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Room is fine 11061 is a bit noisy but great size butler &maid Dining & tour arrangement a 3rd rate low price Cruise line disaster. Tour changed with no notification (some attendees, not all received notification 2 days in ... Read More
Room is fine 11061 is a bit noisy but great size butler &maid Dining & tour arrangement a 3rd rate low price Cruise line disaster. Tour changed with no notification (some attendees, not all received notification 2 days in advance. WE DID NOT) from am to pm thereby not allowing time to dress for cocktail party & attend dinner reservation at speciality restaurant. The restaurant refused to change reservation 2 @ any time ! Reservations made online weeks ago for a very special birthday. Birthday when attempting to confirmed with Butler upon boarding I was informed my reservation was for the ninth not the tenth but he assured m we no problem as long as we were flexible with time. Tried to confirm planned birthday celebration at Jacques 2 day in advance informed I was on waitingist THANK YOU VERY MUCH Not even Carnival abuses multu repeat crusiersj. Oh wonderful !!just learned Port of Monte Carlo will be cancelled Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
We sailed aboard Oceania Marina from Lisbon to Monte Carlo Sept 29 – to Oct 6 2019. Our expectations and excitement for the journey as well as the Marina were high based on much research and Oceania’s marketing. Our cruise experience ... Read More
We sailed aboard Oceania Marina from Lisbon to Monte Carlo Sept 29 – to Oct 6 2019. Our expectations and excitement for the journey as well as the Marina were high based on much research and Oceania’s marketing. Our cruise experience was not five star/luxury, intimate, personal, or warm. Cabin and Concierge Service Cabin service was average, but not personalized or attentive beyond usual clean up and prep. Examples: used more than one bucket of ice nightly, but always had to ask for second one. Superior service would have inquired proactively. Turn down service often clashed with when we were preparing for dinner (8:30p reservations). Superior service would have had our reservation schedule and worked the evening cabin duties accordingly. The patio cushions were removed in the evening but not replaced in the morning. Our attendant and assistant were both pleasant, but seemed to have too large a base to serve for the entire trip. Per Oceania’s marketing, we expected more focused attention (smaller crew to passenger ratio). Concierge service was lacking. Although attended, not welcoming or personalized, even though we used service daily. Recognition and acknowledgement would have elevated the experience. Deck door between our cabin deck and our neighbor’s cabin deck was not secure/firm and would rattle and clunk during the night. Food and Beverage Service Drink service at bars was often slow regardless of number of patrons. Bartender acknowledgement, even if busy with other tasks, is expected and was rarely given. Weather was warm, and deck service was never offered on the three occasions I chose to utilize the various areas, to include spa terrace, main pool area, and conversation areas. We dined at Waves Grill for lunch three times and the steak and lobster was superb, as was the ahi tuna. The other sandwiches were average. Waves Grill table service was lacking. Water service was immediate, but bar service was slow and inattentive. It also lacked personalization. I had a premium beverage package and ordered wine with lunch with ice. Never was I recognized or asked proactively if I wanted wine again with ice – this would have been superior service and not just average service. Sommelier service in the buffet was slow as well, but only used it on the first day. It is noted the buffet table service on the port side of the Terrace Buffet was far superior to what we experience elsewhere (breakfast). Red Ginger was superior in service and food quality. Barristas was very good as well, but table service in the library would have been excellent/superior (or at least to be asked once settled). Jacques food quality was lacking. Lamb was overcooked, sent back, and overcooked again. In fact the waiter even mentioned that my barely pink lamb was indeed medium rare versus offering something different or even preparing again, which I would have expected from Superior service. Sommelier service was good/attentive. Our first Grand Dining room service seem strained. Our waiter indicated 9p couldn’t come soon enough. Service throughout the evening wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t excellent. I had to ask for refill of wine when needed. Our second Grand Dining experience was similar to our first. The escargot was very good, lobster bisque lacked any indication of lobster, and crème brulee was grainy and of a pudding/undercooked consistency rather than custard. Table service did not inquire why it wasn’t eaten or if it was satisfactory or if we wanted something else. Superior service would have been more aware of our experience. Tuscany grill was average for food quality, sommelier service, and table service. Not bad, but not 5 star. Our last night was Polo Grill. Initial table service was commendable, but bar service and sommelier was extremely anxious and stressed and virtually non existent, even as the volume of people diminished (we had 830 reservations and were there at 825). Had to ask repeatedly for wine/refill and table service seemed not to know our understand how our experience was going or being paced to facilitate beverage/wine service – they did not seem to partner with the sommelier or kitchen very well. We were virtually ignored for an hour by our table service (other than water). The main course never came and no one spoke to us about delays or gave any indication that they were even aware of delays. Around 9:30 my husband sought the maître de and still no one came to talk to me or refresh my service. By 9:40, I was upset and left the restaurant with my husband in order to pack and prepare for departure tasks. Only at that time did there seem to be any concern about our service and experience. Although apologies were given and alternatives offered, at that time is was far too disappointing and too late to repair. Other Services/Activities I had planned on using the artist’s loft (one of the reasons I chose Marina), but it was never attended nor any products or amenities available to use other than the 4p class which conflicted with excursion timing. A self service option would have been lovely to use for sunset sketching or morning activity. Summary: After much research, I chose Oceania because we enjoy a casual, resort environment with outstanding amenities, focused service, and five star cuisine and culinary experience. The service and quality aboard Marina was inconsistent and impersonal, not superior or intimate. I am very disappointed to have paid more than twice what I have on other cruise lines while experiencing less service, quality, attentiveness, and appointments (including Celebrity, Carnival, and A-Rosa River cruises). It is noteworthy to mention I have not received a follow up directly or indirectly from Oceania for feedback as of 17 October (11 days after disembarkation). Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
The itinerary was the attraction as well as the benefits conferred as a result of my cruise status (over 15 with Oceania in the last 5 years.) The service in the cafeteria was sub-par. many of the servers didn't speak adequate ... Read More
The itinerary was the attraction as well as the benefits conferred as a result of my cruise status (over 15 with Oceania in the last 5 years.) The service in the cafeteria was sub-par. many of the servers didn't speak adequate english to understand the request of the passenger. They made little effort to comprehend and would just stare awaiting the passenger's clarification of the english word for the food. The servers frequently slapped the food on the place with subtle hostility. Moving on to the entertainment, the musicians in the onboard band played without passion or emotion. Nice for a less than mediocre high school band fulfilling a requirement but surprising on a 5 star ship. The string quartet played out of tune and without enthusiasm. The visiting entertainers were spotty as to talent. Destination services was a disaster of disorganization. passengers were kept waiting until the ship was docked and ready for disembarkation and bus loading before tickets were issued thus delaying the departures and adding serious confusion and amazement at the lack of crowd and loading management. My gratuities were included for a month trip but the ship insisted they were included for only a portion of the trip. As I write my travel agent is attempting to correct that erroneous position and obtain return of the over charge. The general atmosphere has change as related to service during the time I have cruised but this trip was surprising in its lack of politeness toward the passengers. In light of the fact there is an increase of 5 star and better competition, I am surprised Oceania is seemingly unaware of their descent toward average. Perhaps it was just a string of 30 bad days for the staff. Or, perhaps it is a suggestion of future deterioration. I hope not. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
I did so much research in preparation for this cruise so wanted to add detail to help others who are considering Oceana Marina. Overall, I think the trick is to work around the weaknesses of this cruise to get the best experience but for ... Read More
I did so much research in preparation for this cruise so wanted to add detail to help others who are considering Oceana Marina. Overall, I think the trick is to work around the weaknesses of this cruise to get the best experience but for the very high price tag you should not have to do that. Pros: -- Excellent itinerary with no sea days, longer days in port, a mix of exotic and sure winner stops. This was our primary consideration when choosing a cruise and Oceana delivered on this. We loved every stop and were delighted to discover new favorites like Malta. It is worth a premium to us to arrive at a new and worthwhile destination every day and to not have to rush back to the ship. --Our penthouse room was very nice. The bathroom was large and well appointed, very like the bathroom of a nice hotel plus a large walk in closet that made the room very comfortable. The bed was literally the most comfortable bed I have every slept in away from home. The room was not huge nor was the balcony as large as most upgraded room balconies but roomy enough for great comfort, I really would not have wanted or needed more space. There was a mini fridge which was stocked daily but no one ever asked what we wanted stocked as was advertised. --Butler service and housekeeping was generally very good except that a bottle of opened wine from the last guest was left in our mini fridge which gives you a creepy feeling about how well the room was cleaned. However other than that the room was very clean, the housekeeping staff very friendly and accommodating as was the Butler service. We did ask our Butler to get us an extra reservation two nights in specialty restaurants and he was able to get us an individual table one night and a shared table on another night. --No photo taking, art shows, constant announcements, pressure to constantly buy drinks you see on the mid tier ships. Cons: --Food! Would you believe it? We selected this cruise in large part and were willing to pay the premium price (almost double Azamara Club) because it was reputed to have the best food at sea. I would consider my husband and I foodies, however we are fine with simple freshly prepared food too. Bottom line is you would get better food by taking a Celebrity Cruise at half the price and paying the fee to eat in speciality restaurants every night which on Celebrity or Royal Caribbean are generally better than Oceana specialty restaurants (maybe paying the upgrade keeps the service and food at a higher level). The main dining room on Marina is pretty awful and on our ten day cruise we were only allowed to eat in specialty restaurants half the nights despite our expensive room. As an example, I ordered a strip steak in the main dining room which as about 3/4 of an inch thick and tough; literally a normal restaurant strip steak cut lengthwise in half. A lobster dish was tough, tasteless and overcooked. On one night, no one at our table liked their food and most of it was simply left uneaten. There is nothing special at all about the food in the main restaurant, no nice touches. The service is however far better than in most specialty restaurants. The Terrace cafe is always an option for self serve food but I was so surprised at how not special breakfast was. Omelettes were just like on a mid level cruise, tiny minced veggies and very thin omelettes-- again for the price and food reputation I would have expected large fluffy omelettes with nice big chunks of veggies and an impressive selection of fillings. The canadian bacon and ham were only available on one station so you had to stand in line twice just to get omelette and meat, but the quality of the canadian bacon and ham was very poor and they were sitting in hot water so not at all crispy and freshly grilled. Even on mid tier ships I'm used to fresh carved ham for breakfast. Never any turkey or chicken sausage. Again, nothing at all special about breakfast unlike a river cruise where there is always a fun special made before your eyes or fillings that change daily. You can also eat dinner on the Terrace of the terrace cafe which is nice in terms of being able to sit outside and the food is pretty good, you can stand in line and order lobster, fish, shrimp freshly grilled. However, who wants to stand in three or four lines to get their dinner? One line for salad, sit and eat, then get a couple of appetizers sit and eat, then wait fifteen minutes in line for your grilled food. Also, the service on the Terrace was the worst of all restaurants. They flatly refused to leave a pot of coffee on the table at Breakfast when I asked, but also did not come around enough to refill my cup. Several times my husband or I had to get up and ask someone to bring more coffee and there was no self serve. If you came to breakfast toward the end of the time, they would not reset the nice tables on the rail with the best views but tried to force you to eat at the tables that were already set which were closer to the wall and not as nice view wise. This was just lazy and focused on their own convenience rather than the wishes of the customer. Whoever manages the Terrace Cafe should be replaced. --Specialty Restaurants were a particular disappointment. We ate at Red Ginger twice and mediocre would be a kindness. The famed sea bass was overly sweet and mushy both times I ordered it, the menu was very limited and pretty much like any mid level asian restaurant with curries, etc. A shrimp appetizer was definitely not made with fresh shrimp and was small, plus you could only taste the very sweet sauce. This must have gone downhill recently from what I have read. Literally there were few protein choices on the menu and everything was over cooked and overly sauced. Service at Polo was the worst, they were so overcrowded. This was a problem consistently, the specialty restaurants were severely overbooked so service was scattered and food quality suffered. At polo I ordered french onion soup which came at room temperature. I asked if I could have a hotter bowl. What I got back was no much hotter but the bread was completely soggy and the cheese not nice and melted and in fact was not the appropriate cheese for this type of soup. Definitely a soup that had been sitting around for a while and was not freshly prepared. No apology at all for bringing tepid soup. My side of mushrooms was equally as shockingly bad. It seemed unlikely they were fresh, they were severely overcooked tiny pieces of white button mushrooms that I would guess had certainly not been cooked that night. I would compare this to a specialty restaurant on Celebrity or Royal Caribbean where if you order a side of mushrooms you receive a just roasted pan of mixed wild mushrooms with fresh herbs. Tuscana was more mixed in terms of quality. The first time we tried it, it was fine. We got a nice bread basket, a crab cake starter and a decent veal chop plus charming service. The second time however, it was so crowded that when our table was not immediately ready to order the waiter left in bad humor and did not show up again for 45 minutes until we sent someone to find him. My veal chop was so tough I literally could not cut it with the steak knife provided. The one gem of the restaurants in terms of both service and food was Jaques and I hope they take that restaurant manager and put him or her in charge of all food service on the ship. This was exactly what we expected from the amazing fresh bread basket, to the thoughtful well paced service to absolutely wonderful, freshly prepared, top quality food in terms of cut of meats and technique which did not cover up with sauces as they did in the other restaurants. Unfortunately we did not try this until the last night or I would have begged to eat there every night. --Tea service? This is just weird. They serve high tea with string quartet every day at 4:00. The string quartet is the only decent music you will ever hear on the ship. The waiters are in tuxedos and come around with big silver carts. The sandwiches are good as are the sweets-- in fact the only time at any meal you will get quality dessert. The scones are not quite real cream scones but not bad. However, the entire effect is ruined and made comic by the fact that they give you one low end grocery store quality tea bag and you have to put the bag in your pot of hot water. It is the same tea they serve at breakfast with very few varieties to choose from. Of course loose leaf is what you expect at a high tea especially with all the formal appearance and at a minimum maybe a high end mesh tea bag or a hand tied tea bag, etc. This entire setup for a Twinnings green tea bag? It just feels silly. Wine-- shockingly low end selections at crazy high prices plus automatic 18% tip. We started out by paying over $100 a night for a $20 bottle of wine but ended up following the advice of many on this forum to buy decent bottles on shore and simply pay the $25 corkage fee. This worked out much better especially when visiting Italian wineries-- using this method we averaged about $50 a night for wine and had much higher quality. Be careful if looking at the package deal of$42 a bottle including tip if you buy 7 bottles-- some of those bottles included are literally $7 bottles of wine. Note that we buy a lot of wine on cruise ships and have never had trouble with the markup but this was just so off the charts in terms of quality vs. price. Entertainment-- the absolute worst imaginable. Really bad production numbers with young people who can generally stay in tune but don't actually have voices you would want to listen to. For two nights there was a pitchy soprano and for two nights an old school, not funny comedian who might be at home in the Catskills thirty years ago. A big topic of conversation on the ship was laughing at how bad the entertainment was and talking about walking out on it. Seriously, whomever is in charge has no ear for music or understanding of entertainment in general. Excursions-- by now I'm sure you know to avoid the ship provided excursions at all costs. They are grossly overpriced and terribly crowded but also tend to be short and see very little. It was very easy to use tripadvisor to choose my own vendors and then get on cruise critic roll call to find others traveling on my own ship to fill 6-8 seats. Or many providers also simply send a van to ships so you just have to add your name to their shared tours. So small, high quality tours with greater variety for half the price of being on an overcrowded bus where you will be following a guide with a megaphone holding a number. I can't tell you how many times we were departing a small town we had to ourselves just to see 5 or 6 busses and hundreds of Oceana people pour out. They never seemed happy. Tenders: I deliberately picked an itinerary where we were mostly docked, but the one tender we had was awful in terms of process and organization. No one could tell you how long it would take. You had to go to the main theater and no one helped you figure out what was going on. You could ask and were then told where to take a seat and you would be called in order. You could not leave or get a ticket and come back at a specific time. So on a beautiful morning we spent well over an hour sitting like cattle with a bunch of annoyed passengers. Anyone on a company sponsored tour went first, then the rest of us (never mind that we had paid a premium price for our room). On the way back no one was monitoring the many rude passengers who flagrantly cut in line so they would not have to wait for another tender. How simple it would be to come up with a better process where you would be called five minutes before your tender. Even just better communication would have helped. If the ship arrives at X, then allow X time to get ashore. Bottom Line: we had a great time due to the itinerary, the friends we had networked with prior to departure on cruise critic and a very nice ship/ room. However, we paid over $1,200 a day for two and in no way received enough value for that money. The ships excursions, wine, food and entertainment were substandard even compared to mid range ships costing half as much. We could have booked luxury rooms with amazing food plus paid for land transportation between destinations for this money. We were obligated to plan all our own tours and buy our own wine due to poor quality options on Oceana. I would not do Oceana again unless I bought it last minute at half price. To Oceana and Competition: Guess what? There is a huge market for luxury cruises for the 45-70 age group who want excellent, unusual itineraries that you are missing out on. We can't tolerate the old school entertainment or the veneer of good food or tea service without the actual quality and we are not going on huge bus tours to be walked around like sheep. Also, we do the research and compare prices and quality so the days of crazy mark ups are over. Come up with a new model that works for the new generation of cruisers because I don't think there is one out there right now. Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
Long-time cruisers, first time on Oceania. CABIN: We were in Penthouse Suite 11058. BEST cabin for size and amenities: huge walk-in closet, so much storage space we had empty drawers - even with all the winter clothes we dragged ... Read More
Long-time cruisers, first time on Oceania. CABIN: We were in Penthouse Suite 11058. BEST cabin for size and amenities: huge walk-in closet, so much storage space we had empty drawers - even with all the winter clothes we dragged along for the wet, cool British weather. Bathroom with shower & a separate tub (wish it had been a whirlpool) was large with plenty of his/her medicine cabinets & Bulgari products. Location of the cabin not so great - lots of overhead foot traffic. Thank goodness for our white noise machine. SHOPPING/ENTERTAINMENT: OK - not quite big ship style but adequate. Our favorite was the piano & quartet playing at various times around the ship. Very relaxing & enjoyable. Casino is small & limited but at least there is one. Few boutiques & shopping was mediocre. LIBRARY: BEST of any ship we have ever been on. Very extensive and comfortable places to sit & read. FOOD: Really? This is supposed to be the best ship for food? I have never eaten so much bland, tasteless food. We finally avoided the main dining room & just went to the Terrace Cafe so we could sample lots of different food til we could find something really enjoyable. Breakfast was very boring after a few days . . same food, everyday. Scrambled eggs are out of a package so you have to ask for real eggs. Limited choice of cold cereal and the bananas were stored in the refrigerator so were mushy. The fresh fruit, especially, the cantaloupe & honeydew were DELICIOUS & SWEET. SPECIALTY RESTAURANTS: The Polo Grill, Toscana & Jacques were favorites. Many choices & flavorful food. Doesn't make sense why this ship can offer great food in the specialty restaurants, which do not cost extra, and not provide the same flavor & quality in the dining room. SHORE EXCURSIONS: The most over-priced tours. As a result, booked all of our own private tours in each port. Ended up seeing twice as much driving around in Mercedes comfort. Two days we had to anchor & take the tender to port. Clearly, the staff has no idea how to handle distribution of tender passes. This was a debacle and something Oceania needs to remedy quickly. Read Less
Sail Date July 2015
We sailed Oceania's “River Routes and Channel Crossings” aboard Marina from Montreal to Southampton in May and June. In some ways we had a fine trip, but Oceania fell well short of excellence. Checking in, and departing, took only ... Read More
We sailed Oceania's “River Routes and Channel Crossings” aboard Marina from Montreal to Southampton in May and June. In some ways we had a fine trip, but Oceania fell well short of excellence. Checking in, and departing, took only minutes. The ship is pretty from the outside and beautiful inside. Well decorated. Looks nearly brand new. The staterooms are attractive and comfortable, but are poorly designed, with cramped bathrooms and inaccessible storage space. Stewards were excellent. Food ranged from very good to excellent, sometimes superb. Lunch and dinner menus were adequately varied. The breakfast buffet didn't change much and needs enhancement. Scrambled eggs were substandard. Rolls and pastries, while good, were the same every day. Drink prices were somewhat reasonable. Restaurant service was sometimes good, sometimes slow. One evening in the main dining room we could overhear a disagreement between a waiter and a supervisor. Musical entertainment was good. The biggest problem on the cruise was poor planning and poor communication by Oceania. We arrived in one port on a local holiday, with shops and restaurants closed and few taxicabs available. Overall, the destination services desk provided little port information, couldn't answer basic questions, and once fibbed to us about the existence of a hop-on bus. Ship excursions were horribly overpriced. A television system in the staterooms often gave inaccurate information, or no information. Late in the cruise, in very legal language, we were advised that enteritis had infected some on the cruise. We were never told how many people were affected, how ill they were, what was done for them, and how the cruise would change. We noticed little impact. Crew were seen wiping chairs and the passenger laundry was closed, a great inconvenience. We were also told that because of “adverse weather” forecasts and “anticipated” winds and swells, the ports of Holyhead and Guernsey were canceled. Instead, we had a second day and evening in Dublin. Hardly a fair trade. Those two canceled ports were highlights for many passengers. We never did experience bad weather. Passengers were suspicious. Did Oceania include those ports to make the cruise more attractive, knowing that spring weather might very easily make them inaccessible? Did Oceania just want to save money by not cruising? Was Oceania overly cautious? We don't know, but we do know we did not get what we paid for. The captain could have explained things and offered everyone a couple of free drinks. But he was seldom heard from on the trip. Our main information source was a zany cruise director who offered little. She wouldn't even tell me how how many passengers were on the trip. Speculation was that 100 or more cabins were empty. In summation, while we had fun, this cruise could have been so much more. The management at Oceania is changing, and you have to wonder about the future. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
My husband and I spent 10 days aboard the Marina of Oceania Cruises February – March 15 to 25 2015. We had a room on Deck level 10, Concierge level A1. Our room was very nice with a spacious bath which included a marbled bath and a ... Read More
My husband and I spent 10 days aboard the Marina of Oceania Cruises February – March 15 to 25 2015. We had a room on Deck level 10, Concierge level A1. Our room was very nice with a spacious bath which included a marbled bath and a shower but no much room in the closet to store the cloths and the empty luggage we have to put under the bed. The room was spacious enough for the two of us for 10 days cruise. The food was excellent, but not much variety in the buffet and they don't have Canard à l’ orange as in the online menu. The Marina is a fairly new ship, beautifully decorated with lovely art. The entertainment was no bad, no variety, especially by the pool they play classic music that you don`t want to talk in order not to disturb everybody that is sleeping. Very little activities are offered for the sea days. We have no complaints about the staff, except the front desk sometime are like making you a favor to answer your questions. Our biggest complaint is Oceania's marketing. We booked our 10 day voyage with concierge A1 which it big advertises with internet access, guess what to have access you have to pay. That meant that we had no free internet. They advertise boutiques, I couldn't find a lipstick very little selection in the cosmetic department and I don`t recall seeing tooth paste or nothing like that, no souvenirs stores either. If by any chance you didn't have a dessert at your lunch time, too bad, you have to wait until supper because there is no other place to have dessert except the ice cream bar beside the pool and for a pastry you have to go to the 4:00 pm tea time. We took the Polynesia Cruise, the reception at the Papeete City Hall on a Sunday was a very bad experience, we wait there for almost 5 hrs with the heat, no AC after travelling for more than 24 hrs and only drinks were available, the only place to eat is the local market, who wants to travel that far to eat at the local market of a place that never visited before when we don`t do that in our own country. When I talked to the Concierge, they basically said too bad, not even an apology for the inconvenience, no sympathy nothing. The 2 days in Nuku Hiva was too long, they should add one more day at Bora Bora or Rangiroa, there is not much to do there. Also we were very surprised that no many organized excursions, you better go online and find one with the local companies Oceania promotes people meeting other people with their classes and lectures, etc. People talk. I don't see how they expect to keep their clients happy. If I cruise with Oceania again, they need to have a good offer and very clear identified. Fool me once, Fool me twice, I don't think so. I don`t understand why this company is rated 5.5 when really is 4.5 and I’m being very generous!!! Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
I will begin by saying I have not cruised 50-100 times like many of the cruisers on cruise critic. But I like and know luxury and quality. Agree with some of the good things said about Marina, but also agree with weaknesses that when you ... Read More
I will begin by saying I have not cruised 50-100 times like many of the cruisers on cruise critic. But I like and know luxury and quality. Agree with some of the good things said about Marina, but also agree with weaknesses that when you leave always seem to stand out. I traveled with 2 other couples in a transfer back to Rome after the cruise and we all felt the same exact way, so I do not think I was being demanding or my expectations being too high for Oceania.. We literally walked on the ship alone. First time this ever happened. Was happy to not have the lines (we boarded after the rush, of course), but agree that no one was there to greet when you did board and provide some quick information (or champagne, perhaps). As others stated, cabins nice, small. Liked the granite bathroom and beds. Otherwise, amenities standard by our expectations. Do agree, the bed was most enjoyable after each full day of touring. Once boarded, we went to get a bite to eat after reading the elevator and picking a floor. No dining available. In between meals. We found this consistent on our ENTIRE cruise. We would tour most of the days since this was a port intensive cruise and by the time we would return (around 9 pm-9:30) were told every night to order room service. Not my style for luxury. We had a suite on Equinox and could have a lovely serving any time of day. This was consistent with our schedule every time we wanted a bite to eat. Room service is an option once in a while, but the rooms are small and confining and you get tired of eating in it because Marina was "in between". This even happened on short tour days. Right at 2:00 pm. Were unable to change or add to specialty reservations. They like the word NO on Oceania. Heard it ALL week, too. Like other reviewers here. Also agree that the staff seems to be more enthusiastic about the entrees. Lobster was tough every time I ordered it (3 times, then gave up). Did not like the effort of communicating to get food served to you at the buffet in the Terrace and agree that rude cruisers would just step in and demand while others waiting to be served. Change the policy. Service was poor many times and then excellent at others. Sporadic, not consistent. Excursions---plan your own. you will be disappointed and frustrated. Considering cost and what we heard from so many people on the ship. Felt sad for them. Always witnessed upset cruisers at the destinations desk. Very sad to see on such a cruise line! Entertainment-Better on the TV in your stateroom. Understanding that they are not know for their entertainment. I get it. Cabin Butler-Excellent. Room always prepared upon entering and spotless cleaning. This expectation fully met. Lidvidia was very accomodating, even though we are the easiest of travelers. Do not require much attention. One last observation-We had charges on our bill from a culinary class that was overbooked and we could not get in. We instead planned a private tour for this day and when we went to the desk to question, we were told to go to destination desk. Ok, no problem. Well, they made it seem like it was our fault and that they would start an inquest to see if the charges could be credited. Are you kidding me? The clerk made us feel like we were at fault. Even after clarifying and re-clarifying that it was their mistake. This is how we felt every time we asked for something. It was not like this ever on Celebrity, or Royal Carribean. Will try Crystal next time and, of course, continue the Aqua Spa Suite Class on Celebrity. They have it right. Fortunately, we like people and do not turn our nose up to having more friendly people on board with us as long as the service level does not suffer. Spa- No indoor pool or inside "relaxation/meditation" area on the pool deck. We like to use the spa amenities whenever we travel. Couples massage is one of our favorites. Steam, sauna, aromatherapy, together. No co-ed on this ship. We were intimidated by the extremely high prices charged for services at the spa. Understanding that is "Canyon Ridge". But, $400.00 something dollars for a couples massage (50 minute??), manicures, upwards of 80-90.00?? this we cannot understand. Nor, would I subject ourselves to the overpayment. We, instead, waited for the Waldorf-Astoria Cavaleiri Hotel in Rome and indulged in our "spa fix" at a much more reasonable charge for all services. Perhaps, this subsidizes the cost of sending 16 brochures/marketing pieces each month to your home address. not sure. All in all, nice cruise. Not the best ever, not the worst ever. Unimpressed. We did stay at the Rome Cavelieri for a few days after the cruise and was able to experience at the Imperial Club level what impeccable service levels should be. And what a view off the balcony!!! Worth every penny! We do not mind spending the money when expectations are met and exceeded. First time reviewer. Read Less
Sail Date March 2012
Marina Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.5
Dining 4.5 4.5
Entertainment 3.0 3.1
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 1.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.1
Enrichment 5.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.5
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 3.9

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