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2 Hapag-Lloyd Norwegian Fjords Cruise Reviews

The cruise commenced in Kiel, and, given the absence of direct flights from London, I decided to spend two days in Hamburg prior to embarkation. Arrangements for Hotel accommodation, and all transfers, were made through Hapag-Lloyd. ... Read More
The cruise commenced in Kiel, and, given the absence of direct flights from London, I decided to spend two days in Hamburg prior to embarkation. Arrangements for Hotel accommodation, and all transfers, were made through Hapag-Lloyd. Two days before I was due to fly to Hamburg, the Four Seasons Hotel notified Hapag-Lloyd that it was overbooked. The latter's response was to book me into the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel, refund me the cost of the Four Seasons, and pay for the Atlantic Kempinski. Excellent customer service! All transfers were via Blacklane Limousines, and were excellent. For the past three years the Europa 2 has been my cruise ship of choice, and many of the things that have made it so remain unchanged and excellent. However, during the back to back cruises this year, there were noticeable signs of a shortfall in Europa 2's usual high standards which were mainly evident in the Weltmeere main restaurant. There was insufficient wait staff even to service a markedly less than full restaurant. The Maitre d', the assistant Maitre d', and on one evening even the Sommelier were delivering and/or serving food. The cumulative effect on the wait staff over the course of the cruises was that they looked absolutely exhausted but still managed to provide excellent and cheerful service. One hopes that Hapag-Lloyd will take steps to rectify the situation, thus ensuring that there is not a rapid loss of competent, hard working, and cheerful staff. Added to the staffing situation in the Weltmeere there were intermittent problems in the Kitchen which resulted in items being served undercooked, or barely warm. However, overall, the quality, and variety of the food in the Weltmeere was excellent. On one evening I enquired if they had any Norwegian cheeses, and in due course I was served with a plate containing a beautifully presented selection of five different cheeses. I dined twice in both the Tarragon, and Serenissima restaurants, and the food, and service, in each was first class. For July, the weather during this cruise was disappointing, being generally overcast with temperatures ranging between 12 degrees C- 18 degrees C. Despite this, the scenery was magnificent, and on more than one occasion we were the only ship in port--- even in Flam, which on my previous visits has resembled a gigantic rugby scrum. The ship being too large to enter the Troll Fjord, zodiacs were used to enter the fjord where one was met by further zodiacs containing staff serving champagne. All in all, my cruise on the Europa 2 was very enjoyable, and despite the noted shortcomings, it still remains my cruise ship of choice. Read Less
Sail Date July 2016
The Europa has been called by Berlitz as the “best cruise ship Americans never heard of”. We have been several times on Crystal, Regent and Seabourn but this was our first time on Europa. A good opportunity to see if we agreed with ... Read More
The Europa has been called by Berlitz as the “best cruise ship Americans never heard of”. We have been several times on Crystal, Regent and Seabourn but this was our first time on Europa. A good opportunity to see if we agreed with that evaluation! We selected Europa primarily for the itinerary: 18 nights to Norway, starting in Hamburg and ending in Kiel, Germany. What we liked about the itinerary was more port stops and land-intensive opportunities, in addition to plentiful fjord experiences. In a nutshell: There are a lot of things to like about the Europa, but for us, unfortunately, there are also dislikes to note. We found the ship itself very appealing: A grand dame of a certain age that has kept her figure and is meticulously groomed and maintained. Europa exudes class. Here are our ‘pluses’: • Ship condition and cleanliness: Superb, best of any luxury ship we’ve been on. Even though she is older, you really wouldn’t know it from the condition of the fittings. • Suite size, storage, layout, cleanliness, bed comfort and service: Absolutely the cleanest suite ever. The suite stewardess (who did the cleaning and service) is a German professional trained in the hotel business. Little touches like an unobtrusive night light in the niche in the tub, which also held a fresh orchid, and tons of wooden hangers in the walk in closet show attention to detail. The very clever use of storage space makes the suite ‘live’ even bigger. The bathroom was wonderful – soaking tub, walk in shower, all that storage space again behind mirrored ‘medicine cabinets’ and under the sink. And in a footprint about the same size as other luxury lines we’ve been on. • Restaurants: Food quality, variety, service. Again, best in class, particularly in main dining room. MS Europa is very generous with luxury ingredients and there was no repetition in main dining room during our cruise. Top notch European trained staff delivers impeccable service. The specialty restaurants also delivered top quality. Buffets at Lido Café were very generous, varied and fresh. • Reasonable Internet prices (by the minute) • Shore excursions: Quite reasonably priced (particularly for Norway, which is notorious for high prices), comprehensive and interesting. We booked more shore excursions through the ship than we usually do because we felt they offered good value compared to private arrangements. We were very pleased with our decision. • Pool deck: Has a real pool (15 meters/about 50 ft) that is warmed to 28 degrees C. Half is covered with a Magrodome, to protect against the elements. • Entertainment quality: Quantity wise, not a lot, but what there is, is top notch (musicians, singers, lecturers). Neutral: • This is a very formal ship. For some, that could be positive. But I think for people used to flexibility on dining times, table company and dress code for the evening, this could seem stifling. As is typical on German ships, you are assigned a table in the main dining room that is yours for the duration of the cruise. There is only one seating, including in the alternative restaurants. Dress codes are pretty strict. For cruises 16+nights, there are 2-3 formal nights with tuxes and evening gowns. The rest of the nights are suits and ties for the men. The most casual is jacket without ties for the men ☺. You can go to Lido Café for dinner without a jacket, but most men wore them there, too. • For many Americans: the language. This is a German ship and the language spoken on board and on shore excursions is German. Written material (as a default) is in German but you can ask for English, including an English language daily newspaper. The clientele are 99% German (or German speaking Swiss and Austrians). All announcements are in German. Having said that, you can get along, since the staff all speak English and a lot of your fellow passengers speak English also. There was a separate safety drill conducted in English for the few non-German speakers on board. But it sure helps to know German. And the minuses: • Smoking policy: We knew about the policy before we booked, so it was no surprise, just quite unpleasant. Smoking is allowed on all decks, all verandas, and two of the bars (Sansibar and Havana Club) also allow pipe and cigar smoking. In the Piano Bar, smoking allowed in one corner, but since the bar is located in the Atrium, which is open and the main public area on Deck 4, you might as well be smoking all over. Restaurants inside (main dining room, Venezia and Dieter Muller) are non-smoking, but you get to inhale the cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke from Havana Club on your way down the corridor to get there ☹ Lido Café allows smoking outside on one side. • Expensive for what you get, since Europa is not all-inclusive. You even have to pay for water at the table during lunch and dinner. Soda is also extra. Wine list is well priced and has a great selection but still…for what we paid for comparable suites on competitors, we expect beverages to be included. (Suite mini bar has complimentary bottled water, soda and beer.) • Service attitude: I praised the service above and I mean it sincerely for restaurants and suite stewardesses. However, there is a definite attitude of “Not my job” for anything that goes beyond the boundary of defined service roles. This was especially noticeable at Reception and since this is the central ‘control point’ for most inquiries, it was pretty annoying and disappointing. By contrast, on other luxury lines, if a staff person did not know an answer, they would cheerfully go out of their way to make sure they got it for you. • Embarkation: Unlike Crystal, Regent or Seabourn, you cannot board even 5 minutes early. About half an hour before check in, Hapag-Lloyd did have some snacks and champagne in the terminal hall. When embarkation began, it was very slow compared to other lines we’ve sailed on. Would we travel with the Europa again? Only if she offered an amazing itinerary we couldn’t refuse. The biggest problems for us are the smoking policy and the price/value ratio. Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
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