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we knew it was not a luxury boat , but expedition boat supposed to be well equip as a up to date expedition boat should be , , we took one of the 2 mini suite, on deck five , the registered official ... Read More
we knew it was not a luxury boat , but expedition boat supposed to be well equip as a up to date expedition boat should be , , we took one of the 2 mini suite, on deck five , the registered official name of ship professor khromov written everywhere inside or outside that ship , they sol us a "trip" on spirit of enderby !!! which doesnot exist ok at first meeting before departure : captain russian born in april 1957 ( l discover ) = you wont see him ( shy man ) on all and every cruise expedition or other the captain always come to see the " customers" , etc on this boat he hide permanently in his cabin for the 6 days , l run into him as his cabin was 3 meter aways from mine but not even he said hello funny situation !!! . that boat should be well equipped for the kind of seas as we went 600 km ( 370 miles ) south of the port of Bluff invercargill it was not the case . therefore we expect as with this boat the 2 engines making 10-11 knots at the best of times ,, were not able to pull strongly out of the deep troughs made by the southern waves , as this 75mm ship is very unstable and rolls at the slightest puff of wind, of which there is a lot down there .....that Difference being is = all furniture should be very well secured - nothing should be loose. and superior navigation instrument , superior safety etc quite the contrary in fact = with 50 KNOTS OF WIND and above , and 5/7 m waves ALL drawers , closets, doors fly wide open and fall on floor ,what's inside every where , the chairs not fixed on floor literally flew... the cabin door open /close by itself.... , the chair block the door so = close from inside, making it impossible to get out of cabin..... brrr -- we " took" wind 55 + knots , seas of 5 / 7 meter ,for over 36 hours ..... after anchoring on 2 anchors ( which were dragging on sea bottom !!! ) with 2 feet wave and 40 knots gusts , behind campbell Island ,, the first mate told us that boat is not made or prepared to deal with such a storm , we have had to change route not to capsize , and prevent the props from cavitation which they did !!! . it is called also an ice breaker ship that man - one of 2 crew member speaking english - add = in ice condition, we can run into ice at only 2 knots speed and maximum 15 cm thickness ( may be 20 cm if "brand new " ice ) . cabins with the storm we got , in the wash room , everything fly too , such as : toilet paper, toilet brush , soap, the sanitary closet open : what was inside fall down , towels etc the table inside cabin doesnot have a 1 or 2 cm edge at its outskirt , so everything fly too , it is not the small plastic "net" that stop sliding;;;;;; same for the shelves ... cabins 20 years ago confort , only one handle for the whole cabin , and another very small one near the shower !!! . the bunks ( we are on an old expedition boat but for use in heavy seas , ) should be narrow enough to hold you , thats is not the case - one : width 1 meter ,( it's reading light so low that the pillow hide the light = no use ) ; -the other 1.50 x 1.80 so with boat pitching/rolling you fall - too- on the floor, and or sliding and boum boum shoulder/head / feet / arm, elbows every 10 seconds... the side edge of bunk are not high enough to " keep" you inside the bunk etc the foam of our 2 mattress have holes in it , we have to BEG to get 2 pillows each in "bathroom" the faucet of washbasin leaks all the time when open ; the shower hose doesnot stay at his place , fall on floor ..(more noise) , nobody came in 7 days to repair it the safety belts ( yellow !! ) may be homologated but in those water no use you are dead in less than 3 hr , but any how as they are to 'big" for their closet the closet door stay open always , and in the storm they fall too and the other type of safety belts ( read ) they make you wear in the zodiac which inflate automatic if you fall in sea water , get confuse by rain water or big spray when on zodiac !!!! so they inflate brrrr not at the right moment .. therefore they have same type ( but black color = in the sea !! ) you must pull a cord to inflate ., !!! next the two safety rescue boat = length around 8 .50 m capacity 40 pax ,so 80 maximum for the whole ship they made us try them before departure . we were 53 pax ( as we took 3 national park worker waiting to be recover on auckland is. ) + a meterologist repairman ,+ 10 heritage expedition member + docteur and his wife + 25 russian crew = 90 over the capacity of rescue boats !!! in case of evacuation remenber storm condition ok 1 - you have to go on outside deck which are locked at night and in storm !!! . 2 - go 10 meter out , down 2 steps , then grap a hand rail and go up 6 steps , plus embark the rescue boat 50 cm above the last step.... 3 - if the 2 very large ( 1 meter each ) L shape hatch (whose seal were in bad condition ) are open and kept open ( in that case = ship is rolling , pitching or 30° on the side ok ) and no sea water get inside............ 4- you seat all around the hull , no handle or strap nowhere to grap ! plus a bench in the middle where 10 pax seat back to back with nothing to grab and hold yourself in place ....either !! 5- there is an old engine ( 20 y as you have to de-compress the 2 cylinder head to start the diesel 30 horse power with 100 l fuel ) without a top on it , and the surrounding box is 100 % loose = fixed NOWHERE .... so you burn yourself , smell the exhaust , etc ... 5- the crew member who is supposed to pilot the close rescue boat is standing up - only- , his head is in a 40 x 40 cm turret on top of rescue boat with four small ( 30 x 15 cm ) portholes ( with sea spray on it he wont see nothing ever !! ) there is NO " foam " protection around the turret to prevent his head ; neck shoulder etc to get hurt !!! he can hold himself only to the "old" wood steering wheel ...at his belt height , also - cherry on the cake- we did not saw compass and / or electronic devise to navigate in the blind rescue boats !!!! 6- then who is going to wait and to un- hook us from the crane ?? once everybody on board and latch closed ??? !!! in heavy storm etc 7 l found later that in fact the russian crew ( wont be in our old steel rescue boat )) - and hidden from our sight - have two new safety inflatable ( large round type with roof and water and fuses etc inside ) safety rescue " boat " , on the front desk to which we -customer- cant have access ... the WC toilet is a flush system as airplane but forbidden to put toilet paper inside , you must put it in a basket on the side , the " maid" is suppose to take it every morning !! but with the storm she doesnot clean the room for 2 days and again 2 days , ok nice odour for you .... and where do you put the "dirty" paper ( 3 pax in cabin ) when the basket is full lollll the doctor = he is not paid at all ! he get free board and food only , and the right to take part at all shore excursion ( on ship only for 3 weeks he embark with us ) which some of them last from 9 am to 7.30 pm ok but he is supposed to be on duty 24/24 -7/7 , so out every excursion : not on the ship ...... and when he gets back he is exhausted by the day excursion !!!! during my cruise that " guy" was an anaesthetist" not a "urgentist" capable of dealing with fast medical decision in emergency deal, and who need an anaesthetist on a boat where NO surgery can be done ??? they dont even have a small x ray machine !!! on our cruise several small wounded , but one has a broken shoulder , he diagnosis a displace shoulder only and push the pax to keep moving its arm , very wrong diagnostic etc the crew is 100% russian none speak english except the captain that you never see ( suppose to be shy !! ) and first mate ; you have access to the bridge - that nice - there you discover that over 60 % of instrumentation was "past his expiration date" ......... old , too not working perfectly , and 100% of notice or instruction on walls ,panels is in russian only -- only in english = forbidden , dont touch, keep your feet off ...... bridge = huge windows are kept closed by four bolts each , on one of the bridge windows ( starboard 2 nd window from bow ) = one of the four bolts was missing answer ! big laugh we dont need it , who cares !!! two radar one small close range ,one large range . should have at least 2 of both due to location of travel, they received weather forecast i,n detail every 48 hr !!!! the food that was worse than road kill ex ::if soup ( every day ) only one bowl each not 2, and slighty warm not hot , same for every dishes , !!! portion are small ,never a second serving , desert one half of a cookies each , no bread (except for breakfast = 2 /3 slices each ) for lunch NO choice at all for main dish , diner choice between two main dish , you have to choose at lunch time for diner !!! but every 3 diners = the same 2 choices lollll drink only free tap water or tea ( this is a 11.000$ 6 days / 7 nights cruise .......) the 2 waitress russian no word in english do the dish washing 2 meter away from you while we were eating.. every meal ( plus the noise !!! ) and you see it from your table , ...... you better eat fast dinner or lunch last 30 minute maximum breakfast they call = breakfast is at "x" hour you better be there sharp on the time otherwise within 15 minutes no juice no scrambled eggs , or beacon , or saussage or bread , more or less very little left !!! etc there was a living in N.Z. swiss french speaking " chief" cook ( he was alone for all of us , 53 pax , a separate woman cook for the russian crew only ), the guy show me inside the kitchen , dirty , greasy, stuffy odour , etc as he was new and embark with our cruise - he just discover "that" ....... the bar free water / coffee / tea / english dry crakers open 10 hr/day , but only 1 hr per day , beer , glass of NZ wine , wishy , bailey, you must ask ( closed ) and pay extra .......... the return trip from campbell island took 42 hr instead of the 24/26 hr advertise !! once in front of the port we have to wait at sea 2 hr because the harbour pilot start working only at 6 a.m.............. the almost only equipment modern and well equipped where the 5 "zodiacs" with their 60 hp yahama outboard engines ...... and the 3 cranes inspected march 2016 . your choice now Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
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