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The Oceanview stateroom is approximately 162 to 212 square feet and features a picture window for memorable views. The Oceanview stateroom is richly appointed with fine amenities. Some also have pullman beds to accommodate 3rd and 4th passengers.

Balcony (BB)
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Balcony Cabin Reviews
Jun 2017
Typical Princess balcony cabin with the very small bathroom and the shower built at best for an average body type. Towels were thin and tired. Cabin steward was terrific.
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Cabin Dolphin 230
Oct 2016
Happy cruising of the Canal. By: mamabelladonna
The cabin was more compact than ones I had booked before, but still had plenty storage space. I need the think foam topper on the mattress to prevent pain, but I understand that these mattresses are being replaced soon. The porter could have kept the room a bit cleaner, but her service was extraordinary.
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Cabin 3305
Oct 2016
Cabin steward was very efficient, friendly and through. Please with service.
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Cabin pr718
Sep 2016
Alaska Getaway By: grinchychick
This is a wonderful cabin. Added in 2015, the balcony is oversized, and the rooms brand new.
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Cabin C320
Jul 2016
Panama Canal trip By: #1survivorfan
Cabin was nice...had some shade for the heat in the middle of the day. I'm really happy that princess does not allow smoking on the balconies
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Cabin B-738
Mar 2016
Lousy Service and Food By: yesiammike
The cabin wasn't cleaned properly the entire time.
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Cabin B623
Aug 2015
The cabin was fine, we enjoyed the deck. Lots of space for hanging and putting suitcases but no couch in the cabin area. Bathroom was average. I would give it a 6 out of 10
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Cabin A404
Oct 2014
Room was adequate for 2 people. If a third person was in the room, it would have been very cramped.
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Cabin B301
Dec 2012
Roomy enough. Location was great, a few steps from the stairway and elevators. Balcony was a little small, allowing only regular chairs rather than lounge chairs. Bed was hard. Getting an additional foam pad helped. We were never completely comfortable, however. Closet space was excellent - a walk in area that shielded the light from the head when someone entered at night. Trade off was virtually no drawer space for small clothing. Used the many shelves in the cupboard to store folded clothes. Worked well enough but would have preferred drawers. There are two deep drawers in the night stands and two more in the desk. Plenty of hangars and space for the luggage. mini-fridge was never really cold, but Wilson the steward always made sure we had ice. Lighting was sufficient. Smallest shower of any ship we've been on. As someone else wrote, if you drop the soap, your shower's done because you can't pick it up. They make up for that by using a shower curtain, but that's not a very good solution as it sticks to you if you bend over or brush against it. Controls are logical and work well. The ship is showing its age. This is evident in some wear on the metal work in the bathroom, other little touches, but overall they maintain the ship and cabins well.
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Cabin B223
Sep 2012
B223, Deck 11: 2 tv's oriented to the bedroom and living area. Granddaughter reports sofa bed fold out "the most comfortable." Veranda was very nice.
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Cabin B702
Aug 2012
Land Better Than Sea By: Red Grizzly
B702--Good balcony on deck 11 aft. You can easlily get to the laundry or walk out the rear door deck to see scenery on port or starboard sides.
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Cabin B408
Jun 2012
I was actually surprised how much storage space was in my balcony port side stateroom. A bit dated and the shower was too tight. Steward was great. Not a bad place to live for 7 days. Had lots of hangers! Had an issue with the hairdryer, needed to be REPLACED, but it was not. I was afraid to use as it was noisy and I was afraid it would start a fire. My only issue with steward.
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Cabin A424
Apr 2012
Nice, not as big as Royal Carib.
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Cabin A339
Dec 2011
A339 on Aloha deck. The balcony is covered by an overhang, so anything said on neighboring balconies was amplified as it bounced off this low metal overhang. Sitting on balcony was not always pleasant due to the loud rock band on the Lido deck above us, especially on party nights. I will not book on the Aloha deck again.
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Cabin A617
Dec 2011
Our cabin was just down the hall from the kids club. Since there were not children on my sailing I don't know how this would be if there had been. May be a deterrent for some and a good choice for others depending on if you are sailing with your kids. It is near the back of the ship, and on the 12Th floor. The main dining rooms are in the front of the ship, so you will walk quite a lot here. Very close to the aft stairs, and one floor below the Lotus Spa, the Sanctuary, and the gym. The Lotus Spa and the outside walk way are all that is above you. Enclosed balcony, very nice.
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Cabin E706
Dec 2011
Large closet, tiny bathroom, medium balcony but no others in sight so very private. Located near aft public balcony overlooking stern of the ship.
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Cabin B330
Nov 2011
We were in cabin B330. This was a balcony stateroom on the port side. The room was a typical rectangular room with the two beds pushed together to make a queen size bed. There was ample storage space which we didn't completely fill. The bathroom is very tiny and almost impossible to share unless someone is in the shower while someone else is at the sink. The shower is truly tiny making it difficult to turn around much less shave your legs. This room had the ability to sleep 4 people and there were 2 bunks recessed into the ceiling, which we never saw. The room would be pretty cramped with 4 people's stuff but it certainly could be done. The furnishings, bedding and floor were all well maintained and the only wear I saw was some of the linens had worn spots.
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Cabin A343
May 2010
Our Cabin, A343, had a large overhang from the deck above which limited the view and picture taking from the balcony.
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Cabin B343
Jan 2010
Our Dream Cruise By: cruisers3Cortez
B343 was a very great location. We had 3 people in the room and we had plenty of room. We stored the empty suit cases under the beds so we had all the room we needed. Great balcony, and very quiet.
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Cabin A320
Jan 2010
On our last cruise we were on the Island Princess in cabin A320. It was totally covered which was important since this was a cruise through the Panama Canal and it was nice to have the shade. This was a balcony cabin and was of average size. It had a typical bathroom (small) but had a large closet area for hanging clothes, which was great since this was a 10 day cruise. It was near the forward part of the ship and was only one floor from the buffet and pool decks. There were no cabins across from us so it was reasonably quiet except for some noise in the middle of the night which we think was the crew cleaning the pool deck.
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Cabin A312
Sep 2009
Small bathroom with smaller shower. Overhand from Lido deck effected some views. Wall from room A310 block panorama. Though you could sit on the balcony when raining and not get wet. Maybe 30 feet from the elevators and stairs. Could walk up one flight to buffet and not have to wait on elevators
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Cabin A408
Jun 2008
Cruise of a lifetime to Alaska By: shootingstar07
Cabin A408. Small bathroom. Shower curtains instead of door - water spills over on floor. Noisy, cabin is below runners on Deck 14. Window washing boom on deck 14 partially blocks forward view. Comfortable bedding.
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