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Sail Date: January 2019
We had never done a cruise before and OH WOW!!! were we surprised. Ship was huge and beautiful. We ate mostly at the Oceanview café as it had plenty of variety. Stir Fry section in the evenings was our favorite and late pizza. Staff ... Read More
We had never done a cruise before and OH WOW!!! were we surprised. Ship was huge and beautiful. We ate mostly at the Oceanview café as it had plenty of variety. Stir Fry section in the evenings was our favorite and late pizza. Staff were great!! We ate at Qsine. Was very interesting. 3 dishes to chose from each then dessert. Was very good and so much food. Presentations were well done. We ate at Tuscan Grille was a pleasant experience our server was very pleasant. Great suggestions and meal was wonderful. Our Cruise Director Patrick was wondeful and the gentlemen that made our stay and every day with a smile was wonderful. Shout out to Arthur!!! Room was always clean, bed made and fresh towels. The Poolside bars, barstaff also pools and hot tubs were great!! Movie night under the stars was magical ;) We loved the excursions, saw so many places that we could not have done in 12 days. The evening shows at the Celebrity Theater and activities at the Revelations were great and fun!! Silent disco OMG that was great!! Canyon Ranch for fitness was great!! Massages were wonderful both my husband and I loved it! BUT: Being first timers, our Cruise & Vacation Consultant Expedia CruiseShipCenters did not inform us of an evening attire for every evening!! Therefore, most of our evenings were walking very quickly by the Martini bar, Grand foyer, Rendez-Vous or Cellar Masters. We have NEVER ever felt so out of place, and judge by so many people dressed up. Stares, and looking down on us incredible!! If we ever chose to cruise again, we will know next time to bring more evening attires. I suggest having those gatherings in an area of the deck where it is closed off and away from people walking through in order to get to where they are trying to go to. The age group was an OLDER crowd mostly retired people 60 and over. The other downfall was the internet pakage. Why not add it in as a hidden cost? Up the price of the cruise no one would ever know. They would simply be appreciative of the internet pakage added in with the price. Other than dreading the evenings dress up and age group everything else was great. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
Well, it was our first cruise to this part of the Caribbean and we picked as to the number of different islands during the cruise. We‘ve been on a number of other cruises before, several of those with Celebrity which is so far our ... Read More
Well, it was our first cruise to this part of the Caribbean and we picked as to the number of different islands during the cruise. We‘ve been on a number of other cruises before, several of those with Celebrity which is so far our favorite cruise line. Although we enjoyed the cruise, I have to say it does not fully met our expectations. The itinerary was interesting, the islands are beautiful but very poor, i would have expected that they benefit much more from all the Cruise ship tourists coming over the year. We knew upfront that the summit is an older ship and will undergo a major overhaul shortly after our cruise. Anyhow, we recently have been on the Millennium just as well short before going into dry-dock. The overall appearance of the Millennium was nicer, cleaner and better maintained than our impression from the Summit. Food (we mainly went to the main restaurant for the fixed seating) was good quality, although we do have the feeling that the overall quality of food on Celebrity shipps is slightly getting down. Disappointing was the variety of food, menu was pretty much the same as during our last cruise on Millenium last October. That combined with a not extensive selection each given evening does not support the feeling of getting your money worth. Instead with all „special events“ being promoted by the staff you get the feeling that the cruise line wants you to pay additionally if you like good quality. We went on several days to the spa cafe for breakfast or lunch, they have nice small (and more or less healthy) food, however it is disappointing that the menu seems to never change, so after some day you had everything and it becomes boring. Service in the main restaurant was as good as always. Staff is very friendly, attentive and professional. However, the Sommelier concept (which we love as ware wine lovers) does not work anymore, if the the Sommelier has to many table to serve. How can a Sommelier advise you if he is mostly in a rush? He still did his best and we got nice wines to drink. But here as well as for the food, wine menu could need more changes from one cruise to the other. Positively we noted that the beer selection increased and they had a decent number of different beers on board. Beside the good service in the main restaurant we noted that service level in the Cafe al Bacio and in some bars was not as good as used from Celebrity. In the bars we had the feeling of a lack of staff, in Cafe al Bacio staff was there but not really attentive and not always as friendly as we are used to from former Celebrity cruises. For the stateroom, we had the impression that the staff has to less time for each stateroom to keep it in real good shape. They probably increased the number of staterooms each person has to look after. We booked three excursions with Celebrity and two on our own. We liked the fact that the groups were not as big as on other cruises, however that is most likely just based on the fact that the busses on the islands are smaller (and older). Especially as the busses are older and not that comfortable is was disappointing, that on the cruise line excursions this busses were pretty full packed, where the privately book tours left some seats empty to make it a little bit more comfortable. And if you now expect that those privately book tours have been more expensive, just the opposite is true. Cruise line charges more for less comfort. Overall: I still like Celebrity, staff is (mostly) very friendly and attentive, although the cruise line have to make sure that there is enough staff available. We very much liked the room service, which comes (except for a short blackout period during the night) free of charge and we enjoyed having breakfast in the room, although the selection in balcony class was not that extensive. However it was sufficient for a short breakfast before going on excursions. We like the ample room in the public areas, we never had the feeling the ship is too crowded and we alsways found a quiet place to sit and relax. However, we don’t like that we get the impression of a continuing lowering of quality and a continuing increase of „add-ons“ sold for „a fee“ (which is mostly much more than justified by the added quality. I know that’s not only true for Celebrity and maybe not only for cruise-lines too. Seems that companies try to reduce more and more the base fares to attract customers which then find out that they have to pay more and more additionally to get the service which was advertised and which they thought they have bought. I hope that will change back to a fair and transparent pricing. Customers may be sometimes not really clever but on general not as dump as marketing specialists believe, especially not those with enough money to pay for quality. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2019
We like longer cruises - and this one fit the bill. We stay in suites, which means we frequent Michael's Club and Luminae. We rarely eat at the buffet because we don't care for buffets. When it was necessary to go to the ... Read More
We like longer cruises - and this one fit the bill. We stay in suites, which means we frequent Michael's Club and Luminae. We rarely eat at the buffet because we don't care for buffets. When it was necessary to go to the buffet, I tended to stick with pizza and salad. The service and food in Luminae was among the best we have experienced on any cruise. And Michaels Club is always a wonderful retreat. We no longer go to Martini Bar - it seems they have cut back on bartenders then and we have heard rumblings about how long it takes to get a drink there. But in Michael's Club, the service is incredible, as it should be since this is restricted to suite passengers. Same with Luminae - the food on Summit was better than we've experience in other Celebrity Luminae restaurants. It was noticeably better!! And the service was as good as it gets. The Lumiane staff all seemed to like working with each other - there was a real team effort to help each other out. It was apparent from the first meal. They joked with each other, with us, with other passengers. And how they learn and remember everyone's name immediately is amazing. I think the training that goes into running an operation like is evident -- great job!! Our cabin was very nice - and even though this was the next-to-last cruise before Summit went to dry dock for refurbishing and some things were a little worn - it was incredibly clean and comfortable. I was amazed that every morning, we would go to breakfast and when we came back to the room, it had been completely cleaned and tidied up. How does the room attendant do it so fast? Our butler was very attentive as well - any request we had - he took care of it. We don't purchase many shore excursions through the ship - but the ones we did book through Celebrity were done well. We either book our own excursions, bypassing the higher cost Celebrity charges, or we often times just walk around the port towns (making sure to get past the diamond/tanzanite/t-shirt stores) and explore a little off the beaten path. We are not beach or shopping people. My only complaint about Celebrity is the quality of the entertainment. We walked out of a couple of shows this time. This was the first time I felt that some of the singers should find another line of work. Some were off key, straining to hit some notes, and pumping the volume up doesn't fix that problem. The theme shows are not original and have been done to death. Every Celebrity ship seems to be stuck in a rut - staging Cirque du Soleil/Tim Burton/circus-like/faux surrealist themed shows - and they don't pull it off well. I don't expect full blown Broadway shows, but these weirdly scripted/blended "shows" feel like junior high school talent shows. Celebrity Theaters have all the bells and whistles with great lighting, sound and hydraulic stages - but they put really lame shows on. This time, it wasn't just the lameness of the scripts - but also the lack of talent. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
This was our first Caribbean cruise. Though we have been to a dozen islands in the Caribbean over the years, we usually go for 7-10 days to a single island. We chose this cruise because it was going to islands we hadn't visited ... Read More
This was our first Caribbean cruise. Though we have been to a dozen islands in the Caribbean over the years, we usually go for 7-10 days to a single island. We chose this cruise because it was going to islands we hadn't visited (Bonaire, Curacao, St. Kitts, and St. Croix) and some we wanted to visit again (Aruba, St. Thomas, Antigua, and Puerto Rico). We have previously sailed on Celebrity and Azamara in Europe, and on HAL to Alaska and Bermuda. Embarkation in St. Juan was a breeze. We flew in the day of the cruise, arrived around 1:30, took a cab for the 20-minute ride to the port, and were in our stateroom in 15 minutes or less. We knew the Summit was scheduled for drydock within a month, so we expected some glitches. We didn't let them spoil our vacation. The ship had a computer problem that delayed its departure from San Juan for more than 24 hours and necessitated a change in the itinerary. The result was a day in San Juan we hadn’t expected, and only one day instead of two in Aruba. We didn’t mind the change, especially since we were compensated with $200 of OBC. X was getting a jump on remodeling the Summit before drydock, so there was often one elevator in each of the three banks that wasn’t operational while it was given the new Edge-y look. We were on vacation, so waiting a minute longer for an elevator was no biggy. Service from everyone on the ship (cabin attendants, dining room staff, guest relations, etc.) was superb and always given with a smile. We had Select Dining, generally showed up between 6 and 6:30, and never to wait for a table. Food in the MDR was very good, similar to HAL’s, but service quite slow for tables of six, taking two hours or more for dinner. Though we enjoy sharing a table with other passengers, a couple of times we opted for a table for two in order to get to an event on time. The dining room was crowded with tables and loud to the point that hearing someone across a table for four was difficult. The ambiance was hectic with waiters rushing with trays piled high with plates. No one ever dropped a tray but I cringed a few times when those trays were close to my head. The buffet restaurant, Oceanview Café, was outstanding, offering a variety of lunch food--American, British, Asian, Italian (pasta and pizza), and salads. We particularly like the grill in the aft part of the Oceanview Café, where I had the best fish I’d ever eaten on a cruise for both lunch and dinner. Grilled meat was also available there. Another highlight was the ice cream bar, where ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt in various flavors were available for most of the day. Otherwise, the desserts in the cafe were mostly disappointing. They looked better than they tasted. There was a preponderance of eggy and creamy desserts in the mousse-custard-pudding-parfait family. Miniature cake slices relied on a lot of sweet icing/filling to combat their dryness and were often topped with a shiny gelatinous substance. However, the baklava, served twice during the 12-day cruise, was excellent, as were the tarts and other desserts at Café al Bacio. We did not take any of the ship's excursions, but arranged private ones on Bonaire and St. Kitts, and otherwise went out on our own. We went to a couple of shows which we enjoyed (acrobat comedian and Beatles music). We also participated in trivia sessions. After one of them, I overheard a British woman on the elevator say that the trivia was very America-oriented. That was true. Half of the questions revolved around U.S. pop culture. This is in contrast to trivia on our recent HAL cruise, where the questions did not favor passengers from any one country. They had to do with geography, science, history, classic books and music, and general knowledge. There were enough passengers from countries in Europe and Asia on the Summit cruise so that the trivia should have dealt with more universal subject matter (and I say that as an American who did well at trivia). One area of improvement I could suggest for Celebrity is to offer a sign-up sheet for people interested in playing board or card games so that they can make contact with others on the ship with similar interests, as both HAL and Azamara do. All in all, we had a wonderful time on the cruise, enjoyed the food and our fellow passengers, and look forward to our next cruise on a Celebrity M-class ship, which we much prefer to the larger S-class ships. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
About us: My husband and I generally cruise once a year for 12-14 days. We’ve been on about 10 cruises. We are in our early 60’s. We don’t do water sports, drink or gamble so cannot comment on anything related to these activities. ... Read More
About us: My husband and I generally cruise once a year for 12-14 days. We’ve been on about 10 cruises. We are in our early 60’s. We don’t do water sports, drink or gamble so cannot comment on anything related to these activities. No, this is not due to religious beliefs. We’re just boring. Most Celebrity guests are 50 plus. The longer the cruise, the older the crowd. We left port a day late due to ship issues. That meant we lost a day in Aruba. I personally was just happy the ship did not break down in the middle of the ocean. The itinerary was changed numerous times, once before the actual cruise. We wouldn’t have known about this first change if our friends’ travel agent had not informed them. MUSTER STATION Our group had to stand the entire time - in lines, no less. Short people could not see the demonstrations. It was ridiculous and useless. Thank goodness we didn’t need to evacuate the ship. We would not have been prepared. THE SHIP This cruise ship is going to be refurbished. There is an outdoor movie theatre that plays movies all day but it’s unsheltered on the top deck and frequently windy. Rumour has it Summit is removing the library and replacing it with inside rooms. I think that would be a real shame. The library always had people in it, even though 80% of the books were missing. Greed to the detriment of people’s enjoyment is not a good thing. The library is a “must have” for me as my husband goes to bed early and I read in the library. I hope they brighten the ship up with a Caribbean colour scheme. Tones of brown is a colour scheme for a hotel, not a cruise ship. (Years ago I was on RC's Adventure of the Seas and it was the most beautiful ship I have been on - vibrant yellow-golds and blues with mosaics everywhere. It was refurbished afterwards. I hope they kept the colour scheme.) They also need WAY more lounge chairs on deck 4. You have a ship of 3,000+ people and less than 15 chairs on each side of Deck 4. THE FOOD We ate in the anytime dining room and Oceanview Cafe. We did not go to any specialty restaurants. I liked most of the food in the Oceanview. Some of the meals in the dining room were wonderful. Some were not. The chocolate desserts were TERRIBLE. I am a chocoholic and did not eat more than a bite of any chocolate cake because they were bitter. What a disappointment after the awesome desserts on Celebrity Silhouette. Note: We like the freedom of anytime dining. You get to choose when you eat. You get to sit with different people every evening versus the same people for the whole cruise. And you have the freedom to eat with new friends you meet on the ship. I bought the basic soda package. I was pressured to up-grade it repeatedly but didn’t cave in. They were frequently out of club soda but servers (one with persuasion) gave me Perrier instead. STAFF Most of the staff were very friendly. Our waiter, Wi, was fabulous. Our housekeeper, Yolanda, kept our room neat and tidy. Donovan was wasted as the hand sanitizer guy. He was wonderfully entertaining while encouraging people to clean their hands. He should have been at the ice cream station. They really needed someone upbeat, who loved their job, in that position. The person who works there is the first person you see entering the Oceanview Cafe. That person sets the tone, and needs to be friendly and welcoming. STORES ON THE SHIP I personally would like more variety, not just clothes, jewellery, etc. A variety store with paperbacks, magazines, etc. would be a welcome addition. I prefer to spend my money at individually owned shops and kiosks on the islands to support the islanders. INTERNET This is a total rip-off. Save your money and use the internet at the ports. Most places have free internet if you buy something; even a soda will do. SHOWS IN THE THEATRE The entertainment was hit or miss. Pete Matthews was a hilarious juggler. I give him an 11/10. Chad Chesmark was billed as a magician, but he was mainly a comedian. I give him an 7.5/10. Uptown was an amazing band that got the audience really involved, a 10/10. “All McCartney Live” was a great show as well, 9/10. My husband saw Jeff Nease. I had a bad cough so I didn’t go. He gives him a 7/10. We did not enjoy the ship’s singers and dancers and only went to one show in its entirety, but the ship’s orchestra was excellent. The remaining performers were a 6/10 in my opinion. While wandering the ship I’d come across some good bands playing in a various venues. And there were a few Karaoke singers that could have gone professional. SHIP SEA DAYS I was not impressed with the Cruise Director, Rick. Activities on the ship were few and far between. I cannot understand why they do not take advantage of all the knowledge of their guests, many of whom could give lectures on interesting experiences, jobs, hobbies, etc. They could have a sign up sheet and designate a small venue for that purpose. The ship could state these speakers are unvetted so they are not responsible for the content of the lectures. If you don’t like it, you can leave. There were no craft activities, educational or hobby courses; just lectures about the islands, shopping or ship amenities to my knowledge. ISLANDS Regarding the following comments about shopping: I rarely spend more than $50 on any one item anywhere. So when I comment on shopping I am not referring to the abundant expensive chain jewellery stores that are everywhere. My husband and I generally just walk around the islands as we’ve taken tours already. We love SAN JUAN. The forts are fascinating. (If you only have time for one, do the bigger one.) The shopping is great. There are lots of restaurants. (We love a locals’ restaurant called Cafe Manolin at 251 San Justo. It is about a block away from my favourite store that has local jewellery, art and gifts called Puerto Rican Art and Crafts at 204 Fortaleza St.) Note: Next time our return flight leaves late, I will book an excursion with the ship that tours San Juan and then goes to the airport. Sitting in the airport all day was a waste of a lovely day. BONAIRE has lots of shops and great beaches. There is a store that sells local jewellery called Elements. (Bonaire is tiny so you can find it.) ARUBA also has great beaches. (No, I can’t be specific because we don’t go to them.) If you try to take the tram you must stay at the front near the tracks because there’s NO formal line and people crowd in front of you to get on the tram. We missed two trams and gave up. We took a tour on CURACAO with one of the many tour guides vying for our business. (As long as you take a tour that gets you back well before the ship leaves you should be fine with an island tour company. Some of our best tours have been non-ship excursions.) Curacao has the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. It has a dirt floor and is quite interesting. If you like history, it’s a must see. You can walk there from the ship. Curacoa also has a long bridge that rotates, which is quite neat. All the Dutch islands are lovely and, compared to other Caribbean islands, well-to-do. They are safe so you can have an enjoyable day just walking around the town. ST. CROIX basically has nothing but a beach right by the ship. There are a few kiosks. You can take an island bus to Frederiksted (which is a bigger city) for next to nothing or pay a lot more for a taxi. The taxi drivers lied to us about the bus and said it didn’t go there. Ask a local for bus information. We did not end up going to Frederiksted. I’m a children’s author and did an author visit at a local school instead. ANTIGUA’s infrastructure is very poorly maintained. It does have a new library with free wi-fi. There is also an impressive Anglican church under reconstruction with centuries old graves, and a museum of the island’s history, all within walking distance from the ship. However, if you have mobility issues note that the sidewalks are horrible. In ST. KITTS we took a private tour with Quincy. He was a really good tour guide. We have taken two previous tours with Beulah Mills (www.tourstkittsandnevis.com) without pre-booking. She was not working the day we were in St. Kitts. She is awesome. St. Kitts is a very poor island. Do NOT take a picture with the monkeys as they are stolen from the wild and do not appear to be well treated. ST. THOMAS is my favourite island because of the shops. My favourite store sells adorable hand-painted outfits that I buy for my grandchildren. (Sorry, I can’t remember the store’s name but it’s on a street with no traffic. There’s a bench in front of it.) My husband liked the historical ambience of PONCE. I was not feeling well and did not get off the ship so I can’t give an opinion. PLEASE ENSURE ANY EXCURSIONS YOU TAKE ARE ANIMAL FRIENDLY AND DO NOT SUPPORT CAPTURING ANIMALS FROM THE WILD. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
We chose this cruise as it was good value for money with onboard spend and free classic drinks package. Also it started from Puerto Rico, which we had not been to before, as well as a good itinerary. The ship docked across the bay from ... Read More
We chose this cruise as it was good value for money with onboard spend and free classic drinks package. Also it started from Puerto Rico, which we had not been to before, as well as a good itinerary. The ship docked across the bay from Old SanJuan where our hotel was so we needed a taxi to the ship. There was a problem with the ships propulsion (again) which meant it got underway over 24 hours late and resulted in losing out on a day in Aruba. For this we were awarded a measles $100 each. We had a consierge cabin near the back which was very nice with a great balcony ensuring plenty of shade. It was also on deck 9 just below the ocean view cafe and handy for the lifts. This gave us free canapés every day which were virtually inedible so we asked them to stop sending them or give us fruit. This never happened and they turned up religiously every day. The cabin steward Pelas was very helpful and efficient. The food in the Oceanview cafe was of good quality but lacking in seafood. The evening meals again were good in quality but the choice not varied enough. There was a distinct lack of seafood on offer except for the lobster night. We tried quisine but were not impressed and did not feel it was worth paying the extra. The staff were excellent over all the ship and could not be faulted. We were disappointed with the onboard entertainment especially the ships own dancers and singers. The Summit orchestra were good as were some of the guest acts. Overall there was not a lot going on. We enjoyed the cruise but the ship is tired and will benefit from it’s coming refurb. We would consider the Summit again if the itinerary is right Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
We have done Southern Caribbean cruises several times, but chose this 12-day cruise because of the stops in the Dutch Antilles (the "ABCs" -- Aruba, Bonaire, Cuacao), which we have never visited before. There was also a stop in ... Read More
We have done Southern Caribbean cruises several times, but chose this 12-day cruise because of the stops in the Dutch Antilles (the "ABCs" -- Aruba, Bonaire, Cuacao), which we have never visited before. There was also a stop in the Puerto Rican city of Ponce, which again, was new for us. We are familiar with the Summit, having sailed a back-to-back some years ago on a very memorable and enjoyable cruise. First issue happened before the ship even left -- the original itinerary called for us to visit some of the Leeward Islands (St. Thomas, St Croix, Antigua, St Kitts), then visit the ABCs. Two weeks before sailaway, this got flipped around so that we would visit the ABCs first, then the Leewards. We found out because we received an email from a private tour operator we had booked on St Kitts confirming that he had rescheduled our tour for the new date of arrival. Then we read about the change on our CC roll call board. Eventually with some prodding, our TA finally passed on the official news to us. However, several people we met on the cruise who had booked directly with Celebrity had never received word of the change, and only found out once they boarded. We arrived at the cruise port at 11:15 am, were ushered into the entry hall right away, and were on-board by 11:45 am. As we remembered from our last cruise with Celebrity, we were greeted with a glass of champagne. Our cabins were ready by 1 pm, and our suitcases arrived not too long after that. Overall, Summit looked very dated -- beige and dark brown seemed to be the predominant palette -- but the ship is scheduled for a major drydock refit less than a month after our cruise, so we're sure the decor will be modernized and in fact the elevator retrofits began overnight during our cruise. A stateroom overhaul is needed because some closet drawers and doors were difficult to close. In the bathroom, the sink had small cracks, the tap dripped, and the mirrors were tarnished. And in an age where we carry more and more rechargeable devices, there were only two AC outlets in the entire room. TV service on the small flatscreen was primitive, with only a few basic channels. However, our steward, who always seemed to be available and cheerful, ensured the stateroom was always spotless. Before we even departed we were informed there was a problem with the propulsion/navigation system. This kept us in San Juan 24 hours longer than planned, but the captain was very good about keeping us up-to-date on the problem. This affected our itinerary again, since we now had one less day of cruising than planned. We had been scheduled to stay in Aruba two days -- this was shortened to one day, but the sailaway from Aruba was extended until midnight for those that had planned evening activities on the island. Each passenger was given $100 on-board credit as compensation for the delay. This credit could be used for things like beverages, excursions, shop purchases, specialty dining, spa treatments and final gratuities, but was non-refundable -- if you didn't spend it all, you didn't get any left-over balance at the end of the cruise. From that point on, the cruise went as planned. Some comments about the ship. Dining was the big surprise. When we sailed on Summit several years ago, dining was the highlight, a cut above other cruise lines, both in terms of food and of service. This time, the appies were sometimes disappointing to occasionally okay. The mains were usually okay, sometimes very good. The desserts were a disappointment. But it was the service that was the big surprise. Or perhaps to be more accurate, the length of time for service was the big surprise. The waiter and assistant waiter were friendly, attentive and helpful. But the wait times were extraordinarily long. This is our 8th cruise, and we have never experienced anything like this before. Often once we finished a course, our plates would sit in front of us for 15-20 minutes, and then there would be another long wait for the next course to arrive. Then a long wait to order dessert, then another long wait for dessert to arrive. Our cruising experience has been that dinner usually takes about 90-100 minutes, a leisurely meal that still left us lots of time to get to the theatre for the evening's entertainment. Not this time -- we always either had to leave the table without dessert to get to the show on time, or wait for dessert and arrive late. For example, one night we sat down at 6:30 pm expecting to easily make the 9 p.m. show. But by 8:50 we still hadn't even ordered dessert, so we scampered up to the buffet, grabbed some dessert and got to the theatre just as the show started. (So, 2 hours 15 min to serve two courses.) Part of the problem seemed to be that we were on the Dining Select program, where we could eat at whatever time we wanted. and it almost seemed like the kitchen didn't know how to deal with our orders that were arriving at different times than the usual 6 pm and 8 pm seatings. Also, if we asked for a table for 2, we would be told there was a substantial wait, but if we agreed to sharing a table, and were the first to be seated at a table for 8, the waiter wouldn't take our order until the table was full, which might take 15 or 20 minutes for enough other Dining Select cruisers to arrive. On the other hand, many times the table was filled immediately, and our orders were taken immediately, and the service was still incredibly slow. We tried several different dining times hoping for faster service. One night the service at 5:30 was a bit faster, but the next night at 5:30 dinner took more than two hours. We were also disappointed in the table layout in the main dining room. We don't know if there were a few extra passengers on this cruise, but tables were really crammed tightly into the dining room. We were often seated at a table sized for 6 people but set for 8 people, and the backs of our chairs would be touching the chairs of the table behind us. We usually ate breakfast in the Oceanview buffet, and most of the food was okay. However, the croissants and other pastries were uniformly terrible -- chewy, sodden, just awful. Also avoid the buffet's cakes and squares at lunchtime or dinner: bland and tastless, not worth the calories. The ice cream bar was good though. (And free, unlike the gelateria, where the gelato cost money.) In the past, Celebrity's food was a definite cut above the others. On the Summit, at least in the main dining rooms, the food is good but not exceptional, however we did not pay to eat at any of the upgraded restaurants. The shows were the usual mix of revue-type shows, solo singers, tribute bands and comedians. The house troupe of young singers and dancers were good and enthusiastic but not Broadway-quality. The house "orchestra" was very tight, a real pleasure to watch. The solo singers were good but nothing special. The two tribute bands were great -- one doing a high-energy collection of Motown hits, the other all Paul McCartney hits. We didn't spend a lot of time in bars or by the pool, but the duets and small bands providing music in those venues seemed fine. The movie theatre was in a curious place -- outdoors, up on the upper (12th) deck at the stern. For afternoons at sea, this made for fairly uncomfortable viewing, since you were sitting in the sun, and it was also quite a windy place. You also got the occasional whiff of exhaust from the ship's funnel. We were much happier with the small 20-person indoor theatres found on RCI's Radiance-class ships. One other disappointment was the lack of perks for being basic Captain's Club members. There were some small discounts for services we didn't use -- 10% off an internet package, for instance -- but the only real perk was a complimentary dish of gelato from the gelateria. We did appreciate the large number of ports we visited -- 8 in 11 days. We did not use a Celebrity shore excursion -- we always find them 50%-60% more expensive than private tour operators. The one port that was a bit of a puzzle was Ponce, on the south shore of Puerto Rico. This is a brand new port for Celebrity, and it was clear that the locals were happy to see us -- there was an arts & crafts fair set up dockside, free pina coladas and rum samples, and welcoming dignitaries. But clearly both the residents of Ponce and the cruise lines are still trying to build up some activities for cruisers. The old town (a $10 cab ride from the cruise dock) has an attractive main square, but once you get past that, there isn't much to see or do. There is a nearby boardwalk with small bars and restaurants and a beach, but the infrastructuire was devastated by the 2017 hurricane, and has yet to be rebuilt. If cruise ships keep calling, hopefully there will be more things to do in the future. On our last cruise with Celebrity Summit, we felt they were ahead of the others in terms of ship and food, and we definitely wanted to sail with Celebrity again. This time, although the staff were just as courteous, friendly and professional, we feel that there was definite cost-cutting happening, and in terms of ship and food, Celebrity Summit has fallen back into the pack. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
Looking for escape for winter weather, this cruise offered a few new ports for us. Unfortunately, propulsion issues caused ship to spend first day sitting in San Juan, and cancellation of second day in Aruba. Also found out on board that ... Read More
Looking for escape for winter weather, this cruise offered a few new ports for us. Unfortunately, propulsion issues caused ship to spend first day sitting in San Juan, and cancellation of second day in Aruba. Also found out on board that itinerary had been altered weeks before, but we were never notified. Difficult for people with private arrangements. Ship badly in need of upcoming overhaul. Staff hard working, pleasant and upbeat. Main dining room had issues we had not experienced before on Celebrity. Fish dry and had to be replaced on several occasions. If you can’t do it, take it off the menu. Pastry needs improvement, no flake here! Lamb chops and prime rib excellent on special nights. Service often slow, causing people to miss shows. Ocean view offers good variety and better than average quality. On board activities very limited or required a fee. Only pay for view movies in room, 3rd rate movies on deck 12. Library is just a room with a few chairs and fewer books of interest. Deck chairs on decks 10 and 11 always full with people tying them up early in the day. Everyone knows this, yet deck 4 with an expanse of shaded space had only a handful of chairs, mostly for smokers. If you spend every day off the ship, many of these things might not matter. If you want to enjoy the ship during the day, they do matter. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2019
Winter getaway from Maryland. Itinerary changed due to propulsión problem in San Juan. Tried Qsine twice, dissappointed both times. Food subpar. Service only satisfactory. Halfway point st sea. Entertainment not so good, expected ... Read More
Winter getaway from Maryland. Itinerary changed due to propulsión problem in San Juan. Tried Qsine twice, dissappointed both times. Food subpar. Service only satisfactory. Halfway point st sea. Entertainment not so good, expected better. Service in dining room exellent. Upsell for Qzene was not apreciated, interferred the otherwise superior service. Port calls were smooth. Premium Líquor package was worth the price. Internet service was good. Excursion choices were adaquate. Some were clearly casting time in port. The day that we were in port from 8am to 5pm were largly just ok. The "rainforest" Tour was educational, but nota scenic. The beaches were nice but a lo very mucho alike. The "ABC" islands were intetesting but not with the extra travel time. The good in the main dining room was repetitive and not as good as I expected. The service provided by Nitin was excellent. Overall I'm glad I took theCruise, but I won't recommend the Celebrity Summit. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
Everything leading up to the cruise & all of my plans turned out to be a nightmare including my mothers plane flight being cancelled at 3:30am the day we were to fly & had to get her a new ticket! All that changed when we got to ... Read More
Everything leading up to the cruise & all of my plans turned out to be a nightmare including my mothers plane flight being cancelled at 3:30am the day we were to fly & had to get her a new ticket! All that changed when we got to the open arms of Celebrity........& BOY DO I MEAN OPEN ARMS!!!!! From the moment you walk into the building until you are shaking the hand of the cruise director & the officers dis-embarking you are coddled, you are loved! First off I want to straight up say this. Celebrity is the most incredible righteous honest easy to deal with cruise line & business to do business with ever!!!!!! I won't go into details out of respect for them but they cost themselves $$ M$O$N$E$Y $$ by giving it back to us & flipping some things around to OUR benefit. WHO does THAT NOWADAYS???!!!!! My daughters & I are sailing Royal March 25th & we bought a dining package & had to select a time to eat. I can't even change ONE TIME to 6:30 out of those nights to make a special event, just saying....sister company too. It doesn't really matter at this point because of the total refurbishment within days but I have to comment, yes if I looked under a microscope I could pick up on reflections of repaired damage from some immature moron. Honestly the ship is gorgeous, immaculately clean & awesomely looked after. I understand the group after us had some mechanical issues with thrusters. Anything in the corrosive salt water gets damaged, it's just a fact plus wear & tear on anything used as much by so many people like it is on that ship is expected. Being a Cruise Critic member I also want to give prompts to Sorin Manager of the deck 10 main Buffet & of the specialty Dinners "Grilling under the Stars" & both Specialty restaurant maitre d & their assistants for Qsine & Tuscan Grill. They not only ALWAYS had EXCEPTIONAL food & I mean EVERYTHING all the time!!! They also accommodated a group of up to 25 of us & worked us VERY nice discounted deals. When we went to eat it was how many of each would you like & how would you like that prepared, it was perfect every time!! Being a foodie I can definitely agree Celebrity is a step up when it comes to chow time ALL DAY LONG! Main Dining Room: Food again ALWAYS EXCELLENT!! We had Supel whom his mom should have named SUPER, but we called him Supel with an L for LOVE cause that is all this man did was bring us love. His assistant Sebastian would show nothing but joy as he gladly removed the plates & helped deliver the goods. These two were so on top of their game that it got me to thinking what they might be required to have to do to pass the interview process, like remember 200 names, what they like to eat, can't eat and what they like for desert, & what to drink along with their children's names IN FIVE MINUTES. Once again how many of each & how would you like them prepared. They always had a suggestion for the best meal so i always got that one too, they were ALWAYS right. Lobster tail night... Kept em coming! I had eight Hehe! They aren't small either. YUM! Cheesecake caramel topping a must. Escargot everyday. Shrimp Cocktail everyday. Entertainment was off the hook!! Finally the comedian used not only the F word but we could have sex jokes and a normal Comedy performance!! If you've ever cruised Holland America with me you'd know what I mean. Don't get me wrong very luxurious very upscale very nice too PROPER for me! Only do them for itinerary & after Celebrity probably never again. The house band consisted of very gifted individual performers placed together to create a band. The skill & gifted levels of these performers were incredible like Chris the acoustic guitar playing singer I would sing along with occasionally at the top of the atrium stairs every evening, whom also opened one of the grand performances one night. Very gifted young man! Main house band consisted of a group that totally rocked the house!! this lil girl and this drummer could sing oh boy THEY BRING IT BOYS & GIRLS!!!!!!!! The guitarist is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Two little gals playing violin are OFF THE CHARTS!!!! Football being very popular on our cruise with College bowl games & NFL playoff games over two weekends was made to be a total blast in the Casino Sports bar - WHAT AN INCREDIBLE PLACE! Bars Lounges: Went up to the front up on top to the main bar a few times for band performances on theme nights. Definite fun & where to go if you wanna get your boogie on & dance. Also where your M & G will be for Cruise Critic with many of the officers showing up including the captain. We had 96 Members in our group I believe on this cruise. It was the most wonderful group of my life & we had the best day ever chartering the Kata Mambo Catamaran in Martinique!!! A MUST DO!!! Contact VIRGINIE!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!! FOOD, OPEN BAR ALL DAY!!! SAIL WITH DOLPHINS & SNORKEL!!!! UNDER $100 US anyways back to bars lol got excited there again, wonderful fun!!!!! Our tight CC group of maybe 15 inc some new friends we met hung out continuously at the Martini bar which is frozen on the whole surface of the bar. Very neat Very fun place to hang out for sure!! PREMIUM LIQUOR PACKAGE A MUST got a screaming deal on the upgrade on Black Friday. Had the alcohol package as a perk. You can't believe how good you can drink and how well they take care of you! People whom have said you can't get a drink or you had to wait, BS! I would walk up they would say Monkey Shoulder Mr. Chad?! Keisha the BEST OF THE BEST whom worked the pool bar all day & the casino bar all night specially got me a bottle purchased & delivered to the casino bar so I didn't have to keep walking the length of the ship to the only bar that had it. Marlon outside at the pool bar was quite a personable young fellow from Jamaica. He was all bout the guests but Keisha is the STAR of the cruise as bar tenders go for sure and a close second goes to the new blonde girl on first contract at the Martini bar who definitely earned her wings on this cruise & Keisha's assistant at the casino bar was a decent young man too. The lady working the coffee bar is really pleasant & one young personable gentleman really stood out here as well one morning but I failed to get his name. I could never forget my wonderful exceptional beautiful polite kind incredible ladies Guest Relations Officers Emma & Stephanie down at the main office. Always pleasant always helpful & completely wonderful!! As I said earlier the best ever to do business with!!! These two ladies along with other officers whom signed a photo captain included, sent me a card thanking me for being the best guest possible and the finest bottle of wine I have ever tasted from Celebrities private reserve. I would like to state clearly that I nor my mother are anyone special. Celebrity just rocks! They also sent us invites to the sail away in Antigua on the HELIPAD! We were in a regular Oceanview room with two twin beds!!! I am an almost double digit cruiser having even been in an owner suite and only have I ever seen a helipad through a window! lol! Doesn't matter if you're on the ship or call into their office you get the same incredible wonderful attitude & treatment which is very easy to deal with. They truly do business the old fashioned way!! They EARN it!!! I do want to also take the time to mention a man that had a very important job though some would not think so, a man whom made an impact on most people every day in the morning & early afternoon, a man whether you knew his name as DONOVAN or not. I am almost sure that you heard him singing & were most likely greeted by him on the 10th floor before entering the pool deck or the buffet. Donovan was in charge of giving a squirt of antibacterial lotion to everyone. There were many with this duty but this man was different he gave a shot of love & joy & positive energy with every squirt of antibacterial jelly EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF EVERY DAY!!! My hat is off to this man & he deserves a promotion so big he needs a couple of days off to absorb it. Seriously everywhere you looked as well as everyone that you dealt with treated you wonderfully!! They remembered your name plus tons of things about you including children names interests etc. Every time I think of Celebrity Summit I just wanna get back on it!!!!! I do want to let you know that we were the group to close down the bar, the group to make the band performances & the group to get the party started & keep it going. Moral of the story I guess is if you set on your fanny on the outside looking in you might not have as much fun as we did taking advantage of all of the wonderful party tools & atmosphere Celebrity provides! Best cruise of my life! Thank you to Celebrity. Thank you to all of my new cruise friends as well. Don't hesitate to book Celebrity & or book the Summit TODAY!!!! Read Less
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Family 4.0 0.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 0.0
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