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The Lanai Staterooms have two lower beds which are convertible to one queen-size bed, as well as a private bathtub & shower. Sliding glass doors lead onto the walk-around Lower Promenade Deck.

Lanai Ocean-View Stateroom (CA)
Decks: Deck 6
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Lanai Ocean-View Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Cabin 351
Apr 2017
Interesting Itinerary By: kayakmom
Enjoyed our Lanai cabin and the convenience of the prominade right outside our door.
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Cabin 372
Mar 2017
Maasdam; Not a good value By: elyria3449
Reasonable space, good access to walking deck, window has one way viewing which is great. Terrible air conditioning. Sink problems. Cabin facilities are tired.
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Cabin 370
Oct 2016
Mixed Review By: a56traveler
Worst location for sleeping. Cabin is directly under the galley, and constant loud noises until 11:30pm, then starts back again at 4:00am. Ceiling insulation needs to be added for all the cabins in this area.
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Aug 2016
Okay but nothing special. Noise traveled easily through the cabin. HVAC comfort was inconsistent from day to day. Oftentimes room got very warm and Mechanical Department had to come out 5 times to fix the A/C and 3 times to repair the toilet clogs and leaks. If you stay at a hotel near the Airport in Seattle, avoid The Sleep Inn Sea Tac at all costs. We received awful service from the front desk. They evidently didn't care about their guests or were just so incompetent that they didn't know how to provide good Customer Service. All this for excessive prices of over $150 per night!
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Cabin 336
Aug 2016
The cabin was pathetic! NO refrigerator, NO drawers in the desk/makeup area, the carpet was VERY worn.A broken window in the dining room, chairs in the media center that were worn to the wood, curtains that looked like they had NEVER been replaced since 1993!
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Cabin 333
Aug 2016
Nice choice for us. Mid-ship with sliders to deck. A little small, but bathroom was good size. Tub had very high sides, so it was hard to get in and out of. Small sitting area - really cramped for both of us.
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Cabin 337
Jan 2013
Three New Countries By: grandmaR
Stateroom - We have a Lanai room (CA) on the Lower Promenade Deck and I had thought I might be able to get out onto the Promenade Deck from our room with the scooter. But the Lanai door has a lip of about 4" and no ramp so it would be hard to get the scooter over it. The scooter hangs up on all the thresholds out to the deck anyway - the ramps are too steep and I/we have to lift it over. We have two reserved deck chairs outside our room and the two mats for the chairs were in our room. The door is mirrored on the outside. I went out on deck through our lanai door to take pictures of the sail-away. To get back in there is a white plastic card which you have to hold up to a sensor and when the light is green (and it is very hard to see - sometimes I could hear the click but couldn't see the light), you can quick open the door. It is a VERY heavy door. A weaker woman than I am would not be able to open it. I enjoyed being able to get out on deck quickly, but did not make much use of our reserved deck chairs. Bob didn't care for it and he never used that door. The windows were cleaned each morning about 7:00 so they were always clean. The bed was made up as a king, and there wasn't enough room for me to get the scooter past it to the other side of the room so we moved one of the night tables over under the desk and shoved the bed over. That made enough room for me to come in and park by the bed, although I don't have an easy time getting to the nightstand or out of bed. We ran an extension cord from the desk under the bed to my side of the bed to plug in the power strip (for the scooter and computer). I eventually put the phone on the floor next to the bed as I had other uses for the nightstand. There was a small couch on the same side as the bed, and on the other side is the TV, with the ice bucket under it and the desk. The TV had Fox News on it which pleased Bob. We've moved the chair from the desk over next to the couch because of the nightstand under the desk. There are only two drawers in the two nightstands and three more in one of the closets which also has the safe in it. We had a safe which was opened with a number instead of a credit card like last time (this is better). There are two hanging closets and we had plenty of hangers, and one more closet with shelves. The steward kept the room clean and the ice bucket filled and made us towel animals, even though he had so many rooms to do. A couple of times he didn't get to us until after we were back for dinner. The bathroom had a tub and I asked for a shower chair so I could sit and use the handheld shower, but they said it would be a safety hazard. I think getting into and out of the tub is the hazard - not sitting on a stool in it. I also had a real hard time getting the shower to give me water that wasn't too hot. The bathroom had shelves where Bob could keep his razor plugged in. He had his pill keeper also on that side. I had mine on the other side, but the soap dish was there, and it kept getting wet, so I moved it to the bottom shelf. It is really nice to have a door that we can just open and it stays open without having to put a chock in it. Bob opens the door and then stands in the hall so that I can get out without running over anyone. The same with the bathroom door. It opens out flat and stays stuck to the wall rather than swinging. From the photos I took on our first Maasdam cruise I can see that they have redone the bathrooms
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Cabin 355
Apr 2012
We had a Lanai room and we enjoyed being able to go out on the deck. I think the kitchen or storage is above the lanai rooms. It wasn't noisy, but every once in a while we heard some strange sounds. Storage in the room was fine. The bathroom had a tub, which meant the shower area was large which was nice, but it was really deep which made it hard to get in and out. The bed and bedding were very comfortable
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Cabin 353
May 2011
I was in one of the what I assumed to be the newly designed Lanai staterooms. It opens out onto the Lower Promenade deck wrap-around walking area. That was treat, even though it was a bit cold to enjoy my private deck-chair.
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Cabin 358
Sep 2010
Stateroom 358, on Lower Promenade deck, is ideally located for providing quick access to everywhere on the ship, including just a few steps to be outside on the Promenade Deck. It also is a very quiet location on the ship, with no noise from above or from the corridor. (Avoid rooms on this deck under the galley!) This will become a "lanai stateroom" after Maasdam's drydock in April, which will change things -- including the price.
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Cabin 348
Jun 2010
Great location on deck 6 in the middle of the ship. Near the laundry! Plenty of closet and drawer space. Space under the bed for suitcases. Nice bathroom with bub/shower. It was quiet. However, we were on the lower promenade deck and did't realize that the promenade was outside our cabin window. We had to keep the curtains closed. If they were open we could read the book of the passenger sitting outside our window. This wasn't a terrible thing, but in the future I'll know not to book a room where everyone walks!
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Cabin 369
Jan 2009
The Marvelous Maasdam By: ViolaSwamp
The first sea day, we pretty much putzed around the ship getting to know where everything was. VERY easy ship to find things on, and our cabin C369 (which was an upgrade - thanks HAL!!) was in a primo location on the Lower Promenade deck. Three doors down from our own private balcony we called it! LOL The only complaint about this cabin is that you can see inside it at night. Which we didn't realize until about three days in. So we unwittingly provided entertainment for anyone strolling by… AMAZING bed. SO comfortable, like heaven!! FAR superior to RCCL in comfort and size, of the bed and the cabin itself. The bathroom was spacious and loved the tub setup much better than the RCCL shower stalls. The only problems with our cabin was when we arrived there was mold in our toilet! ???? Blecch. We complained to the front desk and it wasn't a problem after the first day. Also, it took a few days and several requests for our steward to keep refilling our ice bucket to chill our champagne. After a few days he did it automatically and wasn't an issue. We had no problems with the heat or AC in our cabin as several other past Maasdam guests have complained.
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