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We chose this cruise because of the Galveston departure port as we live in TX. We have two small boys (5 and 8) and this was our "trial" cruise for them to see if they liked cruising. We wanted to keep it simple and not fly ... Read More
We chose this cruise because of the Galveston departure port as we live in TX. We have two small boys (5 and 8) and this was our "trial" cruise for them to see if they liked cruising. We wanted to keep it simple and not fly anywhere. This was our first time on a larger ship. Hubby and I have only ever been on NCL mid-size ships (Jewel, Pearl, Gem) so I had high expectations given what I had heard about the activities available on this particular ship (water slides and splash park). Boarding was easy and we had no issues except for the mediocre welcome. Crew seemed stressed out. No "Welcome aboard!". I found this odd. The atmosphere seemed a bit chaotic and it was very crowded. I felt a bit let down remembering the huge welcomes we had received in prior cruises. Our first disappointment was with our cabins. When I booked this cruise I asked for adjoining rooms because our boys are little. I was booking late (November) so I knew our options would be limited. I was told there were only two options available overlooking the Royal Promenade. I was concerned this would be noisy but the RC agent assured me she would put us in the rooms that were located above a store. The other option was right above the Hoof and Claw pub which would not have been ideal. Well, I guess the agent made a mistake because our cabins were directly above said pub. While our boys were able to get to sleep fine, my husband and I were forced to stay awake every night until at least 12:30 am due to Carlo, the entertainer there for 6 nights in the Hoof and Claw pub. He does 3 to 4 sets each night. When I went to GS the first morning, they told me there was nothing they could do as all cabins were booked. All I got was a mediocre "sorry". We were extremely disappointed to say the least. I was so tired by Wednesday night that I cried from exhaustion. People got very rowdy in this pub every single night. We could hear every single word of every song. I was so sick and tired of hearing American Pie two or three times each night. Even with ear plugs, we could still hear everything. If you want to get to sleep anytime before 12:30 am do not get cabins 6575, 6577, or 6579. In fact, I'd stay away from any room overlooking the Promenade. Second disappointment was the lack of attention to detail concerning our boys' birthdays. Both were celebrating birthdays on different days. Only one was acknowledged with door decorations. The other received a $200 voucher for use at the spa. Really? For a five year old? I had already informed RC twice about their birthdays and ages. I happened to mention to our steward that it was our 8 year old's birthday on his day and I think had I not mentioned anything, the door would not have been decorated at all. This was also very disappointing. Our steward, Reynaldo, was amazing. Very attentive to our needs and always smiling. No problems there. Dining was fine. We only did Windjammer buffet, pizza at Sorrento's, sushi (which is just a cart outside the cupcake shop), and Cafe Promenade. All were great and my boys wolfed down the sushi. I must say Sorrento's staff was sub-par. They seemed understaffed and generally unhappy working there. The tables were dirty and asking for a fork (I had salad) seemed like a huge inconvenience. There was also a funky bad cheese smell. Good pizza though. Cafe Promenade is a great place to grab a snack and coffee. They also have a good selection of teas. Staff was super friendly and nice there. Loved it. The Windjammer buffet could get very crowded. I was surprised at how small it was given the size of this ship. We enjoyed the choices they offered. Service in the morning for water and coffee was a bit slow. Some mornings I had to ask someone to come clean our table and get our beverages. We didn't frequent any of the bars except for getting a glass of wine every evening for our room from Vantages. Great service there, very pleasant. The pools and splash area were a bit disappointing. The water was so cold in the kids splash area that my boys didn't spend any time there. This was supposed to be the highlight for them. Instead they hung around the only pool that was warm enough next to one of the hot tubs. I guess this was the only pool that shared pipes with the adjacent tubs. Too bad because that pool got very crowded while the other was usually empty. Because of the icy waters, none of us were brave enough to try out the bigger water slides. On sea days it was difficult getting lounge chairs but not impossible. We did have a good time despite the above setbacks. We got lots of beach time with excursions in Grand Cayman and Jamaica. Jamaica was better and less crowded as we were the only ship in port. We did not do an excursion in Cozumel. Disembarkation was no problem in Galveston despite having heard otherwise from other cruisers. Overall, the big ship experience was good for our boys. They absolutely loved it. My husband and I prefer the smaller ship experience and likely will book a smaller ship again for our next cruise, probably with NCL. Read Less
Sail Date February 2020
My husband and I were part of a family cruise group of 10. This was his first cruise, and my first in 30 years. Our entire group purchased The Key, and we purchased the Unlimited Drinks package. Embarkation was super easy with The Key. ... Read More
My husband and I were part of a family cruise group of 10. This was his first cruise, and my first in 30 years. Our entire group purchased The Key, and we purchased the Unlimited Drinks package. Embarkation was super easy with The Key. Once we were checked in, we all walked straight on the ship and went to the dining room for our Chops welcome lunch. Our carry-on bags were brought to our rooms for us, which was a huge help since most of our group had garment bags for our formal dresses and sport coats. Luggage was delivered late afternoon before dinner. Our cabin steward, Joe, was very helpful and friendly. He loved to put my husband's sunglasses on the towel animals he made for us each day, which we enjoyed. Throughout our trip, the dining staff were all wonderful! We did the MyTime dining, which was helpful if we wanted to dine at a different time than the regular seating, but we usually dined at 6 each night at the same table in the Main Dining Room. Our waiters Oldrin and Sanjeev were wonderful, and they learned our favorite foods and wines quickly. (Sanjeev even went up to the Promenade to get us cappucinos since their machine was broken, and he surprised us with port wine for dessert on the last night!) The head waiter, Alvaro, took special care for an anniversary dinner on Valentine's Day. We had brought 2 bottles of sparkling wine with us for that night, and he personally served them to us with chilled champagne glasses! We only ate a couple of meals in the Windjammer, which we found to be a zoo with too many people. We spent a lot of time in the Schooner Bar playing trivia during the days, and having fun with the piano player at night. (Jamie was really good, but there were several popular songs that he didn't know.) Shanelle was a fantastic bartender, and she kept the signature lavender daquiris full! The entertainment was all very good. The Up In The Air aerial show was entertaining, the juggler/comedian was hilarious, and Saturday Night Live was also very good (although not particularly family-friendly). The headliner comedian (Steve?) was just OK, but he did make us laugh. The ship itself was HUGE, and it really had everything we could want on it. Since we were all adults, no one in our group used the kids' areas. I can say the adult Solarium was nice, and we enjoyed the hot tubs (plenty of drink waiters here!). We didn't get a chance to do the water slides or mini golf. We spent a couple of afternoons in the Card Room playing a family game of dominoes. If you want to play, I highly recommend bringing your own cards or dominoes; they didn't have Uno cards at all, and the playing card decks were almost always in use. We did 3 shore excursions, none of which were through Royal Caribbean. I will say that we enjoyed all three ports (Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Famouth Jamaica). Debarkation was fine as well. Captain McDonald sped back to Galveston from Jamaica because he was concerned that we'd hit fog, and he was correct! We pulled in 7 hours early, and awoke to very thick fog, but thanks to his planning, there was no delay. The gangway was not functioning properly, so we got off on Deck 1. Again, The Key was a big help. We had a nice breakfast in the MDR and then we were escorted straight off the ship. Our luggage was waiting for us in a designated area, too. Read Less
Sail Date February 2020
This was our 5th cruise, 4 with Carnival (absolutely no issues at all), but our first with Royal Caribbean, huge mistake on our part. I deeply regret that we switched lines! The multiple issues experienced & the extremely poor ... Read More
This was our 5th cruise, 4 with Carnival (absolutely no issues at all), but our first with Royal Caribbean, huge mistake on our part. I deeply regret that we switched lines! The multiple issues experienced & the extremely poor customer service onboard, as well as the follow up after the sailing, is beyond my comprehension. We conveyed our issues while onboard as well as a follow up upon our return. Our list is lengthy, but if you are researching cruises to take, I feel it’s fair for you to know what you can expect from them on & off the ship. If you’re an average middle class household like us, vacations are few & far between. And takes planning time financially. I had no intentions of sharing a public an honest & transparent review of our multiple concerns. As this is something I have never done. But after their response of our experiences onboard, I feel it’s necessary. I don’t want what happened to us to happen to anyone else. *Note: This is in no particular order. 1.) Smell. The odor of our stateroom bathroom was absolutely horrid. To the point that we had to allow the bathroom “air-out” before we could even enter it. EVERY TIME. EVERY SINGLE TIME. The ENTIRE trip. It smelled like backed up sewage stemming directly from the toilet. It was absolutely disgusting. 2.) Cabin Cleanliness. The cleanliness of our cabin was lacking to say the very least. From the moment of our initial walk-in, it looked as though fresh towels & bedding were the only things replaced/attended to prior to us entering the room. The shower? The condition of the shower was disgustingly gross & probably a future health hazard. There was & I’m confident that there still is mold growing in it. Yes. Mold growing in the shower. It just shows the complete lack of effort given to cleaning, prepping & sanitizing before the new passengers board the ship. Another instance, While unpacking our luggage & putting our things up, the shelves in the closet, which we were attempting to put our clothes on had an (extremely obvious) dirty pair of men’s underwear & a single filthy sock...Just sitting on a shelf in the middle, that in no way could have been missed/overlooked. Gross. There was a dried bloody finger streak directly on the closet door opening, proving again that it the room was not properly wiped down, or sanitized thoroughly. A handful of times we had to send plates, silverware & glasses back because of stuck on food & lipstick marks that remained from previous users. That’s just not okay. 3.) Food. The level of quality & lack of options was less than satisfying. The first night in the main dining room my plate had to be sent back because of the extremely visible amount of fat on my meat. The replacement wasn’t much better. So Instead I got to watch my husband & son eat while I watched & got to eat bread. This instance was repeated the third night. But it was my son who experienced it. The options were limited for someone who does not eat seafood. I don’t eat seafood. I get that it’s a cruise. But I highly doubt I’m the only person that does not eat seafood. The food is supposed to be a big part of a vacation! So it was a big disappointment. A few times my husband did ask for two of the same items, he was treated as if the waitstaff are trained to refrain from allowing that. Seemingly frustrated & hesitant for even have asking for such. Because of the lack of food options & the less than stellar quality of food, I was resorted to either pizza or Johnny Rockets. Which the pizza was more times than not completely overcooked/burnt & Johnny Rockets being additional charges. The “sprinkles” ice cream situation was another. There is literally ONE single place to get froyo! It was constantly “out”, closed for “cleaning” or “under maintenance”. And to close it at 9!? There is no one constantly manning the machines. What is the need of closing that early? So they have an outdoor night time movie with late showtimes & you can’t enjoy a desert while you are watching it!? It makes absolutely zero sense. 4.) EVERYTHING closes entirely too early. Both the stores & snack/eateries. We were so shocked to realize that if you don’t access those early, you won’t be getting anything. We wanted chocolate one night around 11ish & couldn’t get any because the only store that carries it, was closed. Late night sweets/snacks are actually a common thing. So not being able to get something so simple while on an actual vacation due to the lack of access was frustrating. 5.) Luggage. My son & husbands luggage made it to the room fairly early the day of embarkation. Which was great. However by 8:30 pm my luggage was still no where to be found. Which was strange since all of our stuff was handed over together. Finally, we asked our steward about it, so he went searching. Came back around nine & told me that he found it & I needed to go to Security on level one because my bag was pulled for a second screening. Again, confusing because my husband & sons made it to the room just fine. So confusingly, we all went to find out why & retrieve it. We got there, asked why, they said it was “pulled for alcohol being detected”. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever. First of all, there wasn’t even a liquid in my bag! NONE. Second of all, we purchased the unlimited drink package weeks prior. What sense would it be for me to smuggle alcohol onboard when I already have access to “unlimited” amounts onboard!? Again, no sense. What really pissed me off was the fact that I reached out to them the week PRIOR from sailing to see if I could bring a few gifts, in my luggage, WRAPPED, for my sons birthday (the whole actual reason for the trip). I was told absolutely. No problem. Wrap away. The gifts were a surprise & this situation completely ruined it for us. Security opened my bag right in front of my son who was with us. The surprise was no longer a surprise & I couldn’t have been more disappointed it was ruined. BTW- the gifts were books, dvd & clothes. NO LIQUID. In the bag. NONE. We were cleared, dropped the luggage at our room & headed for guest services. We were told that standard is “not acceptable“, apologized & were promised it would be looked into as to why the bag was unnecessarily pulled & they would get back to us to with answers. That never happened. 6.) I’m baffled as to why so many of the bars on board were regularly closed. The third day, we literally had to go to 4 separate bars until we found one open. Closed during reasonable “drinking hours”. We had to chase bars down. It became increasingly exhausting as that became the trend. The 5th day we attempted to get a drink at the Schooner bar. Just my husband & I sat. We ordered. We each ordered ONE drink a piece (first drinks of the day for us) & my husband attempted to order a shot with his drink. So one drink each. With one additional shot. Only to be refused because “you can’t order a shot that close to swiping your seapass cards”. Which were ALL ordered TOGETHER. He was shut down immediately upon ordering. He hadn’t even swiped our cards at that time!!! That’s asinine. Guess what!? That wasn’t an isolated event either. NOPE! It was only allowed ONE time. The ENTIRE duration of the cruise. Just one bartender allowed this. After many attempts at multiple bars. What’s the point of having a super expensive “perk”, if you can’t use the thing reasonably. If my account is checked, It will be obvious we weren’t sloppy drunks by any means. It was actually insulting. The coffee wasn’t any better. While I was getting ready for the day, my husband went down to get us our morning coffee. Wanting 2 coffee’s. He had HIS pass & took mine with him to use for our order. Our names match, we share a cabin, we both have the drink package due to the policy, it could easily be verified at the register. Nope. He was refused service. For TWO coffee’s. Not even alcohol! Completely mind-blowing, unreasonable & extremely irritating. Also! I was taken aback when I ordered a Spicy Bloody Mary at the schooner bar. The bar wasn’t very busy, 5-6ish people, with 2 bartenders. While making my drink, the bartender realized that they didn’t have enough of both Tabasco & Worcestershire sauce (important parts of this specific beverage I think). Once realizing they would need more they quickly, half a’sd looked for replacements behind the bar. They didn’t have any back there. So what did they proceed to do about it!? One staffer within ear shot of me turns to the other & literally says “oh well, she won’t notice!” Those EXACT words! Finishes up their version of my spicy Bloody Mary, or lack there of & puts it on a napkin in front of me as if nothing was wrong. What kind of customer service is that!? All they had to do was either tell me the situation (which would’ve been perfectly fine with me), or either call or go yourself to get the replacements. But to treat me like I’m an idiot. And completely unnecessary. 7.) For God knows why, on the 4th, at dinner, in the main dining room, we were approached at the table with my son being serenaded “Happy Birthday”. His birthday was the 8th. So it completely threw us off & embarrased my kid because it wasn’t even his birthday. It was awkward, uncomfortable & easily could have been verified & avoided. 8.) The activities were extremely lacking in substance & quality. The majority of them were “know the answer, write it down, switch with someone” it just wasn’t enjoyable. And highlighters as prizes was a joke (most however were just pats on the back for winning/knowing). My kid turned 13 on this trip. He is extremely well rounded, beyond his years & mature enough to attend things that we deem appropriate for him (he also looks like 17 year old!) When he attempted to play “finish the lyric” in the star lounge, he was again embarrassed because in front of EVERYONE in the room, he was told he could not play due to not being 18. Even though the age limit was never mentioned PRIOR to asking for volunteers. There was ABSOLUTELY no reason to A.) call him out in front of a packed room & B.) not allowing it to be a parents approval/discretion situation. It was a complete elementary game. No reason for such tight restrictions. Not one single cuss word or inappropriate talk/actions in any way was said or done for the duration of it. To also charge for arcade use was disappointing as well. ESPECIALLY, the high costs per game & not getting anything in return. Just an “I won” moment to have with yourself. No tickets won, no point redemptions nothing. That’s just crazy! Oh! And Flow Rider!? That was maddening! It’s not a secret that the lines tend to get lengthy for that. To NOT be made aware that it REQUIRES separate waivers (that you have to go out of your way for) that need to be signed PRIOR to waiting in line only to find out when it’s your turn, you can’t access it without a consent liability waiver signed!? My kid was pissed & defeated. As anyone would be. Not one person said a word to us about that. Not one. That info should be included in the arrival day compass that is made as a focal point that is awaiting on the bed upon the travelers arrival. Ping pong balls should also be monitored & replaced as needed. Having just 2 balls by the end of the trip to chase between two separate tables isn’t easy. Nor enjoyable. 9.) The beds were extremely uncomfortable. We feel like we hardly got any true rest whatsoever. ALL 3 of us woke up every day exhausted & sore. Every day. We still are. And Finally the biggest & most overall disappointing issue.... 10.) Customer Service or lack their of. We hardly saw any (if at all, really) an employee who looked like they truly enjoyed their job. Most didn’t welcome you with a smile, didn’t go out of their way & we were ignored countless times. They advertise dancing by the waitstaff including Johnny Rockets & main dining. Not once did that happen. Twice, just 2 times, in our 7 day cruise did we have a waiter/waitress approach us and Inquire if we wanted/needed a beverage from the bar. Both of those times were on the upper pool deck, floor 11. We never even saw one in the lounges during scheduled activities! Not a single one. We were either forced to do without or interrupt the people around you because you have to go order a drink at the bar yourself. That’s insanity!!! The majority of the ones we did actually see (not interact with, simply by their choice) preferred to hang out along the railings, people watch & twirl their trays like pizza dough. I was truly shocked that so many seemed to simply not give 2 craps that the reason they even have a job there is because of the customers. If it weren’t for the customers, they wouldn’t have one!!! We were also disappointed that literally ONE Evening, just ONE single evening, we went to our cabin after our “turn down” service & had an animal towel. Aren’t those typically supposed to be done at EVERY turn down!? It’s something we always enjoyed & looked forward to on our carnival cruises because each night was a different animal. I thought towel animals are kinda just a universal cruise schtick in general. They do have an activity class on the subject, but it definitely isn’t practiced for customers. It may seem a tad petty, but the little details are important too! This was our first family vacation for the three of us (husband, son & myself) in a few years after losing a son. We were so very excited & so looking forward to going on one. It was beyond desperately needed. Plus my other son was turning 13! It is a milestone bday. We just wanted to make new memories. Just not of this kind. Not what we anticipated. Not what we expected. It was bad. It was just so very bad. We are now just left feeling like we need a vacation from our vacation. And that’s just incredibly sad. I truly hope that this ridiculously long feedback is acknowledged, thoroughly looked into & new implementations are created for some extremely necessary changes that really need to be addressed. If not, reviews such as mine will eventually become your new norm. It’s just absolutely impossible for it not to. This was the generic response from CS: “Hi, Brittani. Thanks for your patience while I was speaking with the ship. We're very sorry for the disappointment you experience onboard and we had the opportunity to bring all of your concerns to the respective manager's attention. It is never our intention to negatively impact your cruise and I apologize that this was your experience. Thank you for your candid feedback as this shows us where we need to focus our attention.” We have no desire to cruise on this line again. And won’t hesitate to make others aware of the experiences endured & severe lack of customer service they provide. Read Less
Sail Date February 2020
I selected this cruise because our first cruise with Royal Caribbean was on Harmony of the Seas and the experience was exceptional. I figured we would give them another try. Liberty of the Seas is an older ship and the cabins definitely ... Read More
I selected this cruise because our first cruise with Royal Caribbean was on Harmony of the Seas and the experience was exceptional. I figured we would give them another try. Liberty of the Seas is an older ship and the cabins definitely show it, from the outdated TV' to the tile work in the bathrooms. Our cabin was 9535, I seleced that cabin because of its location: close the the stairs and elevators and a hop skip and jump to the lido deck pool, hot tubs and food. The location was perfect. The cabin cleanliness and room service was just awful. The carpet in out cabin looked as if it hadn't been vacuumed for weeks, one of the cabinets in our cabin had what appeared to be blood stains on it as well as the carpet. The bathroom smelled of urine and the outlets were disgusting. I ordered room service and my coffee pot was delivered to my stateroom sticky with what appeared to be dried milk or cream on the outside and the coffee cups were dirty and the fruit was bruised as if it was from a previous sailing. The cabin was cleaned as I requested but it should NEVER have been given to a guest in that condition. Nothing Royal about it. The wait staff was A. Number one . The DJ in the night club sucked! Bar staff very nice and friendly. Read Less
Sail Date February 2020
We chose a 7 night Caribbean voyage for our first Royal Caribbean cruise. We had been to the 3 ports many times, but took totally different excursions. The itinerary was fun as usual, but this particular ship was older, outdated, and in ... Read More
We chose a 7 night Caribbean voyage for our first Royal Caribbean cruise. We had been to the 3 ports many times, but took totally different excursions. The itinerary was fun as usual, but this particular ship was older, outdated, and in need of a thorough deep cleaning. The any time dining plan was always crowded and a long wait. We like to keep a flexible evening just in case the day is running long, but on this ship, that cost us lots of lost time waiting in line. We do like to spend a bit of time in the casino, but again on this particular ship, it is a tiny, poorly thought out space with a lot of smoking patrons vying for not nearly enough machines. The entertainment was excellent and varied every evening. The theater served as the stage most nights, but this ship has an ice skating rink with a wonderful show shown a few times during the 7 days. We bought an extra item offered by Royal Caribbean called The Key. It is a combo of wifi for one device and privileges such as early check in on boarding day, special departure at ports of call, special seating in the theater or special events, early departure on deboarding day. The Key also granted free time each day on the rock wall, flowrider(surf board), but we didn't take advantage of those. The Key was well worth the small extra expense. The wifi connection offered on board was excellent. We had no problems at all for the 7 days while on board. The excursion we chose at the Jamaica port was wonderful and I highly recommend it. 1700s Great House and Plantation Tour with Lunch. Very informative tour with a tasty lunch. Our other tour, on Grand Cayman, Pedro St James, Island Drive, and 7 Mile Beach Tour. The first 2/3 of the tour was as advertised, fun, informative, full of Grand Cayman sights. The portion of 7 Mile Beach was a tiny bar area with an incline so steep it was virtually impossible for anyone, but the very youngest to attempt a walk down into the water. The water itself was dead coral, so not a single fish to be seen. A strong current, so not very good swimming either. The changing room offered was a nasty boarded shed where a person could barely find a clean spot to change back into clothes. Don't take the tour for any water activity. Expect to pay the usual tourist trap high prices at the bar also. It was a big dissappointment. We did two "on board" activities we had never done before and enjoyed immensely. All Access Tour. A complete walk through of hidden work places and behind the curtain views of just how this ship is run. Very highly recommended! We learned about everything from how the kitchen runs to how the ship is steered and kept on course. All so educational. I'd love to do it again. The Bottomless Galley Brunch. A wonderful meal served with champagne, after a full kitchen tour. Well worth the small cost of that activity also. Speaking of food, the meals served in the dining room was excellent. The food in the buffet lines were hit and miss. Very typical buffet style. The breakfast food was a repeat every day, but very satisfying. Especially the made to order omelet, then brought straight to your table for you. I miss all of the fresh fruits served in quantity every morning. You definitely will not go hungry. Be sure and find all of the hidden snack and coffee spots on decks besides the restaurants. The Coffee Cafe has included coffee in the back along with all of the cookies and pastries in the display. The Pizza shop on the Promenade deck also has included food items with coffee and tea at the back. I found the staff on the ship a little less outwardly friendly than on other cruises. Polite, but not overly talkative. As I stated before. The ship appears and smells like a ship that was used too long and should have been updated long ago. It is very ready for dry docking. Our room was an ocean view on deck 7 at the very back of the ship. We really liked it back there. Quiet every night and quick to get to the elevator, but always a long wait for any elevator going anywhere on the ship. Much faster to take the stairs and much healthier too, after all the food consumed. There is outdoor movie nights, but the screen was very damaged with digital black boxes showing all over. It was never fixed while we were cruising, so we didn't waste our time with it. Over all, I would rate this cruise right down the middle with about as much bad as good. I have definitely been on better. Carnival has a lot more positive things to offer than this Royal Caribbean. I will be taking a Princess Alaska Land and Sea Tour this summer of 2020, so I will have more to compare with and report for. Read Less
Sail Date January 2020
This was our 2nd time on Liberty. Its convenient to us sailing out of Galveston and is really a great ship. Considering that it is in use 100% of the time since its last dry dock, the ship is in excellent shape. Very clean. The crew ... Read More
This was our 2nd time on Liberty. Its convenient to us sailing out of Galveston and is really a great ship. Considering that it is in use 100% of the time since its last dry dock, the ship is in excellent shape. Very clean. The crew were friendly and attentive - lots of hello's as we walked around. We eat in the main dining room and had great service and food in MTD. We prefer MTD as it is easier to get a table for just my family but we like to eat with the same wait staff so I made reservations for the same time all week. This worked out very well as we were assigned a great team (Gene and Sebastiao). The itinerary is great - Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. Plenty of time in the sun. We had a private tour in Roatan with Rony's tour which was excellent. We booked the RC excusion in Belize for Sharks, Stingrays and Reef snorkeling which was the highlight of the trip. After 2 active days, we taxied to Paradise Beach in Cozumel and had a relaxing beach day. My 13 year old son was able to make friends easily in the teen group and spent most of his time onboard keeping busy with kids his own age. A tip is to make sure your teen attends to meet and greet on the first night. My wife and I were able to relax at the pool, have some drinks and enjoy a week of no stress! Read Less
Sail Date January 2020
Hallways and cabins smell very bad. The smell of foul odors and dirty carpet. Filthy carpet. Elevators falling apart. Extremely outdated cabins. They made our beds and gave us new towels but never changed our sheets. We knew this because ... Read More
Hallways and cabins smell very bad. The smell of foul odors and dirty carpet. Filthy carpet. Elevators falling apart. Extremely outdated cabins. They made our beds and gave us new towels but never changed our sheets. We knew this because there was a stain on one of the pillow covers and we were suspicious so we said nothing and of course that pillowcase stayed on the whole trip. Food availability was very limited causing long lines at either the cafe or pizza joint. Food in the main dinner dining was average. Even employees on the boat were saying the ship was in rough shape. I would not recommend this ship until it is revamped and brought in for an upgrade and dry dock. They state that they are dry docking it in 2021. That is way too long out. I feel bad for anybody booked on this ship now and until it is dry-docked. I don't know if it is Royal just this ship but they will nickel and dime you. The customer relations line on the ship was always full of people. I have never seen that on the other cruises I have been on in the past. Will not go on this ship again until it is dry-docked. Read Less
Sail Date January 2020
Overall we had a great cruise. We are two dads with a 3 year old and 7 month old. Aside from getting several quizzical and confused stares from passengers, we found the other folks on board to be quite pleasant. The most challenging ... Read More
Overall we had a great cruise. We are two dads with a 3 year old and 7 month old. Aside from getting several quizzical and confused stares from passengers, we found the other folks on board to be quite pleasant. The most challenging time (not surprising) was dinner in the MDR. Our waitstaff constantly seemed confused by how to set up our table (booster, high chair, kids menu) and only brought us a kids menu the first night of the cruise. Since dinner took so long and my active 3 year old could not sit still, we took frequent breaks to ride the glass elevators up and down. Another highlight was the nursery. We dropped off our 7 month old every night for a few hours. The staff loved seeing him and we enjoyed getting a break. We had the opposite experience at aquanauts, the 3-5 year old kids club. Our young 4 year old is fully potty trained, but does need reminders to go, which I told the staff at check in. Well, they didn’t remind her and we got a call to pick her up because she had an accident. Another day we had to pick her up because she was sad. Upon picking her up, I was told she had “2 strikes” and 1 more strike would result in her not being allowed back in the nursery. I was livid. I get getting “strikes” for hitting or biting, but for being sad or having an accident... come on. My impression was that the staff was not closely supervising the children. We got a coffee punch card but I was annoyed that a large coffee got you 2 punches. Come on royal- I know you enjoy nickel and diming but seriously. Another thing I appreciated was no announcements were made in the cabin other than the muster drill stuff. Great for sleeping kiddos. Finally, the casino is disgustingly smoky. It’s nearly 2020. Smoking kills. Make the entire ships interior nonsmoking. Please. Now. Port excursions: with little kids we went for beach days- Maya Key in Roatan and Starfish Island in Belize. We found both to be perfect for our little family and our kids loved splashing in the beautiful water. Very easy with small boats to and from the private islands. Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
There were a total of 18 people in our group ranging in age from 4-55 plus. There were various activities for everyone to enjoy. The ship was beautiful and well maintained. I especially loved the promenade. The food in the windjammer was ... Read More
There were a total of 18 people in our group ranging in age from 4-55 plus. There were various activities for everyone to enjoy. The ship was beautiful and well maintained. I especially loved the promenade. The food in the windjammer was average and did not seem to change much, dining room was really good and the pizza at Sorrentos was the best I’ve had at sea! Adventure camp was wonderful- my son couldn’t wait to go there in the evenings. Day activities were numerous with pools, water park, rock climbing, mini golf, ect we couldn’t even get to them all in a week. We also loved the parade and carnival that were held on the promenade. The entire staff was friendly and accommodating. We loved the towel animals in our room after supper. In the air show and ice skating show were exceptional. We will definitely be sailing with Royal Caribbean again!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2019
We chose to do our family cruise out of Galveston because that’s the port my Mom lives closest to. We chose RCCL because my brother wanted to do the FlowRider (!). Ha! And we’ve been on “Liberty” once before, and enjoyed it. ... Read More
We chose to do our family cruise out of Galveston because that’s the port my Mom lives closest to. We chose RCCL because my brother wanted to do the FlowRider (!). Ha! And we’ve been on “Liberty” once before, and enjoyed it. Being a party of 12 people, split up into 3 staterooms, it got a little confusing during the embarkation process. One lady sent some of us one direction, then a different lady sent some of us into a whole different line on the other side of the desks. But we all met back up once we got checked in. The ship is clean and very nice. Not too big - not too small. Our favorite places to hang out & meet up w/family were Cafe Promenade during the day and the Buffet tables in the very back at breakfast. Food was overall very satisfying. Lots of choices for breakfast. I especially liked the fried rice and link sausage. At lunch i would try whatever was at the Jade area, like curry chicken or pork. Yum! —We had late seating at the MDR for dinner at a big table for all 12 of us. The waiters were the BEST thing about going to dinner every night. They were awesome!! The head waiter who was very busy with other tables came by every night to check on us and even brought us special foods that the kitchen had. He offered us a good deal ($) if we wanted to take the “Behind the Scenes” Tour of the kitchen, which included a nice brunch with unlimited mimosas. I will compliment the chefs on their new dark chocolate cookie dessert at dinner. It is similar to Carnival’s Warm chocolate melting cake, just a different texture. I LOVED it!! I had signed up 8 of our party to go to Sabor on a sea day for the Guacamole class / lunch that includes Margaritas. They loved it. Of course the FlowRider was a reason we chose this cruise, so my brother and son spent a lot of time back there. The rest of if enjoyed the water slide (when it was open) with the double tube! Fun stuff! There were lots of fun activities like trivia, guess the tune, and a parade along the Promenade. There was a “fair” with games one day. Go early for a good seat at the ice skating show. It’s great! Overall, a great vacation! Disembarking is very organized. No long lines. Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
To make this easier, I LIKED EVERYTHING ABOUT THE CRUISE EXCEPT THESE FEW PICKY LITTLE THINGS. Everything else was fine. - Times on the water slide and wave rider were very limited. These features are prominent in their promotions, ... Read More
To make this easier, I LIKED EVERYTHING ABOUT THE CRUISE EXCEPT THESE FEW PICKY LITTLE THINGS. Everything else was fine. - Times on the water slide and wave rider were very limited. These features are prominent in their promotions, but closed more hours than they are open. - $7.95 + gratuity charge for most items I would have ordered from room service. Hence, I didn't use room service. - On debarkation day, we had requested a wheelchair for my 93 year old father in law. We were told to come to The Bolero between 9 and 10 am. We came at 9:15 am. It was crowded with LOTS of people who were waiting for wheelchair assistance. After 20 minutes, my father in law decided he would rather walk than wait any longer with no communications from ship staff. He used his walker and walked. We proceeded very slowly off the ship and into the terminal. We passed the elevator and the fellow guarding it just watched us pass. I looked back and saw him wave in a wheelchair. Had we known the elevator was available, we would have stopped and pleaded our case to use it. Father in law never even saw it. We didn't know until we were 50 feet past and I saw him waving in the wheelchair. We ultimately made it down the series of ramps into the terminal building and out onto the street to meet our shuttle, but it would have been much easier if we could have used the elevator. THESE ARE THE THINGS I ESPECIALLY LIKED ON THIS CRUISE: -The free coffee was very good, everywhere we had coffee. - We were always able to find a table in the buffet. This is a BIG DEAL with a party of 6. We almost always eat together on a cruise. Finding a table on most ships is a problem. We especially appreciated this luxury on Liberty of the Seas. Overall, we enjoyed the cruise. Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
How do I start with this the first Royal Caribbean’s Cruise we have been on since a great trip from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale in the Fall of 2007? Fluctuating? Annoying? Pleasant Service? Discount airline-style “nickel dime-ing” ... Read More
How do I start with this the first Royal Caribbean’s Cruise we have been on since a great trip from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale in the Fall of 2007? Fluctuating? Annoying? Pleasant Service? Discount airline-style “nickel dime-ing” one to death? Great Cabin? Decent food? Rude dinning room managers? All of the above. We decided to take this cruise out of Galveston on a whim. Needing to be in Austin on the 10th for a meeting, the schedule was perfect. Having settle on Holland America and Princess Cruise Lines as our go to ships, we were nervous. But, off we went anyway. 1. Boarding: After so many years in the business, one would expect RCL to know how to handle a crowd. They don’t! The processing, carding and boarding was laborious, time wasting and down right irritating. 2. Cabin: Finding our Cabin, 6376, Starboard-side toward the stern, was relatively easy. We were pleasantly surprised by its layout, spaciousness, and balcony. A little threadbare, it no the less was good. Ample storage, drawers and closet. 3. Casino: We went to the Casino on the first night, a major attraction for my Wife. We discovered shortly after arriving at the Cashier Window that RCL and their casino operator had tacked on a 5% add on fee if you utilized your Cruise Card attached to your Credit Card for payment. So, a $100.00 start up limit was actually $95.00 after the operator and RCL took their 5%. Ridiculous. 4. Crowding: Half of the Windjammer Buffet was closed down at night to facilitate a Specialty Restaurant. Really? 5. Atmosphere: Every thing on this Cruise appeared the normal Cruise-related orientation until you reviewed the stupid little things they do. The air conditioning is poorly managed and the thermostat in the Cabin is unresponsive. You take a comforter out from under the bed for additional warmth and the room steward gets upset because “it is for the use of future cruisers.” Again, Really? 6. Service: In the Windjammer Buffet, the busboys are removing yourself dishes and silverware before you have even finished eating. Crazy! 7. Spa: Want to use the Thermal Pools in the Spa. Nope. Don’t have one. All in all, we enjoyed being back at sea. We enjoyed the decent food. And we enjoyed the everyday folks who looked after us. But man, Royal Caribbean, you need to get your customer service act together. And soon. Norwegian, Holland America, Princess and Cunard are leaving you in their dust in the customer service area and one day loyalty to a brand will be important again. Just ask General Electric and General Motors. Read Less
Sail Date November 2019
Port Location, Past Guest Recommendation, Family. I expected penthouse quality and got outhouse. Carpets throughout ship were worse than dirty!!! On board restaurants - very limited. Dining room breakfast service took almost to NOON to ... Read More
Port Location, Past Guest Recommendation, Family. I expected penthouse quality and got outhouse. Carpets throughout ship were worse than dirty!!! On board restaurants - very limited. Dining room breakfast service took almost to NOON to be served. Dining room and buffet opened LATE. Service in Buffet area very lacking. BEST wait staff in early dining - Table 110 - Lazly and Casroy. Over the MOON!! Evening dining was the best experience on the ship. Good quality food served VERY early 5:30! A later timing 6:15 - 6:30 would be better timing for evening service. Room service was available but not offered by ship staff. Do not know if extra cost or timing or what was offered. I would not choose RC again. Princess and Carnival ships and personnel OUTSHINE this ship tremendously. Embarkation was very smooth. Disembarkation was a DRAG and it did not have to be...folks were leaving before 7 A.M. Shore personnel seemed very OLD and RUDE. No vision and no desire to help. Guest services was very good, friendly and GOT IT DONE. Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
Background: We are a family of 4 from Edmonton, Alberta. This was our children's first cruise (they are 10 year old twins). I've been on about 5 other cruises, as a guest, my husband 1 other. We are past crew members (12+ ... Read More
Background: We are a family of 4 from Edmonton, Alberta. This was our children's first cruise (they are 10 year old twins). I've been on about 5 other cruises, as a guest, my husband 1 other. We are past crew members (12+ years ago) so our perspective on the cruise may be a little different than others. We chose this cruise because I had flight credits with an airline and wanted a somewhat lateral cost and the flight from Edmonton to Houston didn't cost us more than the change fee. I picked the Liberty because I wanted a decent price on a larger ship, to some ports I had not yet been to (Roatan and Costa Maya). I took advantage of the kids sail free and a few other promos. With the CAD dollar exchange I still got a great deal on an aft spacious balcony cabin. Hotel: We flew in to Houston Bush airport on the Friday prior to sailing with the intent of relaxing at the hotel the Saturday (we are sabbath keepers so didn't want to travel on the Saturday). I picked the Hampton Inn & Suites Houston-Bush Intercontinental Aprt because I could get a decent corporate rate through my company. The hotel looks like it was recently renovated, but the decor is unfortunate in the rooms (they will regret this in about 5 years lol). It had about everything we could need though, except the AC stopped working the second night and it got really hot, plus I was irritated with the tiny bitty ants that I found in the bathroom. The location is convenient to the hotel (airplanes flying overhead though), and is only a block and a half up the street from a few fast few restaurants (Papa Tony's kitchen is a must try for anyone who doesn't eat pork, all their pizza toppings are pork free... this was heaven to me, as in Canada it's almost impossible to find beef pepperoni!), a liquor store (bottles of wine to bring on board), and convenience stores to pick up something you might need (i needed cold medicine). Despite the good price, and excellent warm chocolate chip cookies upon arriving, I don't think I'd recommend this hotel, unless you're on a budget. Embarkation: Wow what a difference so many years makes. All the "internet of things" with apps and "pre" everything made embarkation a breeze. We were there by 1030, checked in with no line at that point (super efficient!) and had to wait in the holding room for about 30 minutes until we could board. On board by 1115 or so. We decided to give Windjammer a try despite the crowds for lunch. Rooms were ready by 115pm. We even found our luggage in the hallway to be delivered no later than 3pm, before the muster drill! Ship: Liberty is clean, she's been refurbished in some areas, and is a lovely ship. I can't quite figure out why they didn't invest in some of the cheaper upgrades to make the ship seem less tired though. Yes, there are new revenue and fun generating features, but would it be too hard to replace tired/worn looking toilet seats throughout the ship and carpets in the cabins? Or to change the chipped mirrors and leaky shower heads? It's these details that people notice. It didn't affect our level of fun or anything lol, but it was noticeable! The freedom class was released just after I quit ships (I worked the Voyager classes). Navigating the ship was super easy as we were familiar with the layout and it's only slightly different than the smaller ones. For us, though, it was funny to have to take all the passenger ways and not take the crew shortcuts! LOL. Waiting for the elevators was typically annoying. The kids would race up the stairs from 1-10, and wait for us to take the elevator..... The large areas for smoking certainly affected how often I traveled on the Port side of the ship, that's for sure! Cabin: I chose 1700 which is on the fully aft of deck 10. It is spacious like a Junior Suite, but has a support pole in the room that obstructs the view of the tv from one side of the bed ( no biggie, there wasn't anything to watch anyway lol). The balcony is HUGE (enough room for 2 chairs, 2 loungers and 2 tables) with a section sheltered from the sun/wind. This sheltered area was PERFECT for using our towel clips to hang things up to dry. Lots of things. The bed was blissful to sleep in, but I love harder beds. Best nights sleep in a long time! The room is directly under the Windjammer.... but we never heard a thing. The carpets were worn, with some old stains, and pilled. The decor is the old decor from the original take out. It missed the refurbishment, obviously..... Chipped mirror in the bathroom, sticky drawers, a shower head that leaked and sprayed in different directions.... But the stateroom attendant Elizabeth kept everything as clean and tidy as ever. She was great. Oh, the room "cooler" doesn't keep anything cool per se.... It's a bit like using your camping cooler. I don't even think it was a plug in style... Ask for lots of ice and don't expect to keep things cold for long. Otherwise, the room had plenty of storage and the location was quiet, although quite the trek from the front of the ship! Dining: We did the My Time dining. I'm a traditionalist... but the set dining times are much different now than 10 plus years ago. It used to be 6 and 830. Now it's 515 for the early seating. That's just too early. My time dining was okay. We went only 4 nights. The service was really great. Friendly. But the food was often lukewarm, not a whole lot of flavor. We have some dietary restrictions, but the variety offered was good enough that we could navigate it without too much issue. We were not WOWed at all with the food though. The Windjammer had good variety and was plentiful. Food that contained pork was often labeled if it wasn't obvious. Bread items left under the warmer too long tended to be hard in spots. We only ate dinner there once. My kids said the hotdogs were "second to none" LOL. Sometimes it took a few minutes to find a seat on busy days, but we didn't have too much issue. The staff were friendly and helpful. Chops was wonderful. The food was fantastic and even my 10 year old kids loved it! It was special for them. Plus their behaviour was complimented by some other guests it made them feel really good! Giovannis: In all fairness, I didn't read the menu before booking, I just expected that pasta options would be available. And while there were, our dietary restrictions (no pork or any shellfish) prevented us from having much to pick from. The service was great and the dessert was awesome. But we could have saved our money on this option and just gone to the main dining room. Johnny Rockets: This was my biggest disappointment. I love JR. I loved it as a crew member. I was looking forward to bringing my kids, which I did. By the 7.95 charge per table of yesteryear has been replaced by an almost $12 per person charge, with no kids fee. Add in the separate charge for the coveted milkshakes, and I was gobsmacked at the pricing that deters people from using this venue! It was half empty on a sea day lunch! That is an astronomical increase from previous years! Additionally, I was told that my Refreshment package includes the JR milkshakes..... but that's only if you pay the $12 charge to sit down. You can't order to go and it be included! If you want it to go, you have to pay the milkshake charge. Halloween: This was the halloween cruise. We don't celebrate so there wasn't much for us to do that evening as all events and functions seemed to be geared towards that. But the pool deck was deserted! So we had fun there that night. Entertainment: The welcome aboard show was nice. We liked the clean comedy that night. My husband saw the late night comedy with the same guy, and felt that it was less funny, just crude. ENCORE ice show: this was really well done. Pretty high energy and engaging all the way through. Saturday Night Fever: Over the years of working ships, my husband and I have seen LOTS of production shows. Lots! Multiple times. I'm not sure about this direction of using more "Broadway style" plays as choice entertainment now, however. The acting was decent, I guess. The dancing and singing was skilled. But the actual script and story telling.....? BORING. We were not impressed... it was "blah". Headliner: We saw the variety performer from Vegas. This was like a street performer/comedy show. There wasn't much to this, but we LOVED it! We went to the later show, due to meal times, so my kids were too tired to see it, which was unfortunate, but we were thoroughly entertained! Headliner Comedian: It was labeled "family friendly". LOL. well, if a show of endless poop jokes is considered "family friendly".... okay.... My 10 year olds thought it was hilarious... me, not so much LOL In the Air: This was an aerial acrobatic style production show. More musical-based and the visuals were very well done. It was obvious they were using dancers for this, and not people highly skilled in it as the maneuvers were not particularly difficult. There was two parts where they had a latin dancing couple that was amazing! and another duo doing the aerial performance that you know they've been training their lives doing this! We enjoyed this show much more than the SNF. Pool side movies: most of the early ones for kids got bumped for the World Series and other sports.... Adventure Ocean: There was only 398 kids on this cruise. Mine are 10 (almost 11), which would put them in the higher part of Voyagers age group. But because there was so few kids, they combined the Voyagers and the Explorers so they could get the numbers needed to do certain activities. My kids didn't like this, regretfully. (They are at the age where they are super conscious of what they call "baby" stuff). They are too old to be grouped with 6 year olds. They need to have different options for activities when the numbers are low that can be done with the smaller groups. Also, if video games are available for older kids, then they should have this option for the younger groups, if the parents permit. Arcade: I purchased arcade credits prior to the cruise for each of my kids. Once we figured out how to use them, we noticed that very high cost of the games. 2.50-3 bucks a game! For less than 30 seconds of play! I understand that the arcade is a revenue generating attraction, but the arcade was pretty well empty almost the entire cruise. If their per game cost came down to less than a dollar, that place would be really busy! Even my 10 year old thought it was a complete rip off. Pool: Due to the lower kid numbers we never seemed to have an issue finding a pool chair on a sea day. RCCL now employs lifeguards... this is a nice addition! The pool area seemed to always be clean, and never too crowded. I appreciated the life jackets for the kids too. Bar Service: This is one of my more annoyed observations about RCCL in general, not this ship in particular. Ever since the drink packages were implemented, floor coverage for bar service sucks. In days gone by servers used to be hawking drinks all over the place. Now you have to go approach the bar, usually 3 people deep and around people seated there, to ask for a drink (even for a coke refill). After paying for a drink package, they don't seem to want it too convenient to get one, and you can't get one for you and your spouse without both cards. Mixed drinks also tend to be rather weak. I'm not a fan of the drink package option since it's affected the service coverage goals of the bar department. The incentive for service and "sales" isn't there anymore, since they already have your money. I'd rather say "no thank you" to plentiful servers selling drinks than deal with the lack of general service when I actually WANT a drink! Ports: All of our excursions were booked through 3rd party vendors. Roatan, Honduras: we booked the Monkey Snorkeling excursion for $55 pp directly through the Daniel Johnson Monkey and Sloth Park website. Cash paid when we got there. We met our driver directly outside the security gate. Jeff was our driver for the day in a comfortable SUV with air conditioning, in good working order. He took us to the park, with a ton of information about the island. He waited until after our tour and snorkeling was done to take us back. When we got the park, we had another guide have us hold sloths (it was so cute and made my daughter's day!), get in the monkey cages to have them jump all over us, then we got to hold the different parrots! so much fun. After, we were shown to the snorkeling group. They fitted us with good equipment. Other than me, my family doesn't swim, nor have snorkeled. The operators were very helpful and even though my husband and son decided not to snorkel after some false starts, my daughter was game. She couldn't figure out the breathing, so the guide had her hold onto a life ring and just told her to hold her breath and use the mask to look down occasionally. He proceeded to tug her around the entire reef with the group so she could see what I was able to see. I can't recommend these guys enough! The snorkeling was AMAZING. We saw tons of tropical fish, all sorts and colours, a bunch of huge lobsters and even got to hold a white sea urchin! After snorkeling at this spot they offered to take us back or do another spot. We elected to go back, and the others went on to the next spot. Our driver said we had a lot of time so offered to take us to the Chocolate factory, which made my son's visit! Doing this tour provided economy and more variety than other tours out there. I HIGHLY recommend them. Costa Maya: we booked an all inclusive beach break at Barefoot Beach. I would say this was a 50/50 win/loss. The beach was crowded. We got four loungers in the shade. Lunch was included and was nice, along with the free drinks. They provided snorkel gear. There wasn't anything to see, but the calm water allowed my family the chance to learn how to snorkel, which is worth its weight. There is only one shower inside, and the ladies bathrooms have no toilet seats or wash basins to wash hands. There were a LOT of passing vendors. My husband got asked if he wanted to buy cigars no less than 8 times LOL. He still bought some, but also paid an extra $15 duty when the cruise ended. We did purchase some things, to support the community more than anything. Regardless, it was worth the cost and we enjoyed our day. Oh! the Costa Maya port shopping area is huge! Tons of shopping and a bar or something with a pool right in the center. It takes forever to walk from the taxis to the ship, so plan accordingly! Cozumel: I've been to Cozumel so many times. I booked a pass to Chankanaab that included shaded palapa, snorkeling gear, and buffet lunch with drinks. We just had to take a taxi ($12 each way). There were many ships in port, the taxi line up was long in the baking sun. Bring a hat and water! When we got there, we were given a coupon for the lunch and the snorkeling gear. The hut with the gear had decent equipment and even had a guide offered (for tip, no problem) to show us where to snorkel. He tugged my non-swimming floating family around to see the sights now that they knew how to snorkel, and it was great! the fish were everywhere and really used to the people. They would swim right up! we spent a few hours there, had a really nice lunch with a few drinks and enjoyed the day. We were back to the ship by 3pm, enough time for a short nap. Disembarkation: We had a REALLY late flight that day. So we dawdled. We sent down all of our luggage except a few backpacks, the night before. We were out of the room by 730am and went for breakfast in the dining room for our last leisurely meal. Menu ordering only, no buffet. After that we took a last stroll along the deserted pool deck, then slowly made our way to Studio B where we waited until our number was called. Made our way with our group at about 945ish to immigration... Super easy! even for a Canadian. I was like, "that's it?" LOL. My husband had to go to customs to declare the cigars and alcohol he bought... then regretted having bought them. $20 for the cigars, $15 in duty. LOL. beware of that. Would have really appreciated an available excursion/tour that would handle luggage, show us the town, then drop us off at the airport.... but this doesn't seem to be an option anymore, sadly. Lyft: Though this has nothing to do with RCCL or the cruise, transportation from Galveston to the airports (especially Bush) is a topic of conversation. I chose to venture out of my comfort zone and gave Lyft a try, based on recommendations from others on Cruise Critic. From close to the hotel to the port it cost us about 63USD for four of us in a basic lyft. Lyft doesn't state what amount of luggage you can have, and for the first two drivers this wasn't an issue. From the hotel the port on embarkation day, we had a great driver that told us all about Houston, had a clean, new car (SUV) and I had utmost confidence in his driving. When we disembarked, we thought to take a Lyft to the airport and check in our luggage early then venture off to visit a friend. We had a total of 1 large luggage and four carry on size pieces. The pick up at the port was driving a sedan. No problem with the luggage. It was an enjoyable ride, with good conversation, and I felt safe in the car. But our airline Westjet was closed until 3pm (oops) so we could not check in our luggage.... disappointing. Oh well. We decided to call another Lyft and have it take us to one of my husband's friend's places to hang out for a few hours. This driver was a jerk. First, he didn't read/listen to directions on where to pick up (we told him we were on the departures level), so he couldn't find us, then proceeded to imply the correction of pick up locations was "burning more gas". The car was a smallish SUV, and he complained about the amount of luggage (too much, we should have hired an XL at twice the price apparently) but there was more than enough room. And drive was miserable. I was almost sea sick by the end. It was in disrepair, with an engine light on, and did a 45 minute drive on what I could see what less than a quarter tank of gas. And he kept implying I should tip him extra for taking one extra luggage. So! word to the wise.... Lyft can be great! but sometimes you get a jerk. I will be reviewing them later on their site. Overall: We had a great vacation! My kids really liked cruising. We are booked on the Harmony in Dec of next year and hope to enjoy that one even more! I hope this review doesn't sound too pessimistic. I love optimistic cruise reviews when getting hyped up, but I also like to provide constructive, realistic feedback as well. I want this to be helpful in managing expectations to avoid undue disappointment for others. We did not leave disappointed in much that's for sure! Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
This was our fourth Royal Caribbean Cruise and our first on Liberty and the first time sailing out of Galveston. Liberty has a great layout. The sports court, climbing wall, water slides and Flow Rider are in same location of the ship. ... Read More
This was our fourth Royal Caribbean Cruise and our first on Liberty and the first time sailing out of Galveston. Liberty has a great layout. The sports court, climbing wall, water slides and Flow Rider are in same location of the ship. This is where our kids spent a lot of time so it was convenient to have them all together. The pools and hot tubs were nice but very crowded on at sea days. I only spent a little time in the adults only Solarium it was attractive and had great bartenders. The evening shows we went to were okay but not quite the caliber of the bigger RC ships. The ice show was very good. We did enjoy the adults only game show Crazy quest but it is definitely an over 18 show. We did not go to Saturday Night Fever. My younger son really enjoyed the cupcake decorating class. My older son enjoyed the teen zone and the Flowrider the most. The cons of this cruise: the ship is showing a little wear and tear with it’s furnishings and carpet. The Windjammer buffet seemed to have shorter hours than other ships we’ve been on resulting in long lines at Sorento’s the pizza place. This was especially noticeable on port days when hungry people were coming back from the excursions. We did have a great time the Fury Catamaran excursion in Cozumel. The snorkeling was decent and the private beach area was great. All the activities at the beach were included. The drinks soda, margaritas and beer were included. Food was extra but we had the morning excursion time so we didn’t eat anything. The crew was great and made sure everyone was safe and had a good time. In Grand Cayman we went on the Stingray City and Starfish sanctuary excursion. Stingray City was great the stingrays sail right around you and you can feed them if you want. The starfish sanctuary was a disappointment. Not that many starfish and there were a lot of jellyfish so we got back in the boat after a few minutes. It’s also a very long boat ride. I would recommend finding a Stingray City excursion without the Starfish Sanctuary to go on. We stayed on the ship for The Falmouth, Jamaica port day. We’ve been there before and don’t really care for Jamaica. We probably won’t sail out of Galveston again since we can fly to Florida more easily but this is a great port option for Texans and other western states. We did have a disappointing problem with disembarkation. We settled our account early in the morning but then when it was time to get off the ship they said we still owed and wouldn’t let us off. My husband had to go back to customer service and show them our receipts before they would let us off. Read Less
Sail Date October 2019
I had an unexpected grande mal seizure waiting in medical to have a bite looked at. I received top notch and professional care and as an RN myself I can see when teams are organized well. Thanks to all for gokd care and a swift ... Read More
I had an unexpected grande mal seizure waiting in medical to have a bite looked at. I received top notch and professional care and as an RN myself I can see when teams are organized well. Thanks to all for gokd care and a swift transport to hospital. Not how I wanted my first cruise to end but I can say with confidence these folks are ready for medical issues. Thank you. The parts of the cruise I do remember were lovely. Every employee was friendly and helpful and my nurse/physician team were nothing short of excellent. I didnt like walking by all the smokers on the top deck, but as far as complaints go that is all I can think of. We wanted for nothing and were very well cared for. The ice show was fantastic. Thanks to all especially Dr Jorge. I endorse this crew with all I have. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
We love Royal Carribbean ! We love them because their cruise line caters to the older , classier group of people . Not to mention the service is Always fantastic, food is always great, ship is always clean, and the people are always ... Read More
We love Royal Carribbean ! We love them because their cruise line caters to the older , classier group of people . Not to mention the service is Always fantastic, food is always great, ship is always clean, and the people are always Awesome and friendly and there is never a dull moment. This was our first family trip since 2009 and we were actually on the Liberty then as well, the upgrades to the ship since then are pretty cool. We stayed in a grand suite and was a little disappointed that there was no water in our refrigerator, or anything for that matter. We thought being in a suite should at least have water in the refrigerators. It seemed to be an issue every-time we wanted water, or to fill our water bottles. Another thing that bothered us was the dress code standards, if shorts are not allowed in the main dining room for dinner, why do you let people in who are wearing shorts in, Especially cut off or tacky shorts? Our dining staff was superb as usual, we sat at table #428 and Dinesh was our waiter . He was awesome! But at the end of our cruise we saw something that surprised and Impressed us the most, as your headed to that dreaded area where you pick up your luggage ,we saw something that I have to say is a first, we have been on 10 cruises will RCCL and have never seen the cruise ship director ( Jeff ) helping people with their luggage. There he was standing there in his uniform (sweating to death) making sure luggage tags were in place, helping people maneuver their bags through that mess of a line , and just saying goodbye. WOW! These are some of the reasons we Love Royal Caribbean. We were quite impressed to say the least. Now that's dedication and service. It was truly incredible. This is why we always choose RCCL everytime, and why we always encourage our friends , family, and anyone we hear of wanting to cruise to choose them as well. Way to Go RCCL!!!!! The Bell Family Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
A bit of background: DH and I love to cruise. We are 54 and 57--kids are grown and we are pretty low maintenance. We have taken our last few cruises with our granddaughter who loves to cruise, but she started kindergarten this year so ... Read More
A bit of background: DH and I love to cruise. We are 54 and 57--kids are grown and we are pretty low maintenance. We have taken our last few cruises with our granddaughter who loves to cruise, but she started kindergarten this year so couldn't come along--she wasn't happy we left her! Because of our work schedules, this week worked well for us. We have been on many cruises and have sailed Holland America, NCL, RCCL, Costa and Carnival. We have been fairly loyal to Royal and this was our first cruise as Diamond level. We don't particularly care for leaving out of Galveston; as Fort Lauderdale and Miami are much more organized. I thought the service and staff were excellent on this ship. The only downgrade for the cruise was just the cuts they are making across the board to help control costs and feed their bottom line. I appreciate them keeping cruising affordable, but overall I will say that we have had a better impression with NCL the last few years than Royal. That being said, I will go where I can get the most value for my money and what fits in our schedule. We have been to most of the islands so itinerary is not as important to us in the Caribbean. We decided to take a last minute cruise on a comp from the casino. Booked about 6 weeks out. We were in a balcony cabin 7628. Cabin was fine and no complaints. Plenty of room for 2 people. We were on Liberty last November and vowed that we wouldn't sail out of Galveston again since the disembarkation was horrible the last 2 cruises out of there. But, since we live in Kansas we can drive to Galveston and save on airfare so we booked. We originally had thought of going to the Bahamas for a land vacation...glad we didn't as Dorian would have changed our plans! Reminder to everyone to always have insurance just in case! We went to the Diamond Lounge for the first night and never went back. So crowded and not worth the time since you can get drinks at any bar. We ate breakfast every morning in the Windjammer. Food was good, hot and plentiful. We are early risers and so there was never a problem with crowds. We did try and eat 1 dinner in the Windjammer and it really wasn't good at all so we ate all our other dinners in the main dining room. They have really cut back on the menu items over the years! Still plenty of selection and the food was good...not great, but overall good. We had MTD and never waited more than 5 minutes for our table for 2. Bryann and Ryan were our wait staff and they were outstanding! We don't really enjoy the specialty restaurants; we have tried them a few times, but don't really see the value when there are plenty of other options. We went to a couple of the comedy shows which were good. We had already seen the production show and ice show last fall so we didn't repeat them. There were lots of trivia and games available for those who like those activities. We went to the pool a couple of days, but it was pretty crowded. The solarium was not as relaxing as I would have hoped. We hadn't used it before on our last few cruises as we had our GD with us. There were groups and it was rather noisy. I was not a fan of the cruise director, but I don't really care who the cruise director is on board. They don't make or break a cruise for me. We cruise to relax. I enjoy spending time napping and reading. DH likes to wander around and see some of the activities so cruising works well for us! Our only complaint on this cruise was the air conditioning wasn't working well in the casino and even the promenade and theater tended to be on the warm side. I know the casino even went so far as to set up fans to help keep the air circulating. Not pleasant at all! At least it wasn't a problem in our cabin. One of people we went with on an excursion said their air conditioner wasn't working in their cabin very well either. Not good in the Caribbean with all the humidity! Our stops were Cozumel; which we usually love, but decided just to wander around that day and get back on the ship since we had never spent a day on the ship while everyone was in port before. Grand Cayman, where we got off the tender and took a $5 cab ride to 7 mile beach and went to Royal Beach Club. Get there early if you want a chair! Falmouth Jamaica where we booked the walking food tour on found on Trip Adviser. Highly recommend this tour! The last time we waited for an assigned disembarkation time and didn't get off the ship until almost 11am. It was chaos and one of the main reasons we decided we never wanted to sail out of Galveston again. This time we did self assist and were off by 07:45 and in our car by 8:00. So much better! Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
We just did the liberty of the seas galveston 7 day cozumel and other islands overall a great trip other reviews said the ship was not clean wrong she was very clean and we could always get a table at the windjammer buffet. the food was ... Read More
We just did the liberty of the seas galveston 7 day cozumel and other islands overall a great trip other reviews said the ship was not clean wrong she was very clean and we could always get a table at the windjammer buffet. the food was good in the MDr no need for expensive restaurants the pools were heated not like Carnival my only complaint was the hard old bed in our balcony 8303 cabin old stained pads under the mattress hard to sleep the blue hole tour was the best with a stop at the lazy river in a inner tube we booked a private tour and worth the slight extra price other tours had 44 people in a big bus and you were always waiting on the other people I have enjoyed 74 cruises and will be back on RCC AND WOULD CONSIDER THE LIBERTYOF THE SEAS AGAIN WE STAYED AT THE HARBOR HOUSE AND HAD DINNER AT SHRIMP AND STUFF A HORRIBLE RESTAURANT DONT DINE THERE Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
This is our fourth cruise out of Galveston, and the second time on Liberty of the Seas. Overall we had a great time. Some thoughts... Embarkation: The port signing is poorly laid out, and can be confusing. We missed the lane for ... Read More
This is our fourth cruise out of Galveston, and the second time on Liberty of the Seas. Overall we had a great time. Some thoughts... Embarkation: The port signing is poorly laid out, and can be confusing. We missed the lane for dropping off the luggage, so we circled back around a second time. Go early because the traffic gets awful later in the morning. We dropped off the bags, parked over at Lot B, and the shuttle dropped us back at the terminal - about 15 minutes from bag drop to terminal (at 10 am). The line inside the terminal was long but moved along. It was about 45 minutes from walking in to getting past the bag scanner. From there we moved into the check-in room. The line there was much shorter and moved faster (again, early in the day). We moved through, checked in, had our picture taken and headed to the on ramp. Not horrible, but we thought Carnival's embarkation was much smoother. And then we were on the ship! We made our way to the buffet, along with the other 4,000 passengers. As expected, the Windjammer was crowded and busy. Staff were trying to help people find tables, but space was tight and everyone had their carry-on bags. Other than one jerk who thought the world should stop for him, most people were trying to be patient and make their way through. Food was good, we found a table and had lunch and chilled until the room announcement was made. Cabins: We had a balcony and an interior on deck 9. The rooms were clean and ready for us. We unpacked and enjoyed the balcony until muster drill. They really need to have some big fans on deck for muster drill. The deck is so crowded, and the heat was awful and I can see where the older folks might get sick. The cabin steward was in and out every day and kept the towels replaced, the bed made, and the ice bucket full. We had towel animals three nights, which we liked, but we ALWAYS had ice in the bucket which we really really liked. :-) We had pre-ordered one of the Royal Gifts liquor deliveries which arrived promptly on the day after embarkation. The cabins were standard - clean, enough storage, the a/c worked fine, no complaints. MDR: Mixed feelings about the MDR this time. We like to go because it is usually fun to be pampered and waited on. But this time our little family was in the back against the window behind three giant groups of elderly people, probably thirty altogether at three big tables. The sun was blasting through the window and there was some problem that prevented them from lowering the shade so we roasted for the first three nights (once we changed direction we lost the sun and it was better). Our view out the windows was the inflatable lifeboats. A necessary thing to have, but it wasn't like lowering the shades would mess up the view. Because we were jammed back there, it was hard to get to our table, it was hard for the waiters to get in and out to us. We felt bad about squeezing past the old folks, because it was so hard for them to move or let us by. The groups had at least two birthdays every night, and for some reason most of them were named "John." So we sang "Happy Birthday" to John, over and over and over again. It's not RC's fault that these three giant groups of the John club decided to celebrate their birthdays on the cruise, but it would have been a lot better if they had just given them a little more space for their walkers and canes and sat us elsewhere. The waiters were nice, and did their best, but between having to squeeze past the big group and being stretched thin, it was not the level of service we had previously. The head waiter came by and chatted most nights. He was very nice, and I think understood that our location was not optimal. I saw more people really dressed to the nines for formal night than I have ever seen on a Galveston cruise. Usually it's "please don't wear shorts and maybe wear your nice flip flops" and this time there were people in fancy long prom-type dresses and suits, even a couple of tuxedos. We wore suits and church-type clothes and were right in the middle of the pack. MDR Food: Good to very good. Not great, but nothing wrong with it. Typical cruise food - steaks and shrimp and soups and desserts. Some extra vegetarian/vegan options would be nice. The best things we had all week were the crabcakes and calmari appetizers. The fish entrees were consistently good, but very similar - fish with sauce plus starch and veg. The NY strip was consistently good, and one of the best we have had. Nicely seared on the outside and at the right temp every time. Rare was almost purple inside, and med-rare was beautiful and bloody. Delicious. Desserts were good - standouts were the Grand Marnier Souffle and the Creme Brulee. The no-sugar-added desserts were consistently tasty and good. Windjammer: Food good to very good. We really like the layout of the Windjammer as compared to Carnival. There are multiple smaller stations so you don't have to go through the entire line end-to-end to just get one thing. The cookies are always great and we made multiple trips upstairs just for cookies. A nice variety and selection of items, serving trays were kept full and fresh. Plates were cleared quickly and tables kept clean. At peak times staff were pro-active about helping guests find tables - I was approached by one staff member who suggested that I give him my sweater and he would use it to save a table for us. Very much appreciated. Also at peak times - breakfast on port days - they were gently "encouraging" passengers to finish up so that others could eat. When it was full they were holding back a line at the entrance to keep the crowd from being out of hand. The gatekeepers at the door were friendly and cheerful in what has to be a thankless job of "encouraging" / "suggesting" / forcing guests into sanitizing their hands on the way in. Ports: Overall fine, it's the Caribbean - you go for sun and sand and that's what we got. Cozumel - we took a taxi downtown, stopped at Mega for candy and souvenirs and then walked over to the shopping area. (Mega is great for anything you might have forgotten, or cheap snacks or small souvenirs. Flip flops, sunscreen, candy, bottled water, etc. They have a grocery store too if you want to make your own picnic lunch. Prices are in pesos but they will press a button and convert to dollars. The exchange rate they offered was 19/$1, which we though was very good.) Bought some handbags, and the non-shoppers enjoyed a bench in the shade with a book while the shoppers wandered about. Had lunch at a sidewalk place facing the water on Rafael Melgar street and then took a taxi back to the ship. We've gone to Paradise Beach before and loved it, but this time the shoppers won out. :-) We like Cozumel, it's a clean, safe, tourist-friendly stop. Grand Cayman - tendering process was quick. I got in line for tender tickets at 8:30. The line was crazy long but moved really fast. The tendering was not supposed to start until 10:30 so we we not expecting to get off until 11:30 (boat #21) but we were called by 10:40 and were in port by 11. The port area is very chaotic, and outside the fence is worse. The vendors are very aggressive and it was a bit unnerving. We were back inside and agreed to an island tour with one of the companies there. We had a quick trip around to Hell, the rum cake store and the dolphin place (15 minutes at each, plenty of time for the pictures and back on the bus). After that the driver dropped us at Calico Jack's for 1.5 hours and picked us back up. We liked Calico Jack's, had some lunch and drinks and spent time in the pool. One caution - the prices are listed in Cayman Dollars, not US, and the total will include gratuity. So take the menu price times $1.25 and then add 18% to get the total, so that you avoid sticker shock. We got back tot he port about 3:30 and walked straight onto a tender boat and back to the ship. Get there early to avoid the wait. Fallmouth - We took a RC tour - "Green Grotto and Dunn River Falls". Overall, very good. The bus was air conditioned, the hosts were polite but brusque and kept us on the schedule. The guide at the Grotto was terrific! Informative, enthusiastic and very good with the small children in our group. The cave tour was interesting. We would have preferred more history, but he adapted the talk to accommodate the many small children in our group. Dunn River Falls was pretty, but crowded and touristy. The climb up the falls was fun, but there were so many tourists there that it became somewhat of a forced march up in order to keep the line moving. A slower pace with fewer people would have been nice to be able to enjoy the beautiful area more. The port area is new and very nice. Onboard Entertainment: Mixed reviews...The casino is nice, but they really tightened up the slots for the last two sea days. We had a good time and pretty much broke even. The Schooner Bar piano player is nice to listen to but it gets crowded in the evenings. We saw two comedians, both were good. There was also a juggler/comedian which was better than it sounds. We skipped Saturday Night Fever because we saw it last time and didn't really enjoy it. The aerialist show was nice but not great. BUT. The Eagles tribute band was amazing! We really enjoyed it and the crowd was really into it. Daytime entertainment was mostly port shopping talks and port excursion talks. A couple sessions about the history or ecology of the ports would be a nice change. Voom internet worked well and we had good service all over the ship. Ship in general: A pretty ship, clean and well kept. We enjoyed sitting outside the pizza place on the promenade and people-watching. Debarkation - Super smooth and easy. We walked straight through, less than 30 minutes from getting in line in the dining room to walking out of customs. Miles and miles better than Carnival's debarkation nightmare. All in all we had a great time and loved the ship. Definitely will be back. Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
This is my first review on Cruise critic, but I have been on 8 cruises in my life. This is our 7th time with Royal Caribbean and second time on Liberty of the Seas. I am going to try to give you the most detailed and honest review I can. ... Read More
This is my first review on Cruise critic, but I have been on 8 cruises in my life. This is our 7th time with Royal Caribbean and second time on Liberty of the Seas. I am going to try to give you the most detailed and honest review I can. A little background... We are almost Emerald Status (will be after our Feb cruise) and are traveling as a family of 4. My wife, 5 year old son, and almost 2 year old daughter. We book 2 adjoining Ocean View Cabins ever since the kids were born. 1. I am terrified of them being on a balcony and 2. We like to have the extra space and extra bathroom. Embarkation: We live about an hour and 20 mins away in NE Houston. We left the house around 10am and got to the cruise port terminal at 11:20. Due to the young children (strollers) we have to wait in line and drop off our bags to a Porter rather than going immediately to park. Not that big of a deal as this day we were early enough that the traffic and line into the terminal only took about 5 mins. After I dropped off the bags, my wife and kids waited for me at the terminal. I went and parked the car solo in Lot B. It is $85 for the week. I then took a bus back over to the terminal and we all got in line to enter the building. This is where I started to get a little ticked off. We have been Platinum status on the past 2 cruises and were able to cut the giant line to go immediately to security. This is a perk of being Platinum or higher or being booked in any of the suites. Apparently this rule changed about 2 months ago. Now due to the nickel and dime “Key” program you now have to wait in the long line. Took an hour to get to security. Imagine how much fun that was for my 5 year old who had to pee and my 2 year old who can only sit still for so long. I was not happy about this change at all and I wonder where is the loyalty RCCL? Apparently you can just pay for status now. After getting on board, my wife and I immediately go to the nursery and kids club. Reason being, you need to fill out paperwork and get signed up for slots. At the nursery they only accept 4 slots for babies and 4 slots for toddlers (which I think was from 20-36 months). Luckily we were able to get all the time slots we needed since we got there early. (That’s insider info and if you are on our Feb cruise you better save us a slot!) :) Rooms were ready around 1pm ish and we went down to drop off backpacks and start getting ready for dinner. Our Room Steward (Ian Lewis) was phenomenal. Best one I’ve had on any cruise. He grabbed all our bags and had them waiting for us by the door so we could start getting ready for our 5:30pm dinner time. Everyday Ian made sure a bucket of ice was there in the morning and evening. (We drink a lot of water). I recommend bringing a hydro flask or 30oz yeti cup to keep filled on your nightstand at all times. Ian was great with the kids and made them towel animals every night. Our room was always spotless. Much appreciated!!! Main Dining Room: Due to the age of our children we typically don’t do any of the specialty restaurants. (You are welcome, haha) Instead, 1 of the nights that nothing really stands out on the menu my wife and I will order a Filet from Chops in the MDR. It costs $20 each, but is well worth it in my opinion. I have celiac disease and as you can imagine it must be a huge pain to stay Gluten Free on the ship. RCCL is actually really good about identifying GF options in the MDR. They usually can have the chef prepare a particular meal you want in a GF version. Including cheesecake for dessert!! That being said, I still will warn you to be very careful in WindJammer (Buffet). I had a few episodes that I can only conclude must have been from cross contamination. On the first night I told our Assistant and Head waiter of my allergy. Took a few days, but by day 4 they had the GF bread waiting for me at the table every night. Much appreciated! My suggestion (which I’ve done in the past), is let the Matre D know about your allergies on the first night. They will make sure everything is perfect. The AW and HW are always over-worked and stressed with the amount of tables they have. It didn’t used to be this way, but clearly another cost saving tactic by RCCL. MDR food has definitely deteriorated over the year’s and esp since last year. Salad was soggy or didn’t have enough dressing. Food over or under-cooked. These are things that you must have patience for as they are trying to feed 3300+ people. That being said, it seemed like every night we were asking for a new steak, or extra dressing. Kind of disappointing. Overall I would rate the food a 7 out of 10 stars. At least they had escargot for my wife, her favorite! Kids Club: 10 out of 10 stars!!! The reason my wife and I love cruising so much is the kids clubs. We spend the day as a family of 4 at the pool or walking the ports or on excursions. Then after dinner we drop the kids off from 8pm-12am (or somewhere in there). That way my wife and I get 7 date nights in a row!!! Unheard of right! The nursery staff was excellent. They loved our daughter and she loved them. We would get her in her PJ’s and take her up at 8pm. She would typically play for an hour or less and then make it quite clear she was ready for bed. They would either rock her to sleep in her stroller or put her in one of the cribs. We would pick her up by midnight and take her back to the room. She never woke up. It was great! Their cost is $6/hr during the day and $8/hr after 6pm. Well worth it! PS tips are appreciated! My son is in Adventure Ocean, which is 3-5 year olds. They have a Max capacity, but I want to say it’s in the high 20’s-30’s depending on the amount of staff they have at that particular time slot. It was never an issue for us and he loved going there! After 10pm they charge $7 an hour. Always keep them busy with crafts, games, coloring etc. My son couldn’t wait to show us what he made that day. He usually would fall asleep on one of the pads or benches around 10pm, then I would carry him back to the room when we picked him up. PS his normal bed time at home is 7pm, but hey, it’s his vacation too! Windjammer: We would go to the windjammer for Breakfast and lunch just about everyday. Food wise I would give it a 7 out of 10. Lots of options. I liked how now you order an omelette and they deliver it to your table via a number vs the old way of standing around in a huge crowd waiting for your number to be called. That being said, some days it took 15-20 mins to get delivered. Lunch I thought was better than Breakfast food wise. Everyday I would ask for GF bread which they keep behind the counter and make a sandwich and a salad. My wife and kids always had something different and liked the options. Pool: The kids splash park area is awesome. 2’ deep pool with a waterfall, 2 kids water slides, bunch of splash pad type fountains. My son loved it and wanted to be there all day. Here is the problem. Our almost 2 year old... They don’t allow children in water diapers into the main splash pad area or pools, which I get, for sanitary reasons. The thing is she didn’t want to be contained in the VERY small diaper area. She wanted to run and play with her brother. The thing I find annoying about this is kids pee in the pool all the time, so what’s the difference if she pees in her diaper? Maybe it’s just me... Multiple days my wife and I had to take shifts and keep them separated, until she threw a fit and then we would have to take her out of the pool area all together. Usually full blown tantrum. On 2 separate occasions we were able to get her into the nursery around her nap time so we could spend tantrum free time with our son. The lifeguards watch like hawks so good luck trying to sneak your diaper kids into the splash park. That’s all I’m going to say about that... The “big” adult pools are fine and always crowded as expected. We never had an issue finding a couple of lounge chairs, but I did see some people circling for a while. Expect 30 min waits for the bigger slides in the back of the ship and I have no clue about flow rider, but I know it had a long wait too. Drink Package: Highly recommend it. My wife and I RARELY drink at home. I’m talking a glass of wine every 2-3 months. That being said, there is something about being on a cruise ship that makes us want to indulge like college kids at our first Frat party! Haha jk, but we do like to try different things and that’s the beauty of the drink package. If you order a drink you don’t like you pour it out and order something else. We would have at least 1 sometimes 4 drinks at the pool during the day, a pre-dinner cocktail, wine at dinner, post drop off the kids at the club (celebration drink), maybe a drink at the show, and a few after that at various bars. When you add that all up you save a ton of money compared to the $12 per drink they charge you. Here’s the kicker, water bottles (huge)!, High end coffee’s, fresh squeezed juice, sodas. (All included) Even though we rarely drink soda unless it’s mixed in our cocktail, it’s highly worth it to get the package. When I did the math I think it was 5.5 drinks a day. We did that in water bottles alone. If you are on the fence, I recommend getting it when they do their 30% off sale emails they send out every other day. Shows: Apparently same shows as the past 5 years. We rarely go to them since we’ve been there done that, but we always enjoy the “Love and Marriage” show. It was pretty good on this cruise too. Ports: Cozumel: We’ve been here half a dozen times. This was the only port we did an excursion. It was the Deluxe Beach Break at Playa Mia. 9 out of 10 stars. The kids loved the water park (guess what? Water diapers are allowed)!!! We loved the bigger water slides, 10X faster and more fun than the ones on the ship. There is a coarse sand beach to lay out on, snorkeling ($13 to rent the gear), an inflatable water park in the ocean for the bigger kids. They all loved it by the way! Lunch was pretty good, my only gripe was that the “well” alcohol gives me a headache so I only had 1. You can buy the higher shelf stuff for $6 a piece, which I didn’t mind at all. We had a great time and will be going back there again in February. Grand Caymen: We took the kids via tender around 1pm to shore to do some shopping. My 5 year old fell asleep in his stroller on the way over and woke up on the way back, so he never got to actually “see” the island haha. We stuck around for about an hour or 2 and came back. Bought some overpriced plastic crap that will break in a week, but hey the kids were happy! PS this is why we always take 2 umbrella strollers. Even at 5 years old you never know when a kid is gonna be wore out from the sun and need a nap. That way the rest of us can press on! You’re welcome! Falmouth: Did the same as above, walked around and dealt with a 2 year old who threw tantrums when Daddy said “No” at almost every store. They each got 1 thing, I’m not that mean of Father... Piece of advice, stay in the main shopping area that is fenced in. If you make the mistake (Like we did) of going outside of the port area you will quickly become hassled for everything from weed, taxi tours, beggars, you name it we saw it. After 5 mins of realizing we made a big mistake we went back into the gated shopping area. Phew... Disembarkation: Wasn’t bad, but a longer wait than we had experienced in the past. I’d guess about an hour from ship to car. Maybe we just had a bad time slot? Who knows. If you have an early flight definitely do the self help. We don’t have that option as 3 suitcases, 2 strollers, a pack and play, and garment bag would be too much to handle. Oh ya and the kids too! Haha So, we are booked on this ship again in February. Since it’s 100X better than Enchantment and the only good option out of Galveston right now. Don’t even look at Vision. I am hoping some improvements will be made, but my wife and I have figured out what works best for us. Hoping round 3 will be just as smooth and more fun! Hope this review helped. Happy Sailing! Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
Excellent Service, Very Clean Ship, wonderful pool & kids splash area. Our 7 & 9 year olds had a blast! Smooth & fairly quick embarkation from Galveston. We were lucky to have 2 adjoining rooms & really appreciated ... Read More
Excellent Service, Very Clean Ship, wonderful pool & kids splash area. Our 7 & 9 year olds had a blast! Smooth & fairly quick embarkation from Galveston. We were lucky to have 2 adjoining rooms & really appreciated the extra space. We stayed on deck three and had a great experience. We never felt the ship moving—very smooth sailing. The shows were great! We went to see Saturday Night Fever, the ice show & the Air show as a family and all enjoyed them. My husband and I saw a comedy show one night while the kids were in the kids club—it was so much fun. Grand Cayman & Cozumel were awesome! Our kids went to the kids club a few nights but honestly they didn’t love it. They were happy to be able to stay together though, since they were supposed to be in different groups due to their ages (7 & 9) but they let my older daughter move down. Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
I researched everything about this cruise before we left. Hours and hours of research. So, now that we have concluded our cruise (returned today), I wanted to give you all those details and information while it's still fresh in my ... Read More
I researched everything about this cruise before we left. Hours and hours of research. So, now that we have concluded our cruise (returned today), I wanted to give you all those details and information while it's still fresh in my mind. Would I personally go on this cruise again? Absolutely not. Where do I start........ Parking is a little bit of a pain, probably depending on when you arrive. We didn't get there until around noon and the street in front of the cruise terminal was at a crawl. Book your parking early!! I waited and most lots were full. However, we went with the actual Port of Galveston parking (indoor garage) and it was perfect. It was right across the street so we could just walk and didn't have to deal with a shuttle bus. It was $105, and by booking online, you save $5 so it was $100. The line to get onto the ship was long, but moved faster than I thought it would. It took about an hour. Print out your sea pass paper before you go! The line for those without this was much longer. Also make sure you put all your passport info, credit card charging info., etc. into their system BEFORE you go. We got onto the ship at 1:30 and rooms were ready! I'll review the rooms in the other section at the bottom of this review. We headed to the buffet, and it was a crowded mess. Honestly, it drives me crazy how people are so rude. They cut in lines, they stand in the middle, they push, the list could go on. There was no where to sit. It was awful and at this point I was really regretting booking a big ship. Suitcases arrived around 6. We booked the 3 specialty restaurant package. The restaurants were good, but not fabulous. I am a huge foodie and love to cook, so I'm probably much more critical than others. The Italian place was the best, with Chops coming in second. The other nights we did the "My Time" dining and made a reservation. That worked out well and we never had to wait. Dress code: NO ONE CARES (which is very sad)! That's pretty much what we figured out. Some people wore shorts and hats to the dining room and no one said a thing. On formal night, the majority of people did not wear formal clothes, but wore Church type clothes. There are no washers/ dryers to use, as some other ships have. You can have them do your laundry for $35, all you can stuff in a small bag they give you, and they simply wash, dry and fold. Not worth it in my opinion, but in a pinch, it's there. If you try to do laundry in the sink, beware that things take forever (days) to dry because of the humidity. Drink packages.....(My opinion): We had a party of 5 (2 adults, 3 teens). We purchased the refreshment package and it was $26 per day/ per person. Definitely not cheap, but the alcohol package was really pricey with tips added, etc. I would NOT buy this again. The lines to get drinks were long, and it was honestly a pain. Plus, the days you aren't on the ship, you don't use it much. We did use it for some specialty coffees (available in Cafe Promenade). I did use it for fresh squeezed OJ some mornings, but everyone else in the family thought it tasted weird. It was quite sweet, and not what I expected. (Fresh OJ is available in Windjammer at a little station). We used it for some virgin drinks and sodas. But overall, we would have been better off just paying for each drink as we wanted one. Even sodas were a pain to get because you had to go to a bar and wait behind the lines of people getting alcoholic drinks made. Food: Just OK. We've been spoiled with other cruise lines where the food was really good...(Regent Seven Seas, Celebrity, (even NCL was way better). It wasn't bad, it was just OK. No other way to really describe it. Sorrento's pizza was probably the best and we all loved getting pizza late at night. Shows: They were pretty good. The comedy shows were probably the best and also the most crowded. You don't need tickets or anything to any of their shows. Just show up about 15 min. early and grab a seat. The ice skating rink was really small, so our kids had no desire to skate. It would be best for little kids. Slides: Our teenagers said they were so slow and stopped mid slide. They did not try the one with the raft type thing because the lines were insane. Speaking of lines and crowds, they were AWFUL everywhere. There were also many times when we were bored on the ship. Pool is tiny. Lounge chairs go quickly so I just got up early each day and enjoyed my coffee out near the pool. It was calm and peaceful then, which I loved. Bring towel clips because it gets windy. WIFI was HORRIBLE! We purchased it for all of us and it seemed to always have issues. It was down for more than 24 hours one of the days. The other days, it was so slow and would only work on certain areas of the ship. For example, it would not work inside rooms or on balconies. The ship is old and showing it's age. They do a good job keeping it clean and for the most part, the employees seemed happy. I felt like everything was an "extra" charge, and in the end, this trip was more than double what I thought it would be. Disembarking: GOOD! We had an early flight from Bush. We knew we took a risk booking that early, and then Delta changed their flight schedule and made it even earlier. Our flight ended up being at 10:50, so we needed to get off ASAP. We carried off our own luggage. We went to the theater room at 7:15. Around 7:35 we were able to start walking out. Since we parked across the street, we were in our car and on the road at 7:50. It worked out perfectly. Read Less
Sail Date August 2019
We wanted to take our grandson age 11 on this ship as it had impressed us as a family ship on our two previous cruises on it in 2017 and 2018. However, the ship was overcrowded in my opinion and services were not up to par with our ... Read More
We wanted to take our grandson age 11 on this ship as it had impressed us as a family ship on our two previous cruises on it in 2017 and 2018. However, the ship was overcrowded in my opinion and services were not up to par with our previous cruises on LOS. Our grandson had a wonderful time. But my husband and I and daughter/son-in-law felt that there was not enough for adults to do in the daytime. How about adding a cultural/historical presentation (not a shopping presentation) concerning the cultural history of Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica? Also, I am a swimmer and on this trip found the adult pool disgusting with the odor of urine and spilled drinks. Plus, the life guards did little to discourage a provocative dance between two obviously drunk individuals. I tried the pool on three different occasions and times, but was disappointed each time. Our room steward was outstanding and catered to our every need and especially helped with our grandson who stayed with us in our junior suite. Food in the dining room was a disappointment this trip. My steak on the last night was very grizzly and tasteless, for instance. Also, we were asked by the waiters repeatedly to rate the Dining Room service a 10 - Very unprofessional!! Entertainment was also not up to par with our previous trips. Our family enjoyed the production ice show very much and our grandson was able to skate one evening. However, the public skating was only offered very early in the cruise and not again. The live band on LOS had been outstanding in the past so we were disappointed that they were pretty non-existent this time except in some of the lounges. We did enjoy the aerial show immensely, however. But we feel it is time to replace the Saturday Night show with another featured production. In addition, there were very few drink servers in the show areas (as compared to our other times on this ship). Our family excursion to Stingray City in Grand Cayman was a highlight of the trip. This was a ship shore excursion and the boat operator was very concerned about our safety at all times. He very carefully showed us how to feed a mama sting ray and how to hold her underwater so she would feel comfortable. (I fed and then later held her - what a hoot)! In addition, the tour operator provided additional information about the island and the sting ray population -excellent tour! Our grandson's dolphin adventure with his mom and dad in Cozumel was a hit, but they complained about the photographer who followed them around and then wanted $40 for a picture of the grandson with a dolphin. In Jamaica they also explored the recently added Adventure Park (ziplining, tubing, swimming pool) at Good Hope Estate while my husband and I toured the 1700's sugar plantation and ate a scrumptious Jamaican lunch near the pool area. We had toured the plantation and surrounding area several years ago and found that the tour guide really makes a difference in the enjoyment of this excursion. Our tour guide on this trip was much more upfront about mentioning the slave trafficking during the 18th century and was open to our tour group's many questions about the plantation and the surrounding area. This is a must tour if you are in Falmouth and want to learn about the history and culture of the area. Although I was disappointed with some aspects of this cruise, it provided a wonderful chance for us to relax with our family, plus our grandson was well entertained by Kid's Club and all the water features on board. Hopefully, the addition of a new pier (2021?) in Galveston will convince Royal Caribbean to add a newer ship to the area and will provide some additional itineraries! Read Less
Sail Date June 2019
We’ve sailed four times with Royal Caribbean, but always on older, smaller ships — Grandeur of The Seas, Enchantment of the Seas and Majesty of The Seas — and were itching for a chance to try larger ships. This summer, we opted for a ... Read More
We’ve sailed four times with Royal Caribbean, but always on older, smaller ships — Grandeur of The Seas, Enchantment of the Seas and Majesty of The Seas — and were itching for a chance to try larger ships. This summer, we opted for a cruise on Liberty to celebrate the high school graduation of our son and daughter. Later in the summer, we will be on Anthem of the Seas for a just the two of us cruise, to get the company’s more current take on a similar-sized ship. If you haven’t been on the bigger ships in RCI’s stable, Liberty is, well, big and yet, oddly familiar. Many of the classic styling cues from the last three decades are everywhere on the ship, so it's both familiar and new. One thing that was clearly new — and I’ll have a lot more to say about it down below — is The Key, RCI’s new program to give Suite-like perks to us mere mortal cruisers. One thing not new, based on reading here and elsewhere: Liberty of the Seas has a main dining room management issue, which I’ll also address below. General impressions of the ship: well cared for, but not quite as well as we’ve seen with other RCI “vintage” ships. Obviously, it’s a big ship and it gets hard use, but there are a lot of small details that seem to be overlooked in terms of maintenance — the hallway carpets in the cabin areas were so worn, as an example, to look like they were wet or stained in the high traffic areas. A small detail, to be sure, but one that is telling. As the Freedom-class Liberty has been in service for more than a decade, I won’t belabor the layout and facilities — most of which are excellent — or the elevator placement (just two banks on either side of the ship, which leads to a lot of crowding at certain times). It’s a nice ship with a lot to do — we didn’t even come close to trying everything available on one trip. A couple of general impressions: it feels like you’re either alone or in a very crowded situation onboard, depending on the venue. The Promenade is an interesting, mall-like feature, that can get a bit tight at times, especially when the center of it is filled with promotional sales tables. I find it interesting that in its Quantum-Class ships — similarly sized — RCI went to a totally different layout, with less mass gathering areas and more nooks and crannies. We look forward to be able to compare/contrast that in July. What I will say is that Liberty seems best suited for family trips, with more and better kid-friendly facilities than we’ve seen on other RCI ships. It might not be ideal for a romantic getaway for two, though. One frustration: the ship had multiple meet ups for 18-20 year olds at One Air, the Karaoke bar (which is generally pretty great, but oversubscribed for some of its uses), right as over crowded events were to begin — making it impossible for people to gather and meet and talk. This is poor planning -- an earlier time, like before dinner when things are quiet might work better in this place — or an alternate location should be used. In terms of the staff: all were nice, friendly and very helpful (and some went above and beyond). A few seemed to have suffered for incomplete training — the ability of a bartender to follow a specific order, for example, to use a specific rum (or just use a dark rum versus light) varied wildly from bar to bar. Some of this training issue extends to The Key, RCI’s new upgrade program. In short, you get a embarkation day lunch at a premium venue (and the ability to drop off carryon luggage), premium seats for shows and access to special exclusive times for attractions, special debarkation for ports, breakfast and special debarkation for the final day of the cruise, plus one Voom Surf & Stream for each person in the cabin. We bought this for ourselves and our kids — for both cabins. We would have purchased Voom, anyway, and the price was only incrementally higher (we jumped in early before the price doubled). What worked: Voom, mostly (more on that below). The welcome lunch at Chops was nice, although probably a bit much for a first day lunch. The check-in was OK, but not a massive boost beyond what we normally would have seen as Crown & Anchor Platinum members. What didn’t: the “exclusive” times for Wave Runner was one hour the entire cruise, 9 am the first morning, not ideal for those who stayed up late the first night of the cruise. I’ll note my kids had little trouble getting on, picking strategic times to ride. The ice skating window, again, just one hour for the entire cruise, came on day one, and as it required long pants to skate, virtually no one had their luggage and the ability to change to use this perk. We observed no Key departures on port days. Nada. Nothing. VIP seating was extremely uneven. We were able to use it for the Ice Show — but we had to ask around. For other shows, like the alleged comedian, there seemed to be none, despite the fact that we showed up 30 minutes before show time. The choice debarkation was, in short, a mess. We did get a hot breakfast (a mixed blessing to be sure, based on the issues with the main dining room), but then got cattle called into leaving with one of the normal departure groups (although two different staffers argued about how we should be handled). In short, The Key has both a staff training problem and a value problem. First, staff needs to be fully trained on the program and its perks, to properly assist passengers. Second, there needs to be more in the way of exclusives. With the $600 plus it cost us (for four), there are clearly times it would be smarter to upgrade to a Junior Suite and get most of the perks and a nicer cabin. As a prime perk of The Key, Voom continues to over promise and under deliver, in part at least, due to poor WiFi signal throughout the ship. While better performing than on the smaller, older ships built before the advent of WiFI, Liberty’s wireless net still has issues. Surf and Stream is only half true: you can surf (read the Web or get email), but streaming video is extremely unlikely unless you do so in the middle of the night. RCi needs to focus less on selling ‘Net service to every passenger and more on being able to support those who do buy. Okay, moving on to what was maybe the biggest disappointment: the food in the main dining room. I’ll note this is our fifth RCI cruise — and prior to this one, I’ve generally been pleased to delighted with the main dining room food. I don’t expect Michelin star food, but merely decent, well prepared meals. Unfortunately, I can’t say that for Liberty of the Seas. The food was routinely dried out, seemingly left under heat lights too long — I had one decent meal at dinner time, but the others were not even Applebees’ quality (which is saying something, something not good). Breakfast, too, was a disappointment. The hollandaise sauce for for the Eggs Benedict (an RCI dining room staple) was messed up — and unwanted spinach was added to my meal. Similarly, I was unpleased with poorly cooked (overcooked) omelets and scrambled eggs. The low quality of the dining room was fairly shocking to me, as it has previously been a go-to for food on previous cruises. On the bright side: the ship had the best Windjammer we’ve ever experienced. The food quality was higher (they, unlike the dining room, made a very solid hollandaise sauce and did not over cook the eggs). While a loud, crowded, chaotic atmosphere goes with the food (it’s the nature of cruise ship buffets) this may have been the best we’ve seen on any cruise ship. Additionally, the specially restaurants, Chops, Sabor and Giovanni’s (we used all three when it became evident the main dining room was an issue) were excellent as usual, albeit at a higher cost. The same is true with Johnny Rockets — an upcharge, but the secret place to get exceptional french fries. Lastly, Sorrentos continues its steady improvement, with better pizza crust. The sauce still needs a bit of love, but overall the pizza on this line (once a sort spot, like the still undrinkable coffee) is vastly improved. Moving onto entertainment, there was a great deal of it around the ship, some of which we only caught snippets of — and most was excellent. While we don’t have names — the guitarist in the English Pub was exceptional as was the band that played in the Deck 5 night club — generally speaking all of the music was outstanding. We did not see the Saturday Night Fever show — in part because of schedule, in part due the failure of The Key program — so I can’t comment. We did see an alleged comic. Imagine yourself trapped in a bad version of Grossingers, and your cranky aunt has thrown back a few too many adult beverages and starts riffing obscene Henny Youngman material. That, in a nutshell, is the work of Michele Balan, who appears to be phoning in the same tired routine since the Bush Administration. Starting out with a Donald Trump-like “See how awesome I am self-tribute video” her act goes down hill from there. Avoid at all costs. Excursions: The Jolly Roger Snorkel Trip, Roatan, Honduras: We’ve been on four or five of these type excursions, but this one was by far the best. The crew and ship were great — super friendly and fun. The snorkel equipment was the best we’ve seen on such a trip — it makes a big difference. Additionally, the reef area used was beautiful and the water was very calm and full of wildlife. Additionally, they had great food and drink following the snorkeling — a nice surprise. The ATV Jungle Adventure, Costa Maya, Mexico: The ATV trek through the jungle and beach roads was great — be ready for a 30-minute ride in a troop truck to get there, though. Post ride, we were delivered to a “resort” where we were pestered constantly by local merchants selling trinkets and “Cuban” cigars. After that, we bailed, and returned to port for lunch — and picked The Mojito Bar, much to our regret. While it had a great view of our ship, the food was bad (and completely wrong), the bill was $220 for lunch for four — and they didn’t take credit cards. Avoid at all costs. The Jose Cuervo Tequila Tasting Tour, Cozumel, Mexico: Well done throughout, very informative and entertaining. We learned a lot about tequila, how it is made and how to distinguish various grades and styles. Additionally, there was really good local food provided as well as native arial rain ceremony. In all, well worth the cost. Read Less
Sail Date June 2019
Liberty of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.0 N/A
Dining 3.5 3.9
Entertainment 3.5 4.1
Public Rooms 4.0 4.4
Fitness & Recreation 4.5 N/A
Family 4.5 4.3
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 3.5 N/A
Service 3.5 4.3
Value for Money 4.0 N/A

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