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Let me start by saying that we have about 15 previous Celebrity cruises under our belt - and 30+ in all. We started with X back in the early days of Chandris, sailing on the Meridian, Horizon, Zenith, up to the largest ships. We prefer ... Read More
Let me start by saying that we have about 15 previous Celebrity cruises under our belt - and 30+ in all. We started with X back in the early days of Chandris, sailing on the Meridian, Horizon, Zenith, up to the largest ships. We prefer smaller ships but have enjoyed the Aqua Class/Blu experience so much that it offsets the size issues. We have done holiday cruises many times on Celebrity and other lines, including RSSC, Oceania, and Seabourn. This year we liked the prospect of leaving from San Juan so we booked Summit 12 months out. Our cabin on Deck 11 was absolutely fine with terrific stateroom service. Only negative here was that our balcony overlooked the Sunset Bar and we had to contend with music every evening until 10.30 or 11.00 pm. We loved the aft location. Two concerns pretty much tainted our interest in any future trips with Celebrity. There has been a significant decline in the quality of food and food service, even within the past 12 months. Even in Blu, which we think is an inspired concept, I had ahi tuna one evening that was inedible because of the fishy taste. The Ocean View Cafe has been reduced to a glorified strip mall cafeteria. Nowhere do they post the menu being offered - the only way to find out is to wind your way through every serving line in the restaurant. Signage is incorrect or missing for many items. One of the best was "Barbarian" Sausage (Bavarian maybe?). Red Jello/Vanilla was actually Yellow Jello/Vanilla. Servers don't know what they are serving. One dish looked to me like orzo or rice, I couldn't tell which. I asked the server and she pointed to the sign which said "Mixed Vegetables." Veal Piccata had no lemons or capers but a thick gooey brown gravy and mushrooms. Previously, servers would remove plates etc from the tables almost before you could put your fork down. We saw tables with empty dishes on them for 15+ minutes. The ship's interiors look really well in most every aspect. But the exterior spaces are run down, rusty, and embarrassing. The teak floor in the Solarium is flaking apart and looks like there is sand on the floor. The ceiling a/c vents are dripping with rust. The chair cushions are stained with white paint. Ice dispensers "out of order" for the entire cruise at the Pool Grill and servers told me they had not been working "for some time." The piece de resistance was the afternoon canapes we received in Aqua Class. Every day the same uninspired, unidentifiable things appeared and twice we were served chocolate chip cookies. Could not believe it. We overheard several European guests on the ship who were complaining about having been duped into believing they were getting a 5-star experience. I am sorry that a once great cruise line has dropped to this level. There are plenty of hard-working staff everywhere. And I expect there are very bright minds at work in the RCCL and X offices in Miami. But something strange is missing in between. We have enjoyed many wonderful cruises with Celebrity but we will most likely not be back. Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
I've cruised with many different lines, over the years. This was my first time with Celebrity, however, and I was excited after "hearing about" (IE- seeing on tv) it's acclaim. All I can say now is...just don't ... Read More
I've cruised with many different lines, over the years. This was my first time with Celebrity, however, and I was excited after "hearing about" (IE- seeing on tv) it's acclaim. All I can say now is...just don't go. Here, let me break this down for you future-cruisers: 1. FOOD: was acceptable, but not in any way up to the standards of Holland America or Royal Caribbean lines. Only two main dining room dishes were memorably good: a honey-pear chilled soup, and the creme brulee. The "specialty dining" (ones that you pay extra for) actually outnumbered the regular dining options; while the extra fees were reasonable, I myself didn't choose to dine in one of these fancier onboard restaurants. I heard mixed reviews about them, particularly QSine- people either loved it or absolutely hated it. 2. WAIT STAFF: in the main dining room, the table staff, sommelier, and waiters were utterly inept at their jobs. No one was at all courteous or friendly beyond what their job minimally required. Meals took, on average, 1.75 to 2 solid hours, simply because of the slowness of the staff. (Also to be noted- the music in the main dining room was obnoxiously loud club-like dance beat music, not in any way appropriate for a fine dining experience). The staff in the buffet-style almost-all-hours eatery on deck 10 were probably overworked, but still behaved much better than the fancy restaurant staff!! 3. ENTERTAINMENT: hmmm..."lackluster" seems too forgiving. Mediocre? Dismal? Utter crap? Yeah, let's go with that. What very few entertainment options were offered were very poorly executed, boring, unfunny, etc. Any smaller onboard activities were almost entirely focused on what I called "Celebrity's Model for Trying to Force People to Buy Things They Don't Want". Overly long lectures on the onboard spa (which was sickeningly overpriced, even for a cruise), or seminars that prodded constantly at everyone's apparent need to buy diamonds and tanzanite from every single port of call and/or the shops on ship. Raffles that did absolutely nothing for anyone. Demos of Apple products (which were conveniently sold onboard as well, hooray!) or camera tutorials that leaned heavily on the need to purchase a new camera....from..the ship..I'm not sure how else to put this- Celebrity, absolutely no one at all is interested in hearing about Morganite, Tanzanite, overpriced massages, or duty-free ANYTHING. We're only attending because that's the only options you've given us. 4. SHORE EXCURSIONS: ahhh, the sole reason I kind of enjoyed this cruise! These excursions (which I strongly recommend pre-booking online) were actually very reasonably priced. There wasn't a single one that I didn't enjoy. In particular, I highly recommend the "America's Cup Racing Yacht Regatta", and the "Kayak and Snorkel Eco Adventure"! My only minor complaint was that ONE of the excursions, in St Thomas, was run by someone who probably shouldn't be allowed to work with actual human beings. Just rude. But truly, I always looked forward to getting off the ship and going on these little tours! 5. GENERAL STAFF: the only staff member who wasn't a horrific trainwreck of poor service and rudeness was my cabin servicer/"the maid". She was perfect, and always smiling and utterly charming! Also ninja-like in her speed and efficiency of cabin cleaning. However, by far the worst person I had to interact with on the ship was, unfortunately, the cruise entertainment director. SUMMARY: Just don't. I've never, EVER, been on any vacation in my life in which I wanted desperately for it to be over so I could crawl back to my miserably cold, wet, dreary city (Chicago). And I have traveled a LOT. Celebrity is an absolute mess of a cruise line from top to bottom. The only thing I enjoyed on that trip was being able to escape the ship and go as far away from the port as possible to experience what the small islands were really about. I think it says something powerful about a cruise ship, if the only thing they did right was to get you to enjoy yourself as far away from the ship as possible. Don't go with Celebrity, or their even-more-expensive cousin, Princess Cruises. (Instead, I highly recommend Holland America Line, or Norwegian. Or avoid huge ships altogether and go on a Viking river cruise!) Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
We came onto this ship Nov 1 after having sailed to San Juan on Carnival Splendor from NY with a smaller but great cabin and everything on board the ship that worked. In San Juan we transferred to the Summit. and had quite a different ... Read More
We came onto this ship Nov 1 after having sailed to San Juan on Carnival Splendor from NY with a smaller but great cabin and everything on board the ship that worked. In San Juan we transferred to the Summit. and had quite a different experience. Total lack of ac in buffet. No cold water in cabin Toilet that world not work (no water). No ac in central elevators, they are glass enclosed sweat boxes most of the time. Elevators in central bank out of service for most this cruise (and the next one) therefore there were very long waits and they stopped on most floors since only two of the four were working. Beverage stations in buffet always had water, ice or coffee not working. If the buffet says it's open to 2:30 why is it almost completely closed at 2:15? We had late dining so we tried to eat a late lunch. A cabin steward who lied to us the first time we saw him and refused to remove the items from our refrigerator. How can you design a cabin where the luggage does not fit under the bed? Cabin had almost no shelf space and very little counter space. We could not take a shower the first day because the water was scalding hot, no cold water. Trivia game truncated in a packed Rendezvous lounge so 8 people could watch a football game. PA system that could not be heard on port side of the buffet, good thing there was no emergency. What did work perfectly (as it should). We entered the Cosmopolitan and everything was perfect, good food and excellent service. Shows in Theater were very, very good. Richard Spacy was very good cruise director. This is the way the entire ship should have been.   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Our five star sailing started at Newark Airport having just arrived from Edinburgh and the long wait to get through customs there was nobody from Celebrity to greet us and we had to find our way through the airport catch the air train to ... Read More
Our five star sailing started at Newark Airport having just arrived from Edinburgh and the long wait to get through customs there was nobody from Celebrity to greet us and we had to find our way through the airport catch the air train to another part of the airport to get the hotel shuttle which was not fit to carry farm animals in the hotel was Hilton Doubletree. The port for the ship was a disaster as we were getting of the bus we were asked for money from baggage handlers which they did not get after the way they were handling the cases. On the ship we had problems in our stateroom No3097 the toilet would not flush and after three visits from plumber and a battle with the woman on the guest relations who came to our room and told me to push the flush button hard well the air was blue me being a plumber to trade The dinning room on the first night my wife asked for tea and the waiter came back and told her they had run out. One morning I waited 35 minutes for a bowl of porridge and the next morning the milk was sour and there was no sorry. We always like to have lunch in the Aqua spa but we could not get a table for other guests playing cards and when I approached the staff you just get the vacant look and the shoulders come up. The food on the ship was ok but not fine dinning we found it was very bland and one night pork and beans was on the menu. The entertainment was good but the cruise director if he said awesome once. We liked going to the port lectures and we felt sorry for Emile Baladi as he was having to lecture in a bar lounge where you could not see his screen and the tanonoy would come on a and he had to stop and as I passed the cruise director on my way to our cabin I approached him about it and he was very rude with his answer. Disembarkation was terrible as we followed the signs for buses etc only to be tolled we had to go back to the other end tent and we were spoken to like animals and then the small bus that was taken us to our hotel was in a terrible state dirty and the smell of fumes was terrible. If this is the way that Celebrity treats there guests and as we are elite members will we use them again well the jury is out on that one.I have written to Celebrity about our complaints on 16th October and as yet no answer. I would like to mention two special people on this ship that gave us a lot of help with our problems and that was the Captain Clubs concierge girls Nadia and Ashley they were great and they were prepared to listen to you not like guest relations The cruise itself the places we visited was great and the colours were fantastic but I do think this ship needs a lot of work done. Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
The itinerary was just as we expected and we loved every port of call but our cabin and many outside areas were disgusting! We are in our late 40's and have been on 5 cruises to date and this is the worst room I have every stayed in ... Read More
The itinerary was just as we expected and we loved every port of call but our cabin and many outside areas were disgusting! We are in our late 40's and have been on 5 cruises to date and this is the worst room I have every stayed in whether on a cruise or hotel In our cabin we had...rusty outside table, dirty patio doors and runner, badly chipped handles, ripped valence, wonky light switches, water ingress on the bathroom mirror and worst of all, broken bathroom tiles with rust stains. (I have photos if you want to see them) We complained both on board and since our return but no one seems to care. Even the head of housekeeping said she was appalled by the state of our room but had no control over moving us. The swimming pool had large rust areas on the edges of the pool and around the submerged lights, did not use it. The sun beds were badly stained and the decking needed re-painting as was mouldy and black. This was our first (and last) trip with Celebrity, never again. this is NOT 'Modern Luxury' by anyone's standards and their customer care is non-existent. Read Less
Sail Date September 2014
We were a couple of the unlucky cruisers who never got to Bermuda due to the hurricane. We booked this cruise to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary and being from England this was to be a one off chance to visit what is meant to be a ... Read More
We were a couple of the unlucky cruisers who never got to Bermuda due to the hurricane. We booked this cruise to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary and being from England this was to be a one off chance to visit what is meant to be a beautiful island. However as disappointing as this was it was made much worse by the overall experience. We have previously sailed on the Celebrity Solstice on a Mediterranean itinerary which was amazing all round, so when we boarded the Summit our expectations were high. We found the ship showed its age despite refurbishment. The pool area was too small and not particularly inviting, we found it difficult to find sun beds due to the reserving by passengers which although not allowed and was clearly stated in the daily bulletins was never enforced by the pool staff, so we usually ended up miles away from the pools, bars and restaurants. The library set over 2 decks could have actually fitted all the books available into one bookcase!!! I did in total boredom one day at sea wander in to peruse the book choice and after all of 20 seconds wandered out again empty handed. The concierge stateroom was ok, clean and a good size. Stateroom attendant excellent. The grand lobby lacked any wow factor as did the main dining room. Spent most evenings pre dinner at the martini bar where there was a lively atmosphere and friendly servers. We did go to the Sirens which is aimed at the adult audience but children were allowed in for the first hour, so after 30minutes of watching the little darlings chucking balloons around the dance floor and nearly toppling the lovely lady off her stilts we decided to call it a night and retire to our room. The food in both main dining room and buffet restaurant was a reasonable standard. One thing that does annoy is on both formal evenings a few passengers were allowed in wearing very casual attire which is such a shame as I love looking at all the ladies lovely dresses and the men looking smart and somehow an orange tee shirt and green bermuda shorts at the next table sort of took the shine off. Despite requesting a table for 4 on the 2nd sitting when we booked the cruise on the first night we were actually allocated tables for 2 at opposite sides of the dining room, we were sent off to see the maître de who scolded us for complaining as in his words "we had booked our cruise only 6 months previously and others had booked a lot longer therefore get preferential seating" . My party and I looked at each other in disbelief at this reasoning. This was however sorted out on the second evening to our relief. We did enjoy the evening entertainment in the theatre especially the juggler and the Tenors of Rock. I must admit until reading the reviews I hadn't realised that the port fees for Bermuda had only been refunded due to complaints by some of the passengers, amazing to think that they thought $100 compensation per stateroom would suffice for the awful replacement itinerary they saddled us with. Have to say that the highlight of the cruise was our dining experience in the Qsine speciality restaurant. The novel I pad menu, unusual decor, amazing food and attentive staff made it a lovely anniversary to remember unlike the rest of the cruise which already fading in my memory.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
From the first day it was apparent that we were not considered to be important to the cruise line. From the shabby, jam on a shuttle to get TO the ship to the treatment we received when my wife called to complain that the previous ... Read More
From the first day it was apparent that we were not considered to be important to the cruise line. From the shabby, jam on a shuttle to get TO the ship to the treatment we received when my wife called to complain that the previous passenger using the bed had left behind their urine as a gift. In fairness they DID offer to change the sheets, which I found to be insufficient at best. Throughout our dealings with the ship's representative we felt like we were treated with disdain. The offer was $200 of room credit. Not, we'll upgrade you, we won't reduce your fare, nothing that a LAND based business would consider appropriate. They DID offer, after argument, to pay for transport to the beach, which was obviously intended to be on an excursion and was rescinded the next day because, no excursion due to cricket world series or some such thing. OH yeah, I shouldn't forget the bottle of wine. Made especially for the ship (house wine, NOT the menu recommendation) and was not as good as "two buck chuck". Somehow this paltry response was supposed to make up for my wife waking up every two hours, every night, thinking she was wet with someone elses urine. Compared to other cruises we have taken, by the way there were 17 of us on this cruise, the food was mediocre and the staff fairly invisible. We saw our room guy three times, one of which was us asking for ice, which is apparently on request only. We were signed up for another Royal Caribbean (parent company) cruise in March, which won't be happening, and we of course will avoid Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and any other Royal subsidiaries.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
We had never been brand-loyal within the cruise industry, having sailed with Princess, HAL, Disney, NCL, and Carnival....in addition to Celebrity. In fact, nearly 10 years had passed since we had booked with Celebrity at the time we booked ... Read More
We had never been brand-loyal within the cruise industry, having sailed with Princess, HAL, Disney, NCL, and Carnival....in addition to Celebrity. In fact, nearly 10 years had passed since we had booked with Celebrity at the time we booked an Alaskan vacation with Celebrity for June 2013. Celebrity was great to us in accommodating cabin switches and upgrades prior to that cruise, and we were blown away by the personalized service we received on board throughout our vacation. Everyone wore genuine smiles, referred to you by name, and always, and I mean always said “thank you” when delivering a drink. It had been just 9 months since we sailed on Millie, and our March 29th sailing was one of two Celebrity bookings we have (or had) for 2014. Much has changed since then! Among the things that stood out to us the most: 1. Service….not very personable, particularly the bar service which at times was even unfriendly. 2. Michael’s Club is a dedicated “private lounge” and no longer a public venue for live music and cocktails. Perhaps this is no big deal for the S-Class ships, but the venues are already too limited on M-Class ships. 3. Nearly impossible to find fish available at Aquaspa Café. 4. Customer service access and follow-through was more challenging and trying than any cruise we have been on, regardless of the brand. We will elaborate in further detail on each of these items and more shortly. First, the Summit is in excellent condition for a twelve year old vessel, and we did in fact enjoy ourselves. Additionally, the officers were very noticeable and personable, and the Captain made himself available more often than we experienced on any of our previous cruises. We are easy people to please, whine very little, and were committed to having a nice time regardless of what we encountered. However, our expectations were based on our previous Celebrity experiences, and this one fell well short of those expectations. Perhaps we were too spoiled going into it. To avoid just rambling, we will break our review into four sections: 1. Cabins. 2. Dining. 3. Beverage Service. 4. Entertainment. No need to summarize embarkation and disembarkation, as both were smooth as reported by many others. Cabins: We traveled with friends as a party of seven. We had one CC1/FV, one 2A veranda, and one category 9 inside cabin. All three cabins were in great shape, well maintained, and properly appointed. The only troubles we had were with the CC1/FV (the most expensive of the three). The bulb in the bedside lamp blew on day one, and the joint between the water line and shower had a major leak that decreased the water pressure to the shower by 50%. Both of these were reported to the room steward and guest services on the evening of day 1, and again on day 3. Neither was addressed prior to disembarkation! Getting out of bed to turn a light out after reading is a minor inconvenience, but not being able to rinse shampoo out of one’s hair, that is a little more than just an inconvenience. The room steward was genuinely embarrassed at the lack of responsiveness, but guest services was more concerned about moving on to the next customer in line to shorten the line rather than solve a problem. We were dumfounded by the lack of responsiveness. We searched for the Captain’s Club host on multiple occasions hoping for further assistance, but could never track him/her down. Dining: We opted for Select Dining for this cruise due to the port intensive itinerary. The food was consistently good and consistent with our other celebrity cruise experiences. However, the service was simply hit or miss. We had a couple of flawless meals with great wine, bar, and coffee service, and we had a couple of dreadful meals that took 3 hours without wine, bar, coffee, or dessert service! The number of dedicated staff for wine and bar service was limited in comparison to our previous cruises. Depending on where you were seated, they may never make it around to your table. We planned to order bottled wine on day 3 to celebrate the special occasion that our trip was planned around, however, we were never successful in getting service. We even tried tracking down a Maitre D to assist, but that effort failed as well. This happened to us on two separate dining occasions, even though we made our waiters aware we wanted wine and bar service (and to speak to a Maitre D). Additionally, we were only offered coffee service with dessert on two occasions, again reflective of the inconsistency in service. Two meals we had to cut short before dessert because we had already killed nearly 3 hours sitting in the dining room and were missing shows and other activities. Perhaps things were more consistent with traditional dining, but our experience was certainly hit or miss (excellent at times, dreadful at times). Oceanview Café was consistent with our previous experiences in terms of food choices and quality. There were plenty of staff dedicated to cleaning tables and such, but a noticeable decrease in wait staff. On our previous cruises with Celebrity, you could barely sit down before wait staff were there to offer beverage service. Never once during our cruise did anyone offer beverage service to anyone in our party within Oceanview Café. It was pretty much “self service” by going to a nearby bar and waiting in line for what was at times “unfriendly” service. Aquaspa Café was a favorite venue of ours on previous cruises mainly due to the grilled to order fish. A clear cut favorite of our son, and he boasted about the fish to others in our party before boarding the ship. We visited the Aquaspa Café on day one, but were told “no fish today, have it tomorrow”. So, we left land early on day two in order to enjoy Aquaspa Café, only to learn it was not available then either. Therefore, we tried again on day four and were told “not today, but we will have it tomorrow”. So, on day five we returned….and, you guessed it, no fish that day either. That was disappointing enough, but in hindsight, the staff was not very friendly or accommodating either. Instead of apologizing for the lack of availability and offering a potential alternative such as shrimp, all we received is a “no, not today”. Honestly, we do not know whether it was ever available. We certainly did not see anyone savoring it while we were on board, but previous reviewers and staff suggested it was still available. Nevertheless, nobody went hungry. Drink Service: This is the one area that really challenged our patience and commitment to have a great time regardless of what we encountered. There were four core things that we noticed: 1. Decreased access to multi-use venues throughout the day/night. 2. Lack of personalized service. 3. Decreased wait staff presence throughout the ship. 4. Bartenders and wait staff are not fond of drink packages! As mentioned earlier, we were very fond of Michael’s Club. It was one of very few venues on M-Class ships that offered full bar service from early afternoon through late night, and it served as a quaint live music venue as well. However, it was a private lounge for “exclusive guests”, and the only time we ever saw anyone in it was during disembarkation. So sad, but unfortunately, operating hours for the only other venue similar were cut back too. The Rendezvous Lounge only had drink service after 4:00, and no drink service was provided for activities that took place in the lounge during the day. The same was true for day time activities in Revelations. During the day, drink service was limited to venues on Deck 10 and those venues were usually very busy, so you had to be prepared to wait. Again, this differed greatly from our previous experiences. Nobody ever went thirsty, but the experience was certainly different. Entertainment: The entertainment we partook in was good to great. We missed two of the production stage shows due to inexplicable slow service in the dining room, but the ones we did catch were quite good. Dan Wilson (comedian) and Ed Fernandez (hypnotist) were very entertaining. Some of the late night programs in Revelations were entertaining also. The party band is excellent (Extisea or something like that), Justin Wade has always been a favorite of ours, Will Foracker (fellow Hoosier) was great, and Its Five O’Clock Somewhere was also good. The downside for us was that Justin and Will did not play in Michael’s Club for obvious reasons (:-(), but they also did not play in Rendezvous or Revelations where there was full bar service. Instead, they were assigned to the Foyer, Café Al Bacio, or Cellar Masters, none of which offer full bar and soda service. If you could tolerate the cloud of smoke and unfriendly service at the Sunset Bar, there was an opportunity to catch some live music there at times. Venue services and access aside, the entertainment was good to great, closer to great. In closing, we wish to reiterate that we did in fact enjoy ourselves and the Summit like its sister ships is in great shape. The Southern Caribbean itineraries are outstanding. However, the overall experience fell well short of our expectations and perhaps that is because Celebrity treated us so well on prior occasions. Nonetheless, there are many ships in the sea, and we just had a Carnival experience at a Celebrity price. We will likely be cancelling our November booking and will have to think long and hard about booking with Celebrity again.   Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
We took the Summit to Bermuda a couple of weeks ago and I will not likely ever sail with Celebrity again. Perhaps it is a bit harsh to judge an entire cruise line on one terrible experience. It was my 10th cruise, but my first with ... Read More
We took the Summit to Bermuda a couple of weeks ago and I will not likely ever sail with Celebrity again. Perhaps it is a bit harsh to judge an entire cruise line on one terrible experience. It was my 10th cruise, but my first with Celebrity. The advertising on their website and in adverts is very misleading. It did not deserve the high ratings that I've seen on a few websites. Doesn't the advertising focus on luxury? The reality is completely at odds with the image they try to portray in the ads. The ship is 12 years old this year and is showing its age. It needs a complete do-over. Paint has been slapped here and there, but does not cover up the years of use and insufficient cleaning. The artwork was probably not intended to be comedic, but one stairway was filled with busts of beaded women who look like they've stepped off the set of a trailer park reality show. Kids Program My daughter enjoyed the program. She appreciated the staff and the activities that they prepared. There were lots of other kids on the ship, as we sailed in August, but I understand that the staff that support these programs are seasonal. You might not have the same experience in the off-season. Maintenance - At 7:30 in the morning, the glasses and dirty dishes from the night before still lined the decks, deckchairs and tables. New deck chairs on the upper decks are in order. Our cabin was nothing short of grubby. The tiles in the bathroom were cracked and the grouting and the corners were black. Think gas station toilet dirty. Table linens were stained. There was a hole (6 cm x 4 cm across) in my bed linen. Onboard Shopping  If you are looking for alcohol, costume jewellry, or Apple products, youre all set. Other than that, the shopping was limited. Bermuda Excursion  We took the catamaran and snorkel trip. The sail on the cat was the best part of this excursion. If youre expecting Caribbean-type snorkeling, youre too far north for that. The reef looked sick and there were few fish. Youd be better off popping over to the kiosk on the wharf and purchasing a bus/ferry pass and setting out yourself. (http://www.gov.bm/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=252&&PageID=468&mode=2) The public transportation is clean, reliable, and easy to use. They will tell you on the ship that the prices on Bermuda are terrible, so its best to purchase everything on the ship. We didnt find that to be true. We enjoyed swimming at Tobacco Bay and Horseshoe Bay (both gorgeous!), and pottering around St. Georges and Hamilton. Food - This was the biggest disappointment. Food and Drink Packages  After much debate, we decided not purchase any of them and we were glad that we had made that decision. I had a latte on the first morning and then never again. It wasnt very good. We didnt need bottled water, except when we were in Bermuda. (It was cheaper in Bermuda than on the ship!) We had wine with our evening meals, which we purchased by the bottle or by the glass. We appreciated that we could purchase a bottle, drink some of it, and have it corked for later. The Oceanview Cafe reminded me of university residence food, although the omelettes were very nice. Muesli was actually sloppy oatmeal and Canadian Bacon was a roll of pressed ham. We discovered that they had frozen gluten-free bread, but the dedicated toaster was broken. The coffee was poor. Bistro on 5  This was worth the $5. charge. The crepes were delicious. The only problem we had was organizing the gluten-free option. When we asked, we were told we had to give them 20 minutes notice. When we called to make our reservation, we were told we had to give them four hours notice, which meant we werent able to eat lunch there that day. We ate most of our meals at the Cosmopolitan. The menu is marked for various dietary needs. Don't believe it. The supposedly gluten-free potato curry is served with roti. When I asked about it, one waiter told us that it was made with rice flour. They are not afraid to make it up, apparently. The next waiter told us it was not gluten-free. It should not even have been touching the plate. We were comped two meals in specialty restaurants, but I'm afraid our trust was broken. The worst part is that there has been no change, so the next celiac/coeliac to sail with Celebrity will face the same problems. At least we knew not to trust them after this first incident. In short, I don't recommend this ship. At all.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
After our first cruise on Celebrity Solstice we were sold on the cruise line. I guess our expectations were way too high. Celebrity Summit is an older ship which would have been no problem if it had just been clean. Our room was never ... Read More
After our first cruise on Celebrity Solstice we were sold on the cruise line. I guess our expectations were way too high. Celebrity Summit is an older ship which would have been no problem if it had just been clean. Our room was never cleaned adequately, there was a leak in our bathroom that was never fixed, amenites for "Aqua" class guests were non-existent. I guess if you want to call tea that was never changed out the entire trip, terrible appetizers in the afternoon (not enough for one person, much less two.) Our bed would not stay together. Every night there was at least a 2 inch space between the mattresses. Never had that problem before. Room service was very bad, one morning we never received our breakfast and the other time we ordered a grilled ceasar chicken salad and it came without the chicken. When we questioned our steward he said "Let me see the salad" I guess he did not beleive us so he wanted to see for himself. Disembarkation day I begin looking for the hair dryer and could not find it. I called the steward and he stated that he took it for inventory. I have never had this problem on any cruise. There was a feeling of distrust with the staff on this cruise. Staff was not attentive to our needs at all, in Oceanview Cafe and other areas. Staff were not friendly and it seemed the steward constantly just wanted us to get out of the room so they could get work done and get off. The best experience on the cruise was the restaurant "Blu" that Aqua class guests have access to. It was like being on a different planet when you entered that environment. We loved Bermuda.....and will go there again but not on Celebrity. This cruise part of this trip was a disappointment after being so satisfied the first time on this cruise line. Hopefully this will give some valuable info to fellow cruisers. Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
This is the only cruise so far where I couldn't wait to get off the ship, and I was expecting something upscale from Celebrity. It was our first Family Vacation so it was definitely different from other solo/couple cruises. But the ... Read More
This is the only cruise so far where I couldn't wait to get off the ship, and I was expecting something upscale from Celebrity. It was our first Family Vacation so it was definitely different from other solo/couple cruises. But the ship was underwhelming, No Wow factor at all. No central focus on the ship. Lots of mold areas in the room, and the drain didn't go down in our shower. The curtains did not block out the light, and there was a flourescent/neon light connected to the lifeboats shining on us which ruined our balcony experience. We didn't realize till the last day that the the newspaper in several languages was available at the customer service area. The food in the Main Dining Room was mostly very good, though the service was slow and there were some dead pockets in the dining room...The Maitre D' Gaby and her staff were wonderful however, and helped us to get seated with Anytime Dining for Seven of us when needed..Also kudos to Charmaine the lady's room attendant who was so lovely! The Buffet was like a College Dining Hall and the main issue was that it was always sticky, not clean, tables were not bussed, and were cleared only when requested, usually with a dirty rag, etcetc. Was it lack or staff or inattentive servers? Other cruises we've been on the buffet staff is so attentive.... We went to the buffet only because we couldn't get served in the Main Dining Room, due to shortened hours for breakfast or lunch, or MDR not open or no lunch hours in the MDR....Buffet Food was ok but some stations were incredibly inefficient like the paninis, pancakes, pasta, etc. Celebrity should revisit what's going on. Often couldn't find ordinary teabags? Hot water empty? No Ice/ No spoons or silverware? Sticky or slippery floors at the ice machines? For dinner we didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars extra each night for family dining in the specialty which didn't seem worth it so we ate only in the MDR. We had no perqs such as parking, or all-inclusive drink packages, and yes we agreed to pick up everyone's tab, but we felt like we were nickled and dimed when we saw the bill. The pool area was WAY too small for the number of guests. We had our grandchildren with us. Teenagers were shut out of the adult pool, so took over the small kid pool which made it unsafe and unpleasant for the little kids. The warm water salt pool was great for adults but no room for kids...The Kids Club was fun and there was a lot going on considering the lack of dedicated space for them... Entertainment was ok though nothing was outstanding. We weren't impressed with the small venue musicians though we wanted to love everything. The kids ebjoyed the Costume shows but the timing was so off, that we could barely see what we wanted to. Main concern was the issue with my daughter's ocean-view room which smelled like urine. We could not resolve it with the management though they gave us some minor OBC (not enough) but it ruined our family cruise, because we were constantly discussing the smell in the room and headaches and what to do etcetc. The steward Emmylou was fabulous so so wonderful with the kids. But the supervisor said the smell was due to the sprays and lotions my daughter used...So insulting and offensive. My husband and I had this issue on our very first cruise (RCI) and our room was changed..which is what they should have done here or made some other arangement... Well I could go on but won't. Probably our first and last Celebrity sorry to say!   Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
We returned from our Christmas Holiday cruise on the Summit. This was our family's first time on a Celebrity ship so I can't speak for other Celebrity Ships but the Summit was not impressive. We had two cabins and one of them ... Read More
We returned from our Christmas Holiday cruise on the Summit. This was our family's first time on a Celebrity ship so I can't speak for other Celebrity Ships but the Summit was not impressive. We had two cabins and one of them smelled of mildew the entire week despite a complaint to our cabin stewart who loved to hang out in the hallway outside our room to chat with guests and other staff, but not actually get much done in the way of cleaning or providing towels. Usually, one of our rooms were missing some bath or face towels on any given day. But I wouldn't let the towels or the smell get me down if it weren't for the food. The quality and variety of food choices for breakfast and lunch were poor. If you didn't love powdered eggs and greasy sausage or bacon, you had better get up early because the full breakfast ended way before most passengers arrived in the buffet line! The staff running the buffet line always looked confused when you asked them a question, I think they were all new to their jobs. Lunch was slightly better than breakfast but not by much. While the food looked fresh, it was rarely varied-there was the pizza station, poor quality cold cuts, the salad station and stir fry spot as the main anchors to a few hot items and cold salads. There was little to get excited about or look forward to. Dinner was only a small step up from breakfast and lunch since our waiter was excellent and tried to his best to make dinner an enjoyable meal despite the kitchen's many shortcomings. Lobster night featured overcooked lobster tails that were burnt to a crisp. If you did find something to enjoy at the dining room, don't try to find it the next night because they would not ever find you something off the menu from the previous evening. It was to the point that our family looked forward to getting off the ship so we could get an interesting meal. We attended a cook off event on the ship where the head chef was asked about bringing some local flavors into the menu. He answered in his french accent that he would never try to bring the flavors of the ports we visited into his menu, that he never varied his menu to reflect the areas that the ship visited. He seemed proud of this accomplishment, although I'm not sure why since other lines we experienced had done exactly that and it made the meals that much more exciting. The ports on this ship is what made this cruise fun for our family-Dominica was beyond our expectations in both beauty and the friendliness of its guides. We hiked in the rain forest and found the trip exciting! Grenada has beautiful beaches and wonderful spices, although there are many aggressive vendors on the beaches trying to braid our hair or sell us something. On St. Kitts we took the ship's catamaran and snorkel trip and it was one of the highlights of our week. The crew were exceptionally personable and helpful, and the sailboat was stunning. All in all, we had a relaxing vacation but it could have been so much better if the Summit were as good as promised. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We sailed to the eastern Caribbean over Christmas 2012 and were very disappointed. I sailed the Norwegian fjords on the Constellation in July 2011 and loved it. The service was fantastic. I expected the same on the Summit, but instead ... Read More
We sailed to the eastern Caribbean over Christmas 2012 and were very disappointed. I sailed the Norwegian fjords on the Constellation in July 2011 and loved it. The service was fantastic. I expected the same on the Summit, but instead experienced the most disinterested service I've experienced on any line (have also sailed HAL, Crystal and Princess). The disappointment began when we walked into our cabin bathroom that reeked of mildew. Repeated complaints to the steward accomplished nothing, so we finally complained at the front desk. That led to a visit from a supervisor who acknowledged the badly rusted shower curtain rings (doesn't anyone inspect these cabins?) and shower curtain filled with mildew. He promised these items would be replaced -- which they were. He also promised a $100 shipboard credit, which did not happen. Service in the main dining room was often painfully slow. One night at dinner it took repeated requests to get the sommelier to stop by. He arrived just before the main courses. The couple at the next table weren't so fortunate -- they'd already begun eating their main courses before he could be bothered to help them. The dining room appeared understaffed, although the food was fine. Qsine is a poor replacement for Murano Grill, unless you think lamps hung upside down from the ceiling are the height of style. What's the point of offering a menu on an I-Pad if it isn't updated? We selected a wine from the I-Pad list. The sommelier left and returned after awhile to tell us the wine wasn't available. Really? Wouldn't one of the features of a menu on an I-Pad be the ability to update it? After people finished their meals, the staff in Qsine didn't clear many of the tables, so we got to look at that as we dined. We asked the concierge for a map of St. George's, Grenada. He gave us a map of the entire island that did not show the streets around the port. The only information the ship regularly provided for ports was information on shopping -- there was not information on how to see or do anything but shop. These are all examples of the lack of attention to detail, and overall lack of care demonstrated by the staff and crew of the Summit. Even though we had pre-paid gratuities on the Constellation, there were several staff that we gave additional tips to at the end of the cruise because we were so delighted by the service. Unfortunately, we didn't have the same feeling on the Summit. After my first Celebrity cruise, I thought I had found a favorite cruise line. Now I'm almost afraid to sail on Celebrity again -- will I have a Summit experience, or a Constellation experience? On the plus side, although I believe the ship was full, the only time it felt crowded was at the disembarkation breakfast. Otherwise, seats could always be found at the buffet and outside. The elevators were generally fast and the ship was very quiet. There were quite a few kids and teens on the ship, but they generally seemed to have their own activities and didn't bother us at all. We enjoyed the ports, although some passengers were disappointed because so many shops were closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We arranged our own activities -- hired a taxi for half-island tour in St. Kitts for just $60 -- much cheaper than the ship. Through the Shore Excursions group we got a half-island tour in Dominica for $180 -- Leonard Hill was a great tour guide and is highly recommended. We went horseback riding in St. Croix. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Canada cruise on the Summit 9-22-12 We chose this 14 night cruise after researching fall 2012 options for two reasons: One, we did not need to fly to the ship. Two, we wanted to cruise with my parents who had just celebrated their ... Read More
Canada cruise on the Summit 9-22-12 We chose this 14 night cruise after researching fall 2012 options for two reasons: One, we did not need to fly to the ship. Two, we wanted to cruise with my parents who had just celebrated their 55th anniversary and Mom won't fly. This is our fifth cruise on Celebrity and 14th cruise overall. This is our first cruise to "New England and Canada." One thing we did on this cruise we've never done before is we pre-purchased the "Unlimited photo package" For this cruise it was $239.00 prepaid for every photo taken by the on-board photographers that one or both of us is present in. We ended up leaving the ship with 272 photos! Saturday morning we left our home in Southeastern PA and drove to pick up the parents in the retirement mecca of Toms River at the NJ Shore. From there, in our now fully loaded mini-van, it was just 75 minutes up the parkway to Bayonne. Our son lives on Staten Island just a few minutes from the port, so we met him, he dropped us off, and kept the van for the two weeks we will be away. Arriving at 11:00, embarkation was painless. What actually took the longest was getting through the security checkpoint, but only because it was obvious that many in front of us in line haven't been through an airport in years. Once through security (10 minutes), we were waved to a handicap check in station (as Mom is on a scooter). They checked both our cabins in within 5 minutes, handed us our key cards, and we were off the get the "Security photo" taken. Photos snapped, we were quickly at the welcome aboard photo station. Photos taken of each couple separately, and we also had a photo taken of the four of us. By now, it is 11:20, and the last of the people in "Line" for the boarding shuttle were getting on a shuttle, so there is no line or ticket needed once we reach the door. The very nice and talkative security person kept us engaged as we waited two minutes for the next shuttle bus, and off we go! Arriving at Summit, our key cards are swept and "Welcome aboard!" The usual Celebrity selection of Champagne, Mimosa, or Orange Juice is available. We head up to deck 10 and the Oceanview Cafe for lunch. Lunch choices were abundant. I enjoyed a small amount of fish and chips and a slice of roast beef. DW enjoyed a variety of salad and fruit. After lunch, we headed down to the spa area and the Thallasotheraphy pool. Dad and I changed into swimsuits (packed in our carry on) and were the first in the pool on this cruise. We were drying off as the announcement was made at about 1:35 that cabins were ready. We were in no rush, so got good and dry (and dad actually changed back into street clothes) before heading to the cabins. We are both in insides on deck two. We are in 2084, and parents are in 2136. There has been a lot of discussion on the Celebrity board in the weeks before our cruise about bathroom condition on the Summit. We had no sign of mold in our bathrooms. The drain in our shower is rather slow, and water seems to seep under the shower divider onto the bathroom floor. I reported this to Abel, our room steward. By Monday, it was fixed. No luggage yet, so we headed back to deck 10 with a set of "Rummicubes" that my parents brought along and played a round at one of the tables near the pool grille. Mom left the scooter in the cabin (later to be a mistake). Muster drill was at 3:15 in the casino. We were there in time to grab some seats at a poker table. The drill concluded and the entire 2,000 passengers were now on deck 4, wanting to go elsewhere. Okay for us, we walked down two flights of stairs to make a stop at our cabin. However, the parents waited, standing, for over thirty minutes for an elevator (Mom can't do stairs) to get to deck 10 and our cruise critic roll call's sail away gathering at the aft bar. When they finally showed up, Mom was visibly exhausted and needed a chair, but none were to be found. We got her situated on a bar stool, but they lasted less than ten minutes before dad said they had to go the cabin as Mom didn't feel well. We really enjoyed the gathering and met many from the roll and some we had planned excursions with. We left port in Bayonne about an hour late, and were able to stay on deck just long enough to photograph the sailing under the Verrazano bridge before rushing back to the cabin in hope that our luggage appeared and to quickly get ready for dinner. The luggage was finally there, so at a frantic pace we unpacked the five (yes FIVE) suitcases and found place for everything. We arrived at dinner about 6:15 but that was just as the first night's "Line" to find the assigned table was dissipating. We have table 338, a 6-top along the port side of the dining room. Our Waiter is Vladimir and assistant is Marko. Dinner went well and we really hit it off with our dining companions. We left the dining room at about 8:05. Sunday was our first sea day. We put on our bathing suits with appropriate cover ups, and began our M-Class, sea day breakfast routine. DW heads to the Spa Cafe and I obtain Waffles and an omelet from the buffet and carry it down to the Spa Cafe. After breakfast, we spend some lovely time in the T-Pool and hot tubs. What else did we do today? Well, DW wasn't interested in the lectures on Space. I read, relaxed, at some point had some lunch and ice cream, and then we got ready for the first formal night. Before dinner we traveled to the various portrait stations and had lots of photos taken both of us as a couple and as a foursome. Dinner time! We entered the dining room and thought we were on the wrong floor. Four unknown people were sitting at our table, which is now set for eight. But wait, there is Vladimir. Vladimir goes to the computer and confirms that is our table. Our first night dining companions were relocated due to a pre-cruise request, and due to a long wait-list for 6:00 dining they are squeezing in extra places. Our first night companions stopped by to apologize and say they were left a message at 4:00 that afternoon that they were moved, but they did not request it nor were they given a choice. This whole situation was not a pleasant way to begin our first formal dinner. Dinner dragged as the dining room was absolutely packed, and we did not get out of the dining room until 8:20 or so. After dinner we hit one additional portrait station and went to the theater for the captain's welcome aboard toast. At least that was the plan. For the first time in five Celebrity cruises, and our 40th night on Celebrity, there is not a seat to be found in the theater. My parents certainly can't stand to watch and reluctantly we left the theater and called it a night. As an aside, this is a specific reason why we won't sail on Princess again - no room in the theater. Monday we docked in Portland, Maine. Portland is a great port, and we found it easy. We had reserved a 9:30 trolley tour followed by an 11:30 Lighthouse cruise. It's about a 10 - 15 minute walk to Long Wharf where both tours leave from. We checked in at 8:50 and they asked if we would like to take a 9:00 trolley. Sure! I believe the entire trolley was from our cruise critic roll call. Our trolley driver/guide "Gramps" was entertaining and informative. We very much enjoyed the stop at Portland Head Lighthouse, no doubt the highlight of the tour. We had an hour between tours and found Dunkin Donuts a block away for some caffeine. The lighthouse cruise was also very nice and informative. The highlight of this was seeing Portland Head Lighthouse from sea. This gave us great photo opportunities on a picture-perfect day. The combo price for both tours is $39/person. On our walk back to the ship we passed by tables of "Crafters" set up along the way. Let's just say our wallets were $100 lighter by the time we got back to the Summit! We normally don't "Shop" at ports, but this was an exception and the items acquired are unique. Back on board we enjoyed the sail away. A brief sun shower stopped the party band from playing poolside, although they were set up to play. Sailing out we again passed Portland Head Lighthouse and snapped a few additional photos from the perspective of deck 11 of the Summit before preparing for dinner. Dinner was much better tonight. Vladimir and Marco still seem stressed and the dining room is packed. Service was reasonable and my steak was very nice, served hot and cooked as ordered. Vladimir has arranged with the kitchen to provide my dad "No sugar added" Apple Pie for dessert each evening, a very nice touch. After dinner we added some photos to the envelopes in the photo gallery and took in the show, a comedian named Phil Tag. Regretfully with the lights down I dozed off a couple of times, but by all accounts he was very good. Tuesday we are scheduled to dock in Halifax at 10:30. For some reason, our cruise critic connections party was scheduled at 9:30. But okay, that works - it's still before we dock. Normally on a late port morning we would do our sea day routine and enjoy the T-Pool, but we forgo that to shower and dress for the connections party followed by our day at sea. We open our door and find a notice that the party has been rescheduled to next week Monday. We don't mind that it's rescheduled, but to let people know the morning of the party? And now we have a few hours to kill. It sure seems like the hotel side of the Summit needs some tweaking. We docked, but were not cleared until 10:55. Along with many others we left the ship and found our prearranged driver/tour guide through "Your cab tours." We had an excellent tour taking in the scenic highlights of Halifax, the anchor that flew over two miles due to an ammunition ship explosion, the tower dedicated to Sir Stamford Fleming, the "Inventor" of standard time zones, Peggy's Cove, the Swiss Air memorial, a maple syrup manufacturing facility, and the Halifax Citadel. Tuesday dinner one of the couples at our table was absent. Service went well and we were finished by 7:50. They are taking "Casual portraits" tonight. We posed for a lot of photos, such fun! We made the show, a flute virtuoso, Gary Aburthnot. Much to my surprise, we really enjoyed his show. Wednesday we tender in Sydney, Nova Scotia with a scheduled arrival at 9:30 AM. We arranged to meet our traveling companions at 9:45 as we obtained priority tender tickets. We actually were on of the first two tenders to shore. It is a 20 minute tender ride. We don't reach shore until after 10:30. We called our car rental company and they picked us up promptly. We are on the road to Fortress Louisbourg by 11:00. We greatly enjoyed Louisbourg, and left there for the 40 minute drive back to Sydney. We dropped off the van and they dropped us back at the pier. There is a winding line for tenders back to Summit. We thought we would wait out the line, but there is no (open) bar in the shoreside facility or immediate area. We wait 40+ minutes in a very brisk cool wind before we finally board a tender. Just as we board, Holland America's Maasdam is trying to leave dock. With the wind blowing them back into the dock, it was obvious they were engaging full thrusters to get away. This stirred up the surrounding waters so we were in a holding pattern. We finally are back on board Summit well after 4:30. Summary of Sydney stop: If you have to tender from 20 minutes out, don't. Just stay on board and call it a sea day. While we greatly enjoyed our outing to Louisbourg, this may have been the worst tender experience we've ever had - and that was with priority tickets getting out. We heard they were still calling tender numbers at one-thirty. Back on board, we grab a quick burger at the pool grill, and then get ready for dinner. All eight of us are present tonight but service is prompt and we are done at 7:45. Again they have two photo stations set up for casual portraits, more fun. After the portraits we pass on the show as we are exhausted and wind burned. Thursday we dock in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We are scheduled to dock at 9:00 and the ship is actually cleared at 8:55. The four of us and a couple from our roll call have a van tour reserved with Fair Island Tours. In fact, our roll call has NINE vans reserved. Sure enough, they are waiting with a sign with our names. Fair Island sublet our booking to Billy, who has his own tour company and works for the DPW in the winter plowing roads. He told us all winter the sides of the road are 6' high snow banks. Our guide stretched out the tour. Even the signs in his van indicate it should be a 3 - 4 hour tour. Ours was five hours, and we made our visit to Anne of Green Gables very abbreviated. While I could easily have spent an hour or more there, by then we were already over four hours, and he gets paid by the hour. Fair Island will not be getting a great review from us. To be fair, we did see a lot, and learned a lot about the variety of Lobstering and Mussel farming they do up in PEI. However, many of our stops (commercial) were not on the tour description and we could have done without. The tour could easily have gone to six hours if we hadn't told him after Green Gables that we needed to get back to the ship. We did not stop for lunch, as the driver continued to encourage us to do. As for the van, it may easily fit 6 people of smaller stature, but we are all relatively large Americans (I am 6'4") and after several hours it became downright uncomfortable. (Note added later - discussion with other cruise critic members indicate that many of the nine vans touring cruise critic people gave a less than stellar tour. Use extreme caution in this port with private guided tours and review with the guide before leaving the port exactly what you are going to see and how long the tour will be) At least we are docked. From what we saw, Charlottetown looked enticing and is likely worth a day to explore on foot right off the ship. By the time we returned to the ship we were exhausted (four port days in a row) and couldn't wait to get back on board and rest a bit. Thursday dinner, we are again a table of six as one of the couples did not attend. Service tonight is s-l-o-w. We don't finish until after 8:05. When everyone left I went to talk to Vladimir and asked to the extent possible, we are finished by 7:45. We'd like to listen to the band and dance in the Rendez-Vous but if the first show gets out there are no seats left. Vladimir thanked me for telling him and said he would do everything possible to meet this request. Friday - at last a sea day! We do our sea day AM routine. Dressed in swimsuits with cover-ups, I get my Omelet and fixings from the Oceanview Cafe and walk down to join DW at the Spa Cafe. After breakfast we enjoy the T-pool / hot tubs and relax on the double lounger at the pool reading. My parents find us and dad takes a dip as well. We head back to the room to change and I attend Captain Panos' talk on "Secrets of ship Navigation." He does an excellent job both with the talk and Q&A afterwards. In the meantime, DW finds a "2 hour sale" in the Emporium and wants an opinion on potential Christmas gifts for family members. Afterward, we wander the ship until Noon and grab a quick lunch at the Oceanview. Superb Roast Beef for me and DW has a Teriyaki Salmon. We next head down to Cellarmasters (where they have a large, high table) for a prearranged game of Rummi-Cube with my parents and cruise critic friends. Tonight is the second formal night. Before dinner is the select and elite Captain's Club senior officer's party. This is a nice affair. They really were generous with serving the drinks! The band played and the captain spoke briefly. We leave promptly at 6:00 to get to dinner. Dinner is very good at Vladimir gets us finished by 7:40! Nice job! We take photos at all the photo stations but are too tired for the show. My parents tried at 8:30 to get seats for the 9:00 show but were not able to find any my mom could access as she can't do stairs. Saturday morning we woke to see Quebec City on the banks of the St Lawrence come into sight. It is overcast and breezy. Our string of picture-perfect port weather has reached its end. We exited the ship with my parents to have photos taken at the two photo ops. The first was great! A group of local ladies, dressed in period costume, were signing a welcome song and posing for photos. We had prebooked a "Grand walking tour" at 10:00 followed by a Zodiac river tour at 2:30 through Tours Voir Quebec, the highest rated tour company in Quebec City on tripadvisor. We caught the "Ecolobus" for $1.00/person (the cheapest tour in town!) to take us from the port up to near the Fontainebleau hotel, where the tourist information is across the square. Tours Voir Quebec shares a building with the TI office. The walking tour was very informational and we did see a lot. We went into three churches and walked many narrow streets. As advertised, the tour was 90% plus downhill. The tour ended at the lower end of the funicular in lower town. From there, we headed back to the Summit for lunch. DW isn't feeling 100% especially after the constant going in and out of the increasingly windy and cool outdoors and the heated churches. She decides to take a nap and forgo the Zodiac tour. I headed out to the designated meeting place and found one other couple there. I knew eight had signed up for this tour. The others postponed until Sunday, hoping for better weather. We heard Sunday was supposed to be worse, so just the three of us went out with the captain and we head upriver, motoring past the Summit, a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaking ship, several old waterfront neighborhoods, and up to the bridge crossing the river that prevents ships such as the Summit from sailing further up the St. Lawrence. At that point, the river is just 200 feet across but very deep with strong currents. We turned around to find that it had begun raining (we were blissfully unaware of this as the rain had been hitting our backs and we were clothed in wetsuit type of coveralls). Heading back downriver we were now also facing into the wind! The ride back was not "Full of fun," but we persevered and made it back in one piece. The 90 minute Zodiac tour took over two hours as we needed to move at a reduced speed due to the waves on the river. Our captain did take us very near to right under the bow of the Summit. It was an interesting view, to be sure, but I kept expecting a coast guard vessel or the Canadian version of homeland security to come swooping in to make sure we weren't up to some mischief! Saturday evening the Summit kept to the normal dinner schedule. Our table is full, and Vladimir has us finished by about 7:35. However, this is the 29th, and I had prearranged recognition of my parent's 55th anniversary this evening. Vladimir and the wait staff gathered round and presented them with a cake and sang very nicely. They cut the cake into eight small pieces and we all enjoyed it! It is now 7:50, and we head to the Rendez-Vous for Big Band night with the Celebrity orchestra. We grab the last four seats (barstools) with a view of the band. When the band is between numbers we can hear the rain outside. As we are in port overnight, there is no show tonight, rather "War Horse" is being shown in the theater. Sunday morning the wind is still howling, but it's not raining. We are off the ship by 8:00 and catch the Ecolobus to the farmer's market (just two stops away). We wander the market and purchase some authentic Quebec Maple Syrup to take home. We want to take the Ecolobus back up the hill to explore some more and see the inside of the Fontainebleau hotel, but the bus just drives right past us as it is full. There are now four ships in port and passengers are awake! We cross the street and wait for an Ecolobus heading the other way. Plenty of space so we get on board and take a grand tour back to the Fontainebleau. When we get off the bus we are literally blasted by the wind. Being several hundred feet above the river, and with no wind-break, it is obvious the winds are gale force. We quickly take a few photos and find our way inside. The inside of the hotel is magnificent and several photos are taken. Next we head straight to the funicular for the ride down to the lower town. Here, among the buildings, the wind is not as ferocious. DW is kind of looking for a hooded sweatshirt, so we are in and out of the ships, but nothing appealing in the desired price range is discovered. We walk back to the ship meandering through the narrow streets trying to avoid being in the open along the waterfront. Four ships in port seem to have brought out many of the locals to take in the spectacle, despite the cool temps and wind. We are back on board by noon, and about 1:00 is begins to rain. By mid-afternoon the rain is a deluge. We are glad we are cozy and warm on the Summit. 6:00 is our departure time and from the dining room we hear the thrusters surely at 100% pushing us away from the dock against the wind. Two local tugs assist as well. We need to turn the ship, and friends with a FV Verandah later tell us they thought their Verandah furniture was going overboard as the ship turned and the wind caught their corner. Their cabin stewards were there in an instant. They tied things down. We finish dinner by 7:45 (again, great service from Vladimir and Marko) and enjoyed listening to the dance quartet for 30 minutes or so. Next we find the one photo station open and have more photos taken. These came out really great! Sunday's show is magician Adam Trent. We thought his name was familiar, and after watching his show are sure we've seen him before. However, his show was outstanding, and about 30% of the overflow crowd gave him a standing ovation at the close. Monday October 1 is a "Sea day." It's actually more like a "River day" as we are slowly heading towards sea down the ever-widening St. Lawrence with Gaspe', Quebec, our next call on Tuesday. We head up to the Spa Cafe for breakfast followed by a dip in the T-Pool. We're waiting but the hot-tubs are not yet open. Another passenger makes an inquiry and is told "We'll get right to it." Nothing happens. When I get out of the pool, I stopped a maintenance person and inquired. He said he would get back to me. And he did! I am told that ALL the hot-tubs are closed, as they need to be cleaned. They can't clean them until the Summit is 12 miles from shore, and that won't be until tonight. Then they will be drained, bleached, filled, and open tomorrow. Well, okay... But why are the ALL closed? Why do they ALL need to be cleaned at the same time? And why are there no signs telling passengers any of this? Our rescheduled cruise critic gathering is at 10:00. We fill Michael's Club. The only staff persons who attends is Caissie, the cruise director and someone from guest relations. Caissie nicely circulates the room chatting and briefly welcomes the group. A thoughtful member brought a card that was circulated to thank Georgia for keeping our group organized and most signed it. We did a gift exchange that perhaps twenty or so participated in. It's a "Sea day" so there is no surprise that the Emporium has some "Specials" running. We visited the Emporium and my parents bought a little something. We head to lunch at the spa cafe at noon but they are not yet open. Five minutes or so later they are ready. After a light lunch we get ready for our 1:00 Captains Club party. We get to the entrance of Revelations about 12:45 and there are already 25 or so waiting in line. By 12:50 there must be a hundred waiting. Lionel (captain's club host) makes a brief appearance (twice) and both times says "15 minutes." The doors finally open at about 12:58 and at this point the line to enter is not very orderly. The Summit needs some help with crowd control. Once inside, it's actually very nice. Plenty of wait staff with drinks at the ready and if your desire is something different from the menu provided they obtain it quickly. Food stations are set up and entertainment is provided. The best part of the Captains Club gathering was the least expected - Caissie the cruise director actually sings Opera, and she is very good!. The worst part? DW drinks slowly. At 2:00 sharp, Lionel tells everyone the party is over and the room is closed as it needs to be reset for the next group. So basically, we are thrown out of the room. Someone at the door stops DW from taking her half-finished drink. REALLY? First we are thrown out of the room and we can't even finish our drinks? Summit management is again showing a lack of customer relations foresight. Monday evening we joined some friends for dinner in Q-Sine. This was our first time to try this venue, as we were offered a "Two for one" and joined four new friends from cruise critic. I have to admit I like food rather "Plain," and Q-Sine is certainly not plain! We typically do not do the specialty restaurants. We are very happy with the main dining room and our normal servers who now know us. I knew that going in and also was pretty sure my DW would enjoy the experience. She did, and so did I. Q-Sine is very unique. The food and service were excellent. Would I do it again? Most likely not. To experience it once it was worth it. We got out of Q-Sine just in time to catch the show. We have a comedian tonight, Buzz Sutherland. He was enjoyable but not as much so as last week's comedian or Adam Trent, the magician. On Tuesday we arrive as scheduled in Gaspe', Quebec at 7:00. Six of us have a van reserved through National. We go at 8:10 to obtain tender tickets and are given number 5, but they've just called number 4. Five minutes later we go down the elevator to deck one and are told that tender 4 just left and 5 is just moments away. We are on land by 8:40 and have photos taken "Welcome to Gaspe". In Gaspe', both National and Budget rent a car have cars right at the dock. It must be no small effort for them to move the vehicles from the airport for the cruisers, but we greatly appreciate it! The welcome from the locals is very warm. Many ladies dressed in red blazers welcome everyone individually. They have information, local maps, and suggestions on local activities. To really get the most out of a shore call to Gaspe' one must get out of town. There are basically two choices: 1. Head North to Forillion National Park. 2. Head South to Perce' to see Perce' rock and the bird colony on the island. We chose Forillion Park. Forillion occupies the tip of the Gaspe' peninsula. This peninsula is actually the northeastern end of the Appalachian Mountains, stretching north from Georgia in the USA. Forillion is where the Appalachians descend into the sea. We first toured all the south shore facilities. We found that the toll booths are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday so the park visit was free. However, most buildings were closed. We did find some comfort stations open. Park rangers seemed to outnumber the tourists. It appeared the other tourists were also from the Summit in rental vehicles. The south shore viewpoints were nice. The sun came out from time to time giving opportunities for some fall foliage photography. We headed up over the mountain to the North shore. We stopped several times to take photos along the way. We found a closed visitor's center, and followed the signs to "Cape Bon-Ami." This is a place not to be missed! Seals in the water, incredible rock formations, and waterfalls falling onto a pebble beach. We could see the Cape-des-Rosiers lighthouse to the northwest. This is the tallest lighthouse in Canada and our next stop. To climb the lighthouse admission is charged but we are not that ambitious today as we did a fair bit of climbing and walking at Cape Bon-Ami. We concluded our circuit of the park and returned to Gaspe' by route 197, climbing the "Ridge of the Appalachians" in the process. Of course, at this point, it's not very high! We drove around Gaspe' a little and visited a small shopping mall before returning the van and tendering back to the Summit. The Summit left Gaspe' a little late, but I still managed to get photos of the end of the Gaspe' peninsula from the sea. We found there was a lighthouse there which could not be seen from our land based vantage points. Dinner was excellent tonight but as some of us took a long time to finish T-bone steaks we did not finish until 7:55. Sure enough, no seats with a view of the band remained in the Rendez-Vous. So we found the casual portrait studio and took some more photos, and found photos to add to our envelopes. The show is singer-impressionist Paul Tanner. Paul gave an enjoyable show and really played up to the ladies in the audience. Wednesday is a bright and sunny sea day! We had a relaxin g morning and met a portion of our cruise critic group for lunch in the main dining room. This was our only MDR lunch and while it was okay we don't feel the extra time is worth it. We are a bit surprised at the captain's daily announcement which tells us that despite leaving Gaspe an hour and a half late, we have already made up the time and slowed to 15 knots, enabling an on-time arrival at Bar Harbor at noon on Thursday. Wednesday was the third and final formal evening dinner was again very good and we are out of the dining room by 7:45. We took photos at all the formal portrait studios and went to the theater thirty minutes before show time. The theater was completely full by 25 minutes prior to the show. This was a cast show "IHollywood." Thursday was a relaxing morning due to a Noon arrival at Bar Harbor. We had been invited to an "Anniversary and honeymoon" gathering at 10:30. We attended and had photos taken with the provided cake. Otherwise it was well attended but fairly dull. We gathered our shore side things together and watched the tenders get lowered. As this was a U.S. port call after being in Canada, all non-US citizens needed to go through immigration in the theater before the ship was cleared, which did not occur until about 12:40. Due to the generosity of friends, we had priority tender tickets and were on the third tender off, reaching shore at 1:05. We were booked on the 2:00 Oli's Trolley tour of Bar Harbor and Arcadia National Park. We greatly enjoyed the tour. Upon return from the tour at 4:30, the first people we met on the street were from Summit and asked about our tour. They had tender ticket # 10 and did not reach shore until after 3:00. We took one look at the tender pier and saw that people were already lined up waiting for tenders back to the ship. While we really wanted to walk the town a bit, when we saw three tour buses pulling up, we decided to get in the tender line. Even at this hour, with over three hours before the stated "Last tender," it took 40 minutes to get back to Summit. We talked to passengers on board who waited three hours for their tender number and simply gave us, and never made it ashore. We also heard that tendering effectively stopped for a period of time while the "Live Maine Lobsters" were off-loaded. I have to ask, what is Celebrity management thinking? It is a GREAT idea to bring aboard some local specialties for the passengers - but we were DOCKED in Portland. It would have been no trouble at all, in Portland. In Bar Harbor we are tendering - and Summit does a poor job with tendering to begin with. Tying up the tender docks to bring Lobsters on board is a disaster in the making... No evening photo shoots tonight, as we are nearing the end of the cruise. We went to the show, an entertaining pianist. As we were very tired about half way through we left the show to get some tea and head to the cabin. We were surprised to find we were still anchored in port at 10:00. On Friday we learned why. One of the last tender boats, at 7:45 (per the cruise critic news report), ran aground due to "Poor visibility." It was raining by 6:00 or so, and it was certainly dark well before 7:00. Friday morning the Captain's daily announcement filled everyone in and we learned that we did not leave port until 11:30. We were assured of a timely arrival in Bayonne on Saturday. The weather improved and warmed as the day went on. One of our roll call members who snagged a corner "FV" cabin hosted a small farewell gathering at 3:00 PM. We had beautiful weather and it was obvious Summit was in no big hurry, as we were passed by a container ship heading towards NY. While much about this cruise needs improvement, we did meet some wonderful people through the roll call. Friday evening a dinner option was fresh Maine Lobster, brought onboard in Bar Harbor. We opted for the Lobster and thought the dining room did a very nice job. All the shells were cracked and the nasty body innards had been removed. We heard that by the second seating the lobsters were very mushy, but ours were enjoyable. We said our farewells to Vladimir and Marco at 7:45 and enjoyed one last set of dance music in the Rendez-Vous. We attended the farewell show, the highlight of which was Cassie, the cruise director, who sang two numbers. We put the luggage out for pick up, having been given Green 23 with an estimated debarkation time of 9:20 AM. The Summit could not let us leave without one last attempt at aggravating their passengers. We were thirty minutes late returning to Bayonne. No reason was given, no apologies, no announcement from the captain, nothing. As previously noted, we were crawling at sea on Friday, with freighters passing us, so it certainly was not due to leaving Bar Harbor late. Of course, this put all disembarkations behind. Our 9:20 disembarkation became 10:15. I know they need to clean the ship for the arriving passengers, but all the public restrooms except those on deck four were "Closed for cleaning." By the time we were in the terminal, ready to be picked up it was nearly 11:00, almost two weeks to the minute from when we arrived. This was the worst disembarkation we have experienced in fourteen cruises. Summary: This is the first "M - Class" ship we have sailed post-"Solsticizing." The areas renovated are beautiful. A couple of things though, are such blunders one must say "What were they thinking?" A great example of this is Revelations deck 11 forward. They took the port quarter of a marvelous, open, wrap-around room, and made it into the kid's club? There is no more prime "Real estate" on a ship, then the forward high deck room. Sitting in that room with just 2/3 of a view is so disappointing. Bistro on Five is pretty popular. But the area where it's located used to be part of a lounge. Cellarmasters seems woefully underutilized, and that was part of the same lounge. The results are that the passengers pre and post dinner that used to congregate in two lounges on decks 4 and 5, now are mostly in the Rendez-Vous on deck 4. But that also means, that if you want a seat with sight-view of the band, you need to be there early. "Crowding" in public spaces are what really turned us off to Princess. Regretfully Celebrity seems to be heading in the same direction. We enjoyed top-notch stateroom and dining staff. No complaints from us on that account. We are aware of a number of cruise-critic members who were not so fortunate with their dining staff and perhaps they will post their own reviews. The dining room issue that was horrible however was the incredible over-crowding during the first seating. Our table for six became a table for eight, therefore for twelve nights, we had a "Crowded" dinner experience, unable to stretch out our legs, or relax our shoulders. When people book four weeks before the cruise they should not board "Expecting" to get their dining room seating choice. The dining room crowding problem then became a theater crowding problem as well. One thing we love about Celebrity and Holland is that we can make the most of our evening, enjoying music in a lounge until five minutes before show time and then going to the theater. That was not possible on this cruise, where one needed to arrive thirty minutes early for any of the production shows, and 15 - 20 minutes before a guest performer. This was so disappointing! We have never had a cruise with the horrendous tendering issues that Summit had on this cruise. The person or persons at corporate who set the itinerary for this cruise should literally be fired. Arriving at 10:30 or Noon at tender ports that do not provide their own "Super tenders" is asking for trouble. Do the math - at Sydney and Bar Harbor, it took a full hour for a tender to load, transit, unload, and transit back. At 100 people per tender, that is 400 people per hour. There are 2,000 passengers. Even if you allow that 500 of them have no desire to go ashore, if nothing goes wrong it takes 3.75 hours to move 1,500 passengers. The same situation exists for returning to the ship. It is better to avoid those ports altogether if the ship can't arrive at 7:00 AM. Overall, these fourteen days on the Summit goes down as the lowest rated cruise we have done in fourteen cruises, at just two stars. What I hope Celebrity management takes notice of is my closing sentence. If this had been my first Celebrity Cruise I would never cruise with them again, as I wouldn't know that this was not normal for Celebrity. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
My husband and I recently sailed on Celebrity Summit to Canada and New England. This was our first experience with Celebrity and it will probably be our last. I have never seen such disorganization and it started from the time we first ... Read More
My husband and I recently sailed on Celebrity Summit to Canada and New England. This was our first experience with Celebrity and it will probably be our last. I have never seen such disorganization and it started from the time we first made our reservations through Celebrity. We were told that they would pick our cabin in the next 10 days. My husband had asked for a veranda with a view on the port side. They selected a veranda with a blocked view on the starboard side. When we called, we were told they had one on the other side (port) that was available. The ship itself was very nice and clean. Our cabin was also very clean and the cabin steward was very good and accommodating when we asked for something. We selected 6:00 traditional seating and weren't even told that it was booked. When we checked our reservations they had us at 8:30 dining. We called about that and were told that because we were "Select" that we could "wait list" for the 6:00 seating and would probably get it. Every time we called after that they kept telling us that we would get the 6:00 seating. But of course, that didn't happen. We had to take "Select" and didn't get to have the same waiter every night. When we arrived at the dining room, they never asked if we wanted to sit with someone, just assumed that we were a couple and sat us at a table for 2. The wait staff showing us the tables every night never even knew where the table was. We found most of the service on Celebrity very slow. We sat in Michael's Club one night and there were only 4 people in there and 2 of them were staff. It took 15 minutes before we were asked if we wanted something to drink. But in Rendez Vous, they were very quick to ask if we wanted something. We didn't book any excursions through the ship, but plan a couple things on our own. We tendered in 3 ports and that was a total disaster. In Sydney, we waited almost 3 hours to get off the ship. While there wasn't much that we wanted to do in Sydney, we did want to walk around since we had never been there before. In Bar Harbor, it took about 2 ½ hours to get off the ship. And then, the tender we were in still had about 30 empty seats with passengers still on board waiting. We hadn't eaten lunch on the ship because we really wanted to get lobster locally, but we didn't eat until 3:00. Then to finish the cruise, our debarkation time was 9:30 and we weren't called until 10:20. On a positive note, we did have an excellent cabin steward and wine sommelier. The food also was very good. This cruise was just one thing after another and I heard many long time cruisers on Celebrity say the same thing. Many even indicated that they would not be sailing on Celebrity again. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
We have been on nearly a dozen cruises in total, across five different cruise lines. About 10 years ago we cruised on the Celebrity Horizon to Bermuda and had a fantastic time. This cruise, however, falls to the bottom of our cruise ... Read More
We have been on nearly a dozen cruises in total, across five different cruise lines. About 10 years ago we cruised on the Celebrity Horizon to Bermuda and had a fantastic time. This cruise, however, falls to the bottom of our cruise experiences. I SO VERY MUCH wanted to love this trip, but it just fell flat. I don't know what is happening to the industry or if Celebrity has just changed so much. I love cruising and I enjoy what the ships have to offer. But this time I found myself not doing much of anything because there really wasn't much to do. A lot of the "activities" were more sales pitches than anything else. Definitely lacked "family-type" activities. This just wasn't the right cruise to bring children. There were a few activities that we would have liked to do together as a family, but they were during port days so we were not on the ship during those times. Embarkation: VERY easy! Got on board quickly, no line, was able to enjoy the buffet and go to our cabin. CABIN: Our cabin steward was very nice and very helpful. We are used to meeting the cabin steward at the beginning and then they turn into little cleaning elves who do up our rooms when we are out and about. We almost never see them, and they would always come and turn down our beds while we were at dinner. This cruise, however, our cabin steward never seemed to remember that we had the late seating for dinner. Every day, he came for turn-down service as we were getting dressed for dinner. Every day we had to tell him to come back after 8:30 while we were at dinner. It took him five days to finally remember. Also, there were no towel animals like on past cruises :(. That was always fun to see what they could make out of a towel. Not on this cruise though. FOOD: Food was OK. I've had worse, and I've had much better. I'm a dessert person and didn't find any of the desserts to be especially delicious. After the 2nd day, they all started to taste alike. MAIN RESTAURANT: We had the 8:30 seating. The first night as always, there is a line to get in because people are looking for their tables and getting situated. Around 8:45, someone announced "tables 300 and up, please enter on the right." So now there are tons of people trying to switch sides of the ship to enter the restaurant on the correct side. We ended up waiting in line to get into the restaurant the first THREE nights of the cruise. I've never had to wait after that first night. It seemed as if they for whatever reason couldn't get the early diners out in time. Our table was near the entrance so we didn't really get to see the two-story dining room and all its grandeur. The ceilings at the entrance are low. Also, on the last night when all the staff parades through, they didn't come near our section. It was kind of a strange feeling for the tables in the "wings." One night lamb chops were on the menu and out waiter said (and I quote), "You want to order them medium well. TRUST ME, you will love it." Everyone knows lamb chops are best cooked medium at most. But we trusted him! Well, they came out dry and tough and when we commented on it, our waiter told us that they were probably overdone. You think so? What happened to "TRUST ME?" SERVICE: When we booked the cruise, we asked to celebrate a birthday on the first night. When we got on the ship, my husband confirmed that it would happen that night. Well, by 10:30 pm, we had finished our coffee and dessert and there was no sign of a cake with a candle. The next night, my husband confirmed it directly with our waiter who promised it would happen. We ordered our dessert, ATE our dessert, drank our coffee and got up to leave. As we were heading towards the door, our waiter stopped us and said, "Are you coming back? We have your cake." You'd think they would serve that WITH or BEFORE our dessert because at this point, we were full and had already eaten our dessert and were ready for bed. We stayed a few extra minutes while three guys brought it and sang to us, then we asked for it to go. POOL: I don't know why the signs at the pool say "ADULTS ONLY." Where do they expect the kids to swim? I'm not talking about the hot tubs, the words "ADULTS ONLY" were on the "POOL RULES" signs. At one point there were adult games being played in the big pool and the activities director had to stop periodically and say, "All the children please get out of the pool." The kids all had to huddle in the small pool until the games were over. The pools close at 9:00, so no chance of any late night swims. On other cruise lines there is stuff going on at night (open pools, movies, etc). On this ship, the pool deck was dead by 8:00 each night. Nothing going on there! KIDS STUFF: My child did not really enjoy the kids club. There weren't too many kids on this cruise and there wasn't much to do. Since she was 10, she was allowed to sign herself out. The free service ends at 10 and you have to pay $6/hour between the hours of 10pm and 1am. That's fine, but when you have dinner at 8:30 pm, it's impossible to finish and pick up your kid by 10:00. The first night, my daughter signed herself out at 10:00pm and went back to our room by herself. She wasn't allowed to stay past 10:00 because we hadn't signed her up ahead of time. So she kind of got kicked out at 10:00 and so she went back to the cabin and waited for us there. We didn't find this out until we went to pick her up right after dinner (already 10:30 pm) and learned she had already left. If your kid doesn't like the kids club, there is very little else for them to do on the ship but swim or play ball. Thank goodness we had a huge balcony at the back of the ship because she spent a lot of time playing cards and reading or drawing at the big round table. ACTIVITIES: If you want to call them that. Your choices were to do all kinds of alcohol tasting, listen to lectures about dogs or whatever the topic of the day was, or go to the SPA and "learn" about ways to detox yourself or how acupuncture can help you. Those SPA activities were really just an excuse for the cruise line to push their services and products. Nearly every activity scheduled had some type of sales pitch at the end. I guess they have to resort to this since the "art auctions" were revealed as a fraud. ONBOARD SHOPPING: I bought a lovely necklace. I noticed there was a matching bracelet, but it cost MORE than the necklace. When I inquired about the higher price, the store clerk tried to convince me that it was because the bracelet was heavier than the necklace. REALLY? You should have seen it. The bracelet was EXACTLY the same as the necklace, only it was about 9 inches SHORTER. Later, I asked another sales person about it and she said, "We get them marked from the supplier and we cannot do anything about it." So I didn't buy the bracelet. I called the cruise line after I got home, just to ask why a bracelet would cost more than the matching necklace, and all they could tell me was, "if you find it for less elsewhere, we price match. Online vendors excluded." I could buy it directly from the manufacturer (Shablool) for less, but that doesn't count. Lots of nice lounges and bars, but I guess you have to have them if most of what people do on this ship is drink, for lack of better things to do. All in all, despite all my negative comments, we had a nice time. Bermuda is wonderful and the experience was enjoyable. I only wish the service and activities were better. We will cruise again, but definitely not on Celebrity. We've had such great experiences on other cruise lines and this one just didn't match up or even come close to them. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
Travel To Port of Embarkation - By car from Pennsylvania (via I-78) Hotel Info (if any) - very familar with Newark Airport from consulting experience. We drove to Newark Airport and spent the night at the Newark Airport Marriott hotel. ... Read More
Travel To Port of Embarkation - By car from Pennsylvania (via I-78) Hotel Info (if any) - very familar with Newark Airport from consulting experience. We drove to Newark Airport and spent the night at the Newark Airport Marriott hotel. Port of Bayonne, NJ Terminal is so new it your best bet is to stay at hotels near Newark Airport. Marriott is pricey but worth the 5 star property is has been for years. Ship Info - Celebrity Summit sailing 7/29 - 8/5 Embarkation - VIP Check-In was outstanding. The Conceirge Kevin T. escorted us to the VIP area (Normandie Restaurant) since the staterooms were not yet ready. Both Kevin and the Captain's Club host, Lionel who introduced himself to us were very the best of the best on the ship. We really enjoyed Lionel and as I work professionally with many people from India and abroad, we really hit it off with him. He ended up providing us 2 complimentary ship-board passes with access to the Captain's club daily exclusive club meeting locations. We did not take advantage of these as we spent more relaxation time than we did socializing. (Shame on us!) Activities - my wife and I selected this cruise to relax and stare at each other, the sea and explore the quaint solitude of Bermuda. We are not active cruise-regulars. So we are not activity-driven on a cruise, yet the ship's activities were numerous if that is what you are looking for on a cruise. We had planned on using the Aqua spa pool Thalassotherapy pool, yet it was quite crowded on the pool deck most days. We did take advantage during the dining hours however. The comedian on-board was a big hit, and they added a special adults-only late night show on Friday night. Sorry we missed you Tom, we will look for you on cable... Service - My first career path was working in the hospitality industry, and running a single restaurant each day is difficult enough. Unless you have broken down or set-up a Sunday brunch, or managed an institutional cafeteria, then you really don't get to complain. My only complaint was two-fold - there was a double-line small grill in back of the Oceanview Cafe near the outside bar, if it is set up as a double-service line, then please provide the staff to work both sides...Steam tables, keep those eggs, bacon and sausages at the correct temperatures-most were cold most days. Work-around - wait for the omeleete station and get em prepared hot...Fish and Chips station- keep that open longer please. Everything was shut-down at midnight...except the very limited room service. Port & Shore Excursions We had read and asked others on the way there what they recommended as far as shore excursions in Bermuda. We did pick one of the Celebrity excursions (Night Glass Bottom boat excursion) prior to sail date. This was outstanding. Bermuda was closed-down on Thursday and Friday due to their Emancipation Day holiday. The ship Shore Excursion staff was very informative about the holiday, and how most buses and taxis would be limited - we felt like they were trying to scare you into only selecting their excursions. When we arrived at King's Wharf on Wed AM, we decided to buy the 2-day Bus and Ferry pass for Wed and Thursday. An old family friend told me once to begin excursions at the farthest point and work your way back to your hotel/ship...We took the ferry to St. George on Wed. To our surprise, there was a Bermuda Volunteer Tour Guide of British descent, on the ferry. He provided us with a fantastic overview of Bermuda, St. George, as well as their Holiday and the cross-island Cricket Cup-match...(as they say in the UK, John's overview was "the Bee's Knees"... On Thursday and Friday, there were plenty of Taxi-mini vans, Buses and Ferries running despite the Holiday. St. George and side streets - great little town and go see all the gardens and sites from Fodor's, etc. Ate at White Horse Tavern - i realize Bermuda is pricey but no value for the $$ is another issue altogether. Great free shuttle that was running to Fort St. Catherines. Stateroom - 6140 simply the best - we had a butler but feel like we got off on the wrong foot with him. When they told us our staterooms were ready we did not see nor hear from him until later on that evening. The hotel director Ugo? Provided us with complimentary champagne and a nice bottle of white wine that we did not discover in the mini-bar fridge until second or third night...he left notes, yet that would be better left with a personal note on the coffee table in the future...The butler (John M.) - a very professional butler, yet our suggestion on the ship to the conceirge was to ask butler to provide more of an overview of what he is there to provide you. Some guests know what the butler is there to assist you with...we never were even asked if we required unpacking or packing assistance (who really does need that?) The cruise line would be better to inform the guest about the stateroom dining options, yet they want you to go to all their restaurants now, don't they. Dining Normandie - 5 star - but let the customer enjoy their meal...a little too attentive and interpersonalable at times - F&B directors should train staff better. Outstanding Dover Sole, Filet, Souffle appetizer scrumptious. Save room for the chese cart and dessert...perhaps try refusing the bread..ha ha Children's Clubs - our children are 3 aussie shepherds - not allowed on the cruise but we will be looking for a doggy theme cruise in the future with a poop-deck :-) Entertainment - already mentioned Tom. Really need to look at more professional bands. Guitarist sorry, forgot your name, was good, Rendezvous lounge band - sorry but you need help and were too lowd... Celebrity needs to improve there entertainment. I agree with a separate reviewer, who is a professional musician, mentioned the same thing. BBH - on the Steel Drum keeps the Deck 10 Aft Bar hoppin...need music playing back there at all times. Entertainment officier should take note back there. Disembarkation - well - for what we paid - VIP all the way getting on board, but they couldn't care less about you getting off...no VIP early off in Jersey...good fight between a man, his mother and a crazed woman who refused to step over his luggage, surprised the switchblades didn't come out, next time we will bring the mace just in case- I LUV NY! Casino - run away, run away! Stop at the Martini bar or the Gelato bar and and spend your money in a much better way (and you get numb without the sadness)... Summary - Cruise lines are a business and to my wife and I, it is all about what you want to make of it. We picked this cruise knowing that Celebrity just re-invested 20 or 40 million dollars in the ship...if you don't think you are paying for it then you need to get more creative about your vacation planning... Nicest Complement - Goes to Conceirge and Captains Club Host. 5 star guys and thank you. 2nd Nicest Complement - Goes to Deck 10 Aft Bar staff and the Casino waitress (Anca? - congratulations and best of luck to your wedding in Nov. in Romania) Activties Director and assistant - seemed to be all about them...didn't meet them. Harshest complaint - Afternoon tea service - really? someone leaves me 6 quarter sized round toast points on an ungarnished covered plate, 2 with baby shrimp and 4 with salmon/pate...really? 2nd harsh complaint - yes we smoke and know we are fools, but proper designation of the smoking areas with better signage would benefit smokers and non smokers alike...at the suite level, exceptions should be made permitting smoking on the balconies while at sea...it is windy enough at 20 knots... Beverage Package - Premium - worth ever drink/penny, like that you only pay the upgrade difference. Recommendations - a more enigmatic Cruise Director - with only 8 Royal Suites - you could add a coordinated meet and great time for the Bulter, where he provides you the overview of the ship...or have the butler come to the Normandie restaurant and escort you to your room... Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
Recently my wife and age (both in our early 50's) had a chance to compare the Celebrity Summit to the Coral Princess as we has cruise on each during the 2012. It was an opportunity to do a head to head comparison. We are Celebrity ... Read More
Recently my wife and age (both in our early 50's) had a chance to compare the Celebrity Summit to the Coral Princess as we has cruise on each during the 2012. It was an opportunity to do a head to head comparison. We are Celebrity Elite but have noticed an inexorable decline in the product over time and wanted to compare that to the Princess product. We were on each in 2006 and found the Princess to be slightly better in the food department but Celebrity better in the wow factor department. It is safe to say that Princess has remained good to very good in the food dept. As a comparison to say a Ruby Tuesdays on some things, other like their lobster, are better than that. Celebrity, on the other hand has become more of a Country Buffet level of food. They consistently provide lower quality food, whether it's their too tough to cut, paper thin steaks, or the non sweet, rubbery lobster. Similarly, Celebrity servers seem much more over extended. They never come back to ask how your meal is until it's too late to comment. Sadly, there really is nothing they can do about the food, except substitute one sub-standard meal with another. I think this in turn has polarized them to guest complaints. Guest relations provides no service and becomes aggressive if complaints are offered. As other posters have noted, for the money, you would be better on Carnival as Celebrity provides a first class experience only in their advertisement, and certainly not in the delivery of their product. Grass on the ship is a great novelty, but I would rather have edible Lobster. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
The reputation of Celebrity Cruise lines had me at high expectations, but the Summit falls short in many areas, mainly in the food, and ambiance. In my past experience, I've had an extremely pleasant experience on a Princess cruise ... Read More
The reputation of Celebrity Cruise lines had me at high expectations, but the Summit falls short in many areas, mainly in the food, and ambiance. In my past experience, I've had an extremely pleasant experience on a Princess cruise that took me to the Eastern Caribbean and I basically chose this particular cruise due to the ports that the Summit was stopping in the Souther Caribbean (St. Croix, St. Kitts, Dominca, Grenada and St. Thomas). In the simple areas such as food, ambiance, and website that these were areas to work on. Food - Cruises are known for having great food and excelling in the dining experience. My friend and I are foodies and currently live in DC where we can basically walk out and grab a fabulous bite to eat. The food was completely dissapointing and were both appalled that the food in the dining room (we had done anytime dining) was usually salty, covered in a brown sauce, and was nothing to write home about. Aside from the food, our first time in the dining room on formal night we were in there for about 2.5 hours - basically they sat all 8 tables of 2 to our waitress at one time which slammed the service. Another annoying point was the beverage taker would only show in the beginning of service and if you wanted anything else you basically had to chase someone down in the restuarant. On nights we ate later in the night we had much more attentive service, but in the past I've never had a problem. I would like to point out that the fruit and vegetables did not seem fresh at all as the 5 fruits they offered and the salads from the salad bar seemed limp and grayish. My friend and I had one wonderful meal on the boat (we ate at both specialty restuarants at Qsine and Normandie) and it was at Normandie, but then again this was on the last night and there was an empty restaurant. The food in Qsine is impressive and presentation is super amazing, but at times our dishes we ordered were just overcooked or felt like they were cold and then sitting under a heat lamp for awhile. I would like to point out the highlight of the boat, was most definitely the Martini bar, Coffee and Gelato stands - all of course extra. Overall, the food was very dissapointing on the celebrity Summit. Ambiance - the Summit is a remodeled boat. Often we have had people at our table (we would choose to sit in any configuration) and many of the people we have met were impressed with the new renovations on the boat and how they did not recognize the ship at times. But as a first time guest, the interiors were nice, but much maintenance was being done on a regular basis. I cannot say there was a time where I did not see someone painting the exterior of the boat - I completely understand that the sea water is harsh, but I can tell a lot of maintenance is used on a daily basis. In my review of ambiance, I would like to mention my cabin. I had an interior room on the 8 deck, my friend and I did not spend too much time in there was we were always on the top deck or on the side decks on level 4, but I must say I was appalled that there was a hole in the wall of my shower next to the shower dial. While the bathroom did look dated, I would say the rest of the cabin was quite comfortable and had a good layout for such small quarters. Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
My wife and I just returned from the 7 day Southern Caribbean cruise. We left out of San Juan PR on Jan 28th. The boat was dry-docked for 3-4 weeks to be refurbished and upgraded. The ship was decent, much smaller than the RCCL ... Read More
My wife and I just returned from the 7 day Southern Caribbean cruise. We left out of San Juan PR on Jan 28th. The boat was dry-docked for 3-4 weeks to be refurbished and upgraded. The ship was decent, much smaller than the RCCL Adventure of the Seas that we were used to. The cruise got off to a bad start right off the bat. We got through security, put our carryon into the stateroom (which was much smaller than what we had thought). Got to the excursions desk and booked kayaking for St. Croix, which was the next day. There was no hair-dryer in the room. We asked for a hair dryer. There was no "Do-not-disturb" sign. We asked for one also. Then off to dinner. My wife and I are both vegans, with my wife being gluten-free. The waiter was very accomodating with our diets. We noticed that the other people at our table were very disappointed with their food. One couple noted that their fish was cold and tasteless. We got back to the stateroom after dinner at 8pm-ish and there was a note to see the Assistant Maitre D between the hours of noon-5pm! There was another note about the itinerary for San Juan! We specifically asked guest relations for an itinerary for St. Croix (the next day) and they said "it wasn't available yet". At this point, we noticed there wasn't the hair dryer or Do-not-disturb sign weren't delivered either. To make my review "PG", I'll just say that during the night my wife and I got "romantic" and housekeeping opened the door! BECAUSE WE DIDN'T HAVE A DO-NOT-DISTURB SIGN!!! My wife was absolutely mortified! I called guest relations and my stateroom attendant for a do not disturb sign and a hair dryer. My attendant said that I wasn't "looking into the right areas" for the dryer and DND sign. She came into the room and she couldn't find them either. She had to "ask her supervisor" for a dryer and a DND sign. Great. thanks. Then we got a call from the excursions desk that our kayaking tour got cancelled because not enough people signed up. WTF!?!? Celebrity is charging an arm and a leg for these excursions and that's not fair. Celebrity should hold these companies accountable for canceling these excursions. The next day, we specifically asked for a St. Croix itinerary. It wasn't available. It was lunch time. Not available. We had no idea what was going on the ship because we had to spend the entire day on the ship because our excursion got cancelled last minute. To top it off, at 4pm the water shut off. It was Formal night at 6pm. My wife and I weren't able to take showers before formal night. Our pictures were horrible. Water came back on at 7pm. There's more: the Cruise director was annoying. Alejandro from Argentina was corny and dull. His jokes were lousy. He kept saying that the acts were going to be "amazing". They were A-W-F-U-L. Now I know what Simon Cowell from American Idol says about auditions being "Cruise-ship like". The "Summit crew of dancers and singers" were terrible. They had 3 nights of performances!!! The comedian (Fred Klett) was OK, but my wife fell asleep during his set. The impersonator signer (Travis Trulin...sp?) was signing songs that my grandparents listened to. The grand finale was a mish-mosh of all of them. Back to the food. I will say that the staff was very accommodating to our dietary needs. They took our orders the night before for the chef to prepare our meals. Our meals were very good but I will say that the Ribeye steaks were tough and inedible (based on 4 other people at our table). The other dishes that our table-mates ate were dry and tasteless. This whole Celebrity experience was awful. The only joys were the excursions that my wife and I went on. I feel like everything on the ship was geared to people my parents age. If you are under the age of 40, expect to be bored onboard. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
I just returned home from a cruise on the Celebrity Summit that went from NJ to Bermuda. I have never cruised with Celebrity before and don't think that I will ever again. The service, ship cleanliness, overall appearance, and ... Read More
I just returned home from a cruise on the Celebrity Summit that went from NJ to Bermuda. I have never cruised with Celebrity before and don't think that I will ever again. The service, ship cleanliness, overall appearance, and entertainment could not come close to comparing with what I have experienced on Royal Caribbean and Princess cruises. The stateroom that I stayed in was the same size as the other ships that I have been on, but the setup of the furniture made very poor use of the space available. The first thing that my roommate and I did when we entered the room was to rearrange the furniture to make maximum use of the space. The shower had a crack in it and there was hair on the shower walls from the previous guests that I had to clean off. Everyone in our group had an issue with their toilet. They didn't flush and the plumber needed to be called on more than one occasion. It was very obvious that the ship is old. Paint was peeling around the ship and the air-conditioning in many areas of the ship was insufficient. People were constantly complaining about the heat. The air-conditioning in the stateroom however, was excellent and it was always cool in there. Several ice machines and drink machines in the buffet were broken. It was frustrating to have to walk all the way around to the other side of the buffet to get ice. Also, the ship set up Purell machines in areas around the boat for people to use before they went into the buffet or dining room etc. I thought this was a great idea, but more often than not, the machines were empty. The entertainment on this ship was a huge problem as well. My group had the late dining session which was supposed to start at 8:30 but we were never let into the dining room before 8:45. We did not finish dinner until around 10:30 and often found ourselves missing the shows. The times that the shows were presented directly conflicted with the late dinner schedule. Some shows were offered at 7pm for the people who had the second dining option and we went to the show first and then dinner. I went on this trip with a group of 8 people between the ages of 26 and 30 and when we got out of dinner at 10:30 there was absolutely nothing to do. We were really disappointed with the lack of entertainment options compared to other cruises we had been on. The entertainment catered to people with the early dining session and we found ourselves totally bored after dinner and going to sleep shortly there after. There are two pools outside and it should be noted that only one day of the 8 days of the trip, were both pools opened. There were way too many people trying to squeeze into one tiny pool. The indoor pool was very nice and enjoyable. Although each of the things that I mentioned are fairly minor (other than the entertainment issues), they all add up. I will pick Royal Caribbean or Princess for my next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
This was my first Celebrity cruise..Sailing July 3, 2011 to Bermuda on the Summit. Thanks to Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor Club, I was elevated to Celebrity Elite class. I live in Staten Island, and it was a pleasure ... Read More
This was my first Celebrity cruise..Sailing July 3, 2011 to Bermuda on the Summit. Thanks to Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor Club, I was elevated to Celebrity Elite class. I live in Staten Island, and it was a pleasure parking at the pier and boarding the ship! We arrived at the port around 12 PM and it was a very smooth process. After a short wait in the check in area,we were off for lunch in the buffet on deck 10. The buffet was already pretty full, but we found a table and had lunch.I found the food there to be just OK, nothing to rave about. Maybe my expectations were a little high, but for years people who cruised celebrity told me the food was a step up from Royal Caribbean, and two steps up from Carnival.I cruised on the Oasis this year, and I can tell you the food and selections were better. I have to say that my stateroom attendant was very good,his name was eugineio. The room layout was ok, but shows signs of wear.The bed was not to comfortable with a big hill in the center where the two beds meet. Now to my too biggest complaints. I would advice everyone to avoid the my time dining. The service was so bad that I complained to guest relations. It seemed all the people who had steady waiters were getting much better service. We were a table of eight and felt left out. After my complaint on the 6th day, the restaurant sent us chocolate covered strawberries, and the service in the dining room improved on our last night there. We ate at the Normandie restaurant and it was delicious. The food and service was great. I should of ate their 5 more nights. My last complaint was about the Entertainment! This was fourth of July week! We paid a premium price for our rooms this week. I had a ocean view room and could of booked a balcony on any other cruise for the price we paid. I know Celebrity usually caters to and older crowd. But being fourth of July week, with so many young people on board, they could of adjusted the entertainment accordingly. The regular Celebrity singers and dancers were very good and performed 3 nights. The other entertainment on board put me to sleep. We had to listen to a violinist for two nights in the main showroom. Then a old comedian. Not to mention wandering acapella singers. Even the small lounges had violins.Every young person I talked to was bored to tears. Having said all these negative thing about the cruise, is not what I had hoped to be writing. I would recommend anyone with young children or teens to avoid this ship. I am a Royal Caribbean advocate and would tell you that this ship is geared for older people who are content to eat and read books. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
My husband and i have travelled to 46 different countries and have taken 5 previous cruises running the gamut from inexpensive family fare, to lively Carnival, to Mediterranean quality and class sails, to pure luxury French river barging. ... Read More
My husband and i have travelled to 46 different countries and have taken 5 previous cruises running the gamut from inexpensive family fare, to lively Carnival, to Mediterranean quality and class sails, to pure luxury French river barging. We know to expect what we pay for and we were thus very disappointed in this spur -of -the -moment -get -away -from -Winter's -woes cruise.The ports were wonderful, but the food was mediocre at best. A big deal was made about the final formal night's fare but truthfully, that should have been the norm. On former cruises with less prestige, the meals were uniformly of higher quality both in the MDR and Buffet offerings.Evening entertainment was also quite lacking. A tacky singer and a bland "comic" were not Entertainment and the Big Floor shows (with the exception of a talented dance/aerial duo) were loud and repetitive. We found ourselves enjoying CNN and our Veranda much more.Celebrity simply did not deliver it's namesake feeling for us. Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
Celebrity was always my Line of choice, having returned for 15 of 18 cruises. I always sang their praises, to friends and on the CC Boards. But a steady decline over the past few years in service and cuisine culminated in this Summit ... Read More
Celebrity was always my Line of choice, having returned for 15 of 18 cruises. I always sang their praises, to friends and on the CC Boards. But a steady decline over the past few years in service and cuisine culminated in this Summit experience that necessitates that I jump ship to another cruise line. The love affair with Celebrity is so over. This reminds me of my reaction to Sex and the City 2. I used to love the series, and the first film. But after the dismal sequel, I had to break up with Carrie. Many of you you have read about the cutbacks in service and quality of cuisine. And this trip showed me the most dramatic decline to date. The lowlights are as follows - Our cabin steward's performance was erratic. Upon embarkation, the Captain Club discount coupons were not in the room. Beach towels were not brought upon request. Sometimes regular towels were missing, other times the floor towels. In my stepdaughter's cabin, the wet towels she left on the floor to be replaced were re-hung by the Steward. The rating questionnaire came a day late. Most of the Celebrity Theater shows were forgettable. Celebrity productions used to have exemplary lead singers and stylish scenery. Neither were found. Food in the Main Dining Room was dismal. I had to often order from the "every day" menu, out of desperation. A chicken entree that my wife ordered was cold and inedible. We paid $25 per person for an "elegant" tea in the Normandie restaurant. It was a rip off. Some tea sandwiches were on stale bread. And there was a better selectio of tea sandwiches FOR FREE in the Waterfalls Cafe every day. Driven with disgust from the Main Dining Room, our last dinner on the cruise was a plate of pasta in the Cafe. True to form, the server claimed that he was out of spaghetti so we had penne. As Elite CC members, we had access to the disembarkation lounge in the Normandie Restaurant on departure day. Well, I thought, at least we'll have some fresh croissants and tasty pastries before leaving. However, upon entering the lounge, there were only a few pastries left, unappetizing, and the tray was not replenished by the time he had to disembark. And the coffee was served in PAPER CUPS. Oh, the ports were wonderful, and breakfast buffet items are still enjoyable. A waiter named Mervin in the Cafe was a joy. He remembered us every morning and brought us hot coffee and OJ toute suite. And the new anti - chair hog policy at the pool is promising. But the bottom line is that Celebrity is no longer a premium cruise line. It is living off its name and past glory. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
The Celebrity line is becoming more and more Royal Caribean - it is no longer a 5 star + line the Summit dining room was terrible - The chef Jacque Van Stadennow make the menu for all the ships and it is horrible. Breakfast was a ... Read More
The Celebrity line is becoming more and more Royal Caribean - it is no longer a 5 star + line the Summit dining room was terrible - The chef Jacque Van Stadennow make the menu for all the ships and it is horrible. Breakfast was a nigtmare, unless you like eting Heinz Bake beans, powered eggs and fake sausage - everything is controlled portions and the attendants are not friendly - I ate watered down oatmeal for seven days and the coffee was bitter and way too strong - the buffet was the same every night, asian noodles and indian curry laiden food. The pasta was ok but the sauces were horrible - We sent more food back to the dining room kitchen than we ate - it amounted to a baked potatoe every night for dinner. my hiusband became so outraged one night when dessert was deliverd - it was suppose to be crepe suzette, but even the matrre D could not identify it - then my husband let loose and got pretty loud and then other people joined in - the next night the restaurant manager came to our table with antipaste and caprese salad and lot of lobsters - it did not make up for all the uncooked food, like chicken, scallops, pork and veal that was done so poorly, no taste and looked and tasted bad. the chef put frog legs in the potatoe soup, covered food in curry and saffron everynight and put rice under all the meat, every night. we miss the great meals that Chef Michael Roux created for Celebrity, This chef Van Standon is terrible.... The ship pool area is falling apart - tile is loose or off around the pool - hadrails are splintered and the doors are dirty The service food area at the pool is terrible - we had to wait 25 to 30 minutes to get a turkey burger. They were sarcastic and rude. The bar servers were nice and finally got attentive after three days aboard. Room steward was good Celebrity needs to correct alot of problems - if your goal was to become equal or less than Royal CAribean (your owner) you have achieved it. I was one of your best promoters, but now feel like a fool, I took 18 friends aboard the Summit and no one wants to go back again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Celebrity Summit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.5 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.7
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates 4.0 4.1

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