, the shower vent to move humid air out of the bathroom was never fixed. We were given a fan, which made it barely tolerable. Only one night (the second from last) we slept in an air-conditioned room but it didn't last. We asked around and there were other people with AC problems. Carnival measures the air temperature at the air outlet, not into the room, if it measures 74 degrees that is their acceptable range for air conditioning, regardless on your comfort level! They do not take into account the humidity and poor air circulation in the room. The heat and humidity of the Caribbean didn't bother us but the room was very uncomfortable, much of the time felt like a humid 85. I was dripping in sweat even after a shower. I'm sure many nights it got much hotter than what it was metered it at. There is only ONE electric outlet near the vanity in the room and the one in the shower was for shavers only, curling wands wouldn't work. The hair dryer was not very strong, if you have long thick hair you might want to bring your own. We needed to keep the drape shut on a patio during the day because the room was so hot and the sun was shining in, during the day we couldn't enjoy the view we paid for because of the broken AC. Three days people were sent notes to remove items from their patios because of repairs while at port, the morning of deporting people were cleaning our patio so we couldn't use it on the last morning before we left at 8:30am, the bathroom was also cleaned and set up with items for the next guests before we left on the last day even though we said we said were just going to breakfast and would be back. We had to be careful using the bathroom to not disturb it for the next guests, house keeping also knocked on the door to get used glasses, I felt I we were being rushed out of our room on the last day even though you are told you can stay until 8:30 am. Food & Dining Room Pro's: I'm a good cook and baker. Most of the meals were very good to excellent at night and good during the day. Don't be afraid to try things at night. The staff sang and acted on most evenings, it was enjoyable. Past cruiser's felt it wasn't as good as other cruises. Food was always available even though it was sometimes just a sandwich or pizza. Con's: Deserts in general were ok, but not great, better than store bought, not as good as homemade. We wanted the early dining time to be able to see the early show and get to bed earlier for excursions. We were told that we had late seating at 8:15 even though we thought we had scheduled the 6:00, which would have been nicer. Our server was nice but slow; the entire meal took almost 2 hours on some nights. The hosts Barbara and Andrea in the main dinning room were the coldest hosts I've EVER met, every night they would stand like statues without expressions watching the guests come in. Never a smile and never a greeting, rarely any comment to any guest, they always had very cold expressions on their faces. Sales: Everywhere you go they are trying to sell you something, photos, drinks, bingo, art auctions, jewelry, excursions, shops, gambling, water bottles, etc. It would have been nice to see some of that effort going toward more entertainment. We weren't pressured to buy anything, but did feel they are more focused on making money than entertaining. Entertainment Pro's: The Motown singer and juggler were fantastic, very entertaining, very funny, I found them to be much funnier than the comedians. Day's at sea: different activities were fun, take advantage of what is listed on the sheet like the hair chest contest, the synchronized swimming contest, towel folding and ping pong. Con's: Would like to see more choices of things to do in the evening, if you weren't into gambling, bad comedians or drinking there isn't a lot to do at night after the show. Comedian's: We walked out on the evening comedian, he found it necessary to swear, be vulgar and use God name in vain to get a laugh. We sat through the "family time" comedian but he wasn't at all funny, really very boring. The welcome show was also boring. With the exception of the two fantastic shows and one other ok show we agree with the comments from other people that the shows were disappointing and not up to "Broadway" or professional show standards. I didn't like to have to walk through the smoky large casino every night to get to the entertainment after dinner. Warning: They had pyrotechnics during one show. It would have been fun anywhere else but was frightening to see on a ship. I felt they used very poor judgment to use it. If anything went wrong where would people run to away from a fire on a ship? Excursions - Do your research before you go! We only had a couple of days to research on this last minute trip. Cozumel - Pro's: Privately booked by walking across the street, took a glass bottom boat and snorkeling cruise. I never snorkeled, can barely swim, was a little nervous but I LOVED it and can't wait to go back! At first I thought it might be a little seedy, small older boat and had to walk across a rocky lot to get to it then step down into the boat because there wasn't a dock. Don't worry they are great and we had a lot of personal attention snorkeling unlike the large booked excursion groups. They gave us drinks throughout the trip and took us to three different reefs to snorkel. She would bring fish near us by feeding them and even gave me some food to feed the fish. I didn't think I would like fish near me but I loved it! Make sure you bring an underwater camera. It was a lot of fun and we highly recommend it. Save the shopping for the end of the day, it's a large nice touristy area right before you return to the ship. We felt safe there and the people were all friendly. Note: The water is salty, so you can easily float. Roatan - Mostly Pro: We walked through the entrance area to the "Zip and Clip" zip line; WE LOVED IT! We would like to do it again, for the most part we felt safe but at times they put too many people on some plat forms while others were zipping right toward you with no place to go, we had just enough room to be safe, barely. They also, released riders before the people ahead of them were safely on the platform. Sometimes people were stopped on the zip line with others zipping toward them and an employee had to hurry out to pull people on the platform. I would still love to do it again, but would talk to the people about not having so many people in a group and not releasing people until the person ahead of them is on the platform. Then we took a private tour by cab, it was a great experience. Make sure you ask the cab driver to take you to the monkey park; it's only $8.00. We had a great time and a lot of laughs when we were in the cage with the two baby monkeys and they were climbing all over us trying to take things away. Grand Cayman - Mostly Pro: Hired a small bus driver right outside of the main area. Make sure you don't pay them until you feel their "air conditioned" bus. There were many drivers and this bus didn't have working air conditioning. Stopped at "Hell" - would like to have passed on that one, it looks like the photo's online. The rum factory (retail store) was nice, had samples of rum cake and bought coffee. We were told we could take a city bus back to the port so we asked to be dropped off at Dolphin Cove to swim with dolphins. The tickets were very expensive, I think it cost around $159.00 per person, it included the ticket to the turtle area across the street, which wasn't too exciting unless you are into turtles. Needed to wait for over an hour for our turn so we ate in the outdoor cafe area by the dolphins. You aren't allowed to take your camera into the pool during your session, but can take photos from the side before your turn. It was very memorable and fun to swim with the dolphins, but short maybe about 12 minutes of being in the pool with the dolphins. We were able to pet them, hold their fins for a short ride, we were pushed by our feet by two of them and a few other things. Then we were taken to a smaller pool to touch stingrays and starfish. After having a lot of fun you are led into an area to view your photos and video. Of course they look great and you want to buy them. After spending a few hundred dollars for three people; they were trying to hit us up for a few hundred more! One photo was $25.00 and all of them were $80.00 per person, plus the cost of the video! (Keep in mind you are with the dolphins for about 12 minutes!) The employees were nice and professional except the manager was EXTREAMELY RUDE. I wasn't going to pay that much for photo's that were only put on a one DVD DISK! I offered $100.00, which is still a lot for what they were offering, and he proceeded to be rude and embarrass me in front of other customers. When I told him I would write on the Internet to tell other people how rude he was he became nice and offered to sell the photos (no video) for $100.00. Bottom line, the next time I will go to the other dolphin place as other people mentioned. The Dolphin Cove is a huge rip off, I also was concerned that the dolphins are in a small pool there and their snouts looked worn. I would guess it is from pushing people by their feet. I would have preferred they not do it; I liked holding their fins for a ride more. Belize City - Cons: We booked a cruise through the ship even though we knew it would be more expensive, we read on line it's a very poor area, that people weren't friendly and tourists didn't feel safe. I was very disappointed in Belize as a whole and Carnivals excursion to cave tubing. Belize was depressing, when on vacation you want just one week to enjoy yourself and not feel bad for poor people and feel unsafe in an area, I wouldn't want to book a cruise there again. The Carnival booked excursion for cave tubing was fun when we were finally there but disappointing in the following ways: People who book privately paid HALF the price and had more fun, had a fun guide, a free lunch and was able to keep their things locked up on a bus. People who booked with Carnival paid twice as much, had to pay $7.00 extra for a locker large enough for their backpack, were starving by the time they got back to the ship, they weren't fed from breakfast to around 4:00, except for a very small foreign granola bar on the way home, or they could risk ruining the rest of the trip by eating at the tubing gear area where they were cooking outside and dishing food up with their bare hands, we were never offered anything to drink, the bus ride was very long, hot and boring. Carnival didn't tell us that we should bring our own food and drinks along! We were also told many negative and scary things about the trip on the ride there from the guide. The guide took the excitement out of the trip by talking about human sacrifices, finding skulls; the water will be cold and bats are in the cave. He never said anything to promote any excitement about the trip, just negative comments. There wasn't a bathroom stop, just a cigarette stop for people and an old bus with no air conditioning. The cave tubing was fun, nothing else about it was. Still with all the problems I don't know if I would book privately and feel unsafe there. I have no desire to book a trip that includes Belize again. People who went on the Mayan trip said they liked it but it was tiring. Not recommend if you can't climb well without railings. Ship - Pro's: Most areas are air-conditioned and during some shows you might even want a light wrap or jacket. Most workers were friendly, attentive, and professional, they do a good job, but they rarely smiled and rarely greeted people. I found passengers were much friendlier than the workers. I feel sorry for the workers, they have to work for 6 months without a day off. I think they would be much happier if they would have a day off every week, I found them all to be hard workers. For the most part the ship was kept very clean. We LOVED the serenity area for adults only, especially the pool and hot tub after an excursion and before dinner. Sea Sickness: Even as a lifetime boater by husband was sea sick the entire first day and evening at sea, he wasn't well enough go to the first formal dinner. By morning he was much better thanks a woman at the medical office on the ship, she was wonderful with giving advice and medication. The things we learned: Many people were at the medical office on the ship for pills that day, there was a stack of papers. She said last week was even worse and that patches don't work as well as the pills they sell. You can buy them in their office, in stores on the ship, or over the counter back home; the active ingredient is: Melizine. He took the pills the rest of the trip and was fine. The next time we will buy them in advance and take them right away. The night of the formal dinner when we were at sea, it was challenging to walk down the halls, you could feel the ship go up and down as well as sideways. You would stager down the hall without drinking! Customer Service Dept. on the Ship: Please read above about the air conditioner and the shower fan, they were never able to get them to consistently worked properly, no small discount was ever offered. Only one time did it feel cool enough in the room; after the third repair, but it didn't stay that way. When we returned home, my e-mail had a questionnaire from Carnival about how we like the cruise. I took a long time to give a detailed explanation about everything we liked and the problems we had. They never replied. Weeks later I tried calling Carnivals customer service, after a hold, then explaining everything, I was directed to call "guest care", another lengthy hold, explanation, then said they wouldn't do anything because the temperature was acceptable at 74 degrees. I explained everything again and said at times the room got hotter than 74 especially after showers because the bathroom vent didn't work either and made the room extremely humid. I was often sweating and room was very stuffy to the point I was considering sleeping in the hall to get some air. "Sabrina" in "customer care" spoke to a Supervisor "Evet?" who refused to do anything. I asked to speak to the supervisor and again was put on a very long hold. Evet the supervisor refused to come to the phone to talk to me, again refused any small discount or sincere apology, but now offered to give us a 15% discount on a future cruise! I say I didn't feel it was fair to pay over $3,000 for a seven day trip and not have air conditioning, air circuiting in the room or venting in the bathroom, and that I was calling to give them the opportunity to treat us fairly. They refused, I asked how would you feel if you were in a room for one week without an air-conditioner or shower fan that didn't worked properly? I didn't get an answer. Bottom line I'm not sure if I will cruise with Carnival again and use my 15% off, I will definitely consider other lines. I don't think Carnival cares about problems and didn't treat us fairly as they would have wanted to be treated if it happened to them. I'm getting numerous e-mails from Carnival for future cruises. The real joke is that, I received a call from Carnival to talk me into another cruise that is a good deal. I asked them why would want to do that after how we were treated on our last cruise? He said he would check into it and call me back. Of course he didn't. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
I am not a big talker by any means, so this review will be short and sweet. The ship it's self was in fantastic shape inside and out. I walked through the new serenity deck to look at it, very nice but we brought our kids with us so ... Read More
I am not a big talker by any means, so this review will be short and sweet. The ship it's self was in fantastic shape inside and out. I walked through the new serenity deck to look at it, very nice but we brought our kids with us so no hanging out there. I did read a review in the past that they didn't like the dEcor of the ship. It didn't bother me, I liked it. It has a roman feel to it. My son (11 YO) didn't like the half-dressed murals on the walls. I just told him not to look at them ha-ha There was one thing I was hoping this ship had that the fantasy class ships do have. I was hoping it had the waterworks slide area but it did not. It did have a fun slide but no little splash area for my daughter to play in (she is 2) the 2 main pools did have an area around the pool that had ankle deep water so we played in there. I don't like hot tubs so can't comment on those. There was a bunch of chair saving probably the worst I have seen it on my 3 cruises. I did have to move a single flip flop from a chair (after I waited 45 minutes) and sat my stuff on it and sat next to my wife. Funny thing is after we had enough sun and started to gather our things to go change for lunch, the chair hogs showed up and had the nerve to say "I was saving those chairs!" I said "really you must be new to cruising and don't know the CCL policy on chair saving" so I politely showed her in the fun times caper where it says no chair saving and that the policy says after 30 minutes your articles will be removed and the chair will be given to someone who wants one. Well she didn't like that much but I did say with a sheepish grin on my face "you can have them now because we are done with them". Got our things and went to our cabin and changed for lunch in the MDR. Our cabin was an ocean suite (6166), it was very nice and the room stewards were great. Very friendly and went out of their way to make our stay wonderful. The storage space was plentiful as was the closets. I am an over packer and brought enough clothes for two weeks never mind 7 days. My wife isn't she brings the bear minimum and do the kids since she packs for them. We had 7 bags, one bag was actually a box of stuff we will use on ship but not bring home. Like sun block, wine, wipes, pull ups etc... I thought that was a great idea, worked out great. The cabin had a hair dryer but wife said it wasn't that good. The location of the plug was kind of not ideal (it was in the little dressing area before the bathroom) but manageable. Actually did find an extra plug behind the flat screen TV. I plugged our alarm clock in there. That is very handy to have. I plugged the power strip into the plug in the dressing area. a must have IMO. We use it to charge the walkie talkies and camera, and DVD player. FYI the walkie talkies are great. We give our son one and let him do whatever he wants. He mostly hung with us but a few times he would go to camp carnival and after that he would call us and say I am done with CC and now going to the unicorn cafe for sandwich. I think he was trying to eat them out ham and cheese sandwiches. Didn't work ha-ha. Ok so this is how our 7 days went. June 11 we drove down to Orlando and stayed with some of my wife's family. June 12 we got up at 0800 and out the door on the road by 0900. We got to the port of Tampa at 1030 We used the valet parking and will again on every cruise we go on from this day on. It was awesome. You literally drive up, a valet walks up and say "do you want valet parking?" you say "yes" they yell out "valet" and they open up your trunk unload your stuff, and they ask you " do you have everything you need?" You double check (id, wallet, pass ports, kid BC, boarding pass) and walk away. They give you a valet ticket that you take to the stand and pay. It was only $15 more to do the valet parking. Walked up through security around 1045, through the VIP check in and on the ship with a DOD in hand by 1130. (they didn't start boarding around 11) they had a big wedding party ahead of us so they go first then the VIP then zone 1,2,3..... Explored the ship, took kids to camp carnival and checked them in went to our room at 1330 dropped our stuff off and unpacked. Our bags (all 7) were there by 1400. We went to our June 12 legend roll call meet and greet at 1430 then at 1500 we did the muster drill. Then to the room to get ready for dinner, ate diner in the MDR 2 year old daughter did not like sitting for a long period and threw a fit. So we ate fast and ran out. Next nights we brought our mini DVD player and she sat there and ate her diner so we had an enjoyable diner experience then on. After the first night I told my wife you and son can go to the MDR and me and daughter will stay here and order room service.so we don't ruin the other peoples diner with DD going nuts because she want s run around and we won't let her but we figured we would try the DVD player trick and it worked out great. We had great waitresses and they knew we wanted to get in and out fast so they kind of sped everything up for us. The wait staff was a blessing to have. June 13 day at sea, hung out on the lido deck in the morning (see above for chair hog story ha-ha)ate lunch, drank some beer (thirsty frog CCL exclusive beer) just took it easy and enjoyed the first day.went to the captains party then we had dinner in the MDR. Took kids to CC and went to the comedy show (really funny) played some slot machines) around 2200 we went to get DD out of CC and went to the room to get her to sleep. I always say she sleeps better on the ship then here at the house. She passed out. We gave DD a walkie talkie and went to the casino and played some slots. June 14 Cozumel we decided to go to Nachi Cocom an all exclusive beach break resort. It was great. The guacamole was awesome the best I have ever day. Nice beach, beautiful pool area. Wife got a massage, DD played in the water and sand, DD swam with me and momma after massage. We left a little early so we can look around the port. Ended up at fat Tuesdays and had a few adult slushy. Got back onto the chip had dinner in the MDR (w/DVD player) took DD to CC and saw the other comedian. Around 2200 picked her up and went back to the room and put her to sleep. We just played low this evening and sat on the balcony and enjoyed the sounds, June 15 Belize we didn't plan anything where actually thinking about staying on the ship. But at last minute we decided to go to port and at least look around. DS did not want to go, so he stayed on the ship by himself. He later said the 25 minute tender ride made him nervous. No biggie he said he had a great time by himself. So DH, DW and DD braved the tender ride in with no issue. It was kind of nice IMO. We looked around the port area and had a beer and a slushy drink for DW and ice cream for DD. We actually got suckered into doing a noncarnival city tour. It was fun, very good info. So we took a 2 hour city tour and on the way back we stopped at a rum factory and drank some samples of rum they make there. Ended up buying a bottle. Got back to the port and looked around some more and went back to the boat. By then DD was hot and tired and she decided to let everyone know. Once we got going she calmed down and fell asleep. Washed up and got ready for dinner. We went to the Golden Fleece and kids went to CC. The steakhouse was really good, well worth the money. After that played more slots and went and got DD out from CC. June 16 Rotan we booked the pirates, birds, and monkeys excursion. It was fun, it was rainy but actually nice kept it cool. Tour took about 3 hours. After that went back to port and looked around some. It was a nice port. Carnival really built it up. Went back to ship and hung out and had dinner in the MDR. After kids went to sleep I went to the atrium bar and had a beer. DW didn't feel well so went solo. June 17 Grand Cayman. This day was our take it easy and do whatever so we slowly got out of bed. Went to the lido deck for breakfast. Then around 11 we went to Margaretville for lunch. They have a cool there and kids swam in the pool. After an hour or two we decided to go look around and grab a drink in the port area. DD fell asleep so we waited until she woke up to go back. Tendered back early and just enjoyed the ship while it was very less busy. Went to the pool and ate some food. Diner in MDR as usual. Put the kids to sleep and we went out and figured we would party our last real night on ship. Ended up in the casino and up to the unicorn cafe for some buzz kill before going back to the room. June 18 day at sea. Got up then went to the behind the fun ship tour. Very good info and educational. Had lunch at the lido (calzone was awesome) and packed some around 445 took DS to play laser tag and after that we went to the sail away party (free drinks). Ate dinner put bags out in the hall. June 19 cruise over, went to the unicorn cafe ate breakfast and at around 0930 they started to call zones. We were zone 2 so off we went. Walked off ship with a porter waiting for us. Got our bags walked to our car that the valet brought to us. Tipped the porter and the valet and back home we drove. It was a great trip and already planning our next one. Gonna have to hit the gym and work off the beer and food. The ship, the food and staff on the ship were great. If you want an enjoyable cruise pick the Legend. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
So, my wife and I took a cruise for our first anniversary. I have cruised before, but have never performed the arrangements, and she had never cruised before. We had a great time on the Carnival Legend, helped in part by what I learned on ... Read More
So, my wife and I took a cruise for our first anniversary. I have cruised before, but have never performed the arrangements, and she had never cruised before. We had a great time on the Carnival Legend, helped in part by what I learned on these forums. I wanted to give back by sharing my own experience. We arrived in Tampa, FL on Saturday evening and stayed with friends; we left their house for the drive to the terminal on Sunday morning. Parking turned out to be the worst element of the trip-- there are signs that say "parking", and there are signs that say "cruise parking". Be sure to pay attention. We initially parked in a lot right next to the ship that turned out to be a non-overnight lot, and weren't able to get our money back. We figured to chock it up to a lesson and give it another shot. We followed the signs to "cruise parking", but the place they pointed to did not have any sort of sign indicating that it was for cruise parking. It had an hourly rate with a daily max, which made us unsure of whether or not it was the correct place. We asked some other people who had parked there if they new, and they stated that they did not think it was cruise parking. At that point, we were a bit frustrated and opted for the valet parking. Sure enough, we watched our valet driver pull our vehicle to that very lot. Next time, we'll do more research about parking, and be prepared for what deck to use. Embarkation was, after that, very straightforward. I was impressed with how efficiently everything moved, and there were no problems with our boarding pass/etc. We boarded the ship (my wife, who had never cruised before, was blown away by the initial walk into the ship's lobby), and had lunch on board. We spoke to the Maitre D and asked to be switched from Early Dining to "Your Time Dining", which was granted by the second day. It was a great decision-- we enjoyed the privacy of our town table, and the flexibility with timing turned out to be very beneficial. The food, at both the Lido deck buffet and Truffles finer-dining, was great. We were very impressed. There's an "adults only" deck called Serenity with a pool, hot tub, bar, hammocks, and several types of lounging chairs/tables. If you don't have children (or need a break), it's a great place to get away from the noise. Laying on the hammocks in the nighttime is majestic, and I would highly recommend it. In Cozumel, we got off the boat and shopped. There's a fairly decent group of shops, including some local crafts. In Belize, we did the Altun Ha tour with Bak-A-Bush (through Carnival). It was great! It lasted around 7.5 hours, and we certainly got our money's worth. We would highly recommend it. In Roatan, we went swimming, but my wife got sun poisoning. We didn't, therefore, get off at Grand Caymans. The shows were pretty good. Some of the dancers were clearly more talented than others, but the band was great, the comedians were fantastic, and the vocalists/emcees did a great job. I can't be too critical of the dancers, since the boat did a fair bit of rocking (we had a bit of turbulent weather). Disembarkation was very straightforward. We decided to have our bags picked up outside our stateroom, and picking them up was very easy. Even if you packed light, it's not a bad option. We didn't have any issues picking our vehicle up. In summary, it was a great trip. We had great experiences, great food, and great relaxation. I wish I was more prepared for the parking situation, but lesson learned. Hopefully those who read this post will know to do some research about parking beforehand and be prepared. I hope this post was helpful! Thanks, everyone who had posted useful information on these boards that I used to prepare for the trip... it certainly made a difference. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
Flew into to Tampa day before. Stayed at Holiday Inn Rocky Point. Nice accomodations. Loved location mext to Bahama Breezes Restaurant. Next day at the port at 11:00 and on the Ship at 11:30. Our friends are platinum and sent to area 1. ... Read More
Flew into to Tampa day before. Stayed at Holiday Inn Rocky Point. Nice accomodations. Loved location mext to Bahama Breezes Restaurant. Next day at the port at 11:00 and on the Ship at 11:30. Our friends are platinum and sent to area 1. They let us go on with the 1st group.Up to the lido deck for lunch. We got to our rooms at 1:30. Room 5236, obstructed view but long deck which was fantastic. Room was spacious. Alot bigger than the Balconies we are used to on other ships. Tons of closet space. Exploring the ship in the afternoon, found it to be a bit flamboyant but we enjoyed it. Food was very good. Anytime dining. We had great servers. As a matter of fact all employees on the ship were there to please. Brought 2 bottles of wine in our carry on. Dont forget the wine opener! One of the couples we traveled with put their wine in their check on luggage and had to go to the naughty room. Make sure they are in the carry on baggage. If you buy bottles on ship they will deliver the afternoon of the last day at sea. If you buy on the islands they will make you pick up the bottles in a room the morning of departure. Not very convenient. Shows were ok. Comedians good. Casino was fun but didn't pay. Ports great. Favorite day was going to Cozumel (paradise beach club). Would definately sail on Legend again. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
This was a first time cruise for my wife and I and more than first for my 2 adult daughters. I'm a fussy guy and from the time I stepped on board the Legend to the time I walked off I was very impressed.The food was plentiful, high ... Read More
This was a first time cruise for my wife and I and more than first for my 2 adult daughters. I'm a fussy guy and from the time I stepped on board the Legend to the time I walked off I was very impressed.The food was plentiful, high quality and always available. Dinner time was a treat with food I normally don't eat - steak, lobster. And the desserts were fantastic, especially their warm chocolate melting cake. I'm not a chocolate fanatic like my wife, but that dessert was unbelievable - all 4 of us had it every night.Our stateroom was a nice size for 4, but we spent little time in it anyway. Our cabin steward always kept it tidy and clean and he always addressed us by our names - very impressed.The evening shows were very nice and I like the comedians. However, they had some repeat shows and the routines didn't vary.This first cruise will become one of many. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
We have sailed on Carnival many times and this is the third time we have been on the Legend. When entering the ship, we thought it was not too clean but assumed they just had not had the time to finish from the group that just departed. ... Read More
We have sailed on Carnival many times and this is the third time we have been on the Legend. When entering the ship, we thought it was not too clean but assumed they just had not had the time to finish from the group that just departed. Our room was not used the week before I know because I asked...and sure was not cleaned well before our arrival. I again did not say anything thinking it was because they let everyone on so early. Our cabin crew did a good job the next day.. After two days, we found a roach under the telephone on the dresser. We watched and thought that was the only one probably left by the past passengers in the room, because we did not see any more. Well guess who arrived home today with bugs in my suitcase and belongings....I am so disappointed and will not go again with Carnival. we now must have our house treated and sprayed for roaches. I have never been so upset. What a disappointment after saving up to take this vacation and also took some friends with us. Of course there is no way to get in touch with Carnival to report this since I arrived home.. Our first trip with the Legend was out of Ft Lauderdale, Second was from San Juan and this final trip was out of Tampa. They have become very lazy and only concerned with getting the next group on to the boat. They started loaded the new cruisers around 10 am and the old ones just got off around 8. There is no way they can really clean the rooms in two hours let alone the rest of the boat. Well I am sorry if you happen to be one of those people I told that Carnival was just as good as the other cruise ships... There is no excuse I can imagine but they are only interested in the bottom line and what they can get. Last year we took the new Allure by Royal Caribbean to Mexico and what a difference. Not only is it brand new, they are cleaning non stop and making sure the ship is way above and beyond. I guess I will stay with Royal Caribbean from now on and let all my friends know to stay away from Carnival too.. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
we flew into Tampa the day before and stayed at the Hampton Inn in Ybor City...never again wouldn't recommend it, the hotel is nice but the area around it is shady to say the least. Boarding the ship was easy, took less than an hour ... Read More
we flew into Tampa the day before and stayed at the Hampton Inn in Ybor City...never again wouldn't recommend it, the hotel is nice but the area around it is shady to say the least. Boarding the ship was easy, took less than an hour from dropping our bags off to sitting in the Lido deck. The layout of the ship is quite different from the others we have been on and was confusing for a while... I never did quite get my bearings and can't count the times I walked past our stateroom! The serenity area at the back of the ship is lovely, too bad people liked to put their towel on the amenities and then walk off for hours on end. Nothing like sharing eh! Our stateroom was right after mid-ship on the panorama deck and i wouldn't recommend it at all, the noise from people dragging chairs across the lido deck all night is loud and annoying. I got one good nights sleep the rest were interrupted by all the banging.Great deck to be on but move to the front part of the ship where the floors above you are carpeted. Our room steward Michael was AWESOME, he was the best, totally went out of his way to accommodate our every need. Same for out waiters in the dinning room they were efficient and dinner was done in an hour, unlike last year on the victory where it took 2 hours. The ship was spotless and well maintained,the food was good, they seam to be pushing the golden fleece to get more money out of you. we didn't bother going there but there was constantly someone walking around trying to get people to make reservations. Overall we had a good cruise and enjoyed the ship. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
My overall experience with my first cruise was positive ( there were a few minor issues ) but that pales in comparison with the great time my wife & I had on our cruise. Positives - I thought the ship was nice and laid out well ... Read More
My overall experience with my first cruise was positive ( there were a few minor issues ) but that pales in comparison with the great time my wife & I had on our cruise. Positives - I thought the ship was nice and laid out well fairly large boat but not overwhelming. Our meals were fine ( Shout out to Jose in dining he was exceptional). The ports on the cruise ( besides Belize - see below ) were incredible. The service in general we received was great. The comedy shows were great and the shopping on board was reasonably priced. Embarked & disembarked fairly quickly & easily. A good value overall in my opinion. Negatives - I was disappointed at guest services. I asked the first day on board about cashing travelers checks and was told that they didn't cash them. To my surprise after cashing them at a bank in Grand Cayman ( wasted an hour) that night after departing from Grand Cayman I seen someone at guest services indeed cashing a traveler's check. Belize ( see more below) this was by far the least favorite port. Wish there was more kinds of food available 24/7 other than pizza. Would recommend this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
We flew into Tampa on Saturday & stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. Went to the mall that night, did a little last minute shopping and had my first Chick-fil-a. Yumm! Their breakfast was wonderful, with homemade omelets and make it your ... Read More
We flew into Tampa on Saturday & stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. Went to the mall that night, did a little last minute shopping and had my first Chick-fil-a. Yumm! Their breakfast was wonderful, with homemade omelets and make it your self waffles. Very nice hotel, for a reasonable price.Found boarding the ship to be relatively painless. At sea day is a blur to me. I think we went to a hairy chest contest. The winner was an awesome guy! In Cozumel we took a cab to a place called the Money Bar. I got to practice snorkeling there. (my 1st time) Also enjoyed the most awesome 1 hour massage right there on the beach! Had some food, drinks and sun before returning to port and lots of shopping. We took a tender to Goff's Caye at Belize. What an awesome experience! The guys were all very nice. We had a wonderful guided snorkel around the reefs. AWESOME!!! Then free time to snorkel more if you wanted, or look around or tan or visit. It was really REALLY nice! Back to ship, then into port for more shopping. In Roatan we went to Gumbalumba Park (or something like that) We did the clear Kayaking there. It was very cool. Afterwards I hung out at the freshwater pool, while my friend went out to snorkel a little. (I had over indulged the night before, so was not up to more snorkeling this day) My friend said it was better snorkeling than Belize, but it could have been because this was a very small group of snorkelers. There was also a park where you could see monkeys and such, but we didn't have time. In Grand Cayman we took the Allura Catamaran to Stingray City! It was FABULOUS! It was kind of scary when we arrived and saw all the stingrays, but the staff are great with helping you around them. By the time we left, I loved holding and even kissing the Stingrays! I highly recommend this to anyone who has not done it. The Allura was gorgeous & the staff was Fantastic! :) Aboard ship I would give shout outs to Jay LaBoy, a wonderful singer/guitar player who I spent many hours watching and singing along to. He's very talented, and is now playing on the Carnival Fascination. If you ever cruise with them, be sure to check him out. Also our room got upgraded to #7157. It was really nice! Our room steward Olvin was the best! Always so smiley and eager to please. We did flex dining and so happy we did. It was awesome. Had apps and dinner and desert and cappuccino every night. Joel was my very favorite waiter there. The comedy shows were good. The karaoke with the band (in large auditorium) was better than the karaoke bar. The Piano bar was a little too laid back for me. I like to sing along and this guy was much more mellow than I could take. There was another guy - Crazy John? Yeah...I so did NOT like him. At all! He was really creepy. Kudos to all who helped in boarding and leaving the ship. It could have been a nightmare, but I think it went really well. "Wee Jimmy" is some kind of awesome! Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Our group consisted of myself, my three children(18, 15, and 10), grandparents, and a friend of my 18 year old. This was to celebrate my daughters high schoool graduation. We arrived in Tampa the day before, as we have a 6 hour drive from ... Read More
Our group consisted of myself, my three children(18, 15, and 10), grandparents, and a friend of my 18 year old. This was to celebrate my daughters high schoool graduation. We arrived in Tampa the day before, as we have a 6 hour drive from home. Day 1: The port was very easy to get to following our GPS. We arrived at port around 10AM, had our luggage unloaded and parked very quickly. We were checked in by 10:45 and waited until 11:30 to board the ship. Boarding process was very quick and organized. Once aboard we went to Lido deck for lunch and walked around the ship. Day 2: Sea Day having kids this day was spent mostly at the pool, playing putt putt, and ping pong and of course eating. The food on Legend was the best food that we have ever had on a cruise. Good variety for kids and was always fresh and hot. Dining room food was awesome. We had the best wait staff ever. Robin and Arnell were wonderful and made us feel very special and we looked forward to the jokes that Robin was going to do with our kids. Day 3: Cozumel We had previously been to Cozumel so it wasnt that exciting for us. We did get off ship and shopped. Returned to ship and went to pool once again. Day 4: Belize This was a tender port. Tendering went very smooth. I was dreading this, but it was very well organized. In Belize City, we did a city tour (horse and buggy). This was great. We saw the good, bad, and ugly of Belize. My kids could not believe the conditions of the city. Day 5: Mahogany Bay Rotaan, Honduras Absolutely beautiful. We left ship and shopped and went to beach swimming. This was by far my favorite port. Wish we could have stayed here longer. Day 6: Grand Cayman This was also a tender port. Again tendering was well organized. We again took a city tour. We visited Hell, Rum Cake factory, and dolphin encounter. Great tour. We then shopped and returned to the ship. Shopping in Grand Cayman was very expensive. Day 7: Sea Day Again we stayed mostly at the pool, putt putt, ping pong and shows throughout the ship. This was a great relaxing day. All staff aboard were wonderful. Wee Jimmy the cruise director was absolutely the best. This was the best cruise that we have ever taken. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
This was our 8th cruise (all with Carnival) and our 2nd in a row on the Legend.Embarkation was effortless. We arrived around 1115 and were onboard eating our first meal by noon.We lined up our own excursions and did not book any through ... Read More
This was our 8th cruise (all with Carnival) and our 2nd in a row on the Legend.Embarkation was effortless. We arrived around 1115 and were onboard eating our first meal by noon.We lined up our own excursions and did not book any through Carnival.Cozumel: We returned to Chankanaab Park. $20.00 each for round trip taxi fare and $52.00 total for entry to the park. This was our 4th visit to the park. We alternated between sunning, swimming in the pool, snorkeling, and walking through the gardens. A nice trip but it may be time to seek a different adventure.Roatan: Our favorite port. Booked a personal tour guide through Bodden Tours and went to Bananarama to snorkel. Snorkeled the beautiful reef on the far west end for a few hours, got a cool drink at the Thirsty Turtle, then took a guided tour of the countryside. We will always use Victor Bodden Tours when in Roatan. Ann was our guide once more (as requested). She did a wonderful job. $80.00 for a private tour guide for the day. Quite the bargain.Belize: Took the tender in with the disgruntled captain and bought a few trinkets and returned to the boat. I honestly wish we could bypass Belize and spend more time in Roatan and Cozumel. The people there seem to truly want us there as opposed to the folks in Belize.Grand Cayman: Our 4th trip to Grand Cayman as well. We took a $6.00 taxi to Cemetary Reef and snorkeled for a few hours and rested on the QUIET beach there. The reef is in bad shape in Grand Cayman but we saw many fish with a little help from some "shrimp pellets" bought in advance at Walmart.Dining: We ate breakfast and lunch in the self serve area and selected "Your time dining" for Dinner. All the food was very good. The main dining room was excellent every night. I would like to fib and say the "Your time Dining" was awful and we had to wait for a table, just to keep EVERYONE from choosing it. We only had to wait once for about 20 minutes on the first night. We ate each night between 7:30 and 8:00. The only drawback was missing the Waiter's performance during the regular dessert service. We stayed around a couple of nights drinking cappacino, just so we could see the show.Night Clubs: The biggest disappointment was there was no live rock band for dancing. The Firebird Lounge had Karaoke instead. The Medussa's Lair was overcrowded with "watchers" and very little dancers so it was hard to get a table. It would be nice if they would be open earlier and have a specific time for a specific type of music. Especially if there is not going to be a dance band.Other Entertainment: I believe it has been repeatedly stated how bad the "Broadway Shows" are. We only caught a few minutes of one and then left. The Motown singer was fabulous. The comedians were good but performed in the tiny Firebird Lounge so seat were at a premium. Jay of Accoustically Speaking was great. I'm always amazed that someone of his vocal and guitar playing talent is not fronting some major band somewhere. I felt bad for him as he spent most of his time in the Casino bar with little attention. There was another guitarist that did vocals that was awful as well as a guy playing brass that was not much better.Debarkation: We slept late and stayed in our cabin until just before 8:30, then went to the Follies Lounge to wait for our call. We were on our way home by 10:00.I have really enjoyed some of the ports on this cruise. I like to believe I am a savvy cruiser and am always looking for the perfect mix of cruise, ports, and price. The entertainment was really not up to even Carnival standards and with a wasted day in one port and a too brief stay in another, I may be looking for a better bargain next year. It's a shame because the Legend is a wonderful ship. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Overview: The Carnival Legend is a nice ship... However, the decor is super gaudy and confused by different eras of time. It seemed to be in some disrepair as there were cracks in the walls and floors. The servers were nice and efficient. ... Read More
Overview: The Carnival Legend is a nice ship... However, the decor is super gaudy and confused by different eras of time. It seemed to be in some disrepair as there were cracks in the walls and floors. The servers were nice and efficient. The entertainment staff was disorganized and constantly late with shows. The shows were pretty horrible. The guy (looks like Paul Simon), played in the bars was pretty good though. The show "Jazz Hot" should be canceled....yikes! The food was virtually the same everyday, both on the Lido deck buffet and the MDR. They used the term "Carnival Classics" to represent 3-4 dishes that appear EVERY night.....BORING and DISAPPOINTING!!! The MDR didn't have anything spectacular except for the lobster and prime rib. The pasta was nasty, and the duck was the worst I have ever had. Most of the time the meat was overcooked. But if you can get HENRY as your waiter, he will help to make your trip a joy....He was so good, we sometimes forgot we weren't eating the best food. Our room was always clean and tidy. We had cabin 8232 with a triple balcony. It was awesome, but bring some earplugs or ipod....there is some noise from the rolling carts on the Lido deck. Usually quiets down around 10p. Overall, a good cruise experience, but we are used to making our own fun, so we are not overwhelmingly dependent on the staff. Wee Jimmy is your cruise director....and he is so ADHD, you'll just crack up laughing just because of the amount of tangents he goes on. A worthwhile trip, pretty okay ship, not so fabulous food....but when in doubt, there is always ice cream, and the sushi is pretty good too. You need to get K-MAN to serve you your drinks....he will take super special care of you if you seek him out...and AWESOME addition to the Carnival crew!!!! Embarkation: quick, easy and fabulous! Day 2: Fun Day at sea. We seemed to have been on the ship with lots of first time cruisers, so they were unaware of the battle for lounge chairs on deck. We are early risers and were able to get a clam-shell lounger---you NEED one of these!!!!! These were only available on the serenity deck, and we spent most of the day sunning, reading, and enjoying the relaxation. Drink service was nice, and we had the buffet from the Lido deck for lunch. Hmmmm.....it was the same lunch that we had yesterday. That was a little disappointing, but things were fresh. The pizza was NOT good, but the egg rolls were yummy. Popping around the ship, played bingo.....which was fun at first, then it got boring. Nothing on the entertainment side seemed to happen on time, so there was a lot of confusion and shows running long and others not starting on time. The entertainment crew seemed frantic and unorganized. We thought the shows were horrid...specifically "Jazz Hot".....yikes, super bad! Dinner was good, but there were dishes that were repeats from the day before. Pork and Beef were overcooked....Disappointing. But we changed table and got Henry---he is a KEEPER! Can't stress enough how awesome Henry is! Day 3: Cozumel. Manatee excursion @ Chakanaab....skip the dolphins, this was way better! Booked directly through the park....no need to go through the ship, you will save a ton of money if you book through the park. it's a 10 minute taxi ride and costs $10....easy and fun! Day 4: Belize. Goffs Caye Snorkel booked thru the ship.....too many people....getting off the ship was disorganized. Don't be afraid to go outside the gate BEHIND the part of the port OWNED by Carnival. There are real authentic people with awesome food and really handmade art just around the corner. We met a great guy, Nene, and bought a coconut, he chopped off the top, and gave us rum and lime to add to it...YUMMY!...he had some really great stories to tell! Got to meet a local artist named Collin Turner, and bought a hand carved drum....best off the beaten path trek yet. Day 5: Roatan. Booked a Victor Bodden tour as was recommended. They combined our tours, and we ended up with 28 people.....NOT fun!!!!! I will never book another tour with them unless I book a private one....we spent more time waiting than anything else. Then when we got to the snorkel/swim spot, there was no time left. We ended up splitting away and hiring our own taxi to run us around. We felt that the Mahogany Bay area was too commercialized....but it is OWNED by Carnival, so we knew there wouldn't be anything authentic about it.....once again, we ventured "outside" the gates and had a much more fulfilling time. Day 6: Grand Cayman. Booked an excursion outside of Carnival. Once again, this proved to be the best idea. Jet Skis out to stingray island, only 4 other people besides my hubby, self. Afterwards, went to the BEST snorkel spot EVER!!! Played with a lobster that was 18" long....too cool! Great excursion!. Back to port, nothing special to buy in the shops. Back to the ship to clean up for dinner. Day 7: Fun Day at Sea. Slept and watched moves and packed. Dinner as usual. Nothing Special about the food. Debarkation: Once again...seamless, quick, and easy. They will now let you carry of your own bags if you don't have too many. :) Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
We are from Southeast Tn and drove to Tampa the day before, staying at the Holiday Inn Rocky Point. Loved the convenience of parking there and being shuttled to and from the port. The price of our room was cheaper than parking at the port. ... Read More
We are from Southeast Tn and drove to Tampa the day before, staying at the Holiday Inn Rocky Point. Loved the convenience of parking there and being shuttled to and from the port. The price of our room was cheaper than parking at the port. We were on the 11am shuttle and were on the ship by 12pm. Very easy and quick. This was our second time on the Legend so we wanted to see what was new, went to the Serenity Deck and didn't leave it. Loved this added space. Spent time here everyday but one. The towel police were very good about picking up any saved chairs after 30 min. But I am an early riser and would go out and take sunrise pictures and read my book ever morning.Our cabin was ready at 1:30. We had a aft balcony cabin and this was the first time for this. Very nice but a little on the warm side because not much wind. But awesome views so it was worth it.We did anytime dining and will go back to late dining next time. We missed the personal interaction with the servers. Food was very good and we ate dinner one night at the Lido buffet and they had the same thing on the buffet that they were serving in the dining room. Breakfast was room service most mornings and then a late breakfast again on the Lido. On the sea days we ate in the Dining room for lunch and this was a treat because of our table mates. Another thing I missed about set dining time. I love meeting new people.We didn't do any of the shows this trip because we got up so early and didn't take naps so by 9 or 10 we were tired. We made ourselves stay up and out one night to see the comedy shows and they were great. Wish we had went to more of them, but with 4 ports we were wore out at night.The ports were great with Roatan being my favorite. Get away from the port area and see the real Roatan. Took a private tour of the island and fell in love.I would recommend taking a ship tour in Belize, not for the safety as I felt very safe we grabbed a local and had him walk with us and show us to the water taxi and went to Caulker Caye. Gorgeous little island off the mainland. But by taking a ship tour you get to tender first and less time waiting and not that much more expensive.Never had a long line anywhere on the ship, but I don't think the ship was sold out. Disembarking was easy, set our luggage out the night before and went to eat breakfast on the Lido about 8am. Our Zone was 11 and we were off the ship by 9. We called the Hotel and they sent the shuttle over and we were in our car and on the road to Tennessee by 10.30.We actually forgot a piece of our luggage at the terminal, and they had called us at 10.30am on our home phone to let us know. That is the number we gave them, so we had to call when we got home and have them mail our luggage to us. We didn't realize we had even left a piece. 45$ for those of you who are wondering to UPS it. We had a great time and would sail again on the Legend in a heartbeat, love the itinerary. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
I traveled on the Carnival Legend Western Mediterranean Cruise in May 2011 with my husband, 10 year old daughter and 12 year old son. We have never been on a cruise before but it seemed like a good way to pack a lot of vacation into one ... Read More
I traveled on the Carnival Legend Western Mediterranean Cruise in May 2011 with my husband, 10 year old daughter and 12 year old son. We have never been on a cruise before but it seemed like a good way to pack a lot of vacation into one week and the price in May was very reasonable. All in all, we were very pleased. The ship was comfortable and the service was quite good. Now that we've had the experience, I think a quieter ship might have been a better fit for us (we're not big drinkers or gamblers), but we always had plenty to do and had a very nice time. Kids programs: We had to travel in May because of my husband's work schedule and there were few other families with kids on board. The staff at the kids programmes seemed excellent, but my kids spent most of their time with us (there weren't enough other kids to make it fun for them). The older teens in the kids programme seemed to be having a great time. Activities: Drinking and gambling were among the more popular activities with the other guests, but the crowd was very friendly and there was no real rowdiness. We went on an excursions at every port, so were out during the day. On sail days, the pools were crowded and it was hard to find a table on the lido deck for lunch (I suggest having an early lunch in the dining room and going to the pool in the afternoon - it's less crowded than in the morning). We were a bit bored on the last day as there were not many activities and the pool closed at 7:00. There was a lot of bingo, shopping talks and art and jewellery sales - not my thing but they seemed popular. We liked the mini-golf on the 10th deck. Decor: Our cabin (extended balcony) was surprisingly functional for such a small space. The pull-down bed was plenty big for my tall 10 year old and the sofa was fine for my 12 year old. The bed was comfortable but I don't know why they call it a king - it's the same size as my queen at home. The decor in the public areas is a little over the top, but fun for a vacation. The main lobby and lounge areas are quite impressive. The whole ship is clean and comfortable. Food: The food in the dining room is very good (comparable to what you would get in a nice hotel) and there is a lot of variety. Outside of the dining room, the food is good and plentiful but not particularly elegant - sandwiches, hamburgers, fried chicken, pizza, etc. The deli sandwiches are very good and my kids liked the pizza. During lunch and dinner hours there is more variety at the various food stations. The sushi bar is only open from 5:15 to 8:15 so not much good if you have a 6:00 dinner. Some of the sushi choices seemed strange to me (one night he had only eggplant sushi and a checkerboard sushi with sashimi and tofu). I would have liked to see a few more snack options available during the off hours between meals (like fruit or something to go with a cup of tea), but I certainly didn't go hungry and room service is always available. We bought a wine package (5 bottles for $110) which made our dinner wine quite reasonable - this wine was okay if nothing special. More expensive packages are also available. If you don't finish a bottle, or if you want both a red and a white open, the waiter will put the leftovers away until the next night. Drinks from the bar average $6.5 - $7.00 (including the automatic tip). We brought our own wine (2 bottles) and 2 - 12 packs of pop on board. We we went to shows we bought a glass of wine and the kids brought a can pop from our cabin, which cut down on our bar tab. If you are going on a lot of excursions, I recommend bringing a reusable metal water bottle and filling it with ice and water on the ship before you go. Entertainment: We saw two stage shows, two comedians, a juggler, a motown-style singer and a Legend karaoke show staring other guests. The quality was fair to good (I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5) and the 45 minute length of most shows was just right. There was a wide variety of music in the various lounges (country, blues, rock). Service: I definitely got the feeling that every staff member was working hard to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. I didn't like our first table in the dining room (right by the entrance) but the maitre D asked if we would mind switching with an elderly couple and after that we were very happy. Our waitress was lovely and our cabin was kept clean. Every staff member we met was friendly and polite. Value: There is a fair amount of selling on the cruise (jewellery, the steak house, art, photos, etc.) but I didn't feel pressured. If you can resist the sales pitches and keep your bar bill under control, the cruise itself is a bargain. The cost for the four of us was under $4000 ($2400 for the cruise, $1000 for excursions, $300 for tips and a few hundred on drinks and incidentals). We had a lot of fun and new experiences for the money we spent. By way of comparison, air fare for 4 from Toronto to Tampa was almost $2000 and was absolutely bare bones. Next time, I would like to try a slightly more upscale cruise, but Carnival is a lot of fun for a good price. Cozumel excursion: we went on the Talum ruins excursion sold through Carnival. The trip to and from the ruins is long (1/2 hour boat ride plus 1 hour bus ride), but I was glad I saw them. The ruins are fascinating and our tour guide was very knowledgeable. The little beach at Tulum is beautiful. The only downside to this excursion is that it isn't long enough. After the boat ride, bus ride and 1/2 hour shopping break disguised as a rest stop, we had less than 3 hours at the ruins. The guided talk took 45 minutes, we swam for 45 minutes (we were ready to drop from the heat at that point), then had less than an hour to see the ruins and run back to the bus. We would have liked to buy something to eat, but there was no time (we did get peanuts and water on the bus). All and all, Talum is nice to see, but it is a lot of travelling for a short time there. Belize excursion: we took the Cave Tubing, A Fun Adventure excursion, sold through Carnival. I have wanted to see Belize for a long time and chose cave tubing so I could see the caves as well as some of the countryside. I must say, I was disappointed. Belize is terribly poor and the drive to the cave tubing was depressing. Belize City itself is in bad shape and I didn't feel very safe there (although the tourist area is patrolled and I'm sure it is safe during the day). The cave tubing itself was interesting and I liked the experience, but the bus ride is an hour and a half each way for an hour spent in the caves. Added to the cost of the excursion is locker rental - $7, food - $2 for a small taco or bottle of water, and a good tip for the guide (tip big, these guys work hard to make the experience fun). I also tipped our guides on the bus even though they weren't particularly knowledgeable - after seeing the way people live in Belize I was feeling more than a little guilty. In Belize, I recommend buying excursions through the cruise ship - this isn't a place where you want to be left on your own. Roatan excursion: we took the Maya Key excursion sold through Carnival. This was my favourite excursion of the trip. Maya Key is a private island and very well maintained. There is a wild life sanctuary with jaguars and exotic birds and a lovely little museum and replica of a Mayan ruin. The beach is small but quite nice and there is also a fresh water pool. Snorkeling equipment is available to rent for $25. Lunch was a buffet with chicken, fish, rice and beans, salad and plantain chips. You can only go through once, but they gave us plenty of food and it was very tasty. There is free water and iced tea and a cash bar for other drinks. This excursion was very relaxing and my children loved seeing the animals. Grand Cayman excursion: we took the Discover Cayman - Stingrays, Hell and Turtle Farm excursion sold through Carnival. Tendering on Grand Cayman takes a long time and we lined up at 9:45 for our 10:45 excursion. We got to the port at 10:15 and stood in the sun until 11:00 before our tour was called (the tour operator is Kelly's tours). Then, we sat on a bus for another 15 minutes while they tried to round up stragglers. Once the tour started, our guide was funny and knowledgeable. We spent 10 minutes in Hell, and drove by a few landmarks on the way to the Turtle Farm. We stopped at the rum factory and bought some snacks ($2.25 for a beef patty and $3.50 for a small rum cake - both were good). We had a 20 minute guided tour at the turtle farm and the chance to hold turtles. It was interesting but rushed. The guide gave us 20 minutes to buy lunch, but we chose to see more of the turtle farm on our own (we were glad we'd bought the snacks earlier). We then drove 10 or 15 minutes and caught the boat to Stingray City. Our stingray guides were great. They went out of their way to be sure that everyone got to hold and kiss a stingray (kissing its snout is supposed to bring good luck) and were very entertaining. The scenery on the boat ride was beautiful. The guides apologized that we only had an hour, but it seemed like plenty of time. This excursion was nice in that we saw a lot of Grand Cayman, but the Hell and Turtle Farm segments were rushed. The turtle farm has other areas that we didn't see (a lagoon and snorkeling, I believe). If I were to do excursions on Grand Cayman again, I would either do the long tour at the Turtle Farm or the combo Snorkeling and Stingray excursion. Grand Cayman itself seems very safe and I think it would be fine to buy a private excursion here, the only caveat is that the last tender to the ship is at 5:00, so you would have to watch the clock. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Having never cruised before, I prepared myself for the little things that I thought might annoy me, so I didn't let those things ruin my trip. I expected lines and there were lines. You sort of have to expect that when you're ... Read More
Having never cruised before, I prepared myself for the little things that I thought might annoy me, so I didn't let those things ruin my trip. I expected lines and there were lines. You sort of have to expect that when you're on a ship with 2000 other travelers. I also assumed at least a portion of the passengers would be unable to behave like civilized members of society; that seems to happen pretty much everywhere we go these days, unfortunately! So, although ultimately we felt the cruise was just so-so, we still had a good time.I'm just going to hit the high points:1. The ship's decor is really tacky, but who cares? It was clean and the employees work like crazy to keep it from looking like a pigsty. The only area that was nasty (in my opinion) was the Serenity area for adults. The foam fabric cushions in this area were stained and kind of gross.2. There is no conditioner. I received conflicting information on this point when I tried to research it on line, but they have body wash and shampoo. It's not a big deal, because I had brought some with me and they sell it in the gift shop, but just FYI. I thought the body wash and shampoo smelled good.3. We had trouble at two ports - Belize and Mahogany Bay. Belize was handled very poorly by Carnival. We followed the instructions about getting there early and still were late for our excursion (after being told by a Carnival employee we would have plenty of time to get there). When we finally reached the table for check in, I remarked that our excursion group left a couple minutes ago, and the Carnival employee told me that "you better run". Nice. There were hundreds of people in line, and Carnival had two employees set up at a table. That needs to be re-done. And it wasn't just us - there were probably 15 of us that ended up being put into a different tour group because we were all late getting ashore.4. At the Mahogany Bay excursion, we unfortunately got a terrible tour guide who spent most of her time talking to her friends instead of actually acting like a tour guide. We waited 20 minutes for her to finish her lunch before we got going. They told us we had to leave our bags in the bus because we had signed up for the ziplining, but when we finally got down to where the buses where (for some reason, Gumbalina Park employees hold you up at the top of the hill and won't let you go down before they're good and ready - and I even asked because we (and another couple) were split up from our original group), our bus was gone. My boyfriend came unglued - there we are in Honduras with no passport, no sign and sail card, no money. They did eventually locate our bags, but there were six of us who ended up on a different bus ride back than our original tour group. And there was one couple who didn't even get on that bus, so I don't know when how they got back. Gumbalina Park was horrible. There was a lot of waiting around and it was very disorganized.5. We did Stingray City in the Caymans, and it was pretty crowded. There were too many people in our group to really enjoy the rays. 6. Most of our tours ended up lasting much of the day (whether they were scheduled that way or not), so except for the Caymans, we didn't have the opportunity to really look around the ports. We'd end up getting back on the ship around 4 and of course we were starving because no lunch was provided, and head to the Lido deck. FYI - they close the Lido Buffet at around 3, I think. There's a grill that stays open that serves burgers, chicken fingers, fries, that kind of thing, which is what we mostly ended up eating, and that was okay.7. You have to wait in line for the Lido buffet for breakfast, and it's semi-tough to find a table. I know you can eat in the MDR for breakfast, but it opens later, and we typically didn't have time to go there before we'd have to get off the ship. So, we'd find a table, my boyfriend would sit there to "save' it, and I'd go off to get my breakfast. When I got back to the table, I'd eat my breakfast while he went to go get his food. By the time he got back, I would have already had time to finish my meal, so we really didn't get to "eat together" and that kind of sucked.8. We had a balcony, but our neighbors on both sides were smokers, so we didn't really get to enjoy it much. We really weren't out there a whole bunch, so I don't know if they were out there all the time, or if it was just a coincidence that every time we went out there, they were out there lighting up. I wish they'd let you choose "smoking" or "nonsmoking" and group them together accordingly. Our neighbors were also very loud, screaming at each other back and forth. And to top it off, the neighbors to our left were drunk for most of the cruise (laying in the hallway one evening - classy!), and one member of their party squatted and peed on their balcony while I was out there. (There's a glass partition that reflects your neighbors.) Unbelievable.9. We had obnoxious people on two of our excursions. My boyfriend says I'm an "a@@hole magnet". :-)The ice cream was awesome. We liked our tablemates. I have moderate motion sickness, and I did have to take some dramamine a few nights. Couple evenings were pretty choppy. If I were to go again, I'd try to get a patch or seasickness bands instead. I can't really review the food, because I have the palate of fourth grader, so all that "fancy" food didn't particularly appeal to me, but I didn't starve. :-) So, in summary, I'd cruise again, but it wouldn't be my first choice of travel, and I think I'd probably like to try another cruise line. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Carnival Legend Ratings
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Cabin 4.0 N/A
Dining 3.5 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 3.5 4.2
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 4.5 4.0
Shore Excursions 3.5 N/A
Enrichment Activities 2.0 N/A
Service 4.0 4.4
Value for Money 4.0 N/A

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