Sail Date: May 2014
Preface: This writing was written by "weatherguy", on June 21, 2014, and relays my personal experiences I encountered on Adventure of the Seas cruise ship, during the May 30, 2014 to June 12, 2014 voyage, visiting Iceland and ... Read More
Preface: This writing was written by "weatherguy", on June 21, 2014, and relays my personal experiences I encountered on Adventure of the Seas cruise ship, during the May 30, 2014 to June 12, 2014 voyage, visiting Iceland and Norway. I. Background Information. We are a couple in our 40's, travelling from New Orleans, Louisiana. This cruise marks our 17th cruise, in the past 12 years, and 6th cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Consequently, I have a goodly amount of experience to compare with from other cruises of the past. We travelled just as a couple, without any children, and secured a promenade stateroom cabin on Adventure of the Seas, on deck 8, mid-ship. Of all my 17 cruises, this cruise sailing was the highest cruise rate of any cruise I'd ever paid for, round-trip from Southampton, England visiting Norway & Iceland. But if you skip down to my summary at the bottom, you'll know it was well worth it, every penny of it! II. Hotel Information. I chose to arrive Southampton, England, which was the port of embarkation, one full day in advance to account for potential travel delays or mishaps with the airlines. The hotel I chose was the Premier Inn, Southampton West Quay. For International standards, this hotel was suitable for us, & provided a good night's stay. All furnishings in the hotel room were in acceptable working order, and is one of the newer hotels in the area. I did encounter one major mishap in the hotel room. My power surge protector blew-up when I used an adapter plug to go from 230V down to 120V. An adapater plug was not sufficient. A voltage converter is needed here at this hotel. My power surge suppresor was obviously not a dual voltage unit. Consequently, when the it blew, it took out the TV, the lamp, and the blow dryer on the reverse side of the wall. The hotel comp'ed me for the inconvenience. Understand and know that, in the United Kingdom you will pay for all ancillary services. It's not like in America. You will pay extra for useage of internet here. You'll pay extra if you want a breakfast too. There are no courtesy shuttles to take guests to the seaport pier, even though it's only about 1/2 mile to 1 mile away. A cabbie cost me about £5 and 20 pence. The English breakfast offered at the hotel gave 2 options: A continental breakfast or a hot breakfast. The difference was about £6.50 versus £8.75, as I remember. The internet worked fine from my room in the hotel, and I used my battery the whole way, because of the mishap with the voltage conversion hardships I encountered. The bed was adequate; a bit springy & had mileage on it. The shower tub is among the narrowest I've seen, with the length of my foot, being the distance WIDTH across! Everything is smaller in Europe & U.K. Cars are smaller; hotel rooms are smaller; beds are smaller, & tubs are smaller. To the credit of the hotel service staff, they were able to provide me with washcloths upon request, as well as extra shampoo & body shower gel. No bar soap is provided at this hotel. III. Travel to Embarkation Port of Southampton, England. This was a breeze! It was truly the fastest embarkation experience I've encountered in 17 cruises! Since we stayed at the Premier Inn Southampton West Quay, we were only a 5-minute drive away from the seaport. It cost only £5.20 for a transport from the hotel to the Adventure of the Seas cruise ship. Check-in and embarkation here at Southampton was among the quickest, most efficiently handled embarkation experience that I've encountered in 17 cruises. There was NO waiting. We were quickly on the ship in no time! What a pleasure! IV. Ship Information, (adopted & extracted from the Royal Caribbean website, et al.) Adventure of the Seas, is a Voyager-class ship, and first entered service in the year 2001, so it is getting to be an older ship, as it is now 13 years old at the time of this published writing, (June 2014). It received a recent dry dock refurbishment in March 2014, but even as I was cruising on this ship in June 2014, carpet was still being replaced in the Lyric theatre and on other higher decks where passenger cabins were situated. Ship stats: • Length: 1,020 ft • Weight: 142,000 gross tonnage • Cruising Speed: 22 kts • Max Beam: 157.5 ft. • Draft: 29 ft. For a ship this age of 13 years old, the most obvious wear & tear I found was at the elevators where several of the elevator key buttons were missing, or otherwise worn & dirty. Also many elevator floor buttons would not light on one side when pressed. Severe overcrowding on the elevators on this cruise was frequently encountered & become commonplace. Public bathrooms weren't kept as clean as they should be. V. Activities. On a cheery, festive note, activities on this cruise were a pleasant HIGHLIGHT on this voyage, in comparison with many other cruises I have been on. Your cruise director, Rob McNally, has incorporated a goodly amount of activities in to this 13-Night cruise. Many game shows were featured, an abundance of the usual trivia, many different kinds of dance venues, that included line dancing, ballroom dancing, themed dancing from the 60's, 70's, 80's, & even 50's twist, were showcased & appeared on the cruise compass directory from day to day. Creative game shows I participated in, which included "Finish That Lyrics" game show, "It's Your Choice Game Show" and after pushing hard for a special request, Jaime, the Activities Director, went ahead & incorporated the Quest Game show on this cruise, although they were first not going to do it. But, I hounded him, until I got the "go-ahead". As you can see, I'm BIG in to game show participation! They also had "Fill in the Blanks" game show & a version of "Who Wants To Be a Millionnaire?" game show. Other activities included mini golf tournaments, poker tournaments, art auctions, card games, movie showings in the small screening room, bingo, slot tournaments, blackjack tournaments, wellness seminars, shuffleboard games, complimentary footprint analysis, and even a rare belly dance class. Ummm, okay, that was weird! If you're not in to these many activity games, then they did have the more passive "destination lecture" talks given about ports of call, which typically appeals to many who desire history enrichment & an overview of upcoming ports of call. Did I mention there was all kinds of different trivia games? There were also many various sports venues up in the sports court. In the sports and fitness area, they sponsored pathway to pilates & pathway to yoga for a small fee. Talks were given on acupuncture & facial rejuvenation. I even caught a Wii Tennis challenge on the cruise compass daily, too. There are so many other kinds of activities in addition to what's been listed, as even a napkin artistry class and a choreography flash mob dance that I participated in. There's absolutely something for everyone in the activities department here! The activities offered were SO STRONG, SO ABUNDANT, and such a robust strength on this cruise, that I award it the HIGHEST marks possible, and makes up for any shortfall deficiencies in other categories that I rate on this ship. VI. Service. One particular Ass't Maitre d', whose name was Amit Chandra, really stood out, head & shoulders above the rest! I tipped him handsomely, for effectively serving as my personalized assistant, as I requested expedited service in the main formal dining room, so I could get out of the 6 PM dining room service quick to get front row seats in the 7 PM Lyric theatre show. He even went out of his way to provide exemplary service in arranging a separate private table to seat me one night for formal night, with a very nice couple of ladies from Long Island New York, whom I enjoyed my time with very much on the cruise. His willingness to go above and beyond deserves special recognition for an outstanding degree of service for his fine job. His service was remarkable, & he's the BEST I've ever had in 17 cruises! And that is the truth! In other areas, stateroom service was adequate & courteous. My stateroom steward always acknowledged me & was friendly & professional, too. My original dining room waiter was quite slow, though, at our table for 8, table #438. So Amit really stepped things up a bit for me, by intervening, to accelerate service when needed. As for service in the Windjammer buffet, I was pleasantly surprised how WELL the service attendants were here. Many times I was approached asking if they could get any beverages for me, like water, juices, milk, or lemonade. This has been a rarity on previous cruises. They were also quick at clearing tables and taking dirty dishes away, a signature of fine service. However, one particular gripe I had about the Windjammer was the HOURS of operation. Too many times in the EARLY morning, it was not open EARLY enough for those who had EARLY morning tours. This was quite frustrating to me. I opened up the door anyways to let myself in, as though I owned the place & helped myself to whatever I could muster. Overcrowding in the Windjammer was commonplace again at the peak hours of eating. The key to get around this was to either get there EARLY or get there late. If you come during peak hours, you'll become lost looking for a table & finally expect to dine in the company with others, as you'll have to share tables. One unfortunate drawback was that the beverages that were filled, had no ice in them, so juices were room temperature. They had attendants here at all times to fill the glasses, but did so without ice. As for guest services, at the reception desk, again I was pleasantly surprised how lines were quite minimal, and they efficiently moved people through the line at a decent speed. I had no long waits at any time I was there. They were business-like, but not overly friendly, as I've seen on other cruises, like Holland America & Celebrity. You can check your stateroom billing portfolio from your stateroom TV, and can also book tour excursions from there as well. So if you see a long line & it's a simple billing question, you can access this from your stateroom TV. So there are other ways to explore self-service options if lines get exceedingly long on your cruise. VII. Cabin. Originally, I booked an inside cabin stateroom on deck 8. When I kept checking for rate drops or cabin upgrades, I finally clinched an upgrade to a promenade stateroom cabin, on deck 8, midship. This time it was cabin stateroom #8609 we were seated in. The promenade stateroom has an inside window view of the promenade down below. For anyone with questions about noise emanating from the promenade area of the ship, I can attest to my personal experiences. On the whole, it was generally quiet where I was at. I was 3 decks above the quiet Champagne bar, and was well-removed from the noisier English pub, that is farther found up front, in the promenade. However, on nights when there were parades or "themed" parties of music held in the promenade of the ship on deck 5, the music CAN BE HEARD inside the stateroom, even at the far distance I was away, up on deck 8 towards the mid-ship elevators. So, if you're an EARLY sleeper, and are sensitive to noise, you have 2 options: Avoid getting a promenade inside stateroom; or bring a sound machine as I did that masks extraneous outside noises. Since I went to sleep late and got up early, noise wasn't a problem for me, as I had a hand in those themed parties & parades anyways, participating in them, as it wasn't sleep time for me, until around 12 Midnight or 1 AM. As for the functionality of the cabin, and amenities, there are 2 sockets for 110-120 voltage electronics. This is the standard for U.S. electronic devices. There are also European plug outlets in the stateroom as well. So now, everyone can find some compatibility, even if you're coming from Europe. A hair dryer is provided in the vanity drawer. This stateroom was 160 square feet, with a sitting area at the window side. In truth, this was an obstructed window view with decorative ornamentation obstructing my straight view outward. Side views were unobstructed. Ice can be provided upon request. The sink & shower worked without any problems. One time the toilet stopped flushing, so a report to guest reception got maintenance up there quickly and resolved the problem very timely. You're supplied with bar soap and shampoo. Towel linens were scratchy & thin, & not their best collection I've seen on cruise ships. I never watched TV during the entire 13-Nights, so I don't know about what TV channels are offered. I was too busy participating in many shows. The stateroom safe was situated in an awkward position facing sideways inside the closet, instead of face-on, making for difficult access to the safe, with the door swinging open in to the clothes. The bedding was okay, and I always fell asleep quickly every night. Climate control was excellent, too. Hot water worked well, but water pressure in the sink was weak. Overall, the cabin functionality and condition was very good for a ship this age at 13-years-old. VIII. Dining. Royal Caribbean, in my previous 6 encounters with them, has always exhibited a weakness in the QUALITY of food. It is mass-produced, and thereby is processed food. However, quantity of food is never a problem on any cruise line. This dining experience was a bit different on this go-around in RELATIVE comparison with previous Voyager-class & Freedom-class ships that I have been on. I found that on Adventure of the Seas cruise ship, as long as you stick with the beef and red meat selections, you're generally going to have a decent dining experience in the main formal dining room. Desserts I found to be actually ABOVE-average, several times, for a Voyager-class ship. In comparison with my Freedom of the Seas cruise and Mariner of the Seas cruise, this dining & quality of food experience on Adventure of the Seas was the BEST of the 3 ships I encountered, in the main formal dining room. I never dined at Giovanni's Table, the specialty restaurant. Nor, did I ever go to Johnny Rockets, a $4.95 cover charge fee applies there for a 50's style burger & milkshake experience. Seafood selections in the main formal dining room at dinner time came accompanied by a repulsively strong seafood odor, a sign that the seafood is not fresh. Fresh seafood should not come with strong, foul odors, but very frequently this occurred, and I just ceased with any further seafood selections. I don't even recall lobster tails being served either. Any ethnic cuisine dishes I auditioned weren't so great. If you're choosing a cruise, solely for QUALITY of FOOD, this is NOT the cruise line you should be looking at! As for dining in the Windjammer buffet, the quality of food up here was about average, in comparison with other cruises. Run-of-the-mill is the norm here. Morning buffets strangely served baked beans, (a British staple of morning food), which is something us Americans don't consume at morning time. But, overall, the morning breakfasts were acceptable and I didn't have any complaints with selection here, for breakfast. The yogurt was quite strange, again a cultural difference clash between my American taste and the British style of yogurt. Peak dining times in the Windjammer resulted in inability to find adequate seating. Fortunately for me, I came EARLY or LATE, for breakfasts and EARLY for any rare dinners I had up there. But I do recall on occasion, in a couple instances when I had a light lunch, I integrated with others, sharing a table a few times. I rarely ate lunch during this cruise. It was generally breakfast and dinner and that was it. They say you're to gain about 1 pound in weight, for every 1 day you spend on a cruise ship. Ergo, a 13-night cruise should have gained me 13 pounds, but I escaped gaining only 3 pounds instead! About Cafe Promenade: I don't have anything favorable to say about Cafe Promenade, at all. I just won't sugar coat it, gang. I think it should be blown-up and erased from the map! The seating is always tight & unavailable. It's a very dark & gloomy place to sit, inside, if you're not close to the promenade walking strip. ALL the food selections are unappealing and should have a COMPLETE menu overhaul! The few items they offer are just undesireable. Little, cold finger sandwiches and the same ones served day in & day out gets tiring. I really crave & miss the equivalent Blue Lagoon cafe' on Norwegian cruise line, which is model cafe all other cruise lines should be aiming for. On NCL cruise line, they serve soul food in their late night cafe: chicken wings; chicken fingers, hot fish sandwiches, burgers made to order, and hot french fries. But on RCCL's Adventure of the Seas' cafe', all you get is these little, cold finger sandwiches, of ham & cheese or tomato, mozzarella; cold tuna finger sandwiches, or as a final ditch last choice, what they attempt to label as pizza that is just NOT pizza, as the way I understand the definition of pizza to be. It's just a train wreck! I sometimes wonder if they pedal-out these undesireable food selections as a means of crowd control to keep people away in order to make seating available in the scant supply of seating they have in that little dark hole of a cafe they have. People were exiled to Cafe Promenade when the Windjammer buffet was not open, even in the early morning hours for tour excursions, on port days when Windjammer should have adjusted its hours to be open. IX. Entertainment. By entertainment, I classify this as the nighttime shows in the Lyric Theatre & the dance bands that performed in the lounges. I really connected with the Teddy Quartet dance band. The lead drummer looked me eye-to-eye early on in the cruise, when weather-GIRL and I were on the dance floor about to take our seats, and leaned towards me, asking if I had any special requests for any dance music or any dance style that he could play us. Y'know I don't ever recall the lead musician turning to me on any cruise, asking me what I'd like for his band to play, so that was really an outstanding experience to write about! I felt that he & his band were there to PLEASE us, as the passengers, and customer service on a cruise ship had been revitalized! In the past on previous cruises, most musicians just play what THEY want to play, and don't consider their viewership market audience, sometimes blasting people out of bars & lounges, too, with too much volume. So, weather-GIRL and I appreciated the Teddy Quartet dance band, & we danced a goodly bit to their music, dancing Cha-Cha, Waltz, Rhumba, Meringue, Samba, Tango, and a few swing tunes as well. In the pre-recorded ballroom dance music down in Jester's on deck 3, we got to spread our legs out a little more with less people down there, where we practiced our beginner steps to Fox Trot and Tango. So we passed a good time with dancing to many music venues. As for the nighttime shows in the Lyric Theatre, I took an instant notice to Rob McNally's entertaining style in which he was really heavy at incorporating comedy in to many shows. He had the comedy of "Tucker" the first night; the second night, RCCL dancers peformed "Invitation to Dance" featuring a couple ballroom dancers in the production show. A rather unique show I'd never seen before was the Graffiti Classics, a string quartet of musicians with an original concoction of blending music & comedy together! That was pretty entertaining! The Love & Marriage Game Show came by night #4. Then day 5 came headliner comedy showtime of Steve Rawlings. Day 6 brought the comedy ventriliquist of Jimmy Tamley & Diane Cousins' vocal comedy came along by Day 7. On Day 8 a one-woman vocal show took place, that had no dancing, but told a story, through singing. I was a bit bored with that show. It took me all the way until Day 9, to finally land a spot on-stage, in the BIG Lyric Theatre, whereby I BECAME the entertainment, when the hypnotist show came in, that involved audience participation. Previous shows like the ventriliquist & magician also had one or two audience participation shows, but only 1 or 2 graduated up on stage, and I was unable to get picked for those shows. They then had 2 more production shows on the cruise ship, and ended with the cruise on Night #13, with a 2nd magician that infused some comedy in to his show, as well. On the whole, I guess the nighttime theatrical shows were acceptable & okay. The production shows could have been been better. The costumes weren't that fanciful, as on Carnival & Princess cruise lines, and music selections could have been better, in the production shows. There were no Cirque du Soleil production shows, as you see on Norwegian Cruise Lines. All the headliner shows, whereby they contracted out entertainers, seemed to be all British entertainers. This ship had a demographic of 80% British, and less than 20% Americans aboard this cruise ship. The British style of entertainment and their humor is more toned-down than the American style of entertainment & humor. So when I appeared on-stage, I was pushing the envelope! I'll say the BEST production show you'll see on this ship is going to be the ICE skating show, down on Deck 3, in Studio B. So be sure you get your reserved tickets, (free), to see that one. There, they do have more costuming, and it's a more dynamically-changing production show with skaters on ice, scenery changes, costuming changes, and you'll even get to see some sky dancer scenes! So that's the one show that stands out above all the rest. Don't miss it!! X. Port & Shore Excursions. • Port #1; In Reykjavik, Iceland, Day 1: -- I booked the Golden Circle with Lunch tour. Weather was uncooperative on our 1st day in Iceland, where we received rain & cloudy skies much of the day. This ship-sponsored tour visited Thingvellir Nat'l Park, geysir area, and the Gulfoss waterfall. The tour accomplished what it was supposed to; however these Icelandic tour operators RUSH, RUSH, RUSH!! OMG. I've been on a heckuva LOT of cruises & numerous tours, but NONE of which were as so much rushed as in Iceland. The tour operators have zero tolerance for even being as little as 3 minutes late. They will come hunting after you, if you're just a smidgen over your time allowance. As for my subjective opinions of what was visited, I think Thingvellir park is totally missable, and not really worthy of visiting. It is where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is at, but the walk and the scenery is totally missable. The geysir area, Strokkur geyser, and Gulfoss waterfall are DEFINITELY worth visiting however! You are afforded several different viewing angles up close and farther back at a couple different vantage points for pictures. So, 2 out of 3 isn't bad! I only wished we had a cooperative sunny sky. I cannot stress enough the extreme importance for a sunny sky, when picture-taking. As we had a cloudy sky, this meant NO background contrast in pictures when it came to the Strokkur geyser eruption, which comes about every 4-6 minutes. Since the steam & water are white in appearance, and a cloudy sky background is also white during daylight hours, this means no contrast, without a blue sky background, so the picture you receive you cannot differentiate the outline of the geyser, as it blends with the white background of a cloudy sky. This is NO fault of anybody or any tour operator; just bad luck about Northern climates where cloudy skies are typically the norm. I recommend this tour for the Strokkur geyser and the geysir area, as well as for the Gulfoss waterfall, but not for Thingvellir Park. • Port #1, 2nd day: 2nd tour in Reykjavik, Iceland: -- On our 2nd day in Reykajavik, Iceland, I booked Krysuvik Geothermal Field and Blue Lagoon, a ship-sponsored tour. I must say, the Blue Lagoon is NOT to be missed! Be sure you visit this area, as it is a most unique place seeing the volcanic rock, amongst the bluish-hue of the geothermal waters. Again, we were plagued with another CLOUDY day, and so the true brilliant colors of the Blue Lagoon could not be realized the day we were there. I have no doubt if we had a sunny sky, it would be a stunningly bright blue appearance to the Blue Lagoon, and vividly, colorful memorable photos would be the reward! Nonetheless, I could still salvage decent pictures, with the steam & gasses gracing the backdrop of the Blue Lagoon. People inside the waters of the Blue Lagoon, could be seen with the white silica placed on their faces. It is known that the geothermal baths of the Blue Lagoon have healing properties for people with joint pain and the silica acts as a natural cleansing agent of the face. Since I'm a guy, I don't need all this pampering, but I did want to take a visit to see the Blue Lagoon, but didn't actually go in it. Weather-GIRL, my other half, did choose to go in to the Blue Lagoon on a separate tour. As for the 2nd portion of this tour, the Krysuvik Geothermal Field, this part was a little disappointing. As a comparison, after visiting New Zealand's Rotorua geothermal wonderland park back in a cruise in 2011, this encounter at Krysuvik, seemed like "small potatoes". It is missable. What may have helped this visit to the Krysuvik Geothermal Fields, is if we had SUNSHINE, to enhance the colors for better picture quality, & greater contrast, but I really do feel a cloudy sky really hampered the colors of the geothermal deposits, the acidity colors of the mud, and the varying oranges, greens, browns, and whites of the landscape here. Sulfuric gasses can be seen lifting up from the ground's landscape here, and there are some spotty locations of boiling mud, off the trail that can be seen and pictured. Notice that there is NO red lava and NO volcanic eruptions anywhere near this area. So, if you're looking for red lava, it's not going to happen here! The final 3rd visit of this tour was to a new Viking Museum to visit the Viking ship replica called the "Islendingur". Here, you will get the opportunity to board this Viking vessel at the museum and take pictures inside this museum. I managed to get a few creative pictures. I gathered a sense of appreciation at admiring the pitch & steep slope of this Viking ship's hull & its amazing architecture all the way around. This tour I recommend for the Blue Lagoon, and for the Viking Museum; but not for the Krysuvik Geothermal Field. • Port #2, Akureyri, Iceland: Between Akureyri and Reykjavik, JUST comparing these 2 ports of call at the seaport ALONE, by far, without a doubt, Akureyri is the PRETTIEST of these 2 ports in Icleand. It's a suprise there aren't more ships going here! It is surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape, all the way around, and in early June, the mountains still had snow-capped peaks on them, affording for excellent picture opportunities! Okay, let's move on to the tour I chose here. This time it was the "Jewels of the North", a ship-sponsored tour. This tour visits some more geothermal fields, and this time, you get to see elevated fumaroles that appear above-ground. You can hear them hissing, and see distinctive thick plumes of steam emitted from them carried, downwind by the wind flow. There are boiling pools of gray thin water seen. The backdrop scenery are surrounding mountains, and the predominant colors of these geothermal fields are white, orange, and gray hues. The next segment of this tour covers pseudo-craters found next to Hotel Gigur. The restaurant in Hotel Gigur where we visited offers a scenic view of a lake with mountain scenery beyond the lake. A most scrumptious spice cake was served to us, resembling a gingerbread cake, with smooth frosting layers, absolutely delicious, but I'm a sucker for gingerbread cake anyways! When arriving at this hotel, we were attacked by midget insects, swarming in high density. There was no way to avoid them, unless you had a net over your face. I swallowed one or two, and breathed-in one or two as well through the nose, when getting off the motor coach bus in to the hotel lobby. I've never seen anything like this in my life! The final stop, the Godafoss waterfall, was the most worthy sightseeing visit on this trip. I'm a huge fan for waterfalls, big ones, so I can get photographic opportunities. Even on this 3rd day in Iceland, the weather gods, were determined NOT to let us see sunshine, so once again, for the 3rd time, the waterfall picture, which could have been accompanied by a beautiful rainbow, if the sun were shining, was nowhere to be found. The waterfall is still very worthy of visiting, even with dark, gray cloudy skies, but the photography of this sight was curtailed by the overcast cloud deck. You are afforded several different viewing angles up close and farther back at a couple different vantage points for pictures. I recommend this tour for the Godafoss waterfall, and secondly for the geothermal fields, if you're in to seeing fumaroles & boiling gray lakes with colored land scenery. There is no volcano eruptions and no red lava either to see. • Port #3, Trondheim, Norway: Here, at this port of call, I selected Trondheim & the Ryngve Museum. I'll be honest and tell you here, that Trondheim had really nothing appealing to offer me in terms of ship tours here. It's an unrealistic expectation, to presume EVERY port of call on a cruise will be a spectacular one, and so here at Trondheim, there's certainly some "downtime" as I call it. The Ryngve Musuem that we visited on your ship's tour, is a music museum that showcases historical instruments used over the centuries. It displays the instruments, and the founder of the museum wanted this to be a "LIVING" museum. By "LIVING" museum, this meaning, that it was intended to be a place where the musical instruments of the past can be PLAYED by the tour hosts of the museum. I really respect & admire that vision, and it was much more meaningful to HEAR these instruments being played, instead of looking at a museum without hearing it, live. The unfortunate shortfall is that like most musueums, videography of the instrument playing and photography of these ancient musical instruments is not permitted in the 2-tiered house, but there was another portion of the musuem where pictures could be taken in. This tour can be skipped if you're not in to the history of music. • Port #4, Alesund, Norway: Of the 5 ports of call visited in Norway, this port of Alesund marks my 2nd favorite port of call in Norway. Here, I booked the tour excursion, entitled, "The Path of the Trolls". It visits the Trollstigen mountain. It's a lengthy 8-hour tour, but it delivers exceptional scenery at this port of call, with steep rocky mountains, waterfalls, valleys, and travels through gorges. A stop is made to where you can take a long walkway out to the edge of a cliff and get some pretty great pictures, weather-depending. Sometimes clouds will enter the valley, but if you can be patient and wait about some 15 minutes or so, typically wind currents will move along the clouds, flusing out the clouds, and it'll clear for enough time for you to get improved pictures of the gorge, waterfalls, and the steep rocky mountain terrain. Patience goes a long ways to getting the best photography shots. I've learned from this experience & other experiences that fog or clouds may completely obscure the scenery that you're attempting to see or photograph, at the moment you get to the end of the walkway, but waiting between 5-15 minutes' time, it often will clear as the fog or clouds mix-out, or disperse by wind currents. This is a tour I recommend! • Port #5, Molde, Norway: At Molde, Norway, the tour selections were again less than stellar, (just like Trondheim), and this marks my 2nd least favorite port of call, next to Trondheim. There is a pretty good summit point for viewing and picture taking atop a mountain side adjacent to the ship that we visited on this "Molde City & Folk Museum" tour sponsored by the ship's tour selection menu. As for the folkloric dancing show, it was honestly a bit disappointing, as I was expecting a professional singing & dancing show by entertainers. Instead, what I got was children from grade school attempting to piece together an amateur dance, in non-flashy costuming; more like school dance costuming in the country side. While some may find it cute to see children doing a folkloric dance, it just didn't appeal to me. I did participate and join-in, though, as one of the girls approached me and invited me in for their rituals. But, I have to be honest here, this tour is just not appealing, in my subjective opinion. The scene of the grounds are country-like, and they show you the old historic ways of living in their country houses, done many years ago, but is not practiced in modern time. The country houses are just for show, but they don't live inside there, because I asked. They also show a spin-weaving demonstration on knitting, too, from a wheel. There's also a little demonstration on making crepes, on top of a hill. This tour was just a little too "fluffy" for me, as a guy! About the only aspect of this tour that was worthy of visiting was the summit point where the motor coach bus took us upside a steep mountain overlook pass to get pictures of the natural landscape beauty, able to view & photograph the cruise ship down below. • Port #6, Olden, Norway: "Golden Olden" is what I'm now calling it!! Of all the ports of call between Iceland & Norway, THIS is the port of call NOT to be missed! It is a must-see! This port of Olden, is my #1 favorite port of call, as it has it all! It comes packed with steep, rocky gorges, breathtaking waterfalls, rugged mountainous beauty, snow-capped mountain peaks, reflective lakes, (on the drive to the hiking trail), graced with rivers that come alive, in a multi-dimensional display that you've never seen before! The particular tour that I'm referring to is the Briksdalen Glacier hike, that I chose, a ship-sponsored tour. I had the delightful pleasure of sharing this hike with a couple of ladies, from Long Island, I met on the cruise ship. The written description of this hike has the standard, scare tactic language, attempting to "weed-out" the elderly & the unfit, claiming you need to be physically fit & in optimal health to be able to hike 2 miles uphill to see the glacier. But alas! There is a way of getting around this, if you're physically unfit to do this hike. They have motorized jeeps that will take those who are unable to hike, up the hiking trail, instead. So now even the most unfit people can still appreciate & capture the rugged beautiful scenery of this trail. It is a dirt trail, but a wide-laned hiking trail. I was able to complete the hike with perfect ease. It was not hard and I enjoyed every bit of the surrounding landscape, especially with a beautiful girl I was hiking with! There are numerous photogenic scenes to take advantage of along this hiking trail to the Briksdal Glacier, as you parallel a river for some way, and then undertake the sudden beauty of a raging powerful waterfall along the way, while feeling the rush of the mist pouring out from this waterfall along the hiking trail! This is the awesome spectacle of nature in its purest form, with all the surrounding beauty there is to soak in! There is a large gift shop at the base of the hiking trail, in the valley, accompanied with restrooms as well. I was hoping to be able to get closer to the glacier itself, but a lake impeded the way. This is because the hiking trail had ended at the lake. Beyond the lake is where the glacier had started. So you view the heart of the glacier from a distance. Nonetheless, I still highly recommend this tour, for all it has to offer! • Port #7, Stavanger, Norway: You can go your way, but I'll go Norway! This port here, of Stavanger, Norway, marks my 3rd favorite port of call, in Norway, for the tour selected; 3rd only behind Olden and Alesund. This time it was "Boat Trip on the Lysefjord" tour selection from the cruise ship that I selected. At the inception, the boat trip starts off uneventful, with seemingly, little hope of promise at the get-go, and very little notable scenery upon leaving the port of Stavanger. However, patience pays-off in the long-term of the boat ride, as the scenery picks-up, markedly later-on during the boat cruise. There is no motor coach bus to get on, with this tour. As soon as you leave the cruise ship, you board another boat right next to our cruise ship, from the adjoining seaport pier. The boat has both a covered deck down below, to shield you from the sun, and a second tier up top, for un-obstructed outdoor viewing atop the motorized boat. Deeper in to this boat trip, the scenery begins changing for the better, whereby you're greeted with steepening fjords along a winding river. The boat comes right close-up with some of the steepest monoliths that jut right in to the waterway, featuring a rocky landscape surface to the fjords. This provides ample picture opportunities up-close and when the boat pulls back for a landscape, panoramic viewing. The boat makes a stop, where guests off-load, along the way at a picnic area, whereby waffles and strawberry toppings are served. What appeared to be whipped cream as a topping, was actually a sour cream, that I had to scrape off the soft waffles. The picnic area was nestled in a prime area for taking pictures of the rocky fjords we just visited. While surprisingly I didn't spot waterfalls along the way, the unique encounter of the rocky fjords, and the serenity of being on the waterways of the river, was a relaxing experience. I can highly recommend this tour for those who appreciate natural scenic beauty of fjords. XI. Disembarkation. Again, getting off the ship was a breeze!! Surprisingly as much crowding as there was on elevators DURING the cruise, I had no problems getting off the ship, and there was NO waiting in long lines. I couldn't believe how effortless it was to disembark. I was directed right to our motor coach bus to take us back to London's Heathrow Airport, where we entered the newly-built Terminal 2, the Queen's Terminal. XII. Summary. Of my 17 cruises, this cruise definitely marks one of the GREATEST cruises of all-time for me. Personally, it wasn't about the service or quality of food that made it that way, it was about the PEOPLE whom I found and shared my time with. It was about all the many activities I chose to participate in: Karaoke for the first time, appearing 4 times; participating in 3 game shows; 2 hypnotist shows, a choreography flash mob dance, line dancing classes, ballroom dancing in the public lounges, the Quest Game Show, a karaoke finale round I graduated to on the final night of the cruise, the 70's theme party dancing I participated in, the love train I was a part of on 70's night, the British-themed party night, enjoying a leisurely float in the uncrowded swimming pool, and the few relaxing moments in the hot tub, and taking part in ballroom dance classes as well. It was all about enjoying conversation with many new-found individuals, a couple of special young ladies from Long Island I met & dined with & shared the BEST hiking tour I've ever seen, as well as visiting with many other couples & groups, on the cruise ship, & spending time chatting with some of the cruise director's staff, while sharing past experiences. It was the people and activities I participated in that made the difference this time, and all the shows I attended & became a part of -- 10 times I appeared on-stage, livin' & lovin' every minute of it!! Adventure of the Seas was *THE* Adventure for me!! A big shout-out and thank you to the Cruise Director's staff for keeping me thoroughly entertained, and even allowing me to BE the entertainment on several occasions! Thanks for the memories, RCCL! This is my HIGHEST rating I've awarded any cruise experience in many years! All the BEST! -- weatherguy New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.   Read Less
Sail Date: May 2014
Sailed on Adventure of the seas 08/05/14 – 23/05/14 have not sailed with RC for quite a few years. We found the transfers on and off the ship very smooth and very quick. We had a balcony suite plenty of storage space and full length ... Read More
Sailed on Adventure of the seas 08/05/14 – 23/05/14 have not sailed with RC for quite a few years. We found the transfers on and off the ship very smooth and very quick. We had a balcony suite plenty of storage space and full length wardrobe bathroom ok with walk in shower , room and bathroom are clean but badly in need of updating bed was comfortable and bed linen nice and clean, towels in bathroom very old and a bit grey looking. Food on the whole was good we ate in the windjammer and the Mozart restaurant food in windjammer at lunch quite varied but at night it was very repetitive. If you got to the windjammer at the peak times it was like bedlam and the staff would come on the tanoy and ask guests to vacate their seat as soon as they had finished eating not really a relaxing atmosphere. Mozart restaurant was very good and the menu very varied the food was very well presented and well cooked. Plenty of things to do on the daily program if you choose, public spaces on the ship are all keep nice clean quite a few bars and a comfortable smoking room , we found all the staff very polite and friendly. Outside on the decks there were plenty of sunbeds and it was keep very tidy. We did have a problem while we’re on the ship, with a vile smell in the bathroom reported it and they came straight away, after the visit the smell was not as bad but it did not get rid of it, we were on deck 7 and one evening all the loos on this deck stopped working until the following morning. We think this ship has a problem with its plumbing we spoke to other guest who were having problems and sometimes when walking about the ship you’d get a smell like dirty drains. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2014
We have just got back from a 4 day mini cruise with Adventure of the Seas. While i know that everyone has varying degrees of taste and different things make things enjoyable, i really disagree with some of the harsh reviews on here. ... Read More
We have just got back from a 4 day mini cruise with Adventure of the Seas. While i know that everyone has varying degrees of taste and different things make things enjoyable, i really disagree with some of the harsh reviews on here. Cabin - clean - to OCD standards of clean, towel animals daily. Yes the bed was hard and i really didnt sleep well, but im sure had i raised it with the cabin attendant something would have been don about it. If your sitting in your room for hours on end watching the tv - your doing the cruise thing wrong!! Not many english channels, but more than enough for an hour or so of noise while your getting changed or having breakfast in bed. Food - Eating in the restaurant on deck 5 - ,my time option, sometimes queues but generally only for 10 minutes max and your seated. Waiters above and beyond, friendly and helpful. I found the food onboard for 4 days lovely. Main restuarant had plenty of choice and was cooked well. Windjammer cafe could be hit and miss, but if you catering for 4000+ people then im afraid what do you excpect that some of it will be bland and samey. Bt even saying that always found something to eat! Johnny Rockets burgers, well worth the $5 cover charge - although a little greasy for my tastes but was still yummy!! Activites - can be a bit frustrating. Inline skating and ice skating only at certain times. Basketball court and football court combined in one. Did the rock climbing wall, harder than it looks!! PLayed basketball for hours a day and even with football games going on still managed a good fewq games of 3 on 3! Bars & Casino Never waited more than 5 minutes for a drink. Have one or 2 frozen cocktails then no more, expensive and only 1 shot of alcohol, but vodka / jd etc was so strong (lovely!) Casino was a good laugh and there were some quiet bars to sit in and louder ones if you wanted. Yes the ship in now 12 years old still doesnt feel too dated in my opinion. You cant help who you get on a cruise, just like you cant help who else is on holiday when you go to spain!! If your moaning about your company on baord then i suggest you lighten up and move to a different area! If your getting on board with matching shio branded t-shirts and luggage (yes we did see this) then i suggest people are rolling their eyes at your as much as you are about the 'uncouth youth' on board too! We had ports of call of brugge - little tip dont fall for the no transport links speal they give out - out of the port turn right and walk for 10 minutes max and straight to station - return to brugge 6 euros each. We didnt get off in le harve, but heard good things about the town. not sure 10 hours coach tours to paris is my cup of tea!! Overall we had a pretty good 4days, relaxed, laughed ate and drunk. What more could you ask for! Read Less
Sail Date: May 2014
Overall, we had a great trip, but we were somewhat disappointed with the Adventure. This is our 9th cruise, 8 on RCCL, and we really like the Voyager class of ship. The Adventure had just been in a short dry-dock, mostly for mechanical ... Read More
Overall, we had a great trip, but we were somewhat disappointed with the Adventure. This is our 9th cruise, 8 on RCCL, and we really like the Voyager class of ship. The Adventure had just been in a short dry-dock, mostly for mechanical maintenance. They put in new flat-screen TV's and a few other updates, but there were many parts of the ship showing wear. During our cruise they replaced the carpet in all of the hallways, something that was supposed to be done in dry dock, but the carpet didn't arrive in time. It was a minor nuisance, but not a major problem. The new carpeting was very nice. My main complaint on the cruise was the QUALITY of the food. It was just ok. We have been on past RCCL cruises where we were "blown away" by the food, but not this time. One night I had Chicken Kiev, which looked like a Tyson frozen chicken breast that had been put in the microwave. Not bad, but not really what you would expect from a "fine dining" experience. One night, both my wife and I had to send back our entrees, Coc au vin. It was just inedible. Now, we really aren't picky eaters and I don't think either of us have every sent a dish back to the kitchen. Our meal was replaced promptly by another dish, but this should never have happened. The selection in the main dining room seemed very limited, as well. They just didn't have the variety we have seen in the past. Apparently the chef got a deal on Pork Loin, because it seemed to be on the menu about every other night!! One night I had Prime Rib, and it was the quality you would have expected from a mid-level buffet in Vegas. Not bad, but certainly not PRIME rib. We pretty much experienced the same thing in the Windjammer. The food was OK, but no better. They had the SAME selection every day for breakfast, lunch was a little more varied, and we didn't try the Windjammer for dinner. We went to the dining room three mornings for breakfast. In one of the dining rooms we found a breakfast buffet, and the selection was good. They had a very good granola on that buffet, but not in the Windjammer. It really didn't make much sense. We are not coffee drinkers, but drink non-fat milk. One morning in the dining room we were served milk that was undrinkable. It was warm and tasted terrible....not spoiled, but just bad tasting. I have read other reviews about the difficulty in getting served at the bars. While I am not a big alcoholic beverage drinker, I did buy the Soda package. I had to wait a long time at many of the bars to get a soda and the servers acted like they really didn't want to serve me. It might have something to do with the price of the soda package already including the tip, but I don't really know. I experienced the same thing in the theater....when I asked one of the servers for a soda and showed them my card, they all acted disgusted...I got my sodas, but not with smiling faces. My biggest disappointment was the smoky Casino. I enjoy playing cards in the evenings on the ship and this was the smokiest Casino I have every encountered. My evenings I couldn't even last an hour because of the smoke. It was the only place on the ship that you could smoke inside, so I guess that caused the problem. In my case, the smoke drove me out of the Casino and back to my cabin. As far as excursions, we did take a couple off the ship and their system seemed very efficient. We enjoyed all of the ports of call. However, in most of the ports, we had hooked up with other Cruise Critic members via the message board for our cruise and planned private excursions. We had never done this before, but it couldn't have worked better. We got GREAT excursions for about the same price we would have paid on the ship. The people we met were all terrific and I would travel with any of them again. If you are going on a cruise, I really suggest getting involved on the Cruise Critic Board for your cruise and "meet" people before you sail. We really enjoyed most of the entertainment. I thought that overall it was some of the best we have had on a cruise. The Beatles tribute group was EXCELLENT. The Royal Caribbean singers and dancers did a very good job, and the orchestra was great. We did feel that the ventriloquist was a bit risque for a family show. Also, a lot of the humor was targeted towards the Brits, but that was fair considering that we sailed from Southampton. As Americans, we didn't get some of the humor, but, again, that was fair since most of the guests were Brits. The one other show that was just OK for us was the Bee Gee tribute group. Their singing and playing was good, but the lead singer really thought of himself as a sex symbol. He kept encouraging the girls to scream for them....most of the "girls" didn't. It was actually a little disgusting. Now for the good. With the exception of the bar staff problem mentioned before, I thought the crew was very good. Our head waiter, waiter, and assistant waiter were all great. Our cabin steward, Brian, was like a ghost....he didn't intrude but always seemed to be there when we needed something and he kept our stateroom spotless. We had a Junior Suite off the back of the ship, and it was a great cabin. More space for storage than we remembered in other Junior Suites, and the biggest balcony we have ever had. Since the sea days on this trip were mostly "chilly" days, it was nice to be out of the wind on the back of the ship. We will sail RCCL again, but you can tell that their overall level has declined. I am guessing bottom line issues, but that might be short-sighted on their part. Before this trip I was an avid RCCL fan (even a stockholder), but after this cruise I will also consider other cruise lines before we book again. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2014
I'm just back from a 7 night cruise to Norway on Adventure. This has been my first cruise with RCI for a while (having favoured X and Azamara over the past few years) so please excuse me if I state things that you know!!! My first ... Read More
I'm just back from a 7 night cruise to Norway on Adventure. This has been my first cruise with RCI for a while (having favoured X and Azamara over the past few years) so please excuse me if I state things that you know!!! My first comments will be about the refurb....RCI have supposedly spent $50million on the recent refit. If I were RCI I would ask for my money back The ship is in terrible condition in places - like the banquettes in the Windjammer...which are ripped, torn and worn. The rust round the balconies has not been tended in years, the railings need varnishing, the pools need tiling. All I can see that is new is a flat screen TV in the room, every thing else is the same, old curtains, ripped nets, saggy sofas... The big screen by the pool seems to be underutilised. And the only film that people seemed to watch (One Direction movie) they turned off before the end! The cruise was during the UK half term so there were over 500 children on board. Most were well behaved; others were not, and the parents seemed to pay little notice when the children were screaming around people trying to read in the lounges. There is only one 'child free' area on the ship and that is the Solarium. However I even saw children here on the sun loungers. I really do think that perhaps RCI should enforce the rules - the towel police were not around either and I lay next to a chair that was unoccupied for 2 hours (until I removed the towel...). The weather was fabulous! We had glorious sunny skies for 3 days. We visted Kristiansand, Alesund, Flam and Stavanger and had a day at sea each way. Kristiansand we visited on a Sunday. It seemed to come as a surprise to most people that Norway is closed on a Sunday! There was a HOHO bus for 200NOK and a little train for 100NOK to take you into town. Or you could walk. A very pretty town with lovely cathedral but as we were only there for a few hours it was a flying visit In Alesund it was unfortunately overcast. A very easy walk into town, with the pretty buildings and cobbled streets. Again there was a HOHO bus but we caught the little tram for a city tour up to the viewpoint for 150NOK. There was free wifi in the main street opposite the hotel - just look for the crew with their iPads! Flam was another beautiful day. We did not take the train trip as we have done this before (it was around £70pp) so we strolled around the few shops and then relaxed by the pool in the sunshine with the snow on the mountains around us. Again there is free wifi in the new building right on the pier side. Stavanger was the highlight of the trip... a really lovely city with cobbled streets, good shops, a beautiful cathedral and a charming old town with white wooden houses right opposite the ship. We had a balcony on deck 7. There was a kettle, (take a carton of milk from the WindJammer to keep in the fridge). Teabags are Tetleys and not Liptons Lunch options - were the Windjammer, and there was the Brasserie 30 lunch in the MDR on the sea days and interestingly enough there was also a buffet in the MDR on the day we left Kristiansand served from 12;30 - 2;00 ( we sailed at 2;00) and on the day we were arrived in Alesund at 11;00 which was served from 11;30 - 1;00. I'm a bit too old for inline skating but I saw that the icerink was open for eight 40 minute sessions on Day 6 (a sea day), and for a few other random sessions. We had MTD so ate in the dining room except for one where we went to the WindJammer. I was disappointed to see that they did not lay the tables with tablecloths any more and it lacked little atmosphere. Our waiters/esses in the MDR were very good. Food was generally good - the cold cherry soup was one of the best I have ever had! We also dined once at Giovanni's Table. Very good - but don't bother booking in advance as they were always seen around the ship touting for business offering 25% off. At lunch they also set up a table in the RP and served what I assumed were the famous Roast Beef sandwiches ..... I never had one as I am waiting till the Oasis and the proper Park Café! On formal nights I have never seen so many DJs! I would estimate that at least 80% of men were in a DJ. In the cabin there were larger round bars of soap instead of the tiny ones left before. There is still the Fairy Liquid like gloop in the shampoo dispenser so if you value your hair take your own shampoo. The hairdryer is in the top drawer and is very powerful. Don't use it standing up by the mirror otherwise you may set off the smoke alarms. The queue for tickets for the ice show stretched the length of the RP. Don't worry - you can pick them up from a stand by the Guest Relations desk or also in the Diamond Lounge. Talking of the Diamond Lounge, this was a new addition and it was very nice indeed! Lovely new furniture, outside seating area and Dionne was an excellent hostess. I am a Diamond member and got 1 hours free wifi. No coupon booklets so I found it rather difficult to keep track of what I was entitled to, and probably didn't use everything I was entitled to. Entertainment: we had a BeeGees tribute band and a comedy magician - both were very good; however the shows by the ships singers and dancers I found a bit 'screechy'. There was no band by the pool any more. There is no charge for pool towels any more. The quizzes were held several times a day but you could never get a seat as they were so popular. Perhaps they should consider a bigger venue? The Times and The Sun were available to buy (sorry didn't see the cost) as there were free copies in the DL. Usual TV channels - strangely enough with adverts in Polish. Drinks have been rounded up to include the service charge. It is $2.50 for a Diet Coke, $8 for a whiskey, $9 for a Hendricks and tonic and $10.90 for a frozen strawberry margarita! All wines we had were either $35 or $40. The M&M was rather poor. No open mike introductions and one person he spoke with didn't seem to know what CruiseCritic was and obviously wasn't a contributor! In summary, despite the disappointing condition of the ship, the cruise itself was good. As with everything Royal "it does what it says on the tin" and you know what you are going to get.   Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
We have sailed with RCI for over 12 years and are Diamond members. Having sailed on various other RCI ships we are used to the way RCI operate and the experience we were getting. A lot of the experience comes down to the type of ship you ... Read More
We have sailed with RCI for over 12 years and are Diamond members. Having sailed on various other RCI ships we are used to the way RCI operate and the experience we were getting. A lot of the experience comes down to the type of ship you are on and when/where you are sailing. Positives: * Quick embarkation in Southampton * Clean, presentable stateroom * Happy & welcoming staff - particularly in the Champagne bar and Main dining room * Captain was very entertaining with his daily updates Negatives: * Too many children allowed to run around unsupervised. I accept it is during the holidays but there was no supervision late at night which resulted in teenagers running around, pressing lift buttons and laying in stairwells - not good. * Issues over sun beds - you literally had to get up at 6am to get a bed. Staff did not enforce their rule about not reserving, nor did they remove belongings after 30mins. * Food was variable. It was good in the main dining room but poor in the Windjammer where the choice was limited and unappetising. * Very smokey in large areas of the ship, particularly the open casino where the smoke drifter from one side to the other! * Entertainment was variable. The main production shows & ice show were excellent! However, guest entertainers were poor - such as juggling - really? Our overall experience was good because it is what you make of it. It was good to have meet ups with other Diamond members in the well equipped Diamond Lounge. It was also good to have cruise critical and Facebook meet ups. We have booked RCI again for next year (Anthem of the seas) and are hoping that this will be a very different experience. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
This was our 7th Cruise, 1st time with Royal Caribbean, previously with MSC and Carnival. From what I'd read and heard about Royal Caribbean was expecting it to be something quite special with lots going on and although this is one of ... Read More
This was our 7th Cruise, 1st time with Royal Caribbean, previously with MSC and Carnival. From what I'd read and heard about Royal Caribbean was expecting it to be something quite special with lots going on and although this is one of their medium sized boats it appeared to have plenty of stuff on it to keep the kids occupied. The boat was in good order and appeared to have been well maintained, nothing rattled or shook in the room. Generally everything regards service, quality of food, helpfulness of staff was good, if a little laid back compared to other lines we have been on. Entertainment on the other hand was dreadful - maybe we'd been spoilt on Carnival which on both occasions were brand new entertainment theatres with state of the art sound lighting and video systems - in comparison the Royal Caribbean offering seemed dated and lack-lustre. The acts whilst professional and good at their particular skill were just put on stage by the cruise director and left to it - no top and tail with any of the in-house production team, and seemed to be no thought to come up with anything uplifting or varied - a guy playing a violin one night, a girl playing piano another, a string quartet, a women doing songs from what has to be one of the most depressing musicals (Tell me on a Sunday) I've ever had the misfortune to sit through, a woman's various failed relationships set to music - hardly the stuff of a fun holiday. The in-house shows were little better, dancers fine, performers drowned out by the band. Of all the shows in the theatre only the Queen tribute could be described as a good evening, assuming you liked the music of Queen! The cruise directors shows weren't much better on the promenade and were basically little more that the kind of thing you'd see bluecoats doing 20 years ago at Pontins - perhaps they would have been a bit better if the large annoying assistant cruise director hadn't felt the need to spend the half the time yelling into a microphone trying to get the crowd to join in (lets face it if you have to do that then you're doing it wrong - crowd should do it spontaneously not have to be pushed into doing it!). It was all rather Chavvy and not really what I want out of a £5000 cruise. I did query with the cruise director fairly early on if things were likely to improve, he listened, wasn't really able to offer anything to counter my comments other than he felt everyone else was enjoying it, not quite the feedback I got from my straw poll of various people I spoke to!. On the plus side Ice show was excellent, cruise directors staff were very pleasant when doing the quizzes or other activities and their time keeping was absolutely spot on everything started bang on time. Would I do Royal Caribbean again - not if Carnival had any boats in Europe - if not them maybe, I liked everything about the boat except the entertainment - perhaps if they get enough negative feedback they might sort that part of things out or maybe if they check out what the competition is offering. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
Our cruise started off well, check in was extremely speedy especially as we had sailed with RCI before. The staggered check in times seems to be working well even without the benefit of being a returning cruiser. Found our room quite ... Read More
Our cruise started off well, check in was extremely speedy especially as we had sailed with RCI before. The staggered check in times seems to be working well even without the benefit of being a returning cruiser. Found our room quite easily - on this cruise we went for a Promenade inside cabin which had a window overlooking the Promenade deck. We did have a little noise on the two nights that featured entertainment but it did not go late and wasn't really an issue for us. Room layout was what you would expect from an inside cabin but with the added benefit of an extra sofa in the form of a window seat, hanging space a little cramped. Our room stewardess was lovely as was the waiter and servers in the dining room. Dining room food was good, however the Windjammer was very disappointing with a marked decline in the amount of choices available and food was always lukewarm as was with our previous cruise with Princess. It seems to be an issue with all the cruise lines. Cruise director and staff were good, with the morning show being quite entertaining. There were plenty of trivia quizzes which we enjoy and plenty of variety of other activities. Now for the downside, the quizzes were usually very well attended, however the venue was usually the Schooner Bar which just could not cope with the amount of people who attended. The casino is right in the centre of the ship and although it is down below the Promenade it has access from that deck in a couple of places as well as being next to the Schooner Bar. It was quite heavily used on this cruise and the smell of smoke would waft up to the Promenade deck as well as into the Schooner Bar which made it quite unpleasant. Also unless you wanted to go up a floor to avoid it a lot of times access to some venues was through the Casino. I also find it amusing that one side of the Casino is non-smoking! Entertainment was ok, the ice show was fantastic as well as some of the guest artists, however the ship's singers and dancers only did two production shows both quite close to the end of the cruise and after having just sailed with Princess whose production shows were great, these palled into comparison. The Promenade was a lovely place to wander through but when a sale event was being held the tables were usually placed out the front of shops or in the middle which caused quite a build up of traffic. Our ports of call were everything we expected and more. We chose to hire a car for the two days we were in Reyjkavic (be aware that you will have to be bused into town to pick up your car - we used Europcar who allow you to drop your car at the port and leave the keys with the tourist office - their rates were quite reasonable) and managed to cover a lot of territory at our own pace. The ports in Norway were just beautiful with gorgeous scenery everywhere you looked.   Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
I was cruising with my husband and 17 year old daughter. This was our 13th cruise - mostly sailing with RCI, Celebrity, and Princess. We were not doing this trip for the destinations (having done most of them before), but for a rest! ... Read More
I was cruising with my husband and 17 year old daughter. This was our 13th cruise - mostly sailing with RCI, Celebrity, and Princess. We were not doing this trip for the destinations (having done most of them before), but for a rest! Embarkation: it was great just to drive to Southampton, park the car and walk 5 minutes to the cruise terminal. Much more relaxing than negotiating an airport. The embarkation was well organised and fast. No complaints here at all. Cabin: We had a balcony cabin mid ships. A bit small for 3 adults, especially as we paid near to full price for my teenage daughter. However, the room steward kept us tidy. He was good, but liked us out of the room early to get on with his work. My daughter used room service for lunch and afternoon snacks and they were great. Staff: The staff are without doubt the ship's greatest asset. All the staff were fantastic- polite, helpful and nothing too much trouble. More about the dining room staff below. Dining: Food in the MDR was very good. We had anytime dining, which was a challenge some evenings and the queues a pain - even though you booked a table. The MDR hostesses had the worst job on the ship, but kept agitated guests smiling with their wacky sense of humour. We had great wait staff in the MDR - Edi and Jeffrey- they were superb. We ate at Giovanni's Table, which was excellent and worth the extra. We were also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food in the Windjammer. Entertainment: Not soo good. Not much to do after the headliner show and this was not always good - too many violin players for me! Children: There were a lot of them as it was school holidays. However, the 01.00 curfew was enforced. Sunbeds: Not enough on sea days. Ports of call: We did our own thing as we had visited most of them before. Loved Lisbon (do a tram ride), Cadiz, and Cartegena ( do the museums). Did not like the RCI over-priced shuttle transfer in Lisbon. Summary: Good trip, nice cruise. Adventure of the Seas is an older ship, but really friendly with good service. Will travel RCI again, but do prefer Celebrity. Already have the next cruise planned to do the Panama Canal next March. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
17th August 2014 - 12 nights from Southampton. My overall experience with RCI was good. I am going to go over various aspects of the experience in detail. Room We stayed in a interior room on deck 8. The room was small, but fine too ... Read More
17th August 2014 - 12 nights from Southampton. My overall experience with RCI was good. I am going to go over various aspects of the experience in detail. Room We stayed in a interior room on deck 8. The room was small, but fine too sleep in. However, I would recommend that if you were to go on a med cruise a balcony is so much nicer as a balcony room was opposite ours and makes it feel much more like holiday. It's difficult waking up in the morning as its disorientating when its pitch black. Saying that, you can leave the bathroom door slightly open so it's not to bad. Our stateroom attendant was lovely - (Nancy-Dell) she cleaned our room twice per day and occasionally left towel shaped animals. Food On the cruise ship, the majority of food is included. The windjammer (buffet style), The main dining room (Can be used all the time, also for formal event) and cafe promenade (snacks throughout day). There are other places too eat at a table charge. Windjammer was great - not sure why everyone moans about choice of variety - what more can they provide? There is always a great selection and on several occasions I wouldn't know what to choose because so much choice. Examples include, Roast (lamb shank, turkey, beef) and Select yourself pasta and have it cooked in front of you. Table service is brilliant, they immediately ask you what you want to drink. Main dining room has a set menu, there were permanent dishes available such as steak and a pasta dish, but about 6/7 additional different ones added each night. I did see that some people ordered things that weren't even on the menu so they cater very well for you. However, service can be a bit slow. Despite being on a set time for dinner when booking, we were able to book a table whatever time we wanted. The formal evening was extremely busy and despite booking a table, you have too wait for next one to become available. We brought a soda package which was for soft drinks only at a cost of €90. I would recommend if you want one, buy it before getting on the ship as you will save a bit of money. In the windjammer, they provide free water, squash and lemonade free of charge. If you have a wine package you can only use this in windjammer and main dining room, none of the bar/lounges. Cleanliness The ship can not be faulted on cleanliness. Our room was cleaned to a spotless standard, cutlery and cups also spotless. Toilets, dining room and pool areas also kept clean. They go around picking up empty plates around pool deck area all day long. However, because of the high hygiene standard, soap is seen everywhere around the ship- including entrances to dining room. I believe it to be personal choice to use this soap as personally, I find it sticky and horribly scented. The waiter on entering the dining room asks you to use it, and on other occasions force a bottle onto your hands. I personally thought that was very rude. There are lots of families on this cruise, however the pool does not allow for any children with nappies/swim pants to enter the pool (A bit strange I thought?) There is a children's adventure pool at the back of the ship with a slide, not sure on the rules for that one. Along with children, groups of teenagers didn't cause us any bother except for during night time - running down corridors, huddling outside rooms and chatting/laughing early hours of the morning. There is a notice that says young guests are to be with parents/room after 1.. (I'm not a snob, but when you're trying to sleep its annoying.) There are two pools along with jacuzzis. The pool area is nice, the pools are not overly big and can become very busy. It's difficult to get a sun bed near the pool and despite rules about putting towels on beds - people do! There is also an adults only (16+) solarium area with a pool and two jacuzzi's. This area is nice but for the amount of adults on board there are not enough sun beds and only about 20 are in the open air. Casino Casino was ok, lots of tables with roulette/black jack etc. Majority of the machines were slots, although a few coin machines (with great money prizes) The casino operates with american money and minimum withdrawal is 20 dollars. Unfortunately, the casino has a smokers section (american ship) and it taints the entire casino with a smoke smell. Entertainment During our time on board there were 3 main evening production shows all of which consisted of dancing and singing, no story line as much (Lyric theatre). There were also other shows including a comedian and magician. The majority of shows we thought we suited for the older viewers and didn't cater for families. There were also 2 main game shows; quest and love & marriage (we didn't get to watch these so can't comment). Around the ship there are a few bars/lounges you can sit in. Imperial lounge would always do karaoke/bingo/game and was quite nice in there - tip: get in early to get a seat. There were several bands that play around different areas of the ship. The blue water band was great and highly recommend playing a mixture of genre music. There is a screen outside which you can watch movies on and this is great when you're in a hot country - not so much leaving southampton! There is a cinema that shows current films but it is very small so get in early. Also in the lyric theatre they showed amazing spiderman 2 and that was brilliant. Ports We visited ports in Spain and Portugal (Gibraltar, Cartagena, Barcelona, Palma, Cadiz, Lisbon, Vigo) Majority of ports were good. RCI provided a little brochure about the port history and recommend shops with a map. We did not find these useful at all and I would highly recommend doing your research and making plans before you go. Gibraltar - Can walk into town centre in about 15 miniutes just follow the crowd. Would highly recommend a 'mini bus' trip which is advertised in the main shopping centre (Not through the ship) which consists of €22 for a trip to caves, tunnels, monkeys and beautiful views of gibraltar) Cartagena - Free shuttle bus provided by ship, when dropped off main shopping square around the corner. Quite a few shops and a pretty harbour side. Barcelona - We booked a shore excursion to FC Barcelona through RCI and it was good value for money (about 67 dollars each ) It also passed well known monuments such as La Sagrada Familia. Trip takes 4 hours and leaves at 9 so we had plenty of time when we came back to walk up Las Ramblas (although it was pelting with rain so we didn't get to explore as much as we'd of liked!) Palma - No free shuttle provided although bus very cheap. Bus stop right outside cruise terminal but not much information where to get off, again follow the crowd. Town centre wasn't great but after a wander we found a beach and street market. Cadiz - Beautiful place and really enjoyed everything about it. Quick walk to main shopping area. Just outside cruise port small tourist stand with maps and a lady giving them explained where to go and how to get there for free, very helpful. Plenty of shops, food market, beach about 20 min walk. Lisbon - RCI charged 15 dollars per person for a shuttle to take you to town centre and second stop to the Belem tower. You can stop off at town centre, then catch shuttle again and stop off at tower. Town centre has nothing to shout home about - rubbish variety of shops and shocking for capital of Portugal. Also full of drug dealers and homeless people begging on street.. would recommend staying on ship and enjoying a quiet pool area too yourself!! Vigo - Don't get off the ship, this place is like a ghost town. Nothing exciting to do or see. Small mall right by cruise port with a few shops and restaurants. Overall, Cruise experience ok. Sailing from southampton i would not recommend unless you're looking for a holiday of relaxation. You technically are only getting 7 day sunshine holiday as 4 days are spent getting there and back, those of which you can't enjoy facilities such as pool as it's too cold. Sailing from southampton does have benefits of it being easy as luggage is taken from you as soon as you reach cruise terminal and you don't have too lug it around. I would definitely recommend fly cruise to fully enjoy facilities and your holiday. Sailing from southampton also runs the risk of crossing the "unlucky for some" bay of bisque and for us it was 'slight/moderate' but I found this to be extremely unsettling and had awful motion sickness. When sitting down, one miniute you can see the sea, next miniute it disappears! Read Less
Sail Date: September 2014
Just back from 14 nights Adventure of the Seas to the Canaries.After cutting quite a few goodies we are beginning to wonder what RCCI will think of next .Half way through our evening meal my daughter was approached by a waiter who was ... Read More
Just back from 14 nights Adventure of the Seas to the Canaries.After cutting quite a few goodies we are beginning to wonder what RCCI will think of next .Half way through our evening meal my daughter was approached by a waiter who was trying to sell her a Royal Caribbean cook book How would the Big Cheese of RCCI react to something like that? Whilst we were having a quiet drink in the Schooner bar we were approached by a woman member of staff plugging Giovannis restaurant Loading the Diamond plus card with 3 free drinks per person is a good idea and will be better when all the barstaff are conversant with it ie being being presented with a check with your first drink .One thing worth remembering ----------If you order a gin and slim line tonic on Deck 14 it constitutes 2 drinks[the tonic coming in a small bottle The only thing you can rely on lately with RCCI is the presence of The Noro virus Read Less
Sail Date: September 2014
Comparing this cruise on Adventure of the seas to other cruises taken Positives Great quality food; Friendly, happy, helpful staff; Very clean; Best shows we have seen; Cabin was comfortable. Not so positive Windjammer cafe too crowded ... Read More
Comparing this cruise on Adventure of the seas to other cruises taken Positives Great quality food; Friendly, happy, helpful staff; Very clean; Best shows we have seen; Cabin was comfortable. Not so positive Windjammer cafe too crowded and no Al la Carte dining lunch times on port days; ship a bit tired; Balcony not as nice as other ships; Charge for shuttle transfers; Only noisy small cafe for complimentary tea/coffee and snacks after 9.00pm. Norovirus outbreak. Ports Gijon you have to book a trip or pay 15 dollars for shuttle as dock In commercial port, visited the train museum; Vigo pleasant walk from ship and good to explore; Madeira was nicest port, very pretty, easy access to local gardens by cable car; Gran Canaria good place to walk from ship to shops, and local market and we visited Science and Technology museum opposite the port. Overall very enjoyable cruise would use RCI again.   Read Less
Sail Date: October 2014
This was our 4th cruise, 3rd with RCI and worst. It started of with the utter chaos at Southampton waiting to board the ship, due to the deep clean and the Norovirus outbreak from the previous cruise that was being carried out on board the ... Read More
This was our 4th cruise, 3rd with RCI and worst. It started of with the utter chaos at Southampton waiting to board the ship, due to the deep clean and the Norovirus outbreak from the previous cruise that was being carried out on board the ship. We had received the e-mail to tell us about the deep clean so paid extra to our hotel to keep our room longer. But at 2pm we had to head for the ship. There was only one person from RCI outside the terminal to inform us of what was happening with no real success. At about 4.30pm we get into the terminal and then onto the ship. Once on board it was straight to the muster drill, this was started before everyone was board, I got told afterwards that not all people got the muster drill until the next day. After the drill we were told that our cabins were ready....this was not true, the stewards were still doing the deep clean, and people were not very happy trying to get into their cabins. This was resolved at around 6.30pm lucky we opted for the 8.30pm dinner, the bags arrived in good time. Due to the threat of the virus the Windjammer was not self service until breakfast on the Sunday as we left to go home. After a few days of being served like this I felt I was in the school dining room, the crew that served you food never took off the gloves after serving someone their food and handling their plate, and the crew that wiped the tables used the same cloth over and over again. The main dining rooms were fine with great service from the waiters although the Maitre d caused a couple at our dinner table some grief because of their opinions on the mid cruise survey. After this run in they never came back to eat dinner. The meals was fine if you liked seafood which was on the menu far too often, as I don't like seafood my starter most night was Caeser salad. The steward that cleaned the cabin was excellent and very helpful, the carpet was well worn, the sofa was too, the balcony patchwork was different shade of white and rust. Bar staff were great and very attentive, and the entertainment was good also. We never used RCI for any excursions, way over priced. Getting off and back on the ship at the ports was terrible with long queues. Disembarkation is swift and easy and no queuing for once. This was maybe due to another deep clean. After all the Norovirus issues could have been dealt better, the figures from the previous cruise the number of people affected with the virus varied so much that we didn't believe the figures, that we was told about. . Read Less
Sail Date: October 2014
As the ship had an outbreak of the novo virus the previous week when it reached Southampton it had to have a deep clean which no one minded but the chaos to board was dreadful. The ship had a refit earlier this year but except for some of ... Read More
As the ship had an outbreak of the novo virus the previous week when it reached Southampton it had to have a deep clean which no one minded but the chaos to board was dreadful. The ship had a refit earlier this year but except for some of the new carpets, a new 'concrete mattress' and a flat screen television the in stateroom nothing much looked different. The furniture in the staterooms were dated and mostly scratched. The daytime activities on sea days were very poor. The evening shows had excellent guest performers . The parade on the royal promenade was poor compared to the other ships we've been on.There was only one ice show over the two weeks as compared to two again on other ships. Johnny Rockets menu was somewhat depleted as apposed to other ships. The food in the main dining room was excellent no complaints there as was Giovannis the Italian restaurant., except some passengers complained that when they ordered a bottle of water it was $8 and they weren't told, then tried to see them a bottle of wine at $50 - $100 dollars. The queues to get shuttle bus tickets were horrendous as you had to queue outside of the ship. The ports of call were lovely except Majorca on a Sunday but with the marathon all the roads were closes so they bused us to the middle of nowhere where everyone promptly came back.   Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2014
This was our 13th cruise during Xmas/New Years. This year we did Xmas week. We arrived in San Juan on Saturday a day before our departure. I received an email prior saying we needed to arrive no earlier than 1pm. We left the hotel about ... Read More
This was our 13th cruise during Xmas/New Years. This year we did Xmas week. We arrived in San Juan on Saturday a day before our departure. I received an email prior saying we needed to arrive no earlier than 1pm. We left the hotel about 12:15 and arrived at the port. There is a line for Diamond Members to drop their bags. We stood in a long line due to only have 1 machine to put your carry on bags thru. That was a little crazy and they were letting people on. Why send the emails/texts then? We were able to get into line for the Diamond Members and quickly checked in. I liked the fact that they took your picture right when you were checking in than later. We made our way on board and went to the Windjammer for lunch. After lunch we were able to throw our bags into the room and went back to the kiddie pools on 12. The water in the kiddie pools was freezing cold. A few observations that I noted that need to change. If you have a kid not potty trained then they can't use the pools even with swim diapers. You tell me what 3 yr old is not peeing in the adult pools? I think a swim diaper catches everything vs a little kid. The only thing my 20 month old great niece could go in was the shower on deck 12. Seems odd. There is a lot of shade on deck 12 in the back by the kiddie pools. Why not get more in the sun? We got a balcony this time around and it was nice. My sisters complaint is they don't get the room set based on who is staying there. i.e. a double bed was made when twin beds were needed. She had to ask for her bathrobe also. Our bags came quickly. Mine first along with my nephews/wife/babies bags. I quickly unpacked about 3 in the afternoon. The other 6 in our party came a little later about 4. The food was fantastic on the first night. We always joke about the onion tart being on the menu and we were all surprised it was not. The food the first few nights were great. Then by Wednesday it was taking longer to get food out. We know it wasn't our server so it had to be the kitchen. We started to ask for her meal immediately so she didn't fuss. Domingos was our waiter and he gets a double thumbs up. We loved the ports and went to new beaches this trip in Aruba and Curacao. We wish that there were more ships leaving out of San Juan. The weather is better leaving further south than out of Florida. We wish in all public bathrooms there are toilet seat covers available. That would be nice. We booked again for next year but a little unhappy about some of the ports they are picking. i.e. Martinique, Grenada to name a few. We are booked on the Celebrity for next year. I hate the fact they changed the itinerary for 2 days back to back at sea. Hopefully this will change. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2014
Prior to embarkation day we received an email concerning stateroom location and an assigned embarkation time. We arrived on time and although the process was a little confusing at the beginning we got thru relatively hassle free. P.S. ... Read More
Prior to embarkation day we received an email concerning stateroom location and an assigned embarkation time. We arrived on time and although the process was a little confusing at the beginning we got thru relatively hassle free. P.S. there were many stateroom tags ahead of us that did not match the email times but I would always expect this no matter what the cruise line tries to do to enhance operations. We have sailed on sister ships with almost identical stateroom location and on this cruise the room and attendents were fine. The only food comment I would note is the lack of variation in the buffet on a daily basis. The worse aspect of ship condition was the min-golf course is in terrible condition especially knowing that the ship had recently been drydocked. Lack of priority probably played a part in this oversight but it sets a tone of uncertainty with regard to other areas. Port arrival an disembarkation for excursions was very smooth at each location. Overall entertainment venues would be rated 3.5 of out 5. This cruise involved 2 sea days and although we are not sun bathers the ship offers plenty of outside deck space so we did not notice issues in that departurement. Disembarkation was resaonable but I did not care for the self assist early departure requirement. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2014
This is my 7th cruise and 4th with RCI. This is my first time on the Adventure of the Seas, but my second on a Voyager class. The other RCI I've been on was the Allure. We arrived in San Juan the Friday before embarkation because ... Read More
This is my 7th cruise and 4th with RCI. This is my first time on the Adventure of the Seas, but my second on a Voyager class. The other RCI I've been on was the Allure. We arrived in San Juan the Friday before embarkation because this was our first time in Puerto Rico. We stayed in a condo in Condado, just outside of Old San Juan. On Saturday, we toured Old San Juan's two fort, San Cristobal and El Morro and had dinner close by. In San Juan, RCI's ship dock by the city's smaller airport, SIG, and no in Ols San Juan port. There is really nothing around the port. The best way to get to the port is by taxi and most driver will know where RCI docks. Since we booked a JS, we were allowed to embark any time between 11AM - 7PM. We arrived at the terminal around 1PM and were a lot of people already in line. As we had only three pieces of luggage, we decided to carry on our own bags. The whole embarkation process took about 20-25 minutes, and our JS was ready when we got onboard. Our cabin, 9628 JS, was on the port side close to the rear elevator bank. We were very happy with our cabin and everything worked fine. Please see our separate cabin review. Our cabin steward, Keithly, took care of us very well and we never had a problem with his service or the cleanliness of our cabin. We selected early seating in the MDR for this cruise and we found ourselves seated on table 318, in the Vivaldi dining room on deck 3. This table, a table for 10, was located in the middle of the dining room under the main chandelier by the Captain's table. I thought we would see the Captain once or twice during the cruise, but he did not dine in the dining room during the whole cruise. Our main waiter in the dining room, Syvester, was really good and he got to know us by the third night; no wonder, he has been with RCI for seven years. We dined at the MDR all week for dinner and we were very happy with the quality and quantity of the food. We had one or two dishes we didn't cared for the whole week, but everything else was cooked perfectly to our order and taste. The ship was decked out for the holidays with a huge Christmas tree forward on the Promenade. There was definitely a Christmas feel throughout the ship and even the crew was into the spirit. Since my last two cruises were on the Allure, the level of entertainment was just not the same, and I didn't expect it either. But our cruise director, Mercedes, and her staff did their best. The song and dance shows were more than acceptable, the comedians were funny, Alan Chamo, the Mental Magician, was entertaining. The ice shows were up to par. But most of all, we really had fun with Matt Yee at the Schooner Bar every night from 9:45PM till late with his adult sing along show. There was even a Christmas carol sing along on the Promenade deck on Christmas Eve. Even though the ship was full, we never felt crowded and we found good seats at every show. This cruise was so enjoyable, we decided to rebook for Christmas 2015! Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2014
Was onboard the Adventure of the Seas on the Dec.21.2014 sailing and here is my review. Please note I have also been on the Allure and the Oasis of the Seas, other RCL ships and Emerald Princess in the past as well San Juan Airport to ... Read More
Was onboard the Adventure of the Seas on the Dec.21.2014 sailing and here is my review. Please note I have also been on the Allure and the Oasis of the Seas, other RCL ships and Emerald Princess in the past as well San Juan Airport to Seaport: Took a taxi which cost $25 and was there in 20 minutes. Check-in was fast with very friendly assistants. Cabin Location and Condition: Cabin# 6244 was a balcony cabin right across from the elevators but we did not hear any noise from the promenade. It was in very good condition and was larger than the ones on the Allure of the seas. Food & Entertainment: Food was mediocre and repetitive with very few choices. It was better on the other RCL ships. Entertainment was mediocre as well and the movies being shown were repetitive (Spiderman-2 all seven days?...phew!!) . Better entertainment on other RCL ships. Ports: Excellent ports and RCL did a good job on the port excursions. Enough time spent at the ports Departure: Took a tour of San Juan on the last day before being dropped off at the airport. The tour was short and not enough time was given to us to explore the various shops and streets. Perhaps this can be improved. Overall: I would definitely recommend this cruise and would do it again if RCL made some changes to the entertainment and food.   Read Less
Sail Date: December 2014
This was my first RCL cruise. I consider myself a “Princess” (Cruise Line) girl. I don’t think this will be my last. I was rather impressed. The itinerary for this ship was awesome! Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St Maarten, St. ... Read More
This was my first RCL cruise. I consider myself a “Princess” (Cruise Line) girl. I don’t think this will be my last. I was rather impressed. The itinerary for this ship was awesome! Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St Maarten, St. Croix. I had been to all but St. Croix. Embarkation/Disembarkation • The embarkation was surprisingly smooth (better than six years ago when I must have waited between two to three hours before finally getting on my Celebrity Summit ship) • I waited until the very last second before heading to the area I needed to be for disembarking. I watched the giant screen at the pool deck as the times were being posted to disembark. I left at 11:00 am which was fine by me. I wasn’t ready to go home. The ship • There are over 3100 passengers so patience is a virtue with line ups at the buffet, getting (free) ice cream. • I read somewhere that they made a lot of announcements over the PA system. I didn’t seem to think so. They do announce in two languages (English and Spanish) which is no biggie. There are a lot of Puerto Ricans (who are lucky to get good deals). • So if you didn’t have your Cruise Compass, a listing of the activities for the day, every floor has a computer screen to which you could find out what’s going on as well as directions of where you want to get to. Food I’m not a fussy eater. I enjoyed the food in Windjammer Café (buffet). In the main dining room I had some delicious meals including jumbo shrimp with rice & veggies, chicken cordon blue (oh that was delic!), French onion soup, a couple of times I had escargot (yum). I thought there was always a nice variety. Service • I had an awesome cabin steward who I hardly saw. When I did he was always friendly. • The waiter and assistance waiter at my table were very good. • The crew who I came in contact were always friendly, helpful. Entertainment • I’m not much for the “main shows” as I find them the same thing most of the time (not to take away the talents of those who put on the show) so I don’t go every night. • I saw the comedian Etta May. She was pretty funny. • Daniel Bouchet, an Argentina singer, was awesome! But a lady told me she saw him on this same ship in April and he had more to his program than what he had that night. • I love watching movies on the big screen at the poolside. One thing, wish they would tone down the volume but wasn’t as loud as on Princess’ ships. And maybe have free popcorn like they do on Princess. But hey, it was nice to sit outside in the warm air knowing the next week I’d be back to blah winter cold. • I saw Matt Yee for a couple of nights. He was hilarious. But the third time felt a little repetitious and I was a bit bored so I headed up to the pool deck and enjoyed the warm evening while watching a movie. Cabin I loved my outside cabin on deck 2. No complaints! Miscellaneous • I’m a solo traveller. They did have a meet up the first night but at 11:30 pm. I was too pooped to attend since travelling most of the day to get here. So the next day they had one at noon. Unlike on a Holland America ship I was on, at least there was a staff person to help solos meet. We were to meet at the Lobby Bar then go to lunch but no one showed up (bartender mentioned a few people were here but left 20 minutes ago). I asked if anyone showed the night before but activities person wasn’t there to know. I was annoyed. There was one scheduled for 5 pm that evening no one for solo meet showed up. Again I was annoyed. They had more scheduled meets but I didn’t bother to attend. I wonder if those who attended the first night thought that was all the solos. I guess if you snooze, you lose? It was depressing on Day 4 in the Cruise Compass they already mentioned about departing on Sunday. I did not book excursions from the ship. I do my homework and find other excursions you'll see listed for some of the islands I stopped at. The ship excursions tend to be pricier and not always worth the money. You have to do your homework. Of course if you do independently and you're late for your sail time you're on your own to get to the next port (big negative) but I feel lot of these smaller companies want business (helps with websites in Internet such as Tripadvisor) so they want their name out there. I've been lucky so far. The cruise was very good. I can’t complain. At least I escaped the winter if only for a week.   Read Less
Sail Date: January 2015
My husband and I are avid cruisers and have been cruising yearly for the last 11 years on a variety of cruise lines. Our favorite line is Royal Caribbean because of the "promenade" on many of their ships. This year we decided on ... Read More
My husband and I are avid cruisers and have been cruising yearly for the last 11 years on a variety of cruise lines. Our favorite line is Royal Caribbean because of the "promenade" on many of their ships. This year we decided on 2 back to back, 7 day cruises. We have sailed the "Adventure of the Seas" 2 times before, and enjoyed ourselves immensely, however, this year we noticed a decline in the quality of food and service. Although the dining room should be your best eating experience, the dinner choices and quality were lacking this year. There was no "show case" meal every dinner, as there has been in the past, unless you like eating lamb 2 nights a week. Very poor beef choices.....sliders, and "thin like paper" steak are their standing beef options. Tenderloin "slices" were served one evening....quite lack luster. On other cruise lines, every evening there was a wonderful beef option of Filet Mignon, Beef Wellington, etc. We found, on previous sailings, the Windjammer offered everything the dining room offered, and then some, in a more relaxed environment. This year, there were some dining room options, however, their variety was seriously diminished. Their breakfast options never changed each morning, and their lunches were boring....not what we're used to. The rooms were clean, however, they have put new beds in the suites and they are extremely hard and uncomfortable to sleep on. Many complaints were levied by various people and extra mattress pads were provided.....but, for the increasing prices being paid, you shouldn't have to complain. Room services were not that great on the first cruise (room wasnt cleaned until 2 pm on sailing days), but was better on the second cruise. All in all, we had a wonderful time..........but we're noticing the decline and have begun to look elsewhere for our future options. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2015
We cruised as a group if six adults. Two of us had cruised on the same ship five years ago and chose it based on the positive experience previously and its recent upgrade. We found the onboarding was done effieciently and effectively. We ... Read More
We cruised as a group if six adults. Two of us had cruised on the same ship five years ago and chose it based on the positive experience previously and its recent upgrade. We found the onboarding was done effieciently and effectively. We found the staff all over the boat to be uniformly service oriented and congenial. Our waiters at the My Time Dining were fabulous - the best we have experienced. We dont use cruise ship port tours so I cant comment on those. The specialty restaurant, Giovanni's, was great. We capped off our cruise with dinner there the last night. With an Italian in our group we had an experience critic. Everyone was impressed with the quality and quantity of food. The entertainment was variable and in general disappointing. The usual marriage game was funny - thats pretty easy to do and we had breakfast with one of the couples later. The ice show was enjoyed by those who attended it. The other two shows were sub par and quite frankly disappointing. The fitness centre is great. Its on the front of the boat so as you use the machines you see the entire sea and direction that you are going. Lots of machines and space. Also, the rooms and some areas of the boat need updating. The aqua coloured rooms and wood cabinetry are tired. The cabinets had loose doors and when they upgraded the TVs they left holes in the cabinets. One room smelled musty and we saw large fans in the halls and lobbies. We asked a crew member and they said that there had been sime plumbing "issues". We thought it might have been a storm and weather related dampness, but a plumbing issue makes me wonder. We had a joined room which. That meant that the door removed the couch and we had one chair. We disnt use the door so next time we wouldn't book that opportunity. Also unlike the Celebrity Solstice, the deck/balcony dividers between rooms cannot be opened up. Thats a great feature if you are travelling with another couple as you can get a large shared Anyway, the food, service, weather and company were great so we had a successful vacation. I'd not book on this ship again unless upgraded and I admit we have been spolied by going on Allure of the Seas ans Solstice Class Celebrity ships. We'd book on those next time. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2015
Wait staff spread too thin. They worked extremely hard but not enough of them to cover all their duties adequately, leaving them very little time to interact with guests. The variety of the food was good, but it was not always prepared as ... Read More
Wait staff spread too thin. They worked extremely hard but not enough of them to cover all their duties adequately, leaving them very little time to interact with guests. The variety of the food was good, but it was not always prepared as requested ie: overdone steak and over or under cooked food. The ship, including our suite, was immaculate. Upon debarkation, all four luggage tags were torn from our suitcases, requiring a mad scramble at the dock to find them. Most inconvenient.   Read Less
Sail Date: February 2015
This was our 11th cruise, 1st as Platinum members in Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor Society. We were last on Legend of the Seas, and have previously gone on Explorer of the Seas (2x) and Majesty of the Seas in addition to 3 ... Read More
This was our 11th cruise, 1st as Platinum members in Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor Society. We were last on Legend of the Seas, and have previously gone on Explorer of the Seas (2x) and Majesty of the Seas in addition to 3 Norwegian cruises (Dawn twice and Gem), 2 Holland America cruises (both on MS Noordam), 1 cruise on the Carnival Pride, and 1 on the MSC Orchestra. We were originally booked to go on Independence of the Seas this year, but we ended up switching for the more exotic itinerary on Adventure. As of now, we are booked to go on Oasis of the Seas the same week (President's Week in New York) next year, our first trip to the Western Caribbean. Embarkation / First Day As I've said constantly over my past reviews, check-in at the terminal is always very spotty. Some embarkation ports have very smooth check-in, such as Royal Caribbean's Cape Liberty pier, which now docks the brand new Quantum of the Seas, or also Royal's Terminal 18, which docks the Oasis, Allure, and Legend. There have been some average check-ins, such as in Boston or Baltimore. Then there were the bad ones, such as in Manhattan, or whatever terminal we docked at on the MSC Orchestra. Check-in on Adventure at the Pan American pier was sort of reminiscent of the check-in process in Boston. You drop off your luggage outdoors and then wait in a long line outdoors before entering the small terminal for security and check-in. Only difference is that it was a hot and humid Caribbean climate that we had to wait outside in, on a line of approximately 300 people, with another line right next to us (we were on the priority line for being Platinum members, yet it was longer than the general line.) After about 40 minutes of waiting outside, we finally made it inside to the terminal, where about 25 minutes was all we needed to get through security and check-in. After that, we made what was quite a long walk to the gangway (after getting off the escalator in the terminal, which leads you outdoors, you have to walk on a system of outdoor ramps that lead to the other side of the ship, where you take your embarkation photo, before walking a bit more and then over the gangway). Overall, check-in wasn't awful, just not the easiest either. Once we got on the ship, we went straight up to the Windjammer, where it was still very empty (we were amongst the first on the ship.) Of course, as the MDR is only open for lunch on sea days, we didn't really have much of a choice for lunch, just Windjammer or snacks in the Café Promenade. This was our first time sailing out of San Juan as an embarkation port, so it was rather different having such a late muster drill (5:45) and just departing at dinnertime (8:30). Speaking of the muster drill, we were about ready to jump overboard when they translated everything into Spanish too. Yes, this cruise left from Puerto Rico. But almost all Puerto Ricans speak English as well. And on cruises out of, let's say France, they don't translate anything into English. And from what I've heard from other people/read from other reviews, they don't do that on the other ships that sail from Puerto Rico (including Royal's own Jewel of the Seas and sister company Celebrity's Summit). So take that into consideration. Basically all PA announcements (which there weren't many as cruise directors are no longer allowed to make announcements concerning activities) were translated into Spanish, which made things annoying. The first night was overall fine, beginning with the traditional parade down the Royal Promenade. Not much else to say about the first night other than that there was no sailaway party on the pool deck like there traditionally is, likely because of the late sailaway time. Cabin We were in D2 cabin 7628, which was a nice balcony room. Our stateroom was in a very convenient location, just 4 cabins away from the mid-ship elevators. It was also one of those one-off cabins that are made with that extra few sq feet of space on the balcony, as it is on the "bend" of the ship. It is also in it's own corner, with a corridor entrance right next to it. Overall, the cabin was just a standard balcony cabin. Nothing too special. Our cabin steward, Freddie, was very kind and, while he may not have been the greatest cabin steward we've had, he was very friendly and was at least able to fulfill all the special requests that we needed (which were pretty standard - extra towels, ice at night, and to have the beds separated.) We had three beds (two twins and a pulldown), but they were arranged in a rather unusual way (instead of vertically facing the door, the short side was horizontal to the door), which was rather odd when one bed ended up against the balcony door, literally. Again, it was a nice location and nice to have a little quirk like the oddly-shaped balcony, but there was nothing too special about our stateroom. Service Our cabin steward Freddie was very nice (and of course we gave him an additional $10 at the beginning of the cruise to get that extra good service. This year, our cabin steward came through, and was very attentive at almost all times. He gave us everything we asked for (extra towels/pillows, ice, etc.) and was always friendly. Our waiter Rajesh, on the other hand, was not as friendly or good. He was probably the worst waiter we've had on a ship. We had two teenagers with us, who we always ask for them to be served first, so that they don't miss all the activities in the teen club, etc. Rajesh sounded as if he did not know what to do when we first asked him for that, and eventually the maître'd had to handle their orders. Other people in the dining room were easily served on that matter, including other families we met over the course of the cruise. Not much else to say about the staff; not the worst staff, but certainly not the best staff overall that we've had on a ship. Activities Overall, not much to say about activities. On such a port-heavy itinerary such as this one (4 ports, 2 sea days), there aren't that many on-board activities for the better part of the cruise. Yes we did have two sea days, but there were still not as many activities as you would expect on a ship that has so much to do. Let's reference the Explorer of the Seas, which we have been on twice, for example. The Explorer is obviously a sister ship to the Adventure, as it is from the same Voyager class of ships and is just over one year older than Adventure. The Explorer had more sea days (4 on one cruise, 5 on the other), and there were many more activities. But still, ice skating was only open to the public twice. Once, on the 2nd formal night from 7 pm-7:50 and the other on the final sea day at noon. So one of the public skates was in between the two dinnertimes on FORMAL night, so the other was obviously packed. Also, inline skating was hardly ever an option. Of those activities that all require waivers, only rock climbing was open a lot. And I can't climb one of those things for my life. Poolside activities, like the always fun-to-watch-but-not-compete-in Bellyflop Competition was hilariously fun to watch, especially since it was raining at the time too (the winner was a 350-lb guy from Norway). There weren't that many other activities worth mentioning either. I missed the Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle; they're always too early in the morning on sea days, nonetheless. Entertainment Entertainment was probably the low-light of the trip. It was, for the most part, mediocre at best. The headline shows started off with a bang, with comedian Carl Banks (no, not former NY Giant and now radio broadcaster Carl Banks). He was very funny, and he has appeared on shows such as Seinfeld. He also had a midnight snow on night 2, and that was pretty funny as well. On the second night, the headline show was Invitation to Dance, which is that same as it is on every ship. We didn't bother to stay for the whole show. The third night featured the self-proclaimed Two Funny Guys, who are these two Mexican guys named Mario and Daniel. They were on Legend of the Seas last year and were awful. This year, they were just as awful. It was the exact same show. Aren't stand up comedians normally different from show to show? The fourth night featured some show that we didn't even bother to see. But we did see the ice show that day that was pretty fun. It was called Cool Art, Hot Ice and was on par with other Royal Caribbean ice shows I've seen. The 5th night's show was the ice show again as the headliner show, followed by the Love and Marriage Game Show in the theatre. Those get boring after awhile, but our cruise director Tino made it funny in his own way. But it's still the same as it is on every ship; same questions, etc. The 6th night featured the second and final stage production show, entitled Can't Stop The Rock. The show started off rather slowly, but got much better throughout. It was a good show, from about 10 minutes in till the end. And lastly, the final night featured the Farewell Variety show, beginning with the cruise director's 10 most frequently asked questions. These are also the exact same as they always are, but the only difference is that they were all translated into Spanish as well (sigh.) Following that was a very good contortion-esque act. They were a duo from Russia and they were frightfully good. I wouldn't exactly call it contortion, but more a combination of that and dance and weight-lifting, etc. Following that was the always saddening goodbye from the singers, dancers, and crew. That final performance is always upsetting, as the reality of being home begins to creep in. Overall, entertainment was mediocre at best, as I said earlier. Normally, I would at least remember the names of all the acts and shows, which just shows how disappointing the entertainment really was. I just don't think there can be a better guest act than the Elton John impersonator we had on Explorer three years ago.. Dining The ship, despite its large size, lacks the number of specialty restaurants that even some smaller ships such as Jewel of the Seas and that Jewel class of ships has. The Adventure of the Seas only has one specialty restaurant, Giovanni's Table, Royal Caribbean's trek into upscale-Italian dining. No, we did not eat there over the course of the week, but they did have a very nice Embarkation Day special where kids eat free and all adults were half-off (or something like that). The food was probably the most disappointing that its been ever on a ship, in my opinion. Royal Caribbean as really cut down on food quality over the past few years, and us loyal cruisers who have sailed with the line for many years have come to notice that. That being said, Windjammer (the Lido buffet) was very disappointing for breakfast and lunch. Dinner, on the other hand, is better in the Windjammer than in the MDR, so we noticed. There is a greater variety in the Windjammer nightly than there is downstairs in the MDR, which shows that Royal knows that less people eat there, so they'll put better quality food up there. We still ended up eating in the MDR every night, despite some nights having really lackluster menus on some nights (2, 4, 6, 7). There were some very good menus too (nights 1, 3, 5). In my opinion, there was no average menu; it was either a great menu or a pretty bad one. Two more notes: They ran out of food in the Windjammer on the last morning, up to the point that by 8:15 or so (with the Windjammer closing at 9:30), there were only a few fruits, cold raspberry pancakes, and assorted breads left. Also, the soft-serve ice cream closed at 6 pm, after which you would have to BUY Ben & Jerry's for ice cream. This was not the case on Explorer, where the frozen yogurt stand was open 24 hours, or even on Legend where it was open until 9 pm. Overall, we were very disappointed with the food overall on the ship.. But that and entertainment were the two biggest downsides. Adventure Ocean / OPTIX Teen Program We traveled with two 15-year olds and a 10-year old. The 10-year old didn't even bother stepping foot into Adventure Ocean, as all of the age groups were combined for this sailing. This does happen to be unfair, as a 10-year old does not need to be forced to stay with the 3-year olds, etc. The teens, however, enjoyed OPTIX, just as they had on Explorer, but not on Legend. If you read my review on Legend, you will see that they heavily disliked OPTIX last year. This was definitely not the case this year, as they both found friends and went their own ways. There were also plenty of people from New York, which was rather surprising on a sailing from San Juan. They still keep in touch with some of these people and keep trying to make plans. Oh, you never know who they will meet on these cruises. Ports San Juan: It was the first time that we had more than a half-day in San Juan, and we really didn't do all that much. We went through Old San Juan, but there were no ships in port at the time, so the lack of tourists made it rather creepy. We also realized how much poverty there is in the area, giving Old San Juan a New York City Subway-esque feel. It also rained for nearly all of the 3 days we were in San Juan. Overall, San Juan gets a bit boring after awhile, but it is still a very nice island with a lot to see. St. Thomas: In St. Thomas, it also rained for the better part of the day. We ended up skipping our normal plan of going to the beach, and we ended up going to the Coral World Marine Park, which was just your run-of-the-mill aquarium for the most part. After we left there, we walked next door to what I think is Dawn Beach (I could be wrong), where it started to pour about 20 minutes after we arrived. We ended up just taking a taxi back towards the ship where we would then shop for awhile before returning to the ship. Just like San Juan, St. Thomas gets boring after that many visits as well, whereas islands like St. Maarten never cease to amaze me, and we have also been there 6 times. St. Kitts: In St. Kitts, we went to Frigate Bay Beach, which was just your normal beach. Nothing too special except for a display of caged monkeys and birds near the restaurant. We were docked in St. Kitts on a public holiday on the island, so there were not many shops open except for the shops immediately in the vicinity of the ship. St. Kitts is a very nice island, however. This was just or second time there, with the first being last year on the Legend. Overall, St. Kitts is one of the more boring islands in the Eastern Caribbean however, as the only things to really do on the island are go to the beach or go to the botanical gardens (which you only need to see once.) Aruba: This was our first time in Aruba, and all we can say is WOW. This is already up there on our list of favorite islands (with St. Maarten and Bermuda being the other two islands). We got on a cab and went to the Radisson Ocean resort. We sat at the pool and we were sunburnt within an hour (it was 89 degrees and hot that day.) The beach at a this resort was amongst the nicest beaches we had ever seen. It was beautiful; no other words to describe it. After that, we walked about a mile to Starbucks to take advantage of their free Wi-Fi. We stayed there for about an hour before we called our taxi driver to take us back. (Side note: Our taxi driver, named Mel, was by far one of the nicest people we have ever met on the islands. He was a class act..) After that, we shopped for awhile through downtown Oranjestad, where we went through all of the upscale shops in the "mall", as well as the standard Island shops, such as Del-Sol and Cariloha. Curaçao: Curaçao was a very nice island, in its own way. But after visiting Aruba the day before, it just could not meet the set of standards that Aruba sets. Once again, for the fourth tim eon our 10-day vacation, the day started off with a downpour. It rained until about 1 pm, after which the sun came out and we enjoyed our day. We went to the island's famous Hato caves, which were rather unique. The one bad thing about the cave was the high number of low-flying bats. Those were not fun to walk under.. After the caves, we had our taxi driver bring us to Willemstad, where we were dropped off in front of the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, which was very interesting to us. We toured the facility and adjoining museum, and afterwards we went shopping for on last time. We also walked across the famous "moving-bridge", and through the fort (including the mall inside), and took advantage of our last duty-free shopping opportunity. I must say, upon leaving Curaçao, I said something that I never thought I would hear myself say: "I don't want to go back to San Juan.." Cruise Director Tino Carillo-Lopez was the cruise director for this sailing. He was a fill-in for Mercedes LaFuente, who was off with most of the other cruise directors at some conference. But you wouldn't be able to tell that he was just a fill-in. He was great, especially compared to some other recent cruise directors we've had, such as Paul Rutter last year, who was not very friendly. Tino is a young, energetic guy who was a rather good dancer when it came time for the parties and whatnot. He was a very good cruise director, up there on the best we've had. Disembarkation Disembarkation was very smooth, from when we walked off the ship. While we were on the ship, it was almost as if the crew no longer cared about us, like as I mentioned before. They ran out of food, and it was an overall choppy process getting off the ship. As Royal Caribbean now prohibits announcements over the PA system, we HAD to be in our assigned waiting lounge in order to know when to depart the ship. That being said, our waiting lounge (the priority 4th floor dining room) was overcrowded for the amount of space provided (about 1/4 of the room). We ended up having to stand for the better part of a half hour because there were no seats left and the workers would not let us pass a certain point. Once we were finally called (and nobody knew until a worker came and told everybody personally), getting off the ship was very easy. We got straight downstairs into the terminal, where we found our luggage very quickly (they don't have the luggage valet in San Juan, like they did in Ft. Lauderdale, which kinda sucked). We found a porter immediately, and waited in a 25-minute line to get to customs. There were two customs officers to serve all the passengers disembarking, which caused a very big line to form very quickly. Once we were through customs, we found a cab easily and we were on to the airport. In the airport, we got through USDA and TSA security quite quickly (I still am not quite sure why there are two different security screenings), and we were by our gate by 10:30-10:45. Our flight, an American Airlines flight supposed to depart at 2:30, was delayed until 7:30 because of bad weather in NYC. So we sat in the airport for around 9 hours. There were other planes on other lines that got out well before ours, and there were still a few flights that were delayed, but none as long as ours. Only difference was, the other flights from the other lines that were delayed (Delta, JetBlue, etc.) treated their passengers to snacks and drinks, etc. American, being the cheapest airline, gave us absolutely NOTHING. Not even on the plane would they give us a bag of pretzels or anything. Which now gives us a good reason to boycott American Airlines indefinitely. But that’s another story for another website... Overall / Summary / Final Thoughts Overall, it was a fun cruise. Better than last year for sure, but still not the best cruise we've been on. Still, we all had a great time until the airport. A few more takeaways: The ship does need a bit of a touch-up. It looks rather old in places, which isn't something you want to see from a ship that was renovated less than two years ago. Also, the Café Promenade had the same limited food selection every day. The pizza in the Café Promenade was rather awful, which was very disappointing. Also, the movie selection on the ship was awful. The same 3 movies played over and over and over and over and over again. Those three movies were Big Hero 6, Jersey Boys, and The Edge of Tomorrow. Lastly, I want to recognize an incident that happened on the final day. One of the 5 of us on the trip (she is 84 years old) slipped and fell on a very wet pool deck on her way to get lunch. She broke her shoulder and also cut her head open right above her eyebrow, requiring several stitches. The nerve of the pool staff, who went out of their way to make up excuses. For example, one person had the nerve to say that there was a wine cooler that somebody knocked over and she tripped on that, and other stupid things like that. Everyone that witnessed the incident saw what happened, and they all knew she slipped on a very wet floor that did not have proper signage saying "wet floor" or anything at all. Thumbs down for that! But, to end on a positive note, it was still a very fun cruise for all and we all enjoyed the trip, for the most part. But everything that you have read in these reviews on this particular ship are true. Some have had very good experiences, while there are also quite a few neutral and negative reviews as well. Take that into consideration when booking your trip on Adventure of the Seas. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2015
The ship was lovely and clean, if a little worn around the edges, but nothing to deter one’s enjoyment of the facilities. The ship’s guests were a mix of ages, from families to seniors . My husband and I are at the young end of ... Read More
The ship was lovely and clean, if a little worn around the edges, but nothing to deter one’s enjoyment of the facilities. The ship’s guests were a mix of ages, from families to seniors . My husband and I are at the young end of seniors. We did not use all the activities. We do not go to the beach or do water activities. I really liked our balcony cabin. It was spacious (for a ship), with lots of storage for our clothes and toiletries, a small couch, fridge, safe, desk, flatscreen T.V. and small, private balcony. It would have been helpful to have a television guide since it was hit and miss without it. I also think movies should be included in the price of the cruise. Our steward, Jeremie, was very friendly and kept our room clean. My husband and I enjoyed my-time dining. We never had to wait long because we were happy to sit with others and meet new people. This type of dining gives you flexibility regarding both dining time and dining companions. If you like who you’re sitting with you can arrange to meet them again and if not....not. I do not like the food on this ship. We were on it Christmas 2014 and I felt the same way. The food in the dining room is mediocre. (My husband thought the food was fine but he didn’t eat the beef.) Although I ate most suppers in the dining room to meet people, I preferred the food in the Windjammer even though the desserts were terrible. I HATED the fact that the Windjammer closed at 9pm. Activities on this ship go into the wee hours of the morning so this makes absolutely no sense to me. The dinky eatery in the promenade cannot possible accommodate 3,000 guests properly. It had a horrible selection and was cramped and unpleasant. You had to pay for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream You also had to pay for burgers at Johnny Rockets. In the dining room you had to pay for up-graded steak and lobster. (This was new.) I found this ridiculous on a supposedly all-inclusive cruise. I understand having some specialty restaurants but ice cream and burgers? Come on. And if steak and lobster are at a premium, they should offer them once a week like they did last Christmas 2014 or serve them in the specialty restaurant. Having priced items on the menu in the supposedly inclusive dining room is not acceptable. (They had frozen yoghurt on the pool deck, but only between 12pm and 6pm.) The promenade is crowded in the evenings and empty in the day. Evening kiosks in the middle of the promenade make navigating that area difficult. I’m not a big fan of this design. My husband used the track every morning and was very pleased with it. I used the very comfortable library in the evenings and enjoyed the exchange shelf for guests. The ship’s shows were adequate and some of the special guest shows were outstanding. Unfortunately they never changed the ship shows or games. They were the same as in 2014! And if you are on a two week cruise you are seeing the same ship shows, attending the same games with the same questions and watching the same movies in the screening room and big outside screen. Royal Caribbean really needs to rethink this, especially if they want repeat customers. Sea days had few activities if you weren’t a sports enthusiast. The sad thing is the ship probably had a wealth of knowledge among the guests but chose not to use them as assets. I think RC should designate a room for guest speakers and have a sign up sheet for those willing to give lectures. RC can state that these lecturers have not been screened by their company but are available for guests who would like to learn from other guests. (On our Christmas cruise, staff approached one of the guests to give a lecture and he was a big hit.) Wifi is very expensive and slow on the ship. You can avoid these costs by using the islands’ wifi cafes or their libraries. P.S. I am Canadian. Favourite, colourful and jewellery are not spelled incorrectly. I will claim any other spelling errors are merely typos.   Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2015
About us, we are seasoned cruisers, (Platinum on Carnival) and choose our Cruises based on cost and itinerary. We chose this ship because of the itinerary, and honestly our friends chose! We stayed at the El San Juan Suites in downtown ... Read More
About us, we are seasoned cruisers, (Platinum on Carnival) and choose our Cruises based on cost and itinerary. We chose this ship because of the itinerary, and honestly our friends chose! We stayed at the El San Juan Suites in downtown Old San Juan. It was okay for overnight, but will not stay there again. The good was that it was convenient to downtown for the restaurants and culture, the bad is we prefer a little more luxury. This was like staying at a Motel 6 without a window. We arrived at the ship between 12:30 and 1 p.m., lines were very short and we were on in less than 30 minutes. The ship is in need of updating and refurbishing, the carpet in particular is worn in many areas. It is a smaller ship, but I like a smaller ship. We had a balcony cabin that was looking it’s age for wear and tear. There were no robes, so it may be that you have to ask or they just do not furnish them. We also had to ask for an ice bucket with ice. Once we did that our cabin Steward had it full every day. He also made sure we had 4 towels everyday like we asked. The blow dryer kept shutting off when it got hot, and the bed was not as comfortable as Carnival. Other than that, it was a cabin like most other lines and no big deal. Dennis was very friendly and provided great service. In the dining room, we had stellar service. The food was good, but to me most cruise line food is good. The interesting thing is that the buffet was closed between breakfast and lunch and there was no iced tea available until lunch unless you asked. There were also only 2 choices of juice for breakfast whether or not you were in the dining room or the buffet. I did miss the grapefruit or tomato juice options that are available on other cruise lines. We did eat at the specialty Italian restaurant for dinner one night. Food was awesome and well worth the $20 per person extra. Entertainment was hit or miss. Having not been with RCCL in 15 years or so, we were unfamiliar with the ice shows and missed those completely. The other shows were just okay. We did see the late night comedian one night, but I did not think he was that funny. Debarkation was a breeze, we had an early flight so they gave us #1 tickets. We were off the ship and to the airport before 8:30 a.m. I would sail with RCCL again but because of familiarity and perks will likely stick with Carnival as a first choice. In reality, any day on a cruise is better than a day at work!   Read Less
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Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.0

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