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242 sq. ft., oversized marble & granite bathroom, panoramic windows, spacious seating area, mini-bar, vanity desk, breakfast table, and choice of queen-size or two twin beds.

Deluxe Ocean View (C)
Decks: Deck 7
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Deluxe Ocean View Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8th floor
Jun 2017
Is Oceania slipping? By: desktop10
the entire ship needs to move beyond this faux country club atmosphere. the woodwork in the cabin is no longer inspiring. the storage is adequate. the bathroom needs to be replaced. the shoved together beds are not comfortable for a couple who like to sleep together on a solid plane as opposed to in a hole dividing the two beds. the cabins have become unimaginative in light of decor preferences which prevail now.
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Cabin 8095
Apr 2017
Cabin is great, bathroom has bath and shower. Toiletries of a very high quality. European and US plug sockets.
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Sep 2016
I found the cabin size to be fine. We had enough room for the 2 of us to be comfortable, and found that for a trip though Europe, the veranda was not necessary.
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Sep 2016
The cabin was very good size for a cruise ship. The window is full size offering an excellent view from the room. The tv reception was very good. The ship schedule was published daily and delivered the night before.
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Cabin 7073
Sep 2012
Baltic Treasures By: charles6346
good location mid way between the elevators. It was easy to walk down to the Grand Dinning Room or to reception.
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Cabin 7004
Feb 2012
A Very Mixed Experience By: lovethe24car
Cabin 7004: Small, but elegant. The bed was very comfortable with luxurious bedding, and the towels are thick. Storage is adequate, but the closet is in a very awkward place and is difficult to access. The safe is a nice size; an iPad will fit, but not a laptop. The shower is horrible. It is the smallest shower I've ever seen on a ship. The bathtub is huge, but the separate shower has a rainshower head with nowhere to move out of the way, so you have to keep turning it on and off. Good luck if you want to bend over to shave your legs. The shelf is tiny; there is not enough room to put shampoo, etc. on it, so most things are on the floor, where you can barely get to them IF you are small and can bend over in the tiny, cramped shower. The shower did not drain well. The shower is the worst feature of the ship. The cabin was also cold at times, and turning the thermostat to the warmest setting didn't do anything. The noise in the cabin was nearly as bad as the shower. The first night, it sounded like a loose tin flap was banging above the ceiling. The next day, they fixed it, but it was very windy throughout the trip and the wind whistled through the balcony dividers and rattled them so loudly it kept me awake. There was also a lot of creaking, and on the last few nights, an irritating pinging kept me awake. We were told that the cabins on the Regatta are even smaller, so again, keep that in mind when booking. Unless you upgrade to a suite, expect very, very small cabins on this cruise line.
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Cabin 7069
Jul 2011
Location: Great location, front mid-ships (always chosen due to my squeamish stomach), close to the staircases: one floor down to Martinis and the Grand Dining Room on deck 6, and two floors down to the Reception Desk, Marina Lounge, Jacques and Red Ginger on deck 5. Also for all of our ports, the exit gangway always was on Deck 5 across from Reception and near the local destination experts desks for us to grab local maps on our way out for the day. Furnishings and Decor: Restful colors, fantastically comfortable beds, a lot of lighting options, small bed lamps you can beam to read in bed, nice lighting all around the mirror hanging above the desk for make-up help, extra desk lamp, stable and comfortable desk chair, closets mysteriously placed about 15 inches from my side of the bed and only 2/3 of the size on the "R" ships (double rather than triple doors) requiring a bit of jockeying when we both were using them around the same time, safe placed ridiculously too high for many to reach within its depths, desk drawer space too shallow for useful clothing storage, and magnificent bathroom. That bathtub (yes, we also never used it) really used up a lot of cabin space that I would have preferred space. We travel with only one 25" suitcase each, and barely unloaded their contents both in the drawer and closet space available, so I cannot imagine where those who bring more placed their clothes. On the other hand, I adored everything else about the new larger bathroom with granite countertops, quite a lovely upgrade from "R" ships. The rainhead shower was a wonderful luxury - I had no problem ducking my head to apply shampoo and conditioner while keeping the water on - and combined with the spray from the wand, all my showers were heavenly decadence. It was a big step down to return to our regular showerhead at home. And last but not least, the floor to ceiling room windows were lovely, although I stupidly was surprised that there was a large metal bar running down the middle of this grand window. A cabin on the starboard always works well for us in ports, and it did so again on this trip. The many layers of curtains did an excellent job of blocking the almost continuous daylight on our Baltic cruise, and due to the cool temperatures, I did not miss having a balcony for even one minute.
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