Sail Date: November 2008
We chose this cruise based on price and ports visited. My husband and I had only been on one other cruise, in June of 2007, 12 nights aboard Oceania's Insignia to Croatia, the Greeks Islands and Turkey. We loved that cruise, but ... Read More
We chose this cruise based on price and ports visited. My husband and I had only been on one other cruise, in June of 2007, 12 nights aboard Oceania's Insignia to Croatia, the Greeks Islands and Turkey. We loved that cruise, but decided we should try another, much cheaper cruise to see what it was like. We booked this cruise on RCL's website, less than 90 days before the cruise, after checking the price online. The purpose of this cruise was to celebrate our "empty nest" syndrome. Both of our sons were off to college, and we didn't have to worry about anyone but ourselves. After booking the cruise through RCL, I started reading reviews of Adventure of the Seas on this website, as well as the "Berlitz" 2008 guide to cruising. Quite frankly, I was very worried. 3000 plus people, children running amok, someone trying to sell you something every moment, lots of noise, announcements, music, etc. was NOT our idea of a fun vacation. We decided to go with the flow, try our best to have a good time, and see how it went. Well, we had a WONDERFUL TIME!! We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and want others to know that they can too! Day One, Nov. 9th: We booked our airline tickets through We boarded American Airlines at National Airport at 7:35 in the morning for our flight to Miami. From Miami we flew to San Juan, arriving on time at 3:35 pm. Then, along with about 30 other sets of passengers, we discovered that our luggage had not made it aboard the plane. We stood in line for nearly two hours to report our lost luggage, and everyone we spoke with in line were also on cruises out of San Juan. An AOS representative promised to bring our luggage to the ship if it arrived on the 6:30 p.m. flight as promised by American Airlines. We took a taxi to the cruise ship, and were about to board, when the doors were closed for the ships Muster Drill. We had to sit and wait for 40 minutes while the muster drill was taking place, then we were finally allowed to board the ship. Thank Goodness I booked a table at Portofino's the first night at 8:30 p.m., since we didn't even board until 6:45 p.m. We had requested an 8:30 p.m. dining seating, but had been assigned a 6:00 p.m. seating. After dropping off our carry-on luggage in our room, we went to Guest Services, where they acknowledged our baggageless state, gave us complimentary t-shirts and toiletries kits, and told us that our luggage had NOT arrived on the 6:30 p.m. American Airlines flight, and that we should receive our luggage in Aruba on Tuesday. Oh dear, at least I had packed an extra shirt for my husband, a dress and a pair of sandals for me, and my bathing suit. (Never again will I pack so little in my "overnight case". I have learned my lesson to bring a couple of days worth of clothes.) That night in Portofinos the restaurant was nearly empty. Despite how empty the room was, they seated the three couples at tables all right next to each other, by the windows. Since it was dark there was nothing to see outside, so it didn't make sense to me to seat us so close together. However, fortunately for us, we got to talking to the couple sitting to the right of us. We talked about how AA lost our luggage, and we would have nothing to wear the next night, which was "Formal" night in the dining room. The gentleman then told us about the "Mystery Dinner" that was being presented the next night, and called the Portofino manager over and asked him to put us at the top of the wait-list, since our luggage was lost and we had no formal clothes to wear. We would never have made this request for ourselves, and yet, because of this kind man, we got to attend the Mystery Dinner on Monday night and had a terrific time. Thank you, man from Boston, I'm sorry I don't remember your name. Monday, Nov. 10, 2008: Our first day at sea. We ate breakfast in the Vivaldi dining room, and had a very nice meal served there. We proceeded to the various shops in the "Mall" in the middle of the ship. My husband bought a bathing suit, and I bought a t-shirt and pair of pants to supplement our clothing. We expected that AA would pay for these purchases. I booked a two-hour facial and massage combination in the spa, and was very satisfied with both. I especially loved the fact that my attendant Catherine, from the Philippines did not try to sell me all the products she had used on my face. It was a very enjoyable experience. My husband lay out on tone of the many lounge chairs available on the deck above the pool while I was getting my massage. In the evening I put on my same dress I had wore the night before, and we went to the Blue Moon lounge for the Cruise Critics members meeting. We were late to arrive at that meeting, but it seemed to mostly be an advertisement for "Oasis of the Seas", the new ship RCL will be premiering. I asked the assembled group if we dared to go to the formal dinner dressed as we were, since we had not heard whether we had tickets to the Mystery Dinner yet, and most people agreed that we could attend the formal dinner explaining to our tablemates that we were still without luggage. Luckily we did get to attend the Mystery Dinner, which began in the same Blue Moon lounge only minutes later. The "Mystery Dinner" was well worth the money ($49.50 each) and time. It began in the Blue Moon lounge, with champagne and passed hors d'oeuvres that were delicious. The characters were played (or Over-played) by members of the ship's entertainment crew, and the play was funny, the murder took place off-stage, and the discussion took place down in Portofino's. We went downstairs to Portofino's where we were seated at tables of about 10 couples. There was a choice between three meals, and the red and white wines flowed. Each character (or suspect) visited each table during dinner and we were allowed to ask each one questions. (however, they could lie with their answers.) We were given sheets of paper and pencils to explain who we thought the murderer was, and why. In the end, 13 people got the answer right, and they picked a name out of a hat to receive a bottle of wine as a prize. A grand time was experienced by all. Day 3, Tues. Nov. 11, 2008: Aruba! We ordered our breakfast to be delivered to our room, and it arrived a few minutes before requested. The fruit plate was especially fine. We experienced a bit of waiting debarking the ship, and then again, as everyone who signed up for our excursion aboard the "Jolly Roger" sailboat had to sign a waiver. We went on an open air bus to the small pier where the Jolly Roger was docked and set off. We truly enjoyed this excursion, going first to a World War II shipwreck to snorkel, then on to a reef. At the end of the excursion we went to a place where the participants could swing off a rope into the water, and while the rum drinks flowed, a great time was had by all. When we went back to the ship around midday, we went to the Windjammer for the first time for lunch. I had a burger and some potato salad, the burger had been sitting in a steamer for a long time, my husband partook of the various salads for lunch. We then went to our stateroom where TA DAA! our luggage was waiting for us! We were so happy. My husband went back out to take pictures near the pier in Aruba, and I took a nap! At dinner time we went to maitre d' of Vivaldi, and requested the later dinner time. He was very accommodating and gave us the later seating. We then went upstairs to the Blue Moon lounge and later the 19th hole lounge to have drinks before dinner. Our dinner that evening was with two other couples, one British and the other a former air force colonel and his wife from Vermont. We had a lovely dinner and dessert, and I requested decaf coffee to end the evening. Later at 3:30 a.m. as I lay awake in our cabin, I concluded that the coffee must have been regular, and I was sad to have slept so little. Day 4, Curacao, Nov. 12, 2008: We awoke early and ate breakfast in the Windjammer cafe, where I ate my fill in lox and bagels. This day, my husband was going on a kayaking excursion, and I had booked the "Caribbean Cooking Class" with Angelina's kitchen. I cannot say enough about this excursion, it was wonderful. There were about 20 people on this excursion, and we were taxied to the house a few blocks up in the hills of Curacao. Angelinas Kitchen is run by Carmelita, while Angelina is pursuing other endeavors. We were divided up in 5 groups of 4, and each assigned a course to make. If you love to cook, or just love to eat, this is a terrific excursion! I cannot recommend it enough! Everyone had fun, the food was great, the wine flowed (again!) and afterwards we walked back to the ship, all downhill from the house where the class was held. Several people went over to the shopping area of Curacao, but I returned to the ship for my daily nap! My husband had fun on his excursion too! That night when we went to dinner there were four couples for our six people table, and as we had been the last to be seated, we volunteered to be moved. We were sent downstairs to sit with Barb and Dave from St. Louis, Missouri, whom we ended up staying with the rest of our time aboard. Once again the food was fine, and we found the assistant waiter, Oscar to be of the most help. Day 5, Thursday, Nov. 13, Day at Sea: This day at sea we slept late and ate a very late breakfast in Windjammer around 10:30-11:00 a.m. We spent the majority of the day around the "adult" pool area. This was one of our favorite places on the ship, there was no noise, no bands, no announcements, and although many people "saved" the lounge chairs, we still were able to find ones out of the sun where we could read and relax. That evening we finally dressed up for the second formal night, and went to the on-board show, which was extremely entertaining. I was impressed with the singing and dancing of the entertainment crew, we often visit Broadway, and attend shows in the D.C. area, and we found the quality of the entertainers to be very high. Day 6, Friday, Nov. 14th, St. Maarten/St. Martin: After breakfast at Windjammer we debarked the ship and walked straight over to a Hertz Car Rental located only a hundred yards from the end of the pier! For a final total of $64.00 we were able to rent an automatic Toyota Corolla for the day. We drove all around the island, both the Dutch and French sides, ate lunch at a Beach Club called "Mr. Busby's" on Dawn Beach, then ended back in Philipsburg to do some shopping. We got lost in Marigot and never found a place to park and walk around. We stopped at Oriental Beach, and then settled at Dawn Beach. Overall a very nice day, for less money than two excursions would have cost us. That night was "Lobster Night" in the dining room, and the waiters brought us each a second lobster tail. Very, very nice! Day 7, Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008, St. Thomas: In the morning we went on the ship's excursion aboard the Catamaran Island Girl. Our catamaran went to Buck Island, since my hub and I had been to St. John many years earlier we wanted to snorkel a new place. One of the young men aboard the catamaran was a marine biologist, and he told us that 40% of the area's coral had all died in 2004, when the Sea had heated to 88 degrees in temperature. We enjoyed the excursion, but didn't see nearly the amount of varied fish we had remembered seeing when we had visited the Virgin Islands in 1980. Later that day I spoke to a couple of gentlemen who had gone on the excursion to Trunk Bay in St. John, and they said they saw dozens and dozens of different kinds of fish. So if you are looking for a dazzling snorkeling experience, head to Trunk Bay in St. John. The 15th was my 55th birthday, and that evening, due to the insistence of our tablemate Barb, I did get a slice of cake with a candle in it. Both Friday and Saturday nights we had finally discovered the casino, and I managed to lose about $25.00 each night. Just three seats from mine at the slots a man won $4000.00, which they paid him in $100.00 bills! Day 8, Sunday, Nov. 16th, San Juan, Puerto Rico: Since we had booked a night in Old San Juan at the Hotel Milano, we were among the 5th group to debark. This really was very simple, and we didn't mind the wait. We took a taxi to the hotel, which was an ideal location and a terrific price. For further information, see our review in of the hotel in San Juan! Conclusions: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Good: We had a wonderful, relaxing cruise, where we spent too much money on booze. Our cabin was plenty spacious for us, it was cleaned twice a day by our attendant Lavorne. The service we received everywhere aboard the ship was outstanding, everyone seemed happy to see us, greet us, and do whatever they could to make our cruise enjoyable. If there were 3000 people aboard this ship we could not tell, we never felt over-crowded. Probably over half the guests aboard were Puerto Ricans, mostly families, who all seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. One important note: There were very few children aboard this ship. Most of the children were younger than school age, and we were never bothered by kids running, screaming, etc. During school holidays and breaks this may be a totally different experience. The Bad: We were charged $10.95 for expenses from the mini-bar, and we never used it, except for the diet cokes we brought aboard. The lines to report problems with your bill were so long, it wasn't worth the time and effort for eleven bucks. Still irritating though. The Ugly: Our room had a connecting door. Thankfully the people who stayed on the other side spent very little time in the room, and rarely played their T.V. However, every night, like clockwork, we could hear their intimate moments. Every sound. Next time I'll request NO connecting doors. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2008
We recently returned from a 7-day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas. As experienced cruisers who have cruised with this line many times before, some things met and sometimes exceeded our expectations. ... Read More
We recently returned from a 7-day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas. As experienced cruisers who have cruised with this line many times before, some things met and sometimes exceeded our expectations. We spent two nights pre-cruise at the San Juan Marriott Stellaris Resort and Casino. The hotel underwent an extensive refurbishment since we last stayed there. Our room on the ninth floor was bright and clean and had an ocean view. We were starved after our early morning flight from Atlanta, so we headed down to the pool bar for a quick burger and my first Mojito. We then headed down the street to Walgreens to pick up some last minute toiletries which we could not bring on the plane. That evening we opted to dine at the buffet in the hotel. The following day, after a quick breakfast at Starbucks which was across the street from the hotel, we took a taxi into Old San Juan for a day of sightseeing and an early dinner at the Parrott Club (I was not impressed, and whatever I ate did not sit well on my stomach). Sunday, December 21, 2008 - Boarding Day As Crown & Anchor Diamond members, boarding was a fast, easy and painless process. Upon entering the cruise terminal at the Pan American pier, we were immediately ushered to the Diamond counter where they checked our boarding passes scanned our credit card, and issued our Seapass cards. This is the card which you use to get into your cabin, re-boarding the ship after going ashore, and charging all purchases while on board. The only time cash changes hands is in the casino, and if you choose to tip in cash rather than by voucher. We were then allowed to board the ship. It was then on to lunch in the Windjammer where we enjoyed the standard Royal Caribbean buffet and our favorite Honey Stung Chicken which is only served on the first day. The buffet selection was as varied as we remembered, (salad bar, hot entrees, soups, sandwiches, hand carved meats, deserts, soft serve ice cream & soft drinks). After overstuffing ourselves, it was time to check out our dinner seating arrangements. We were assigned to a table for four directly in the entrance to the Strauss Dining room on Deck 4. We were not at all satisfied with the seating assignment, so we waited in line for the Maitre D' to request a table change. We specifically requested to be seated at a large table with English speaking people and no children. Later that evening we discovered that we were now seated at a large table, but with only one other couple who spoke no English at all. Needless to say, the following morning, we were back at the Maitre D' desk requesting another table change...again. We were assigned to a table for six in the Mozart Dining Room on Deck 5. Only one other couple showed up. They weren't the friendliest or most conversational, but at least they spoke English. This is the first time in all of our cruises that we have encountered such problems. We usually look forward to dining each evening with our tablemates. It is one of the highlights of our cruise. Our next stop was our Jr. Suite on Deck 9 which was ready at 2:00 PM. After unpacking our carry-ons and decorating the cabin, the balcony railing and the outside of the cabin door (it was Christmas), we headed out for a brief tour of the ship. I've sailed on this ship before, however, it was over 3 years since I last sailed her, and I wanted to reacquaint myself. We started with the pools area on Deck 11. The pools and whirlpools were nice, spacious, and not overcrowded. My favorite is the Solarium, a semi-enclosed area which is reserved for those over the age of 16....nice lounge chairs, 2 whirlpools and a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere. Next stop was the Royal Promenade on deck 5. This is the heart of the ship. and a constant hub of activity. The Royal Promenade runs almost the entire length of the ship, and is about 4 stories high. It gives the impression of being on a street in Italy. A huge, beautifully decorated Christmas tree dominated almost the entire space in front of the Cafe' Promenade. There are shops and cafe's and places to just sit and watch the people walk by. It was then back to our cabin to wait for our luggage to arrive. By 4:00 we were unpacked and ready to continue our tour of the ship. We checked out the Lyric Theater. Compared to all of the other ships we have cruised on, these seats as well as the seating arrangements are among the best...comfortable and almost like stadium seating. We checked out some of the bars and lounges before the muster drill at 4:30 which was followed by our informal Cruise Critic Meet & Greet at 5:30 in the Schooner Bar. The ship set sail at 8:00 PM and we viewed sailaway from the Promenade Deck. We always enjoy watching the lights of San Juan fade into the distance during evening departures. Ports of call Aruba - We did the island tour and sail back to the ship Curacao - another island tour St. Maarten - shopping. This is my favorite port for shopping. St Thomas - St John island tour Rather than detail every minute of the cruise, I will offer some of my overall observations. Try not to miss the parades, the 70's Dance party, and entertainment on the Royal Promenade...jugglers, dancers, singers, stilt walkers. Stop at the cafe' for croissant sandwiches, pizza, coffee, cookies and other sweets. The food in the dining rooms is not as good as it used to be. It is good/average...not great. We missed some of the more elegant selections which used to be on the menu. Our waiter, Sylvester, and our Head Waiter indulged my love for Indian food with a side dish of something special every evening. Portofino, the upscale restaurant was just so-so. The food was not nearly as good as it once was (the Seafood Skewer was far too dry and tasteless), however, the service was impeccable. There is a $20.00 per person fee to dine there. Our Jr. Suite on Deck 9, starboard was comfortable and spacious. Our cabin attendant, Carrilee, was terrific and a joy to speak with every day. She always greeted us with a smile and something nice to say. Robert (from France) our Concierge, was quite charming and was always eager and able to help us with our few requests. RCCL spends quite a bit of money on entertainment. The ice show is not to be missed. On this cruise, they had a second ice show for the holidays which had both Christmas and Hanukkah entertainment. The Nelson brothers were the headliners in the theater with a show dedicated to their late dad, Ricky Nelson. There was also a Gaucho act, a comedian, a juggler and the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers. Mike Szwajowski was our Cruise Director, and did a fabulous job. He always started the show in the theater with some sort of magic trick. One big disappointment was the lack of Christmas decorations throughout the ship. This was our fifth year cruising during the holidays, and we missed the usual garlands along the railings in the dining room and interior balconies, and the various decorated trees throughout the ship. The only tree we saw was the one on the Royal Promenade. The lack of decorations was noted and mentioned by many of the other passengers and made the sailing less festive than in previous years. Another disappointment, although minor, was the inability to get a Bloody Mary in the Concierge Lounge since tomato juice is now considered a premium beverage. Nice ship, good ports of call, great entertainment, friendly, informative staff... Read Less
Sail Date: March 2009
We are an extended family of myself,husband daughter(14) son(16), my parents and in-laws(ages 75-80). We(my family and parents) flew from Chicago direct on AA to San Juan arriving Fri 3-26-2009. We met my in-laws from Seattle. We all ... Read More
We are an extended family of myself,husband daughter(14) son(16), my parents and in-laws(ages 75-80). We(my family and parents) flew from Chicago direct on AA to San Juan arriving Fri 3-26-2009. We met my in-laws from Seattle. We all stayed at the Embassy Suites in San Juan. This was a great hotel for us since it included breakfast and a complimentary cocktail hour. The beach is an easy 5-10 min walk where we rented chairs for a few dollars for the day. Many restaurants were within walking distance even for my father who uses a cane. We ate at a Bistro restaurant in the Holiday Inn, at BLTs in the Ritz Carlton and Jimmy's BBQ place on the rooftop of El San Juan hotel. All were very good and we would return to all three when we go back. Friday was beach for the girls and Golf for the men. They golfed at the course at the Dorado Embassy Suites and had a great time. Our Embassy Suites helped set up tee times and travel arrangements. Saturday we took a cab to downtown San Juan and took a Segway tour with Jose's Segways tours. We had a young woman as our guide I think her name was Natalya. She was terrific. She spent many minutes training all of us until we were all comfortable. We did the 45 minute tour and could have easily done the 2 hour tour. (looks like another reason to return).Sunday we took a cab to Adventure of the Seas. It took awhile once we got close since there were MANY taxis coming to the ship. It was a bit confusing at first since there were two lines. First we waited in line to drop off the luggage then we waited in a second line to get into the building. I knew of the two lines before it just was not clear which line was which and most people were not aware there were two lines. Once we were in the building it took all of about 5 minutes to check in and get our picture taken for our SeaPass cards. We were in the Royal Suite so were able to use the Suite line. Our parents were in standard balconies on the 9th floor so they waited about 10 minutes longer than us. The rooms were nice. The balconies had plenty of room and storage for the couples.The fabrics and carpet were showing their age but not too bad. The Royal Suite was very nice. It had a large foyer with a baby grand piano in the center. The floor was marble with a carpet inset under the piano. The bedroom was to the left and had a walk in closet behind the bed with LOTS of storage. We probably used about only 50% of the storage available throughout the cabin. The bathroom was huge with a separate room with a commode, bidet, and a sink. The other half of the bathroom had a huge shower with 3 showerheads and a steam sauna. There was also a large Jacuzzi tub and a vanity with 2 sinks and again lots of storage space. To the right of the piano/foyer was a large living /dining room. The couch turned into a large double bed with extra sofa on either side of the bed. Off the dining room was a stainless steel butlers pantry that had a fridge and a sink. We used this space to store our suitcases but it is used by the staff if the occupants wanted to host a party. The carpet and couch were in great shape. No noticeable stains.We had them disconnect the doorbell with 30 minutes of arriving. We had at least 5 ding-dong-ditch in a 30 minute time. This may be because it was spring break but it was easily taken care of. Since food is so subjective I will only say that no one went hungry. We ate breakfast and lunch in the Windjammer and dinners in the dining room. Service was some of the best we've had. Service in the Windjammer was always with a smile and always offering help or beverages.There was plenty of fresh fruit and salads along with many other choices.We usually eat breakfast before 7:30am and had no difficulty finding a table but I did notice after 8am empty tables were scarce. Our dining room staff was great. Robert and Aniceto were a terrific team. The dining room menu offered a filet from Portofino's every night for $14.95. That a few from our table ordered and loved. I did not see any shows but those in the group that did enjoyed them. We went to the room after dinner and enjoyed the balcony and the hot tub. It is not really a hot tub on the balcony but rather like a bathroom jetted tub that is outside. It was enjoyed. We did not go to the concierge room much. Since my parents and in-laws were not suite members we instead enjoyed the Viking Lounge on the 14th floor or enjoyed cocktails in our room. Just a note about DeDe in the concierge. She is really great. She welcomed us and was always available if we needed anything. She went above and beyond for us. My daughter had her birthday on board and DeDe made a sign for her as a surprise. DeDe answered any questions we had and seemed always available.She also arranged a bridge tour for my family that we really enjoyed. I will note that the luggage valet service is supposed to be complimentary for suite guests and a $20 pp charge($80total)was put on our account so I am still waiting to see if it was credited. We enjoyed all the ports. In Aruba we did the See and Sea with RCCL. We all enjoyed this and was easy for the grandparents. They are all mobile but just a little slow and some minor limitations. Since snorkeling is out of the question for our group it was a great way to see many fish and turtles and see much of the island. In Curacao my husband, daughter,son and father-in-law went golfing at Bluebay. My husband arranged a taxi and tee time by email ahead of time. They seemed to enjoy it alot. My daughter did not golf but really enjoyed driving the golf cart. The seniors and I did a beach/snorkel tour through RCCL. We took an open window bus around the island with a tour guide and ended up at a beautiful beach where many people snorkeled with their own equipment or equipment offered at no charge through the tour, We lounged on chairs and relaxed in the sun or under a grass hut for shade. The water was warm and clear. We used water shoes since there were rocks and coral in the sand and bare feet was difficult. St Martin was our favorite port. It has a Mediterranean feel to it. We took a tour with Bernard an enjoyed every moment. We stopped at Orient Beach that has beautiful white soft sand and warm water. We also stopped at Maho beach and saw at least a few 757's land flying just over our heads. We also were able to stand in the path of the jet blast while a few 757's took off. This was great fun but not for the faint of heart. The pilots give a big wave to everyone waiting on the beach then turn the corner and rev up the engines. We got BLASTED with sand then the force was so hard we rolled down the beach into the water. It's not for everyone but we had a blast! St Thomas is a beautiful island. We toured with Papa Bear with Airforce 1. The bus was a comfortable open air bus. We had plenty of space and he made several stops for photo ops and a little history and an Island lesson. We then went to Sapphire Beach where we rented chairs for $7 and floating mats for $5/hour. The stay at the beach was 2 hours, just long enough to enjoy a quiet afternoon. I will add a few extra thoughts here. We noted there was very often a long wait for the elevators. Since my father could not do more than 1 flight of stairs he had to wait quite a bit. There seemed to be more smoking in the casino than other ships I remember. Also my parents noticed the slots at The Embassy Suites were more generous than on the ship. Our dining room table was on the 3rd floor right near the entrance and we saw no one turned away. One group would often come up to one hour late and were still seated. Also shorts and VERY casual tee shirts were seen on many people. These dining room things did not effect us in any way but the subjects are sometimes brought up on the boards. On at sea days chairs by the pool went quickly. We enjoy sitting on the deck above the pool for a great sea breeze since I do not need to watch children by the pool. I was able to run early every morning but it became a little too crowded for me by 7am so I made sure I was finished by 6:30 or 6:45am. Often walkers will walk two abreast while chatting instead of leaving one lane for walkers and one for runners. Many people tried to run as late as 9-10am but by then there were hundreds of people on the deck and moving chairs. Our flight was not until 3:30pm so we went back to the Embassy Suites since my in-laws were staying overnight for their flight Monday back to Seattle. The airport was empty at 1:30pm with no lines anywhere. We put our carry on luggage through the agriculture check then breezed through security with no wait. We returned to 2" of snow in Chicago. We all decided it was a wonderful trip and YES we would do it a heart beat! Read Less
Sail Date: April 2009
Got a junior suite with a balcony. It was really nice with a walk in closet. Spacious for a cruise ship. The food was great. The shows were pretty good. If you have never been on a cruise before, the ship is about 3 football fields long. ... Read More
Got a junior suite with a balcony. It was really nice with a walk in closet. Spacious for a cruise ship. The food was great. The shows were pretty good. If you have never been on a cruise before, the ship is about 3 football fields long. You won't feel the waves. They have a skating rink, a mall, casino, etc., etc., however, they are all minature. I am short and felt like a giant. Beware, you will have a huge bar bill at end of your trip. We lucked out and had a lot of cool people our age from NY and Boston. To use the internet is also very expensive. There were a fair number of teenagers hopped up on sugar running around being loud and annoying as teenagers are. The room staff were great and left me towels in all shapes of animals.   Read Less
Sail Date: May 2009
Continuing on from our first leg (see my other review for the 4 night cruise immediately prior to this one) we enjoyed waking up on the last day of our four day cruise knowing we could stay in our cabin and not disembark.  The day was ... Read More
Continuing on from our first leg (see my other review for the 4 night cruise immediately prior to this one) we enjoyed waking up on the last day of our four day cruise knowing we could stay in our cabin and not disembark.  The day was overcast so we decided to be lazy and sleep in and take advantage of being on the ship before she boarded the next cruise.  We enjoyed brunch at windjammer around 11am and visited guest services to "transfer" our seapass account to the new cruise (more on that below).  We also visited the dining manager to ensure we had an appropriate table and seating time for this leg (see comments in first cruise on dining).SeaPass Issue - we had some issues with our seapasses not registering or coming up as cash only.  Apparently not transferred properly from first cruise account - this was irritating but eventually got sorted out after three visits to guest services.We enjoyed the ship all to ourselves as our fellow cruisers embarked for the second leg of our vacation.  We played minigolf, did a deck walk (I think 5 miles).  I had booked a massage in the late afternoon at the spa and it was one of the best I've ever had - got out some knots from sleeping in a strange bed.  After my massage, I headed up to pool deck for sail away, met some of our people and enjoyed a drink.  We then went back to our cabin to get ready for dinner. Dining Room for dinner was much improved from first leg - solid service, better food same menu for first four days so it was a good opportunity to compare. We also ate breakfast and lunch a couple of times and always good service and good food - nothing disappointing.  We had Crown and Anchor coupons for Johnny Rockets so we had lunch there one day - piping hot hamburgers, fresh fries & rings and great chocolate malts!  Yum!We had a 9th floor balcony stateroom - well maintained and as advertised.  Couch was looking worse for wear - could use a steaming or recovering but otherwise lovely.  We also had new carpet from the dry dock.  Our stateroom attendant, Oliver, was very good and looked after us very well for the entire cruise.We booked private excursions in Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua which I will post on appropriate boards.  In St Maarten we shopped and came back to the ship to relax onboard.  Spa and Fitness - cant say enough good things about the Spa - I had a great massage and later a facial special that included a 1/2hr massage - scalp, foot and hands, facial and a glass of champagne - boy did I feel pampered.Entertainment - comedian was the best show - very funny.  RCCL player shows were a bit cheesy (and Grandeurs singers are better), skipped Gaucho as he was on prior cruise, juggler/comedian was an ok little time waster - The unexpected Boys were ok but likely appealed to the older american crowd..  Fire & Ice is a good show - amazing how they land those jumps with the ship listing and on such a small surface .You just need to pick up free tickets for it.Casino - we had fun on the tables, but slots were very tight - will be back soon to visit our money - nuff said.All in all a great cruise - we've booked an open reservation for our next cruise already so I guess that tells you enjoyment factor.  A great time with only one or two minor issues on first leg.  Read Less
Sail Date: May 2009
This was our third cruise on RCC but our 8th cruise overall.  If I had nothing to compare this cruise to, I would have to say that the Adventure met all of our expectations.  The crew was friendly and hard working.  The food was good.  ... Read More
This was our third cruise on RCC but our 8th cruise overall.  If I had nothing to compare this cruise to, I would have to say that the Adventure met all of our expectations.  The crew was friendly and hard working.  The food was good.  Even though the ship was full, there was rarely a time that we couldn't find a place to eat or a chair to lay on.  We liked the organization of the Wind Jammer.  The lines were managed well by one of the waiters who served daily as a greeter and directed guests to the shortest wait. The best part of the cruise was our room.  A junior suite is the way to go for three people.  Our daughter (age 14) was with us.  We had plenty of room to move, tons of closet and other storage space, a huge bathroom and vanity big enough for two girls to primp in, and a full size tub/shower.  Our room steward even left us an extension cord with multiple plugs for our myriad appliances.  Our room was forward center on deck 9, and it was the best location we've ever been in.  It was very quiet having rooms above and below us, and very stable even though we had a couple of days of rough seas.  It is well worth the price for this room - especially for more than two people.  The shows were spectacular.  The RCC singers on this ship were the best we've ever heard and the guests that RCC had were extremely talented and entertaining.  We splurged for the Mystery Dinner Theater at Portifino.  The event started in the main lounge with the RCC talent performing a soap opera like murder mystery and ended in the Portifino Restaurant with an excellent dinner and service.  It was all you could drink champagne, soda and wine for the duration of the event which was approximately 3 hours.  In all, it was a great time and worth the money.  Johnny Rockets was awesome!  Go there!Cabin 9272 - awesome cabin!  This is a junior suite.  Well worth the money for three or more people.  Closet is huge, lots of storage space, huge balcony, full size tub.  The sofa bed makes into a huge queen/king size bed for the kiddos.  Deck nine was extremely quiet, and it was only a short walk up to the lido deck.  It was very quiet on this deck, and we hardly felt any ship movement - even though it got rough on a couple of the days. Complaints - Well, having done two other RCC ships (Serenade and Brilliance) we were surprised with the lack of glitz and beauty on the Adventure.  The solarium was not enclosed and was very plain in its appearance and not quite as cozy as we were used to.  The gym was small.  The area reserved for aerobics and yoga was not separated from the main gym, so it was noisey.  The gym equipment was old and not maintained very well.  The running track was closed for maintenance for most of our trip.  You aren't allowed to bring an iron or steamers on this ship (according to the cruise contract) and RCC does NOT provide a room for this like other cruise lines do.  They will launder/iron for you, but the price is steep.  The windows throughout the ship were dirty from the day we embarked.  The sheets in our room were stained yellow in many places - not dirty, but definitely not attractive. RCC is still one of our favorites, but I think we'll stick to the smaller ships in the future.  Read Less
Sail Date: June 2009
We traveled to San Juan from Atlanta one day early (Sat.) to be rested and ready for departure (Sun). Taxi from Airport to Embassy Suites, Isla Verde was $10.50 plus $1 per bag for 5 of us. Arrived at hotel in time for Manager's ... Read More
We traveled to San Juan from Atlanta one day early (Sat.) to be rested and ready for departure (Sun). Taxi from Airport to Embassy Suites, Isla Verde was $10.50 plus $1 per bag for 5 of us. Arrived at hotel in time for Manager's cocktail hour and dinner at Outback, located inside lobby of ES. Ate breakfast and walked to Walgreens to pick up canned drinks and forgotten cosmetics. We left for Pam Am Pier around noon, and by 1 pm we were in the Windjammer eating lunch. This is the fastest we've ever gotten from the Pier to the Windjammer. We are all C&A Platinum and were prepared for a long wait in the priority lounge. We didn't stop moving. By the time we finished lunch, our room was ready. We dropped a carry on in room and had a glass of wine, courtesy of our Travel Agent. Our room steward had it ready and waiting and another bottle chilling in fridge. Our room steward was probably the best we've ever had (out of 8 cruises with RCCL). He was always discreetly getting everything prepared before we asked. Our waiter was also probably the best we've ever had too. He was spot on with every suggestion on the food and was always attentive and prepared and he and the assistant waiter were the perfect team. Sail away wasn't until 8:30. The ship is in great shape. After the muster drill, we headed to our cabin to find that our luggage was starting to arrive. We had 3 bags and by the time we emptied one, the next was arriving. We had 3 balcony cabins and one inside cabin. The C&A Coupon book is really sad. We used the buy a glass of wine and get one free coupons, the internet coupon and the free pulls on the special slot machine. They had $5 off on $25 laundry order, a buy one milkshake get one free at Johnny Rockets, and a couple of $5 win coupons in the casion. It was pretty useless. The internet is so slow that to get a quick 2-sentence message to someone will eat up more than the coupon value. My daughter and I shared 1 cabin; other daughter & son-in-law 1 cabin; sister and mother in one cabin; and my 15yr old grandson and 20 yr-old nephew had the inside cabin, which ended up being on the other side of the ship from us. We had 4 ports and 2 days at sea. Our first port of call was Aruba. Because there's a wide age span and wide range of interests, we weren't all together during the day. My son-in-law went scuba diving and loved the dive. We shopped and explored the bargains. We had planned to catch a taxi to the beach, but discovered that we had the pool all to ourselves and we ate lunch and enjoyed the pool and the frozen drinks with umbrellas. The bar staff was the only disappointment. Twice I specifically said, NOT in the souvenior glass, but got the glass and the higher charge. The drink looked too good to refuse (way too good),  so I ended up paying the higher price and leaving the glass because you can't really carry those home easily on a plane. Curacao was a new port for us and we took the trolley because my Mother is 78 and this was an excursion she could enjoy. It was a oka pleasant tour. At the end of the tour you can return to the ship or they will drop you in town for shopping. Some of our party returned to the ship and others shopped. The first day was at sea and, of course, the pool was a very popular spot. Dominica was new for us. My son-in-law said that his dive was one of the most unusual he's ever taken. They have a volcano on the island and he said that part of the dive, he was sourrounded by bubbles, as if he were in a glass of champagne. I wish now, that we had gone to the Hot Springs and swam. I went to find a pharmacy to get some toothpaste and it was quite an experience. Their stores are crazy. It would take too long to explain, but I would suggest you have all your supplies when you get to this port. We had a second day at sea and we also stopped in St. Thomas. We took a taxi to Meghan's Bay. Taxi service is $8 each way, per person and it's $5 to get into Megan's Bay. It's a beautiful beach and our photos look incredible. We had a great day at the beach and returned and did a little shopping. While on the ship, we went to the Ice Skating performance which was good, and the Quest..a must see on every cruise. We only did the Lyric Theater one night and there were empty seats, which never used to happen. Embarking in San Juan was the easiest ever and we could have made an earlier flight if I had known how quick RCCL and customs would be. Because I booked a later flight, we got to spend some quality time in the San Juan airport. All in all, this was a great vacation and everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable trip. Feel free to e-mail questions. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2009
Like many people, we only believed cruises were for honeymooners and old people, had mediocre food and entertianment, and was going to be overcrowded. We definitely ate our words on this trip.  None of our expectations came true on this ... Read More
Like many people, we only believed cruises were for honeymooners and old people, had mediocre food and entertianment, and was going to be overcrowded. We definitely ate our words on this trip.  None of our expectations came true on this trip.This was our first vacation since we had kids, and needless to say they did not come with us.  The rumours about long embarcation procedures was untrue.  We had to stand in line less than 30 minutes, and we went immediately to the Windjammer for the buffet.  We found the food to be very good.  There were plenty of options for those watching their weight (I was trying to not gain the obligatory 10 pounds from the cruise).  They offered fresh fruit, salads, whole grain breads, vegetables, etc..   When we went to our room to drop off our stuff, we found that our inside cabin had more than enough room for the two of us.  It would have made it a very tight squeeze if we tried to stuff our kids onto the pull-out couch.  The bathrooms were bigger than our travel trailer, so we were happy.  We just explored the ship from top to bottom and made plans to try the rock-climbing wall (it had varying levels of difficulty available) and the inline skating track.  We also cheked out the fitness room.  Note to all fitness lovers - the fitness area has a hot tub in the middle, so when you do any time of cardio, it is like doing it in a sauna.  I have never sweat so much in my life because it was hot and humid.  The ice-skating rink was freezing cold and I did not pack a jacket (big mistake), so we never ice-skated.  We also signed up for our excursions that first day on the ship and it was a good thing we did.  By the end of the week there were no more open spaces for any excursions for those last-minute people.  We did not purchase the soda package.  Unless you are a die-hard soda drinker who drinks it form sunrise to sunset, it is not a good deal.  You have to drink 3 full sodas a day to break even.  The entertainment was great on the ship.  We loved several of the entertainers like Finis, who can sing anyone's song exactly how they sang it.  He could duplicate everyone from Stevie Wonder to Michael Jackson to Elvis to Ricky Martin.  We also loved the game shows put on by the Cruise Director.  The Love and Marriage show is not to be missed.  Also, the crew put on the most hilarios show - The Fountains.  We nearly peed in our pants.  I hope they do that one again.  The Dining Room definitely had the best food and service on the ship (although we never had anything less than exceptional service anywhere on the ship).  Farhad was the BEST waiter.  He brought out everything our table asked for (and them some), as was his assistant waiter Narciso who brought us refills and bread even before we realized we needed it.  Even the head waiter Gerry was great.  He had the best sense of humor, and definitely ask him to sing for you.  He is a riot.Service was the best thing about this ship - from the cabin steward to the waiters to the piano singer even.  We had the best time, and we were never bored at all.  We enjoyed the shows, live music, karaoke, and dancing.  Every worker on that ship gave everything we had to give us a great time.  I was very surprised that the drinks were even potent.  They didn't skimp on anything.  As far as shore excursions, we did the snorkeling tour with the turtles and shipwreck.  We were very lucky that we got bumped to a catamaran instead of the regular pontoon boat.  We liked that trip, but our favorite was the Rainforest hike in St. Lucia.  It was great and it ended with a dip in a spring-fed waterfall.  It was great.  Do not do the 4x4 Jeep ride because you will probably puke due to the roads in St. Lucia.  Our tablemates did that and they hated it.  We just enjoyed the beach in Antigua (we went to Dickinson Beach and had a great time), and we did some great shopping in St. Maarten.  Wait to do shopping there because the prices are much better and they don't hassle you.  We just rented bikes in St. Criox and enjoyed that immensely.  Out tablemates said their best excursion was the Regatta race in St. Maarten, I believe, and the submarine ride in Barbados.The only things we didn't enjoy were things beyond the control of the staff - like the fitness room's inclusion of the hot tub or the fact that the dancing sucked because so many people were too chicken to get out on the dance floor.  I guess I would have enjoyed some more free classes like from the fitness area or dance lessons, etc...  But those are very minor complaints for a wonderful vacation.  We will definitely do this again.  We are now die hard cruisers.    Read Less
Sail Date: August 2009
Background - This was my third Adventure of the Seas Southern Caribbean Cruise, my second on the Aruba route, and the first that included Dominica. We were a group of five - two couples and my mom. This was also my fourth Royal Caribbean ... Read More
Background - This was my third Adventure of the Seas Southern Caribbean Cruise, my second on the Aruba route, and the first that included Dominica. We were a group of five - two couples and my mom. This was also my fourth Royal Caribbean cruise, the other one being on the Jewel of the Seas for the Canada/New England cruise out of Boston in October '08. Pre-cruise - We live in San Juan so no arrangements needed. Stateroom - We had a center hump cabin, deck six, port. The hump cabins are well documented here so I'll only say: location, location, location. Ship - The Adventure of the Seas keeps being well kept in spite of showing its age here and there. Minor flaws which did not subtract from the overall positive experience. Dining Portofino's - We made reservations for sailaway from San Juan. The ship was a little late sailing but we were still able to enjoy Old San Juan glide by as we started on the desserts. The food and the service were outstanding, as compared to the Main Dining Room. Windjammer/Island Grill - We had breakfast here most days. The buffet is adequate. My only complaint was the lack of variety in fresh fruits. The staff was very good. The lines were efficient and the fellow diners respectful. Promenade Cafe - Nice place to get snacks after tours or late at night or for a light fare if you don't care for a full breakfast. The only complaint here is that the servers have not gotten their espresso confection down right - at least not like, well, Puert Ricans like it. No biggie. The only espresso I like is the one I make anyway. Otherwise, the staff here is outstanding. Room Service - Excellent. On the first sea day we planned on sleeping in but didn't. We had ordered our breakfast for 9:30 but were up by 6:30 (still on shore stress mode). So we called the room service people and they quickly took the change and very rapidly delivered our meal. Nice. Main Dining Room - This is the caveat. I am a businessman and I do understand about having to make cuts everywhere just to keep your business afloat. But since dining is one of the main features of cruising - at least for me - I think it is fair to deliver some constructive criticism. The bottom line is that while the economy improves and the numbers add up right again for Royal Caribbean, perhaps people should lower their expectations. If RCI is cutting heavily in this area, I hope it is because they have already tried others. This was my experience in my corner of the MDR. I hope others can chime in to give their perspective. Hopefully theirs was better. One problem is the food quality. The wow factor simply did not exist. The presentation is okay but the ingredients are not the best. If you want something better you have to dish out extra money for a Chops Grill steak. I am sorry to say that the main fare was mediocre. Not bad, just not very good at all. All the parades and singing and dancing by the galley staff and all the exhultation by the host over the loudspeakers will not hide this fact. The other problem was the service. RCI has done away with the Bar Waiters. This is not a problem just for drinkers. The lack of Bar Waiters slows everything else down because it is the Assistant Waiter who has to get the drinks for multiple tables, leaving the Waiter to do most of the other work. There was a lot of confusion, delays, and lukewarm meals served. If RCI can't afford Bar Waiters, then the Head Waiters need to stop the chit-chat and get their hands dirty and help their employees. For whatever it's worth - and hoping this is a temporary situation - this will not prevent me from booking with RCI again. One last time, people should lower their expectation in this area. Enuff said. Activities - It's been a tough year for us so the only "activity" we indulged in was laying in a semi-vegetative state in the Solarium, with the occasional dip into the hot tub to get the circulaton going again. I did try the gym one morning and Latin dancing one night, but that was about it. Ports Aruba - We took a taxi off the line to save about $23.00 per person on an island tour. We got a nice cab with a crazy driver. He kept joking about the other cruisers as we ran in to them around the island. He would say: "look at those @#*& in those ATVs - they spent $100.00 each to be in the sun and the dirt and it's only $25.00 with me in air conditioned comfort". Or, "now look at those *&#$@ in the Jeep Safari - $100.00 each, no roof and no tour commentary - and it's only $25.00 with me". We ended the island tour at Palm Beach. Too crowded for my comfort. Curacao - We just walked around town. Everything has gotten too expensive here. Nice town, though. DOMINICA! - This was by far our favorite stop. We had booked an island tour with Levi Baron of Bumpiing Tours. This was a great decision. Levi is an absolute charm and very professional. At Titou Gorge, he swam up ahead of everybody with a life ring and a rope to help everybody along. He even helped people who weren't on our tour. It is almost a self-paced tour, as Levi is most accomodating. It is a wonderful island and I wish them the best as they develop their tourist trade. It has a lot of potential. I WILL be back. St. Thomas - Covered ad nauseaum in these boards. Always a good last stop. We got up late so we couldn't make the day trip to Trunk Bay in St. John so we spent the day at magnificent Magen's Bay beach. Taxi from Havensight has now doubled to $8.00 per person. San Juan/Disembarkation - RCI has now a neat system where you do not need to leave your cabin by 8:00 AM. You get an assigned departure time, and depending on your window, you have time to enjoy breakfast and then go back to your cabin to finish up and go. Summary - It is sad that the Adventure is leaving San Juan for Europe next summer. Thankfully, the Serenade will be a nice temporary alternative, as it is scheduled to stay in San Juan year round. RCI should keep the Southern Caribbean itineraries going as it is. Hopefully the numbers will add up right soon so we can fully enjoy a great cruise line on the best itinerary. Fair winds and following seas, RCI. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2009
My wife and I went on our first cruise in 2003. We've wanted to go on more, but had two kids since and we've felt both were too little to enjoy a cruise as well as being too little for US to enjoy a cruise. But this year was ... Read More
My wife and I went on our first cruise in 2003. We've wanted to go on more, but had two kids since and we've felt both were too little to enjoy a cruise as well as being too little for US to enjoy a cruise. But this year was our 10th wedding anniversary and we got my mom to watch our girls while we went on our second cruise. We went with Royal Caribbean again, this time on the Adventure of the Seas. Our stops were Aruba, Curacao, Dominica and St. Thomas. All in all the trip was as wonderful a memory and time as our first cruise. The Adventure, like the Explorer in 2003, is a huge ship with many things to occupy your time. Our second sea day was a rainy, windy day, so we didn't get a lot of pool time. We took in the ice show (pretty boring actually) at night, hit a few bars during the day and just putzed around, but never felt that bored. We are typically too exhausted for a lot of the late night entertainment, but, we did do the Quest Adventure on our actual anniversary and had a blast. We prefer the itinerary of this cruise with a sea day, two port days, second sea day and two more port days to our first cruise where we had four consecutive port days. Though, our excusions were all generally very nice, we like the longer excursions to fill the day. On our first cruise we had this option with three of the four stops. This time only one really filled the day up nicely with no real options for our style of excursion on the other days. Service in the main dining room was excellent. The staff was generally upbeat, acknowledging and helpful throughout the vacation. Our room was kept in great order. Food is only average. The Windjammer, Cafe Promenade and main dining room are the only food options we really went for. The Windjammer breakfast is mostly intolerable. Waffles are soggy. Pancakes are dry and over floppy. Potato options are often overcooked. Bacon ranged from undercooked to ok. Biscuits for biscuits and gravy were rock hard twice. I got the omelette station to make something fresh each day making everything else better, but, there needs to be more made to order options in the morning. The Cafe Promenade had good little snacks, but nothing remarkable. Dinner in the main dining room was typically quite good. We did this every night. We only had the Windjammer lunch once and it was so unappealing looking we stuck with fruit and salad. I think the size of the boat limits fresher, more flavorful buffet food. We don't cruise for the food, but if we did, we would pick a few smaller boats or a different line to see if it improved. Still, you are never hungry. A slice or two of pizza or quick small sandwich in the Cafe Promenade are enough to keep you going between a fresh omelette and dinner. There are a ton of bars to experience, lots of people watching to do and for those who want to do more than lounge around, as we like, a number of planned activities which are fun. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2009
This was my 2nd time on the Adventure of the Seas, but my wife's 1st time. I enjoyed the ship so much on the 1st trip that I had to bring my wife on to experience not only the ship, but also Royal Caribbean. We have sailed a handful ... Read More
This was my 2nd time on the Adventure of the Seas, but my wife's 1st time. I enjoyed the ship so much on the 1st trip that I had to bring my wife on to experience not only the ship, but also Royal Caribbean. We have sailed a handful of times on Carnival and can't say we wouldn't sail on Carnival again, but we want to explore others ships and lines together. We flew to San Juan the day before our cruise and stayed in the Condado area. It seems alot of other people did this and I would advise this as it made embarkation day very easy. We also stayed an extra day after the cruise to wander the city and to ease the stress of debarkation and then travelling on the same day. San Juan is a good place to visit and we plan on going back for a few days again. Embarkation was a breeze, especially being there earlier from staying in San Juan the night before. Even though rooms aren't ready until after 2:00, getting on early to avoid crowds and to check on dining was important to us. Overall, the ship was laid out very well and easy to get around. To me, better than Carnival ships. The Gym had plenty of equipment and never was completely full. There is a jacuzzi in the central part of the gym if people want to stay away from the noise/people out on the decks. The locker rooms have a steam and dry sauna to relax in after a workout. Never did the spa, as we have always got the feeling the workers are there to sell the products after they finish the massage. I did get a body analysis done and just as expected, had products offered that I just had to have, or so they thought. Would rather have these people ask if we would like to hear about products before we get the sales speech. I know they want more sales and it probably works, but its a turn off for us. The Windjammer Cafe, where most meals are eaten, was laid out very nice. Easy to get around and very helpful staff to get drinks and the like. Variety was decent and food quality was good, but nothing was exceptional about this. We do think Carnival has more variety, but like the layout of Royal Caribbean. The main dining room was nice, but we didn't get what we had expected before boarding the ship. We had asked and confirmed twice before leaving that we had a 2-person table at the 2nd seating (8:30). We boarded around 12 and had gone straight to the dining room to ensure our choice. When we got there, we found out they put us at a 12-person table. After waiting awhile (seems lots of people had the same idea to check dining arrangements before rooms were available), was told all 2-seat table were full and there wasn't anything they could do. He said we could change to early sitting, but that doesn't work for us. After that, he said the best we could do was leave a request in and just wait, but we should be happy with our current table as its next to the captains table. That wasn't a turn on for us, but nothing more we could do. We then went to the windjammer for some food and I took the time to call our travel agent. She was quick on the phone with Royal Caribbean, but with limited resources due to it being Sunday. We did find out about My Time Dining (MTD). MTD is where people can show up whenever they want and be seated where available. Our agent told us to just set up a standing dinner reservation. After lunch, we went to the MTD area on floor 5. So much more helpful this time around. We were advised that we could set up a standing reservation, but we wouldn't be guaranteed a specific table or specific waiters/assistants and the tables are closer together than the other areas. We would also have to prepay gratuities to use this option. We decided to give it a try. Choosing this option had its pros and cons. Pros, able to actually setup our reservation for 8:00 and great maitre d. Cons, tables were close (but it was alright) and didn't have the same waiter (who should get the tip at the end when multiple people helped us). As for food in the main dining, it was average. Some meals better than others. To give a better idea on this, I can remember specific meals on other cruises, but can't recall anything standing out on this one. The food in the Promenade was also average, but picked up something each night for either a nightcap or for carrying around the next day. Shopping on the Promenade is also limited, but to me, no more so than other ships. The ice show was good, but not something I would stress about seeing if busy doing something else. The shows at night are also something that passes the time, not something you just have to see. If people are set on trying out Johnny Rockets, I can give a suggestion that worked great for us. At sea days when we passed, there was always a line and lots of kids. We decided on the day in St. Thomas since we weren't going to do alot, to have lunch at Johnny Rockets. No lines, plenty of seating (indoor or outside), quick service and hardly any kids. We enjoyed ourselves, even if we didn't think the additional price should have been charged. My wife and I also did the murder mystery dinner. We enjoyed the mystery, but didn't think the price was worth it. The food was good, but not exceptional for paying the premium to eat there. If people like these kind of events, go and enjoy. If you are doing this to try Portofino, I would suggest doing it another night we you can actually choose your own meal than have a set menu. If we tried it another night, we might have something better to say about Portofino. The ship is appointed nicely and believe overall it gives a better ambiance than Carnival (right now, all we have to compare to). All the items we mention as average at best are also the same on Carnival. When it comes to the rooms, they have more storage space on this ship than others (or so my wife says). This is a big plus for her. We are not big lounge around the pool people, but one could always find a space to layout. We actually went on the 13th level in the front and almost always was almost empty. Great place to getaway from the activities and noise of the main pool area. We would definately cruise Royal Caribbean again and this ship if on a different run we liked. The only big negative had nothing to do with Royal Caribbean or the actual ship, it had more to do with the mix of people on the ship, easily seen and heard around the ship. I'm not going to write about this, but cruisers beware you are sailing out of Puerto Rico and not the United States. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2009
My husband and I in our 60's, booked this cruise several days before sailing from San Juan. We got a great rate on a balcony cabin but the airfare was very high. It was worth it though. We had been on an RCC New England cruise 2 ... Read More
My husband and I in our 60's, booked this cruise several days before sailing from San Juan. We got a great rate on a balcony cabin but the airfare was very high. It was worth it though. We had been on an RCC New England cruise 2 yrs ago and thought it wasn't as good as a Princess cruise we had been on but Adventure of the Seas was a much larger and nicer ship and the food seemed to have improved. It still wasn't as good as Princess but okay. We used Edwin Lovell in Barbados and he took us on a private tour for a very reasonable rate. He even took us to a beach by a restaurant where they gave us free chairs after he told us we would eat there. You can look him up on TripAdvisor. We used Spencer Ambrose in St. Lucia for a tour (also on TripAdvisor) and were very satisfied with his service and the places we went. There were a few other people in his mini van but it was comfortable. We went to a beach there as well as going on a sightseeing tour of the island. I would recommend both these gentlemen over a ship's tour. In St. Croix, we took a 1/2 day snorkeling ship's tour which was a mistake. There were far too many people on the boat and a shipmate used a private snorkeling boat for a full day at almost the same price which he said had only 12 people and great snorkeling. Our favorite island was St. Maarten. We did this on our own. In the morning, we walked a short distance from the ship and found a sign for taxis to different places. For $6 each, we joined a few other people they find for you at the taxi stand. According to the internet, Orient Beach on the French side (St. Martin) is the best there and our driver took us to Kakao Beach which was topless as we discovered when we got there. It wasn't as crowded as further down and there was a restaurant (we didn't eat there)and changing facilities and chairs and umbrellas ($10 each for a chair and $10 for an umbrella). The water was turquoise and very clear, the beach white sand. It was so beautiful! We stayed a couple of hours, then took a taxi back to the ship ($16 total plus tip), ate lunch on the ship, then I went shopping on my own in St Maarten, walking distance from the ship. I heard later that the shopping on the French side is even better but this is how it worked out for us. We did Antigua on our own, nothing much to see there. In the morning, we walked around the town and in the afternoon, we took a taxi to a beach where we spent a couple of hours. We aren't really beach people but the beaches are so pretty and there isn't too much else to do so we went. The entertainment on this ship was outstanding. Make sure to go to the ice show and all the evening shows as they are wonderful. The balcony cabin was very spacious; we didn't even use all the storage space. The downside of this itinery - 700 of out the 3100 passengers were from San Juan and spoke only Spanish. They were friendly but very noisy and there were lots of children. Also, I don't know the reason but the dining room was 1/2 empty and we ended up sitting alone at a table for 6. If you want to meet people as we did, sit at a larger table. They put the Spanish speaking people together so that probably accounted for the problem. All in all, this cruise was better than expected and I would recommend this ship but not out of San Juan. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
We enjoyed our stay on Adventure of the Seas. 7 days isn't long enough for me to explore a ship like this. The last morning while I was on board. I finally made it up to the sports deck. I saw the Mini Golf, Basketball court, roller ... Read More
We enjoyed our stay on Adventure of the Seas. 7 days isn't long enough for me to explore a ship like this. The last morning while I was on board. I finally made it up to the sports deck. I saw the Mini Golf, Basketball court, roller blade area etc. Truly the only disappointment I had was the Music. The Windjammer Cafe in the morning was playing rap music. I saw guest in their 30, 40 & 50's in the cafe at that hour. Not teenagers. Adult Party they had in the Solarium -the Adult Pool Area -Music was not for our age group. It was for young people. DJ was playing RAP Music again. Again, Disappointing. We hopped bars all night on the ship. Ended up in the Schooner Bar -they had a piano player -Great music -We stayed here. Only adult music on the ship that we could find that night. Dining at 8:30pm is the best. Adults mostly at this dining time. Cruise Ship need to address kids running wild on ship unsupervised. I am talking about little ones. It really shouldn't be allowed. Parents just let them go. Our over all experience was good. I wouldn't say excellent but Good. This ship would be great on a 10 day or more cruise. 7 days isn't enough time to explore and go to all the shows you want to go to. Show are excellent, Skating show excellent, Food was Fair, Not excellent or good just fair. I have had better food on other lines. Service was good & Friendly. Best waiter we have every had in our 25 + cruises. One of the best room stewards we have ever had. Adult pool area nice, but was visited by little people who were not suppose to be there. They needed a pool partrol attendent. Parents not supervising their children. Our room was 7690 back Aft Stren of the ship. Great Cabin, Super sized balcony. Go -You will have a great time. We hung out with people we meet on cruise critic's. All the Best, Happy Sailing. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2010
Upon boarding the ship and entering our room, we were greeted by our cabin attendant who knew us by our first names, and was very helpful (very impressed). We left San Juan with rough seas and the ship was noticibly rocking,which continued ... Read More
Upon boarding the ship and entering our room, we were greeted by our cabin attendant who knew us by our first names, and was very helpful (very impressed). We left San Juan with rough seas and the ship was noticibly rocking,which continued most of the night. After that everything was fantastic. I found the staff to be cordial and helpful, never surly or rude. The wait staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the food in the dining room very good. I recommend that if you find a waiter you particularly like , to ask to be seated in their area. I found that the better they knew you the better they were able to serve you. The buffet was good for breakfast but only mediocre for any other meals.The drinks were a little on the expensive side but not outrageous. The entertainment was also better than I expected. Each show was professionally done and never disappointed. If you didn't like one thing(which I didn't) there was always something else to go to (read casino). also, the parties late night were great fun with music, food and booze. Cabins were well decorated,comfortable and up to date,as was all of the ship. Ports of call were fun, except for St. John, Antigua. St Lucia was my favorite. On St. Lucia look for a man named "Junior" for a great local tour(you won't be disappointed). St.Maartens also well worth seeing. All said, we were very satisfied with our vacation won the AOS. Met some fun and gregarious people who made shipboard even more fun. As with any vacation, it is what you make it, but RCCI made it easy to have fun Read Less
Sail Date: January 2010
This was our second Royal Caribbean cruise and we had a great time. We have mostly done Carinval cruises. I was bit worried about the past reviews about sailing out of San Juan and the rudeness of the Puerto Ricans on the ship. My husband ... Read More
This was our second Royal Caribbean cruise and we had a great time. We have mostly done Carinval cruises. I was bit worried about the past reviews about sailing out of San Juan and the rudeness of the Puerto Ricans on the ship. My husband and I did not experience any problems but the couple we traveled with did. The problems were minor (ie: buffet line jumping and pushing). I would say that at least 1/3 of the cruisers were from Puerto Rico. I found most of them to be friendly and courteous. I would probably not sail out of San Juan again because we found it to be quite pricey. We stayed at the Embassy Suites and it was a bargain compared to other hotels in the area. It was very nice and well appointed. We boarded the ship at noon even though our Royal Caribbean documents said to not board until two hours before sailing. We had no problem with embarkation (although the line was long, it moved pretty quick). I will not get too wordy about all the details of our week, but I can sum up our cruise experience by saying that the ship is beautiful, the staff was wonderful and the food was pretty good. Our cruise director Chris was just great, the entertainment was top notch (best we have ever seen on a cruise) and make sure you go to the QUEST game-absolute riot!!! This is a BIG ship so expect the buffet lines to be a bit crowded and grab a pool chair early as they fill up quickly! I would also say that the average age on this cruise was 50! There were not many children at all, so if you are looking for a younger crowd, this is probably not the ship for you. The only negative thing I would have to say is that there was one port I would ABSOLUTELY never visit again but you can read that in my port reviews. Overall, it was a wonderful experience! Read Less
Sail Date: February 2010
We were on the 2-21-10 sailing of the AOS. We are in our late 30's. This was our seventh cruise overall, second out of San Juan, and first on RCCL. Let me start out by saying that a cruise is what you make of it. If you are a ... Read More
We were on the 2-21-10 sailing of the AOS. We are in our late 30's. This was our seventh cruise overall, second out of San Juan, and first on RCCL. Let me start out by saying that a cruise is what you make of it. If you are a pessimistic person in general, then you will find all of the faults with a cruise, and generally have a pretty poor time. If you are optimistic, you will generally find the high points and have a pretty good time. We are realists. We know that there are good, bad, and ugly on every cruise, and have come to expect it. We cruise because we love the variety, and we have a good time because of the people we spend out time with. That being said, on with the review. We flew into San Juan on Saturday and stayed at the Intercontinental. Yes the drinks and food are expensive. It's a 4 star resort, what do you expect? The pool bar / restaurant is a great atmosphere to hang out before dinner and while waiting for your fellow Cruise Critic members and friends to arrive. The casino was fairly busy at 11pm, but don't know how "loose" it is as we did not play. Had dinner at the Metropol restaurant, just a short walk from the hotel. Food was fantastic. Embarkation. Smooth as can be. We arrived at the port around 11:30 and were on the ship by 12:15. The line moves very quickly and they seem to be very efficient. Hand your luggage over, move through the metal detector, sign your sail card, and on to the ship. If you get there early, the ship is practically deserted until mid-afternoon. It's a great way to tour the ship without any crowds. Lunch was typical day-1 buffet. The Ship: For a 10 year old ship, it is in fantastic condition. The brass was shining, the carpets were clean, and there were no maintenance issues that we could see. We've sailed NCL, Celebrity, and Carnival, and this was by far our favorite SHIP. If you can get bored on this ship, you must be catatonic. Cabin: We had a promenade view stateroom, and were so-so with it. We are used to at least minisuites, and the first thing we noticed was a severe lack of storage. Now granted, this could be because we are used to lager rooms, but we literally had to turn both couches into storage shelves. Most others we spoke to did the same thing. The cabin was sparkling clean, and our stateroom attendant did a fantastic job and always ensured the room was clean. We had no issues other than the size of the cabin. One note here; there are 2 sets of shades on the inside windows. If you only have the sheer shade pulled, cabins across the promenade from you CAN see in (as one of our friend's wife found out the hard way). Activities: We like to participate. Basketball tournament? Gold medal. Pool volleyball? Gold medal. Miss Biceps? Gold medal. The Quest? Gold medal. We play all the activities and have a blast doing it. We had a group of six of us, and walked away with no less than 10 combined medals. The trivia games were fun, however half the time we could barely understand the host due to very strong Spanish accents. Karaoke was fun, when the English speaking crowd was present. Other times it seemed like Spanish Idol. We were not impressed with the way fellow cruisers (the Latin ones) would bum-rush the karaoke books as soon as they walked in and immediately sign up for 20 songs. It was also quite disappointing how the Cruise Director's staff seemed to cater to the Spanish speaking crowd much more so than the English speaking crowd. This was the first cruise we have taken where every single member of the Cruise Director's staff was primarily Spanish speaking. Cruise Director and Staff: I feel I need to call this out separately because this is the one area where we were sorely disappointed in this cruise. First of all, Mercedes LaFuentes has to be one of the most fake Cruise Directors I have ever encountered. Every interaction with her was strained, and she genuinely seemed to detest having to interact with the English speaking crowd. Her English is not great, and the way she acted was unacceptable for a Cruise Director. Her staff was friendly, but somewhat standoffish. Overall, we were completely unimpressed with this aspect, to the point that we would reconsider a future cruise if Mercedes was the Cruise Director. Other Passengers: While there were locals from Puerto Rico onboard, we did not see much of the rudeness that other reviewers have noted, except for during the Karaoke. Never encountered issues in the Windjammer, or waiting in any other lines. Most passengers were 40-50 years old, and there were not many kids on this cruise. Food: We were impressed. As mainly NCL cruisers, we are used to visiting the specialty restaurants to get the quality of food that was served in the main dining room. We had my-time dining, and were able to sit at the same table with the same waiter every night. Lucilo, you were fantastic! The quantity was right, the quality was right, and if you have problems with the food on this ship, you either don't eat much anyway, or simply need to bring your McDonald's onboard with you. The prime rib (2 nights) was succulent, the lobster (1 night) was cooked correctly, and the lamb dishes some of the best I have had outside NYC. Portofino's was a cut above that. Simply fabulous food. Try the flourless chocolate cake. Talk about food coma. Ports of Call: Aruba, Curacao, Dominica, St. Thomas. Aruba was a beach day. Take a cab to Moomba Beach club and chill out. Curacao had a private tour for 6 with Curacao Actief. Fantastic, if not totally dusty. Well worth it. Check them out. Dominica took a private tour with Reyno to Trafalger Falls, and the Emerald Pool. Don't forget Mr. Nice's fruit stand. St. Thomas just off the ship for a little shopping and then back onboard to enjoy the empty pool deck. Random thoughts: This was a fun cruise, made even more so by our friends that went with us. We made new friends, and had a great time. The show's were so-so, and not up to the standard of NCL (which was surprising). The piano bar performer, Mike McCabe was really good, and very interactive. Overall, this ranked in the top-2 cruises we have ever taken. Special shout out to our Cruise Critic Meet and Minge friends and our Quest partners. You all know who you are. Go Gators! Read Less
Sail Date: February 2010
My husband, son, and I just returned from our first cruise ever...and what a wonderful vacation it was! We have vacationed in the US, and at various all-inclusive Caribbean resorts. Nothing beats this trip for value and overall experience. ... Read More
My husband, son, and I just returned from our first cruise ever...and what a wonderful vacation it was! We have vacationed in the US, and at various all-inclusive Caribbean resorts. Nothing beats this trip for value and overall experience. We enjoyed the food, expecially in the main dining room, the ports of call were great, and the ship was clean and well maintained by a wonderful staff. My son (5 years old) wasn't interested in the kids program, so he spent the whole trip with us. Between the pool, mini-golf, basketball, ping-pong, and exploring the ports of call, there was plenty to keep us busy. I also have to mention that the service in the dining room was great! Our waiter Jayanta was terrific! A few comments about things that could be improved: 1. We felt the service was lacking in the Windjammer Cafe - sometimes it was difficult to find a server to place a drink order or ask for assistance. 2. The photo shop could have better hours. We wanted to take a formal picture after the main seating in the dining room, but they stopped taking pictures from 6:30 - 7:30. On the last night, my photos that I had ordered from the kiosk at 8:30 that morning weren't ready until 10pm. 3. Why have us wait in line for 20 minutes for ice show tickets when the audience was 3/4 empty for the show we went to (Thursday, 5pm)? The show was wonderful, but fyi, no one ever even asked to see our tickets! 4. Disembarkation on the last day was a mess! We had to report to the Lyric Theater at 9:10. They actually asked us to be there 15 minutes early. They didn't call our group (Gray, 1) until 9:50. That is a long time to wait around, with no one telling us anything. There must be a better way to handle luggage - it was supposed to be grouped by color and number, but all gray tags - groups 1 and 2 - were in one giant pile. And there's no security - no one checks to make sure that you are leaving with the right bags! Despite these small concerns, I would still say we had a great vacation, and we would cruise with Royal Caribbean again. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2010
Flew into San Juan the day before the cruise and stayed at Conrad Condado Plaza. Nice enough for one night. Embarkation was fair. We were on board by 1:00 p.m. for an 8:00 p.m. departure. Cabin was nice but the balcony was closed in ... Read More
Flew into San Juan the day before the cruise and stayed at Conrad Condado Plaza. Nice enough for one night. Embarkation was fair. We were on board by 1:00 p.m. for an 8:00 p.m. departure. Cabin was nice but the balcony was closed in and did not have the see-through front like I am accustomed to. I'm glad I got a super discount on this balcony cabin or I would have been upset. Our cabin was on the curve to the hump and the angle made the balcony slightly larger. Cabin steward did a good job. Had early dining at a table for four with our travel companions. All food was good - some was excellent. Some days dining room service was extremely slow and others it was fine. Windjammer seating was hard to find on several occasions. Ice skating show was excellent as usual. Only saw one parade as we couldn't find a viewing spot for the other two. The Beatles show was very good and the others we saw were fair. Finding a lounge chair any place on this ship was impossible. Half the chairs had folded towels on them for saving and nothing was done about it. Two days we walked all decks over and over and never found a chair. One day we finally removed two towels and an hour and a half later a woman came and complained that she was saving them!! There are crew members with "Deck Patrol" printed on their shirts but I'm not sure what they do. Chair saving is a huge problem. The casino is large and as expected has its crowded nights. The promenade is a great place to people watch and to relax with a cup of coffee in the cafe. We didn't frequent any bars but one area with a piano player and vocalist was consistently packed. I'm not sure why - he was awful. The vocalist in the promenade pub sounded great. Our cruise was packed with the rudest, pushiest, loudest people I have ever encountered. I don't know if they were local but the majority of them did speak (or rather yelled) San Juan's native language. A young woman in the cabin across from ours must have been running a brothel as she had men lined up outside her door at 3 o'clock in the morning. The shouting woke us up. All ports were wonderful. Curacao and Dominica were both new to us and we enjoyed them very much. The ship is beautiful and in good shape. There were lots of activities to keep everyone busy. Staff was very nice. Royal Caribbean's Crown and Anchor benefits have diminished drastically just as I am ready to leap to the next level. I feel my loyalty waning. There are lots of other cruise lines to try though so my cruising days are definitely not over. Debarkation was fairly quick; however, the San Juan Airport was a total nightmare. We were not offered valet luggage service on this cruise. We spent well over an hour in line just to get through security. I hope I never again have to go to that airport, EVER. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2010
We went on this cruise with another couple. The flight to San Juan went very smoothly and we took a taxi directly to the cruise port. We had no trouble getting on the ship or registering. Our cabin was nice. The bathroom was fine except ... Read More
We went on this cruise with another couple. The flight to San Juan went very smoothly and we took a taxi directly to the cruise port. We had no trouble getting on the ship or registering. Our cabin was nice. The bathroom was fine except for the shower tube had no place for my wife to put her foot while shaving her legs. WARNING: If you enjoy aft cabin balconies this isn't the ship for you. There is ZERO privacy on the aft balconies. Your balcony is visible by the balconies above, below and on each side. Also, deck 4 and 5 seem to be lit up all night for the dining room staff to use for smoking. The lights reduce the star gazing. We ate at the late seating and had fantastic service from our waiter Tyrone G. He's the best waiter we've ever had. Dining room meals were very good each night, but there wasn't a lot of variety. The Windjammer buffet for breakfast and lunch was ok, but the food is basically the same every day. The fruit was hard and not very sweet. We have better fruit in our Pennsylvania grocery stores in March than we had on the Adv of the Seas. We had no trouble with getting on or off of our ship at the ports of call. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2010
We had a great time. Few things about the ship really blew us away, but it really was a nice trip. Embarkation- The line was as long as the ship. It took us about an hour to get from the end of the line all the way to the boat. The line ... Read More
We had a great time. Few things about the ship really blew us away, but it really was a nice trip. Embarkation- The line was as long as the ship. It took us about an hour to get from the end of the line all the way to the boat. The line moved slowly but really, it wasn't all that bad. Public Rooms - Everything seemed clean and organized. It obviously wasn't a new ship, but I was impressed with how everything was maintained. Cabins - We had an interior room and it was exactly as we expected. Tiny. We unpacked as much as we could, but I still got the feeling the stateroom attendant was trying all week to put our things away for us. I don't think the room had the same standard of cleanliness as the rest of the ship. There were some hairs in the bathroom from old cruisers and the sheets were not up to my normal hotel clean standard. Also, the door on the safe cupboard was falling off, so that was a bit annoying. Dining - I really wasn't impressed by the food, but that wasn't a big cruise draw for me so I'm not too upset about it. I don't eat meat and there were very very few options in the WindJammer for me. The dining room was a bit better, but many non meat options seemed like an after thought. I didn't go hungry, but I'm not coming home craving more RC food. Entertainment - The shows were cute but after two dance shows and one ice show we were over it. Nothing to write home about, but something fun to fill a few hours. Shore Excursions - We had a blast snorkeling in Aruba and scuba in St. Thomas. We did the Best of Dominica tour and that was fun, but a lot of time on the bus. Kayaking in Curacao was fun but there wasn't much to see, I wouldn't do that one again. Overall, we were happy with the price and had a blast. Nothing blew us away and nothing was a big disappointment. As for other comments about Puerto Ricans on the cruise - Get over it people. Everyone on the boat was having a great time and my Michigander husband and myself felt like we fit right in on the ship. No one was overly loud or rude or anything like that. Having the mix of Spanish and English on the ship was fun and reminded my how far from home we were. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2010
This was the 6th cruise on RCL, 1st on Adventure of the Seas. My wife and I had done Southern Caribbean last year on Serenade of the Seas, but were looking forward to a different itenerary and a larger ship. Our flight into San Juan the ... Read More
This was the 6th cruise on RCL, 1st on Adventure of the Seas. My wife and I had done Southern Caribbean last year on Serenade of the Seas, but were looking forward to a different itenerary and a larger ship. Our flight into San Juan the day of the cruise was uneventful. Getting off the plane was a shocker as the terminal was packed with departing travelers. This provided a bad omen for our return flight. After fighting our way into the main terminal, things cleared up. We retrieved our bags and walked right up to the taxi stand for an immediate departure to the port. Arriving at 1:00, there was already a long line outside the cruise terminal. We knew this would be pushing their opening time, but didn't have any interest in wandering around San Juan. We spent 15 minutes in line to drop off our bags then moved to another line. At that point we realized there was a separate drop off point for platinum and above member bags. However, there was only one line into the terminal. It was very hot outside. I was impressed to see staff from the ship handing out cups of cold water. You could buy bottled water from an enterprising baggage handler if you wanted. After close to an hour in line, we entered the terminal. From there things moved rapidly. We went to the platinum line and were at the counter within a couple minutes. It was then only a matter of walking up the ramps to the ship (with requisite boarding photo). My wife purchased her endless coke cup right inside the ship then went to our stateroom. The room was typical of balcony cabin. Everything was clean and in good condition. Bathroom larger than expected. As we explored the ship we found everything sparkling and clean. Luggage arrived within a couple hours. Didn't meet our stateroom attendant until the next day, but we are low maintenance, so didn't really care. Lifeboat drill was new experience. No life jackets required! We stayed inside for the briefing. Our traditional 1st lunch at the Windjammer was a surprise. The layout is different from the smaller ships. The best way to describe it is a large triangle with a serving line on each side. Most items could be found on each side, but the grill (burgers, omelettes, etc) were on the far side. Despite coaching from the greeter, many folks stopped at the first line creating a logjam. We found that going to the back side was usually the shortest wait. There was a small bar back there for sodas and alcohol. Four stations had tea, lemonade, coffee, etc. Seating was crowded. After the first meal we expected to always share a table. Great way to meet folks. Staff kept the tables cleared, but we rarelly were offered refills on our drinks (very different from Serenade, Splendour and Jewel). There just were too many guests and too few workers. Food was typical buffet fare. Not all great, but if someone went hungry it was their own fault. We opted to eat as often as possible in the main dining room just to be more relaxed. Main dining room food was good for breakfast and lunch. Wait staff did a great job. Again, nice way to meet folks. Our evening meals were up and down. Some dishes was great while others clearly had been on the plate too long. There was never a problem with ordering something else if there was a problem. Curiously, when our tablemates complained about the escargot being too salty, they got a special plate the next night. Our waiter did ok. Had better and worse. His assistant was on his 2nd week, so was a bit rough. Tried hard though. He clearly understood that bread and pepper were his task! Head waiter dropped by a couple times. In 6 cruises have only seen a couple of those guys really engaged with their customers. Our only complaint was the dinner (2nd seating) dragged on forever. I suspect it was because our tablemates (and us a couple times) ordered multiples of each course. The waiter only brought one at a time. Until all appetizers were gone, no entree, then desserts, etc. This may have accounted for some of the food quality too. We didn't go to any shows other than the ice show. Waited 30 minutes to get tickets early in the trip. Showed up 20 minutes early for show with plenty of seats. The program was really good. Visited a few bars over the trip. Nothing special to report. Staff friendly and plenty of booze for those so inclined. Wife had no delays getting her cokes filled once bartenders realized she tipped a buck for refills (not required, just something she likes to do). Fun people-watching on the promenade deck. Pools were typical. Lots of people. Chair availability varied by time of day. Had to check out towels with sea pass card. Ports--In general getting on and off was smooth. Seldom long lines. We took excursions we privately booked. We seldom pay much more and have much better experiences with smaller groups. Aruba--Snorkeled on sailboat Tranquilo. About a dozen folks. Sailed a couple hours, snorkeled a couple, ate lunch onboard then sailed back. Good snorkeling. Plenty to drink. The mate served as many sodas, beer, etc as you wanted. Interesting lunch including Dutch pea soup that the operator retrieved from his mother on shore using the dingy. I highly recommend this company for a relaxing day away. (Booked directly with vendor) Curacao--Wandered the port on our own. Interesting sights and shopping. Dominica--Wow! Beautiful island that isn't commercialized like the others. Took a tour to the rainforest tram and Titou Gorge. Both were great experiences. The rainforest was an unexpected surprise. Wonderful views. Titou Gorge involved wading & swimming up a gorge to a small waterfall. We were the only two on the tour, so got lots of attention from our guide. After the tour, shopped at bit with vendors next to the pier. Men--$2 beers right out of the cooler at several booths makes shopping much more enjoyable for everyone. Wish it would catch on in America. (Booked thru Shoretrips) St.Thomas--We had been here before so opted for an all day sail. Booked a trip on the Winifred, a 40 ft mahogany sailboat. This was an incredible excursion! Aside from the two boat owner-operators, only one other couple was onboard. We sailed to Caneel Bay on St Johns. There we snorkeled twice and ate a great lunch. Of note, one of our hosts swam with us pointing out various fish and underwater sights. Better snorkeling gear than found on larger tours. By far this was the best day sail we've ever taken. This trip is a must do for couples or small groups (6 max) who want to get away from everything for a day. You can book directly with Winifred Charters. All good things come to an end. Disemarking procedures have changed significantly. You could stay in your room until time for your group to depart instead of being jammed into the theater. Literally, late flyers could stay in bed until after 9! We reported to the ice theater around 1030. They were a bit behind, but soon announced for everyone to follow their guide off the ship. As we were in the last group, bags were easy to find, and customs had no line. Walked right up to a cab, then on to the airport. At the airport, reality set in. Huge lines and short tempers. Our flight was at 3:30, so we just took it in stride until getting to the gates. At that point we entered real chaos. Every gate was packed to standing room only. We found two seats together 10 gates away from ours. We didn't experience this on a Sunday flight last year, so not sure if this was just Saturdays or typical on cruise days. Just huddled in our seats with a book and waited. Overall Adventure of the Seas was as good as we expected from RCL. Good service, friendly staff and well maintained. Food average. Plenty to do for whatever your interest onboard. Some places very crowded, but have yet to find a ship with empty elevators. A note on the commments from other posts-there was a high percentage of Peurto Rican guests. Lots of Europeans too. We noticed no troubles different from any other trip. Family/friend groups speaking another language stood out, and some groups were pushy. Then again I saw plenty of loud English speakers and folks who couldn't figure out they had to make room for others on the elevators. We had more issues with the airport than our fellow cruisers. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2010
Dh and myself are in our mid 40's and have cruised several times before. Once on RC, once Princess and several on Carnival. Flew in from Houston 2 days early. After reading really helpful tips here on CC, got really good deals on pre ... Read More
Dh and myself are in our mid 40's and have cruised several times before. Once on RC, once Princess and several on Carnival. Flew in from Houston 2 days early. After reading really helpful tips here on CC, got really good deals on pre and post cruise hotel. Stayed pre cruise at Hilton Caribe for $99 a night on priceline. Embarkation: Was a little nervous about going so early, but checked out of hotel at noon and went straight to ship. Check in was painless and took less than 30 min. Went to Windjammer and had lunch. Was able to go to cabin by then. Steward was wonderful and everything was CLEAN. Most luggage arrived by 3pm. Dining: We chose my time dining for the first time. Worked out good for us, but we only made it to dinner a few times. Very much liked being able to choose the time we ate. Will do it again for sure. Ate a couple times at Johnny Rockets. Food was good and staff was great fun. The buffet was always crowded and food was not so great. Compared to Carnival and Princess, the food was not so great, with the exception of the oatmeal cookies. Of course, we did not go hungry. Ports: We chose this cruise for the ports. We were not disappointed. We had a great time at each and every port. The ship was great! Every single staff member we encountered would smile and say hello. Anytime our room steward saw me he would go to the room and open the door for me. Went to only couple shows cause we were tired from all the excursions, but the few we went to were great. Especially loved the ice show. Took advantage of the free ice skating lessons and impressed my DH on the last night. We did not encounter any of the rudeness or outrageous behavior we heard about on some of the reviews. At least no more than at a day at the mall at home. The buffet area could get crazy at times, but it is not laid out well and there is confusion about where there is a line or not. Overall, we had a fantastic trip and would do it again in a heartbeat. We even joked about staying on another week and doing the other itinerary. Disembarkation was a breeze. We sat on our port side balcony and watched those ahead of us get off, then at our time, 9:30, walked right off the ship. One thing we were not aware of was there is no self disembark on this trip. When it is an option, we choose that way. Took a cab to Old San Juan. We stayed at Sheraton OSJ. Again, thanks to priceline, $89. We could not check in till 3pm, but we checked our luggage and were off to tour the city. The room was very small and a little noisy, as we were on the 9th floor not far from the pool. The bed was very comfortable and the noise over by 9. Loved touring the city at night and watched the AOS as she left for her next voyage. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2010
This was our first family cruise. We traveled with our 2 children who are 9 and 13 and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. The Ship was nice and there is always something to do. Food in dining room was good and Windjammer had your average ... Read More
This was our first family cruise. We traveled with our 2 children who are 9 and 13 and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. The Ship was nice and there is always something to do. Food in dining room was good and Windjammer had your average buffet food but was also very good. Portofino's was excellent. Our first problem occurred the first night of our cruise. I had read on cruise critic to beware of the charges that are placed on account. They suggested to check your charges daily and we did do that. The first night we were on the ship we ordered 2 drinks from the Pool Bar. Because the gratuity was already included my husband just signed the receipt. As we walked away I said to him that he should have carried the balance down because anyone could just add in a tip. He laughed and said, I doubt it. Sure enough the next day I checked our charges in the morning and there was an extra charge of $10.00 placed on our account from the Pool Bar. They did exactly what I said they might do and added an extra $10.00 to our charge. When we reported this to customer service the guy at the customer service desk said, "it doesn't surprise me". Also, because it was our first night on the boat it was very easy to spot because we had made no other charges and also because I checked the account the very next day. If I had let a few days go by I would never have caught that. Make sure when you sign your credit slips you carry the balance down. You can check your charges on the TV daily. They finally removed the charge after we reported it 4 TIMES. Another THEFT was my children's Birth Certificates were taken from our Cabin. Another THEFT, there have been $1600.00 worth of charges on my credit card that occurred while I was on the cruise. My credit card was left in the room one night on my dresser. When I got to my cabin I was shocked to see I left it out and couldn't believe it was still there, NEVER thinking that someone would have taken the information from it. We are guessing someone got the card number and pin number and placed purchases with the card somehow. The credit card company is investigating this. Just be VERY careful with your personal things. I was careless and I am paying for it now. Do a cash account if you can. I will NEVER give my credit card information to any cruise line again. Other than that we had a great time. Aruba - Palm beach was great. Trust me, take your own taxi. They are all over the place when you get off the boat. We would have spent $150.00 for the excursion to Palm beach and it cost us $32.00 round trip by taking our own taxi. The beach is just AWESOME there!! They have all you need there. You can rent chairs, snorkel gear and there are all kinds of water sports available. Dominica- Wacky water tubing was worth every penny. So much fun for everyone. Was a bit expensive but worth it. We booked this through the ship. St. Thomas- Sapphire Beach was GREAT for snorkeling. It was supposed to be $10.00 per person for the taxi but for the four of us it was only $20.00. You can negotiate with the driver. We did pay $10.00 per person on the way home but they didn't charge us for our 9 year old. Everywhere we were whether in a Port or on the ship everyone was SO NICE to the kids!! Curacao- Really nice port. Did shopping that day. Amazing stores. All in all we had a very nice vacation and did enjoy so much about the ship. It is very disappointing that there was some theft so I can only suggest you be very cautious with your personal things and personal information. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2010
My boyfriend and I sailed on the Adventure of the Seas out of San Juan on April 4th to April 11th, visiting Aruba, Curacao, Dominica, and St. Thomas. Background: We are 33 and 34 years old, no kids. This was my boyfriend's first ... Read More
My boyfriend and I sailed on the Adventure of the Seas out of San Juan on April 4th to April 11th, visiting Aruba, Curacao, Dominica, and St. Thomas. Background: We are 33 and 34 years old, no kids. This was my boyfriend's first cruise, but I have cruised before (although this was my first time on a Royal Caribbean ship). My previous cruises have been on Princess (the Caribbean Princess), Celebrity (the Century), and Carnival (the Glory and the Jubilee, many years ago). Embarkation: We flew to San Juan the day of the cruise. Risky, I know, but our work schedules required same day travel. We arrived in the San Juan airport around noon. The taxi line at the airport was long, but it moved rather quickly, and we got to the cruise terminal by 12:45 pm. The line at the cruise terminal to get on the ship at this time was very long and moved slowly (it took us well over an hour to get on the ship). Luckily, the line was in the shade and Royal provided water and lemonade while you waited (it was hot out!) No major difficulties getting on the ship, just time consuming. Our cabin: we had an Ocean view on the 7th floor, in the very back of the ship. Our room steward did an excellent job, no complaints at all. The room showed some age, but was well maintained by the steward. I thought that the storage in the room was good for two people, with plenty of closet space. The Ship: The Adventure is a nice ship. It did feel a bit crowded on Sea Days (I got to the deck around 10:00 am to find very limited seating, as everyone saved seats with towels, no surprise there.) Honestly, we found the pools to be a bit small and crowded when we were at Sea. Otherwise, the staff around the Ship was excellent - - pool bar tenders remembered your name, your favorite drinks, etc. Everyone had a smile on their face and seemed genuinely happy to be serving you. Entertainment and Activities: We went to a few shows, but we didn't really participate in too many activities. I will say that Casey Pelter, the Cruise Director, works very hard and did a great job. Every morning they broadcast his "Morning Show" on your TV (it is taped by Casey the night before, pretty late into the morning I believe) and it is hysterical. We would watch it while we were getting ready in the morning. Casey has a sidekick (his Ed McMahon, if you will) and they are pretty funny - - they do jokes, answer anonymous "ask the Cruise Director" questions left by guests, etc. The show gives a run down on all of the events for the day, sort of like a video Compass (the newsletter that lists all the activities). Anyway, I thought Casey and his staff did a great job and he has a solid sense of humor. Ports: We had rainy weather, which was a big disappointment to me because I love the beach. That being said, a rainy day at sea is better than a sunny day at the office! We did not do any of the pricey tours, as we prefer to explore on our own. In Aruba, we went to Palm Beach. It was cloudy and it rained, but I could see how it would be nice in the sun. In Curacao, it poured. We did some shopping in town, which was cute and had a nice European feel to it. I was hoping to see the beaches there, but the weather didn't cooperate. In Dominica, we opted to stay on the boat and take advantage of the pools. It was great - - very few people on the ship when the ship was in port, so we got to take advantage of the amenities without the crowds. In St. Thomas, we finally got some sun and went to Megan's Bay. Nice beach, calm waters. It was a very relaxing day. Food: The food in the dining room was good, and I'd even venture to say "very good" given the number of people they were feeding each night. I was impressed that steaks came out just as you ordered them (for example, medium rare) due to the sheer number of people being fed each night in the three story dining room. We had EXCELLENT service. We had the My Time Dining and managed to get a table for 2 each night with the same waiter, which was great. The wait staff knew our favorite wine and they were very friendly without being pushy. I thought the Prime Rib was really good and (surprisingly) the sugar free desserts were also really good (if you see the Berry-Peach Cobbler on the menu, go for it, it was excellent.) Food in the Windjammer was just OK, typical buffet food. Service in the Windjammer was a bit slow (hard to find a clean table at peak times). That being said, we certainly never went hungry! Like on all cruise ships I have been on, the coffee was horrible. I actually stopped in at Dunkin Donuts in Aruba for an ice coffee; it was "worth the trip"! My gripes: My biggest gripe has less to do with Royal and more to do with parents who do not watch their children. There were often pre-teen and teenage kids milling about, sitting (and blocking) the stairways, etc, with no parents in sight. Also, there were a lot of kids running around in the Windjammer, which is dangerous given the number of people carrying hot food. The parents were oblivious. Finally, someone needs to make this very basic public service announcement on the first day on the ship: "Please let the people get out of the Elevator before you try to get into it." Seriously, you wouldn't believe how many people (adults and children) would barge onto the elevators when the doors opened, not allowing the people off first. The most basic rule of elevator (and subway) riding is to let people off before you get on. This has been lost on at least 85% of Royal Caribbean's clientele. The elevators were ridiculously slow and crowded, so we often just took the stairs. Probably for the best, given the amount of food we ate! Disembarkation: I was very concerned about this, given the horror stories I read on the message boards about the San Juan Airport. We had a 12:56 pm flight out of San Juan. We missed the deadline to sign up for the Luggage Valet service, so we knew we would have to wait in line to check our luggage at the airport. Royal Caribbean assigned us to a 10:00 am slot for getting off the ship. I was convinced that there was no way we would make our flight if we were getting off the ship at 10 am, particularly since there was another ship disembarking at the same time (so, roughly 6000 cruisers leaving the terminal that morning). However, Royal lets you leave whenever you want, and even puts out extra luggage tags for earlier departure times at the Guest Services desk. So basically, if you are unhappy with your assigned time, you can simply get some new earlier luggage tags and leave the boat earlier. We got off with the first batch of guests at around 8:30 am. We were through customs and in a cab by 9 am; we were through airport security and at our gate by 9:45. San Juan Airport became a mob scene by 10:30, so the lesson here is to get there as early as possible. Final thoughts: Notwithstanding the rain, we had a relaxing time and enjoyed this vacation very much. We were impressed with the staff on the ship and would definitely consider another Royal Caribbean cruise in the future. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
We travelled 'overland' from Manchester, UK to Barcelona on 18th / 19th May 2010 to ensure the volcanic ash cloud did not disrupt our flight from the UK or to Spain. That trip is a completely different story! Stayed overnight at ... Read More
We travelled 'overland' from Manchester, UK to Barcelona on 18th / 19th May 2010 to ensure the volcanic ash cloud did not disrupt our flight from the UK or to Spain. That trip is a completely different story! Stayed overnight at the Villa Emilia hotel in Barcelona, very nice boutique hotel. Thursday, 20th May Caught a taxi from the hotel to the port 'Moll D'Adossat' at around 11:00, cost approximately €20 as the Barcelona taxis have a fixed charge, cost per KM and then extras for baggage etc. Arrived at Terminal B and joined a short line for security scan and check in. We took our bags on board with us as we just had 'carry on' size bags for the 4 night sailing. Entered the terminal and completed a health questionnaire to make sure we didn't have swine flu. Used the Diamond/Suite Guests check in line and it was completed in minutes. Passed by a stand selling the soda passes and then through the duty free shops of the terminal. Up the escalators (deftly avoiding the 'Welcome Aboard' photo opportunity) and proceeded along the covered walk way onto the ship on deck 4. Provided our SeaPass cards and passports for the photograph to be imprinted onto the cards and we were onboard. Reckon the whole process took less than 15 minutes! Proceeded up to the Windjammer for lunch. Staterooms would be available at 1 pm. Stopped by Portofino to book a table for 9 pm on Friday, 21st. Before entering the Windjammer, ordered a 5 bottle Gold 'Wine & Dine' package. Total cost $164.70 ($135 + $9.45 Spanish VAT + $20.25 15% gratuity). Took a seat in the Island Grill and had lunch, very quiet at this time. Once lunch eaten we sat on Deck 11 and at 1 pm proceeded to stateroom 7318, a centre hump, starboard side category E2 cabin. Complimentary Ice Show tickets in the cabin for any performance. Unpacked and went exploring. Had a drink in the Blue Moon Jazz Club in the Viking Crown on deck 14. Jack Daniels & Coke ($5.50 + 15%), Bombay Sapphire & tonic ($5.75 + 15%). The bar menus are from Boleros which as a bar does not exist on Adventure but cleary being used to suggest a Latin flavour for the large number of Spanish guests on board. Attended the Diamond event for pre-dinner drinks, held each night from 5 pm - 8:30 pm in the '19th Hole' on deck 14. Similar location to the Diamond lounge found on the Freedom class ships, so nice sea views, especially as sunset wasn't until around 9 pm. Free wine, champagne and fountain sodas available, 20% discount on cocktails and beer. Very quite most nights but we were well looked after by Bryan. We had pre-booked 8:30 pm for My Time dining. This was on deck 5 in the Mozart dining room. Got a table for 2 as requested which was on the balcony area of the dining room overlooking decks 3 & 4. Food was good, and the waiter and assistant waiter excellent. Attended the Ice show in Studio B 'Cool Art Hot Ice' and it was enjoyable. Visited Jesters night club, we've never seen a club onboard so busy, the bar staff couldn't cope, so many people wanting drinks. Went up to Blue Moon on deck 14, again absolutely packed, no space on the dance floor and again the bar staff struggling to cope with demand. The theme was Latin, Salsa, Merengue catering for the very large Spanish contingent onboard. Same in the 19th Hole, very busy with people wanting serving. Friday, 21st May Arrived in 'Toulon' at 7 am. Actually docked at La Seyne-sur-Mer which is 6 miles from Toulon and to get there you had to purchase a shuttle ticket costing $6 per person each way, so $24 for a two person round trip from Explorations on deck 5 next to Guest Relations. We were invited to have daily full service breakfast with speciality coffees in the 'La Notte' dining room on deck 3 as Diamond members. It was very quiet but enjoyable. The shuttle organisation was chaotic with people who had not purchased tickets allowed to pay on the dock and then push in the lines with those who had paid waiting to board a bus. The trip took approximately 35 - 45 minutes due to the appalling traffic. We were dropped off at the ferry terminal and told buses returned to the ship every 30 minutes. Toulon was interesting to see, especially the market, but that's about it. Went to catch a shuttle back, no driver to be seen. Finally boarded the 3 bus that had dropped people off, again total chaos. Return trip seemed to take even longer due to the volume of traffic. Went back onboard to have lunch at Johnny Rockets. Good as usual, no lines so seated immediately. No dancing from the staff though! Departed from La Seyne Sur-Mer at 6 pm. Complimentary petit fours delivered to the cabin, I presume for Diamond members and up (no reason provided) on formal night. Dined at Portofino at 9 pm, dress suggestion was smart casual even though it was Formal Night. Excellent, ate too much as usual. Staff very attentive. Saturday, 22nd May Went for breakfast to the Windjammer today and found they served 'English' back bacon and sausages, fantastic! Basically a sea day until arrival in Ibiza at 4:30 pm. As a result it was very busy again on the pool decks, but we found a nice spot in the Solarium near the pool. Once again a shuttle was needed to get from the dock which looked fairly new and was located near the Botafoch Marina. The port of Ibiza was very busy with ferries from other parts of Spain as well as regular services to the neighbouring island of Formentera. Left the ship to catch the shuttle to the Formentera ferry terminal which is just outside the old town. Trip only took a few minutes. Spent an hour or so exploring the 'D'Alt Vila' of Ibiza, the old walled town that is approached by an imposing archway up a ramp. Returned to the ship for pre-dinner drinks and dinner. Had the Cops Grille steak available on the MDR menu, excellent ($14.95 which includes 15% gratuity + 7% Spanish VAT). Then we headed back out to Ibiza town via the shuttle for a few drinks. Sunday, 23rd May Breakfasted again in the Windjammer and found a table easily. Went for a walk from the dock to the marina and then to Talamanca which is the resort in the next bay from where the ship docks. Headed back to try and find a spot on the pool deck, this proved really difficult and again the chair hogs out in force. Went to Windjammer for lunch at 1:30 pm and gave up trying to find a table, it was so busy as the MDR was closed whilst we were in port. Returned at around 2 pm and eventually grabbed a table for 2 as two people got up to leave. I requested a bottle of wine from our 'Wine & Dine' package but my first request was denied as the MDR was closed even though there is a bar in the Island Grill. I approached a senior dining room attendant and asked again. She initially said it was not possible as the MDR was closed, but I insisted as it was a 'Wine & Dine' package and I was dining. She consulted with someone else and he said it was possible. She got the wine from Portofino next door. Registered my $10 internet credit with Guest Relations, set up a username and password in the internet cafe and then tried to use the Wi-Fi hotspot in Cloud 9 on deck 14. This was not working; the ship is not fully equipped with Wi-Fi so it is not possible to connect from your stateroom. The only locations are Cloud 9 (deck 14), Conference Centre (deck 2), Royal Promenade (Cafe Promenade, deck 5) & Solarium (deck 11). We set sail from Ibiza at 3 pm towards Barcelona. We went to watch the Farewell Show in the Lyric theatre and then to our final dinner in the MDR. Monday, 24th May We docked in Barcelona in the early morning and although as Diamond Members we had been given one of the first coloured tags for early disembarkation, we stayed onboard and had breakfast in the Windjammer as we were taking our own luggage off. We could have waited in the Mozart dining room reserved for Diamond members, but we stayed in the cabin until about 8:30 am. Checked out our formal 'informal' photographs from the previous evening, but didn't purchase any as they are not worth the $19.95 + VAT IMHO. We strolled around the pool deck and saw MSC Splendida dock behind us, Nautilus in front and Oceana beyond that. It was a busy day in the port of Barcelona. We left the ship around 8:45 am, no lines for exiting the ship, strolled through the terminal and out to get a taxi to our post cruise hotel and waited all of 5 minutes before being on our way. Highlights Adventure of the Seas is a great ship, and in good condition. Unobtrusive stateroom attendant, but thorough and the cabin was spotless. Good food in the MDR, excellent in Portofino. A large variety of food available in the Windjammer. Strong alcoholic drinks (now into Lava Flows!) Attentive staff Great service, especially in Portofino Very easy to check in and board and also when disembarking. Great snacks at the Cafe Promenade (Brownies to die for!). Lowlights Chair hogging. Chaotic shuttle organisation. Aquariums in the Lobby Bar not illuminated, look a bit delapidated. Shuttle from La Seyne Sur-Mer (cost and length of time taken to get to Toulon) Lack of choice of shore excursions in Ibiza. General Store does not sell duty free liquor or cigarettes due to Spanish law and is now the '$10 store' Spanish VAT of 16% on shop purchases, 7% on all bar sales and cover charges for Johnny Rockets and Portofino. Key Staff Captain Ole-Johan Gronhaug Mercedes LaFuente - Cruise Director Melissa Broome - Loyalty Ambassador Sample Prices Chops Grille Steak $13.00 ($14.95 on the menu, includes 15% gratuity) Mojito $6.00 20oz Draft Beer $5.95 Seattle's Best Latte $2.75 Budweiser (bottle) $4.25 House Brandy $4.75 Portofino cover charge $20.00 ($21.40 per person due to Spanish VAT at 7%) Jack Daniels & Coke $5.50 Bombay Sapphire & Tonic $5.75 8" x 6" photo $9.95 each, plus $1.59 Spanish VAT (16%) Cosmopolitan $9.25 Mango Lava Flow $6.75 Lava Flow $7.00 Glass of wine $7.00 and up All the above except where stated attract an additional 7% Spanish VAT, plus 15% Gratuity. Read Less
Adventure of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.0

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