Sail Date: June 2005
Our cruise went to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbados. We found the ship a bit too big for our tastes, and I (being a 16 yo teenager) could never find anyone I was looking for to socialize. St. Thomas was pleasant ... Read More
Our cruise went to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbados. We found the ship a bit too big for our tastes, and I (being a 16 yo teenager) could never find anyone I was looking for to socialize. St. Thomas was pleasant weather wise, but everywhere people were trying to drag you into their shops, go on an island tour, get your hair braided. I understand that it is their only way of making money but it was absurd and I found myself thinking "I'll buy it if they leave me alone!" In the afternoon, we went parasailing, and we can all honestly say that there is no experience as wonderful. It was beautiful, and the boat ride out was fun, too. In St. Maarten, we went to the French side (Marigot) and had a lovely, delicious lunch at a restaurant near the library. The shops there, though expensive, had beautiful clothes, and shoes that you couldn't find anywhere else if you looked for years. The people spoke enough English to understand for my parents and were willing to help me with my French (I take French in school). When we went back to the Dutch side, we again were bombarded with people. St. Lucia was definitely the most beautiful of the islands, but Barbados was the best for shopping... there were malls, everywhere, and the stuff was cheap! As for the kid's program, I found that in the Optix (teen night club) there was nothing to do during the day and grinding and rap music all night. They rarely took requests, and none of the planned activities actually took place. Dinner was the best part of every day. We had a wonderful server who put up with our tables eccentricities and my lactose intolerance. Our table was awesome... I learned how to make a wine glass sing, and how to get a spoon to stay on my nose. We never had a problem finding things to talk about, and the two other teenagers at my table quickly became my friends. Eva, our waiting assistant would also help us at the Cafe Promenade, and make sure we all got what we wanted, and would give us extra things, like one time she got me a pineapple juice because the bar tender was busy. She always offered alternatives if we found we didn't like something. The food on the ship was plentiful, but don't go looking for frozen yogurt after 6:00... you won't find any. The best food was the soups at dinner, and the lobster and shrimp dishes. The pasta was usually ok, as well. At lunch, if you don't eat pork or beef, you may have difficulties if you don't want salad. Overall, the cruise was fun, and we would do it again in a heartbeat, if only for me to get pushed (fully clothed) into the hot tub again, or to go parasailing or shopping in St. Maarten or Barbados. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2005
This was my third cruise, my first with Royal Caribbean and the first to the Eastern Caribbean stopping at St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados. I have cruised with Norwegian and Carnival previously. Prior to this ... Read More
This was my third cruise, my first with Royal Caribbean and the first to the Eastern Caribbean stopping at St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados. I have cruised with Norwegian and Carnival previously. Prior to this cruise I had been checking numerous boards to get an idea of what this cruise might be like and found that there were not too many reviews that gave a lot of information. There were some but most just said the food was good and the activities were fun. I decided that I would write one that was as detailed as I could get. This was my honeymoon cruise and also the first for my wife. We sailed out of San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 11th on the Adventure of the Seas. I am going to try to break up the review in to sections mainly dealing with food, service, activities, and appearance of the ship and over all enjoyment. First thought is actually getting to the ship. We arranged out flights through Royal Caribbean, this was the only down side I really had over all. We ended up sitting across from the aisle on our flight from Charlotte to San Juan. On the way home we were in totally different rows. So I suggest if you book your flights through Royal Caribbean call your airline as soon as you get the cruise book and verify your seats. We arrived in San Juan around 3:30 pm and got to the dock about 4 pm. They didn't actually start embarking until 4 p.m. but we were able to get in line as soon as we got there. There were not a whole lot of people there so they just directed us to any line we wanted. We got stuck in some line that the people in front of us needed to ask every single unnecessary question they could think of. We finally got on about 4:20 and found out room. We had an inside room over looking the promenade. Let me tell you if you have had outside rooms with windows before and didn't like them, the inside rooms with windows are totally different. We could look down over the promenade and could tell when people were going to dinner, what people were wearing, what they were selling that night and we also could watch the parades that they had at night. It was so worth it. After we saw out room we went exploring. We ate at the Windjammer restaurant and really enjoyed the food. We also purchased the soda package, we figured that if we each drank 3-4 a day we would it would equal the cost of buying them separately. I know we drank more then that so for us it wound up be more cost effective. We also wanted to get more excursions but the line was really long but the nice thing is that you can get them from the RCTV in your room. Unfortunately some of the ones we wanted were already sold out. My suggestion is to buy them on-line before you go on the cruise. You can do until 10 days before the cruise leaves and that way its paid off before you even get there, if you buy them early enough. We got 2 before we came on board. That night we had dinner in the dinning room which was amazing looking. We were at a table for four which I first didn't like because I enjoy talking with a lot of different people. However this turned out to be a great table. We were seated with another couple that was on their honeymoon, they had just gotten married the day before. We had a great time with them. I had read a few reviews that said that they were upset because of the number of Puerto Ricans that were on the ship and the problems that they had with them. I never had any problems with anyone on this cruise. Usually I never noticed that there were almost 3000 people on board, only the last day at sea. I found that the people I did see were usually the same people over and over again. I also never noticed many kids running around and being annoying. But enough with that lets get to what everyone wants to know about, the food. I ate more then I should have, way more then I should have. The usual day was getting up around 8-9 depending on when our excursion was and skipping breakfast. Usually we would grab some fruit and that was fine. We ate breakfast one morning in the dinning room and it was good, but breakfast cooked for a large group of people is usually not as good as cooking for a small group, so I don't really fault Royal Caribbean for that. Don't get me wrong I was still very good but it's hard to cook breakfast for a very large group of people. For lunch we ate in the dinning room one day, usually we were on excursions during lunch or trying to hurry back out for more shopping. The lunch was good, the steak sandwich I had was very tasty and not too dry. They had a pasta bar that you could choose what paste you wanted, with what sauce and other extras. My wife had that and she loved it. We usually ate lunch in the windjammer and we usually ate way to much. If you didn't get there during the actual lunch serving you most had salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta, and deli sandwiches. It was very simple but it was good and you could eat as much as you wanted. They would also have something special each day, once was ribs, and another was spicy chicken breast. The windjammer is nice because it looks out over the back of the boat and you get a nice view of the ports and island. We also ate lunch at the Promenade Cafe a few times. This is the only food that is 24 hours a day on the ship. They have pizza, and sandwiches as well as deserts. It's good food and makes a great snack. You can also get fruit here too, they had whole kiwi that you could get too. We did eat dinner in the dinning room every night. The food was wonderful. Yes you might be able to get a better cut of meat at a restaurant here in the states but I would say that even though it was not a 5 start dinner it came very close. You can get as many plates as you want and I had soup, salad and appetizers on a couple occasions. They have a very good variety and if you don't like the suggested courses they always had standard meals, like sirloin, chicken, and paste every night. The deserts were wonderful, and some nights it was hard to decide what to get. That's the best part about going with someone. You both get something different and then share. Over all the food was just wonderful, and if you go on any cruise and don't get enough to eat then there must be something wrong with you as they had something for everyone. The service one this ship was wonderful. Our cabin steward introduced us and knew us by name before we even meet him, he also asked the first night if we had gotten our luggage and when we said we had not he said he would go find it. It was in the room the next time we got there. Our waiter and assistant waiter were wonderful. The assistant waiter had glasses of soda for us every night after the first one. She even had one for me when I brought another glass in with me. She also had a glass for us as soon as she saw our current one was empty. Our waiter was funny and always stopped by to see if we were ok, he even tried to push more lobster tail on us. He also gave me more tiger shrimp one evening after I had finished mine, and I didn't even have to ask for it. The service staff on the ship all was very helpful, two in particular were the waitress at the Duck and Dog Pub on the Promenade. I usually had a drink there before dinner and they new my name by the 3rd day. It surprised my wife when we walked by and both of them said "Hi Josh". She made the comment that maybe I was spending a little to much time there. Even the people in the casino were nice to us. On this cruise I found that because we spent 5 out of 6 days at an island I had enough to do. When I cruised with Carnival there were 3 days at sea and usually they were very boring. On this cruise, the day at sea was spent very busy. The rock climbing wall was a nice thing and I saw people of all ages trying. The mini golf course was very fun although it was more difficult to putt with the ship moving and tilting at times. During the evening they had shows, we went to one of the theater shows, one of the comedy acts and the ice show. The theater show was ok not great but it had some very nice singing and dancing. The comedy act was an impersonator and he was funny and did some very good impersonations. The best thing to see was the ice show. It was very impressive. They had a guest skater and he would hang from the ceiling on bolts of fabric and would do gymnastic routines. It was very good and really amazing. If you take a cruise with an ice rink you need to see this show even if you're not the biggest fan of ice skating. You did need to get tickets as the seating is limited but we go them the day before with no problem. It also had a coupon for a dollar off a drink during the show. The casino was always fun, we spent one evening and one afternoon in there. We did end up winning over all but just enjoyed the time. The one thing I did like was they were not trying to shove bingo down your throat. They would have announcements that they were going to have some bingo going on but when I sailed with Carnival it seemed that every other announcement was come play bingo. When you're not that big of a fan anyway it gets very annoying. I will have to say this ship looked wonderful. The artwork was amazing and the promenade made you think you were not at sea. They even had a statue of a guy that you thought was real. He had a crease in his pants and at least twice I found my self saying excuse me to him. Out room was nicely decorated and did not go over board. The dinning rooms looked amazing as well as all the lounges and bars. This cruise was with out a doubt the best that I have been on and the best line. I will never again sail with Carnival, but will probably do Norwegian if they have a cruise that I like. Royal Caribbean however impressed me beyond anything I could imagine. I don't know how someone could take this cruise and not enjoy it. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2005
Just got back 7/18/05 from sailing on RCI's big and beautiful Adventure of the Seas. I had read several of the posted reviews of this ship prior to sailing, and I was curious to see if some of the prior criticisms of the ship were ... Read More
Just got back 7/18/05 from sailing on RCI's big and beautiful Adventure of the Seas. I had read several of the posted reviews of this ship prior to sailing, and I was curious to see if some of the prior criticisms of the ship were warranted. Future passengers of this ship need not be surprised or alarmed by a nearly even mix of English-to-Spanish speaking passengers. After all, the embarkation port is San Juan, P.R. RCI does a wonderful job in balancing the tastes and sensibilities of the passenger base for this ship. I didn't witness any conflict among my fellow shipmates and felt comfortable mingling. There were a total of 5 adults traveling in my party (no kids). We stayed the night prior to departure at San Juan's Caribe Hilton Resort. This resort seemed to be a popular choice among the passengers for this cruise. The resort oddly enough looked fully 5 stars on the outside, but was no better than Ramada or Comfort Inn on the inside (rusting fixtures, outdated styling, peeling paint, etc). If you're seeking accommodations in San Juan prior to your sail date, I would recommend looking elsewhere for an overall better deal. Port of San Juan/Old Town (embarkation port): Speaking of deals, you probably won't find many here. Go to Old Town San Juan for the history and sightseeing, but wait to make your purchases in the coming ports of call. While there's no tax on your purchases in San Juan, nearly everything I priced from liquor, clothing and jewelry can be had much cheaper in the mainland U.S. Wear a good pair of shoes too, as it's easy to trip over the old cobblestone streets. Oh yeah, sunscreen too! Embarkation: A normally chaotic process, our party lucked out big time here. When we got to port approx. 2 p.m. local time, we were horrified to see approx. a quarter of the capacity 3,500+ passengers waiting to board in the "mother of all lines." Finding the end of this snaking line, a fellow passenger informed us that there was a much smaller line where we could check our luggage on only. We proceeded to the entrance when a porter told us that we could board immediately as we had already affixed the necessary baggage tags. Cool! The porter disappeared into the crowd before we could tip him, but this token gesture probably wouldn't hurt your chances of bypassing the masses. Total embarkation time < 30 minutes. Yippee! Incidentally, once you complete your pre-boarding, you may want to wander to the small duty-free liquor stall which has excellent prices and unlimited free tasting samples. All in our party picked up a bottle of our favorite spirit for the cruise. The duty-free prices here are nearly as good as any on ship or in port. Caveat: you must place the liquor in your carry on when boarding the ship. Free cookies and refreshments also await you in the embarkation area. A word about Passports: I strongly encourage getting one to take along on for this itinerary. It helped tremendously during the embarkation & disembarkation process (customs) and in the San Juan airport. Giddy with excitement, we proceeded to our staterooms. There were three of us in one non-adjoining stateroom and my parents in the other. Both were balcony staterooms--but not suites--on the 6th deck. We were pleased with the size of the staterooms, but three people to this stateroom category is a little tight. There wasn't any unusual delay with our luggage. Cons: RCI doesn't provide much in the way of toiletries beyond a small bar of soap and a liquid soap dispenser in the shower. Bring your own travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, lotion, etc. for a more enjoyable cruise experience. Also, the small in-room refrigerators never seemed to keep anything cold and the climate control (A/C) was inconsistent and inefficient in both staterooms. This was a significant inconvenience as most days at sea and in port were hot and humid. The staterooms regrettably do not have door peepholes (surprising, considering the design class and age of this ship). There is no coin-op laundry facility on board (however, they do provide valet laundry service for a fee--$4 for 1 pair of jeans). We next did the Day Spa treatment orientation. Staff did a remarkable job of selling the services. Unfortunately, the services didn't live up to the sales pitches. Their prices aren't cheap $49--$300 a session. All of the mediocre services rendered were followed by more strong sales pitches for useless and pricey vitamins and detoxification products. Next, we proceeded to purchase our fountain (soda pop) cards. $48 for the week for adults, and around $42 for kids. Heard many grumbles about this, but they do give you a collectible drink container with this. Water, ice tea and lemonade are free. We then went to eat at the Windjammer Cafe (deck 11), which serves as the ship's primary casual dining place. It does a satisfactory, if not spectacular job in providing meals and service. Much better than Carnival. It is not open 24 hrs. though. Between 3:00 and 7:00 AM each morning, if you're hungry, you may be out of luck (unless you still have that stale beef jerky that you purchased several days earlier in your suitcase). Most days at sea were calm, but you could still feel the ship rocking slightly. Saw several fellow passengers with those funny patches behind their ears. Captain kept us informed about approaching hurricanes Dennis & Emily. Speaking of the Capt., he's a great approachable guy. Captain Nyseter likes to mingle and meet the passengers and will let you take your picture with him. Room stewards Rawlson and Alston were great. They know how to make all the towel animals, even one that I hadn’t seen before—blindfolded monkey hanging from the ceiling WOW! We had the 2nd seating for dinner (8:30). Food most nights was just OK—much better than Carnival—but still leaving much to be desired. Service in all areas of the dining room was sub-par. We saw other tables getting exceptional service, but it seemed like we drew the inexperienced serving team. We did not feel obliged to tip the full suggested amount to this team. Dinner mates were great! Vernice, you are your family were the best table mates we could ever have asked for. Live long and prosper! On-board fitness center is great—like a mini 24 Hr. Fitness—and was never too crowded. I saw three swimming pools on deck 11. Taken together, they are probably too small to accommodate the ship, but one pool and Jacuzzi are open 24 hrs for the adults. One person in our party won $600 on a quarter machine in the casino. Rest of us weren’t so lucky. Heard many grumbles about the price of the bingo cards. I believe that the cheapest price during the cruise was $20 for 1 card. Ouch! I decided not to play. My favorite lounges to escape to were the Imperial, Cigar and Library—three places to enjoy a brief, quiet meditation. We did not patronize Johnny Rockets Burger Joint (deck 12) or the special Portofino fine Italian restaurant (deck 11). They both charge a cover fee. There is an internet café onboard, but they charge .50 cents a minute or $25 an hour and their computers are real slow. Calls from ship are $7.95 a minute. May be best to dock to call home or email. Several of the ports have internet cafes just off ship. Aruba: Two of us took excursions at this port and had a blast. Great snorkeling. There didn’t appear to be a beach within walking distance of the port, so most people taxied to the recommended sites. Prices here were much better than San Juan. Here I found good deals on Cuban cigars at the Cigar Emporium in one of the main shopping areas. Many shopkeepers and vendors openly peddling drug paraphernalia and adult-themed bric-a-brac. Consensus of our traveling party was that Aruba may not be a completely safe place after dark. Almost palpable tension in the air over the continued unsolved case of missing U.S. teen Natalie Holloway, who disappeared recently on the island. Curacao: Nice, charming port, even though it looks to be strictly third world living for the locals. Moderate to major construction is going on presently at the ship terminal. Looks like they’re expanding the walkways and putting in lighting. Was curious to learn the island is only 30 mi. off Venezuela. Island has a unique mix of nationalities and trades equally using Dutch currency. Amazing, azure blue waters. To get to town to shop, you must cross this run-down pontoon bridge. If there’s a boat coming, the bridge crew will ring these handheld school bells, and then everyone goes running to cross the bridge—a funny thing to witness for the first time. Sidewalk vendors just off ship holding firm to quoted prices. Take a walk through town and witness the beautifully painted pastel storefronts. Best deals in this port include the popular Curacao liqueur—buy one for yourself and for a gift. Doesn’t do any good to shop prices for this product as nearly all the stores (including the vendors just of the ship) sell it for the same price. I got lost walking around and ended up at the open-air market near the post office where the butchering of animals was taking place. Not for the faint-of-heart. St. Maarten: Probably the best of the ports our party visited. Prices here (Dutch side) are excellent. Most vendors selling bottled beers for a buck and great deals await you on jewelry, tobaccos (cigars) and liquor. You’ll need to drink a lot of that beer, or water as this was also the hottest port—temperature-wise. Whew! Got a bit of heat exhaustion walking around. Island specialty liquor is Guavaberry liquor—a strong delicious liqueur. They have the Guavaberry liquor store on the main street and they offer free samples. St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. Visually stunning port-of-call. Probably the most picturesque of all the ports. Prices here are just OK and the merchants, vendors and taxi drivers are all very pushy in selling you. A good rule of thumb in this and all the ports is to ask how much it will cost you before getting into any taxi. Many thanks to the folks (namely, Deja & Julius) at the Happy Buzzard (formerly Fat Tuesdays), a hole-in-the-wall bar along the waterfront walk serving up great drinks and hospitality (right next to Blackbeard’s Brewing Co.). You guys made our trip special. Disembarkation: Also normally a chaotic process, this went fairly smooth. You will likely find the café and dining stations at maximum capacity with everyone trying to get their last meal before leaving ship. The elevators were (naturally) jam-packed and ship maintenance crew picked a lousy time to start replacing carpet in the stairways. We were in one of the first groups to be called and we were off the ship around 9 AM. Pay attention to taxi prices in San Juan at the pier. May be in your best interest to haggle and shop around. They have these people writing receipts for the taxi costs and they charge per piece of luggage too. They even charged my mother for her purse! Incredible. By this time, if you’re like most people, you’ll probably be “tipped out” for several weeks and months to come. This was one of the negative things about the cruise. Everyone wants a tip. When you order a drink or any other service on the ship, you get a receipt with an automatic 15% gratuity included and then another line asking you to include another tip (amounting to a tip on top of a tip). Nonsense. Memo to RCI Corporate: Pay your employees a decent wage! All in all, it was a nice cruise, and one that my family enjoyed. Just be prepared to pay for it with your wallet and credit. Email me with any questions. I’ll be happy to respond.  Read Less
Sail Date: August 2005
My husband and I sailed on Adventure of the Seas on 8/28/05 out of San Juan, PR. This was our second cruise (first one on Voyager of the Seas - Western Caribbean, August 19, 2001) and the layout of the ship is the same as the other one we ... Read More
My husband and I sailed on Adventure of the Seas on 8/28/05 out of San Juan, PR. This was our second cruise (first one on Voyager of the Seas - Western Caribbean, August 19, 2001) and the layout of the ship is the same as the other one we went on. I would highly recommend filling out all of the pre-boarding documents online. Check in was a breeze!! We landed in San Juan at about 12:00pm and were greeting in baggage claim by a RCCL representative. (We paid for the transfers) We got our luggage and went to a line where we met the reps and headed off to our bus. Along the way, there was a truck that took our luggage to the cruise ship. We got to the port and saw a line that said "Set Sail Pass". This is where you go when you fill everything out online. We were onboard in less than 15 minutes. The ship...words cannot even describe it. Gorgeous, huge, wonderful. Our room wasn't ready yet, so we went to the spa to make our appointments (only one day at sea, so we had to do this as soon as we got on board). Then we went to Portofino's to make our reservations. We asked the maitre d' when "Caribbean" night was because we remembered from our last cruise that we were not crazy about the dining room food that night. She told us and we made our reservations for that night. Then we went to the Windjammer to have some lunch. Overall, the food was very good. Portofino's though...beyond excellent. We are from NYC and have eaten at many fine restaurants. This place blew us away! The food, the service, everything...completely wonderful and totally worth the $20 per person cover charge. Islands - Day one was boarding. Day two was St. Thomas. We did the BOB excursion. Holy cow...that was amazing! We would definitely do it again. Excellent and worth the $99 per person. Day three was St. Maarten. We decided to do this one on our own. Big mistake. We figured the French side would be nice. It was gross. Run down and dirty and not worth the time. We had lunch at this place called "La Vie de Rose". Pretty good, but we still wanted to leave. We took a cab back to the Dutch side which looked so much nicer. Next time we would do a snorkeling excursion there or beach type thing. The shopping was so good on the Dutch side. Day four was Antigua. Nice island. We got a cab and went to Dickenson's Bay. Nice clean beach, quiet and the locals didn't harass you to buy their stuff. Day five was St. Lucia. Oh how we regret getting off the boat! Awful island. We booked a tour...Land and Sea to Sufriere. What a waste of money and time. The island is gross and the tour took us through the most dilapidated parts of the island and every time the bus stopped to let us off to look around, we were accosted by the locals. The volcano was boring and not as cool as we thought it would be. They don't actually drive you through the rain forest...just near it and then that is it. The lunch at this plantation was bad...undercooked chicken, bad choices. Then the tour goes to a boat where you can swim. Well, the charming locals once again accosted us, but this time they follow you into the water!!! Yes, right up to you without any cares! The whole day I felt like we were in a Sally Struthers commercial with the barefoot dirty children begging for money. Day six was Barbados. Being that we had a miserable experience the day before, we were very worried that our 5 star catamaran lunch cruise and snorkel/swim with turtles would be a bust. It was also like $80 per person. Well, we were pleasantly surprised. It is a beautiful island and the people were so nice and not intrusive. The tour was excellent and would definitely recommend it. The staff was wonderful. The most amazing snorkeling. Very nice day. The port is nice too where the ship docks. Day seven was at sea. It was nice to relax. The ship is really wonderful. Our room (balcony) was immaculate and very spacious. Our honeymoon the year before was to Italy for 2 weeks. Of course we loved it, but this was such a nice relaxing vacation. We did a tour on day eight (disembarkation day). The disembarkation as was easy as day one. Very quick and very efficient. RCCL really has this all running very smoothly. No problems whatsoever. We went to the Old San Juan walking tour. Again, unimpressed, but the tour wasn't what we thought it would be. We liked old San Juan, but we didn't see it. The tour leader was horrible. It was hot. She only took us to see forts. BORING!! Then we had to use the restroom. She didn't know where any were!! How is it that you tell us to drink water and we are walking around for 3 hours and you don't have any idea where the bathrooms are? We had to go...bad!! We found a restaurant along the walk that we decided to go to. She said she would wait for us at the corner. We got out and she and the group were gone!!! We were running all over until we saw someone who told us they went inside a church. It was about 115 degrees in there and they were in the middle of Sunday services. She kept on talking!! How rude! I couldn't believe it. We finally got on the bus and headed to the airport. Check in was very easy and then we ate lunch (we were starving after that 3 hour walk from hell). The flights coming and going were great too. All in all it was a fantastic vacation and would definitely do it again. RCCL is amazing!! Definitely a wonderful vacation! Shows we saw - DO NOT MISS the Ice Show. Oh my god. So incredible. We saw some other show and some of the singers weren't very good. The dancers were very good, but the singing leaves something to be desired. I could probably do better! Read Less
Sail Date: August 2005
This was my second trip on this ship and my seventh overall. There are already a lot of reviews on this site so i am only going to tell you the things to watch out for. I was with my family and my sister was seventeen which put her in a ... Read More
This was my second trip on this ship and my seventh overall. There are already a lot of reviews on this site so i am only going to tell you the things to watch out for. I was with my family and my sister was seventeen which put her in a bad spot. She was too young to go in to the night club and they were strict about this but she was too old for the youth program where the oldest person was 15 not really someone she can relate to. SO if you have a child about that age I would not recommend this trip. The first time that I took a trip on this ship Johnny Rockets was free now they charge, that is so ridiculous. They claim that all your food is included and then they charge for a hamburger. I understand the extra price for the Italian place because the food is better than average but not for a hamburger. I love this ship it is like nothing else on the ocean. I just wish there were less people because it is hard to find a deck chair unless you get there really early. One of the other problems I noticed that has also been stated in some of the other reviews is that there were a large number of locals from the island that made the ship seem less special. It was like they came first and if you were not from Puerto Rico you were not as welcome. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2005
This was our 4th cruise together. My husband had sailed 6 times total. We have sailed on many different ship lines and this particular ship was awesome. Sunday, embarkation was a little confusing. There was no one on the dock directing ... Read More
This was our 4th cruise together. My husband had sailed 6 times total. We have sailed on many different ship lines and this particular ship was awesome. Sunday, embarkation was a little confusing. There was no one on the dock directing anyone to where they needed to be and so many people formed their own lines wherever they wanted to. We finally found the area outside that the cruisers with suites needed to be and from there on it went very smooth. We wandered about the ship for a while just to find everything and then went for some lunch. Ate in the Windjammer/Island Grill on deck 11. Food was just OK. Most of the time we ate there the food was only luke warm or actually cold. Use the dining room or Johnny Rockets if you want hot food. Waited for our luggage to arrive to unpack but that didn't happen until 8:30 PM after the muster drill (we embarked at 2:30 pm) so we decided to go back to the Windjammer for supper. Great selection but, as I said, food was not hot again. Our Junior Suite was 1312 on Deck 10 starboard and it was very roomy, lots of storage, nice balcony. Great sunsets from this side of the ship. Bathroom was small but had a full sized tub with shower. Full sized bottles of shampoo, bodywash and body lotion were provided. Wonderful value for the price. Our room steward was Siegfried and he was great. The room was immaculate and he did wonderful towel animals! Finally unpacked and then off to swim awhile. The main pool area is very nice but our favorite spot was the Solarium pool area. NO kids and pretty quite. Great hot tubs too. Very pretty area. The Promenade Deck is awesome. Make sure you visit the promanade cafe for great snacks but the pizza is only so-so. The Atrium is breathtaking. Stairway is a great place for picture opportunities. Loved all the bars, Jester's Nightclub and the Blue Moon Lounge were our favorites. Whatever you do, don't miss the Ice Show. It is one of the best ice shows we have ever seen. We made all the production shows and they were pretty good. Some better than others but enjoyed each and everyone. The Adventure Quest night was a blast. Like a scavenger hunt. 50's and 60's night we had a twist contest. Men's sexy legs contest and the belly flop contest were a blast. The parade on the promanade is not to be missed. Get there early though to get a good spot. People line up along the promanade deck and it does get crowded. The main dinning room was very elegant and the service was fantastic. Ship photo opts everywhere. 8 by 10s run $19.95, little pricey but hey, we are on vacation so who cares! The entrance to the casino is really cool. There is a glass floor with all types of movie memorabilia. My favorite was Dorothy's red shoes from The Wizard of Oz. Slots were pretty tight until the last night but, all in all, we did quite well. Hubby likes the Blackjack tables. Won there also. Don't miss Portofino's. The best meal we had all week. The sports deck has inline skating, basketball, mini-golf, the tock climbing wall. You can ice skate in Studio B at certain hours. The ports of call are very nice. Did the 71/2 hour off road jeep adventure in Aruba and it really is "off road". We didn't see pavement for about 6 hours. Snorkeled on DePalm Island and in St. John. Liked the snorkeling in St. John best. We were just in St. Thomas in December '04 so we wanted to see something different. Not sorry--St John is beautiful. Shopped in Curacao and rented a car in St. Maarten and drove around the entire island. All the ports were great. Words can't describe the beauty of this ship. Make sure you try as much as you can fit in on this ship. Not enough time to do it and see it all. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2005
Hello - we were first time cruisers on our honeymoon. We were married in Puerto Rico so getting there was relatively pain free. Based on what I read we planned to arrive a few hours after the scheduled time of 2 and boarded within 20 mins. ... Read More
Hello - we were first time cruisers on our honeymoon. We were married in Puerto Rico so getting there was relatively pain free. Based on what I read we planned to arrive a few hours after the scheduled time of 2 and boarded within 20 mins. Quite frankly we were bright eyed so it seemed to go well and we were very happy with our suite. We set out on tour, grabbed a bite to eat in Windjammer and headed back to the room which is when the week of busy wedding activity finally hit us. We were beat. We went through the emergency drill on because it was mandatory and settled in for a quite evening. Well about 9:30 pm we were awakened by the cabin attendant who was very nice but insisted on giving us the welcoming speech. It seemed clear to us that one we were sleep (the lights were off) but she pushed her way in and turned on the lights. It was a bit odd and gave us a good laugh but a bit rude. Overall I thought the cruise was great and look forward to doing it again really soon. Some highlights the murder mystery dinner theater at Portofino's the play was cheesy but great fun and the food was outstanding. The musical reviews were entertaining for me but I like that kinda of thing but even I noticed it seemed a bit amateur. The food was great and we like Johnny Rockets (we have them local) but each time we were charged differently one time we paid a cover and then another no cover it was weird. We reserve our contempt for the spa. I can say without reservation I am a spa expert having visited luxury spas across the world and this place just did not cut it. One the service providers were not good. I received a manicure pedicure and this amounted to little more than a polish change I was really disappointed. We scheduled a couple's massage for later in the week. It was okay. not bad not grate if it were on land I wouldn't go back. The follow up consultation after the massage was ridiculous. The sum total of recommendations for avoiding the tight shoulder and back problems - drink more water and buy these ridiculous priced products because they can cure anything. my husband (a spa newbie bought them and I returned them later (which took almost 15 mins and conversations with no less than 3 people on the spa staff). Also I noticed during that 15 mins wait that they offer the same services at different price levels. A 50 min couples massage was $266 while a 50 min. mother/daughter or father/son massage was $198. That was annoying As to the number of comments about the puerto rican passengers....after reading the boards I was on the lookout for the behavior people described and I didn't see it ...this does not mean I didn't run into rude people they just weren't all Puerto Rican. Rude people are everywhere ...and as to the supposed discount I don't think the large number of Puerto Ricans has to do with a discount call me crazy it might be because the ship leaves from Puerto Rico. I think it you have a cruise where a large portion of your passengers speak Spanish it makes sense to have everything in Spanish and English (English was always first). anyone who has a problem with that has a problem and should maybe consider limiting travel to mainland US. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2005
This was our seventh cruise (3rd on RCCL, 2 Princess, 1 ea Carnival and Norwegian). We flew to San Juan, stayed at the Embassy Suites. Took Island Kayaking for the Bio Bay and Atlantic San Juan Tours for the Rain Forest. Two class acts. ... Read More
This was our seventh cruise (3rd on RCCL, 2 Princess, 1 ea Carnival and Norwegian). We flew to San Juan, stayed at the Embassy Suites. Took Island Kayaking for the Bio Bay and Atlantic San Juan Tours for the Rain Forest. Two class acts. Andres from Atlantic took us to the ship. Arrived at the ship a little aft 2 pm on Sunday Oct 9. Lines were long, but moving. The baggage check in line was well handled, then had to get back in the line for the actual check in. Inside the terminal, the lines moved smoothly. Sail Pass made the check in very easy. Within an hour, we were on board, in our cabin and upstairs for lunch. The Cruise Critic group had decided on Blue wristbands to stand out. And a member of our group made door signs for all of us. She then put them on our doors. Made for a great welcome. The meet and Mingle invite was waiting for us when we arrived. Sailing went without a hitch. It was raining in San Juan and we had rain (heavy at times) the next day in St Thomas. We used Godfrey for the tour here. Not his fault that the weather did not cooperate and the tour was hindered by the cloud cover. But enjoyable. That evening was the Meet and Mingle in the Blue Moon lounge. RCCL put out a nice spread and had little gifts and pins for all. Here they told us that they were changing the itinerary to out run the storm. (BTW this storm eventually became Wilma) The group had been talking on line, so it sure seemed like a homecoming. In fact, the people who had the early seating, linked their reservations and got a table of ten for the week. NEAT!! So we spent the next day at sea and then to Barbados. Here we used Cameron Reid. (Just the two of us, another great tour and the weather cooperated. Cameron took us to the beach ( Coconut Shack - next to the Boatyard) a lot cheaper and better. Now off to St Lucia. A bunch of us were on Frank's Taxi. A SUPERB CLASS ACT. his tour was fantastic. Ended with a little excitement as a street punk stole the money we were paying Frank. He gave pursuit and the crowd helped stop the punk and turned him over to the Police after a fashion of street justice. Spent some time at the beach, the volcano, the waterfall and finally shopping. Then off to Antigua. We all went with Lawrence and had another great tour. Then off to St Martin. here my wife and I did not connect with our tour, cause of the change in the trip, so we got a local driver. Very good also. Only real downer of the cruise was the entertainer ( and I use that word loosely) Bobby Arvon. NOT GOOD AT ALL. In fact most walked out on his show. We all got together one last time for breakfast on the last day and are now emailing all our pictures around for sharing. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2005
Highlights along with good & bad: Beware of the Port of San Juan - very disorganized. There are two lines - one to drop off your luggage to porters who stand at the end of the line. There is no one to help you with your luggage. And ... Read More
Highlights along with good & bad: Beware of the Port of San Juan - very disorganized. There are two lines - one to drop off your luggage to porters who stand at the end of the line. There is no one to help you with your luggage. And then the second line is the one you stand in to board the ship. No one tells you anything and it is more that you figure it out for yourself. The ship itself is beautiful, large and expansive. You won't be disappointed. All the staff are friendly and very helpful. We did an excursion at each port of call. But November is the rainy season and it rained most every day on our cruise. At Aruba we did DePalm Island excursion, it is not at all organized and there was some confusion. Overall it was nice to snorkel and lay on the beach for half the day even if it was overcast. At Curacao - our snorkel trip was canceled - bad weather. However, it cleared up after 1 or so and we went into town. I am not sure why we bothered. I could have done without it. It is nothing to speak of. At St. Marten we did an excursion that took us to the French side - Pinel Island. It was beautiful and the snorkel trip was awesome and organized. Our guide on the trip was most informative and the guys who do the snorkel are certified divers and make sure everyone is comfortable and safe. I would recommend this one. At St. Thomas we took a ferry to St. John and did Trunk Bay. Absolutely, hands down THE MOST BEAUTIFUL island I have ever visited. St. Thomas itself the town is disgusting and had high prices. The best shopping along with best prices was St Marten. Don't save your money - buy what you see when you see it. Alcohol and Cigarettes were least expensive in St. Maarten. As far as food is concerned, it was mass produced and that is what you can expect in the dining room. Some nights were better than others. Our waiter was very nice and our table was next to the Captains' table so it was a good location. The major complaint is that if you had late seating for dinner you had to go to the show before dinner at 7 pm and then eat at 8:30. This was really awful and I would not do this again. The other thing that was spectacular on this ship was Portofino's. It was so delicious. For only $20.00 we had a fantastic meal. Everything is prepared just for you. Our food was HOT when we ate it. My husband had the best filet mignon he has had in years. So make your reservations and keep them - if you don't go they charge you. Overall, except for departing out of San Juan - I would do this exact same cruise again and do different excursions at each port, it is such an awesome ship. I do want to mention - Johnny Rockets - it was great food. We used almost all the coupons in our Crown and Anchor book. It was most useful. Although, I wouldn't bother with Spa Services the next time around. I think that those who work on you might be right out of school. At least I think the guy who did mine was. The other ladies looked like they had been there a while. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2005
The cruise on The Adventure of the Seas on Dec 4th - 11th was without a doubt the best overall cruise of any that my wife and I have been on. The entire crew went out of their way to be friendly and make us feel like it was our home while ... Read More
The cruise on The Adventure of the Seas on Dec 4th - 11th was without a doubt the best overall cruise of any that my wife and I have been on. The entire crew went out of their way to be friendly and make us feel like it was our home while we were there. From the Captain and his Officers, the Cruise Director (Richard Spacey is the most entertaining Cruise Director we have ever seen) and his entire staff, Vita, Tyson, Simona, Asata, Ron were always smiling and friendly and went out of their way to make sure we had a wonderful cruise. Our room attendant was very good and was right there if we called for anything. The main dining room was excellent. Our Waiter Dave and our Assistant Waiter Zaronco never let our glasses go empty, always were very friendly and served us with a smile no matter how many extras I ordered. Eric the travelling bartender was always fun and had some very interesting drinks for after dinner. The Head Waiter George was Quite possibly the best Head Waiter we have ever seen on any of our cruises, very friendly and very entertaining with the ability to get things not on the menu and he can really sing Happy Birthday. We went to Jonny Rockets a few times and even though there is a cover charge now, our waitress Edyta, and the rest of that staff are wonderful, the dancing itself is worth the trip. The bar staff on this cruise was by far the most friendly and outgoing we have ever seen and we see all of the bars. From the Schooner Lounge where we were taken care of by Hermoine(she is getting married on Jan 21). The Duck and Dog where Dipta took good care of us. The Champagne Bar where Carl taught us some straw puzzles and we got appetizers and in the Lyric Theater where Carmen from Romania took care of us and was very funny. We went on a few excursions and I recommend the underwater BOBS in St. Thomas and the tour of the Ostrich Farm in Curacao. We went on the Beach Bash in St. Maarten, not that good, the free rum punch was nasty, and the beaches where the ship docks looked just as nice and you don't need a bus to get there. Again it was absolutely the best cruise ever from top to bottom and my wife Tammy and I would like to say thanks to Royal Caribbean for giving us such a wonderful vacation. I am very happy with Royal Caribbean, we are going to Alaska in Sept. 06 on The Vision of the Seas. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2006
Background: This was our 5th cruise, our 3rd with Royal Caribbean, the first on Adventure of the Seas. Were a 30-something couple with two kids, ages 5 and nearly 3. All four of us went. The ship/facilities: This was the biggest cruise ... Read More
Background: This was our 5th cruise, our 3rd with Royal Caribbean, the first on Adventure of the Seas. Were a 30-something couple with two kids, ages 5 and nearly 3. All four of us went. The ship/facilities: This was the biggest cruise ship weve ever been on, and we were somewhat worried about feeling crowded. Actuality was quite the opposite  we felt the least crowded as we have ever been on a cruise ship. There were so many different and diverse things to do onboard (mini-golf, sports court, ice skating, casino, shows, shopping, movies, kids pool and waterslide, pool, bars, gym, spa, etc) that people tended to be very spread out  never nearly everyone onboard in all one spot like some cruises. Even though I didnt personally use all the facilities (not sure you can in a week), I really appreciated that they were there. Makes for a very open ship. The food: Dining room is standard cruise ship fare. Not five star (if expecting that, RCL is not your cruise line  keep what you get in perspective to what you pay), but decent and certainly better than we eat at home. Johnny Rockets makes an excellent burger, and Portofinos is well worth the $20 additional fee (had a great filet mignon). Additional dining tip: Bring your own wine. For a $12 corking fee, theyll serve the wine you brought onboard at dinner. Although the onboard wine prices werent terrible (what you might expect at a local restaurant), buying your own at home +$12 is still generally cheaper. The entertainment: The ice show was by far the best, not to be missed. Very well done, quality skaters (think about what it takes to pull off triple jumps on a moving ship on relatively small ice). Big theater shows were decent, but again, standard cruise ship stuff. Kids programs: Adventure Ocean (the Royal Caribbean kids program) was the absolute best thing about the cruise. Although not quite three (stated minimum for the program), they did take our son into the program (he is fully potty trained, which is a non-negotiable requirement). Our kids LOVED it. They stayed over dinner a couple of times, (they take the kids to Johnny Rockets), spent some afternoons there during the two sea days, spent all day in St. Martin there. Great staff, great activities, all included in the base cruise fare. Couldnt keep our daughter away. Kids have fun, parents get some time to go off by themselves, both on and off the ship. The Adventure Ocean program is the single largest reason well be back with Royal Caribbean. The ports/excursions: Nothing booked through the cruise line. If youre willing to do a little advance homework and look around, nearly everything the cruise ship offers can be booked directly for cheaper, even considering transportation. Everything described below also available through the cruise ship. Aruba: Went on the Jolly Pirates sail, snorkel and (rope) swing trip. Big pirate looking sailboat, holds maybe 40. Three swimming and snorkeling spots, plus lunch and drinks. Highlight was snorkeling at the Atilla, an old German wreck. Low light was lunch, very dry, room temperature chicken breast. Curacao: Went to the Sea Aquarium. Very reasonable in price, very interactive. Highlights include the sea lion and dolphin training demonstrations. At no extra cost, were also able to sign up for a kiss from a sea lion at the end of the show (we did buy the picture&.). Compares very favorably with Sea World in my opinion (been there too) at 1/3 the price and 1/20 of the crowds. St. Martin/Maarten: Kids got left at Adventure Ocean and we went to Orient Beach. Yes, THAT beach, and THAT part of the beach  the nude beach, and yes, we fully participated. Orient Beach is among the best beaches anywhere in my opinion. The clothing optional (nude) section in front of Club Orient is generally far less crowded than the more covered section, almost alone reason enough to go to that part. People there are pretty typical of those that youd see anywhere, which is to say mostly middle aged and nothing special to look at  which is precisely the point. Anyone expecting to be titillated will be disappointed. If youve never swam naked in a tropical sea, laid out nude in the Caribbean sun, try it, you wont regret it. Shedding the clothes in this situation (far from home, around other naked people who youll never see again) is easier than you think. We walked off the beach feeling more relaxed than wed been in a long time, could barely move a muscle. Did some shopping in Phillipsbug on the way back. Best shopping in the Caribbean (cheapest alcohol and jewelry) in my opinion. St. Thomas: Went to Coral World. Not nearly as nice as the Sea Aquarium in Curacao in my opinion, but decent value for the money. Highlight was the open water aquarium, which was an open water undersea observatory maybe 50 yards offshore in ~15 ft of water. Surrounded by coral, it was neat knowing that none of the fish or features were just dropped in a tank, and you truly might see anything. Coral World also has some traditional aquariums, but not nearly as cool. Also did some shopping in Charlotte Amalie. Decent, but not quite as good as St. Maarten. Overall: We really, really enjoyed ourselves on this cruise, one of our best ever. Right up there with our first during the honeymoon. Adventure Ocean really made the trip, both us and our kids had more fun at times off on our own. We loved the flexibility to be able to do stuff and be with our kids, but also keep the mommy / daddy time too. Adventure of the Seas is a great ship and Id recommend it for anyone, but Ill especially recommend for young families. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2006
Well, we just returned from our first cruise. Wow was it great. We left from San Juan, arrived a day early and stayed at the HoJo on Isla Verde, (watch the prices they tried to overcharge us for our stay) and be prepared to get stuck in ... Read More
Well, we just returned from our first cruise. Wow was it great. We left from San Juan, arrived a day early and stayed at the HoJo on Isla Verde, (watch the prices they tried to overcharge us for our stay) and be prepared to get stuck in the elevator. Our documents said we could not board till 4:00PM, we arrived around 1230/100. We got right out of the cab and the porters told our luggage and away we went. It was FAST. We couldn't get to our room till 2:00PM but we were still on the ship. I guess we were so excited we did not turn around and see the duty free liquor shop when we first got aboard. So we went back thru and got liquor and bought it on board with us, no questions asked. We had 2nd seating at dinner, we will do first seating next time. Our waiter was JOHN LOBO from India, he was great request him if you can. Anna was his assistant she was also good. There is plenty of time to get ready for dinner when you have to board the ship by 5:00 latest. Our room steward was OK. First day at sea we explored the ship and had fun. We didn't do Portofino's or Johnny Rockets (they charge to get in). The ice show was great, we didn't go to see Royal Caribbean dancers, (it didn't interest us). We did see comedian first night at 12:15AM, he was good. Did the Shelby the shopper thing, I didn't feel as though it was worth it unless you really had time to shop. She said a free charm bracelet and showed you a bracelet with charms on it, when we got to the store it was only the bracelet. Also, we went for other free stuff and "they were out". If shopping for nice jewelry we shopped all over islands and ended up at Gemsland in St. Maarten, real nice. I was told by ship to go to Diamonds International and that was a bust. We walked out. They are a joke. Aruba we did ATV's that were great, I booked the excursion myself and it included the pick up and ride back to the ship, email me and I will give you info. It was Rancho Daimari, they also have horses. Aruba shopping is right there at the pier. We also did Sunset Cataram cruise from RCI from 5 to 7, it was great and you go right there from the ship's dock. (no watered down drinks there). Curacao we docked far away (ship too large) had to walk about 1.0miles to get ferry to cross over to Curacao shopping district. It was pretty but shopping and ferry rides took up the day. St. Maarten, we told the cruise tour of French side of island and got dropped off back on Dutch side, MARCEL was our tour and very very good. We got our jewelry on GEMSLAND and went to the beach (right there) while it was being sized. Then 2 more beers for the water taxi back to ship after picking up the jewelry. St. Maarten was also far from town, but shopping and beaches were right there once you got to town. St. Thomas was our last stop, we were not impressed, there is construction going on at the pier and you need to take a taxi ($4.00pp) into town or walk about 2.0 miles. WE again took a tour and went to Megan's Beach and Blackbeard's castle. I would cruise again and I would cruise RCI, they have adult only nightclubs and pools. If you wanted in room movies at night they were very expensive. I think 11.95 (WOW). The best thing is a balcony cabin, some people say you don't need it. IT WAS GREAT. We were able to watch the islands appear and watch the ship dock, it was great. If you have never cruised before it might take you a day or so to get your "cruise balance", I grew up on boats and it took a day or so to get use to it. Disembarking was a breeze, no problems, only have to wait a few minutes for your group to go through. We got stuck in San Juan 2 extra days because of the snow in New England, guest relations on the ship was wonderful helping us find a hotel in San Juan. Happy Cruising and I hope this helps, you can email me with any questions, just put cruise ?? in the subject line. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2006
Awesome cruise, would highly recommend it. No Regrets. Some recommendations: 1. Ladies bring an extra dressy sweater or shawl/wrap to wear in the dinning room, I brought only summer fancy dresses and had to buy wraps to keep warm ... Read More
Awesome cruise, would highly recommend it. No Regrets. Some recommendations: 1. Ladies bring an extra dressy sweater or shawl/wrap to wear in the dinning room, I brought only summer fancy dresses and had to buy wraps to keep warm during dinner. 2. Bring an insulated water bottle to take with you to the pool deck. Grab some juice or water from the WindJammer Cafe for free and fill the bottle, then take it to the pool... there is only expensive drinking otherwise. 3. Book the later sitting of dinner.... or else you'll miss all the sunsets!!! And ask if you can sit on the main floor (deck 3) for the dinners, much better views. 4. Make reservations for the Portofino restaurant on the first or second day (the fancy restaurant) if you want to eat there any time during the week, it fills up fast. 5. Tip for keeping the eating to a manageable rate... when you get to the Windjammer cafe, you'll notice they use "platters", not plates. Fill half of your "platter" with salad every meal and it will help you to portion properly. 6. Must go to Magen's Bay in St. Thomas, definitely not to miss.... the most beautiful beach we've ever been to. 7. Don't waste your time at the "Discover Shopping" seminars given by shopping shelby on the ship... its really boring, and she says she gives away free gifts to the first 100 people, but what she really gives is a certificate that you have to go and find the store to pick up your 0.50$ earrings cheap. Don't be fooled by all the Jewelry stores. If you really want something, just buy it in St. Thomas... but don't waste your time window shopping unless you are looking for something specific. If you think that the "royal caribbean approved stores" are the only place to shop, think twice. In order to get approved, the store pays the ship to give a good recommendation... so basically Royal Caribbean approves the store if the store pays Royal Caribbean a fee.... :( (for example, Tiffany's and Coach are NOT recommended stores in St. Thomas, but we all know these are quality stores, they just aren't dumb enough to pay the advertising fee) 8. They say you can't save chairs/loungers at the poolside decks, but everyone does anyway, so on an "at sea day" go to the deck at around 8AM, throw a towel and book on a few chairs, and you've got your seat set for the day. But Really it was a most awesome trip.... don't MISS THIS ONE!!! :) Read Less
Sail Date: February 2006
Saturday, 2-11-06: Five of us ladies flew from Indy to Charlotte, NC to San Juan. We stayed one night at nephew's beach condo near airport. Reserved mini-van from Hertz for 24-hours. Sunday, 2-12-06 (boarding): Slept great, ate ... Read More
Saturday, 2-11-06: Five of us ladies flew from Indy to Charlotte, NC to San Juan. We stayed one night at nephew's beach condo near airport. Reserved mini-van from Hertz for 24-hours. Sunday, 2-12-06 (boarding): Slept great, ate breakfast, returned mini-van, and used RCCL transfers from airport to pier around noon. Great liquor store at Pan Am pier! BUY THE BAILEY'S! (discreetly carried a small bottle on board) Boarded around 12:30pm. Nice buffet lunch in Windjammer on Deck 11. Don't forget to put shorts/swim suits in carry-on! Made reservations at spa and Portofino's. Purchased soft drink package at bar. Got in our cabin by 2pm but disappointed - no fold-out couch for 3rd person, just a fold out upper bunk with ladder. Loved the balcony! Dined on 4th floor (Strauss). Waiters were Oz and Lea - great! Purchased wine dinner package. Cabin attendant was Richard - thanks for a great job! Monday, 2-13-06 (at sea): Breakfast/lunch in Windjammer. Exploring ship. Heard that 250 people missed the ship due to snow! Lots of pool games, fun at Bingo, and dinner was great. TIP - If you get the "drink of the day" in a plain cup, it's cheaper! Tuesday, 2-14-06 (Aruba): Breakfast in Windjammer. Booked ship's catamaran/snorkel excursion - OK. Saw some colorful fish at first stop in choppy waters but declined to get in rough waves at 2nd stop. Rum punch offered on return trip was OK. TIP - canned cheese whiz squeezes out very easily underwater, the fish love it, and they will swarm all around you! Lunched in Windjammer followed by a great pedicure and manicure in the spa (by Shawn). Shopping was OK. Our birthday surprises were great! The staff donned our secretly delivered birthday hats and paraded around the whole dining room singing Happy Birthday, put our hats on our heads, and delivered our cakes. This was great fun! After dinner, went to Aruba for some nightlife frolicking at Carlos and Charley's - nuff said! Great bartenders and great time! I even got THE YARD! Wednesday, 2-15-06 (Curacao): Slept a little late. Brunch in the Windjammer. Went shopping. Great bargaining shops! Dinner was great but most of the wines listed were unavailable, so substitutions were made. Sampled different wines but probably won't purchase the wine package again. Thursday, 2-16-06 (at sea): Usual breakfast in the Windjammer. Enjoyed sunning, watching pool games, and playing Bingo. Showered and dressed for formal dinner at Portofino's, preceded by the "must see" ice show, with front row seats! I rate Portofino's at 10 out of 10! Staff, service, presentation, taste, and atmosphere were all excellent! They even had better wine that the DR couldn't seem to locate! Glad that the wine package transferred over there for dinner! I also left the staff a 20% gratuity - well worth it! Later, visited the ship's liquor store for some great bargains - BUY THE BAILEY'S! Friday, 2-17-06 (St. Maarten): Usual breakfast in the Windjammer. Morning shopping in town. Good bargains, especially Guava Berry liquor (sold only on the island, I think)! Took ship's excursion for the Afternoon Beach Bash. This was an easy/fun/short bus ride to Orient Beach on the other (French) side of the island. All staff and beach were wonderful, and rum punch was OK. Became very annoyed at the constant persistence of vendors walking the beach to sell their trinkets. Got tired of saying "NO"! TIP - Make a big NO sign to hang on your chair. Back to ship for favorite dinner - lobster! I had 2! Sunday, 2-18-06 (St. Thomas): Usual breakfast in the Windjammer. Immigration process took place on board at 7am - quick and easy. Took ship's sailing/snorkeling tour on private sailing yacht (6-guests max) to Buck Island/Turtle Cove. Hosts were Captain Carl and Tim - great team! Tim swam with us, guided us all around the coral reef, and pointed out many colorful fish, sea turtles, and a hidden eel and octopus. He took many underwater pictures of us and for us with our cameras. He also dove down and brought up a sea urchin for us to hold and take pictures! Then, gently returned it to the bottom. After snorkeling, Captain Carl had made a large plate of cheese and crackers, and offered unlimited sodas and rum - BEST DRINKS EVER! Their sailing yacht was beautiful and the winds cooperated, so that we could use the sails instead of the motor, which greatly enhanced the soothing sounds of the ocean air and water gently caressing the boat! If you love to snorkel, BOOK THIS TRIP WITH CAPTAIN CARL AND TIM! Hesitantly, (I wanted to stay forever), we returned to the ship to change clothes, eat lunch, and go shopping. Most shops here would not "deal" as well as the other islands. Returned to the ship or our farewell dinner and sad good-byes to all of our new friends, promising to keep in touch, and hoping to someday meet again. Sunday, 2-19-06 (Puerto Rico - debarkation): Usual breakfast in the Windjammer. Our noon flight was the first group off the ship around 8:30am. The ride to the airport and check-in process was a breeze, since we had went through the immigration process on board yesterday. By the time our flight was ready for take-off, the gate was very crowded. After stopping in Atlanta to change planes, we arrived home in Indy around 9pm. Tired from a full day of travelling but thankful that I took Monday off work! I am still very much hooked on cruising and look forward to Hawaii in June! GET OUT THERE! Feel free to e-mail any comments or questions to Sally at HAPPY CRUISING! Read Less
Sail Date: February 2006
To the point review and only to the point. A group of 11 sailed Adventure on 2-19-06 from Puerto Rico. We flew into San Juan on the 18th and really enjoyed the more relaxed approach to our weeks vacation. Highly recommend the Sheraton ... Read More
To the point review and only to the point. A group of 11 sailed Adventure on 2-19-06 from Puerto Rico. We flew into San Juan on the 18th and really enjoyed the more relaxed approach to our weeks vacation. Highly recommend the Sheraton hotel in Old San Juan. Very comfortable and in the heart of everything. Boarding Adventure was a breeze when utilizing the pre-boarding Seapass. To save a bit of cash on the bar bill, purchased several bottles of duty free hootch within the ship terminal and put them in our carry on bags as instructed by the terminal staff. This is the only chance to bring booze aboard to enjoy at your leisure. If you pass on this opportunity and your a drinker of any type, you missed a golden opportunity. Adventure was simply awesome in every way. We were entertained by Ricky Nelson's boys who were mega stars in the late '80s on the second night of the voyage. This show was amazing as was all entertainment offered aboard. The ship decor and layout was fantastic as well. Our wait staff was pleasant and extremely attentive. They couldn't have been better. Our group was very happy with the food throughout the ship and the drinks were more than generous {wink} at all times. I find in some reviews that the major complaint on cruises is food. Well, people need to lighten up. The staff is cooking for a massive crowd at all times and the job they preform is fantastic to say the least. Always remember, if something is not to your liking... ask for something different until you're satisfied. Be respectful and you'll truly be treated as royalty. I'd also recommend Porifino restaurant on board one night. The food is unbelievable and the presentation out of this world. The ports are always what you make of them. On Aruba we wanted to go to a beach that the ships do not send all of their guests. After a little research on the net I settled on Eagle Beach. We caught a cab to Amsterdam Mannor and enjoyed a real tropical setting. Recommend this to everyone. We rented jet skiis for a while and just relaxed on a beach with the most amazingly soft white sand. There was a beach bar for refreshments and the water was perfect. Did the town for shopping later in the day and hit a few clubs at night. Had a crappy excursion in Curacao the next day. Not the fault of the cruise line, booked this on our own. It was supposed to be a fishing trip but it turned out to be a sight seeing trip in very rough seas with a couple of clowns calling themselves captains. They never took their cell phones away from their ears the whole time. Returned to the ship and took advantage of the pool for the duration of the day. Friends of mine took advantage of shopping in town. They really enjoyed their day. Goes to show you about reviews, I say it stunk... they say it's great, who's right? Depends! Did a relaxing day at sea and explored the ship the next day. Then came my favorite port of all. St. Maarten! This place is paradise. Friendly natives, great scenery, and the place is very clean. If you smoke buy your cartons on this island. $12 bucks a carton. I had booked an excursion on my own again and I hit the jackpot. This trip was booked through and is listed as "pirate ship adventure." If anyone can't enjoy this adventure, they should just stop breathing. Don't know where to start or end to describe this trip but none of our group wanted to end it and return to the Adventure of the Seas. We will recommend this excursion to everyone. It's inexpensive and breath taking. In fact my future wife and I are strongly considering having our wedding aboard in the near future. St. Thomas was very nice. We ventured to Megan's Bay in the morning to beach it for a while then took the sky ride to look over the port in the afternoon before finishing the day with a little shopping. Always ride cabs that are approved by the cruise line only. I made a mistake and accepted a ride from a cabbie from hell. Way to stressful. A request to talk to police really resolved this guys quest to extort large sums of cash from me for a short ride. In a nutshell, Adventure and its staff was truly remarkable. There's always someone who just has to complain about just about everything. Remember this..... Your vacation is what you make of it. It's not about some meat head telling you to not to sail on this ship because he purposely put a small smudge on the corner of the bathroom mirror on the first night and checked on its existence every half hour for the duration of his cruise and the lazy attendant never cleaned it off. {I read that in a review. That guy should stop berating} Take Adventure of the Seas for a spin. you'll be glad you did. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2006
We are just off AOS sailing 3/26-4/2. First, let me say that some of the reviews that discussed the large influx of cruisers from Puerto Rico and mentioned rudeness and pushing, shoving, etc. were only partially correct. Yes, a large ... Read More
We are just off AOS sailing 3/26-4/2. First, let me say that some of the reviews that discussed the large influx of cruisers from Puerto Rico and mentioned rudeness and pushing, shoving, etc. were only partially correct. Yes, a large number of Puerto Rican cruisers. They were anything but rude...very polite. Yes, there were a large number of children on board, yes we did hear a lot running in the halls, but during the day hardly saw them and most were very well behaved when we did see them. We are 53 and 47 and cruising with 18 other acquaintances from Minnesota (we are from Oklahoma). Embarkation - We flew in the day of the cruise arriving at 4:30 pm to an absolute MAD HOUSE at the airport. Very crowded. They will check your luggage claim checks so have them ready. Cab to the ship took 10 minutes and was $23.50 for 2 of us. Fare is base cost, plus a charge for each bag you have. We arrived at the terminal, dropped off our luggage (staff very accommodating), checked in with Royal and it took 3 minutes. Then we made a purchase in the liquor store in the terminal and were allowed to take that aboard in our carry on. Liquor prices are VERY low. It is a long walk up the gangway to get on the ship. All in all this process was very easy. The Ship - The ship is absolutely stunning when you see it ...very huge. And it is very clean and well kept inside. Very elegant...exactly what you see in the pictures. The downside was the continual motion and rocking and rolling of this large ship...the entire cruise. As one of my cruise mates said who I have cruised with 3 other times, we had more motion on this ship in the first hour than all of the other 3 cruises we took. There were 3500 passengers and 1100 crew members. Our Cabin - Our cabin was 8301, an inside room overlooking the Promenade. Never heard any noise from the Promenade in the room. The cabin was standard size (small) but we were able to unpack and store everything in good order. The built in and the other sofa were very hard to sit on (There are 2). The bathroom was small, but very functional. Always had hot water, no sewage smells. We did have strange noises in the pipes, etc in our room several nights -- not sure if this was due to all the rocking motion. The Staff - The absolute most friendly, serviceable crew and staff that I have ever cruised with. Always a "can do" attitude. Special mention to Unit (from Turkey) and Richard (Jamaica) our waiter and assistant waiters. They were very professional and very, very good. Our head waiter was from Romania (Transylvania) and entertained us with a good historical epic about Dracula and other myths from his homeland. In the bars the award for best bartender goes to Anthony (from Jamaica) who tended bar in the Duck and Dog (in the Promenade). He was a very nice, friendly gentleman who made excellent frozen drinks. Others who stood out Syndy (Trinidad), Shellyann (Trinidad) and 'Vincent' (St. Vincent). Our maid was Celia and was hardly ever seen, but did just an excellent job. She would be in our room at least 3 times a day to straighten up. The Food - Very excellent in the Windjammer and Island Grill. The Windjammer buffets featured, on different days, carved turkey, pork, lamb, beef, and ham and a variety of other dishes. There was always a pasta bar. And the desserts were plentiful and excellent. The Island Grill was hamburgers and hot dogs. The hamburgers were hand made patties and excellent. In the dining room we had breakfast only once, no lunches and dinner every night. Excellent entree selections included the prime rib, the lamb shank, lobsters (I had 4), bbq Thai chicken, roast filet of beef. The steaks were not good. The last night they had NY strip steak on the menu and it was terrible...thin, leathery. RCC should be embarrassed for having this one on the menu. Appetizers that stood out were the roasted pumpkin and apple soup, shrimp cocktails, the pear soup, the cream of asparagus soup and the sun dried pineapple. The desserts in the dining room were not as good as the Windjammer. We did not do Portofinos or Johnny Rockets. Ports of Call - Aruba - dirty, disappointing. Did the obligatory Carlos and Charlie's and it was a dump. Went to the casino (climbed a mountain of steps to get in) and it too was dumpy. The island is arid and lacks any real character. Curacao - much nicer island with some nice sites. Much cleaner than Aruba. St. Maarten - went to Orient Beach where it rained on and off (stayed clear back at the ship). Saw a number of topless female swimmers and sunbathers on the regular beach. Very poor living conditions on a good part of the island, but it is very clean downtown and there appeared to be a major renovation of the streets going on. St. Thomas - did a tour - $25/person that we arranged ourselves off the ship. We had a Palestinian driver named Road who has lived in St. Thomas for the past 11 years and he did an excellent job. We ended up on top of a mountain overlooking Magen's Bay at a Banana Daiquiri bar (world famous for their banana daiquiris. They were excellent. The weather - The weather, with the exception of some rain in St. Maarten's was excellent all week long. It was very, very windy at Aruba and windy that you couldn't really stand to be on deck by the pools or tubs. The wind may have contributed to some ocean chop that helped with the ship movement. Entertainment - The ice show "Cool Art and Hot Ice" was excellent. It featured an international cast of U.S., Canadian, Russian, etc skaters. Some of the skater were very athletic. The show is done on a rink about 1/4 the size of a regular rink and remember the ship is also moving during the show. A lot of double and triple axles. There were some spills. One of the Canadian skaters, "Max", was doing complete somersaults and making them every time. The Love and Marriage show was excellent, very funny and entertaining. However, it was a little overkill to keep replaying it all week on the ship's television channel. The Farewell Show was good and well coordinated...comedian Mike Wilson was very good with a large repertoire of imitations ....He did a great Don Knotts. The juggler was not real impressive...seen it a lot. Missed the comedian on the first night and didn't really hear too much about him. The Captain - Very regal, good sense of humor. He mixed well with the guests although I didn't ever see him in the dining room for dinner, only to speak. He is the same captain that the Travel Channel featured on their hour long feature on Adventure of the Seas that aired 2 weeks ago. The pool - Very crowded on 'at sea' days and no one around when the ship was in port. So, if you were able to do your touring in the morning on the islands you could come back and enjoy the pools and hot tubs with hardly any one around in the early afternoons. Internet access - Was available and there were always computers available when I wanted one. Costs was .50/minute or $25 for 60 minute blocks. Favorite frozen drink - The BBC. A mix of pina colada with banana and Baileys. Anthony made great ones. Disembarkation - Went fairly smoothly. You are called according to group numbers (based on when your flight out is) and you depart on deck 4. However, there was a mass of people in each group and there was a lot of jostling going off the ship and a long line. Once in the terminal grab a porter and go to your luggage area, pick up your bags, your porter will cart them and guide you out through customs and take you right to a cab. These guys are good and will make sure you are taken care of. Tip about a dollar a bag. Overall - It was a very relaxing and enjoyable cruise. I've given you the ups and downs (especially with the rocking ship). We would definitely cruise again with RCC however maybe not on as large a ship. And, I would not go out of San Juan again. This is my second time out there and it has gotten very expensive to fly there and the airport has gotten extremely large and crowded. I like going out of Ft. Lauderdale the best. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2006
First let me clarify, this was neither my first cruise nor my first cruise with RC. I have become and will remain a loyal RC cruiser and as such, my critique may be slightly skewed. My cruise started on 5 March out of San Juan, PR. I ... Read More
First let me clarify, this was neither my first cruise nor my first cruise with RC. I have become and will remain a loyal RC cruiser and as such, my critique may be slightly skewed. My cruise started on 5 March out of San Juan, PR. I arrived a day early to enjoy the city and get a tour of the Bacardi Factory. For those of you who have not been through the tour, I highly recommend it. Its a $1.50 ferry ride from Old town and free admission. Add to that two strong drinks for free and you have a very good trip in my mind. So back to the cruise. My party arrived at 3pm to board the cruise. The best way to describe this was disorganized efficiency. Although there were no lines and few people to direct people, the simple fact that I already completed my sail away pass allowed for one signature and then boarding. Quick and to the point. Once on the ship, I can only describe the accommodations as superb. This was my first cruise with a balcony, and although I did not use it often, the few times I did use it were really nice. The room was spacious with lots of room and storage. My bags arrived within 40 minutes and allowed me to unpack and clean up before heading off to arrange for a massage later in the trip. Before my bags arrived, I toured the ship with my party. The promenade was amazing&a mini main street right in the middle of the ship. I really liked the stores and the cafe feel of the little restraints and bars. The Viking lounge or whatever they call it on this ship was very cool with phenomenal views. The gym facility and spa were fantastic. Restaurants and bars are all pleasing and quaint feeling. The main dining room was tremendous with superior food and service. The bartenders in the Schooner Bar and Champagne Bar were excellent. My preference was the Schooner Bar where my good friend Barry from Boston played an amazing piano set most every night. Again having a good entertainer in a quiet tucked away bar is always nice. If you do not see the ice show you are making a mistake. Although you have to get tickets, they are free. The ability of these skaters was great. The simple fact that they could avoid each other on the small patch of ice would have been a show in itself, but they did a great job with choreography and lighting as well. I attended on comic show on board and thanks to the audience, he had plenty of material. Very funny and a great way to start the evening. The port calls were great. In Aruba, we took a jeep tour of the island. Very neat getting to see beyond the glitz surrounding the beaches. In Curacao, I did some shopping and hung out at a very nice resort that is literally right under your nose in town but hidden from everything. In St. Maarten, DO the Americas Cup sailing race. They let you participate at your level of interest, are fun to be around, and make the racing exciting. My only regret was only one race. I then did some shopping downtown. If you are looking to purchase liqueur I recommend doing it in this port. Great prices and superior selection. In St/ Thomas, I spent the day with friends ate at a quiet place called Cuzzins, and then some shopping. Stay away from the mall on the pier everything was significantly more expensive than downtown. We also ate at Portifino. Although there is a service charge of $20, if you do not go there, you missed out. Make reservations before you get to the ship or as soon as you get onboard. Finally, debarkation. Although it was very efficient, I wish they would have played more than 10 minutes of the building of the Voyager movie. Again it was very efficient. The cab back to the airport was expensive $24 considering that it only cost $16 to get to the ship. I would highly recommend staying the day in San Juan and flying out the next day as the airport is PACKED with people on Sunday. The only negative thing I will say about the entire cruise was my cabin steward. He was not very good at all. But with that small exception, the cruise was a huge success. In fact so successful, I have already booked my next cruise with RC. Happy Cruising Read Less
Sail Date: March 2006
This was our 7th cruise...our 5th with RCL and our group of 18 felt it was the best one yet. We arrived in San Juan the day before, having booked our flight and hotel separately. This is the first time we haven't booked air travel ... Read More
This was our 7th cruise...our 5th with RCL and our group of 18 felt it was the best one yet. We arrived in San Juan the day before, having booked our flight and hotel separately. This is the first time we haven't booked air travel with RCL and we were pleasantly surprised on how much we enjoyed it. The hotel, Best Western, was okay, but the next time we'll probably look for something in a nicer part of San Juan. We arranged for a tour of the Bacardi factory before boarding ship and would recommend this highly. With free drinks, we arrived at the ship in a great mood. Boarding was very easy with our sea passes and we were in our rooms within an hour. I can say without a doubt this is the most beautiful ship I've ever been on. The promenade was in the center of the ship and everything kind of fed off of that area. Adventure is a huge ship but, unlike experiences on Celebrity and Holland America, it was very easy to find our way around. Didn't get lost once - which says a lot for me. We had balcony cabins on deck 9 and never again will we be happy with an inside cabin. We enjoyed the openness, the fresh air and the view. The cabin was very nice, plenty of room to spare and nicely decorated. We enjoyed room service coffee every morning and often sat outside long into the night. Beautiful! Our cabin attendant Jennifer was fantastic!! Can't say enough about the professionalism of this lady. She kept discreetly available, magically appearing if we needed anything....even managed to keep a group of rambunctious kids across the hall firmly but gently in line. Our waiters Cyrus and Lui were top flight and we were especially impressed with Yolanda, the head waiter. She was even seen lending a hand to the waiters when things got hectic. Promote this woman as soon as possible...she's a gem! I must add here that I felt the service on this ship was more on par with past RCL cruises. Our last one 2 years ago left a little to be desired, but we have nothing but praise for everyone we came in contact with. Food in the dining room was great; a large selection and beautifully prepared. Of course Portofinos was a step above, although we were actually falling asleep before desert was served. Must remember to book this venue earlier next time. Didn't have a chance to get to Johnny Rockets but others in our group did and enjoyed it. The food at the Island Cafe was good and the service there was great with plenty of pleasant and attentive wait staff! Part of the reason this cruise was so wonderful was due in a large part to the cruise director. This man was unbelievable - appearing everywhere and bringing humor and enthusiasm to all activities. Most impressive was his ability to laugh at himself and bring out the best in people. It was just impossible to take in everything that was offered on this ship. Thanks Rick for a great time. The ports as follows: Aruba - Enjoyed the stop there very much. We shopped and took in Carlos and Charlies for lunch. Since we were a large group, we were easy targets for the antics of the staff there and the results were hilarious. Don't miss this place. We also took a sunset catamaran cruise and it turned out to be one of the highpoints of the trip. They served real drinks - not the requisite awful rum punch - and sunset was beautiful. We were also entertained by people "mooning" us from the beach. It was a blast. Curacao turned out to be a pleasant surprise - a truly pretty little island. We enjoyed walking around and shopping excursions. Days at sea (2) were pleasant and relaxing and we had no problems finding deck chairs. Bingo Allie kept us entertained and the belly flop contest is not to be missed. St. Maarten was great for shopping- better than St. Thomas I think. The dock area is being rebuilt and they're doing a wonderful job. I'd love to go back and spend a week there someday. St. Thomas - We booked a St. John island tour and recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy just gazing at the beauty of undeveloped national park land. The pictures we got there were unbelievable. This island is not to be missed. You can only get there by ferry and the ride over is part of the experience. Getting off the ship was much easier than expected. If you fly with American Airlines, for $10 a person they will pick your bags up at the terminal and bring them directly to the airport for you. Well worth it in our opinion. Based on past experience, we were expecting an unpleasant experience at the airport, but this was not the case. They've improved security, and there are plenty of places now to find something to eat. All in all, we had a wonderful vacation and haven't come back to earth yet. We'll be booking with RCL next year! Read Less
Sail Date: March 2006
This was our 15th cruise on RCCl; beginning in '81 on the Sun Viking. As the ships have grown, we have tried out each new class. Initially, I was apprehensive about the Adventure because she is so large. I must say, that while I ... Read More
This was our 15th cruise on RCCl; beginning in '81 on the Sun Viking. As the ships have grown, we have tried out each new class. Initially, I was apprehensive about the Adventure because she is so large. I must say, that while I enjoyed the Brilliance most recently, the Adventure is an awesome vessel. Embarkation: We arrived in San Juan around 3:00 p.m. The retrieval of luggage is a little awkward. After getting all our checked luggage, we were told by an RCCl rep to bring it to an area by the carousels where they were and it would be taken to the trucks. Actually, one should find a porter and escort your luggage to the truck; don't leave it in the terminal as they stated. It won't get delivered to the truck! After getting your luggage onto the truck, you will be directed to a van or bus for the 20 minute ride to the terminal. At the terminal, check in was quick and easy. The walk to the ship is up an escalator and a few ramps; not to bad if you aren't carrying too much weight in your carry-on! As an aside, if you would like to purchase a bottle of liquor or wine to drink on the ship, there is a liquor store in the terminal. It is immediately to your left after you go through security. You can disembark and go back through security to the store. Take a small(or large) carry-on to hold the purchase. We noted that a lot of passengers were purchasing liquor, wine and soft drinks. They were not stopped as they reboarded the ship. The Ship: Beautiful and HUGE! The Centrum is inspiring. It looks more like the entrance to an upscale Vegas hotel/mall. It is easy to navigate; just a lot of places to try and explore in a week. The Cabin: Typical RCCL cabin; nice subtle colors, well laid out. Plenty of storage. The sliding door to the balcony is better than the hinged ones on other ships (Carnival). The balconies offer more privacy than those with a glass divider. Another great improvement: The clamshell doors to the shower are a vast improvement over curtains! The Pool Deck: Beautiful deck with the bridge between the pools. Very aesthetic layout. The solarium pool area is nice; however, I like the retractable canopies of the Vision and Radiance Class vessels better. This allows one a more controlled environment for relaxation without being in the direct heat of the sun. Sports Activities: So many activities, so little time: Basketball, miniature golf, in-line skating, ice skating, wall climbing..... All were in full swing during sea days! Public Areas: Again, so many places, so little time. The shops were on the Promenade; forward of the dining room and aft of the Imperial Lounge; along with a few bars, restaurants, and the slightly hidden Connoisseur Club for cigar smokers. All the areas were well maintained and easily accessed. A special treat for divers is the addition of a dive shop on the pool deck; with supplies to rent or buy at dive shop prices. By all means, attend the ice show. I was not prepared for the quality of this show. It was very well done and exceeded anything I would have expected on a ship! Dining Rooms & Windjammer: Absolutely stunning dining rooms! The balconies and the chandelier make the room look like a Victorian estate. The Windjammer and Island Grille are also pretty and well laid out. The food islands on the Radiance Class seem to create less waiting time to serve yourself; but the lines moved quickly. For the view, the Island Grille offers a great panoramic view from the aft of the ship. The Food: While not quite gourmet, it was well prepared with a nice presentation and variety. All the meals were well received at our table of eight; with no complaints. The food in the Windjammer was also quite good and varied. Food for the Grand midnight buffet was stunning! The presentation was extraordinary! Johnny Rockets was the same as on land; with the exception of the wonderful view of the ocean. The Service: Cabin service was quite good and the attendants were cheerful and available. The dining room staff was also very attentive and animated. Service in the Windjammer was above the usual; with assistance with drink refills. Tables were cleared quickly. Cruise Staff: The CD was very personable; none of the "I'm the very important CD". The ship's staff were helpful and friendly. The ports: Aruba was a change from the lush, tropical islands; very dry and rocky. We rented a Jeep and drove the island. It was enjoyable to see each of the coasts and spend time at Baby Beach just relaxing. In Curacao, we dove the reef and shopped. This is a very colorful and friendly island. In St Maarten, we again rented a Jeep and drove the coast. A visit to Orient Beach is a must. It is one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen. From there we drove to Dawn Beach for lunch; then back into Phillipsburg for a few hours of shopping. In St. Thomas, we shopped the morning and returned to the ship to relax on deck. If you have not been to St. Thomas before, be sure to go to St. Johns for the view at Trunk Bay. The boat ride over is also stunning. Debarkation: Very easy and fairly quick. We were off the ship and sadly back to the airport by 10:00 a.m. Summary: To find fault with the ship, one would have to be in the mindset to be extremely picky. She is beautiful, well crewed and staffed. The itinerary is a nice variation of ports. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2006
I organized a group of 16 friends on the Adventure of the Seas due to the great deal in price, the attractive itinerary and my fond memories of the RCI, Monarch of the Seas cruise I took in 1995. The great food, fun times and amazing ... Read More
I organized a group of 16 friends on the Adventure of the Seas due to the great deal in price, the attractive itinerary and my fond memories of the RCI, Monarch of the Seas cruise I took in 1995. The great food, fun times and amazing service always kept a special place in my heart. I have to start by saying this was my tenth cruise, this being my second on a RCI ship with the remaining being Carnival cruises. We purchased transfers thru Royal Caribbean, but would probably recommend taking a taxi to the pier since it is close to the airport and the wait would be less than waiting for a pre-arranged bus. Embarkation was a breeze, probably because we arrived at the terminal 4 pm and the lines were nonexistent. Upon entry, we were all amazed at how beautiful she was. The ship is immaculate, huge and beautiful. Most in the group were first time cruisers and were in awe. The itinerary was great. The islands visited were beautiful and the only excursion booked thru RCI was the Dolphin swim in Curacao. If anyone is contemplating a Dolphin swim, this is the best swim I have experienced. As for the other islands, being such a large group, we basically went to the Beach on our own, which proved to be cheaper and allowed us to stay as long as we wanted. We hired taxis and all our driver's returned at the time we asked them. The casino was big. Plenty of winners on board (and losers). The only drawback was that the Black Jack Tournament entailed buying an entry into the game. Upon purchasing a seat, you waited on line until it was your turn, with the wait being a little long. On Carnival you buy a time slot so you can return to the pool or any other activity since you know exactly what time you would play. Not all shows were appealing. The Adventure Quest game show which was raved as a funny must attend show was a good highlight. Some in the group took in the Ice Show and loved it. The dining room service was the best out of all my cruises. Anca and Franciso were phenomenal. They remembered everyone's names and likes so by the time we sat for dinner we had the breads we favored ready and the wine lists in front of those who drank wine. The only drawback was that the food was not the best. The appetizers were good, but the entrees and desserts did not meet expectations. However, the service more than made up for it. The rooms were smaller than Carnival's yet were very clean and the cabin steward was great. For wine drinkers, definitely purchase the wine and dine package. It is worthwhile. The only disadvantage to this was that some of the favorite wines were sold out by the first or second night. Disembarkation took a little longer. We vacated the room by 0800 hrs and disembarked by 1045 hrs. Overall, the group had a phenomenal time. They are pestering me into booking the next cruise... Read Less
Sail Date: April 2006
Well, our cruise can be summed up in many words, but some of the best to describe it were, fun-filled, exciting, and an "adventure". The people were very nice and helpful. We left from San Juan, Puerto Rico on Royal Caribbeans ... Read More
Well, our cruise can be summed up in many words, but some of the best to describe it were, fun-filled, exciting, and an "adventure". The people were very nice and helpful. We left from San Juan, Puerto Rico on Royal Caribbeans Adventure of The Seas, and embarked on our journey to St. Thomas, St, Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbados. We went with a large group of friends which we definitely recommend. We had 3 children with us who completely adored this trip. (The only thing we found to be a little disappointing was our seventeen yr old, and 2 sixteen yr olds found the Teen Club not to be what they expected. However, the night when families were allowed in the night club, Dancing through the Decades, and all the other activities completely made up for it.) We also found this cruise to be very safe, and noticed more security and control on the ship. Each day was completely packed with activities, so much that some days our kids didnt even want to get off to explore the ports. They even told us that the day at sea was their favorite and we believe it because we hardly saw them that day except for at dinner and all they could talk about were their activities of the day. From amazing shows after dinner, Name that Tune in the Schooner Bar, cocktails in the Viking Crown Lounge to the Belly Flop Competition, our days were filled and fun. The atmosphere was really great too. Every night on the decks there were countless parties with island music that really put everyone in the island spirit. Our two girls also grew quite hooked on our cruise director. He was so funny and outgoing. He was the best cruise director we have ever had and we've been on 11 cruises. His name is Richard Spacey. With his quick English wit, and great comedic timing, he set the perfect mood for each and every event. The girls were absolutely smitten by the end of our cruise. He seemed like a nice guy and his care for his job, really showed through. Time without the kids was nice for us, too. The Solarium was very relaxing, and a great place to just to kick back and talk with one another. At night the Casino Royale was hopping! We had so much fun and won some money! Our husbands played roulette, while the ladies stuck to the slots. It was a wonderful time. Jesters nightclub was packed too. We found it more geared for a slightly younger crowd (our seventeen year old was dying to get in), but still we had a good time dancing. Each night after our dinner, we would go to see a show. Although all of the shows were enjoyable, our families found the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers to be like Broadway performers, just like they said. Their shows seemed like a lot had been put into them and they appealed to everyone. Though, we didnt fancy the comedians, such as El Gaucho, as much. But still, the entertainment was phenomenal. The Royal Promenade was like nothing else. It looked like you were walking down a real street. It had perfect little boutiques, a few bars to lounge at (and enjoy a night cap), and the Cafe Promenade that offers food and beverages 24 hrs. It was a great amenity to the ship. Our families also took advantage of the numerous opportunities to have professional photos taken. On formal nights, and just for fun, you could take pictures, and buy just the ones you liked. We bought many and are really happy about the memories they hold. It was an amazing week and a great spring break for our kids. We can NOT wait to get back on another cruise. Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line we will ever cruise with. They provided us with the most excellent services, and have made our cruise another wonderful vacation. There are hopefully, many, many more to come for us. Enjoy your Cruising! Read Less
Sail Date: April 2006
This was my 9th cruise. I have been on Carnival, Celebrity, Disney and Royal Caribbean. In my opinion Disney is still the best but this particular RC ship was phenomenal! The layout of the ship was very well planned out. There was always ... Read More
This was my 9th cruise. I have been on Carnival, Celebrity, Disney and Royal Caribbean. In my opinion Disney is still the best but this particular RC ship was phenomenal! The layout of the ship was very well planned out. There was always an elevator when you got there, you could always get into a hot tub at the pool. I have been on cruises where I did not get a chance in the hot tub all week. The activities were great on this large ship (rock wall, full b-ball court, putt putt) The excursions were well run. We went horseback riding in Aruba. RC used a very good company there. We also did the Dolphin Encounter in St. Maarten. It was a little pricey but still cheaper than doing it in Orlando. We also went to a beach in Curacao that did not have wall to wall people. Things to stay away from- In St. Thomas do not ever go to Magen's Bay if there is another ship in port. You will end up sitting at a picnic table without a beach chair. The natives in St. Thomas were not as friendly as times I have been there in the past either. The Ice Show on the ship was great. Overall, the food is not as good as Disney or Celebrity, but the ship itself was great. A few things I did not like: waiter kept steering the kids toward the kid menu, hey I paid full price and if they want to eat from the regular menu it should be offered. Did not like that you have to keep replacing the beach towels in your room all week. I would rather just grab one at the pool!! All in all a new favorite and will cruise this class of ship again. Great for older kids and teens. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2006
Embarkation: What a breeze! Took the RCI transfers and were escorted by the staff directly to the bus which took us to the pier. Our luggage was taken away in a separate truck. After about 30 minutes and 20 speed bumps later, we reached ... Read More
Embarkation: What a breeze! Took the RCI transfers and were escorted by the staff directly to the bus which took us to the pier. Our luggage was taken away in a separate truck. After about 30 minutes and 20 speed bumps later, we reached our massive ship. Since we had already done our SetSail Passes online, we simply had to fill out a tiny piece of paper, get our identification verified, swipe our credit cards, and get onboard. All very simple! We immediately went to go toward our stateroom. From the moment we stepped on the ship until we reached our room, we were welcomed by several staff members. It was a very warm and toasty feeling. Since we had an afternoon flight and arrived around 3pm, our room was all ready for us. Cabin 8451. It was small, but quite smartly designed for an inside cabin. Lots of nooks and crannies for storage. We did have an in room combination safe located in a cabinet above the television. Our room consisted of a queen bed, a small 2-person loveseat, a closet, an oval glass table, two small night stands, and a desk with 9 drawers. Above the desk there is a large vanity mirror which has two more storage places for small items on both sides of the mirror. Our carpet had quite a bit of stains on it. Overall, our room was quite clean and kept that way the entire time by our friendly stateroom attendant Jermaine. We began exploring the rest of the ship. Wow! It was huge, but so well laid out. We really had it about conquered on the first night. We grabbed something to eat in the Windjammer. I must say the food was a bit cold. I also found the selection of desserts to not be as fancy as they were in Carnivals informal dining area. But that was the only time the food was cold in Windjammer. The rest of the time, it was just fine. RCI could stand to bump up their dessert presentations. Thats the only thing I found that I actually liked better on the other cruise line. We did our muster drill and got stuck with people who were not appreciative at all of the whole ordeal. One couple even insisted that they had cruised Carnival before and they never made them do such a thing. Sure they didnt. It took about 20 minutes or so, and I was quite glad to be away from the two complaining couples of strangers when it was done. There were lots of people from Puerto Rico on the ship, therefore, all announcements were in English as well as Spanish. No one was rude or out of control that we noticed. I know some other people had some concerns about this on their cruises, but everything was hunky dory on ours. We chose to eat at Portofinos this night. The food was excellent. I had a mushroom pasta dish and DH had the seafood plate. The cruise director Richard Spacey and his staff were all dining in there as well. It was someones birthday among them. They got most of the attentive service. I was feeling exhausted and queasy, so I ate my flourless chocolate cake in the room. It was okay. Im sure the chocoholics would LOVE it. I am odd. Being that we were married on Saturday, and had spent all day flying on Sunday, we were ready for bed early. Therefore, we didnt see the parade. I also didnt feel like being in a big crowd. Day 2: St. Thomas Wow! Ladies, if youre looking for pink sapphires, get them here! I didnt find a better selection on any of the other islands that we were on. My ring is still in St. Thomas because I was hoping to find a better deal in St. Maarten. L I never saw one like it again. There is a really neat store there for your pampered pooches. There are two adorable bulldogs in the store. I remember one is named Monte. If you buy something there, you get a postcard with him on it. I got my dogs each a his and hers sailor outfit that said St. Thomas USVI on them and some really stylish sunglasses. Hey, my dogs are my kids. This was by far my favorite island. We bought a little bit of liquor here, and Im sure I bought perfume, as I bought some on every island. I also bought a Coach purse at a little flea market area we came across. J I will point out that the rudest people of the entire trip were on this island. They were the Americans trying to get you to go to Blackbeards castle. If you ignored them or politely declined them, they could say some pretty nasty things. We looked at the shops onboard that night. There was a liquor/tobacco store, a perfume store, a jewelry store, a Royal Caribbean logo store, and fashion boutique. Very cool to be shopping on a mall in the middle of the sea. We attended the Captains welcome party. They had free champagne. It was brut, therefore, it was not to my liking. But DH was all for it, so he ended up enjoying mine as well. We went to the variety show that evening as well. They had a comedian named Keith Monteith who was just okay in my opinion. It seemed like he was trying too hard. After that, they had a father and son acrobatic team that were AMAZING! After the father and son got done doing their act, the mother of the boy did quite a show with hula hoops. I sure do wish I could move like she did! I believe its listed in the compass as Sliven. So, if you get a chance to see them, they are really great! This was also the day of our Meet & Mingle. It was formal dinner night, and we had first seating. Our M&M was scheduled at 5pm. Not the best choice of times IMO. There were only about 10 people who showed up, I suspect due to the timing. But it was nice. There were little munchies for us, and we got to meet the hotel director and a few other big wigs on the ship. Day 3: St. Maarten Liquor! Get your liquor! Yes, everywhere you went, you could find unbelievable deals on liquor!! At one store, we even found Dom in the $80 range! There is a place called the Guavaberry Emporium. I am a weenie and cant stand straight hard liquor, but their guavaberry coladas were YUMMY! You got a nice plastic souvenir glass filled with this delicious concoction for $5. We met and got to shake the hand of that Yoda guy at his store there. Nick Maley, the creator of Yoda, has his own art store there. There were some really nice things in there if you like artwork. We searched in vain for my ring and Im sure I also bought perfume here. In order to get to all of the nice shopping here, you took a water taxi. An all day stylish hot pink wristband cost just $5 per day per person. It was an efficient way to travel. I believe we ate at Johnny Rockets this afternoon. We used our C&A coupons, so there was no cover charge, otherwise it would have been $3.95 per person. They serve you onion rings and French fries complete with this quite tasty ranch dipping sauce. The burgers were quite substantial. They filled both of us right up. DH had a chocolate coke which he loved and I had a strawberry shake which was a nice treat. Both cost around $3. We attended the ice show this evening. DH had to wait about 30 minutes in line the day before in order to secure tickets for this event. It was spectacular! They can really do some amazing stuff on that little rink. If you get a chance to see this, do it. We ended up getting front row seats because we were in line to get in early and it felt like they were going to run into us at times. So neat to be that close to the action. We also attended the love and marriage game show. We thought about auditioning until we saw we would have to dance and sing in front of everyone. Im not that brave. Oooeee baby, oooeee baby, we didnt get to play! LOL The longest married guy thought his wifes bra size was 25B!!! It was a blast, and we kept running into all of the contestants all the time throughout the rest of the cruise it seemed. Richard Spacey was our Cruise Director. He was a scream! Day 4: Antigua If youre looking to shop on a beautiful tropical island, STAY ON THE BOAT! I might be the only one who thought this island was small and very dirty. Everywhere you went, you got hassled to go on taxi rides with shady-looking drivers. There was very little shopping here, and I didnt feel safe at all. We stayed out on the island a maximum of 45 minutes before returning to the ship. We played bingo tonight. DH won when stinky bingo was played. It was a game for the unluckiest person to win, and he did! That was pretty funny. It was run by Ali, a member of the cruise directors staff. She was great. I believe she is now on the Jewel, but I could be wrong. The bingo was in English and Spanish. They made it lots of fun having both languages going on. Day 4: St. Lucia Pretty island. Nice shopping. We were brave and bought some banana ketchup. We have since tried that here at home, and well, if anyone wants an opened bottle of perishable banana ketchup mailed to them, let me know. Ick. We opted not to take the water taxi into town. They were tiny and didnt look as good as the ones in St. Maarten did. We walked. You go through some kinda scary areas while you area walking, but there were always tons of tourists around, so you never felt like you were alone. If you are in the market for conch shells or coconut bird feeders, this is your island! There was also a HUGE marketplace there. There were people selling fruits and veggies as well as crafts and paintings. A very neat thing to see. Very crowded. Day 6: Barbados Good Friday. I knew from reading up on things that we shouldnt expect too much to be going on during this religious holiday. The only shops that were open were the ones near the cruise terminal. All other shops downtown were closed and the taxi drivers wouldnt take anyone. We ended up going to the only beach that was open with a restaurant, Blue Monkey Beach. It was a $20 taxi ride each way. Kinda pricey, but the beach was beautiful! It was a bit crowded since everyone else apparently wanted to do the beach when they go on the island. The water was great once you got past a rocky slope at beginning of your descent. DH bruised one of his toes on this, and it also made it very hard to keep your footing when you got out of the water. I kept falling down and was soon laughing so hard about the whole predicament, that it took me a good 10 minutes to get out. We again played bingo tonight. I was chosen to be the bingo ambassador. That means that I had to go up on stage and check to make sure all of the balls were there in the game. After that, Ali had me dance and I earned the drink of the day in a souvenir glass, a T-shirt, and a key chain all for simply volunteering. We also played the Win-A-Cruise bingo, and unfortunately, we didnt win. I was only one number away though, so it became rather exciting there at the end. Tonight was also Quest. Lets just say for those of you who know, my DH was the one chosen to do his little dance wearing his cute little outfit. J It was hilarious!!!! Day 7: Sea Day We woke up and made our way to our spa appointment. We booked the couples rasul. Oh wow! You go into a steamy room with mud and your imagination. Its a must do for all of couples out there. So relaxing! We again played bingo. The couple next to us won the jackpot of over $7000! How lucky is that! At our dining room, the entire staff did a neat show with all of the flags from their countries. Our dining room waiter was Mina and her assistant was Bantu. I know I havent mentioned much about the dining room. It was a beautiful room and I never had complaints about the food or the service. My most memorable and tasty dish would have had to have been the apple and pumpkin soup served on the last night. I tried it just to try it, and it turned out to be quite tasty. We were exhausted by this time, and we took it easy exploring and were actually able to get a phone call into my parents while we were on the top of the ship. We have Verizon, and were roaming. I would guess the signal was coming from somewhere in the Virgin Islands. Pretty neat to be able to call from the sea though. Disembarkation: Yuck. It took FOREVER getting off the ship and getting through customs. We again took our RCI transfer bus. One thing that would have helped&AA has valet luggage service, and the people who booked the RCI transfers and the valet service had it very easy. They simply dropped their luggage off after going through customs, got on the bus with us, and got right on their planes. We had to wait about 20 minutes for our luggage. No big deal, but we would have rather not had to deal with the luggage at all by that time. Something else that I didnt mention. I get very motion sick. I took two Bonine about an hour before we sailed each night and I had no problems. I had the patches just in case, but I never had to use a one of them. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2006
The Adventure of the Seas is a fabulous ship. The 7-Day Southern Caribbean cruise even with 2 full days at sea, still didn't seem to give us enough time to see and do everything there is to do onboard. My wife and I met fifteen of ... Read More
The Adventure of the Seas is a fabulous ship. The 7-Day Southern Caribbean cruise even with 2 full days at sea, still didn't seem to give us enough time to see and do everything there is to do onboard. My wife and I met fifteen of my family and friends onboard. We all set up our own transportation to San Juan and on San Juan. San Juan- We arrived a day early and stayed at the El Canaro by the Sea. We found it a nice clean hotel that was great for a one night stay. It was directly between the Airport an the PanAmerican Cruise terminal. We did have someone in the group that stayed at El Canaro Inn and said it was horrible. No elevator and it was kind of creepy. Sunday morning we got up early, enjoyed their "tropical continental breakfast" at the hotel, and then took a cab to the Old San Juan Fort. It was a nice place to visit and walk around. You can also get a great view of the city, and the cruise ship from up there. Unfortunately, the shops in Old San Juan are closed on Sunday, but there are more opportunities to do your shopping elsewhere. We checked out at 11:30 and took a cab to the cruise terminal. After dropping our luggage at the curbside, we were on the ship within 30-minutes. They have all the doors to the cabins looked until 2pm sharp. However, you are free to roam the ship and eat lunch at the WindJammer Cafe. We did not get our luggage until after dinner, but the dinning room was very accepting of casual clothes the first night. Day At Sea- We ate in the formal dining room for breakfast since we had all day on the ship. The service and food was incredible. (If you are traveling with a group and want to have breakfast with them in the dinning room, you must all be present before going in. Otherwise they seat you at tables with other guests and do not allow you to save seats.) We spent the rest of the day enjoying the pools and laying out during the day. We had the main seating and late show, and went to both every night. Aruba- There were 10 of us that wanted to tour Aruba. We rented 3 Jeeps from American Rental at online before going to Aruba. They were ready at the cruise terminal when we docked. They provided nice maps and we headed off to see the California Lighthouse, the old chapel and the Natural Rock Bridge that has collapsed since the last hurricane. However it was still pretty interesting to see, and there is still a smaller bridge intact. We then headed back toward the major hotels and ate lunch at the Marriott and enjoyed the beach at the hotel. The beach chairs and umbrellas are the only private things, the beach is public. Curacao- We did walk around downtown and do some shopping here. Very pretty little town, very Dutch architecture. Weather was overcast, but still pleasant. Day At Sea- Ate in the main dining room again, and wondered the ship. Sint Maarten & Saint Martin- One word "Gorgeous"! We went downtown and did some shopping, then found a place on the beach in the bay that had wave runners. We rented one for 30 minutes for only $40 (did some bargaining). It was really worth it. The water is great, and the beaches are wonderful. We had a 12:15 tour for the Loterie Tree Top Tours. This was SO MUCH FUN. Not recommended for people afraid of heights or in less than good shape. It was about a 30 minute drive from the Dutch side of the island to the French side, so you get to see a good portion of the island too. Once there they go over safety and then send you into the tree tops for about a 45-60 minute obstacle course ranging from tightropes, to zip lines to rope bridges. Your feet never touch the ground again until you are finished. St. Thomas- We did the Buck Island snorkel tour on the Doubloon pirate ship. A lot of fun, but watch out for those free rum drinks on the way back to the ship. VERY GOOD, but dangerous if you don't count how many you drink!!! We saw sea turtles, barracuda, parrot fish, coral and all in a secluded cove with clear beautiful water. ( San Juan- Getting off was a breeze. The luggage was very organized, but there are thousands of bags. (Tie ribbons or colored tape on your bags for easier ID) HIGHLIGHTS- The best Cruise Director I have ever had...Richard Spacey. He is funny, energetic and just plain great. The entertainment... there are no words to describe the Broadway type shows they did every night. The ice show in Studio B is a must see. The comedians were hysterical. Food... Never had a bad meal any where on the ship. Service... We had our table in the Mozart dining room on deck 5, tables 516 and 517. A big thank you to Leensay and Ciprian for such great service as our servers. We miss them already. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2006
My wife and I took our first cruise ever on April 23rd. We booked the cruise with a local travel agent who is a friend of the family. There were approximately 100 of us who went on the cruise. We knew maybe 1/3 of the individuals. We felt ... Read More
My wife and I took our first cruise ever on April 23rd. We booked the cruise with a local travel agent who is a friend of the family. There were approximately 100 of us who went on the cruise. We knew maybe 1/3 of the individuals. We felt comfortable going on the cruise especially since there were many in the group who had cruised before. Since we had a large number of individuals going we flew out of two different airports. Our group flew out of Baltimore the other out of Dulles in DC. We arrived in San Juan at about 11 am. We had no trouble what so ever with the embarkation. It went very smoothly. We were on the ship by about 12:30 and in the Windjammer eating by about 1 pm. Our cabin was ready by 1:45 or so. We had a balcony cabin that we loved! We were on deck 7 cabin #7644. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the ship and by the pool. We were in the first seating (6 pm) for dinner. Our waitress, Camilia, and our asst waiter, Pedro, were wonderful. Pedro was a character and members of our group picked him on constantly but he was just fine with it. Everything we had for dinner was really good. We had no complaints at all. We were seated in the Strauss dining room by the window table #472. All the people at our table got the shot of the day from the bartender Ivan. That was interesting and Ivan was a fun individual. Our itinerary was as follows: D1-St. Thomas, D2-St. Maarten, D3-Antigua, D4-St. Lucia, D5-Barbados, D6-at sea. My wife and I did the BOB underwater exploration at St. Thomas. It was absolutely amazing!! We would recommend it to anyone. The crew were all very nice and helpful. The underwater sights were great. This was the first time we did any type of scuba diving or snorkeling. That afternoon we went with a group into St. Thomas to do some jewelry shopping. Needless to say the ladies and some men purchased some real nice jewelry, my wife included. At St. Maarten we did a little more shopping but we were not nearly as impressed as with the shopping on St. Thomas. So we then went to Great Bay beach, which was very relaxing. At Antigua we again shopped more and actually thought the shopping there was pretty good. We then went to the beach at Dickenson Bay. Very nice beach! At St. Lucia we did the Caribbean Pirates Extravaganza. We had a great time. The pirate ship was used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and it also appears in the one being released this summer. At Barbados we went to the beach at Carlisle Bay. We went to the Boatyard dock part of the beach. That beach was beautiful! The sand was so white and the water so clear, just incredible. Every day of the cruise we ate both breakfast and lunch in the Windjammer. All the food was good no complaints at all. The service was good also and they were all real nice and always wanting to know if you needed something else. One day we did eat at Johnny Rockets. Those burgers were some of the best I ever had and the shakes were out of this world. We spent a little time each day by the pool just to relax and have a drink. We did play mini-golf once. That was fun. It appeared to us that the course could use a little work. The carpet was coming up in two or three places. Also there were very few (maybe 8-10) clubs for adults, the rest were for children. Every evening after dinner we went to the show in the Lyric Theater. They were all pretty good. The one complaint most of us in the group had was that the sound system was too loud. It was difficult to understand some of the singers because of this. The singers were all good and the props and backgrounds were very good. We went to the Love and Marriage Game show. That was hilarious!! A must see. We also attended the ice show, absolutely fabulous! It was amazing what they could do on such a small piece of ice. We usually go to a Disney Show on Ice once a year with our daughter and the show on the ship was almost as good as those. The Quest was very interesting. Some of the people in our group participated and did some things we never would have envisioned them doing. Again we had a great time. One thing we all agreed on was that the Cruise Director Richard Spacey was a riot!! He was very entertaining when introducing every act. During the Love and Marriage show he was making so many jokes that we couldn't stop laughing. He was the same during the Quest. He was one of the highlights of the cruise. The last day of the cruise was spent at sea. We were by the pool almost all day. We watched the sexy legs contest for the men. My wife participated in the line dancing. One of the guys in the group came in second in the belly flop contest. The Cruise Director was great at this event also. Our group purchased three horses. My wife was one of the jockeys for the first race. One of our horses won. But for the money race none of our horses came close we couldn't believe it. We had a shore excursion planned for San Juan on the day of disembarkation. We were supposed to be the first group off the ship but they mixed us in with those who were in group #1. It took us almost 2 hours to get off the ship and through customs. That was one of the worst parts of the trip. Our excursion was supposed to leave by 8:30 but we didn't leave until 10 am. Luckily our flight out of San Juan wasn't until 6 pm. Overall we enjoyed our first cruise immensely. We told our travel agent to let us know when she is booking the next one we will definitely go again. It is amazing how much there is to do on the ship alone. We enjoyed the ports of call, some more than others. We agreed that the beach on Barbados was the best, the BOB adventure was the best excursion and the shopping on St. Thomas was the best. Can't wait to go on a cruise again with Royal Caribbean!!!!! Read Less
Adventure of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.0

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