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Hi. We just got back from San Juan and the AOS cruise of May 23. First let me say that the ship is beautiful. But, it was not a cruise that was enjoyable. My hubby and I booked two cabins and brought friends. They were on the 6th and we ... Read More
Hi. We just got back from San Juan and the AOS cruise of May 23. First let me say that the ship is beautiful. But, it was not a cruise that was enjoyable. My hubby and I booked two cabins and brought friends. They were on the 6th and we stayed on 9. They were happy with the room and service. Before we left home I asked that the beds be put together as a queen. Theirs was ours was not. We called and requested it... they never came we had to do it ourselves. On the first night we went to dinner and were not impressed by the waiter. It took 31 min to get a drink. The waiter never offered recommendations, didn't place napkins in lap, help with chairs, etc. on this night and all others he made it clear that extra food was a problem. We had main seating and he always said they were "running out of food" I talked with a lot of other couples..one even requested shrimp every night and got it. There were 7 at our table and after the 1st night 3 never returned...they found the food and service at the Windjammer better. We kept sticking it out hoping it would get better..it did not. Our asst. waiter though was wonderful.. Drinks were hard to come by- if he did come around it took forever to get it back. The menu was not impressive..better menu last year on the explorer. One night they did the macarena and told us all to get up in the middle of dinner. NOT many staff participated in this..they expected the passengers to and they stood around watching us. On the explorer it was fun..not here. Monday we landed in St. Thomas- we ordered room service the night before...did it thru tv because we did not have the card VERY LIMITED TV MENU AND COULD NOT GET IT TILL 7 OR 7:30. We left the ship by 8. I returned at 2 to find breakfast dishes still there, room unmade, no ice, no towels etc. I called and asked for them to do so..even put card in door. At 5:30 still not done. Called again. After dinner came up it was done but NO candy or cute towel animals. All week long candy and towel animals lacked. Had a couple of elephants and 1 monkey thru whole cruise. Had to ask for pool towels EVERY time when we could find the steward..otherwise did without. On tuesday we returned from port and I found a steward in our hallway. I stopped to ask for a couple of towels..women need more than 1 towel for hair..LOL but steward frowned at me, opened his cart..said it's 2 towels per room and that is the way it should be. I held out my hand and he did give me towels but slammed the door when he was finished. I called downstairs and reported it..they asked us to give them a second chance. We did get 4 bath towels after that but no pool towels. Finally on third day got candy. The ship photographer did not take our picture on thurs night..just skipped over us. Head waiter asked how service and food was.. we tried to be nice and said "The FOOD is great" we repeated it several times. It just went over his head. One night i did complain and he said it was because they were "busy". Staff was not friendly on the ship.. many avoided looking and saying hi. Muster was awful.. we could not hear anything.. parents with 3 young children let the children run, scream, "bunt" each other during the whole thing. Kids were playing "samurai" with the life vests. The shows were great..Esp. the comedy..John Stevens III was soooooooooooo great. He even did a free performance at the piano bar after midnight. The jugglers were excellent. The ice show was fun. Drifters were great too. Many of spas and pools were closed after dinner. Limited to one spa. Always seemed to be closed for cleaning. The saunas and steam room closed early at 8. Could not book massage..too full. St. Martins was wonderful..beautiful, fun. Took St. Lucia Volcano excursion.....WONDERFULLLLLLLL also did Pirate ship in Barbados and that was fun. Not much to do in Barbados..didn't have too much time with Pirate ship scheduled in pm. Did have a nice taxi tour with interesting info and trip to a beach. Passengers on the ship were friendly, fun, kind. Met sooooo many nice people. We went to the Crown and Anchor Captains party..talked with some couples who also felt service, attitude, food-menu lacking. They told us how great the Normandy, i believe , was great each and every time they have been on a cruise. Talked with a young couple who put hands on a newly varnished railing. Ports were a lot of fun. Johnny Rockets service was EXCELLENT. The food was very good. Wait was not long. Embarkation and debarking was fast and easy. Read Less
Sail Date May 2004
We have cruised with Royal Caribbean before and were always pleased. Not so with this trip. A lot of things have changed since our last cruise and none for the better. This trip we took along three other couples who had always cruised on ... Read More
We have cruised with Royal Caribbean before and were always pleased. Not so with this trip. A lot of things have changed since our last cruise and none for the better. This trip we took along three other couples who had always cruised on Carnival. Prior to the trip we kept telling them how much better Royal Caribbean is than Carnival. Now we look like fools to them. They all agree that Carnival is much better. Food was mediocre at best in the dining rooms. At Johnny Rockets it was terrible. I gave it three tries but could stomach no more than a bite or two. How, I wonder, does someone get that much grease to stay in a piece of food? Everything we tried was saturated. And unlike the last trip you now have to pay a cover charge for JR's? We were also surprised to learn that there is now a charge for soft drinks. Or you are forced to buy a soda sticker for your sea pass. But this does not allow you to get soft drinks from the mini bar in your room. System simply does not make sense. An extra charge for soft drinks is cheesy IMO. Alcohol is no longer stocked in the mini bar as it was on previous cruises. Unlike our last cruise you cannot order more than one entree in the main dining room. Drinks take forever to get and the order was wrong more often than not. Five out of the seven night the restrooms adjacent to the dining rooms were horrible. Raw sewage from the toilets was over flowing onto the floors. The stench was overwhelming. Every night I observed the same group of young people enter the dining room wearing totally inappropriate attire. On one of the formal nights they had baggy jeans hanging half off their butts, T-shirts, huge gold necklaces and rags tied on top of their head/baseball caps. They were admitted into the dining room without so much as a second glance by the staff. Even though the seas were fairly calm the ship rocked the entire time. Our last cruise was rock solid. I asked a crew member about the rocking. He said that due to the increased cost of fuel the Cpt. did not put the stabilizers out. Had I known this I would not have gone on the cruise. I was seasick 3 out of the 4 nights of the cruise. Several members of our party also had bouts of seasickness. This was by far the worst cruise and worst vacation my wife and I have ever been on. But it was a learning lesson. I learned that Royal Caribbean is more concerned with the bottom line than they are with their clients. I have taken my last Royal Caribbean cruise. Read Less
Sail Date February 2005
This was our third cruise travelling on Royal Caribbean Voyager Class ships. Our past two cruises were just my wife and I and and this time we we were accompanied by 30 plus friends. We sailed out of San Juan after spending the previous ... Read More
This was our third cruise travelling on Royal Caribbean Voyager Class ships. Our past two cruises were just my wife and I and and this time we we were accompanied by 30 plus friends. We sailed out of San Juan after spending the previous night in the city of San Juan. We arrived at the port early and were allowed to check our luggage by noon and continued with the check in process. Boarding was not yet allowed so we went to The Forts in Old San juan. The Forts are excellent and a real deal at $5 per person for both forts. After exploring Old San Juan we returned to the ship and got settled in. Our room steward Jonathan was excellent and was helpful throughout the cruise. We noticed right away that there were more children than usual on this cruise and sailing out of P.R. the majority of passengers were of P.R. nationality. We found at a later time that RCCL had offered a more than half off discount to PR residents just prior to the sailing. While this review is not meant to be a direct reflection of the residents of P.R., we found that the majority of the passengers travelling from Puerto Rico were very loud, pushy and did not respect others right to some peace and quiet and let their children have the run of the ship. On several occasions a group and their children took over the hottub and allowed the children to splash other travellers sitting in the hottub area. We made it well clear of this annoying behavior however their behavior continued. This behavior carried over into elevators and hallways and at one point we were crammed into an elevator with 16!!! people. Apparently they were unaware of the other 3 elevators in this area or could not wait. We also felt the staff on the ship were overwhelmed by these P.R. passengers. Once again this is not to reflect all residents of P.R. as our day in San Juan was excellent and the people on the island were always helpful and courteous. Beautiful parks very clean ect. We also met another couple during our trip whom had spoken with a staff of the ship whom was distraught and informed them that alot of the staff was unhappy as cruises sailing out of this port usually contained a large number of guests whom do not tip for excellent service and was also reported to them that some of these guests would constantly take toilet paper from the bathrooms and would remove items from the honor bars in the rooms and then report they were never there. It was easily apparent to us that the entire ships staff morale was down but continued with good service. Our first day was Aruba and upon departure we rented a jeep. Aruba was beautiful and we highly recommend renting a jeep. We put approximately 100 miles on the jeep and was our favorite port on the entire cruise. We also rented a jeep in St Maarten but would recommend a cab to future travellers as it would definitely be more cost effective. Our second stop was Curacao and we rented a jeep there. We enjoyed a nice day of exploring the island and went to Happy Beach which was nice. Another of our other ports was St Thomas and we went to Megans Bay which is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately other previous mentioned passengers also descended on this area with their children and continued to be loud and let their children act out the entire time. St Thomas is very expensive for cab fair approximately 10$ per person each way so rent a jeep! The days at sea were nice but would prefer to split them up better as it felt we were always in port and did not give us a chance to unwind between ports. As stated before this is our 3rd sailing on RCCL and found that the voyager ships all have the same activities which are abundant and you can't easily be bored. The food was very good especially at the formal dining area, where our group met up and discussed the day at ports. Our one complaint was that the gameshows and day activities were the same on all 3 cruises and felt they need to come up with some new material for those who have cruised on The Voyager class previously. We will sail with RCCL again however we will never sail out of P.R. again as it seemed to affect the entire mood of the ship. Once again this is not to reflect upon all of P.R. and its residents. Maybe RCCL should be less concerned with "filling" the ship at a lower cost. The Ship itself is well appointed and well laid out. After 3 cruises we probably have not seen it all. Our other complaint was departure in which rooms are assigned a color and number to be called for departure. We were exited to be number 1 however no one seemed to listen and everyone attempted to exit the ship at once. We never saw this on our sailings out of Fla. We would still recommend RCCL based on our previous sailings and hope this review has been helpful. Read Less
Sail Date January 2006
My family and I left San Juan on April 23rd for a seven day cruise on Adventure of the Seas. This was our second cruise and our first as well as last with Royal Caribbean. As far as the ship itself, it had a very good floor plan, it was ... Read More
My family and I left San Juan on April 23rd for a seven day cruise on Adventure of the Seas. This was our second cruise and our first as well as last with Royal Caribbean. As far as the ship itself, it had a very good floor plan, it was easy to navigate around and find people. The Cafe Promenade was great late night food but lacked ample seating for a ship of this size. The other amenities on the ship were top rate, the fitness center, spa, lounges, casino and shows were all wonderful. The major issue we had was the terrible service at every level. On the first two days we left our cabin in the morning to go ashore for excursions. On both days we returned to the ship about an hour and a half before dinner to find our stateroom had not been cleaned. When I called housekeeping I was informed he would not be able to do this prior to six Oclock that evening. On the third day we returned to find that our room had been cleaned but we had not been provided clean towels or any towels at all. On the fourth day the stateroom attendant knocked on our door at 7:30 AM wanting to come in and clean the room, maybe he felt guilty but I had no early excursions planned and did not appreciate the early wake up. In addition I had placed the Do Not Disturb card in the door the night before. There were limited deck side bars and the bar tenders were rookies at best. They were unable to keep up with the volume of a three thousand passenger cruise ship, they made terrible drinks, they were rude when asked to correct the mistakes they made and overall I felt they were somewhat lazy. The food on the ship was great, there is nothing bad I can say about the quality of the food at any of our meals. The service in the main dining hall however was as bad if not worse than the service provided by our stateroom attendant. We had purchased the wine package and had to remind our waiter each night. Those at the table not drinking wine were usually only given one opportunity to order other drinks from the beverage waiter as we did not see him for the remainder of the meal. Our waiter constantly brought the wrong order, and twice forgot to bring any order at all. At the end of the evening I had to search the dinning room for our waiter has he had failed to return our Sea Pass card. The final straw came on our last day in Barbados, a beautiful island that I have heard has a wonderful downtown. Unfortunately the day Adventure of the Seas was docked there it was a national holiday and all shops in Bridgetown were closed. The ship made no mention of this, so if you had not booked an excursion because you were planning to walk around the downtown area then you were out of luck both on shore and on the ship as most excursions were full. The staff of the ship should have none of this holiday and made the passengers aware of this so they could plan accordingly. Overall, the ports we visited are all worth a return visit, just not on this ship. Read Less
Sail Date April 2006
You need to understand that Royal Caribbean has what they consider to be an efficient method of getting you on the ship safely; however when it comes to the day you leave your cruise, they have no concern for you. We were waiting for our ... Read More
You need to understand that Royal Caribbean has what they consider to be an efficient method of getting you on the ship safely; however when it comes to the day you leave your cruise, they have no concern for you. We were waiting for our group to be called over the speaker and decided to speak with a crew member. He said didnt you hear me calling your number? No because I am a little deaf. Then I heard the speaker announce our group number. He was really rude. Then the baggage was lined up by group number which was easy to spot as well as our missing bag. After spending an hour looking for the suitcase, we signed a form and moved out with the porter. The security guards are joking and not checking luggage tags to match up your cases to your name or ID. The attitude of the RC crew is cases get stolen. Oh well, we got you on safely, but you are not our problem now. This is the voice in the baggage claim area, in the office on the dock and the voice of the 800 number customer service. Yes, we found our luggage. A porter had put it on a tour van which went to the San Juan airport. The tour bus driver contacted us at our home phone and US Airways flew it home for free. If tags had been checked by security as the porter left the baggage area, this case would not have been lost. The cabin was a little shabby. The couch fabric was worn away. RC should be inspecting the cabins for worn and stained fabric. Speaking of the cabin, my husband sleeps with a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. There are no outlets on either side of the bed to plug in the machine because of fire regulations. That was what the maintenance person told us. They brought up a heavy duty extension cord which they wrap around the room in front of the balcony door. You are thinking, this wall is not safe for an outlet in a fire? Next, the cord is in front of the door and that is not a safety issue? By the way, that box in the room is not a refrigerator. The crew will tell you it is but it is only an oversized Igloo. I think the crew is basically nice but in all cases they were all overtired on our ship. There should be fewer sailings for crew. RC is patting themselves on the back for all the ships that they are building which become larger and larger. If they cannot handle the amount of people on the Adventure of the Seas, how can they handle 6000 passenger ship? Read Less
Sail Date April 2006
ADVENTURE OF THE SEAS- 8/27/2006 by MikeC5426 (Arlington, VA) This 7 night cruise attracted my partner and me for a few reasons. First, the cruise departed from San Juan, PR (which we have not visited before). Second, it was a southern ... Read More
ADVENTURE OF THE SEAS- 8/27/2006 by MikeC5426 (Arlington, VA) This 7 night cruise attracted my partner and me for a few reasons. First, the cruise departed from San Juan, PR (which we have not visited before). Second, it was a southern Caribbean itinerary and we would get to visit Aruba and Curacao (we had been to St. Maarten and St. Thomas on previous cruise vacations). Third, the cost was very reasonable for a balcony room. We arrived in San Juan on Saturday morning (8/26) and stayed at the beautiful Ritz Carlton. We spent the day relaxing and caught about two hours of the rain from Tropical Storm Ernesto that luckily didn't interfere with our vacation. Sunday we visited Old San Juan. We enjoyed shopping along with a quick lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. EMBARKATION -- We took a cab from the Ritz Carlton to the AOS which was around $25 (including tip). We arrived at the ship around 3:30pm. To sum up in a single word- chaos! The cruise staff didn't seem to have control of anything going on and there was no direction on why we were standing in this long line or why we were even standing there. After asking we found out that it was just to drop your luggage off with the porters. NOTE: If you do not tip the porter, they will ask you once and again very loudly for a tip! This happened to the gentleman in front of us. We are familiar with this process and had our $2/per bag tip ready. However, for those who are not familiar-- it is wise to tip them at least something. Once we dropped off our luggage you have to go back around and wait in a second line to enter the building. This process seemed to be quicker and we were at the counter in less then 15 minutes. They checked our passports, Royal Caribbean paperwork, etc. They authorized the credit card for the SeaPass account and handed each of us our SeaPass boarding card. The entire process was about an hour from exiting the taxi to entering our stateroom. Overall, it was very chaotic but nothing that we stressed out about. STATEROOM -- #7340, Superior Oceanview Stateroom. We booked a balcony 'run of the ship' through Expedia.com we found out a couple of weeks before we were upgraded to a superior oceanview. This room has two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area and a private bathroom. Size- 202 sq. ft., balcony 50 sq. ft. We were expecting a Deluxe which is a bit smaller- 173 sq. ft., balcony 47 sq. ft. Overall, the room was a generous size with decent closets and drawers for our clothing, suits, toiletries, etc. The suitcases fit nicely under the bed. The fridge was tiny and filled with a few cokes, candy bars, etc. so we had to make room for the bottled water that we brought. The electrical outlets were lacking and there is no iron (we brought a travel iron). The decor of the room was run down and tacky. It was aquas, pinks, etc. that made us think they hit a clearance sale from a 1980's bedding and curtain distributor. The sheets are paper-thin (you can see the mattress fabric through it), couch was very rough, stained pillows on the couch and a mattress that is about 3 inches thick--- I am NOT joking!!! The towels and any other type of fabric, linen or towels you could see right through it. The deck had two chairs and a small table and it was a decent sized balcony. Summary of room- generous in size but the amenities are poor. The bedding is beyond poor and can make for seven nights of uncomfortable rest if you are used to sleeping in a bed with any type of plushness. THE SHIP (PUBLIC ROOMS)-- After we dropped off our carry on bags, we walked around the ship. Our stateroom was located near the library. The library was nicely decorated with plush sofas and couches (a far cry from the stateroom) and the internet cafe was above. The library overlooked the promenade below which was very impressive. We proceeded to the Strauss dining room to check out our table. The dining room is 3 stories and it was decorated very nicely with beautiful chandeliers. We proceeded to the Lyric Theater- it was stadium style with a balcony. It was very large and impressive in size. Jester's night club was 2 stories and the most impressive room I have seen on a cruise to date. It was very nicely decorated and plenty of room for sitting or dancing. The second story overlooked the dance floor. There were lots of lights, fog machines and flat panel televisions. ENTERTAINMENT -- Low budget equals poor entertainment! I don't want to list the entertainers as I will everyone has their own opinion. The two 'Broadway' style shows were filled with mediocre singers and dancers. The cruise director- Richard Spacey was the only memorable person as far as the entertainment was concerned. He was friendly, funny and could grab the audience's attention. Too bad he couldn't do a routine one night on his own! I have also never been on a cruise ship where the audience fills up less then half of the seats! Overall a two out of ten stars! Jesters Nightclub- an hour each night was devoted to 70's or 80's (which we like). However, from midnight on it went to hip hop and Spanish reggae music geared for the under 25 crowd. It was a good place to sit and enjoy a drink and people watch. Ed Manego is the piano bar was fantastic and could be quite funny at times! The R&B group 'Sol Play' was also a great treat in the Imperial Lounge- make sure you make their Motown show! FOOD SERVICE -- The restaurant food was pretty decent! We ate in the dining room for most lunches as well as dinners. The Windjammer cafe is reliable (if you like microwaved food) or leftovers under a heat lamp. The Cafe Promenade in the evening has decent sandwiches and the pizza is very good. We went once to the Johnny Rockets on board- the service was great and the food was just like the restaurant. Our service in the restaurant was good and reliable (but not great). There were very few options after dinner- no 24 hour places like Holland America and I believe only one midnight buffet which we didn't attend. We tried the Portofino and three times was promised a call back for a reservation which we never received. We had some friends go and they said the steak was great and the pasta dishes were so-so. BAR SERVICE -- The bar service was slow and the drinks were hit or miss. The prices were high (but seemed average to other cruises we have taken). All drinks of the day are $8.95. Make sure to not request the souvenir glasses or you will be charged an extra $2 on most specialty drinks. PORTS of CALL -- Day 1- Depart San Juan at 10pm Day 2- At Sea Day 3- Aruba (Fantastic port of call! I highly recommend renting a 4x4 and driving the island and beaches! The sunset was gorgeous and rivaled Hawaii's) Day 4- Curacao (Very cool island- great shopping and bright colored buildings) Day 5- At Sea Day 6- St. Maarten (Never cared much for it here. However, they have really built up the arrival port area. Enjoyed most of the day on the ship) Day 7- St. Thomas (Took a ferry to St. John- the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean-- in my opinion) Day 8- Arrived San Juan at 7am EXCURSIONS -- None. Typically we do these but decided to do it all on our own this time. Renting a car and driving around the island on your own is a great way to see the island on your own time! It ran about $75 for the day- much less then the ships excursions! PASSENGERS -- There was a high number of locals on the ship (my guess is over 50%). Some crew members were telling us that they sell the remaining rooms at cost to fill the ship (a couple of hundred dollars for the week). I personally don't have any issue with this but other passengers were very 'offended' by all of the announcements in English and Spanish. Some of the shows and nightly entertainment were also all in Spanish. If this is a problem for you then I do not recommend this cruise for you. We met many great passengers from San Francisco, Dallas, NYC, DC and Puerto Rico on board. It was a very diverse crowd and personally I found that refreshing. DEBARKATION -- Royal Caribbean rushes passengers out of their stateroom and off the ship. We had to be out of our stateroom by 8am sharp (the room attendant was knocking by 8:10am). There was no orderly exit- just a very long line once you got off the ship. They asked you to wait in the public lounges, and not in the gangway area, until their number was called. Most passengers did not comply, several times people had to climb over people lying on the stairs! CONCLUSION -- Royal Caribbean can't handle near 3,200 passengers! How in the world are they going to handle close to 5,500 when the new class of ships comes out in 2008? I have never been on Carnival before but from what I have heard Royal Caribbean is very similar in the quality of the ships and mediocre service. We most likely won't return to Royal Caribbean. We admit we have been spoiled by Holland America and Norwegian. We don't regret the experience as we enjoyed the wonderful ports of call and we met many wonderful new friends. It was just the overall experience, poor service and entertainment that was nowhere up to par for us. You live, you learn! :) Read Less
Sail Date August 2006
Well this was my 2nd time cruising and it was almost enough to make me not do it again. One of the reasons for taking my second cruise was that it was so good the first time around. I feel bad because my expectations and reality were two ... Read More
Well this was my 2nd time cruising and it was almost enough to make me not do it again. One of the reasons for taking my second cruise was that it was so good the first time around. I feel bad because my expectations and reality were two different things. I was sold a package by RCL that they have a Gold standard and what they gave me was an tin platter. The stateroom for starters is worn out. The bed is worn out along with the skimpy hard pillows, the bed sheets and bed spread. I thought I was in a cheap motel room. As far as the ship itself goes, bigger is not better. I found that they sacrifice Quality for Quantity. The windjammer buffet had the same food for breakfast and lunch for 7 days straight. The only time it changes is at dinner time, and trust me its not a big change. I could go on and on but I won't, the bad out weighs the good by a far margin. If you want to spend good money and get a lousy return this is definitely the trip for you. I would like to say however that the employees that I came in contact with were very nice. My stateroom attendant and waiter and assistant waiter all did the best they could with the tools they had to work with. Towards the end of the cruise I was able to joke with them about the quality of RCL and even they couldn't help but laugh because they know RCL is a joke. All the ports of call I was happy with,San Juan,Aruba,Curacao,St Martin and St Thomas. My only suggestion is, just don't go there on Adventure of the Seas. Read Less
Sail Date October 2006
Hello! Us- We are a couple with 3 kids(2 of them stay at home)that have travel 39 times we are a little older but still good. Embarkation- We live in EL CONDADO PLAZA so we know about san juan and the rest of puerto rico so that day we ... Read More
Hello! Us- We are a couple with 3 kids(2 of them stay at home)that have travel 39 times we are a little older but still good. Embarkation- We live in EL CONDADO PLAZA so we know about san juan and the rest of puerto rico so that day we just get in the cruise. Ship- I have go 9 times in RCI and we have never feel as we feel now. Yes its HUGE but i have go on the freedom of the seas so it's not the biggest i have go on.As i said i have go on other rci cruises so i know whats the ship have Rock climbing,ice rink and more great things.The promenade its one of the largest in the class but the freedom class have one more largest, its great to take a sit and drink a coffee or eat a cookie but in Princess you have more great cookies and coffee. Food-I have to admit that they serve more great food than Burger King, what was that it was mediocre and very poor amount of serve.The windjammer cafe its a poor buffet,in November 11 i go on the crown princess and they have more great variety of food in their buffet than the adventure. Gym- It was Ok it was big and very nice touch with the jacuzzi inside of it. Kids- i just go with my older kid of 11 years this cruise was a gift to him because his birthday was 2 weeks before than the cruise but he told me that he don't want to go to the adventure ocean because he wants to do more great things but the 3 day he was very bored and ask me if he can go to the kiddie place and i was in shock because In the princess,NCL and celebrity he have never told me that even in the carnival so i cant believe it. Rooms- its the only touch of goodness in this ship i love it its more biggest than other cruise rooms. Service-they were very friendly and good people they make a great job in service to ME. Entertainment- You have many things to do but if you are younger for us the adults theres nothing cool to do just ice rink but if you wanna broke one bone, the theater was OK great performance and great dancers.For kids YES theres great things to do. Public rooms-It have a lot of them but just a few were good as the promenade and the pools. Ports of call-they were great but i have go to all of them i just get down on curacao to buy things on the mini-mall disembarkation- It was the more slowest in my life i stay in the cruise 5 hours i cant believe it it was very but very slow summary- If you want to explore,relax,discover,never be bored and get a little more of pounds go to other cruise line but if you wanna have your worst vacation select RCI.i wont recommend this line to anyone just to my enemy because it will be a torture, in may im going on the emerald and i will tell how its princess... Happy Cruising!!!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date February 2007
I feel very disappointed with Royal Caribbean. My husband and Itook a 7 day cruise on Adventure of the Seas, departing from Puerto Rico on September 23, 2007. We have been on their ships before and it's always been the best ... Read More
I feel very disappointed with Royal Caribbean. My husband and Itook a 7 day cruise on Adventure of the Seas, departing from Puerto Rico on September 23, 2007. We have been on their ships before and it's always been the best experience, but this time around it was a nightmare. When we were in St. Lucia, on September 26, 2007 we had car trouble and got to the port 3 minutes to 5:00 p.m. and we know we should have been there before but we had a flat on our way back to the ship. We made everything possible to be there on time, but under those circumstances it was really hard. When we got to the port (minutes before 5:00 p.m.), the ship was literally 10 feet from the dock. The dock manager called Capt. Tommy to see if he could stop or let us on with the pilot ship and we were right next to him when the Capt. Tommy said that there was no way, so we told him that we did not have our passports with us, he just said he will send them, but he won't let us in. We continue to try speaking to him, but he did not want to talk with us anymore and he just stopped replying. What really amazed us is that he took the time to send someone to our stateroom, open our safe, go back down, open the doors and give our documents to the pilot ship! Instead of let us in and enjoy our vacation. We got them before 5:15 p.m.! The captain behavior let us know that he is evidently very arrogant. He made us feel like we were nothing when we spoke to him from the pier. We were waiting to take this trip for several months, we paid Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines the price for an excellent memorable vacation, as we experienced before. We truly think, this was not a favor in any way, it was a customer service issue, that we take very seriously, because we were the ones left behind, in a country we don't know, with people we don't know and there was a point that we didn't know what to do, where to go or how to proceed. But that's not the worst part, we had to fly to the next stop and wait for the ship, we had to spend $500.00 extra on flight tickets, hotel, car rental and food because of this matter. Thank God nothing happen to us, we got help on the Island from several people that show us the sympathy Captain Tommy didn't feel for us when he left us on our own luck at the port. We have seen before, other Captains, just stop the ship or let you on with pilot boat, but even the dock manager told me that any other captain would have had a little more understanding, but that this one always does that. Now it gets interesting the next day departing from Antigua on September 27, 2007, he waited for 5 people until 5:15 p.m. to leave. We meet the people that he was waiting for and we spoke for a while at the Windjammer Cafe, (which by the way is really cool, and we loved it). So why the double standard? It was truly a very bad experience. We think Capt. Tommy has absolutely no customer service experience. And this is a real surprise coming from the person in charge of all the crew and customers, and most important considering that Royal Caribbean International policy is 100% customer satisfaction. Also, we were told by several crew members that he runs the ship like if it's a military ship. Maybe that is the way things have to be done with employees, but we are guests on your ship, we are paying customers that are on vacation, and as your cruise director said we have many options when it comes taking a cruise but we choose Royal Caribbean International for our vacation. Read Less
Sail Date September 2007
This was our fifth cruise, four of them on Royal Caribbean. We are in our late sixties and travel alone. Air travel made by the cruise line got us to ship side at San Juan by 3:00PM. There was a very long line we were directed to by an ... Read More
This was our fifth cruise, four of them on Royal Caribbean. We are in our late sixties and travel alone. Air travel made by the cruise line got us to ship side at San Juan by 3:00PM. There was a very long line we were directed to by an unhelpful RC person. After waiting in line for half an hour I sought out another RC person and found the line was only for people with luggage to check and we were free to board since our luggage went directly from the airport to the ship. The ship is nicely appointed and our balcony cabin was what we expected. The number pad on the safe was worn off and we had to call the cabin person to find out what the numbers should have been - wrote them out since there was no hope of getting the pad replaced. The hinges on two of the closet doors were loose and both sagged when opened. The sink stopper was not hooked up and I do not think that the floor really ever got swept all week. There was plenty to do on the ship and we took advantage of the fitness center, walking track and mini golf course. The ice show was the best entertainment - I think the nightly shows reflect a cut back in expenses. You got the song and dance folks with music so loud that it would distort at the high end of the scale. One comedian out of all the nights. Food was good, Portofino's is worth the experience and expense. Beef was not up to par, but cold fruit soups were exceptional. Having paid long dollars in the past for RC outings, this trip we made all our own arrangements and put in some inexpensive beach time. Major concern was the 1600 people on board from Puerto Rico. I went aboard with an open mind, but quickly found out that I was in a minority position. They took over the ship and the Captain surrendered to them. I am sure there were lots of great Puerto Ricans aboard, but believe me the mob ruled. Young girls sat on the stairways and completely block them off. Pre-teen boys were up on the golf course at night driving balls off into the sea. The only adult pool was invaded by families who ignored the no diving rules. One couple changed a dipper then held the baby up to the public shower to wash him off. The elevator buttons were covered in stick gunk and I can tell you from personal observation the young men failed to flush toilets after use, did not was hands, and if the did make a pass at the faucet, did not dry their hands so you were faced with a dripping door handle. I am sorry folks, but this was an animal boat and much of the fault lies with the Captain and failure to enforce any standards for the good of all. It appears to me that RC just wants to make a buck and will give away rooms in the hope of selling enough in booze, soda and gambling to recover their costs. I will never sail out of San Juan again, and I will certainly explore other cruise lines or fixed vacation spots before I ever sail again with Royal Caribbean Read Less
Sail Date November 2007
The December 9-16, 2007 Southern Caribbean cruise on Adventure of the Seas was our 3rd on a Royal Caribbean Voyager class ship; however it was our 1st on the Adventure. The ship was at full capacity (3600+), consisting of people from over ... Read More
The December 9-16, 2007 Southern Caribbean cruise on Adventure of the Seas was our 3rd on a Royal Caribbean Voyager class ship; however it was our 1st on the Adventure. The ship was at full capacity (3600+), consisting of people from over 30 countries. The largest number of passengers was from Puerto Rico, estimated by the Cruise Director as exceeding 1800. As I will describe below, the cruise was very disappointing due to the inadequate sanitation efforts taken by the ship staff and their management team. Embarkation: Overall, the quickest we have ever experienced. We arrived at 11:15 am and were on board in the Windjammer by 11:45. While waiting in line to get into the processing area we noticed ambulances leaving the dock adjacent to the ship. We later were informed by ship's personnel that some passengers from the previous cruise were being transported off-ship for the completion of their required quarantine / recovery period of 48 hours after being diagnosed with norovirus. Dining Facilities The food quality in Windjammer was OK, but didn't seem to have the variety of foods we have seen on other cruises. We had dinner in the main dining room twice. The food was good, but our head waiter was very inexperienced (starting his 3rd week) and made several mistakes on our orders and confusing orders between his assigned tables. We noticed that there were no sanitary wipes or supplies for cleaning hands at the entrance to the Windjammer or the main dining rooms. This seemed unusual and a departure from what we have seen on other Royal Caribbean cruises, especially in cold & flu season. Few ship's personnel were on station at the entry to Windjammer, and the handling of multiple plates by children and adults was common practice. Excursions We had three excursions booked through Royal Caribbean. The first two, in Aruba and Curacao, were promptly refunded due to our quarantine status. The third, a snorkel trip to Trunk Bay on St. John, was excellent. We rented a car in St. Maarten and drove completely around the island, stopping in Margot for lunch. A truly great day of shopping and sightseeing! Car rental at the pier was very quick and easy. Entertainment The three evening shows we were able to attend were good. The group that performed the Temptations many hits was excellent! Also, as always, the ice show is not to be missed! Norovirus Outbreak We became early victims to the norovirus outbreak. Even with the liberal use of the Purell we always travel with, and frequent hand washing, our symptoms surfaced within 12 hours of checking onboard. Using over-the-counter medication we carried with us did not stop the situation. After spending a miserable Monday at sea in our stateroom (and missing Meet & Mingle) we went to the medical section on Tuesday when it opened. After several hours and a bag of IV fluid, we were quarantined in our stateroom until Thursday evening, missing Aruba, Curacao and our 2nd day (Thursday) at sea. According to medical, the ship was approaching critical numbers of sick guests and crew members on Thursday. On Friday and Saturday the crew was prohibited from leaving the ship in St. Maarten and St. Thomas due to the large outbreak of norovirus. Several crew members were very vocal about the frequency of outbreaks and quarantines they are subjected to and the lax sanitary measures that are consistently being taken. Several crew members repeatedly called the Adventure "the sick ship". Medical Staff After completing the lengthy forms, we were quickly attended to by the medical staff nurses and doctor on duty. They were excellent and checked on us repeatedly throughout the remainder of our quarantined period. We have heard horror stories of the cost of medical treatment on ship, but were pleased to find out that all treatment for intestinal viruses is provided free. From discussions with other passengers, this fact apparently wasn't well known. A Puerto Rican physician we met during the last day of the cruise told us that due to the common belief of expensive medical treatment, many of the Puerto Rican passengers stricken during the cruise did not go to medical. He stated that he was personally treating several members of his extended family. Disembarking: Used the Delta airlines baggage handling service for $20 each. Wow!! What a smooth, quick process. Well done Royal Caribbean and Delta! Summary: The cruise would probably have been great if the proper sanitary precautions had been implemented from the onset. You can't beat the itinerary, and the amount of activities provided on the Voyager class ships is fantastic. The issues we had read about concerning the behavior of the large Puerto Rican population didn't materialize. Yes, some folks cut the line, but it wasn't limited to any one ethnic group. But with the recurring health issues, I'm not interested on boarding the Adventure again. Read Less
Sail Date December 2007
The following is my opinion of our RC Adventure of the Seas cruise. My wife and I along with another couple just returned (August 31) from our RC Adventure of the Seas Southern Caribbean cruise. We have cruised in the past with Carnival, ... Read More
The following is my opinion of our RC Adventure of the Seas cruise. My wife and I along with another couple just returned (August 31) from our RC Adventure of the Seas Southern Caribbean cruise. We have cruised in the past with Carnival, Holland America, and Princess... This was the first time we cruised with RC...and it will be the last. We departed Puerto Rico on 8/24. Our friends are Platinum members of RC's club. We checked in at the RC Platinum entrance with them and bypassed hundreds of people waiting to board. They did not bother to check our membership or our friend's membership. We were onboard in less than 20 minutes. We had a balcony cabin on deck 9 that was specious and very clean. The cabin service was excellent on our trip. What ever we asked for was delivered promptly. In fact most if not all of the ship's crew was wonderful. The ship itself is beautiful and well maintained. It is a very large ship and there were plenty of people keeping it clean during the cruise. We selected the second seating dining at 8:30PM, which turned out to be a mistake. On our first night, the waiters could not get their act together. Service was poor and they did not check to see if we needed anything during our meal. To make matters worse, as we were still eating our main course, they were cleaning the tables and adding new tablecloths for the next day's breakfast. There was too much commotion all around us while we were dining. We complained to the head waiter, and he changed our table to a different part of the room. It's one thing to change the linens and glasses ETC when another diner wants to sit at a table. As this was the last seating the next diner would not sit there for about 8-10 hours. So what was the rush to reset the tables around the passengers still eating? The new waiters were wonderful and I am sure they were told to give us added service. The food was mediocre at best. The food presentation was on par with receiving a meal in a hospital. They just placed it on a white plate and served it. The shrimp cocktail arrived every night with warm shrimp, the asparagus were so overcooked that they were mushy, the baked potato was almost like a brick. We returned several main courses as they were so overcooked and as dry as can be. The waiters did not challenge us and I think they knew the food's condition. If you like uninspired food delivered to your table in a less than attractive manner this cruise is for you. Fine dining it is not! We ate breakfast in the Windjammer Buffet which was on par with a Denny's restaurant. There was one omelet station for all the guests. I saw many passengers leave the long line as they wanted to disembark the ship at the different ports. Near the end of our cruise we dined in the Portofino Dining Room ($20/person extra) and the food and presentation was wonderful. Had we known that, we would have gladly paid the money every night and not eat in the main dining room. One last note about late dining. The reason many people choose it over the early dining is that they want to spend as much time as possible at the ports of call. For early dining most people return to the ship about 4:30PM to get ready. What RC did several nights was to schedule many of the shows at 8PM which is after the early dining, or ask the late night diners to view them at 7PM. before their dinner. We missed several shows because we did not want to rush back to the ship early just for the show. All of the other cruises we were on had a show for the early diners and another for the late diners. Both were after their dinner. I guess RC wants to save money and not respect the late diners. The pool area is a joke. There are two pools...the main pool and an adult's only pool. The main pool is OK if you want to fight off the kids splashing water in your face as they jump off the edge, or have water fights with each other. In addition if you want to sit in the sun and read, sleep, or listen to your IPOD, you have to compete with loud music from their band. We have no problem with any of that, so we went to the adult's pool. This pool is so small that several of my neighbors have bigger pools in their back yard. For a ship this size, the adult pool is comparable to a wadding pool at your home. While there were no kids and no blaring music, you were forced to stand up and could not swim, due to the large number of people in this small pool. One of the main attractions is a shopping mall on deck 5. While it is a beautiful place, their stores are worthless. Everything is top price regardless of what they claim is your discount. Their selection of merchandise is poor. For example, they need a general type store for small things you might have forgotten at home or you might want on the cruise. I would have loved to buy a candy bar or chewing gum, or even a tube of toothpaste should I run out. You cannot buy it or similar things on this ship. We asked an employee at one of their stores how business was and was told it was very slow. Hello...is anybody at RC listening to their employees or their passengers. On the last night of the cruise they held a sale which was between 8-8:30PM. Again, this is convenient for the early diners and no consideration to the late diners. About 10PM after my dinner, I went to the sale area and was told I should have been there at 8PM as the sale was over. When it was time to disembark the ship, chaos reigned. Passengers were told to go to deck 4, but a large steel door closed off the area. There was not one RC employee in the area to direct passengers and reassure them that they were in the right place. I guess when the cruise is over, they feel they have no responsibility to the passengers that paid them all week long. Speaking of safety, one night about 5PM I called the telephone operator to ask a question. The first time I was on hold for 12 minutes and the second time for 5 minutes when they finally answered. I asked the operator if this was an emergency, how they could respond when it took over 17 minutes to answer the phone. She agreed with me. There is no way in your room to dial 911 for emergency help. Perhaps the Coast Guard needs to look into this matter. While RC feels they are a cut above Carnival, they are actually on par or slightly below them. If RC has better ships and better service on some of their other cruises, it was not evident on this ship. If you are looking for an average cruise and do not have large sums of money to spend compare this cruise on RC with Carnival. We only paid $799/person for an outside balcony cabin on a high floor. I guess what we got for our money was a nice Carnival cruise, in an RC Ship NEVER AGAIN ON RC! Read Less
Sail Date August 2008
After hearing for several years about what an outstanding cruise line Royal Caribbean is, we decided to cruise on the AOS to the Southern Caribbean on 3/29/09. Except for our suite and the outstanding service by DeDe, our Concierge and ... Read More
After hearing for several years about what an outstanding cruise line Royal Caribbean is, we decided to cruise on the AOS to the Southern Caribbean on 3/29/09. Except for our suite and the outstanding service by DeDe, our Concierge and Karane, our suite attendant, our head waiter and waiter (I'm sorry, I didn't get their names), we were very disappointed. The staff on the ship truly was all exceptional. That's where the good ends. We have cruised on the Grand Princess (once to the Eastern Caribbean and once to the Mexican Riviera) and on Orient (no longer in business) to the Mediterranean. Our first Princess cruise to the Eastern Caribbean was exceptional in every way from the mini-suite, to the 24-hour butler service, to the buffet, to the dining room, to the activities. I think we were spoiled because everything was so great. Our next cruise on Princess to the Mexican Riviera was the complete opposite. Our trip to the Mediterranean on Orient was terrible, except the beautiful ports in Italy and Greece made up for everything. So, it was with great excitement that we looked forward to sailing on the AOS and seeing two more islands in the Caribbean which we had not been to...Aruba and Curaçao. Our trip began when we landed in San Juan on 3/27. We stayed at LeConsulat in Condado, which is advertised on TripAdvisor as a Clarion hotel, but no longer is. It was in a nice neighborhood, and within walking distance of the larger hotels, restaurants, the beach, and of course, Walgreen's and Starbucks. Our first day out we walked around, went to the Marriott for drinks and to people watch, and had dinner at LaDorado, around the corner from our hotel (food was fantastic...Omar was our waiter). Our room at LeConsulat was pretty much what is shown on TripAdvisor. However, the pictures do not really indicate how small the room is. You walk in and immediately there is the bed...no privacy hallway from the door into the room. If you were changing and someone opened the door, you would be seen by anyone. The TV on the wall was really nice and had a great picture and several channels (not that we watched that much TV). LeConsulat is on a busy street, and throughout the night I heard several police sirens and car alarms. It didn't interfere with sleep, but just want to make everyone aware. Ric and Tina (we met through this board), also stayed at the hotel. They remarked they had gotten a room with a patio and that the patio was almost as big as the room. This might help as it would "extend" the visual space. It was okay for our two nights before boarding the ship. We had a reservation for a one-night post-stay at this hotel, but when we saw our room rate had gone up $40 from the time I made the pre-cruise reservation to the time I made our post-cruise reservation, we decided to go elsewhere. Walgreen's came in really handy as there were things I purposely left at home so I wouldn't have to haul them in my suitcase. You can get just about everything you need at this store. We had breakfast one of the mornings at Pelayo (just a block or so down the street from our hotel). The coupons the hotel gives you don't buy much, but one thing you have to try...the oatmeal. This is not your everyday, boring, oatmeal. This tasted like bread pudding (I wish I had the recipe). I easily could have eaten two bowls of this heavenly warm cereal-type dish! Since Ric and Tina stayed at the same hotel, we shared a cab to the Pan American pier. I had read on different sites that the taxis are not regulated in San Juan, but that must have changed. As long as you take Touristico Taxis, your ride is regulated, and they are very good about getting you where you need to go. RC sent us information to not try to board the ship before 2 pm, but Ric and Tina, told us that we could board when we got to the ship. We all checked out of the hotel around 11, and after waiting through a lengthy line of taxis to get to the pier, it only took us about 15 minutes to get through the line to check our baggage, and less than five minutes to get on board. We were suite guests, so we were able to use the Diamond and Diamond Plus check-in line. I would think if you wanted to stay away from long baggage lines, that checking in at 2 pm, which is what RC tells you to do, would be a really easy check-in process since very few people were checking in at this time. When you board, there is an RC representative that tells you your room will not be ready until 2 pm, and he is serious. We tried to just go look at our floor around 1:30, and were told to leave the area. We spent part of the time in the Windjammer having a leisurely lunch. Since we got on so early, there was plenty of room in the Windjammer, but as more and more people got on board, you could easily see that finding a table was going to be a problem. This continued throughout the cruise. You didn't want to go to any meal in the Windjammer during typical rush-hour times...9 am, noon, etc. We didn't have dinner in the Windjammer, so I can't speak to rush hour during that time. Our first dinner in the dining room, Vivaldi (deck 3) was just so-so and this became the norm for the cruise. We met two of the four couples that were to be seated at our table (including Ric and Tina...what's the odds on that happening...to be seated with someone you met on the Cruise Critic boards). I remarked to my husband as we walked in, "You wait and see. We'll be at the last table near the kitchen." Sadly, that's exactly what happened. When we were on Princess and had a mini-suite, you were seated according to your cabin, and we had a very nice table in the center of the room. Not so on RC. I was very disappointed in where our table was, but our tablemates were very nice. On the 2nd or 3rd evening, the other two couples joined us. We really enjoyed everyone's company; although I got very tired of hearing what a ruckus I caused on the Cruise Critic board by saying that rain was predicted all week (luckily it only rained briefly on the last day of the cruise). Food in the dining room was lackluster. It may be the poor economy, but there was little variety in the main dishes. There was a vegan dish each evening that appeared to be East Indian in nature and a couple of pasta dishes. The pasta was usually lukewarm and entirely flavorless. I did get a steak a couple of nights (not the Chops Grille at an extra $14.95), and I thought it was good. I got the Chicken Marsala one night and it was inedible. Desserts amounted to about a bite-ful except on the last evening when they were very good and substantial. Most evenings I got sugar-free or low-fat desserts, and they were completely nondescript. On another evening, dessert was so tasteless, I couldn't even figure out what flavor it was supposed to be. I have to praise our wait staff. I had dietary restrictions and they worked tirelessly to provide me with food that I could eat. While I didn't "behave" every night, nonetheless, I appreciated their efforts. We ate in Portofino on the 2nd formal night and that was the night they served "lobster" in the dining room. If it was the same "lobster" that I had in Portofino, it wasn't lobster but langoustine (much smaller and not the rich taste of lobster). There also was no baked Alaska, usually a standard dessert on at least one formal night. The menu offerings in Portofino were okay, but not anything really stood out. The presentation of the food, however, was exceptional. The offerings of various breads before dinner along with a bulb of roasted garlic, a garlic mustard, and an olive tapenade really took the cake. Unfortunately, I ate so much bread that by the time dinner arrived, I was pretty full. I got the Spiedino Fruiti de MarE skewer as did my husband, and again the presentation was just beautiful. Sadly we were too full to even attempt dessert. The service in Portofino which started our really nicely went downhill quickly. Two large tables of ten came in as we were starting our entreEs, and our wait attendant didn't give us a lot of attention after this (same can be said for the couple seated next to us). We waited a good 20 minutes to have our plates cleared and to be shown the dessert menu. After that, it was another ten minutes to get the bill (for our drinks). One of our greatest disappointments was in the lack of variety of food in Windjammer. It was exactly the same menu every day of the cruise for both breakfast and lunch. It would have been nice to have food indigenous to the islands we were visiting, and definitely more salads. By the end of the cruise, I had completely stopped eating in Windjammer, choosing instead to get food down on the Promenade next to Ben and Jerry's. They had several selections of coffee and tea, pizza, sandwiches, and delicious desserts. You didn't have to pay for this food, so that was an extra treat. Too bad the food in the dining room and Windjammer couldn't have been up to this level. An extra treat for me became the huge urn of steamed milk that was available in this area (the Seattle coffee area). I have had to give up coffee and miss it immensely. However, in the warmed coffee urns, they had one just for steamed milk. I filled up a large cup with mostly steamed milk and added just a dollop of decaffeinated coffee and a couple packets of Splenda. Well, let me tell you not only did this cure my craving for coffee, it tasted like dessert. When we returned to San Juan, I learned this is a local favorite. Boy, I wish the States would pick up on this idea!! One off-thing we discovered, was the rudeness of people in line. I think it must be a cultural thing, but most of the Americans didn't crowd into lines at the buffet, and if they did, they said "excuse me." This culture shock didn't just happen at the buffet. We also ran into it waiting for or getting on elevators, going into shows, etc. Along with another reviewer, we also noted the "casualness" of dress in the dining room. In the documents that you receive prior to the cruise, you are told what to wear in the dining room. Personally, I would have turned people away (at dinner) if they weren't dressed appropriately. I am not a fan of "anytime dining," and I think that's where the casual-ness of dress started for dining in the evening. There's a time and place for flip-flops, t-shirts and shorts, and the only reason I could see why you would dress this way to go to dinner, is if your baggage didn't show up. We stayed in an Owner's Suite (the Fuji Suite), three doors down from the Royal Suite. We loved the bed (it was so comfortable), the big L-shaped couch and occasional chairs, the dining table for two, the complimentary champagne and canapEs, and the huge bathroom with separate shower and whirlpool bathtub. The cabin was really large (over 500 sf), but we did have a few gripes (about the room and other things). 1) The balcony. We expected with this level of suite, that the balcony would be large and have room for chaisè lounges. We only had deck chairs and two round tables. Why there were two tables, I still can't figure out. If one of the tables had been left out, there might have been room for a chaisè lounge. We did like how the balcony was covered. We'd noticed on Princess (we were on the Dolphin deck on the Golden) that when you were on your balcony, there was absolutely no privacy (I think newer Princess balconies have changed this). This cabin had privacy in spades. It was also good that it was covered as it stopped you from getting baked while sitting on the balcony. 2) Speakers for the TV. We had a large screen TV which swiveled so that you could watch it from the bedroom area or the living room. Speakers were directed at the bed and also at the sofa. Several times when I wanted to retire, I was blasted by the sound of the TV coming into the bedroom. 3) Air Conditioning. The A/C worked great...too great. There was no way to turn down the fan; you could only turn the A/C up or down to be warmer or cooler. The A/C blasted on us when we were in bed. Most of the cruise, I ended up wearing a sweatshirt to bed. Warm, but not very comfortable. 4) The brown water incident. On the first day I used our bathtub, I noticed that the water had a yellowish tint to it. I didn't think anything of it. However, the next time I went to use it, I about got sick at the color and wondered what was in it. I was in the bathtub and the water started out pale yellow and in no time, it was a dark brown sludge. I quickly exited the tub and called maintenance. My husband remarked he also had noticed the water color and had just finished brushing his teeth (eeew and ick). Maintenance came up and said it was rust from the copper pipes. My husband has replaced copper plumbing in our home, and he said it was not rust. I called DeDe our concierge, who said she'd been living on the ship for five years, and this had happened to her on occasion, and that there was nothing to worry about. Yea, maybe in the bathtub, but brushing your teeth (double eeew and ick)? We could hear maintenance working on the pipes and they put a filter on the pipe which stopped the brown sludge from coming out. We were informed that this happened to certain sections of the ship, but I was still dismayed at the casualness of RC's attitude. 5) Marigot Excursion on St. Maarten...catamaran sail (or lack thereof) and 2-hour shopping trip in Marigot. (Let me say that Royal Caribbean responded immediately to our complaint of this excursion and ended up refunding 75% of the cost of this tour). One reason that we cruise is that we love being on the water. In fact, I'd say that's the main reason we cruise. Having been to the Caribbean before in late spring, we usually don't do water activities because the ocean can still be cool. I also have to stay out of the sun or be completely covered up (which sort of negates sitting at the beach) and I also have bad knees, so we were left with shopping excursions or tours of the islands. We decided to do the 1-hour catamaran sail and 2-hour shopping trip in Marigot. About 16 of us got on a very small and very uncomfortable van (there were also passengers with us from the Celebrity Constellation). We were informed that we'd be taken to Marigot for the first half of the tour and then would be driven back to the pier to take the cat. sail. We left at 9 am and got to Marigot at 10 am. My husband and I just walked around as we weren't doing any shopping. With about 30 minutes left, we stopped at one of the outdoor cafes to refresh ourselves. At noon, we all got back on the bus expecting to be delivered back to the pier for our catamaran sail. Little did we know to what we were going to be subjected. Several times during the next 2.5 hours, we heard the bus driver answer his cell phone, and after a while, we realized that we were being taken for a ride (literally) as the catamaran evidently wasn't ready to go or they were waiting for another group to join us. While we did see one spot which looked out on a beautiful bay, most of what we saw was the very poorest spots on the island. Several passengers kept asking when we were going to be taken to the pier for our sail. Finally, at 3:00 pm, we were deposited to our pier and were told we'd have to wait for the other bus to show up before we could start our sail. By 3:30 pm, the other bus was still not there. At this point, my husband and I and at least two other couples, departed this tour. Our ship was leaving at 5 pm, and we didn't want to risk missing our boat. The next day I commented to our Concierge about the tour, and she had me fill out a comment form. By that evening, we had received a call from the Explorations staff. The gentleman said he had tried to talk to the tour company and had been given the runaround, and that we weren't the only people who had complained. It was at that time that he let us know that our money was going to be refunded. I was exceptionally impressed by his efforts on our behalf. Concierge Lounge. Our Concierge, DeDe, was the greatest person. There was nothing she couldn't do, including telling me that she had the screwdriver needed to fix my glasses (they broke the day of embarkation. Actually, it was our suite attendant, Karane, who ended up taking my glasses to be fixed). The Concierge Lounge currently is for suite guests and Diamond/Diamond Plus members. One can get a light continental breakfast in the morning and lovely canapEs and mixed drinks and wine at night. It's also a good place to meet people, hang out and read the daily Compass and travel brochures, have a cup of espresso, get away from the noise, etc. We were told a rumor by some passengers that as of the end of April ('09), the Concierge Lounge is going away. DeDe updated the rumor and said that suite guests and Diamond Plus members would still have the Concierge Lounge, but that it was going away for regular Diamond members. I am glad that RC is hanging onto this perk for suite guests as it really is a nice enhancement. The end of the cruise for us was a debacle, but it probably was for hundreds of other passengers. It started out well as we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Condado for our one-night post stay. The room was huge, having two queen-sized beds in it. The bathroom was nice with shampoo, lotion, soap, etc., and the water pressure was nice. It was nothing to write home about, but with Holiday Inn you do know what to expect. We really lucked out having gotten off the ship early in that when we got to the hotel, several people were checking out. The Welcome staff said she had ONE room that hadn't been sold the night before, and therefore, we were able to check in immediately (a fact that we were really grateful for when we came down later that morning and saw tons of people standing up, waiting to check in). The lobby in this hotel at least provided a few chairs on which to sit...LeConsulat from our pre-cruise had one miniscule couch and no where to stand. We walked over to Starbucks to grab a coffee and then saw a cafe next to the Mirò restaurant, and decided to give it a try. It was called Michele's. It's very small and has a few tables outside, but don't let the size scare you off. Within were wraps, salads, smoothies, etc., and the food was fabulous. I had some kind of Paris bistro wrap that had thinly sliced Granny Smith apples and a sweet onion dressing. I easily could have eaten two. On the way back to our hotel, we stopped and had a scoop of ice cream at Häagen Daz and that hit the spot too. We didn't go out for dinner as we were still stuffed from lunch. Tuesday, the 6th of April, we left the hotel around 10:00 am to go to the airport. Checkout was a breeze and catching a taxi was as easy as walking out the front door. Well thank goodness, we got to the airport early. What a nightmare this became. We went to the check-in area after taking our luggage through the USDA area to have it scanned. Luckily we had flown first class, having used my frequent flyer miles and American Express miles to do so. I only paid a $10 admin fee for my ticket, but my husband's AMEX miles had actually paid US Airways for his, and he had a full-price ticket. I checked in at the kiosk and got my boarding passes, but when my husband checked in (different payment method, different confirmation number), it would not accept it. When we started talking to the lady at the counter, she told us that our plane was going to be at least five hours late due to weather (snow/rain) on the Eastern seaboard. By this time, there were four or five couples behind us, and we started hearing nightmares. Most of the people in the check-in line had tried to fly out the day before, only to be turned away due to weather. One couple said they had gotten to the airport around 7 am the day before, and were there until 9 pm the same day. They later tried to check in for their flight, only to be told that weather was still causing planes to be delayed or cancelled. As it turns out, my husband's seat had been given to someone else from the day before. US Airways was not apologetic about this at all, although by the end of this ordeal, Brenda, Tanya P, and Acosta had become our new best friends. They all worked diligently to get us different flights. At one point, Brenda put us on Delta flights, in first class. When we got to Delta, they wouldn't accept us because our transfer tickets showed that I paid $10 for my ticket and my husband paid full fare. It didn't show that I had used my frequent flyer miles (and cost me 120,000 miles). All they saw was the price and figured I didn't have a first class ticket. So back we went to US Airways where Tanya P (I think she was a supervisor) was there to help us. Another side note, when we got to the check-in area, they only had one gal checking people in (first class). It took at least two hours before more people came to help check people in, and they only had about three people helping those in coach. Tanya P couldn't find us first class all the way home, but she scheduled us for a flight the next day through Charlotte instead of Philadelphia (we have since learned that Philadelphia has a LOT of cancellations). We had first class from San Juan to Charlotte and coach from Charlotte to Phoenix. This really stung for us as we had saved for years to accumulate enough points/miles to fly first class. We fly coach all the time, so it's not like were "first class or nothing" types of people. But my husband had "paid" full fare for his ticket, and US Airways made no effort to compensate him for this at all. Tanya P gave us meal vouchers ($20/couple for dinner, and $10/couple for lunch and breakfast). If it's any indication, it cost us $54 for lunch. We ate at Casa Caribe which is at the end of the American Airlines ticket counters. The food was great, but don't get drinks. They were easily the biggest part of our lunch, although our entreEs were $12-13 dollars each. Our hotel room was right off the elevator which was nice, but it was like a jail cell. I don't think the room was ten feet wide, if that. The bathroom was extremely small, but there was nothing wrong with it. And the room was COLD. In fact, I've never been as cold as I was on this trip. Cold rooms are one thing, but when it's coupled with high humidity...well, just take some sweaters or sweatshirts with you because you may need them. The next morning we tried to find some place to have breakfast (skip Cafe Caribe - different from Casa Caribe, but right next door to it). My husband used both our $5 vouchers to buy $8 worth of food, and there was about 50 cents worth of food on his plate. I got some granola and yogurt from Starbucks, and though expensive, was more substantial than what my husband got, even though I paid for it myself. I suggested to my husband that since we were already at the airport, why not check out the ticket counter to see if first class had reopened in Charlotte. The way they were placing people from the day before, I thought someone might have had a first class ticket from Charlotte to Phoenix one minute, and then changed their mind and got passage somewhere else. Well, that's exactly what happened. Acosta, the ticket agent, was able to give us first class all the way, and we were very happy for it. I have a medical condition that makes sitting feel like I'm sitting on broken glass. Because first class seats are leather and wider, it makes it possible for me to move around a lot which helps with the pain. For this reason, I always try to upgrade to first class if possible. On Wednesday, the 7th, our plane was about 30 minutes late leaving San Juan, but we were still able to make our connection in Charlotte. We ended up getting back to Phoenix around 10:15 that evening, and I was never happier to get back to a place that gets really hot. I don't fault Royal Caribbean for the dismal food or the fact that we didn't have a really good time. We had decided early on to not shop (I don't need more jewelry, although I gladly would have accepted it). I am retired, my husband is not. So money is more of a concern for us now than it would have been a few years' ago. It was our choice not to take a lot of excursions, but next time, I think I would sign up for them. It beats just walking around in the ports. Oh, before I forget. We did take an island tour in Curaçao that was outstanding. Nucia was our tour guide and she was terrific. She gave us so much history and later quizzed us on what she'd told us. That little quiz cemented the facts in our heads and I know more about Curaçao now than any of the other islands. We also found out that the liqueur, Blue Curaçao, is not named because of the color of the liqueur. It's named because the original bottle was an indigo color! There are now four colors of Curaçao...red, blue, yellow, and green, but they all have the same orange flavor. They also now have Coffee, Chocolate, and Rum Raisin flavors, and Nucia told us to make sure we put the samples of coffee and chocolate together, and she was right. Yum. The offerings on the ship as far as things to do were not our cup of tea, but they were probably great if you had small children. We also, like the group in the Royal Suite, had several door-bell ringing incidents, but it was only once, and it was on the day of embarkation. After that, it was not a problem. On our other trips, the port-of-call talks told us not only about shopping, but about the history and culture of the island. I missed this because I didn't need an hour talk on where to shop. I've shopped in stores recommended by the cruise lines before and in St. Thomas bought a beautiful Tanzanite ring and haven't regretted it. However, in Mazatlan, I bought a diamond tennis bracelet from another ship-recommended store, and it was a poor purchase. The diamonds looked great when I bought the bracelet, but over time they have become dirty and gray looking, and no amount of cleaning helps. So when someone on board ship tells me to buy in only certain shops, I'm skeptical to say the least. Obviously, my husband and I have very high expectations when it comes to cruising, and we may just have to save and wait a long time to take cruises that have more history/cultural things to do on board and more upscale food, instead of trying to take a cruise every couple of years. I do enjoy staying in cabins with balconies as I get too claustrophobic otherwise. Balcony cabins and/or suites cost more money, but to me it's well worth it. I think it's a sign of the times that cruise lines are cutting back, not only in food, but in amenities, and it will be interesting to see if old-time cruisers will not cruise as much, or like one other reviewer said, you will see more people traveling because so many of the ships are discounting fares. This may be true on existing ships, but many of the new ships (including Oasis of the Seas) have much higher fares for balcony and suite cabins. I may have to find a ship that has fewer than 1000 passengers and just go on them, even if it means only cruising every five years or so. Read Less
Sail Date March 2009
I've done 18 cruises in the last 10 years, my first was on RCCL.  The current state of RCCL is a pale comparison to what their product used to be.This cruise was "fine".   It went to the ports as scheduled.Food was a ... Read More
I've done 18 cruises in the last 10 years, my first was on RCCL.  The current state of RCCL is a pale comparison to what their product used to be.This cruise was "fine".   It went to the ports as scheduled.Food was a major problem.  I cannot eat meat or dairy products.  I had the TA send in for special meals and I also wrote to RCCL before the cruise myself.  Checking with the dining room the first day confirmed I was in the computer for special meals.  Okay, so far so good. However, RCCL seems to forget to tell the waiter.. My waiter didn't know what to do.. for two days the food was not right.  He brought me lobster bisque as "it didn't have diary in it.." he forgot about the seafood part....I got the head waiter involved.. finally by day three things got better.  I had the same Indian food every night after that.. not even spicy, as curry should be....Ate lunch in the main dining room which was open only on sea days.  Now there is a big line for a salad bar in the middle of the dining room.. sort of defeats the purpose of eating in the dining room...lunch mean was the same both days. Tried breakfast twice in the main dining room. Service was very slow.  The menu said there were different jams.  One was blackberry.   I said I wanted blackberry and the waiter said I could have whatever packets were on the table.  He wasn't going to go look for something that wasn't there!The Windjammer was always packed.  My observation is tables were slow to be cleaned.  Other lines have a grill and pizza up on deck by the pool.  Pizza for RCCL is down on the promenade deck and Johnny Rockets is extra cost.  So the only food available on the pool deck is Windjammers.  Thus it stays packed.I get up early to walk. Other lines and previously RCCL used to stack deck loungers at the end of the day and then put them out in the morning.  Now probably due to cost reduction, the deck chairs stay out all the time in the salt air.  I didn't see anyone up early cleaning on deck, as is the routine on previous cruises. Went to the art auctions. Same old tired stuff Park West usually has. Nothing special. Shows were okay but a big cutback there.  One comedian, One guy, El Gaucho who was good, a couple of production shows, an ice show, a Tribute to the Tempations, and then a crew talent show.   LOTS of sales and extra cost stuff to buy all over the ship.   The coupon booklet provided to Platnium guests was next to worthless.   Only things provided in the bathroom was a no name shampoo out of a refillable dispenser and bar soap that said made in China. Went on the last day to ask to add "tips" to the set sail card only to be told there was a cut off earlier in the week so I couldn't do it.  Yet for photos or other things the cards were still valid until 9AM on departure day...Okay so RCCL isn't even looking out for their help.... Okay I didn't post this on the RRCL section of the boards, as I am sure I will be flamed for even going.  I went and enjoyed my cruise.  It just isn't the same product RCCL used to deliver, even as late as my last cruise with them in Sep 06, and it isn't on par with other cruise lines.  I was last on Carnival in Nov 08. Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
First of all leaving out of San Juan was a big mistake. We later found out that RCCL had a "fire sale" of sorts for the locals a week or two before this cruise. People scooped up very cheap cabins available to only the locals. ... Read More
First of all leaving out of San Juan was a big mistake. We later found out that RCCL had a "fire sale" of sorts for the locals a week or two before this cruise. People scooped up very cheap cabins available to only the locals. Along with this came the problems of too low fares and low life cruisers. The cruise line never enforced the main dining dress code and on formal nights "guest" showed up in t-shirts and sandals. When many of us in tuxedos and gowns complained to the head waiter, it fell on deaf ears. The food was terrible and reminded me of high school cafeteria food or worse. The waiter was unattentive and at times uncaring. I was denied simple pleasures as some shrimp cocktail and even hot soup. The ship is huge. The main activity area in the center of the ship had cabins facing onto the area and it reminded me of city houses. All that was missing were the clotheslines. People were crammed and jammed into this area and it quickly became a place we avoided. The pool area was nice but the loud music, rude people, and constant harangue of Latino music was horrible. Where has the class gone that cruising had in the past? Prices are terrible and the nickel and dime approach seems standard operating procedure on this ship. The only saving graces were Johnny Rockets and Murano specialty restaurants where the food was very good but not great. The Windjammer cafeteria is best described as a feeding pen - poorly designed and with sub-MacDonalds quality food. The other area we enjoyed was the spa. Of course this is not run by RCCL and is sub-contracted out to a highly professional firm. We had two messages and this place was a refuge from the low life quality of this cruise and its crew. Our cabin aft was OK but it was difficult trying to see around sport beams. The sickening stench of feces and vomit filled the corridor the entire cruise. Our repeated complaints went unheard. No one seemed to care much. Why should they - there were too many low fare passengers vomiting on other decks to matter. WE HAVE BEEN ON MANY CRUISES AND THIS WILL BE THE LAST CRUISE OUT OF PUERTO RICO FOR US AND MAYBE THE LAST ON RCCL. As Crown and Anchor members we were ushered into what we thought was a captain's reception. It was only a marketing ploy for the other RCCL barge, Oasis of the Seas. Big is not better! My advice is to stay away if you want to experience the right way to cruise and a more intimate cruising experience. DO NOT SAIL ON THIS TUB AND DO NOT TAKE LOW FARE CRUISE OUT OF PUERTO RICO!!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
We learned that the second week in Jan. is still Christmas celebration in San Juan and that's why so many people boarded from that port. We also learned that there was a celebration of a school's "sweet 15" for about ... Read More
We learned that the second week in Jan. is still Christmas celebration in San Juan and that's why so many people boarded from that port. We also learned that there was a celebration of a school's "sweet 15" for about 300 girls on the ship. Something like that. Which explained why the hot tubs were filled with teens the entire week and when we went to get portraits taken, we waited and waited and left two different lines to come back and wait again because all the teens were having SEVERAL pics taken of them as singles, with family etc.. I don't have a problem with this, but the ship should have worked this out better for those of us not in that group. The upper pool deck wasn't that great to us. No "megascreen". Bummer. The seating seemed inadequate for sun shining on the deck at different times of the day. Alot of shade. We like the sun. Both of our two shore excursions were cancelled. I know this happens, but both on the same cruise pretty much stunk! One was snorkeling in Aruba and the other was the Middleham Falls in Dominica. Another bummer. Our room was wet on the floor just outside the door or the bathroom when we checked in on sunday. Didn't think much of it. Thought it was from someone taking a shower earlier, or the cleaning of it. Well, by Tues. we figured it was a problem with a leak or something. We reported it, and they said we should have reported it the minute we checked in. The front deck staff were unsympathetic and rude for the most part, some more than others. This problem went on and on with our room "flooding". Maintenence was in our room repeatedly. A loud fan in our room for a day and a half and one night the deoderizer they overdid majorly (from trying to get rid of the mildew smell) gave my husband and I both a burned feeling in our throats the next morning. They sent us a bottle of cheap champayne and choc. strawberries. to try and fix the problem. They ripped up the carpet in our room and replaced it, only for it to be wet again. Then offered us another room after telling us the ship was full, (on thurs.). I told my husband we were not wasting a good part of the day repacking and moving and unpacking our stuff. Someone came up and checked our room out and asked us what we wanted to compensate for the issue. We are business owners and think they should have a protocall as to what the compenation should be....not asking us what we want. We weren't looking to gain anything by this situation, we just wanted it fixed. In the end, they offed us a credit toward our cruise, or a % off the next RCL cruise. Which was fine, at least it's something. As for food, the first day buffet stunk. The rest were just okay. The salads seemed fresh on the buffet. The one thing that was good the entire weeek was at lunch: the salmon. Other than that, the seating was inadequate...very poor, not enough seats with WAY too many people. The staff were good up there though. Polite, and eager to get you water, tea, etc.. Alot of the hand sanitizer machines were not working. We had good staff for our late dining room table. The food was a let down again. Not one of those dinners were "great." This was disappointing. We've been on six other cruises and all were better food than this one. Our room steward was good aside from our flooding problem which wasn't her fault. Over all, this cruise was our least favorite, from the ship/food standpoint. The best part of the week was a cocktail waiter on the pool deck, his name was Ben, from India, he was AWESOME! The made the week special. On another positive note, the love and marriage show was great, the QUEST show was hilarious! Don't miss that one! Read Less
Sail Date January 2010
We've recently finished the 5 night Western Mediterranean cruise, departing Barcelona on RC's Adventure of the Seas. As we had also done a Western Caribbean cruise with Carnival, a few weeks earlier, we had a great chance to ... Read More
We've recently finished the 5 night Western Mediterranean cruise, departing Barcelona on RC's Adventure of the Seas. As we had also done a Western Caribbean cruise with Carnival, a few weeks earlier, we had a great chance to compare the 2 cruiselines side-by-side. Both cruises were done on our honeymoon. We can confidently say that Carnival won in practically every category. This rather surprised us, as we had read in forums online that Royal Caribbean was supposed to be the 'classier' cruiseline. Here were the major differences: Food: Carnival's food was simply amazing. I am a real foodlover, and we really could not find any fault at all with the food on the Carnival cruise. The Deli section on Carnival (where you can order things like pastrami on rye) was sadly missing on the Adventure of the Seas, and the quality of the salad bar, hot meals, and desserts on the Adventure ship was poor. The *best* dessert we had on RC was worse than the *worst* dessert we had on the Carnival cruise. It was as if the recipes used on RC were just not tested enough (the staff on RC are not allowed to actually alter any of the recipes themselves, and must follow them blindly, so they can hardly be blamed for the bland food). The night-time dining experience was a disappointment on RC. We had specifically requested a table for two, and given that it was our honeymoon, thought that surely we could be accommodated (there were very few other honeymooners on board). As it turned out, we were dumped at a table with 6 other people, all from the same family. On Carnival, we could choose whether we wanted to sit at a table for 2 each night (which we did), and we were always able to, given that Carnival has a *lot* more of them. Also, late dining on RC is just *too* late, starting at 9:15pm. Meals often didn't finish until well after 11pm. Service was also markedly slower on RC than on Carnival. Many other things (such as RC having pre-packaged butter packets, rather than Carnival's special whipped butter, made dining less enjoyable on RC). Staff: RC's staff pretty much all had a chip on their shoulders. Genuine smiles were nowhere to be seen. I actually would've settled for 'indifference' but the staff were often plain rude. Carnival's staff were *always* cheerful, and really great fun. The difference was extraordinary. The cruise director was 100 times better on Carnival. Look of the Ships: Carnival ship design was far more interesting and exciting, with each area of the ship being based around a different 'legend'. The Adventure of the Seas' design was far from inspiring, featuring bland modern art. RC also failed to do anything for our honeymoon, even though our booking agency informed them about it. I asked them at the end why we hadn't received any special treatment at all, and they said they had no record that it was our honeymoon. Once finding out it was our honeymoon, there was no 'sorry' or any attempt at all to make up for the failing. Carnival, on the other hand, brought us a special cake during dinner service, and even had numerous staff sing us a special honeymoon song, which was fantastic. We also met another couple of the RC cruise, and funnily enough, they had the exact same opinion about the difference between Carnival and Royal Caribbean. They also thought that Carnival was far superior. It is very unlikely that we will use RC again for a cruise. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We booked a 5 night med cruise with cruise 1st for June 2010 on the Adventure of the Seas, sailing from Barcelona. Itinerary Barcelona, Nice, Sardinia, Sicily and back to Barcelona. We are an English couple in our early fifties and have ... Read More
We booked a 5 night med cruise with cruise 1st for June 2010 on the Adventure of the Seas, sailing from Barcelona. Itinerary Barcelona, Nice, Sardinia, Sicily and back to Barcelona. We are an English couple in our early fifties and have cruised before. The ship its self is breath taking in design, clean, modern, luxurious with a definite wow factor. The facilities are very good, plenty of choice for food and drink, enough sun beds even on days when every body is there (Sea Days) although we did have fun watching the different nationalities fighting over the ones in the best positions. The Royal Promenade with its "pavement cafes" English pub, Bar and shops is quite amazing with fantastic attention to detail, the beautiful "twister" sculpture and sweeping staircases, scenic elevators all just add to the wow factor of the ship its self. The Casino, themed to be a movie theatre in the thirties complete with glass floor encasing Dorothy's ruby slippers, the emerald city in the centre of the roulette wheel and other clever and interesting movie memorabilia is also well designed and fun area. There's a huge theatre, an ice rink (don't miss the ice show, its brilliant) and the formal dinning room which brings to mind the interior of the Titanic, as I said when it comes to attention to detail and luxury the design of the Adventure Of The Seas is top notch. But I'm afraid that is where the Wow ends. We boarded at 12 noon and as the rooms were not ready we were sent to the "Windjammer" buffet to enjoy lunch, there is always a large selection of food here, but unfortunately I choose Paella and with in three hours I was violently ill, not a good start. The stateroom (standard inside cabin, cheapest) was of a good design, clean and with everything you'd need. Shower quite big enough, plenty of storage for everything, fridge, T.V. with some film channels enough choice for most people and a pay per view option (we did not use), hair dryer, ice bucket (replenished often), fresh white towels (that arrive in the evening in the shape of cuddly toys on the bed-nice fun touch),rock hard bed but with good quality bedding (we both found bed too hard, unusual for me), air con that wasn't cold enough (even on full blast), laundry service, room service all the things you'd expect. We had no problems with the cabin or the staff who serviced it and left a generous tip. The entertainment-it is difficult on a ship carrying 30 different nationalities to organise suitable entertainment we understand this, language is going to be a huge problem. On board English is the first language and Spanish second with every one else pretty much uncatered for, the cruise director was obviously chosen for her linguistic ability and NOT for her entertainment skills which were limited. We were disappointed with the entertainment except for the absolutely fabulous ice show which is a must see, and it was disappointing that despite all the tickets for the shows being taken up people simply did not use them and the ice skaters played too quarter empty houses. (The shows are free but due to limited space by ticket only). Food-Except for the aforementioned paella the food on board was good, breakfast which we had in the Windjammer was presented as a great choice from a buffet, as much as you wanted and a great variety. Fruit juice, Tea and coffee were also served but here was our second bad experience, one morning a waiter poured hot coffee all down me as he reached over me to pour it for my husband. Soaking my white top and trousers with hot coffee. He looked shocked but did not apologise, I had to rush off and change, the ship did launder my clothes but no apology was had. In the evening we started the cruise eating in the main dining room, waiter service and delicious food, but we found the waiter so pushy trying to sell us wine (we don't drink), huffing when we didn't order his suggestions but made our choice from the menu and trying to get us to order "upgrade" food that was chargeable that after three nights we gave up on the restaurant and swapped to the Windjammer where you serve yourself from the self service buffet, which offered more choice and with no pressure. You could never go hungry on a cruise and this one was no exception. Drink - Tea and coffee are available free most of the time with soft drinks at breakfast and lunch, but for all other drinks you pay with your "sea card" which is linked to your debit or credit card. Drinks aren't cheap but then nothing on board is. Excursions- We didn't book any of the excursions, they were very expensive. Shops- The shops on board were dreadful, such a waste of space, expensive jewellery, tee shirts, a few teddy bears, the beautiful retail spaces are totally underutilized, sparse expensive stock. I did weaken and purchased a lovely silver roman glass ring which was supposed to have had pretty foils fused onto it, it was extremely pretty and at $49 (everything priced in dollars) not as over priced I thought as many of the other items, but to my disappointment within three days (and of course after I had arrived home) the decoration (the pattern of pretty foils) had almost all completely washed off, leaving plain green glass, such a disappointment. I would have returned it but don't trust them to either refund me or return the ring so would end up with nothing for my $49 plus tax. Itinerary- Nice (actually Villefranche) we didn't get off (as have visited area before many times), but apparently the nicest place to do so with easy access to Nice or Monaco. Sardinia- Not much to see in port but worth a quick hop off, (don't forget the Siesta time between 1pm-4pm) Sicily- Again not much to see in port, some shops, no bargains, we did find a nice but not really cheap jewellery shop where a pleasant man made tumble stone items which were at least hand made and not over priced. We didn't like the weird "busker" who had trained his cat to have white mice crawling all over it, strange and unsettling. Summing up- We felt that what really lets the ship down is the standard of the staff, the service we received was appalling for a cruise ship (we have experience), the staff were there to sell, sell, sell with no interest in the guests comfort or enjoyment. The staff were grumpy, tetchy and as in the example with the waiter who poured coffee over me, totally unprofessional. We came to the conclusion the staff must be "in training" with the good ones moving onto "better" ships in America and the dross staying in the med. If that isn't the case then the training these ones have received is substandard, in the past cruise staff have always "made" a cruise for us and we have always tipped accordingly but this time only the house keeping staff got any money from us. So Great ship shame about the staff. P.S. there is a $20 deposit for towels by pool, which is charged to your card, when you return towels this should be refunded to your account, but one lady was charged $60+tax for 3 towels on her final bill despite returning the towels ,beware ! (and she didn't notice until she got the bill out at the airport don't fancy her chances of a refund!) Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
We arrived on the adventure of the seas and was amazed at how lovely the ship is it is a kind of mind blowing the scale of things on-board. We found our room and was delighted,it was clean nothing fancy and had a view of the central ... Read More
We arrived on the adventure of the seas and was amazed at how lovely the ship is it is a kind of mind blowing the scale of things on-board. We found our room and was delighted,it was clean nothing fancy and had a view of the central street in the middle of the ship. We then watched the parade and walked around to find our bearings. It was then dinner time we went to stern of the ship and had a great meal inside the middle level restaurant and it was nothing less than fantastic. There are quite a few bars on-board and we visited most of them before going to bed at around 1 o'clock we had no excursions for the next day as it was sailing at sea and we were in no rush to get up. When we returned to the room we could hear very load music coming from underneath us which turned out to be an on-board pub call the duck and dog as we lay in our bed we thought well its only one night its not worth getting upset about.The music stopped at around 02 30 and then there was as much shouting laughing etc before it eventually went quiet it was only after that that i fell asleep. The next day was relaxing at sea the two of us were so tired that we had to go to bed in the afternoon but as i said there was no excursion so we did not let it worry us. It was that night it all started to go wrong we had an excursion booked the next day so we went to our room for an early night just as we got into bed the music started and this time i phoned the desk only to be told that there was going to be entertainment in the pub every night so i told them then that i was not prepared to put up with that and that i wanted another room. She said that we would have to put up with it that night and when we came back from our trip we would get a another cabin and another room would be found for us When we turned up at the desk we were then told there was no cabin as the ship was full and there was nothing they could do for us. I went nuts and my girlfriend started crying because we were so tired and we had the rome trip the next day which was the main reason for coming in the first place. When we went in the bus to go to room the two of us had slept no more that 12 hours in three days and it just ruined the trip to rome completely. We were moved the next day to a cabin 4 flights higher up which was great but as far as i am concerned one half of our holiday had been ruined if i wanted to go on holiday and live above a pub i would have went to ibiza. We have since complained to Royal Caribbean and after lengthy delays we had two replies just saying our complaints have been noted and the second one especially angered me because if you read through all the flannel it basically said.TOUGH LUCK. I would like to finish by saying that a lot of british people that had been on other cruises said they would never go on another RC ship and that it was like blackpool on water.I work on the oilrigs for a company called maersk in denmark and i have never been so tired as what i was on the cruise i was glad to get home.I know you cant please all the people all the time but what we went through was just hellish. Gordon Lewis Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
This being My 5th cruise, 1st with RCI, was bad. It is quite evident all of the quality crew have been shifted to the the Oasis and Allure, as confirmed by the employees. We cruised with our family and my sisters family (9 of us in 4 ... Read More
This being My 5th cruise, 1st with RCI, was bad. It is quite evident all of the quality crew have been shifted to the the Oasis and Allure, as confirmed by the employees. We cruised with our family and my sisters family (9 of us in 4 cabins) on the December 19th Christmas Cruise. Service was lousy, ship needs updating and RCI doesn't give 2 hoots. Day 1, no record of our dinner reservations or 9, glad I had my confirmation. No towels in room morning of Day 2, steward got off at 5 and didn't really care, called front desk but had to leave after 30 minutes waiting to get on excursion. Christmas eve dinner at Portifinos was horrid. 25 min before first bottle of wine came, served after appetizers bad salad. Wind Jammer is better option than the $20 surcharge Portifinos. In fact it took 40 minutes to get our last bottle. No understanding of good service, and Maitre'd was ignorant, a liar and no one at RCI seems to care. Rooms are ok at best. My wife and I had a Jr suite and my 3 teenage daughters had a Jr. Suite. These rooms were fine, although our room steward was ok at best. I think the prepaid gratuity is the problem. My sister had a balcony room which seemed really small and her kids had a inside cabin, seemed typical. Food was generally ok at the Wind Jammer, where there always seemed to have issues with plates and silverware so sometimes you had to eat from a cereal bowl.....nice huh? Food and service at Dinner were really good. Foo was better than Portofino's, service was real good. Promenade was nice and parties were pretty cool. Pool waiters were nonexistent during the mid-afternoons. Workout facility is old and very tattered. Taking a cruise out of San Juan means Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rican music in all of the bars. Not so good if you don't know Puerto Rican music. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
I was very disappointed in this cruise. It's been a while since I cruised with RCI: this is my 14th cruise overall, but the last 3 have been with NCL, much more successfully. We had decided to try RCI again because we were very ... Read More
I was very disappointed in this cruise. It's been a while since I cruised with RCI: this is my 14th cruise overall, but the last 3 have been with NCL, much more successfully. We had decided to try RCI again because we were very attracted to the ports on this ship, and they were great: San Juan (embarkation), St. Thomas, St. Croix (our least favorite), Dominica, St. Kitts and Barbados. But the ship itself did not live up to the standards I have come to expect since cruising other lines. We arrived in San Juan 2 days early, only to experience a 5.4 earthquake at the airport! Luckily no one was hurt, and there was just some minor damage at the American Airlines terminal. We stayed in Old San Juan at the Sheraton--not my favorite hotel, but it was adequate. The rooms were institutional and the casino took up the entire lobby, something Trip Advisor had warned us about. But the pool on the roof was nice-small but with a view and a warm hot tub. We ate well in restaurants in the city, basically going to places that smelled good! Embarkation on the day of the cruise included long lines and no personnel with whom to ask questions: why were we waiting? Turns out it was only to hand over our luggage, again something that has been much better handled for us on other lines. Once inside, where to go was not explained and it was confusing. I ended up translating explanations for some French-speaking passengers who were lost. Our cabin was ok: a balcony stateroom that was on the large size for us but decorated in washed-out peaches and light green instead of the vibrant colors and cherry-stained wood we're used to on NCL. The shower only fit one person instead of the two we're again used to on NCL (!). Our stateroom attendant, a lovely young woman from Trinidad, was excellent: unobtrusively available, cleaning up our mess every day, always cheerful and just very very nice. Our balcony was tiny--no more lounge chairs on balconies?--only room for two small chairs and a small table. Ah well, guess it's back to ocean view for me; with some vertigo I'm not much of a balcony person anyway. The ship was cavernous, yet crowded: with that many people it was impersonal. The main promenade was geared to sucking money out of passengers, not for creating an intimate, socializing atmosphere like other ships I've been on. The coffee bar had the ambience of a fast-food restaurant or diner instead of the relaxed, even luxurious atmosphere of the coffee bars on the last three NCL ships I've cruised on. It was nice to have pizza and sandwiches available for free there for quick snacks but it didn't make up for what it lacked. I'm really trying not to rant here, but dinner was a disaster, food-wise--I sent dishes back twice which is something I've never done before on a ship. A seafood dish didn't taste like seafood, and the prime rib was as tough as an eraser. Both were replaced adequately, but when you're paying $400 a day that just shouldn't happen. In terms of service, as I mentioned our stateroom attendant was excellent and our dining staff did the best they could with really bad food. The one show we went to was boring, and two piano bars we went to were using canned music. The C&A Society party was a dud: nice little appetizers but no presentation of the staff or officers (as on NCL)--just a pitch to buy more cruises! The ice show, on the other hand, sparkled: even more fun since we had met the lead skater Thierry at the muster and got a personal wave. Then there were the ports, and thank goodness for them since they were really great. St. Thomas: went to a little hideaway beach recommended by a fellow CCer that was lovely. St. Croix: taxi situation not so well set up for tourists. Our fault that we got off the ship late and couldn't get into Sandcastle Beach Resort--taxi took us to Rainbow Beach instead which we felt was seedy so we walked around town a bit (nice) and went back to the ship. St. Kitts: lovely green, mountainous island. Even though it was raining went to Shipwreck Beach, hung out with the monkeys and waited out the rain under the palapas. Sun never really came out but lay on this beach with the beautiful view of the mountains and totally relaxed. Would love to go back. Dominica. Amazing. Suffice it to say we saw three giant rainbows arching over the town from the view from our balcony. That is because here it rains, then it's sunny, then it rains again and boy is this island mountainous, lush and green and filled with waterfalls! We took a fabulous, independently arranged tour with Bumpiing Tours--we swam in a gorge, cannonballed into a waterfall, and soothed away cares in a warm soak in a natural hot springs. Our guide, Levi Baron, stopped the van along the way and showed us passion fruit and cashews growing wild along the road. This was a tour to remember for a lifetime. Barbados: Pre-arranged to go to Accra Beach Hotel with a day pass. Very quiet, tame and civilized after Dominica. Probably a lot cheaper just to go to Accra Beach and rent a lounge chair but we did get to use the pool. Pastry and coffee across the street delicious and again, civilized. Disembarkation crowded and a little chaotic but we made it home safely on a non-stop flight. Overall the ship didn't have the intimacy and the excitement of the past three NCL cruises I've been on. The problems with the food really exacerbated the situation. But, as you can tell, I loved the ports: they really made the cruise worthwhile. However, I would think twice seriously before cruising with RCI again. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Just returned from a 4 day cruise sailing from Malaga visiting Lisbon and Gibraltar. Really enjoyed some aspects of the cruise but others let this down so much so I would probably not consider cruising with Royal Caribbean again. Myself ... Read More
Just returned from a 4 day cruise sailing from Malaga visiting Lisbon and Gibraltar. Really enjoyed some aspects of the cruise but others let this down so much so I would probably not consider cruising with Royal Caribbean again. Myself and my wife arrived at ship early on morning of cruise around 11am and we were quickly processed and aboard ship in approximately 30 minutes. Our cabin was not ready until 1pm so we went for lunch in the windjammer. The food was of a very high standard there and found that throughout the cruise this continued. We went to our cabin after lunch and were pleasantly surprised at the size of the cabin. After unpacking we took a tour of the ship and were impressed with the amenities on board. Late evening we went to the Duck and Dog pub for a drink and got quite a shock when we received our bill. The bill was as follows: 2 x beers @ $5.95 plus $1.81 service charge plus $0.86 making a pint almost $8 dollars. Having prepaid all gratuities when booking the cruise to be charged almost $2 dollars for service really angered us. This ethos of trying to take as much money out of passengers continued throughout the cruise and left a bad taste in the mouth. Our biggest gripe was the lack of entertainment on this cruise and speaking to fellow passengers this was the common opinion with all of them. There was only one "act" Los Gauchos who made noises with ropes and drums and did the Tango they were terrible. The resident band Take 4 were moved around the ship into different venues, leaving most venues closed most nights. Royal Caribbean seem to have used this 4 day cruise to fill in some missing days on their itinerary and have not booked acts for the cruise, this has severely backfired on them as all passengers I have spoken to will not travel with them again. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
I have come to the conclusion that RCI are the most inward looking company I have ever dealt wit, their quest for profit comes above all else. Let me explain: Things went wrong before we even got to the cruise. They more or less insist ... Read More
I have come to the conclusion that RCI are the most inward looking company I have ever dealt wit, their quest for profit comes above all else. Let me explain: Things went wrong before we even got to the cruise. They more or less insist that you log in on line and print off your cruise booklet and order baggage tags. To do this you need a special log in that RCI are supposed to send you 14 days before the cruise. We had to call our travel agent to get the log in as none had come via email, as had been promised. We ordered baggage tags but none came. I phoned a week before the cruise but was told it was too late to reorder. No baggage tags then. We flew to Malaga from Gatwick, upon arrival we went to the coach, which was waiting for us. The RCI rep took our cruise brochure from us, tore out a page and handed the remains back to us. We got on the coach and were swiftly taken to the docks to embark. The queue was huge but there were lots of agents so we got to one pretty quickly. We gave her our cruise booklet but she said she could not check us in because the page torn out by her colleague was missing. When I tried to explain what had happened she was quite rude and abrupt and thrust a form at me to fill in. It had all the information that I had spent some time filling in on line. She then needed my credit card, even though I had already registered that on line. It was now about 13:30, we had been traveling since 3 am, we were hungry and tired, I was not impressed!!! We headed straight for the Windjammer where we had a pretty decent lunch and then made our way to our cabin. The cabin was well laid out with lots of storage but boy was it looking tired. The ship is 10 years old and it really looks it in places. Things like a well rusted waste bin and a filthy toilet seat spoiled the overall effect. Right from the word go everything seemed to be about extracting the maximum amount of money from their guests. We had paid gratuities up front but soon discovered that 15 % got added to everything anyway. Everything on board was at sky high prices, the cost of drinks seemed to put most people off drinking altogether. It really was a rip of culture - 2 examples: Price of massage advertised at from $139 - 2 people went as a couple and ended up with a $510 bill plus a $5 gratuity!!! On the day we went to Lanzarote they were selling 500ml bottles of water for $4.95 then telling people that on land they would be over$6. Utter rubbish - any supermarket will sell you one for under a euro. It's one thing to rip people off but quite another when you start lying to them as well. One thing that really got to me is on the last evening we tried to find somewhere for a reasonably quite drink, all the public areas were full to bursting. We went to the sports bar and asked for a Bacardi and diet Coke only to be told they had no Bacardi. OK says I, just a diet Coke then. They didn't have any of that either. Unbelievable, they go to all that effort to empty your wallet then run out of the basics. Be wary if they offer you freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast, they will charge you for it, same as they will charge for a "speciality coffee" after dinner. Look, RCI if you are going to charge me - tell me up front, otherwise I will feel like I have been conned. Be very careful of what they sell in the shops too. If you go for a quite drink you will have the peace shattered by somebody shouting sales messages over a pa system, it's like being in a market. They were trying to sell cheap Chinese watch sets at 20 bucks, the same stuff our local market sells at a quarter of that. The other thing you need to be aware of that RCI have not cottoned on to yet is that when you fly these days any toiletries of over 100ml will be confiscated at the airport if they are in you hand baggage. Given that many people may want to freshen up as soon as they are on board I am guessing that many people may carry some bits and pieces on with them. RCI do not put any toiletries in the cabins except for a small bar of soap. I find this astonishing. I have travelled all over the world and stayed in the best and the worst of hotels, B&B's guest houses and cruise ships and this is the first time I have ever gone to my room to find no toiletries. To make matters worse not one shop had any shampoo for sale, we had to buy some in Tenerife. Come on RCI, at least stock the essentials or give "pamper packs" like all the other cruise lines do. The ship has some great areas, the food was pretty good although teh steak on the first nigh was inedible, the mash was always so salty that most people left it and in general it was nowhere near the standards we are used to on P&O or Cunard. We won't be going RCI again, we will be going back to P&O where we will get much better value for money and be with a company that cares as much about teh customer experience as they care about profit. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
I was with a group of five people, we had three separate cabins on board the Adventure of the Seas and returned from the cruise December 18, 2011. We were all looking forward to this cruise for close to a year. This was the worst ... Read More
I was with a group of five people, we had three separate cabins on board the Adventure of the Seas and returned from the cruise December 18, 2011. We were all looking forward to this cruise for close to a year. This was the worst cruise experience we have ever had. This was our first with Royal Caribbean and this presented an incredibly bad first impression. The boarding process was the worst I've ever experienced, waiting in line as long as 2.75 hours. A really bad start to a vacation. Dina Dumitrescu (concierge), Ann Marie Ottey (suite steward), Somboon (waiter), and Rohan Miller (Johnny Rocket's waiter) were the highlights. Without them the entire trip would have been an incredible waste of money. These people should be cloned. I told Dina, when I travel, I always stay at Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels around the world, and her level of service is right up there with the Four Seasons, which I use as a benchmark. There was a lack of available water. The tap water in the suite smelled bad, and I was not certain it was drinkable. Others in our group addressed this issue, how the water was discolored. I have a problem with RC charging for bottled water, I feel this is way out of bounds. Without question, staff should offer bottled water to guests on the sun deck and when returning from shore excursions free of charge. They keep offering mixed drinks, and when a glass of water is asked for it is either ignored or met with a stern look on the waiter/waitresses face because it means "no tip", and I feel very uncomfortable with that. Also, there should be water bottle refilling stations around the ship. The heating elements in the Windjammer restaurant were not keeping food hot. Cold omelets, chicken, other food that needed to be kept hot was cold. (Health department issue) Advise guests about predominance of kids and locals on that particular sailing. That absolutely should have been addressed when this was booked. Staff and crew on board knew about it, why wasn't this communicated? Have a "suite passengers only" dining room for lunch and dinner whereby the suite passengers can bring guests. Televisions in the staterooms would lose signal frequently. The catamaran sunset cruise in Aruba was VERY nice, while the kayak adventure shore excursion in Aruba was in a bad industrial area next to an oil refinery with a dirty beach and wild dogs. I've been to Aruba before and I know they have some of the best beaches in the world. Why we went to this area is beyond me. Suggestion: reduce the amount of passengers by 1000 and increase staff by 1000. Have Somboon train all of the waiters. Increase cruise fares for an exceptional experience, rather than an annoying, frustrating experience. Order room service frequently to avoid the rude crowds in the Windjammer. If you have "My Time" dining, which I would recommend, ask for Samboon to be your waiter. He's amazing. Try out the specialty restaurant, it was really nice. In a conversation with a couple from Scotland in the Concierge Lounge, who had been on board since the beginning of November, I asked them "what is your favorite cruise line and favorite ship". They have been on dozens of cruises, various lines and ships. The lady replied, "this ship and this cruise line is our favorite. Except this week. This is absolutely terrible, the worst we've ever been on! There are too many rude, inconsiderate people and too many kids." Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
Adventure of the seas is in desperate need of a face lift. . The ship is beautiful but the cabins are outdated and a throwback. Food was acceptable in the dining room . Loved our waiter and dining staff but Windjammer buffet was the worst ... Read More
Adventure of the seas is in desperate need of a face lift. . The ship is beautiful but the cabins are outdated and a throwback. Food was acceptable in the dining room . Loved our waiter and dining staff but Windjammer buffet was the worst I ever had on a cruise. Same thing every day and tasteless on top of that. Portifino and particularly our waiter was excellent but for the three hour dining experience that put a few in our party to sleep. We had four kids in our group ages 11,15,17 and 18. They have all traveled extensively and been on many cruises. All four stated that the kids and teen program were the worst they experienced. The Pre-teens and Teens had one space to meet in and it was ---- well tacky and small. These kids are experienced cruises and have no problem making friends and participating in events thus we trust their assessment. Furthermore Royal Caribbeans curfew of 1:00a.m was not very popular with the older teens on the ship. Our cabin had some issues. Stained sofa, headboard( looked like splattered blood) and the worst rusted out trashcan. Disgusting. It took six people , from the cabin steward to the guest relations manager, six reports and two days before anything was done. I have pictures that I will try to post. I must say they do a good job with the cabins given the amount of passengers going on and off each week however, this is the my first experience where stains and/ or spills were clearly visible . Entertainment was OK with the ice show being the best. Adult pool was nice others were small and crowded. Nightlife was dulllllllllllllll . Most of the people on this ship were from Puerto Rico ( departure port) and most of the entertainment catered to that group. The best part of the cruise was being with family and friends. PRICELESS . ALSO, the ports were awesome. Otherwise thumbs down on this one and Goodbye to Royal Caribbean overall. We all agree that Carnival , Disney and NCL are better in the areas important to us : KIDS PROGRAM, FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT, ACCOMODATIONS AND VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES AND FUN. Why pay more and get less. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
Adventure of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.0

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