10 Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas Cruise Reviews for First-Time Cruisers Cruises to Bahamas

We chose this cruise because of the timing. We needed to leave and be back In time for our first grandchild to be born. Nassau was a little disappointing. Very touristy. We loved Cococay. The beach was beautiful, the mini straw ... Read More
We chose this cruise because of the timing. We needed to leave and be back In time for our first grandchild to be born. Nassau was a little disappointing. Very touristy. We loved Cococay. The beach was beautiful, the mini straw market was not near as pushy as Nassau. The service overall was excellent with the exception of most of the bartenders in the Boleros room. They would ignore you for 30 minutes easily. We would choose a larger ship next time. Majesty had only one pool that was too crowded to get in most of the time. The food in the dining room was excellent and Galen was an outstanding waiter. The windjammer was ok, Sorrentos pizza was barely average. The activities director is pretty funny and the activities were very entertaining. They could really scale back on the pushy sales once you're on board, that got pretty annoying and you need to learn to dodge them. Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
We were not sure what to expect (after reading some of the recent reviews) but we have come back after our recent 4 night cruise on the Majesty of the Seas totally smitten. We enjoyed every minute of it. The best part was the efficient and ... Read More
We were not sure what to expect (after reading some of the recent reviews) but we have come back after our recent 4 night cruise on the Majesty of the Seas totally smitten. We enjoyed every minute of it. The best part was the efficient and courteous staff. Food was in abundance and tickled every palate. The evening entertainment, especially by the dancers and singers, was elegant. Our cabin though small was clean, neat and had everything we needed. As senior citizens we opted for the more sedate off shore activities and were not disappointed. A highlight was the Flags March by the staff who come from 62 countries. Some of them demonstrated their talents in dancing. The Indians need to improve on their Bollywood show.... Embarkation and disembarkation was painless. Kudos to the captain and her team. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
I returned home yesterday from my 1st cruise. This was an incentive trip that my wife had earned through her direct sales business. As a result, I know my experience will differ from others who have been on this cruise. The Majesty of ... Read More
I returned home yesterday from my 1st cruise. This was an incentive trip that my wife had earned through her direct sales business. As a result, I know my experience will differ from others who have been on this cruise. The Majesty of the Seas is the oldest and smallest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet and does show its age in some areas but it has been well maintained and is perfect for a quick get away. My wife and I flew into Miami International and were loaded onto shuttle vans, provided by her direct sales company, for our short drive to the Port of Miami. Boarding the ship was quick and easy since we had gone online and taken care of most of the paperwork before leaving home. I recommend arriving as early as you can to avoid the long lines. We chose to take small carry-on bags so that we could go directly to our stateroom without checking luggage with the ship. We were assigned to an oceanview stateroom, 3850, with a porthole window on the Port side of the ship. The room was small but adequate for the two of us. The two beds were pushed together to form a queen size bed, but where the matresses met formed an uncomfortable ridge down the middle of the bed. That was my only issue with the cabin itself. We were centrally located just of the elevators which was convient in getting around and the foot traffic/noise level wasn't noticable to me. The location of the stateroom also meant our stateroom was like the pivot point on the waves, we did not experience as much swaying/rocking in the stateroom. The wife and I didn't do any of the shore excursions so I can't speak to how those were and we really didn't spend too much time in either of the ports. The first port was Coco Cay, the private island leased by Royal Caribbean, on Saturday. We decided to take advantage of the pool area on board that morning and waited until around lunch to head to the island. For this port, you take "tenders" from the ship to the dock. These are like ferry boats and they run back and forth from 8:00 to 4:15 during the day. Unless you are doing an excursion, there isn't much to do other than lay out or swim. The second port was Nassau on Sunday morning. This time the wife and I were one of the first off the ship and we strolled around for about an hour or two and bought some things to bring back to the kids at the straw market. Unfortuately, if you arrive in Nassau on Sunday, there aren't many shops open until around 9 or 10 and they close around 2:30. You can do several excursions or explore on your own and head over to Atlantis. As for the dining on board, I was very satisfied with the food. If you don't like water, coffee or unsweet tea then I would recommend looking into the drink packages. My wife went with the unlimited softdrink package which was $23 for the weekend cruise. Dinner in the main dining room has a differnt theme each night and there was a formal night on Saturday. The dress code is not as strict as the website leads you to believe, and nice pair of slack and a collared shirt will be enough for the men and a nice sundress for the ladies. Typically, you are assigend a table for each night although with my wife's incentive trip the guest from the company were allowed to sit in any of the reserved tables. My wife and I decided to sit at our assigned table each night and it was one of the highlights for us, more on that in a moment. You can find the menu for each night posted outside the dining room and get an idea of what you want before you are even seated. If you can't decide what to order, then just order both! We would each order two starters, and entree, and two desserts each night. I even got two entrees on the last night! As for the staff on board... they were amazing!!! There is a "Parade of Flags" peformed one evening in the Centrum to celebrate the diversity of the ships crew... a flag from each country represented by the crew is presented along with the number of crew members from each country... very festive celebration. Our stateroom attendant Iskanda was always availble if we needed anything. He kept the room clean and well stocked, remembered our names and was always smiling and making sure we were enjoying ourselves. The onboard activites like 80's music trivia and bingo were very fun and the crew running them made sure everyone was having a good time. I mentioned earlier that my wife and I decided to sit at our assigned table for dinner each night. Our server, Merilyn, was AMAZING!!! Again, due to this being an incentive trip some things were different than the normal cruises... for example, everyone on the incentive trip was allowed to sit at any of the reserved tables so on the first two nights my wife and I had a table for 10 all to ourselves. This allowed us to get to "special" attention from Merilyn and special it was! She remembered our drink orders and kept our glasses and plates full. On the last night I ordered Garlic Tiger shrimp and Merilyn came over to show me how to quickly and cleanly remove the shells and actually removed them all... she even brought me and second plate ready to eat without me even asking. Overall I was extremely satisfied with my time on the Majesty! The only things I would change would be the matresses could use some updates/replacemens, and the itenerary should be reversed to put you in port in Nassau on Saturday when the shops are open. Also the shops and Casion onboard could do more business if they were open longer. Read Less
Sail Date April 2015
We sailed with our 18 yr old daughter and her friend to celebrate their high school graduations. This was our first real, weeklong family vacation in over 5 years, and the 2nd cruise for myself and my husband, 3rd for our daughter, first ... Read More
We sailed with our 18 yr old daughter and her friend to celebrate their high school graduations. This was our first real, weeklong family vacation in over 5 years, and the 2nd cruise for myself and my husband, 3rd for our daughter, first for her friend. Overall we had a great time and would recommend this cruise for anyone whose priorities are good value for the $, fun, quick port visits, and rest and relaxation. We feel we received good value for the cost and I'm happy with my choice of this cruise. We also spent 2 days in the Everglades after our cruise, which I highly recommend. Ports - these were fun stops, especially for older teens and adults. I don't see the attraction of Nassau and Key West for young kids up to tweens, overall, not for such a quick stop, but Coco Cay was very kid-oriented in parts and I'm sure they would love it. We absolutely loved Coco Cay! Perfect. Tip: We wanted a cabana but none were available when I tried to book so we got a cabanette, booked onboard, instead. This was not advertised online at all and it was a DEAL. $50 for a clamshell type setup with 2 floating mats, 2 very comfy lounge chairs, 2 big bottles of water on ice and a nice fruit platter. Our own little somewhat private paradise. Very worth the $! We got one for us and one for the girls. Highly recommend, esp if you want to be on the quieter, less kidsy side of the island. You have to book this on the ship on the first day or they could all be gone; there are very few available. One note: do not pick up anything you see while snorkeling as I did, very stupidly, thinking it was a sponge and got a "sting", itchy hand for about 30 min. No biggie, but I should have known just because there were no warnings didn't mean it was safe. I live in FL, I should know better. The lunch that was served was really good, BBQ ribs and chicken and sides and dessert, awesome. We took a shuttle with our food back to our "quiet side", as the picnic area was super crowded. Nassau was a repeat for us from a previous cruise. It is not my cup of tea because I'm not a shopper, so this time we took a city tour with Felton Cox (lugalcox@coralwave.com) and he was really good. Very glad we did it. I didn't pre-book any excursions for this cruise. We just found him amongst the MANY guides waiting for customers after we got of the ship, near the pier. Very knowledgeable, trustworthy, educated and well-spoken gentleman. We paid $25/per person (the going rate with the guides we spoke to) and it was money well-spent. Even the 18 yr olds enjoyed it. By the way, we felt fairly comfortable with these girls staying in Nassau a little longer than we did, and they returned to the ship before dark with no problem at all. Key West port was a major reason for booking this particular cruise. My daughter and I'd always wanted to visit there. I must say, it was a bit disappointing overall. Duval Street is exactly like Bourbon St. in New Orleans, just dropped on a pretty island, again, not my cup of tea. KW was also our shortest shore visit, disappointingly, and contributed to by the Customs visit that got us off the ship at the late hour of 11:30 am. We did walk quite a ways to a very good restaurant, Turtle Kraals, off the major beaten path (all paths seem somewhat beaten). Then our group split up. We first attempted walking around but it was too darned hot (the ONLY time I was overly hot on the entire cruise and stops) so we got a late start on a trolley tour with Cityview trolley. That was going fine until a young woman backed her car into our trolley and we had to get on a different one. Not our driver's fault, of course. We should have gotten straight on a trolley early on instead of even trying to walk around in that heat. One thing that we did in KW that was a lot of fun was book parasailing for the girls with Fury Water Adventures. It was around $55/per person, but I could have gotten a better deal booking online before we cruised. Still, worth the money and we paid $10/ea to ride on the boat with them, fun! They loved it. Cruise in General - Pros: Dinner was very good; I would have preferred earlier time than 9 pm seating but we adjusted quickly. Could have changed it after first day but didn't try, just dealt with it. Service here was excellent and the food was yummy. Windjammer was "nice cafeteria" style. Food was plentiful. Some people have atrocious manners as far as line courtesy or even how to walk around but it wasn't a major problem. I thought the breads and various salad types were especially good. Coffee and flavored waters were fine for all of us; we did not purchase beverage packages. However, if we were big alcohol drinkers it would have paid off quickly to have one of those packages, I guess. None of us missed sodas. Our stateroom beds were surprisingly comfortable and we slept very well! There were lots of deck areas to get away from the crowds and we took advantage of them for some great relaxation. Service on the ship was without fault; fast, friendly, easy. We had one issue of our toilet not flushing and we called and it was fixed quickly and they checked back with us to make sure it was fixed. We didn't do a lot of activities, but we did enjoy music trivia and one comedy show. My husband liked the comedian better than I did; I set a higher bar. :) Lots of sanitation measures were obvious throughout the cruise and much-appreciated. None of our party got sick in any way, seasick or otherwise. Cons: Not enough public restrooms; kind of ridiculous to have only 5 sets and 1 of those was by the pool. Our stateroom was on Deck 2 so a far ways to travel if you couldn't find a public restroom. I wish our stateroom had been higher up but I booked kind of late (early April) so my fault. This meant a LOT of stairs and /or waiting for elevators to nagivate to activities, dinner, etc. The carpet on the ship in various places really needs to be replaced if it can't be cleaned better. Just makes it look a lot less beautiful in overall appearance. The entertainment was just "okay". If there was a nice intimate dancing venue and music for our age group, I didn't find it. There were more opportunities for late night 20something dancing. The deck chairs on decks other than 11 and 12 were not full on lounge chairs but were shorter and with small "ottomans" for feet. I find these very hard to nap in, though my husband had no problem at all! Some normal lounge chairs would have been much better. Both cruises I've been on have done such a big push for shopping including all the kiosks; I'd rather that was non-existent. Both cruises also have blasted music all around the pool and nearby decks 24/7; this is my LEAST favorite thing about cruising! The pool area in general was very disappointing compared to the last time we cruised. There were 2 smallish pools and 2 hottubs, almost always full of people. I dipped into the pool once; none of the rest of my party ever got in. I got a hottub to myself on the last morning of the cruise because I was there early and everyone had a late morning due to Customs requirements in Key West. I had thought I would get a lot more time in hot tubs and pool. I guess this is due to partly it being a smaller ship than we cruised before. Because our young adults weren't 21 yet, we had to book them with us each in one room, but then we switched room keys after we got our luggage. This is a dumb policy. I know a lot more 21 yr olds I'd worry about bothering passengers than 18 yr olds who can't legally buy booze on the ship, if you know what I mean! Embarkation in Miami - we had a problem finding our cruise terminal as Royal Caribbean had provided zero direction and there are no sign designations for the various ships as you are driving into the port area. Had we kept driving straight we would have seen it but the signage that was there was a little misleading and we ended up circling out of the port and coming back completely and I called RC and asked which terminal. That was aggravating and unnecessary; an email could have told us which port on the day of the cruise. Debarkation in Miami - we did the self-assist, early exit and that was super easy and fast, highly recommend. Take your own luggage off the ship. (BTW, I packed way too many clothes since we lived in our bathing suits for a large part of the cruising.) Changes I'd Make: Compared to sailing on Carnival Victory (?) to Mexico and Bahamas 8 yrs ago, this ship seemed a bit more worn, and smaller. I would prefer a larger ship next time, add an extra day, skip Nassau, and a cabin with balcony. We are glad we did both cruises we've done, but we feel like we've "Been There Done That" at this price point and in the Caribbean as far as Bahamas and Mexico now. If we cruise again, we want a little more amenities and luxury and time. However, overall, this was a great value for what it was and a good choice for us and I am not disappointed. A good cruise overall. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
Myself and my girlfriend are in our mid 20's & just got back from our first cruise and really enjoyed the experience. As lots of people have pointed out, Majesty isn't the newest ship on the seas but it's very well ... Read More
Myself and my girlfriend are in our mid 20's & just got back from our first cruise and really enjoyed the experience. As lots of people have pointed out, Majesty isn't the newest ship on the seas but it's very well maintained and the staff are, for the most part, very nice & professional. We did the 4 night cruise from Miami and it was the perfect amount of time for us as first timers. We had a standard ocean view room and although basic & small (which we expected) it was perfect insofar as it was very clean (twice a day they serviced it) and there was plenty of storage space (we had luggage for a 2 week trip with us). The only downsides we found on the trip were: a) the food in the main dining room was average/poor (and we're not fussy eaters!) but there is a very good alternative in the WindJammer which is surprisingly good quality, so we weren't too bothered. b) the service in the bars (mainly the Schooner & Casino) can be anything from slow and lazy to actually rude and incompetent. I've no idea why these bars in particular - the pool bars actually dealt with the vast majority of customers (especially as we had hundreds of Spring Breakers on our trip) and they were fairly good and friendly - but for some reason, the guys working in those interior bars seem pretty unhappy and it spoiled things a little bit for us as we had paid for a premium drinks package and found it could take 20mins to get served a drink while standing at the bar when it wasn't even that busy.... Bar service aside (and perhaps they were just having an off week!) we had a great time and would recommend to anyone looking for a casual, relaxing & not too fussy short break from Miami. Read Less
Sail Date March 2014
We left from Minneapolis to go to Miami the day before. I'd recommend getting a room in South Beach or somehwere fun. We were located near the airport and many shops were closed on Sunday. It wasn't a very interesting part of ... Read More
We left from Minneapolis to go to Miami the day before. I'd recommend getting a room in South Beach or somehwere fun. We were located near the airport and many shops were closed on Sunday. It wasn't a very interesting part of town.We arrived at the port around noon on Monday, and the check in process was really fast and simple. We went to the Windjammer to get food and weren't much impressed with the taste of some of it--but the selection made up for it. The ship itself was nice enough. I know it was a little older, so it didn't feel super lush or luxurious, but there was a lot of space, it wasn't crowded. We LOVED going to the deck outside the Boleros lounge to share a cigar or walk the deck. It was quiet and beautiful on that deck. The pool deck was nice, we preferred the upper deck as it was quiet and you could look out over the ocean. If you get the soda package, the cup you get is handy really only on the pool deck, as you can refill your own cup. Otherwise, don't worry about carrying it around, they'll just bring you a glass. Also note, if you enjoy grenadine in your soda it's still no extra charge as a roy rogers. That was nice. We quickly learned our way around, the public areas were very clean. The bars had a nice feel to them, relaxing and enjoyable. We especially enjoyed Paul at the Spectrum and Dave at Boleros on our cruise, they were fun bartenders to talk with and gave great service. The cabin was actually a lot bigger than we expected. We were in 5005 way down on an end, and in a side-to-side hallway, which meant it was quiet. We got the "get what you get" interior room, and learned we'd never care much to get a window or balcony for the time we were in the room, it was just perfect for us. Our cabin attendant was Johnson Cassanova, and he was so friendly and kind. Every time we left our room we'd return to it nicely made up, and we love the towel animals--so cute!We took a salsa dance class and it was SO fun! There were tons of people but unfortunately after the band took a break everyone left and we never again saw boleros with a crowd of people. Such a shame! The band was great, they took requests, and they were fantastic. Too bad my DH and I are not dancers, we could have had the whole club to ourselves. Bingo was quite expensive, and electronic. We left without playing. We did love the penny slots whenever we had time to spare. A lot of the evening activities didn't give an end time, so it was hard to know if you could attend as a late-seating guest. The other activities were always started already before our dinner was done. I would probably choose the 8:30 seating again though, at 4 my DH would take a walk for an hour and I'd take a nap and we could take our time getting ready for the late night. Props to Dave the cruise director. Super funny with a crowd but not so much on mornings with Dave, which we affectionately renamed "drinking in the morning with Dave" because he was always peddaling the drink of the day. We did enjoy the juggler, the comedian, all the live music and the love and marriage show. For the price, this cruise was really awesome. We're not normally drinkers, but our bar tab usually came out at 6-9 dollars for mixed drinks and 5 for a beer with a tip. The shops were overpriced, of course. I was disappointed that the "general store" that had toiletries and contacts cases, etc was only open late at night so try to figure out the first night if you forgot anything important.The dining was excellent! The menu was great, the food was fantastic and the service was great, although at times it seemed slow. I loved the dining experience, and we had great table mates. We didn't do any "excursions" really. Coco Cay was fantastic and relaxing. We did rent a floaty mat to share and then purchased a $6 pair of goggles to use to take some underwater photos of fish instead of renting the whole scuba package. We thought Senor Frogs was off the wall, Nassau was pushy and crowded (but fun to experience once) and Key West had a lot of history but was really just a huge assortment of bars. We'll choose something with more beach days next time.The final tip I have is if you pay cash for your sea pass card, wait a few hours after purchasing anything before cashing out your balance. We waited 30 minutes or so. Then when we went to get off the boat, they made me go to guest relations and stand in line with 40 other people (only two staff people assisting them). The line was over a half an hour wait only to find out that they manually post tips, so when we rounded up our drink bill, we ended up with $1.38 owed. I was furious that a week's worth of excellent service was really damaged by this rediculous time-wasting move to force me to pay my $1.38 optional tip.Next time we'll pack more shirts, less pants, less shoes. We'll pick more beach days that fit our personalities better, and take dance lessons before we go. If we bring our kids we won't go on Royal Carribean--maybe Disney. This boat did not look like it would be fun for little kids--or people who don't drink much or are more conservative. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
Here's my short version: This cruise is for people who like to have fun, enjoy sun and sand, and aren't expecting world class cuisine at every single meal. You will, however, have wonderful staff who will do their best to make ... Read More
Here's my short version: This cruise is for people who like to have fun, enjoy sun and sand, and aren't expecting world class cuisine at every single meal. You will, however, have wonderful staff who will do their best to make sure you have an enjoyable experience. Read on for more details......This cruise was intended to be a last hurrah before beginning my master's degree. I sailed with my boyfriend who was a first time cruiser. I have only sailed one other cruise before and it was with Cunard. Because I had been on one of the classiest ships in the world, I wasn't sure what to expect and was afraid that the bar had been set too high. I went back and forth between whether to go with the more affordable carnival or with the more recommended Royal Caribbean. I was NOT disappointed. Royal Caribbean was FANTASTIC!Transfers: We booked our flight with Southwest into Ft. Lauderdale. We booked our transfers through RC and I'm glad we did. From the baggage area, we were greeted by happy RC employees. The transfer was seamless to the port. The bus driver handled all of the loading and unloading of the luggage.Embarkation: When we arrived at the port from our transfer, the line was LONG. Having our travel documents already filled out and ready to go made our process faster but the line was still very long. Through reading other reviews, I knew that we would be served buffet lunch upon arrival but had read about the very long lines. We did not have this experience. We found the buffet easy to get to with plenty of seating. Stateroom: We were in an unobstructed ocean view room on deck 5 with a "picture window." We had a queen size bed that was pushed up to the wall on one side and had very little room to walk on the other. Please understand, although the room and bathroom were small, it was clean, so by no means am I complaining. The fact of the matter is that we were really only in our room to sleep and shower so although it was cramped quarters, it served it's purpose. Our room had it's own temperature control which was nice. The room is equipped with a vanity area, hairdryer, safe, shampoo, and two bars of soap. Our room attendant, Alex, was WONDERFUL! At one point we needed a pair of scissors and he happened to be in the hallway. Even though we had requested that he come in and help us, he still stood in the doorway and asked if he could come in. So polite, so helpful and willing to do what he can to help. The towel animals were so cute. I was worried about noise but honestly, we didn't hear a thing!!!Entertainment: The singers and dancers were typical cruise ship singers and dancers. They weren't the worst in the world but it certainly wasn't like seeing a broadway show. We only saw one show with them. I was glad we did but didn't have any real desire to see them a second time. The second evening the entertainment was a juggling comedian. He was very funny and I'm glad we went to see him. We went to several events in public rooms such as the "Love and Marriage" game show, "Battle of the Sexes" and "Majority rules" which were all very funny and entertaining. We also participated in "The Quest" which is an adult scavenger hunt. By far this was the most hysterical game. We LOVED it. We also saw the adults only comedian who was funny. Participated in some trivia games, which we won! Woo hoo!Casino: I liked that there was a smoking section and a nonsmoking section of the casino. We aren't smokers so not being surrounded by a plume of smoke was nice. If a table is empty, the dealers will teach you the game. Again, the staff are so eager to please and be helpful. Pool area and bars: The pool is also on deck 11 at the aft end of the ship. I found it to always be clean and towels were always available. I was worried about quantity of lounge chairs but there are plenty!!! Bar service throughout the ship was not lacking. There were plenty of waiters who were prompt with drinks. I found the drinks to be reasonably priced. It was no more expensive than if you were drinking at a football or baseball stadium.Food: We ate dinner every night in the dining room. Without a doubt, the service makes up for any shortcomings of the food. I thought that the variety was nice and the portions were ample. (not the type of size like in restaurants nowadays when you take half of your entree home) I can not say enough about the dining room staff. Our waiter, Romeo and assistant waiter, Roche were so wonderful! After the first night, they knew us by name, knew what we liked to drink, and had good recommendations for dinner. Every night after dessert, Romeo showed us some sort of magic trick. (which i thought was above and beyond) The second to last night, the entire wait staff did a dance and the last night, they all sang. It was truly entertaining. Food in the windjammer (their casual buffet area) is on deck 11 at the forward end of the ship. We ate there only for breakfast as lunch was always out at a port of call. I found that there was plenty of variety but that it was typical buffet food. My favorite part of breakfast was the omelet bar where you have a custom made omelet.Spa: We booked a couples massage which was absolutely wonderful. The therapist, names Mikaela was wonderful! She listened to what it was that I wanted and needed and delivered it well. Truly a relaxing and enjoyable experience. They did try to sell products and more services at the end but it was totally obnoxious.Ports and Excursions: Please understand that we did not pick this cruise for the ports but simply to relax, have fun, and get some sun and sand. We achieved what we wanted to. The three ports were Nassau (which I had been to before and knew only to expect one nice street), Cococay, and Key West. We did not book any excursions through RC or on our own. We're adventurous types and know how to make our own fun. We had to tender to Cococay but I found it a pleasant experience. If you don't like sand, sun and water activities, you will not enjoy Cococay. There's plenty to do between snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, and an area with a floating trampoline and other playground type of activities on the water. The food was mediocre. The waiters served a delicious frozen adult beverage called "Cocolocos." If you're a fan of frozen fruity drinks, it will not disappoint. We were served a buffet lunch with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, ribs and various sides. There was ample picnic area as well as beach lounge chairs. Even though I knew that I was sharing the island with 2500 other people, it did not feel crowded at all. The water was beautiful and it was a pretty awesome experience to be lounging on my floating raft and see a sting ray swim under me. We only had 7 hours in Key West. I would have liked to have had more time to explore there but it was still an enjoyable day.Every time we got off this ship at the ports, there were no lines and getting on and off was easy. There are cruise ship photographers at every port of call so there are plenty opportunities for professional pictures. The photographers also went around every night at dinner to take pictures and could be found with backdrops on the formal night.Disembarkation: I found the process to be simple. It's really just a matter of following directions. From the time we were called to get off the ship to the time we had gathered our luggage and were through customs was a matter of 40 minutes which I found to be easy and reasonable. Again, we had a transfer to Ft. Lauderdale which was seamless again.I recommend paying for as much as you can before you get on the ship. It makes life much easier. We did prepaid gratuities, booked a massage, and bought drink packages before ever getting on the ship. It was so nice to have so little to worry about!So, if you've read all I've written so far, hopefully you found it informative and helpful. Again, in summary, this ship is for fun people, not fuddy duddies!!! Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
This was our 1st cruise and we were afraid of not liking the lifestyle, we loved it !!! We are totally cruise people now. We had a great time on the Majesty of the Seas, the staff was really friendly and helpful all the time. Our ... Read More
This was our 1st cruise and we were afraid of not liking the lifestyle, we loved it !!! We are totally cruise people now. We had a great time on the Majesty of the Seas, the staff was really friendly and helpful all the time. Our stateroom was small but very clean and comfortable. The food in general was really good and I was amazed that it was never crowded anywhere but the cruise was at full capacity. There was stuff to do at any time of the day and night, shows, dances, live music, bingo, games, competitions, quiet places to be alone and in our stateroom we could barely hear any noises. I would say that the only bad thing is that the AC was really cold at the common areas, it's a summer vacation you are not supposed to feel cold on the cruise!! Prices for drinks were fair enough, cheaper than any other place we have vacationed. We visited key west and Nassau, couldn't make it to Cococay cause the bad weather. Nevertheless we bought a day pass for the Atlantic in Nassau and we had a great time enjoying the aquarium, the beaches, pools and water games. Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
Let me preface this by stating that this was my first cruise, but that my friend has cruised once before on Norwegian. I read quite a bit on Cruise Critic as we were considering 3 day cruises and Carnival Imagination, Majesty & ... Read More
Let me preface this by stating that this was my first cruise, but that my friend has cruised once before on Norwegian. I read quite a bit on Cruise Critic as we were considering 3 day cruises and Carnival Imagination, Majesty & Norwegian Sky were all similarly priced. We ultimately decided on Majesty because of the decent overall reviews and itinerary. Overall I'd say we enjoyed our cruise and had a lot of fun, especially considering the price we paid - $159 for an oceanview (porthole) stateroom. However, there were some definite drawbacks to our cruise which slightly soured our experience. On the whole, we'd definitely cruise again but only on the Majesty if the price was right. We flew in from Boston the day of, took an SAS shuttle from FLL to the port for $15 each - not a bad price. We arrived at the port at about 2 PM for a 5 PM departure, so we had plenty of time. We gave our bags to the porter and made our way onboard. Embarkation: This actually took quite a while, about 20-25 minutes or so, longer than I thought it'd take. The check-in staff was professional but not especially friendly. After making our way onboard, we dropped our stuff off in our cabin, which I thought was decent looking. I had read a lot of the reviews which griped about the tiny cabins, and while our cabin was small I thought there was plenty of room to move around. We had a small porthole which was nice but functionally useless. We also met our stateroom attendant, Keisha, who was awesome and super friendly (more on this later). After dropping our belongings off, we made our way to the Windjammer for the welcome aboard buffet. This was our first disappointment: the food was bland and ordinary, bordering in some instances to gross. Amenities: Here is another pretty big gripe. Although the Majesty has two pools, one of the pools was closed for two of the three days of our cruise. This was a big disappointment because the remaining pool was always packed, e.g. with tons of kids everywhere. We felt at times that we could not use the pool because it was so crowded. No explanation was offered for the closed pool. There are also far too few jacuzzis (whirlpools) - only two for the entire ship. We were only able to use the whirlpools twice (briefly) because they were always packed. The ship definitely needs more whirlpools for the amount of passengers it carries - around 2,700 or so. We thought the other public spaces were nice, nothing really to complain about. I'm not sure what the Majesty looked like before but the renovation $$$ were put to good use. The public rooms did not feel dated (other than maybe the theater and casinos which were small and looked like they were out of the 70s). We really enjoyed the Schooner lounge (piano bar) as it hosted some decent musicians. Boleros and Spectrum were nice too but we didn't go there as much - we found they were pretty much empty unless there was a scheduled activity. Entertainment/Activities: The cruise director and his staff were OK. I'm not a huge fan of the line dancing, but we had fun nonetheless. We actually participated in the belly flop and quest competitions (more on this one later), as well as in battle of the sexes, and karaoke. These activities were generally fun. The production show (on the third night) was meh - somewhat better than a high school production, but honestly not by much. Steve Schaffer (sp?), the entertainer/comedian on the first and third nights was OK, definitely better on the second night than on the first. The highlight was the comedian/magician on the second night, whose name I forget but who had us in stitches. The cruise director participated in many of the activities, e.g. he was very involved and visible, but I didn't find that he was especially approachable. Rock climbing was really fun and I recommend this to anyone who can handle it. It's a good workout. Re: the quest competition. We both participated. I thought it was incredibly humiliating (as a participant), but probably really fun for observers. It would have been nice if they would have given us (participants) something, if even a keychain, since we were basically the show. Definitely go to this, but only participate if you can handle like being paraded around in your underwear wearing a bra and lipstick (for guys). Dining: We really enjoyed the Main Dining Room service for dinner. We thought the food was good (although hit and miss on occasion) and our waiter and assistant waiter were excellent, as was beverage service. Our big disappointment with dining was for the sit-down breakfast in the Starlight Dining Room on the second day - after waiting in line for 20 minutes, we still couldn't get seated because we were just a party of two and the entrance staff kept seating parties of four, even seating three families who came AFTER us. In fact, all the tables were for parties of four, so I'm not sure if we would ever have been seated. Finally I lost it and told them that they had better give us the next table, which they did but only begrudgingly, and even then they sat us unexpectedly with another party of two. The breakfast service was extremely slow and it took nearly an hour. I complained to the head waiter who was receptive and apologetic, and who followed up with us in the evening as well. He was very nice and seemed to care about our complaint, but didn't really do much in the way of resolving the situation besides apologizing (e.g., no onboard credit or free wine or anything like that). Still, an apology was nice and better than you can expect on any airline. After this incident, the head waiter told our main dining waiter to take extra special care of us, which I think he did pretty well. The food in the windjammer, unfortunately, did not improve - we had breakfast there on the third and fourth days (before debarkation) but were not impressed. The other venue we grabbed food at was Compass Deli, which was OK but nothing special. Room service was a nice touch but the food was not appetizing (e.g., hugh slices of bread with barely anything in between). Stateroom Attendant: She (Keisha) was simply phenomenal. She introduced herself to us on the first night, kept our room in a pristine condition, fulfilled all our requests promptly (e.g., more ice, more towels), and even made us an origami elephant and dog - I really liked this touch. She was SOOOOO friendly and we both loved her. I hope she gets a promotion. Ports of Call: We really enjoyed CocoCay. We went jetskiiing, which although pricey ($79 for driver and $29 for passenger), was the most fun we had the cruise and worth the money, at least for us. We spent a good 50 minutes out on the water. The jetskis don't have governors (or if so, the limit is pretty high) so you can hit some nice speeds and the waves are really fun. It's actually a bit of a struggle to hang out so I wouldn't recommend this to the elderly. The rest of the island was nice - again the food was not spectacular but we weren't expecting it to be. The alcohol was actually reasonably priced and I really enjoyed swimming. I wish the water slides had been free - it kind of felt like we were being nickel and dimed, which I don't mind when it comes to alcohol but things like water slides, e.g. basic entertainment that Carnival has on all its ships, should be free. We didn't enjoy Nassau as much. Even though it's much larger, it's just not as relaxing, aside from Atlantis it doesn't really seem like there's much to do. We're coming back in December on a Carnival 9 day cruise with a stop in Nassau, and we plan on booking the dolphin swim and water park then (but directly through Atlantis since it's about half the price). Unfortunately, on this cruise, we didn't want to pay the inflated prices. We did go to Senor Frogs which was a lot of fun - I recommend this venue for the younger party crowd. Debarkation: Was a nightmare. It felt like we were rushed all morning to get off the ship, and then it took us about an hour standing in line just to get off, with another hour to get through customs. Ugh. Low point of the cruise. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Just got back from our first family cruise on Majesty. Overall it was fantastic, and we would do it again in a heartbeat. Travel - we booked our own flights to Miami, much cheaper than what the cruise line offered. We stayed near the ... Read More
Just got back from our first family cruise on Majesty. Overall it was fantastic, and we would do it again in a heartbeat. Travel - we booked our own flights to Miami, much cheaper than what the cruise line offered. We stayed near the airport the night before, the hotel (La Quinta Inn Airport East) had a free shuttle to the cruise terminal. I personally cannot stand Miami, so I will look for another embarkation point next time. Boarding - pretty reasonable, no real issues. We thought you couldn't board before 2pm, but they started well before that. Make sure you have cash to tip the porters, they work for tips only, and are not shy about pointing that out. We had about a 7 minute wait to check in, then onto the ship. As soon as we walked onboard, the kids staff identified our 9 year old, and put a wrist band on him, so he would go to the right lifeboat if we were separated. They were serving buffet lunch in Windjammer, so we ate there, good food, lots of it. Mandatory lifeboat drill was very efficient, no wasted time. Room - we were in a oceanview stateroom on Deck 4, near the bow. The rooms are tiny, but we knew that going in. Ours had two single beds and two fold-out beds. All we did was sleep there, so it was fine. Bathrooms are also tiny, but they serve their purpose. We met our room attendent, Danilo, who was very efficient, and like everyone else on board, very polite and friendly. Minor drawback was our room was well forward, so during docking or anchoring, there was quite a bit of noise, but we are not late risers, so no big deal. Food - we aren't huge snackers, so meals were at meal time for us. We ate breakfast in Windjammer. Hint: go to the front of the room - there is a separate buffet up there, and usually not nearly as crowded as the one you see when you walk in. Lunches were ashore. We ate at the early dinner seating - service was excellent. Our waiter Arun took time to learn our names, and called us by name at every meal. He also did little things like cutting our son's meat for him, and showing him puzzles with toothpicks. Just a really nice guy. Drinks - they kind of get you here. Lots to drink, and none of it cheap. Forewarned is forearmed, enjoy your drinks, but be prepared to pay. Shows - all very good. I don't know how they compare with other lines, but the production values were great, the singers and dancers were also great, very entertaining. Shopping - lots of it. I got a Citizen watch for a good price, and we picked up some other stuff pretty cheaply, like a pashmina, a necktie, and cheap watch for my daughter. The ship itself - I was prepared for some wear and tear in a 20 year old ship, but I was highly impressed. All the spaces were immaculate, and nothing looked worn or dated. Kids programs - our 9 year old went to Adventure Ocean every night, and loved it. The kids did lots of activities, the counselors were very involved, really a good program. Our 13 year old chose not to do any of the teen things, so can't comment on those. Fitness - my wife loved the fitness center, lots of quality machines. I'm a runner, which was a bit of a problem as I like to run first thing in the morning. Majesty has a wonderful promenade deck, but you can't run on it til after 10 am, so I ran way up on the 12th deck. It was fine, but there were folks standing around and crew members cleaning, so it was a bit of a slalom. Ports - Nassau is a bit rough, and you are hit up by taxi drivers and touts as soon as you leave the pier, but they were not rude or overly persistent. We went to the Dolphin Encounter, booked on our own, not through the ship. We took a taxi to the Paradise Island ferry terminal, and were promptly steered in the wrong direction by another tout, who wanted us to take a water taxi and sent us to the other side of the bridge. Not where we wanted to go. The ferry to the Dolphin Encounter is in the nice new building, don't listen to the touts. We did the sealion encounter, very fun, a little cheesy, but enjoyable. We also spent most of the day on their beach. Coco Cay - had a lovely day, and took an early tender to the island before it got too crowded. It was pretty packed with our ship's passengers, I don't know what it would be like with one of the bigger ships. Lunch is included, good variety, watch out for the sea gulls. My major complaint was the kids' Aquapark and water slide. Charges for these were outrageous in my opinion. Key West - we did the White Knuckle thrill boat ride here. Really nice operation, family run, small groups, lots of personal attention. Worth every penny, it was a blast. Debarkation - we put our bags out the night before. We were in one of the last groups off. If I did it over again I would do one of two things: either get off early and carry my own bags, or sleep in late and get to breakfast right before it closed. We had a fair amount of time to kill before it was our turn to get off. The terminal is where things slow down - the line for customs was pretty long, but our bags were on the carousel when we got there. Really, with the exception of the charges at Coco Cay, I have no complaints. We are already looking at our next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
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Cabins 3.0 3.6
Dining 3.0 3.9
Entertainment 3.0 3.7
Public Rooms 3.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 3.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.8
Enrichment 2.0 3.5
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 3.0 3.8
Rates 3.0 4.3

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