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5 Holland America Harwich Cruise Reviews

We chose this cruise because of the excellent 2 week Norwegian itinerary and our positive history of previous Holland America cruises--the last one being 3-4 years ago. Pre and post embarkation transportation/transfers was flawless. ... Read More
We chose this cruise because of the excellent 2 week Norwegian itinerary and our positive history of previous Holland America cruises--the last one being 3-4 years ago. Pre and post embarkation transportation/transfers was flawless. The ship is old--but clean and well appointed. Dining is always a big part of cruising and in the past we have generally dined nightly at the formal dining room and enjoyed the specialty restaurants. The main dining room featured the worst service I have ever encountered on a cruise ship. We ate there 3 times before giving up. We waited 10 minutes to get greeted and even get water after sitting down. Once we were taken to a table and in order for me to get seated a bucket had to be moved. The reason the bucket was there was because an area right next to be was being scrubbed down by workers in face masks and gloves. Obviously someone had up-chucked and they were cleaning up--needless to say--I didn't enjoy my food after watching that cleaning operating for 10-15 minutes before getting served. Was very surprised that we would have been seated before the cleaning operation was finished. Service seemed to take forever--the hot food was cold and the cold food was room temperature. Salads were wilted and had been sitting in salad dressing for quite a long time before we got them. Getting iced tea took 20 minutes. Even getting the wine steward to come to our table was a laborious process and I was ready to give up on ordering wine with dinner. The Pinnacle grill was not spectacular as the steak restaurants usually are on cruise ships--only OK and not worth the surcharge. Our steaks were not cooked correctly and no-one wanted to return them after waiting so long to get them. The Cannaletto had better service, but had less of a selection than what I recalled them previously having--only ate their once and didn't want to spend the money for a repeat visit. The Lido dining area (which we usually avoid) was heaven compared to the formal dining areas. The food was generally hot (unless you visited within 30 minutes of the closing), the variety was excellent, and the table service was incredible (coffee, lemonade, iced tea, removing plates, etc). The salad bar area was the best I have ever seen on a ship and my husband enjoyed the daily Sushi. Activities seemed to be significantly less than what I remembered on previous HAL cruises. There should have been lecturers on board to talk about the geology of the area and the Northern lights--there were none. Interestingly--we made friends with a retired geology professor on board who told us he had applied to lecture on the ship and had never heard back from HAL. We were so happy to learn about the area's geological history from him. The dance lessons were horrible--they've changed to Dancing with the Stars--so those of us who wanted basic dance lessons were disappointed by being unable to keep up with learning a choreographic routine. There was no kareoke either, which we also love. The shows were not memorable. The ports were lovely--especially enjoyed the ones where the ships parked right alongside the city center and no shuttle bus was needed: Bergen, Molde, Eidfjord, and Alesund. There were long lines to get on the shuttle bus to get to the city. The information provided by the location expert about the city was well-intentioned, but lacking. We didn't find out for example--whether or not the gondolas were operating to scenic viewing areas until the ship was actually in port. Probably not her fault--but likely a more experienced location expert would have known. Next time suggest one talk for every 2 cities--talking about 5 ports in 1 setting was just too much information and not enough detail. We were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed the small casino and the friendly dealers--they were the one group of people that we felt made us feel welcome. This is not a ship where lots of heavy duty gambling occurred--enjoyed the friendly card tournaments. The spa and fitness area were typical HAL--loved the thermal area especially because of the outside rain and relatively cold temperatures in September in Norway. In summary, liked the cruise and the itinerary, but was disappointed over all in what HAL was been downgraded to--more like one of the bargain cruise lines. Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
Let me preface the following by saying we chose the cruise exclusively based upon the ports (La Coruna for Santiago, Porto, Lisbon, Cadiz, Gibraltar, and Malaga for Granada/Alhambra). We had never cruised on HAL before, with two prior ... Read More
Let me preface the following by saying we chose the cruise exclusively based upon the ports (La Coruna for Santiago, Porto, Lisbon, Cadiz, Gibraltar, and Malaga for Granada/Alhambra). We had never cruised on HAL before, with two prior European cruises being on Carnival and Princess. There were four of us in our traveling party, utilizing 2 inside cabins on the Main deck. Though the cruise began in Rotterdam, we joined the cruise in Harwich. Embarkation only had a slight hitch as the computers were down, yet we boarded around 11:30 a.m. and our luggage was waiting for us outside our cabins. Our first impression was the age of our fellow passengers, especially embarking with us in Harwich. As our party consisted of a 59, 62, 72, and 81 year old, we felt like youngsters among the cruisers. Our second impression was the size of our cabin. It was significantly larger than ones we have experienced on Princess or Carnival. It even included a couch! The room steward was efficient(which, as I will later relay, an unusual occurrance on the ship). The public areas were very classy and attractive, especially for an older, smaller ship than we had previously used. Our first experience with the staff, other than the room steward was dealing with the front office regarding their taking our passports prior to embarking on the ship. There was no reason given and there was no stating when they would be returned. When asked, the first gentleman just said we would get them when we get them. Thanks for the insight. Eventually, we demanded them the next day and they were given to us by another person at the front desk. Apparently, those who did not ask had them returned days later. The Lido and Dining room were staffed by people who either had limited English abilities or lacked the incentive to quickly deliver meals. Most meals were lukewarm or cold. In some cases, in the dining room orders were forgotten or misunderstood. As such the food was just okay. In the Lido, it looked like for every one person working, there were two watching. At the "burger" place on the Lido deck, slow would be a euphemism. The staff was totally indifferent. When we would see a staff member appearing to be enthusiastic, he or she would really stand out (e.g., at the late night desert party). At one of the Lido outside dinners, they ran out of items within the first hour. Room service was very efficient. The room steward provided us with fresh fruit, though the bananas were usually quite old. As for entertainment, the best was the first night singer and the second night "Broadway" singers and dancers. Unfortunately, it went down hill from there. There was a particularly unfunny gentleman who showed up twice (Broadway and Duet shows) and significantly put a damper on the other talented performers. The entertainment director did his best to promote enthusiasm, but the general age of the majority of the cruisers limited his effectiveness. The piano/singer seemed to work hard, but his music sounded more like elevator music. Indeed, the best entertainment was that provided by the house band and a singer in the upstairs lounge. Unlike other ships, there were no comedians.Overall, we found the activities on the ship, especially on sea days either limited or boring. The person who gave the 2 talks on the ports(about 30 minutes each or about 10 minutes per port) seemed to be giving them by rote memory. When we asked him for approximate cab costs from the port to the city(Porto), he turned out be off by 100%( it cost 10 euros not 20 euros). Overall, he seemed to exude the same indifference as much of the rest of the staff. We did appreciate the "lack" of constant announcements and selling as we had experienced on other lines. The shops were extremely limited in their offerings. For example, there were no t shirts representing the cruise. Instead, you could buy t shirts from the Baltic cruises. We found it difficult to purchase on board miscellaneous sundries. The casino was relatively tiny, but it appeared that the machines were not as tight as most cruise ships. The internet/Explorers lounge was rarely busy, so computers were readily available, though as on other ships, quite slow and costly. The person supervising the computers was helpful and knowledgeable. We did not use the pool area, though it was often covered, which made it comfortable. It looked like vary few people ever used the pool. The fitness room was up to date and rarely used by other cruisers. The wrap around deck 3 was great for power walking. I especially appreciated their Cancer Walk on the last sea day. As mentioned before, the ports were the primary reason for the trip and they did not disappoint. We used a private tour company at 3 of the ports, as they were at least 30-40% less than the HAL excursions. At the other ports we just walked off and did "our thing". I should add that the "hotel director/manager" did a wonderful job organizing a cruise critic meet and greet as well as inviting me to participate in post cruise evaluation(on the last day prior to our arrival in Barcelona). Overall, we found the ship to be adequate, but the staff not so much. We did not feel we belonged to the demographic of our fellow cruisers.   Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
We choose the Prinsendam for it's smaller size and fine reputation for friendly, professional service and great itineraries. It did not disappoint, we were impressed by the size of the cabin and bathroom, the cleanliness of the ship ... Read More
We choose the Prinsendam for it's smaller size and fine reputation for friendly, professional service and great itineraries. It did not disappoint, we were impressed by the size of the cabin and bathroom, the cleanliness of the ship and the well trained staff. We had sailed to Alaska with HAL and enjoyed that trip. For the first time in six cruise we had the open seating option and enjoyed meeting new people every evening. On a small ship, 800 pax, you then start to see familiar faces in the Crow's Nest, the library (well stocked) and around the ship we were often greeted by a friendly hello from a couple or a family we dined with on a previous night. The ports were easy to do on our own, we only booked tours in St.Petersburg, using an independent agency, ALLA-Tours.com. The did an excellent job for 25% less than the HAL excursion desk for the same stops. We were part of a group of 12 in a Mercedes mini bus, the ship's tours were for 40 on a big bus with lots of time spent waiting to gather the stragglers (we heard afterwards) There was no problem about Russian visas, ALLA takes care of that at no cost. Others used Dendrus and SPB tours and were happy with the experience. Everyday was sunny and blue sky, we were very lucky with calm flat seas and beautiful weather for two weeks. The sun rose at 0430 and set at 1100 pm, amazing! Northern latitudes at summer solstice. HAl is easy about bringing wine onboard to enjoy in your cabin and Warnemunde, Germany had two nice supermarkets close to the ship where we bought a few bottles of wine at good prices after we returned from our train ride to Rostock. We look forward to sailing with Prinsendam again in future.   Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
Baltic Sea -The Rotterdam - May 30 - June 11, 2007 Overall, this was another wonderful cruise on the Rotterdam (I sailed on this ship in January 2006 on a South America/Antarctica cruise). This was my third cruise, but I still feel like ... Read More
Baltic Sea -The Rotterdam - May 30 - June 11, 2007 Overall, this was another wonderful cruise on the Rotterdam (I sailed on this ship in January 2006 on a South America/Antarctica cruise). This was my third cruise, but I still feel like a neophyte compared to the many people I met on board who have sailed 50, 100, etc. days on various cruises. I was travelling "solo" and I have no qualms about travelling alone. However, it was nice to meet many wonderful people (a number of whom are Cruise Critic members). THE SHIP: The Rotterdam was a wonderful, medium-sized ship. My outside stateroom (Category E) was on the Dolphin Deck, room 1871. It was midship and on the lowest deck. The room was quite large (197 sq. ft.) with a very comfortable bed with lovely linens, etc. There was plenty of closet and storage space and even if there had been two people in the cabin, there would have been lots of closet space. The bathroom was a decent size (with a bathtub that was designed for short people; so I only took showers) with lots of room to put away toiletries, etc. The towels were plush and the bathrobe was very comfortable. There was a small sofa with end tables in the room and a desk and chair and a flat screen tv with DVD player. And a very large window. All in all, it was a very comfortable room. There was a small laundry area one deck above with coin operated washers and dryers and irons/ironing boards. They were generally quite busy. The public rooms on the ship were beautiful. There was lots of artwork about and many vases of fresh flower arrangements. At the top of the ship is the Crow's Nest Lounge which was very nice. During the daytime it was set up for passengers to be able to sit and enjoy the view from the floor to ceiling windows. The Crow's Nest was busy in the late evening with dancing, etc. It has a fairly large dance floor. Below the Crow's Nest was the Gym and Spa. The gym had lots of equipment and it was never overly busy. My favorite time to go was first thing in the morning and normally there would be about a dozen or so people working out. I never used the spa facilities nor the hair salon, however, it always seemed busy (especially on "formal night" days). Also on this level was the pool and surrounding deck. There were lots of deck chairs and tables/chairs surrounding the pool. The roof retracts in good weather which was really nice. Aft of the pool deck was the Lido restaurant. It was surprisingly large with identical serving stations on each side of the ship. Although it was always busy, I never had a problem finding a place to sit. Outside the Lido restaurant at the very back of the ship was another small outdoor pool and an area with deck chairs, tables/chairs, etc. I found this area to be lovely in the early evening, as long as the weather was good. It was somewhat sheltered from the wind, and never busy. On the Upper Promenade Deck is where you will find the upper level of the Queen's Lounge, the shops, the Casino, the Library/Internet area, a couple of bars/lounges, and the upper level of the La Fontaine Dining Room. The shops were typical and, for the most part, fairly expensive. The Casino was a decent size and always busy. Unfortunately they allow smoking in the Casino, so I only went in there on the one non-smoking night. There was a large Sports Bar just outside the Casino with a big screen tv, etc. Next to the Casino there was a large Internet area with at least a dozen computers. It was always busy and I found the best time to go online was after dinner in the evening. Internet service was spotty and very, very expensive. The Internet area was part of the Library which was my favorite room on the ship. Nothing better than curling up on a big ol' sofa with a good book when there is nothing else on the agenda. Across from the Library was the Explorer's Lounge. This was a very comfortable area with a string quartet playing in the evenings. During the daytime there were contests taking place in the Lounge. Next to the Explorer's Lounge was the Ocean Bar which was the spot for pre-dinner drinks, and after dinner dancing, etc. On the Promenade Deck was the main floor of the Queen's Lounge, the photo shop, the Art Gallery, the movie theatre, the Pinnacle Grill, and the main level of the La Fontaine Dining Room. The Queen's Lounge (were the evening shows took place) was very comfortable, but tended to be quite cool. As long as I had a sweater with me, it was fine. The sight lines, sound system, lighting, etc. were all fine. The movie theatre (which is also the area used for cooking demonstrations) was very comfortable, as well. The Fontaine Dining Room was beautiful, well lit, well laid out, etc. I was sitting at a table for 8 on the upper level (5:45 pm; early seating). The table was always beautifully set with nice linens, crystal, china, silver, etc. I never ate in the Pinnacle Grill, but everyone I spoke with who ate there really enjoyed themselves. I gather the food and service were exceptional. The front office, shore excursions office, etc., were also found on the Promenade Deck. The Lower Promenade Deck had the outdoor walking area. It was always nice to get outside for a walk. There were always lots of people out on deck during the daytime and early evening. The infirmary was on the Dolphin deck and was very well equipped and prepared for pretty much any type of emergency. Overall, the ship was easy to navigate and there were lots of elevators and staircases and wide hallways, etc. Therefore, it never felt crowded. For the able-bodied, the ship was great. For those with mobility issues, there seemed to be good access to all the public spaces, with lots of room for wheelchairs, walkers, etc. THE PASSENGERS: Typical of Holland America, the majority of passengers were older. I believe the average age was about 60-65. Most of the passengers were from the United States, with a good number from Canada, and the rest from Asia, Australia, etc. The ship was full, with about 1,300 passengers on board. Overall, I found the people on board to be friendly and kind. CREW and CUISINE and ENTERTAINMENT: I found all the crew members I dealt with to be friendly and professional (with the exception of the Maitre 'D in the Dining Room). My cabin steward was attentive and kept my cabin spotless. The front office and shore excursion staff were always very helpful. The dining room staff seemed a bit inexperienced (although our waiter and assistant waiter consistently did their best). The cruise director and her staff were fun and energetic. I thought the food on board the ship was excellent. Every evening I got to try new things, or have items I haven't thought to cook in years. The presentation was good and the food was always hot when it arrived at the table. The food in the Lido was also very good. I ate about half my breakfasts in the Lido and some of my lunches, and a couple of dinners (when returning late to the ship after a shore excursion). I only went to a few of the evening shows, so I can't really comment too much on the entertainment. Certainly the shows were geared to an older audience and so I was not all that interested in most of them. However, many of the people I spoke with on the cruise loved the shows. The same goes for the musicians playing in the bars/lounges throughout the ship. There was a string quartet in the Explorer's Lounge that played in the evening and you could hear it in the Library, so that was nice. The singers and dancers in the cast were the best I've seen on a cruise ship. The two cast shows I went to were very well done. PRE-CRUISE AND EMBARKATION: This cruise left from Harwich, UK. I flew into London a couple of days beforehand. I flew with British Airways (for the first time) and the flight, although long, was reasonably pleasant and uneventful. I used the Tube (subway) to travel from Heathrow International Airport to my hotel, which was located in the Bloomsbury district of London. Travel by subway took about an hour and my stop (Russell Square) was on the same line, so no need to switch trains at any time. Typical of most Tube stations, there were some stairs, but with only one piece of luggage to manage, it wasn't too bad. The hotel I stayed in was called The Bonnington (92 Southampton Row) and was about 1 block from the British Museum. I booked the hotel through British Airways and so only had to pay about £65 per night (including full breakfast each day). For London, that was a great deal! The hotel was very nice and, although old, has been extensively refurbished over the past couple of years. In order to meet the ship in Harwich, I took the train from Liverpool Street Station to Harwich International. The cost was £23 per person. The train left at 12:05 pm and the trip took 1 hour and 15 minutes. The port was right alongside the train station in Harwich, so it was very convenient. Embarkation from getting off the train, dropping off my luggage, checking in, boarding and going to my cabin took 7 minutes. Very impressive! PORTS and SHORE EXCURSIONS: For this cruise I decided to do most of my touring on my own and not booking shore excursions through Holland America. The exceptions were Berlin, St. Petersburg and Finland. Oslo, Norway This is an easy port to do on your own. Right at the dock was a tourist information desk where I was able to buy an Oslo Pass (covered public transportation and entrance to most museums). It was about a 10 minute walk into the city center from the ship. Along the way was a currency exchange and, next door, a 7-Eleven where you can buy individual bus tickets (if you don’t have an Oslo Pass). Highlights of the day included the Vigeland statues at Frogner Park, and the museums at Bygdoy (Viking Ship Museum, Kon Tiki Museum, Fram Museum). Arhus, Denmark Again, this is an easy port to do on your own. It is about a five minute walk to the city center and another five minutes to the main tourist information office beside the train station. From there it was a 10 minute walk to Den Gamle By (Old Town). This was a must see attraction. I spent about two hours wandering about all the buildings. It was a Saturday when we were there, so the downtown shopping area was very busy with locals. Warnemunde, Germany I chose to do a HAL excursion to Berlin from this port. The train left at 7 am and there were about 750 passengers on board. The train was comfortable, with six people in each compartment. The train is not air conditioned, but the windows open, if needed. The trip was a little less than three hours through beautiful countryside. Berlin was amazing; interesting sights at every turn. We had a full day of touring, including a boat trip along the Spree River. Lunch at a local brewery/restaurant was very good. We did not return to the ship until 10 pm, so it was a very long day. Tallinn, Estonia This city was a real treat. I teamed up with some people I met on the ship and we did the Rick Steeves walking tour. It was a about a 10 minute walk to the Old Town and we spent about 2 hours wandering about taking in all the sights. There are lots of shops throughout the Old Town and the shopping was good. The prices seemed very reasonable and the quality of the items was good. St. Petersburg, Russia This city was a highlight of the trip. I teamed up with six other people I met on the Cruise Critic Roll Call, and we did a two-day tour with Alla Tours. We had an excellent guide and driver and had a full two days of touring. Highlights included Catherine’s Palace, Peterhof, Yusupov’s Palace, the main Synagogue, Peter & Paul Fortress, The Hermitage, Church on the Spilled Blood, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, a trip to a local food market, and an adventurous trip on the subway. Using a private tour company, as opposed to HAL, certainly was the way to go. Helsinki, Finland At this point in the trip I was a bit tired of cities, and so opted for the HAL excursion to Lapland and the Arctic Circle. It was a wonderful excursion. We left the ship at 6 am and flew to Rovaniemi (about a one hour flight). We donned rubber boots and life jackets and traveled up a lovely river in small wooden canoe-like boats for about 30 minutes. Part way up we met another boat and were handed glasses of champagne to toast our crossing of the Arctic Circle. We then traveled a bit longer to a reindeer farm. After being greeting in a fun ceremony, we had time to mingle with the reindeer and feed and pet them. We then sat down for a great lunch of reindeer stew. After lunch we were treated to a short folk music/dancing show. From the farm we traveled by bus to Santa Claus’ village. The Finn’s claim he’s the real deal, but we all know the real Santa is Canadian and lives at the North Pole. This fellow was a cousin of some sort. We had our picture taken with Santa and then had about an hour or so to wander about and do some shopping. We flew back to Helsinki, saw a bit of the city from the bus and then boarded the ship about 30 minutes before sailing away. Stockholm, Sweden This is another city that is easy to tour on your own. The public transportation system is efficient and easy to use. I spent most of the day in the Gamla Stan (Old Town). There was lots to see just wandering around the streets and alley ways. I went to two very good museums, (1) the Nobel Museum, and (2) the Armory Museum at the Royal Palace. This is definitely a city I’d love to return to some day and spend more time touring about. The sail away from Stockholm was so beautiful. We sailed past some incredible scenery that lasted for hours. Copenhagen, Denmark The sailing into Copenhagen was similar to the sail away from Stockholm…incredible scenery. I had traveled to Copenhagen in the past and, therefore, chose to fly home straight away. DISEMBARKATION: The ship was cleared for passengers to leave around 7:30 am. Originally I had planned to get a taxi to the nearest train station and make my way to the airport. Part way through the cruise I decided I didn’t want to schlep my bags and so paid the $41 for a HAL bus transfer from the ship to the airport. Best move of the trip. The line-up for a taxi appeared to be one hour long, with a few hundred people waiting! The HAL bus left at 9:30 am and it took about 20 minutes to the airport through the city. My suitcase was waiting for me as I got off the bus. The airport is large, and there was quite a long line at the British Airways desk and also to go through the security checkpoint. FINAL COMMENT: I truly had the most wonderful vacation on board the Rotterdam. However, because the itinerary was so port intensive, I didn’t have as much of a cruise ship experience as I would like. Most sailing was done at night between ports of call. We only had three sea days, and the Baltic Sea was like glass. Sometimes I felt like I was at a hotel/resort, as opposed to on a cruise ship. But I’m not complaining…I’d do the trip again in a heart beat! Read Less
Sail Date May 2007
My husband and I were on the inaugural cruise of Holland Oosterdam to the Baltic. This was not our 1st cruise although it was on a Holland line and it will be the last on the Holland line. When we arrived at Harwich (in an un ... Read More
My husband and I were on the inaugural cruise of Holland Oosterdam to the Baltic. This was not our 1st cruise although it was on a Holland line and it will be the last on the Holland line. When we arrived at Harwich (in an un air-conditioned bus) from London to board at 10:30 AM, they were not prepared to check us in as they didn't have the computers set up and working. They finally started checking in people at noon. I was able to book a "hot rock" massage right there with a complimentary hand therapy. The massage was mediocre and I never did receive the hand therapy. It was too much hassle to go back and besides we were busy with others things on the cruise. The second day we noticed an odor about our cabin and in the hall (like a septic tank) We reported it to our cabin steward who acted like we were imagining it. He didn't smell it and said no one else had mentioned it. We kept smelling it everyday and it was getting worse. Again we complained but it fell on deaf ears. We eventual put a tissue box over the bathroom floor drain and that seemed to cut the odor down. Otherwise, we were pleased with our deluxe verandah cabin. However, we felt the room could have been kept cleaner, especially the bathroom floor. Our shower curtain was too short so the floor got wet after showering. The response was it was OK -- it would keep the floor clean. We never could get it straight about stocking the refrigerator with the kinds of drinks we wanted. Our steward never offered fresh fruit or bottled water. We had to ask for everything. The layout of the ship did not give enough room in the common areas and halls so it seemed very crowded. By the end of the cruise (12 days) the ship looked worn already (the carpets and woodwork) The dining room on the Lido deck could have been kept cleaner and could the other common areas. There was no laundry room on board the ship but laundry and dry cleaning service was available with a 48 hours return. We had to wait 5 days for our laundry to be returned and that was after persistent calls. Some people still didn't have their clothes the night before we had to get off the ship. There were so many complaints that the charge for laundry was voided for the entire ship. They should convert some rooms to laundry rooms. The food was good mostly but the portions in the main dining room were small, especially for a man. Our stewards were very slow so we had to rush to the Vista lounge for the nightly entertainment. One evening we were in one of the bubble elevators along with 4 others and it fell 2 floors and stopped between floors. Those elevators had been acting difficult from the beginning. We were able to jar the door and it moved level with the floor and we all were happy to get off. We told one of the staff and he told us to report it to the front desk, We informed him that we weren't waiting in a line for 15 minutes to do so. So we went down to an office near the main desk to report it and that staff member didn't want to hear about it or do anything about it. She tried sending us to another desk until we informed her that it was not our responsibility to take care of it so she did take down the information. Later we notice an out of order sign of that elevator. At one of the ports we had to tender in. I don't think the staff driving the tenders knew what they were doing. The had a hard time docking with the ship. Heaven forbid if we had an emergency. The staff in general did not instill confidence at all. Even the front desk ladies needed an attitude adjustment. They were not friendly, congenial, or helpful. They acted put out that even if they were asked a question. Then there was the fire on board the last night as we are having our entertainment. An air-conditioner in a cabin caught fire but it was taken care of. We could not hear the announcements in our cabin as there was no control. The TV stations were almost nonexistent. The video work and quality of the on board station was very poor. Even the bow camera was pointed to the sky and not forward. So, lets face it, the cruise kept going downhill, so we will not be booking with Holland again. They have been around long enough that they should know what they are doing, but apparently the must have had a brain freeze with this cruise. They had time to train their staff, especially since 2 cruises were canceledAs I said, this will be our last cruise on Holland Read Less
Sail Date August 2003
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