4 Los Angeles to Mexican Riviera Carnival Ecstasy Cruise Reviews

Ahhhhh!!!! Shucks!...It's over and I just wish someone would go to the Gourmet Grocery store down the block at 1AM, buy about 50 of everything and just lay it out for me....so I could pick out 1 or 2 items that would meet my late ... Read More
Ahhhhh!!!! Shucks!...It's over and I just wish someone would go to the Gourmet Grocery store down the block at 1AM, buy about 50 of everything and just lay it out for me....so I could pick out 1 or 2 items that would meet my late night desires to pig out! I just got back from the Carnival Ecstasy 4 Day Baja Cruise. It was my first cruise and having read all the reviews here and on a few other sites, I was expecting a shabby ship, shabby service, and honestly, was skeptical that this would not be the experience that I had hoped for.....ALAS....NOT TRUE. CONSIDERATION AND VERY EXTRA CARE: On our first night at sea, we lay several miles off Catalina Island and in the middle of the night while almost all of the ship was asleep, a passenger had a heart attack! The Captain knew that Medical Air Evac from Catalina Island costs an absolute fortune and opted, on the spot to simply turn the entire ship around and returned to Long Beach Harbour so that this person would be spared the cost and trauma of the EVAC....The passenger was immediately transported via ambulance to a Trauma Center in Long Beach and is now recovering nicely. Carnival didn't have to do this, in fact the return voyage cost thousands of dollars to the company, and the ship certainly had the infirmary capability to sustain this patient until Air Evac was arranged, however, this shows how caring these folks can be in an emergency and I applaud the Captain for this decision. The rest of the ship (except the very few who were awake at 4-5 AM had no knowledge about this incident, until it was announced at the farewell talk on Thursday night. In an emergency, this is how I would like to be treated! CARPETS: (I'd read a lot about them) - All clean and nice, on all decks ROOM SERVICE: - excellent and very fast - The 24 hour free room service was simply wonderful. Coffee each morning on the Larger than reported Balcony on my Suite V-17 Verandah Deck. Beds made each time I returned to my cabin- Turn down service with great little towel Animals, chocolate on the pillows...(AND 4 pillows on the Queen size bed instead of the expected skimpy 2 that I normally see. Baths were spacious and yes, I could reach down to get the soap without bouncing my hind quarters off the shower wall! BOARDING: - We had the VIP skippers club service and were checked in and on board in less than 15 minutes. PHOTOGRAPH SERVICE: The photographers were everywhere and the settings were great. One of my personal gripes about vacations is that when I travel with my wife, we end up with lots of pics of her, or me, and very few together...ECSTASY solved that problem for us....We have an entire album of great couples shots here for our memories....Cost is just a bit high but the quality of the photography is very good (I am also a photographer so I discriminate a lot here). SUITE: Spacious, Clean, and we could easily have slept 4 in our suite! STUFF TO DO: The Carnival Capers magazine was delivered each evening so we could plan the next days activities. Having been to Catalina Island several times before, I was a bit disappointed by my trip to the island and cut it short having seen this and done that before however the other guests did enjoy the tours. Using the Ships Tours was more expensive than if you just go it alone and explore. If I do this trip again, I will just stay on board and have a nice relaxing day on board instead. Loads of stuff for the Kids on board all day and night. MEALS: Well, what can I say. The service staff, waiters and assistants were always at our table, no waiting, moderately priced wines by ship standards, We had Lobster the first night and I asked for 2 dinners as I had heard the portions were a bit small....I couldn't eat 2 courses however....Very good. Filet Mignon, Lobster, Chateaubriand, Beef Wellington, Cocilles St. Jacques, All in all, a very well balanced and fulfilling menu (and I am also a gourmet cook)...Now, I do account for the fact that these folks are cooking for several thousand people so it is not quite up to 5 star standards but it was GREAT just the same. BOOZE: There is a bar on every corner it seems and the Drink of the day was a great buy for my group. I stayed pretty lit up for my entire cruise. DUTY FREE SHOPS: If you like buying high quality stuff like Louis 13th, Johnny Walker Blue Label, Don Julio Tequilla for about 60% off normal US Retail price, this is the place for you! Cigarettes at $20 per carton for the first carton then $15.00 for the next (In Tucson the current cost is at least $36.00/carton.....WOW. Nice selection of jewelry, knick knacks etc. at good prices too. CASINO: I won $460 starting with $50 in chips the first night of the cruise and Lost $100 the 2nd night so I didn't bother to visit the casino for the rest of the cruise....Lots of game choices but tough rules for Blackjack (no surrender) Some of the games are a bit tricky so ask about rules before you sit down if you are going to go for the big money here folks. A nice choice of games and descent slots as well....They seemed generous the first night and tougher on the subsequent nights. SHIP LAYOUT: Very easy to navigate, Elevators to all decks however after shows they are a bit slow. ENTERTAINMENT: We went to the "Vegas Style Shows" 3 out of the 4 nights and were not disappointed. Great booze, pretty girls, fairly good singers, OK Magic, Good comedians...definitely worth the time but arrive 15-25 mins early for front row seating. Bars: kareoke (hilarious), Teen club, Singles events, Disco (really fun).... FAVORITE SUNNING SPOT: I prefer to not hear the Regee Music on the Lido deck by the pool. I preferred the Stern of the ship next to the other pool looking out at the lovely ocean. The Bow observation deck was another great spot, GO up to the Sports deck if you like Star gazing at night...Its about the only dark spot on the ship at night. CRUISE DIRECTOR: Larry was informative and entertaining but he had a way of talking too much, especially at 8AM, and repeating himself that I found annoying on the loud speaker system....He could have waited until 9 or so, as it woke me up on 2 days of the trip (and of course, I had a hangover these days). ENSENADA TOUR: We opted for the La Bufadora and Winery Trip. Bufadora was nice but I could have used another hour of shopping time for those great Cuban Cigars and just to look around. The stop at the winery was Okay with the wine tasting, but not very informative or interesting. If I did this trip in the future, I would see Bufadora and pass on the winery trip....We visited Hussongs Cantina, the oldest structure in Ensenada, and had a FANTASTIC lunch at "Pappas and Beer"....it was really wild upstairs there however the outdoor seating allowed me to enjoy my Monte Cristo cigar and the waiters were funny as can be! My wife and I decided to stagger back to the ship which was about a 10 block walk in 90 degree heat....fun but a taxi might have been a better idea. TOPLESS DECK: Yep, they have one, (adults only) and it is scenic and relaxed. I had heard tales about this being a "Party Boat" but I didn't see anything out of normal descent taste. I think the party reputation is overstated. There were folks on the ship of all ages and lifestyles, adults, teens, kids etc and everyone seemed to have a nice time. TOUR AND SHIP STAFF: Everyone was just great, very helpful and they always had the answers I needed, (except at the pursers info window where I was misdirected several times) SUSHI ANYONE?: Not on Ecstasy however....They do have a "Sushi Bar" that is open from 5:30 till 8:30 but it's all rolls and no sashimi or true sushi at all....I was not pleased with this selection. Very Americanized and little good raw fish at all. My next cruise will definitely be LONGER as we always felt hurried to do this or go to that, and only one day at sea was not enough time to truly enjoy all that the ship had to offer. I will probably do an 8 day or longer next time. So, as a very discriminating first time cruiser, my overall grade of MS Ecstasy is WELL DONE... and I highly advise other first timers to take advantage of this kind of trip with Carnival. ecstasy is a great ship however and I would definitely cruise her again with no concerns. Good Cruising to you all! Paul Olson Read Less
Sail Date September 2004
I picked this short cruise as an early surprise for my mother's 80th birthday. She is unable to travel far by airplane and because she is raising grandchildren (my late sister's) our time was limited. The embarkation was a ... Read More
I picked this short cruise as an early surprise for my mother's 80th birthday. She is unable to travel far by airplane and because she is raising grandchildren (my late sister's) our time was limited. The embarkation was a breeze. I picked her up at LAX early Monday morning and we headed straight for Long Beach. We were at the terminal before the early cruise check-in opened. Once it opened, we did the early check-in and the off to wait until it was time for boarding. The wait, while long, was enjoyable. We talked to many people about our upcoming cruise and I also met with cruise critic pals Dianne and Terri. Once the wedding parties boarded, we were sent on our way. We were in the line for special needs. We were the first ones to board after the wedding parties. By 12:30, we were on the ship. The first thing we did was to check out if our room was ready and it was. We met our room steward, Handoko from Indonesia. Our cabin was decorated to celebrate my mother's birthday. The decorations and the cake were wonderful. The entire cruise was wonderful, enjoyable, and relaxing. We only attended one show (Hey Mambo). Since the last cruise I took my mother on two years ago, I have seen the aging really affecting her. She is not quite as active and she did spend a lot of time in the cabin relaxing. Since we had a room with a balcony, she could lie on the bed and watch the ocean. I think this cruise was the best medicine for her that money could buy. For an enjoyable cruise, she did not have to attend all activities or shows. It was time away from the daily grind and allowing herself to be pampered rather than the one who usually does the pampering. We had both visited the ports of Catalina and Ensenada previously. So, we choose to stay on the ship when it was in port. The ship was quiet and we almost had it all to ourselves. We were on this cruise for the cruise luxury itself, not the ports. The meals were very good, but not as fantastic as my recent (5/30/04) sailing on the Pride. I found myself comparing everything to the Pride. The Ecstasy is a beautiful, older lady. The Pride is a young lady. They really should not be compared. Our service in the dining room was fine. Our waiter and the assistant waiter were efficient with their job. But, they were not very animated or talkative. The Ecstasy has a small sushi bar on the Promenade deck that is open from 5:30- 8:30 each evening. I have never been one to like sushi, but I gave it a try and actually enjoyed it. As I recall, there were only four items to choose from at the sushi bar. Our room steward was fantastic. Every wish was our command. He filled the ice chest twice daily and brought us two Carnival Capers each night to read. I even asked him if it was possible to bring me a lounge chair from the pool area for on our balcony. The balcony is only 30 sq ft. While crowded, having the lounge chair on the balcony was wonderful. I was the only one who could lie in the sun and I did so for hours. My mother has to limit her time in the sun so the lounge chair did not inconvenience her. I spent hours in the sun and came back with a great tan. In each of my three trips on the Ecstasy, I've had a category 11 cabin on the verandah deck with a balcony. For me, the balcony is the only way to go. I enjoy the sun, without the crowd or the noise around the pool. I also like to walk out on the balcony to view the moon and stars at night and the sunrise in the morning. Debarkation was as simple as the embarkation. My mother had an early flight to return to Arizona, so we were in the first group off the ship. By 8:15am, we were in the car and on our way. I love this ship and would recommend her to anyone wishing to take a short cruise. She will be leaving Long Beach in September and after being refurbished, will be sailing out of Galveston. Read Less
Sail Date June 2004
Pre-cruise -------------- We drove the 400 miles to Long Beach the day before our cruise. I couldn't bring myself to "throw caution to the wind and try to get a deal on Priceline" so I reserved a room at the Holiday Inn on ... Read More
Pre-cruise -------------- We drove the 400 miles to Long Beach the day before our cruise. I couldn't bring myself to "throw caution to the wind and try to get a deal on Priceline" so I reserved a room at the Holiday Inn on Atlantic. When I called, they offered a package that included "two king beds, free shuttle to and from the boat, and parking in their underground garage during the cruise." I called back the week before and confirmed our reservation and was told again that our room had two king beds. Then... we arrived and things got interesting fast. After seven hours in the car with my Darling Bride, Debora, and our two daughters, Amelia (6-yrs) and Natalie (3-yrs), I was ready to unload and begin our vacation. But, when I was checking in, the Desk Person told me that they were out of King beds. "But, I was told twice that's what I was getting" "We only have a couple of King rooms, they are assigned on an 'as available' basis." After a couple of moments of having her confirm that yes my reservation specifically said "2-king beds" and trying to explain that I never "asked" for them but was instead "told" multiple times, I asked to speak to a Manager. Now the real fun began. Turns out that EVERY manager was in a meeting and that there was NO way to reach them and that she had no idea where they were (they don't have their meetings in their own hotel) and she had no idea when somebody would be back. Meanwhile, she had no authority to do anything except put us in a room. Our first room had two twin beds. That was not going to work. I'm 6'4" tall. I haven't fit in a twin bed (even alone) since 7th Grade. The second room had one king bed. We had all the extra furniture removed and two roll-away beds brought in. Between the beds and the luggage, there wasn't an square-inch of floor visible. While Deb tried to figure out what we absolutely needed from our suitcases, I kept calling down to see if a Manager had returned. After an hour or so, we headed out to dinner. When we got back, we were told that a Manager had returned, left us a message in our room, and then headed out to get their own dinner. No, they had no idea when they would be back, but probably within another 30 minutes. We went back to our room to discover that there was no message. Over the next hour and a half, we bathed our kids and got them ready for bed. I kept calling every half-hour or so only to finally be told that they didn't actually know when (or even IF) the Manager was coming back but they were leaving lots of notes for them. At 10:00, I finally gave up for the night. The next day, stopped at the front desk on the way to breakfast. There still wasn't a Manager, but the Director of Sales was there. She said she was the "Acting Manager" today. I introduced myself and said "I'm the guy in 401 that you've seen all the notes about." Poor Andrea, she looked shocked and admitted that the previous staff had not left any notes. I told her the whole sad story and she asked me "what would you like us to do?" They have a Hospitality Pledge in the room that says that if you have a problem you should alert the Management... if they can't correct it then that portion of the stay is free. I asked her to honor the pledge and give the me room free for last night. She said "no problem" and started tapping away at the computer. At one point, she said she was having a little problem with the system and asked one of the desk guys to come over and enter a discount on my bill. When he asked her how much and she said 100%, he said "we don't give a 100% discount." She gave him a look that CLEARLY reminded him that one does not tell the Director of Sales what she can and can not give. So, from all this trouble, we got a free hotel stay (we were only there the one night before the cruise), free shuttle and free parking. One last word on the shuttle. I have now learned to ask HOW BIG the shuttle is. They were using a 7-person minivan. Not a good idea since that turns out to be one family at a time. We waited a good hour until it was our turn. Day 1 -- Long Beach ---------------------- We arrived at the Carnival terminal at noon. The "regular" line reached back towards the Queen Mary for an impressive distance. Luckily, we had reserved a suite so we got to use the special Skipper's Club line. At 12:45 they opened the doors to let us in. Unfortunately, they tried to put all us Skippers in one small room with only one reception desk. Right away we saw that this wasn't going to work; there wasn't enough room to form a line so we sort of bunched up in the cramped space and the very first person at the desk couldn't seem to get their paperwork in order. The rest of us slipped back out, zipped through the security check, and went to the regular check in desks. Fast and efficient service and we were off to get a picture taken and board the ship. We were at the door of cabin U75 by 1:30. What a room! We had a balcony suite. It included a walk-in closet, bathroom with a tub/shower, a KING bed, a big vanity, TV, VCR (I don't get this, were we expected to bring videos?), mini-fridge, two chairs, two little tables, and a sectional-style sofa that pulled out into a queen bed. The door to the balcony had a hook so we could latch it open. Out there were two chairs a table and a lounge. This was one POSH cabin. We always had plenty of room for the four of us to be in it together. Deb unpacked our clothes; eight drawers and a walk-in closet with three bars and a bunch of shelves made it easy. And all the empty bags went under the king bed. We also liked the ability to close the closet (it had a sliding door and a light inside). Next stop was the Sapphire Grill on the Lido deck to get some lunch. We also visited the Camp Carnival rooms. Nat and Amelia liked them right away. They were two big rooms at the back of the boat and were loaded with toys, games, and computers. Then we went back to the cabin to try and nap Natalie. Getting comfortable was no problem. There were three airconditioning vents so we could control the temperature with no problems. Also, the curtains were heavy enough to block all the sunlight from the big windows. Nat was tired, but too excited. It took us a good hour to get her down. After that, we realized that there was no way she was going to nap when her sister was around. We got up and read through all the extra information in our cabin while the girls explored the room. We explained the rules for the balcony: nobody stands on a chair, nobody goes out without first asking an adult, and Natalie (the 3yr-old) is NEVER allowed out there alone. Otherwise, the design of the balcony railing was perfectly safe and we didn't feel nervous having them out there at all and they loved the thrill of being out there. We got dressed and headed to our 6:15 dinner seating. Right off we changed tables. The family at our first one was nice, but they only had teen-age daughters and we were hoping for one with kids closer to our's ages. The Maitre'D found us a new table right away. It had three other kids and was perfect. Dinner the first night included lobster. Natalie ordered off the kid's menu each night, but Amelia was a "big kid" and used the adult menu (though she wasn't above stealing some of Nat's chicken nuggets). The lobster was a bit salty. I had the game hen and it was perfect. After dinner they had the Camp Carnival orientation. They introduced the counselors, had us fill out paperwork about each kid and then gave us pagers so they could reach us. They also explained that it was no problem to leave kids in Camp while we were in port; we just had to let them know that we would be off the boat. After the orientation, we followed the staff up to an ice-cream party. By the end of the evening, both kids were eager to try Camp the next day. We went back to our cabin and crashed. Day 2 -- Catalina -------------------- We are bad about getting up early while on vacation. We didn't wake up until after 9:00. We hurried to get ready and caught the tail-end of the breakfast buffet. We grabbed our "going ashore" stuff and headed down the stairs by 10:30. The line looked long for the tenders but we were off the ship by 11:00. It was a cool and overcast day. The girls needed sweaters most of the afternoon. We walked over to Island Rentals (under Holly Hill House) to see about getting a 4-person golf cart. These looked great since all four seats faced forward and they offered free booster-seats (Nat needed one). Just when we got to the line they announced that they had rented their last available cart and directed everyone to their nearest competitors. Everyone scattered. Luckily, while we were deciding which way to go someone returned one, so we got it. They gave us a map and we drove off. We stopped a couple of times along the way to enjoy the view or to look at interesting plants by the side of the road. We also took the detour up to the Botanical Gardens and walked all the way up to the Wrigley Memorial. The girls loved all the different plants and the great view. We returned the cart just before the 2-hour mark and walked around downtown Avalon looking for souvenirs and food. We ate at Luau Larry's in a sort of "cave room" that they had built by enclosing a table inside a fake tree. The kids loved it, the service was great, and the food was excellent. As we headed back to the tender dock, we ran into our dinner-tablemates. Their kids had been swimming all afternoon and playing on the little beach right by the dock. We walked right on to the tender at 3:00 and were back in our room by 3:20. Natalie climbed into bed for a nap and Amelia and I went to explore the ship. We had a very nice carrot cake ($2) from the Rolls Royce bakery, ate some pizza, played on the kids' play structure near the kids' pool, and went up to the track deck where we watched a very short volleyball game; on the second hit, the guy tried too hard, the ball went up high enough for the wind to catch it and push it over the side of the ship. It was fun to stand at the railing and watch it slowly float away. By then it was getting late. Amelia and I went back to our cabin to wake her sister and mother and to get dressed for formal night in the dinning room. My girls all looked great. Normally I would have worn my tux (yes I own one) but we had so many things going on just before leaving that we had to pack in a huge hurry and ended up just throwing anything we could think of in the suitcases. By the time I reached for the tux I already had too much stuff and didn't want to deal with figuring out what to remove so I tossed in a nice shirt and figured that would have to be acceptable enough. Dinner was very good again. The other kids at the table were so tired from their day in Catalina that they all fell asleep in their chairs. After dinner, we took the girls up to Camp Carnival. Deb and I were a bit confused about what to do now that we were without children. First stop was the casino where we lost $10 of our $20 into the slot machines. Then we wandered into the theater just in time for the start of their stage show "Hey, Mambo!" I had a couple of problems with this show. First, most of the songs were sung in Spanish (totally understandable given the theme, but it made it hard for me to "stay engaged"). Second, the male singer was the "whitest" blonde guy I've seen and he looked silly prancing around in huge puffy sleeves while doing some Cuban numbers. Finally, (and this is nobody's fault), I had to look through a curve in the plexiglass railing. Try this experiment at home, take a clear glass of water and hold it up in front of you at arm's length. Now watch somebody walk by while you position the top rim so it's right at their neck. If you do it right, their head will come off and appear to float in the air a couple of feet in front of their body. Now imagine watching a whole stage full of dancers like this. Otherwise, the show was fun and there was a breathtakingly beautiful ballet segment. Afterwards, we went to "rescue" our kids. Turns out they didn't really want to see us. Natalie had made a butterfly and Amelia had done a project where they made "turtles" and raced them. As we signed them out, they both asked when the could come back again. Our cabin steward had left two happy-face cookies for the girls and an elephant towel-animal on their bed. While we were waiting for the girls to fall asleep, Deb took a nice long bath and I discovered that our closet was big enough for me to sit on the floor, close the door, turn on the light, and read without bothering anybody. That evening the waves got to Amelia; she woke up in the middle of the night and was ill in the bathroom. I kept her on a low-dose of Dramamine the rest of the trip and she was fine. Day 3 -- Ensenada ----------------------- Once again, we slept late and caught the end of breakfast on the Lido Deck. We got back to our stateroom just as they were finishing cleaning it up. We grabbed our stuff and got out of their way. Just as we were leaving the girls thanked them for the towel animal. We got off the boat and decided to walk the short distance to the shopping district instead of taking the shuttle bus. We did splurge and take a 30-minute carriage ride once we got there. Deb and I sat in back and both girls got to sit up front with the driver; they loved it. We spent a couple of hours shopping. Nothing major, mostly trinkets for the girls. We started to get hungry and I was fed up with how pushy the street-vendors were so we made our way back to the boat. A quick lunch and it was nap time for Natalie again. Amelia wanted to get to Camp Carnival since they were doing cake decorating. I went up on deck and read for an hour before going back for Amelia. She and I sat by the pool for a while sharing some deserts and talking. When we got back to the cabin, Natalie was very upset that Amelia got to go to Camp Carnival and she didn't. She made us promise that she could go after dinner. I swear, I've never seen my girls eat so quickly. They didn't even want desert. So we took them back and then used the time to do laundry and enjoy our suite. Later, we got the girls, gave them a bath, put them in pajamas and took them back for the slumber party that started at 10:00 and went until 2:00am. Deb and I had a couple of drinks and then watched the, very funny, "adult" comedy show at midnight. When we picked up the girls, Amelia was sound asleep snuggled up in blankets and a pillows they provided but Natalie was still playing and having the time of her life. In our cabin, we found another towel-animal; it was some kind of sea-creature that looked like a cross between a shark and a lobster. The kids loved it because they had used the big beach towels and it covered the king-sized bed. Day 4 -- Day at Sea ---------------------- It was finally time for the boat to start heading home. We all noticed the difference in the ship's motion right away; the North-ward trip results in more motion. But it was still not bad. This morning we didn't even try to get to breakfast. It was almost 11:00 when we woke up so we ordered room service. They came in no time at all. The girls enjoyed the balcony and watched an aircraft carrier for a while. Then (more food) we headed up for lunch. Afterwards, the girls played in the kids' pool for a couple of hours. We ran into our table-mates there, chatted for a while, and just enjoyed the clear hot day. Amelia went to Camp Carnival again and learned all about animal camouflage while I napped Natalie. Deb went to the spa for a massage and some other stuff. She said it would have been nice except for the fact that the massage room in on the top deck and right in the front of the ship. There was too much motion there for her to really relax. We got Amelia back for a little and then both girls went to Camp Carnival for the "end of cruise" activities; they had a dinner for the kids, then they gave them Carnival t-shirts to color, and had a party. They even did face painting on the older kids. Amelia got a great cat-face put on. When we went to pick them up, they were bursting with stuff to show us and tell us. Our great steward finished up the week with yet another towel-animal. We had a monkey hanging from our VCR that evening. We ordered a late-snack from room service while the kids soaked in the tub and we packed our bags and put them out for pick-up. Day 5 -- Long Beach and Post-cruise ----------------------------------------- The early breakfast on the last morning nearly caught us. Deb didn't even try to make it. The girls and I got there as they were taking the food away. We still grabbed enough and made a plate to take back for Deb. Our color (green) was called at 9:30 as we were eating. We wandered back to the room and collected Deb and the rest of our luggage. It took us almost no time to get off the boat, clear Customs, and get our bags. We ended up spending more time waiting for the shuttle back to the hotel to get our car. Somebody took our Sorceror Mickey ball off our car while we were enjoying our cruise. This gave me the "excuse" I needed to take the family to Downtown Disney for lunch and a little shopping. We walked right in to the Rainforest Cafe at noon. They thought they were being nice by putting us right under the Gorilla, but Natalie FREAKED and we asked for a table as far away from creatures as possible. We had a great time and spent a bit of money in the shop afterward. Then we started walking towards World of Disney. We kept getting sucked in to a lot of cool shops. My beloved even found a great spider hat for her Halloween costume and some cool clothes for our "just us" trip to Couples, Negril in Jamaica in December. We finally made it to World of Disney and picked-up some antenna balls (love the pirate one) and even splurged on the big Cinderella Castle. Here's where the Disney "Magic" really showed up. As we were heading back to the car, we stopped at the restrooms. It was so nice to walk in and see a clean facility fully stocked with soap and paper towels. I finished first since both kids insisted they wanted to go in "with Momma." As I sat on the planter benches, I watched some doofus get up from another one and leave a cup behind. No more than 30 seconds later a cast member came by, picked it up, dropped it in one of the EIGHT trash cans I could see from where I was sitting, and even looked inside the can to see if it was getting full. Pristine order was restored. We ended the day by checking into the Radisson Hotel at Knott's Berry Farm (where we would go the next day) and spending the evening visiting with my good friend Val, who I've known since the first day of Kindergarten, and her wonderful family. So to sum it all up: 1. Suites are cool 2. Balconies are a "must have" from now on 3. Camp Carnival gets 4 thumbs-up (two from each kid) 4. The Holiday Inn, Long Beach needs some Manager retraining and a bigger shuttle 5. Deb has the "cruise bug" and hopes the Pride of Aloha turns out well because she want to do a Hawaiian cruise next year. Read Less
Sail Date June 2004
Having read the numerous negative reviews about this ship, I felt I needed to add something positive. Rather than calling it a fun ship, it more properly might be termed a party ship. My wife and I were celebrating our 10th wedding ... Read More
Having read the numerous negative reviews about this ship, I felt I needed to add something positive. Rather than calling it a fun ship, it more properly might be termed a party ship. My wife and I were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, and we found ways to celebrate from one end of the ship to the other. I feel that this is one of the easier ships to find your way about than some of the other ships that I have been on. Dining room service was great, and our cabin steward was all but invisible, but our stateroom was always made up each time we returned. The food in the dining room was wonderful. It was no problem for our waiter if we asked for seconds on our entrees, or even two completely different dinners. Also, we were given a private table so my wife and I could just enjoy each others company. There was always something going on that entertained us even to the wee hours of the morning. A favorite of mine was Karaoke. Just fun people. For us at least, the slot machines in the casino paid off pretty well. The ship was very clean, the only exception being a lot of empty beer cans on the main pool deck. I had read complaints about cigarette smell on the ship, but unless very close to a smoker I did not notice that. Shopping in Ensenada was less high pressure than of the Mexican port we have visited. Also, the merchandise started at lower prices. We went horseback riding in the hills for an hour and a half. I believe that this shore excursion is a Carnival exclusive in Ensenada, and well worth the $55.00 per person cost. Ensenada is a much more Americanized city than the more southerly Mexican Riviera cities that are visited by the cruise lines. I would think for a young married couple without children, or single folks that this is a great cruise value. I would not take my children on this cruise, nothing against the ship or the cruise line, however many of the passengers seemed to not care if their language might be offensive to others. I would not wish to expose my children to this. I probably have other info to share, and would be most happy to respond to any question that you might have about this ship. Thanks, JIM Read Less
Sail Date April 2004
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Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 3.9
Fitness Recreation 3.5 3.7
Family 3.5 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.5 3.7
Enrichment 2.5 3.3
Service 4.5 4.1
Value For Money 5.0 3.8
Rates N/A 4.3

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