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My husband and I have cruised with Royal Caribbean and Carnival. This was our first and probably the last cruise on any Celebrity ship. As some other reviewers mentioned, we expected Celebrity to be upscale and a step above Royal Caribbean ... Read More
My husband and I have cruised with Royal Caribbean and Carnival. This was our first and probably the last cruise on any Celebrity ship. As some other reviewers mentioned, we expected Celebrity to be upscale and a step above Royal Caribbean and Carnival. We were deeply disappointed on our very first day. Everything started with the embarkation process which was delayed for several hours to allow for an intensive ship cleaning after a norovirus outbreak on the previous cruise. On the first evening I saw that my brand new blouse and my husband's pants we were wearing that day were ruined by the chlorine used to disinfect the buffet chairs. We complained to the Guest Relations Desk. They apologized for it but actually did nothing. No reimbursement was offered nor anything to make us satisfied (a complementary spa or salon service, a dinner in Normandie). We submitted the Personal Property Reports and were told that we would be contacted in two weeks. After a month we have not been contacted yet. The buffet was also disappointing - long lines and we always had to ask for more food from the servers (passengers were not allowed to handle food themselves). Also the stations are set up well, but flow in the cafeteria section itself is poor. People always seemed to end up going in the wrong direction to get their food items. The Summit is quite dated and poorly maintained. The buffet has old tables and dirty, sticky chairs. The pool area, deck chairs, everything is old, stained, broken and rusty. The furniture in the casino is chipped, most of the chairs are old and frayed. We never saw anyone painting or refinishing. The solarium smelled of urine. Our stateroom looked worn. The sofa and the carpet had stains all over. The bathroom was nasty. The shower had mildew spots in the corners. The toilet seat was scratched. The whole bathroom smelled of mildew and the hallways by the stateroom smelled of sewage. On one morning my husband and I got woken up very early by the smell of burning plastic. Once again we complained to the Guest Relations Desk. Again they apologized for it and again did nothing to resolve the problem. Later that day while returning to the ship we smelled the same smell and realized they were burning garbage on the ship. On our last day we came to our cabin to change for dinner only to find the refrigerator locked and our things taken out and left on the coffee table. No one bothered to let us know that the refrigerator was going to be locked on the last evening. So unprofessional! All in all, we really loved the itinerary, the food at the buffet and the pool grill and the entertainment. But the ship needs major refurbishment and interior redesign. I posted some pictures of the Summit on Cruise Critic. If you want to see them just search for the Summit or my username ccmermaid in the Photo Gallery. Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
We booked this cruise for the itinerary, and in this aspect, we were not disappointed. Thank goodness we had great ports to visit otherwise our children would have formed a mutiny! First off, let me state we are loyal NCL cruises, mostly ... Read More
We booked this cruise for the itinerary, and in this aspect, we were not disappointed. Thank goodness we had great ports to visit otherwise our children would have formed a mutiny! First off, let me state we are loyal NCL cruises, mostly due to their terrific kid and teens club. If the kids are happy, then we are happy. We also enjoy having food choices and choosing what time we dine. However, our teen daughters like dressing up and we were excited about formal nights during this Christmas cruise on Celebrity. The cruise got off to a rocky start when upon check in for our 3 rooms, it took over 1/2 hour for the process, even though I had checked in online. AND after 1/2 hour it was discovered that the keycards for my SUITE were not available. I then had to go stand in line AGAIN at the front reception to receive my suite keycards. Not the introduction to Celebrity I had expected! Then to make matters worse, all the other 6 people in my party kept getting phone calls and letters from the front desk stating that their credit card information was missing. Even though, now I had given Celebrity the credit card information TWICE! This of course, required more phone calls and ANOTHER TRIP TO FRONT RECEPTION. Our suite was large with a pleasant decor and our maid and butler were friendly and hard working. The afternoon tea delivery by our butler was one of the things i looked forward to every day. Since we spent every available minute at the ports, this snack tided us over until our late seating dinner. We also enjoyed the ability to have breakfast on our balcony delivered, even though the food was not warm, it was nice to avoid the crowds at the buffet. Our waiter and his assistant were very friendly and efficient. They made our evening family meal very special and we looked forward to the occasion every night. The food quality was the only area that I felt exceeded our NCL experiences. The meals were superb and the menus choices were varied. We never ate lunch onboard so I can't compare the buffet choices. The only meal that let us down was the Christmas day dinner. The turkey looked like turkey roll, and there were no potatoes on the plate, mashed or otherwise. I had to cook turkey dinner after returning home because the family felt cheated of their Christmas dinner onboard. Now to our biggest disappointment of all. I was leery of booking Celebrity because I was concerned about their kids activities. I even asked on the boards about this. I was reassured because of the promise of lots of kids due to Christmas vacation. This was not a problem, there seemed to be lots of kids, HOWEVER, when our teen daughters went to the activities listed on the senior teen card, there was no one to be found! After a couple of evenings of trying to find their activity director, they were informed by the junior teen person, that the senior teen position had not been filled. Apparently the person hired for this job, had not shown up on the ship. So the powers that be, did not consider this to be a priority and did not see the need to provide ANY ACTIVITIES for the senior teens. My daughters were heartbroken, they enjoy cruises because they get to meet new people and develop new friendships with kids from all over the world. All their excitement over this cruise was for naught. They tried to attend a dance one evening, but were turned away because they were not 18. Their only avenue to meet other teens was to go play basketball, which left all their pretty party dresses hanging in the closet. I was also not impressed by the bar staff on this cruise. I had pre-purchased the frozen drink package and whenever I showed the bartender my card with its sticker, I got a turned up lip and curt service. Since the gratuities are pre paid, they do not even offer a receipt to sign, just hand over the drink. WITHOUT a smile, I can tell you! The choices of drinks were very limited and I grew tired of pina coladas. At the pool deck bar, I looked at drink menu that stated mojitios could be ordered frozen, I turned to the bartender and ordered a frozen mojitio, he glared at me and said, I don't know what that is, I showed him the card, he ripped it out of my hands, threw it down on his counter and said, "that is ridiculous, we don't make those". Every time I ordered a drink from the pool deck bar, I got the same cold service. I did not appreciate being made to feel like a second class citizen because of my drink package. My husband and I have decided that we will not take another Celebrity cruise. We were not impressed by the service levels compared to the price we paid. Our kids did not enjoy their time on the ship and I had even splurged and got them concierge class staterooms. They would have been much happier with an inside on Norwegian, and that is the only way we will ever get them to cruise again! Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Our flight from Miami to San Juan was filled with excitement for the three of us. We awoke at 3AM to catch our 7:15 AM flight with lots of enthusiasm and zest. We were bombarded with long lines and lots of waiting and hardly any airline ... Read More
Our flight from Miami to San Juan was filled with excitement for the three of us. We awoke at 3AM to catch our 7:15 AM flight with lots of enthusiasm and zest. We were bombarded with long lines and lots of waiting and hardly any airline personnel around to help us. Thank goodness for the American Airlines lounge where we relaxed had a chance to call our loved ones before boarding. Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, we were stoked about our cruise and the plans we made for fun and relaxation. We hailed a taxi from the airport to our Celebrity ship; the Summit. Embarkation was handled a bit clumsy and awkward as the computer system went out. Finally we were herded like sheep to check in and finally board. We found our room and I almost wiped out in the bathroom due to slippery floors where a water leak occurred. Great! Just what I wanted on my vacation- to sit and wait for a plumber to fix a problem in our cabin. It was finally resolved and our vacation was about to start. So I thought...something was missing oh yes how about the ambiance Celebrity is famous for- well it was fading fast along with the carpet in my cabin....But I still had high hopes. We grabbed a quick snack on the 11th floor cafe with the left over food from the previous cruise.It was sufficient until dinner. We then hailed another taxi to shop at the Mall of the Americas. We love shopping...it was way too hot to trot around Old San Juan;though in retrospect was a better choice...the mall was insane!What was I thinking???? We were on deck 9-the Concierge floor. Nothing special or worth the up-charge. Overall, the entertainment was poor, the food-worse ever and I was so turned off that I will sail with Celebrity again as they have lost us as customers. Our daughter, age 16 could not find any fellow cruiser to hang with as the Tennprogram was not existant. We walked the ship nightly and tried to find some sort of amusement. We were not even enticed to gambling where sometimes we love to play nightly.After boarding once again, we took showers got ready for the Muster station drill,( cruise number 9 on Celebrity and 17 overall)2nd seating dinner and looking forward to laughs with my family. Dinner was almost laughable but most of all almost inedible. We enjoy fine dining(? not on this ship) and we watch our weight as well. Nothing had much taste. We were shocked with portions and the only positive thing I can say about the menu choices were not much. The quality of the food and overall service was very poor. How else could the outcome be if you cut any and everything to the bone? Corporate decisions were obvious and unfortunately does not help Celebrity Cruise lines-it shows poor judgement and even poorer quality of an once coveted cruise line that was above the mass market cruise standard. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Since we are diamond RCCL folks, we were looking forward to at least the same type of customer service on a Celebrity ship, but that was not the case. Hardly a day went by that wrong information was given to us by crew members, which ... Read More
Since we are diamond RCCL folks, we were looking forward to at least the same type of customer service on a Celebrity ship, but that was not the case. Hardly a day went by that wrong information was given to us by crew members, which caused us great inconvenience.And we were told many times that no one knew answers to our routine questions.No one made an effort to find answers, either. In Venice, the check in process took over 3 hours. We were told the bus back to the ship from Piazzale Roma in Venice was available until 8:30 pm but it was never available. We knew how to use the public bus, so we made it back, but others were stranded. Waterfall Cafe is not a full buffet and had horrible selection and service. Our dining room waiter was lethargic and not helpful to the point that we requested a different table.The wait staff was great after that. We did have a terrific room attendant. She was superb. Evening theater entertainment was very mediocre and amateurish. Room service had to be ordered through the Guest Relations desk and never came with all orders right. We were given a credit for computer time but it was still billed to our credit card. When we went to the Guest Relations to express our concerns, the girl was very very rude and unhelpful. A first for us. The ship was big on germ prevention with hand sanitizer everywhere, but the attendant in the computer room was obviously ill with at least a bad cold and should not have been there. We loved the ports and never used ship excursions and had great experieinces. We decided to use Celebrity's Barcelona 4 hour tour on the last day. It was announced in the waiting for departure area that our luggage would be on the tour bus. But when we left the ship, we were then told to find our luggage-which was scattered all over the area. We then had to get a porter to take the bags to the bus.It was very messy.When we were off of the bus, our guide did not wait for the whole group to gather before giving information, so it was an unguided tour most of the time. Then at the end of the tour we were to be dropped off at Playa Catalonya. The bus parked by a median in the street,not at the outside curb. Our bags were dumped on the narrow median and other buses were in the lane closer to the curb. It was dangerous to say the least. Then we had to get ourselves and luggage to a cab stand 1/2 block from this point to get a cab to our hotel. Despite the splendid ports, we were really eager to get off the ship and the horrible tour experience at the end justified our eagerness to leave the Celebrity ship behind. Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
We took Celebrity on what was to be our first Mediterranean adventure last fall. While the ship was basically nice, there were many problems that made the experience unpleasant and disappointing: "sewer" smells in the halllway, ... Read More
We took Celebrity on what was to be our first Mediterranean adventure last fall. While the ship was basically nice, there were many problems that made the experience unpleasant and disappointing: "sewer" smells in the halllway, back ups in the shower, less-than-clean balcony furniture, wilted flowers, and definitely second-class cuisine. The personal service that we had enjoyed on two earlier Celebrity cruises was lacking in the dining room, and the constant hard sell of shore excursionsoften accompanied by warnings about personal safety if you put foot on shore without a Celebrity guidewere annoying and insulting. Added to this, lunches in the dining room were not served while in port (nearly every day), and the Summit ran out of everything from coffee cream to strawberries before the end of the cruise. Breakfast in the cafeteria was presented with boring repetition, almost exactly the same day after day. The quality of the entertainment varied, and there was nothing to do and little choice of food after 11 p.m. Celebrity has had problems with the propulsion system on this ship for years, and they have failed to solve them. They were engaged in a lawsuit, as I understand it, with the manufacturer, but they continue to use the propulsion system although it has repeatedly failed. Owing to this, we had to skip our port in Croatia. Also, we were scheduled to dock at Livorno/Florence, but the captain choose, because of the weather, to anchor at La Spezia. This forced us to use the leaking and ill-functioning ship's tenders into port. When we returned to La Spezia (after a 3-hour train ride in each direction to visit Florence), we were ordered to queue on the quay in a gale (winds of 50 mph) and cold thunderstorm, with water washing over our feet and tree boughs falling from above. There were no facilites, no bathrooms, and no shelter. Celebrity was unable to return us to the Summit, but their personnel warned us not to leave the quay. If we were not there when they were ready to board the tenders, we would be left behind. Following this experience, I had a cold that developed into a sinus infection requiring several courses of antibiotics, steroids, and finally, surgery. Celebrity did not offer as much as an apology, no less any other compensation.I consider Celebrity to be not just disappointing, but negligent. I will never, never travel with them again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2008
After slight fog bound delays at London Heathrow we arrived in San Pedro CA for our pre cruise hotel stay.Must state that the Hotel was only average and we could not get any food after 22.00hrs. Next day embarkation was a delight , less ... Read More
After slight fog bound delays at London Heathrow we arrived in San Pedro CA for our pre cruise hotel stay.Must state that the Hotel was only average and we could not get any food after 22.00hrs. Next day embarkation was a delight , less than one hour after leaving the hotel we were in our cabin,8046 which was a CC class.Initially the cabin smelt of stale smoke,after pointing this out to our steward it took them 7 days to rectify the problem after deep cleaning and changing air con filters.The cabin was spacious with plenty of space for a two week cruise.The bathroom was warm in fell and spacious. Everyday small bites were delivered and a bottle of champagne was in the cabin on our arrival. We left San Pedro on time then had three cold days before we were blessed with warm sunshine.On our return it was similar weather with the last day being very rough with 60/70 mph gusts,the Summit was a stable ship and rode the 20 feet swells very well. At this point I must say that the Celebrity standards have gone into freefall since our Mercury cruise in 2000,we were appalled at the way some fellow passengers were allowed to conduct themselves with no consideration for other passengers and no correction from the Officers or crew.About 200 of the 2250 onboard did not adhere to the dress codes and were loud loutish and drunk for the majority of the time, I witnessed substance abuse and when mentioned to the staff they were too afraid to do anything about it !!!!. The food in the main dinning room was bland and had very little taste,most of the time served at luke warm temperatures,the food in the buffet was similar.I do not know how Michael Roux can put his name to this kind of food,if he delivered this in any of eateries he would be out of business. I will be writing to Mr Roux to advise him of the situation on the Summit.Anyway the Normandie restaurant,the food was great although they still let people dine there with lumberjack shirts on,being very loud and slapping " High Fives " over dinner. The decor on the ship was very pleasant with plenty of space although the ship could have been much much cleaner.I think the fall in standards is since the line was taken over by R.C.C.I. Until we can be assured that the standards are vastly improved we will not be taking another Celebrity cruise. We will be now taking our main line cruises on H.A.L. and P & O. Read Less
Sail Date December 2006
We planned our trip meticulously. Because of my husband's ill health, we flew independently to LA & stayed three days in a hotel where we talked & planned what to do whilst on our trip. On the 7th of May, we headed for the ... Read More
We planned our trip meticulously. Because of my husband's ill health, we flew independently to LA & stayed three days in a hotel where we talked & planned what to do whilst on our trip. On the 7th of May, we headed for the port. Seeing the GMT Summit from a distance was impressive & the staff who noted our disabilities were pleasant & very helpful. We were ushered to the front of the embarkation line. This is where things started to go wrong. We spent almost two hours & numerous denials of already having received our cabin keys to eventually be escorted on deck (no chance of a photo call for us) by a crew member to the guest relations desk. Here we were given a key & asked to return the following day for duplicate keys as they could not do them at the time as the printer was not working. Nor was it working the following day. We eventually made it to our cabin. It was clean, tidy & adequate. The wardrobe needed some tender loving care, but we had made it to our first big cruise. It would have been lovely to make ourselves a cup of drink but there were no other facilities available except housekeeping. Our experience in the dining room was pleasant, the staff were very polite & attentive & we were made to feel welcome. After spending the next day at sea, it was announced from the bridge that evening that the ship would be docking later at night in San Francisco & not as expected the next morning. We arrived just after 1am so no Golden Gate Bridge. Because we left later than planned the same day, we did not get to see it when we left either as it was dark when we went under the bridge. The captain informed the passengers that an inspection of the ship was carried out successfully whilst in port. On the 10th of May at approximately 13.00 hrs the captain again addressed the ship & announced from the bridge that due to a problem with one of the steering pod bearings, we had to greatly reduce our speed from 22.5 knots to a maxium of 17.5 knots. The reduced speed meant that the ship could continue on its course to Vancouver, however we would not be able to go into the ports of Seattle or Sitka. It also meant that our visits at the ports we did go into would be considerably shorter. He also informed us that the Summit was due to go into dry dock at the end of our cruise 20th May in Victoria. Whilst in the port of San Francisco, the ship had been inspected by a Rolls Royce Engineer & a Lloyds Inspector (who had been flown out from the UK to examine the ship) & was certified safe to continue cruising at the reduced speed until reaching Vancouver. He then went on to say that as compensation, each cabin would receive $200.00 which would be added to our onboard account to spend on board, this detail was later changed but as we were at sea it would get spent anyway. We immediately submitted to the guest relations desk our request to have this money removed from our account but was told this could not be done. I left a written statement that I did not accept this money as compensation for what was fast turning into a diasterous holiday, especially as I received information from friends who where to join the ship on the 20th May that their cruise had been cancelled & that they had got a full refund plus a free cruise to be taken any time up until october 2007. We were disgusted. We felt extremely insulted. A very large proportion of the passengers were angry & upset at the announcement & eventually the captain & some of his crew took a questions & answers session in the packed theatre. The cruise director John addressed the guests in such a patronizing way that he added more fuel to the problem of missing out some ports of call. People were very upset at his attitude. As the situation was not calming, we were advised that the company would be sending out representatives from Miami to the ship when it docked in Ketchikan to deal with individual complaints. Did they really think that the guests would be fobbed off with a denial of not knowing the ship had a problem before it left San fransico. Why then were staff due to leave the ship in Seattle told to leave in San Francisco? No golf pro left on board. On the 12th of May it was again announced that the captain had agreed to 2hrs of complimentary drinks (very nice but neither of us drink) & the captain & some of his crew mingled with the guests & encouraged photo shoots. It was obvious that they were trying to get the spirits of the guests lifted, it worked for a few for a short while, but more disappointments to come as it did not last. On the 13th, we were fortunate to have our meeting with the company representatives from Miami. We had waited almost three hours to see them, still we had nothing else to do. This was a total waste of our time, we gained nothing & Carlos told us that we should be grateful for the cruise we were having. I think not, this could possibly be the last time my husband & I spend a holiday together & we did not plan to be stuck at sea for so long especially for the money we had paid to get on the cruise. The evening of the 15th of May after the show in the theatre, it was announced by John that as we would be entering the Hubbard Glazier Bay the next day, the captain had agreed to the helipad being opened for use by the guests in order to get the best possible views. Unfortunately, on the 16th of May whilst sailing towards the Bay, it was announced by a tour guide who had joined the ship with his aunt & was to give a commentary whilst cruising the Bay, that the ship was unable to proceed any further as there was already a ship in the bay. It was the next day that the captain informed the ship that due to local regulations, the Summit could go no further because entering would cause danger to the ship already in the bay. I am afraid that we came to the conclusion that we did not enter because of concern for the proplusion propeller & maneuverability of the ship. So we sat bobbing about at sea for close to 5hrs. whilst we waited for a pilot to board to take us down the inside passage. Again, what a disappointment. Dense fog prevented us from seeing the scenery & as we had to wait until 17.00hrs to sail, it was time to go to the main seating dining for a formal dinner, so again we did not see anything. The night before we disembarked, we received a letter in our cabin offering us a 30% discount off a future Celebrity Cruise if it was booked before we left the ship. This offer was to make up for the disappointment at not seeing the Hubbard Glasier Bay. Had we have gone to the travel office at any time during this fiasco we could have obtained 30% off any cruise just the same. So what favours did they think they were doing us? To sum it all up...a ship advertising 5-star quality but providing less that 3-star treatment to its guests. Although the crew for the most were friendly & helpful, there were those who continually insulted & patronised the guests. The food in the dining room was appetising, but the menu was staid & unimaginative. As for the Buffet, the food was almost always cold to luke warm. There was very little fresh fruit & vegetables available. The lack of sanitization was blantantly obvious. Although there were dispensers available for general use, we were not encouraged to use them. This from a ship that had already had outbreaks of the Norwalk Virus. Although at sea longer than was planned, there was no extra entertainment provided. The shows at best were mediocre, and the final evening with the comedian was diabolical. The shore excursions were disorganised, but the ones we did go on were good. However, we lost 6 excursions due to the change in itinerary. Disembarkation was a total disaster. We were glad to be off the ship because it was an extremely disappointing holiday, which we feel we may never have the opportunity to repeat. It was very expensive travelling from the UK & we will certainly never recommend this cruise line to anyone. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
Arriving in LA boarding early in the afternoon is a good idea. There was a pile up at the top of the escalator because the upper level was filled, poor planing. The food was good and the service was excellent in the Cosmopolitan ... Read More
Arriving in LA boarding early in the afternoon is a good idea. There was a pile up at the top of the escalator because the upper level was filled, poor planing. The food was good and the service was excellent in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant. The buffet and burgers were not good, one step above leftovers. Buffet fans stay home, the chopped up mess was disappointing to say the least. The pizza was good and always open, great idea. The ice cream bar was great. Everyone complained about the chopped up disorganized arrangement of the buffet, and the lack of a full dinner buffet. All of the staff were friendly and seemed to go out of their way to greet you. It seemed like they were all genuinely happy you were on board. Entertainment was so, so. This specific cruise got into a problem with the propulsion system that was poorly handled by management which led to mistakes, miscalculations and a near passenger mutiny. We missed practically every sight seeing opportunity and many stops were skipped and also many short stays in ports. This left a bad feeling with everyone. In other words, the management on the ship and at headquarters LIED over and over again. I do NOT plan on sailing on the Summit again. The rooms and furniture were worn and faded. The rails were not varnished and the decks had rust marks, the patio furniture was discolored and smelly, it looked like a 20 year old ship. Several first time cruisers said they would never cruise again. I tried to explain this was not a good cruise experience, try another cruise line. Several passengers who enjoy cigars have been BANNED to the back deck, outdoors in the wind and rain, hardly a pleasant experience. My wife used to enjoy having a drink with me when I had my cigar after dinner, NOT ON THIS SHIP. Very unpleasant. After 67 cruises, this was the 9th cruise to Alaska, this was the WORST cruise I have EVER been on. But, I still enjoyed being with my wife on a cruise. Don't count on me next time, Celebrity. enter your review. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
We stayed at the Harbour Hotel in San Pedro, LA, less than 10 mins from the port. However, it took nearly three hours to board the ship. Having been picked up at 1.30, we waited at the dock in a holding area before joining a further queue ... Read More
We stayed at the Harbour Hotel in San Pedro, LA, less than 10 mins from the port. However, it took nearly three hours to board the ship. Having been picked up at 1.30, we waited at the dock in a holding area before joining a further queue to check in. Our stateroom, no. 2075, was located on deck 2 - it was clean and tidy, but no tea/coffee making facilities were provided. San Francisco - We arrived into port 7 or 8 hours early. Did not see Golden Gate Bridge as it was dark. Didn't leave San Fran until 20.00 hrs, so it was going dark again when we went under Golden Gate Bridge. Captain advised that a routine inspection had successfully taken place whilst we were in port. At around 13.00 hrs the following day whilst at sea, the Captain made an announcement that we would not be visiting the ports of Seattle or Sitka and that our remaining ports of call would be for shorter periods, due to there being a problem with a bearing. It would be necessary for the ship to reduce its speed from enable us to continue our course and then place the ship in dry dock on Saturday 20 May in Vancouver. He advised that engineers had been flown out from England and had given the ship a certificate to sail at a rate of 17.5 knots. Furthermore, the Captain advised that each Stateroom would receive an onboard credit of $200, not per person. We asked for this to be removed from our onboard account, we were told that this could not be done. Funny how they managed to put it onto the account, but couldn't remove it ! Passengers due to take a 7 day cruise commencing 20 May had been given a full refund, together with a free cruise. Due to the large number of guests complaining, we were advised that Guest Relations employees from Miami would be boarding at Ketchikan to deal with complaints on an individual basis. We personally overhead a member of staff on a telephone call to her family, during which she stated that there was a member of staff onboard the ship undertaking training, who was due to disembark at Seattle, but who had been advised to disembark at San Francisco. It was very apparent that the fault with the ship was known before we arrived or even left San Francisco. On 12th May the Captain announced that there would be 2 hrs of complimentary drinks available. The Captain and members of his crew mingled with guests and it was very obvious that this course of action had been taken to try and smooth over the actions of the previous day. On 13th May we met with the Guest Relations employees and put forward our complaint. We were told that they were unable to offer any compensation themselves and that details were being taken and forwarded back to the Head Office in Miami. The way in which appointments were handled was totally unsatisfactory, causing delays, confusion and irritation amongst the guests. On Tuesday 16th May we were due to sail to the Hubbard Glacier. Whilst sailing into the bay an announcement was made by an onboard tour guide that we were unable to travel any further into the bay as there was already another ship there. It was not until 12.30 the following day that the Captain announced that we could not go any further into the bay as local regulations did not allow two ships into the bay at any one time. He also stated that he was concerned for the ships safety. When we entered the bay there were two other ships there at the time, the Mercury and a Holland America ship. We feel that the reason for us not entering any further into the bay was more to do with the problems with the ship, maneuvering the ship would have been difficult. The final straw came on Thursday 18th May at 09.50, when the Captain announced that due to dense fog and the chance that we might miss the Inside Passage, it had been arranged with the Pilot that the ship would depart from its present location at 17.00 hrs as it would be clearer at that time. We were therefore stationary bobbing in the water for at least 7 hrs or more. The Guest Relations Desk advised that there was not a pilot onboard and there would not be one until at least 15.00 hrs. We were on main dining sitting at 18.00 hrs. It was also a Gala Dinner evening, which meant that again we missed most of our excursion down the Inside Passage. We received a letter from the Captain offering a 30% discount off a future Celebrity cruise for the disappointment we had experienced. When the Guest Relations employees arrived onboard, we were advised that each complaint would be dealt with on an individual basis, however the complaints appear to have been dealt with on a global basis. Entertainment - No significant additional entertainment was added to the itinerary for additional days at sea, unless you loved bingo, the casino, quizzes, art auctions or wine tasting (which was a chargeable event). The shows were not bad - not fantastic though. However, the show on the last evening was absolutely diabolical. Shore Excursions - In one word - disorganized. Although the excursions we did take were good, we were very disappointed with one particular excursion we were looking forward to taking - a helicopter landing on a glacier with dog sledging. We had booked our excursions back in January due to availability, but were not advised until several days into the cruise that the dog camp had not been set up and this part of the excursion was therefore unavailable. Had we been advised of this earlier, we would have been able to take another excursion which included this. Disembarkation - TOTALLY disorganized. It took 1.5 hours to finally disembark and then we had to stand a further 45 mins in the port whilst transport was arranged. This meant that we only had around 1.5 hrs in Vancouver. Were they not expecting people to disembark ! Sanitization  There was an obvious lack of it. If there were dispensers at the entrance to restaurants (which on occasions there werent), people were allowed to walk past without using them, even though members of the crew were standing at entrances. Food - Barely warm, never hot, apart from soup. Very little vegetable accompaniment. Fixtures & Fittings  Parts of the ship are in definite need of refurbishment. Chairs and upholstery are shabby and warn. Spa - treatments - expensive Summary - We feel very disappointed at our Celebrity experience. We expected a lot more from such a renowned leader in cruising. There is an advertisement onboard  First Impressions. We were left feeling very UNIMPRESSED with our first and LAST experience of Celebrity. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
This was our twelfth cruise to Alaska. Ten were on Princess and the other was on Holland America. As you can tell we are both big Alaska fans. This was our second cruise on the Summit. Our embarkation was only about one-half hour, but ... Read More
This was our twelfth cruise to Alaska. Ten were on Princess and the other was on Holland America. As you can tell we are both big Alaska fans. This was our second cruise on the Summit. Our embarkation was only about one-half hour, but priority embarkation was one of the perks of a CC cabin. Some of those who did not have a CC or higher cabin had to wait up to three hours to embark. Our luggage arrived in almost record time. The cruise started out like it was going to be one of our best ever. Unfortunately the recurring problems with the propulsion system on the M-Class ships once again raised its ugly head. This initially caused us to miss two ports and cut time from other ports. As the cruise continued our visit to Hubbard Glacier was cut back to a peek from six miles away. Our Inside Passage cruise was delayed for eight hours due to Celebrity failing to arrange for a pilot to be on board. Were it not for missing over one-half of the Itinerary that we purchased it would have been a great cruise. The reaction of the majority of the passengers has been well documented on these boards, so I will not go into any more detail here in this review. The compensation by Celebrity is also well documented on these boards. Our service in the dining room was excellent. Little things mean a lot in the dining room, like having your favorite beverage on the table before you arrive. The food was very good and the menu offered a nice variety of selections. Service from our room steward was also excellent. Our refrigerator in our cabin was not cooling very well and I mentioned it to our room steward to see if he knew how to adjust it to a colder setting. That night when we returned to our cabin there was a brand new refrigerator in our cabin that worked perfectly. Entertainment was good. The Celebrity theater is one of the best show rooms that we have ever seen on any cruise ship. The highlight of the entertainment, for us, was seeing Brooks Aehron who is a concert pianist and Brooks was just outstanding. He only performs a few concerts per year on cruise ships. Disembarkation was supposed to also be priority for CC cabins or higher. Here the only perk was that you waited in the movie theater until your color was called. The wait in the movie theater was about two hours. The ship is beginning to show signs of its age, but the most obvious sign of neglect was the balcony railings which were in terrible condition with varnish peeled off exposing bare wood. In summary, we were very lucky with our fine service, good food and great weather, but were not so lucky with missing over one-half of our Itinerary. M-Class ships are good if you are lucky and not involved in the once every year, or so, canceling of a cruise for repair or told after you have sailed that you are not going to see what you paid for. I really liked the overall layout of the Summit and if ports and Itinerary are not important to you, I would recommend the Summit. Except for the on-going mechanical problems we will miss the Summit, but we are not willing to take another chance on M-Class failures curtailing our vacation enjoyment. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
Celebrity Cruise: Summit, 13 Night West Coast and Alaska 07. May. 2006 Schedule -- Altered schedule and passenger experience May 7/Los Angeles/departure at 5pm May 7/Los Angeles/We took a room at Best Western in San Pedro, right next ... Read More
Celebrity Cruise: Summit, 13 Night West Coast and Alaska 07. May. 2006 Schedule -- Altered schedule and passenger experience May 7/Los Angeles/departure at 5pm May 7/Los Angeles/We took a room at Best Western in San Pedro, right next to the port. Went out with my camera gear to take pictures of the arrival of the GTS Summit, but the ship was late for reasons I dont know. Warm welcome on board, very friendly stateroom attendant (Isma). I am happy and enjoy sailing out of the port of San Pedro. May 8/At sea/ We enjoyed the life on board and were very fond of the captain, who seemed to be free of any arrogant manners and he proofed to be a great entertainer at welcome show. We were a little anxious about arrogant officers on the Summit because of such experience we made on this ship 9/2002. I was able to take pictures on whales, all was perfect. May 9/San Francisco/8am - 6pm/sailing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge when sun is rising, maybe a little fog on the waters, what a great picture that will be. May 9/San Francisco/midnight - 8pm/last night, before I went to bed, I went out on the balcony and couldnt believe my eyes. Golden Gate Bridge right ahead, in the middle of the night. San Francisco had not even gone to sleep by the time we arrived. I was wondering how we got to SF so very fast. Than I found the not very detailed map of the ships route on cabin-TV and was sure, that I could keep track from now on. Wrong, the computer routing on cabin-TV broke down several times during this trip (or was shut down, who knows). OK, I said to myself, missed that bridge at daylight, I will take a picture on our way out. Wrong, we were sailing late and it was dark when we reached the bridge. We were informed about an inspection which had to be done on the engines by US authorities. May 10/at sea/early this morning, we were informed by radio about the malfunction of the engine and that we only could make a speed of 17,5 knots instead of 22,5 knots. (It was here that we were offered a $200 per cabin as compensation - later it was altered to a $200 gift.) Therefore we could not hold to our original itinerary and were informed about the changes. Many passengers were angry, because they had appointments and arrangements for Seattle. Since the captains radio message was very brief, passengers (not the ships management) requested a meeting in the ships theatre to clear things. Some 1000+ passengers attended this meeting including my wife and me. I did not have any questions and up to this time I still said to myself: these things happen, happened before, will happen again and this will not ruin my holidays or my good mood. But already at this meeting I felt very strong a tense atmosphere between the ships management and passengers. We felt uncomfortable because of strong ships-security presence on all locations of the theatre as well as a huge crowd of ships officers around the stage. After the captain made clear how lucky we are that he came to this meeting to answer our questions (other captains would not do that) he in fact was very patient to answer everything. Only later I found out, that he is only a string puppet of the Celebrity Corporation and his word means nothing. Anyhow, here he admitted, and that was videotaped, that a full refund would be appropriate. He also told the passengers, that the engines problem only showed an hour or so after departure from SF?? Well, everyone on board knew better already. After this meeting I never have seen the captain again on board. He also did not show up on the photo session with captain!!! But back to the meeting, every second sentence was about that he can make no decisions and the big company has to decide (Blame not me, blame the ones out of reach). He promised that 2 company executives will be flown to Ketchikan (4 days later) to take care of this matter. Wrong again, the 2 company people were no executives, but office clerks who would report back to the company. Another very poor impression was left by the cruise director, who told 1000+ angry passengers, that we, the passengers, would not be the only ones missing on something. He was to celebrate an anniversary and for that reason expected his sister to come on board the Summit in Seattle. With grief he told us, that he is still very happy. I admit, I was thinking: wrong approach, really unprofessional, who cares. May 11/Seattle/we were scheduled to see the Boeing plant -- May 11/at sea/we have not been to Seattle so far, so it would have been our first time. Missing the Boeing plant hurts, but we still kept our good mood. Tension between passengers and ship management builds up. I feel like a school kid without any rights. May 12/at sea/I decided not to accept $200 as compensation and asked the reception to take the $200 off my board-account. I was told, that it is not possible to take the $200 off my board-account. Consequent I wrote a line, saying that I do not accept $200 as compensation and take it only under protest, handed it over to the reception and asked to acknowledge the receipt of my lines on a copy. Unbelievable, neither the lady in charge nor her supervisor did sign or chop the receipt. The company would not allow such action. I was just waiting for the argument, that the reception of my lines could not be acknowledged because of security reasons. Fortunately another passenger waiting in line stepped up and signed as witness. Thanks again to him. I was speechless but still kept up my good mood, only it was getting harder to be happy. May 13/Ketchikan/7am - 4pm -- May 13/Ketchikan/7am - 2pm/missing 2 hours. May 14 / Juneau / 7am - 10pm May 14 / Juneau / 8am - 10pm / missing 1 hour. May 15/Skagway/7am - 8pm -- May 15/Skagway/7am - 7pm/missing 1 hour but still enough time to ride the train and making sensational pictures. May 16/cruising Hubbard Glacier/9am - 1pm/we wanted to repeat the experience we made last August, cruising the Hubbard Glacier with the Radiance of the Seas --  May 16/cruising Hubbard Glacier/11am - 2pm/in fact the Summit did not even get over the entrance of Yakutat-Bay. The ship turned around once at an estimated distance of 5 to 7 miles away from the glacier and sailed away (pictures can be provided). We may just spend 30 minutes to watch an Holland-America cruise ship sailing very close to the glacier. I heard that the reason for this short turn should be, that there are no two ships allowed near the glacier. I do not believe that, because last years August, the Radiance of the Seas, with us on board, was not the only ship in Yakutat-Bay. I stood under the impression, that the Summit would make the most of what was left to see on this cruise. But the did exactly the opposite, they did everything to avoid to show their customers the many beauties of Alaska. At this point the water in my glass swept over, this was the end of my patience. Now I was certain, that they did not care at all about their paying customers. We were the fortunate ones who knew already about the beauty of this glacier from our last cruise in Aug, '06. We knew about the "out of this world sound" this glacier produces, we knew about the calving action and its fascination, we knew about the brilliance of the blue colour. But all that could not be experienced on this cruise. May 17/Sitka/7am-3pm -- May 17/at sea/the Celebrity Reps had been on board since Ketchikan, doing single??? interviews with the passengers. Today it was said, that the German passengers can take their interview. I went early to take a number and spend the whole day waiting for my turn. (Half an our reading a book, running back to 3rd floor looking if my number has been called already). But the 2 Reps accepted so many other passengers for interview in between (Passengers who did not have to pull a number) that it was after 8pm when I finally could see the Reps. Very polite people they were, but not allowed to say anything of any substance. Another lost day. May 18/Inside Passage/whole day -- May 18/daytime at sea - nighttime Inside Passage/this morning we were informed by the captain, that a pilot would be coming on board at 5pm that afternoon. Until than, we would stay on one spot somewhere in nowhere. The fog was blamed, but have an hour after this announcement, the fog was gone and we had pretty sunshine. Another lost day. The time we wasted there was more than scheduled for Sitka. Why did they not go to Sitka then? Did the captain forget to ask for a pilot? Why, why, why? And no answers. Right at dinnertime we went into the interesting part of the Inside Passage. I did not go to dinner just to catch the last rays for a good photo. Another wasted day. May 19/Victoria/8am - 5pm -- May 19/Victoria/8am - 5pm, we are already somewhat through with this cruise and enjoy only the beauty of Victoria and only the sight of the Summit makes me sick. And the bad experiences didnt stop. My wife wanted to send an birthday-mail to a friend. We had not used the internet so far, but in my documents, downloaded 1 week before cruise started, it said. As a "Select" member of the Captains Club, which we are (no more with pride), we were entitled to 10 minutes free internet access. Enough time to send a "Happy Birthday". In asking for this 10 Minutes at the desk of the Captain's Club, I must have forgotten for a moment were I was. "We changed policy", was what I heard from the lady in charge: "you have to buy now 100 minutes and than you get 15% off". What??? At least I had the guts to tell that lady that I actually did not expect anything different. Again the ship's management missed a chance to shine. This evening we got a written message, that we will receive, in 4-6 weeks time, an offer for 30% off any other cruise within the next 18 month. The passengers who were scheduled for the following cruise May 20, which was cancelled, received their money back and an additional free cruise on top. I was told by the Celebrity Reps. May 20/arrival Vancouver/7am/it will not surprise you, that we arrived in the middle of the night and Celebrity, as a last act, did not allow us to sail under Lions Gate Bridge and the beautiful port of Vancouver at daylight. This is our experience with Celebrity Cruise 07/05/2006. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
Summit, 7th may 2006 to 20th may 2006 LA to Vancouver via Alaska. Our annual, budget holiday was planned for 12 mths in advance, the itinerary seemed perfect for us travelling to the west coast for the first time from the UK. We Arrived ... Read More
Summit, 7th may 2006 to 20th may 2006 LA to Vancouver via Alaska. Our annual, budget holiday was planned for 12 mths in advance, the itinerary seemed perfect for us travelling to the west coast for the first time from the UK. We Arrived 2 days prior to embarkation for LA and arranged to stay 2 days in Vancouver to get the most our of our holiday. Arrival at port -- Summit was not in berth as ticketed. (Later we heard that it had arrived back late from Hawaii and RCL ship took the berth!) Long lines, as priority suites etc, hadn't been able to get on early. Waited 3 hours until number called, then another 1 hour in line. Lukewarm champagne/fizzy drink! on arrival and shown to cabin as on QE2. Balcony cabin adequate, but worn/tatty in places, cracked floor tiles in shower. Cabin steward lovely, but working against the tide. Room service poor, couldn't get it right ordered via TV menu, pretty straight forward or should have been. Although initial food seemed good in both Cosmopolitan and Waterfall,and other food station positions around the ship, after a few days, our experience was that it was no fresh vegetables at all and very little fruit. Buffet staff didn't understand a word, and because they had the Norwalk virus on the boat recently, most food was served to you in the buffet area, therefore causing more queues. The sanitation arrangements were left to chance, guests had choice of whether to use the alcohol hand wash or not as they entered the food area, we observed most did NOT. The wait staff everywhere do their best, but the majority have very poor basic English understanding and communication skills are poor. Our wait staff in the formal restaurant were excellent, as usual, but fighting a losing battle when the fare is poor. Although steak, chicken or salmon should be available at any time if the menu is not suitable, when we asked for chicken, it was not available. We only were offered it once on the 13 day menu and were refused it when asked for as an alternative. No themed nights as previously encountered on Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas, Panama trip the year before. The atmosphere on the ship is nonexistent, it hasn't any, too many old people wanting the same thing year on year we suspect. Entertainment: WELL!!, the singers and dancers were good, the Cirque du Soleil short preview is excellent, comedian good, we should have had him on earlier in the cruise, he was needed. But other than that the shows were boring, short, 35 mins and other entertainment around the ship again not modern enough, (we are in our fifties) for our taste. Harpists, string quartets very nice but funereal. We found the ship's entertainment director John, to be pompous, irritating and patronising. Nothing extra organised on forced sea days after Seattle and Sitka cancelled even the cinema not showing until 6pm at night. We have all of the daily's to prove it if disputed!! Our impression from this cruise is that the line wants to SELL, SELL and SELL AGAIN, anything any time. ie: usual bingo, casino, extra large area, WINE TASTING CHARGE!, hire of equipment in Gym, Art Auctions, Wine Auctions, shopping seminars, A LA CARTE Normandie dining @ $30 per head, last year $25 we believe. We didn't use it, as we believed we were on a 5* cruise. CLASS OF SHIP:- Next level up from RC!! NOT our experience. Believed we would be getting that type of meal, a la carte, as standard, not army camp/holiday camp style fast food and service. As some of you will know, we had more than our fair share of problems on this trip with the thrust bearing going yet again and the company using us to get the ship up to dry dock in Victoria. Captive audience, a play on words, to get us spend, spend and spending again, at sea missing 2 ports, cut down on time in four and then the final straw, due to the SAFETY OF THE SHIP, NOT THE PASSENGERS FIRST AND FOREMOST. re the bearing, no close up of Hubbard, WE WERE AT LEAST 5 MILES OFF AND HAD TO WATCH HAL Zaandam 360 SEVERAL TIMES and only 1/4 of inside passage and that was at night! Shore excursions!! Well when we got them after being cancelled of course, they were cut to the minimum, due to time in port! We found that they were more expensive than booking on shore. Some were cancelled when under booked, but they didn't tell us until last minute! Poor value, poor organisation, book them yourselves on dock side is our advice to anyone brave enough to still book the Millennium class whilst burdened with the mermaid pod system. CHILDREN:- LESS THAN 10 ON BOARD, WE WOULD NEVER BRING THEM ON THIS CLASS OF SHIP, THEY DON'T WANT THEM. DISEMBARKATION:- Well another not organised debacle, people directed to wrong areas, waiting over an hour because they couldn't get the luggage ramp in place at a different dock than we should have been taken too, we were taken to Ballentyne, not Vancouver Central Cruise Terminal, we had a hefty taxi ride when we finally disembarked 90 minuted later than we should. By this time people from other later slots had joined us and it was chaos to get off, many very traumatised expecting to miss flights other connections etc. SUMMARY:- We are hard working, we own our own business for last ten years, this was our 4th cruise. We realise at our age, this mode will get us to see the world and enjoy top class hotel features on the journey. From this experience, we have realised also that maybe all cruise lines try to absolve themselves from any eventuality whatsoever and can change itineraries whenever they like to whatever they like especially under the guise of safety. We are moderate, discerning people, who also realise that things can go wrong, on our Panama last year passenger taken ill, captain tuned ship round back to Panama. We missed Costa Rica day, WE DIDN'T COMPLAIN, YES WE WERE DISAPPOINTED, BUT WE REALISED THAT HE HAD NO CHOICE AND ACCEPTED THAT. We got nothing from the company not even a drink and we personally asked for nothing. BUT when a known problem exists and it was known before we set off from LA we won't accept that. Passengers who didn't get their cruise on May 20th got full reimbursement and full free cruise for their disruption. We should have been told at San Francisco and been given a choice as to stay on with their offer or leave and make our own way where we wanted with money back, but that may have meant we would spend it with another line providing the holiday we had booked without any problems. They didn't want that did they. CAVEAT EMPTOR! Check your terms and conditions, book with a credit card and ring them to dispute the payment if you do not get what you paid for, and check out review sites and comments to gather all info you can to make an informed decision. DO NOT ASSUME THAT A FIVE YEAR OLD MODERN SHIP WILL BE PROVIDING YOU WITH THE BEST EXPERIENCE YET. We have made some wonderful friends following on from this debacle and we have experienced amazing scenes of people power and community spirit lifting our hearts in today's world of 'keep your distance' personas. We will never book with Celebrity again, the board and shareholders need to look long and hard at policies to survive, if they don't we hope they get what they deserve. ATTENTION TO DETAIL is their complaints system, lip service if you ask us, they do not implement it. Passengers speak with their feet please, if you want to be treated famously as a celebrity, you'll never get your 15 minutes with this line. Celebrity talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Sad, but we will not be intimidated and our group voice will be heard. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
The Summit is different -she is white-the service though is still the same, excellent. I was expecting much after the dry dock period but it seems that only the hull was repainted CduS was not ready but hey who cares we are back cruising. ... Read More
The Summit is different -she is white-the service though is still the same, excellent. I was expecting much after the dry dock period but it seems that only the hull was repainted CduS was not ready but hey who cares we are back cruising. Embarkation was a dream and for all those wondering about CC Don't bother, (Only so I can make sure its available when I book again). Seriously, you are treated special from the moment you arrive at the pier it took us 20 minutes and we were on board sipping our welcome champagne and reacquainting ourselves with the ship. This was very easy as the deck plans are very easy to understand and the Summit is so easy to get around. Our cabin on Sky deck 9125 was perfectly placed for the elevators and also the stairs -- the extra touches from CC class were nice and the room was light clean and the bathroom was well fitted with nice big towels and bathrobes, the flowers were a nice extra. The Cabin Steward whilst smiling and friendly was not as attentive as those we have experienced previously and needed to be reminded and asked 2/3 times before some things were sorted and he just did not seem to do the job as well. Maybe I have been spoilt in the past but hey he was 7/10 and was always smiling. The overall service on Summit is 1st class in my opinion, and the in room service is the best I have experienced. Breakfast on the balcony was superb, you can choose from the full menu and it was always delivered on time and hot take advantage of this service. The food as you would expect was very good, plenty of choice and a good selection of Entrees-our waiter and Asst. were probably the best we have had and also the Maitre D' was informative and did not just visit at the end to get his tip!! Visit the Normandie --The food and service are second to none and would cost an arm and leg ashore. Expect very fine dining the food is rich and flavoursome the Soups are delicious as is the Cheese board, well worth $30. The Buffet dining was also quite good and the pasta and Soup and Sandwich stations are good options. The area at the back of the ship is a great place to have lunch, there is nothing better than enjoying a nice lunch with wine watching the wake from the stern of the ship as you sail to your next Caribbean destination. I will not talk about itinerary as I think this is a personal choice and also most have been covered in depth previously. The deck areas are spacious and we always found a bed the pool was freezing and maybe Celebrity should think about heating it a little as there was hardly anyone using the pools even though the temperatures were in the 80's. The Spa is great and the extra touches like shaving cream etc. in the changing rooms/Sauna was good to see. The entertainment around the pool was normal cruise type -join in if you want or sit and read, the band was quite good played all the usual pool songs and also did spots in the rendezvous lounge. There was also a duo here that played before dinner again the usual soup music to dance to but of good quality. The bar staff were always friendly, they made you feel like you were at home in your local bar-and nothing was too much trouble. Michaels Club -no longer a cigar lounge -was our favourite venue. The entertainer was 1st class and this reminds me of a Vegas Cabaret Lounge, I cannot speak for the Theatre Shows as we did not see any but all the Artists we did see perform were 1st Class. As you would expect from Celebrity. Disembarkation was as usual like a Cattle-market, get a porter to take your bags through customs, you will sail through. Overall this was an excellent cruise Summit is a beautiful ship and the staff and crew deserve a lot of praise for their hard work and attention to their passengers comforts. Hope this has been of use. Read Less
Sail Date February 2005
Celebrity Summit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.6
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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