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We booked with Carnival knowing their reputation for catering to families with young kids and the partying college age crowd. We wanted a quiet and relaxing vacation and that's what we got, for the most part, with this cruise. We ... Read More
We booked with Carnival knowing their reputation for catering to families with young kids and the partying college age crowd. We wanted a quiet and relaxing vacation and that's what we got, for the most part, with this cruise. We booked a suite so we could relax on our private balcony. Because we had a suite, priority checking was a breeze (as was disembarkation). We packed our swimsuits in our carry on and headed straight for the Serenity (over 21) area. There are 2 hot tubs and 40-50 chaise lounges. There were 4 other people in Serenity all afternoon. Spent all day there on Catalina day and on Ensenada day and had the place almost to ourselves. The food at dinner was very good, but it wasn't Morton's Steakhouse. But we didn't expect Morton's so we were not disappointed at all. Do NOT go to the dining room for breakfast. The service is awful and the food is not good. Cold, hard pancakes. My breakfast was served and I finished eating it before my husbands breakfast arrived. Breakfast in the Lido deck is much better, with made to order omelets, good coffee, lots of fresh fruit and good seating. Lunch on the Lido deck is also very good and the pizza is excellent! Salad bar was very fresh. The gym was nice, and we took a few spin classes. The spa treatments were also okay, but not excellent. The comedy shows were actually very funny, for both kids and adults. Our only complaint is that there were tons of kids on the ship running up and down the hallways late at night (to 11:00-11:30). This is not Carnivals fault, except that because they are affordable families with kids are represented in higher than usual numbers. Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
Not to say that Walmart is bad, but you know what to expect when shopping there. I had not read any reviews about this ship to prepare me for the thrift store quality. Granted the price was rediculously low, which should have been my clue, ... Read More
Not to say that Walmart is bad, but you know what to expect when shopping there. I had not read any reviews about this ship to prepare me for the thrift store quality. Granted the price was rediculously low, which should have been my clue, but other reviews led me to expect more than I got. I do not have any bone to pick. I just want future cruisers to know what they are in for. The inside cabins we had were pretty standard to most, and we had connecting rooms which gave us nice elbow room. However, we were overwhelmed with the smell of sewer when we entered. Turns out almost everywhere we went on the ship had that same smell. I am not a foodie and usually only eat at the buffet. The food was edible and a good enough variety for me. It just seems that the hours the buffet are open seem to be shrinking. I am used to breakfast staying open on one side until lunch is ready to open on the other side, and same for lunch to dinner. That was not the case here. I was not happy when I couldn't get dinner at the buffet at 5:30pm...not open until 6pm. Seems trivial, but being able to get a hot meal whatever time you want has always been a favorite part of cruising for me. This being a spring break cruise with a lot of kids, I expected great fun for my kids. That was not the case. The hours activities were available seemed limited, and the organization and fun factor were lacking. The employees working with the kids were grumpy and abrupt. I would not have been comfortable leaving a younger child with them. Even though they have you give permission for your child to swim, they do not take them swimming. I know I can take my kids to the pool, but they wanted to go with their camp friends. Overall disappointing. I don't care much about the cruise director, but I must say he was noticeably absent. I saw him once the entire cruise, and that was on stage. I did not find the "fun ship" to be all that fun. I really am not a very picky person, I shop at Walmart. It's just that I have been on many cruises and like to have some idea of the quality to expect. I want other cruisers to be informed as well. I will give Carnival another chance. Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
I recently took a five day cruise (stopping in Grand Cayman and Cozumel) with two girlfriends. We are all first time cruisers. We went with the Carnival as the dates and port worked well with our travel plans. Overall we were very happy ... Read More
I recently took a five day cruise (stopping in Grand Cayman and Cozumel) with two girlfriends. We are all first time cruisers. We went with the Carnival as the dates and port worked well with our travel plans. Overall we were very happy with Carnival. The price we paid was fantastic value. We choose an inside room with three twin beds. we found we had plenty of room. There was lots of storage and the washroom was a decent size. Given the amount of time we spent in our room we were happy with what we had. Housekeeping was fantastic (better than most hotels I have stayed at). We choose the flexible dining plan which worked well for us. The food was incredible. We were thrilled with the wait staff and the overall dining experience. Drinks were reasonably priced and I liked the fact that you could order a bottle of wine and not to worry about finishing it all in one sitting (the friends I travelled with are not wine drinkers). We did find the daily music/trivia games on the lido deck to be a bit much. We tried to retreat to the "adults only" section of the ship, but it was quite small and we were never able to find available loungers. We ended up spending most of our time on the deck which had the children's' slides as it was not as busy and fairly quiet. If you want to "party" then you will enjoy Carnival. There is always lots going so you have the option of retreating to your room early or staying up and enjoying the entertainment. The dancers were great as were the comedians we saw. The staff really do a wonderful job of trying to keep people happy. The passengers on this cruise were a mix of families and middle aged couples. There did not appear be a lot of singles. Serious drawbacks - far too many smoking areas on the ship. There are about four or five areas which allow smoking. Also one side of the ship on the lido deck is all smoking. Given the number of non-smokers these days, this ship has far too many smoking areas. We were prevented from going to the piano bar and the disco due to the fact that they were both smoking (and you could smell the nasty smoke the second you walked in). There was a cigar lounge (which makes sense) and one or two other "clubs" which are all smoking. The pool was very cold and thus the majority of people swimming were mainly children. The children pretty much took over the hot tubs. I did not see many adults in the hot tubs, other than those who were with small children. Overall, for the cost we paid, I was happy with this ship. Had the price been a lot higher, I may not have been as happy. This would be due to the small adults only area, the loud continuous music/games all day and the fact that smoking was allowed in so many areas. If you are looking for an inexpensive cruise, then Carnival is the way to go. I think you would be hard pressed to find better deals than what they offer. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
Before I post my pro's and con's I would like to say that I'm not a very picky person, and I was on the cruise to have fun no matter what. This was my 3rd cruise. My 2nd with carnival. With the VIP status boarding/unboarding ... Read More
Before I post my pro's and con's I would like to say that I'm not a very picky person, and I was on the cruise to have fun no matter what. This was my 3rd cruise. My 2nd with carnival. With the VIP status boarding/unboarding was a breeze. Arrived at the port at 10:45 and was able to board by 11:30. We had lunch on the Lido deck while waiting on our cabin. Lunch was good, the Hamburgers were great. The ship was very clean, and well maintained. We were in the cabin (Grand Suite) by 1:30. The cabin was very nice, roomy, and clean. "Most" of the crew were very nice and polite. A few of the Bartenders were not very friendly and seemed like they didnt want to be there. I understand that these people are a long way from home and family, but still...when I'm spending $5.69 per beer and $10.06 for prem mixed drinks I would like at least a smile. The casino was really nice, and the Dealers were friendly. Now the bad: Food, Food, Food.... This is one of the main reasons for crusing to me. The Food was at best a little below cafeteria standards. The selections were slim at the Buffet, Breakfast was a joke. Powdered eggs, with "White" link sausage,Fruit that was hard and not ripe. No selection at all. Honestly the best food on the cruise in my opinion were the Hamburgers. Even the Pizza and Deli that are normally great were below par. The Dining room food was bland, not seasoned much at all. Please dont get me wrong, we had a great time, but the food, which is very important to me and my Friends & family was well below standards compared to our past cruises. We are already planning a cruise for Sept 10, all 13 of us. This will make us rethink using Carnival again. Read Less
Sail Date February 2010
We sailed on the Carnival Inspiration the week of December 14th. 1. This was our first cruise....we were very excited and couldnt wait to start our vacation. While I know that there is no way of controlling the weather...we were ... Read More
We sailed on the Carnival Inspiration the week of December 14th. 1. This was our first cruise....we were very excited and couldnt wait to start our vacation. While I know that there is no way of controlling the weather...we were disappointed to find out that when we arrived to the port at 12:30, our ship had not arrived yet. Thankfully we were able to drop off our bags and check in, however as we were checking in, Carnival attendents were making announcements that we should go enjoy the shops and restaurants around Channelside. This would have been fine if the delay were only an hour or so. However, the ship we were supposed to be able to board at 12:30....that was going to be leaving at 4 wasn't even CLOSE to arriving. By the time we checked in it was 1:30....we were told to be back to that area at 5:30 or 6. As another person put in their review....2,000 people were told to go "find something to do" for 6 or so hours. Again, I COMPLETELY understand that there is no way to control the weather but Carnival had no back up plan and I don't agree with that. All of us traveling in our group are all in our mid twenties, and are pretty easy to please...however this in my mind, was beyond ridiculous. Sadly, the $15 credit that we received...just didn't cut it. We ended up having lunch....and we made sure to eat slow and just sit and enjoy the weather (thankfully it was a beautiful day). After lunch we ended up going to see a movie....which a lot of cruise passengers did as well. When we got out of the movie theater it was 4:30 and we were suprised to see that our ship had arrived. FINALLY. Oh was it false hope though. We made our way back to the check in area outside only to find that we could not start boarding until 7. Again, beyond ridiculous. So, we decided to stand in line. Once we were able to finally start boarding they started boarding by numbers...which we were all assigned at check in. It couldn't have been more of a cluster f**k. What made this process even worse is there were the random people who for some odd reason didn't check in, so they never received a number. Somehow, Carnival attendents pulled them off to the side and while the rest of us who followed directions had to stand in line...continued to wait, while these people got to board first. Oh, we can't forget the random idiots in line who decided it would be funny to call out random numbers while the attendents were calling out boarding numbers. That was a treat. 2. Once we got through the doors we had to go back into the check in line, and wait AGAIN to receive our room key. Once we were able to get on the ship, it was much more relaxed. We got to our room...we walked around the ship...we ate....it was fine. The ship was a perfect size for us, it was clean, and though there were a mix of different people from all walks of life, we had no issues. We thought the food was great and the desserts too. We were never hungry so that was no problem. We didn't go to too many of the shows...but the ones we did go to, were worth it. The welcome show befor the comedian on the first night was cheesy, but still fun. The comedian's were good and if you do go to a show....make sure you attend the "Newlywed" show. It was hilarious. The waitstaff was great.....very kind, and friendly and always helpful. Our room steward was amazing. He was very personable, and our room was always spotless. We spent most of our "days at sea" on the serenity deck. That was the deck were you had to be 21 or older to be on, and it was perfect. The rest of the trip was great (except for the last afternoon/night which I will explain shortly). 3. Cozumel and the Caymans were wonderful and so were our excursions. We DID NOT book excursions through the cruise. We originally did, but when Carnival cancelled our Cayman Island's excursion and didn't provide any kind of reason or notification, we were very irritated and so we decided to cancel our Cozumel excursion as well. It was a blessing in disguise though. We found 2 WONDERFUL excursions for the 2 ports of call through tripadvisor. The only type of warning that I have of not booking excursions through the cruise ship is if for some reason weather delays the ship...they may flip flop your days (which happened to us). If your excursion is through the cruise ship, you will most likely be able to proceed with your excurison...because the cruise line will be able to take care of it. If you book with an outside company and the ports of call days are flip flopped...you are responsible for trying to get in touch with them to make sure you can still participate. LUCKILY BOTH excursions we had planned were still able to accommmodate us. We were so happy we did this. The cruise excursions pack people in like cattle. On both of our excursions....we were in a very small group which made them so much more enjoyable. 4. Ok, on to the last day and the debarkation process. It started off as a beautiful day on our last day on the ship. We were able to get in a few hours of warmth and sunshine. However the weather turned very quicky. Through out the evening, late night and early into the morning we were stuck in a horrible storm. That was the only night I got very seasick. 50 mph winds and huge waves will do that to a person though. Because of the storm, the coastguard close the Tampa port, so we were left to do circles in the gulf. We were supposed to arrive at 8:30 and get off of the ship at 9:30. HA! We didnt get in until 11:30 and didn't get off of the ship until about 1pm or so. Luckily we had family picking us up and our flight didn't leave until 9:30pm that night. Debarkation process was just as much of a cluster f**k as embarkation. This is what REALLY pissed me off, and really left us with a negative view of Carnival. They gave all passengers the option of removing their own luggage off of the ship, or leaving it outside your room the night before for the crew to take it off...and then you could pick it up when you were off the ship. Those who decided to take their luggage off of the ship first. NOT THE CASE. First of all, NON US citizens had to check in. For an hour there were 2 non US citizen cruise passengers missing. The crew paged them for a good hour. NO ONE could get off the ship until those 2 arrived. VERY VERY irritating. Then VIP passengers were able to get off. THEN they started to call passengers by deck. OUr deck was one of the first decks called. So we proceeded to go down the stairs only to find an INSANE amount of people because again, you have your idiots who weren't on the decks that were called who feel that they don't have to follow direction and they got in line too. Well it was really a line, it was more like a herd of people. People were coming from all directions....the staircase to the right, the staircase to the left, the 3 sets of elevators to the right, the enterance way of the lobby to the left. You had cruise passengers trying to make their way up the stairs that masses of people were trying to get down. It truly was the worst. There was 1, yes 1 exit that they were allowing everyone to come out of. There was no line....it was just a mad dash. Honestly, you would have though that this was the first debarkation Carnival ever did. FINALLY after a good hour, a crew member said "ok we are opening up this exit...go through this door." Once they did that, we were off the ship in 5 minutes. This process really truly left us with a bad opinion of Carnival. Overall our cruise was wonderful.....thanks to the friendly crew and our AMAZING excursions (NOT booked through Carnival). Will we go on a cruise again? Yes....definately the way to go. Will we go on another Carnival cruise again? Probably not. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
We're a family of 4 from southern Indiana. My husband and I are mid-40's with 2 daughters, 15 and 13. We also took another 15 yr. old with us. As a teacher, I always look forward to spring break and my kids do as well. We ... Read More
We're a family of 4 from southern Indiana. My husband and I are mid-40's with 2 daughters, 15 and 13. We also took another 15 yr. old with us. As a teacher, I always look forward to spring break and my kids do as well. We originally wanted a quiet trip to Mexico,possibly Cabo san Lucas, but airfare was sky high and the flight took us from Indy to Pittsburgh to Houston before arriving at destination. So with further searching, we found this cruise that embarked from Tampa, making it easy to drive, with a stop in the Caymans and Cozumel, Mexico, plus it fit in our time frame and I had Disney mastercard points to redeem. A word on that; I had 19,000 points which equaled 2 years of at least $800/month on that card. You had to have 25,000 pts to earn a free room, so that was out, so for 10,000 points, you got $75 off. Wow. And at that, there was a $62 reservation fee, so all of my anticipation and spending on this card got me $13! Won't do that again. Port Hotel: We stayed at Hampton Inn and Suites, which is a nice hotel in a kind of off beat location.  It's in the Ybor City historic district and we could see our ship from the window. We got some sun by the pool and used the exercise room treadmill before walkin down the street and having dinner at the Green Iguana restaurant. The girls enjoyed all the buzz, as the street is lined with nightclubs, restaurants,and shops. I'm sure it gets a little wild after dark. We had our free breakfast in the morning before driving over to the port. Embarkation: My husband dropped us off around 11 while he parked and we were herded through the lines. I had the folder with our birth certificates, fast passes, etc..so when he couldn't find us, it was a little stressful. Soon, we were sitting and waiting to embark. The weather was not good though, rainy and a little windy. We all had some kind of backpack/beach bag with our necessities so we could go straight to the pool and wait on our rooms to be ready. When our number was called, we got in line, had our picture taken, and stepped onto the ship. The Ship: We enjoyed it. Having cruised on the Disney Wonder and the Carnival Celebration, this was somewhere in between. It always takes a few days to get your bearings. There are lots of places to sit and enjoy the view or have coffee or drinks. We're not big on shows and we ended up going to bed early most nights, other than watching the NCAA final games on the deck one night. We used the exercise room in the mornings, and it was great, running on the treadmills overlooking the ocean. We had saved our chairs with a towel or magazine and that worked out fine. There are plenty of deck chairs, but if you want a good view of the pool activities or the ocean, get there early. The putt putt course was almost impossible to use b/c of the wind on the upper deck, but equipment for that and ping pong was checked alot by the kids. The big slide is something to see, but is actually on the end of the ship, so not part of the main area. Mostly younger kids. Teenagers/Spring Break: We actually ended up having 30 people from our town on this same cruise and they all hung out together most of the time. That was nice b/c they always had something to do or someone to do it with. They weren't crazy about the teen clubs. They complained that nobody would dance and then the boys that were 18 from our town were too old to get in anyway. So nightlife for them consisted of walking around the ship and trying to meet boys. Most teens were trying to get people to buy alcohol for them.Food: It was okay, typical buffett style fare. I liked the grits,bacon, and coffee for breakfast. Enjoyed going through the outside deck line, then eating near the pool by the windows after a workout. My favorite lunch was the pizza station and the spinach/gouda. The big buffet was just too much for me at lunch, with strange combinations like lasagne and some rice dish. Dinner was in the dining room and that's fun. Selecting each course and all you want of it. I liked the lobster and shrimp, shrimp cocktail, soups, and chocolate melting cake. Deck drinks are nice too, when you're hot and thirsty and just want to sit in your chair and read by the pool. Ports of Call: Cayman Islands. We walked to Hard Rock and a few other stores before taking a shuttle to Sea Grape Beach, for like $20 for the 5 of us. My youngest and a friend snorkled, which didn't really amount to much. The rest of us laid on the beach. There was a small bar/grill and a volleyball area.Cozumel-We took a taxi to Mr. Sanchos Beach Club. It was okay, small beach area but you could use the chairs free. The restaurant waiters would come around and give you menus and bring your food to you. It was Mexican food of course and we ate under umbrella tables. There is also a small pool that is part of the restaurant. We were kind of disappointed b/c we didn't see all the beach toys and things that I'd read about in reviews or on their site and the girls didn't find any cute boys there. We found out later the rest of our group had went to Paradise Beach, which was the next one down, about 2 miles down or so and the girls walked down there. We noticed the water toys situated more between the 2 beaches. On the way back, we stopped at Margaritaville, which was a happening place. Taxi drivers not as friendly in Mexico as in the Cayman Islands and we paid more as well. People told me later they got prescription meds over the counter, which I'd wished I knew about beforehand. Rooms: Small, as expected, but okay. We just had to make the best use of our space. I had brought the over the door hanger for toiletries, which is a must, but with 5 people, we had to also live out of our suitcases. I was taking classes for my masters degree and had a final during the cruise so I had brought my laptop, which worked out okay. I purchased minutes the first day and was given a log-in. It probably cost me around $30 for 1 1/2 hrs. of time. Overall: Nice Spring Break getaway. You don't worry as much about your teenagers, b/c you're all there together in this confined environment, but they feel they can get some space and with kids their own age as well. Read Less
Sail Date March 2009
This was our first cruise and we so much looked forward to it as all first timers do! The first half of my life I had the good fortune to travel all over the world. But not the Caribbean. We are both 49 and not dead yet! We booked through ... Read More
This was our first cruise and we so much looked forward to it as all first timers do! The first half of my life I had the good fortune to travel all over the world. But not the Caribbean. We are both 49 and not dead yet! We booked through a local travel agency,radio promo. everything worked out, flights, cabin and all but now we know the ropes and will probably book our own next year. (or sooner)!We arrived on board a little late 3:30 or so and activities and fun had already begun, so we found our cabin and headed back up on deck to watch our departure and dream of the week ahead. The ship, not brand new, but well kept and beautiful. Our cabin, we were there to change and sleep. We were always doing something and did not mind the few stains on the carpet or that little chip on the desk! Our cabin steward Roxanna, this young lady was THE BEST. My wife and I agreed we wish we could take her home with us! We ate each night in the dining room, the food was always good and our waiter Vlad and waitress Victoria were outstanding and we will miss them. Our cocktails were at our table waiting for us each night and our names were remembered after our first night! The buffet was also outstanding, and each time we entered, we were welcomed by the officer in charge who seemed to always be there and was most gracious. We had a "fun pass" (all drinks free)and we smoke, so we usually stayed at the starboard side bar on the lido deck. The bartenders seemed to take their time serving you and didn't fully dress some tropical drinks, which never happened when a deck waiter got our drinks. One fella, Giri, always called me by my first name, which I liked and was always happy, unlike the bartenders, and I tipped him well before we left. Ports of call, Grand Caymen was nice but shopping typical and no real bargains, We swam with the stingrays and it was cool! We booked before we left on-line and saved some money! Book well in advance with nativeway sports! Costa Maya was our favorite. We didn't book any tours, went off on our own and had a blast with the locals. Shopping and such best here. Go into Majahal for the best deals small, rustic, and they will bargain and be grateful. We walked only a mile or so back to the port and there are some secret places and things! Very commercialized port area,not owned by the locals you will enjoy but take the time to go into town. Cozumel was cool too though pricey and I scuba dived for the first time in 20 years with a new friend from another ship in port, also from Illinois so that was neat. The diving is most pristine and comparable to VI or far east. Swam with the dolphins pricey but my wife loved it soooo! Belize was nice but very poor. We booked a horseback riding excursion well in advance and did enjoy it, nice place called maruba resort and spa. People nice and friendly and very few bugs! Took an 1 1/2 hrs to get there and the same back on very rough road. Probably won't do that again. This is where you want to go see the mayan ruins and such. Because of limited time, I would book through the ship, just in case! When we got back, we had to do some rush shopping!! This must be just like living in paradise, and we did not want to go home.Overall-Magnificent. Read Less
Sail Date January 2004
We left home on Friday morning to head to Flint Michigan, which is about a 4-½ hour drive for us. Flew into Tampa via Air Tran at 8:00 p.m. I had the honor of sitting next to Reggie Spencer #80 for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a really nice ... Read More
We left home on Friday morning to head to Flint Michigan, which is about a 4-½ hour drive for us. Flew into Tampa via Air Tran at 8:00 p.m. I had the honor of sitting next to Reggie Spencer #80 for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a really nice guy. He showed me his Rookie Trading Cards and gave me an autograph for a friend of mine who is a huge Dallas Fan. The Best Western Westshore Shuttle picked us up at the airport. I was very pleased with the BW, Westshore. The staff was very nice; the food was good in the Gaspers Bar & Grill although I just had a Cheese Steak Sandwich and French Onion Soup (really good). There was a one-man band playing there who was playing some oldies and he was very good and entertaining. I had read an earlier post from a woman who's college age sons stayed at the BW Westshore and said it was "Okay." I think it was probably due to the older music and the general atmosphere, which was quiet and laid back. Checked out the pool - small but nice. We spent the next day in Clearwater and had a really great time. There were 10 of us total, 5 went on a fishing charter and had a really good time and the other five of us headed for the beach/tiki bars. It was a day well spent. We ate at Crabby Bills for lunch at 11:30 and decided to meet there again for dinner at 5:30 after the fishing charter. We left Crabby Bills at about 8:30 well toasted as the staff there waved Ariverderchi to our gang. Sunday morning we were up and at 'em ready to head to the port. I got a knock on our door and my friend said, "Becky is on the phone for you." I thought it was my office as I work with a Becky, but was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was the one and only bjkeen. It was so nice of Becky to call and wish us Bon Voyage. We arrived the port at 11:30. We breezed through check in and were in group number 2 to board the ship. Everything at the Tampa Pier was very well organized and the staff was very friendly. We were on board by 12:15 or so. It was raining when we had the dreaded drill so we didn't have to parade outside by the lifeboats like we normally do. That was a nice surprise. The food was consistently delicious. The best thing I ate was the Sweet and Sour Prawns. They were great. Our waiter, Mario, asked how I liked them, and I said they were good but all gone and he lickety split brought me some more. We also enjoyed the ribs that were served in the alternative dining restaurant. The staff on the Inspiration was wonderful. Our cabin steward, Ivan was invisible unless we needed something, which we rarely did as he, and his team were so efficient. We also met Kanakwan, a drink waitress in the dining room from Thailand. She was wonderful. Every night after dinner we would go to the lounge above the dining room just to visit with her a little more. On the final night in the dining room she stood by our table and sang the "Bags are packed song." I really felt that she was going to miss us as much as we were going to miss her. (Tear) We spent about three or four different evenings in the Piano Bar with Eric. He is only 22 years old but knows quite a few good Piano Bar songs for his age with the exception of American Pie. We teased him quite a bit about not knowing American Pie; finally he admitted that he just didn't like American Pie. One evening we had the pleasure of listening to Ron play. He really can play the piano. He knew every single song we requested but he wouldn't sing with us. He kept insisting that he sings terrible, (as if we were Superstars). We only went into the Avante Garde Lounge once to listen to the two-person band Chaser. They sounded pretty good but the atmosphere was always lacking. Peeked into the Disco on a couple of occasions and it was rockin' - with dozens of underage kids. They seemed to be having a really good time. There were about 5 billion kids on board okay, maybe not 5 billion but the ship's passenger capacity (double occupancy) is 2000 and there were 2600 passengers on board. We were told that on two different occasions by different staff members and believe it to be true. I had the pleasure of eavesdropping on a conversation between two young girls about 9 or 10 years old while standing in line for pizza one afternoon. The first girl said, "Our cruise is half over, I wish we were just starting it." And the other girl said, "I wish we were on board for 40 days." and then the first girl said I wish we could just stay on here forever, but what would we do when people die there is no cemetery and the other girl said, "We can just throw the bodies overboard." I visited the spa for a haircut and was surprised that it was only $70.00 + tip. Ron from the Philippines did an excellent job. I really enjoyed the whole experience. We have been to Grand Cayman on two different occasions and decided that we would have a leisurely breakfast before tendering to shore. There was an announcement that the seas were to rough for tendering and the ship would move to another location. There were about 1,000 people off the ship at that time. I can't imagine coming out of a shop on shore and seeing the ship sailing away. By the time we reached our new location, we would have only about an hour on shore given the time it takes to tender on and off the island so we decided to just stay on board. In Cozumel we went directly to Chakannab. This was our third visit here and it is always enjoyable. We have only been to one other beach in Cozumel, Playa Sol and we prefer Chakannab due to the snorkeling. We headed to Carlos and Charlie's at about 2:00 and had a wonderful time dancing the next three hours away before heading upstairs to Senior Frogs for a drink. I'm just glad someone in our group had the sense to corral us all out of there and get us back to the ship in the nick of time. We had a good time in New Orleans too. Started out at Pat O'Brien's for a hurricane and stopped at another small bar before arriving at the Krazy Korner which had a great band playing we stopped at another bar with a blues band, can't remember the name. We took a taxi back to the ship, as we didn't want to have to walk through the riverwalk again. On debarkation day, a friend of ours got to listen in on a conversation between an older couple. The lady said, "I want to go somewhere that I can where my bathing suit." Her husband said, "Have you tried the woods?" Our friend of course busted up along with another lady who was obviously listening as she spit her coffee out. We really enjoy the Fantasy class ships; I think it gives you a chance to get to know the staff better. We met Johnny, a great bartender in the back of the ship, who has been with Carnival for 12 years. We visited him every night for at least one nightcap and enjoyable conversation. The Inspiration is a fine ship. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. marks01@jamadots.com July 2003 Read Less
We just returned from an awesome 7-day cruise on the Carnival Inspiration. I could write a novel, but I will hit the high points that many people want to know about. Embarkation - Very smooth. They kept the lines moving even though it ... Read More
We just returned from an awesome 7-day cruise on the Carnival Inspiration. I could write a novel, but I will hit the high points that many people want to know about. Embarkation - Very smooth. They kept the lines moving even though it look like one would be standing forever. We had a Category 12 Cabin so we were able to board very quickly. All Category 11 & 12 Cabins are Skipper's Club, and the extra money is definitely worth it! Cabin - Lots of room for us and our 2 kids. Nice balcony for morning coffee or just to watch the world go by. We got some great photos from our balcony. Bathroom was good sized and there was plenty of storage space. Our cabin steward kept the place very clean and left delightful towel animals every evening. Food - It was better than expected! The buffet on the Lido Deck was great for lunches, and you shouldn't miss the Brassiere for the different types of food from different countries, which were served each day. Beautiful salad bar, and yes, the pizza was outstanding! There seemed to be only one guy serving the pizza at all hours, so the service was a little slow, but adequate. Dinner in the dining room was great. A different menu every evening and our waiter was outstanding. He and his lovely assistant knew our tables' drink preferences and these were always readily available, sometimes even waiting on us as we were seated. The maitre 'd was very charming and stopped at every single table every night. Activities/Shore Tours - Plentiful! Read your Carnival Capers and carry it around with you each day. The shows were okay, but don't miss the talent show and bedtime story, it was hilarious! I went for the galley tour and the officer that led us through was in a great hurry. He must not have wanted that particular duty, so it's a good thing I was near the front of the line. The Captain's Cocktail Party was amusing. Don't blink or you'll miss him and the officers! Good appetizers, free drinks. The kids went to a "Coketail Party" in Camp Carnival. Laying around the pool was a favorite for many. Get up early to get your lounge chair! It's packed by 10 am! Also, the pools are salt water. Don't open your eyes! Book your shore tours pretty early and definitely do your research before you go. I booked a tour in Grand Cayman for much less than what the ship's comparable tour cost. Call Tropicana! We had 6 people on our tour and it was very leisurely and relaxing. We had plenty of time to shop afterwards. We bought the Catamaran Sail and Snorkel in Cozumel. FUN! We enjoy sailing, so if you like that activity go for it! They took us to a lovely beach too. Take a cab and go to Carlos and Charlie's if you can, BIG FUN! I wouldn't take kids there in the evening because it looked like it would be a wild place, but early afternoon is good. Good deal on a gold chain and other baubles. In New Orleans we walked around on our own. Margaritaville is on Decatur Street next to the French Market. Every shop seemed to have the same stuff souvenir wise, but some things are cheaper, so shop around a little before you buy. The Spa and Gym was very nice. I had saved up for 2 treatments, but I thought they were a little on the high side. They will try to sell you the very expensive creams and stuff. Running on a treadmill while the ship is moving is a funny experience. I did make good use of the running track on the Sports Deck and found this to be a good choice for exercise as well as taking the stairs all the time. The elevators are really slow, so don't bother to wait! Do buy one or two formal pictures, they are worth it, but don't go crazy. They take a lot of you. The film developing service was nice too. The casino was fun because we did pretty well, and the lounges were okay too. The singers need new music to practice because we heard "Brown Eyed Girl" about 100 times during the week. Service/Crew - There are two bars by the main pool and plenty of wait staff who always made sure you had something cold. The drinks of the day were okay if you like sweet and fruity. If you do beer go for the bucket. Buy your kids a Fountain Card for sodas or you will spend a fortune! This was the BEST value of the cruise, only $20 for each kid. The crew always picked up empty glasses and plates immediately. Tables were bussed quickly and there was always a lot of cleaning and polishing going on throughout. They took a lot of pride in keeping the ship clean. Everyone was very friendly and always spoke in the hallways. Room Service is good too for a quick snack or a continental breakfast. Be very clear if you order over the phone. We got tomato juice instead of orange and were shorted some toast. This was quickly and cheerfully corrected. Camp Carnival - My kids were in the intermediate group and were able to sign themselves in and out. They didn't stay there the whole time every day, but really enjoyed the activities they participated in. I was worried about my kids roaming the ship, but this was not a problem. We did the Late Night Activities once and the counselors walked them back to the cabin. There was only one incident that involved an older child being in the intermediate group by mistake. He didn't care for something that was going on during a treasure hunt and put his hands around a 9 year old's neck and squeezed. The counselors quickly removed him, and security booted him out of Camp Carnival for good. His parents were notified. Most kids on this cruise were well behaved, we didn't see a lot of running about screaming. There was one gang of 13+ kids that were rumored to have thrown a wheelchair and a ping pong table overboard. They were loud but security always had a handle on them. Debarkation - We waited about an hour in a lounge with our tablemates. Again, the Skipper's Club paid off here. We were the first group off the ship. Getting the luggage was okay, they kept your stuff together mostly, except we grabbed the wrong hanging bag and took it all the way over to the airport. Carnival quickly sent ours over and took care of taking the wrong one back. Customs was nothing, they just took our form. The only thing that we wished could have been different was getting a flight home that day. Carnival swore they couldn't find us a flight, which means they waited too long to get a cheap ticket. They put us up in the Airport Marriott, so we made the most of it by laying by the pool with all the other people who couldn't get a flight. I still wouldn't book my own airfare, I would just say no to "Is it okay to fly you out the next day?" We will cruise again in the future and would try Carnival again. It was very relaxing for us and we all had a great time on our Spring Break and 40th birthday! rredick@neo.rr.com July 2003 Read Less
This was our first cruise (my husband and myself), we are 42 years old with no children and WE LOVED IT!!!!! When we arrived in New Orleans we found it to be very organized and everything flowed very smooth. Parking was in a fenced lot ... Read More
This was our first cruise (my husband and myself), we are 42 years old with no children and WE LOVED IT!!!!! When we arrived in New Orleans we found it to be very organized and everything flowed very smooth. Parking was in a fenced lot with a security guard. The cost was $70.00 cash. You drop your luggage off first then go park. We arrived at the terminal around 10:00am. After dropping our luggage and parking we got inside around 10:30am. There was no one in line at this time and the parking lot was empty, but it did fill up quick. We checked in, got our sail and sign cards and then we sat waiting to board for about 1 hour. You then go through the scanners and have your first (of many) picture taken. After that you proceed to the ship and they take your picture for your sail and sign card. Each time you leave the ship and get back on the ship you scan your card and your picture will come up on the computer screen. Make sure you take your sail and sign card every where you go, you will need it all the time!!!! We were finally on the ship!!! It was around 1:00pm. We headed toward our cabin. This ship is big and it will take some time to find your way around. I recommend getting a deck plan map at the information desk and carrying it with you. We used it all week. Just when you know your way around it will be time to go home. We were happy with our cabin, not the biggest cabin but it was plenty of room for the 2 of us. You are not in your cabin that much but to shower, sleep and change clothes. Our cabin was #M109, we had a window and really enjoyed it. There was a good size medicine cabinet in the bathroom and a big closet. The desk/dresser has 4 drawers. We WAY over packed clothes and had plenty of room when we unpacked (you have heard the old saying pack half as many clothes and twice the amount of money, that is VERY true). I would take hangers (the metal kind from the dry cleaners, they take up less space). I did use the over the door organizer in the cabin. I used it for my hair brushes, hair spray, sunscreen (make sure and use the sun screen), anything else that was too big for the medicine cabinet. It kept the clutter off the desk/dresser. After we unpacked our carryon [luggage] we headed out to explore. What a beautiful ship. We found it to be very clean and saw crew cleaning often. We found the pizzeria and ate our first lunch. The pizza and calzone's were great. There also was a buffet lunch available when we got on the ship. This is when we met our first shipmates (Bernard and Norma, we had some fun times with them, we have talked to them since we are home and look forward to a long friendship with them). Take the time to meet people (that's not hard to do), it's a lot of fun talking with different people. The first night for dinner is casual, whatever you wear on the ship is fine. You may not get your luggage before dinner so make sure you have anything you will need like medications,etc or a change of clothes in your carry on bag. We did however get our luggage around 5:00pm. We had the late seating for dinner in the Mardi Gras Dining Room. Our head waiter was George and his dining service team was the best. He/they made our dining experience very memorable. Going to the dining room for dinner is a big part of the cruise. Lots of fun, great food, entertainment and hopefully nice tablemates. If you are not happy with who you are sitting with talk to the Maitre'd he will find you a different table. There is NO reason to stay where you are not happy and having fun. This is your vacation enjoy it!!!! We had a FUN time every night. Every night while you are at dinner your cabin steward will tidy your room and leave you the next day Capers. The Capers tells you everything about the next day's activities. I took a highlighter marker and before going to bed we marked what we wanted to do the next dayl The first full day on the ship is at sea with lots of different things to do. Today you sign up for your excursions. There is a Adventure Talk telling you about the tours in the morning. I would suggest asking your travel agent or Carnival for a list of excursions before you leave so you have some idea what you would like to do. This also gives you the cost so you can budget accordingly. If you decide before the talk what you want to sign up for you can fill out your order forms and drop them off the first night. I think it was after 6:00pm at the information desk. We ate breakfast in the dining room but never did lunch in there. For lunch we ate on the Lido deck at the buffet or at the pizzeria. We brought with us 2 large cups with covers for ice and water. We filled them on the Lido deck every chance we got. We also purchased soda cards/fountain cards, we are BIG soda drinkers so they were worth the money, the cost was $29.95 per person. We never had any problems using them at any of the bars. Tonight is your first formal night. We are not the "dress up" kind of people normally at home but it was well worth getting dressed up and it was alot of fun too. Another day at sea, we relaxed by the pool, took the Galley tour and there are many other things to keep you busy, if you want that. Our first port was Montego Bay, Jamaica. We did the Ocho Rio's and Dunn's River Falls tour. We had a great time, highly recommend doing the Falls. An experience everyone should have. Jamaica is very poor and the people are very pushy, just say NO Thank You and keep walking. Next port is Grand Cayman. You take tenders in to this port. This is a BEAUTIFUL place. We did the Stingray City and Island Tour. This takes you to the Turtle Farm, then to Hell and then swim with the Stingrays. THIS IS A MUST DO!!! Just an incredible experience. The water is so blue and clear and swimming with the stingrays cannot be described. Make sure to take at least one underwater camera (bring them from home, they are expensive on the ship). After the tour we had some time to shop and walk around the pier area. Also make sure to taste and buy some Tortuga Rum Cakes, out of this world. This is your second formal night with the Gala Buffet at midnight. Worth staying up late for it. Your last port is Cozumel, Mexico. For this excursion we did the Passion Island. Highly recommend this excursion also. You are taken on a bus, then by boat you go to the island. Lunch is included and it's GREAT..the best guacamole I have ever eaten. The soda and alcoholic beverage's are also included. We drank "Passion Islands" all day and let's just say we took a nap when we got back on the ship. This excursion was alot of fun. You can snorkel, swim, have your hair braided, get a henna tattoo, play volleyball, relax in a hammock, walk on the beach, eat and drink. After you get back you do have time to shop in the city. We shopped at the stores right by the port. The midnight buffet tonight is held on the Lido deck under the stars with fun games and dancing in the moonlight. Another fun night. We went to most of the midnight buffets and could ALWAYS find something that was YUMMY!!! One more day at sea. Lots of activities going on all day. We enjoyed the pool, went to the Newlywed and Not-So-Newlywed Game (very funny) and played bingo. We did our packing late in the afternoon before dinner, that way you can enjoy your last evening on the ship We did have to buy an expandable suitcase on the ship because we bought more stuff then we thought we would. Next time I will pack 2 extra expandable suitcases (I only packed one this time). You can't do everything but you can do as much or as little as you like. We had a great time and we look forward to our next cruise. If anyone has any questions please ask I will try and answer them as best as I can. We hope everyone enjoys the cruise as much as we did. Happy Cruising, Rthearts@aol.comJune 2002 Read Less
Following is my review of our cruise on the Carnival Inspiration which departed on 1/26 from Tampa. Our first observation was that the Tampa port is very nice. Easy to enter and get around in, and very convenient and clean. Channelside ... Read More
Following is my review of our cruise on the Carnival Inspiration which departed on 1/26 from Tampa. Our first observation was that the Tampa port is very nice. Easy to enter and get around in, and very convenient and clean. Channelside marketplace at the port was great, and we had a nice dinner at Stumps the night before. We moved very quickly through the embarkation process and were onboard in a little over an hour. They seemed to be MUCH more organized here verses Miami. We have been on 2 cruises prior to this, on the Destiny and the Triumph, so we were excited to experience a new style of ship. Our first impression was that it was considerably smaller than the Destiny class (which it is by 30,000 gross tons), but it really felt it to us. That was not bad, just our observation. The Ship / What we liked: We liked the open deck arrangements up on top. We thought the back deck on the top was really great for sunning and viewing, very wide open. Our favorite was small open eating areas to the back of the lido rest, where you could take your breakfast or lunch and eat outside while enjoying the views from the back of the ship. The cruise director, Greg Kneale, was awesome. He was very entertaining and knowledgeable. Our room steward, Daniella from Bulgaria was wonderful. She made the most elaborate towel animals yet. When we first boarded she directed us to always have the sign out on our door handle, "do not disturb" when in, and "please make up my room" when out. It worked wonderfully. Our dining room wait staff were good, and we enjoyed their service, their names were Michael and Leizel. Leizel was particularly friendly. The food was very good. Jeane Claude and Gaby, who performed on 2 or 3 of the nights were wonderful. All of the entertainers were, for that matter. The ship was very clean, and kept up well. The Ship/Observations and things we did not care for: I guess our first observation was that although we liked the Tampa port, we will avoid it in the future due to the cooler temps in the winter (when we cruise). The temps were mid-60's, and it affected our sea days coming and going, which we did expect a little with our last being New Orleans. Our second observation, which is just us and our honest opinion, and it may have been just this particular cruise (as we know each one has different people on it), but this one had a VERY large portion of HEAVY smokers, and for lack of better terms, red-necks who did not care where their smoke went. We have never seen this before, and we were dismayed. Nothing like taking in a fresh breath of sea air while watching a sunset when suddenly a cloud of smoke rolls into your face after someone walks upwind to you. Jeans in the dining room, even on formal nights, and kids everywhere. We were amazed at the kids, mostly 5-12 years old (why on earth they were not in school amazes me), and they let these kids run everywhere. On one particular occasion I witnessed an unattended 10-year-old "lick" the ice cream machine dispenser after he dispensed his ice cream! I just about died! We did not let any of these things ruin our cruise, but I do think that is detracted from our experience by having smoke blown in our face constantly, kids misbehaving and parent-less, and jeans and inappropriate clothes in the dining room. We have never witnessed any of the above on our past cruises, and were quite shocked. On both the Destiny and the Triumph, the smokers that were on their were very conscious about their smoke and respective of where it went, the kids were mostly in Camp Carnival and well behaved when they were not, and the dining rooms maitre'd's hawked the attire in the dining rooms very well. I am not asking for tuxes and formal gowns, but at least some effort would have been nice. Not a big thing, but we noticed a pronounced vibration, like a bent prop or something, throughout the cruise, heavier at some times. We felt in the dining room, and also in our cabin on the Upper Deck. An important note to all: no hair dryers in the rooms! There were on our other cruises, and just by chance I brought ours! We were disappointed in the Lido Rest. food somewhat in comparison to the Destiny and Triumph. They say the ships are uniform in food, but they are not. The variety in the morning was considerably less, and at lunch we really missed the deli and Chinese options. This was our first time with a window cabin, we had an inside on the Destiny and a balcony on the Triumph. The window was ok, but it was dirty from the saltwater spray all of the time, which of course they cannot control, just an observation and something we never thought of. I think we would go for either a balcony whenever possible or an inside, skipping the window. One other note, the mattresses needed to be changed very badly, they are kind of spoon-shaped! Hopefully it will be serviced soon, and they will change the mattresses. The ports: Grand Cayman - This was our second trip to Grand Cayman, and the second time it was gray and windy. All water activities were cancelled. We shopped around, but were disappointed that we could not go on the Captain Marvin's trip we had looked so much forward to. Cozumel - Awesome! We took a cab to Chankanaab park on our own and spent the entire day there. It was gorgeous, sunny, and perfect in every way. We snorkeled, and walked through the botanical gardens, enjoying every moment. The only warning: if you go into the rest. there for lunch, watch your bill. The waiter tried to pull one over on us. He did not present a bill at all, just said $46 American. We thought about it, and it did not seem right. I went up to him at the podium and asked to see a menu and he scurried me back to the table quickly, and said he made a mistake and that the bill was only $36, as he laughed. I said ok, it was still a few dollars high, but I gave him a $100 bill. He brought back 2-20's and 1-10 and 2-1's in change, total change of $52! I called him over, and he started laughing with another waiter and slowly forked over the rest, bit by bit, waiting to see if I was paying attention. It was an experience! I bet he makes a good extra living off this! New Orleans - Cool, in the 50s and 60s as we anticipated, kind of gray, but a great experience. We had wanted to go there for a long time. We took a horse and buggy ride with another couple for $20 each for an hour tour of the French Quarter and the cemetery. Great experience. We walked all over, went to the French Market. DON'T BUY ANYTHING UNTIL YOU GO THERE! We had walked through tons of stores selling masks for $5-$12 each and beads for 2/$1. Then we went to the French Market and bought the SAME ones, masks 2/$5 and beads 12/$2! We had a great time there at the French Market. We also stopped by the Cafe Du Monde and tried an Beignet, good experience also (although I still prefer a Krispy Kreme any day, which was across the street!). Overall: Great Trip! We just know that we prefer a cruise leaving from Miami or a more southerly port as we prefer the warmth, and that we like the Destiny class better (all our own personal taste). I hope this has been helpful, and if I offended anyone, I did not mean to, I just wanted to give everyone my personal opinions of everything. Also, a big thank you to everyone who helped with the planning of this trip, I appreciate it. I picked up a lot of information that helped make this trip a success! jmkokopeli@hotmail.com April 2003 Read Less
It was wonderful!! This was the best cruise I have been on, and I have been on all lines. Embarkation We went into New Orleans a day early and stayed at the Sheraton. We had a Club Level room on the 47th floor. The view was ... Read More
It was wonderful!! This was the best cruise I have been on, and I have been on all lines. Embarkation We went into New Orleans a day early and stayed at the Sheraton. We had a Club Level room on the 47th floor. The view was amazing! The hotel was nice, the rooms kind of small. We arrived at the pier about 1:00. There was a long line, but we made it through and onto the boat in under an hour. One thing I would like to say is that if people filled out their documents before hand like they are supposed to, the line would move so much quicker. We got our cards and zipped right on. First Impression WOW! I checked for carpet stains, broken things, smells etc. Nothing! The ship is spotless! I have to admit, my expectations weren't that high. But I was very impressed. The dEcor is not like a Princess or HAL, but it was bright and a lot of fun. The piano bar is so cute! The Candlelight lounge was pretty as well as the Paris Lounge. After exploring, we went to our rooms. We had U32 and U36. Just inside rooms. It had been a while since I had sailed with CCL. I have been on Princess and Royal Caribbean most recently, and CCL?s rooms are huge compared to them. Our room was very clean and in great shape. We had plenty of hangers and plenty of space. Then we went to the Lido deck and had lunch. Yummy! We were tired and watched the ship sail, went to dinner, looked around some more then crashed. Dining room We had requested a table for 4. We ate in the Mardi Gras dining room main seating table 166. Robin was our waiter and Angela the assistant. They were awesome! Each night he would tell us tips about the boat or the ports, and give us puzzles to figure out. Angela was so sweet. I have never eaten in the dining room more than once, this time, we ate there every single night. The food was excellent. (loved the pumpkin soup) I tried all kinds of things I don't like at home and loved on the ship. The desserts of course were to die for! One thing I really was impressed by was the smiles on everyone's faces. I had always worried about the waiters and staff feeling like show ponies since they have to perform for us. They all were grinning from ear to ear when they were singing and dancing. Robin pulled me and my friend Alana up and we did the Macerana and the Conga line with them. I am a stick in the mud, so I made sure a lot of pictures were taken to prove it to people back home hahaha. Activities I am a reader. Usually on a cruise, you will find me on the deck in a chair with a book in my hand. I took 3 books this time, and didn't read one! There is so much going on, we never stopped. Of course, the Newly Wed Not So Newly Wed game was a riot. It is always funny. We also went to Survivor, Hairy Chest competition, Ice carving, Slot tournament you get the picture. One thing we enjoyed was the El Nuevo Caribe show. The girl singer was great, the guy ok. The dancers were great and had a lot of great costumes. Ports First stop was Montego Bay. We did the Black River Safari. One thing I was not aware of was the 2 ½ hour bus ride each way to the tour. But the ride was interesting. We got to see the real Jamaica. The safari was so cool! If you like Crocodile Hunter, you need to go. You get in pontoon boats and go up the river. There are alligators everywhere. They call them like dogs and they come!!! The crocs swam right up to the boat and ate out of the guides hand! We learned a lot about the birds and trees etc. It was fun. After a nap on the way home, we shopped at the shops at the pier and went to the boat. Next was Cayman. It was beautiful as always. We did the Cayman Experience tour. It took us to Hell, the turtle farm and to the Tortuga Rum factory. Then to Sting Ray City. I have been there 4 other times, but I love it more every time I go back. This time was a little different. Our guide (Uncle Joe) picked up the rays and put them on our head like a hat. It was too cool. Of course we got the back rub from them too. After the tour, we shopped again then went to the boat. Last was Cozumel. We went to Chankanaab. I was disappointed this time. I have been before and saw the sea lion show. They didn't have it that day boohoo. That was the reason we went. Other than that, I loved it again. The ruins and gardens are beautiful. If you like margaritas, get one at the restaurant by the beach. They are awesome!! I don't even like Margaritas, and I loved it!! Then we went to shop. I think we bought everything they have. We bargained and had such a good time. Our friends went back to Chankanaab and did the dolphin swim. She loved it! She said it was the best thing she has ever done in her life. We went to Carlos and Charlies, looked for a minute and then left and went to the Fat Tuesdays by the port. We had a tropical itch and a sex on the beach. They were great. It was a lot calmer and very quick service. We shopped through the tunnel again and went to the boat. We were so tired and our feet were killing us! Debarkation was the easiest I have ever had too. We were on the Upper deck, and off the boat by 9:30. It was perfect. One word sums up this cruise - PERFECT! I have no complaints. One of the best parts was how friendly everyone was. The staff on the boat knew us all by name. They would just stop by to say hi and see how our day was. I thought that was so sweet. When we left, our waiter and assistant gave us hugs and kisses. The other passengers were friendly too. Much more so than some of the other lines. I am a travel agent, and will recommend this to anyone. As a matter of fact, we got back on Sunday and I booked for the Inspiration again for May of next year. We are excited about the itinerary change. I cant wait! Feel free to email me with questions. I know I have left a lot out, so if you need anything, just email! smallory@aaasouth.com January 2003 Read Less
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Cabins 3.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 4.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.3
Service 4.0 4.2
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates 2.0 4.3

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