18 Los Angeles to South Pacific Princess Crown Princess Cruise Reviews

Great experence with Princess. Great service. Excursions were excellent. Food one of the best for this type of cruise. Dining options excellent. Buffet was good quality and the service line was very efficient. Cabin was very clean and ... Read More
Great experence with Princess. Great service. Excursions were excellent. Food one of the best for this type of cruise. Dining options excellent. Buffet was good quality and the service line was very efficient. Cabin was very clean and the service was above standard compared to Holland American. Questions handled extremely efficient and very professional. Seperate dining was excellent. All functions were well organized from boarding to departing. Prinress Cruisline is one of the best cruise lines for its class. Boarding was well organized and efficient. Stayed one day prior to the cruise. Princess handled the reservations, pick up at airport and bus to the ship very well. Had an issue with a purchase on shore concerning the tax. After the cruise, I had to contact Princess to clear up the tax issue. Was handled professionally and to everyones satisfaction. I would recommend Princees due to the professional staff and the quality of the ship, food and overall service. Read Less
Sail Date November 2016
Could not believe how bad this cruise was. First the positive: great enrichment speakers, cabin steward and waiters at 5:30 seating were very good. While the TV did not have as many stations or screen qualiy as the Royal Princess (3 ... Read More
Could not believe how bad this cruise was. First the positive: great enrichment speakers, cabin steward and waiters at 5:30 seating were very good. While the TV did not have as many stations or screen qualiy as the Royal Princess (3 cruises in the last two years), the TV had a sleep timer on it while the Royal did not (Princess customer service was not aware that their new ships do not have sleep timers on the TVs. Paid Princess to stay at Marriot LAX the night before. Parked car for 3 hours before returning it, automatic $31. charge. Meeting in lobby the next day was crowded, confused and Princess rep had bad attitude. The way some people acted, I don't blame her but...... In 2015, before world cruise we did the same with no issues. I believe this was due to the type of people that took this cruise (more on this later). Embarkation was late, even for Elite. Once on board all OK. 3rd night on way to Hawaii, did Crab Shack. Bad, Bad, Bad. I could not believe how terrible, small and overcooked the crab, corn, shrimp and potatos were cooked. Other noted was same and many stopped going. I guess part of the disappointment was that we had dinner at Captain Jacks in Sunset Beach before the cruise. There could be no comparison. We had two dinners at the Crown Grill which was worth the price. Over the past 15 years, even the regular dining room food quality has gone down. In the past if you did not like the offering for that evening, you could always chose from the left side, Medallions of Beef, now no long, just meatloaf. There were two different stations that had rude servers. Each morning at 5:30 I go to the internet cafe (much improved internet and support when help was there) to download newspapers as the TV news stations were good but limited. The guy at the coffee bar started to be refurred to as the 'coffee nazi'. While my darling had a coffee card, I just liked regular coffee while on the internet. If you weren't getting a special coffee you were treated poorly with a bad attitude. The we had the 'popcorn nazi'. The last Monday night of the cruise was cold. About 10 people were on the top deck watching the football game. At 7:15 we smelled popcorn, it was being made around the corner at the pizza/ice cream area. I went there and some poor young man was making tons of popcorn. A large bin was already full and the popper was going strong. I asked for popcorn and he told me he could not give it out until 8 PM when the movie started. After several tries (politely), the pizza guy came over to defend him as that was their orders. He offered to make me a pizza. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, the young kid went pale. I felt sorry for him. While they made the call, I went back to the game. About 15 minutes, a supervisor came bay (light blue jacket). We had a discussion and he would not budge. It was their policy not to serve until the movie as if they gave it out ahead of time, then everyone would want popcorn. I again showed him that there were no more than 10 people on the entire deck. Imagine how many more beers would have been sold if we had popcorn during the game? On the Pacific Princess, there was always popcorn in the evening, sometimes even in the theater. The next day, on formal along with the shrimp delivered to our Elite room, they delivered chocolate covered strawberries with an apology. Just what we needed, just before dinner. Excursions were well organized and guided. Our first time to French Polynesia. The bad part was that there were too many people. At the Bloody Marys' stop there were 5 buses and a long line for a drink or T shirt. Now for the people. I am and was very polite. In the past, I would take my Mother on cruises with a companion chair (she could walk but was limited) and thus have compassion for those with disabilities. Within a few days, many people were grumbling about too many 'sticks and wheels'. Not only was the ship too crowded but I estimate at least 30% had canes, wheel chairs or electric carts. One time, on our way to dinner, at midship bank of 6 elevators, we had to wait a full 3 cycles of each elevator before we got one that had room in it (most had an electric chair and 3 people). Many of these people rushed to the ship hospital to get walkers on tender days as they instited to go on the tenders (long lines and delays). Toward the end of the cruise, the geriatrics with bad attitudes or patience started argueing with each other and causing issues (seats, blocking hallways, not backing up in elevators.....). We are over 70 years old and not super fast however, we did OK. No idea how Princess could avoid this but it was bad enough that I would not take this particular cruise again. We heard that since it was round trip from LA and less than one month, that this is normal for this cruise. Embarkation was late and poorly managed at the buses. We had a 12:30 flight back to NJ. We were guided to the bus along with about 40 others. The driver was confused and did not speak English well. The Princess rep walked away and left the driver to pack the bus. All this time, about 45 minutes, he did not have the bus running so no AC. It got so hot, some of us were really feeling the heat. We were just about to get off as now were we running late. Again, no rep to see us off. The driver announced that if anyone had a flight around noon to let him know and he would go to that terminal first. I let him know when our flight was and it was at terminal 7. Everyone else had later flights. Long delay with traffic to get to the airport. To my shock, he went right to terminal 1, then 2, then 3......and so on. At each terminal he had to open the bays and take out and sort luggage, walkers and wheelchairs. Needless to say, we arrived at terminal 7 30 minutes before the flight and they would not take our luggage. Thus, we missed our flight. I am 6'5" and always pay for an emergency row so I lost my seat and the next flight, 4 hours later only had middle seats available. I was cramped the entire flight, did not get home until 1 AM and now, I may need a wheelchair. In summary, poor service, poor attention to details, poor follow up, too too crowded. Poor attitude of elderly passengers. (I live in a retirement age restricted village so I am experienced with this type of attitude). I felt sorry for the crew yet some showed their frustration and lacked understanding. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
My wife have talked about this cruise itinerary for several years. We decided this was the year. We booked the cruise in the summer of 2015. We really enjoyed the cruise with the exception of the food and dining room experience. ... Read More
My wife have talked about this cruise itinerary for several years. We decided this was the year. We booked the cruise in the summer of 2015. We really enjoyed the cruise with the exception of the food and dining room experience. The food, service and ambience in the Crown Grill and Sabatini's were exceptional. The fixed dining room ambience was poor - we sat at a table for 8 and the staff could not control the room temperature. We sat with our coats on during dinner, it was so cold. The head waiters only suggested that they will contact the maintenance department to see what could be done - nothing was done for the days we ate in the dining room (more that 20). They could have offered to place us at a different table but didn't. The amount of items on the menu have been reduced and the exotic things from Chef Curtis Stone should be eliminated or placed on a separate menu. The wait staff was only okay - we have seen many others on Princess ships who were much more attentive to the passengers needs. For a table of 8 they gave us 8 rolls and 8 pats of butter that was served to us- no longer did they use butter dishes on the table. The food in the buffet was good but the variety was very limited. Most of time the same menu items were repeated daily. The cruise directors personnel were excellent. The shows were very good. The movies on the ship were mostly names we never heard of and we walked out on a few of them. Our room steward was excellent. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
airlines beat up my electric wheel chair. Princess wanted $20.00 per day to use one of their many many wheel chairs. I was almost trapped in my room for 28 days. Also they didn't have much to do one the days at sea. No cooking ... Read More
airlines beat up my electric wheel chair. Princess wanted $20.00 per day to use one of their many many wheel chairs. I was almost trapped in my room for 28 days. Also they didn't have much to do one the days at sea. No cooking classes, special events and such. A very stupid ceremony for crossing the equator. It was chocolate sauce, hot sauce and such poured over the people. Also the movies really weren't that good. They were old. The show from Soma was very nice, Food was average except at the 24 hour café on deck 5. when I asked for help from the front desk over my electric wheel chair they did not care. All they wanted was $20.00 per day for a loaner. It was also odd that the tenders took carts and such but would not take my chair. That meant I could not get off in many locations. I could only see Bora Bora from my cabin balcony. I hate when the staff speak in native tongue with other staff while addressing you. No excursions in some places and very little help. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
My wife and I chose the cruise because we had never been to the South Seas before, and didn't want long air flights. 18 days at sea left us a little bored, but there was no shortage of activities and excellent lectures on board. ... Read More
My wife and I chose the cruise because we had never been to the South Seas before, and didn't want long air flights. 18 days at sea left us a little bored, but there was no shortage of activities and excellent lectures on board. Also, we were able to read a few books, have great meals, and enjoy island activities. Embarkation and Disembarkation went smoothly. The ship was clean and well maintained. We enjoyed a mini-suite (two televisions, sofa, and a large balcony) as 18 days at sea meant more time in the cabin. Service was excellent. Though we had been to Hawaiian Islands many times, we used Princess shore excursions and enjoyed them, though the one in Maui gave us no time to walk Lahaina. Samoa (Western and American) were more primitive than we had expected, but the island beauty and friendliness of the natives made the visit worthwhile. The waters of Bora Bora and Moorea were as good and clear as anywhere we had been before. We were very happy to have taken this itinerary, but would probably not do it again. The length of the cruise was okay, but just a few more ports (not possible) would have made it even more enjoyable. We enjoyed Samoa, but wouldn't go back. French Polynesia might be an option in the future. We definitely didn't see the islands much, as snorkeling was our first priority. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
We wanted to see American Somoa and French Polynesia amd we love the stop in Hawaii. The ship was showing age and was in need of refurbishment. The menue was just repeated after the first 14 days. The Horizon Court verity was not up to ... Read More
We wanted to see American Somoa and French Polynesia amd we love the stop in Hawaii. The ship was showing age and was in need of refurbishment. The menue was just repeated after the first 14 days. The Horizon Court verity was not up to what we have come to expect from Princess. The soup was the same 3days in a row(Pumpkin). Princess had excent enrichment lecturers Gary Shanahan and Armondo Sanchez. I was disappointed Princess has ceased having a cerified DIrector for Bridge on long cruises. we had a total of 18 sea days. The service was fair I would give it overall a 7 there were several staff who were 10s all were friendly and greeted us. We were on Dolphin deck with a Mini Suite it was excellent and comfortable, The ports were excellent but the most desireable tours were sold oiut over a month before the cruise. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
We chose this cruise to celebrate a special birthday - and this was a high priority item on our bucket list. The ship was beautiful as are most of the Princess ships...and was one of the most efficiently run ships that we have been part ... Read More
We chose this cruise to celebrate a special birthday - and this was a high priority item on our bucket list. The ship was beautiful as are most of the Princess ships...and was one of the most efficiently run ships that we have been part of. From the food handlers to the cruise director - everyone was enthusiastic and made us feel that we were an important component of this cruise. The cruise director in particular was friendly, personable, and worked incredibly hard to have a "happy ship". We ate in the anytime dining room, and the staff was incredible. The Assistant Maitre'd and the hostess were incredible. We very seldon waited to be seated, no matter what time we arrived for dinner. Unfortunately Carla was on the last sailing of her contract, and she will be difficult to replace. If I had to find fault with any part of this sailing, it would be with some of the theatre productions becoming a littled "tired". The entertainers themselves were wonderful, but with the except of one big production, most of the productions lacked lustre and were repetitive from other cruises. This is a difficult area to satisfy everyone, but in general they were very good and entertaining. Many of the individual entertainers were excellent, but there again it is a matter of luck, with some of them needing to "retire". The programming on the ship was amazing from early morning to late in the evening. There seemed to be something for everyone. There is one comment that I wish to make: not everyone travelling is a 6:00 a.m. riser and some of these programs were just too early....in particular, the "knit and knatter". This became a very active group with no assistance from the ship, and managed to function from about 10:30 a.m. to noon, unhosted. However, when the cruise director was made aware that this group existed, he organized the "wake-up" show to originate from Skywalkers focusing on the group. This was special! We had a particularly difficult time with one of the excursions in Moorea - and reported our dissatisfaction to the excursion department. We met with the Assistant Excursion Manager who listened intently to our complaint. We feel that more scrutinyof the quality of the excursions need to be reviewed with particular focus on safety and quality of the vehicles. This trip was not safe in that large buses were being used on the road to the Belvedere and the safety of the passengers were at risk, many times during the drive up and back. There was a small adjustment to our bill. This experience will probably result in our not booking excursions any longer with Princess, but rather arrange through external sources. On the few trips that we did take from external sources, I would like Princess to know that the drivers are very careful about the return time to the ship and were never in jeopardy of being late to re-board. This may have been a problem in the past, but withcell phones being used by all of the drivers, this really does not happy except for extenuating circumstances, and it is entirely possible to notify those in charge, if there is a delay...so you cannot sell me any longer on this risk. There is none! All in all, a great trip and I highly recommend this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
We paid lots of money for this cruise, and thought that service and food quality would be much better than pervious cruises that we have been on and we were dead wrong!! We were on the crown princess sailing to Hawaii and the South Pacific ... Read More
We paid lots of money for this cruise, and thought that service and food quality would be much better than pervious cruises that we have been on and we were dead wrong!! We were on the crown princess sailing to Hawaii and the South Pacific and the service and food quality was the worst we have ever seen!! My wife and I were sick from the food sometimes. They would serve the same food every week. The servers had a bad attitude at times and we waited sometimes 45 mins to be given a menu. One night we got up and left after this frustration!! The shore excursions were overpriced, compared to the same excursions by local agencies. The entertainment was good and the ports were good and interesting. We would only go again if the cost was much lower, and the food and service was professional and excellent. I don't recommend this cruise line to anyone who wants excellent food and service for the money. We are very disappointed in this cruise and cruise line. They nickel and dime you for everything!! This was our 25th wedding anniversary we were very disappointed!! Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
I have sailed at least six times over the past 20 years in the South Pacific and always found the conditions ideal for a relaxing 'disconnect' from all the distractions at home. I retired about 3 years ago so when I started ... Read More
I have sailed at least six times over the past 20 years in the South Pacific and always found the conditions ideal for a relaxing 'disconnect' from all the distractions at home. I retired about 3 years ago so when I started shopping for a new cruise this past fall the length and location of this particular cruise seemed perfect. Last minute discounts for new bookings was also very helpful since I was traveling alone. I have sailed on the Princess line on at least six previous times starting when we had young children with us in the early 90s. All of our experiences on this cruise line have been very positive. I like to describe it to others in car terms as the 'Fully Loaded Chevrolet'. The ship was in very good condition and the crew are all very nice. The on board entertainment was generally good. The outdoor movie theater was really wonderful for both movies and live sporting events (NFL games & World Series) but was TOO loud on occasion. The shore excursions were very well organised and interesting. I have come to the conclusion from past experience that the prices for these services have been raised so much that you can do much better by booking your own tours either in advance or immediately on shore when you arrive. I would estimate your savings in the 30 to 50% range. The food and service in the dining rooms was of Four Star quality which is the same from all my previous cruises on Princess. The one item that has definitely become a major profit center is ANY alcoholic beverage. I would estimate that the pricing is at least 30% over what you would pay for similar services on shore. So from the view of the AA this is a friendly atmosphere! Overall the experience on this LONG cruise was very good (20 sea days) and what made it exceptional were the variety of people from all walks of life who you could easily meet in the dining rooms on a random basis for breakfast, lunch & dinner! Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
The reason we did this cruise was because the itinerary. The second reason was because we liked it the first time and we met three other couples the first time. We keep in touch and all of us did it again. My wife fell down while ... Read More
The reason we did this cruise was because the itinerary. The second reason was because we liked it the first time and we met three other couples the first time. We keep in touch and all of us did it again. My wife fell down while getting on a tender. She did not get hurt however the ships medical team came to help her up, they took her the the ships hospital to be checked out. I think is very important to give credit the the whole group. Dr MARK, Dr laura , and nurse Wendy. Although no one wants to be on vacation and go to the ships doctor, it really was a great experience to see a professional operation in action. in my opinion it could not be run better. The ships dining experience was first class, our waiter Walter, did everything but bend over backwards to please us. Our cabin person was one of the best we have ever had. I can say we all eight of us would do it again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
This was only our second cruise on Princess, an October 2016 28-day round trip run from LA to Hawaii & the South Pacific. We have always concentrated on Royal Caribbean because of their excellent affinity program so they are our ... Read More
This was only our second cruise on Princess, an October 2016 28-day round trip run from LA to Hawaii & the South Pacific. We have always concentrated on Royal Caribbean because of their excellent affinity program so they are our comparison standard. Recent reviewers have characterized Crown Princess as "tired" and "badly in need of a refresh", but we didn't get that impression at all. Although she isn't spanking new, our take is she is looking pretty good. With the exception of some metal elevator doors & frames, neither our cabin nor the public areas looked at all beat up, no frayed carpets or excessively gouged wood or walls, although admittedly our cabin's carpet did show it had experienced its share of wear & cleanings. Exterior woodwork (railings, etc) are always an ongoing maintenance item, so you have to expect some will be freshly finished, some in average condition and some due for re-varnishing, that's the nature of the sea. In terms of personal service we were quite pleased. Staffing levels seem a bit higher than our "standard", particularly in the food service area, so one of my cruise annoyances, the sometimes painfully dragged out between-course periods at dining room dinners, were often at least a bit shorter. Being a long-duration (28 day) cruise, our passenger demographic was mostly old folks, who need a lot of extra service & hand-holding. The staff handled all with a smile. Staying on the subject of food, I rate it as "cruise average". Good, but nothing that sticks in the mind as outstanding. Premium dining with $29 PP surcharges consisted of the usual steak house (good), an Italian (good, per our traveling companions), a "Crab Shack" (good) which operated intermittently in one section of the buffet dining facility, and a $19 PP "Gastropub" that featured a selection of pub food(didn't try). My wife's favorite, Japanese, was limited to sushi served with purchases in the wine bar. As on all cruise lines, there is always enough variety to provide satisfaction if you shop around the multiple venues. Evening entertainment & daytime diversions also were good if not spectacular. The first portion of our trip featured a couple of production shows which were quite good, for the remainder it was mostly solo "headliner" acts in the main theater. These were generally worth attending, although of variable quality . Musicians in the bars & central atrium ("piazza" on this Italian-constructed ship) were consistently good and offered a variety of music genres. Daytime offerings included several ongoing "enrichment" lecture series plus the usual shopping, wine tasting, dance instruction, etc., etc. A good selection of movies were available on in-room TV and the big-screen outdoor "movies under the stars", which also ran sporting events more or less daily. As to other miscellaneous amenities, the guest laundromats Princess features are a nice touch if you don't want to use ship's laundry service. Figure $14 to wash & dry a load. Wi-fi coverage throughout the ship was good with free access to Princess.com (to plan your next cruise, of course), and an on-board server hosts a free access local "web page" with daily information on ship activities that lets you set up a personalized activity calendar for all your on board events & shore tours. It also has a messaging application for communicating with friends aboard, but we found that fairly useless because there is no alerting function; you have to log on to see if a message has come in. "Outside" internet access is sold by the minute, with various options ranging from $0.79 for straight by the minute billing up to a 600-minute package at $199, which cuts it down to $0.33/minute. Speeds are typically sluggish through the shared satellite link so your stock of minutes can decay at an alarming rate. Cellphone service is also available throughout the ship and on our one call worked well. All in all, a good ship & a good cruise. We will sail Princess again. Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
Been wanting to see the south sea islands especially Tahiti and surrounding islands. We enjoy the ocean voyage especially the daily programs. They seem to target varied interests in passengers. Really enjoyed the crossing the equator ... Read More
Been wanting to see the south sea islands especially Tahiti and surrounding islands. We enjoy the ocean voyage especially the daily programs. They seem to target varied interests in passengers. Really enjoyed the crossing the equator program. One of the things we enjoy are the excursions at all the port stops. There are enough excursion selections to appeal to most passengers. The dining experience allowed us to try many dishes that we would not normally try at home. It has been our experience that the cabin service and indeed the service of all crew members is very professional and give the feeling of being personal. The boarding process was swift and expedient. The only drawback was the waiting to board and not enough seating for the waiting passengers. Debarkation was the best we have ever experienced. The waiting was held to a very short time and we were led off the ship in a very orderly manner to pick up our luggage. Overall a very enjoyable ocean voyage. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
Crown Princess depart LA (San Pedro) to Hawaii and then on to South Pacific islands. Rm A243. Stayed prior to cruise at Crown Plaza and they shuttled to the ship on embarkation morning. Excellent hotel and close to piers. Crown ... Read More
Crown Princess depart LA (San Pedro) to Hawaii and then on to South Pacific islands. Rm A243. Stayed prior to cruise at Crown Plaza and they shuttled to the ship on embarkation morning. Excellent hotel and close to piers. Crown Princess is a "tired" ship. Understand that it went through a yard period and dry dock last spring, but it needs some basic repairs done again. The wallpaper is peeling at the seams in the hallways, the façade around a stanchion in the atrium was dinged and holed, many of the metal frames around the elevator doors are scratched and scarred (probably from baggage handling?), missing tiles around and in the pools on 15, the ship lost one engine enroute to Western Samoa delaying our arrival, mildew smell in various parts of ship including some elevators, two elevators continually down making longer wait, loss of electrical in Tahiti for much of the afternoon disabling all elevators and flushing, broken pipe in ceiling over Crooners Bar, leak in our bathroom floor...and the list goes on. The cruise had a stellar itinerary with 4 Hawaiian islands and 5 South Pacific islands including Western Samoa, American Samoa, Bora Bora, Moorea, and an overnight in Tahiti. There were lots of sea days which I particularly like and we had an equator crossing as well as the International Date Line (two Halloweens!). Service was excellent and friendly everywhere. The food was typically Princess, although the same menus came up three times during the cruise. All the way to Hawaii and then on to the South Pacific islands a mariachi band serenaded us in the atrium every evening. Not sure they got on the right ship. There was a huge Elite presence (nearly 1000 out of 3100 passengers) which extended the return of laundry services. There were a higher percentage of scooters aboard, but that really did not affect anybody adversely. In the room the bed was very comfortable and the room was nice and cool (great for sleeping). The water in the shower was hot also. The balcony was small but perfectly adequate. We ate in the DaVinci dining room @ 7:15 set dining at a table for 2. Other times were 8:15 which was a bit late for us and 5:30 which impacted "wine time". 7:15 was perfect for us and the dining room was not crowded. The food was adequate, usually finding something that appealed on the menu. There were several pork, lamb, and beef dishes available. Some passengers complained about the quality consistency, but we always had a great meal just as we ordered. Ask your waiter about wine packages. If you are going to drink wine it saves a couple of bucks and your waiter will not always push it. The specialty dining was popular. Sabatini's was up on 16 next to the Adagio Bar and offered Italian for $25. Excellent food, but lots of it. The Crown Grill offered great meats and was well attended. The Wheelhouse Bar closed every evening and converted to a new specialty restaurant - The Salty Dog ($19). This is a "gastropub" which offers several small entrees which can be shared. (The Wheelhouse also offers a BOGO happy hour on drinks before they close)! Of course the Crab Shack is going strong and very popular at $20. For those worried about the Norovirus the Captain made an announcement about it and appears to be very proactive. There were a couple of cases, but they were well contained. Hand washing and sanitizer use was stressed at every turn. It never ceases to amaze me how the Captain can find a tiny island in the middle of a huge ocean. He does well at this...maybe with a little help with his GPS. Great cruise -----but aren't they all? Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
My husband and I took the 28 day cruise on the Crown Princess to Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti. Our room was a balcony on the 14th floor. This was our 13th cruise with Princess, so we were very familiar with the room, ship, dining rooms, etc. ... Read More
My husband and I took the 28 day cruise on the Crown Princess to Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti. Our room was a balcony on the 14th floor. This was our 13th cruise with Princess, so we were very familiar with the room, ship, dining rooms, etc. etc. The room defnitely needed some TLC, especially the carpet, which was stained in quite a few places and the plumbing also needed attention. The food was the usual menu they have on all the Princess ships and was pretty much OK. The entertainment was very good and we went to the theatre every night. All in all it was a nice cruise (a bit long, but we knew that going in...just confirmed we would not want to take one that long again) On the last week of the cruise, their was a breakout of the Norovirus and at about 200 passengers became ill from it. My husband got it 2 days before disembarkation. He was violently ill with diarrhea and vomiting, all night long. We notified the medical dept and a nurse came to the cabin and gave him an injection for the vomiting about 3 hours after he first got sick. It did absolutely nothing and he was up and down every 20 minutes all night until about 5AM. Of course, I was so worried that I was going to get it too, but fortunately did not. When we got to port, Princess informed us that we should stay in our cabin until they contacted us. They indicated that all the people that were sick, WOULD BE THE FIRST TO DISEMBARK...NOT!!! A Princess attendant came to our cabin on the 14th floor and told us we needed to follow him to the 8th floor. There, they put us in a room that you could tell had already been cleaned for the next cruise. We were told to stay there until they said we could disembark. This was a 10AM. Eventually, they said we would be able to disembark around noon. Meanwhile, my sister and her husband who we were traveling with, had left the ship at 8am and we had a van scheduled to pick us all up, which we had to call and re-schedule. At this point, I would say there were about 15 couples...all of us being held against our wills and not allowed to disembark. Never did they inform us that now, WE WERE GOING TO BE THE LAST ONES OFF THE SHIP! One lady thought she heard an annoucement that we could leave and went down to get off and they sent her back. We felt like lepers!! We kept asking and just kept being told that we would be notified when we could get off. NEVER, DURING THIS TIME WERE WE OFFERED ANY FOOD, WATER OR ANYTHING ELSE!! FINALLY, AT ABOUT 2:15, we were told we could disembark! We picked up our stuff and just walked off the ship, through immigration, TO REALIZE THAT WE WERE THE VERY LAST PASSENGERS disembarking the ship! PRINCESS AND IMMIGRATION SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES for treating their guests in this manner! You probably saw the whole thing on the news, as it was quite a deal that there were so many sick people on the ship. We came to find out later, that the Crown Princess had 4 different cruises in a year where passengers had gotten the Norovirus, including the same cruise in April, 2014. Even though we are now Elite with Princess, we are seriously considering never cruising with them again, due to the being treated so poorly and as you can tell, very unhappy and insulted by the way we were treated! Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
We are not new to cruising, we have sailed on over 35 cruises; this was one of the worst. PRINCESS “CROWN” - Balcony Cabin: R-710 on Deck 14 - Our Review of the October 18, 2014 a 28 day Cruise to Hawaii and South Sea Islands, ENDED UP ... Read More
We are not new to cruising, we have sailed on over 35 cruises; this was one of the worst. PRINCESS “CROWN” - Balcony Cabin: R-710 on Deck 14 - Our Review of the October 18, 2014 a 28 day Cruise to Hawaii and South Sea Islands, ENDED UP BEING 29 DAYS- a crew member’s medical emergency at sea. The Good the Bad, and the Ugly We booked this cruise to celebrate our 53rd Wedding Anniversary. We will start from the very positive ratings and go on to many poor and very poor ratings- OVERALL RATING OF CRUISE: MEDICORE AT BEST TO POOR- see quality: of food and cabin DISENBARKING Procedure – RATING – EXCELLENT- Fifteen minutes early! ENTERTAINMENT: RATING –OVERALL VERY GOOD - Overall the very best of entertainment was brought in at ports along the way, the best of any cruise we have ever taken. The cruise director himself could have done his own 30 minute or so show, he was very entertaining not only in the Princess theatre but in other shows. Our only negative comment would be about the singers of Princess as they do not enunciate their words. On the last show in the Princess Theatre even the ship’s personnel talent show singers were much better enunciating their words than the Princess singers. The only show we did not particularly enjoy was the Children Hulu show in Honolulu Hawaii; we would have much preferred an Adult Hula performance. While the children are somewhat cute, we expect something better than an elementary school performance. INTERNATIONAL CAFÉ- DECK #5: RATING- EXCELLENT - Has an Excellent staff of servers and in particular “Tetiana” very friendly and happy, a bundle of energy that went way beyond to serve you and with the best attitude we experienced on the ship. In particular, we enjoyed the Shrimp Salad, the Greek Salad, the Oatmeal and Chocolate chip cookies. Behind the counter the young black man with the big hat and the little girl with glasses and the hat were very helpful and charming as they worked to serve their customers with a wonderful attitude throughout their shifts. Whoever manages the International Café personnel could teach many of the servers on Deck 15 about what good attitude is all about and teach them to provide excellent service to Princess’s customers. BOTTICELLI DINING ROOM – RATING- POOR– 8 PM seating – Dining room approximately 50% empty. Our table of 8 consisted of two sisters and a brother, a single gentleman proud of the fact that he purchased your all the liquor you could drink for $50. per day, and a English couple and my wife and me. The first night we order the prime rib, medium rare it was tender but tasteless. The 2nd night we tried the Salmon, it was over cooked and dry. The 3rd night we tried the shanks, they were dry and over cooked. While the server (female) was efficient she was without any personality, not like the other tables in the area where the servers were in tune with their guest. It was like eating in the last booth in an empty diner late at night. While we checked the Botticelli Dining Room menu for their evening meal, nothing really sounded very good so we ate on Deck 15 or had a bite in the International Café. We then avoided the Botticelli Dining Room as it was not worth the effort to dress for dinner until the last formal night; and we did enjoy the Lobster tail and Beef Wellington; we ate in the dining room a total of four (4) dinners.’ The server was so efficient that evening that the meal was completed in 55 minutes flat; the waiter had only one table to take care of. On the final night of the cruise while we did not eat in the dining room, we brought an envelope for the Waiter and Ass’t Waiter (TIP); the assistant waiter was not around so we gave both envelopes to the Female waiter; while she said, “thank you;: the next thing she said abruptly was, “what is your room #?” I told her the envelope was a gift and I was not paying a bill. She repeated herself, “what is your room #?” I told her if she didn’t want the envelope, she could just give it back to me; and then she hurriedly walked away. HORIZON CAFÉ – Deck 15- RATING-MEDICORE AT BEST- We found the best meal of the day was at breakfast; with lunch being largely yesterday’s left overs made into some kind of a casserole. Consistently, the best item at lunch and dinner in the Horizon Café was the different soups. The gravies were always salty. We would recommend that prime rib, lobster tails. Escargot, and Beef Wellington and other main dishes that are occasionally offered in the dining rooms are also offered in the Horizon Café. The best deserts were the cookies, and once they had Apple Strudel that was excellent. Many times the cream based deserts were warm and therefore disgusting resulting in waste. The Horizon Café needs a refrigerated set up for stacks of dishes for salads and cold deserts as hot plates and bowls do not for cold salads and cream based deserts. During last week of the cruise, Norovirus in full bloom on the ship– Just a note- While having a late snack in the Horizon Café, we noticed when the serving lines were closed, and the sanitizing gel was locked up in the serving line area. I spoke to one of the supervisors and suggested that he speak to his boss and suggest leaving the sanitizing gel available for the guest. Rudely, he said there is a bathroom and pointed towards its location. I’m sure 95% of the guest by-pass the bathrooms on their way. Incidentally, the Captain asked passengers to avoid using the public bathrooms doing this outbreak of the Norovirus. However, if a sanitizing gel stand was made available when leaving the restaurant many would use it. Hamburger Stand on deck - Much improvement can be made for the pre- cooked hamburgers on deck that are tossed on the grill to be warmed up and put on a cold bun, YUCK. CROWN GRILL- RATING- STEAK WAS TOUGH- One evening to celebrate our 53rd wedding Anniversary we made a reservation; the Lobster was excellent; but the filet mignon was tough as a cheap sirloin. When I told the waiter, his reply was “sorry, but the Captain enjoyed his steak.” So much for our $50. at a specialty restaurant on “Crown” Princess.” OVERALL FOOD SUMMARY- RATING-- MEDICORE TO POOR -It appears that Princess is now cutting corners big tine on the kitchen BUDGET, cheaper grades of meat; with only Lobster served twice on a 28 day cruise; on all prior cruises it generally has been served once for every 7 days on a cruise along with escargot etc. Cheaper lunches, mainly made from left overs are being offered and food temperatures are generally Luke warm. Princess is now charging for Hot Chocolate. Princess no longer offers a Seafood Extravaganza’s , another thing of the past was Big time Brunches in the dining room and Chicken and Beef barbecue’s on deck normally provided on long cruises that are filled with many sea days. EMBARKING – RATING- POOR - The absolute worst experience ever in over 35 cruises. On October 18, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel we were told by a Princess Representative to be at the Los Angeles Airport “Delta” arrival by 10:30AM for transfer to the “Crown” Princess cruise ship. At 10:30AM we were with the Princess’s representative at the airport along with a large group waiting to be transferred to the ship. Later, we were told we would be taken by bus to the Radisson Hotel for coffee and sweet rolls where we were to sign up for the transfer to the ship and register for the boarding of the cruise; we stood in line for approximately 35 minutes, no chairs available for the handicapped. Then we waited and waited, until at 1:30PM, by then there were no Princess Representatives remaining to guide us to the bus, we finally found and boarded the bus to the cruise docks; and made good time to the cruise docks. But then there was a long line of buses at the cruise docks so we waited over an hour on the bus, we were the last bus exiting and there was no Princess Representative to guide us handicapped folks into the terminal with our carry-on luggage and canes. Once in the terminal, there was a sign posted “WAITING AREA FOR HANDICAPPED; we waited, then we were told we had to take the escalator and we said we could not use the escalator as we are handicapped and use a cane to steady ourselves with the carryon luggage. Then we were told to use the elevator to the 2nd floor and there would be wheel chairs waiting. Guess what, no wheel chairs waiting and no Princess Representative around. We waited; finally we were greeted by a gentlemen with a broken wheel chair. Then there were plenty of Princess Personnel around however no one seemed to know what to do; just a horrible mess. We were taken to get our cabin key and were required to show our passports for the 3rd time. We finally arrived at our cabin R-710 at 3:45pm just as the announcement to go to the required Ship’s Onboard Drill was being announced. It took us from 10:30am in the company of Princess Personnel’s direction until 3:45pm to arrive at our cabin R-710. This was absolutely the worst transfer in over 35 cruises that we have ever encountered on any cruise ship. Many of the Princess’s representatives were untrained and had no idea as to what they were supposed to do, so they stood around and talked amongst themselves. Cabin Steward – RATING- VERY POOR-- 1st day - October 18th pleasant and accommodating; at which time I told if you take good care of us, we will take very good care of you; and smiled and said he would take good care of us. On the first day, my wife called guest services and told them the carpet in the cabin was filthy and asked for it to be shampooed; someone came and shampooed the carpet with in thirty minutes. Beginning, from 2md day, October 19th through November 4, 2014 never smiled or greeted us, he was in another world. On the 5th day my wife called “Guest Services” inquiring when the sheets were supposed to be changed as she had noticed a hole in the sheet on the first day; they replied on the 3rd day. The seas were somewhat rough; we had removed Princess’s bottle of water and the cans of soda from the inside of the refrigerator and placed them on top of the refrigerator so we could keep our items in the refrigerator. During the night, the bottle of water and the cans of soda rolled off the top of the refrigerator and lodged themselves behind and at the side of the refrigerator. During the following days, we asked several times to remove these items that were lodged at the side and rear of the refrigerator as we did not want to be charged for them; however never did anything about it, subsequently we called “Guest Services” to resolve this matter. We told the light was out over the mirror and later the light over the bed was out, and ask him to have maintenance dept. replace them; he did nothing and we subsequently called “Guest Services to have the lights replaced. For about two weeks we asked to put extra soap and Kleenex in the cabin, it was about two weeks before he got the message; in the meantime we asked the lady nearby for items when needed. She was getting annoyed with  deficiencies. Often would not put the open Kleenex in its holder just leave them on the sink. The only toiletries in the head were a hand lotion that was seldom replaced. Does the absolute minimum as a Room Steward like a bad maid in a hotel. We would rate as the worst Cabin Steward we have ever had in over 35 cruises. Princess apparently has cut its toiletries to hand lotion; no shampoo or conditioners etc. Shampoo is now offered in a dispenser in the shower; no good for us. Kleenex offer by Princess is of a very poor quality. PLUMBING: We had to call for the plumber nine (9) times as the toilet would not flush and twice because the toilet was leaking and the water had gone over the lip in the bathroom and flooded onto our cabin floor; what a mess. CONDITION OF SHIP – it needs to go into dry dock and be thoroughly cleaned and updated; many plumbing issues on this ship exist, well-worn mattresses and carpet in cabins need to be replaced as well as the carpet in hallways. Seats in Princess Theatre are showing their wear. Chairs in clubs and all around the ship need to have their cushions replaced. The library needs to be remodeled and have more space. The ship needs a good size card playing room and should provide playing cards for free like they use to. The Internet Café needs to be relocated to a quieter location and the Internet Café manager, a real jerk needs to be replaced with someone who is more helpful and has a pleasant personality and does not act like a criminal attorney. He is no asset to your company and is often away during his stated position during posted business hours. He won’t bring Princess business and will chase away a lot of customers. MANAGEMENT IN MEDICAL EMERGENCY SITUTATION - RATING POOR –Training at the handling the problems of passengers needs to be addressed which were caused from a crew member’s medical emergency at sea. Management is Often untrained, Rude and demonstrates uncaring management on the Princess “Crown” existed. By now Princess must have received hundreds of letters on how poorly management of Crown Princess handled the effects of the one day delay in returning to Los Angles, about 3,000 passengers trying to adjust their airplane reservations, hotel reservations, people expecting to pick up passengers at the cruise dock, etc. Management could not have done a poorer job if they tried. At one point during the ship’s problem over several days while waiting in line by the purser’s desk on deck #6 to use the telephone, my wife asked a passing officer for his help, he was in full dress uniform (no mistake that he was an officer). My wife pointed out the deafening noise coming from the ongoing events on deck #5 below which was making it almost impossible to hear on the telephone. She pointed out that the conference room on deck #5 was empty and it was locked up today, but it was available yesterday; perhaps the conference room could be utilized today.” The officer threw up his hands in the air and said, “That’s not my problem” and walked swiftly away. Now that’s only one example of lacking quality management that we experienced! Our feelings now that the cruise is over and we are back home: We didn’t get a quality cruise for the reasons noted above. We didn’t get the 28 day cruise that we paid for; what we got was a 21 day cruise followed by 7 days beginning on November 9, 2014 of confusion to November 16, 2014 of rude uncaring management of Princess “Crown;” as a result of a crew member’s medical emergency. Previously, I was of the understanding of how well trained the management of Princess Cruises were trained to handle emergencies. From this experience, it points out just how poorly trained management is in handling the logistical problems of passengers that are caused from a ship emergency of this nature. Overall this Princess cruise left a sour taste in our mouth for Princess, previously we were a big cheerleader for Princess. It appears to us that Princess finances is not doing as well as it would like or they are pressing for larger returns. So it is doing what any other greedy business tries to do; a definite mistake; management trims the quality of its product in an attempt to raise the gross profit while trimming expenses by cutting labor expense to increase profits. A short time solution that will cause bigger problems in the near future as the loss of Princess seasoned travelers won’t be far behind. Since arriving home, in the past two weeks we have received numerous Princess marketing emails and several pieces of marketing via regular mail. As a result of this cruise, most likely we will not go with Princess any time in the foreseeable future, but instead spend our travel dollars on a River Cruise or a Land tour or perhaps just take a trip somewhere for a couple of weeks for our next several vacations utilizing recommended recent trips of our friends. We recommend to anyone planning a cruise to pass on Princess Cruises and look elsewhere; Princess is nothing like it used to be; now it’s a low grade cruise by comparison to its former self. Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
I've taken 17 cruises and decided to take a longer vacation with my favorite cruise line Princess! Mostly wonderful sunshine and calm seas for the entire trip. Ship moved well through the waters. Visited Hawaii Somoan Apia, PagoPago ... Read More
I've taken 17 cruises and decided to take a longer vacation with my favorite cruise line Princess! Mostly wonderful sunshine and calm seas for the entire trip. Ship moved well through the waters. Visited Hawaii Somoan Apia, PagoPago and Tahiti. Quite the adventure. Was very happy with my cabin as obst ocean view was a glorious view port side. embarkation was effortless since our plane was delayed and a close departure ensued. We selected anytime dining and found our choices of table mates varied as cruisers were from many diversified countries. Food selection was basic food always tastey but not up to Princess as far as Ohed or ahed!! Service quite slow .Everyone friendly and courteous. Felt like home after just a short time. Our ports were mostly tenured and not run efficiently. Time was short so this was important to me. Always found ship clean and tidy. entertainment was every night with new entertainers taken when they could. Cruise director stood in for a wonderful rendition of Fiddler on the Roof !! Cruise enthusiasm was great on such a long voyage until Noravirus appeared. Deflated the spirit. Found 10 sea days not long as everyone found their own space on the ship. The islands are memorable since Naturalist was inspiring and motivating. Quodos to her!! This was a bucket list cruise Glad I shared this adventure with my travelmate and husband. Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
Executive Summary: My wife and I believe that any cruise is a good cruise. However, this being our 23rd Princess cruise we would rank it about number 20. We did the identical itinerary in October 2012 aboard the Sapphire and that is the ... Read More
Executive Summary: My wife and I believe that any cruise is a good cruise. However, this being our 23rd Princess cruise we would rank it about number 20. We did the identical itinerary in October 2012 aboard the Sapphire and that is the ship and cruise that we compare all others to. During this voyage we encountered two unusual problems, a medical emergency requiring a diversion to an unplanned port, Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands which resulted in an additional day at sea and an outbreak of Norovirus which required great effort by the crew to contain the spread of the virus. The Captain and crew did an exceptional job in keeping passengers informed of the progress in solving these problems and the Company and ship provided all the assistance they could in offering facilities and assistance to help passengers alter their onward plans in addition to offering to cover the costs for changing flight arrangements. We found Captain Justin Lawes to be the most visible, approachable and most communicative Captain we have ever had. The weather on this cruise was not as pleasant as that in 2012 but we only had one day in Bora Bora where the heavy rain and low ceiling and rough water resulted in the cancellation of our planned tour. One of the deciding factors in our choice of Princess is the outstanding friendliness and courtesy and efficiency of the cabin and dining staff. They did not disappoint on this cruise. As I have pointed out about other cruises there is no standard as to how or when the spas are available. For us this was a major disappointment on this cruise. We found the deck maintenance below standard and we thought that some of the entertainers were not as capable as those we have seen in the past. Although the cruise did not meet our expectations we will certainly cruise with Princess again. Detailed description: Because we were flying using “points” we were forced to use a circuitous route via Newark. We left Ottawa aboard a United Airlines flight at 0615 on Thursday morning the 16th connecting in New York for onward flight to Los Angles. The Ottawa flight was on time and uneventful but departure from Newark was delayed 1 hour 16 because the Captain was delayed arriving on another flight. To finish off the flight when we arrived in LAX no gate was available so we waited a further 15 minutes on the ramp. The flights were smooth and uneventful. However, flying United in Economy class is not something to look forward to. Finally off the aircraft we proceeded to collect our bags which arrived at the carousel quite quickly. We then proceeded outside to find the Super Shuttle boarding area. We checked in with the agent, using individual online tickets to save $3.00 each rather than $3.00 for a double booking. After about a 20 minute wait our shuttle arrived. Despite having only two other passengers we proceeded directly for San Pedro arriving about one hour later after dropping off two other passengers. Our destination was the Crowne Plaza, a hotel frequently mentioned in Cruise Critic submissions. We had booked this hotel using a Priceline “bid” about eleven months earlier and obtained the room for about 65% off the going online rate ($76/night). We had a very warm, friendly and efficient check-in. We were quite impressed with the room and its amenities. It was large, comfortable, with a big flat-screen TV and in a quiet area overlooking the large and very inviting outdoor pool and spa area. We were disappointed that there was no in-room safe or refrigerator. The HVAC system was noisy but fortunately we were able to leave it off for the night. We were disappointed at the lack of in-room information about nearby points of interest. There is no mention of the USS Iowa battleship memorial moored only three blocks away, nor about the free trolley or the antique streetcar. Pity they aren’t promoting the local area. The next morning we discovered a machine in the lobby that offered electronic info about the area. It’s a little out of the way near the Bell Captain station and only one person can use it at a time. I still prefer pamphlets. The Crowne Plaza offers ½ hourly shuttle service to the port beginning at 10:30 but you can’t pre-book a specific time. We’re told it’s first come first serve without tickets/numbers being given out. We’re visualizing a crowd scene where everyone is trying to squeeze onto the same bus. We’ll see how it goes. We walked up 7th street to Gaffey St., about 5 blocks, and discovered a CVS pharmacy which carried all the supplies we were looking for. Coming from the East it was surprising to find a store that carried BWS. CVS prices were cheaper than the nearby Vista liquors on Caffey St. We went for dinner at the Green Onion Mexican Restaurant across the street on 6th street and Palos Verdes. We were warmly greeted and very impressed with the décor of the restaurant. We were promptly visited by our waiter and soon had some beer and complementary chips and salsa. My wife ordered the chicken tostada with cheese enchilada and black beans and rice ($8.50) while I ordered the shrimp flores ($15.95) which came with a cup of albondigas soup, a hearty, chunky, vegetable and meat ball soup. These dishes were very generous and were outstanding. This turned out to be the best Mexican restaurant experience we have had. The next morning we went to the Grinder restaurant for breakfast. It’s located on S. Harbor Blvd. next to the Sunrise Hotel and in front of the Fishing Industry Memorial. This is an American style restaurant, something like a Denny’s but more intimate, serving all meals and is about three blocks away. Nice atmosphere including patio, good breakfast and excellent and pleasant service. We recommend it. We spent the rest of the day exploring the S.S. Lane Victory, a WW11 naval auxiliary and the Los Angeles Maritime Museum all within walking distance. Late in the afternoon we joined other CC members to do the San Pedro Brewing Company tour and dinner. Good turnout and a nice start to the cruise. We opted instead to have dinner at the Whale & Ale a nearby pub about two blocks west on 7th street. Great choice. Advertized as having the best fish & chips and I wouldn’t argue the point. Great pub full of locals and a pianist to boot. Excellent atmosphere and food. Day One: We took the hotel shuttle at about 10:45, seems the half hour schedule was abandoned, and we were aboard at 12:30. Very efficient check-in, security and boarding made easier as “Elite” category guests. Very nice Elite lounge with complimentary coffee and pastries. Unfortunately, it’s now 5:00 PM and we still don’t have our luggage. Most of our bags arrived promptly but the last one did not appear until after seven. Our departure was delayed a few minutes in order to get all the luggage aboard. We enjoyed cruising past the Iowa and the riverside restaurants during our exit of San Pedro harbour. This port is undergoing a major effort at renewal and revitalization. We’re very pleased with the cabin (B748). It has an oversize balcony for this category of cabin that is totally private with the exception of the ships rear facing cameras, I hope they are rear facing or someone will be getting an eyeful! All is good! We love our cabin and our steward, Sayan, has met all our requests and certainly is on top of things. We went to the Michelangelo dining room for Dinner. We had the good fortune to meet Robert, a Headwaiter we have had in the past. He was able to meet our request for a table for two adjacent to a window (212). Our waiters, Tan and Alona, provided us with the exact service we enjoy. I had the thick cut roast beef which was outstanding. Leaving the dining room we spoke with Robert and made a request for a standing reservation for table 212 for the entire voyage. Following dinner we visited the Wheelhouse bar to take advantage of its 2 for 1 Happy Hour promotion (10 to 11PM). Day Two: We awoke to a cool and heavily overcast day but by 9:30 we have scattered cloud and it is nice and warm. We are getting full sun on our balcony. We have a Carnival ship nearby on our portside sailing a parallel course. We attended an astronomy lecture in the morning given by Dr. Gary Kramer about the death of stars. The Captain made an announcement that late this evening and early tomorrow morning we would be getting into 20 foot swells and 40 knot winds. He advised us to secure things before going to bed. This will be the first time in all our cruising to have such high seas. I’m anxious to see how the ship performs. Rest of day spent wondering around and killing time reading and just chilling out. At 7 PM we attended a performance by Mike Wilson an Impressionist and comedian. Overall not a bad show. When we went to dinner we were very happy to learn that Robert had arranged for us to again have table 212. I think we now have a standing reservation. Had a great dinner again with Tan and Alona our waiters. We joined two other couples after dinner in the Club Fusion to play a game of Majority Rules. Good time then off to our cabin about 11:00 PM. Day Three: A little warmer today (70f) with a hint of sun. Some swell but not near the height predicted nor are the winds very strong. Guess we avoided the depression. Managed to get our deck walk completed this AM. Meeting with the with the Cruise Critic roll call group at 11 AM. Want to meet up with the couples we hope to climb Diamond Head with. Looks like we have four couples planning to do the climb. Afternoon too cool and cloudy for sunning. Day Four: Still cool and overcast this morning. Sea state about 3 to 4 and about a 4 meter swell. Other than a little pitching hardly any ship motion. Despite the notice that the treadmills over the cabins would not open until 9:00 AM all signs were removed when we arrived at 8:50 AM. Very annoyed that 7 of the treadmills were marked as out of service. This and it’s only day four! Sayan had our room made up by 8:30 this morning. Couldn't ask for more from this Steward. Good day generally. We saw an instrumentalist, Craig Richard, for the seven o'clock show then followed with a good dinner back at table 212. Came back to the room and decided to catch the movie at MUTS and enjoy a spa tub. We were nicely settled into the tub when a crewman came along to close it. It was about 10:15 but he stated that all the tubs were supposed to be closed at 9:30. Not a happy camper. Day Five: Partially overcast but warn. Sea state about 2 and mostly sunny. Got our exercise in early. Prepared a letter for the President of the company with copy to the Hotel Manager complaining about the hours of the tubs and poor maintenance of the treadmills. Will be interesting to see if I get a response. Most of the day spent enjoying our balcony. We intend to go to the Elite lounge again for cocktails then catch the seven o’clock show of the comedian Jim Colliton. On this cruise the Elite Lounge is being held in Club Fusion because of the large number of Platinum and Elite guests. Day Six: Woke up this morning to at last see land as we approached our anchorage of Hilo on the big island Hawaii. We hope to get ashore to see some sights and maybe get some supplies. Once ashore we did a little walkabout. Not too impressed but did visit the Pacific Tsunami museum and the discovery museum. Both worthwhile visits. Used the bus to get to and from town at a cost of $1.00 / person each way for seniors. Day Seven: We got up at 6:00 AM to watch the approach into Honolulu. It was very beautiful to see Diamond Head and the very narrow entrance into Pearl Harbour. Plan for today is to climb Diamond Head this morning then hit Waikiki Beach area this afternoon. We met up with three other couples at Explorers lounge at 7: 00 AM to climb Diamond Head. We left the ship about 7:40 and walked out of the port area to catch a bus. We stumbled across a taxi area that they claimed would take us to DH for about $22. Their advantage was that they could get us about a mile closer to the park than a bus. They could not accommodate eight passengers so we decided to take two cabs. Meter actually came up to about $30 per cab plus tip. Happy we took the cab because we got to do the climb before all the tour groups arrived. A challenging climb for those of our age but we found it worthwhile. We walked back to the bus stop in front of the park entrance. We learned that if we walked a little further to the West, in front of the University, there was a stop that offered more frequent service to Waikiki. We got the #19 and got off in Waikiki area and walked all the way to the Ala Moana centre taking a bus from there back to the ship. Back aboard about 2:00 PM and dead tired. We were back aboard for dinner then we enjoyed a great deck party prior to and during departure. This was our second night-time departure and it was wonderful to see the city of Honolulu all lit up as we sailed away to the beat and rhythms of a great band. The entertainment staff really got the passengers involved. Day Eight: This morning finds us in Nawiliwili Bay on the island of Kauai. This is a very small and interesting port. Free shuttles are provided to Hilo Haddies, Wall Mart, K Mart and the two nearby malls. The “tram” shuttle takes you to the mall where Mariachi’s is located. Free wifi is offered at the mall office where you can arrange a longer island tour. A relatively small port area but a very large Marriot hotel and golf complex located nearby. The hotel is on one of the nicest accessible beaches on the island and the beach is accessible to everyone. We did our usual walkabout and found a wonderful Mexican restaurant called Mariachi’s located on an upper level of Harbour Mall complex. This restaurant offered great prices on food and beer and free Wifi. Show your ship ID and get Happy Hour drinks all day long. Didn’t eat too much but the platters that we saw were very appealing. Set sail at 5:00PM. We enjoyed the singing of tonight’s featured performer Sonia Selbie. We finished the night with a hot tub session under the stars but were again asked to vacate at 10:00 PM. Day Nine: This morning we approached our anchorage of Lahaina on the island of Maui. We hope to get ashore to see some sights and maybe get some supplies. Once ashore we did a little walkabout. We were amazed at the number of art galleries and the welcome and information we were given just browsing around. We took the bus to the Whaler’s village complex where we visited the Whaler’s Museum. This museum is dedicated to the whaling industry. This complex is about a 15 minute bus ride form Lahaina on Kaanapali Beach. The Lahaina bus stop is about two blocks in from the beach/dock at the Wharf Cinema Centre. The fare is $2 each way or $4 for an all day pass. Pass holders are given priority boarding so buy an all day pass to avoid the boarding hassle on the return trip. Although small the museum is well worth a visit. Admission is $3 per person or $2 for seniors. There are excellent displays of the life of the whalers, their tools and their ships. Although all exhibits are clearly marked and explained you also have the option of taking a self guided tour and using a handheld device and entering the exhibit number you can hear an explanation in four languages. Take the opportunity to learn about these courageous seamen who usually went out on four year voyages in search of their prey. Upon returning to Lahaina we walked along front street and enjoyed a couple of beers and a Baja fish taco at Captain Jacks. This is a restaurant located upstairs one block from the port and across from the Banyon tree. Happy Hour begins at 2:00 PM and the 16oz beers are $4. The Baja fish taco at $5 was excellent. Sitting by the open air gallery with the pleasant breeze and cold beer was a great way to watch the world go by below. We were back aboard about 3:00 PM. This evening is a busy one for entertainment. At 6:15 in Explorers Lounge we watched Fred Becker & Bobbie, his wife. This was a magic and comedy act that was very entertaining. He got some audience participation but despite having some problems with his “subjects” and a problematical sound system he used these challenges to thoroughly entertain his audience. Highly recommended act. At 7:00 pm we went to the theatre to catch Carl Andrews a “mental comedy” act. This act included some remarkable feats but in my opinion was not as entertaining or polished as the earlier act. Good show none the less. We have our usual dinner at 8:00 PM at table 212. Robert has arranged to have a “special” spicy main course for us. After our appetizer we are presented with a delicious shrimp curry accompanied with rice, papadums and nan bread. The curry is one of the best I have ever enjoyed. After dinner it’s too late for a hot tub, they are still closing at 10:00PM, so we just return to the cabin and enjoy our balcony. Day Ten: Did an early deck walk then breakfast. Day is starting out cloudy sea state about 3 to 4 with occasional light showers. Easy day and really enjoying the rear deck facilities. Looking forward to dinner tonight as we have booked Sabotini’s. Tonight is one of the Formal nights in addition to having the Captain’s cocktail party for Captain’s Circle members. This function was held in the Fusion lounge. We met up with two of the wait staff that have looked after us in the past and we soon had our favourite cocktail in our hands. We left the party to go to Sabotini’s. Wonderful dinner in a beautiful but largely vacant room. Great service and attention from the chef Francisco. We were presented with two additional courses by the Chef. Way too many calories but a great night. Day eleven: Woke up to low overcast and lumpy seas today. Walked the upper deck and had about a 40 mph wind across the bow. Going to an Outlet sale event at 10:00 AM. Bought a light jacket for Louise at half price. Rum tasting at 3:00 PM. Good dinner again back at table 212. Thick cut slab of roast beef. Day Twelve: Morning is sunny and warm. Another two sea days before we arrive in Apia. Still have not seen any sea life although we were told whales were possible. Met today with Mr. Johannes DeVilliers, the DPS, to question the hours of the hot tubs/spas. He de-fused my frustration by stating that he had left a phone message yesterday stating that the aft spa would now close at 11:00 PM. We’re looking forward to testing out that new policy tonight. At 1:00 PM we enjoyed the crossing the equator ceremony where pollywogs become shellbacks. Lots of good sports and fun for all the onlookers. WiFi service is unavailable on the balcony using the new HP two in one tablet although the Nexus seven does get two bars. Enjoyed the magic of Fred & Bobbie again in Explorers followed by an early dinner in our usual section. Excellent Thai cooked red snapper. Quickly came back to cabin to change and go up and use the hot tub on this gorgeous night. Arrived at the tub at 10:05 to find the tub again closed. Not a happy camper. Returned to our cabin, called the Purser’s desk and supposedly talked to the duty officer, Alexa, at 10:32 to complain then onto the balcony for a good shot of rum. Day Thirtheen: Cloudy, overcast with an early morning shower. Wrote a letter to Mr. DeVilliers again. See what transpires this time. This has become one big frustration. Not the voyage we anticipated. Received a call at 1800 hours from Mr. DeVilliers with apologies and statements of mis-communications between departments. Assures me spa will be open tonight and that duty officer will check. Enjoyed Elite lounge again followed by a game of General Knowledge trivia which our team won then good dinner. Arrived at spa at 9:55 and yes it was open. Unfortunately, it was not heated so water temperature was about equal to body temperature. After about five minutes we gave up and returned to room. I returned to spa at 10:50 and met Alexa, the duty officer, and I had her confirm the situation. I am now ready to throw in the towel on this matter. I intend to pursue it with Head Office and postings on the Internet when we return. Day Fourteen: Today we arrived in Apia, Western Samoa at 7:30 AM, earlier than expected because we had a medical emergency aboard and we have been travelling faster than planned in order to transfer these two patients ashore. A large group of local dancers and musicians greeted us with a dockside performance. Nice little town adjacent to the harbour. Shuttle service into town with drop off at the cultural centre was available for $2 US/person. We found a special hotel called Aggie Grey’s about half way round the harbour. This is a very old hotel recently renovated. There is a great deal of history associated with this building. Take time to enter and go to the rear where there is a wonderful garden Terrace. Local beers were 6.50 Tala about US$3.00 for a small bottle and 13 Tala for a large. Well drinks at 12 Tala and water (350ml) 2.50 Tala, just over US$1. During happy hour cocktails are 10 Tala. The preceding statement about Aggie Grey’s is a repeat of comments we made two years ago. Shortly after our visit in 2012 the area was hit by a typhoon and Aggie Grey’s was severally damaged. It is now undergoing a total renovation and addition of a new four story wing. Also new since our last visit is the Catholic cathedral. This is an incredible building to rival many in Europe. Don’t miss the chance to visit. The ceiling is a mastercraft of hand carved wood. There is an incredible painted cupola and beautiful stained glass windows. During our return to the ship we stopped by “The Edge” bar and restaurant. This is a wonderful port side restaurant in a complex of several establishments in this complex. If you arrive by cruise ship it’s an easy walk from the dock, perhaps 400 – 500 yards. The restaurant has a few tables inside but the attraction is to sit on the deck over the water and enjoy the breeze and the small fish below. There are three local Samoan beers on tap as well as a variety of bottles. A mug of local beer is five “Tala” about $2.25US. The symbol for “Tala” is the same as US or Canadian dollars ($) so don’t be deceived. WiFI is available for 20 Tala for 2 hours. We did not purchase this service so can’t comment on the speed. If you use a credit card there is a 3.5% surcharge. We didn't try any food but the restaurant seems popular with the locals and we received a warm welcome. Great place to enjoy the Samoan atmosphere. Of note this is the first bar/restaurant I have been to where there was a plate of free condoms in each of the restrooms. Interesting! Right at dockside the Samoans have set up numerous stalls to sell all the local artifacts and handicrafts. Nearly all you could want was right at hand without having to go to town. We returned about 1:00PM and as we entered the cabin the phone was ringing. Alexa from the Purser’s office wanted to offer a dinner in the Crown Grill and a bottle of wine. I asked about a “hot” tub but she wouldn't commit to that. We returned to “The Edge” for happy hour. We enjoyed 2 draft beers, 2 bottled beers and 2 Mojitos for a total of 26 Tala. Good time enjoying a number of Samoans having a good time after looking after cruise passengers all day. Not much going on this evening. We are going to dine at the Horizon Court for the first time. We set sail for Pago Pago at 7:00PM shortly before sunset. Prior to dinner I went up to the hot tub to check conditions. By coincidence Alexa also appeared. We were both pleased that the tub was “hot”. Delighted! Enjoyed our first dinner in the HC. Great selection of dishes, very friendly staff and we were able to find a relatively quiet corner. Good experience. After dinner we changed and arrived at the tub at 9:50PM. Enjoyed our first evening under the stars and a half moon. Outstanding! Day Fifteen: We’re at the half way point. We've arrived in Pago Pago, American Samoa at 7:00 AM . Day is overcast, some showers and windy. Strong crosswind makes it difficult to tie up. Saturday still as we have again crossed the International Date Line. Beautiful little hurricane hole. Not much here but we didn't do any tours. By turning left out of the port and walking less than 1000 feet there is a wonderful little hotel/restaurant and beach called Sadie’s by the Sea. Great place to stop. Enjoyed $4.00 mugs of beer on their delightful outdoor terrace. Their gift shop had the only decent liquor display so we bought a litre of rum and transferred it to our plastic bottle which we had no trouble boarding. Sadie’s also has their own little beach which you can use for $5 a day. Immediately beyond Sadie’s there is a very active public beach. If you turn right out of the port and walk about ¾ of a mile you will discover Tutuila Store which has a wide selection of fabrics at very reasonable prices. We are supposed to have a musical send off at 5.00PM. Had a wonderful sailaway for this marvellous little harbour. Dined at our usual table. Went up to the tub just before ten. Windy, overcast with a little rain but the tub was hot and we had it to ourselves. Returned to the cabin about 10:30 and had a nightcap on our balcony. Day Sixteen: Early awake again. Overcast with winds about 30 knots. Sea state 4 to 5. We are straight into the wind so we have a wind across the deck of over 50 mph. The Captain advised that he has reduced speed in order to improve passenger comfort so we are now running about 3 hours late for Bora Bora. May make up time tomorrow. . Formal night tonight. Enjoyed another good meal then watched “Want to be a Millionaire” Princess game. Still rainy, windy and closed decks so retired to our balcony about 10:30PM. We’re heading east again so setting time one hour forward tonight. Day Seventeen: Overcast and light chop this morning. Another sea day. Winds have died a little and sun begins to appear about noon. Having a pub lunch, afternoon game, show at seven, Flamico Express and dinner with new friends at eight. Flamenco Express is a duo that performs several dance routines to Flamenco music. Good show. Enjoyed our dinner with Gary and Sheryl from Vancouver. Played a new game where you try to decipher a phrase from a scramble of words. Good fun in the Explorers lounge. Will be in Moorea tomorrow and we’re looking forward to our whale and porpoise watching tour. Day Eighteen: Arrived at the entrance of our anchorage area in Moorea at about 8:30 about one hour late because of the winds during our crossing from Pago Pago. Stayed on ship for the morning but enjoyed the Spinner Dolphin, whale watching tour provided by Dr. Michael Poole. This was conducted in a large roofed boat with a very educational briefing by Dr. Poole of the years of research he has conducted on dolphin and other species. We spotted many dolphin, saw some spins then travelled to a shallow lagoon area where we stopped and were given the opportunity to swim and interact with rays and black tipped sharks. Wonderful experience. This was a tour offered by the ship at $129. Returned to the ship about 4:30PM. Quiet night tonight entertainment wise. We enjoyed our usual dinner then spent 45 minutes in the hot tub with some rain. Good fun none the less. Day Nineteen: Arrived at Bora Bora anchorage about 7:00 AM. Very narrow entrance to a wonderful harbour overlooked by a 2500 foot volcanic peak. Another day of cloud and drizzle. Took a tender about 10:00 to visit port area. Bought a set of black pearl earrings for Louise. Found a little grocery store and replenished some supplies. We have a lagoon tour planned for 1:30 but we have had a series of heavy showers since we returned at about 11:30. Don’t think this will be much fun. Went to the dock for 1:30 and by mutual agreement of the operator and guests the tour was cancelled. We returned to the ship to enjoy our balcony in a misty and cloudy afternoon. Saw an instrument show featuring an Australian banjo player and violinist then followed with dinner and thirty five minutes in the tub under a full moon. The Captain announced earlier that we had extended our stay in Papaeete until 2:00PM Friday. Day Twenty: Arrived in Papeete at about 7:30 to a beautiful sunny day, the first in many days. We are stern in and adjacent to a park and entertainment area. We met Sally, a relative, in late morning and enjoyed lunch and part of the afternoon at her home just outside the city and with a view to nearby Moorea. On our return we stopped in at a nearby brasserie called 3 Brasseurs. We’ve come over 10,000 miles to stumble across the same micro-brewery we have at home. They make at least four house brews. We enjoyed the “Blanche”, white beer (650 XPF about $7). Prices somewhat higher than in Canada. A good place near the harbour to enjoy a brew and people watch. At 7:00 PM we enjoyed a fabulous Tahitian show put on in the theatre by a troupe of about 20 dancers and musicians called “O Tahiti E” folkloric show.. This show was the highlight of our trip so far. After the show we enjoyed dinner followed by a walk through the adjacent park area which was alive with people enjoying the offerings of the many “roulettes” (food trucks) with their wide diversity of offerings. Day Twenty one: Woke up to a delightful day here in Papeete. The Captain advised us late last night that our departure was being delayed until 4:30 today because we are awaiting arrival of a ship from New Zealand with important provisions for us. We will take advantage of the extra time to walk the harbour promenade later this morning. We walked the length of the pedestrian harbour-side walkway to the stadium, about a mile. Construction is in progress to improve this walkway and include a new marina. Project expected to be completed in 2015. On our return we walked on the opposite side and about half way back we discovered the Robert Wan Pearl shop and Pearl Museum, claimed to be the largest pearl museum in the world. The museum is free and was a wonderful discovery. There were displays of ancient pearls, how they were discovered and used. There are displays of royal clothing and headdresses of the past and then displays of current cultivation. This is certainly a place to wander in, discover and learn some history and marvel at the beauty of the various pearls. This was the most spectacular departure we have ever had. The shore was lined with locals all waving us off. The welcome and friendliness of the Tahitians will be a lifelong memory. We caught the seven o’clock show of Michael Minor a ventriloquist and vocalist. He had a good routine using four characters and his singing and impressions were very talented. Tonight we dined at the “Crab Shack” for the first time. This turned out to be a fun and outstanding experience. We had the shrimp and hush puppy appetizer followed by the shrimp and crab legs. This main course was outstanding. Although I finished mine, Louise only completed the legs and took the excellent shrimp for lunch tomorrow. We’re happy we didn't also order the soup. We followed dinner with our usual hot tub. Overall a wonderful evening. Day Twenty Two – We are off on our Pacific crossing of over 3500 nautical miles over better than 7 days. Today dawned cloudy but warm with a few showers about and light seas. The sun came out after noon and it very hot on the balcony. This should be the routine until we get to LA. I won’t report unless there is something of particular interest. Saw two shows tonight, David Aiken “The Checkerboard Guy”, a juggler and comedian and Doug Funk a Toronto improv comedian. Funk had very good audience participation. Both provided very good entertainment. During dinner, about 9:00 we were advised by the Captain that we had a medical emergency and that we were diverting to Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands to transfer the patient. He could not confirm the delay. Day Twenty Three - Hot and sunny southbound. The Captain informed s at about 9:00 AM that we would arrive at Nuku Hiva at about 2:00 PM and that there would be a tender transfer of the patient. We arrived at the port about 2:10 and had retrieved our tender by 2:50 PM. Very slick operation. Advised we are running about a day late and that our new ETA for LA is about 9:00 AM Sunday the 16th. Tonight were catching a show by Ric Steel who highlights the songs of Roy Orbison, Jonny Cash and the Beatles. Good entertainer and we look forward o his performance in the Explorers Lounge later in the week. We follow the show with dinner and a tub. Fabulous evening. Day Twenty Four – Lots doing today. Started off with Remembrance Day service presided over by Captain. Theatre full. Very impressive service. Still no update about our arrival. Have succeeded in changing our hotel reservation in LA but cannot complete flight change on AC site. Have wasted over 1 ½ hours of internet time without results. Keep getting time out or page fault. Have sent message asking my brother to try on my behalf. Shortly after 1200 the Captain announced that ETA was 0900 16 Nov if weather holds. Further promised to update at 1630 regarding travel arrangements. At 1630 Captain announced that patient had been operated on in Papeete and was recovering. Stated that Princess Air passengers were being re-scheduled and others must do own bookings. He stated that free phone and internet would be provided and that claims for additional air charges should be submitted to Princess. Received message from Gerry that our flights were re-booked. We’re elated and celebrating with a glass of wine! Enjoyed another show by Ric Steel followed by dinner. Tried to use the hot tub but it was again closed. Not happy! Day Twenty Five – Woke up to a warm but overcast day. Sea state about 3 and winds less than 20. Last night we again crossed the equator and are making good time for LA going at better than 22 knots. We intend to see Doug Funk, the comedian this evening before dinner in the Crown Grill. There are extensive line-ups at several locations on deck seven where people are trying to change their flight arrangements. Ship has set up different locations for different airlines and each has an open line direct to airline booking centre. No need to make individual calls. Although never very good, since leaving Papeete the Wifi service has been almost non-existent. This persists until we arrive in LA. The Crown's Wifi has been the worst we have ever experienced. Captain advised us today that we have numerous cases of Norovirus aboard and many extra sanitary precautions have been imposed. Spa tub on deck 17 aft remained closed all day and evening for no apparent reason. We went to Crown Grill for dinner at 8:00 PM. Nice quiet atmosphere with very few diners. Good appetizers. Louise ordered Sea Bass & shrimp and I ordered 8 oz filet with lobster tail plus vegetables for main courses. Beautiful, delicious sea bass and perfectly cooked filet. However, lobster tail and all vegetables were barely warm. A disappointing dinner experience overall. Would only go back if we specifically wanted a quiet night. Wish they would offer an upsell to a premium steak in the MDR. We had a much more enjoyable experience at the Crab Shack. Day Twenty Six – Cloudy and windy this morning. Spa tub still closed. Went by the spa about 10:30 to find it open. Later talked to a deck attendant who stated it had been closed because of poor water quality. Closed over 36 hours to adjust quality? There are probably less than 300 gals of water. Why not simply empty and re-start. We’re starting to think about packing. The crew show is on in the theatre this evening. Crew show was a sell out and we enjoyed it. Day Twenty Seven - Cloudy and cool today. Don’t do much. Captain hosted an end of cruise cocktail party at 7:00 PM this evening. We don’t recall ever having one of these before. He gave a speech thanking everyone for their consideration and compassion regarding the deviation in course and congratulated everyone on their efforts to contain the Norovirus. He stated that we were now down to less than 50 cases from a high of over 90. We see Michael Minor again for a very entertaining show followed by dinner. We decide to forgo the spa tonight and visit the Happy Hour in the Wheelhouse Lounge and enjoy some easy listening. Day Twenty Eight - Last day dawns bright and a little cool with smooth seas again. Enjoy an afternoon spa under MUTS then cocktails, a show at seven by Ric Steel which turned out to be the best show of the trip. Finale was a musical number with the CD and all of the stars we have had aboard since Papeete. Followed this with dinner and then retired to the cabin for a nightcap. Day Twenty Nine – We’re alongside by 7:15. We hope to start disembarking by 9:00 and our time off is scheduled for shortly after 11:00. We’ll see how cooperative Customs and CDC are today. Clearance comes early and as disembarkation progresses our time off becomes earlier. We actually disembark about 10:30, speed through the non- US immigration/customs, easily find are bags and are out looking for Super Shuttle within 15 minutes. Perhaps the smoothest dis-embarkation ever. We have a smooth drive to our hotel, the Hilton, after a stop at the airport. Enjoy our stay at the Hilton and a wonderful meal at a nearby Mexican restaurant then the following afternoon we have an uneventful return flight to Ottawa via Air Canada.   Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
We knew there would be a lot of sea days, which was fine. However, the last 8 days from Papette to LA was a little too much. Crown Princess was overall well appointed. Sauna and steam rooms were great, but change facilities were very ... Read More
We knew there would be a lot of sea days, which was fine. However, the last 8 days from Papette to LA was a little too much. Crown Princess was overall well appointed. Sauna and steam rooms were great, but change facilities were very cramped. Gym area was very good but the staff were quite aloof... Happy hour in the Wheelhouse Bar should be extended from 1500 to 1700, as the one hour is not long enough. Good friendly service nonetheless. Music and Dancing.... Mariachis in the Piazza were excellent and afforded some great dancing. Fushion Band in Explorer's Lounge were pretty good and looked like they were still into giving passengers good vibes. On the other hand, The Tritone Duo playing in Club Fusion were just terrible..both in their music and attitude.....and they had the largest dance floor on the ship...hello Mr. Cruise Director... Food... Blah....Princess is really descending with this subject. Includes all venues, other than the specialty restaurants which we did not patronize. Horizon Court, pizzeria services on Deck 15 were great. Those Guys are the hardest workers on board. Also, the international Café , quick and friendly.... Cabin... Great service. Princess needs to change times for setting up ice buckets in cabins. Laundry services ... Excellent Cleanliness... Good, kudos to the cleaning crew... This is a great cruise if you like lots of sea days. Morea, Pago, Bora Bora and Papette are all overrated. Beaches were hard to find and quite puny. You know those brochure pics in travel mags simply aren't real. We met people who have done this cruise 4 and 5 times, but for me...I would not do this cruise again... Internet was quite good considering our location below the equator.. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Crown Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.1
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 4.0 3.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 4.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.4
Service 4.5 4.2
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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