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We are a middle aged (50s and 60s) Australian couple who took back to back cruises, first to Iceland, second to Russia etc in April and May this year. We chose these two cruises for the destinations offered and the fact we were able to ... Read More
We are a middle aged (50s and 60s) Australian couple who took back to back cruises, first to Iceland, second to Russia etc in April and May this year. We chose these two cruises for the destinations offered and the fact we were able to pick up a 2 for 1 offer, very attractive as we have to factor in the cost of airfares to fly to Europe. We have cruised 10 times previously, on a number of lines, in a number of regions, including two long cruises of similar timeframes as the two we are reviewing on Magellan. Overall, we would rate the experience as two and a half. As the second cruise offered exactly the same food, daytime activities and production shows, we were able to compare. Embarcation in Newcastle was fine for the first cruise, a muck up on the second (no-one appeared to know how to deal with passengers who were staying on; the Reception staff were clueless). Lifeboat drill has been discussed previously in the Reviews: it was certainly the most informative we have sat through but, as stated by other reviewers, the procedure to follow would cause chaos. Thankfully, we did not have to go a second time. Cabin 5015 aft was large, light, plenty of hanging space, but more drawers would have been appreciated, particularly bedside. The shower was as hot as you liked, with excellent pressure, the best ship shower we have encountered. It was so quiet, which is a blessing as nothing can ruin a cruise more than a noisy cabin. Even with the huge seas we encountered on the Iceland cruise, the cabin did not rattle, creak, bang... and the cabin steward went about his job quietly and efficiently. Ice was requested at 6pm each day and it appeared as requested each day without fail. However, the cabin was terribly hot and as stated by many reviewers, it is impossible to change the cabin temperature, you can only change the air flow. This will need to be addressed before the world cruise as it would be unbearable to try and sleep in a cabin when cruising in the tropics, Asia and northern Australia. Production Shows These were the best we have enjoyed over all our cruises, yes, better than the wizzbang American ships. The costumes each night were amazing, and the singers and dancers could not be faulted. Some of the American ships would benefit from seeing what is achieved by this group of singers and dancers. Birthday We often cruise when one of us has a birthday and on every other ship you can buy a cake, flowers, balloons, blah blah. As they are grossly overpriced we don't bother. Magellan gave us a wonderful surprise; a cake delivered to the cabin, a card, and a printed birthday message from 'your cabin steward' who shyly handed it to the recipient. All free, totally unexpected. Well done Magellan. Ship tours were expensive, as they are on all ships, but the ones we did were well organised and we have no complaints. Food Abysmal. The worst we have seen offered on a cruise ship. Quality control in the kitchen needs serious attention. There was enough food in the buffet - soups, salads, hot dishes, cold dishes, desserts, cheeses, but the quality of so many dishes was very poor. The soups and salads, bread rolls, pizzas and daily roasts were mostly okay, however, the hot dishes - pasta, rice, meat dishes, fish, vegetables - and the desserts were a real hit and miss affair. Lamb dishes were old mutton dishes, chicken dishes were poor quality bone in cuts, rice was cold, pastas were bland, vegetables were either mush or hardly cooked, and the fish dishes inevitably contained fish full of bones.for example, one of us had sword fish and raved about it, the other took a piece and it was like eating rubber. As for the dining room: on the Iceland cruise the Dover sole was melt in your mouth, on the Russia cruise we recommended it to our table mates and it was inedible as the pieces had not been completely scaled, and fish bones abounded. One waiter was too over the top and annoying, the other was morose and glum. Lectures On the Iceland cruise, 12 nights, we had two speakers who gave a variety of talks on diverse but interesting topics. On the Russia cruise, 14 nights, we had one man who gave four lectures, all about a group of tigers in India, and his lectures consisted of showing photo after photo of the tigers. One maybe two lectures would be okay, but FOUR lectures about the same tigers? Entertainers The old comedians on both cruises were well received by the predominantly older aged passengers. The violonist and pianist were excellent, the singer in the Captains Club has a strong loud voice like Janis Joplin, which does not work at all with quieter songs. Activities To be expected, and geared to the age and physical condition of a large segment of the passengers, who enjoyed them. To sum up, there were a lot of very happy passengers who are obviously the target group for this particular ship. The destinations were very interesting to us, the price was very good, however, we would not cruise on Magellan again. Read Less
Sail Date April 2016
Magellan Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.0 3.7
Dining 4.0 3.6
Entertainment 3.0 3.2
Public Rooms 4.0 3.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.2
Family 1.0 3.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.5
Enrichment 3.0 3.0
Service 4.0 3.9
Value For Money 5.0 3.6

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