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Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony Cabins

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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), sitting area (some with sofa bed), private balcony and private bathroom. Rates vary from deck to deck. (214 sq. ft., balcony 68 sq. ft.)

Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony (D3)
Decks: Deck 6 | Deck 7 | Deck 8
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Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8228
Jul 2017
Our cabin was spectacular! A large part of that is because we didn't have to share it with our kids - they had their own room. Overall the cabin was spacious and comfortable. Plenty of room to move around, lots of storage for clothes in the desk drawers and the closet. The bathroom was a good size, plenty of room for one person to move around and get ready. Loads of room in the closet for hanging clothes too! Our balcony was nice, much larger than we expected. You could sit very comfortably on the balcony with plenty of leg room if you wanted to stretch out. The furnishings were very nice and up to date. The couch was extremely comfortable, good enough for a quick nap in the afternoons! The bed was roomy and extremely comfortable. It had an egg crate mattress on it that made the overall feel super soft. Perhaps it was the bevvy of activities we participated in during the day, but at night, I simply fell right to sleep without any problem. I only have two negative things to way about the room: 1. The water pressure in the shower was extremely lacking. A few times I exited the shower only to discover that I hadn't gotten all of the conditioner out of my hair. 2. There are only 2 plugs in the entire room that take a normal US plug. We had to do quite a bit of jockeying to get devices charged each day. Oh well, those are minor quibbles! The hallway outside was quiet. We never heard a peep from our neighbors on either side - unless we were all on our balconies at the same time. I would definitely stay in this room again!
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Cabin 6662
Jun 2017
10th Anniversary Cruise By: 10Yearsgoing
Nice and comfortable size. Clean and neat. Very happy with the room, especially with a balcony! Enjoyed every morning and evening on the balcony. Coffee and wine never tasted better!
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Cabin 7362
Jun 2017
Excellent experience! By: HarperClaire
The cabin was just the right size for us. We felt comfortable and had some space to move around.
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Cabin 6318
Jun 2017
Amazing Cruise Line By: kaynerose
Average size. Spacious closet. Always kept clean by Anna who was also very friendly and helpful.
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Cabin 8232
May 2017
A balcony stateroom is the way to go if you love to gaze at the water, sun, moon and stars, and an occasional oil rig and other structures. Sitting on the balcony is so tranquil, I drifted off for a nap and I NEVER shut down during the day for a nap.
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Cabin 8388
Apr 2017
The Good and Not so Good By: jmilchick
Roomy with plenty of storage space. Our cabin steward Clement was outstanding. Had breakfast on the balcony several days and was pleased to see that the divider between balconies and be opened by staff if you choose and know the occupants of the adjoining cabin.
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Cabin 7676
May 2017
Everything about it was perfect except the neighbors on the first night :). They were in four adjoining rooms and took down the doors between the patios and that made a lot of noise. But this was a good location, great balcony, large room. I couldn't have been happier.
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Cabin 8688
Mar 2017
ADA Compliant? By: lindatel
Our cabin 6686 on the aft port side was just below the hot tub. We had a constant flow of dripping water on our balcony rail. As women, this was a problem. Other than that the room was great. Our air conditioning worked very well. Our refrigerator also worked well and that is usually not the case. Everything was in good repair with no problems
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Cabin 7398
Feb 2017
Great time on the Liberty By: africanqueen
Cabin was spacious with adequate storage. It was in pretty good shape, but the cabins may all be showing their age a bit at this point. We had a slight problem with the deodorizer used between sailings, but it eventually aired out. The bed was comfortable but someone tall might find the curve on one side challenging. Our cabin was the very last balcony on the starboard side. The cabin aft is an oceanview. Our cabin was the very last balcony on the starboard side which provided an extra measure of privacy. Only occasionally were the two cabins forward of ours (who were traveling together) out on their balconies.
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Cabin 6362
Feb 2017
Cabin was standard balcony. Clean room. nothing special. Bathroom could use a little bit of upkeep though. Mold in places in the shower and the spot that holds the toilet bowl cleaner bristles was nasty and falling off of the wall.
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Jan 2017
Everything is Beautiful By: JetZetter
We had Superior Balcony Staterooms on Deck 6. Two of them right next door with a door that connected the two. Plenty of space for the four of us, especially with two in each room. The location, Deck 6, was super ideal because of it's close proximity to the Royal Promenade floor (Deck 5), the theatre (Decks 4 and 5) and Dining Halls (Decks 2, 3 and 4 - if I remember correctly!). Balcony rooms. Man. I don't know if I could ever do a cruise again withOUT a balcony room. Makes the cruise soooo much better knowing you can have your morning coffee on your own private balcony. Even the balconies between our rooms connected, creating a seamless "apartment". For anyone wanting to bring an Xbox, DVD player, Apple TV, etc...with hopes of plugging it in to the TV, sorry to disappoint. I got a wifi package so I was planning on using my Apple TV to watch a movie here and there and came to find out you couldn't change channel inputs.
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Cabin 8368
Dec 2016
Clean and lots of storage space, but could use an upgrade. AC was warm most of the time.
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Cabin 7224
Oct 2016
Our cabin was a very nice size and balcony was a good size for the two of us. We did not feel confined. We were told there might be more movement, since it was eighth from the front end of the ship, but it was not bad at all. One night there was more movement than usual, but I never got queezy. Our cabin steward was Winsome from Jamaica and she did an excellent job.
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Cabin 6546
Sep 2016
Overall a Good Cruise By: Tucker in Texas
The cabin had plenty of storage. We put the coffee table in the closet to open up space and not worry about tripping over it to and from the bathroom at night. I brought hangers with me as they never have enough to hang all I want to hang. Most of those items could be folded and put on the shelves in the closet but I like to hang all I can to get the wrinkles out. The steward/stewardess will get you more hangers but sometimes they are hard to find and very busy so I like having mine in hand. I leave them on the ship at the end of the cruise. The only "down" was they have taken away the Kleenex from some cabins. I heard because people were discarding them in the toilets rather than the convenient trash bin and this can cause problems. Ours happened to be one of them and the one-ply TP does not get it for blowing your nose, make-up, etc. However, a friend had two boxes in her cabin and gave us one which I kept in a drawer in case our outstanding stewardess could get in trouble for "supplying" it when she wasn't suppose to. There were boxes in the public bathrooms that could have been "liberated." Those that got the Kleenex said it was not in the bathroom dispenser but on the vanity.
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Cabin 7680
Jun 2016
Love the Liberty By: ctroutte
Great size. Balcony was very large. quiet.
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Cabin 9680
Apr 2016
Cabin met our expectations and was maintained well throughout the cruise. Everything worked and the concierge and his staff worked well and were available for any queries we had
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Cabin 8670
Apr 2016
Nice large cabin with a balcony. Even so, the cabins could be refreshed since they are starting to show their age.
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Cabin 7684
Feb 2016
Almost perfect! By: Andrameada
Loved this cabin. Very comfy, lots of room and storage. The deck patio dividers rattle in high wind though.
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Cabin 8660
Dec 2015
Great cabin. Quite clean and well maintained. Soft goods need refreshing which I am sure will happen in January 16 during drydock.
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Cabin 8684
Sep 2015
The best thing about the ship was the cabin. It is a very comfortable size and offers lots of room for clothes storage. The balcony is equally comfortable. We had an excellent cabin steward. Our cabin was always fresh and spotless!! She is probably one of the best stewards we have ever had. It was always a pleasure to return to our cabin.
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Cabin 6th midaft
Aug 2015
Liberty of the Seas By: Ballaro
The superior balcony was much larger than I expected it to be.
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Cabin 7408
Jan 2015
I want this cabin again, MY FAV!!
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Cabin 9686
Jan 2015
Amazing By: Lovinlifex16
Nice room
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Cabin 3454
Jan 2015
The ocean view cabin is small, of course, but you feel less movement of the ship.
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Cabin 6342
Dec 2014
You can stow your luggage under the bed, which was a little hard if you are a side-sleeper. Room was large enough and we underutilized the balcony. It was great to have for a view of the Rock of Gibraltar at night. The music on the announcement speaker is nice for an afternoon nap. Room service is basically free! We utilized the laundry service primarily for socks and underwear. Our shower had barely adequate force and the pulsing feature is good to focus cleaning on specific areas.
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Cabin 7370
Jul 2013
Excellent Balcony cabin, I booked this location so that it was on the same side as the teen club and also the same side as the restaurants. The room was in a quiet location , close to lifts but not too close so you didn't hear people passing by. The balcony was a good size with a table and two chairs. It wasn't windy and we regularly sat there after 1am in the morning which was beautiful. Felt it was very private on the balcony from both neighbours.
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Cabin 1680
Jan 2012
2nd time on Liberty By: sweetpea4423
Great balcony and spacious room. One caveat ... the Windjammer is one level above this we frequently heard carts rolling across our ceiling/their floor. It is also located across from crew access, but we were never disturbed by that. There was a smoking neighbor or two from nearby balconies, which in my opinion is unacceptable. Smoking should ONLY be in designated smoking areas, not on balconies. Passengers aren't even allowed to bring travel irons, but they can smoke cigarettes and use lighters/matches??? Makes no sense to me!
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Cabin 1622
Jan 2011
Liberty Lisa By: lisaleopard
Good room nice view and quiet
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Jul 2010
We had a stateroom with a balcony; I truely expected it to be small - it was perfect. I enjoyed breakfast on my balcony every morning, watched the sunrise and couldn't imagine sailing without one. Our adult children shared an interior stateroom. It was small and crowded, but if they utilized the space better it would have been fine. Because it was so dark without a window, they partied all night and slept all day without a problem ;o) They had no problems, man! (insert the Jamaican accent here)
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Cabin 8652
May 2009
We loved the Liberty By: Honey Bunny
Considering the size of the room we really had a lot of storage area. I love the vanity area with the mirrors and secret storage ares. The bath is small but functional with a great shower door. We loved the balcony - spent a lot of time on it. When one considers how much time you actually spend in your room, it was really perfect for our needs.
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