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DH and I went out of Cape Liberty on 7/6/14 on the Summit. Embarkation was the easiest ever. We drove down on Sunday morning, parked the car and were on the boat by 11am. Once on the ship we were escorted to BLU for a nice brunch. As ... Read More
DH and I went out of Cape Liberty on 7/6/14 on the Summit. Embarkation was the easiest ever. We drove down on Sunday morning, parked the car and were on the boat by 11am. Once on the ship we were escorted to BLU for a nice brunch. As always the food did not disappoint. This was the case during the entire cruise. We were in an Aqua Class cabin on Deck 9. Our Cabin Steward, Michael was the best. He was available and helped when asked. Our cabin was kept very clean throughout the cruise. We did not use room service at all during this cruise. The ship is small compared to some of the other ships we have been on but it was a very intimate setting and easy to get around. No lines at the elevators. All the staff that we met during the week went above and beyond to say "hello", "how are you today" , and "have a nice day". My mantra is everyone you come across appreciates a "hello" said with a smile. Ken Mills was the Cruise Director on this sailing. We did not see him much around the ship but we spent our days by the pool in the Solarium. He seemed to enjoy his job and the shows were very well done. The weather the entire week was fabulous. The Captain remarked at one point that if it was any better it " would be illegal". He had a great sense of humor. Bermuda is a beautiful place and the beaches were amazing. The first day we took the ferry to St. George's and got on " The Fun Bus" with Reggie, the tour operator who took us out to Clearwater Beach. It was 10.00 dollars round trip and so worth it. There were only four people on the beach. There was also a place there to get food and drinks run by Marlin who was great to talk to. I would highly recommend this over Horseshoe Bay where their were about 3000 people. The next day we took the bus out to Daniel's Head Beach to do a paddle board tour that I booked with Larry, from SurfSup. This was so much fun. The beach was small but the area was beautiful. We saw sea turtles and rays. There was also a great place to get drinks and lunch there as well called SUDS. Dayle runs this and he is a chef. Food was amazing as was the Swizzle drink. We also did the obligatory trip to Front Street in Hamilton and walked around and did some shopping at the Harbor Nights Festival. They had many local arts and crafts which were reasonably priced. We had great weather the entire three days. We ate at BLU every night and the food and service was over the top. Such a relaxing atmosphere. All of the waitstaff, Andres, Rambo, Alex, Jon, Collins, Edguardo, Juan, Albert, Luis and others who I have missed were amazing. The Maître D whose name I have forgotten was always available as well and assisted his waitstaff which I liked. In the afternoons we would sit and read in Cafe Bacio with a cup of tea and a pastry. I think I tried most of them during the week. We did use the gym which was packed on sea days but if you went in the afternoon it was not crowded. Disembarkation was also the easiest ever. We walked off the ship at 8:00 am went through customs and where in the car by 8:30 am. This was a great cruise and one we would do again in a heartbeat. Celebrity you WOWED us again.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
Just off Summit cruise to Bermuda. We too found the entire experience to be excellent. Celebrity may have dispensed with the chocolates but they have certainly ramped up the food and service which was always very good but is now ... Read More
Just off Summit cruise to Bermuda. We too found the entire experience to be excellent. Celebrity may have dispensed with the chocolates but they have certainly ramped up the food and service which was always very good but is now outstanding. MDR is so much better than two cruises ago. Excellent menu and preparation. The Oceanview Cafe has also improved. We loved the prepared small serving dishes. No one pawing through the food. Seems much more sanitary and the food is presented well. Just a note about the Main Dining Room, also known as Cosmopolitan: They did enforce the dress code every night. No shorts were allowed in the MDR. Two men in our party who were dressed nicely with collared shirts and Bermuda shorts were requested to change on two different nights. We also saw others being turned away.[U] I like that they are enforcing the dress code [/U]as it is too confusing if they are not consistent. We really thought Bermuda shorts might be acceptable in Bermuda!:D I also want to comment on the complimentary drink package which all of the adults in our group had. They loved it and found plenty of drinks they could choose from. They were abundantly served. There is no daily limit and of course juice and bottled water were included along with many special coffees. This was the 1 2 3 Go package and was a good choice if you are a drinker.:cool: The Summit is a nicely refurbished older ship which is really beautiful, with a great Captain who is very funny, a great and friendly crew, good food and a great destination in Bermuda. We will be back on her in the fall...love those Canada/New England cruises. It was one of our best cruises because of all of the above but in addition we had with us our three children with their spouses and all seven of our grandchildren ages 14 to 27 who found this ship wonderful. It was their third cruise so they had something to compare it to. Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
My wife and I are booked for our third Cruise to Bermuda as we enjoy the island and really like Celebrity and particularly the Summit. If you are traveling with children, you may want to look at a different cruise option such as Royal ... Read More
My wife and I are booked for our third Cruise to Bermuda as we enjoy the island and really like Celebrity and particularly the Summit. If you are traveling with children, you may want to look at a different cruise option such as Royal Caribbean. On the Summit, you will find wonderful food, entertainment and great places to hang out and just relax, but you will not find zip-lines and pools with fancy slides. These are all great accommodations, but for a different type of cruising experience. With this said. the Summit is still child friendly and has some things for kids to do. Overall, this cruise is a great way to spend a vacation or some time away if you like to be treated with respect, enjoy great food and want to just enjoy a nice trip to an island you will find welcoming, clean and safe. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
First we purchased this cruise for 5 days and had the best time of our lives. Then we won a cruise from GNA 107.5. Donated by Yankee Trailes. What a great surprise that was. It gave us more time to explore the Bermuda Island. Now ... Read More
First we purchased this cruise for 5 days and had the best time of our lives. Then we won a cruise from GNA 107.5. Donated by Yankee Trailes. What a great surprise that was. It gave us more time to explore the Bermuda Island. Now I'm hoping to go to the Caribean Islands. Soon, I hope!!! These cruises are well worth the money. Food was so good, it was so hard to not over eat. The people servicing the cruse are all very polite and ready to serve you at any time. There is a lot of night life, with shows, art sales, dancing, dinner with the Captain. There is also a casino on the cruise, which was very enjoyable for us. There are many bar in the ship if you wish to just sit around and have a few drinks. You can also use the hot tub or swimming pool any time you want. within their time frame of opening and closing. Git it a try, Guaranteed to please every one!!! Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
We are frequent cruisers-36 in all. age 36 in All. -Age 77 and 79. the ship docks port side. We got aqua class last minute and only paid &200 for deck 9. Deck 9 has an overhang and a post called an obstruction but not a problem. Hose ... Read More
We are frequent cruisers-36 in all. age 36 in All. -Age 77 and 79. the ship docks port side. We got aqua class last minute and only paid &200 for deck 9. Deck 9 has an overhang and a post called an obstruction but not a problem. Hose paver, you get no sun. We were on starboard side so did not see port. Ship needs lots of work. The balcony was filthy and could not see out of the glass nor out of the dining room windows.the wee full of Lots of repairs were going on at port days and the sunset bar was closed for two days, plus ceilings being pulled down. Keys didn't work 6 times and safe once. Inconvenient to spend an hour in your room while they change a battery and go down to deck 3 to get a new key. Aqua class, our take. You get the Persian garden, hot and wet sauna, Turkish bath and heated seat for about six. Two bottles of water a day and iced tea and canapés that are terrible. Stopped them- You get to eat in Blu for breakfast and dinner. Menu is limited. Didn't know you could ask for shrimp cocktail or escargots till afterwards. Fillet mignonette and short ribs were delicious Rest of menu so do,good, fast service, very quiet. Tables are for two, close enough to talk to other table for two. Personally I didn't like the appetizers. Different, maybe you They did not fill the water glasses. Water tastes funky.don't expect veggies or potatoes, small portions . If you go to regular dining room, there is always a very long line. Noisy in there and seems choir if. Shortage of staff and they have too many tables to wait on.food choices better though.Be very cautious about internet. Total ripoff. Prices are high. They have classes on ipad and if you leave it on while they are teaching you are paying 60 minutes each class. It takes a half hour to send one picture. You have to remember to turn off or time keeps running. I ended up with an internet bill of $333. Shows were excellent. Best we have seen on any ship. Don't miss them.last night was just a repeat.Troop shows were wonderful.Ken, the. Cruise director is funny and good. The best things for us were things we did on our own. We went to Somerset to Woody's...on the internet. Had 3 beers and two bermuda triangles for $16. Best wahoo fis sandwich for$10 and conch fritters also for $10.best day. Talked with the natives and walked around, saw turrets where they washed the prisoners. Was a great day.get bus for $ 2.50 in back of craft market. Takes10 minutes.other was on the internet.a snorkeling trip, we did before. Restless native. Pick up right at ship $60.serve hot chocolate chip cookies and rum swizzle a. Captain tells you history of island and houses. Another great day.Regarding aqua class, if I had to pay full price I would not do it. It is not worth it., but only my opinion. Buffet is always crowded. The ri. Out of pizza in5 minutes.after they open at noon. Then you have to wait.not good planning. Food is now served in baskets. I liked that. Grill Hamburgs are good size and come with fries in the basket. No food at all in the afternoon.when you come back from a tour nothing is open and you are hungry. Never heard of that. They open for snacks at9:30. That was crazy.aqua spa was cereal, fruit and strange mini muffins in the morning. Not enough for me. And no skim milk. Go figure. Lunch was salad, and sometimes tuna plate. Loved the halos therapy pool, nice and warm. Strange chairs around it, your feet hang down, not comfortable.The ship is old, needs lots of repairs. Next time we would do solstice class. We are elite and do like the happy hour.There is a.craft fair in Gphamilton Wednight night. Nothing much, jewelry, picture, souvenirs, etc. but one really nice store, the English Shop. Nice To decide on aqua class I would never pay full price but maybe for you if you like quiet dinners, good service. Tables for two.you be your judge and jury.Have a good vacation and hope some of this info helped you. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Our family was on the same cruise and had an excellent time. Lots of positives and only a few improvements would make the cruise outstanding. But understanding to economic climate and budget constraints of doing more with less, I was very ... Read More
Our family was on the same cruise and had an excellent time. Lots of positives and only a few improvements would make the cruise outstanding. But understanding to economic climate and budget constraints of doing more with less, I was very happy. Just had to readjust my expectation level from the good old days of cruising. Buffet - I love the change in buffet. It is definitely a positive move in reducing the spreading of germs. The usual sneeze guards plus an additional vertical guard are an excellent addition. So it helped prevent folks from picking and digging through the trays and only pick from the front. Many dishes were pre-portioned in small dishes and baskets, very much like tapas or dim sum. Again this helped keep things to be more clean and reduce the number of people touching the same serving spoon. There were always helpful attendants ready to help serve something that was tough to reach, never had a problem. Another benefit was looking around the dining room, there looked to be a lot less waste of leftover food on trays. Soups, oatmeal, and grits were served by the buffet attendant, so sometimes there was a 5 min wait but never excessive. Breads were portioned and wrapped in paper, and dessert was always served by an attendant. I noticed that the fruit was usually self scoop, I actually would recommend also having it put in bowls since the watermelon always looked crushed from people digging. Pizza service was a little slow but the attendant was excellent,I would place my order and go get my drink. And by the time I came back she had set aside my order for me to pick up. Kids loved the create your own pasta station. The attendant was super friendly and even helped me encourage the kids to add veggies. Loved her! Grill- would have liked to have turkey and veggie burgers already made like the hot dogs and hamburgers to encouraged healthy eating choices. Husband and I like veggie burgers but because of the wait for cook to order we often chose the faster option of red meat. Would have loved the option of grilled chicken for burger or even to too a salad. A must try is the buffet located in the solarium. Healthy options for soups and salads. They also had a selection of grilled mango and pineapple topped with honey yogurt. So yummy. I love the new change especially seeing so many people not use the hand sanitizer before going into the buffet. I hope they implement this for all celebrity and RCL ships. Lounge chairs- Looks like the ship also got brand new lounge chairs. The pool attendant said they were very expensive and only got them a couple weeks ago. His face looked so sad when we saw a bunch of young kids running down the deck using the lounge chairs as mini trampolines. My husband and parents loved the lounge chairs so much they were trolling the internet to buy some for our house. Dining room- Our family also realized after trying anytime seating on RCL and select seating on Celebrity that it's just not for us. The service level between main seating and select seating is dramatic. Prepaid tipping has made service levels extremely poor in the dining room. I remember cruising before prepaid tipping when the assistant waiters from main dining would keep an eye out for you during breakfast and lunch the buffet and offer assistance and get a warm greeting. Needless to say, that is long gone. In select dining, the food was excellent. The wait times between courses was ridiculously slow. On the last night we waited 45 min to get served dessert. And since we ordered multiple starters, the waiter placed all the starters on the table at once. Very different from the main dining where the waiter would have you finish each starter and then place the next one down when you finished. We like to eat family style so it wasn't a huge problem, but I could see how others might feel it is a problem. The specialty restaurants were excellent. Food was excellent and so was service. The only annoying part was I had tried to change my reservation time to an earlier time and they said the time was not available. But upon entering the restaurant, there were empty tables everywhere. So definitely not a lack of tables but rather a lack of staffing to provide service. Normandie is a must do. Qsine is a cute concept, but I would rather they focus on the food rather and the over the top presentation. Entertainment - The shows were good. The cruise musical productions were excellent. The special guest was ok, just not what I was interested in. My kids loved watching the DJ and percussionist every night before bedtime from Cafe Bacio and eating a 2nd dessert. The pianist was awesome! The afternoon pool DJ was fun. One afternoon he mixed together a string of pop country songs and it was fun. Pools- Pools and hot tubs were fun and kids loved it. Only complaint is that there were a bunch of old ladies that liked standing in the kids pool that kept telling all the kids to stop splashing or being too loud. I finally had to tell them that this was the only kids pool on the ship and that they can go soak in the other 2 adult only pools and told my 6 yr old and his friends they could do cannonballs to make my point. They left and I was cheered by the other moms and dad's at the pool. Of course then the cannonballs stopped. Safety first. ;) Fitness- I wanted to sign up for spin classes but by the time I got there to sign up around 1pm, the list was full and wait list was 10 deep. I would have loved to do the spin classes since I spin 3-4 days a week at home. We had a great time and would do this cruise again. The weather was beautiful. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
My friend and I, two 24 year-old women, chose Celebrity because we have both cruised it before and were looking for a low-key, relaxing trip with excellent food and service. Overwhelmingly, this cruise met our expectations. Arrival in ... Read More
My friend and I, two 24 year-old women, chose Celebrity because we have both cruised it before and were looking for a low-key, relaxing trip with excellent food and service. Overwhelmingly, this cruise met our expectations. Arrival in Bayonne was a breeze - once we got to the port, that is. Signage was extremely unclear and confusing, but that is on Cape Liberty and not Celebrity. Once we got to the port, around 11:45, we were on the ship within fifteen minutes. The room (2089) was what we expected - an outside cabin (no veranda), pretty sizable and clean. We were expecting bathrobes in the room, but Celebrity does not provide them now until you call and ask. Our toilet didn't flush initially, but we called and it was fixed within an hour. The food was awesome. I read all of the reviews in the weeks leading up to the cruise and was worried about the buffet. I have to say, it's like the past reviewers were on a different ship. The buffet was excellent - delicious food, a wide variety of choices, and the only time it was overcrowded was on the first day, which is to be expected (although I do work in Times Square so maybe my standards for "crowds" is a little different than other people's). I loved the mini-basket concept! And the food was most certainly not dried up. I have very high standards for food and I was not disappointed by the offerings at the buffet. The MDR experience for us was wonderful. Our waiter, SOE, assistant waiter, DAVID ROY, and sommelier, NELSON, were all excellent. They took care of us not only in the dining room, but at the breakfast and lunch buffet as well, when we saw them there. We had great tablemates, and the food in the MDR surpassed expectations. By the end, we were all ordering two entrees each because we wanted to try everything! We got the classic beverage package with the 1-2-3 GO promotion, and it was definitely worth it. There were some limitations, but nothing that really affected us greatly (read: I don't need evian water over generic, and I'm also fine with Absolut as opposed to Grey Goose). Basically any drink at Café al Bacio was included on the classic package, which was definitely a highlight for us! I'm going to miss my daily cappuccinos. My only issue re: drinks was that I was forced to carry around my driver's license since I was ID'd basically every single time I ordered a drink. I understand why, but it was very annoying. We never had trouble finding two lounge chairs together at the pool. Again, my standards for what constitutes a crowd might be different than other people's, but I never felt like there were "too many" people around. You have to give a little lee-way when you're sharing a space with 2,500 other people, but crowds, even at the pool on sea days, were never a real problem for us. As far as entertainment, there was always something to do. We went to some of the shows - Roz Ryan, Ed Regine, one original production, the Sin City comedy show, and the last night variety thing - and were very entertained. The original production we saw, Sirens, was crazy! The singers and dancers were incredible, but the play itself was wacky. Celebrity might want to think about doing actual musicals as opposed to this. KEN and LUIGI (Cruise Director and Entertainment Director, I believe) were great, we always enjoyed their commentaries, and there were plenty of activities during the day and at night. I loved karaoke with MIKE (I think he was the Activities Director). He was hilarious! Bermuda, it goes without saying, was incredible. We hit up Hamilton, St. George's, and Horseshoe Bay Beach, and wasn't disappointed by any of them. Disembarkation was very easy as well - after reading previous reviews we decided to go with the "Self-Assist" option. The only issue was snagging an elevator to get down to the gangway! We were off the ship and through customs in literally five minutes. It was a very smooth process. Overall, this was a great cruise. It was interesting to me that Celebrity has cut some of the things that I classify as "classic cruise" things, like bathrobes in the room and the baked alaska parade in the MDR (there was still baked alaska and still a parade, but separate). The worst thing, for us, was that they no longer put a piece of chocolate on your pillow at turn-down! It seems to me that the cost of that could not possibly be exorbitant enough to justify cutting it. We were very disappointed, since that was something both of us were looking forward to. However, it was clearly a great overall experience if our biggest criticism is that Celebrity no longer gives you chocolate every night at turn-down! Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Review of the Celebrity Summit 6/29/2014 - 7 night Bermuda I booked this cruise fairly last minute (approx. 1 month from sailing). This cruise was my second choice; I had cruised on the NCL Breakway 5/11/14 to Bermuda and had hoped to ... Read More
Review of the Celebrity Summit 6/29/2014 - 7 night Bermuda I booked this cruise fairly last minute (approx. 1 month from sailing). This cruise was my second choice; I had cruised on the NCL Breakway 5/11/14 to Bermuda and had hoped to return to her for this date as well, but prices dictated the final choice. About me: This was my 2nd Celebrity cruise; I had cruised on the Solstice last summer to Alaska and thoroughly enjoyed her. I generally cruise on Royal Caribbean mostly, but will cruise any of the lines (usually 2x/year), having cruised on 4 different lines in the past 6 months (RCCL, CCL, NCL and Celebrity). Please excuse if the review jumps around a little. Embarkation at Cape Liberty was easy, although the wait was longer than we are accustomed to; we arrived at about 12:30pm. Since this was last minute, we were cruising in an oceanview, no special treatment in the lines; they did have a separate security line for concierge and above, so if you were booked in one of those cabins, you got to go to the shorter line. We got through security after about a 20 minute wait, and then once to the main check-in area, they did further breakdown the lines based on your status; we are Select, so got to go in a shorter line, although it still was at least a 20+ minute wait. Check-in was quick once we got to the desk, we got our cards and headed for the ship, where we were able to embark pretty quickly (we were greeted w/ champagne or mimosas). We headed to our cabin and dropped off our things and headed to lunch. I should have gone with my original instinct and gone to Bistro on 5 for lunch, because the Oceanview Café was the usual embarkation day chaos, magnified x 10 due to the ‘new’ trial concept they have implemented on the Summit. If you have not heard – the new ‘concept’ is that all food is now individually portioned in small silver pans, dishes. There are no chafing dishes for you to serve yourself. You have to choose from the pre-made meals that they have available. Some say they have gone to this to decrease incidences of the norovirus; others say it’s to get away from the ‘buffet’ concept and go to a sleeker, more-hip or inviting concept; to me it’s like an old style cafeteria; nothing fancy about it in my opinion. They still had a self-service cold salad bar, in addition to the staff making your salad bar. The verdict? I disliked it for a number of reasons (which I will get into below). Again, my opinion; I cruise a lot and know what I like and don’t like; that doesn’t mean you will agree – it’s all about personal preference, and we all have ours, especially those of us who have been cruising for a while. The ship… Smaller than I am used to, but public areas are typical celebrity and they were clean and did not seem in disrepair. The outside areas did show a lot of age – railings were old, rusty and with many layers of paint. Our room was an oceanview cabin on deck 6 forward, starboard side. The room in our floor was soft in main traffic areas and you sank at least an inch and almost twisted your ankle or lost your balance when you walked on it. I found a few other areas like this around the ship – especially in the MDR and Casino walkway. I almost fell when my heel got stuck on formal night. Told the cabin steward and he was not very helpful; told the loyalty host Ashley and she was going to report it. I can’t see how something like that can wait until a 2016 refurb; accident waiting to happen. We joked the entire cruise that we were going to end up on deck 5 one day… We had to visit the loyalty desk because our cabin steward never delivered our coupons and welcome letter; we ended up missing the first get-together and the wine tasting. grrr Entertainment… We went to most of the headline production shows aside from 1, which was a musical performer we didn’t think we would be interested in. The production shows were more entertaining than most I’ve seen recently, so I give them a thumbs up. They also had a guest entertainer – The Tenors of Rock – they were an act on X Factor UK last year. They were good; did mostly popular rock songs and some ‘a cappella’. They had a comedienne one night – Michelle Balan from Last Comic Standing; I didn’t care for her style. The Sin City Comedy on the other hand was very funny; they did that up in the Revelations Lounge. Musical Performers – There was a piano guy, an acoustic guy and then a musical group with 4 people I believe. The piano guy did a lot of Billy Joel, Elton John; The acoustic guy did a little of everything; the musical group I really didn’t see much of due to conflicts. The guys were pretty good. Something that disappointed me – all of the musical groups stopped playing at 10:45pm; it was disappointing since I had late dining, so I barely got to see a half hour of them; I find on most other lines they keep the performers going until at least midnight. I usually like to go listen to live music and have a few drinks until midnight or so; couldn’t do that here. So, most evenings we were forced to go up to revelations; they did 70s and 80s themed music some nights which was fine by me of course; and then late night club/techno music after midnight usually. They seemed to be trying to please the younger crowd rather than their demographic average cruiser. Even the music in the buffet and MDR was off; sometimes weird techno that was annoying. Overall, entertainment outside of the production shows was average; I had so much more fun on the Breakaway when I sailed on her 5/11/14 sailing. Oceanview Café – aka the Buffet After 2 months of this ‘trial’, you would expect kinks would be worked out and they would have it running a little more smoothly than what I saw; this was not the case. When you arrive, you can stop and get a little tray; when I say little – I mean little; you can fit quite a few of the pre-portioned meals on your tray, but if you put a plate on it; you can’t fit anything else really except some silverware. The tray sometimes come with little anti-skid mats (which really don’t work); but not always. When the dishes get on your tray, they slide all over the place. God forbid someone cuts in front of you and you have to stop short (not that this would EVER happen at a cruise buffet….lol); everything goes sliding off of the tray. This happened once to my traveling companion; no staff around to even help him clean it up. The Food: Some of the meals are pre-portioned with meat/veggies/starch; so you can’t just choose to have some fish, or get some veggies; you have to take the whole thing just to get one thing that you might want. I find this to be a very wasteful concept for this sort of thing (some things it does work for) but if I want a piece of fish, or maybe just some plain white rice; that is not an option because it’s all comingled together in a cute little pre-portioned pan. I feel very sorry for people who have any special dietary needs or food allergies; this would be a true nightmare honestly. They also have little ‘baskets’ of food – like a small version of a basket you would use to deep-fry your food. They line it with paper and put food it in. Mostly I saw fish and chips, French fries, burritos and such in this type of presentation. Again, I didn’t like it – why you say? Well, because, the baskets are small and exactly fit the food within. If you want tartar sauce or salsa for your item you have to plop it on top of the item. There are 2 things wrong with this – 1) you only get the condiment on the end that sticks up in the basket – there are no little cups to put your condiment in; 2) in order to eat said food – you have to either try to eat it in the basket which isn’t really feasible, since they are so small, or you take it out and plop it on your tray so you are eating on the paper. What’s wrong with this? Well, first of all they have some foods that aren’t finger-foods set up like this; I don’t like eating some things without utensils – so you either eat with your fingers (there goes that reduction of norovirus theory) or pull it out of the basket and put it on said tray or the table; what’s wrong with that? Well, I booked a Celebrity cruise, not a trip to my local McDonald’s where you would expect to eat food on paper wrappings on a tray. One day my fingers were greasy from eating with my fingers and my beverage glass just slipped right out of my grasp and made quite a mess Why not get a plate you might ask? Well, after I’ve stood in line and ran around the buffet for 15 minutes to get said food, I don’t feel like getting up a 3rd or 4th time. Plus, finding plates is not that easy (and foot traffic is unmanageable at times). They are usually only available in areas where staff are serving you (ie carving stations, salad station, pizza, etc). Celebrity’s reasoning for doing this new trial concept is supposedly so they can have the meals eaten as the chefs intend for them to be… so all the flavors and such aren’t bastardized by people making a mess of the chafing trays. I can see this concept working with a combination of self-serve items and pre-portioned items. I’m not totally opposed. For example – they did shepherd’s pie one day – it worked for that (although the portion was too big IMO); it works for the paella so people aren’t digging out all the good things and leaving just the rice for the next person; it worked for the burritos, fajitas, etc. when they put them in the silver dishes as opposed to a basket (again the condiment issue and eating w/ fingers issue); they also did mini veggie lasagna’s one day and mac and cheese another; so for some things it does work, but for many it doesn’t IMO. For the pre-portioned salads – it also worked, but for some, the serving size was much too large and created a lot of waste. The cous cous salad was in a large glass dish and if I was serving myself, I would have only taken a small spoonful. The whole area is very disorganized – especially condiments and such. They have carved meats and no au jus or gravy until we complained. The condiments they had for the carved meats? Ketchup, mustard, mayo in serving dishes – but no little condiment dishes to put it in. The pizza area was staff served; the problem is they couldn’t keep up the supply of pizza even at low traffic times; it was pitiful honestly. It was almost always empty no matter what time of day you went. The make your own pasta bar area – lines were very long most of the time; I tried it once and found the alfredo sauce to be very salty (as was a lot of the food onboard; I like salt, but I found much of the food to be way too salty; no wonder we all get cankles). *One thing they need to add to the Pasta Bar is an ‘start’ area with instructions. Many people didn’t realize that you had to choose your own ingredients because they started on the left side of the bar and just got pasta; the crew member cooking the food never asked people who just ordered pasta if they wanted some ingredients (ie shrimp, prosciutto, mushrooms, etc…). Having a Starting point with a small sign that says – 1) choose the ingredients you want 2) choose your pasta 3)choose your sauce – would be extremely helpful to newbies who have never visited a pasta bar like this before. The Panini area was another disappointing area; always empty and unable to keep up with the demand of the line, no matter what time of day. This area also, was the only place in the buffet you could get French fries if you wanted them (or a packet of ketchup or mayo). Can you believe – on a buffet, on a 7 day cruise – not once did they serve mashed potatoes. Breakfast – if you went before 10, they had omelets, waffles and French toast; after 10 they had late breakfast which mostly consisted of some pastries, breads, fruits, yogurts, pans with scrambled eggs, egg-sausage-bacon platters, or some sort of egg sandwich which changed daily. I really hated getting the egg platter with the 2 meats as I do not eat sausage and it got thrown out every time; very wasteful; the eggs were usually pretty runny too. They basically had the same items every day; no change aside from the breakfast sandwiches. The breakfast potatoes had the potential to be good, but they were too spicy, and not a traditional American breakfast potato; not sure what the spices were, but I did not have more than a bite or 2. Waffles and French toast were back at the Panini area I believe; they again could not keep up with the demand. The French toast and waffles were always empty. The waffles – I expected it as they only had 1 person and 1 wafflemaker that made 4 mini waffles at a time; I really don’t know what they were thinking; 4 waffles at a time when you have 1000 people to feed? Do the math on that one. Overall – the trial is a failure in my opinion; they need to rework it and keep it as a trial. One of the biggest problems is they cannot keep up with the flow of traffic at the buffet. Where staff would just quickly put out a new chafing dish in the past, now someone has to take the time to put together these little dishes in an attractive manner; popular, comfort food items were always empty and stayed empty for 5 – 10 minutes; then as soon as they put out the 10 dishes, they were immediately gone, and the vicious cycle started again. Main Dining Room… We had fixed dining in the MDR at 8:30pm. The service was good, but slow, it took us about 1 hr 45 minutes for dinner every night. The food was average and kind of bland; I found the food on my previous 3 cruises (NCL, CCL, RCCL) to be much tastier. The desserts were the most disappointing; no soufflés at all. The everyday chocolate cake was delicious and became my choice for most evenings. The desserts in Café al Baccio were better than those in the MDR, as were some of the offerings in the buffet area. I enjoyed the Café al Baccio and had coffee there a number of times, as well as something to go with it. They always had nice cakes, cookies, cheesecake, etc and were complimentary; coffee is a la carte. We didn’t make it to the gelato bar, although we had a coupon, but it looked good and the folks we dined with said it was very good. Room Service… They messed up our order every single time. I’m not sure what the problem is. The menu is ok, although nothing jumped out at me; I usually had the turkey club if we ordered. No comfort foods or kids menu on room service (sometimes I like just a PBJ, you know?). Also, there is no charge for room service. Bar Service… I did not have a beverage package on this cruise; I booked last-minute, so it was not a promotional option. I don’t drink enough to purchase a package, so I’m an ‘a la carte’ drinker. Drink prices were ridiculously high; when I opened the menu in Revelations to get a drink, they all started at $10 and up. If you have the classic beverage, your options would be very limited I suspect; even beer was very expensive – I only saw 1 or 2 beers that would have been able to be used on the classic beverage package; all the others were way over the included price. Drinks of the day were $7; lots of the usual suspects and they were good. They also ran drink specials during certain times of the day in different venues, or during certain activities like the 70s or 80s nights in Revelations (they did $5 drinks during those times; Golden Cadillac, which was very good, and something called Passion Punch). Overall, I drank less than normal and did not drink any wine at all due to the exorbitant prices. I am cruising on the Reflection in November, so I guess I will have to upgrade my ‘free’ classic beverage package to the premium one. Excursions… We did 1 excursion through the cruiseship – it was the long Bermuda Tour via Bus, about 5 hours. It was way too long; I would not have chosen this tour as I did one similar in 2008 and didn’t enjoy it. We rode over to Hamilton, but it was raining so we skipped that stop for shopping and such; the rain dissipated by the time we got to St. George so we had extra time to explore; unfortunately it started raining there as well. Overall, if you want to spend a lot of time riding around on a bus looking around at the sights and having a short amount of time in St. George or Hamilton, then this is the tour for you (it also included the Light House). I would have preferred to take the Ferry over to St. George and done it on my own; same with Hamilton. The other excursion we did was the same one I did while I was on the Breakway – ‘Famous Homes and Hideaways’, however it wasn’t offered by Celebrity, so we booked it through the Island Tour Centre in the Dockyard for $55 per person. This is a really great tour and one of the best I’ve been on in many years. It is run by a husband and wife team, Captain Jamie and his wife Tammy, a native Bermudian. It wasn’t just famous homes and sightseeing – Tammy was extremely knowledgeable and gave a lot of history about the island that I hadn’t heard before. I really recommend this tour to everyone. It was great (as I said, I went back for a 2nd tour since my traveling companion didn’t cruise with me on the Breakway). It’s also great for people who aren’t able to do a lot of walking around Bermuda; you do have to be able to walk a short distance to the boat pier and down the steep ramp to get to the boat though. You could take the free trolley from the ship to the first stop and then walk back about 50 feet to get to the pier entry area. You can book it online ahead of time. We had planned on going to Harbor Nights in Hamilton, but I was so tired from the long bus tour that we skipped it; I will definitely go next time. Harbor Nights is on front street in Hamilton and they close off roads and the locals set up booths with local foods, crafts, etc. It’s like a little streetfair; very popular. It is only on WEDNESDAY nights 7 – 10pm, so the day you arrive. They run the ferries until 10:30pm on the nights do the Harbor Nights, so you can just hop the ferry to Hamilton from the Dockyard. The Verdict… I enjoyed my time away on this cruise, but I very much preferred my Bermuda Cruise on the NCL Breakway that I was on just 6 weeks prior to this cruise. So overall, from my point of view - If they were to roll this new buffet concept out fleetwide, I can’t say Celebrity would ever be top on my list again; it would not be worth the aggravation for 2/3 of my cruise meals to be as stressful and annoying as they were this past week. This may sound like a lot of complaining, but I was not the only one who was not happy with this new concept. Overall, I was on vacation, and like any vacation or cruise – I’m happy and thankful to be able to get away so I have a great time. But, that being said, I am a paying customer and frequent cruiser and I know what I like. So, all of that goes into consideration when booking my next cruise. So, again, this is just my opinion on the week; read it and use it as you will.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
THE SHIP: Our first cruise ever was on Celebrity Summit to Bermuda last week. Although the ship is older she is well-maintained and quite elegant. Despite 2000+ passengers and crew, many times we found ourselves alone or with a handful of ... Read More
THE SHIP: Our first cruise ever was on Celebrity Summit to Bermuda last week. Although the ship is older she is well-maintained and quite elegant. Despite 2000+ passengers and crew, many times we found ourselves alone or with a handful of people on different places on the ship. The Summit is laid out well and easily manuvered and it was fun to discover all the areas. THE PASSENGERS: We met some lovely people of ALL ages during our week. However, it's clear Celebrity does not enforce its' "Fit for Travel" clause. If you are unable to stand for the emergency instructions at Muster Drill, you are NOT GONNA MAKE IT if we go down. THE FOOD: We were sold on Aqua Class primarily for the "clean cuisine" in Blu. We ate there twice. We tried brunch upon boarding and waited for about 40 mins before being seated. We waited for 20+ minutes after ordering until the Captain announced all cabins were ready and we were free to move about the ship. We gave up at this point and left our table without ever being served. After chalking it up to a rough transition day, we tried again the next night for supper. Our food was mediocre and our service was poor. The Oceanview buffet was what we expected when you're trying to please a couple thousand people. Good pizza, great omelet, outstanding Cesar salad. Many many options to choose from, you'll find something to eat. Qsine was very good and fun but you need a bigger group than two! Normandie was the best food on the ship but pricey $50/each AND they won't upcharge your Classic Drink package so you pay full charge for nice wine ( $18 for a glass!!). We expected outstanding service based on other passenger comments but our waiter was rather aloof. The restaurant was nearly empty at 6pm which really burned us up as we got A LOT of grief when we changed our reservations from 8:30. Yes the food was fabulous but it's stuffy and pretentious which isn't our style. We ate several dinners at Bistro on 5 and loved the entire staff especially OKSANA who took fantastic care of us! Most nights we had the place to ourselves and the price is $7 pp. Note: this is where many officers and staff eat late at night so that tells you something! THE DRINKS: Plentiful and delicious. The Cafe' al Bacio serves best coffee on ship. We never had trouble getting a drink...EVER! We've read that others have, we did not. We never dreamed we would drink so much and the Classic Package was well worth the money! THE ENTERTAINMENT: The singers and dancers put on one high energy show after another. The comedians were great, the theater is spectacular with comfortable seating and lots of it. Huge casino if you're into that. THE ACTIVITIES: You can do as much or as little as you want. OUR STATEROOM: 9th deck, AquaClass, great location. Comfy bed (hands down the best sleep we've ever had on vacation), great AC, great balcony (used by us all the time), minimal tv options but who cares, one person in bathroom at a time and we did have a funky smell but we brought an Airwick and set it up asap. And our room was IMMACULATE thanks to Michael and ZamZam. It occurred to us one night that we saw them at 6 am and again at 10:30 pm, when do they sleep? THE PORT: Bermuda is beautiful. Highly recommend Heidi from Bermuda Footsteps.com for a very small and highly detailed tour of the island. Loved being able to come and go for 3 days. Can't say anything bad about Bermuda. THE HIGHLIGHTS: Cruise Director Ken is a gem. Hardest working man on the ship. Loved him. His staff is fabulous (Luigi and Martin especially) and he's a great example of "Attitude reflects leadership". He puts his heart and soul into the events AND manages to smile when some guy corners him to say his roll was dry at dinner. Don't know what he's paid but it's not enough! And we never expected Captain Dimitrios to be hilarious but gosh that guy is funny and FUN! The entire Summit crew works hard at very demanding jobs (8 months at sea, 2 months off...think about that) and everything seems effortless. It is a well-oiled machine and we felt comfortable, relaxed and safe the entire cruise. Be nice to the crew!!!! TIPS FOR NEW CRUISERS: Pack comfortable shoes and clothes. You are on your feet a lot and if the water is bumpy you do NOT want to be on unstable shoes. You spend a lot of time at sea, be comfy. Bermuda is a lot of exercise just getting around, dress accordingly. We learned that a nice nap in the afternoon helps you make the later events and shows. Bring $1 bills for tips and we spent about $700 total of our spending money. Even with the drink package, our final bill was $196.00 for dinners and extras. Be polite to the crew, your good energy feeds your soul as well.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Background information: I have been vacationing to islands for over 15 years but have never tried a cruise until now. I am more of a walk out of your hotel and lay on the beach kind of vacationer but I had a group of friends going on this ... Read More
Background information: I have been vacationing to islands for over 15 years but have never tried a cruise until now. I am more of a walk out of your hotel and lay on the beach kind of vacationer but I had a group of friends going on this trip so I thought I would give it a try. Being that I have never cruised before doing a one island cruise was definitely appealing to me and others in my party that had never cruised before either. Embarkation: Everything was very easy and went very fast. The staff at Bayonne was fantastic and helpful. Welcome glass of champagne when getting on the ship was a perfect greeting. Once on the ship we went to make reservations for our first 2 dinners. Easy process and staff was helpful, had a drink at the bar on the 3rd floor and then went to lunch at Bistro on 5. Before you knew it we were told that the rooms were ready. Ship information: For a first time cruiser I really liked the Summit. It was big but not too overwhelming. Very easy to get around, elevators were rarely backed up, good amount of people (not too many, not too little), and very clean. Activities: As far as daytime activities, like I said, I am a lay on the beach vacationer so I just want to relax. I know there were things going on during the day like bingo, volleyball, shows, movies, trivia but I honestly couldn't say anything about them since all I did was lay by the pool. That part was perfect and very relaxing. No trouble getting seats and no one bothered you Service: Service was incredible. These people work really hard. Long days, long trips and they are ALWAYS on. Nothing is ever going to be perfect but honestly, for the most part I was extremely impressed. Having traveled a significant amount I can say with certainty that the service here was top notch. Staff was always friendly and you felt recognized and remembered by most of them including the Captain. Port & shore excursions: did not do any excursions this time but seemed like a lot of information was provided on the TV or in the newsletters you received. We had planned to do 3 different beaches while we were there. Very easy to get to. Between the bus, ferry or cabs it was extremely easy to get around. Since the last day had an expiration time we went to 9 beaches which was only about a 10 minute cab ride. Larry; the owner of SurfSup was really great! Very accommodating. Food was great, great for snorkeling and paddle boarding too and very tucked away. Small beach area but you could walk miles out into the water. Cabin: First cruise so I can't compare it to anything but I was surprised at how big the room was. Stayed in a Deluxe Oceanview with Veranda. Three adult women and we had no issues with getting ready, storage or space. Beds were clean and comfortable. Our service attendant; Max was very attentive and on top of it. Never had an issue with room cleanup or turn down service and he was truly there for whatever we needed. Always working and there to say good morning or hello or have a good night. Dining: Food was outstanding! And the new portioning that they are trying on this ship was genius (thank you Martin)!! For those of us who are health conscience it was nice to have portioned meals with nutrition facts. And portioning meals makes you more conscience of what you are taking so it saves time and likely money for the ship (quick and easy to grab as opposed to moving slowly through a buffet to grab a hot spoon and see what you options are before realizing that your plate is overflowing with food - that you are probably not going to finish). I was incredibly impressed with the choices of food in the buffet as well. Lots of great selections and nothing I had was bad. Grill outside was also a great option for a late day snack and had made to order turkey and veggie burgers for the healthy. Normandy was an experience. We had booked for the second night of the cruise to celebrate a birthday and anniversary and sat in the wine room. WOW. Incredible fine dining experience with impeccable service. Our entire party tipped extra because it was so fantastic. Our next dinner the following night was at Qsine. WOW! I seriously wish they had one of these locally. Such a cool, chic, sophisticated experience. And again I can't say enough about the staff. Our friends had been before over a year before that and their waiter remembered them by name! Our waiter this time was incredible; Attila. He was fun, funny, really understood our groups humor and vibe and made the experience so much better because of it. The tapas style food was so clever and detailed and all of his recommendations we perfect for what we wanted. Again, we tipped extra because of the experience. Entertainment: I went to one show and a few of the dance parties otherwise, spent most of my time in the casino. Shows are not really my thing but they were okay. I heard that some of the comedy shows were good but I never went to see them. Because we did a lot of the specialty dining with a large party and later at night a lot of the times we missed the shows. For my group we preferred spending time together and having nice meals instead and I wouldn't change a thing. Crowd was a little older on this cruise so unfortunately some of the club events that they had were not as fun as I thought they would be. Casino was small but never had any issues getting on a table or at a machine. The staff in the casino was great but it was difficult to get a drink unless you went to the bar to get it. The dealers had to keep asking someone to come around. Disembarkation: Very smooth, bags needed to be outside of room by 11 the night before. Everything was picked up on time and there were no issues or questions about the process. Everything went very smooth. Summary: I was looking for a first time cruise to Bermuda where I could relax, have fun and spend time with friends and that is exactly what I got. Other than a few little issues here and there (mostly with IT related issues) everything was very good. I was impressed with the size of the gym and there were a good amount of classes as well. Classes fill quickly though so I recommend that if you want to take classes during the week you go and book early. However, the gym is pretty packed in the morning so you have to either plan on going very early or work it into your day. I found that between 5 and 6 PM was the best time for me. Pools were a little small (there were 3 pools though) compared to what I am used to on a resort but not terribly packed so if you wanted to go cool off you could. The service at the bars were a little slow at times but I find that happens on resorts as well. Something about having a relaxed mentality (yeah right haha). Mehmet was by far the best bartender on the ship. He bounced around to a lot of different bars but wherever he was you knew you getting great service. Nightlife was a light but this does seem to be an older more sophisticated crowd. I was with 7 people though so we always managed to find something and have a lot of fun. Specialty restaurants were worth the extra money in my opinion. And with a great price for the cruise + drink package I didn't mind spending the extra money on a few nice dinners. We actually ended up going to Normandy twice and Qsine twice because of the amazing food and experience. Our waiter at Qsine (Attila) who was extremely busy even offered to take our table because of the relationship we had built with him on our original visit. Regardless of how busy he was we didn't have any delays or issues with his service. He was absolutely incredible both times we dined with him. Coffee bar was also amazing and the big yellow chairs were so comfortable. The entire staff there was fantastic. Always knew your drink and the delivery was fast and perfect every time. Martini bar was a good place to start off your night but service was a little slow. Drinks were good though. And as a matter of fact the drinks everywhere were good and strong. Vlad in guest services was another great staff member. Even though there were a few issues he always got everything taken care of without question. In summary it was just an overall good experience! I didn't really know anything about Celebrity before booking this cruise but I am now a sold member. Already booked for next year!   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Celebrity Summit June 22nd –June 29th 2014  Destination – Bermuda This is my third trip on the Summit and the third trip to Bermuda, does that make me a local now…. The Summit never fails to give me what I want out of my cruise ... Read More
Celebrity Summit June 22nd –June 29th 2014  Destination – Bermuda This is my third trip on the Summit and the third trip to Bermuda, does that make me a local now…. The Summit never fails to give me what I want out of my cruise vacation, ok so it does not have all the bells and whistles that some of the other ships have… but it what it does have is the olde worlde cruise charm with modern luxury thrown in. Embarkation at Port Liberty, Bayonne New Jersey was fast, simple and very easy…. Within 30 minutes of arrival at the port I had my luggage out of the car: car parked up for the week and processed to the point where I was onboard the ship. The bar was open, the café was open so the two basics in life food and drink was taken care of. Around 1:00 pm we got the call to say the State Rooms were available.. so we gladly headed on down to get into it and relieve ourselves of the little bit of hand luggage we had. The Stateroom was like any other State Room… small but comfortable.. but hey that is all you need you do not go on vacation to spend time in your room. The room was clean, well presented and although a little musty smell permeated the bathroom, (no matter what line I have travelled on it exists) it was still a good space. Throughout the week our stateroom was cleaned daily, anything we asked for or needed was delivered, the beds comfortable and the balcony adequately sized for two. SO now we have the stateroom out of the way let’s talk about the food.. like any cruise there is a ton of it, but Celebrity has done something different in the buffet and pool grills. They have created a nice portion contro9l system with entrees in bowl’s salads in bowl’s and French fries in baskets (Kudos to Celebrity), this helps avoid the plate mountains I was so used to seeing, and each entrée is balanced between protein and veg or grain. Yes you can still create your own salad or select the protein from the carvery..and you can still eat more than one entrée but the one thing I noticed was a huge reduction in wasted food where people did not pile their plates high and just leave it behind. For breakfast it follows a similar trend… and again you can have a full high piled plate if you so desire from the fresh eggs bar or the waffles and pancakes. The rest of our eating experience consisted of Blu… a fabulous little restaurant that is associated with travelling Aqua Class… and no fixed dining times… not huge portions but with all the other food this was a pleasant relief… food was worthy of Michelin Star restaurant and service was excellent. To complete the dining experience we tried Qsine… this is a quirky fun filled food frolic…. Everyone has to try it. The menu is an iPad… and the choices cover the world of food and the food of the world all in one fell swoop……..the food is fabulous and the service amazing….. Ok, what about the entertainment…. The Theatre shows are what you expect on board a cruise ship and then some more.. the performers and the performance art performers were amazing…. I am sure that the Captain was one of the performers in disguise as he was witty and comical on each occasion that we met… and he had a Go Pro strapped to his wrist that became part of his performance recording each Go Pro Moment he could well don Captain Demetrious…. They also had two guest acts on board Michelle Ballan a fabulous comic and guest Broadway Star Christine Andreas from 54 Below who really could sing. The main other act I saw was a fantastic singer call Jordan Peterson… who in my mind deserves a bigger slot on the main stage than he gets.. There was a unique mix of Dj’s on board and the DJ Duo who played in the main foyer were amazing.. nice beats and rhythmic drum playing… they had a few dj’s that played in various locations…. But the one thing I miss was the personality dj who engages the crowd and entertains them….. There are number of them parties throughout the week including a 70’s Latin sizzle and a frozen party … a unique take on the White Party theme, but for me the best night was indulgence an brand new them and exclusive night. This them night has a burlesque like flavor topped with wonderful food and amazing cocktails. The performance artists were out in force with contortionists and gymnastics galore along with some wonderful songstress’s, ok the catch is there is a charge but it is limited to a small number of people in the cruise… Like Qsine… I really do recommend this to all to try. Every hour of everyday there is something to do … Art Auction, Dance Lesson’s Trivia Quiz, Bingo and so much more…..so many activities so little time Bermuda itself is a beautiful Island… the beaches are amazing… soft sand that does not seem to get hot…. Azure clear blue ocean and a lot of history. This being our third visit included a little bit of thrill seeking in Jet Skis and Horse Riding. For the horse riding we avoided the main center Spicelands and headed to Mike Watsons trail rides and this was a good choice. Mike is a real character…who takes you on the trail himself a native of Bermuda he is well versed in the history and will stop along the way to give you information. This was a nice 90 minute ride through the old railway to the beach and if you have experience some of it is at a jog or cantor pace. A must see is St Georges…a beautiful little town 40 minutes from the Royal Dockyard by ferry well worth a visit with amazing photo ops on every corner, ally way and street. I give Celebrity an A++ rating for both the destination and the ship…. I have already rebooked next year and can’t wait to once again get on board The Beautiful Celebrity Summit This is Brian not from the Bridge out(if you have been onboard you will know this reference)   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
After a terrific cruise to Bermuda in 2013, four of us (and a few more) decided that we'd do the same trip in 2014 (and 2015 but more on that later). Embarkation Day... It's not what you know but who you know. In our group there ... Read More
After a terrific cruise to Bermuda in 2013, four of us (and a few more) decided that we'd do the same trip in 2014 (and 2015 but more on that later). Embarkation Day... It's not what you know but who you know. In our group there was someone who knew someone who knew one of the port managers in Cape Liberty. The result of this was that when we arrived, we were spirited to a check-in line reserved for VIPs even though we only booked a standard balcony cabin. With no one else on line in that area, check-in took less than 5 minutes. The lines however for normal check-in were quite long. With check-in complete and our cabins NOT ready, we bypassed the sardine-packed elevators and the presumably crowded buffet on deck 10 and opted for Bistro on 5 for a leisurely lunch accompanied with drinks, beer, and wine. Bistro on 5 was practically empty and there's of course table-service. All in all, a great way to wait for our rooms to be ready. Prior to getting to our rooms, we also decided to book our reservation for the Normandie right away. We had a special request for our group and we wanted to square that up right away. The gentleman taking specialty restaurant reservations was extremely helpful and assured us our special request would be no problem whatsoever. And yes, the request was honored when we finally got there. Shortly thereafter, the muster station drill announcement was made along with the announcement that all cabins were ready. With full bellies and slightly light-heads from our lunch drinks, we made our way to the cabin to drop off our carry-ons and we proceeded to our muster station. Cabin... Although our 2013 cruise was in a Concierge Class cabin, for our 2014 cruise we decided to do a standard balcony cabin instead. At the time, we felt the extra charge for Concierge Class wasn't really worth it because we rarely stay in the cabin anyway. In short - we were mistaken. There's a definite difference in the quality of service between standard and Concierge class cabins. Not that our cabin steward was a slouch in any way, but part of the allure of cruising is the overall experience and many times it's the little things that make such a big difference. In short, the things we missed by going standard cabin were the pillow menu (our pillows were too hard although one mention of this to our cabin steward got us a couple of nice soft pillows), expanded room service menu (we almost always miss breakfast and have to rush out of the room to make "late breakfast" at the buffet), and that extra 20 or so Sq. Ft. makes a huge difference. This is especially noticeable when the entire group piled into our room for a little champagne toast when the ship left Bayonne, and the impromptu gathering we had when we left Bermuda to finally drink up the wine we all brought on board. Specialty Dining... I already mentioned Bistro on 5 so I'll only add to what I already wrote by saying that this a fantastic place for lunch and the $5 additional charge is well worth it even if only to get the marvelous dessert crepes. The Normandie... it didn't disappoint last cruise and it didn't disappoint this cruise either. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it so much on this cruise that I insisted we go back. I tasted someone's lobster dinner and went back on the last night of the cruise other night specifically for that dish, and to have a memorable "hey we're going home tomorrow" farewell dinner. Qsine... aside from the food, this restaurant is just plain fun. Hermie, (we called him Hairpin due to his thick accent and over-accentuated rolling of his r's) is a character and is definitely part of the vibe and experience. The "sharing is caring" tag-line got a little old after a while, but you can't fault anyone there for their enthusiasm and good nature. They warn you not to order too much food but I say poo-poo to that. If you want it order it. One of our group was picky about what they ate (no fish or anything too weird). I like fish and weird stuff so I ate more of that and less of the stuff that my picky friend would like. All was good. Cafe al Bacchio... one of my favorite places. Cappuccinos are an additional $5 per drink (included with a bevo package), and they're wonderful. The gelato served on the other side is the closest I've had to to the gelato I had in Italy... yes it's that good. TIP... don't wait in line at the coffee bar with all the other lemmings. Sit down at a table and a nice server will come along and take your coffee/gelato/pastry order and bring it to you even if you want it to-go. Drink package, yes or no???... There's a lot of discussion about whether a drink package is actually worth it or not. Here's the skinny... we all got the free Classic bevo package w/alcohol with Celebrity's 1-2-3-GO promo. Almost all of us upgraded from the the standard package to the premium package for an additional $8 per day. At $54 per day normal charge you may be saying, "I can't drink $54 worth of "INSERT YOUR DRINK HERE" per day. The way I look at it is this... bottled water, soda, cappuccino, frozen coffee drinks, beer, martinis, wine, and other cocktails all cost $$$. If I wasn't drinking alcohol I was drinking something non-alcoholic that I would have had to pay for. Trust me... it's worth it. MDR... You can get early, late, or freestyle seating. If you do freestyle, make a reservation in the AM the day you want to in the MDR. Every day we ate in the MDR we breezed past all the poor schlubs that didn't bother to make a ressie. MDR Food... The MDR food is really very good. The left, unchanging side of the menu has stuff on it like steak, escargot, and other non-weird food just in case you don't want what's on the right side of the menu. Of the nights we ate in the MDR... the food selection, quality and attentive service were outstanding. Martini Bar... Love that bar. 'nuf said. Casino... not AC, but pretty good for a cruise. I like to play craps and whenever I was itching there was a lively game going. NOTE: There's a lot going on on a craps table so watch your bets folks... when it got busy and I was against the shooter, more than once I had to remind the dealer to "pay the don'ts" when he rolled "seven-out". Next year... While you're on the ship, do pay attention to the newsletters and schedules. If I hadn't I would have missed Celebrity's offer for Bermuda 2015 (which we all booked by the way). It was called "Bermuda All In" and if you booked a trip for 2015 you got ALL the perk choices given in the 1-2-3-Go promotion. So for 2015, we got the classic drink package, gratuities, and a $250 room credit included in our fare, instead of a choice of just one. Not only did we all book ourselves, but each of us booked an extra cabin for our friends/family. Concierge or Standard cabin for 2015???... Neither. We're doing a Sky Suite.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Needing to get away for a bit, we arranged to meet friends for this cruise. Celebrity was running a nice deal which included the cruise, 2 nights hotel in Manhattan Times Square, either a Yankees game or Broadway play, classic alcohol ... Read More
Needing to get away for a bit, we arranged to meet friends for this cruise. Celebrity was running a nice deal which included the cruise, 2 nights hotel in Manhattan Times Square, either a Yankees game or Broadway play, classic alcohol package aboard, and all transfers before/after cruise...and flying via JFK, the transfers alone made it worth the package. The hotel was the Westin in Times Square and is a great location for tourists and a very nice hotel. The room was nice, but the view was not so much...didn't matter since we were seeing the sights most of the time. Being familiar with New York and the subway system is a plus since the traffic was crazy. We took the train everywhere. 20 minutes to Yankee Stadium, 15 minutes to 9-11 memorial, 15 minutes to Little Italy, etc... Celebrity dropped the ball on our JFK pick-up as they stated I should have received a packet with a transfer voucher and instructions...I never received said packet from the TA or Celebrity, a few phone calls fixed the oversight and within an hour of arriving at JFK, we were transferred to the hotel in a VERY cramped van and with traffic and drop-offs, it was a 2 hour ride...so 3hours after landing, we arrived a the hotel and headed to a bar to relax. :) The transfer to the ship was a nice motorcoach and in 30-40 minutes on a Sunday, we arrived. Note: once you load your luggage at the hotel, you will not see it again until it arrives at your cabin, they do not tell you this until AFTER you load it and are in your bus seat. One gentleman was unaware and badly needed a piece of luggage, they allowed him to retrieve it from the bus at the port, but they were not thrilled to do so. Check in was a breeze, but you have to ride a shuttle to the ship as the cruiseport is not complete. Upon boarding, we were whisked directly into a private elevator and escorted to a nice complimentary brunch in Normandie. The service was good, but the food sadly was not. We arrived at our nice cabin and quickly met our steward, Maria, and butler, Orlando. They were fantastic and provided the service Celebrity is known for. We were very fortunate to enjoy their services, they do a fantastic job. Our last Summit cruise was 04/2012 and the ship has had a facelift since and we were pleased with the changes. Every crew/staff member we encountered were very friendly and courteous (wish I could say the same about many of the passengers) and a complete 180 degrees apart from the Reflection cruise we took in 01/2014. We liked the changes to the buffet with the basket system as it served many purposes including cleanliness and portion control and it was nice having trays although they could be a bit larger due to plate size. Their was a nice variety to the food, but the quality has declined overall. Qsine was great as usual, but the main dining room food quality suffers the same as the buffet. We dined in Blu on "yellow" lobster night...not impressed at all except for the service, all crew/staff were fantastic. We enjoyed the activities on board, but the quality of music has suffered the same budget cuts as the food it seems. If it weren't for the DJ's, it would be a quiet ship as the live music was sub-par. The duo in the Martini bar (where we lived each night) played the exact same beat on every single song, we could swear it was the same song played for 2 hours with a different note thrown in occasionally. The sea days themselves were great we were fortunate to have nice weather throughout. The port of Bermuda was pleasing and clean and the people we encountered were friendly. We will consider going back for a land trip in the future as their are some very nice resorts on the island. Disembarkation was satisfactory, but still crowded and slow. This time, celebrity arranged for us to be transferred in a 4 person van and we were in JFK with in 45 minutes (Sunday traffic is light in the a.m.). We enjoy the M-class Celebrity ships, but Celebrity needs to review their food quality and entertainment choices fleet-wide. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
We have cruised many times, over 20, on many different lines. We found this to be the worst, and I don't know where to start. We boarded the ship on Sunday, and there was the worst smell saw e were getting on the ship. Inside was very ... Read More
We have cruised many times, over 20, on many different lines. We found this to be the worst, and I don't know where to start. We boarded the ship on Sunday, and there was the worst smell saw e were getting on the ship. Inside was very small, and I found it to smell. There are a few key things that made me realize I made a mistake booking the celebrity summit, and one of them was the staff was not friendly at all. As a matter if fact, there were times I felt like I was bothering them. They didn't smile and were not nice. The food was absolutely inedible at the buffet. It was so bad we didn't eat for a day or so. We decided with the help of someone we met to try the dining room. The food was better there. So we ate there for breakfast and dinner three or four days. The choices of food were scarce and they clo everything down super early. Except the pizza, which made me sick. Our waiter was ok, not over friendly just fair. Barely got a smile out of him. They are understaffed. There was always dirty cups and plates all over the place, nobody picking them up. Our cabin steward was almost a nudie nice. I would tell him we didn't need anything, and he would insist on cleaning or turning the bed down. The cabin was big, we had a window, but it was dated. The bathroom was disgusting and smelled so bad. I cleaned it, I brought Clorox wipes, and it still stunk. The shower was gross, with some mold. The cabin itself was never really cleaned properly. The entertainment was fair, very no frills. The shows left something to be desired. It also seems like when there was some activities going on we never really heard about it. It was very boring. Not lively. Definately good for older people in their 70's who just want to relax. Bermuda was beautiful and we were happy to be off the boat for three days. We have been on many different lines, and couldn't believe how much we didn't care for this one. It needs a complete overhaul to bring it up to date with the year 2014 and needs a whole new staff. Maybe some fun activities and friendly service. I'm sorry to say we won't ever cruise the celebrity line again. The last morning we went up to the buffet to grab coffee and I wanted a bowl of at meal. I got a bowl of dirty water. I put it down and walked out, glad that within the hour I would be off the boat. Not to mention, the coffee was overflowing all over the counter. Lastly, in the beginning of our cruise, we were starving because we didn't like the buffet and they gave us the run around for two days about out dining time, so we decided to try our hand at room service. Breakfast ordered was a bowl of oatmeal and two orders of French toast. Two coffees. We got two slices of French Toast and no utensils. I called and asked for the second order of French toast and utensils. It came. I ate my oatmeal with a fork. We tried it again the next day and had a problem again. How aggravating! They got it right the lady time we ordered. But still, the food wasn't all that good. I'm still sick. And the casino was a total bust. So, I hate to say such bad things, but it's all true. If you are thinking about celebrity, the summit anyway, I would rethink that choice. I would chose another line. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
I cruised with DW and another couple on Summit June 1 and I was a little nervous because of the remarks I heard on CC reviews. Keeping it short, here are a few points: Got the champagne while boarding - some folks say that they missed it. ... Read More
I cruised with DW and another couple on Summit June 1 and I was a little nervous because of the remarks I heard on CC reviews. Keeping it short, here are a few points: Got the champagne while boarding - some folks say that they missed it. Bayonne is still an odd embarkation: You get your sea pass then board a bus to get to the ship a hundred yards or so away. You board on the lowest deck, rather than going up a ramp to Deck 5 like in Ft. Lauderdale. This creates a bottleneck, but being on a cruise, I'll take it. We had the Classic package as part of the 123 Go offer. Not sure if I could ever sail without one again! Contrary to what we heard, we were always served promptly and courteously. In Main Dining, our wine steward was prompt and attentive. She always recommended a pairing that fit in the package and never made us feel bad for not buying bottles. Throughout the ship, there was plenty to drink. If I was on S class, I might have felt sad not getting unlimited Molecular Bar drinks, but Summit doesn't have one, and I can skip sweet martinis. I drank a lot of Heineken Lights and I liked the Dark & Stormy. And wine at dinner. And club sodas, water bottles, and specialty coffees. Food was very enjoyable: Main dining room, Qsine, had great service. I have had sushi on S Class ships before and found it to be not the best, but this sushi in the buffet was really varied and delicious. I'd skip desert at dinner so I could stop up for a little sashimi after. Now, the buffet gets a lot of complaints, and I have to say that, while the food was fine, the setup is a little odd, and requires more cruising around to find what you want than S-Class (which has a very good central setup). There was very little scooping of your own food. Rather, there were dishes and baskets that were already loaded. Probably reduces contamination, but if you just want a little scrambled egg, it's tough to get. Entertainment was much better than expected. Little duos, and an array of interesting (and not loud) surprises that were fun to listen to. Sometimes the pool deck got loud, but not always, and I could move to the other areas. I really did roar at the comedian; he was a hoot. The shows with singers and dancers didn't seem hokey like on other cruises; on the contrary, the acts were constructed to be very high energy and the performers and musicians were definitely up to it. Bermuda is fine, but I am not crazy about the port being on one end of the island. But it is what it is. I did do a Segway tour (not offered by Celebrity, but you just arrange it a short distance from the dock). It was one highlight of the trip. We learned how to use them, were led around town, then we went off to a park and a beach out of town. We had a lot of fun. I also hiked by myself on the Railway Trail and climbed Gibbs Lighthouse. It was a nice way to get some exercise. I like Blackjack, but the casino only had tables $10 and up. I just used my matching Captain's Club vouchers, and not much more. I know I would have gambled a LOT more on $5 tables, but I was content to watch my DW use the slots. I wonder if Celebrity really does make more money this way. The Concierge class cabin was comfy with a slightly larger balcony, but I didn't need the other amenities. But the up charge was pretty small. I had been on Summit a few years ago, and I still like it. I don't want to denigrate the experiences that others may have complained about, but I did not find the same experience. I would go again. Especially with that drink package!   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
While our family has cruised on other lines before, this was our first trip on Celebrity. We selected the Summit as we wanted to go to Bermuda and wanted a smaller ship. The Summit is an older ship, but she was renovated in 2012 and is in ... Read More
While our family has cruised on other lines before, this was our first trip on Celebrity. We selected the Summit as we wanted to go to Bermuda and wanted a smaller ship. The Summit is an older ship, but she was renovated in 2012 and is in tip-top shape! Embarkation was slow - but we expected it to be. Just approach it with a good attitude and all will be fine! The average age of the passengers was higher than we expected. We knew that Celebrity attracted an older clientele, but were surprised that so few kids (up to 21) were on board. I think part of it was due to the fact that many schools were still in session. Room: We had a Family Stateroom on the aft of the ship. Fantastic room! The balcony (250SF) was almost as large as our room (270SF). It had two lounge chairs, plus a table with four additional chairs. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The room's furnishings were in great shape, and the cabin stewards were always accessible. We had one minor issue with the room during the cruise, call guest relations, and it was fixed within the hour. Guest Relations even called us back to confirm we were happy with the fix. Great service! Dining: We actually liked the changes to the buffet. The individual baskets allowed you to move quickly through the lines and reduced waste. I do think they need to add extra staff to the omelet/pasta lines, as it could take up to 5 minutes to go through those lines. The food in the MDR was good, and the service was great; it is hard to create several hundred meals at a time, but the chef and his staff do a great job. Francisco, our waiter, was terrific. We went to Normandie on the first night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The food was the best we had on the ship and the service was wonderful. We ate at the Bistro several times and cannot say enough good things about it. The quality was great, there was a good variety of food, and the service (Oksana) was wonderful. We highly recommend it - it is a bargain at $7.00/pp. Drinks: We received the classic drink package as part of our 123Go package and upgraded to the premium package at Embarkation. I think it was well worth the extra $11.50/day ($10+1.50 gratuity). We like wine and it allowed us to drink a wider variety without having to pay extra, or pay for the entire glass. Definitely go to the Cafe and enjoy their espresso and tea - it is a great place to unwind and look at the sea. We also enjoyed the Sunset Bar on 10. It was another place to unwind and enjoy music. Entertainment: Ken and Luigi did a great job designing a program that would appeal to all ages. I enjoyed many of the talks the Captain and other officers gave about the ship. The comedians were great (both the evening and late night), although I know that they did offend some. I wasn't a fan of the cabaret singer, but that's just a matter of preference. Bermuda: My new favorite island; I can't wait to go back. We bought passes for the bus and ferry. They were very handy. We spent our first day in St. George and then worked our way back to Hamilton via bus. The buses can get crowded in the afternoon, so plan your times accordingly. We booked a tour - independent of the ship - with Hidden Gems. It was the highlight of our trip. We did cave swimming, cliff jumping, hiking and snorkeling. Our college age kids loved it. The Royal Navy Dockyard is touristy, but an easy place to pick up a souvenir for home. Disembarkation: It was a breeze. We selected the walk-off option and were in our car by 8:30 am. Crew: I cannot say enough good things about the crew of the Summit. Everyone was customer service focused. The Captain and his senior officers came to the Summit from the Solstice and are doing a great job upgrading the ship. Very personable and available. We would definitely go on another Celebrity cruise.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
For this cruise we booked a concierge cabin on the 8th deck. Storage was adequate with lots of drawer and shelf space for two people. We were traveling with two elderly relatives with walkers a few cabins away so the position on the ... Read More
For this cruise we booked a concierge cabin on the 8th deck. Storage was adequate with lots of drawer and shelf space for two people. We were traveling with two elderly relatives with walkers a few cabins away so the position on the starboard side, a short distance from the aft elevators, was ideal. Our only complaint about the cabin was the creaking of the door that connects to the next cabin. Any movement of the ship generated a lot of creaking that kept us awake at night. We called for maintenance to fix it but it was never fixed to our satisfaction so we stuffed folded paper along the three sides which lessened the noise. We chose anytime time dining or as Celebrity refers to it as Select Dining in the Cosmopolitan restaurant. Select dining is on deck 5 of the restaurant and fixed time dining is on deck 4. We had nice tables all week and service was very good and the food for the most part was excellent. Highlights were the lamb and veal chops, steak, lobster and chicken offerings. The buffet at the OceanView Café on deck 10 had a very confusing flow and the Plexiglas shields in front of the food making it difficult and awkward to select items. Those who like to eat healthy will find a somewhat small salad area and a few fruit selections. There is also a made-to-order Caesar salad section. Cruisers who like lots of meat, pasta, bread, pizza and desserts will find an ample selection to choose from. We selected the Classic Beverage package which was one of the three promotional options offered by Celebrity. We only learned of the limitations of the package once we were onboard. First, the Classic package only covers wine selections up to $9 a glass. That includes the Pinot Grigio, Shiraz, Rose and White Zinfandel offerings. Those cruisers who prefer a Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Chardonnay will need to upgrade to the Premium package as these wines go for $10.5 a glass and up. If you think you can just pay the difference of $1.50 when you want a glass of Chardonnay using the Classic package, you will be disappointed as Celebrity will charge you the full $10.50. We had read previous postings from cruisers who said they had to wait until their glasses were empty before ordering another glass and that service was very slow. We did not find that the case on our cruise but sommeliers differ in their pouring of wine. One sommelier took our sea pass cards each time we ordered another glass while another sommelier just poured continuously and said the wine was unlimited and did not take our sea pass cards after the first glass. Never did we have to wait more than 1 minute to get a refill. The specialty drink of the day was covered by the Classic package as were cappuccinos. It is advisable to select a beverage package BEFORE getting on the ship as prices are higher on board. This was our third Celebrity cruise and our 12th cruise overall. During the days at sea, we found the daytime entertainment to be very lacking. On these days there was no musical entertainment until 1pm and then only inside. Meanwhile there were no fewer than 17 sales and marketing events (jewelry, watches, semi-precious stone, casino, drink oriented) in the morning. Musical entertainment consisted of a guitarist, pianist, DJs, singing duo, quartet and party band. There was only one movie shown all week (Gravity) but lots of movies were available in the staterooms for $12.95. We felt that this number of events each day being geared towards marketing Celebrity products lessened the value of the cruise for us. Evening shows varied in quality. As you might expect, the shows at the beginning and ending of the cruise were very good to excellent musical productions involving the full complement of Celebrity singers, dancers, and orchestra. The middle of the cruise had an assortment of lesser quality musical productions or comediennes. Both of us had sailed to Bermuda previously. We took the 5-hour mini-bus tour to get re-acclimated to the sights on the island. The ship docks port side to the wharf and most of the Kings Wharf area is within easy walking distance. Due to the age and mobility impairments of relatives with us; we opted for the free train/tram service that covers most of Kings Wharf with 6 stops on the circuit. Ferry service to Hamilton and St. George is close by but with both the Celebrity Summit and NCL’s Breakaway in port, lines were very long for the ferries. Our choice of excursions was limited due to our elderly relatives, but we did take the glass bottom boat tour to a wreck on the other side of the island which was populated with large schools of fish. We will not be returning to a Celebrity cruise for a while. This is due in part to the preferred destinations / itineraries offered by Princess and also to our overall experience with this cruise.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Our second Celebrity cruise to Bermuda (we last sailed Celebrity Zenith 15 years ago) was very nice but, in general, not up to the quality we have come to expect and enjoy on Princess. The only area we found the Summit to be better than ... Read More
Our second Celebrity cruise to Bermuda (we last sailed Celebrity Zenith 15 years ago) was very nice but, in general, not up to the quality we have come to expect and enjoy on Princess. The only area we found the Summit to be better than Princess was the entertainment (more on that later). We chose this cruise because we wanted to go to Bermuda and Celebrity was the obvious choice over RCCL and NCL. The convenience of sailing from Bayonne NJ (a 45 minute drive from our home) was also a factor. Embarkation/Disembarkation - We hadn’t been to the Bayonne cruise port in 10 years so we were surprised to see it was still an ugly construction zone. We pulled up to a tent to unload luggage then park the vehicles. The lines moved along fairly quickly into the security check point. Everything was going fine until my husband’s hand held FRS radio was confiscated by the security officers. Never in 14 post-9/11 cruises (including one on RCCL) did we ever have an issue with any of his radios. Eventually it was given to the onboard security for inspection (and we were able to retrieve it the next day). We noticed also that they were confiscating other items like Swiss army knives, scissors, corkscrews and such. All this seems a little bit of overkill. After all, the dining rooms are loaded with sharp knives with much larger blades that could be easily taken elsewhere and pairs of FRS radios were sold in the gift shop. So don’t carry any of these items in your pockets or carry-on luggage… pack them in your checked luggage. After security we waited only about 15 minutes on line to check-in. After passing through the photography and sales gauntlet, we boarded a shuttle for the 2 minute drive to the ship. We boarded about 1:15 so the whole embarkation process took just about an hour. When we boarded we were told the rooms were ready so we went straight there to drop off our carry-ons. Disembarkation was very easy although they were running a bit behind schedule. We debarked about ½ hour after our scheduled time. However, it didn’t matter to us since we were driving home from there. The Ship - The Summit was very clean and well maintained, but definitely showing her age. The décor is just blah with too much brown and beige everywhere. The seating in the lounges and theater seemed dated and a little beat. The "Grand Foyer" was not so grand. It seemed very small and closed in. They need to lose the 3-deck long drapes - it would open up the space a bit and brighten it up. The 2-story dining room was very beautiful with a huge wall of glass at the aft end and large round windows on either side. Select dining was on the upper level so we had a great view of the wake. Captain Kafetzis was very personable and visible aboard his ship. He played (rather competively) on the officers’ pool volleyball team (and was disappointed that the guests won both games). He also participated in the Welcome Show and the Liars’ Club game. He had a very good sense of humor. Cruise Director Ken and his sidekick Luigi were excellent, always out and about talking to passengers as well as hosting most of the entertainment events. The Staterooms - We had a balcony stateroom on Deck 7 midship, my brother-in-law and his wife were next door to us and their 2 children were across the hall in an inside cabin. The inside cabin seemed quite spacious, plenty of room for the kids. We were disappointed that the dividers between balconies no longer open so we could not move between balconies as we would have liked. Our stateroom was very clean and well-appointed. There was plenty of storage with a closet, six drawers and shelves in a cabinet above the TV. I was happy I brought some hangers from home as there were not enough of those annoying hookless hangers. The bed was very comfortable with a duvet and separate top sheet (it was usually too warm in the room to use the duvet even though we had the thermostat set for the lowest temperature). The pillows were small and flat. But our stateroom steward Noel provided me with an additional fluffier one the second day so it was fine. The drapes are not heavy enough to block the light and heat if you are on the sunny side of the ship. The early morning sun woke me up and when we had the sun in the afternoon the a/c could not keep up. The bathroom was a good size and very well laid-out with plenty of storage. It even had a built-in night light so I didn’t need to use the flameless candles I brought with me. The shower worked well with a hand sprayer, good temperature control and decent pressure. The refrigerator (aka minibar) hardly kept water cold and there was only about enough room for a bottle of wine and a couple of bottles of water (unless you remove all of the minibar items). The minibar prices were ridiculous - $5 for a small can of Pringles or a couple of bags of M&Ms! So of course we never used any of it. Our stateroom steward Noel was excellent, always a smile and a greeting whenever we saw him in the hallway, very pleasant and efficient. He found an extra softer pillow for me, kept our ice bucket filled and the correct number of towels in the bathroom at all times. The Pools - I was disappointed in the pools on this ship. First, I’m not really crazy about salt water pools. We tried going into the Thalassotherapy pool on Wednesday and there was a brown, bubbly scum on the surface. Needless to say, we did not go in. We tried again the next day and the scum was still there. The hot tubs were very nice and clean (thanks to the chlorine). Second, the age restrictions were not very fair to teenage children. Both the Thalassotherapy pool and the main outdoor pool were “adults only”. So the only pool available to passengers under age 18 was the smaller splash pool. My nephew and niece are 16 and 14 respectively and are very good swimmers. The splash pool was too shallow and too crowded with small children for them so they never were able to use it. I think well-behaved children over 12 should be allowed to use the main pool if accompanied by a parent. Bars and Lounges - The Pool bars (decks 10 & 11) and the Sunset Bar (Deck 10 aft) were very nice places to while away an afternoon. The bartenders, the most popular crew members on the ship, provided excellent service. They were always friendly and very efficient. My brother-in-law had the classic alcohol package and never waited for anything. We did not have the package and we received the same excellent service. The Cellar Masters bar seemed awkwardly arranged and I never saw many people in there. The Rendezvous Lounge offered some fine entertainment – singer/piano player Jordan Petersen was particularly good with his renditions of Billy Joel and Elton John songs, among others. I don’t see why they bothered to make Michael’s Pub into a private lounge for suite passengers. Any time I passed by, there was no one there except for one couple once and some officers on the phone another time. What a waste of a venue. The drink prices were on the high side compared with Princess. Excluding the 15% gratuity, a bottle of Blue Moon was $6.50, a bucket of 5 Miller Lites was $23.50 and a single shot of Amaretto Di Saronno was $8.00, compared to $4.95, $17.00 and $5.75, respectively on Princess. The drink packages are worth it if you drink enough but for people like us who only have a few drinks in the evening the packages are not cost effective. Entertainment - The entertainment was the best part of the cruise. There were excellent production shows (although Siren was a little strange), very talented musicians, hilarious comedians and even some “adult-only” shows late in the evening. We particularly enjoyed Michele Balan (both her regular and late night shows) and the Sin City Comedy show. There were the usual cruise-ship game shows as well like the Not-so-Newlywed game and the Liars Club. The nice thing was it if you missed them you could see them on your stateroom TV later. Movies were also available on demand on the stateroom TV. There were so many different types of entertainment in various venues at various times that you could not possibly see them all. The Food - The food in the MDR was excellent, very tasty and well-presented. The menus were varied and offered something for everyone’s taste. The soups, especially the always available onion soup, were very good as were the salads. I don’t eat shrimp but everyone else raved about the shrimp cocktail and ordered it every night. The main courses of special note were the beef tournedos, turkey parmesan and a lamb dish my nephew thought was the best thing he ever ate. Of course, the desserts were delicious. The service in the MDR was also excellent. The waiters were very attentive and efficient as were the sommelier and bar service waiter. The poolside grill had very tasty burgers, hot dogs and fries. We ended up having lunch here nearly every day because the buffet food was just boring and more or less the same every day. The quality of the food in the café was very good but after Day 2 you had enough of it. My issue with the food in the Oceanview Café was not the quality of it but the availability. The Café consisted of the main buffet area and separate stations toward the back of the ship: pizza, pasta, stir-fry and sandwiches. You could get fresh-made sandwiches and paninis at the very back of the ship. These were pretty good and the wait wasn’t too bad. The pizza was very good when you were able to get it. There usually was a long line and they did not replenish the small pizzas quickly enough, especially at peak times. There was also a long wait at the pasta and stir-fry stations since there was only one person cooking everything to order. It was the same thing at breakfast when these stations became egg and omelet stations. One morning all I wanted was a plain egg but I would have to stand on the omelet line to get it (all of the eggs on the buffet had other things mixed in or were buried in bacon and sausage). You would think they would put two people at the station to move things along. Again, only one cook making everything to order – very inefficient. On Thursday we had a late excursion in Bermuda (Bermuda Triangle Nightlife Glass-bottom Boat tour). It started at 8pm so it ended up being a very nice “sunset tour”. We did not want to rush dinner in the MDR so we opted for dinner in the buffet that evening. It was disappointing to say the least. There was the exact same selection as during lunch (which had been a poolside burger day because nothing at the buffet was appealing) and, at 6:00, half of each side of the buffet was empty. After circling around the buffet several times, I ended up having salad and pasta from the pasta station. The pasta was just OK, not very satisfying. The Oceanview Café hours need to be expanded. Breakfast opens way too late (7:00) and you can’t even get a croissant with your coffee if you are an early riser like me (and many other people I saw milling around waiting for the food to be put out). The main lunch closes at 2:30 and dinner doesn’t start until 5:30. The sandwich bar closed at 4:00 so only the pizza and pasta stations are open until dinner time. On the last day in Bermuda, we sailed at 4:30 so many people were just getting back from shore and were looking for a bite to eat. We walked around the entire buffet and there was nothing but pizza and pasta – how much pizza and pasta can you eat? We just wanted a pastry or something to eat on the outdoor deck (10, aft) but there was nothing available. The only place to get anything at that time of day was on deck 5 at Café al Bacio but who wants to go down there when you are wearing a wet bathing suit? As good as the service in the MDR was, the service in the cafe was quite the opposite. Except for one occasion, at both lunch and dinner there was no one around to serve drinks so we had to go outside to the Sunset Bar to get our own. If they came around to clear our dirty dishes, never once did they ask if we needed any more drinks. They are not too on top of clearing tables either. Many times we were looking for a table and they were all cluttered with used trays of dishes. We had to wonder where were the headwaiters who are supposed to supervise the wait staff – we didn’t see any the entire time. One afternoon we did receive attentive service in the aft area of the café. If fact several of them were falling over themselves to clear our dishes and replenish our drinks. We weren’t surprised to find that we were sitting two tables away from a group of officers including the cruise director and the F&B manager. Hmmm… A word on the alternative restaurants…expensive. I thought $45 per person was ridiculously high, especially for what amounts to be appetizers in Qsine ($45 for sliders and fish & chips…really?). Good thing the MDR food was so good. Bermuda - Having cruised to Bermuda on several occasions, we knew our way around so we did not take any shore excursions except for the evening Glass Bottom boat cruise. The public ferry dock is just a short walk from the cruise ship dock. On Wednesday, my husband and I took the ferry to St. George and walked around the quaint town a bit while the rest of the family went to the beach at Tobacco Bay. After a relaxing lunch at a waterside restaurant we took the ferry back to the ship. On Thursday we took the ferry to Hamilton and did some shopping. Then on Friday we just walked around the Dockyard area, watched the glass blowers and sampled the rum cake. Conclusion - Overall, we all enjoyed our cruise very much. In spite of the negative aspects, we were able to take advantage of the positives and have a great vacation. But will I go back on Celebrity again? Definitely not the Summit but perhaps one of the newer ships. However, for the foreseeable future, we will stick with Princess.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
This was our third cruise with Celebrity, and the first on a non Solstice-class ship. It was also our first trip to Bermuda. The ship is in generally good shape, and laid out well. We found the staff to be fantastic and accommodating. The ... Read More
This was our third cruise with Celebrity, and the first on a non Solstice-class ship. It was also our first trip to Bermuda. The ship is in generally good shape, and laid out well. We found the staff to be fantastic and accommodating. The buffet was disappointing, but the main dining room (Cosmopolitan Restaurant) is available for all meals, and was quite good. Shows are not our thing, but our dining companions were quite happy with them. The crowd on the ship was older, and there were few kids. My son (12) was a little disappointed with the teen program, which kept getting combined with younger kids; the last day of the cruise, many of the activities were cancelled. Still, he found the cruise overall to his liking. The age of the ship was apparent in the bathroom, which had a few discolored tiles and a bit of rust showing; also, the shower closed with a curtain, rather than the glass doors in the Solstice-class ships. Still, the room was adequate and had surprisingly good storage. Furnishings and linens were in good condition. Our room was mid-ship, which was great as we had some rough seas on the way down, but our movement was less than others experienced. We actually enjoyed the lack of windows, as the room was nice and dark for those vacation naps. Our cabin staff was friendly, efficient, got in and out of the rooms so quickly. Vilma was a ray of sunshine, always smiling and humming as she went about her work. Bermuda is an amazing destination, and most fellow cruisers we spoke with have been there many times. We are planning to go again, maybe taking our parents along next time. The locals were so friendly and nice, the islands are beautiful, public transportation is easy, inexpensive, and safe, and the beaches are incredible. We heard that dining was expensive on the island, but we limited ourselves to smoothies and snacks, and ate on the ship. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
We're a 27/28 year old married couple and this was our second Celebrity cruise, first on an M-Class boat. Expectations are everything, especially transitioning from an S-Class to an M-Class boat. I armed myself with knowledge and was ... Read More
We're a 27/28 year old married couple and this was our second Celebrity cruise, first on an M-Class boat. Expectations are everything, especially transitioning from an S-Class to an M-Class boat. I armed myself with knowledge and was therefore not disappointed, but could appreciate the Summit's more subtle brand of sophistication as opposed to the Reflection's modern glamour. We were in a 2C Sweet Sixteen Balcony room. The sail over to Bermuda was very rough. We experienced high waves and I relied on my medication to keep me moving and eating. Overall though, we had such a fantastic time that we took advantage of Celebrity's "All In" promotion which gives you free gratuities, beverage package, and on-board credit when you book a future sailing to Bermuda. That was a no-brainier after the great cruise we experienced, so we'll be Bermuda-bound again next June :-) Embarkation: D We had a rough start due to a coast guard inspection. We had stayed at the Hampton Inn on Staten Island which provides free transportation to the port. We arrived at 10:20 and were checked in and waiting in the holding area by 10:45. The room became very crowded and noisy and the person giving instructions was attempting to get our attention on a bullhorn. You couldn't hear him and it was a disaster waiting to happen. We finally got on the boat around 12:30. The champagne waiting for us was a relief! Accommodations: A While smaller than our OV on the Reflection, the double size balcony made up for it in spades. We had room 6028. Ample storage space and the bed was comfortable. We were missing a deck chair but it was resolved within a few hours of notifying our attendant. The bathroom was adequate but was showing its age with a bit of mold in the shower and dingy grout. That's the reason I don't give it an A+. Service: A+ We found the staff and officers of the Summit absolutely fantastic. Ken Mills the cruise director and Luigi de la Cruz, Activities Director, were hilarious, visible, and personable. Their daily recorded show is a must see. Captain Demetrius was the most charismatic and charming captain I've ever had. You can tell he is proud of his job and enjoys it. Our stateroom attendant, Suneil and Assistant, Lancy, went above and beyond. I just had to ask once and my ice was filled twice daily. The room was very clean and the bathroom very fresh as well. A/C worked wonderfully. One of the most delightful people was the sommelier, Olja. She took very good care of us. Beverage Package: B+ We took advantage of the beverage package promo and I upgraded only mine to the premium. The bartenders were great and very willing to be creative with mixing new drinks. I wish there had been menus at each bar though. Cafe al Bacio was one of my favorite spots and the smoothies at the Aqua Spa Cafe were delicious. I was disappointed that the beers available at Michael's club were now nowhere to be found after closing that venue off to suite and elites. Additionally, we experienced issues at the martini bar with one bartender serving my husband (classic package) mini martinis no problem and then the next minute another bartender saying he wasn't allowed to get them on his package. Last, brands specified as part of the packages by the Celebrity official on this board very recently were not available on the boat. I asked several places for a specific type of rum and nobody knew what I was talking about. None of these things really impacted our voyage though. We were happy overall just having the package included in our fare and not having to think about it. Specialty Dining: B+ We ate at Bistro on 5 embarkation day to avoid the buffet and it was excellent for the $7 upcharge. Worth it. I only give a B+ because of the slow service. I bet it was because it was the first day though and things would have been more efficient going later on in the journey. Select Dining: B There are some kinks that need to be worked out here. The first night we waited almost an hour to be seated. It got better throughout the week. If you like eating between 7:00-8:00, my recommendation is to make reservations ahead of time online, especially for sea days. Our wait staff got an A+. Everyone we had was fantastic. MDR Food: A+ All the food we had was good to excellent. Top favorites were the lamb in phyllo, chilled pear and honey soup, blue cheese souffle, chocolate lava cake, New York strip, and Jerked chicken. Room Service: A Excellent and timely service (if not early) and mostly great food. Don't get the scrambled eggs, they're inedible! The bacon was deliciously crunchy and the coffee was hot and fresh. Croissants are flaky and delicious! Buffet/Pool Grill: B The main issue with the buffet is the terrible layout, but X can't do much about that. What they can fix though is how the layout is managed. The items that are out into the early hours of the morning need to be moved to the front of the buffet. Many times stations were't all open and instead of closing down one complete side and containing the items to one area, there would be open stations scattered all over the buffet. This was inconvenient and annoying. The baskets are OK overall as they make selection much faster; however, they are wire and paper and thus cool the food more quickly. X needs to figure out how to keep the food from cooling too quickly. They are also bulky and awkward on one's tray. They should be smaller. The metal tins of Indian food, tofu Asian salad, pizza, ice cream, and waffles were best. Pool grill was excellent - A+. Entertainment: A+ We enjoyed Jordan Peterson, piano/vocals most of all. Stephen Aubrey on guitar and the 5 o'clock somewhere duo are not to be missed either. We loved the DJ/live drumming combo happening around the martini bar in the evenings. That was a hot group. The 54 below was OK. Sin City Comedy was great and the Liars Club starring the Captain was hilarious. Don't miss it, but don't bring kids either. It was a bit raunchy. Bermuda A+ Transportation was a breeze, locals were generous and friendly, and we felt safe 100% of the time. We had excellent weather, highs in the low 80s with very low humidity and a delicious sea breeze at all times. We enjoyed horseshoe beach, harbor nights, par-la-ville park, Church bay, and a snorkeling excursion by Jesse James Cruises that I arranged independently. I did have an accident snorkeling when I gashed my ankle on a rock, which brings me to. . . Ship Medical Facilities: A+ I didn't get farther than Nurse Mel at the front desk. Concerned about cost, I asked him how much it would be to get a Dr.to look at my ankle. He very kindly invited me back and said he'd be happy to look at it, no charge. He cleaned the wound and told me how to bandage it and what signs of infection to keep a lookout for. That was it. Thanks, Nurse Mel! Debarkation: A What a sad day that was, especially staring at ugly Bayonne. Debarkation was fast but could go faster if able-bodied people were directed to a staircase rather than only the elevators. Transportation from the port is very expensive, so be wary. I do have a very detailed photo review that can be found at this link: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2057415   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
backround..we are 60 with 15 cruises all with RCCL& Celebrity....Used Preimer Parking (5 min from cruiseport),and it worked great...Ralph(our driver both times) was friendly and was on time. Embarkcation was fine...I mean, when you go ... Read More
backround..we are 60 with 15 cruises all with RCCL& Celebrity....Used Preimer Parking (5 min from cruiseport),and it worked great...Ralph(our driver both times) was friendly and was on time. Embarkcation was fine...I mean, when you go prepared, to wait,then it its all good when it doesn't take long(and it didn't)......we had a small interior on deck 7 and our cabin steward (Bernard) was really good. The guest relations staff was very good also......BUT, the crew on this ship just seem to be "out of it".....they are tired and very sad looking most of the time.....but Capt DK is happy, happy, happy.....On our last sea day,we listened to him talk in the Celebrity Theatre..("Dam, I'm good")...and Ken (cruise director) said afterwards that this was such a great ship to work on,the attitude comes from the top down,and how this is attributed to the Capt!..ummm.,the crew has not "got the memo" yet. Now ,don't get me wrong here...we had no problems with any staff member,they were all pleasant to us.They just seemed to be very,very,tired, worn out ,and unenthusiastic,...on person in the Oceanview told us he had been on the ship 7 months,and was supposed to be off in 6,and if he seemed rude, that was why....(but ,Capt D.K. is going around the ship with his "wrist cam",and is happy, happy, happy!) ...Speaking of the Oceanview Café,it appears they are working on a new concept,using wire baskets and metal bowls for food...This is nice in some respect,no multiple touching of handles that would normally be in the food,portion control,but the main problem here is, the food is cold most of the time.it sets out and just gets cold......the pizza was good, but many days,it was also burnt....as well as toast coming out in the am.....DW did ask that her toast not be burnt one morning(and she was real nice about it).....the guy said,"sorry, we're not perfect"....DW and I have both been in the service business ,so we do understand ,and try to be very, very respectful of the wait staff...but , I would think that the Hotel, Food Operations Mgr would not be happy with the smell of things being burnt, wafting thr the buffet!.,the Oceanview consistently opened late more so at breakfast,and at 530....but, the Capt is happy, happy, happy! all in all, a good cruise, we are thankful at this stage in our lives to be able to do this......the Summit is still a classy ship and is aging gracefully......the Solarium pool is heated and bubbling and relaxing,(like a huge hot tub)...lots of private places to get away and read(which we love to do)........I think the staff will be fine, as they get some rest,and the buffet will continue to be "tweaked".....but I hope Capt DK understands and encourages his whole crew Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
This was our first cruise with Celebrity. I am 56 and husband is 61. We had Conceirage Class on Deck 9. Emabarking was fast and easy-we were on the ship in about 20 minutes. Our room was spotless. The tile in the bathroom shower looked a ... Read More
This was our first cruise with Celebrity. I am 56 and husband is 61. We had Conceirage Class on Deck 9. Emabarking was fast and easy-we were on the ship in about 20 minutes. Our room was spotless. The tile in the bathroom shower looked a little old but was clean and everything functioned properly during the cruise.Marissa and Hanz took excellent care of us and kept our room clean and tidy. Balcony has plenty of room for two people to enjoy coffee in the morning or wine at night. Our room was directly under the bufet which was handy-just run up the stairs and grab breakfast and take it to our balcony and enjoy. Once my husband found the oatmeal (with plenty of fixngs nearby) and bananas he was happy- no complaints there. Loved the new food baskets. We brought two bottles of wine on board and kept them in our room and enjoyed them on our balcony. We had Select dining and Gabriella took the time to greet us and we always had amazing tables near windows or the alcove looking over the main dining room. Chester, the concierage was always cheerful and had good ideas and suggesstions for us. He was a life saver dealing with Choice Air and our boarding passes for the journey home. We do not gamble and did not attend the shows ( we were so busy during the day that we fell asleep by 10 or 11 each night) so I can not comment on those ammenities. We would do Concierage Class again- the canapes are pretty skimpy but there is Tea at 4:00 pm with scones , desserts and savories that should hold you over until dinner. I requested cheese and crackers instead of the canapes and they began arriving the next day. Overall it was a great cruise. Employees always greeted and spoke to us. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
This was our first cruise on Celebrity, and we went in with high expectations based on what others who are regulars had to say. Let’s just say that it didn’t quite meet the hype. It's not that it was a horrible cruise, it's ... Read More
This was our first cruise on Celebrity, and we went in with high expectations based on what others who are regulars had to say. Let’s just say that it didn’t quite meet the hype. It's not that it was a horrible cruise, it's that certain things people had raved about before-hand just weren't great. Cape Liberty: Least favorite port we've sailed from. It wasn't the easiest port entrance to find, and the dock looks like it's made up of buildings that were abandoned 20 years ago. Can't say that I've ever had to be bussed from the terminal to the ship before, either. Check-in: It went fast, but the lady who checked us in wasn't all that helpful or friendly. She checked our documents and credit card, got our room keys, gave us our boarding number, and sent us on our way without telling us a thing. I had to assume the number was our boarding number, as she didn't feel the need to say more than 10 words to us. It's not like there was a line of people waiting behind us, either. We sat down in the waiting area around 10am, and they started boarding around 10:30. Seemed like it went pretty quickly, and I think they called our group ~10:45ish. We ended up delayed for reasons of our own making, but still, we were on the ship by around 11:30am. Seemed like it took longer than past cruises for the rooms to be ready (it was after 1pm, I think), so after 15min of walking the ship to find everything, we sat around up on deck 10 waiting for the announcement. Our luggage was already sitting in the hall by the time we got to the room, so we grabbed it and unpacked. The ship: Overall, the ship was nice. It's a little small for our liking, but we have no complaints about the condition of the ship. It was easy to get around, we never felt like it was crowded, and frankly, the theater design is better than other lines. Far less in the way of obstructed views in there than we've had in the past, and overall we liked the way the seating was laid out. Our room: We were in one of the corner FOVs, 9156. Loved this room, especially the balcony. The room is spacious, and had plenty of room for the two teenagers we had with us as well. We've only done balcony rooms twice now, and the first time around, we really didn't get the "once you go balcony, you can't go back" thing. Now we get it. Pretty sure we're going to be targeting aft wrap type cabins from now on, as the field of view from this balcony was amazing. If you want to see for yourself, go to photosynth.net and search for "celebrity summit 9156" (without the quotes, upload date is 6/17/2014). Some have complained about the chair noise from the bar above, and while we heard it a couple of times, it was never an issue, and I consider myself pretty sensitive to stuff like that. It was also nice to have that bar above you to be able to sit on the balcony in PJs in the evening and listen to the music from the band above you. The staff: For the most part, great. I've never seen officers this visible and engaging on a ship before. The captain himself was outstanding, and my daughter and I even managed to get in a GoPro moment with him :). He was funny, outgoing, and involved with the guests in a way we never expected. The entertainment staff was really good for the most part. They seem like they're short-handed, as they were constantly hustling from activity to activity. Luigi is one of the best activities staff members we've seen on a ship, and Celebrity would do well to ensure they don't lose him. Awesome personality, and the energy just oozes from him. The CD, Ken, was always out with the guests, and was funny as well, one of the better CDs we've had. The only staff issues we really had were the bartenders. Not very friendly, and it wasn't an issue with one specific bar, it was all of them. All 4 of us commented on this throughout the cruise. Also, while this isn't a huge deal, we were surprised at how little any of our daily staff called us by name. The MDR staff never did, and our room steward only did the first time we met. It's a small thing, but the service felt less personal than it did on our last cruise on Carnival. Oh, one more positive, we loved that we were never hounded to get pictures taken while on board like you are on other lines. We generally don't do the whole picture station thing, and not being pressured every time we walked past one was nice. Activities: This started out pretty rough. On the first sea day, there were very few activities that interested us, and frankly, the ship just felt dead (same thing on the day we left Cape Liberty). We only found 3 things we wanted to do that day (galley tour, the only trivia that day, and flash mob practice), and the rest of the time walked around or read on the balcony. At the end of that first sea day, my wife and daughter and I all felt like we'd chosen the wrong cruise line, to be honest. Sea day #2 got better, though, with more on the list of activities that interested us, and that continued on for the rest of the cruise. Loved the officers vs guests pool volleyball, good stuff. We LOVED the captain's talk on ship navigation on the final day as well. Definitely worth the time away from the balcony :). Entertainment: Yea, I've read some scathing reviews of the shows on Celebrity lately, and now I see why. The dancers and singers are definitely talented (far more so than on our last cruise), but the shows themselves just weren't that great. The singer they brought on for the ‘54 Below’ performance was very talented, and had interesting stories, but again, this was obviously geared towards an older crowd. They definitely appeared to be catering to an older crowd. On the comedy side, what a let-down. The comedian they had on board was funny, and we enjoyed his one show, but we definitely prefer the setup of something like Carnival, where they rotate a couple of comedians and have a couple of late-night adult shows going on during the week. Now, the Summit did have late night comedy, but the scheduling left something to be desired, and we never made it. The Sin City comedy shows were all around midnight, and either on port nights, or the last night. Move those to nights where we don't have to get up early the next day, and I'm there. Food: The MDR food was good, for sure (definitely better than Carnival), but the buffet was just okay. We do like the portioned setup of the buffet, so that was a plus, but it felt like it needed to be open more often, and the overall quality and selection of food wasn't that great. The pizza and pasta stations were good though (never had a wait), and the hand-scooped ice cream was great (again, that could be open more often). Also, we saw the chocolate fountain being set up for lunch the second day in port, right as we were leaving to see St George. Really? One of the food highlights is done on a port day? Shame we had to miss that. We never did eat in the specialty restaurants, other than eating the crepe my wife made during the crepe making demo in Bistro. Pretty tasty :) The port: LOVED Bermuda. I see why people do this cruise multiple times. Even with 2.5 days in port, we didn't get to do everything we wanted, so we will definitely be going back. The locals were very friendly, and it was very easy to get around the island using their public transportation system. We did everything on our own, and even added a jet ski tour from the dock the last day, which we all really enjoyed. Can't say enough good things about Bermuda and the people who live there. Overall, we had a great trip. Yes, I know I complained a bit above, but none of it ruined the vacation. Bermuda was fantastic, the weather was awesome the whole week, and we all had fun. Those first couple of days were a bit concerning though, as the lack of energy the first day or so took the joy of sea days down a notch. I'm hoping that's more about the local schools not being out yet versus Celebrity cutting back on activities. In the end, things turned around on that front, and we had a great week. We’re not really loyal to a single cruise line, as we tend to cruise more for the itinerary than anything else, and I think we’d give Celebrity a shot again depending on where we were looking to go.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Booked this ship as we did not want to sail on Norwegian with 4,000 passengers. Food was great, cabins were great, most everthing was fine. We had total of 12 people with us including elderly parents and youngest was 6. So we thought this ... Read More
Booked this ship as we did not want to sail on Norwegian with 4,000 passengers. Food was great, cabins were great, most everthing was fine. We had total of 12 people with us including elderly parents and youngest was 6. So we thought this ship would be good for everyone. Instead of retyping, the followintg is a copy of what we wrote on our Summit Survey after our cruise when asked of any problems we had: "Complaints: The music. A girl on a synthesizer and a guy beating on a cow bell was torture. I know it was an issue with a lot of other travelers because it was a running joke that we talked about at various bars with different people. I even saw a guy go up to them and ask them to either play something different or please stop. The music at the pool was horrible. It seemed that the DJ's were catering to the older crowd. Problem was, the older crowd wasn't at the pool. No top 40 or even popular dance songs were played. Just horrible DJ/music choices. Had a couple issues with your rules and enforcement of those rules. I was told that I could not wear shorts at dinner in the main dining hall. Yet, I saw a girl with denim short shorts leaving the restaurant and was told that was OK because she is a girl. She was about 18 years old. I can understand wanting to maintain a respectable dining experience with a dress code but, there should be some consistency across the board with all diners. I found the short shorts unacceptable when trying to maintain some sort of dress code. I was told "she's a girl, she can wear what she wants". I find that laughable. The pool rule's, no one under 18 allowed in the pool. My 16 year old was better behaved than the adults who were doing belly flops and flips into the pool. I don't expect him to swim in the 4' kiddie pool with 5 year old's. He was asked to leave the pool when sitting on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water. Well that was it. He didn't go swimming for the rest of the trip because he didn't want to be embarrassed by being asked to leave. If your security is so observant of who's in the pool, maybe they can observe and maintain a safe environment for everyone. Or at least, make it so kids can enjoy the pool with a parent. I know that the rules are there to keep everyone or at least most everyone safe and happy. A lot of money is spent to take these trips and I was there with my whole family of 12. I was a little irritated by the broad spectrum of rules and who they apply to and who they don't apply to. I would think that the dining hall and security people should be able to use their discretion in these situations as they arise. If they can't, maybe more training is needed. The trip didn't have to be as stuffy as you all seemed to want to make it. I'm sure these complaints wont mean much to you. But I feel better. Thanks Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
My husband and I are in our early 60"s and travelled with our 8 year old grandaughter. We arrived at the port at 10:30 and were onboard by 11:00. It was very quick and easy and organized. We made our way to Bistro on 5 to avoid the ... Read More
My husband and I are in our early 60"s and travelled with our 8 year old grandaughter. We arrived at the port at 10:30 and were onboard by 11:00. It was very quick and easy and organized. We made our way to Bistro on 5 to avoid the crowds in the buffet. We had a great server named Tahley who suggested that we dine in Quisine that night at a discount. We enjoyed our dinner in Quisine which is alot of fun. Tahley was also our server in Quisine and made it very enjoyable. Our oceanview cabin #2086 was ready at 1:00pm. The cabin was very functional with plenty of space for 3 people. The only part of the cabin that really shows it's age is the bathroom. We had a few cracked tiles in the shower and some grout issues. Our cabin steward Apollo did a good job keeping our cabin clean and neat. Its a great mid-ships cabin with no noise. For those folks who prefer a little bit of a smaller ship the Summit is for you. Not alot of bells and whistles but perfect for a port intensive itinerary. The ship looks good for her age and very easy to navigate. The food was very good in the main dining room. We had Celebrity Select Dining and had no trouble getting the reservation we wanted as long as we made it when we were leaving the dining room the night before. The first night that we ate in the dining room we were given a table close to the back window with Hugo as our waiter. He was so good that we requested him every night thereafter. The buffet food for lunch was o.k. I wasn't sure how I felt about the baskets at first but after the 2nd day they kind of grew on me. They cut down on germs but I think they also cut down on waiting in lines as you can just grab a basket or two and be on your way. Celebrity does need to put more staff on to clean tables in a more timely fashion. The one disappointment that we had was not being able to eat in Normandie. We had our 8 year old grandaughter with us and the age limit is 13. I fully understand the issues of allowing children in the more formal restaurants. I would not be happy spending $45.00 per person and having an annoying child near me. Our grandaughter happens to be very mature for her age and loves to dress up and eat in fine restaurants. We understood from the beginning that she would not be allowed to eat there which is why I was so annoyed when I found out otherwise. We were waiting for my husband outside of the buffet area where they have tables set up advertising Quisine and Normandie and trying to get people to make reservations. I was chit chatting with the person who was in charge of the tables and I was telling him how much we enjoyed Quisine. He asked me if I would like to make a reservation at Normandie and I told him that we would have loved to but our grandaughter was 8 and the age limit is 13. He told me that they have changed their policy regarding kids and that my grandaughter would be welcome to dine there. I was shocked to hear him say that. I never would have even thought to have asked the question. This happened at the end of the cruise and there were not any times left that suited us. I don't understand how they can change a policy and not let anyone know. The entertainment was good. The production shows were a little cheesy but had great sets and good costumes. Bermuda remains to be one of my favorite places. This is my 6th time and it is still beautiful. Very easy to get around by bus and ferry which are located right near the ship. We did take the nighttime glass bottom boat excursion which we did many years ago and enjoyed so much that we wanted to take our grandaughter again. They have 2 choices 8 pm or 10 pm. The first time we did it we took the 10pm which was better. This time we did the 8pm which was wonderful for seeing the sunset but didn't see as much marine life. The interesting marine life come out later. Disembarkation was fast. We were off the ship and in our car by 9:00. A great cruise which I would do again in a heartbeat. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Celebrity Summit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.6
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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