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5 Princess Island Princess Cruise Reviews for Repositioning Cruises to Transatlantic

After spending a few pre-cruise days in Venice, we boarded the Island Princess, our first time with them so we were naturally wondering what we would find! The boarding was quite good, everything ran smoothly; the cabin was ready and ... Read More
After spending a few pre-cruise days in Venice, we boarded the Island Princess, our first time with them so we were naturally wondering what we would find! The boarding was quite good, everything ran smoothly; the cabin was ready and our luggage was placed inside shortly after. Cabin E710 is located at the back of the ship so it was quiet as there were not many passengers moving around in the corridors, but when the seas were rough there was a lot of movement and strong vibrations from both the propulsion and waves hitting the vessel. Room size was good, excellent balcony with an open view, very good storage and a small bathroom with a “very small shower” stall. The bathroom was the only drawback for this cabin, not at all suited for heavy set people; TV programming (movies, news, etc.) was first rate. We chose the “any time dining” option in the Bordeaux. To avoid delays or misunderstandings about table preferences we always reserved our table one day in advance but that didn’t always work out; so be prepared to assert yourself in order to sit where you want! The staff in general are super-duper; attentive, fast, cordial and very professional and there are so many that it is difficult to name one and not mention the others, so I will give the name of only one, that in a way, represents all of them. Gianni (Italy), the Food & Beverage Supervisor is a real professional, as well as being a very caring and honest person. But I can’t stop there without mentioning two fantastic Bordeaux waitresses; the first is Olena (Ukraine) she is one-of-a-kind, also the hostess at breakfast and lunch in the Provence; the second one is Lupita, a full-of-life Mexican who picks up the spirits of everyone. The food in the Bordeaux was excellent, with different offerings every night and many interesting choices. All dishes sampled were very tasteful - large portions, served good and hot. The specialty restaurant, Sabattini’s was also excellent, especially their steaks (!!!) as much as their pizza’s at lunch time when it becomes Alfredo’s pizza; as it’s complementary (don’t bother trying them at the Pool Pizza!) The other specialty restaurants (charges apply) are the Bayou and the Crab Shack; both menus are inclined towards the Cajun (New Orleans) food and were not of our liking. It seems that was the case for many others too, because we noted it was practically empty every night when we passed it on our way to dinner. The only time that we saw the place full was when they offered a complimentary ‘English Pub Menu’ lunch. It was really good, especially the fish and chips - so it’s not to be missed! However we were disappointed at not having other types of cuisine, such as a French Bistro or a Steakhouse. Another excellent place to have dinner is in the Horizon Buffet Restaurant (deck 14), the choices are tremendous, it’s up to you how much you eat (danger!) and the waiters are on the ready to serve you and bring you whatever you’d like to drink. Because many passengers are at the theater or in the other restaurants, the place is very tranquil at night, so you can sit where ever you wish. But another “danger” are all those pastries!!! Tremendous selection!! Lunch time there, could be easy, as long as you don’t go when tour buses are returning to the ship! Then it is, real chaos!! The other alternative for lunch is at the Provence (quite enjoyable) as much as their breakfast. Of course you have the Grill at the Pool (burgers, hotdogs. etc.), the Pizza counter, etc. Some of the conferences given such as, on WW2 naval battles were very interesting as were the three Culinary Classes given by Master Chef Alfredo Marzi!! The musical shows at the Theater were unimpressive; the bars we frequented were the Crooners (pianist/singer Oliver, great!) and the Wheelhouse were you were able to dance to live music, however many of the musicians were second rate with dubious vocal skills. The ship has a very good feature (as I believe all the Princess ships have), that is a pay Laundry room on each deck; the cost was $3 for washing and same for drying and if you didn’t need either you could use the steam iron for free. Sometimes boarding the tour busses was tranquil but more often than not it was quite upsetting and stressful. This happened mostly because many passengers were impolite and on many occasions quite rude, pushing their way to get first to the bus so they could get the seats they wanted (usually the front ones) and the same happened when leaving the bus. What was hard to believe was that most of these people were seniors who one would expect would be an example of civility and good manners; it is not the first time that happened to us and that’s why we have finally decided to do the tours on our own, to avoid extra stress. Unfortunately, what was, and will be, unavoidable are encounters with them at the Horizon Buffet. Hard to believe and harder to accept those daily occurrences at the Horizon Buffet! Fortunately, there are many other seniors that behave in a respectful, considerate, friendly and positive manner. It was quite shocking to see so many people in wheel chairs, walkers or canes! We’ve seen this on other cruises but never so many as on this one. And for that reason we got quite concerned when all of a sudden a larger and larger number of them were coughing and sneezing and looking under the weather; a few days later a Medical Alert was sent to each cabin advising on the steps to take to avoid its spread throughout the ship. They even offered Tamiflu injections! The Island Princess had been refurbished earlier in the year to mixed Cruise Critic reviews. But, from our point of view, the Exercise Room, though very well equipped is located inside without sea views, so it seems a crowded and unwelcoming place. The same goes for the Mini golf course, too enclosed and not designed for beginners. The library needs to be updated and is poorly located as many passengers walk through it as a link between forward and aft corridors. The other no-no was the $10 sale event! Wasn’t up to the standards that Princess wants to be or would like to be considered for. The overall experience with Island Princess was highly positive, thanks to the many excellent experiences we had that put aside the few negative ones. The restaurants are excellent, the food superb, very good maintenance of the ship, etc. and the BIG stars were their staff! We never ever, experienced so much attention and care, done always with an honest smile full of energy and good will. It is really a pity that it took us so long to discover Princess Cruise Lines!! But for certain, we will be back!! TOURS!!!! Here are the comments of the ones we’ve been on. 1st stop – Dubrovnik, Croatia – Tour taken: “Dubrovnik & Konavle Home Visit” Too long a ride (1+ Hr.) for a very unsavory tour with not much to see during the ride. Once there, we all got together on a big outdoor terrace where some grappa (hard stuff) was offered, some music played by a group of waiters and then off to a basement were long wooden tables were ready for us. In general the food was from good (prosciutto & cheeses) to very bad (pasta) and really bad (red wine); the same musicians were playing some music while eating. After that, back to the bus, another 1+ Hr ride and boarding the ship. Tour guide (a blond girl) was good but unapproachable. Wasn’t worth the price paid. 2nd stop – Salerno, Italy– Tour taken: “Sorrento on your own” 4Hrs 45’ Not having been there before, we chose Sorrento. Happy we did because it is a very enjoyable town with many outdoor cafes, restaurants, great shops, etc. It was a beautiful day so we had lunch on an outdoor patio facing the main Piazza (Square), food (pizza) was excellent and the wine divine!!! Restaurant’s name: Syrenuse Bar Ristorante in Via Sant’Antonino; food, wine, service and atmosphere were all excellent! Highly recommended! 3rd stop – Civitavecchia, Italy – No tours taken. This time we had the chance to know better the city that used to be a stopover before joining previous cruises, so we decided to go to shore on our own. Map in hand we started to walk around, discovering the place at our own pace. Surprisingly, we enjoyed it very much! 4th stop – Livorno, Italy – Tour taken: “Lucca” - 4 Hrs. We’ve never been into Lucca. Another great choice! Regardless there is no time for lunch at the end, being a sunny and warm day, we were able to sit in an outdoor café facing Saint Michele Square (bus drop-off/pick up point), where we enjoyed tremendously, a great Cappuccino and a fantastic ice cream cone. Needless to say, we are planning to go back and spend more relaxing time there. To make all this more perfect was the Tour guide, Isabella! Completely fluent in English, very knowledgeable who gave so many tips to all of us in case we would like to return! Isabella was the best Tour guide of all this cruise, no doubt about it. Do not miss Lucca!! And hope you meet her! 5th stop - Toulon, France – Tour taken: “Scenic drive to Bandol & Sanary-sur-mer 4.5 Hrs. After quite a very nice interior scenic drive we hit Bandol on the coast; sorry to say but it didn’t say much to us, so no comments. From there back along the coast, we reached Sanary-sur-mer around noon and are gladly able to tell you that it was a very nice town! Has all the attributes that so many of the Mediterranean fishing towns have. That is, all the flavours, sounds and smells of those places; we were lucky enough that we got there just when the fishing boats had arrived, so they were busy selling their catch of the day to the Sanary locals! We saw some people sitting around, eating freshly caught sea urchins the fishermen were selling – they eat them raw! There was an open market facing the esplanade selling a lot of food specialties, the harbor is beautiful with any type and size of boats; very nice restaurants and coffee shops with their patios open to the sea! Great town and great experience. Tour guide, double zero. 6th stop – Barcelona, Spain – No tour taken. Very well-known city for us, so we tried one thing that we hadn’t done before and that was the cable car (Telesferic) that goes from San Sebastian Tower (bus #64 in downtown takes you there- ticket $ 3 euros) all the way to Mount Montjuic; you will have the chance to take very good aerial pictures of Barcelona from up there. It is a bit pricy ($11 euros cash only, one way). Once on Mt. Montjuic, to get back to town you had to walk all the way down a very twisting and steep road till you reached a big avenue; doing this is not recommended, so we suggest the reverse trip, that is take a taxi from down town Barcelona, up to the entrance of the cable car at the top of Montjuic and once you arrive at the other end, you take bus #64 back to down town. Tired and hungry we got to the Ramblas, were we enjoyed a terrific, people-watching outdoor lunch!!! 7th stop – Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal – Tour taken: “Crater lakes, Sete cidades & wine tasting” 3Hrs 45’ Unfortunately, the weather didn’t help at all!! Cold, very windy and foggy! So there wasn’t much that we were able to see of the lakes, (formerly craters). The island’s vegetation was outstanding and we were sure that with the right weather would’ve been superb, as much as would’ve been the green and blue lakes. Fortunately, the tour ended on a very high note which was a wine tasting event twined with locally produced young cheese varieties and crackers. Really fantastic! But, the weather spoiled it! Otherwise this tour would’ve gotten really high marks! The tour guide was inconsequential. From there, we started our very, too long, crossing of the Atlantic (a general consensus). Anyway, we docked at Fort Lauderdale, very happy that we took this beautiful voyage with the fantastic Princess Cruise Line!!! See you soon!!!! Thank you so much for your patience! Have a great and happy trip!!! Read Less
Sail Date November 2015
This was our fourth transatlantic, our 20th cruise on the Princess Line and the third on the Island. During this 31 day repositioning we found the Island clean, though a little dated, with excellent always-with-a-smile service and the ... Read More
This was our fourth transatlantic, our 20th cruise on the Princess Line and the third on the Island. During this 31 day repositioning we found the Island clean, though a little dated, with excellent always-with-a-smile service and the food selection tasty and varied the entire time. The entertainment was over and above the usual cruise fare, even at times world class. We always get a mini-suite, this time choosing C204, an elongated mini-suite without a balcony. The cabin window was large enough to always give us an adequate view but, of course, nothing like a full sliding glass door. There were a few times that I did miss the balcony but the extra room made up for what was lost. I will say we would never book this type cabin on any Caribbean cruises as we are heavy balcony users in warmer weather. The cabin was quiet and just a few feet away from an outside door leading to the front of the ship. Only a couple times during rough weather did I find a rope across the door entrance that denied access. Believe me this front ship area afforded a spectacular view when entering Venice’s canal way. But it didn’t take us long to realize that this was not the same ship experience we had when taking the Island Princess through the Panama Canal, twice. This time we found crowded public spaces, overlapping events, that kept people waiting outside venues in large crowds if anything went long, and witnessed people in long lines trying to get into the anytime dining room. Fortunately, we opted this time for the traditional dining time slot, even though for some unknown reason every night, and I mean every night, our dinner took two hours, from beginning to end. When coming out of dining we would see long lines a floor down of people waiting to get into the anytime venue and talked to people over and over that were very unhappy about waiting, with a buzzer in hand, to be called for the anytime experience. What we did observe, now that the large Universal Lounge has been taken out, was staff that had to constantly juggle limited venue options. An example was a speaker, in the Explorer Lounge, giving an excellent talk on WWII that was barely audible because of the bingo players signing up outside, not a few feet away. The cruise line has not only taken away an extremely large public space but has added an additional 100 cabins to the Island that was never in the initial configuration. The fabulous former fitness center has been moved to a unappealing windowless lower level that I ended up not using because of the smallness and lack of ambience. The Princess Theater, I guess, because of all the additional passengers has had all the side aisles removed which meant the nightly climbing over people to get to your seat routine. We will definitely go on another Princess vacation as we have reached Elite status and having your laundry done is a perk not easily surrendered but we will watch carefully and never go on another ship that has been reconfigured to take away public spaces so that additional innumerable extra cabins could be added. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
Our third Atlantic crossing, and the second time on Island Princess (Other time to Alaska). Island Princess is very stable, even in high winds and moderate seas, so no problems with seasickness for me (Mrs. K. likes rough seas-go ... Read More
Our third Atlantic crossing, and the second time on Island Princess (Other time to Alaska). Island Princess is very stable, even in high winds and moderate seas, so no problems with seasickness for me (Mrs. K. likes rough seas-go figure!). Unfortunately, my allergies acted up, as did those of other passengers I spoke to. More than one crew member said that there was so much dust on the ship that it could no longer be cleaned thoroughly. Since I have never been bothered on a cruise before, I hope the drydock and re-fitting will ameliorate the situation for future cruisers. Closing the Universal Lounge and having parties like the Captain's Circle in the dinky atrium was a BAD idea! Acoustics are terrible for an amplified band and announcers/speakers; too many people were jammed into too small a space and spread over four decks. Closing the Universal also meant that entertainment venues and entertainers were halved. Since I've seen the same dance shows on other cruises, it would have been nice to see another entertainer. Fortunately, the indoor pool on the Lido was available for late evening swims and hot tubbing. The shows I did attend ranged from pretty good to outstanding. Being a late riser, I took my breakfast in the Horizon Lounge most days. A beautiful room with consistently good food in great variety, and attentive wait staff who were always ready to help find seating, clear used plates and replenish drinks. Dinners were as we have come to expect from Princess: wonderful entrees, knowledgeable, friendly wait staff, and multiple desserts! We dined in the Provence dining room, second seating, which we much prefer to anytime dining. Second seating allows time to return from shore excursions and get ready for dinner, then go watch a show. However, when second seating was moved to 7:30 pm, showtimes should also have been moved 1/2 hour earlier, as there is now too much down time between dinner and show. Shore excursions were a mix of ship run, and private hires. My traveling companions did most of the planning, and I got to enjoy. I have always found Princess tours to be well run, although our Venice walking tour almost ended up as something else when we got the wrong tour stickers from staff. Fortunately, an alert crew member recognized the mistake and got everyone into the correct groups. The private tours, in small vehicles, can go places that tour busses can't. We were the first ones into the Gates of Pompei when they opened in the morning! I will always treasure my pictures of Vesuvius overlooking the ruins with not a single human being in the pictures! Madiera was a surprise; everything either up or down from wherever you happened to be! People having to take an elevator up a cliff from their seashore homes to get to work and school. Switchbacks and a superhighway blasted around and through the island. A 500 meter drop through a glass floor to the ocean! I would have enjoyed a few days on this island! It is hard to go wrong in cities like Venice, Rome, Barcelona and Naples, whatever tour you take. One highlight for me was the wonderful church of La Sacrada Famiglia in Barcelona. Inside and out, perhaps the most beautiful building I have ever seen. Graceful and elegant natural lines, and glowing, multi-colored light through the stained glass windows made this an experience I will remember. I've wanted to see the Roman Pantheon since seeing black and white pictures of it in a grammer-school textbook. Still beautiful, after 2000 years! The Colesseum. Imagine standing in the Christian end-zone and watching the Goth home team pouring onto the field through the opposing goal posts! One quibble with Princess is the sports deck. I love to play basketball. On this trip I found a few other old men who also enjoyed playing, every sea day! Princess, to save their lives, cannot seem to set up a basketball court properly! I know this will not affect many members of Cruise Critic, but indulge me, please. It does not cost any more to hang a basket exactly ten feet above the floor, than it does to place it nine feet, or eleven feet! It would be no problem to hang the protective netting around the court high enough so that a normal shot doesn't hit it. Painting a foul line fifteen feet away from the basket is no more difficult than painting it seventeen feet away, etc.! Please, Princess, next time you put a basketball court on a ship, consult an NCAA rule book, which will give you all the dimensions you need, and save all the guesswork. Locate a tape measure and go to town. You got it right on Sun and Dawn Princesses, but not on any other Princess ship I've been on. As far as travel to and from the ship is concerned, it was on airlines, so it sucked. Stand in long lines to be hassled, run from one terminal to another, stand in another interminable line, sit for hours in a chair that was designed to hold a 3/4 scale size human; repeat at the next airport. When it is all over, pray your suitcases will appear in some semblance of intactness on the baggage carousel of broken dreams... Yes, I would travel Island Princess again. At least some of the problems and annoyances seemed to be due to the ship's need of refurbishing. Other than the staff failing to explain that the $29 water taxi tickets in Venice were unnecessary, and that the Barcelona shuttle buses back to the ship were free if you had purchased an excursion package, the staff service was extremely good. Although onboard activities that suited my own tastes were not plentiful, I was able to find lots to do, including getting several books from the ships library, and sitting on the Lido deck, alternately napping, reading and swimming! Actually, floating in the pool is more my style. I did it every day; outside whenever it was warm enough. I guess I'm just easy to please. A pool/hot tub, a basketball court, books and a chair, and I'm ready to cruise again. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Time just flew going across the Atlantic for the first. There was lots of things to do and plenty of down time when I wanted it. The food was amazing on the ship. The nightly entertainment was very professional and talented. The library ... Read More
Time just flew going across the Atlantic for the first. There was lots of things to do and plenty of down time when I wanted it. The food was amazing on the ship. The nightly entertainment was very professional and talented. The library was well stocked and people left their magazines for others to read. Tried the treadmill and those were great. My husband was surprised when he went to play basketball and there were actually four or five other men who liked to play too. Ladt cruise there was no one to play with so he won all the metals. He had competition on this one. Even though the ship was showing wear and tear, the staff more than made up for it. I never felt so catered to. We had the mini suite and there was plenty of room. The only thing I wish was that we had longer in Rome and Venice. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
We had a fabulous time, but I can certainly agree with other reviewers...time for refurbishing! Princess staff are all usually wonderful and it was definitely so this cruise too. We visited two of the specialty dining rooms, ... Read More
We had a fabulous time, but I can certainly agree with other reviewers...time for refurbishing! Princess staff are all usually wonderful and it was definitely so this cruise too. We visited two of the specialty dining rooms, Sabatini's and the Bayou Cafe & Steakhouse. Both were excellent. We actually went to Sabatini's twice! Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Island Princess Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 3.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.1

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