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The Oceanview stateroom is approximately 162 to 212 square feet and features a picture window for memorable views. The Oceanview stateroom is richly appointed with fine amenities. Some also have pullman beds to accommodate 3rd and 4th passengers.

Balcony (BC)
Decks: Deck 12
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Balcony Cabin Reviews
May 2017
Cabin was adequate but a little on smaller size compare to other Princess ships. The ship is smaller and narrower as it's the only ship class that is Panamax, which means it fits through the old Panama Canal system
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Cabin E305
Feb 2017
Cabin was clean and spacious. Decor was very attractive. Plenty of storage.
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Cabin B314
Jan 2017
Honestly don't know the category of balcony. Great cabin in a quiet and convenient location.
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Cabin PR 723
Jan 2017
I don't know which category our room was, but the balcony room was the size of a postage stamp. Had to move table and chair to go to balcony. Had to practically turn sideways to go between end of bed and wall. These rooms are new from, I believe, previous storage space. Should have left these rooms as storage space. New bathroom was small but nice. Hair dryer was in drawer, making it difficult to use. Could not use our room/balcony while transiting the Panama Canal. Really????
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Cabin B610
Sep 2016
I was very delighted with our balcony room, which gave us a wonderful view of the landscape and glaciers that were abundant. The room, while not spacious, was comfortable and suited our needs throughout the cruise. Our Stewardess, Alona, did an excellent job of keeping the room clean and refreshed, and she was especially helpful whenever we needed anything.
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Cabin A421
Aug 2016
First impressions good. No shabbiness. Balcony freshly painted and of adequate size. Loved the huge bed vs X's rounded corners. Cabin was wider than X but not as long and so felt more spacious. Loads of closet space but missed a sofa, which you only get in Minis on the Island. Bathroom did not smell, although other parts of the ship have a terrible sewage smell. Big letdown is the tiny shower. I have bruises from bumping into the grip handle in the shower. At least the entrainment of the curtain was minimal. Best tactic - get wet, turn off shower to apply soap, turn on shower to rinse. Towels miniscule. Suggest to get pool towels to use as bathsheets.
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Cabin Caribe 519
Jul 2016
Alaska is amazing. By: dancer333
Hector did a great job and went above and beyond.
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Cabin A611
Jul 2016
Very adequate. Great balcony to sit and watch the world go by while sipping wine. Cabin Steward was very helpful.
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Cabin C301
Jan 2016
Nice size, plenty of hanger space and storage. SMALLEST SHOWER since we cruised the first time in the late 70's.
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Cabin E714
Jan 2016
Clean, comfortable
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Cabin C618
Dec 2015
Island Princess By: machaus
This is a handicap room and was very roomy and held a scooter very well. Roll in shower was also very good. There was a water leak from the bathroom wall that needs to be addressed. It was brought to the staffs attention.
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Cabin C421
Jul 2015
My cabin was spacious - large walk in closet, nice storage cupboard with shelving and the safe and a bathroom that was small but very manageable. BONUS: it was REEELY close to the elevators and stairwell. Believe me, it's like a maze this boat! Floor to ceiling windows. That's all I gotta say. I considered booking a mini suite, but with just one person, I didn't need the extra seating space like a couch with an extra TV plus I enjoyed the pleasure of lying on the super comfy queen bed being able to see both the flat screen TV and the VIEW! I know, that sounds really luxurious and lazy - and it was! Tech tip: bring a power strip - with all the devices we have nowadays you will need to recharge and a power strip is the thing!
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Cabin L715
Jun 2015
Would Do It All Again By: edshelp
The cabin was really nice Very Clean nobody overlooking you the only problem was the Vibration which was so bad that when you put a glass on the table it bounced up and down. This was all day and all night it was like being on a fitness machine
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Cabin A420
Oct 2014
Yes, the cabin is a little small, but it works for a couple. The balcony was a pleasant space to sit and enjoy the waters.
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Cabin E218
Jul 2013
Better than Expected By: FLcruzer0214
Shower WAY too small.
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Cabin B443
Dec 2012
Partial Transit of Canal By: Love2Dance4Me!
Perfect location, center of the ship just off the elevators. Very quiet.
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Cabin 310
Dec 2012
Good cabin location to all areas of the ship. Cabin service was great. Quiet! Great balcony to see outside activities.
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Cabin B603
Jul 2012
Amazing By: 21mel
Wonderfully view. Covered balcony was nice in the rain. I am so happy we got this room with the balcony. Beds were pretty comfortable, but the comforters need to be replaced. We used the third bed that pulled down from the ceiling. It was just as comfortable as the other beds but my pillows kept sliding thru the gap between the bed and wall. Getting up was no problem. Getting down the ladder took some practice, but by day 3 I was a pro. Tons of closet space for three people and enough hangers to go around. There were 3 shelves in the bathroom so our toiletries fit just fine. Luggage fit under the beds and in the closet. The shower is small. The curtain kept flipping out and we flooded the bathroom more than once. There is also 1 tiny shower shelf that will fit 1 body wash and the ships small shampoo and conditioner. Best tip I got was to bring the shower baskets that suction to the wall. And shaving your legs was challenging but doable if you turned the water off. Other than flooding the bathroom, LOVED IT! It's mid ship, so we had no traffic noise. Smooth sailing also. We didn't need the Dramamine we brought.
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Cabin b405
Jan 2012
Excellent location, just right! Layout very efficient
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Cabin B604
Dec 2011
We loved our cabin....great views, quiet, not much hall noise.
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Cabin C535
Jun 2011
First time Alaska By: brissle
Reasonable size cabin, good balcony, great wardrobe space, small shower. Balcony is double sized - partially covered and open area overlooked fro decks above. Shame that no tea and coffee making facility provided (we have had this on every other cruise we have been on).
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Cabin b523
Apr 2011
B 523 Appreciated the space for clothes. Only complaint---two nights of terrible fumes in the room.
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Cabin A304
Dec 2009
The room was pretty standard with lots of storage. The bed was very hard and by 2am your back would be hurting. We didn't use the balcony as much as on other cruises because of smokers in other cabins around and below us polluted the air to the point we couldn't stay out. Some of the cabin furnishings were in need of replacement; i.e., the bedspread had cigarette holes , the duvet was ripped in several areas, and the refrigerator didn't get things very cool. We normally stay on Deck 5 or 6. I can't see how being on Deck 12 was any upgrade from Deck 5 - I wouldn't pay more to be higher up on the ship. Princess must be assigning more rooms to each Cabin Stewart. Our Stewart worked pretty fast, but it still took him a long time to get to our room most days. It didn't used to be that way. We got good Internet reception in our room (free because we're Platinum).
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Cabin B323
Aug 2009
Alaska inside passage By:
Baja deck cabin B323. The room size was good. About the size of a motel room. The shower is very small. If you are over 200 pounds and not over six feet tall it is tight. The balcony is very good, but if you are not a smoker you have to watch for your neighbors who will come out on thier balcony and light up. The views were great. You are high enough to see for a long way. The cabin is toward the middle of the ship so you don't fill the movement of the ship as much as our friends that were at the very back of the ship.
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Cabin A633
Aug 2008
Spacious cabin. Great storage space even for 2 heavy packers with 3 large suitcases and carry-ons. Although located next to kids Fun Zone, no noise at night.
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